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Del Toro, First Latina Appointed Chair of The California Underground

Facilities Safe Excavation Board (The Dig Safe Board)

ehs International, Inc., (ehsInc) is pleased to announce on February 09, 2021, Marjorie Del Toro of
ehs International, Inc. (ehsInc.org) was elected unanimously as Chair of the Dig Safe Board. Del
Toro is the Board’s 3rd chair, 2nd female chair, 1st Latina/Latino chair.

Del Toro appointed by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr on December 18, 2017 (two-year term) and
reappointed by Governor Brown on January 02, 2019, for a four-year term.

Irvine, CA, March 02, 2021 --(PR.com)-- The California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board
-- or Dig Safe Board -- was created by the Dig Safe Act of 2016 to investigate accidents, develop
excavation safety standards and coordinate education and outreach programs. Members are charged with
overseeing the safety of excavations around buried utilities by coordinating the state's education and
outreach efforts, investigating accidents to determine their causes, setting standards for safe excavation
and ensuring the state's safe excavation laws are followed.

Mission: The California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board improves public and worker
safety by facilitating communication and learning among excavators and the operators of subsurface
installations, investigating accidents to determine their causes, and developing solutions to improve safety
outcomes. The California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board strives to be a model regulatory
and investigatory board for other states to emulate.

Del Toro: “I am honored to serve as Chair on the California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation
Board of Directors, with my fellow board member,” said Marjorie Del Toro, CEO, ehsInc. “During my
term on the board, I am looking to improve the safety of workers in subsurface operations and put
forward policy suggestions that can address some of the challenges at job sites around California.”

Del Toro is the President and CEO of ehs International, Inc., a nationally recognized company
specializing in environmental health & safety. Since the workplace death of her uncle and the permanent
disabling of her mother, she has pursued a career dedicated to improving the workforce safety
environment so that others would not suffer such losses. She has received numerous awards from
AGC-CA, including the 2016 Associate Achievement Award, the 2011 Construction Safety Excellence
Award, and the 2007 Associate Member Contribution to Industry Safety Award.

Her work in safety has been featured in the Orange County Business Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine,
Oprah Magazine, California Constructor, and the Critical Mass for Business Radio Show.

Del Toro also has extensive knowledge in the water quality and wastewater industries, receiving the
Spotlight Award from the Santa Ana River Basin Section of the California Water and Environment.

Association, and served as its president from 2012 to 2013. She oversaw the association’s education
safety programs and contributed to OSHA standards development and water pollution control safety

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About ehs International, Inc.

ehs International, Inc. (ehsInc) has been at the forefront of environmental and occupational health and
safety since 1997. Its mission is to provide customers and their employees a safe, sustainable and
productive environment. Through better technology, seasoned staff, and tested processes, assisting
customers in reducing costs and risk. ehsInc provides a single source for its client’s EHS & compliance

Specializing in: Developing Health & Safety Programs, Assessment of Current Safety Programs, Job
Site/Facility Hazard Assessments, Develop & Conduct Site-Specific Training and Construction Site
Inspection & Support.


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