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Battlefield 4.Deluxe Edition.v 1.0.104788 (RUS) (5xDVD5) (2013) (Fenixx)
Battlefield 4.Deluxe Edition.v 1.0.104788
���� ������: 29 ����� 2013
���� ������ � ������: 29 ����� 2013
����: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
�����������: Internet
�����������: EA Digital Illusions CE
��������: Electronic Arts
�������� � ������: EA Russia
�����������: 1C-��������
��� ������: Repack (��������)
���������: PC
���� ����������: �������
���� �������: �������
��������: ����� (RELOADED.v 1.0.104788)
���� ����: http://www.battlefield.com/ru/battlefield-4
��������� ���������:
����������� �������: Vista SP2, 7 SP1, 8
���������: Core 2 Duo - 2,4 ��� ��� Athlon X2 - 2,8 ���
����������� �����: 4096 �� \ 8192 ��
���������� ����� �� ������� �����: 26151 ��
����������: GeForce 8800GT ��� Radeon HD3870, (512 ��), (DirectX10) \ GeForce
GTX660 ��� Radeon HD7870, (2048 ��), (DirectX11)
������� �������: NTFS
�����: ����� ���������� �������� ��������� � �������
������� ��������:
Battlefield 4� � ��� ����������� �� �����, ������ ������ ������, ��������� �����
�������������, ������ ������� ���. ���������� �� ������ � �������� �����������
���������� Frostbite� 3, Battlefield 4 ���������� ���������� � ������ �����,
�������� ����� ��������������.
������ � Battlefield �� ������� ��������� �����, � ������� ��������� ���������.
������ � Battlefield �� ������ ���������� �������, ������� �� ����� ������� ������.
Battlefield ������������ ��� ��� ������ ������� � �������� � ���������, �������
����������� ������ �������������� � ������������ ����������� ���� � ������.
������ ���������� ���������������������� ������, Battlefield 4 ����� ���������
������������ ������� � ����������� �����������, ������ ��������� � ���������
������������ VIP-������ �� ����� � ������������ � ���������� �������� ������ �����
�������� ���� �����.
��� �� �������� �� � ���. ����������� � ������������ ���� ��������� �����,
����������� ������ �� ��� ����� Battlefield.
����������� ����:
* �������� � �������� ������� ������� ���������, ������������� �������� ��������
�������� �� ������ ���� ��������.
* �������� �� ��� ���������� ���� ���������� ������ �������� Frostbite� 3,
������������� ������������ �������� �����- � �������������, � �������� ����
��������� ����� ������������, ��������� � ��������������.
* ������� ����������� �� � ��� ������� ��������� �����, �������������� ��� �������
� ���, ����� ����������� ������ �������������� � ������������ ����������� ���� �
* ������������� �� �����, � ������� � �� ���� �������� ���������� �����, ����������
��� �� ���� � �������������� �������.
������������� �����:
--v 1.0.86635--
* Added game manuals for various languages and platforms.
* We now show your custom emblem on the Soldier page in the mobile app.
* You can now choose to use the system language in the Battlelog tablet app.
* Made the "Set Active Kit" button in Loadout bigger and more touch-friendly.
* Implemented a new look and behavior for all popups, so they look better.
* Implemented custom style for checkboxes and radio buttons.
* Names for awards and unlocks are now displayed directly in Battle Reports.
* Made the emblem bigger on Home and Profile pages.
* "Misc" is now showed as the last, not first, category for Dog Tags.
* We now show the criteria for unlocking the SP Assignments.
* Various improvements for the PC in-game Battlelog.
* Added a profanity filter when saving clan tags.
* Polish when showing Battlepacks items, so they are more aligned, and also made
the boost image bigger.
* You can now click on feed event for completed SP levels to see the stats and
progression for that user.

* Fixed an issue that caused a memory leak.
* Play Now for Squad Deathmatch and Domination now works as intended.
* Fixed an issue where the Missions tab in the PC in-game Battlelog didn't load
* Fixed an issue where the New User Experience would show several times for console
* Fixed an issue for Battle Reports, where the selected soldier wasn't marked in
the scoreboard.
* Show tag before name on the Dog Tags, so it is displayed as we do it in-game.
* We now should the right cursor, when hovering your soldier portrait in Settings.
* Fixed some flickering on iOS6 and iOS5 for the tablet app.
* Report button is now shown for users, comments, forum posts etc. in the tablet
* Removed some Server Browser filter options that weren't actually supported, and
fixed other filters that didn't work as intended.
* Fixed an issue where you couldn't click the notification icons in the header with
BattleScreen open on tablet.
* Fixed an issue where the share popup for Battle Reports was cut-off on Android
* Fixed an issue where the Battle Reports overview page wouldn't show correctly if
you didn't have any favorite Battle Reports.
* Fixed an issue where navigating away from and back to BattleScreen would break
the map.
* Fixed an issue where deeplinking for dog tags and weapons from Battlepacks didn't
always work.
* Fixed an issue where completed SP levels would sometimes show multiple times in
the feed.
* Fixed it so the Punkbuster Needed popup links to the correct Punkbuster page.
* Fixed an issue in Loadout, where the info button couldn't be clicked in IE9.
* Fixed an issue where not all stats populated in the in-game Battlelog Soldier
* Fixed an issue where the New Player flow would show several times for console
* Removed the Cancel button for finished Missions.
* Various fixes for opening Battlepacks on Battlelog.
* Various fixes for the Unified Game Manager.
* Various fixes for the popup dialogues.
* Various fixes for the PC in-game Battlelog.
* Many other small fixes and issues addressed.
--v 1.0.89510--
* Fixed a crash that would occur randomly during gameplay.
* Fixed a crash that would occur when an object is destroyed.
* Every time that a player exited a vehicle, there was a small chance that the
server would crash. This has been fixed.
* Fixed an occasional crash during SP gameplay.
* Fixed a crash that would occur during level loading.
* Sometimes the game would attempt to load a model at the same time as it was being
thrown out of memory. This has been fixed.
* Sometimes the game would crash after removing old bullet holes/scratch marks in
the world. This has been fixed.
* Sometimes when a player or enemy was sitting in the jeep gunner entry and got
killed, his body would rest on the vehicle in such a way that the physics
simulation would require lots of CPU usage. This has been solved.
* Fixed a crash occurring on Flood Zone when playing Conquest Large.
* Fixed a common crash relating to surface shaders.
* Fixed a crash on Test Range that could occur when using sniper rifles.
* Fixed a common crash that occurred during map transition.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when bringing up Battlescreen in-game on the Test
* Fixed a memory allocation bug that could lead to crashing.
* Fixed a single player crash that could sometimes occur when being killed by AI
* Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck in infinite loading if you got
disconnected while trying to access online content.
* Fixed an issue in single player in the South China Sea mission where the game
would crash when idle for more than 60 minutes.
* Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck in infinite loading if you used
Win+L to lock your PC during loading.

* Eliminated a network sync bug:
- If you�ve been experiencing situations in multiplayer where it appears that you
are taking damage from enemies through walls, you might have been the victim of a
network sync bug. In this game update, we have identified and eliminated one such
bug that caused this type of gameplay experience. We are continuing to work on more
multiplayer optimizations concerning network performance.

* Improved Network Smoothing:

- We have made some improvements to the �Network Smoothing� functionality that you
can find in the OPTIONS>GAMEPLAY menu. The Network Smoothing slider governs a group
of settings that aim to produce a tighter multiplayer experience based on your
specific packet loss situation.
* Removed network lag:
- In certain specific situations, network lag would be introduced when interacting
with objects in the game. This has been experienced by some players during melee
combat, when climbing ladders, and when operating stationary weapons. The cause for
these specific network lag situations has been solved.

* Removed the scout helicopter at the final base for the defenders in Rush mode on
Siege of Shanghai.
* Adjusted a Conquest flag position on Zavod 311 that was obstructing vehicles.
* At Hainan Resort in Rush mode, defenders were given too much armor at the first
base. We have removed the defender IFV at the first base, added an attacker IFV at
the first base, and increased the spawn delay on the defender IFV at the third
* Fixed so that there is 1 revive per round Defuse, as opposed to 1 per set.
* Removed all previously placed C4 and mines after a round of Defuse to eliminate
the possibility to affect the next round.

*Fixed a minor graphical error on Operation Locker.
*Fixed an issue where the in-game Battlelog would get distorted when a Commander
launched an EMP attack.
*Fixed a floating container on Golmud Railway near flag C in Domination.
*Fixed an issue with the minimap in Rush mode.
*Fixed an issue in Obliteration mode where the red light flash and beep sound was
not played when the bomb carrier was moving.
*Fixed an issue in Defuse where the bomb model sometimes did not display on the
bomb carrier.
*Fixed minor graphical alignment issues in the Spectator Mode camera layout.
*Fixed an issue in Spectator Mode where the spectator's view incorrectly would get
distorted during an EMP deployment from a Commander.

* Fixed a bug that occasionally killed all sounds on the server if you fired the
QBU-88 with an attached silencer.
* Fixed the issue where pressing B would bring up the console.
* Fixed an issue where the EMP effect lasted for too long on soldiers.
* Fixed an issue with an area you couldn't traverse near one of the M-COM stations
in Rush mode on Siege of Shanghai.
* Fixed an issue relating to player skill levels.
* Fixed an issue in Obliteration mode where the bomb would temporarily be placed in
the sky after the bomb carrier was killed when swimming or in a water-based
* Fixed an occasional jitter in the kill camera.
* Fixed so that Russian special characters are displayed properly in the chat
* Fixed so that the System Performance Test option is working as expected.
* Fixed a bug where a rank-up message would loop in-game.
* Moved a machine gun position on Lancang Dam that was placed on top of a building
that can collapse.
* Added sound when navigating the scoreboard in the End of Round screen.
* Fixed a broken ladder in Siege of Shanghai.
* Adjusted vehicle spawn locations on Dawnbreaker in Conquest mode to alleviate
traffic jam.
* Fixed a flickering-issue on Siege of Shanghai when using NVidia drivers 331.52.
* Fixed a bug on Golmud Railway where a destroyed house at flag A would block
* Fixed a Ticket count issue in Rush mode.
* Commanders can no longer erroneously try to get match-made into a game of
* If the user restarts checkpoint during the End Scene , he will receive an old
objective along with the credits.
* Fixed a destruction issue on Flood Zone.
* Fixed a Rhib boat issue in one of the single player missions.
* Fixed an issue where players would respawn after getting killed and have no main
weapon available.
* Fixed so you won't see the emblem of a user that you have blocked.
* Fixed an issue where you couldn't smash through the railings with a quad bike on
the Dawnbreaker map.
* Added clickable buttons to the in-game Battlelog.
* Fixed a bug in single player where the player is killed if he climbs after Irish
too fast up the ladder in one of the missions.
* Various other minor issues.
--v 1.0.94168--
* Removed the blur effect on soldiers that appeared when Commanders were using EMP
* Fixed the audio bug where audio sometimes randomly dropped out while playing on
certain multiplayer maps (typically Golmud Railway and Hainan Resort).
* Fixed the "one-hit kill bug" where occasionally damage from a single bullet was
applied multiple times.
* Fixed a common crash that would occur when exiting from the Single Player
Campaign to Main Menu.
* Tweaked the network and computer performance screen to show proper values.
Players can now test their computer and network connection and get recommendations
if they need to adjust something to improve their gameplay experience.
--v 1.0u4--
* Fixed one of the most frequently occurring client crashes.
* Fixed broken collision on containers with open doors. The bug previously made
grenades bounce back even though the doors were open.
* Fixed a bug in Defuse mode where defenders could win the round by killing all the
attackers without disarming the bomb, if the bomb was disarmed in the previous
* Miscellaneous stability fixes further reducing the number of client crashes.
* Fixed side gunner jitter when aiming in attack boats & transport helicopters.
* Fixed some instances of frame rate drops when shooting at large Levolution
objects after they have been destroyed (like the radar dish on Rogue Transmission).
* Fixed broken aiming for passengers on the China Rising dirt bike.
* Fixed a bug where the sound when capturing a flag was not playing correctly.
* Removed a bug that would double save during MP round transition and SP level
transition. This fix will reduce the occurrence of corrupted save files.
--v 1.0.96871--
* Fix for a crash that would cause the game to stall, resulting in a sound loop.
This should eliminate most of the problems relating to this.
* Fix for the SUAV (introduced in the China Rising expansion pack) not exploding
when hitting enemy soldiers. While these indeed should be deadly, they were never
designed for �roadkilling� opponents.
* Fixed one of the issues related to the so-called �Netcode� (see below for
* Fix for an issue where 4x the damage from a vehicle's minigun would be applied to
the chest when a player had the Defense specialization equipped.
* Fix for player tags not always showing when needed to, resulting in players
shooting team members.
* Fix for graphical flickering appearing on terrain.
* Fixed the instance where players suddenly would transition into Spectator Mode
while playing the Defuse game mode.
* Fix for a Defuse bug where none of the teams would win a round by letting the
timer run out.
* Fix for players getting stuck in the revive screen after being killed.
* Fix for players getting stuck in the kill camera after being revived.
* Fix for the game mode specific ribbons being counted twice in the multiplayer
* Made NVidia 331.82 or later driver versions mandatory for all players.
* Disabled DirectX 11.1 on NVidia cards that have outdated drivers.
* Fixed driver version not being properly detected on NVidia Optimus systems.
* Fixed a minor crash that could occur when bringing up the scoreboard.
--v 1.0u6--
* Fix for terrain flickering when using SLI/CrossFire setup.
* Fix for three of the top crash issues on the PC platform.
* Fix for case when soldier can die with 1 HP instead of 0.
* Fix for the issue where the revive UI could be permanently shown after accepting
a revive.
--v 1.0u7--
* Various fixes for improving general stability.
* Fixed a memory leak issue occurring after level shutdowns, which could result in
a out-of-memory crash in longer play sessions.
* Additional fix for the "sound loop" deadlock when running High/Ultra graphics
* Added a warning for using Legacy AMD drivers that were out of date.
* Fixed a player feedback timing issue where blood was appearing before other
damage indicators, and before damage was actually done.
* Fixed a bug where players� rank icons on the scoreboard would not be updated.
* Fix for Asian users unable to start Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 on Windows
* Normalized repair rates across all vehicles.
* Fixed problem with killer health in kill card not being correctly updated
(showing 100% health even though the oldier was hurt).
* Fix for friendly marker not always showing when needed to, resulting in players
shooting team members.
* Fixed a bug where a Main Battle Tank Coaxial HMG ammo box was occasionally
blocking the driver�s camera.
* Increased damage by 25% for the Stealth Jet 20mm cannons.
* Stealth Jets now have more similar handling attributes to each other. F35 & J-20
are slightly more agile, Su-50 is less agile.
* Attack Jets now have more similar handling attributes to each other, and all 3
are now slightly less agile than earlier.
* Fixed camera glitch when switching weapons while moving in crouch.
* Fixed an occasional bug where players could experience intermittent engine sound
dropouts when driving wheeled IFVs.
* Fix for player spawning under the map when deploying on Lancang Dam.
* Fixed flickering in map and minimap on Rogue Transmission and Operation Locker.
--v 1.0.104788--
-Mantle Support-
* The new Mantle renderer has been added in Battlefield 4. Most players can expect
a performance increase by using this new low-level graphics API. Check out this
news post [battlelog.battlefield.com] for the full details on Mantle, what the
requirements are to run it, and how to enable it.

-CPU/GPU performance and monitoring-

* Tweaked and improved CPU multi-core utilization to try and avoid stuttering and
low framerate due to stalls that happened on some CPU and OS configurations.
* Users can now configure and control themselves how many CPU cores should be used
in the game with the new �Thread.MaxProcessorCount� settings in User.cfg.
* �Render.DrawScreenInfo 1� now also shows information about which CPU and GPU is
in the system, how many GPUs & CPU cores are used and which renderer (DirectX 11 or
Mantle) is active.
* Added new �PerfOverlay.FrameFileLogEnable� command that records frame times on
CPU & GPU and logs out to a .csv file.
* AMD Catalyst driver 13.12 (or later) is now recommended instead of 13.9.
* Enabled tile-based compute shader lighting optimization on Nvidia for improved
GPU performance (already active on AMD GPUs).
* Improved performance with rendering and spotlights for all GPUs, primarily in in-
door environments.

-DMR Balance Tweaks-

* Increased the damage of all DMRs across all ranges. Specifically, damage has been
increased at long ranges to allow three-hit kills against unarmored opponents.
Additionally, reduced the penalty to accuracy for sustained DMR fire, allowing more
rapid follow up shots in combat. The amount of the damage increase varies from
weapon to weapon, according to its intended range, rate of fire, and damage. We
will continue to monitor the effectiveness of DMRs in combat, and determine if
additional action is needed to make DMRs a viable mid to long range weapon.

-Other Items-
* Significantly reduced the duration of the black screen when spawning in, and
fixed the issue with players getting killed before being in-game.
* Greatly reduced the risk of crosshairs disappearing, which would also result in
hit markers disappearing.
* Added a headshot icon on the killcard. This should help identify instances where
players are correctly killed by one shot.
* Fixed an issue in Squad Deathmatch where the �Win/Lose� text was overlapping.
* Fixed an issue with players using an exploit for the SOFLAM.
* Fixed an issue with players using an exploit for the MAV.
* Fixed the gameplay code to properly track the FOV (Field of View) changes in the
options menu.
* Fixed an issue where chat would break when entering "false" or "true" in the chat
* Fixed an out-of-helicopter glitch in Air Superiority where players could spawn on
the ground and play as infantry.
* Fixed the misaligned crosshairs on the T90 MBT.
* Added setting to tweak joystick dead zone.
* Various minor crash fixes.
����������� Repack'a:
--�� ������ ���� ������� �� EA Russia--
* ����� �������� 100%
* ����� �������� 100%
* ����������� ����������
* ��������� ��������������� Soft'a (DirectX, Visual C++)
* ��� ���� ������� ���������
* ������ ���� �� 32 ������ �� ����� ����� �� �������� ��� ����� ��� ����
* ������ ���� �� 64 ������ �� ����� ����� �� �������� ��� ����� ��� ����
* �� ��������� ���������� 512 �� ���
* ��������� ���� ��������� 20 �����(�,�)
* v 1.0.86635
* v 1.0.89510
* v 1.0.94168
* v 1.0u4
* v 1.0.96871
* v 1.0u6
* v 1.0u7
* v 1.0.104788
* Deluxe Edition
* ������� ������ �� �������
* ����������� ������� �� 5xDVD5
* ��� ����� ����� ��������
����� Repack'a:
* Fenixx
��������� �� 5xDVD5:
* 1xDVD5 - Info (�����), autorun.inf, setup.exe, setup-1.bin, game-1.bin, game-
2.bin, soft.bin.
* 2xDVD5 - game-3.bin.
* 3xDVD5 - game-4.bin, game-5.bin.
* 4xDVD5 - game-6.bin, game-7.bin.
* 5xDVD5 - game-8.bin, game-9.bin.
��������� Repack'a:
* ���� ��������� �� ������ 1.0.89510.
* ���� ��������� �� ������ 1.0.104788.
--������ ������--