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Lecture Topics to be covered Methodology assignment

1 Nature and scope of Lecture and
marketing discussion
2 Building and Lecture and Few examples from
delivering customer discussion daily life for
value students to come
out with examples
3 Retaining Lecture and
customers(methods) discussion
4 Marketing Lecture and
environment(dynalics) discussion
5 Marketing Lecture and Case study how
research(Why and discussion kellogs did it
6 Marketing information Lecture and
system discussion
7 Analysing consumer Lecture and Quiz in the class
market discussion
8 Understanding Lecture and Class discussion
consumer behaviour discussion with few products
9 Organisation buying Lecture and Home work
behaviour discussion
10 Segmentation and Lecture and
targeting discussion
11 Positioning and Lecture and Group work on
positioning methods discussion positioning for
12 Product life cycle Lecture and Class exercise on
discussion various products
13 Marketing strategies Lecture and Class work
during various stages discussion
of PLC
14 Product Lecture and
meaning,characteristics discussion
15 Classification.product Lecture and
mix.product line discussion
16 New product Lecture and Class to suggest
development discussion why products fail
17 Pricing Lecture and
decisions.Objectives discussion
18 Pricing methods Lecture and Case study of
discussion fixing prices in
mobile phone
19 Branding Lecture and Class work
20 Packaging Lecture and Class exercise
21 Distribution Lecture and
22 Management of Lecture and
channels discussion
23 Retailing Lecture and
24 Advertising and PR Lecture and Class work to come
discussion with some ad
25 Sales promotions, Lecture and
methods discussion
26 Personnel selling Lecture and Role playing
27 Evaluation and control Lecture and
of marketing activities discussion
28 Web marketing Lecture and
29 Why go International Lecture and
30 Entry modes for Lecture and Case study of MNC
international marketing discussion in india
31 Internatioinal
marketing strategies

Suggested Readings:

1. Kotler Philip and Keller; Marketing Management; PHI, New Delhi

2. Kotler, Philip, Kevin Keller, A. Koshy and M. Jha, Marketing Management in South
Perspective , Pearson Education, New Delhi
3. Kerin, Hartley, Berkowtz and Rudelius, Marketing, TMH, New Delhi
4. Etzel, Michael J, Marketing: Concepts and Cases, TMH, New Delhi
Marketing Management by Phillips Kotlet.( Pearsons publications)
Marketing Management by Stewarts,Willey Publication.
Indian authors : Dr T N.Chabra ( Marketing Management)
Sherlekars,Himaalaya publications