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Liberty Cookies Launches Political Action Committee for the Non-Violent

Majority of Americans

Liberty Cookies PAC supports democratic change as demanded by the non-violent majority of
Americans that are typically not politically active. "The status quo must go." - Liberty Cookies PAC

Washington, DC, February 25, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Today Liberty Cookies, a supplier of fundraising
patriotic American infinity flag magnets and cookies, announced their new Political Action Committee
supporting democratic reform.

“I’m not usually a political activist. I always vote, but not with passion,” said John Rose, the business
owner of Liberty Cookies and founder of Liberty Cookies PAC. "But like most Americans I have my
limits. When confronted with those who would attack our nation. whether foreign or domestic, I cannot
sit by idly. The icon of the American infinity flag came to me after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The
violent attack on Congress on 1/6 compels me to work harder for my American Dream.

"Dr. Martin Luther King, explained it best: 'If the American dream is to be a reality, we must continue to
engage in creative protests in order to break down those barriers which make it impossible for us to
realize the American dream... it is necessary for Congress to pass meaningful legislation. It is needed at
this present hour.' - July 4, 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr."

"The domestic attacks on 1/6 require action from Congress at this present hour," Rose continued. "Some
in Congress may have made the wrong calculus and aligned with the violent fringe that calls our elections
into question. That is a mistake, because the non-violent majority of Americans will find creative protests
to push for change now. My creative protest is the American infinity flag. I believe that if we all show our
belief in America, our Congressmen and women will rethink their positions."

Liberty Cookies PAC encourages patriotic Americans to proudly display their faith in America. Showing
your belief will encourage courage and change from our politicians. Like Liberty Cookies on Facebook,
or follow them on Twitter, but more importantly show your faith in real life. PDFs of the We Are United
placard are available to print and display in your front window for free. Bumper stickers and magnets are
available for purchase at www.liberty-cookies.com. Contributions to the Liberty Cookie PAC help fund
their political advertising and direct mail campaigns at www.liberty-cookies.com/pac.

"Don’t wait for someone to save us from violent insurrection; You must act now," says Rose.

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