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Indore MP/ICD 216/2018-2020


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� Regd. No. Indore MP/ICD 216/2021-2023 � �����������������

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Minister, retd
�������������������� bureaucrats
get Covid vax


The Health minister, re-

Lokayukta, sadhus, doctors
State Finance Minister and other senior citizens
���������� Jagdish Devda is going to received jabs shots of vac-
present the state annual cines on the first day of
Anti-Conversion Budget on Tuesday. Phase-2 inoculation pro-
According to sources, in gramme which commenced
Bill introduced in the budget which is worth on Monday in the state at
state Assembly Rs 2.30 lakh crore, most of 186 session sites. �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
������� ��������������� the departments have been Dr Prabhuram Chaud- ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
����������������������� given higher grants than hary received vaccine at JP ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
��������������������������� they were allotted last year. Hospital. Retired bureau-

Lokayukta sleuths enter jail,

��������������������� The Budget, being pre- crats like former chief sec-
�������������������������� sented after the corona retary Parasuram, AV
������������������� pandemic, would not bring Singh, BP Singh, Nirmla
relief for people, who were Buch, SK Mishra and Prab-

catch two for taking bribe

�������������������������� expecting help in the Budg- hanshu Kamal also got jabs.
����������������������� et in the form of cut in Besides them, Lokayukta
petrol and diesel prices. Justice NK Gupta also got
�������������������� The government is, howev- ����������������� ������������������ the vaccination. ������������������ Family members in- palms of the corrupt jail
er, in no mood to cut the oil
prices. But, people may get
some relief in oil prices be-
� ����������������������������������������������������������
Medical Education minis-
ter Vishwash Sarang took Dr
NP Mishra, former Dean

Indore Lokayukta police on

formed Chaukse's friend Ji-
tendra Solanki about the
jail guard's demand and
guard.Lokayukta police
laid a trap and sent Solanki
to Rathore who was present
fore the announcement of ����������������������������������������������������������� Gandhi Medical College, for Monday entered Mhow jail Solanki approached at the jail with Rs 25,000.
Q-Hour in state dates for the civic polls. ���������������������������������������������������������������� vaccination. Similarly, for- and caught a Lokayukta police. He in- DSP Baghel took special
House sees online There is, however, no hope ������������������������������������������������������������ mer GMC Dean Dr Mahon guard and a formed Lokayukta police permission from SDM
for any kind of relief in the ���������������������������������������������������������� Tankwal, Anguri Jain, Dr sweeper red- that Rathore in the name of (Mhow) and IAS officer Ab-
experiment present Budget. ������������������������������������������������������������� Sardar Kulwant Singh got handed jailer Brajesh Makwana hilash Mishra to enter the
������� �������� The citizens, who are al- ��������������������������������������������������������������� vaccines.On March 1, vacci- while accept- was demanding Rs 25,000 jail premises.
���������������������� ready in dire financial con- ������������������������������������������������������������� nation for senior citizens and ing Rs 25,000 from family members of Rathore sent Solanki to
������������������������ dition are not going to get ����������������������������������������������������������� people having comorbities as bribe from prisoner Chaukse for pro- sweeper Manish Bali stat-
�������������������������� any relaxation in the form ���������������������������������������������������������������� launched at 186 sites in MP. a person in viding better facilities to ing that the bribe amount
���������������������������� of tax relief. ���������������������������������������������������������������� Many sants also came out lieu of providing better fa- him inside the jail and en- be handed over to him with
��������������������� The budget is focusing on ���������������������������������������������������������������� for the jab. Swami cilities to a prisoner friend. suring that he would not be Rs 200 extra for him.
������������������������ the farmers and the poor. �������������������������������������������������������������� Akhileshwarand Giri got Lokayukta DSP Praveen beaten up by other prison- Meanwhile, sleuths in civ-
�������������������� The government employees ��������������������������������������������������������������� shot in Jabalpur. Similarly, Singh Baghel said that jail ers and policemen. il dress entered the jail
��������������������� and the pensioners may get ���������������������������������������� Gwalior MP Vivek Narayan guard Ajendra Singh Solanki also told sleuths premises on the excuse of
��������������������� some relief in the form of Shejwalkar got vaccination. Rathore had demanded that previously also de- meeting some prisoner. As
������������������������� hike in Dearness Al- ucts for which traders pay items. The government may It was rush for beneficiaries money from family mem- mand of money was made Bali accepted the bribe
����������������������� lowances. GST. The government is also announce certain projects at the sites in comparison to bers of liquor smuggler by the guard which was ful- amount, he was nabbed
��������������������������� The government cannot not going to reduce VAT be- keeping in mind the upcom- vaccination of Phase-1. Dilip Chaukse who is filled but this time Chaukse red-handed by Lokayukta
��������������������� reduce tax on certain prod- ing charged for certain ing civic polls. ������������ presently lodged in jail. did not want to grease the sleuths. ������������
Nikita moves court China hackers Warrant out over
ambush Indian Kangana no-show
for anticipatory bail
���������� ������
��������������������� MUMBAI: An Andheri
����������� �������������
vaccine makers
magistrate court on Monday
issued a bailable warrant
against Kangana Ranaut af-
ter she failed to appear be-
����������������������� ��������� fore it despite having been
����������������������� summoned last month, in
������������������� The Chinese disruptive at- connection with a criminal
���������������������� tempts are not restricted to defamation complaint filed
�������������������� inflicting power outages but against her by lyricist Javed
�������������������������� also hacking IT systems of Akhtar, saying that her ab-
������������������������ Indian vaccine makers. sence “shows her conduct”.
��������������������� Two such companies which Magistrate RR Khan or-
���������������������� the Chinese have ambushed 'Also targeted dered issuance of bailable
in recent times are the Hy- India's power warrant of Rs 1,000 against
derabad-based Bharat Kangana for “wilful ab-
ICSE, ISC exams Biotech and the Pune-based through malware' sence without any justified
Serum Institute of India ������������������� reasons despite service of
from April 8 (SII), the world's largest vac- ��������������������������� summons”. The court also
����������������������� cine maker. The coronavirus �������������������������� noted that no exemption
����������������������������� shots being rolled out by ������������������������� plea had been filed by her
����������������������� these two firms are the cen- ������������������������� for her absence.
��������������������������� trepiece of the country's im- ���������������������������

134 test
�������������������������� munisation campaign. �������������������������
�������������������������� Goldman Sachs-backed cy- ��������������������������
���������������������������� ber intelligence firm Cyfir- �������������������������������
ma told Reuters that the
Chinese hacking group
���������������������� +ve in city
���������������������������� APT10, also known as Stone �������������������������� ������������������
����������������������� Panda, had identified gaps ��������������������������� ������
������������������������ and vulnerabilities in the ��������������������� As many as 134 patients
������������������������������ IT infrastructure and sup- ������������������������� tested positive out of 1,219
�������������������������� ply chain software of the ������������������������ sample reports received on
���������������������������� two vaccine makers. ���������������������������� Monday. Rate of positive
������������������������� "The real motivation here �������������������� patients was recorded at
is actually exfiltrating intel- ��������������������������� 10.99%. Total number of
lectual property and getting ��������������������� positive patients reached
Dear Readers, competitive advantage over
Indian pharmaceutical com- ��������������������������
59,892. No death was re-
ported today. According to
�������������������� panies," said Cyfirma Chief ������������������������ the bulletin, total sample
������������������������� ��������������������������
�������������������������������� Executive Kumar Ritesh, reports received till Mon-
formerly a top cyber official ������������������������� day was 8,34,531. As many
������������������������� with British foreign intelli- ������������������������������� as 1054 samples were tested
���������������������������� gence agency MI6. negative on Monday.
����������������������������� He said APT10 was ac- taken advantage of the Department took 1489
������������������������������ tively targeting SII, which weak public servers. samples for testing includ-
���������������������������� is making the AstraZeneca SII and Bharat Biotech de- ing1359 for RTPCR tests.
��������������������������� vaccine for many coun- clined to comment, reports As many as 1069 patients
������������������ tries and will soon start Reuters. The Chinese for- are under treatment in
������������������������������ bulk-manufacturing No- eign ministry did not im- various hospitals. Total
�������������������������� vavax shots. In the case of mediately reply either. 57890 patients have been
������������� Serum, the hackers have ������������ discharged so far.

93 tiger deaths in 3 yrs in state: Minister

������������������� est in the country, with Bandhavgarh
having 104 big cats.
According to the forest department,
������ 88 tigers were found in Kanha Re-
serve, 61 in Pench Reserve, 25 in Pan-
Madhya Pradesh, known as 'tiger na Reserve, 40 in Satpura Reserve and
state' of India, has lost 93 big cats due five each in Sanjay Reserve and Nau-
to poaching and other causes in the radehi sanctuary.
past 3 years, forest minister Vijay Besides, 45 tigers are found in Rata-
Shah told the Assembly on Monday. pani, Singhori and Khivani sanctuar-
In a written reply to a query by Con- ies, which are part of one landscape.
gress MLA Satish Sikarwar, the min- been held, and the rest due to natural In the same reply, the minister said
ister said the 93 deaths occurred from causes, diseases, mutual conflict, old lions are notfound naturally in the
January 1, 2018 to January 1, 2021, age etc. state and the Kuno National Park
with 25 of them taking place due to As per the 2018 tiger population es- has been developed for reintroduc-
poaching, for which 77 people had timation, MP has 526 tigers, the high- tion of the Asiatic lion.
Bhaiyyu Maharaj case
INDORE: In the ongoing hearing into the Bhaiyyu
Maharaj case, his second wife Ayushi recorded her
statement before count on Monday.

A step towards 'Atmanirbhar MP'

Suggestions for making the state Budget robust and revitalizing

The Challenge Raising Revenue instance, the Jeevan Amrit Yoj- pecially in the Health, Educa- tional procedures formed to im-

he upcoming budget and Liquidity na can be revitalized and recon- tion, and Agricultural Sector. prove effectiveness.
is being viewed as a The lockdown has impacted stituted to provide for vital diag- Empowering
� Provide Financial Support
sort of declaration the economy deeply. Since While stimulating demands nostic tools to ensure that peo- � Upgrade with Digital Infra-
of intent and stance of the many sectors have underper- and creating an ecosystem that ple in highly vulnerable areas Education Sector structure like portals, apps, etc.
state administration to- formed, the revenue of the nurtures growth for small and are able to keep a check on vital State Government-run � Improve existing digital job
wards their commitment, state through the taxes has re- local businesses is essential for health parameters. schools, especially in remote ar- portals.
orientation, and approach duced considerably. Moreover, long term sustainable value Allocation of fresh funds to eas, should be provided with the Strengthening
for the upcoming finan- small businesses and daily wa- gains, while for the short term, schemes like Deen Dayal Mobile necessary physical and digital
cial year, for supporting gers need financial assistance, generation of revenues could be Health Clinics for their up-gra- infrastructure to conduct class- Small Businesses
the economy and provid- and provision for salaries and done through immediate in- dation and expansion would be a es with proper social distancing MP has a unique treasure of
ing a foundational frame- re-hiring of workers who lost crease on cess and other taxes positive move. The Deen Dayal and cleanliness standards (with local handicrafts and hand-
work for realizing the vi- their jobs need to be made. only on non-essential luxury Antyodaya Upchar Yojana can proper toilets and sanitization looms like Chanderi and Ma-
sion of 'Atmanirbhar The state is expected to pro- items and items like tobacco, al- be expanded in terms of the facilities). heshwari cloth, and these
evam Samriddh Pradesh'. vide further tax exemptions cohol, etc. monetary value of treatments The 'Digi Lap - Aapki Padhai should be promoted with re-
The budget is not just a and fiscal stimulus to moti- Revenues from non-tax covered and should also be made Aapke Ghar' Abhiyan with its newed vigor.
financial plan but an op- vate consumer spending be- sources (like fines and penalties accessible to migrant laborers. digital learning app ' Top Parent' The state-owned crafts and
portunity to boost the havior and create demand to on tax evasions and other viola- Improving Infrastructure should be updated and made handloom emporiums like
morale of the markets. replenish the flow of money in tions) can be increased by dou- novative solutions and schemes user friendly and interactive. Mrignayani and Vindhya
Moreover, the state budget the markets. The state has bling penalties. to increase revenue while also Investment in infrastructure Policy reforms for teachers' Herbals should be rebranded
for the upcoming finan- compelling tradeoffs and For ensuring immediate cash delivering superior value, like projects and expenditure on the compensation and training are and marketed effectively.
cial term is more signifi- unique constraints to deal inflows for investment in priori- the 'Nishtha Vidyut Mitra building of roads, electricity, absolutely essential. HealthTech and EdTech start-
cant than ever, being the with this time. They need to ty areas, the state can propose to Scheme' by Madhya Pradesh and availability of Internet Elevating Employment ups should be provided with tax
first budget to be passed invest and spend more, with issue municipal bonds (as being Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Compa- ought to be the priorities in this benefits and incentives and
normally after the lock- limited expansion of revenue done by some municipalities). ny Ltd. area. Opportunities more opportunities to collabo-
down (the previous budg- sources and that too without Divestiture in unutilized assets Boosting Healthcare Policy Framework and Guid- The existing employment rate in state-funded innovative
et was approved by the depending too much on exter- or giving unused property on ance in setting up projects for schemes like the Rozgar Setu Yo- projects.
Hon'ble Governor nal borrowings to avoid long lease could also be done. Healthcare needs to be made sustainable energy generation jana, Sabko Rozgar Milega Yo- Microfinance institutions
through an Adhyadesh in term heavy debts. Incentive and strategic bene- more robust through the devel- like the successful Rewa Ultra jana,Yuva Swabhiman Yojana, should be provided with subsi-
the second half of 2020). It Some suggestions that could fits to local businesses can be opment of Healthcare Infra- Mega Solar Project should be and Mukhya Mantri Swarozgar dies and other benefits to pro-
needs to strike a chord contribute to the required re- provided to stimulate demands. structure. The present schemes promoted. Yojana should be revitalized as vide low-interest loans to
with the sentiments of the silience and agility to the Support and policy guidelines could be extended and broad- ublic-Private Partnership proj- follows: Women SHGs and MSMEs.
citizens and businesses of budget for sammridhh MP are could be provided to state-run ened in terms of the coverage of ects could be boosted through � Expand scope and services Prof. HIMANSHU RAI,
the state. discussed below: companies to come up with in- health services and benefits. For the provision of incentives, es- � Proper roadmap and opera- Director, IIM Indore

MDMA case: Kingpin

says related to top
Affiliation row at St Mary's School Honour killing
Enraged killers planned
Bollywood singer complaint to DEO murder meticulously
OUR STAFF REPORTER was not found. Police also OUR STAFF REPORTER OUR STAFF REPORTER wasted no time and com-
Indore raided Hotel South Av- Indore Indore mitted the crime the same
enue from where Sarthak day.
The 70 kg MDMA drugs fled after seeing police Aghast by the revelation Enraged with their sister They asked Sameer (bro-
case kingpin Samrat Yag- and left his mobile phone that St Mary's Champion Alma's marriage, which ap- in-law) out for a walk and
nik on Monday said he is and a car at the place. Dur- School, which they were parently deflated their male stabbed him 22 times at
related to a Bollywood ing police questioning, told was affiliated to Cen- ego, the two brothers Moti Tabela Square in Rao-
playback singer. Corrobo- Sarthak's servant Aman tral Board of Secondary planned the murder of ji Bazar police station area
rating the same, Vijay Na- told police that Sarthak Education was affiliated to their brother-in-law meticu- on Sunday noon.
gar police station in- used to call models from Madhya Pradesh Board of lously for about two After the heinous crime,
charge Tehjeeb Kaji con- Delhi, Mumbai and other Secondary Education months. the cops arrested Alma's
firmed this and said Yag- cities and used to hold (MPBSE), parents and stu- In an emotional "aty- brothers Abdul Ayaz and
nik said this during inter- drug parties with them. dents reached the district Parents reach district education office with a complaint letter against St Mary's Champion School on Monday. achar" of sorts, they told Abdul Waqar from Ratlam
rogation. Court sent Aman also "told" police education office to report times more than the you need the mark-sheet of and said, "We will set up a the newly wed that the girl's on Monday and they have
Sarthak on police remand. that Sarthak has contacts the same. schools affiliated to MPB- the CBSE board, then committee and investigate father was ailing and he confessed to the crime, Rao-
Police are questioning with drug suppliers who It was a bolt out of the SE, whereas it is affiliated transfer to our Navada the case, as we have just re- wanted to meet the damad ji Bazar police station in-
Sarthak about his "other" supply the same in Bolly- blue for hundreds of par- to MPBSE and not CBSE!" Panth branch or take your ceived the complaint. Fur- and his daughter. charge inspector Savita
Bollywood "connections" wood. He also reportedly ents who enrolled their parent representative children out of school'," ther, after investigation, Innocence prevailed over Choudhary said.
if any. told police that Sarthak students in the two branch- Anand Chouhan said. complaint said. requisite actions will be suspicion and the couple ar- Two months back, Sameer
Earlier, On Sunday, po- used to spend lakhs of ru- es of St Mary's Champion In their complaint, par- Parents expressed their taken." rived here from Dewas. had eloped with Alma from
lice a team raided a place pees in parties. School accepting the ents said that the ID cards, helplessness they do not They reached here on Indore and married her.
in Mumbai and arrested school's advertisement as markings, etc. given to the want to send their children School says… parent Sunday and they brothers They had settled in Dewas.
Sarthak Yagnik in the The background 'CBSE affiliated' school. students also have the ad- to Nawada Panth branch, just want concession
70kg MDMA drug case. Po-
lice said Sarthak was ar- On 5 January, the police
Reaching the office, par-
ents demanded to meet dis-
dress of both schools writ-
ten misleading that both
because of distance.
"Further if children This is absolutely a Checkmate by BRAUSS V-C
rested from Mumbai. Po- crime branch had seized trict education officer schools are affiliated to studying in MPBSE want wrong allegation. We Mhow (FPNS): In what is being viewed as a decisive step,
lice had received a tipoff 70 kg of MDMA drugs (DEO) Ravi Singh and CBSE. to take admission in other are running the schools akin to a checkmate in the ongoing battle between
that Samrat was travelling worth Rs 70 crore from sought his help in the case. "Parents are cheated by CBSE schools then CBSE for 29 years. We have a BRAUSS vice-chancellor Dr Asha Shukla and former reg-
to Mumbai from five persons along with As per the complaint writing CBSE Affiliated on affiliated schools do not branch in Suryadev istrar Dr D K Sharma, the former has got Dr Nita Sharma
Dehradun. Police team cash of 13 lakh. The ac- filed by parents to DEO, St. ID cards and other mark- consider such students," Nagar affiliated to terminated from the post of project associate in the UGC
reached Mumbai and ar- cused were from Telan- Mary's Champion School ings for both the school complaint said. MPBSE, as shown in Project. Dr Nita is related to Dr Sharma.
rested him. He is a resi- gana and Madhya has two branches, one in students," Chouhan said. Parents raised their com- the website. The num- As per sources, the present registrar Ajay Verma has cit-
dent of South Tukoganj Pradesh. The accused had Suryadev Nagar which is Recently parents came to plaint about the 'fraud', ber is registered in ed a report by the director of research extension Dr D K
area in Indore. ASP Ra- gathered to deliver the affiliated to the MP Board know that the school at which was signed by more MPBSE. It is upto class Verma in which the latter said that Dr Nita was not doing
jesh Raghuwanshi said in consignment of drugs and and the other is in the Suryadev Nagar is recog- than 50 parents. Parents V. Some parents want a her project as per norms and hence she was being termi-
Dehradun, Sarthak lived to take token money. Re- Nawada Panth which is af- nised by MPBSE and not demanded punitive action fee concession that is nated.
at his friend's house Shiv portedly, they used to filiated to the CBSE Board. CBSE. against the school operator why they (parents) are However, sources said Dr Nita was working very effi-
and from there he smug- bring drugs through "Further, as an additional "When we discussed the and fixing the appropriate doing this. Every ciently in the project but was axed due to enmity between
gled drugs. trains, planes, buses, branch Suryadev Nagar same with the school oper- fees as per the recognition record is absolutely V-C Dr Asha Shukla and former registrar Dr DK Sharma.
Earlier, when police trucks and private cars. So school is shown as recog- ator, the school gave an ar- of the MPBSE. fine." When Dr Asha Shukla was contacted in this regard she
raided Sarthak's flat in far, 15 accused have been nised by the CBSE board, gument quoting 'we teach DEO Singh assured par- SL SWAMY, Director said that she had nothing to do with this and action had
Varsha Apartment, he arrested in this case. and the fees are many on the CBSE pattern and if ents of possible actions St Mary Champion School been taken on the basis of project director's report.


CRIME ROUND-UP Up to 40% subsidy on rooftop
Union forest minister wants Four lakh looted from petrol pump manager solar net metering systems
report within 7 days
INDORE: Around Rs 4 lakh was looted from a petrol
pump manager in an area under Gautampura police OUR STAFF REPORTER ond phase of the Net Me- applying online through
station. Police said that in the CCTV footage the ac- Indore tering Incentive Scheme. WWW.MPWZ.CO.IN or
OUR STAFF REPORTER dore STF, Madhya Pradesh thorities for negligence in cused were seen stalking the manager and when he According to the order of can go to nearby power
Indore in handling complaints re- the matter prior to their in- reached near Padliya village the accused snatched the Madhya Pradesh Western the Department of New distribution center, zone
garding leopard's death. A vestigation. Questions bag from him and fled away. Region Power Distribu- and Renewable Energy, do- or divisional office.
Ministry of Environment, copy of the letter is en- about their investigation tion Company is aggres- mestic consumers of
Many consumers are
Forest and Climate closed at Annexure for ref- team and progress have
Police recover two minor girls within 24 hours sively promoting solar en- 10KW capacity system will
Change, Government of In-
dia has sought a report in
Further it added, "In this
also been raised in the de-
partment. Complainants Indore: A team of Kishanganj police station on Monday
ergy as government has
announced a subsidy of
get 40 per cent subsidy.
"We are making resi-
taking advantage
the case of the leopard res- regard, it is requested to alleged that team has been rescued two girls abducted from Indore district and tak- up to 40 per cent subsidy dents of all 15 districts At present, electricity is
cued from Nayapura, that kindly examine the matter protecting the accused. en to Gujarat. Similarly, police claimed to have rescued on rooftop solar net me- under West Discom aware being generated from net
had 42 shrapnel wounds on and submit a factual report Complaint regarding the as many as 26 minor girls from several places which in- tering connections. of subsidy on installation metering solar power con-
its head. The minister sent to this Ministry within 7 same was raised by legal cludes few districts from West Bengal, Gujarat and oth- Chief Engineer West of rooftop solar net meter- nections at 850 locations
a letter to Deputy Inspector working days." activist Abhijeet Pandey er states. Discom SL Karwadia said ing system as it is benefi- in Indore. A total of 1750
General of
(Wildlife) Rakesh Kumar
Forest The state Tiger Strike
Force (STSF) of Madhya
with the Ministry of For-
est and Environment and State Cyber Cell helps fraud victim net metering solar energy
is being continuously pro-
cially for them," Karwa-
dia said.
consumers in the corpo-
rate sector are preparing
Jagenia in this regard on Pradesh with leopard state the Wildlife Crime Control INDORE: The State Cyber Cell on Monday helped a moted in jurisdiction of The group housing soci- electricity by putting so-
Monday and sought a re- status still hasn't been able Bureau (WCCB) in the woman get a refund of Rs 2.99 lakh that she had been the company. ety's 500 kW capacity lar panels on their
port within 7 days. to find the hunter who mer- case. On July 10, 2020, the duped in an online fraud. Police said that an unidenti- As per the order of the plant will receive 20 per- rooftops. Net metering
The letter said, "The Min- cilessly shot the leopard leopard was found severe- fied person has withdrawn the amount from the government, the West Dis- cent subsidy. Interested plant in the company area
istry is in receipt of a letter with 42 shrapnels. While ly injured in the Nayapura woman's bank account. com is setting up 15 MW consumers can avail the has a total capacity of
alleging negligence by In- STSF blames the local au- range. capacity plants in the sec- benefits of the scheme by over 36 MW.

First sighting of Red-Headed Vulture in Mhow Rs 80cr collected for Ram Temple
TINA KHATRI pher and lover. species reduced from 4 Indore
Indore He said, "Red-Headed crore to 4000. Biggest un-
Vulture is one of the worst natural catastrophe," Ya- A sum of over Rs 80 crore,
A hope for not just good victims of diclofenac. dav said. collected for the Ram Tem-
vulture population, but From millions in 90s, it He added that though the ple in Ayodhya in Indore
also revival of species came to thousands in 2000 drug is banned by govern- was handed over to the au-
started this week on a and few hundred in 2007 ment of India, but the ban thorities on Sunday.
pleasant note, as the first when it was listed to Criti- is not implemented in let- Former member of Nar-
sighting of Red-Headed cally Endangered in IUCN ter and spirit. "It's avail- mada Control Authority
Vulture in Mhow, Indore Red List." able openly without pre- Government of India and
was recorded by bird He explained that di- scription and vet doctors former Chairman Ecosys-
watchers. clofenac medicine is used are prescribing regularly," tem (Mission Ecology) Indi-
The Red-Headed Vulture to treat pain and inflam- Yadav said. an Council of Science and Representatives handing over funds for construction of Ram Temple, Ayodhya on Sunday
was spotted in the Malendi Red-headed vulture clicked by Brigadier Arvind Yadav in Mhow mation in cows and other There are alternative Technology Communica- ry Committee, Ministry of little girls broke their piggy
Patalpani area by district. "So far only Egypt- rare species of vulture. animals. "Once ingested, drugs available that are tion Dr Afroz Ahmad pre- Labour and former mem- banks and contributed
Brigadier Arvind Yadav, ian Vultures have been Yadav has previously traces remain permanent- not dangerous but lack of sented the collected funds. ber of Indore Union Driver their savings. About Rs
Dev Kumar Vasudevan and seen in Mhow tehsil and spotted and recorded 14 ly in the animal, when car- awareness and control is The funds were presented Shailendra Mahajan and 1.11cr was contributed by
Shantanu Thada. Indore district," they said. new species for Indore dis- casses are eaten by vul- causing this to Pt. Bhupendra Dharwa, Co-ordination Forum. various corporate groups
The trio shared that it is The trio had ventured on trict since June 2020. Other tures. The drug traces af- They also saw Indian Par- Union Ministry of Envi- Funds were received from as well. LGBT community
the first recorded sighting an unplanned birding trip, than being an army officer, fect the kidney and liver of adise Flycatchers (male ronment and Forests, Na- Kinnar (LGBT) community has donated about Rs
in Mhow tehsil and Indore where they sighted the he is a wildlife photogra- vultures. In 20 years, six and females). tional Child Labor Adviso- and children as well. Some 11,000.


Come accompanied
by spouse, children

The most awaited phase for vac-

cination against COVID-19 for
those above 60-years of age and
people between 45 and 60 years of
age with comorbidities started
with excitement among elderly
people in the city on Monday.
Most of the beneficiaries who
reached the hospitals to get vac-
cinated seemed to be self-moti-
vated and reached the hospital
with their spouses or with other
family members. Along with mo-
tivating others to get vaccinated,
they also showed the care for
their family members and
brought them to the centres.
Those who were not able to get (ALL PICS BY ANAND SHIVRE)
themselves registered, reached
the centres with their children,
and got inoculated to end the dis- PC Sethi Hospital sees highest TITBITS TECHNICAL GLITCHES IRK BENEFICIARIES
Technical glitches and confusion over online and offline registration irked
Amid technical glitches and number of beneficiaries 1 Manasi Akolekar
beneficiaries as they had to wait for hours to get vaccinated while many of
them couldn't get vaccinated as they didn't get verification of their
confusion for online and offline brought her registration. Many people didn't get OTP for verification while many
Hospital Vaccination grandmother-in-law couldn't get themselves registered. Due to technical errors, vaccination
PC Sethi Hospital 250 Vimala Saraf (91) and couldn't get started at 9 am in the city and the first dose was administered
mother-in-law Vasanti to patients after 10 am in every center. Many beneficiaries were seen
MY Hospital 171 Akolekar (67) to confused at the centers as they got the registration messages but their
Government PC Sethi names were not showing on the portal at the vaccination centers.
Bhandari Hospital 112 vaccinated
Many elderly people had reached the centers without online registration
SAIMS 81 2 Mohan Agrawal, but with the ID proofs to get registered and vaccinated on the spot.
Index Medical College 71 sweetmeat trader, Initially, the health department had decided to vaccinate only with online
registration but they had to change the plan as a large number of people
reached to get
Medicare Hospital 166 vaccinated with 10 of his
reached the centers without any pre-registration. "We learnt that there
would be on the spot registration due to which we didn't get registered
Choithram Hospital 142 family members to get online. We were refused by the officials to get vaccinated in MY Hospital,"
vaccinated at MY an elderly man said. The same issues were faced by beneficiaries in PC
St Francis Hospital 72 Hospital on Monday. Sethi Hospital and Bhandari Hospital after which doctors sought directions
registration, as many as 1357 Varma Union Hospital 220 from officials in Bhopal and started offline registration.
people above 60 years were vac-
cinated on the first day. As many
conditions, also got the jab after

showing their certificate from Ravi Jain was -year-old
the doctor. SINCE ANNOUNCEMENT OF VACCINE' the first beneficiary Bhagyawanti
According to Chief Medical to get vaccinated at
70 -year-old Satish Kumar Jain and his wife Sharma, vaccinated
and Health Officer Dr Pravin Ja- MY Hospital. "I don't
dia, "We received a good re- Vibha Jain became the first beneficiaries at MY Hospital, said,
have any fear of "My children did my
sponse as a large number of peo- of the new phase of vaccination in the city as
vaccines. It is
ple were seen excited to get vac- they got vaccinated at Government PC Sethi registration after
important to get the
cinated. We face some issues ini- Hospital. They couldn't get registered online reading news about
tially but with time, things will
after which officials permitted them for offline
registration. "We waited for our turn since the
89 -year-old Kanhaiyyalal Gupta became the first
beneficiary who got online registration and
inoculated in Government PC Sethi Hospital. "I am a
jab to eliminate the
deadly disease. I
read in newspapers
vaccination. I
reached the hospital
He said that they appealed to announcement of the vaccine. We believe in our and did not feel any
practicing lawyer and had stopped going to court after about vaccination
the people to get themselves reg- changes after being
scientists and have faith in science. I was excited COVID spread. Now, I am vaccinated and will return to work and reached MY
istered online as they temporar-
for vaccination and everyone must come after getting the second dose as well. I am feeling good to Hospital for the vaccinated except a
ily provided the-on-spot registra-
forward to take the jab," Jain said. get vaccinated," Gupta said. same," Jain said. feeling of safety."
tion facility.

15-yr-old gang-raped for 6 days by 2 youths

MHOW (FPNS) three days. Ajay told his friend Vikas
Girwal of Malipur village about the
A 15-year-old girl was gang-raped for incident and Vikas threatened that if
six days by two youths in Sherkund the victim did not allow him to rape
village, who also threatened to kill her, he would tell everyone about the
her if she told anyone about the inci- incident. Frightened, she agreed to
dent. Manpur police have registered a Vikas' demands and both friends took
case POCSO Act and IPC sections turns to rape her for the next three
against the two accused, who are ab- days.
sconding. Meanwhile, the girl's parents grew
Manpur police said one of the ac- Ajay threatened to come to her house. suspicious by her activities and she
cused Ajay Baria of the same village He struck up a friendship with her revealed the truth to them. They took
used to harass her saying that he and one day when his parents had her to Manpur police station where a
wanted to befriend her. Initially, she gone out of the village, he brought the case was registered against Ajay and
had refused but later she agreed after girl to his house and raped her for Vikas.

Man reaches DIG office 'with Relief for IAS officer

Dahima till March 8
bomb'… hoax unearthed Indore: The hearing into the interim
bail application of additional secretary
(urban development) Lalit Dahima, an
OUR STAFF REPORTER lice station. They reached handed over the luggage. accused in the Rs 8 crore fraud case,
Indore Palasia PS from where they challenging his arrest warrant, could
were rushed to the DIG of- Rickshaw driver's version not be held in Indore bench of Madhya
A usual Monday morning fice when he "told" the cops The man sat in the auto Pradesh High Court on Monday.
was stirred for a while at about the inflammable stuff and told him to go to the The next hearing will now be held
the DIG office after the son in his bags. nearest police station and March 8.
of a paramilitary officer, The bomb squad checked scared him that there was a A local court had issued an arrest
who claimed to be with IAF the bags and found only 'bomb' in his bag and he warrant against Dahima on February
(technical staff) was clothes and other things. needed the auto-driver's 13 for not appearing before the court
brought in by the Palasia According to police, the help. since 2016 citing one or other reason.
police station staff to get his man is the son of a paramil- The driver immediately Against the order, Dahima had
bags checked by the Bomb itary officer who is de- took him to Palasia police moved HC which had granted him
Squad after he alleged that ployed in Indore. station from where he was interim bail.
his bags were reportedly The man's father told po- sent to the DIG office. The case against Dahima is about 18
laden with explosives. The lice that his son is undergo- The Rickshaw driver said years old. It was alleged that when he
alert cops, swooped down to ing mental treatment. His the man told him to step on was secretary of mandi in Indore he
unearth the suspicion and father went on to say that he gas to reach the DIG office had colluded with some agencies and
fortunately found nothing. was in Air-Force (technical fast or else the bomb would siphoned off Rs 8 crore. On the
Additional Superintendent staff) but after an accident, explode. He said on their complaint of the then collector, the
of Police, Manisha Pathak he left the IAF and has been way to the DIG office, the case was taken for investigation in
Soni said as soon as they re- mentally unstable. He was man got down from the auto 2004. After seven years, an FIR was
ceived information, police at his friend's house and and told the driver to reach registered against one LDC and
cleared the area and called was coming home. He un- the DIG office with the "con- different office bearers of 23 agencies.
Bomb Squad on-the-spot. knowingly suspected his signment" while he said he After two years, some officials of the
Police said that the man friend and claimed that his would be coming in an e- mandi were charge-sheeted but not
hired an auto and told the friend had kept some explo- rickshaw and would be fol- Dahima. However, three years later he
driver to take him to a po- sives in his bags. Police lowing it. was named in the case.

Youth caught for impersonation in ITI exam

OUR STAFF REPORTER Tushar pretended to be
Indore Vishnu and argued that
earlier he was fat and was
A youth was caught imper- looking different as he had
sonating another person at lost weight. However, the
an ITI exam by an alert in- invigilator was not con-
vigilator on Monday, and vinced and took him to the
handed over to the Hira Na- principal's office where he
gar police station who have confessed the duplicity. The
registered a case. police were called in and
According to police Tushar was made to call
Tushar appeared in the en- Vishnu and he told police
gineering drawing subject that he is pursuing a fitter's
exam in place of Vishnu. At course at an ITI institute
the exam centre, the invigi- and had paid Rs 1,500 to a
lator who was checking the coaching class owner who
I-Cards grew suspicious had deputed Tushar to sit
when he saw that the photo for the exam in his (Vish-
in the Aadhar card did not nu's) place. Police have
match the candidate's face. booked both the youths.
������� � ����� ������� � ������
MAXIMUM: 34.0°C, MINIMUM: 13.8° C
MORNING: 81 per cent, EVENING: 24 per cent
SUNRISE: 6.49 am , SUNSET: 6.30 pm

Show-cause notice issued
�������������� A couple from Ba-
to Tata Projects Limited
������� hadurganj was the first �������
to get vaccine under the
The second phase of vacci- latest phase. As per the Ujjain Municipal Corpora-
nation against Covid start- health officials vaccina- tion served a show cause
ed in the city from Monday tion will be conducted at notice to Tata Projects
in which people of age 3 government hospitals limited for making unlev-
group of 45 to 60 year will and 3 private hospitals of elled sewerage chambers
be vaccinated. the city. across the city and due
which an innocent lawyer
lost his life as his bike
������������������� skidded at Indore Gate
�������������� area of the city.
On Sunday late night a 23

D istrict vaccination officer KC Parmar said that vac-

cination centres are setup in Government Madhav
Nagar Hospital, Jiwajiganj Primary Health Centre and
year old lawyer Akshat
Sharma lost the balance
on motorbike at Indore
Cancer unit located in front of civil hospital. The bene- Gate area due to the unlev-
ficiaries can also get vaccinated in private hospitals be- elled sewerage chamber. �������������������������
tween 9am to 5pm, Parmar added. For vaccination He was seriously injured
copies of any of identity proof like PAN Card, Voter ID, in the accident and suc- �����������������������������������������
Driving License with Aadhaar Card are necessary. One
can also apply online to get registered for vaccination.
Online registration is necessary for vaccination at pri- ‘Take doctors’ advice before vaccination’
cumbed to his injuries
during the treatment. The
municipal corporation
� ��������������������������������������������������
vate hospital which will charge a fee of Rs 250. ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� warned the company for ���������������������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������������������������������������� taking one sided action �������������������������������������������������������
against the company if ����������������������������������������������������������
��������������������������������������������� the company fails to reply ����������������������������
6 women to the notice within 7 days.

among Admin makes online booking ���������������������������� �����������

14 test T
mandatory for devotees
aking action against illegal cattle
sheds across the city. The municipal
M unicipal Corporation’s team seized

corporation’s team removed such shed of substandard polythene bags from a
Satyanaryan in Goutam Marg and in Pi- shopkeeper in Freeganj area. The team
plinaka area where Shahid Khan was run- also slapped a penalty of Rs 3450 on the
Tally 5,285, toll 103 ��������������� Covid directives to ning illegal cattle shed. shopkeeper.
��������������� be followed strictly
������ The administration has
started preparations for
Briefing the arrange-
ments collector Asheesh
Youth dies in Travel agent gets 4-yr RI
Fourteen 14 persons test-
ed positive taking the
Maha Shivratri. On Mon-
day divisional commis-
Singh informed
arrangements are being
that, bike collision for cheating passengers
number of corona pa- sioner Sandeep Yadav, IG made according to Covid di- Ujjain: A youth resident of
tients to 5,285 mark in the Yogesh Deshmukh, col- rectives to provide easy en- Kesarbag colony was ��������������� Ashutosh son of Om-
district on Sunday. The lector Asheesh Singh, SP try and exit to every devo- killed in a bike collision on ������ prakash Shrivastava, resi-
toll is 103. Satyendra Kumar Shuk- tee. Online booking Sunday night. The acci- dent of Yaman Sahara Es-
As per the medical bul- la, ADM Narendra Surya- arrangements have suffi- dent took place in Nayapu- Second ADJ Prempal Singh tate, village Bangrasia,
letin issued at 11 pm, out vanshi and other con- cient slots and every devo- ra area in Barnagar. Thakur on Monday convict- tehsil Hujoor, district
of 121 cerned officials paid tee should be updated to The family members told ed a Bhopal-based travelling Bhopal.
sample re- COVID-19 their visit to famous Ma- slots current status. Collec- that Asheesh agent for duping some lo- Shrivastava sought Rs
ports re- DISTRICT hakaleshwar Temple and �������������������������������������� tor urged devotees to use on- (26) son of cals in the name of sending 8,79,500 for the trip from
ceived on UPDATE its periphery areas. line booking services to con- Bhanwarlal him to Spain. The accused the complainant and oth-
the day, 14 The officials told that tancing. IG Deshmukh told Devotees can easily ap- firm their entry and slot. Mali had gone has been awarded rigorous ers. They transferred the
persons including 11 all devotees have to get that adequate police proach till Jaisinghpura to Barnagar to imprisonment of 4 years. same from their accounts.
from Ujjain City and 3 registered online for arrangements will be ground by any vehicle Make preparations recover loan amount from The court also slapped a Despite receiving pay-
from Nadga including 6 making entry in the tem- made to ensure safety and and vehicles shall be for crowd a businessman meanwhile fine of Rs 5,000 on him. ment, the accused did not
women tested corona- ple on the occasion of Ma- security of devotees. parked at Chaardham at 11pm his bike collided According to deputy-di- provide them the air tick-
positive. Overall, 79 pa- hashivratri festival. Spot Road Parking located at management: IG with another bike and he rector, prosecution, Saket ets and also did not return
tients, 33 of them sympto- registration can only be Parking Triveni Museum. ��������������������� got injured badly. He was Vyas, complainant Anurag back their passports. He
matic, have been getting made if the slot is not ��������������������������� rushed to a private hospi- Gour had on September 9, even continuously avoided
treatment. filled.
arrangements Mobile toilets �������������������������� tal in Ujjain where he died 2017 filed an FIR in the attending his mobile
Samples of 1, 72, 568 Collector Asheesh Singh The administration ����������������������� during treatment. His kin Madhav Nagar police sta- phone following which the
persons have been taken One-way entry informed that adequate will also made arrange- ��������������������������� added that Asheesh has tion that he had booked a victims came to conclusion
across the district so far Divisional commissioner arrangements are being ments to install mobile ����������������������������� sold his 26 bigha agricul- ticket of flight for Spain that they had been cheated
and no report is awaited. instructed to make made for providing con- toilets around the tem- ������������������������������ ture land for Rs 1 crore and tour for him and his family and they finally ap-
With 2 more discharged arrangement to follow the venient parking facilities ple premises. Officials ������������������������������ he had loaned out a part of members. For the to-and- proached the police. AGP
on the day, the total num- one-way system for entry to devotees coming from also inspected different ��������������������������� that sum to a businessman. fro travelling, they had Kishore Kumar Sharma
ber of corona winners and exit of devotees with different parts of the coun- exit and entry points of ����������������������� He had gone to Barnagar provided passports to Am- pleaded the case on behalf
has gobe up to 5,103. maintaining social dis- try and state. the temple. ����� �� ��� ��������� to recover the same. bel Tour & Packages’ agent of prosecution.

Fake currency racket 27 participants identify

life partners at Agrawal
Guna’s NS Bhargava is chief of Shri
busted five arrested Samaj’s Parichay Sammelan Bhragu Bhargava Brahmin Samaj
��������������� ���������������
������ ������������������� ������
Acting on a tip-off the STF ������������������������������������������������������������� Social worker Narmada
on Monday nabbed five ac- ������������������������������������������������������������ Shankar Bhargava (Guna)
cused who cheated the peo- ����������������������������� was unanimously elected
ple with fake currency ����������������������������� as the new State president
notes. One of the arrested ���������������������������� of Shri Bhragu Bhargava
accused is a resident of �������������������������� ����������������������������������� Brahmin Samaj, at the tri-
Susner. A car and fake cur- ������������������������������ ennial elections to which
rency notes worth Rs 13.35 �������������������������������� ��������������� ty.• • It was chaired by were held at Lord Parshu-
thousand have been recov- ����������������������������� ������ Pawan Mittal while Om ram’s birth place at Jana-
ered from him. �������������������������������� Prakash Agarwal and pav, Mhow (district Indore).
STF SP Anjana Tiwari ������������������� ������������������������������� A Parichay Sammelan was Bhagwandas Airen were Ujjain district president
told media persons that ������������������������� organised by the Agarwal special guests.• • The pro- of Shri Bhragu Bhargava ����������������������������������������������������������������
acting on a tip-off the ������������������������������������������������������ Social Group in memory of gramme was launched by Brahmin Samaj, Pt Yesh-
��������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������
sleuths stooped a car (RJ 35 Rameshchandra Mittal. lighting a lamp in front of want Bhargava stated that
CA 0591). �������������������������������������������������������� A total of 105 young men the portrait of Maharaja representatives and office- ��������������������������������
Four people were out in ���������������������������������������������������������������� and 114 young women from Agrasen. Convenor of this bearers from across Mad- Hoshangabad were the of Lord Parshuram.
the car to utilise their states of Madhya Pradesh, Parichay Sammelan, Vijay hya Pradesh in large num- election officers. The new- The outgoing president
fake currency notes. On Gujarat, Rajasthan, Hyder- Mittal gave a welcome ad- ber attended the conven- ly-elected State president Pt Pt Ramesh Sharma
questioning, they said namely Mahmood son of Ware House. They were abad and Odisha partici- dress and the guests were tion. They also tied a tur- Narmada Shankar Bharga- (Bhopal) thanked the
that they used coloured Chand Khan resident of out to find their latest vic- pated in the event.• • welcomed by Nimesh Ag- ban on the forehead of va said that he would soon members of the commu-
photocopy of the real cur- Agar, Sangram son of tim. The accused hail More than 27 partici- garwal, Rakesh Bajaj, Ra- Narmada Shankar Bhar- start state-wide tour to con- nity for extending their
rency notes to cheat peo- Santram resident of Prat- Pratapgarh in Rajasthan. pants identified their life jesh Garg and Anil Goyal. gava and welcomed him by stitute the new body. cooperation and trust.
ple. The accused from apgarh, Naiem son of They had been cheating partner at this event. On this occasion AgarSe- garlanding him. Prior to it, Karpatri The outgoing secretary Pt
Susner used to photocopy Kallu, Santosh and the people for a long time. The event was inaugu- va.com convenor Govind Senior lawyer from Ujjain Kalyan Ashram Dharm Sanjeev Sharma (Bhopal)
the notes. Goverdhan Malviya resi- A photocopy machine was rated by Jagdish Agarwal, Mittal provided complete Pt Jiyalal Sharma and Sangh president Dr Kalyani presented a report based
Inspector Deepika dents of Naikhedi were also recovered from their former chairman of the Uj- information about the con- President’s Awardee Pt JP Chaitanya inaugurated the on his tenure. Pt Ashok
Shinde said, the accused arrested from Hariom possession. jain Development Authori- ference on the website. Khadder from event by garlanding the idol Chaturvedi (Indore) con-
ducted the proceedings
������������������������������� while Pt Manoj Tiwari

Government Model (Indore) proposed a vote
of thanks.

Trade union leaders flay govt

School holds contests
PANCHANG 2.3.2021

for not executing SC’s order ������������ (UTTARAYAN)

��������� �����������
����� ������������������������������������
�� ���� ������� ence behind every incident, ��������� ������������������������������
��������������� pate in it wholeheartedly. Tex- ������� from getting up in the morn- ���� ���������������������������������������
������ tile Industry Labour Union ing to sleeping at night. ����� ���������������������������
head Harishankar Sharma To mark National Science Day There is a scientific reason ���� ���������������������������
At a meeting held at the Maj- praised the solidarity of the the Government Model behind all events which we all �� ��������������
door Sangh’s office at Shram labourers. He said that the School, Ghattiya, held science should know about, so we ��
� ��
Shivir, Koyla Phatak the atten- struggle of the workers would lectures, essay writing and should adopt scientific ap- ����������

dees expressed annoyance over only be successful with their presentations contests.• proach. By doing so, we will ���

non-disbursement of dues of full cooperation with the union Students participated in the be able to do new innovations
� �
retrenched labourers of Binod and one another. The meeting essay writing on the topic in the future and make the ���� ����
Mills for which the Supreme was also addressed by many “Our Indian Scientists are country and society proud, he
Court had passed an order other officials who were pres- our Pride” and presented it. added.• � �

some two years ago. ent at the venue, to render their The participants of the con- The programme was chaired
� �
Addressing the meeting advo- encouragement to the workers.• • tests explained the impor- by the principal in-charge ����
cate Dheeraj Singh Panwar They also appealed to the tance of Sir CV Raman’s life Ramesh Kurup. He said that
gave a background of legal bat- labourers to assemble in large and work.• today is the age of science so � � � � �� � � � � �� � � � � � � � � �
tles for workers. numbers in the meeting every A teacher Ishwar Mehta we all should contribute to- RUNNING CLASSIFIED
Labour Union president Om- Sunday at 3 pm and requested gave a talk about the scientif- wards making the country DISPLAY CLASSIFIED 7 DAY 500/-
prakash Singh Bhadoria elabo- to beware and not get misled by ic basis of ancient glorious ������������������������������������������������������������������� �������� and society better by using 50/- SQ.CM. B/W.
15 DAY 1000/-
30 DAY 1500/-
rated upon the role of labour propaganda. traditions, how sage and muni science and technology. Stu- 75/- SQ.CM.
union in the struggle of work- and the best of ancient times Teacher in-charge of Sci- that today life is incomplete dent Lakhan Bairagi ex-
ers and asked them to partici- ������������������������ lived life in scientific way. ence Club Rajesh Rathore said without science. There is sci- pressed the vote of thanks.
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BJP state-in-charge Rao on two-day trip
������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
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������� � ����� ������� � ������

State Economic Survey Congress stages

�������������������������������� walk-out over
Sidhi bus accident
In pandemic year 2020, employment

The State Economic Survey 2020-

registration fell sharply to 21.95%

21 paints a dismal picture of
industries and related sectors in ������������������ the buses running in his ju-
Madhya Pradesh. The figures ������� risdiction.
demonstrate a downfall in the in- The former minister, PC
dustries, investments and employ- The Congress MLAs staged Sharma, stated that, if Vya-
ment created by them. THE SURVEY SHARES THE �������������� ���������������������������������� walk out from the assembly pam had established the
A fall in the numbers of regis-
tered MSME (Micro, Small and
ACHIEVEMENTS AND FAILURES ����������������� ����������������������������������������
on the Sidhi bus accident
issue on Monday. The road
exam centre in Sidhi, most
of the lives would have

Medium Enterprises) was ob- OF THE STATE GOVERNMENT ���������������������������
�������������������������������� ������������������������������������
transport minister, Govind been saved because many
served. The year 2019-20 saw a fall Singh Rajput, said that the of them were going to ap-
of 3.35% in the registered numbers ������������������ ������������������������������������ ��������������������������� �������� bus was running on valid pear in the ANM exam. He
of MSME units in comparison with ������ ����������������������������� ��������� papers, it had an NOC and demanded a judicial in-
2018-19. The number of MSME ������������������������������ also life insurance cover. quiry into the matter.
units fell from 2.98 lakh in 2018-19 In the Covid-19 pandemic year 2020, the employment ���������������������������������� ��������������� Congress MLA Kamlesh- Former minister Dr
to 2.88 lakh in 2019-20. registration had dropped to 21.95 per cent. ����������������������������������� �������������� war Patel brought a call-at- Govind Singh stated that
According to the survey report, a The Economic Survey of the financial year 2019-2020 ���������������������������������� tention motion on the acci- the police were busy in va-
shortfall of 0.22% in investment was presented in the Assembly on Monday. The survey ������������������������������ dent. On February 16, the cating the houses, securing
was recorded. Investment made in shares the achievements and failures of the state gov- ���������������������������������� bus, heading towards Satna mines and helping officers
2019-20 stood at Rs 19,242 crore. ernment. It also shows the areas of improvement where ��������������������������������� from Sidhi, fell into the to run their ‘organisation’.
As far as creation of employ- the state government can work on it. Employment reg- ������������������������������������� Bansagar canal. In the ac- BJP MLA Yashpal Sisodia
ment is concerned, here, too, the istration had dropped to 21.95 per cent in the year 2020. ����������������� cident, 54 people, including suggested that the govern-
reports are negative. In the year In the year 2019, 8.47 lakh unemployed had got them- 23 women and three chil- ment help the families to
2018-19, employment generation selves registered and, in the current year, the number ��������������������� ���������������� dren, died. take the insurance claim
stood at 10.3 lakh that was re- dropped to 6.11 lakh. On the other hand, the number of ��������������������������������� Congress MLA Patel de- from the company. He
duced by 3.52% and fell to only literate unemployed youths had dropped in the state. In ������������������������������
���������� manded an ex gratia added that the families
9.94 lakh. Financial assistance to the year 2019, the number was 29.33 per cent. In the cur- �������������������������������� ����������������������������������� amount of Rs 1 crore and were not capable of filing a
the MSMEs also reduced from Rs rent year, the number dropped to 23.08 lakh. ���������������������������������� ��������������������������������� government job for one of case in the court and the in-
129.12 crore in 2019-20 to Rs ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������� the family members of the surance companies did not
59.08 crore in the corresponding ������������� ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������ deceased. Patel blamed pay the amount to the vic-
year till December. The year 2020 was the year of the Covid-19 pandemic ��������������������������������� ������������������������������������� the traffic jam at Chuhiya tims’ families.
The government did not speak in and economic activities had been affected badly in the ����������������������������������� ������������������������������ Ghat and overloading of Road transport minister
terms of developing infrastructure state. But some of the indicators came up with bright ������������������������������ ������������������������������������� the vehicle for the acci- Govind Singh Rajput said
for the industries in the report. It lights and helped the people of the state in pandemic ����������������������������������� ����������������������������������� dent. He raised the issue that an inquiry was under
simply said that financial ap- times. In FY-2019-20, more vehicles were sold and the ������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ of the roads of the area process and after the report
proval of Rs 5,536 lakh had been growth rate was around 9.52 per cent. In the previous ����������������������������������� ������������������������������� being in a state of disre- the government was going
given to related industries but re- year 2018-19, 16,361 vehicles were sold, which in- ������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� pair and carelessness of to take strict action against
mained quiet on the amount spent. creased to 17,918 in the current year. the police and local ad- the people who had been
ministration. careless.
The former Speaker, NP Dr Govind Singh and oth-

Wrap up inquiry of Shri Grih Spurious catechu unit busted, owner held
Prajapati, asked to register er Congress MLAs staged a
a case against the police sta- walk-out from the Assem-

Nirman Samiti in 2 days:

tion in-charge of the area bly protesting that their de-
because he had failed to mands had not been accept-
������������������ and others. check the overloading in ed by the government.
Collector to officials ������ The factory is owned by
Mohan Mandora, resident
Ujjain: Collector Asheesh Singh on Monday for disposal of A joint-team of Crime of Jalgaon in Maharash-
long pending complaints convened a T-L meeting. Collec- Branch and food safety offi- tra, who was arrested by
tor instructs to conduct enquiry in the matter of Shri Grih cers busted a spurious cat- the team. The accused was
Nirman Samiti and asked the officials to prepare report echu (kattha) manufactur- supplying the spurious
within 2 days and for other pending complaints he gave ing unit in Lasudia police kattha to Gujarat, Maha-
necessary instructions to officials. Collector also instruct- station area on Monday rashtra, Rajasthan, Ja-
ed SDM to take up frequent inspection to curb overloading and arrested the owner. balpur, Katni, and other
problem in buses and penalise the defaulters. Collector in- The accused was prepar- districts of MP.
structed him to cancel the license of adamant bus opera- ing kattha by adding harm- The team has seized
tors. Collector also instructed to resolve complaints on ful chemicals and was also goods worth Rs 10 lakh
priority which are registered with CM Helpline portal. selling illegal country- from the scene and the ac-
During the meeting ADM Narendra Suryavanshi, addi- made liquor from there. cused informed that he has
tional collector Avi Prasad, Zila Panchayat CEO Ankit Under the guidance of been working for the last
Asthana, Smart City Project CEO Jitendrasingh Chouhan ASP (Crime) Guruprasad tries in Panal Compound by using chemicals like five years. Police and food
and other concerned officials were present Parashar, crime branch in Lasudia Mori where potassium metabisul- safety officers taking fur-
team raided Balaji Indus- spurious kattha was made phate, tritanium dioxide ther actions in the matter.
AAP to field candidates in all 54 wards
St Arnold students want Guest scholars remind CM,
���������������� online exam option Scindia of their promises,
reached the school premises
and sought an option of online
demand employment
��������������� examination. As per the ������������������
���������� After St Paul’s School and St school’s schedule, examina- �������
���������������� Raphael’s School, which were tions are set to begin from
����������������� hell-bent on conducting exams Tuesday. The Guest Scholars’ Association has reminded
������������������������������������������������������������ in offline mode despite rise in However, school representa- Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and BJP
��������������������������������� Covid-19 cases, softened their tive Father Pious said, “We Rajya Sabha MP Jyotiraditya Scindia of their
stand after intervention of col- have not scheduled online ex- promises they made when they were protesting in
Executive panel of Jain lector Manish Singh, students aminations from tomorrow, but Shahjehani Park last year.
social group take oath of St Arnold’s School staged a
protest in front of the school
we will consider that as an op-
tion after offline examinations
Addressing the media, state convener of the as-
sociation Surjit Singh Bhadauria said that, when
seeking an option for online ex- are complete. Out of 250 stu- Shivraj was in the Opposition, he had come to the
amination. dents, barely 10 students are protest venue and had said that these guest schol-
On Sunday, the collector had against offline exams, the re- ars are not common people picked up randomly
warned St Paul’s School and St maining have given their con- but they are selected through due process.
Raphael’s School against con- sent and will be attending the “We’ll fight tooth and nail till all guest scholars are
ducting exams in offline mode examination in offline mode, as taken back in jobs,” Shivraj had said at the venue. The
because Covid-19 cases are on scheduled.” Guest Scholars’ Association also took out the tweets
the rise again, and had also Previously, parents along of Chouhan and demonstrated before the media.
warned the principals of the with public representatives “Why is there now a change in the attitude of
two schools that FIRs would be had complained to the collector Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who had vowed to take
lodged against them if Covid-19 that St Paul’s and St Raphael’s us back in the system?” asked convener Bhadau-
cases rise in the school due to schools are conducting exams ria. There are around 600 guest scholars who are
the offline exam. in offline mode even when the still out of a job for the past more than 13
In view of this development, coronavirus cases are against months. Not only the scholars, but their fami-
students along with some par- increasing. lies, too, are suffering and are on the verge of
ent They had stated that chances breaking down, he said.
of children getting infected The higher education department has more

NEED felicitates corona warriors will increase if school man-

agements stuck to their deci-
sion of holding exams in of-
than 450 vacancies and arrangements for only 150
scholars had to be made. The association had giv-
en a workable formula for adjustment of these 150
��������������� fline mode. people, said Bhadauria.

A felicitation ceremony for

the Covid-19 warriors, food
officers and social organi-
sations of the city were
held at Vikram Kirti
Mandir. This event was or-
ganized by the Need-A
Blood Donation Group Uj-
jain on the sixth death an-
niversary of late Anil
Choubey. ���������������������������������������������������������������
The sanitation workers,
health department doctors, Ujjain North MLA Paras hir Bhai Goyal, Jathedar
nurses and social groups Jain. Ex-president of the Surendra Singh Arora of
were honoured for their Ujjain Municipal Corpo- Sikh society, VHP, ISKCON
service towards the needy ration, Sonu Gehlot, BJP Temple, Radhaswami Sat-
during the pandemic. The city president Vivek sang, Rail Diet Committee,
group president Ankit Joshi, VHP president Madhya Pradesh and as
Choubey said that the cere- Ashok Jain Chaiwala and many as 122 organisations
mony was inaugurated by Bajrang Dal convener Ma- and social workers were ho-
lighting of a lamp by the hesh Anjana were present noured.• Disabled Assis-
chief guest of the pro- on stage. tance Committee, Chamun-
gramme, senior organiser Those who were feted in- da Mata Mandir Committee
of the VHP Braj Kishore clude ex-ADM GS Davar, were also felicitated.
Bhargava and special guest senior physician Dr HP So- The event was conducted
MP Pharmacy Council nania, senior social worker by Sudarshan Aayachit and
president Om Jain. Prakash Chittora, Seva Ankit Choubey delivered
It was presided over by Dham Ashram chief Sud- the vote of thanks.•
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful
lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

The ‘idea of India’ seems to be in peril ter Kashmir, Assam is their next target.
They have been successfully flooding As-

Nationwide vaccination State of the Union sam, Tripura and the rest of Bengal
since long.”

key to economic growth

Golwalkar indicates that the presence
ASHUTOSH of Muslims in large numbers in Kash-
mir, Assam and West Bengal is a direct
threat to the nation. If Jammu and Kash-

he economy may now be ready to return to the
he results of the forthcoming elec- lar values, respect for the democratic mir is a Muslim-majority Union Territo-
normal growth path with the latest quarter fig-
tions to four state assemblies and ethos, autonomy of the constitutional in- ry, then Assam has more than 30 per cent
ures coming in just when the nation-wide vac-
one Union Territory will have a stitutions, a culture of debate and dis- Muslims and in West Bengal, their num-
cination drive to immunise the people against the
momentous impact on the political his- cussion, the tradition of inclusion of all ber is 27 per cent of the population. In
Covid-19 virus got underway. A lot is also riding on
tory of the country, particularly if the and exclusion of none, the inculcation of Kashmir, remedial steps have been taken,
the success of the vaccination drive for the economy
BJP manages to retain Assam and wins a scientific temper and a promise to tralised the minorities, mainly Muslims. Art 370 has been abrogated, the state has
to build on further from the 0.4 per cent growth in
West Bengal. The BJP has very low build a modern nation-state, where the It brags that the politics of Hindutva been split into two and has been reduced
the third quarter of the current financial year, after
stakes or a marginal presence in Tamil rule of law was to be supreme. Some peo- have changed the electoral bargaining to a Union Territory.
two quarters of big contraction. Gross value added
Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry. In Tamil ple call it the ‘Nehruvian consensus’ and power of the Muslims. For the party, the In Assam, the BJP succeeded in form-
(GVA) grew by one per cent in the last quarter. Sim-
Nadu, the BJP is riding piggyback on the others name it the ‘idea of India’. concern for the minority by the earlier ing the government in 2016 and the
ply put, all things considered, the worst seems to be
behind us. After 15.9 per cent contraction in the first
AIADMK and even if the AIADMK al- Today that ‘idea of India’ seems to be in For the old governments is equal to appeasement of process of identification of the
liance wins, not much credit will be giv- profound danger, waiting to be replaced consensus, Muslims and is reverse communalism, Bangladeshi migrants, who, in their
half of 2020-21, growth is expected to flatten out in
en to the BJP. In Kerala, the BJP has no by an ‘alternative idea’. which poses inherent dangers to natural opinion, are mostly Muslims, began in
the second half, as per the advanced estimates. With- history was a
chance of turning the tables and emerg- This ‘alternative idea’ has its contours security. the name of the NRC but the task is still
out doubt, the main driver is stepped up government
ing victorious. drawn but is yet to be examined by the fu- guiding force, a There is no denying the fact that the incomplete. Assam was the first state
expenditure, not only on pandemic-related activity torchbearer for
Similarly, it has a negligible presence ture, to ascertain if it is deep enough to Prime Minister has propounded a new slo- where the anti-CAA and NRC protest
but in boosting demand and employment in key sec-
in Puducherry. But in Assam, the BJP build a new consensus and survive as the future, but gan after 2019 – Sabka saath, sabka vikaas, erupted majorly, followed by the other
tors such as construction, roads, highways, etc. Even
the private real estate sector is returning to the
has its government. And retaining that many years as the old one. If the old con- the new sabka vishwaas (Every one’s support, states. So, despite the massive resent-
government will be a huge challenge. sensus was rooted in a grand old civilisa- consensus seeks everyone’s development, everyone’s ment, if the BJP wins Assam again, then
growth path, thanks to benign interest rates, incen-
In West Bengal, the BJP was a margin- tion, based on compassion and diversity, trust). Everyone’s trust was added to it will be an indicator of the fact that the
tives offered by developers to offload pending inven-
al player in the 2014 parliamentary the new one, in its DNA has disregard for
revenge on the counter the mounting criticism that the victory of the Hindutva forces was not a
tory and sops by banks to boost credit in the rela-
elections and in the 2016 assembly elec- the pluralism and its edifice is built on past. In its government does not trust minorities. But fluke earlier and that it has a deeper res-
tively secure middle-and-upper-income segments. A proclamation to
tions as well. In fact, in the 2014 elec- hate. It believes in the superiority of one the same did not reflect on the ground. onance in the society.
number of state governments have helped by lower-
ing the circle rates for land, as also the stamp duty on
tions, the BJP had got only 16 per cent tradition and within that tradition, the discover the old The abrogation of Article 370, passing Ideologically, like Assam, West Bengal
votes, despite riding on the huge Modi paramountcy of the select few. Exclu- and ancient, it of the citizenship law, the brutal crack- has to be a very high priority state for the
property registration. Farm sector is another bea-
wave and afterwards, slipped to 10 per sion, not inclusion is the rule. has heaped down on the Shaheen Bagh protest, the followers of Hindutva. But till 2019, it
con of hope, growing about four per cent in the last
cent of the vote share in the assembly For the old consensus, history was a demonisation of the Tablighi Jamaat failed to make inroads into the state.
quarter and set to record three per cent growth in the
elections in 2016. guiding force, a torchbearer for the future
disdain on its during the pandemic, the random mis- Now, after winning 18 parliamentary
full year. A good monsoon, high crop yields and food glorious
Since 2014, the political landscape in but the new consensus seeks revenge on use of sedition laws against Muslims seats and attaining 40 per cent of the vote
inflation boosted rural incomes. Maybe one reason tradition; the
the country has changed. A new para- the past. In its proclamation to discover and the promulgation of the Love Jihad share, it has tasted blood. The unprece-
for the sluggish response elsewhere in the country to
the protest by Punjab farmers over the farm legisla-
digm has engulfed the nation and a lot of the old and ancient, it has heaped disdain multi- Act in different BJP-ruled states belies dented aggression displayed by the BJP
water has flown under the bridge. Fun- on its glorious tradition; the multi-di- dimensional the claim of the government. The Mus- and its leaders vis a vis the Mamata
tions has been the good crop this year. Still, it will
damental changes have taken root in the mensional approach to address multi-lay- approach to lim minority today virtually lives in fear. Banerjee government, is propelled by
help if the government on its own made the gesture,
body politic of the country. Now, the ered history has been reduced to simple The Hindutva ideology sees them as the the rigour of the conviction, soaked in
suspended the implementation of reforms till after
hegemony of the Congress system has formulae, facts have been fictionalised to address enemies of the state, and they are re- Hindutva. A victory in West Bengal will
the Supreme Court-appointed panel of experts sub- multi-layered
collapsed and is being replaced by the suit its narrative and it has succeeded in ferred to as ‘cockroaches’ and ‘termites’ provide an ‘ideological opportunity’ to
mitted its report. Sullen and angry farmers in a key history has been
BJP’s overpowering presence. Its domi- brainwashing a larger audience for the by the top leaders. ‘stop the spread of the menace’, ‘deci-
state do not help anyone. Back to the growth num-
bers. Manufacturing too was back on track, record-
nance is robust, and the Congress is ly- construction of a utopia. reduced to This thought flows from the writings of mate enemies of the nation’ and correct
ing in the pits. On the one hand, while This idea seems to be winning as of simple formulae, the second chief of the RSS, M S Gol- the wrongs of history.
ing 1.6 per cent in the third quarter, suppressed de-
the Congress is struggling to retain its now. Democratic institutions have been walkar, who identified them as one of the And if the BJP could win both Assam
mand due to prolonged lockdowns finding a release
presence as a serious national party in crumbling, the pillars of the Constitu-
facts have been enemies of India. In his book, ‘Bunch of and West Bengal, then it could easily be
after the graded opening. The sector is set to regain
Parliament and the state legislatures, the tion have surrendered to the executive fictionalised to Thoughts’ he writes, “It would be suici- said that Hindutva has far greater trac-
normalcy, though new pressure points in creeping suit its narrative
BJP on the other, has improved its tally and the majoritarian view prevails over dal to delude ourselves into believing tion than is normally assumed, that it has
protectionism and high fuel prices could prove a
drag. The case for reducing taxes on fuel both by the
in the Lok Sabha and pocketed new fron- the rest. Parliament has been reduced to and it has that they have turned patriots overnight perfected the art of majoritarian politics
Centre and the states remains strong, especially
tiers for itself. one party and the party has submerged succeeded in after the creation of the Pakistan. On the and governance and that their unfin-
The Congress has, in the past, lost elec- into one entity; that entity is the law and brainwashing a contrary, the Muslim menace has in- ished civilisational project is on the
when relatively moderate prices of energy can boost
tions many times but the basic ethos of the government; his views are unwritten creased a hundred-fold by the creation ‘right’ track, in which Muslims will have
growth and arrest inflationary pressures in the econ-
politics remained more or less the same. Constitution. In the majoritarian view,
larger audience which has become a springboard for all no other option than to forfeit their polit-
omy. As it is, fears of inflation are beginning to
Today, the political consensus which was the rule of the majority is sovereign, and for the their future aggressive designs on our ical space and live like a second-grade cit-
spook share markets. Rising bond yields too are a construction
arrived at during the freedom struggle the minority should not complain about country.” izens for a long time to come.
negative pointer. High energy and food prices would
inevitably cause the Central bank to step in to hon-
and continued afterwards, has been bro- its numerical inadequacy. of a utopia. He further writes, “The second front of
ken. The broader framework of that con- Within this framework the BJP takes their aggression is increasing their num- The writer is an author and Editor,
our the commitment to hold the consumer inflation
sensus encompassed adherence to secu- great pride that it has successfully neu- bers in strategic areas of our country. Af- SatyaHindi.com
within the 4-6 per cent band. In turn, a higher bank
rate would have a negative impact on growth. Given
that the informal sector was still reeling under the
devastating effect of the pandemic, small businesses,
which employ an inordinately large number of peo-
ple, will suffer further if steps are not taken to revive "If a couple is living together as man and wife, the husband may be a brutal man, but can you call the act of sexual intercourse a rape?"
them. Of course, a lot depends on the success of the asked Chief Justice of India SA Bobde on Monday while hearing a case of alleged rapeRadhika Roy
vaccination program which got underway on March @royradhika7 Catch-22
Marriage does not entail blanket consent to sexual intercourse. You do not become the property of your husband, to be treated as he
Ref.: ‘Auto-rickshaw,
Despite several hitches reported in the working of
pleases. How is this still be up for discussion ? taxi drivers
the online registration for taking the jabs, it is hoped
@royradhika7 apprehensive about fare
that the countrywide operation will succeed in re-
hike’ (March 1). A couple
moving the fear of the virus. At a minimum, a third "If a couple is living together as man and wife, the husband may be a brutal man, but can you call the act of sexual intercourse a rape?" of months ago, when the
of the population needs to be vaccinated before we asked Chief Justice of India SA Bobde on Monday while hearing a case of alleged rapeRadhika Roy auto and taxi unions
can attain herd immunity. States like Kerala and Ma- VJ@VJ290481 approached the
harashtra, which are in the grip of a resurgence, can
No, it is not up for discussion. What gives men the idea that marriage entails unlimited access to sexual intercourse as they desire? government for
avoid lockdowns only if the immunisation pro-
Avijit Saxena@avijitsaxena87 assistance, they were
gramme is implemented smoothly. Happily, the price
offered a fare hike. In
of the vaccine is unlikely to prove a dampener, While sexual intercourse in a marriage without the consent of wife should be labelled as marital rape, the real question is - how will you view of the pandemic,
though state governments ought to give it completely establish consent, or the lack of it, within s bedroom where there is no other witness? however, the unions had
free to the poorer sections, on a priority basis. Poor Former Bhakt@bhakt_former
protested and refused
people everywhere have suffered the most in the pan-
the offer. They were
demic, having lost their livelihoods and accounting
aware of the loss of jobs
for a high percentage of the Covid-19 infections. It is
which had led to
important that growth regains momentum at the ear-
lessened demand. What
liest. Government spending will need to drive Going ahead, some economists see the continuation of a K-shaped recovery, as against the govt’s claim of a V-shaped one they wanted was some

Economy’s out of recession,

growth not only in the current financial year but the
sort of waiver on vehicle
next as well. Fortunately, the government faucet re-
loans. Almost a year
mains wide open, set to release Rs 6 lakh crores in
later, the economic
subsidies alone in the current financial year. Under
situation is no better, so
the circumstances, reluctance to cut fuel levies may
where do they stand

but not out of the woods

be better appreciated.
today? Their arguments
make sense. If there is
FPJ ARCHIVES no demand, they are
FEBRUARY 5, 1963 looking at financial ruin.
The question is, who
benefits from this fare
jections are conditional on the pace of virus in- private demand is still some time away and may hike? It’s not the autos or

Comment fections remaining in check. The latest figures for

the third quarter also show that the manufactur-
ing sector, which had registered a 1.5 per cent de-
impact the overall economic scenario in the near-
to-medium term. Similarly, government spending
continued to decline at 1.1 per cent, although the
taxi drivers or the public.
Apparently, this fare hike
is being forced on the
A L I CHOUGULE cline in the second quarter, grew by 1.6 per cent in pace of decline has slowed. Gross fixed capital unions. It’s a ‘Catch-22’
Q3. As expected, the agriculture sector, which formation, a measure of investment demand, ex- situation for them.
stood out in the previous two quarters, continued panded 2.6 per cent, which is a sharp recovery af- Melville X D'Souza
its growth run, to register a 3.9 per cent expan- ter a 6.7 per cent and 46 per cent contraction in the

fter contracting as much as 15.8 per cent in sion. Agriculture was the rare bright spot that second and first quarters of the current fiscal, re-
the April to September period of FY ’21 – a
24.4 per cent fall in the first quarter and a
had expanded 3 per cent each in the previous two
quarters as well.
Although a bit lower than expectations, the fact
Pink-ball outings
7.3 per cent slide in the July to September quarter However, private consumption expenditure, that the economy did move into the green in Q3, While T-20s and ODIs
(revised data) – due to the Covid-19 pandemic and which is a measure of the crucial consumer de- indicates that the measures taken by the govern- make life hell for the
national and regional lockdowns, economists had mand, continued to contract, falling by 2.3 per ment to contain the spread of the virus have had bowlers, Test matches of
predicted that the GDP growth would see a mar- cent in Q3, though the extent of contraction re- a positive impact on growth. Going ahead, some late, especially the pink-
ginal expansion in the October-to-December duced from the second quarter when it had economists see the continuation of a K-shaped re- ball, D/N Test matches
quarter. Therefore, after two consecutive quar- shrunk 11 per cent. Government spending, on the covery, as against the government’s claim of a V- come like a whiff of
ters of a waterfall-like slide, the data for the third other hand, also fell in the latest quarter. While shaped recovery, with some sectors growing fresh air for them. How
quarter released by the National Statistical Or- the economy has managed to snap out of reces- faster than others. But there is also a cause for many times have we seen
ganisation (NSO) on February 27 did not come as sion and the government feels the positive growth concern in view of the virus raising its ugly head bowlers toil on flat
a surprise, as gross domestic product for Q3 re- rate was a sign of revival to pre-pandemic times, once again in some states, causing a spike in dai- batting pitches and
turned to year-on-year growth, although of a the economy, the government admitted, is still not ly cases over the past two weeks. While some ex- batsmen making merry
small magnitude and on a low base, thus putting out of the woods. This calls for, according to ex- perts see the economy reaching the pre-pandem- on these surfaces, with
an end to India’s technical recession. perts, continued fiscal and monetary measures to ic output levels by the end of 2021, others are not no result after five days.
While the GDP was expected to return to positive support the fragile economy. So, what are the key so optimistic and see a full recovery not before Most batsmen’s
territory, there was uncertainty about the extent of takeaways from the latest GDP data? mid-2022. This is because while big businesses techniques are found
steady recovery, which had begun in the last quar- The NSO data is a mix of many positives and have almost returned to their normal potential, wanting on pink ball Test
ter. According to average estimates of 10 econo- some negatives. Festival-led consumption and the real pain is in the informal sector – the SMEs match surfaces, like a
mists polled by Bloomberg, the GDP was expected pent-up demand should have helped the economy – where millions of jobs have been lost and pro- deer in the headlights. To
to grow 0.5 per cent in the third quarter. State Bank expand higher than 0.4 per cent. But this has not duction levels are yet to pick up. prevail on this surface,
of India’s chief economist Soumya Kanti Ghosh happened and consumer confidence continues to So, does GDP growth in Q3 call for celebration? batsmen must use
had projected the GDP growth to be around 0.3 per be low. The revised growth estimates for the full Not really, but one should be happy about the techniques like taking
CHINESE SET UP INFORMATION cent, based on the bank’s ‘SBI Nowcasting Model’. fiscal at minus 8 per cent, against the RBI’s esti- many positives. The Indian economy is a large off-stump guard, try to
SQUADS IN TIBET The rating agency ICRA had estimated a rise of 0.7
per cent, while DBS Bank predicted the third quar-
mates of minus 7.5 per cent, also suggests slower-
than-expected growth in manufacturing and
and complex economy, with a sizable unorgan-
ised sector. Therefore, the revision of GDP num-
play off-breaks outside
the line of off-stump in
The FPJ News Service terly growth to be at 1.7 per cent. The NSO data services sectors. While the manufacturing sector bers is not a rare occurrence. Q1 and Q2 GDP order to take LBW out of
GANGTOK, Feb. 4: The Chinese Communist Party unit in Tibet shows India’s Q3 GDP growth rate was in line with has revived and expanded by 1.6 per cent from the numbers of the current fiscal have been revised – the equation against
has recently set up "peoples information squads" to "enlighten expectations: a marginal rise at 0.4 per cent, reaf- same period a year ago, after contracting 1.5 per one up, the other down – and it is possible that the spinning balls and must
people about the progress achieved under the people's regime firming that the economy has managed to exit the cent in the earlier quarter and agriculture con- Q3 numbers could also see an upward or down- use their feet to smother
and to expose the designs of the imperialists". pandemic-led slump by 2020-end. tinues on its growth trajectory, financial and real ward revision because, as the NSO has said, the spinning ball and also
A number of the Chinese-trained Tibet an youths have been taken However, the GDP for the current financial year estate sectors have also seen a growth of 6.6 per “Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the eco- use their backfoot game,
in these squads which will likely ve in the towns and villages in is expected to contract by a slightly bigger margin cent; in the last quarter. This category had seen a nomic activities as well as data collection mecha- allowing a bit of extra
Tibet and address people's rallies. Every Tibet an has to attend of 8 per cent, according to the government’s offi- dismal performance, contracting 9.5 per cent. nism…Estimates are, therefore, likely to undergo time to adjust to the
compulsorily such rallies which are generally addressed by the cial updated forecast. The first advanced esti- Consumer spending, a key indicator of domes- sharp revisions for the aforesaid cause in due turn and bounce.
local bosses of the Communist Party. mates had forecast a 7.7 per cent contraction. This tic demand in a consumption-driven economy, course, as per the release calendar.” So, the pic- Twilight is the crucial
The necessity to from such squads is understood to be the means a deeper decline in full-year GDP, implying continued to fall, although the pace of decline has ture is far from unambiguous. period for the batsmen in
eagerness of the Chinese to enlist real cooperation from the a 1.1 per cent contraction in the January-to- slowed. A 2.4 decline in consumer spending in a such matches.
Tibetans in their war preparations against India. March quarter. The note of caution is that all pro- crucial festive quarter suggests that a rebound in The author is an independent senior journalist. V Nagendra Kumar

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ED quizzes Maha Min Kadam's wife
MUMBAI: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is questioning Swapnali Bhosale, wife of Maharashtra Minister Vishwajeet Kadam in
connection with its probe in a Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) case, officials said. According to senior ED officials,
Swapnali joined the financial probe agency investigation on Monday afternoon at its office here. The ED had summoned Bhosale in
the last week of January. The ED had earlier questioned her mother Gauri Bhosale and brother Amit Bhosale in February this year.



A large number of people stage a protest against the

alleged murder of a 17-year-old Dalit girl, who was found
dead at a field at Akrabad, in Aligarh, on Monday PTI

Rly scam: CBI books ex-SWR

senior divisional engineer AGENCIES WIN 2.0 app to register and book an have worked in quick time to prime minister's visit to the hospi- ready done? I didn't even feel it)."
New Delhi appointment, the Union Health strengthen the global fight against tal to take the vaccine only late The other nurse, Rosamma Anil, is
BENGALURU: The CBI on Monday registered a ministry clarified to say the app on Covid-19," Modi tweeted at 7.06 am. Sunday night. from Kerala and said it was the
case against former senior divisional engineer of India expanded its Covid-19 vac- Play Store is meant for use only by "I appeal to all those who are eli- "As it was a week day, he chose to happiest day of her life.
Hubballi of South Western Railway and others in cine coverage on Monday by in- administrators. Registration and gible to take the vaccine. Together, come early in the morning so as "Because our Prime Minister
connection with alleged fake payments to a cluding everyone over 60 and those booking for appointments has to be let us make India Covid-19 free!" he not to cause any inconvenience to Modiji came to our AIIMS hospital
contractor. The work was relating to providing aged between 45-59 who have co- done through the portal, it said. said. patients at the hospital," Guleria for taking vaccine," she said.
additional height gauge in Road under Bridge, the morbidities in the net with Prime More than one million citizens He received the indigenously de- told PTI. The AIIMS director said As the vaccination programme
CBI said in a statement. According to the agency, Minister Narendra Modi setting were registered on the Co-WIN por- veloped Covaxin vaccine from Modi took the shot around 6.30 am got underway in other places
an old dismantled structural steel of unmanned the pace by being the first person to tal till 1 pm, the ministry said. Bharat Biotech. The other vaccine and was kept under observation for across the country with hopes that
level cross height gauges were allegedly used for take a jab. Though registration opened at 9 being administered in the country half-and-hour as per protocol and it would help control the the uptick
the work and no structural steel was purchased, Thousands of people queued up am, the prime minister was the is Covishield from the Oxford-As- left after that. His second dose is in cases in several states, Vice Pres-
though the contractor received payments. at government and private medical first off the block. He visited the traZeneca stable. due after 28 days "He is fine after ident M Venkaiah Naidu, Bihar
facilities across the country as the All India Institute of Medical Sci- Modi's move to take the first dose taking the vaccine," Guleria said. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and
‘Sanitiser booths’ set up country further opened its vacci- ences (AIIMS) early in the morning of Covid-19 vaccine on the very Sister P Niveda, from Puducher- his Odisha counterpart Naveen
in Kerala schools nation programme that started on to take his first dose and appeal to first day of India opening up the in- ry, administered the shot and was Patnaik also received their shots.
January 16 for healthcare and san- everyone eligible to get themselves oculation drive should eliminate informed only in in the morning. In keeping with the electoral prom-
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Amid increasing itary workers. inoculated. any hesitancy from the minds of She told reporters that the prime ise by the BJP-led NDA ahead of
COVID-19 cases in Kerala, over 300 government Amid reports of glitches and "Took my first dose of the Covid- people about the vaccine, AIIMS minister, after being administered the recent elections in the state,
and aided schools across the state have got some people saying they were find- 19 vaccine at AIIMS. Remarkable chief Dr Randeep Guleria said He the vaccine shot, remarked, "Laga Kumar said vaccines will be pro-
'sanitiserbooths' to ensure the hygiene and safety ing it difficult to navigate the Co- how our doctors and scientists said AIIMS was informed about the bhi diya, pata bhi nahin chala (Al- vided free to everybody.
of students. The booths, installed at the entrance
of each school, are equipped with sensor-

8-PHASE POLLS IN BENGAL Expect sultry, Saradha chit fund: ED summons

integrated automatic machines that will dispense
sanitiser to the students and others, official sources
here said. It is an initiative of the vocational higher
secondary education (VHSE) unit of the National
sweltering Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh
Service Scheme (NSS), under the state General
Education Department (GED), they added.
CHALLENGED IN SC summer: IMD NEW DELHI/KOLKATA According to ED sources,
DMK to release election AGENCIES come up for hearing in few AGENCIES Ghosh, a former Tri-
New Delhi days, also seeks a direction New Delhi Ahead of the high-octane namool Congress MP, had
manifesto on March 7 to the CBI to register an assembly elections in West allegedly received funds
CHENNAI: Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) A plea challenging the FIR into the alleged chanti- Day temperatures are likely to be Bengal, the Enforcement from the Saradha group to
president MK Stalin on Monday expressed Election Commission's de- ng of religious slogans above normal in north, northeast, Directorate (ED) has sum- head its media unit.
confidence of forming the next government and cision to conduct assembly during electioneering in parts of east and west India, the In- moned Trinamool Con- Ghosh was earlier inter-
announced that the party will be releasing its elections over eight phases West Bengal. dia Meteorological Department gress leader and spokesper- rogated by the agency in
manifesto for the upcoming state elections and in West Bengal was filed in The chanting of "Jai Shri (IMD) said Monday in its summer son Kunal Ghosh for ques- connection with the case in
party's vision for Tamil Nadu. The state is set to the Supreme Court on Ram, other religious slo- forecast for March to May. tioning in connection with July 2019 and in October
go to polls on April 6 and results will be Monday. assembly elections to be gans are creating dishar- However, it has forecast a likeli- its probe into the Saradha 2013.
announced on May 2. "Within 2 months there's The plea, filed by lawyer held in West Bengal, As- mony" and is an offence hood of below normal tempera- Chit Fund money launder- An ED source said that
going to be a change in the government and M L Sharma, seeks the sam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu under the IPC and the Rep- tures in south and adjoining central ing case, officials said. the agency is probing the
people are eagerly waiting for. We have planned apex court's direction to and in Puducherry. resentation of the People India. An ED official related to flow of funds which Ghosh
to make Tamil Nadu become advanced in the next the poll panel to stop it While the Trinamool Act, 1951, the plea said. "During the upcoming hot weather the probe told IANS, had allegedly received
10 years," said Stalin. from conducting eight- Congress Party-led West "Whether using a season (March to May), above nor- "Ghosh has been asked to from the Saradha group
phase elections in the state Bengal will have elections provocative religious slo- mal seasonal maximum (day) tem- join the investigation at its and also the money laun-
435 IIM-B'lore students as it violates Article 14 over eight rounds from gan 'Jai Shri Ram' is for peratures are likely over most of the Kolkata office on March 2 dering angle.
(right to life) and Article 21 March 27-April 29, polling electoral benefits as well as subdivisions of north, northwest at 11 am." The Saradha scam came
get placement offers (right to life) of the Consti- in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and others is not violated and northeast India, few subdivi- He said that Ghosh's to light in April 2013 and is
BENGALURU: All the graduating students of the tution. Puducherry will be held in S.123(3) & 125 of the Repre- sions from eastern and western parts statement will be recorded estimated at over Rs 10,000
state-run Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B) On February 26, the Elec- one phase on April 6 and in sentation of the People Act, of central India and few coastal sub- under the Prevention of crore. The ED has filed a
got placement offers from global reputed firms, an tion Commission an- Assam over three phases. 1951," reads the legal ques- divisions of north peninsular India," Money Laundering Act case on the basis of the
official said on Monday. "All the 435 students of the nounced the schedule for The plea, which may tion raised in the plea. the forecast said. (PMLA). CBI's FIR.
2019-21 PGP class in our institute got 481 offers
and have been placed after campus interviews in

Govt's silence hints at plan TN should show the way to

which they have done well despite Covid-induced
disruptions," said IIM-B career development
services chairman U Dinesh Kumar in a statement

India in keeping out BJP: RG

here. The 2-year Post-Graduate Programme in

against farmers’ stir: Tikait

Management (PGP) is a master's level course for
Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

RSP declares first list of KANYAKUMARI

AGENCIES against the agitation." Howev-
candidates for Kerala polls Bijnor er, Tikait said farmers will not Tamil Nadu should show the way to India
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The step back till a solution is in keeping away forces that are inimical to
Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP), an ally of the BKU leader Rakesh Tikait has found. language and culture and those projecting
Congress-led opposition in Kerala, on Monday claimed that the Centre's "si- "The farmer is also ready. He "one culture, one nation and one history"
became the first political outfit to come out with lence" for the past few days in- will look after his crop as well concept, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi
the first list of three candidates for the Assembly dicates that it is planning as the agitation. Let the gov- said on Monday.
elections in the state scheduled to be held on some steps against the farm- ernment hold talks when it The Lok Sabha MP participated in multi-
April 6. The first list includes some heavyweights ers' agitation over newly en- has the time," he said. ple engagements in this district as part of
in two former state ministers -- Babu Divakaran acted agriculture laws. Tikait also said farmers' his three-day tour of Tamil Nadu, ahead of
(2001-06) who will contest from Eravipuram, and He also stressed that it is the "mahapanchayats" will be the April 6 Assembly polls in the state
Shibhu Baby John (2011-16) who will contest the government that will have to Kisan Union (BKU) leader told held at several places in the which his party is facing in alliance with Rahul Gandhi does push-ups with a school student
Chavara seat. The party's losing candidate in the come forward with a proposal reporters in Bijnor's Afzal- country till March 24. When the M K Stalin-led DMK. obliging her challenge, at Mulagumoodu, Tamil Nadu PTI
2016 polls, Ullas Kovoor, will contest from for talks to resume with the garh, "The government's si- asked about the violence dur- If he were to interview Prime Minister
Kunnathur, all in Kollam district. protesting farmers. lence for the past 15-20 days is ing a tractor parade on the Re- Narendra Modi, Gandhi said he would ask Narayanasamy threatens
Before leaving for Uttarak- indicating that something is public Day in New Delhi, he al- "why are you convinced that all answers
AIMIM to contest TN hand's Udham Singh Nagar on going to happen. The govern- leged that the government cre- should come from you".
Shah with defamation suit
Sunday night, the Bharatiya ment is planning some steps ated the trouble. He also said the National Eligibility cum PUDUCHERRY: Former Puducherry Chief
Assembly elections Entrance Test (NEET), strongly opposed to Minister V Narayanasamy on Monday
HYDERABAD: The All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul by Tamil Nadu political parties, was a "big threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against

Chandrababu detained at airport, stages sit-in protest

Muslimeen (AIMIM) will contest Assembly elections issue" and "not beneficial" for students. Union Home Minister Amit Shah after the
in Tamil Nadu, informed party chief Asaduddin The Wayanad MP displayed his fitness latter accused him of misappropriating Rs
Owaisi on Monday. "We will contest Assembly when he effortlessly did multiple pushups, 15,000 crore sent by Prime Minister Narendra
elections in Tamil Nadu. Some of our candidates TIRUPATI: Leader of Opposi- demanded to know why he Police had denied permis- including one-handed, while he shook a Modi for the union territory. "Home Minister
won in Gujarat local body polls. I'll be going to tion in the Andhra Pradesh was being prevented from go- sion for the protest by citing leg with the students he interacted with, Amit Shah said that PM Modi sent Rs 15,000
Rajasthan today to review and speak with party Assembly N Chandrababu ing to Tirupati and Chittoor, the model code of conduct for as accompanying Congress leaders Dinesh crores to Puducherry and I took a cut and
members. Our party workers are also working Naidu staged a sit-in protest in 70 kms away. (urban local body) elections Gundu Rao and K S Alagiri joined him. gave part of the money to the Gandhi family.
hard in UP," Owaisi said. The TN assembly polls the arrival lounge of the air- Naidu arrived at the airport and also the prevalence of At a public address in Nagercoil in the This is a very serious allegation against me. If
will be held in a single phase on April 6 and the port at Renigunta, near here, from Hyderabad to take part coronavirus. district, Gandhi said history has shown he doesn't prove it, I will file a criminal
counting of votes will be done on May 2. on Monday as police sought to in a protest in Tirupati On Sunday, the Tirupati Mu- nobody can rule Tamil Nadu other than defamation suit against him for giving a false
detain him and prevent his en- against the alleged high-hand- nicipal Corporation officials the Tamil people.
statement to damage my image and that of the
Gandhi family," the Congress leader said. He
Kerala Fisheries Minister try into the temple town. edness of the local civic au- allegedly ransacked a tea stall "This election will show the same thing
further demanded an apology to him and the
The Telugu Desam Party thorities, and flew from here belonging to a TDP leader that only a person who truly represents
is a liar: Chennithala chief picked up an argument back to Hyderabad late in the whose wife was contesting the the Tamil people can be a Chief Minister
people of the UT if Shah did not substantiate
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Continuing his the allegations.
with the police officials and evening. March 10 election. of Tamil Nadu," he said.
tirade against Kerala Fisheries Minister J
Mercykutty, Leader of Opposition Ramesh
Chennithala on Monday alleged that she has been
consistently telling lies about the now cancelled
deep sea fishing project. "Both Mercykutty and
Before Bengal dhamaka ends, poll strategist PK joins Amarinder
CM Pinarayi Vijayan have been telling lies about ROBIN ROY
this project, which I exposed as a corrupt deal
the party's fortunes especial-
ly after BJP won 18 Lok Sab-
Covid may have wiped off several jobs and dried up the even as the CPM MP Mohd
Salim was in a hurry to al-
resources of several people but for the wise men, the sun
with the US headquartered -- EMCC -- that has ith just a month to ha seats in 2019 and Didi's low him to take the mike
an Indian subsidiary. All along she has been saying
she has no clue about it and if anything has
go for the crucial
Bengal polls, this is
party managed to get 22.
Asked how much he would
always shines. Even in such times of crisis, poll wary hasn't gone well with Cong
veteran Adhir Choudhury,
happened it's because of the officials who have news! Election strategist be charging, Mamata Baner- politicians are making a beeline to spend a fortune (not the Congress leader later
taken this project forward," said Chennithala. Prashant Kishor, who has jee had then told a TV chan- said that he was in no mood
helped boost the prospects of nel that Kishor may not
to forget that he is opting for Re 1 as salary per month!) to share the Malda and Mur-
KTR, BJP leader engaged several politicians and charge any money for his to hire experts and especially poll pundits who can be a shidabad seats with ISF can-
helped "convert" several poll services. didate.
in Twitter war over jobs "defeats" into victories, has Kishor may extend his game changer when time comes Meanwhile, Kishor told
HYDERABAD: The political war of words taken up the assignment of services to TMC as a part of NDTV that the Punjab offer
between the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi Principal Advisor to Punjab 'Corporate Social Responsi- livered Bihar in 2015 assem- Mohan Reddy-led YSR Con- will be a Kaante ki Takkar… had been on the table for the
(TRS) and the opposition BJP and Congress Chief Minister Captain bility' (CSR), she had said. bly elections to Nitish Ku- gress in Andhra Pradesh. and with the Mahajot brew- past year and that
continued over the former's claim that the state Amarinder Singh. On Mon- TMC had sought Kishore's mar-led Mahagathbandhan, YSR Congress won 22 out of ing between CPI(M), Con- Amarinder Singh is "like
government had created 1.32 lakh jobs in the last day, Singh took to Twitter to assistance to augment its even as the alliance went 25 Lok Sabha seats and 151 gress and Indian Secular family". "I can't say 'no' to
six years. Two days after Congress leader Sravan announce this nearly 12 strategy to counter BJP against the BJP. Nitish out of 175 assembly seats, in Front may change the whole him...," Kishor said.
Dasoju challenged the Telangana Industry Minister months before the northern ahead of 2021 state polls. broke his alliance with RJD simultaneous polls this year. paradigm of minority voting The Chief Minister's Office
KT Rama Rao for a debate at the Gun Park while state goes to polls. Among other projects, later and forged ties with However, the West Bengal pattern. tweeted shortly saying that
BJP leader N Ramchander Rao reached the In June 2019, it may be not- Prashant Kishor is credited BJP again to stay in power. poll scenario looks like it It may be noted that at the Kishor would get cabinet
Osmania University and dared the TRS minister to ed that an "agreement" was for handling Prime Minister Later, Kishor stunned the will be a photo-finish be- Brigade Parade ground on minister-rank (with associ-
come there for an open debate. signed between Prashant Narendra Modi's 2014 Lok nation by managing a suc- tween the TMC and the BJP Sunday, Abbas of ISF ated perks) and a "token hon-
Kishor and the TMC to uplift Sabha campaign. He also de- cessful campaign for Jagan and as they say in Hindi… it mocked the Congress and orarium of Re 1 only".
Arunachal reports zero Covid cases for 10 days
ITANAGAR/AGARTALA: Arunachal Pradesh has reported zero Covid cases during the last ten days, even as
the state's recovery rate stands at 99.67 per cent, the second highest in the country after the Union Territory of
Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu having a recovery rate at 99.82 per cent, health officials said on Monday.
According to the data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Monday, the total Covid-19
positive cases in Arunachal Pradesh were 16,836, while the number of recoveries stood at 16,780.

Farmers should get more Priyanka begins

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Minister, retd bureaucrats...

2-day Assam visit

avenues to sell crops: PM
Former CS Nirmla Buch said, "People should get vac-
cine as soon as possible as it boosts the immunity of
beneficiary to fight corona. It was nice management by
the doctors for the vaccination. Today, I got it. People
should not have any misconception about its side effect." AGENCIES / Guwahati Shakti, the Congress leader
Swami Akhileshwaranad Giri said, "Indian scien- said that she wanted to visit
tists did a really good job by making vaccine for entire NEW DELHI: PM Modi on Monday benefits reach to maximum people. Congress leader Priyanka the temple for long and "her
world. India faced the brunt of Covid socially, economi- emphasised on farmers getting more "There is a need for post harvest revo- Gandhi Vadra began her two- wish has come true". "I sought
cally, religiously as all activities had come to standstill avenues to sell crops and said a food lution or food processing revolution day visit to poll-bound Assam blessings for myself, my fami-
due to corona last year. Today, PM Modi got vaccine set- processing revolution was needed in and value addition in the country in the on Monday by offering ly and above all for the people
ting example for entire nation. We sants (nearly two the country for value addition to farm 21st century, amidst ever-increasing prayers at the famed Ka- of Assam," she told reporters.
dozen) got vaccines today and we have faced no adverse produce and to realise better prices. agricultural production," he said. makhya Temple in Guwahati. Asked a