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17 Year Old, Uniquely Abled Young Lady from Southern India, Nanditha Biju

Publishes Her First Book, "Soul: The Me Inside of Me"

Trivandrum, India, March 03, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Author, Painter, Poet and advocate for the uniquely
abled, Nanditha Biju releases her first book, “Soul: The Me Inside of Me” on Amazon.

In “Soul: The Me Inside of Me” you will find a collection of poems and drawings created by Nanditha
Biju when she was 15 years old. This book is a collection of her thoughts and musings over the years as
she has relearned to use most of her body after a virus attacked her spine when she was eight years old,
causing her body to deteriorate.

You can purchase this powerful book at:


About Nanditha Biju

Nanditha Biju is 17 a year old female that resides in a small slum in southern India. She was born able
bodied and when she was eight years old a virus attacked her spine causing her body to deteriorate,
leaving her almost lifeless in her bed for many years. In her early teens, she started to work with a
physical therapist that taught her exercises so she could build the strength up to use some of her body
again and be able to sit in a wheelchair. At the age of 15, Nanditha hand wrote a book that featured her
collection of poems and drawings. For almost two years, she has been transferring that book to digital
formats and has recently published “Soul: The Me Inside of Me” on Amazon. Nanditha is very active on
social media, she hosts mindset coaching sessions for her audience and is constantly posting about topics
that she cares about. To connect with Nanditha please follow her on instagram at @nandthia_biju.

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