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� Regd. No. Indore MP/ICD 216/2021-2023 � ������������������������

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���������������������������� ����������������������
��������������������������������� �����������������
����������������������������������� ������������������������������ ������������������������������ ������ �������������������

�������������������������������������������� GST collections

�������������������� in Feb rise 7%

to Rs 1.13L cr


GST collections crossed

the Rs 1 lakh crore-mark for
the fifth month in a row in
February, rising 7 per cent
������������������ annually to over Rs 1.13
������ lakh crore, indicating eco-
nomic recovery, the finance
State Finance Minister ministry said on Monday.
���������� Jagdish Devda is going to Goods and Services Tax
present the annual Budget (GST) collections had risen
Toolkit: Nikita on Tuesday. for two straight months to
According to sources, in touch record Rs 1,19,875
moves court for the budget which is worth crore in January and Rs 1.15
anticipatory bail Rs 2.30 lakh crore, most of lakh crore in December.
���������� ������ the departments have been The gross GST revenue
��������������������� given higher grants than collected February 2021 is ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

Minister, retd bureaucrats get jabs

����������� ������������� they were allotted last year. Rs 1,13,143 crore, of which
������������������������� The budget, being pre- Central GST is Rs 21,092
��������������������������� sented after the corona crore, State GST is Rs 27,273
������������������������� pandemic, may dash the crore, Integrated GST is Rs
����������������������� common man's hopes for 55,253 crore (including Rs
����������������������� relief. Common man was ������������������������������������������������������������ 24,382 crore collected on im- ������������������ �����������������
������������������� expecting some relief in port of goods) and Cess is ������ �������� ��������������
the budget in the form of
some cut in petrol and ������������������������������������� Rs 9,525 crore (including Rs
660 crore collected on im- The Health minister, re-
diesel prices. The govern-
ment is, however, in no � ����������������������������������������������������������
port of goods).
GST revenue in February
tired bureaucrats,
Lokayukta, sadhus, doc-
��������������������� mood to cut oil prices. last year was Rs 1.05 lakh tors and other senior citi- �������������������������
But, the people may get ������������������������������������ �������������� ������� crore. "In line with the zens received jabs shots of
���������������������� ���������������������
some relief in oil prices be- ���������������������������������������������������������������� trend of recovery in the vaccines on the first day of
������������������������� ����������������������������
fore the announcement of �������������������������������������������������������� GST revenues over past five Phase-2 inoculation pro-
���������������� ������������������������������
dates for civic polls. There ������������������������������������������������������������ months, the revenues for gramme which com-
Naidu detained �����������������������
is, however, no hope for any ���������������������������������������������������������� the month of• February menced on Monday in the �������
at airport, stages kind of relief in the present �������������������������������������������������������������� 2021 are• 7 per cent higher state at 186 session sites. ���� ������������
budget. ��������������������������������������������������������������� than the GST revenues in Dr Prabhuram Chaud- ter Vishwash Sarang took
sit-in protest The citizens who are al- ������������������������������������������������������������� the same month last year. hary received vaccine at JP Dr NP Mishra, former
��������� ��������� ready in dire financial ������������������������������������������������������������������ "During the month, rev- Hospital. Retired bureau- Dean Gandhi Medical Col- ��������������������������
������������������������ straits are not going to get ��������������������������������������������������������������� enues from import of goods crats like former chief sec- lege, for vaccination. Simi- ����������������������������
������������������ any relaxation in the form ������������������������������������������������������������� were• 15 per cent higher and retary Parasuram, AV larly, former GMC Dean Dr ��������������������
������������������������ of tax relief. The budget is ���������������������������������������������������������� the revenues from the do- Singh, BP Singh, Nirmla Mahon Tankwal, Anguri �������������������������
����������������������� focusing on the farmers and ������������������������������������������������������������� mestic transaction (includ- Buch, SK Mishra and Prab- Jain, Dr Sardar Kulwant ���������������������
����������������������������� the poor. The government ����������������������������������������������������� ing import of services) are hanshu Kamal also got Singh got vaccines. ������������������������
��������������������������� employees and the pension- 5 per cent higher than the jabs. Besides them, On March 1, vaccination ���������������������������
�������������������������� ers may get some relief in ucts for which traders pay items. The government may revenues from these sources Lokayukta Justice NK for senior citizens and peo- ��������������������������
�������������������������� the form of hike in DA. GST. The government is also announce certain projects during the same month last Gupta also got the vaccina- ple having comorbities ���������������������������
��������������������� The government cannot not going to reduce VAT be- keeping in mind the upcom- year," the ministry said in a tion. launched at 186 sites in MP. �����������������������
������������������� reduce tax on certain prod- ing charged for certain ing civic polls. statement. ����� Medical Education minis- ������������
���������������������� China hackers Bailable warrant
Sarkozy convicted
of corruption, ambush Indian issued against
actor Kangana on
sentenced to jail
������ ����������������
vax makers
���������� Akhtar's complaint
������������������������ ���������
������������������������� The Chinese disruptive at-
������������������������ tempts are not restricted to
���������������������� inflicting power outages
������������������������ but also hacking IT sys-
������������������������������ tems of Indian vaccine
��������������������������� makers. Two such compa-
���������������������������� nies which the Chinese
���������������������� have ambushed in recent ��������
times are the Hyderabad- ������
Anti-conversion based Bharat Biotech and
bill introduced in the Pune-based Serum In- 'Hackers targeted A Mumbai court on Mon-
stitute of India (SII), the day issued a bailable war-
state assembly world's largest vaccine India's power rant against actor Kangana
������� ��������������� maker. The coronavirus through malware' Ranaut after she failed to
����������������������� shots being rolled out by ������������������� appear before it in connec-
��������������������������� these two firms are the cen- ��������������������������� tion with a defamation
��������������������� trepiece of the country's �������������������������� complaint filed against her
�������������������������� immunisation campaign. ������������������������� by lyricist Javed Akhtar.
������������������� Goldman Sachs-backed cy- ������������������������� The Andheri metropoli-
������������������������ ber intelligence firm Cyfir- ��������������������������� tan magistrate's court is-
�������������������������� ma told Reuters that the ������������������������� sued a summons to Ranaut
����������������������� Chinese hacking group �������������������������� on February 1, directing
������������������������� APT10, also known as ������������������������������� her to appear before it on
�������������������� Stone Panda, had identi- ��������������������������� March 1. However, Ranaut
��������������������������� fied gaps and vulnerabili- ���������������������� failed to appear on Monday
��������������������������� ties in the IT infrastruc- �������������������������� following which Magistrate
����������������������������� ture and supply chain soft- ��������������������������� R R Khan issued a bailable
ware of the two vaccine ��������������������� warrant against her and
makers. ������������������������� posted the matter for fur-
Dear Readers, "The real motivation here ������������������������ ther hearing on March 26.
is actually exfiltrating intel- ���������������������������� A lawyer in the case had
�������������������� lectual property and getting earlier informed March 22
������������������������� ��������������������
�������������������������������� competitive advantage over ��������������������������� as the next date of hearing.
����������������������� Indian pharmaceutical com- ��������������������� Ranaut's advocate Sid-
������������������������� panies," said Cyfirma Chief ���������������������������� diquee argued in the court
���������������������������� Executive Kumar Ritesh, �������������������������� that the summons and
����������������������������� formerly a top cyber official ������������������������ process were issued against
������������������������������ with British foreign intelli- �������������������������� Ranaut without following
���������������������������� gence agency MI6. the procedure laid down in
��������������������������� �������������������������
He said APT10 was active- ������������������������������� law and hence, were "bad in
������������������ ly targeting SII, which is law". He said a petition
������������������������������ making the AstraZeneca shots. In the case of Serum, would be filed in the Bombay
�������������������������� vaccine for many countries the hackers have taken ad- HC challenging the process
������������� and will soon start bulk- vantage of the weak public issued by the magistrate.
manufacturing Novavax servers. ������������ ������������

Lokayukta sleuths enter Mhow jail, catch two for accepting bribe
������������������ about the jail Solanki also told sleuths that previ-
������������ guard's demand ously also demand of money was
and Solanki ap- made by the guard which was ful-
Indore Lokayukta police on Monday proached filled but this time Chaukse did not
entered Mhow jail and caught a Lokayukta po- want to grease the palms of the cor-
guard and a sweeper red-handed lice. He in- rupt jail guard.
while accepting Rs 25,000 as bribe formed Lokayukta police laid a trap and
from a person in lieu of providing Lokayukta po- sent Solanki to Rathore who was
better facilities to a prisoner friend. lice that Rathore present at the jail with Rs 25,000.
Lokayukta DSP Praveen Singh in the name of DSP Baghel took special permission
Baghel said that jail guard Ajendra jailer Brajesh from SDM (Mhow) and IAS officer
Singh Rathore had demanded money Makwana was demanding Rs 25,000 Abhilash Mishra to enter the jail
from family members of liquor smug- from family members of prisoner premises.
gler Dilip Chaukse who is presently Chaukse for providing better facili- Rathore sent Solanki to sweeper
lodged in jail. ties to him inside the jail and ensur- Manish Bali stating that the bribe
Family members informed ing that he would not be beaten up by amount be handed over to him with
Chaukse's friend Jitendra Solanki other prisoners and policemen. Rs 200 extra for him. ������ �����
������� � ����� ������� � ���������������

������������������������������ M Venkata
Rao new MD Attack on Ola cab driver for
Recent spiral of corona infections and CEO of
Central Bank
of India
staring at girl: 3 held, one
accused is still on the run
is the ‘third wave’, warn experts ������������������

MatamVenkata Rao has

taken over charge as the
managing director and

Three private company

employees, including a
The driver
drew the
attention of the
public for help
talion, Bhadbadha. One of
boys got down to relieve
himself. In the meantime,
two others attacked him
from behind. The girl told
Teething problems occur on CEO of Central Bank of In-
dia. He joined on Monday.
girl, have been arrested in
an attempt to murder case
by blowing
the horn with
them to slit his throat, but,
somehow, he blew the horn

the first day of vaccination Prior to joining the cur-

rent assignment, Rao was
Executive Director, Canara
for attacking the driver of
a mobile app-based Ola
taxi in the state capital on
his legs
with his leg to draw the
public’s attention for help.
SHO, Kamla Nagar, Vijay
� Online registration as per portal flow has to Bank, for Monday. The accused al- Sisodia said, “Three of
be one day before getting the vaccine more than leged that the cab driver them, including the girl,
� As registration and jab was on same day, in three years stared at the girl constant- have been arrested in an
many cases, automatic date for vaccination where he ly in the cab, so they at- attempt to murder case as
was noted as March 2 by software played a tacked him. The driver they attacked the driver
pivotal role drew the attention of the for staring at the girl in
������������������ in the public for help by blowing the cab. Akash is still ab-
First to get
���������� says, “It’s true that it’s the
third wave. However, Mad-
progress ����������������
the horn with his legs.
According to the police,
sconding. Driver Khan al-
leged that they had at-
�������������� hya Pradesh has a much As registration and jab ����������������������� and in amalgamation of the four accused were tacked him and he blew
slower rate of transmis- was on the same day, it Syndicate Bank with Ca- Ankit, Akash, Laddu and the horn to attract the at-
���������������� sions compared to that in created teething problems
�������������������������� nara Bank. As General Puja Ahirwar. All of them Driver Shahid Khan tention of passersby for
��������������� other states. But vaccina-
tion is the only way to check
on the first day to benefi-
ciaries who said that
Manager of Allahabad
Bank, he headed the bank’s
work in a private compa-
ny on-line. Ankit, Laddu
lodged the complaint, say-
ing the three boys and the
help. He was admitted to
Hamidia Hospital. The ac-
����������� it.” there should be a margin ����������������������� important verticals, such and Puja have been ar- girl had hired the Ola cab cused told the police that
Medical superintendent between registration and ���������������������� as Wholesale & Retail rested, while Akash is from Ayodhya Nagar and they had attacked the driv-
������������������ of Hamidia Hospital Dr ID vaccination. ������������������������ Banking. He was also in- still absconding. Puja is they went to Hotel Lake er because he was staring
������ Chaurasia says, “The coro- The facility of advance ��������������������������� strumental in launching a from Sohagpur and the View. But they did not get at the girl, but they failed
na infection speed is in- registration is available ����������������� transformative project in boys are from Itarsi. All down there and told Khan to give a logical reason
Medical experts have creasing in some of the through the CoWiN-2.0 ������������������� the bank to bring focus on of them have passed to take them to Sair-Sapa- why they were carrying
termed the increasing spi- states. However, in Madhya portal. The portal was ����������������������� asset-centric banking. Classes 10 and 12. ta. He drove to the 25th Bat- knives.”
ral of corona infections the Pradesh, the situation is opened at 9 am on Monday. �������������������������
‘third wave’, so, they have relatively much better. It meant there had to be an ������������������������
advised people that vacci-
nation is the only way to
check it. Six states are con-
However, people should be
cautious regarding adher-
ence to Covid-19 protocols.”
exception to the rule of
same day registration and
vaccination. Online regis-
BHOPAL: Minister of Ani- sent to the government. It
Now, FIR for assault on
on-duty staff of discoms
tributing to more than 80 Earlier, Council of Scien- tration as per portal flow ������������������������� mal Husbandry Prem was also decided that the
per cent of the corona in- tific and Industrial Re- has to be one day before ���������������������� Singh Patel said in the cess would be used for man-
fection growth currently. search (CSIR) director- getting the vaccine. As ���������������� House on Monday that aging the cowsheds and for
The situation in Madhya general Shekhar C Mande registration and jab was there would not be any cow arranging fodder for the Central Discom issues
Pradesh is comparatively warned that the Covid-19 on the same day, in many cess in the state. In reply to cattle. The government was
much better, while the con- crisis was far from over instances, automatic date ruary 1, 2021, and it led to a written ques- also mulling instructions to all its
dition in other states, such and allowing a “third for vaccination was noted more confusion. However, tion by Con- ���������������� over how cow officials to lodge FIRs
as Maharashtra, is the wave” to take firm hold by as March 2 by the soft- immunization officials gress legislator ���������������������� cess can be im- against people who
worst. So, doctors have sug- lowering our guard is ware. In other instances, called it a teething prob- PC Sharma, Patel informed posed and the items on heckle, assault or stop
gested strict adherence to fraught with grave conse- portal did not accept, lem which would be regu- the House that the state had which it can be charged,
Covid-19 protocols. quences. Also, continued March 1 as same day vac- lated and streamlined in never imposed it; nor, the that there might not be any
power employees from
The experts clarified that collaboration across insti- cination. the days to come. present government had burden on common man. discharging their
India is nowhere near tutions was necessary to Offline registration was Dr Santosh Shukla, any plans to do that. Cow cess has been im- official duties
achieving herd immunity come out of the current the norm in most places. state immunization offi- Chief Minister Shivraj posed in UP, Punjab,
and people should continue situation, as well as to The portal did not accept cer, said, “ Same day reg- Singh Chouhan set up Gau Haryana and other states. ������������������
to wear masks and main- ward off catastrophic situ- Aadhaar card as a creden- istration and same day Cabinet in November last The Congress launched a ������� ������������������
tain social distancing and ations arising out of cli- tial in some locations. Age jab is naturally creating year. The issue of imposing protest against cow cess. ������������������
hand hygiene to keep safe mate change and over-de- demarcation is set as Jan- teething problems for cow cess figured in the first The minister’s reply, how- The Central Region Elec- ��������������������
from getting infected. pendence on fossil fuels, uary 1, 2021. As per central beneficiaries, but it will meeting of the Gau cabinet. ever, indicates that the gov- tricity Distribution Compa- ����������������������
Dr Lokendra Dave, HoD, which had the potential to government’s circular, age be regulated and stream- The animal husbandry de- ernment has scrapped the ny has issued instructions ������������������������
medicines and pulmonary, wipe out the entire human- demarcation is set as Feb- lined soon.” partment made a proposal plan to impose cow cess be- to all its officials that FIRs ������������������
Gandhi Medical College, ity, he said. for imposing cow cess and cause of the protest. should be lodged against ������������������
people who heckle, assault �������������������
or stop power employees �������������������������
Girls! This Women’s Congress stages walk-out
from discharging their offi- ����������������������
cial duties. ����������������������
The managing director �����������
Day, walk into any MP
over Sidhi bus accident
also issued instructions to ������������������������
general manager-level offi- �������������
monument for free cers posted on field duty to
review cases of assault on
power staff in the past five
������������������ years. They have been officials faced embarrass-
������� asked to pursue the cases ment and public humilia-
seriously at the police sta- tion.
The Congress MLAs staged tions or in the courts. Power employees have
walk out from the assembly The general managers constantly been under pres-
on the Sidhi bus accident is- have been asked to ensure sure from the higher offi-
sue on Monday. The road that an FIR is filed imme- cials for increasing revenue
transport minister, Govind diately for any case of as- after the corona pandemic.
Singh Rajput, said that the sault or ill-treatment of They were given targets for
bus was running on valid power officials while con- realising the pending bills
papers, it had an NOC and ducting their official du- of consumers after which
also life insurance cover. ties. The FIR should also unpleasant situations were
Congress MLA Kamlesh- include sections related to reported from across the
������������������ mains. There are 298 monu- war Patel brought a call-at- creating obstruction in dis- state.
������ ments under the protection tention motion on the acci- charge of government On the contrary, discipli-
of the Archaeological Sur- dent. On February 16, the duty, the instructions said. nary action was taken
Entry will be free for vey of India in the state. Of bus, heading towards Satna state of disrepair and care- in the ANM exam. He de- surance companies did not Attack on field staff has against the power employ-
women in all monuments these, 15 monuments are from Sidhi, fell into the lessness of the police and manded a judicial inquiry pay the amount to the vic- a rippling effect on other ees. More than 850 engi-
under the protection of the ticketed. They include Bansagar canal. In the acci- local administration. into the matter. tims’ families. employees and demoti- neers of the Eastern Re-
Archaeological Survey of Mandu, Sanchi, Gwalior dent, 54 people, including 23 The former Speaker, NP Former minister Dr Road transport minister vates them in discharging gion Power Distribution
India (ASI) in Madhya Fort, Badal Mahal Gateway, women and three children, Prajapati, asked to register a Govind Singh stated that Govind Singh Rajput said their duties without any Company are facing disci-
Pradesh on International Chanderi, Udayagiri and so died. case against the police sta- the police were busy in va- that an inquiry was under fear, say the instructions. plinary action. Facing pub-
Women’s Day on March 8. forth. Congress MLA Patel de- tion in-charge of the area be- cating the houses, securing process and after the report So, strict instructions to lic humiliation, some of
The director-general of Superintending archaeol- manded an ex gratia cause he had failed to check mines and helping officers the government was going lodge FIRs have been giv- them have even asked for
the Archaeological Survey ogist, ASI, Bhopal Circle, amount of Rs 1 crore and the overloading in the buses to run their ‘organisation’. to take strict action against en, said the official state- voluntary retirement.
of India issued an order re- Piyush Bhatt has told Free government job for one of running in his jurisdiction. BJP MLA Yashpal Sisodia the people who had been ment released by the pow- The Madhya Pradesh
cently that no entry fee Press• that the decision the family members of the The former minister, PC suggested that the govern- careless. er company. Vidyut Mandal Abhiyanta
would be charged on the was taken as a token of ho- deceased. Patel blamed the Sharma, stated that, if Vya- ment help the families to Dr Govind Singh and oth- There has recently been a Sangh had taken strong ex-
day from women visitors — nour and respect for traffic jam at Chuhiya Ghat pam had established the take the insurance claim er Congress MLAs staged a spurt on attacks on power ception to the development
both domestic and foreign women. The order will also and overloading of the ve- exam centre in Sidhi, most from the company. He walk-out from the Assem- staff across the state. In and had registered their
— at all ticketed, centrally be applicable to monu- hicle for the accident. He of the lives would have added that the families bly protesting that their de- most of the cases, no ac- protest with the energy
protected monuments and ments under the Jabalpur raised the issue of the been saved because many of were not capable of filing a mands had not been accept- tion was taken against the minister, besides writing
archaeological sites and re- Circle of the ASI, he says. roads of the area being in a them were going to appear case in the court and the in- ed by the government. culprits, while the power to the chief minister.

Guest scholars remind CM, Scindia of
Aadishakti, and Meera — Ek Bhakti Gatha their promises, demand employment
speak of victory of spiritualism over evil ������������������
������� State convener of the
association Surjit
Not only the scholars, but
their families, too, are suf-
fering and are on the verge
������������������ of peace and prosperity on Krishna. However, her in- The Guest Scholars’ Asso- Singh Bhadauria said of breaking down, he said.
������ earth. laws do not like it. Her ciation has reminded that, when Shivraj was The higher education de-
Suman Kothari, Ruchi brother-in-law tries to poi- Chief Minister Shivraj in the Opposition, he partment has more than
Two dance dramas, Saxena, Priyanka Sharma, son her but she is saved by Singh Chouhan and BJP had come to the 450 vacancies and
Aadishakti, and Meera — Ashish Ojha, Siddharth Krishna. She then leaves Rajya Sabha MP Jyotira- protest venue and had arrangements for only 150
Ek Bhakti Gatha, were Barik and others essayed the royal palace and ditya Scindia of their said that these guest scholars had to be made.
staged on Monday at the the different roles in the spends the rest of her life promises they made when scholars are not The association had given
Shaheed Bhavan in the dance drama. Suman and in Vrindavan. One day, they were protesting in common people picked a workable formula for ad-
city on Monday evening. It Ruchi deigned its cos- while singing Bhajans, she Shahjehani Park last year. up randomly but they justment of these 150 peo-
was part of the inaugural tumes, while Hites con- passes away and joins Kr- Addressing the media, are selected through ple, said Bhadauria. Even
day of the two-day fest ducted its music. ishna. It was presented by state convener of the asso- due process BJP MP Scindia had
‘Kala Manishi 2021,’ organ- ‘Meera – Ek Bhakti Ashish Ojha, Shivam ciation Surjit Singh threatened the then gov-
ised by the Kirti Ballet and Gatha’ was choreographed Rathore, Siddhartha Bar- Bhadauria said that, when ars’ Association also took ernment that he would
Performing Arts in memo- and directed by Manish tik and Hitest Dubey. Shivraj was in the Opposi- out the tweets of Chouhan take to the streets if guest
ry of late choreographer Huraiya under the guid- Bharatnatyam dancer tion, he had come to the and demonstrated before scholars were not taken
Shanti Bardhan. ance of Guru Chandra Lata Singh Munshi and protest venue and had said the media. back in the system, but
Suman Kothari choreo- Madhav Barik. Huraiya theatre actor and director that these guest scholars “Why is there now a now all were quiet on the
graphed and directed ‘Aad- has written its script also. Sanjay Mehta were the are not common people change in the attitude of issue, he said.
hishakti’ under the guid- The dance drama is about chief guests. Classical vo- picked up randomly but Shivraj Singh Chouhan, The Guest Scholars’ As-
ance of Guru Lata Singh Meera, a daughter-in-law calist and musician guru they are selected through who had vowed to take us sociation demands imme-
Munshi and Guru Chan- of the ruling Rana clan but Siddhram Korbar was also due process. back in the system?” asked diate regularisation so
dra Madhav Barik. turns into an ascetic out of present. Shruti Kriti Barik “We’ll fight tooth and convener Bhadauria. that the families come out
The dance drama depict- to establish their domina- Bhagwati to free them her love for Krishna. After designed its costume. nail till all guest scholars There are around 600 of stress or they may have
ed the struggle between the tion over the earth. They from the terror of the the death of her husband Dhannu Lal Singh de- are taken back in jobs,” guest scholars who are to demand permission to
Asurs and the Goddess are cruel and sadists. The Asurs. The Devi slays the in a battle, she devotes her- signed lights for both Shivraj had said at the still out of a job for the commit suicide, said the
Durga. The Asurs are out people pray to Goddess Asurs, marking the return self fully to the worship of dance dramas. venue. The Guest Schol- past more than 13 months. convener.
BJP state-in-charge Rao on two-day trip
BHOPAL: State in charge of the Bharatiya Janata Party Muralidhar Rao arrived at Bhopal on Monday. He is on a
two-day trip. Rao visited the residences of old BJP workers Giriraj Kishor and Ramawtar Gupta. The BJP which is
getting ready for the ensuing civic polls is holding a meeting of the election in charges and other leaders on
Tuesday. Rao will take part in the meeting.

Schools can take only

State Economic Survey

Industries paint dismal picture, tuition fee: Parmar

register fall on all parameters
Legislators put up the issue of schools
charging huge amounts from students

The State Economic

In pandemic year 2020, employment OUR STAFF REPORTER

registration fell sharply to 21.95% T

Survey 2020-21 paints a here is no scheme to privatise forests, said minister
dismal picture of Schools can charge only tuition fee from stu- for the forest department Vijay Shah in reply to a
industries and related dents, said school education minister Inder question of Congress legislator Lakshman Singh. Shah
sectors in Madhya Singh Parmar in the House on Mon- said a scheme was being prepared
Pradesh. The figures day. If they demand any sum other to restore the diminishing forests
demonstrate a downfall THE SURVEY SHARES MUKHYA MANTRI than the tuition fee, the parents can with the help of 5,000 Van Samitis
in the industries, invest-
ments and employment
THE ACHIEVEMENTS KANYA VIVAH YOJNA complain to the collectors about it,
the minister said.
(forest committees). Each com-
mittee was going to get Rs 100,000;
created by them.
A fall in the numbers of
registered MSME (Micro, STATE GOVERNMENT
T he payment under the Mukhya Mantri Kanya Vivah
Yojna was the talking point of the BJP and also of the
Congress. The BJP leaders always claim that the
When Bahadur Singh Chauhan put
up a related question, many legisla-
tors spoke about the schools taking a
besides, each of them would hold
the rights on bamboos and poles,
Shah said.Singh said there had
Small and Medium En- Congress government led by the former chief minister, huge amount of money from stu- been reports in some sections of
terprises) was observed. OUR STAFF REPORTER Kamal Nath, had not given the amount under the scheme dents on the pretext of examinations. the media that the government
The year 2019-20 saw a BHOPAL to the newly wedded brides. But, from January 2019 to Despite the corona pandemic, the schools are would privatise the decaying forests. He also said there
fall of 3.35% in the regis- November 2020, the amount was given to 14,900 brides of taking heavy fee from the students. The school were reports that the government would hand over 40%
tered numbers of MSME In the Covid-19 pandemic year 2020, Hindu families and 1,350 brides of Muslim families. managements had also told the students that of the forests in the state to private parties.
units in comparison with the employment registration had they would not be allowed to take examina-
2018-19. The number of dropped to 21.95 per cent. INFANT MORTALITY RATE tions, the legislators told the House. MLAS TAKE PART IN QUESTION HOUR ONLINE
MSME units fell from The Economic Survey of the finan- Parmar said directives on school fees would
2.98 lakh in 2018-19 to
2.88 lakh in 2019-20.
According to the survey
cial year 2019-2020 was presented in
the Assembly on Monday. The survey
shares the achievements and failures
T he health services need tonic to fight with the weak-
ness of the department. The Infant Mortality Rate
(IMR) of the state was 48 per thousand, while the
again be issued to the collectors and district ed-
ucation officers.
Chauhan cited an incident of a school in
T wo legislators from Mandla, Narayan Singh Patta
and Ashok Marskole, took part in the Question
Hour online. They also put up questions online for the
report, a shortfall of of the state government. It also national rate is 32 per thousand. This is higher than the Mahidpur where a student was beaten up and first time. Minister for tribal welfare Meena Singh
0.22% in investment was shows the areas of improvement national average. The state’s Mother Mortality Rate kept in a closed room for not paying a huge fee. replied to their questions. Minister for parliamentary
recorded. Investment where the state government can (MMR) is also very high in comparison to the national He demanded cancellation of the school’s affairs Narottam Mishra said a legislator should be al-
made in 2019-20 stood at work on it. Employment registration rate. The state MMR is 173 per lakh delivery, while the recognition and action against its manage- lowed to raise questions online only if necessary. Or
Rs 19,242 crore. had dropped to 21.95 per cent in the national average is 130. In the state, more births took ment. In reply to the question, Parmar said he else, a member should come to the House and put up
As far as creation of year 2020. In the year 2019, 8.47 lakh place and also more people died because of poor health would order an inquiry into the incident and questions. Former minister Govind Singh agreed
employment is con- unemployed had got themselves reg- services. The birth rate per thousand of the state is take action against the school concerned. with Mishra.
cerned, here, too, the re- istered and, in the current year, the 24.6, while the national average is 20. At least 6.7 per

159 complaints against private

ports are negative. In the number dropped to 6.11 lakh. On the cent of the people died in the state and the national
year 2018-19, employ- other hand, the number of literate average is 6.2 per cent per thousand.
ment generation stood at unemployed youths had dropped in
10.3 lakh that was re- the state. In the year 2019, the num- LOW AVERAGE ON SOCIAL INDICES
duced by 3.52% and fell
to only 9.94 lakh. Finan-
cial assistance to the
ber was 29.33 per cent. In the current
year, the number dropped to 23.08
lakh. T he state is also below average on the various social
indices. The sex ratio of the state is 931 against of
schools charging fee forcibly
MSMEs also reduced
from Rs 129.12 crore in VEHICLE SALES
national ratio of 943. More than 72 per cent of the
state’s population live in the rural areas and the nation-
The highest number of This fact came to light in a reply
to a question filed by Congress
filed in Khandwa district, 8 in
Sagar and 7 in Rewa district. Five
2019-20 to Rs 59.08 crore al average is 68.9 per cent. complaints was received MLA Jitu Patwari. School educa- complaints were filed in Sidhi
in the corresponding
year till December.
The year 2020 was the year of the
Covid-19 pandemic and economic ac- SOME INDICATORS ARE BETTER from Indore and Satna tion minister Inder Singh Par-
mar replied that, overall, 159
district and 4 each in Ujjain and
Bhopal. One case each was re-
The government did not tivities had been affected badly in the complaints were filed from ported from Barwani, Burhan-
speak in terms of devel-
oping infrastructure for
the industries in the re-
state. But some of the indicators
came up with bright lights and
helped the people of the state in pan-
B ut some indicators are better than the national
average, such as the working population of the state
is 43.5 per cent and the national average is 39.5 per cent.
across the state in which parents
had complained that private
schools were demanding fees
pur and Rajgarh.
The government, too, took cog-
nisance of 12 cases.
port. It simply said that demic times. In FY-2019-20, more ve- In the state, 32.5 per cent of the women are ‘working The school education department forcibly. The reply also men- The Congress MLA had also
financial approval of Rs hicles were sold and the growth rate women’, while the national average is 25.2 per cent. The has received 159 complaints tioned that 35 complaints — that asked what action was taken in
5,536 lakh had been giv- was around 9.52 per cent. In the pre- state government had given 33 per cent reservation in against private schools coercing is the highest number from a dis- case of such complaints. The
en to related industries vious year 2018-19, 16,361 vehicles government jobs and 50 per cent reservation in local parents to deposit fees. The high- trict — were filed in Satna and In- school education minister did not
but remained quiet on were sold, which increased to 17,918 bodies’ elections. est number of complaints has dore. As many as 32 complaints give a clear reply and said that ac-
the amount spent. in the current year. been received from Indore and were filed in Chhindwara. tion was taken according to the
Satna. Overall, 14 complaints were rules.

Mishra raises issue of Nathuram Godse’s worshipper in House

OUR STAFF REPORTER in the Assembly. Singh said he would
BHOPAL speak about it in Gwalior.
Earlier, Mishra told media persons
Parliamentary affairs minister Narot- that the Congress had only used Ma-
tam Minister has raised the issue of in- hatma’s name on currency notes and in
duction of a Hindu Mahasabha mem- photographs. On the other hand, the is-
ber, Babulal Chaurasia, into the Con- sue has kicked up dust in the Congress.
gress. Mishra made the statement in After Congress leaders Arun Yadav,
the House on Monday. Manak Agarwal and Subhash Sojtia
Chaurasia, a member of the Hindu ting into the party someone who was a vehemently opposed the induction of
Mahasabha, which was involved in as- “worshipper of an assassin”. He said Chaurasia into the party, the matter
sassinating Mahatma Gandhi, was re- Congress legislator Lakshman Singh has gone to the All-India Congress
cently inducted into the Congress. had raised the issue outside the House, Committee that will take a decision on
Mishra accused the Congress of admit- but he avoided saying anything about it the issue.


Check prices of essentials: fuels,

grocery, veggies, feel city folk
Employment opportunities for youths should also be expanded and
more emphasis laid on skilling students, some feel
The Madhya Pradesh government
is going to present its annual ‘T he government should con-
trol the prices of grocery
‘N owadays, in the job market, it’s not
degrees that matter; it’s skills that
do. In Madhya Pradesh, although the gov-
Budget for the fiscal year 2021-’22 items, grains and vegetables. ernment is laying empha-
in the Vidhan Sabha on Tuesday. These are the basic sis on skill training, the fa-
Free Press asked some city resi- needs. Also, job op- cilities are poorer com-
dents about their expectations of portunities should pared to those in other
the Budget. All of them insisted be created for the states. For instance, if a
that the government should con- young by promot- person wants to become a
trol the rapid rise in the prices of ing industrialisa- motor mechanic, he has to
essential commodities — especial- tion. Incentives learn the skill hands-on.
ly petrol, diesel and cooking gas. should be given for There’s no training institute he can go to.
Electronic gadgets, such as laptops shooting of feature films, web se- I’m a psychology student. Now, if I want to
and mobile phones, should be ries, ad films and so forth in the become a counsellor, I have to get training.
cheaper, they demanded. Some state. That will generate revenue And, for that, I’ll have to go to Mumbai or
said that employment opportuni- for the government and jobs for Delhi. So, the government should spend
ties for youths should be expanded local artistes and others’ money on skilling people and not merely
and more emphasis should be laid � Gaurav Mishra, on giving them theoretical education’
on skilling students. Excerpts: ad film-maker � Sana Azhar, student


n LPG cylinder now costs Rs 825.
Commute has become costlier, eat-
has become costlier, everything ‘C ommodities which fulfil
the basic needs of the
‘T he prices of diesel and petrol in
Madhya Pradesh are among the
highest in the
has become more ex- lower- and the middle-class country. The gov-
pensive. I’m not saying should be rea- ernment should
that the government sonably reduce VAT on fu-
should stop taxing priced. Also, els. If that’s done,
inessential items or re- electronic the prices of all
duce taxes on them. gadgets, such items will auto-
But, at least, it should as laptops and matically come
stop increasing taxes mobile down. The
on essentials. The gov- phones, salaries of gov-
ernment argues that it shouldn’t be made costlier. ernment employees have been stag-
needs more money to expand health fa- These days, everything has nant for more than a year now. Incre-
cilities and, so, it’s taxing people at high- become online — classes are ments have been withheld and dear-
er — and still higher — rates. I’m sure online, exams are online and ness allowance hasn’t been increased.
that if things continue in this way, soon, people work online from Now that the Covid-19 situation has
the hospital beds will be full of malnour- their homes. And, so, laptops eased, the government can think of
ished children and people who have got and smartphones are no its employees, too, especially since
afflicted with diseases due to lowered im- longer a luxury. Their prices the cost of living has increased’
munity!’ should be brought down’ � Afshan Afsar, government
� Rohini Sharma, social activist � Joy Wadhwani, artiste school teacher
� �������� FREE PRESS
������� � ����� ������� � ���������������

Complaint on CM Helpline fails to wake up civic body officials from slumber

���������������������������������������� municipality for negligence. local residents complained re- Incomplete drain and cham-
Taking a dig at the municipali- peatedly. ber work are inviting accidents
��������������������������������������� ty, former corporator of ward Frustrated with the inaction every next day. On Sunday
number 14 Maku Santosh Por- and over the apathy of the mu- morning, the loaded pick-up
��������������� One such problem has been wal said the drain has not been nicpality officials the people vehicle’s rear wheel caved in. It
��������� reported in ward number 14 cleaned for a long time. The lodged complaint on CM took almost two hours to get
where the municipality forgot drainage is chocked. “Despite Helpline. But the problem in- the rear wheel out of this pit.
At a time when the state gov- to cover the chamber and left it repeated complaints by citi- creased manifold as the mu- When contacted, Alirajpur
ernment is leaving no stone un- open in the middle of the road. zens, the municipality has not nicipality forgot to construct chief municipal officer Amar-
turned to resolve public griev- It has been almost three paid attention to it,” he added. chamber. Municipality left a das Senani said he is not aware
ances, municipality officials months but municipality is not Rajesh Patidar, a resident large pit over the middle of of any unfinished work. How-
here hardly bother to resolve paying attention to it. from ward no 14, lamenting in- the drain so that the drain ever, he added he will look into
people’s complaint lodged on Local residents are upset action of municipality said in Mali Mohalla due to chocked (wine shop). The municipality could be cleaned, but it forget the matter and will get it com-
CM Helpline (Dial 181). with incomplete work blame dirty drain water flow on roads drainage line near old Kalali did not pay attention even after to cover it. peted shortly.

News in Brief

Evokes mixed The second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination get a jab. However, on the Day 1 of Phase 2 of the
drive began on Monday. Under the drive persons vaccination drive evoked mixed response
response aged 60 and above along with those in 45-59 age among the targeted beneficiaries from across the
among elderly bracket with comorbidities will Malwa – Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh

���������������������������������� �����������������������������������
���������������� Kuril, a total of 885 persons Neemuch: In Neemuch over Aadhaar card along with
State-level Jomasar martial ������ were vaccinated till 6 pm. 300 people got themselves their photo ID voter card,
arts competition held A total of 450 persons vaccinated on the day 1 of PAN card or other photo
������������������������������������������������ Second phase of Covid vac- were vaccinated at District the second phase of the vac- identity card.
�������������������������������������������������������� cination began here, on Children Hospital while 157 cination drive
�������������������������������������������������� Monday, for people of the persons vaccinated at Gov- on Monday. In
��������������������������������������������������������� ernment Medical Neemuch dis-
�������������������������������������������������� College till 6 pm. trict, vaccina-
��������������������������������������������������������� Rest of the people re- tion drive began
������������������������������������������������������� ceived jabs at Civil at Jawad civil
������������������������������������������������������� hospital of Jaora hospital and
������������������������������������������������������ and Alot. Rampur along
����������������������������������������������������� The booking start- with Neemuch
������������������������������������ ed at 9 am and bene- situated Mahila
ficiaries who Basti Grih. District vaccination offi-
reached vaccination At Mahila Basti Grih as cer Dr ML Malaviya and
age of more than sixty centers directly were also many 128 persons have civil surgeon Dr BL Rawat
Renuka is national years and those having vaccinated through on the been vaccinated, in Rampu- said that vaccination will
convener of NVKKS morbidity in the age group spot booking facility. The ra 80 persons and Jawad as be done every Monday,
�������������������������������������������� of 45 to 59 years. next session of vaccination many 56 persons got vacci- Wednesday, Thursday and
������������������������������������������������ According to district vac- under Phase 2 are slated on nated. A total of 65 health Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.
������������������������������ cination Officer Dr Varsha March 3, 4 and 6. ������������������������������ workers and frontline
workers also received their
Collector Mayank Agarwal
has appealed to the general
KUKSHI: As many 320 people got vaccinated against second dose. public that more and more
��������������������������������������� Dhar achieves 85 % target the target of 250 in Kukshi. This 128 per cent of the to- Individuals who are not people of the prescribed age
������������������������������ tal targeted beneficiaries under the drive on the open- able to book slots can avail group to avail benefit of vac-
���������������������������������������� D har district on Monday after the district achieved
over 80 per cent record vaccination in the first
ing day of the second phase of vaccination.
Kukshi Health
on the spot booking using cination drive.

��������������������������������������� phase held recently.

On the opening day as many 424 people got vaccinated
Center’s block
medical officer Dr
and this is almost close to 85 per cent of the target set by Abhishek Rawat ���������������������������
Awareness rally on the district ad- and Dr Kamlesh �������������������������������������������������
saving rivers taken out ministration and Devdane said that �������������������������������������������������������������
health depart- vaccination work �����������������������������������������������������������������
ment for opening has been started ��������������������
day. In Dhar dis- here at the health �������������������������
trict, vaccination centre from 9 am ��������������������������
work has been and continued till 4 ����������������������������
started at two pm. Senior advocate KK Jain, farmer Ganesh Jirati, Dr ������������������������������
places – in Dhar Hema, Rameshwar Saad, Mahima Ram Patidar were ���������������������������
district head- first vaccinated. Advocate Jain expressed thanks to the �������������������������������
quarters and Prime Minister for the vaccination. “We are getting ����������������������������
Kukshi tehsil away from the fear of corona and thanked the Prime �������������������������������
and a large num- Minister for vaccinating the corona vaccine to more ������������������������
ber of people than 60 years from today,” he said. In the meantime, ���������������������������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������������������ thronged vacci- tehsildar Sunil Dawar visited the vaccination centre to ����������������������������������������������������������������
�������������������������������������������������� nation centres ensure entire process going on smoothly. ����������������������������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������������� on the opening ������������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������������������� day of drive. A
����������������������������������������������������� total of 320 got vaccinated in Kukshi while 104 got vac- ������������������������������
����������������������������������������������������������� cinated at Dhar Bhoj Hospital. Beside vaccination, ef-
����������������������������������������������������������� forts are also being made to break the corona chain in Alirajpur: In Alirajpur, ed in the district hospital at India have got the Corona
�������������������������������������� Dhar district. District vaccination officer Dr Narendra the second phase of vacci- 9 am. He said that accord- vaccine.
Powaiya was told that the work of vaccination will con- nation was launched to ing to the instructions re- Dr Dhoke told that benefi-
tinue as in district a total of 12,921 got registered and of protect against Covid-19. ceived every day, a specified ciaries can also register
Meet on Ajeevan Sahyog Nidhi held the 10,689 people have been vaccinated. District collec- Locals started arriving at number of persons of a themselves in advance
��������������������������������������������������������� tor Alok Kumar Singh visited the vaccination centre the vaccination center lo- particular age group will be through Covid-19 portal for
����������������������������������������������������� and interacted with the beneficiaries. Singh added that cated in the district hospi- vaccinated. vaccination. He told that
��������������������������������������������������� people can get themselves registered on the spot and get tal at the scheduled time Vaccination of Covid-19 no one should be deprived
�������������������������������������������������������� vaccinated. I request all the seniors to register on and by 5.30 pm, as many 98 will be free in Government of corona vaccination.
����������������������������������������������������� CoVIN-20 app, he added. After vaccination, senior citi- people were vaccinated on District Hospital, Alira- There is no need to be
������������������������������������������������������ zens were kept under observation for 30 minutes. Singh the day 1 of the Phase 2 of and district vaccination of- jpur. He told that corona afraid of Covid-19 vaccina-
������������������������������������������������������� encouraged senior citizens during the while. the drive. ficer Dr Narendra Bhadia vaccination is completely tion-related rumors, mis-
���������������������������������������������������������� CMHO Dr Prakash Dhoke told that vaccination start- safe and lakhs of people in conceptions of any kind.•
������������������������������������������������������ �����������������������

Alumni meet held

Badnawar police station Short movie starring district
earns ISO certificate collector, trainee IPS released
��������������� dav, Sardarpur SDOP
�������� Yashasvi Shinde, CSP Pi- ���������������
thampur Tarunendra ������
Badnawar Police Station Singh, Pithampur TI
was felicitated with ISO Taresh Soni, SI BP Tiwari Under anti intoxication
certificate in a programme and others welcomed the drive (nasha) the district ad-
������������������������������������������������ organised on Sunday in the guests. ministration held the pre-
������������������������������������������������������� presence of chief guest In- The guests presented the miere of a short movie
����������������������������������������������������� dustrial Policy and Invest- ISO certificate to police sta- “Bekhabar” here on Sunday.
������������������������������������������������������� ment Promotion minister tion in-charge CB Singh. Harish Darshan Sharma
������������������������������������������������������� Rajwardhan Singh Datti- come the only police station ASI Dharmendra Srivasta- from Ratlam is the writer, Madan Dodiyar,• Ravi Under the Nashamukta
����������������������������������������������������� gaon. in the district that has re- va, head constable Dinesh director, and music com- Gosar, Narendra Upadhyay, Bharat Abhiyan a jagrukta
���������������������������������������������������� SP Aditya Pratapsingh ceived an ISO certificate. Sisodiya, constable Santosh poser of the movie while lo- Narendra Sharma, SS rath was flagged off here by
������������������������������� said Badnawar police sta- Collector Alok Kumar Yadav, Yogesh Patidar, cal artists are part of cast. Chauhan, Ratnesh Vijay- Damor. Jagrukta Rath will
tion was constructed in Singh also addressed the women constable Nihalkun- Balvinder Singh Gurudatta vargiya, Vishal Verma, Dr travel across the district to
Senior member of BJP passes away 2008, but TI and his team gathering. ISO agency rep- war Panwar were also given has given voice to the songs Manglesh Dhakad, Harshi- will create awareness
����������������������������������������������������� have done a commendable resentative Jitendra Khan- certificates. Programme in the film.• ta Rathore, Rupesh Shar- against the ill effects of in-
���������������������������������������������������������� job in beautifying and re- delwal was also present in was conducted by Pradeep The movie includes mes- ma, Vijay Rathore, Nilesh toxication.
������������������������������������������������� designing it. Due to this, the programme. Pandey and TI Singh pro- sage of Prime Minister Soni, and the staff of
������������������������������������������������������� the police station has be- SDOP Devendrasingh Ya- posed vote of thanks. Narendra Modi and CM Salakhedi Police chowki PANCHANG 2.3.2021
�������������������������������������������������� Shivraj Singh Chauhan on have also enacted in the
Building of Neemuch City ill effects of intoxication
and addiction.
Collector Gopalchandra
movie. MP Guman Singh
Damor, Chetanya Kashyap,
Dr Rajendra Pandey, Dilip
��������� �����������

police station inaugurated

����� ������������������������������������
��������������������������������������������������������� Dad, trainee IPS Vinod Makwana (all MLA) were ��������� ������������������������������
Meena, tea stall owner present at the premiere. ���� ���������������������������������������

Meet of BJP’s Sanawad unit held ��������������� industries in the

������� state, he added. The
work of construct-
Youth gets life imprisonment �� ��������������
um Enterprises and
ing new schools is
being also done by
for raping 10-year-old girl �


������������������� Science and Tech- the Chief Minister

����������� nology Minister Om at a cost of 40 crores ��������������������������������������������������������� �

������������� Prakash in the state, said ���������������������������������������������������������������� ����

������������������ Sakhalecha inaugu- minister ��������������������������������������������������������� �

���������������� rated the newly con- Sakhlecha. ����������������� ������������������������������������������ �

����������������� structed Neemuch City Po- medium scale industries in MP Sudhir Gupta, MLA ����������������������������������������������������������������� � �
������������������ lice Station building at a cost the villages with an aim to Dilip Singh Parihar, ����������������������������������������������������������������
������������� of Rs 88 lakhs on Sunday. make state and country Anirudh Maru, district ����������������������������������������������������������������� � � � � �� � � � � �� � � � � � � � � �
��������������������������������������������������������� In his address Sakhalecha self-reliant.” panchayat president Avan- ������������������������������������������������������������������
�������������������������������������������������������� RUNNING CLASSIFIED
��������������������������������������������������������� said “A budget provision of According to the inten- tika Jat, Pawan Patidar, col-
����������������������������������������������������������������� DISPLAY CLASSIFIED 7 DAY 500/-
����������������������������������������������������� Rs 80,000 crores has been tion of the Chief Minister, lector Mayank Agrawal, su- 50/- SQ.CM. B/W.
15 DAY 1000/-
������������������������������������������������������� made by the Central Gov- the concept of “Start your perintendent of police ��������������������������������������������������������� 75/- SQ.CM.
30 DAY 1500/-
����������������������� ernment for MSME sector, business in 30 days” is be- Suraj Kumar Verma and
this will lead to small and ing worked on to set up new others were present. �������������������������������������������������������������������� FREE PRESS CALL- 9425082195
NCIP open for registration till March 10
��������������� � FREE PRESS
������� � ����� ������� � ������

News in Brief
Missing girl found within
24 hours of report
������������������������������������������������������������� Workers deprived They will be provided
with employment in their
The officials, too, do not
provide information about
�������������������������������������������������������������� of wages for home districts, Chouhan
it, he said.
Apart from not getting
�������������������������������������������������������������� over a month Nevertheless, one month
has passed since the MN-
wages, many labourers are
out of job, because in sev-
�������������������������������������������������������� REGA workers in Sehore eral places, machines are
�������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������� did not receive wages, the being used to get the work
������ home district of Chouhan. done.
Passenger bus meets with This is the reason why Executive officer of dis-
an accident, 20 injured Hundreds of workers have
been deprived of wages in
daily rated workers are in
a bad state. They are some-
trict Panchayat, Harsh
Singh, has said the wages
the district, because an how making their both is directly transferred to
amount of Rs 8.92 crore is ends meet. the bank accounts of the
yet to be given by the Cen- Sources in the village labourers and the Centre
tre under the Mahatma Panchayat said it had hap- from Bilkisganj, Shaniram Another worker, Om who get 100 days’ work un- provides funds for it.
Gandhi National Rural pened because of lack of Barela, has told Free Press Prakash, says job is not der MNREGA.• Nevertheless, the Union
Employee Guarantee act funds, as the Centre did that he is unable to feed available in other places. Another worker from Government has yet to
(MNREGA). not send grants.• • his family. His financial condition Phulmogra, Babu Khan, provide grants, he said,
At a recent meeting of Nearly 1,600 projects are Shaniram has been man- has worsened. says he has yet to get adding that 22, 00, 000 man
2 stolen bikes retrieved, 1 held the Crisis Management going on in the district, aging household expenses As he has no other means wages, despite having a days were created.
�������������������������������������������������� Committee, Chief Minis- and 19,000 workers are by borrowing money from of livelihood or savings, he job card. Water conservation,
���������������������������������������������������������� ter Shivraj Singh have been engaged to com- different sources. has to depend on the The Sarpanchs and sec- plantation, pond and
������������������� �������������������������������������� Chouhan, said the workers plete those schemes. All Shaniram further says wages he gets through retaries do not provide in- road construction and
�������������������������������������������������������������� of the state should not go the workers are holding rise in prices of essential MNREGA. formation about work other projects are going
���������������������������������������������������������� to other provinces in job cards. commodities has broken In the district, there are available in their villages, on under MNREGA,
�������������������������������������������������������������� search of work. An MNREGA worker his back. 1.05 lakh job-card holders Khan said. Singh said.
Illegal colonisers sent Scindia, Rajput’s resignation from party brought
�������������������������������������������������������� notices, DM summons
SDOP meets stations-in-charge
over 2 dozen of them MP back on track: BJP state prez VD Sharma
������������������������������������������������������� ��������������� come a terrorism-free In-
������������������������������������������������������������ ����� dia. He said Modi gave the
�������������������������������������������������������������� military freedom to decide
���������������������������������������������������������� Jyotiraditya Scindia and when and how to use their
���������������������������������������������������������� Govind Singh Rajput arms. Sharma said the
����������������������������� ��������������������������������� brought the state back on country was protected
������������������������������������������������������������ track, said the president of from external adversaries
������������������������������������������������������������ Bharatiya Janata Party, in the Prime Minister’s
�������������������������������������������������������� Vishnu Dutt Sharma on regime. But, the atmos-
Monday. ment in Madhya Pradesh leave their ministership. phere of the country is be-
Palika fails to keep city clean Sharma was addressing for 14 months. Scindia and Sharma also talked to the ing spoiled through social
����������������������������������������������������������� ��������������� er’s license, diversion, no the students during an Rajpur helped rectifying cyber warriors during In- media, he said.
������������������������������������������������� ��������� objection certificate for de- event in Sagar. the mistake, he said. dia versus adversary pro- He called out youths to be
������������������������������������������������������������ velopment Nuzul, Nagar He said the Congress par- He said people do not gramme. united and fight for the na-
���������������� The illegal colonisers in Palika permission, RERA ty was looting the people leave even the post of a He said Narendra Modi tion whenever it would be
���������������� the city are on their toes af- registration and permis- while it was in the govern- Sarpanch, but they did has led the nation to be- deemed necessary.
��������������� ter the collector’s notice is- sion from the pollution
������������������� sued to them. control board.
They have been asked to
be present in front of the
district magistrate by
March 2.
The colonisers are in fear
of the district administra-
tion after over two dozen of
them received notices.
Panchayat secy
suspended Water conservation campaign
������������ Nevertheless, they have The revenue officer of Hoshangabad: The sec- ����������� speech are also
��������������� been trying to avoid the Gauharganj has prepared retary of village Pan- held to engage
������������������������������������������������������������� meeting giving lame excus- a list of over 46 illegal chayat Mahendravadi A group of artistes more youths. A
���������������������������������������������������������� es. The colonisers have colonisers. Companies in- has been suspended for performed a street series of semi-
���������������������������������������������������������� taken deposits from the cluding Chitransh Life, negligence in ration eli- play on Monday to nars are being
������������������������������������������������������������ residents to build them a Vansh Tower, Trilokesh- gibility slip distribution. raise awareness held across the
�������������������������������������������������������� housing society. war Dham, Udyogpuri and Collector Dhananjay about water conser- blocks to raise
����������������������������������������������������� They, however, do not others have been sum- Singh had instructed the vation. The play awareness. The
����������������������������������������������������������� have the required permis- moned by the district mag- chief executive officer of demonstrated how villagers are in-
��������������������������������� sions that include colonis- istrate’s court. district Panchayat Manoj people can store rainwater campaign ‘catch the rain’ dulging into constructing
Sariyam to suspend the and help recharge the tra- run by Nehru Yuva temporary dams using
Minor girl found after 2 years secretary Vijay Mehra ditional water sources like Kendra. Competitions sacks of sand around the
������������������������������������������������������������ Collector takes for his negligence.
Mehra has been assigned
wells and ponds. The play
was performed under the
such as painting, Rangoli,
wall painting, quiz and
river and into constructing
soak pits.

time-limit meeting
������������������������������������������������������������ the district Panchayat
�������������������������������������������������������� Hoshangabad as his
��������� ���������������������������������������������������� headquarters for his sus-
����������������������������������������������������������� Hoshangabad: Collector Dhananjay Singh has in- pension period. The col-
�������������������������������������������������������������� structed the officials to take action against thise who lector found that the res-
��������������������������������������������������������� ae found meddling with ration distribution process. He idents of a displaced vil-
������������������������������������������������������������ took a meeting at the collectorate on Monday with the lage Paqrsapani did not
�������������������������������������������������������������� district administration officials. He told them to re- have the eligibility slips
���������������������������������������������������������� solve ythe CM helpline complaints at the earliest. He depsite applications.
��������������������������������������������������������������� asked the departments to focus on the complaints they When Singht ried to con-
����������������������������������������������� receive at the Jan Sunvai and try and resolve them on tact Mehra, he neither
the spot. He instructed the excise officer to take strict picked ip the call nor was
2 held, 45 litres of liquor seized action against those who are indulged in manufacture, he present at his head-
���������������������������������������������������������� sale and transport of liquor. quarters.
��������������� ����������������� Vaccinate every person
in city: Collector
������������� ����������������������� �� Sagar: Collector Deepak Singh instructed the chief med-
���������������� ������������������������ ical and health officer Suresh Baudh and other officials to
������������� �������������������������� ensure that the district was 100% vaccinated. He said the
��������������� ��������������������������� vaccination should be done by allotting numbers to the
��������������� �������������������������� citizens. They should be called at the vaccination centres
���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������� to get the jab. Baudh said that the second phase of the vac-
�������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� cination will be done at nine centres across the city.
���������������������������������������������� �����������������������
Women’s hockey semis today
New vaccination centres open
�������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� A new vaccination centre
������������ �������������������������� was inaugurated at the
������������� ��������������������������� Sagar Shree hospital in
������������� ��������������������������� the city on Monday. Collec-
��� ������������������������� tor Deepak Singh, health
����������� ��������������������������� deputy director Dr IS
������������ ������������������� Thakur and others attend-
��������������� ��������������������� ed the inauguration ceremony. The centre will only vac-
���������������� ��������������������������� cinate the citizens over 60 years of age. The beneficiar-
�������������� ��������������������� ies will have to register for Rs 250 to get the jab.•
��������������� ��������������
�������������������������������������������������������� FIRST DAY OF PHASE 2 INOCULATIONS
MP reports 16,019 vax for 60-plus,
Bhagwad Katha begins today
1,586 in co-morbidities category
���������������������������������������������������������� ������������������ morbidity category. In- with one death being re-
������������������������������������������������������� ������ dore reported 1,357 vacci- ported.
���� ������������������������������������������������������ nations for the 60-plus cat- The corona-positive rate
��������������������������������������������������������� Madhya Pradesh reported egory and 93 vaccinations in the state is 2.6 per cent,
������������������������������������������������������� 16,019 vaccination for peo- for the co-morbidity cate- while 12,844 samples were
�������������������������������������������������������� ple of 60 years of age and gory. sent for testing with 38
������������������������������������������������������� 1,586 in the co-morbidities Singrauli, Sagar, Shah- samples being rejected.
��������������������������������������������������������� category on the first day of dol, Raisen, Jhabua, Din- Indore reported 141 coro-
���������������������������������������� Phase 2 of vaccination. dori, Damoh, Agar and na cases, taking its tally to
Besides, the second dose Barwani reported no vac- 59,758 and toll to 933, while
Kin set woman on fire over land dispute for healthcare workers cinations in the co-mor- Bhopal reported 68 corona
��������������������������������������������������� (HCWs) was administered bidity category. Similarly, cases, taking its tally to
�������������������������������������������������������� to 183,795 people. Overall, Harda reported no vacci- 44,150 and toll to 618. Ujjain
���������������������������������������������������� the vaccination tally of nations in the 60-plus cat- and Chhindwara reported
���������������������������������������������������� the state went up to egory. 14 corona cases each.
������������������������������������������������������ 856,083. The total number of ac-
���������������������������������������������������� Bhopal reported 1,062
Corona update tive cases is 2,901. Indore
��������������������������������������������������������� vaccinations for people of Besides, Madhya Pradesh has a total of 1,024 active
���������������������������������������������������� 60 years of age and above, reported 336 fresh corona cases, while Bhopal report-
����������������������������������������������������������� while 170 vaccinations cases, pushing the tally to ed 564. Jabalpur reported
�������������������������������� were reported in the co- 262,102 and toll to 3,865, 112 active corona cases.
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful
lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

The ‘idea of India’ seems to be in peril ter Kashmir, Assam is their next target.
They have been successfully flooding As-

Nationwide vaccination State of the Union sam, Tripura and the rest of Bengal
since long.”

key to economic growth

Golwalkar indicates that the presence
ASHUTOSH of Muslims in large numbers in Kash-
mir, Assam and West Bengal is a direct
threat to the nation. If Jammu and Kash-

he economy may now be ready to return to the
he results of the forthcoming elec- lar values, respect for the democratic mir is a Muslim-majority Union Territo-
normal growth path with the latest quarter fig-
tions to four state assemblies and ethos, autonomy of the constitutional in- ry, then Assam has more than 30 per cent
ures coming in just when the nation-wide vac-
one Union Territory will have a stitutions, a culture of debate and dis- Muslims and in West Bengal, their num-
cination drive to immunise the people against the
momentous impact on the political his- cussion, the tradition of inclusion of all ber is 27 per cent of the population. In
Covid-19 virus got underway. A lot is also riding on
tory of the country, particularly if the and exclusion of none, the inculcation of Kashmir, remedial steps have been taken,
the success of the vaccination drive for the economy
BJP manages to retain Assam and wins a scientific temper and a promise to tralised the minorities, mainly Muslims. Art 370 has been abrogated, the state has
to build on further from the 0.4 per cent growth in
West Bengal. The BJP has very low build a modern nation-state, where the It brags that the politics of Hindutva been split into two and has been reduced
the third quarter of the current financial year, after
stakes or a marginal presence in Tamil rule of law was to be supreme. Some peo- have changed the electoral bargaining to a Union Territory.
two quarters of big contraction. Gross value added
Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry. In Tamil ple call it the ‘Nehruvian consensus’ and power of the Muslims. For the party, the In Assam, the BJP succeeded in form-
(GVA) grew by one per cent in the last quarter. Sim-
Nadu, the BJP is riding piggyback on the others name it the ‘idea of India’. concern for the minority by the earlier ing the government in 2016 and the
ply put, all things considered, the worst seems to be
behind us. After 15.9 per cent contraction in the first
AIADMK and even if the AIADMK al- Today that ‘idea of India’ seems to be in For the old governments is equal to appeasement of process of identification of the
liance wins, not much credit will be giv- profound danger, waiting to be replaced consensus, Muslims and is reverse communalism, Bangladeshi migrants, who, in their
half of 2020-21, growth is expected to flatten out in
en to the BJP. In Kerala, the BJP has no by an ‘alternative idea’. which poses inherent dangers to natural opinion, are mostly Muslims, began in
the second half, as per the advanced estimates. With- history was a
chance of turning the tables and emerg- This ‘alternative idea’ has its contours security. the name of the NRC but the task is still
out doubt, the main driver is stepped up government
ing victorious. drawn but is yet to be examined by the fu- guiding force, a There is no denying the fact that the incomplete. Assam was the first state
expenditure, not only on pandemic-related activity torchbearer for
Similarly, it has a negligible presence ture, to ascertain if it is deep enough to Prime Minister has propounded a new slo- where the anti-CAA and NRC protest
but in boosting demand and employment in key sec-
in Puducherry. But in Assam, the BJP build a new consensus and survive as the future, but gan after 2019 – Sabka saath, sabka vikaas, erupted majorly, followed by the other
tors such as construction, roads, highways, etc. Even
the private real estate sector is returning to the
has its government. And retaining that many years as the old one. If the old con- the new sabka vishwaas (Every one’s support, states. So, despite the massive resent-
government will be a huge challenge. sensus was rooted in a grand old civilisa- consensus seeks everyone’s development, everyone’s ment, if the BJP wins Assam again, then
growth path, thanks to benign interest rates, incen-
In West Bengal, the BJP was a margin- tion, based on compassion and diversity, trust). Everyone’s trust was added to it will be an indicator of the fact that the
tives offered by developers to offload pending inven-
al player in the 2014 parliamentary the new one, in its DNA has disregard for
revenge on the counter the mounting criticism that the victory of the Hindutva forces was not a
tory and sops by banks to boost credit in the rela-
elections and in the 2016 assembly elec- the pluralism and its edifice is built on past. In its government does not trust minorities. But fluke earlier and that it has a deeper res-
tively secure middle-and-upper-income segments. A proclamation to
tions as well. In fact, in the 2014 elec- hate. It believes in the superiority of one the same did not reflect on the ground. onance in the society.
number of state governments have helped by lower-
ing the circle rates for land, as also the stamp duty on
tions, the BJP had got only 16 per cent tradition and within that tradition, the discover the old The abrogation of Article 370, passing Ideologically, like Assam, West Bengal
votes, despite riding on the huge Modi paramountcy of the select few. Exclu- and ancient, it of the citizenship law, the brutal crack- has to be a very high priority state for the
property registration. Farm sector is another bea-
wave and afterwards, slipped to 10 per sion, not inclusion is the rule. has heaped down on the Shaheen Bagh protest, the followers of Hindutva. But till 2019, it
con of hope, growing about four per cent in the last
cent of the vote share in the assembly For the old consensus, history was a demonisation of the Tablighi Jamaat failed to make inroads into the state.
quarter and set to record three per cent growth in the
elections in 2016. guiding force, a torchbearer for the future
disdain on its during the pandemic, the random mis- Now, after winning 18 parliamentary
full year. A good monsoon, high crop yields and food glorious
Since 2014, the political landscape in but the new consensus seeks revenge on use of sedition laws against Muslims seats and attaining 40 per cent of the vote
inflation boosted rural incomes. Maybe one reason tradition; the
the country has changed. A new para- the past. In its proclamation to discover and the promulgation of the Love Jihad share, it has tasted blood. The unprece-
for the sluggish response elsewhere in the country to
the protest by Punjab farmers over the farm legisla-
digm has engulfed the nation and a lot of the old and ancient, it has heaped disdain multi- Act in different BJP-ruled states belies dented aggression displayed by the BJP
water has flown under the bridge. Fun- on its glorious tradition; the multi-di- dimensional the claim of the government. The Mus- and its leaders vis a vis the Mamata
tions has been the good crop this year. Still, it will
damental changes have taken root in the mensional approach to address multi-lay- approach to lim minority today virtually lives in fear. Banerjee government, is propelled by
help if the government on its own made the gesture,
body politic of the country. Now, the ered history has been reduced to simple The Hindutva ideology sees them as the the rigour of the conviction, soaked in
suspended the implementation of reforms till after
hegemony of the Congress system has formulae, facts have been fictionalised to address enemies of the state, and they are re- Hindutva. A victory in West Bengal will
the Supreme Court-appointed panel of experts sub- multi-layered
collapsed and is being replaced by the suit its narrative and it has succeeded in ferred to as ‘cockroaches’ and ‘termites’ provide an ‘ideological opportunity’ to
mitted its report. Sullen and angry farmers in a key history has been
BJP’s overpowering presence. Its domi- brainwashing a larger audience for the by the top leaders. ‘stop the spread of the menace’, ‘deci-
state do not help anyone. Back to the growth num-
bers. Manufacturing too was back on track, record-
nance is robust, and the Congress is ly- construction of a utopia. reduced to This thought flows from the writings of mate enemies of the nation’ and correct
ing in the pits. On the one hand, while This idea seems to be winning as of simple formulae, the second chief of the RSS, M S Gol- the wrongs of history.
ing 1.6 per cent in the third quarter, suppressed de-
the Congress is struggling to retain its now. Democratic institutions have been walkar, who identified them as one of the And if the BJP could win both Assam
mand due to prolonged lockdowns finding a release
presence as a serious national party in crumbling, the pillars of the Constitu-
facts have been enemies of India. In his book, ‘Bunch of and West Bengal, then it could easily be
after the graded opening. The sector is set to regain
Parliament and the state legislatures, the tion have surrendered to the executive fictionalised to Thoughts’ he writes, “It would be suici- said that Hindutva has far greater trac-
normalcy, though new pressure points in creeping suit its narrative
BJP on the other, has improved its tally and the majoritarian view prevails over dal to delude ourselves into believing tion than is normally assumed, that it has
protectionism and high fuel prices could prove a
drag. The case for reducing taxes on fuel both by the
in the Lok Sabha and pocketed new fron- the rest. Parliament has been reduced to and it has that they have turned patriots overnight perfected the art of majoritarian politics
Centre and the states remains strong, especially
tiers for itself. one party and the party has submerged succeeded in after the creation of the Pakistan. On the and governance and that their unfin-
The Congress has, in the past, lost elec- into one entity; that entity is the law and brainwashing a contrary, the Muslim menace has in- ished civilisational project is on the
when relatively moderate prices of energy can boost
tions many times but the basic ethos of the government; his views are unwritten creased a hundred-fold by the creation ‘right’ track, in which Muslims will have
growth and arrest inflationary pressures in the econ-
politics remained more or less the same. Constitution. In the majoritarian view,
larger audience which has become a springboard for all no other option than to forfeit their polit-
omy. As it is, fears of inflation are beginning to
Today, the political consensus which was the rule of the majority is sovereign, and for the their future aggressive designs on our ical space and live like a second-grade cit-
spook share markets. Rising bond yields too are a construction
arrived at during the freedom struggle the minority should not complain about country.” izens for a long time to come.
negative pointer. High energy and food prices would
inevitably cause the Central bank to step in to hon-
and continued afterwards, has been bro- its numerical inadequacy. of a utopia. He further writes, “The second front of
ken. The broader framework of that con- Within this framework the BJP takes their aggression is increasing their num- The writer is an author and Editor,
our the commitment to hold the consumer inflation
sensus encompassed adherence to secu- great pride that it has successfully neu- bers in strategic areas of our country. Af- SatyaHindi.com
within the 4-6 per cent band. In turn, a higher bank
rate would have a negative impact on growth. Given
that the informal sector was still reeling under the
devastating effect of the pandemic, small businesses,
which employ an inordinately large number of peo-
ple, will suffer further if steps are not taken to revive "If a couple is living together as man and wife, the husband may be a brutal man, but can you call the act of sexual intercourse a rape?"
them. Of course, a lot depends on the success of the asked Chief Justice of India SA Bobde on Monday while hearing a case of alleged rapeRadhika Roy
vaccination program which got underway on March @royradhika7 Catch-22
Marriage does not entail blanket consent to sexual intercourse. You do not become the property of your husband, to be treated as he
Ref.: ‘Auto-rickshaw,
Despite several hitches reported in the working of
pleases. How is this still be up for discussion ? taxi drivers
the online registration for taking the jabs, it is hoped
@royradhika7 apprehensive about fare
that the countrywide operation will succeed in re-
hike’ (March 1). A couple
moving the fear of the virus. At a minimum, a third "If a couple is living together as man and wife, the husband may be a brutal man, but can you call the act of sexual intercourse a rape?" of months ago, when the
of the population needs to be vaccinated before we asked Chief Justice of India SA Bobde on Monday while hearing a case of alleged rapeRadhika Roy auto and taxi unions
can attain herd immunity. States like Kerala and Ma- VJ@VJ290481 approached the
harashtra, which are in the grip of a resurgence, can
No, it is not up for discussion. What gives men the idea that marriage entails unlimited access to sexual intercourse as they desire? government for
avoid lockdowns only if the immunisation pro-
Avijit Saxena@avijitsaxena87 assistance, they were
gramme is implemented smoothly. Happily, the price
offered a fare hike. In
of the vaccine is unlikely to prove a dampener, While sexual intercourse in a marriage without the consent of wife should be labelled as marital rape, the real question is - how will you view of the pandemic,
though state governments ought to give it completely establish consent, or the lack of it, within s bedroom where there is no other witness? however, the unions had
free to the poorer sections, on a priority basis. Poor Former Bhakt@bhakt_former
protested and refused
people everywhere have suffered the most in the pan-
the offer. They were
demic, having lost their livelihoods and accounting
aware of the loss of jobs
for a high percentage of the Covid-19 infections. It is
which had led to
important that growth regains momentum at the ear-
lessened demand. What
liest. Government spending will need to drive Going ahead, some economists see the continuation of a K-shaped recovery, as against the govt’s claim of a V-shaped one they wanted was some

Economy’s out of recession,

growth not only in the current financial year but the
sort of waiver on vehicle
next as well. Fortunately, the government faucet re-
loans. Almost a year
mains wide open, set to release Rs 6 lakh crores in
later, the economic
subsidies alone in the current financial year. Under
situation is no better, so
the circumstances, reluctance to cut fuel levies may
where do they stand

but not out of the woods

be better appreciated.
today? Their arguments
make sense. If there is
FPJ ARCHIVES no demand, they are
FEBRUARY 5, 1963 looking at financial ruin.
The question is, who
benefits from this fare
jections are conditional on the pace of virus in- private demand is still some time away and may hike? It’s not the autos or

Comment fections remaining in check. The latest figures for

the third quarter also show that the manufactur-
ing sector, which had registered a 1.5 per cent de-
impact the overall economic scenario in the near-
to-medium term. Similarly, government spending
continued to decline at 1.1 per cent, although the
taxi drivers or the public.
Apparently, this fare hike
is being forced on the
A L I CHOUGULE cline in the second quarter, grew by 1.6 per cent in pace of decline has slowed. Gross fixed capital unions. It’s a ‘Catch-22’
Q3. As expected, the agriculture sector, which formation, a measure of investment demand, ex- situation for them.
stood out in the previous two quarters, continued panded 2.6 per cent, which is a sharp recovery af- Melville X D'Souza
its growth run, to register a 3.9 per cent expan- ter a 6.7 per cent and 46 per cent contraction in the

fter contracting as much as 15.8 per cent in sion. Agriculture was the rare bright spot that second and first quarters of the current fiscal, re-
the April to September period of FY ’21 – a
24.4 per cent fall in the first quarter and a
had expanded 3 per cent each in the previous two
quarters as well.
Although a bit lower than expectations, the fact
Pink-ball outings
7.3 per cent slide in the July to September quarter However, private consumption expenditure, that the economy did move into the green in Q3, While T-20s and ODIs
(revised data) – due to the Covid-19 pandemic and which is a measure of the crucial consumer de- indicates that the measures taken by the govern- make life hell for the
national and regional lockdowns, economists had mand, continued to contract, falling by 2.3 per ment to contain the spread of the virus have had bowlers, Test matches of
predicted that the GDP growth would see a mar- cent in Q3, though the extent of contraction re- a positive impact on growth. Going ahead, some late, especially the pink-
ginal expansion in the October-to-December duced from the second quarter when it had economists see the continuation of a K-shaped re- ball, D/N Test matches
quarter. Therefore, after two consecutive quar- shrunk 11 per cent. Government spending, on the covery, as against the government’s claim of a V- come like a whiff of
ters of a waterfall-like slide, the data for the third other hand, also fell in the latest quarter. While shaped recovery, with some sectors growing fresh air for them. How
quarter released by the National Statistical Or- the economy has managed to snap out of reces- faster than others. But there is also a cause for many times have we seen
ganisation (NSO) on February 27 did not come as sion and the government feels the positive growth concern in view of the virus raising its ugly head bowlers toil on flat
a surprise, as gross domestic product for Q3 re- rate was a sign of revival to pre-pandemic times, once again in some states, causing a spike in dai- batting pitches and
turned to year-on-year growth, although of a the economy, the government admitted, is still not ly cases over the past two weeks. While some ex- batsmen making merry
small magnitude and on a low base, thus putting out of the woods. This calls for, according to ex- perts see the economy reaching the pre-pandem- on these surfaces, with
an end to India’s technical recession. perts, continued fiscal and monetary measures to ic output levels by the end of 2021, others are not no result after five days.
While the GDP was expected to return to positive support the fragile economy. So, what are the key so optimistic and see a full recovery not before Most batsmen’s
territory, there was uncertainty about the extent of takeaways from the latest GDP data? mid-2022. This is because while big businesses techniques are found
steady recovery, which had begun in the last quar- The NSO data is a mix of many positives and have almost returned to their normal potential, wanting on pink ball Test
ter. According to average estimates of 10 econo- some negatives. Festival-led consumption and the real pain is in the informal sector – the SMEs match surfaces, like a
mists polled by Bloomberg, the GDP was expected pent-up demand should have helped the economy – where millions of jobs have been lost and pro- deer in the headlights. To
to grow 0.5 per cent in the third quarter. State Bank expand higher than 0.4 per cent. But this has not duction levels are yet to pick up. prevail on this surface,
of India’s chief economist Soumya Kanti Ghosh happened and consumer confidence continues to So, does GDP growth in Q3 call for celebration? batsmen must use
had projected the GDP growth to be around 0.3 per be low. The revised growth estimates for the full Not really, but one should be happy about the techniques like taking
CHINESE SET UP INFORMATION cent, based on the bank’s ‘SBI Nowcasting Model’. fiscal at minus 8 per cent, against the RBI’s esti- many positives. The Indian economy is a large off-stump guard, try to
SQUADS IN TIBET The rating agency ICRA had estimated a rise of 0.7
per cent, while DBS Bank predicted the third quar-
mates of minus 7.5 per cent, also suggests slower-
than-expected growth in manufacturing and
and complex economy, with a sizable unorgan-
ised sector. Therefore, the revision of GDP num-
play off-breaks outside
the line of off-stump in
The FPJ News Service terly growth to be at 1.7 per cent. The NSO data services sectors. While the manufacturing sector bers is not a rare occurrence. Q1 and Q2 GDP order to take LBW out of
GANGTOK, Feb. 4: The Chinese Communist Party unit in Tibet shows India’s Q3 GDP growth rate was in line with has revived and expanded by 1.6 per cent from the numbers of the current fiscal have been revised – the equation against
has recently set up "peoples information squads" to "enlighten expectations: a marginal rise at 0.4 per cent, reaf- same period a year ago, after contracting 1.5 per one up, the other down – and it is possible that the spinning balls and must
people about the progress achieved under the people's regime firming that the economy has managed to exit the cent in the earlier quarter and agriculture con- Q3 numbers could also see an upward or down- use their feet to smother
and to expose the designs of the imperialists". pandemic-led slump by 2020-end. tinues on its growth trajectory, financial and real ward revision because, as the NSO has said, the spinning ball and also
A number of the Chinese-trained Tibet an youths have been taken However, the GDP for the current financial year estate sectors have also seen a growth of 6.6 per “Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the eco- use their backfoot game,
in these squads which will likely ve in the towns and villages in is expected to contract by a slightly bigger margin cent; in the last quarter. This category had seen a nomic activities as well as data collection mecha- allowing a bit of extra
Tibet and address people's rallies. Every Tibet an has to attend of 8 per cent, according to the government’s offi- dismal performance, contracting 9.5 per cent. nism…Estimates are, therefore, likely to undergo time to adjust to the
compulsorily such rallies which are generally addressed by the cial updated forecast. The first advanced esti- Consumer spending, a key indicator of domes- sharp revisions for the aforesaid cause in due turn and bounce.
local bosses of the Communist Party. mates had forecast a 7.7 per cent contraction. This tic demand in a consumption-driven economy, course, as per the release calendar.” So, the pic- Twilight is the crucial
The necessity to from such squads is understood to be the means a deeper decline in full-year GDP, implying continued to fall, although the pace of decline has ture is far from unambiguous. period for the batsmen in
eagerness of the Chinese to enlist real cooperation from the a 1.1 per cent contraction in the January-to- slowed. A 2.4 decline in consumer spending in a such matches.
Tibetans in their war preparations against India. March quarter. The note of caution is that all pro- crucial festive quarter suggests that a rebound in The author is an independent senior journalist. V Nagendra Kumar

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ED quizzes Maha Min Kadam's wife
MUMBAI: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is questioning Swapnali Bhosale, wife of Maharashtra Minister Vishwajeet Kadam in
connection with its probe in a Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) case, officials said. According to senior ED officials,
Swapnali joined the financial probe agency investigation on Monday afternoon at its office here. The ED had summoned Bhosale in
the last week of January. The ED had earlier questioned her mother Gauri Bhosale and brother Amit Bhosale in February this year.
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Rly scam: CBI books ex-SWR

senior divisional engineer ��������
WIN 2.0 app to register and book an
appointment, the Union Health
have worked in quick time to
strengthen the global fight against
prime minister's visit to the hospi-
tal to take the vaccine only late
ready done? I didn't even feel it)."
The other nurse, Rosamma Anil, is
����������������������������������������� ministry clarified to say the app on Covid-19," Modi tweeted at 7.06 am. Sunday night. from Kerala and said it was the
������������������������������������������������� India expanded its Covid-19 vac- Play Store is meant for use only by "I appeal to all those who are eli- "As it was a week day, he chose to happiest day of her life.
����������������������������������������������� cine coverage on Monday by in- administrators. Registration and gible to take the vaccine. Together, come early in the morning so as "Because our Prime Minister
������������������������������������������ cluding everyone over 60 and those booking for appointments has to be let us make India Covid-19 free!" he not to cause any inconvenience to Modiji came to our AIIMS hospital
�������������������� ������������������������� aged between 45-59 who have co- done through the portal, it said. said. patients at the hospital," Guleria for taking vaccine," she said.
������������������������������������������������� morbidities in the net with Prime More than one million citizens He received the indigenously de- told PTI. The AIIMS director said As the vaccination programme
������������������������������������������������� Minister Narendra Modi setting were registered on the Co-WIN por- veloped Covaxin vaccine from Modi took the shot around 6.30 am got underway in other places
���������������������������������������������� the pace by being the first person to tal till 1 pm, the ministry said. Bharat Biotech. The other vaccine and was kept under observation for across the country with hopes that
������������������������������������������������� take a jab. Though registration opened at 9 being administered in the country half-and-hour as per protocol and it would help control the the uptick
����������������������������������������������� Thousands of people queued up am, the prime minister was the is Covishield from the Oxford-As- left after that. His second dose is in cases in several states, Vice Pres-
���������������������������������������� at government and private medical first off the block. He visited the traZeneca stable. due after 28 days "He is fine after ident M Venkaiah Naidu, Bihar
facilities across the country as the All India Institute of Medical Sci- Modi's move to take the first dose taking the vaccine," Guleria said. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and
‘Sanitiser booths’ set up country further opened its vacci- ences (AIIMS) early in the morning of Covid-19 vaccine on the very Sister P Niveda, from Puducher- his Odisha counterpart Naveen
in Kerala schools nation programme that started on to take his first dose and appeal to first day of India opening up the in- ry, administered the shot and was Patnaik also received their shots.
January 16 for healthcare and san- everyone eligible to get themselves oculation drive should eliminate informed only in in the morning. In keeping with the electoral prom-
������������������� ��������������� itary workers. inoculated. any hesitancy from the minds of She told reporters that the prime ise by the BJP-led NDA ahead of
��������������������������������������������� Amid reports of glitches and "Took my first dose of the Covid- people about the vaccine, AIIMS minister, after being administered the recent elections in the state,
������������������������������������������� some people saying they were find- 19 vaccine at AIIMS. Remarkable chief Dr Randeep Guleria said He the vaccine shot, remarked, "Laga Kumar said vaccines will be pro-
�������������������������������������������������� ing it difficult to navigate the Co- how our doctors and scientists said AIIMS was informed about the bhi diya, pata bhi nahin chala (Al- vided free to everybody.

8-PHASE POLLS IN BENGAL Prashant joins Saradha chit fund: ED summons

Amarinder for
Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh
CHALLENGED IN SC 2022 polls ����������������� According to ED sources,
DMK to release election �������� come up for hearing in few ���������� Ghosh, a former Tri-
��������� days, also seeks a direction Ahead of the high-octane namool Congress MP, had
manifesto on March 7 to the CBI to register an Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder assembly elections in West allegedly received funds
�������� ������������������������������� A plea challenging the FIR into the alleged chanti- Singh on Monday said poll strategist Bengal, the Enforcement from the Saradha group to
��������������������������������������� Election Commission's de- ng of religious slogans Prashant Kishor has joined him as Directorate (ED) has sum- head its media unit.
��������������������������������������������� cision to conduct assembly during electioneering in his principal advisor. moned Trinamool Con- Ghosh was earlier inter-
���������������������������������������������� elections over eight phases West Bengal. "Happy to share that @PrashantK- gress leader and spokesper- rogated by the agency in
���������������������������������������������� in West Bengal was filed in The chanting of "Jai Shri ishor has joined me as my Principal son Kunal Ghosh for ques- connection with the case in
�������������������������������������������������� the Supreme Court on Ram, other religious slo- Advisor. Look forward to working to- tioning in connection with July 2019 and in October
������������������������������������������ Monday. assembly elections to be gans are creating dishar- gether for the betterment of the peo- its probe into the Saradha 2013.
�������������������������������������������� The plea, filed by lawyer held in West Bengal, As- mony" and is an offence ple of Punjab!," said Amarinder Chit Fund money launder- An ED source said that
������������������������������������������ M L Sharma, seeks the sam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu under the IPC and the Rep- Singh in a tweet. ing case, officials said. the agency is probing the
����������������������������������������������� apex court's direction to and in Puducherry. resentation of the People The development assumes signifi- An ED official related to flow of funds which Ghosh
���������������������������������������������� the poll panel to stop it While the Trinamool Act, 1951, the plea said. cance as the Punjab Assembly elec- the probe told IANS, had allegedly received
����������������������� from conducting eight- Congress Party-led West "Whether using a tions are due early next year. "Ghosh has been asked to from the Saradha group
phase elections in the state Bengal will have elections provocative religious slo- Currently, Kishor's company, Indian join the investigation at its and also the money laun-
435 IIM-B'lore students as it violates Article 14 over eight rounds from gan 'Jai Shri Ram' is for Political Action Committee (I-PAC), Kolkata office on March 2 dering angle.
(right to life) and Article 21 March 27-April 29, polling electoral benefits as well as is assisting Mamata Banerjee's Tri- at 11 am." The Saradha scam came
get placement offers (right to life) of the Consti- in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and others is not violated namool Congress (TMC) in the West He said that Ghosh's to light in April 2013 and is
���������� ���������������������������������� tution. Puducherry will be held in S.123(3) & 125 of the Repre- Bengal elections. statement will be recorded estimated at over Rs 10,000
������������������������������������������������ On February 26, the Elec- one phase on April 6 and in sentation of the People Act, Kishor had handled the Congress under the Prevention of crore. The ED has filed a
�������������������������������������������������� tion Commission an- Assam over three phases. 1951," reads the legal ques- poll campaign in the 2017 Punjab As- Money Laundering Act case on the basis of the
����������������������������������������������������� nounced the schedule for The plea, which may tion raised in the plea. sembly elections. (PMLA). CBI's FIR.
������� ���������������� ������������������������

Govt's silence hints at plan ����������������������������������

against farmers stir: Tikait ��������������������������������
RSP declares first list of �����������
�������� against the agitation." Howev-
candidates for Kerala polls ������� er, Tikait said farmers will not Tamil Nadu should show the way to India
������������������� ��� step back till a solution is in keeping away forces that are inimical to
��������������������������������������������������� BKU leader Rakesh Tikait has found. language and culture and those projecting
�������������������������������������������� claimed that the Centre's "si- "The farmer is also ready. He "one culture, one nation and one history"
�������������������������������������������������� lence" for the past few days in- will look after his crop as well concept, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi
��������������������������������������������������� dicates that it is planning as the agitation. Let the gov- said on Monday.
���������������������������������������������� some steps against the farm- ernment hold talks when it The Lok Sabha MP participated in multi-
�������������������������������������������������� ers' agitation over newly en- has the time," he said. ple engagements in this district as part of
����������������������������������������������� acted agriculture laws. Tikait also said farmers' his three-day tour of Tamil Nadu, ahead of
����������������������������������������������� He also stressed that it is the "mahapanchayats" will be the April 6 Assembly polls in the state
����������������������������������������������� government that will have to Kisan Union (BKU) leader told held at several places in the which his party is facing in alliance with ������������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������������� come forward with a proposal reporters in Bijnor's Afzal- country till March 24. When the M K Stalin-led DMK. ������������������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������� for talks to resume with the garh, "The government's si- asked about the violence dur- If he were to interview Prime Minister
���������������������������������� protesting farmers. lence for the past 15-20 days is ing a tractor parade on the Re- Narendra Modi, Gandhi said he would ask Narayanasamy threatens
Before leaving for Uttarak- indicating that something is public Day in New Delhi, he al- "why are you convinced that all answers
AIMIM to contest TN hand's Udham Singh Nagar on going to happen. The govern- leged that the government cre- should come from you".
Shah with defamation suit
Sunday night, the Bharatiya ment is planning some steps ated the trouble. He also said the National Eligibility cum ����������� �����������������������
Assembly elections Entrance Test (NEET), strongly opposed to ���������������������������������
������������������������������������������� by Tamil Nadu political parties, was a "big �����������������������������������������������

Chandrababu detained at airport, stages sit-in protest

������������������������������������������������� issue" and "not beneficial" for students. ���������������������������������������
��������������������������������������������� The Wayanad MP displayed his fitness �����������������������������������������
������������������������������������������� when he effortlessly did multiple pushups, ��������������������������������������������
����������������������������������������������� TIRUPATI: Leader of Opposi- demanded to know why he Police had denied permis- including one-handed, while he shook a ��������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������������� tion in the Andhra Pradesh was being prevented from go- sion for the protest by citing leg with the students he interacted with, ���� ���� ���� ���� �� ���� ���� �� ������
���������������������������������������������� Assembly N Chandrababu ing to Tirupati and Chittoor, the model code of conduct for as accompanying Congress leaders Dinesh �����������������������������������������
������������������������������������������� Naidu staged a sit-in protest in 70 kms away. (urban local body) elections Gundu Rao and K S Alagiri joined him. ��������������������������������������������
����������������������������������������������� the arrival lounge of the air- Naidu arrived at the airport and also the prevalence of At a public address in Nagercoil in the ������������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������������� port at Renigunta, near here, from Hyderabad to take part coronavirus. district, Gandhi said history has shown �������������������������������������������
����������������������������������������� on Monday as police sought to in a protest in Tirupati On Sunday, the Tirupati Mu- nobody can rule Tamil Nadu other than ����������������������������������������������
detain him and prevent his en- against the alleged high-hand- nicipal Corporation officials the Tamil people.
Kerala Fisheries Minister try into the temple town. edness of the local civic au- allegedly ransacked a tea stall "This election will show the same thing
The Telugu Desam Party thorities, and flew from here belonging to a TDP leader that only a person who truly represents
is a liar: Chennithala chief picked up an argument back to Hyderabad late in the whose wife was contesting the the Tamil people can be a Chief Minister
���������������������������������� �����������������
with the police officials and evening. March 10 election. of Tamil Nadu," he said.
Get ready for sultry, sweltering summer, warns IMD
����������������������������������������������� �������������������� central India and few coastal erate La Niña conditions are April.
��������������������������������������������� subdivisions of north penin- prevailing over the equatori- The IMD last month had
��������������������������������������������������� Day temperatures are likely sular India," the forecast al Pacific and sea surface said the minimum tempera-
�������������������������������������������� to be above normal in north, said. temperatures (SSTs) are be- ture recorded in the country
����������������������������������������������� northeast, parts of east and There is a probability fore- low normal over the central in January was the warmest
���������������������������������������������� west India, the India Meteor- cast for above maximum and eastern equatorial Pa- for the month in 62 years.
ological Department (IMD) temperatures in Chhattis- cific Ocean. South India was particularly
KTR, BJP leader engaged in said Monday in its summer garh, Odisha, Gujarat, The latest model forecast warm. The month was the
forecast for March to May. coastal Maharashtra, Goa indicates that La Niña con- warmest in 121 years, with
Twitter war over jobs However, it has forecast a and coastal Andhra ditions are likely to sustain 22.33 degrees Celsius in
���������� �������������������������� likelihood of below normal Pradesh. "However, below during the upcoming hot south India, followed by
�������������������������������������������� temperatures in south and normal seasonal maximum weather season (March to 22.14 degrees Celsius in 1919
����������������������������������������� adjoining central India. temperatures are likely over May), it added. and 21.93 degrees Celsius in
������������������������������������������������ "During the upcoming hot most of the subdivisions of La Nina is associated with 2020 as the second and third
������������������������������������������������� weather season (March to south peninsula and adjoin- the cooling of the Pacific wa- warmest months.
������������������������������������������������ May), above normal season- ing central India," it added. ters and El Nino is its anthe- Central India was also the
������������������������������������������������� al maximum (day) tempera- It said above normal sea- western part of central In- the subdivisions of eastern sis. The phenomenon has a warmest (14.82 degrees Cel-
���������������������������������������������� tures are likely over most of sonal minimum (night) tem- dia and southern part of part of the central India and impact on the weather of the sius) in the last 38 years after
��������������������������������������� the subdivisions of north, peratures are likely over peninsular India. few subdivisions of extreme Indian sub-continent. 1982 (14.92 degrees Celsius),
������������������ ����������������������������� northwest and northeast In- most of the of north India "However, below normal northern part of the coun- The IMD said it will re- while 1958 with 15.06 degrees
������������������������������ dia, few subdivisions from along the foot hills of Hi- season minimum tempera- try," the IMD added. lease the second summer Celsius was the warmest in
eastern and western parts of malayas, northeast India, tures are likely over most of The IMD added that mod- forecast for April to June in the 1901-2021 period.
Arunachal reports zero Covid cases for 10 days
ITANAGAR/AGARTALA: Arunachal Pradesh has reported zero Covid cases during the last ten days, even as
the state's recovery rate stands at 99.67 per cent, the second highest in the country after the Union Territory of
Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu having a recovery rate at 99.82 per cent, health officials said on Monday.
According to the data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Monday, the total Covid-19
positive cases in Arunachal Pradesh were 16,836, while the number of recoveries stood at 16,780.

Row over CPM, RSS links NCB busts cannabis trafficking

Continued from page 1
Minister, retd bureaucrats...
network, arrests eight
forces a denial from Left
Many sants also came out for the jab. Swami
Akhileshwarand Giri got shot in Jabalpur. Similarly,
Gwalior MP Vivek Narayan Shejwalkar got vaccina-
tion. In Bhopal, 17 sites conducted vaccination and BENGALURU huge quantities from
they are JP Hospital; GMC; AIIMS; BMHRC; civil hos- Visakhapatnam and distrib-
pital, Bairgarh; Civil hospital, Berasia; CHC, Kolar; The Narcotics Control Bu- ute it in various parts of
and CHC, Gandhi Nagar. Similarly, LN Medical reau on Monday said it bust- Pune and Osmanabad in
College, Chirayu Medical College, Peoples' medical ed a cannabis trafficking Maharashtra.
College, RKDF, Nobel hospital, Bhopal Care Hospital. K RAVEENDRAN / CPM central committee ings, first in Kannur and the dates in elections. network by arresting eight It added that the illegal
It was rush for beneficiaries at the sites in compari- Thiruvananthapuram member M V Govindan has second in Thiruvanantha- Referring to the controver- people and seizing 681.8 kg cannabis cultivation in In-
son to vaccination of Phase-1 which was for Health denied any interactions be- puram and chief minister sy about the land allotment, of contraband. dia is largely concentrated
Care Workers(HCWs) and Front Line Workers (FLWs). A claim by Jemaat-e-Islami tween RSS and CPM and Pinarayi Vijayan had at- the Satsang Foundation According to the NCB, act- around the naxal infected
Former CS Nirmla Buch said, "People should get vac- about CPM, RSS interac- claimed that the association tended both. chief disclosed that his or- ing on specific intelligence regions of Andhra and
cine as soon as possible as it boosts the immunity of tions has caused embarrass- with Shri Em was only in He claimed that the meet- ganisation had sent a letter inputs by NCB Bengaluru, Odisha border. Cannabis
beneficiary to fight corona. It was nice management ment to the communists to connection with yoga class- ings were organised in the to the chief minister re- the Hyderabad sub-zonal from this region finds its
by the doctors for the vaccination. Today, I got it. the extent of issuing a de- es. The CPM leader de- interest of peace and for the questing for a plot of land to unit intercepted three cars way to all over the country
People should not have any misconception about its nial even as the person me- scribed Shri Em as a secular good of the Kerala society set up the yoga centre. near Pedda Amberpet Toll including Delhi, Mumbai,
side effect." diating between the two has person and asserted there and there was no other po- He claimed that he came to Plaza, Rangareddy District Maharashtra, Rajasthan,
Swami Akhileshwaranad Giri said, "Indian scien- admitted the contacts. was no political signifi- litical significance to the know about the allotment in Telangana and seized the Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West
tists did a really good job by making vaccine for entire Adding to the CPM dis- cance to the interactions. parleys. only from media reports contraband. Bengal and is smuggled
world. India faced the brunt of Covid socially, eco- comfort is a land allocation The Satsang Founder Opposition Congress and and that he has not specifi- The NCB said the consign- across the ocean to Sri
nomically, religiously as all activities had come to to the Satsang Foundation, a leader, meanwhile, claimed UDF have been alleging tac- cally received any commu- ment was concealed in com- Lanka. Difficult terrain and
standstill due to corona last year. Today, PM Modi got saffron outfit headed by in a newspaper interview it understanding between nication from the govern- pressed form, kept in 335 inaccessibility make this
vaccine setting example for entire nation. We sants Shri M, who was the media- that he had mediated be- CPM and RSS in certain is- ment in this regard. But he brick like packets and area difficult for the law en-
(nearly two dozen) got vaccines today and we have tor between the two sides. tween CPM and RSS follow- sues. There have also been sent a message of thanks to wrapped with brown colour forcement agencies to con-
faced no adverse impact after the vaccination. We The land was meant for the ing the clashes between the allegations of political ad- the chief minister's office adhesive tapes. duct destruction of illicit
tried to set examples in Jabalpur known as establishment of a yoga cen- two sides in Kannur. He said justments between the two on learning about the land A syndicate of eight people cannabis cultivation, the
"Sanskardhani" for entire country that people should tre in the state capital. that there were two meet- sides to defeat UDF candi- allotment. used to source cannabis in NCB said.
not have any kind misconception about the vaccine.
Sadhu-Sants should lead by example in country and

Will you marry her? CBI searches 3 states in corruption case

we did it for welfare of society today."
China hackers ambush...
SII and Bharat Biotech declined to comment, reports
Reuters. The Chinese foreign ministry did not imme-
diately reply either. The US Department of Justice
SC asks government NEW DELHI Bapnna and contractor P. Aswartha
Narayana in connection with the case
der Bridge.
In the FIR it was alleged that old dis-
had revealed in 2018 that APT10 had acted in tandem
with the Chinese Ministry of State Security.
Incidentally, Microsoft said in November that it had
worker in rape case The Central Bureau of Investigation
(CBI) on Monday carried out searches
at three locations across three states
in Hubli, Bhilwara and Kolhapur.
During the searches the agency
sleuths also seized several incrimi-
mantled structural steel of un-
manned level cross height gauges
were used for the work and no struc-
detected cyberattacks emanating from Russia and He has been accused of raping a schoolgirl in connection with a case registered nating documents. tural steel was purchased, though the
North Korea targeting COVID-19 vaccine companies against the senior Divisional Manag- The CBI had registered a case contractor received payments.
in India, Canada, France, South Korea and the United and faces charges under the severe POCSO er of South West Railways for fake against the then Bapanna, who is It was also alleged that the public
States. Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech's COVAXIN payment to a contractor. posted in Hubli, unknown public ser- servant obtained illegal gratification
shot, developed with the State-run Indian Council of NEW DELHI girl turned 18. When she A CBI official here said that the vants and others including the con- in return through the money trans-
Medical Research, will be exported to many countries, did, however, the man re- agency sleuths raided three premises tractor in a work related to providing ferred to the accounts of his relatives
including Brazil. The Supreme Court today fused to marry her. That is of Senior Divisional Engoneer Neeraj additional height guage in Road un- or friends by the contractor.
asked a government em- when a rape complaint was
Bailable warrant issued... ployee seeking protection filed against him, accord-
Akhtar's advocate Vrinda Grover, however, argued
that even if the process is being challenged, Ranaut
has to appear before the court as directed, in the
from arrest whether he
would marry a woman who
has accused him of rape.
ing to a petition filed by
In a question that has
Residential accommodation for
absence of any stay on the summons by a higher
court. "It is the accused's right to appeal against the
order, or even challenge the proceedings, that no one
The top court was hearing
the bail request of Mohit
Subhash Chavan, a techni-
been commented upon on
social media, the Chief Jus-
tice asked the accused man:
nuns, hostel for students can
can deny and no one can stop, not even this court.
However, she (Ranaut) has failed to comply with the
order of this court and there is also no stay obtained
cian with the Maharashtra
State Electric Production
Company. He has been ac-
"Will you marry her?"
Chavan's lawyer replied:
"Will take instructions."
claim property tax exemption: SC
from a higher court," the lawyer argued. Grover then cused of raping a schoolgirl The Chief Justce said: "You NEW DELHI residence is not to earn profit
filed an application seeking a non- bailable warrant to and faces charges under the should have thought before but residence that is integral-
be issued against the actor. This was opposed by severe POCSO (Protection seducing and raping the Residential accommodation ly connected with the reli-
Siddiquee. Magistrate Khan observed that Ranaut of Children from Sexual Of- young girl. You knew you for nuns and hostel for stu- gious or educational activity,"
was at the liberty to approach a higher court to chal- fences) law. are a government servant." dents which are attached to the bench, also comprising
lenge the process issued against her, but that would "If you want to marry we The Chief Justice said: various educational institu- Justice B R Gavai, said.
not absolve her from appearing before this court. The can help you. If not, you "We are not forcing you to tions can claim property tax The apex court dismissed
court issued a bailable warrant against Ranaut and lose your job and go to jail. marry. Let us know if you exemption under Kerala the appeals filed by the Kerala
posted the matter for hearing on March 26. Last You seduced the girl, raped will. Otherwise you will say Building Tax Act, 1975, the government.
month, the Mumbai police submitted a report to the her," Chief Justice of India we are forcing you to marry Supreme Court said on Mon- The Kerala government had
court, saying an offence of defamation was made out SA Bobde told the petition- her."The accused's lawyer day. moved the apex court stating
against the actor. Akhtar filed the complaint against er's lawyer, who argued that said he would reply after A bench headed by Justice R that no exemption should be
Ranaut in November last year for allegedly making his client could lose his job. consulting with his client. F Nariman said religious, granted as residential accom-
baseless and false statements against him which, The petitioner told the Later, he told the Supreme charitable or educational pur- modation for nuns and hos-
according to him, damaged his reputation. In his com- court his mother had of- Court: "Initially I wanted to poses are earmarked by the tels for students would be for
plaint, the lyricist claimed Ranaut had made defama- fered marriage when the marry her. But she refused. legislature as qualifying for residential as apart from reli-
tory comments against him in an interview by drag- girl went to the police. But Now I cannot as I am al- the exemption as they do not gious or educational purpos-
ging his name while referring to a "coterie" existing in she had reportedly refused. ready married." pertain to the business or es and would not, therefore,
Bollywood, following the death of actor Sushant Then a document was He also said the trial was commercial activity. be covered by the exemption
Singh Rajput in June last year. Akhtar in his plea drawn up to say a marriage on and charges were yet to The top court said that in tax contained in Section 3(1)(b) of
claimed the baseless comments made by Ranaut had would take place once the be framed. statutes, an exemption provi- the Kerala Building Tax Act,
caused damage to his reputation. sion should be liberally con- 1975.
strued in accordance with the The apex court's
Lokayukta enters Mhow...
Meanwhile, Lokayukta sleuths in civil dress entered
SC rejects plea challenging Centre’s object sought to be achieved if
such provision is to grant in-
judgement came on ap-
peals pertaining to an
the jail premises on the excuse of meeting some pris-
oner. As Bali accepted the bribe amount, he was power on transfer of IPS officers centive for promoting eco-
nomic growth or otherwise
exemption provision
contained in the Ker-
nabbed red-handed by Lokayukta sleuths. They asked NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday declined to en- has some beneficial reason be- ala Building Tax Act,
him to go and give the amount to the person he was tertain a plea which sought quashing Rule 6(1) of the Indian hind it. "Nuns are living in a 1975. Under Section
supposed to else he will be booked as a main accused. Police Service (Cadre) Rules, 1954, which confers powers on neighbouring building to a 3(1)(b) buildings that
Bali went and gave amount to Rathore who was the Centre to override decisions of state governments on convent only so that they may are used principally
unaware of the Lokayukta sleuths presence in the jail transfer and deputation of IPS officers. A bench of Justices receive religious instruction for religious, charita-
premises. As he took the amount from Bali, sleuths L Nageswara Rao and S. Ravindra Bhat dismissed the plea there, or if students are living ble or educational pur-
nabbed him also. Rathore claimed that he had sought filed by West Bengal-based Supreme Court lawyer Abu Sohel, in a hostel close to the school poses or as factories or
bribe on behalf of Makwana. Lokayukta police took who prayed that this rule was violative of different funda- or college in which they are workshops are exempt-
Makwana, Rathore and Bali to Kishanganj police sta- mental rights and against the interests of public policy and imparted instruction, it is ob- ed from building tax
tion for quizzing. Case was registered against Rathore Centre-state relationship. The rule provided that in case of vious that the purpose of such under the Act.
and Bali. No evidence of Makwana's involvement was any disagreement, the
found in the case. Sources claimed that Mhow jail per- matter shall be decided by
sonnel take bribe from prisoners and provide them the central government
with facilities like access to mobile phone, cigarettes, and the state government
liquor etc. Recently, two guards of Mhow jail were or state governments con-
arrested for trafficking of brown sugar and other pro- cerned shall give effect to
hibited items. Also, notorious criminal Jeetu Thakur the decision of the central
was murdered inside the jail about a decade back. government.

Tejashwi meets Mamata,

promises her support

In a bid to offer her the par-

ty’s support in the forth-
coming assembly elec-
tions, RJD leader Tejashwi
Yadav met Trinamool Con-
gress chief Mamata Baner-
jee in Kolkata on Monday.
Mritunjay Tiwari, the
RJD state spokesperson
confirmed the develop-
ment. Yadav met the CM at
her official residence in
Kolkata’s Kalighat area.
“The RJD earlier had
one MLA in West Bengal
and it has a sizeable vote bly election will be held in standing for the polls.
bank in the state’s border 8 phases from March 27 to At present, Mamata Ben-
areas. The districts con- April 29. erjee and Tejashwi Yadav
nected to Purnea, Kis- Keeping this in view, the are the only two leaders in
hanganj, Katihar have a RJD has already sent two the country who are taking
significant population of senior leaders — Abdul on PM Narendra Modi. Te-
Yadavs and Muslims. Be- Bari Siddiqui and Shyam jashwi single-handedly
sides, large numbers of Rajak — to West Bengal. took the Mahagathband-
these two communities They met Abhishek Baner- han close to victory in the
live in Kolkata city, outer jee, one of the main strate- Bihar assembly elections.
Kolkata and Asansol. Put gists of the Trinamool for As far as the BJP is con-
together, they have the ca- the West Bengal polls. cerned, its leaders believe
pacity to change political Sources have said that both that West Bengal is the fi-
equations,” Tiwari said. Trinamool and RJD have nal fortress they want to
The West Bengal assem- reached a mutual under- breach.

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India, US reaffirm strategic partnership at meeting of UN envoys
UN: India and the US have reaffirmed their strategic partnership and agreed
to work together to strengthen multilateralism during a meeting between the
top UN diplomats of the two countries here. Newly appointed US
Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield met India's Permanent
Representative to the UN Ambassador T S Tirumurti as part of a series of
bilateral meetings with her UN Security Council counterparts. "Pleasure to
meet new @USAmbUN Permanent Representative @LindaT_G and discuss
priorities of US Presidency of @UN #SecurityCouncil," Tirumurti tweeted.

Sarkozy convicted of Trump hints at 2024 run

graft, gets 1 yr in jail
Former US Prez attacked Biden, who has been in office for just 39 days, asserting
that in just one short month, we have gone from ‘America First’ to ‘America Last’
AGENCIES ruption," based on "consis- him move up ... I'll help
New York
Republican Party, it's going
to unite and be stronger than
... says India,
Paris tent and serious evidence".
The court said the facts
him." In another, Her-
zog reminded Sarkozy to Former US President Don-
ever before," he said, annou-
ncing an enemy's list of sev-
China, Russia
A Paris court on
Monday found
were "particularly se-
rious" given that
"say a word" for Azibert
during a trip to Monaco.
ald Trump has roared back
into the political arena with
eral members of his party
who voted for this impeach-
not clean
French former they were commit- Legal proceedings against a hint that he may run for of- ment or to convict him. rump raised the climate
President Nico- ted by a former Sarkozy have been dropped fice in 2024 and a jet of vitri- He flexed his political mus- issue, criticising his
las Sarkozy president who in the Bettencourt case. Az- ol against members of his cle at the annual conference successor Biden for
guilty of cor- used his status to ibert never got the Monaco Republican Party not loyal of the Conservative Political rejoining the "very unfair"
ruption and help a magistrate job. to him, as well as Democrats. Action Committee (CPAC) Paris Agreement, saying what
influence ped- who had served his Prosecutors have conclud- Speaking in public on Sun- where an informal poll good does it do when
dling and personal interest. In ed, however, that the "clear- day for the first time since showed that 68 per cent of America is "clean" but China,
sen- addition, as a lawyer by ly stated promise" consti- leaving office, Trump did not the participants wanted him Russia and India are not.
training, he was "per- tutes in itself a corruption admit defeat in the Novem- to run again and 95 per cent “We have the cleanest air
fectly informed" offense under French law, ber 3 2020 election and in- supported his policies. and cleanest water. and what
about commit- even if the promise wasn't stead said, "I may even de- The group represents the ents a dilemma for the party. of Washington, DC estab- good does it do when we're
ting an illegal fulfilled. cide to defeat them a third more conservative wing of He is a divisive figure who lishment political hacks and clean, but China is not and
action, the Sarkozy vigorously de- time." the Republican Party reflect- caused many unaffiliated everybody else all over the Russia is not and India is not,
court said. nied any malicious inten- He tamped down specula- ing his base and the crowd, voters and those in the mid- country." He named the Re- so they are pouring fumes...
Sarkozy had tion. tions that he may start a many of them unmasked dle to vote against him. publicans like Senator Mitt you know the world is a small
firmly denied He told the court that his third party calling it fake and not socially distanced, Yet the party cannot win Romney and Representative piece of the universe and
all the allega- political life was all about news seeking to divide the repeatedly chanted, "We love without his supporters. Liz Cheney, who have criti- we're trying to protect
tions against "giving (people) a little help. Republican vote "so that you you". Trump's hold on a Trump said, "The only di- cised him and voted against everything," Trump said amidst
him during the That all it is, a little help," can never win". "We have the broad base of the party pres- vision is between a handful him during impeachment. applause from his supporters.
tenced him to one year in 10-day trial that took place he said during the trial.

Khashoggi’s fiancee seeks

prison and a two-year sus- at the end of last year. The confidentiality of
pended sentence.
The 66-year-old politician,
who was president from
The corruption trial fo-
cused on phone conversa-
tions that took place in Feb-
communications between a
lawyer and his client was a
major point of contention
Imran Khan dreams of
Gwadar as ‘next Dubai’
punishment for Saudi Prince
2007 to 2012, was convicted ruary 2014. in the trial.
for having tried to illegally At the time, investigative "You have in front of you a
obtain information from a judges had launched an in- man of whom more that
senior magistrate in 2014 quiry into the financing of 3,700 private conversations AGENCIES ing Zones Authority) ex-
about a legal action in the 2007 presidential cam- have been wiretapped... Rome port processing zone. It in-
which he was involved. paign. During the investi- What did I do to deserve AGENCIES stead restricts the local
The court said Sarkozy is gation they incidentally that?" Sarkozy said during Istanbul While Prime Minister Im- population, whose liveli-
entitled to request to be de- discovered that Sarkozy the trial. ran Khan-led government hood depends on fishing,
tained at home with an elec- and Herzog were communi- Sarkozy's defense lawyer, The Turkish fiancee ofslain journalist Jamal "plans" to make Gwadar the from accessing the sea.
tronic bracelet. cating via secret mobile Jacqueline Laffont, argued Khashoggi yesterday demanded that Saudi "next Dubai" under the Chi- "The real purpose of the
This is the first time in phones registered to the the whole case was based Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin na-Pakistan Economic Cor- barbed wire and the 15,000
France's modern history alias "Paul Bismuth." on "small talk" between a Abdulaziz Al Saud be "punished without de- ridor (CPEC) initiative, he Chinese soldiers deployed
that a former president has Conversations wiretapped lawyer and his client. lay" over the murder. is restricting Baloch locals at the port, on which the
been convicted of corrup- on these phones led prose- The court concluded that "It is essential that the Crown Prince, who from accessing basic neces- Chinese and Pakistani flags
tion. cutors to suspect Sarkozy the use of wiretapped con- ordered the brutal murder of a blameless sities by fortifying the city fly, is not to ensure the safe-
Sarkozy's co-defendants - and Herzog of promising versations was legal as long and innocent person, should be punished "Starting with the (US President Joe) Biden at the behest of China. ty of commercial installa-
his lawyer and longtime Azibert a job in Monaco in as they helped show evi- without delay," the BBC quoted Khashoggi's Administration, it is vital for all world lead- According to journalist tions but to defend Beijing's
friend Thierry Herzog, 65, exchange for leaking infor- dence of corruption-related fiancee Hatice Cengiz in a statement. ers to ask themselves if they are prepared to Francesca Marino, the interests and keep the
and now-retired magistrate mation about another legal offenses. "This will not only bring the justice we have shake hands... I urge everyone to put their barbed wire being put up Baloch out," said Marino.
Gilbert Azibert, 74 - were case, known by the name of Sarkozy withdrew from been seeking.... but it could also prevent sim- hands on their hearts and campaign to pun- by the Pakistan govern- Meanwhile, Islamabad
also found guilty and given France's richest woman, active politics after failing ilar acts recurring. ish the Crown Prince." ment does not surround has stepped up up its secu-
the same sentence as the L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bet- to be chosen as his conser- In the statement, Cengiz, a Turkish aca- Cengiz's statement comes three days after a Gwadar port free zone, rity in Balochistan to pro-
politician. tencourt. vative party's presidential demic researcher, made an appeal to world de-classified US intelligence report released GIEDA (Gwadar Industrial tect its facilities as there is a
The court found that In one of these phone candidate for France's 2017 leaders to distance themselves from the on February 26 assessed that the Crown Estate Development Au- rise in attacks on CPEC
Sarkozy and his co-defen- calls with Herzog, Sarkozy election, won by Emmanuel Crown Prince and impose sanctions on the Prince approved an operation to "capture or thority) industrial zone projects, the Pakistan mili-
dants sealed a "pact of cor- said of Azibert : "I'll make Macron. Kingdom. kill" Saudi Khashoggi in 2018. and EPZA (Export Process- tary said earlier.

Suu Kyi in court 1st time since military coup 3rd Covid wave feared in Pak
ISLAMABAD: Due to the easing
of most of the coronavirus DASHBOARD
Yangon restrictions across Pakistan, Less than 10% of the
health experts have sounded world’s population have
Myanmar's tallest leader Aung San Suu Kyi, alarm over a third wave of Covid antibodies
denied a second tenure in power by a mili- the pandemic if there was a
Global Covid-19 cases
tary takeover on February 1, faced court on resurgence of fresh cases, a top 114 million: Johns
Monday through a video link, her lawyer media report said on Mon- Hopkins
Khin Maung Zaw said. day.
Zaw told this writer he had seen his client On Sunday, the country Nepal's Army Chief
for the first time since a military coup ex- registered 1,176 new Covid- receives first dose of
actly one month ago, after which the coun- 19 cases, which increased the Made-in-India vaccine
try has plunged into huge and ceaseless overall tally to 581,365. The NY Covid-19
protests. death toll currently stood at hospitalisations drop to
Suu Kyi's court appearance, in a minor 12,896. lowest level
case over alleged possession of foreign- On February 24, the Na-
made walky-talkies , came on a day when
protestors again hit the streets, despite a Protesters back on streets tional Command and Opera-
tion Centre (NCOC) on Race on in UK to track Brazil variant
bloody Sunday, when at least 19 people died Covid relaxed most of the re- LONDON: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday said that a
in firing by security forces across Myanmar. YANGON: Police in Myanmar's biggest city on Monday fired tear strictions on commercial ac- "massive effort" was underway to track the spread of a new
At least 30 were injured and 10 missing gas at defiant crowds who returned to the streets to protest the tivities, schools, offices and Brazilian variant of COVID-19 detected in the country, as health
during the mayhem unleashed by the forces military's seizure of power a month ago, despite reports that other workplaces, allowing officials issued an appeal for an unidentified person who had tested
in Yangon, Mandalay, Dawei, Myitkina and security forces had killed at least 18 people around the country a them to function at full positive for it to come forward. The missing person infected with
several other cities. day earlier. strength. the highly-transmissible variant is understood to have used a home
The UN Human Rights office confirmed 18 The protesters in Yangon were chased as they tried to gather at Speaking to Dawn news on testing kit, but did not complete the registration form properly.
deaths but the Democratic Voice of Burma their usual meeting spot at the Hledan Center intersection. Sunday, Secretary General of It has prompted an appeal for anyone without a result from a
provided details of 19 people who died in the Demonstrators scattered and sought to rinse their faces with water the Pakistan Medical Associ- coronavirus test on February 12 or 13 to come forward immediately
firings. in vain attempts to ease the irritating effects of the gas. by calling on helpline: 119.

Prince Harry: Split from royal life 'unbelievably tough' Prince Philip
shifted to In 1st day on job, new WTO
second hosp chief pushes for fisheries deal
AGENCIES posite Winfrey and side-by-
Los Angeles side, holding hands during
the interview that was con-
Prince Harry says the ducted in a lush garden set- LONDON: Britain's Prince Philip,
process of separating from ting. Meghan, who recently the Duke of Edinburgh, has AGENCIES / Geneva
royal life has been very diffi- announced she is pregnant been transferred to a second
cult for him and his wife, with the couple's second hospital in London to continue The new head of the World Trade Organization
Meghan. child, wore an empire-style treatment for an infection, threw her support behind long-fruitless efforts
In an interview with Oprah black dress with embroidery. Buckingham Palace said on among member countries to agree on fisheries
Winfrey, Harry invoked the Harry wore a light gray suit Monday. The 99-year-old subsidies that could reduce overfishing, calling
memory of his late mother, and white dress shirt, minus husband of Queen Elizabeth II, the efforts a top priority as she took office on
Princess Diana, who had to a tie. who spent 13 nights at the King Monday.
find her way alone after she As Meghan Markle, the ac- Edward VII's Hospital in central Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a
and Prince Charles divorced. tor starred in the TV legal London after being admitted Nigerian economist and former government
"I'm just really relieved and drama "Suits." She married last month, has now been minister, donned a mask and doled out elbow
happy to be sitting here talk- Queen Elizabeth II's grand- transferred to St Bartholomew's bumps - COVID-19 oblige - as she took up the job
ing to you with my wife by son at Windsor Castle in Hospital for further tests and at WTO headquarters on the banks of Lake
my side, because I can't be- the two of us." was shown in a photo hold- May 2018, and their son, observation for a pre-existing Geneva.
gin to imagine what it must "But at least we have each ing toddler Harry as he Archie, was born a year lat- heart condition. "I am coming into one of the most important
have been like for her going other," Harry said, in a clip made the comments. His er. "The Duke remains comfortable institutions in the world and we have a lot of
through this process by her- from the interview special, mother died in 1997 of in- The brief promotional clip and is responding to treatment work to do," said Okonjo-Iweala, 66, who is both
self all those years ago," Har- which is scheduled to air juries suffered in a car was one of two of that aired but is expected to remain in the first woman and the first African to hold the
ry said, adding, "because it's March 7 on CBS and the fol- crash. Sunday during CBS' news hospital until at least the end of job. "I feel ready to go."
been unbelievably tough for lowing day in Britain. Diana Harry and Meghan sat op- magazine "60 Minutes." the week," a statement said. Negotiators have been tasked with striking an
agreement that could help eliminate subsidies

Girl dies after being caned during ‘exorcism’ in Sri Lanka

for illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing,
and prohibit some fisheries subsidies that con-
tribute to overcapacity and overfishing.
Member states of the WTO, which works to
AGENCIES had been possessed by a demon and took craft accords that can ensure smooth interna-
Colombo her to the home of the exorcist so a ritual tional trade, have struggled to reach an agree-
could be performed to drive the spirit away. ment on fisheries after roughly two decades of
Police in Sri Lanka said on Monday they Rohana said the exorcist first put oil on work. Okonjo-Iweala called for finalizing the ne- New Director-General of WTO Ngozi Okonjo-
have arrested two people in the death of a the girl and then began to repeatedly hit gotiations "as soon as possible," and credited
Iweala arrives at the WTO headquarters to take
9-year-old girl who was repeatedly beaten her with a cane. When the girl lost con- Colombian ambassador Santiago Wills, who
during a ritual they believed would drive sciousness, she was taken to a hospital, chairs the talks on fisheries subsidies, for his office on Monday in Geneva.
away an evil spirit. where she died. An autopsy was scheduled "really hard" work. Wills said it was "music to my ears to see on
The two suspects -- the woman performing for Monday. "My presence is to try and support him proac- the first day the (director general) comes here
the exorcism and the girl's mother -- were to The woman who performed the ritual on tively to try and unblock the situation so he can and makes a statement on the fisheries negoti-
appear in court on Monday to hear charges the girl was known in the area for offering complete the fantastic work he has been doing," ations."
over the girl’s death, which occurred over such services in recent months and police she said alongside Wills as they met with vari- Okonjo-Iweala's first day also consisted of
the weekend in Delgoda, a small town about were investigating whether anyone else had ous advocacy groups outside the WTO gates. "It meeting staffers and attending her first meet-
40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast of the been abused, Rohana said. has been 20 years - and 20 years is enough." ing of the General Council, made up of top en-
capital Colombo. Rohana urged the public to be careful "Things are not easy when members are nego- voys from the trade body's 164 member states.
According to police spokesperson Ajith about such services as the girl was not the tiating and there are still a lot of critical issues The closed-door council meeting was largely
Rohana, the mother believed her daughter first to die during such a ritual. that need to be sorted out," she said. "But we are held by videoconference because of measures
hopeful." aimed to fight the pandemic.
Europeans get 'right to repair' for some electrical goods for up to 10 years
BIZ BUZZ Companies that sell refrigerators, washers, nent. The "right to repair," as it is sometimes
IREDA likely to be listed on exchanges in hairdryers or TVs in the European Union will need called, comes into force across the 27-nation bloc
to ensure those appliances can be repaired for up to Monday. It is part of a broader effort to cut the en-
the next fiscal, says government official 10 years, to help reduce the vast mountain of elec- vironmental footprint of manufactured goods by
As part of its efforts to list more public sector companies on trical waste that piles up each year on the conti- making them more durable and energy efficient. INDORE | TUESDAY | MARCH 2, 2021

GST collections cross Rs 1.1 L cr

bourses, the government is likely to conduct an initial public
offering of the Indian Renewable Energy Development
Agency in the next financial year starting April, a senior
finance ministry official said. “We are short-listing candidates
that can be listed in the next 12-24 months, one such
BPCL to sell entire 62%
stake in Numaligarh
for third straight month in Feb
company is IREDA," the official told Informist. In June 2017,
the Cabinet had approved the initial public offering of IREDA.
Shyam Metalics files draft papers for
Rs 1,107 crore public offering Refinery for Rs 9,880 cr
Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd has refiled the draft red
herring prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Board of
Mumbai Feb manufacturing NEW DELHI: The board of Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd has approved

PMI growth flat

India for its 11.07-bln-rupees initial public offering of shares. the sale of its entire 61.65% stake in Numaligarh Refinery Ltd to a
The company had initially tried to tap the capital markets in GST collections crossed the Rs 1 lakh consortium of Oil India Ltd and Engineers India Ltd, and to the state
August 2018 and had even got the regulator's approval for a crore-mark for the fifth month in a row government of Assam for 98.8 bln rupees, the company said.
9.1-bln-rupee offering in early 2019. The company that in February, rising 7% annually to over The total consideration will be from the consortium in case of non
specialises in production of long steel products and ferro Rs 1.13 lakh crore, indicating economic NEW DELHI: India's manufacturing participation by the state government, it said.
alloys plans to utilise the net proceeds towards repayment of recovery, the finance ministry said. activity remained firm in February, The expected date of completion of the stake sale will be within a
its debt and for its subsidiary Shyam SEL and Power Ltd. Goods and Services Tax (GST) collec- with the Purchasing Managers' Index month from obtaining all requisite approvals, it said. Oil India,
�---------------------------------------------------------------------------- tions had risen for two straight months coming in at 57.5 due to better demand which already owns 26% stake in Numaligarh Refinery, is the lead
Reliance Jio's new offers not to affect to touch record Rs 1,19,875 crore in Jan- conditions. member of the consortium.
BPCL's exit from Numaligarh Refinery is a precursor to the former's
uary and Rs 1.15 lakh crore in December. While the index fell from its three-
Bharti Airtel's 2G subscriber base The gross GST revenue collected Feb-
month high of 57.7 in January, it re- privatisation, which the government expects to complete in the first
New offers by Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd, for its fourth
generation feature phones, may not dent the 2G subscriber
ruary 2021 is Rs 1,13,143 crore, of which
Central GST is Rs 21,092 crore, State Rs 21,092 cr central GST mained above the long-run average of
53.6, according to IHS Markit.
half of 2021-22 (Apr-Mar).
BPCL Director (Finance) N. Vijayagopal had said last month that
base of Bharti Airtel Ltd, but could cause stress for Vodafone
Idea Ltd, analysts said. The company on Friday had launched
'NEW JIOPHONE 2021 OFFER'. Customers who buy a new
GST is Rs 27,273 crore, Integrated GST
is Rs 55,253 crore (including Rs 24,382
crore collected on import of goods) and
Rs 27,273 cr state GST A Purchasing Managers’ Index read-
ing above 50 shows expansion in ac-
tivity, while one below 50 indicates
the consortium of Oil India and Engineers India would acquire 48%
stake in Numaligarh Refinery, while the Assam government would
pick up 13.65%, taking its stake in the refiner to 26%.
JioPhone can avail of unlimited voice calls and unlimited data
of 2 GB per month without having to recharge at 1,499
Cess is Rs 9,525 crore (including Rs 660
crore collected on import of goods).
Rs 55.253 cr Integrated GST contraction.
This is the seventh consecutive
As Numaligarh Refinery is part of the Assam Accord, the
government did not include it in BPCL's privatisation plan and
rupees for one year and 1,999 rupees for two years. GST revenue in February last year month in which manufacturing activ- decided that its controlling stake in the Assam-based refinery would
The figure is, however,
Power consumption grows marginally
by 0.88% in February
was Rs 1.05 lakh crore.
"In line with the trend of recovery in
the GST revenues over past five months,
the revenues for the month of February
� lower than the record
Rs 1,19,875 crore collected
ity has risen, after having contracted
earlier due to COVID-19 and conse-
quent lockdowns.
"Indian goods producers reported a
be sold to another public sector oil and gas company or a
consortium of such companies. Both Oil India and Engineers India
are under the administrative control of the petroleum ministry.
Oil India will become the largest shareholder in the refiner once
India's power consumption grew 0.88% in February at 104.73 2021 are 7% higher than the GST rev- in the previous month healthy inflow of new orders in Feb- the transaction is completed. Numaligarh Refinery is the biggest
billion units (BU) due to a slight rise in temperature in the enues in the same month last year. ruary, a situation that underpinned a consumer of crude oil produced by Oil India from its fields in the
month, official data showed. Power consumption in February "During the month, revenues from further upturn in output and quantity region. Numaligarh Refinery is currently in the process of expanding
2020 was 103.81 BU, according to the power ministry data. import of goods were 15% higher and are 5% higher than the revenues from of purchases," said Pollyanna De its refining capacity to 9 mtpa from 3 mtpa.
However, the peak power demand met, which is the highest the revenues from the domestic trans- these sources during the same month Lima, economics associate director at The cost of this project is pegged at around 226 bln rupees, and it
supply in a day, recorded a growth of 6.7% at 188.15 GW in action (including import of services) last year," the ministry said. IHS Markit. is likely to be completed in 2024.
February 2021 compared to 176.38 GW in February 2020.

Automakers report double-digit SBI reduces home loan

�---------------------------------------------------------------------------- LENDER TO WAIVE OFF PROCESSING FEES TILL MARCH 31
‘Strive for seamless digital payments,
lessons to be learnt from NSE's tech glitch’

sales growth on robust demand interest rates to 6.7%

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday asked civil
accounts officers to have a clear roadmap for seamless digital
payments, saying there are lessons to be learnt from the
"technology-driven glitch" that happened at National Stock
Exchange. Addressing the 45th Civil Accounts Day she said
the Controller General of Accounts (CGA), who is the MARUTI SUZUKI SALES RISE 12%, HYUNDAI SPURTS 29% ON COVID-LED DEMAND AGENCIES home finance, takes ownership in
bookkeeper of government accounts, has adopted great New Delhi bolstering consumer sentiments.
systemic reforms. She said to keep government accounts NEW DELHI: Leading car mak- to pre-Covid level sales," HMIL Di- The affordability for the con-
transparent, the CGA will have to adapt and keep pace with ers Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and rector (Sales, Marketing & Serv- State Bank of India (SBI) has sumer increases immensely with
changing technology to keep government account transparent. Tata Motors reported robust sales ice) Tarun Garg said. sweetened its offers on home loans the present offerings as equal
�---------------------------------------------------------------------------- growth in the domestic market in Both domestic and export de- by reducing interest concession of monthly installments will be re-
Air passenger traffic still down, cargo February as the demand for person- mand have recorded healthy dou- up to 70 basis points with interest duced."
al mobility amid COVID-19 pandem- ble digit growth last month, re- rates starting from 6.7%. Customers can also apply from
operations continue to climb: AAPA ic continues to drive the market. flecting an all-round improvement The country's largest lender said the ease of their home via the
Preliminary January air passenger traffic figures released by Others, including Toyota Kir- in buyer sentiment, he added. it is also giving 100% waiver on YONO app to get additional inter-
the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) on Monday loskar Motor (TKM), Mahindra & Tata Motors saw its passenger processing fees till March 31. est concession of 5 basis points. On
showed that airline operations are still depressed as the Mahindra, and Honda Cars India, vehicle sales surging over two- The interest concession are based the eve of International Women's
spread of Covid-19 variants resulted in tighter border also reported strong wholesale folds to 27,225 units in the domes- on the loan amount and CIBIL day, a special 5 basis points conces-
restrictions in international as well as domestic markets. dispatches to dealers last month. tic market last month. score of the borrower. sion is being made available to
Meanwhile, air cargo demand keeps improving as world The country's largest carmaker rose 18.9% to 26,884 units, as com- Similarly, Mahindra & Mahindra SBI said it is important to extend women borrowers.
trade starts to gain renewed momentum. Asia Pacific airlines Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) said its pared to 22,604 units in the year- reported a 41% increase in its pas- better rates to customers who SBI is the largest commercial
carried a combined total of 1.3 million international domestic sales increased 11.8% to ago month. senger vehicle dispatches to deal- maintain good repayment history. bank in terms of assets, deposits,
passengers in January, just 3.9% of the same month last year 1,52,983 units last month, as against Sales of mini cars, comprising ers last month. The company sold Its home loan interest rates start branches, customers, and employ-
when 33.5 million passengers flew on the region's carriers. 1,36,849 units in February 2020. Alto and S-Presso, however de- 15,391 units last month, as com- from 6.7% for loans up to Rs 75 lakh ees. It is also the largest mortgage
�---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The company's sales during the clined by 12.9% to 23,959 units, as pared with 10,938 units in the year- and 6.75% for loans above Rs 75 lender in the country. Its home loan
Goyal: Cut quality testing charges for month were driven by compact compared to 27,499 in the same ago period. lakh. portfolio recently crossed the mile-
and utility vehicle segments. month last year. "Demand continues to remain "SBI, being the market leader in stone of Rs 5 lakh crore.
MSMEs, startups, women entrepreneurs Last month, sales company's Rival Hyundai Motor India re- buoyant for our range of SUVs

LPG cylinder price

Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal on Monday compact segment models, includ- ported a 29% increase in its domes- and Pick-ups and we have a robust
said the charges for testing quality of products should be ing Swift, Celerio, Ignis, Baleno tic sales at 51,600 units as against order pipeline. However, supply of
reduced for MSMEs and initial phase of startups and women and Dzire, increased by 15.3% to 40,010 units in February 2020. semiconductors, as we all know, is
entrepreneurs to encourage them to get their products 80,517 units, as against 69,828 cars "The company has been consis- a global issue and it is likely to

up Rs 25, ATF 6.5%

certified and meet standard norms. Goyal, who is also in February last year. tently striving to drive a resur- continue for another 3 to 4
railways and commerce minister, virtually presided the 3rd Similarly, utility vehicle dis- gence in sales, thereby contribut- months," M&M Chief Executive
Governing Council meeting of the Bureau of Indian Standards patches to dealers, including Vi- ing towards economic recovery Officer Automotive Division Vee-
(BIS), an official statement said. tara Brezza, S-Cross and Ertiga, and bringing the industry closer jay Nakra said.

JLR to write off 1.5 bn pounds in Jan-Mar

SBI, other banks seek bids to sell AGENCIES costs Rs 819 as against Rs 794 at
Mumbai which they were supplied on Sun-
stressed loans of Soma Enterprise day.
On behalf of a consortium of lenders, State Bank of India has Cooking gas LPG price was on The increase is applicable across
sought bids from asset reconstruction companies, banks, non- MUMBAI: Tata Motors Ltd- about 2.5 bln pound sterling per Monday hiked by Rs 25 per cylin- all categories, including sub-
banking finance companies and other financial institutions to owned Jaguar Land Rover Ltd annum, the company told in- der across all categories, includ- sidised and non-subsidised users.
sell stressed loans of Soma Enterprise Ltd. As on Mar 2020, will write off 1.5 bln pound ster- vestors. ing subsidised fuel and those LPG is available only at one rate,
the consortium's fund-based debt exposure stood at 20.99 ling (approximately 153.8 bln ru- JLR plans to phase out its in- availed by Ujjwala scheme benefi- market price, across the country.
bln rupees, and investment in Soma Enterprise was at 13.45 pees) in Jan-Mar, as part of its ternal combustion engine vari- ciaries - the fourth increase in The government, however, gives a
bln rupees. The assets are being offered on a 100% cash restructuring, the company said ants by 2025-26 (Apr-Mar) and rates in a month's time. small subsidy to select customers.
basis. The reserve price for the assets is 8.10 bln rupees. in its investor presentation. have battery-powered electric ve- LPG prices have gone up by Rs However, this subsidy has been
�---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This would include 1.0 bln hicles make up for more than 125 per 14.2-kg cylinder since the eliminated in metros and major
SBI General forges bancassurance pound sterling of non-cash 60% of its volumes by 2029-30. beginning of February, price data cities through successive price in-
write-down and 0.5 bln pound It will also rationalise its plat- from state-owned oil marketing creases over the past couple of
tie-up with Indian Overseas Bank sterling in cash. cash net-of-debt by 2025. forms with three new electric- companies showed. years. So, in places like Delhi,
SBI General Insurance on Monday said it has tied-up with JLR had recently announced Under its 'Reimagine' strategy, first plans including modular Also, jet fuel prices were hiked there is no subsidy paid to cus-
Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) for a bancassurance partnership its plan to become an all-electric the company plans to have a longitudinal, electrified modu- by a steep 6.5% on the back of a tomers since May 2020 and all LPG
for selling its non-life products. Through the alliance, SBI luxury brand, improve prof- more focused product portfolio lar and oure battery electric ehi- rally in international oil prices. users pay the market price, which
General will offer a range of general insurance solutions and itability and achieve positive and reduce annual spending to cle. A 14.2-kg cylinder in Delhi now currently is Rs 819.
innovative products to IOB customers, SBI General said.

HDFC Bank net banking HDFC Securities hit by glitch Q3 economy lifts
Chennai-headquartered IOB has over 3,200 branches across
the country and also has overseas presence.

in cash segment orders in NSE Sensex 750 points

Bank of India recruits 23 sportspersons
for clerical and officer posts
State-owned Bank of India (BOI) on Monday said it has
recruited 23 sportspersons for clerical and officer grade posts
at the bank. The lender had invited job applications from
faces issues yet again NEW DELHI: Leading stock ex-
changes NSE and BSE on Monday
ed that there was no issue on fresh
orders or square-offs at the ex-
MUMBAI: Equity benchmark in-
dices traded firm on Monday due
various sports disciplines such as archery, athletics, boxing, INFORMIST/ Mumbai said all their operations are func- change. "... all segments working to upbeat sentiment in global mar-
gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, weight lifting and table tioning in a normal manner after fine statement was given in re- kets and India getting technically
tennis. The candidates were chosen from categories, including Some customers of HDFC Bank HDFC Securities sponse to brokers out of recession with Q3 GDP data
Olympics, World Championships, World Cups, Asian have been unable to conduct on- flagged that confir- and investors report- showing 0.4% growth.
Championships, Youth Olympic championships and police, line transactions as the lender's mations were not re- ing the problem on Aiding the sentiment was the
among others, a bank release said. internet banking services were ceived for orders twitter on a compet- country kicking off an expansion
�---------------------------------------------------------------------------- down since early Monday. placed in the NSE ing exchange today of its Covid-19 vaccine campaign
OAKS Asset Management launches While customers were able to lo-
gin into their internet banking ac-
cash segment due to
a "technical glitch".
morning. No one has
reported any prob-
with PM Narendra Modi getting in-
Rs 500 crore consumer fund count, they could transfer funds. ment. You can complete this After mentioning lems in trading at At the closing bell, the BSE S&P
Leading private equity fund OAKS Asset Management has The transfer of 2,000 rupees at transaction by using a different about the technical glitch in a @bseindia today or last week any Sensex was up by 750 points or
launched its second fund, OAKS India Consumer Fund, around 1030 IST was not complet- payment option'." tweet at 10.01 am, HDFC Securities, day," BSE CEO Ashish Chauhan 1.53% at 49,850 while the Nifty 50
according to a press release. The category-II alternative ed because the one-time password According to a bank official, the at around 11.53 am, issued a state- tweeted. ticked higher by 232 points or 1.6%
investment fund, registered with Securities and Exchange came after 30 minutes, a user, who problem is not widespread and ment saying the issue "got resolved HDFC Securities said there was a to 14,762.
Board of India, has a fund size of 5 bln rupees along with a wished not to be named, told In- only some customers could be fac- at 9.50 am" and that investigation is technical glitch due to which con- Except for Nifty PSU bank which
green-shoe option of 2.5 bln rupees. The fund will aim to formist. "In another instance, the ing intermittent issues. going on to find out the root cause. firmations for orders placed in the slipped marginally, all other sec-
invest in a set of 10-12 entrepreneur-led consumer businesses credit card bill payment could not "The bank is looking into the is- An NSE spokesperson said that NSE cash segment were not re- toral indices at the National Stock
in India with an investment size ranging between 250 mln take place," he added. sue to ensure that customers are all the operations on its platforms ceived and that the issue has been Exchange were in the green with
rupees and 1 bln rupees per investee company. The fund has "There was message from able to use the services smoothly," were "functioning smooth and nor- resolved. It also added that the mat- Nifty auto up by 2.4%, metal by
received an initial commitment of 4 bln rupees. BillDesk stating that 'HDFC Bank the official said, while apologising mal". ter is being investigated to find out 1.9%, financial service by 1.8%, pri-
�---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Limited is unavailable at the mo- for the inconvenience caused. At little past 10.10 am, BSE tweet- the root cause. vate bank by 1.3% and IT by 1%.

Govt may retain inflation target Rentals beat luxe properties prices hands down

NEW DELHI: India is like- tary Policy Committee is every five years in consulta-
ly to retain the current in- likely to be notified around tion with the central bank. NEW DELHI: The growth rate of compared to the preceding year. Citing Anarock data, Puri said
flation target of 4%, within mid-March after approval of The decision to retain the rentals in the top seven luxury Anuj Puri, Chairman of also reveals that from 2014 to 2020,
a band of 2% to 6%, for the the finance minister and current inflation target for housing markets of the country Anarock Property Consultants rental prices in the top luxury
next five years starting from the Prime Minister's the next five years is "very rose by 17-26% in the past seven said: "The average rentals for a markets saw consistent year-on-
April, a senior finance min- Office, the official said. much" in consultation years, surpassing the rise in luxu- house of minimum 2,000 square year growth, averaging between 3-
istry official said. The current medium-term with the central bank, the ry property prices in the same lo- feet size in the top seven cities' key 6% annually.
"I think everyone is in inflation target, which was official said. calities during the same period, luxury hotspots rose anywhere be- "In contrast, capital appreciation
agreement that the existing notified in August 2016, ends The RBI has for some with average capital prices in- tween 17% to 26% in 2020, as com- either remained range-bound or
target should remain," the on March 31. time been arguing for re- creasing by 15%, according to an pared to 2014. In the same period, varied each year. Some years saw a
official told Informist. The According to the RBI Act, taining the current infla- Anarock report. average capital prices in these mi- decent yearly rise, even as high as
inflation target for the Re- the government has to set tion target of 4% within a It noted that 2020 was an outlier cro-markets saw a maximum rise 7%, while prices dropped by
serve Bank of India's Mone- the inflation target once band of 2-6%. year for all rental markets with al- of 15%, and some even saw a mar- around 5% in other years, particu-
most no change in monthly rentals ginal dip." larly in 2017,” he said.

Spectrum bids cross Rs 77K cr

Kotak Securities sees muted returns Multiple suitors line
up for Shipping Corp
from equities for most of 2021

on Day 1, all telcos participate

Kotak Securities is of the view that the Indian equity market
could witness consolidation in the coming months and that
further gains are likely only by the end of 2021, when there is NEW DELHI: London-
clarity about earnings estimates for 2022-23 (Apr-Mar). The based private equity firm
brokerage firm expects muted returns from the market over Foresight Group is among
the next few months because expensive valuations and the the multiple bidders who
likelihood of higher bond yields might overshadow potential AGENCIES/ New Delhi "Total value of spectrum put to auc- have put in preliminary
earnings upgrades. tion was about Rs 4 lakh crore. In this, bids for buying the govern-
India's first auction of spectrum in 700 MHz band was a costly band, and ment's entire stake in Ship-
Godrej buys 1.5 acre land parcels worth five years attracted Rs 77,146 crore of
bids on the opening day with Reliance
that cost itself is Rs 1.97 lakh crore,"
the minister said adding that the gov-
ping Corporation of India,
sources said.
Rs 166 cr for residential proj in Mumbai Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea ernment will take a call on 700 MHz The government is selling
Realty firm Godrej Properties Ltd has bought around 1.5 acre participating in the bidding process - a band, used for 5G, in case it remains its entire stake of 63.75 per Dubai-based GMS.
land parcels for Rs 166 crore in Mumbai to develop a response that the government said was unsold in the ongoing auctions. cent in Shipping Corpora- Essar Group as well as
residential project. In a regulatory filing, Godrej Properties Ltd better than expected. Excluding 700 MHz and 2500 Mhz tion of India, along with the Adani Group have not bid
(GPL) announced the addition of a new residential project in There were, however, no takers for bands, the bidding accounted for 60 per transfer of management for Shipping Corp privati-
Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. Spread over around 1.5 acres, this spectrum in 700 MHz and 2500 MHz "The winning bids that have come till cent of the spectrum that was put to control. The last date for sation, the sources added.
project will offer about 4 lakh square feet of development bands on the first day, and the auctions 6 PM today is Rs 77,146 crore. We auction. submitting the expression In November last year, the
potential comprising primarily of premium residential will continue and conclude on Tues- thought since there are only three The 700 MHz band went unsold dur- of interest was February Cabinet had given an in-
apartments with a small amount of high street retail. The day. players, and spectrum replacement is ing the 2016 auctions, too. During 2016, 13, which was later extend- principle approval for
Mumbai-based developer posted a 69 per cent decline in its About 2,308.80 MHz of spectrum, that happening...our estimation was that when there were seven bidders, the ed to March 1. strategic divestment of
consolidated net profit at Rs 14.35 crore for the quarter ended carry telecom signals, in seven bands the bids will touch about Rs 45,000 spectrum sold was 41 per cent by quan- Department of Invest- Shipping Corp and Contain-
December. Total income of the company fell to Rs 311.12 worth nearly Rs 4 lakh crore at the re- crore, but it is a matter of assurance tity and 12 per cent by value of the to- ment and Public Asset Man- er Corp of India Ltd. How-
crore in the third quarter of this fiscal year, from Rs 517.47 serve or start price, was offered for that it has gone as high as Rs 77,146 tal spectrum put to auction. The corre- agement (DIPAM) Secre- ever, the plans were delayed
crore in the corresponding period a year ago bidding in the auction that began on crore," Prasad said. sponding figures in the 2021 spectrum tary Tuhin Kanta Pandey due to the pandemic.
Monday. The bidder-wise details were not auction so far are 37 per cent and 19 on Monday tweeted "multi- In her Budget Speech 2021-
SP Group's litigation stalls resolution Communications Minister Ravi
Shankar Prasad said Rs 77,146 crore
available immediately. A total of
2,308.80 MHz spectrum is being put to
per cent respectively, with three par-
ple expressions of interest
have been received for pri-
22, Finance Minister Nir-
mala Sitharaman had said,
process for Reliance Home Finance worth of spectrum was bid on the first auction, out of which there have been Spectrum will be offered for a validi- vatisation of Shipping Cor- "a number of transactions
The debt resolution process of Reliance Home Finance Ltd day but there were no takers for the bids for 849.20 MHz so far, an official ty period of 20 years. Successful bid- poration of India Limited. namely Bharat Petroleum
(RHFL), which is at the final stages, has been hit by the airwaves in the premium 700 MHz as release said. ders can pay entire bid amount in one The transaction will now Corp Ltd, Air India, Ship-
Shapoorji Pallonji (SP) Group's litigation against the home also 2500 MHz bands. The response Bids were received in 800 MHz, 900 go, or exercise an option to pay a cer- move to the second stage". ping Corp of India, Con-
finance company. The lenders of RHFL are unable to proceed from players and the bids received sur- MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2300 tain amount (25 per cent for spectrum The sources said Fore- tainer Corp of India, IDBI
with the resolution process due to a coercive stay obtained by passed government's internal esti- MHz bands, as players gave the prized won in 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz sight Group has bid in con- Bank, BEML Ltdamong oth-
the SP Group from the Delhi High Court in November 2019. mates, that had anticipated bids worth 700 MHz band a miss on the first day of bands or 50 per cent for spectrum won sortium with Belgium- ers, would be completed in
As per the stay order, RHFL is prohibited from disposing, Rs 45,000 crore. auctions. in 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz bands. based Exmar NV and 2021-22."
alienating, encumbering either directly or indirectly or
otherwise part with the possession of any of its assets, thus
directly impacting the ongoing debt resolution process.

IDBI Bank to set off Rs 45K cr losses

Top marketers to decode I-T dept searches premises of MSN Labs
against balance in premium account
LIC-controlled IDBI Bank will set off its accumulated losses
‘Brands and Consumers: NEW DELHI: The Income
Tax Department has de-
of which the assessee
group has admitted an ad-
and non-existent entities,
artificial inflation of cer-

2021 and Beyond’

tected "unaccounted" in- ditional income of Rs 350 tain heads of expenditure,
worth Rs 45,586 crore against the balance in the securities come of about Rs 400 crore crore," the CBDT claimed alongwith suppression of
premium account, according to the bank's draft scheme. after raids on a major in a statement. receipts relating to by-
Its accumulated losses (or debit balance of profit or loss pharmaceutical group It added that Rs 1.66 crore product sale were detected.
account) at the end of March 31, 2020, stood at Rs 45,586 STAFF REPORTER/ Mumbai based MSN Labs in Hyder- cash was also seized dur- "Evidence of on-money
crore. And, they were at Rs 44,739 crore as on December 31, abad, the Central Board of ing the operation. payment for purchase of
2020. The accumulated losses as at March 31, 2021, shall be In order to understand the Direct Taxes (CBDT) said "Incriminating evidence lands was also found," it al-
ascertained after the audited financial statements are strategies devised by top on Monday. in the form of digital me- leged.
approved by the bank's board, said the lender, as per the brands to tackle the chal- The searches were car- cal ingredients (APIs) and dia, pen drives, documents, Multiple other legal is-
draft scheme addressed to its shareholders for setting off the lenges of the global pandem- ried out on February 24 at formulations, and majori- etc. have been found and sues were also identified
accumulated losses. ic and to look beyond it, the around 20 locations spread ty of its products are ex- seized," the CBDT said. such as personal expenses
Indian Society of Advertis- across five states. ported to European coun- The statement said digi- being booked in the compa-
Rail min directs IRCTC to terminate ers (ISA), in association with
the Free Press Journal and
The CBDT said the phar-
maceutical group is en-
tries and the USA.
"The search has led to un-
tal evidences were gath-
ered from SAP-ERP soft-
ny's books and land pur-
chased by related concerns
all contracts of mobile catering ABP Network, organised a gaged in the business of earthing of evidence relat- ware. or individuals below gov-
The railway ministry has directed Indian Railway Catering and webinar ‘Brands and Con- manufacturing of interme- ing to unaccounted income "Issues relating to pur- ernment value, the CBDT
Tourism Corp Ltd to cancel all existing mobile catering sumers: 2021 and Beyond’. Brands and Services? What diates, active pharmaceuti- of around Rs 400 crore, out chases made from bogus said.
contracts that involve providing food prepared at base While the first part of are the lessons learnt in

Sebi for dual nod to appoint ind directors

kitchens as per existing terms and conditions, the company this series was a huge suc- overcoming the challenges
said in a regulatory filing. The government's directive follows
the issue of mobile catering being raised by the petition
cess, the second part that
will be held on March 3 will
posed by lockdown, WFH
and fears caused by Covid
Mobility biz
members of Indian Railways' Mobile Caterers Association, or
IRMCA, on Jan 19, in which the Madras High Court had
be no less. In the second
session, the best Marketing
cases? To answer these
questions, we have four recovery in NEW DELHI: Seeking to profit-linked commission for
directed the railway department to consider representation by
the association to restore its services.
minds from across the
service sector will share
prominent leaders from
four different services, India strong, further strengthen the reg-
ulatory framework for inde-
independent directors as
part of reviewing their re-

US manufacturing activity jumps

their best practices during
the pandemic and the way
to look beyond.
sharing their thoughts in
the second session of
‘Brands and Consumers:
says Uber pendent directors, Sebi pro-
posed putting in place a
dual approval system for
muneration structure.
Sebi on Monday issued a
consultation paper for re-
to three-year high in February Commenting on the two- 2021 and Beyond’ hosted by NEW DELHI: Ride hailing their appointment as well viewing the regulatory pro-
US manufacturing expanded in February at the fastest pace part webinar initiative, ISA and Free Press Journal major Uber on Monday as removal, and disclosure visions related to independ-
three years with the arrival of a surge in new orders. The Sunil Kataria, ISA Chair- on March 3, 2021. All are announced that its of entire resignation letters ent directors, giving minor-
Institute for Supply Management reported Monday that its man, said, “Over the years, welcome to join.” mobility business in India of such directors. system. Minority share- ity shareholders a greater
gauge of manufacturing activity rose to a reading of 60.8 per ISA has been organising This session will have is showing strong signs of In a significant move, the holders would mean those say in their appointment,
cent last month, 2.1 percentage-points above the January knowledge seminars/webi- names like President and recovery fuelled by rising regulator has suggested other than the promoter re-appointment and re-
level of 58.7 per cent. It was the strongest performance since nars for the benefit of the Group Head-Marketing, rider demand for low cost that independent directors' and promoter group. moval.
February 2018. Any reading above 50 indicates expansion in ecosystem of advertisers Service Quality, Financial products Auto and Moto. appointments should be Besides, the watchdog has Other proposals include
the manufacturing sector. and marketers. Continuing Services & Innovation, Low-cost products like cleared by the "majority of mooted whether ESOPs with broadening eligibility crite-
the same, our two-part we- Thomas Cook (India) Lim- Auto have already the minority" shareholders a vesting period of five years ria for independent direc-
US spending on construction projects binar series focuses on the
issue most of us are facing:
ited; Ajay Kakar, Chief
Marketing Officer, Aditya
surpassed pre-Covid
levels, the company said
under the dual approval should be allowed instead of tors.

rises 1.7% in January in a statement.

Govt eyes Rs 3.4 L cr investment

Brands & Consumers-2021 Birla Capital; Mohit
Spending on US construction projects rose 1.7 per cent in and Beyond. We bring you Kapoor, Group Vice Presi- Kolkata, Hyderabad and
January as new home building continues to lift the sector. leadership views and dent -Advertising & Inno- Mumbai are among Uber's
Last month's increase followed small revised gains in fastest recovering metro

at Maritime India Summit 2021

strategies from across the vations, Jio Platforms Lim-
December and November. Spending on residential Manufacturing and the ited; and Ravi Desai, Direc- markets, it added.
construction rose 2.5 per cent in January, with single family Services sectors." tor, Mass & Brand Market- Uber Auto's recovery
home projects up 3 per cent, the Commerce Department The upcoming session on ing International, Amazon across India, in terms of
reported Monday. ‘Services’ will be moderat- India. All speakers are ISA gross bookings, has now AGENCIES edition of the Maritime In-
ed by Narendra Ambwani, members. exceeded pre-Covid levels New Delhi dia Summit to be held from
Developers must be cautious about ISA Executive Council
Member and former MD,
Abhishek Karnani,
Director, The Free Press
with Mumbai, Delhi,
Hyderabad, Mysore, The government is aiming
March 2 to 4.
These MoUs will be signed
hiking property prices, say experts Johnson & Johnson. Com- Journal, said, “This initia- Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, to attract investment worth with different coastal states
With the property market in the country witnessing menting on the session, tive will be significant to Nagpur, Indore, Nashik Rs 3.39 lakh crore during and stakeholders of the sec-
momentum on account of lower interest rates and various Ambwani said, “All aspects all advertisers and mar- and Kochi showcasing the Maritime India Summit tor. These agreements are
government incentives, developers should ensure that real of our lives were impacted keters who want to strate- strongest growth. 2021 in various projects. focused on attracting in-
estate prices do not appreciate much which could hit demand, by the pandemic during gise the future course of "As tens of millions of Prime Minister Narendra "The Ministry of Ports, vestment, skilling, and gen-
feel experts. Over the past few months, home sales have 2020. Brands and Con- actions for their brands.” Indians start travelling in Modi is scheduled to inau- Shipping, and Waterways erating employment in the
surged in few regions, including in Mumbai, driven by lower sumers expectation as well The knowledge partner the new normal, the gurate Maritime India Sum- (MoPSW) is in process of fi- sector, the statement said.
interest rates and cut in stamp duty. as behaviours faced many for the webinar is Mogae strong recovery in smaller mit 2021 (MIS 2021) on Tues- nalising more than 487 The signing of these
challenges. Of course, Media and Laqshya is the towns underscores day, which will be held vir- MoUs for investments MoUs will help in stream-
True North to pick up minority stake everyone discovered vari-
ous ways to handle the sit-
outdoor partner.
Catch the upcoming webi-
success for the company's
'India to Bharat' strategy,
tually and is likely to be
participated by many na-
worth approx Rs 3.39 lakh
Crore," the government
lining the process of ship
manoeuvring, resulting in
in Anthem Biosciences uation. Many new opportu- nar live from 5 pm onwards which offers new tions, including Russia, said in a statement on Mon- more business to the ports
Private equity fund True North on Monday announced that it nities also emerged. Which on March 3 on the YouTube products in regional Uzbekistan, Qatar, Den- day. and economic stability to
will be acquiring a minority stake in Bengaluru-based pharma changes will become future channel of the Free Press markets," the statement mark, Iran, Afghanistan, These are likely to be the sector and its stakehold-
player Anthem Biosciences by investing an undisclosed sum in expectations from the Journal and ABP Live. said. and Armenia. signed during the second ers, it said.
the company. True North has signed definitive documents to

What's holding FMCGs down? Credit to services rises,

acquire the stake and looks to partner with founders Ajay
Bhardwaj, Ganesh Sambasivan and KC Ravindra as Anthem
invests growth capital towards expanding capacity and
NSE, MCX, INX sign
capability for its rapid growth phase. pact to set up bullion
PGCIL board okays interim dividend
of Rs four per share for 2020-21

FMCG sector has come under pressure

exchange at GIFT City ebbs for large industries
despite the strong demand outlook due to
State-run Power Grid Corporation (PGCIL) on Monday said its the rising raw material prices. AGENCIES AGENCIES/ New Delhi
board has approved an interim dividend of Rs 4 per share for Home and Personal care (HPC) companies New Delhi
2020-21. The interim dividend shall be paid to the members are particularly impacted as the impact is As credit flow from banks
on March 30, 2021, the company said in a BSE filing. "Board highest among these segments. The National Stock Exchange of In- improve with the accelera-
of Directors in its Meeting held today i.e. on 1st March, 2021 Home and Personal Care companies to see dia Ltd, Multi Commodity Exchange tion in economic activities
have approved the payment of Interim Dividend of Rs. 4 per margin erosion in March quarter. Palm Fatty of India Ltd, India INX Internation- post the gradual lifting of
equity share of Rs. 10/- each (@40% of the paid up equity Acid Distillate (PFAD) is witnessing steep al Exchange Ltd, National Securi- the lockdown restrictions,
share capital) for the Financial Year 2020-21," the filing said. inflation during the quarter due to 36% YoY ties Depository Ltd and Central De- credit growth has not been
increase in palm oil prices. pository Services (India) Ltd have on the same lines across
Bank credit to grow 400-500 bps PFAD is the key raw material for soap
manufacturers, HUL and Godrej Consumers.
signed a memorandum of under-
standing to set up market infra-
As per the the Reserve
mained weak in the recent
years. A peak of 6.9 per cent
higher at 9-10% next fiscal: Crisil High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has also structure institutions. Bank of India's data, loans was achieved in April 2019
Bank credit is seen growing 400-500 basis points (bps) higher witnessed a surge in prices, up 28% YoY, This will comprise an internation- towards large industries de- but there has been a contin-
at 9-10 per cent next fiscal as the Indian economy recovers, during the current quarter as Crude prices al bullion exchange, clearing corpo- clined on the back of uous decline in credit off-
supported by budgetary stimulants and measures announced have increased 16% YoY. HDPE is a ration and depository at Gujarat In- stressed assets in the seg- take since then, with credit
by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Crisil said on Monday. he packaging raw material. ternational Finance Tec-City, NSE ment, while that in the serv- growth turning negative in
ratings agency has already raised India's GDP growth forecast The surge in Crude and HPDE will impact said in a press release. ices sector increased. October 2020, it noted.
for next fiscal to 11 per cent, or 100 bps higher than what all FMCG companies. Inflation in Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), key raw It will be in line with the Centre's Industrial credit includes The recent decline in cred-
was presaged in December 2020. In the current fiscal, bank Copra prices have continued to remain in material for paints, has gone up by 9% YoY objective to make India a price-set- credit to micro, small, medi- it growth was mainly due to
credit is seen rising 4-5 per cent despite the sharpest an uptrend. and 3% QoQ. Crude prices have also gone ter in bullion through GIFT Interna- um and large industries, de- the large industries.
contraction the Indian economy has seen since Independence. It has increased by about 24% YoY and 5% up 16% YoY. tional Finance Service Centre in ac- pending upon the firms' in- "Owing to the stressed as-
QoQ. During the quarter, other important Among the Agri commodities, wheat prices cordance with the International Fi- vestment in plant and sets in large industries,
Paytm claims to cross 1.2 billion raw materials like
Liquid paraffin oil (LLP) is up 28% YoY and
have dropped by 5% QoQ benefiting food-
based FMCGs like Nestle and Britannia.
nancial Services Centres Authority
(Bullion Exchange) Regulations,
and their there was a general reluc-
tance on the part of
monthly digital payment transactions 16%. It is a key ingredient for hair oil. It will However, that impact is nullified by the 2020 and other applicable laws. Large industries consti- bankers to lend to these in-
Digital payments firm Paytm on Monday said that it has put pressure on the margins of Marico along hike in milk prices which has gone up from The Centre had notified the bullion tuted around 82 per cent of dustries, with the problem
crossed 1.2 billion monthly transactions driven by high with inflation in HDPE. Rs 24 to Rs 31 in last six months. Prices of spot delivery contract and bullion the credit offtake to the in- getting compounded by the
growth in offline payments and financial services. Marico has already increased the prices of Palm Oil and Coffee also continue to remain depository receipt as financial prod- dustrial sector, while the pandemic," it said.
The company said that it maintains the highest market share Parachute coconut oil to mitigate the impact on a higher side. ucts and related services under the micro, small and medium The silver lining has been
in offline merchant payments with 15 per cent month-on- of the rising cost of copra. It is likely to take International Financial Services industries together consti- the robust growth of credit
month growth. Paytm, which has over 150 million monthly a price hike in its value-added hair oil Teji Mandi (TM Investment Technologies Pvt. Centres Authority Act, 2019. The In- tuted the rest in November to the medium industries.
active users has witnessed that the majority of its account category as well during the quarter. Ltd.) is a SEBI registered investment advisor. ternational Financial Services Cen- 2020. The services sector, on the
holders embrace and adopt banking, lending, insurance, Paint companies have also started to No information in this article should not be tres Authority will run the opera- Credit to the industrial other hand, witnessed a ro-
wealth and other financial services on the platform. witness the impact of inflation in key raw construed as investment advice. Please visit tions of the bullion exchange. sector has generally re- bust credit growth.
materials like Crude, TiO2, and HDPE. www.tejimandi.com to know more.
Get Ashwin back to ODI squad: Hogg
SYDNEY: Former Australia all-rounder Brad Hogg has called for Ashwin's
inclusion in India's ODI squad, saying the senior off-spinner is a wicket-taker
who also adds depth to batting.Replying to a tweet by a fan, Hogg said Ashwin
would be a great addition to Indian side in the 50-over format.

Indian team trains for final Test

Kohli is like modern day hero: Waugh
'Big guns go full MUMBAI

Australian great Steve

fascinated by how the lo-
cals celebrated the sport
of cricket." According to

throttle at nets'…
Waugh feels that Virat Waugh, his recent trip to
Kohli is like a "modern- places like the stadium in
day hero" who represents Dharamshala and Oval
the "new attitude of India" Maidan in Mumbai gave
of taking everything head him Memories of a life-
on with a mind set of time.
nothing is impossible.In a "My recent journey visit-
60-minute documentary ti- ing Taj Mahal, Chin-
tled, "Capturing Cricket: naswamy Stadium, the
Steve Waugh in India", the Maharajah Lakshmi Vilas
former Australia captain Palace, HPCA Stadium,
said that Kohli is loved by Oval Maidan, as well as lo-
the fans for his attitude of cations around Delhi and
not being intimidated by
an opposition.
"What they love about
Kohli is that it's like the
A ustralian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell is chuffed
about playing alongside and learning from Virat
Kohli in the upcoming IPL, calling the Indian captain
and lifetime memories,"
he said.
"I am positive that when
new attitude of India, get "the pinnacle of the game" for his dominance across for- the fans in India watch the
stuck in, don't be intimi- mats."He's (Kohli) been the pinnacle of the game for a documentary, they will be
dated. Take everything on while as a multi-format player from Tests all the way to able to feel the very emo-
and anything is achiev- T20s."He's been able to adapt his game, dominate for a tion of the journey." The
able and possible. But he's long period of time and deal with the Indian pressure of documentary captures the
like the modern-day hero," being their captain and their best player," Maxwell added. very essence and undying
Waugh was quoted as say- love for the game in India
ing in a media release is- Waugh said he was al- brated cricket. through the lens of
sued here after the launch ways fascinated by how "Since, my first visit to Waugh and is brought by
of the documentary. the people in India cele- India in 1986, I was always discovery.

AHMEDABAD The three senior players drove, batsmen.They were also seen field-
pulled and flicked against the fast ing with Rahane, standing next to
Big guns Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma bowlers and spinners at the Rohit in the second slip position,
and Ajinkya Rahane went full throttle Narendra Modi Stadium here.Head taking a one-handed diving catch to
at the nets as the Indian cricket on coach Ravi Shastri was seen inter- his right.The Indian team had a full-
Monday trained in earnest for the acting with Rohit and Kohli before fledged practice session here on
upcoming fourth and final Test the two star batsmen sat together for Sunday as well.Leading 2-1 in the
against England.Captain Kohli, his a discussion. series, India will be without top
deputy Rahane and senior opener Left-arm spinner Axar Patel was pacer Jasprit Bumrah in the final
Rohit were seen batting at the nets in seen rolling his arms over at the Test as he has been released from
a video posted by the BCCI on Twitter. nets against some of the world's best the squad.

Man U's title

bid drifts away All eyes on Chirag-Satwik
FP NEWS SERVICE PRESS TRUST OF INDIA whom she is likely to meet --
London Basel (Switzerland) to set up a semifinal face-off
with Sindhu.
Former champions' Man- Reigning world champion P Former world number one
chester United's bid to hit V Sindhu will be eager to re- Saina, who turns 31 this 'Paul Juda performs on the rings during the Winter Cup gymnastics competition, in Indianapolis. AP/PTI
the top met with yet another turn to the podium as for- month, is at the fag end of

Lukaku scores after 32 seconds Batsmen, bowlers

set back as they were held to mer winner Saina Nehwal an illustrious career, having
goalless encounter against looks to regain her touch in title before the COVID-19 slipped to 19 in the BWF
Chelsea at the Stamford the season-opening Swiss pandemic disruption. rankings but she still has
should earn on any
as Inter beats Genoa 3-0
Bridge, here on Sunday. Open tournament beginning The 25-year-old from Hy- the hunger to make it to an-
It was the fifth time United here on Tuesday. derabad, seeded second, will other Olympics.
has been held in the nine
Premier League matches
Indian men's singles play-
ers, too, have tasted success
look to go the distance again
as she opens her campaign
The London bronze medal-
list will hope to make a posi- MILAN
type of pitch: Parsana
since Ole Gunnar Solsk- in this tournament with against Turkey's Neslihan tive start when she opens AHMEDABAD
jaer's side went top 47 days Sameer Verma, HS Prannoy Yigit. Sindhu didn't have a against Thailand's Phittaya- Romelu Lukaku scored after
earlier. and Kidambi Srikanth good outing in the three porn Chaiwan, a former just 32 seconds and helped to Former India left-arm spin-
No wonder Solskjaer emerging victorious in 2018, events in Thailand recently world junior championships set up two goals as league ner Dhiraj Parsana, who
downplayed the elevated 2016 and 2015 respectively but the road to the quarterfi- bronze medallist. leader Inter Milan beat served as
status, even after the Jan. 12 and B Sai Praneeth finishing nal here looks smooth for the All eyes will also be on Genoa 3-0 in Serie A.Inter curator in
victory over Burnley gave runners-up in the last edi- Indian where she is likely to world number 10 men's dou- dominated but took until the Ahmed-
United a glimmer of hope of tion. confront fifth seed Thai Bu- bles pair of Satwiksairaj 69th minute to double its abad for 36
ending an eight-year title All four will be looking to sanan Ongbamrungphan, Rankireddy and Chirag lead, through Matteo Darmi- years
drought. With only three relive the moments and ex- an opponent she had beaten Shetty after their semifinal an. Substitute Alexis (1982-2018)
wins since then, United has tend India's good run at the at the Toyota Thailand Open finish at Toyota Thailand Sánchez sealed the win to says that
allowed Manchester City to USD 140,000 event which will in January. Open. ensure Antonio Conte's side an ideal
take control - with City also resume the extended Two-time former winner The Indian pair, seeded remained four points above pitch is
showing the attacking Olympic qualifying period. Saina, too, is in the same second, would look to second-place AC Milan, one where
strength completely lacking It was here at St. Jakob- half but the senior pro will stretch its good run, espe- which won 2-1 at Roma. you don't give anything to
in United's display at Stam- shalle venue that Olympic have to overcome players cially after a month-long It was Genoa's first league anyone for free and ensure
ford Bridge. "We were both silver medallist Sindhu had like Korea's sixth seed Sung training session under new defeat since early January that both batsmen and
quite sort of safe," United claimed the world champi- Ji Hyun and fourth seeded doubles coach Mathias Boe and left it 13th, eight points
MILAN WINS bowlers earn their runs
defender Luke Shaw said. onship gold in 2019, her last Danish Mia Blichfeldt -- of Denmark. above the drop zone.
Inter was bidding for a M ilan kept up the pressure on city rival Inter despite
having goals ruled out and hitting the wood-
and wickets, respectively.
"You don't give anything
Deactivating my
fifth straight league win and work.Fikayo Tomori and Zlatan Ibrahimovic both had to anyone. They should
it got off to the perfect start goals ruled out for offside for Milan and Simon Kjær hit earn -- runs as batsmen,

Sindhu, Saina may

when Nicolò Barella sent a the crossbar before the visitors broke the deadlock wickets as bowlers. I used
social media handles ball through to Lukaku, who
played a quick one-two with
three minutes from halftime when Franck Kessié con-
verted a penalty after Federico Fazio had fouled Davide
to think on these lines and
would not listen. I don't
till Olympics: Bajrang Lautaro Martínez before Calabria. Henrikh Mkhitaryan had a goal ruled out for want to compare with what

face off in semis

drilling into the bottom left Roma, which leveled five minutes after the break is going on at present. But
NEW DELHI: Olympic- corner. thanks to Jordan Veretout's curled effort. that is how I would try and
bound star Indian grap- The Nerazzurri wasted a prepare the pitch," said
pler Bajrang Punia on number of chances and drew defenders toward him ward immediately scored Parsana. The pitches for
Monday announced he Barella also hit a long-range before setting up an un- as he turned in the rebound the second and third Tests
will be deactivating all his stunner off the crossbar in marked Darmian. after Genoa goalkeeper have come under limelight
social media accounts un- the 17th.Inter finally dou- Sánchez was brought on Mattia Perin parried for giving spinners too
til the Games in Tokyo bled its lead when Lukaku in the 76th and the Inter for- Lukaku's effort. much help.
this July-August.One of
India's biggest medal
hopes at the Olympics, Ba-
jrang took to Twitter to
announce the decision.
I'd rather miss Olympics than take vaccine: Blake
"I will be shutting all my KINGSTON: Jamaica's Blake, 31, was quoted as say-
social media handles start- two-time Olympic gold ing in Jamaican newspaper
ing from today. Now I will medallist sprinter Yohan The Gleaner.
meet all of you after the Blake said that he would "I don't really want to get
Olympics.... I hope you rather not participate in the into it now, but I have my
will continue to shower Tokyo Olympics than take a reasons," he said.The Tokyo
me with your love..... Jai vaccine for Covid-19. The In- Olympics is expected to be
Hind," he tweeted in hin- ternational Olympic Com- Blake's final Games. A se-
di.Bajrang, who had quali- mittee (IOC) has "encour- ries of eight athletics meets
fied for the Olympics after aged" all athletes travelling were organised in Jamaica
earning a quota at the 2019 for the Games to take a vac- on Saturday, marking the re-
World Championships, re- cine but it is not compulso- turn of sports events in the
cently returned from USA ry."My mind still stays Caribbean island nation af-
BASEL (SWITZERLAND) the extended Olympic en at the Toyota Thailand after attending a one- strong, I don't want any vac- ter they were paused due to
qualifying period.It was Open in January.Two- month training camp at cine, I'd rather miss the the pandemic. Blake himself
Reigning world champion here at St. Jakobshalle time former winner Cliff Keen Wrestling Club Olympics than take the vac- was speaking after partici-
P V Sindhu will be eager venue that Olympic silver Saina, too, is in the same in Michigan. The 27-year- cine, I am not taking it," pating in one of the meets.
to return to the podium medallist Sindhu had half but the senior pro old will be seen in action
as former winner Saina claimed the world cham- will have to overcome in the UWW ranking se-

Vijender's next bout in Goa on Mar 19

Nehwal looks to regain pionship gold in 2019, her players like Korea's sixth ries event -- Matteo Pelli-
her touch in the season- last title before the seed Sung Ji Hyun and cone in Italy from Thurs-
opening Swiss Open tour- COVID-19 pandemic dis- fourth seeded Danish Mia day.
nament beginning here ruption. Blichfeldt -- whom she is
on Tuesday. The 25-year-old from likely to meet -- to set up a NEW DELHI his return to the ring on March 19
Indian men's singles Hyderabad, seeded sec- semifinal face-off with and this time he will be exchanging
players, too, have tasted ond, will look to go the Sindhu. Olympic bronze medallist boxer fists in Vegas-style boxing on the
success in this tourna- distance again as she All eyes will also be on Vijender Singh's next bout will Majestic Pride Casino Ship in Goa.
ment with Sameer Ver- opens her campaign world number 10 men's take place on the rooftop of a casi- The first-of-its-kind fight will be held
ma, HS Prannoy and Ki- against Turkey's Nesli- doubles pair of Satwik- no ship docked in the Mandovi riv- on the rooftop deck of the Majestic
dambi Srikanth emerg- han Yigit. sairaj Rankireddy and er in Goa on March 19. His oppo- Pride Casino Ship, which has been
ing victorious in 2018, Sindhu didn't have a Chirag Shetty after their nent is, however, yet to be re- roped in as the venue partner," said
2016 and 2015 respectively good outing in the three semifinal finish at Toyota vealed.The 2008 Olympic mid- IoS Boxing Promotions in the state-
and B Sai Praneeth fin- events in Thailand re- Thailand Open.The Indi- dleweight bronze medal winner ment. Vijender said he is looking for-
ishing runners-up in the cently but the road to the an pair, seeded second, will fight on the rooftop of the Ma- ward to the bout. His previous pro
last edition. quarterfinal here looks would look to stretch its jestic Pride Casino Ship docked in bout was in November 2019."I am re-
All four will be looking smooth for the Indian good run, especially after the Mandovi river, his promoters ally excited to return to the ring. It
to relive the moments and where she is likely to con- a month-long training said in a statement on Monday. excites me more to have my fight set-
extend India's good run at front fifth seed Thai Bu- session under new dou- However, the 35-year-old boxer's op- up on a ship. It is something that has
the USD 140,000 event sanan Ongbamrungphan, bles coach Mathias Boe of ponent will be announced later. never happened before in India and I
which will also resume an opponent she had beat- Denmark. "Undefeated professional boxing am glad to be part of this unique
star Vijender Singh is set to make professional match.

Mumbai humble
FP NEWS SERVICE have now been taken out of

Mumbai their comfort zone at pres-
ent and they have got to find
There is nothing new about ways and means to cope
the past and the present with what they are going to
English cricketers moaning encounter. "Spin is also a

and groaning about the part of the game, this is
spin-friendly wickets. what a Test match brings.
They are not prepared to The Indian pacers have
meet the challenge, says the been brilliant over the past
legends in the nutshell few years in terms of sub-

about the recent cry over stance, the wicket-taking
the Motera wickets on ability and stuff like that."
which the third Test match The legend urged the Eng-
between India and England lish team to work harder
was over in less than two and face the challenge res-

The severe criticism came

from former England cap-
tains like Michael Vaughan ut now you've
and a section of the British seen the other
PRESS TRUST OF INDIA wicket as Mumbai got off to
All the chatter has not
side, and this is
Jaipur a horrendous start. gone down well with why I think it was
It soon became 49 for four, Richards, whose incredible given the name Test
Domestic giants Mumbai after Sarfaraz Khan (11) range of strokes and fear-
trounced Himachal failed to convert his start. less approach to the game The legend feels that India have match cricket,
Pradesh by 200 runs in Then began the rescue act terrorised the best of pushed England out of their comfort because of the test
their final Elite Group D with the prolific Suryaku- bowlers in his prime in
game here on Monday to re- mar, who toyed with the Hi- every corner of the cricket- zone, weeks after the visitors started of the mind and will
main unbeaten in the machal attack, striking 15 ing world. the series with a big win and everything else
league stage of the Vijay boundaries on his way to a "I've been asked questions
Hazare Trophy. 75-ball 91. recently about the Test that goes with it
Mumbai had won their He found an able ally in match that was played in In- when you're
first four matches against
Delhi, Maharashtra,
the experienced Tare (83 off
98 balls; 6x4; 1x6) who
dia, the second and third
Test match against Eng-
Puducherry and Ra- played the perfect second land.
jasthan. Opting to bat at the fiddle as the duo forged a 99- "And I am a little confused who are moaning, in my has mostly been about tack- Test match cricket, because "People seem to forget that olutely.
Sawai Mansingh Stadium, run fifth wicket stand to about the question really opinion, should realise that ling quality spinners and of the test of the mind and if you're going to India, you "...now that you're in In-
Mumbai posted an impos- rally the innings. because there seems to be a there are times that you're that England may not have will and everything else should expect that. You are dia, you are going to en-
ing 321 for nine, courtesy After Suryakumar fell in lot of moaning and groan- going to get a seaming done their homework prop- that goes with it when going to spin land. You counter things and have got
Shardul Thakur's 92, the 31st over, Tare and ing about the wicket that track, a ball that is jumping erly ahead of the tour. you're competing. should prepare yourself to to find a way. You're going to
Suryakumar Yadav's 91 and Shardul added 112 runs for they were playing on," off a good length and every- Weighing in on the debate, "And the complaints have know what you're going to get dirty. There is nothing
Aditya Tare's 83 after a top- the sixth wicket, as they Richards said in a video one thinks that's a problem the batting great said, "... been that the wicket is spin- encounter." in the rule book that says
order failure. Himachal tackled the Himachal attack posted on his Facebook for batters," he reasoned. But now you've seen the ning too much and all that "Ever since that first Test I've got to score my runs in
were then bundled out for a with ease. page. The 68-year-old pointed other side, and this is why I sorts of stuff. This is anoth- match, England were in pretty, classical ways," he
meagre 121, with leg-spin- Shardul, one of the he- "I just felt that the ones out that playing in India think it was given the name er side of the coin guys. their comfort zone. They said.
ner Prashant Solanki (4-31) roes of the Brisbane Test
shining with the ball. against Australia, ham-
Mumbai were teetering at mered six boundaries and

Shaw to lead Mumbai in Hazare knockouts

eight for three after losing as many sixes, as he can- The Squad: Prithvi Shaw (captain),
openers Yashasvi Jaiswal tered to 92 in just 57 balls. Yashaswi Jaiswal, Akhil Herwadkar, Sid-
(2), Prithvi Shaw (2) and Brief Scores dhesh Lad, Dhaval Kulkarni, Sarfaraz Khan,
Shreyas Iyer (2) cheaply. Mumbai 321-9 (Sl Thakur 92, S FP NEWS SERVICE / Mumbai Shreyas Iyer, prolific Suryakumar Yadav and rounder Shivam Dube. The bowling attack Aditya Tare, Chinmay Sutar, Hardik Tamore,
While Jaiswal was caught Yadav 91, A Tare 83; R Dhawan In absence of three main players, Prithivi pacer Shardul Thakur, who will be away on will be led by experienced speedster Dhawal Shivam Dube, Aakash Parkar, Atif Attar-
by Praveen Thakur off 4/84, P Jaswal 3/65) beat Shaw has been handed the skipper's baton of national duty. Apart from Shaw, the Mumbai Kulkarni and comprises pacers Tushar wala, Shams Mulani, Atharva Ankolekar,
Rishi Dhawan (4-84), Shaw the 22-member Mumbai squad for the knock- batting line up has young opener Yashasvi Deshpande and Aakash Parkar, spinners
holed out to Mayank Dagar
Himachal Pradesh 121 (M out phase of the Vijay Hazare Trophy na- Jaiswal, crisis man Siddhesh Lad, experi- Prashant Solanki, Atharva Ankolekar and
Sairaj Patil, Sujit Nayak, Tanush Kotian,
Dagar 38 not out, P Solanki Prashant Solanki, Aman Khan, Tushar Desh-
off Vaibhav Arora. Dhawan tional 50-over championship. Mumbai will enced wicket-keeper batsman Aditya Tare, Shams Mulani. The knock-outs, which will pande, Siddharth Raut and Mohit Awasthi.
trapped Iyer in front of 4/31, S Mulani 3/42) not have the services of regular skipper Akhil Herwadkar, Sarfaraz Khan and all- be played in New Delhi from March 7.

Best Player Award in Balaji
Army Red, Pune win basketball tourney
ciary. One cannot blame the Maharashtra girl entirely
for her loss. Luck was also on the Haryana girl’s side at
crucial junctures, who raced into a comfortable lead. But
the story is not how she won in the end. It’s about how Ta-
cup badminton tourney
neesha found her rhythm in the fourth game and played In the first Balaji Cup
brilliantly from thereon. Indore district sub Jun-
She relied on the backhand, her strength. It worked ior ranking badminton
well, and when employed with the occasional topspin event organized under
forehand, she had a complete potent mixture. Suhana the joint aegis of Indore
was forced into errors and kept slipping away from her district badminton asso-
commanding position. The Haryana girl came into her- ciation and Balaji Bad-
self in the decisive game to sew it up nicely. minton Academy, players
In the second semifinal, Sayali Wani continued to sur- will be given trophy and
prise when she knocked out defending champion and prizes from semi-finals
statemate Pritha Vartikar 4-0. Equally surprising was stage. IDBA Secretary
the way Pritha went down without a fight. Pritha never RP Singh Nayyar and
went all out, making Sayali’s plans do the rest. Deepali Khamrola said

A rmy Red, Pune defeated Punjab

Police to bag the title of all-In-
dia Invitational Shanky Hardia Me-
Red. At the same time, the top scor-
er of the final was Gurandir Singh
of Punjab. He also collected 21
NBA Secretary Laxmikant Patel,
Prof. SK Bundy, Sunil Hardia, Vin-
od Nair, Jitendra Mishra, Sandeep
M. Hansini, who faltered in the semi-final at Dharam-
that in the competition
being held at Balaji Bad-
minton Academy in Ni-
morial basketball championship points for his team. Bhandari, Kuldeep Hardia and sala, could not be denied her Cadet Girls title this time. pania from 4 to 7 March,
concluded at Basketbal Complex on Third place Indian Air Force de- Ajay Kher. Hardia accepted the vote She beat her Tamil Nadu rival, Ananya Muralidharan, 4- 11, 13 and 15 years boys
Monday. Indian Air Force secured feated Income Tax Delhi by 97- of thanks. Before startting the fi- 2. What stood out on the day was Hansini’s better read- and girls will compete in
the third position. 80.The awards were distributed un- nal, a beautiful cultural pro- ing of the situation. On the other hand, Ananya relied singles and doubles. The
The finals of this event played in der the hospitality of BSF Inspector gramme was also organized. The too much on her backhand blocks and drives. Rarely did best player will be also
a very exciting way. Punjab police General Ashok Kumar Yadav, MLA winning team was awarded a prize she employ her forehand while Hansini was adept at do- awarded. A welcome
were ahead till half time but Army Siddharth Kushwaha and Jai of 51 thousand rupees and an at- ing both. Her topspin forehand winners often fetched re- lunch has been kept for
Red won the match 79-72. Thanks to Hardia. To guests, emblem were tractive trophy. The runners-up wards, paving the way whenever in trouble..The chief players and their par-
21 points from Gopal Ram and 16 present by M.P. Basketball Associa- were given a prize of Rs. 31 thou- guest of the prize distribution was Indore Collector Man- ents. Competition Secre-
points from Mayur Bhatt. The top tion President Kulwinder Singh sand followed by third-placed team ish Singh and Om Soni, TTFI , Vice President.On this oc- tary Subhash Khamrola
scorer was Jitender Singh of Army Gill, Secretary Avinash Anand, Rs 21 thousand. casion, Jayesh Acharya, Pramod Gangrade, Rinku said that along with the
Achara and Neelesh Viad were also present. The func- prize from the semi-fi-
Sayali stands out in her tion was conducted by Gourav Patel.
nals, an attractive run-
ning cup has also been
Sub-Junior title win Cadet Girls: Final: M. Hansini (TNTTA) bt Ananya
placed, which will be giv-
en to those player who
Fifteen-year-old Sayali Wani of Maharashtra had no bag- Muralidharan (TTTA) 11-6, 8-11, 11-5, 9-11, 11-5, 11-9. has won three times in a row. National Badminton Ref-
gage of the past. Nor did she fear her opponent’s reputa- Semi-finals: M. Hansini bt Sanchari Chakrabarty eree Dharmesh Yashleha will be the main judge of the
tion in the sub-junior girls final. With excellent cross- (Ben) 11-7, 12-10, 13-11, 11-4, Ananya Muralidharan bt Pr- event. Entries can be given to Prashant Upadhyay and
court topspin counters and loads of confidence, she out- isha Goel (Del) 11-5, 8-11, 6-11, 11-3, 12-10, 11-5. Dharmesh Yashlha by 2 March evening. Entry will be ac-
witted Haryana’s Suhana Saini to win the crown 4-3 in Sub-Junior Girls: Final: Sayali Wani (Mah) bt cepted with the name of the pair in the doubles. The
the UTT 82nd Cadet & Sub-Junior National Table Tennis Suhana Saini (Har) 11-8, 7-11, 14-12, 5-11, 8-11, 11-7, 12-10. matches will be played on 4 courts. This is the second sub
Championships at the Abhay Prashal here on Monday. Semi-finals: Suhana Saini bt Taneesha Kotecha (Mah) junior ranking badminton event of the season.
Top-seeded Suhana led 3-2 but goofed it up in the crucial 11-6, 11-9, 11-5, 7-11, 5-11, 14-16, 11-6, Sayali Wani bt Pritha
A state level men and women kushti championship started at Patnipura sixth game, allowing her Nasik rival to inch her way up Vartikar (Mah) 11-7, 11-6, 11-4, 11-6.
situated Chandrapal Guru Vyayamsala on Monday PHOTO- ANAND SHIVRE the ladder. When Sayali won the game to level the score,
Z Black MP Golf tournament
it was anybody’s match from thereon. The credit must go
Mantra, Anuj, Gauri, Adityam Pyush, Ranbahadur,
Adivasi Academy in next round to the 10th standard girl, who courageously saved a
Priyanka, Sonam win titles
match point at 9-10. And when she made it 10-all, she
grabbed the first chance to go 11-10 up and finish the
are district champions
game and match in style. Letting the unseeded Sayali Ayush Yadav, Ranbahadur Sahi, Priyanka Palkar and
take three points on the trot cost Suhana, not just the ti- Sonam Keer won titles in their respective categories of
tle but also Rs. 33,000 in prize money. Suhana had to sat- the Z Black open golf tournament played at Royal Garha
isfy herself with the runner-up trophy and Rs. 16,500. Golf Course.
CONTRASTING WINS In the two- day tournament, Ayush Yadav won the title
in best grass score followed by runners-up Lt Col JP
From 1-5, 4-6, 8-10 down in the sixth game, and then claw Singh. In the net score category, Ranbahadur Sahi get
your way back to make a match of it needs extraordinary winner trophy, followed by Brigadier Rohit Dutta run-
courage. And Taneesha Kotecha showed it all on the ners-up. . In women’s category, Priyanka Palkar won ti-
table, first when 0-3 down and then during the sixth tle, while Sonam Keer clinched girls category trophy. Dr
game. Eventually, she won 16-14 on the fourth game point Nirbhay Shrivastva won the close to pin trophy. Prizes
to go level to give her a fair bit of chance in the decider. were given away by Ankit Agarwal, Director of Red
However, she failed to raise and lost her grip over the Black Agarbatti. On this occasion, Siddarthsingh Garha,
Adivasi Academy defeated Sunrise Football Club 5-3 in game, falling into the trap of Suhana, the ultimate win- Indore district sub-junior and junior ranking badminton MD of Royal Garha Golf Course and Arjun Dhupar, Sec-
penalty shootout and entered the next round of Maharishi ner who missed three match points. A few topspin fore- competition was concluded at Indore Badminton Club on retary of MP Golf Association along with distinguish
Valmiki Gold Cup organized by Ajax Football Club being hands of Taneesha went flat, leaving Suhana the benefi- Monday. In the Under-15, 17 and 19 categories, the singles dignitaries were present.
played at Nehru Stadium on Monday. Both the teams were and doubles matches of boys and girls were played in
unable to score until the scheduled time and in the penal- which, Mantra Soneja, Anuj Kale, Adityam Joshi, Gauri
ty shootout Adivasi Academy won the match 5–3. The sec- Chitte won the titles. The prize distribution ceremony
ond match in the competition was played in the girls’ class was held in the presence of Vishnuvardhan Reddy, Chief
between Day Boarding Indore and Adivasi Club, in which Coach of Gopichand Academy Gwalior and Regional Of-
the Day Boarding Indore team won by 3 goals. Herer Pa- ficer of Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board RK
tel scored 2, while Sanskriti Sharma scored 1 goal. Before Gupta.
the inauguration, the portrait of Maharishi Valmiki was Retired Additional SP RK Upadhyay, Director of Indore
garlanded. The tournament was inaugurated by Gajendra Badminton Club Mukesh Maheshwari, International
Patel MP Khargone, B.K. Chauhan, SR Baghel, Mahesh Badminton player Shreyanshi Pardeshi and secretary of
Virolia, K Sanani , Virendra Baghel, DK Chauhan SR Indore district badminton association Kamal Kasturi
Baghel and Mahesh Birolia. The guests were welcomed were also present. The programme was presided over by
by Karan Bhagat, Dharmendra Khare, Ajay Mehra, Dr. academy director Malhari Kale. Badminton Chhindwara
Pradeep Chauhan, Prashant Indurkar , Satish Rewal, Ra- secretary Javed Khan, Jeevan Kale, Amit Kulkarni, Amit
machandra Chauhan and Ramesh Jhirwar. Alankar Saxena and Deepak Yadav were also present on the oc-
Raikwar conducted the programme . casion.
Google Chrome to increase browser security
SAN FRANCISCO: Google’s Chrome browser will soon try to use (URL) bar – Chrome will load the typed link, regardless of protocol.
HTTPS as default when users forget to type the HTTP or HTTPS prefix. But if users do not add the protocol, Chrome will add the prefix
The move is in line with Chrome engineers efforts to increase browser “http://” and attempt to load the domain via HTTP. According to

safety. These HTTPS-first changes will arrive in Chrome 90, scheduled Chrome security engineer Emily Stark, this will change in Chrome 90.
to be released in mid-April this year, ZDNet reported last week. At Starting with v90, Chrome will try to open the site via “https://” when
present, when a user types a link in the Omnibox - Chrome address users leave out the prefix when typing a URL. –IANS

Eating 5 servings of Indians meditate in

pursuit of happiness,
fruits, veggies a day peace and growth: Survey
linked to longer life
New Delhi

hat makes Indians
meditate? Accord-
ing to a recent sur-
According to a study, following the ‘5-a-day’ rule i.e., two fruits and three vegetables may protect you from vey by meditation and mind-
fulness app ThinkRight.me,
the risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. It lowers death risk by 13 per cent it is the pursuit of happi-
AGENCIES er risk of death from respiratory data from two studies including ship journal Circulation. ness, peace, and personal
New York disease, such as chronic obstruc- more than 100,000 adults who were Not all foods that one might con- growth that keeps most Indi-
tive pulmonary disease (COPD). followed for up to 30 years. For this sider to be fruits and vegetables of- ans going in the meditation

f you are scouting for a magic The study identifies an optimal analysis, researchers also pooled fered the same benefits. For exam- sphere.
potion to live a longer and intake level of fruits and vegetables data on fruit and vegetable intake ple: Starchy vegetables, such as Spanning 1,000 individuals
healthy life, try five daily serv- and supports the evidence-based, and death from 26 studies that in- peas and corn, fruit juices and po- between the age group of 18
ings of fruits and vegetables, in succinct public health message of cluded about 1.9 million partici- tatoes were not associated with re- to 60 years, across Mumbai,
which two are fruits and three are ‘5-a-day,’ meaning people should pants from 29 countries and terri- duced risk of death from all causes Delhi, Bengaluru, and Pune,
vegetables, according to new re- ideally consume five servings of tories in North and South Ameri- or specific chronic diseases. the survey also cites stress
search that combed through stud- fruit and vegetable each day. ca, Europe, Asia, Africa and Aus- On the other hand, green leafy management and better
ies representing nearly 2 million “While groups like the American tralia. vegetables, including spinach, let- sleep as other key areas
adults globally. Heart Association recommend four Analysis of all studies revealed tuce and kale, and fruit and vegeta- where meditation has growth, while Punekars and proposition. With time, we
Compared to those who con- to five servings each of fruits and that intake of about five servings of bles rich in beta carotene and vita- helped individuals. From an people in Bengaluru are in also hope more people take
sumed two servings of fruit and vegetables daily, consumers likely fruits and vegetables daily was as- min C, such as citrus fruits, berries app data perspective, almost search of peace and happi- to meditation and a more
vegetables per day, participants get inconsistent messages about sociated with the lowest risk of and carrots, showed benefits. 40 per cent of the users of ness. mindful way of life so collec-
who consumed five servings a day what defines optimal daily intake death. “Eating more than five serv- “Our analysis in the two cohorts ThinkRight.me meditated Delhiites turn to medita- tively there's a positive
of fruits and vegetable had a 13 per of fruits and vegetables such as the ings was not associated with addi- of US men and women yielded re- daily in 2020, spending a to- tion for better sleep and change in people's overall
cent lower risk of death from all recommended amount, and which tional benefit. Eating about two sults similar to those from 26 co- tal of 2.64 billion minutes on stress management. mental and emotional
causes; a 12 per cent lower risk of foods to include and avoid,” said servings daily of fruits and three horts around the world, which sup- the app in the entire year. As per Rajan Navani, Vice- well-being.”
death from cardiovascular disease, lead study author Dong D Wang, a servings daily of vegetables was as- ports the biological plausibility of The survey also revealed Chairman and Managing Di- The onset of 2020 brought
including heart disease and stroke; member of the medical faculty at sociated with the greatest longevi- our findings and suggests these how meditation helps differ- rector of JetSynthesys, the with it Covid-19, a global
a 10 per cent lower risk of death Harvard Medical School. ty,” said the study that appeared in findings can be applied to broader ent age groups differently. company which owns the pandemic which has been
from cancer; and a 35 per cent low- Wang and colleagues analysed American Heart Association's flag- populations,” Wang said. — IANS The peace and happiness app, “India often tops the harsh on most individuals
tops the charts across all age charts when it comes to stud- and the app data is proof of
groups – and goes up as one ies on stress and anxiety. We that reality.

New AI tool brings old photos to life

grows older, as one in two launched ThinkRight.me According to this platform
people aged between 36-45 two years back to make the with over 2 million down-
years meditate for peace and benefits of meditation acces- loads, the maximum traffic
happiness compared to 1 in 5 sible to all. We are big believ- seen on the app was during
among the 18-25 age group. ers of the power of thinking the months of April 2020 to
The age bracket of 18-25 right, therefore the name, June 2020, during the Covid-
AGENCIES day. In its FAQ page, the com- a short video that people can years and 46-55 years showed because our thoughts do 19 induced lockdown, with
San Francisco pany said that the technolo- share with your friends and similar patterns; the quest guide how our day and life daily active users increasing
gy for animating photos was family. for peace and happiness was pan out. All the daily affir- by 50 per cent coupled with a

hat if you could licensed by MyHeritage “The driver guides the followed by better sleep, per- mations and guided medita- significant increase in sub-
make your late from D-ID, a company spe- movements in the animation sonal growth, and stress tion sessions on scriptions too. The daily pos-
grandfather in an cialising in video re-enact- so you can see your ances- management, in that or- ThinkRight.me are born out itive affirmations followed
old photo look up and smile ment using deep learning. tors smile, blink, and turn der.When it comes to city- of this core belief, and we by guided meditation offer-
at you? This and numerous MyHeritage integrated their heads. This really specific analysis, most hope to use these survey ings top the charts for what
other possibilities have in- this technology to animate brings your photos to life,” women in Mumbai meditate findings to make TRM an helped app users the most in
trigued social media users the faces in historical photos MyHeritage said. to seek peace and personal even more compelling 2020. –IANS
after discovering an Artifi- and create high-quality, real- Twitterati is using the pro-
cial Intelligence (AI)-pow- istic video footage. gramme to generate memes
ered service called Deep The company said that the of all kinds with some even
Nostalgia that animates the
faces in still photos.
Offered by online genealo-
Deep Nostalgia feature uses
several drivers prepared by
MyHeritage. Each driver is a
applying the tool to animate
ancient statues.
MyHeritage said that “pho-
NASA astronauts complete
7 hour-long spacewalk
gy company MyHeritage, video consisting of a fixed tos uploaded without com-
the Deep Nostalgia service sequence of movements and pleting signup are automati-
helps users create the effect gestures. cally deleted to protect your
that a still photo is moving, It applies the drivers to a privacy.”
The Verge reported on Sun- face in a still photo, creating —IANS AGENCIES / Washington

Gene editing useful in climate I

n the third spacewalk
Amazing Ayurveda of the year outside the
International Space
Station, NASA astronauts
Shaktivardhika Vati Skwith Malham
proofing global food supplies
Kate Rubins and Victor
Glover concluded their
Key property: It wards off Key property: This spacewalk after 7 hours
weakness. It is effective ayurvedic formulation is and 4 minutes.
against gonorrhea and effective against skin AGENCIES/ Washington this with unprecedented safe- too long for breeders to detect The two NASA astro-
can help treat premature problems like itching, ty, precision and speed,” Dr and make that genetic diver- nauts began work on Mon-

ejaculation. boils, warts etc. It he findings of a recent Massel said. sity available to farmers, with day to install modification
Ingredient: Shyam can also provide study by scientists “This type of gene editing a breeding cycle averaging kits required for the up-
musli, Shakakul relief against from The University of mimics the way cells repair about 15 years for cereal coming solar array up-
mishri (Trachy- constipa- Queensland suggests that in nature.” Her review rec- crops. “Plus CRISPR allows grades, the US space
dium lehman- tion. gene-editing technology is go- ommended integrating us to do things we can't do agency said in a blog post.
ni), traga- Ingredient: ing to play a vital role in cli- CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing through conventional breed- The duo worked near the configuration. port hardware and se-
canth gum, Vaseline, mate-proofing future crops in into modern breeding pro- ing in terms of generating farthest set of existing so- The bolt likely will need cured it to the space sta-
pellitory, borax, cop- order to protect global food grams for crop improvement novel diversity and improv- lar arrays on the station’s to be secured further be- tion’s exterior structure
Colchicum lu- per sul- supplies. in cereals. Energy-rich cereal ing breeding for desirable left side, known as P6. fore installing one of the until work can be complet-
teum, ashwa- phate and Biotechnologist Dr Karen crops such as wheat, rice, traits. Glover built a bracket new solar arrays that will ed on the next spacewalk
gandha, Pistacia tankan Massel from UQ’s Centre for maize and sorghum provide In proof-of-concept studies, structure and worked with be delivered to the space on March 5.
lentiscus, mandur bhasma. Crop Science has published a two-thirds of the world’s food Dr Massel and colleagues at Rubins to attach the station later this year During the spacewalk on
bhasm, agar, gooseber- Quantity: As per re- review of gene editing tech- energy intake. the Queensland Alliance for bracket and support struts aboard SpaceX’s 22nd March 5, Rubins and
ry and sangayashava. quirement or directed by nologies such as CRISPR- “Just 15 plant crops provide Agriculture and Food Inno- to the mast canister, the commercial resupply serv- Japan Aerospace Explo-
Quantity: 1 to 2 tablets. the physician. Cas9 to safeguard food securi- 90 per cent of the world’s food vation (QAAFI) applied gene- base, of one of the P6 solar ices mission, NASA said. ration Agency (JAXA) as-
Should be taken twice a ty in farming systems under calories,” Dr Massel said. “It’s editing technology to arrays, known as 2B. Rubins and Glover then tronaut Soichi Noguchi
day with milk. Or as di- (To know more about Shri Mohta stress from extreme and vari- a race between a changing cli- sorghum and barley pre- One of the bolts did not moved to begin identical will venture outside the
rected by the physician. Ayurvedic Rasayanshala,
able climate conditions. mate and plant breeders’ abil- breeding programs. “In fully engage on the first at- assembly work for the orbiting outpost to com-
call: 0151-2523227/ or reach at
mohtarasayanshala@gmail.com) “Farmers have been manip- ity to produce crops with ge- sorghum, we edited the tempt, so Rubins used a bracket for the second of plete the installation of
ulating the DNA of plants us- netic resilience that grow plant's genes to unlock the di- power drill to back it out the P6 solar array pair, the 4B array modification
Disclaimer: The description of the above-mentioned ing conventional breeding well in adverse conditions gestibility level of the avail- and reseat it, then used a known as 4B. kit and are expected to
products is an excerpt from a booklet, Sankshipt technologies for millennia, and have enriched able protein and to boost its ratchet wrench to tighten They completed the con- tackle additional work,
Aushad Parichay Patrak. Please consult your doctor/ or and now with new gene-edit- nutritional qualities. nutritional value for humans the bolt, reaching a safe struction of upper sup- NASA said. — IANS
contact the clinic before taking them. ing technologies, we can do The problem is that it takes and livestock,” she said. –ANI

Sleep apnea could be Coronavirus antibodies transferred

linked to memory issues from pregnant ladies to their infants
AGENCIES / Toronto

disorder called obstructive sleep apnea AGENCIES study’s senior author. the virus and all were COVID nega-
that occurs when breathing is repeat- Washington Dr Yang and her team analysed tive at the time of birth, further in-
edly interrupted during sleep is com- blood samples from 88 women who dicating that the antibodies had

mon in people with thinking and memory study drove by the ‘American gave birth at New York-Presbyteri- crossed the placenta – the organ that
problems, says a new study. The risk of cogni- Journal of Obstetrics and Gy- an/Weill Cornell Medical Center be- provides oxygen and nutrients to a
tive impairment increases as people age. necology’ discovered that the tween March and May 2020, a time growing baby during pregnancy –
“Better sleep is beneficial to the brain and antibodies that help in guarding when New York City was the global Into the foetal bloodstream.
can improve cognitive skills. Yet in our study, against the COVID-19 infection are epicentre of the pandemic. Newborns with symptomatic
we found that over half of the people with Neurology's annual meeting scheduled to be transferred from mothers to their All of the women had COVID-19 an- mothers also had higher antibody
cognitive impairment had obstructive sleep held virtually from April 17 to 22. babies while in the womb. tibodies in their blood, indicating levels than those whose mothers had
apnea,” said study author Mark Boulos of In addition, researchers found that the This discovery adds to growing ev- that they had contracted the virus at no COVID symptoms.
the University of Toronto in Canada. severity of obstructive sleep apnea corre- idence that suggests that pregnant some point even though 58 per cent This data implies that pregnant
“We also found that those with the sleep sponded with the degree of cognitive impair- women who generate protective an- of those women had no symptoms. women could pass along vaccine-
disorder had lower scores on thinking and ment as well as the quality of sleep for par- tibodies after contracting the coron- Furthermore, while antibodies generated antibodies in the same
memory tests. Fully understanding how ob- ticipants, including sleep time, how quickly avirus often convey some of that nat- were detected in both symptomatic way, potentially shielding both moth-
structive sleep apnea affects this population they fell asleep, the efficiency of their sleep ural immunity to their fetuses. and asymptomatic women, the re- er and child from future infection.
is important because with treatment, there and how often they awoke at night. “People The findings also lend support to searchers observed that the concen- However, it is not yet known exactly
is potential to improve thinking and memo- with cognitive impairment should be as- the idea that vaccinating mothers-to- tration of antibodies was signifi- how protective these antibodies
ry skills as well as overall quality of life.” sessed for obstructive sleep apnea because it be may also have benefits for their cantly higher in symptomatic might be, or how long that protection
The study involved 67 people with an average can be treated by using a continuous positive new-borns. women. might last.
age of 73 who had cognitive impairment. Par- airway pressure (CPAP) machine that helps “Since we can now say that the an- They also found that the general Dr Laura Riley, chair of the De-
ticipants completed questionnaires on sleep, keep the airway open at night,” said Boulos. tibodies pregnant women make pattern of antibody response was partment of Obstetrics and Gynecol-
cognition and mood. They also took a 30-point “However, not everyone who tries CPAP against COVID-19 have been shown similar to the response seen in other ogy at Weill Cornell Medicine, obste-
cognitive assessment to determine their level chooses to regularly use the therapy, and this to be passed down to their babies, we patients, confirming that pregnant trician and gynaecologist-in-chief at
of cognitive impairment. Researchers found may be a bigger challenge to people with suspect that there's a good chance women have the same kind of im- NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cor-
that 52 per cent of study participants had ob- thinking and memory problems.” “Future they could pass down the antibodies mune response to the virus as the In addition, the vast majority of nell, and one of the study's co-au-
structive sleep apnea. People with the sleep research should be directed toward deter- the body makes after being vaccinat- larger patient population--some- the babies born to these women –78 thors, is still advising pregnant pa-
disorder were 60 per cent more likely to score mining ways to diagnose and manage the ed as well,” said Dr Yawei Jenny thing that hadn’t previously been per cent – had detectable antibodies tients who decide to get vaccinated
lower on the cognitive test than people who did disease that are efficient and easy to use in Yang, an assistant professor of known for sure since a woman's im- in their umbilical cord blood. There to continue to follow current safety
not have sleep apnea, according to the study to people with cognitive impairment,” Boulos pathology and laboratory medicine mune system changes throughout was no evidence that any of the in- guidelines to prevent the spread of
be presented at the American Academy of said. — IANS at Weill Cornell Medicine and the pregnancy. fants had been directly infected with the disease. — ANI
Kim, Kanye’s
ocialite Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West are going through a divorce and their papers

S have reportedly revealed why the two have ended their marriage. “Irreconcilable differences”
has been cited as the reason behind the reason in the divorce papers. The documents,
divorce papers obtained by thesun.co.uk, show that the divorce has been filed by Kim and Kanye is
mentioned as the respondent. The latter has been very cooperative with the divorce proceedings.

reveal details However, the date of separation has yet not been finalised by the court. Papers also revealed that Kim

has filed for the physical custody of their four children - North, seven, Saint, five, Chicago, three and
one-year-old Psalm. The duo got married in 2014. –IANS


Bollywood Bytes

Nationalism is not all black Alia Bhatt launches

production house

and white: Sumeet Vyas B

star Alia
Bhatt on
announced the
launch of her
production house
The actor reveals why love for one’s country is a universal ‘Eternal Sunshine
Productions.’ The
emotion and one need not be vocal about it always ‘Student Of The
Year’ actor hopped
on to Instagram
SHOWLI CHAKRABORTY this particular Indian regi- universal emotion and one family, it does not mean that I and unveiled the
ment in which around 126 will always connect to it! love them any less. It cannot logo of her production house. The logo of Bhatt’s

umeet Vyas, who men defended the border That is never going to be out be all black and white! company sees a bright yellow logo that comes with
played the role of while the war broke out. They of fashion. two cats. Elated to announce the launch of her
Rakesh in the ended up fighting thousands Why are Indian celebs not production house, the actor noted in the caption, “And I
comedy stoner of Chinese soldiers. The con- Don’t you think that we as vocal about social and am so happy to announce... PRODUCTION! Eternal
High Jack (2018) is ditions were very bad and have seen a lot of over-the- political issues as celebs in Sunshine Productions. Let us tell you tales. Happy tales.
back, now in the role they lacked proper facilities top ‘nationalism’ in films in the West? Warm and fuzzy tales. Real tales. Timeless tales.” –ANI
of Officer Ram Ku- to keep themselves warm dur- the last few years? We work for a storytelling
mar in the series ing the harsh pangs of winter. Yes, of course. It is a sort of medium. If we start meddling
1962: The War In All that kept them going just raging topic these days. The in politics, our houses are at- Dust has a global appeal,
The Hills. The for the sheer love for their nation is like one’s own home. tacked all of a sudden. Our
series, stream- country. It was a small victory The nation is like my home films are barred from releas- feels Vinay Pathak
ing on Hotstar in a big war! and l love it just like my house ing, the theatres are attacked he Vinay
is a war-drama
of dauntless
Do you think that this is an
apt time to come out with
and family. However, do I need
to reiterate this always? No,
that is unnecessary.
by mobs and criminal cases
are filed in courts.
It’s completely acceptable to
T Pathak-
starrer Dust
fought to the a series about conflicts One need not be screaming not watch our content if one dropped
last bullet with China? from the rooftops about it. cannot handle what we pro- digitally only now,
during the I feel that it is incidental and Also, if I point out what I duce. However, nobody can go but the actor
1962 India- not intentional. We had shot don’t like my nation or my about vandalizing our work! proudly recalls how
China this in 2019 and there was no the indie film,
war. real conflict in the borders Have you ever been trolled written and directed
Excerpts back then. It is not essentially “The nation is like my online? by Udita Bhargava,
from the a pro-war series. It is more Not really! That’s also made waves when it
inter- about the people who took part home and l love it because I don’t comment on was screened at the
view in it and what kind of lives just like my house political issues often. I am not prestigious Berlin
with they lead. The war is just the a very opinionated person International Film Festival in 2019.
the mere backdrop of the story. and family. However, and I respect other people’s “I remember our screening at the Berlinale where
actor. opinions. I don’t think my barring me, Udita and her parents, the rest of the
Tell us Don’t you think that por- do I need to reiterate comments on an issue will audience in the screening theatre, which was a full
about traying ‘nationalism’ in films this always? help the cause. In fact, some- house, was an entirely international audience. The way
1962: has been done to death? times it can have a negative the audience reacted to the story after the screening
The War No, I don’t think so! I agree No, that is unneces- impact instead. was overwhelming. Dust is an Indian film with a global
In The that there are a lot of films on Unless you can really do appeal and perhaps that is why we touched the right
Hills the lives of the army-men but sary. One need not be something productive about chords,” Vinay recalls, speaking to a news agency.
It is a series it is one sentiment that will screaming from the an issue that will help solve Dust, also featuring Morten Holst, Amrita Bagchi and
about the always work, as it has instant it, simply making a random Kalyanee Mulay, streams on Mubi app. –IANS
1962 Indo-Chi- connect with the audience. rooftops about it.” comment is not going to be
na War and Love for one’s country is a helpful!
Honey Singh drops
another dance number
‘I would avoid watching M
and singer

horror films earlier’

Yo Yo
Honey Singh
released his dance
track Shor
Machega, which is
LIPIKA VARMA Says Varun Sharma, whose next is What is your message to new also the first track
talents who are trying to make a of upcoming film
ctor Varun Sharma, who was last seen in a comedy-horror film, titled Roohi, mark in the industry? Mumbai Saga.

A Chhichhore (2019) is back on the big screen,

this time in a completely new genre, horror-
comedy. The actor who had earlier starred in
that releases worldwide on 11th
March. The Fukrey (2013) actor
My request to everyone reading this
would be to allow people to pursue their
future. I am a living example of someone
Yo Yo Honey
Singh shot for this
special number, composed, sung and written by the rap
commercially successful films including Kis Kisko reveals that although he wasn’t who has made it in this industry through star with his protégé Hommie Dilliwala, for two days in
Pyaar Karoon (2015), Dilwale (2015), and Fukrey rigorous auditions. Mumbai last year with John and Emraan.
Returns (2017) will be sharing screen space with fond of the genre before, watching Finally, I paved my way up to banners Talking about the song, Honey Singh said, “This has
Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor in Roohi. The movie it now brings joyand laughter who has films Dil Chahta Hai (2001) been one of my best compositions and I’m excited to
is set for a theatrical release on March 11. In an and Rock On!! (2008) to their collaborate with Hommie for this song. We kept the
interview with the Cinema Journal, Varun talks about credit, one must do their bit and theme of the movie as the essence of our music and
the movie, working with Rajkummar, Janhvi, and his try to be a part of this industry, wanted to give audiences a song that is catchy and
personal life. Excerpts from the interview: which is very welcoming and groovy. It was a pleasure sharing the screen with John
loving! and Emraan.” –IANS
Tell us about Roohi. Do you watch horror movies?
Roohi is almost like the crazy sister of Stree (2018)! It is Any director on your bucket list?
quirky yet unique. Its story is something that has never I want to work in different Prabhas’s Salaar
been seen before. The film revolves around a boy who genres of films and not stick to a
falls in love with a female ghost (Chudail). The genre specific kind. Thrillers are to be out in April
being horror-comedy, the screenplay is driven with something I would really love to ctor
ample turns and twists. I would avoid watching horror
films earlier but after watching Stree, I feel watching
them brings in loads of laughter and fun.
do. Talking about directors on my
bucket list, I want to work with Zoya
Akhtar and Rajkumar Hirani.
A Prabhas’s
film Salaar will
Do you think that Roohi’s distributors will benefit When will we see you doing an out- hit theatres on April
because the theatres have re-opened? and-out romantic genre film? 14, 2022. The actor
It is a blessing that the theatres have finally reopened. I am keen on doing romantic films and I announced it on his
Many had held their films back and waited to release How was your experience working with Rajkummar hope to get one soon. Instagram page on
them in theatres, Roohi being one of them. Roohi will Rao and Janhvi Kapoor? Sunday.
be the first proper release since the government’s The experience was absolutely amazing! This was my Are you single? What kind of a partner The actor shared
announcement of 100% seat occupancy at the second outing with Rajkummar Rao, the first being Dolly are you looking for? the poster of the film
theatres. Ki Doli (2015). We always bounced of splendid I admire someone who is cute and family- and captioned it as,
With the Covid-19 pandemic, the entertainment chemistry, both off and on camera. If we lacked have oriented. However, I’m not seeing anyone “Delighted to share
industry faced a major setback. However, people have chemistry off-screen, it would have surely reflected currently. My mother always advises, ‘Abhi toh the release date of #SALAAR. 14th April 2022 see you
accepted this conundrum and learned to live with it. on-screen! Working with Janhvi Kapoor was fabulous! girlfriend bana le’, (Get a girlfriend, now) (laughs)! in cinemas!” The film, which is set to present Prabhas
They have resumed normalcy, to an extent, by I did not know her personally, apart from meeting her in a never-seen-before violent, dark shade, also stars
attending cricket matches and gradually stepping into at events, occasionally. We had properly met at the Do you intend to take up direction in the future? actress Shruti Haasan.
theatres. Similarly, I feel, that people have regained narration/reading of the film. Honestly, it isn’t easy to I feel that direction is a very tough job. It requires The film’s mahurat took place here in January this
their entertainment spirit and will definitely flock to play two characters simultaneously, (being Roohi & multiple skill-sets. I am unsure of my capacity as a year. The film is directed by Prashanth Neel and
the theatres to watch Roohi, benefitting the Afzana ), which she has performed with ace and director. That being said, I would definitely like to learn produced by Vijay Kiragandur of Hombale Films. –IANS
distributors. exuberance. the art of direction and direct a fun film someday.

Borat, Nomadland bag top

Actress Nicole
awards, late Chadwick Boseman named best actor
he Golden Globe Awards were her husband and
presented on 28 February in their daughters.
orat Subsequent Moviefilm and 1983, reports bbc.com. The Sacha Baron at the age of 21 in 1969. The actor said prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

quite a pandemic-like fashion. It
was a fun-packed entertaining Nomadland were among the top Cohen-starrer Borat Subsequent that he hopes generations after this Late star Chadwick Boseman was
show, brimming with smiles and hu- winners at the 78th Golden Moviefilm, the sequel to 2006’s hugely would see how Hampton fought. posthumously named best actor in a
mour. The award ceremony indeed saw Globe Awards. The Crown and successful Borat, was named best musical The Crown won four honours including drama film for his performance in Ma
some incredible moments, from Meh: late star Chadwick Boseman were or comedy film. the best drama series. Josh O’Connor and Rainy’s Black Bottom. His wife, Taylor
Amy and Tina’s Opening among winners, too, while veteran Jane “Thank you to the all-white Hollywood Emma Corrin both won for their Simone Ledward, accepted the award on
Jokes to Daniel Kaluuya Fonda was feted with the lifetime Foreign Press,” said Sacha Baron Cohen as performances as Prince Charles and his behalf. Boseman passed away last
unable to unmute his achievement award. he accepted the prize, referring to the Princess Diana respectively. Actress Gillian summer after quietly battling colon
microphone and yelling, The ceremony was held virtually and the recent revelation that the organisation Anderson was named in the best cancer for years.
“You’re doing me dirty!”, live audience consisted of frontline workers behind the Globes currently has no black supporting category in the series for her Actress-singer Andra Day won in the
we had it all! Here’s a look and first responders of the Covid-19 members. The actor joked about the portrayal of former best actress in a motion picture
at some of the most Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicking it pandemic. Actresses Tina Fey and Amy awards body as he was (drama) category for her
remarkable moments off by seeking change while still Poehler returned to hosting duties this named best actor in a performance in the OTT film
from the show. delivering a witty, funny monologue. year, but they were in New York and Los comedy or musical for the The United States vs. Billie
Angeles respectively, marking the first time same film. Holiday. Day is only the
the Golden Globes have been bicoastal. Other winners included second Black woman to win
The best drama film went to Rosamund Pike, who was at the Globes after Whoopi
Nomadland starring Frances McDormand named best actress in a Goldberg, who won 35 years
as a homeless woman traveling through musical or comedy film for I ago for The Color Purple,
the American West. Schitt’s Creek was Care A Lot. The best according to Variety.
Salma Hayek Actress named Best Comedy series. Actress supporting actor went to The Queen’s Gambit was
looked Amanda Catherine O’Hara, who plays the role of Daniel Kaluuya for his named best-limited series
Moira Rose in the show, was feted with performance in Judas And the and its star Anya Taylor-Joy,
marvellous, ac- Seyfried best comedy actress honour. Black Messiah. was named best actress in a
ing herself in a dressed up in The best director award went to Chloe The film cast Kaluuya limited series. Other winners
cherry-red, Actor Daniel an amazing Zhao, who became the second essayed the role of US included Mark Ruffalo for
one-sleeve Kaluuya forgot to floral peach female winner of the activist Fred Hampton, best actor in a limited
Nominees kept getting isolated into category in Globes history, chairman of the Black Panther series, and Pixar’s Soul,
romantic gown! unmute his mic and gown. after Barbara Streisand in Party who was assassinated which won best-animated film. –IANS
sub-zooms, suddenly adding new people
started yelling.
REGD. NO. INDORE MP/ICD 216/2018-2020 RNI NO. 38281/83

Motivation is what gets

you started. Habit is
❝ what keeps you going.


PM takes first shot of C-vax

rime Minister Narendra our doctors and scientists have
Modi on Monday took his worked in quick time to strengthen
first dose of the Covid-19 vac- the global fight against COVID-19,"
cine at AIIMS in Delhi and appealed Modi tweeted after taking the vac-
to all those who are eligible to get in- cine shot. The prime minister also
oculated. The prime minister posted a picture of himself taking
reached the All India Institute of the first dose of the vaccine in
Medical Sciences early this morning which he is seen sporting an As-
and was administered Bharat samese 'gamocha' and getting inocu-
Biotech's COVAXIN by nurse P Nive- lated with a smile on his face. Nive-
da, who hails from Puducherry. An- da later told reporters that the
other nurse Rosamma Anil from prime minister, after being adminis-
Kerala also assisted in the process. tered the vaccine shot, remarked
"Took my first dose of the Covid-19 "Laga bhi diya, pata bhi nahin chala
vaccine at AIIMS. Remarkable how (Already done? I didn't even feel it)."

1.47L inoculated MLAs ask questions online Skiing to check

A total of 1,28,630 beneficiaries over 60 years of
age and 18,850 aged 45 and above with co-mor-
bidities took the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine on Mon-
T wo Madhya Pradesh MLAs were on Monday allowed to
participate in Question Hour in the online mode, a first
time occurrence in the state Assembly. Congress MLAs
T o counter expan-
sionist China's habit
of creeping forward by
day as the cumulative Narayan Singh Pat- making small incremen-
number of vaccine ta (Bichhiya) and tal moves, the Indian
doses administered in Ashok Marskole Army has planned
the country crossed (Niwas) were con- mountaineering expedi-
1.47 crore. The coun- nected online from tions and research stud-
trywide vaccination Mandla and were
drive was rolled out seen on a huge
on January 16. The screen installed re-
third phase of Covid- cently in the House,
19 vaccination commenced from Monday for those with Speaker Girish Gautam saying the experiment of
over 60 years of age and for people aged 45 and above members asking questions through online mode during
with specified co-morbid conditions. Question Hour was being done for the first time.
ies at high-altitude areas
in the northern borders
������������������ of the country. The
Army is also coming up

'5-a-day' rule for healthy life with a skiing expedition

-- ARMEX-21 -- covering
the distance from the

I f you are scouting for a magic potion to live a longer and

healthy life, try five daily servings of fruits and vegetables,
in which two are fruits and three are vegetables, according to
etable had a 13 per cent lower risk of death from all causes and
a 35 per cent lower risk of death from respiratory disease, such
as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Lead study
Karakoram Pass to Lip-
ulekh Pass. It will cover
areas of Ladakh, Hi-
new research that combed through studies rep- author Dong D Wang, a member of the medical machal Pradesh,
resenting nearly 2 million adults globally. Com- faculty at Harvard Medical School and his col- Garhwal and Kumaon
pared to those who consumed two servings of leagues analysed data from two studies includ- sectors. Civilians will
fruit and vegetables per day, participants who ing more than 100,000 adults who were followed participate in the expe-
consumed five servings a day of fruits and veg- for up to 30 years. ditions.
� ������ FREE PRESS
'Provide free jabs to all'
ONE FOR INSPIRATION T he Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Monday re-
quested the Central government to provide Covid-
19 vaccination free of cost to healthcare workers

(HCWs) and people of
the country. In an offi-
cial release, the IMA

n a village lived some said: "Vaccination is an
mice. On the outskirts effective way of protect-
of this village, there ing people against
was a lake, which a herd of harmful diseases. We
elephants visited regularly request to provide the
to bathe and drink water. Covid-19 vaccination
On the way, the elephants free of cost to the people of the country." The IMA also
trampled the mice. So, the congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for tak-
king of mice decided to ing the first jab of coronavirus vaccine today.
meet the elephants. He told
them, "As you travel
through the village, many
mice are trampled. We will
be very grateful if you you mice return? Neverthe- made by the king of mice
$6.6 bn for in-person classes
could please consider
changing your route. We
will remember and return
less, we honour your re-
quest and change our
route." After a few days, the
He sent a fellow elephant
who was not trapped, to ask
the mice king to come and
C alifornia's public schools could get USD 6.6 billion from
the state Legislature if they return to in-person instruc-
tion by the end of March, according to a new agreement an-
the favour when you are in elephants got trapped in help them. Soon, all the nounced Monday
need." The elephant king nets that were set up by mice came and started nib- between Gover-
laughed, "We are giant ele- hunters. The elephant king bling the nets, and freed the nor Gavin New-
phants. What favour can remembered the promise elephants. som and the
state's legislative
leaders. Califor-

Al Pacino's nap is viral nia can't order

schools to return

H ollywood actor and filmmaker Al Pacino who appeared to

be taking a nap during the 2021 Golden Globes ceremony is
trending on social media. Footage of the iconic 80-year-old ac-
to in-person in-
struction, but
state officials can
tor, who was nominated for 'Best Actor, Television Series Dra- offer a lot of mon-
ma', for his role in Amazon's 'Hunters', was all over the Internet. ey to those that do. Newsom, who could face a recall election
Prior to The Crown's Josh O'Connor's win, the camera showed later this year spurred by his handling of the coronavirus, has
the 5 nominees, and the 'Godfather' actor appeared to be have been at odds with legislative leaders on the best way to en-
closed his eyes until he suddenly looked front with a bit of a jolt. courage school districts to return students to the classroom.

����������������� AI-powered Deep Nostalgia

A round 100 farmers from Konkan on
Monday joined hands with Global
Kokan to launch an online platform
Make your late granny smile at you
'Myko' to promote Alphonso mangoes. hat if you could make your
The online platform late grandfather in an old
www.mykofoods.com is a flagship project photo look up and smile at
by Global Kokan, a socio-economic ven- you? This and numerous other possibil-
ture that seeks to make Konkan Alphon- ities have intrigued social media users
so or 'Hapus', a global brand and to make after discovering an Artificial Intelli-
lakhs of mango growers from Konkan gence (AI)-powered service called Deep
self-sufficient. Nostalgia that animates the faces in
still photos. Offered by online genealo-
����������������������� gy company MyHeritage, the Deep Nos-

T he International Yoga Festival began at Rishikesh on

Monday with nearly 400 yoga enthusiasts participating in
the event. Speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural func-
talgia service helps users create the ef-
fect that a still photo is moving. "The
driver guides the movements in the an-
tion, Uttarakhand Agri- imation so you can see your ancestors
culture Minister Sub- smile, blink, and turn their heads. This
odh Uniyal said yoga really brings your photos to life," My- upload a photo. From there the process
activates positive ener- Heritage said. Twitterati is using the is automated. The site's FAQ says it does
gies inside human body. programme to generate memes of all not provide the photos to any third par-
Yoga guru Ramdev's kinds with some even applying the tool ties, and on its main page a message
aide Acharya Balkrish- to animate ancient statues. The Verge reads "photos uploaded without com-
na said the real cure of reported that users have to sign up for pleting signup are automatically delet-
diseases lies in yoga, a free account on MyHeritage and then ed to protect your privacy.
not in medicines.
Ex-French Prez FREE PRESS

sentenced INDORE | TUESDAY | MARCH 2, 2021 ������ �

Chinese malware in India's power grid
A Paris court on Monday found

French former President Nico-
las Sarkozy guilty of corruption
and influence peddling and sen-
tenced him to one year in prison

and a two-year suspended sentence.
The 66-year-old politician, who was
president from 2007 to 2012, was
convicted for having tried to ille-
gally obtain information from a
senior magistrate in 2014
'No glitch A midst the border ten-
sions, a Chinese gov-
about a legal action in in Co-Win' ernment-linked group of
which he was in-
volved. D ispelling the rumours of
a glitch in Co-WIN plat-
form, created to track delivery, utilisation
hackers targeted India's
critical power grid system
through malware, a US com-
and distribution of Covid-19 vaccine in real time, Em- pany has said in its latest
powered Group chairman, RS Sharma, on Monday study, raising suspicion
said the confusion was whether last year's massive
created by spreading power outage in Mumbai
misinformation that was a result of the online in-
vaccination registra- trusion. Recorded Future, a operations of Power System hitting the economic activi-
tion is being done Massachusetts-based com- Operation Corporation ty hard. The New York
through a mobile ap- pany, in its recent report de- (POSOCO) due to any mal- Times, in a report, said that
plication. He clarified tails the campaign conduct- ware attack. However, the the discovery raises the
that the registration is taking place only through 'Aar- ed by a China-linked threat ministry did not mention question about whether the
ogya Setu' app and Co-WIN's portal 'cowin.gov.in'. activity group RedEcho tar- about the Mumbai outage. Mumbai outage was meant
geting the Indian power sec- On October 12, a grid failure as a message from Beijing
tor. In New Delhi, the Min- in Mumbai resulted in mas- about what might happen if
istry of Power on Monday sive power outages, stop- India pushed its border
Man cycles 6K km in 13 days said there is no impact on ping trains on tracks and claims too vigorously.

O vercoming bad
road condi-
tions and a slew of
CISCE exams from April 8 QUICK NEWS

other challenges, he Council for the In- which is class 10 exam, will 'Soch' is about
Nagpur resident dian School Certifi- be conducted from May 5 to pursuing dreams
Amit Samarth has
successfully cycled
cate Examinations
(CISCE) will conduct board
June 7. The Indian School
Certificate Examination
� ���������������������
the 6,000-km Gold- exams for classes 10 and 12 (ISC), which is class 12 ����������������������������
en Quadrilateral, from May 5 and April 8 re- exam, will be conducted ���������������������������
which touches all spectively, officials an- from April 8 to June 16," ���������������������������
the metro cities of In- started from the out- nounced on Monday."The said Gerry Arathoon, ������������������������������
dia, in just over 13 days, skirts of the financial Indian Certificate of Sec- CISCE's Chief Executive �����������������������������
an effort what can earn capital on February 15 ondary Education (ICSE), and Secretary. ��������������������

him an entry into the and completed the ride

record books. Samarth, by reaching the same Rs 77K cr bids for
43, a qualified doctor, spot on Sunday. spectrum
Jumbos on the rampage �������������������� �������������

A herd of wild elephants destroyed standing

crops in several villages in Jharkhand's Koder-
ma district, Forest
Department offi- ����������������������������
cials said. The
herd of wild ele-
phants destroyed
standing crops in
HTTPS to be default in Chrome
several villages in-
cluding Kharpoka
under Jayanagar block in the border area of Hazarib-
G oogle's Chrome browser will soon try to use HTTPS as default when users forget to type
the HTTP or HTTPS prefix. The move is in line with
Chrome engineers efforts to increase browser safety. These
agh and Koderma district in the last two days, the of- HTTPS-first changes will arrive in Chrome 90, scheduled to
ficials said. Police said the elephants have trampled be released in mid-April this year. At present, when a user
crops planted in about 50 acres of land. types a link in the Omnibox - Chrome address (URL) bar --
Chrome will load the typed link, regardless of protocol.
� ������ INDORE | TUESDAY | MARCH 2, 2021


V eteran
actor Amitabh
this age are
delicate and
need preci-
Bachchan on sion han-
Monday re- dling...the
vealed that he best is being
recently under- one and one
went an eye hopes all
surgery. The shall be
actor also well... the
penned a note sight and the
of thanks to recovery is
his fans who slow and dif-
showed concern for his medical ficult so if there are typing er-
condition."Thank you for all rors they are to be excused,"
the concern ...eye surgeries at Bachchan wrote in his blog.

Team India 'The Queen's Gambit'

sweats it out
T he Indian cricket team is preparing in-
tensively for the fourth and final Test
P opular Netflix
Globe for her powerful
performance as an or-
against England and leaving no stone un- took home two prodigy. Taylor-Joy
turned at the Narendra Modi Stadium. awards at this year's played the role of Beth
The Board of Control for Cricket in India Golden Globes. The Harmon in the seven-
(BCCI) on Monday shared a video on Twit- show was named the part series which fol-
ter to give a glimpse of players sweating it best television limit- lows her meteoric rise
out in the nets. In the video, India skipper ed series and its lead through the chess
Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane can be actor Anya Taylor- world in the 1950s and
seen batting in the nets. Joy won a Golden '60s America.

������������������������ ������������������ ����������������������

ce Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia on
Monday announced that he will stop us-
ing all social media handles till the Tokyo
ndian Premier League (IPL) champions
Mumbai Indians (MI) on Monday an-
nounced its partnership with DHL Express.
J amaica's two-time Olympic gold medallist
sprinter Yohan Blake said that he would
rather not participate in the Tokyo Olympics
Olympics as he wishes to completely focus on The international express service provider than take a vaccine for Covid-19. The Interna-
his prepara- has joined MI tional
tions. He fur- as a principal Olympic Com-
ther said he will sponsor and mittee (IOC)
return to social official logis- has "encour-
media after the tics partner aged" all ath-
conclusion of ahead of the letes travel-
the quadrennial 2021 season of ling for the
event. "Mein the IPL. This Games to take
apne sabhi so- is DHL Express's first cricket sponsorship. It a vaccine but
cial media handles ko aaj se band kar raha hu. has previously been involved with Rugby Sev- it is not compulsory. "My mind still stays
Ab Olympic ke baad aap sabhi se mulaakaat ens Series, ESL One, MotoGP and Formula 1 strong, I don't want any vaccine, I'd rather
hogi ... ummeed karta hu aap apna pyaar ba- along with being involved with Premier miss the Olympics than take the vaccine, I am
naye rakhenge ..... jai Hind," he said. League giants Manchester United. not taking it," Blake, 31, said.

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