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Week 23


Kindergarten 2 Monday-Friday, February 21-25 week

February 28--Spirit Week
Monday-Hawaiian Day, hoola hoop
Tuesday-Wear animals on your shirt,
shoes, socks, hat, backpack, key chain,
Wednesday-Oddest Sweater Day!
Thursday-Farmer Day!
Jesus Time Language Math Friday-Green and Gold Day!

Jesus Brings a Dead Girl Back This week in Reading and Writ- Communicating Our Needs-
March 9 Sing at 5 pm
to Life ing we will: reading minds is not easy. We
use our words to express our Practice at 4:45 pm
• Spell segments with –og, -op March 18 Early Dismissal 11:45 a.m.
feelings. We use our ears to
We will see how Jesus used his • Review the sounds qu, ck, March 27 11:15 K1-K2 sing
hear each other. We use our
power to bring Jairus’ daugh- gl, pl, sl, -nd, -ft , sp, sk, fr Practice at 11:00 am
eyes to read expressions. We
ter back to life.
• Read a story “Mini Book help each other. April 1 Registration Deadline for
John 14:19 Because I live, Returning Families
#8” This week in Math we will:
you also will live. April 22 K2-8 sing at 2 pm
• Begin writing a mini book • Some, some more, some
Jesus Feeds More than Five
• Review sight words a, the, more went away
Thousand People
can, why, with, me, I, see, • patterns
from, to, do, in, may, at, • -0, -1, -2
We will see how Jesus feeds like, two, it, if, is, my, little
more than five thousand peo- • Graph
ple with one lunch. We will • Write –og, -op words
• Write numerals
see how we thank God for all • Write with adjectives and
School Phone: 408-578-4800
of his blessings. adverbs Miss S: lschleusener@apostlessj.org
• Review nouns and verbs School & Church: www.apostlessj.org
The Fourth Petition • Review to write g, u, i, e WELS (church group) website:
Give us this day our daily • Word themes: www.wels.net
bread. Look for K2 blog at
Solving Problems Positively- Homework
The children will recite one of practice how to express feelings http//: apostlesk2.blogspot.com
the two passages to me this Monday: Read two stories
calmly instead of hitting. Role
week. go to bed early
play. Mark the times when they
use their words positively. Tuesday: read two stories
Read –og words
go to bed early
Wednesday: read two stories
Read –op words.
Music P.E. Social Studies/Science Thursday: Read two stories
Play a game.
Friday: Return folder.
Practice songs for singing in
church on Mission offering goes to sup-
P.E. M, W: Scotland
port workers to go to China.
Musician: Mozart Please wear comfortable shoes T, Th: magnets
Wednesday, March 9 for running.
Ash Wednesday 5 pm F: Scholastic News
Sunday, March 27 11:15 am