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Business Plan

Growth Prospect for Travel Business

Afterthe major downfall in Travel and Tourism industry in 2008 due to a recession,
the President of the World Travel and Tourism Council speaking at London was
hopeful that the travel industry should revive in 2011. The downward trend for the
travel and tourism industry had worsened throughout 2009. Activity for 2010 was
'likely to be flat at best'. Adding to the economic crisis was the fear of a Swine Flu
(H1N1) pandemic making people more reluctant to travel. Looking at the statistics
since 2008, 2011 has come up as a spring to Travel industry with notable 8% growth
in the industry.

Travel business has taken its stand from the end of 2010. Entire world becoming a
single entity, it is a trend to set up business meetings in various parts of world. One
of the reasons could be variety of MNCs having their corporate office in many
countries altogether.

Why Kind of portal development service to choose?


Choose reliable and competent Portal development that offers variety of portal
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portal development firms for a striking web portal development with enhanced
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beneficial to the user's worldwide by not only giving them options to choose but also
suiting their prerequisites. In such a competitive market web portal development is a
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How can "your" travel

travel (web) portal be the first choice for consumers?

Out of millions of travel portal developments across the world how can your travel
portal be best viewed and be the first choice for travelers? The internet allows for
smart and proactive suppliers such as airlines, hotels, and travel agents etc for
partnerships thereby enabling them to connect with and provide enhanced and value
added services to their customers.

Hiring an experienced portal development firm should be your first choice.

Organization that provides skilled web portal development and cutting-edge
technology and attractive design is the first step to help your customers stay at your

Resources you need to bring up your travel portal

Airlines, Cruise, Trains, Buses, Car rental agencies, Hotels, Cottages & Villas,
Camping Sites, Golf courses, restaurant and other possible destinations like Zoos,
Safaris, Museums, etc are the associated portals that collaborates with your portal
development. These portals enable the travel companies to sell their services and
products and also help to maintain and manage transactions related to their
business. The travel portal development includes:

• Service definition of Travel companies

• Accounting and Online Booking

• Legacy system integration

• Business Intelligence and Business Activity Monitoring

• Advertisement Management Component

• Content upload Component

• Content Management Component

• Information Blocks Component

• Helpdesk Component

• Search Component

• Shopping Cart Component

• Statistics Component

• Data Management Component

• Maps & Routing Component

• Tour Planner Component

• Up selling and Cross Selling Component

• Security Component

• Promotion Component

• Polls and Survey Component

• Administration Component

The Vision

ShortBooking has paved the way to unifying or mashing up GDS and non-GDS
based travel products, services and contents inventory into an efficient and
economical B2B travel & tourism trading ecosystem using an open-source service
oriented architecture (SOA) technology. GDS based legacy travel inventory has been
limited to airlines , cars, hotels and cruises, while adventure or experiential tour
package products and other niche travel categories such as airport transfers, day
tour activities, yacht charters , private jet charters, entertainment tickets, dining
reservations, Travel SOS, small and boutique accommodation properties has been
and still are considered highly fragmented product categories, which currently aren’t
dynamically package with GDS legacy based contents. ShortBooking framework
provides foundation for B2B buyers to source the right products and services, from
budget, moderate, luxury to ultra-luxury instantaneously, in real-time; and sellers to
distribute its inventory at low entry cost or without large upfront investment in
technology automation. ShortBooking portal builder’s built-in customizable Products
Catalogue and Shopping Cart allows GDS and non-GDS based product categories to
be dynamically packaged together. The portal builder comes with Internet, Intranet
and Extranet user interfaces to create unlimited number of distribution channel.
Traditional booking engine has many limitations in terms of flexibility and it does not
come with built-in CMS portal, nor have capabilities to aggregate non-GDS suppliers
content via Extranet access for self-service inventory upload and management.
While ShortBooking comes with unified CMS, CRM and ERP framework, which
allows any size of third-party suppliers to be part of an ecosystem at low entry cost or
no cost at all, be it directly to ShortBooking portal or clients portal. Suppliers content
data migration and integration method includes, 1) Extranet browser data entry, 2)
SDK with OLAP, ETL and Excel based XML data mapping using Flash triggered real-
time synchronization to suppliers own database, 3) XML / API based web services.

Booking both legacy based and highly fragmented travel and tourism contents
inventory as one package requires considerable amount of time of research
resources from agent and consumer alike. ShortBooking proprietary technology
platform mashups’ with global technology partners’ platforms and suppliers has
created a foundation in building a truly SOA based travel B2B trading ecosystem
called tripXML. tripXML is a Travel XML Registry Marketplace, an Open API
Marketplace for business-to-business to efficiently and economically buy/sell travel
products, similar to how NASDAQ trades financial instruments and services. The
results, ShortBooking and its user community can easily and economically custom
build an array of unfilled user booking interfaces from browser based, mobile to
widgets , for corporate, leisure, group and call center travel applications. This could
lead to the creation of next generation Calendar and Data Mapping driven Interactive
Visual Booking Interface with drag-able airport / city origination to drop into certain
country–map (link only serves as part of conceptual reference); whereas flight routes
and/or any type of travel offers availability are all presented visually through country-
wide destination points as opposed to traditionally time-consuming city-pairing or
airport-pairing individual search process. Applications include customizable modules
for Personalize Travel Planner with Intelligent Data Mining Algorithm to recommend
products/services based on user's provided profile preferences span across any
travel & tourism sectors, web marketing strategies and distribution mode

ShortBooking mashups roadmap includes , meshing up of complementary value-

added services such as third-party XML based Booking Engines, Travel Meta-Search
Engines, GDS XML Travel Switch , Flight Status, Weather, Travel Guide, Mapping,
Shipping (FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.), Carbon Offset, Amazon, Recommendation
& Communications, Telephony, Comparison Shopping, PPC Advertising Network,
Newsletter Form/Email Services, iTunes, Affiliate Program API's (LinkShare, CJ,
etc.), Events, User-Generated-Contents (UGC) via social networking API’s OpenID
strategy, and many more... to dynamically package it with travel & tourism products.
Thus, ShortBooking platform can truly bridge the GDS legacy and non-GDS based
products to dynamically package them together seamlessly, in real-time, and on a
global scale.
Travel & Tourism Portal Solutions

• Online Travel Agency (OTA)

• Independent Travel Agent (Extranet Access)
• Tourism Board, Destination & CVB
• Consortia & Host Agency
• Travel Wholesaler & Consolidator
• Non-GDS Niche Travel & Tour Suppliers
• Travel Management Company
• Internet Portal Publisher
• Airlines & Charter Provider
• Tour & Vacation Operator
• Hotel & Lodging Operator
• Corporate Travel Services
• Incentives & Rewards Provider
• Travel Membership Club
• Networking & Blog Sites (Web 2.0)
• Non-Profit Travel Services
• Travel Domain Assets Operator

Travel Vertical Modules & Templates

Internet, Intranet and Extranet portal access.

Use customizable designed templates or wizard-template-builder, with ability to

create hundreds of possibilities of professionally designed building blocks to create a
template via portlets within a portlet component, specifically for travel & tourism
vertical market segmentation.

Do-it-yourself web building and design or hire us at a very affordable block-of-

hours rate or choose our fixed-priced package plan for fully custom portal design and
web apps development.

Flexible and easy-to-use GUI based portlets within a portlet, textile, drag and drop
website building and editing features.

Built-in customizable social networking modules.

Vast network of travel wholesalers and direct suppliers to choose, from budget,
moderate, luxury to ultra-luxury products category such as published fares,
aggregated consolidator fares, cars, limousines, transfers, hotels, vacations,
holidays, adventures and niche tours, cruises, activities, entertainment & dining,
yacht charters, private jet charters and travel insurance.

Preferred suppliers / booking engine automated online application form (suppliers

may approve or reject your request).

+++Pre-built booking engines and preferred wholesale suppliers network to

choose from (subject to approval from suppliers – some engines are free and some
may require setup fee or licensing fee).

Third-party booking engine integration place holder.

+++Third-party XML based integration (e.g. develop your own booking interface –
approval process is required. We will look at it on case-to-case basis).

Third-party negotiated rates uploading, management and XML integration.

+++Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan multi-GDS web services integration

capable (e.g. internet pseudo-city code).

Preferred suppliers commission matrix and schedule.

Preferred suppliers enabling / disabling module.

Suppliers of record contact information and look up database.

Customizable template based portlets within a portlet inventory web-database

management catalog and dynamic packaging via shopping cart-booking capabilities
for non-GDS travel & tourism products and services (e.g. accommodations, transfers,
vacations, holidays, adventure tours, specialty cruises, activities, charters, promos &
coupons and extras).

Cross-sell and up-sell products and services.

Payment gateway & merchant use – your own or suppliers or both – you will need
to use suppliers merchant account for commissionable products.

Net rates or commissionable rates contents to choose from – you will need to use
your own merchant account on net rates – suppliers may require you to deposit funds
to be subtracted with all your bookings.

Travel deals and products content-holder. With keywords description tagging

association to automate travel deals graphics, price and description coming from your
preferred suppliers booking engine. And dynamically display it in your website – no
more cutting/pasting to generate fresh dynamic contents.

+++Affiliate (commissionable only) program deployment – month to month

subscription, no long-term contract.

+++Franchise (negotiated net rates & commissionable) program deployment –

negotiate directly with suppliers. Transaction fee and setup fee is required and one-
year contract.

Real-time margin/commission tracking and reporting.

Affiliate program's parent-to-child virtual hosting under one master account with
unique URL feature via CNAME domain pointing.

Monthly hosting, transaction fee and revenue-share model to choose from.

Value Add Mashup Services Pipeline ShortBooking Fulfillment & Ticketing API,
ShortBooking Portal Modules & Features API, GDS Travel XML Switch, Flight
Status, Weather, Mapping, Shipping (FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.), Amazon,
Recommendation & Communications, Telephony, Shopping, PPC Advertising
Network, Newsletter Form/Email Services, Social Networking API's & OpenID,
iTunes, Affiliate Program API's (LinkShare, CJ, etc.) and many more...

GDS XML / API Travel Switch

GDS XML/API Travel Switch provides stable multi-source GDS gateway that
connects to all four GDSs (Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo and Worldspan ), through
structured data streams, it normalizes data-exchange in a standard application-
programming-interface (API). The multi GDS XML/API Travel Switch allows
independence from a standard one-source only GDS model and facilitates the
integration of multiple GDS inventory at an individual-segmented-itinerary level,
which displays query results in a unified structure. It comes with hotel media contents

data feed from Northstar Travel Media and Leonardo to display rich hotel
GDS XML/API Travel Switch is built on open standards using Web Services’
Extensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web
Services Description Language (WSDL), and the Universal Description, Discovery,
and Integration (UDDI) and in compliant with Open Travel Alliance (OTA) standard
XML schemas.

GDS XML/API Travel Switch allows client with proprietary or third-party booking
platform to integrate and build highly customize booking interface, logic and process
steps. It is able to query multi-GDS contents sourcing into singularly unified booking
interface normalization. It provides the ability to use multiple GDS Web Service PCC,
IPCC or OfficeID across multiple GDS data source.

GDS XML/API Travel Switch access requires one-time low entry sub-licensing fee at
no monthly or yearly maintenance charges (on-demand support maybe billed
separately), plus negotiable transaction fee based on monthly cumulative booking

GDS XML/API Travel Switch one-time license fee includes setup, reasonable
implementation support and one IPCC or OfficeID integration on each GDS brand.
Multiple IPCC/OfficeID per GDS brand integration can be accommodated, which
requires additional integration setup fees.

Global B2B Travel & Tourism Community

Strategy global business-to-business online community. The primary purpose of this
site's section is to allow travel professionals, online travel entrepreneurs, B2B buyers
and sellers of travel & tourism products/services to network globally. The participants
are not required to register to post offers, comments, ask questions, answer
questions on a structured subject categories to start, operate an online travel &
tourism business, and/or forward specific content to colleagues plus many more
value –added features.
Non –GDS Travel Suppliers –Can Post Their Offers in
The Web Portal Directly!