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Peter Scbwe,ig'hofer
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Introdudion _~ __ ~ 2 4 l' 2 28 ,44

Cha,pterOne: ChClIKu::ler Dev'elopment'

Chapter' ~WO': Smuglghtr Or,iigiins ChiQptel' Thlreec: Your Ship Ch,apter IFoue' 10015 of the Trade Chapteil' FriV&: ContG,ds
C&QIp;fer Six: Rivals and E'IR'emie5


Chapter Seveft:Charader Templates

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A Wo~d From P'latt
Oke·efe ...
Since [ entered the business ,.I've had to learn a lot on my own ..Nobody taught me how to work acareful cariO deaJor re-Mre the Ion drive control circuits-using pads of a treadwell dro]d. I learned the hard way the best plaOB£to stash contreband, and how te misdirect inqmsi:Uve Imperia] Custems oUicers. ] made :my own ennnecttona usually after maliri fig .1lJ few enemles. A few loUts helped.meetong the 'Willy.

and even m.o:r'etried to bl,ow me Gut Gil the sJ~y" ~qu icldyl'eamed that Sill I,.Igg1,1. .g ~ ~sr~'1 one orrthe galaxy's eastestprotesslons, ~fs fi~ledwithdangers: vmdictive crime ~ords, crnoked bosses, rial oU'1clers.UnJess YQu're entering the famHy busmess and have some parental mentess, you're on your own.
ruthless bounty hunt.ers and ~I]nexibl.e hMlpe-

TOC'kelook through my Smugglier's Handa to]~ection of background tidbits to ..out fellow smuggl1ers. Jve covered several Hioo[<:s wnichclllI help liven up your illegal ~A,"lih"",",.l""'"'' andgetyo'uQutof trouble, Looking work? I've Itsted some general ldnds o£ leiWilip~OY1erS both [egruamd the less-savory k!inds. a ship? Check OUlt some of the m}TiOild ways you can acquire one, some even without a stngle credlt (thQUjgh those tend to put hfiunUflS 00 your head). SeekingsupYou '.I] find an entire warehouse fu]] of <'lndg;Mr ~o help you luna successful mt1,ggll:in!~usmess, fromspa.ces\Jit$ and cargo b ~\I'~]Oilid;~e:rs sleiglli:tt boxes and cargo tracking to

NCit lor 1ong.


rru.e ~~UI~gE~U)IO~IS making ceenecttens for

a slew

fDr SOmeOR€! to .I:Hil.]p you Gut?


'contacts to hew, you


Plan's Smugglers


of your own. [know you don't

need any more

ri.vats or adversaries, but l've provided som e lor you here incase' you need hel p making your ewn enemies. [n every case I've tried to provide you wlthiadfvtdaals who are ty~:dcaJof those hauntiing the hyper~ anes ..,.most of them I've
even IIIU~l my-seU.

A Character Creafion Menu

At first, you'll wa.rd 'tn take your time and read thl s book: carefully, p'erus~ngthe \'adous pusslbtltttes for your character. Once you've dune that, you can use this

Some ldeos for IPlayers

Gtl!me c:hi1i.lrlu~h"r"!'l_ Smugglers have to worry about operating and maintaining ll.ieir' rrIjM~hldine-real kind ...of 1-l~1~t:i<lUzl:!dequipment, and rely on a varletv or con L!'u~ In f ulr~ 1.'01 IIt-':rll n~1 r ,!:lmbitions_ They must dodge bounty hunters,

Platt's Smuggle,r HundboC),k is H too:lldt you ran use to spice up your Star Wars RoLe.playing

book to quickly create a character's background by Hipping thrQugh and jotting down !lnm(:g(:rll~rilllllllh~~ UII Whl~ylJ\Hlr~
and wno you know. End I dutpt~r h~ a
ji~~. "menus,

er,l',or else they're out ,of business, They usc

~ usts

forces, ~mllerlil.l troops, sometimes flven Ihe"f own angry employers. As I;lI player, wher'e do you come up wltl1 aU thlsbaekground Information? Sure; your gamemastercould choose it for you. BULwhen you earefu lly pick aU the' places which make your smuggler a reel character you can play,

crime lords, loral security

tcrs are iuvol ved, Yener,1I.l esert pttens d are pmyjded with a :sp-Beifh~eharacter &S an example, Your cnotces arc shown in
'I~:d UII" 8S

of chotccs on f:v~~ryll uiln~Urnlll Whi.i Y(IUT famiJy Wi1lIS to what kinds of con luets yrn JI k~uJ'I'I'·.'Vi!henother I~Jmema~ cnaractel"


50 y'QU


nnd them easily.

Every background element for a player character is an adventure hnok fur you. VifhOll!t happens when a smugglet characterolfends hll'l, powedu~ @mployer1 How does a char acter go about. ~jod! ng (and peyl rrg for) all that speetal equipment that might not be perfectly l@g'al? VIllar happened to that contact the stnuggler needed to rilUll 'Iu ,get the right inf,or.IIlaiUon,

they f.it together much better. A well-rounded character hes many leos e ends which can heJp out in a crisis, or cal"! qulekly become lastminute adventure hooks". Uyou know that your charaC'h:1-T has a few contacts In the underworJd-,a<iatafmger, an inrQl':llantandafriendly starport official-you 'can can in a few favors to ge,f YIJU out of trouble. Smart gamemasters might eapitallze on 'Ihi.'!, making ill! short episode or an ent~re adventure out of seeking the contact 's he! p, Ctmosing your own enemies also h.e~ps you can develop Hturies behind ... huw you met. them, and what you did to em age them,

materlals or services to complete the adventure? Who's c ompetlng with the character and how rar Ain~they willing togo to stop them? Players take s peclal care creating a background

for thelr character.





aB.wny~ mnuking for

new equipment, and additicna! chal':act~r templates. You'll Und those here, too. lt's all part or mak~nga character with a detailed background, Details of a character's dJsta[lt past have a f1!1nny way 0'. resurfacing during a good story ..Roleplaying game characters, should n't be any different,


about starshtps,

Don't let it ~o to waste. Yom ganu~ win ('e~1 lIIure ~~aIistlr U you use elements from a caaracter's past to infltlt;'iloe his prlj8lent Ln add ilion to iJllin!J pi,l\IJy~rcharacter backgrounds ior jnspjration, you can USL'l lh~ 1::l1""" D nljuh'l frum this supplement to add new depths

Gamemasters, R.e,od This,

Usually Star Wars Rolepluyifl.g Game products feature "Adventure Ideas." and other gamemaster notes to inspire yourimaginatiofl and help you infuse excitement Into your campailgn. Although this Is; a .8U pplernent primarily

to your OWllJ gamemaster characters. Giving them realistic motivadons can make your own characters more challengIng. Rather than becoming cardboard cut-out targets, they grow j n LI) live people with emotions and concerns the phlly'ers may be able to use to thetr advanJust a... anvthlng you Can use the p]aY'~!l"s win eventually by themselves, so, too, can you en bance you game by using information available to your players.
tage hll,ter"

for p~ayers, it can also be avaluable ~rn:emaster resource.


~haracter Development
The young woman leaned agalnst the observation deck railing, w,atch.ing the smaU transports take off and. land in the endless honey'comb ()!f docking bays which constituted Vetrad Independent Downport, ln the command tower above her, tra:ffic controllers monitored the shtps, dJrecting them to land~ng bays or givi Dlg them d'epa_rtur-Bv,ectofS. She'd been up there once on a sehoo] tour. Directing pUots didn't interest her--sbe wanted to fly one of those

She had changed out ot her academy tun~c and wnloclothes she had secretly purchased: an Qutl1t more suil~oo to working on f.t r reighfp.f lilaJl attending boring classes. The' ctotbes were a bit larger than she wanted-tbe vest reached almost to,her knees, and her pantswere tucked ~ntQ the beets in a vain attempt IlO mallie til em ~ook ute they fit. 'She'd bidd'en tI~e~nand the rest of her gear near the gate to her family's r-esidential 'l:oU1lpound NQbQdy had ncnced her school bag had been a bit more full that morni'ng when. she left. Nobody would have understood, The daughter of a prominent Brentaaltradlng house was expected to aUend the commerce academy and become some ~li'IilJip()rtmt corporate drone in the fam~t'ybusiness, Not exactly the most exciting life. A few yeam-s, beh~nd a desk at schoo~ had proven mat. A breeze rufned her white hair as she ,cont~nued watching: the ~ransports. She had spent Many ,aft'@rnoons here, trackJirng the tramp t1J1!~(''!l\\1l1hl~bdlt,e:rsas they blasted high into the atmoor following the s~owlng descent of. Tod~yshewol.dd dornorethan wateh,
pai~selngt:rshuttle landed Jn a nearby bay, marked with the' insignia of the Sullustan nner, SlarliJe. Cloud. Platt picked up the
IiInd headed fnrthe' dodun,g bays.

she'd Leave Brentaal,


•• ., ..

'~P.::lj~I'i~la s~urnpoo at her ~-eet, slung it Over her


.. ..

description and reference source jf you need more lntormanon-c-but it win give you some
ldeacl the many diUerent systems you
G.1UiI Ci'lJU

Beooming a smuggler starts, wi th a dream, Maybe you want to be your own boss, or pers:eUinginto treoble and making a few credits, No ma,tter what your monves are, you are still
somebody,~roreyousta[l't hauLing contraband, haps-you ~ustwant to romp, around t he


home, and the varied places you can grow up. K,eep, in m~nd that the pla net YOlichoose as your hnrnewnrld might have: some bearing on your past occu p;_it'ions and your re'lationsh~p with your tanrlly.Il you come from an industrial woeld Hke Druck,!lJlweU,YQ'u'rl!' not ,Rololilto be
the last

RefQl'eyC<lU 8t~rt determining ,all the €'xdUng thmgs about your smuggling nfe-Y01iJf ship. who YOll work #(w, ",11those u~p.flll C"Olilt.'l('.ts" itilll UI~ hordes uI rivals and enemies thwartlng your plans-you need to figure out who yuu are to beg~n wit h. WI1Jere are you origi.n1iUy fromnVhat was yom f<lmi~yLi.ke?'W'hu&kinds of fobs did you have? To help you t~gure OU l who you were before becoming anintameus smuggler" use a copy of lhl~ "'sIlUlgf_IiI'L'\r Th~v~lnpm~111Wurk!<l'lu~~t~ I:lt the. end of tnis cb~ter. lt has a lew categories to guide )'Ou, plus plenty of space for your own notes about your I)ackgrollnd. You'll only fill. out a few 'categories here: as you contirme l'Ieshingout your past and present, you'll jot
down a fmq more notes .. Below you 'U find a Jew basic guideHnes Far c[eatiog a character's background, You don't WilJlt to spend too much time here, espedaUy since more exciting thmgs await beyond ... J list

or lJ I,ong Ufl~ nf


You Come IFrOim ...

Bliktml, ~n lsolated Outer rum world with rmsman ag~~.ri nvt".r n III~I ill H I rt'.IiU(' nH ~y'hlill'l bug't:'g exports in repulsortllt components, The Truce at Ba.~uro Sourcebook.

Be~hest. a planet nf great nat ural beauty and crystal clttes, survives on increased Imperial trade. The ThroWfl TriloRY Sou,-c,cbook., page
lOS ..

Bespln._and its main gas mining Iacifity, Cloud City-is all independent colony which nour~ isheswith its open trade ~[l Tlbanna gas And lts firss-rate cast f10S, hotels. and entertainment husilll-':~.'If'Jij,C~ila:;rJl Guid~ 2: Yavirt o1U1Be:~pin, B:l!Jbrlngli consl sts (g,f several rockywodds which provide mlnerals lor the massive lmperla~ shipSourceoook, page 110.

yards orbttlng BH'brJngiVll, The Thrown Triloi&

Bun~tlan, an important fa'ctory wlorld in the Corporate Seetor,is highly industrialized and

one of the reasons you became a smu~~le:rln the n nIL place, [f you' re looking {or more specific information on shaping your ehArad~r's past, checkout" Chapter One: Character Development" ln Heroes und Rogues.

densely popu[llted,at

the expense 0.1the nQWI'

environment, Han Solo's Revenge.

Not Evert Sm uggJe:r's from Co:remo

decis.ions later in lHe. Some people enjoy thetr
hameworlds and expect to live 11'1 similar a

.BCJlbawui,the Bothan homewnrld Is a. center for corporate', clanend ]JoIJjUcallntrjpe. Shooaws of'l:he Em{Jt.~ P['clJ',!€11I. (J;m'di'., p)'lg~


Wbere yo IiJ come from sometimes


place once they've become successful. Others rebel against the ideals and attitudes el fhelr home planet and seek places which are opposite. Some worlds will provide you with experiences you wouldn 't get em others.

Bnmlaal, the bub of commerc tal actlv~t}' along t he Corp. Worlrh:l ed ge, is dominated by commerclel starports, cities of warehouses, trade markets, f]nancia~ markets and lndastrlal centers. Sta.r Wars Adventure Journal #7, page 2~8. Bybl08, a highly populated world doUed ~th dusters of city towers, is horne to ,i manufacturing lndusrry which suppltes high technology end rnl Htary items. Platt's Starpori Guide, page 98. 'Chmdrila, a. peaceful world of ro~Ung plains and oceans, focuses ]~S commercial ,adtvities on a thriving agricunur,a~ economy. Star Warn Adventure Juurnal #7, page 2'1-6. CorelUa, a system with several planets, has become more and more isolated, though ]t:s

p(lople hecome sm ugglers fo r ru.!'i.ny d iUer~ en:~reasons-you'U nod 8 omecithesein ~Ch<'ilpterTwe: Smuggler Ori.gjns. ~We're not OlJU H:ds in bus lness bee aus e we 're from Corel Ua, 'I!;U' Socorro, or Tatootne. Some of LUI are from orderly worlds with thousands of years of tradition aadculture. There's s:t1U:sometbln,gthere,

though, that lnsptree us to venture om Into the hyperlanes and haul contraband. It's different
for everyone. Here's a,Hst of hcmewcrlds you can choose frnrn.l's Dot comprehenalve, with only a short

everywhere in the galaxy~The Coretlian Trilogy. Coru1ag, a model Core Wor~d fully ]oya~ to the Emperor's, New Osder.is home to, one of the

merchants and entrepreneurs

can be found

Chapter One: Character Development

lure .IOl111UlI

rmpenaJ milltary ,au:::ad@mh~$.Slar Wars:Adven' #7, p.age 214.

the: Rebel Al1ianc,e with mi I:ita_ry star crulsers, Galaxy Guide' 4.- Alien Race«, page 67. as the ~Smuggle-rs Moon," is, an urban haven for smugglers., criHl~na]sand other seeundsels, Dark Empire Soun;,ebook, page B.s.

CO:rIIHa!Dl, the seat Qf' the galactic sovern~ ment, loontains every manner of bureaucrat, seoundrel and mercenary, from the very depths oJ Its ,sernce tunnels to the upper spires of the most opument a.partments. Th.rown Trilogy $ourrebook, p;ilg'e ~ 12. Dru.ckcnwetl" in the Mid!.Rlm, is lin ~udUllt:r1aJlzed, O,vf:qmpulated urilban world run by corporate guilds which have taken grea1t care to reduce pollutlon and protect the p.bul.,!tI:'s few rema)rdng resources, Star Wars Adventure JO,fH'." nat ,#4, page 42.

Nar Sbaddaa, the center of Hutt space known


Oro MaDlell, a former 01d Republlc ordnance/

resupply depot, is now a bus-y spaceport, a common layuver po.lnt fors,coul1id~'·ek" audspacers altke,

Er:hDos, a domed ,dty on a barren moon, is a higMech ha.\!1en for mercenaries; and smugglers with no torm ,of organized government. Star Wan Adventur:e Journa' #4,. page 176. Esaele8, another Core W,Qdd!,is a. mlajor center lor ma n uf8.'durLng h l,glll~technol'Ul:.ty components headed fOircapital warships. Slur' Wa.rs Adventure Journa.l #1., page 221" Fondor, an .indus;tri 1'lI~ planet, ls famous for the huge star'Sh~pl construct.ion faciUUes in Its orb~t. GeJgew, a 'backwater swamp p~anet, is home to a smaU ,coUection of fugitives •.scoundrels, ~ilred hU01JJan sbvash gas cellectors and WeMY
Su]]ustan mold farmers.

Market in theCare Wor](ls_Star Waf,SAdventure JQurnal #7. page :227. Rbimud, where boner and style playa major part in society, bas a major medical a,eademy and pharmaceutical industry. Star Wan; Advenlure Joumal #7.

RalUUr" now under a strlct ~nipc.i'Uf~[hlud;.ade, was once a major banking center and finandal

p.a,g@ 224,

Rodlo, homewortd to tEl,€! RndifuII!" ~1!1,."ptanet cd dense, savag·e jungles contrasted with modem urban arees where offwodders conduct bustness in relative safety. Shtldow.5 of the Empire Planets Guide, page IS.
RylotJ •., the Twj 'teJchomeworld, ~~ aroekywasteland of hidden Twi'lek dUes r.avaged I>y heat

stormsand 136"

slaver s, Platt's Siarport Guide, page

p']anet in the Core

page 58.,

Piatt's Srarport Guide.

pe!agoes, sport'S a tbr~vjng 'el1'~erta1nment industry run by a crime lady who caters to ~D1peria] personoel 'on leave . .star Wan Adventure J()umal #7., page ]84 .. Kashyyyk. the Wookiee homeworld, Is ajlungle world .of immense trees, mailY levels, and great predator.s.ll is currently under WmperiaJmalitlal ~aw. Thrown Tfif,ogySouroebook. pag·e 120. Ke1ada, in the Anarid Clust.er.~s, home to 111. Major Arakyd factory., plus facUities which produce r,epuJsot~iU: eomponents and walker M-. sembhes for the Empire:. Slor Wars Ad,Q€nlure
. Journal #2, page 229. Kiothlls, a Bothan colony. Ws major industria] a,

Kaall, a water wodd detted with island arcbi-

.Star Jt:a.rsAdVenture Journal 12, page 231. SheIhariJ.e 5,.wlth lts crowded, run-down capidential quarters _Galaxy Guide' 6: Tramp Fre.igh:t· ea, page 107, .sooo.IT'O'. world of black-sand deserts, is a a haven for free--traders, outlaws, and natives wlth a deep sense oMhQ'flc!I""loyailty and i ntl8gtal city of Galllsport, ts crammed wltb massiv,e lnd'lls'triilJI installatlons and ~nA!detl ate restu

tlon, which admfalsters 18 .r'~mdflt' p~anets through a cnrporate and noble bureaucracy,

Wurlds, is home to the Samehe Ag CO.f'POl'a-

an agrkl!1tura]

rlty, Black Sarl'ds of 5ooorro.


Ne,ed More

eenter l'OrBothan corporations and other companies throughout the galaxy. Shadows ofth'e Empire Planets IGuide, page '72. . Is a maze of orbita. conseruencn resLdential lUil~ts fGr 'Workers which sur'a prlatine p~anet where the elite live. Staiporl 'Gurde., page 38. ,_.,_.,,-~ ..... ,.-.Calamari. a, fotnl.er]y Imperii'llny demtl~j[Jat.etf worM,. Is home to the pea.ceful Mon ,~~""""" •.•..pedes. Tbe MOll Calamari support s
.home of Kuat Drtve Yards S:t~r Destroyer

Fe looking for other al~erna~[ves, check out The Slar Wars ~lane's Cbl:lecrion or the planets chapte:rol The 17iIrawn TrilogySaurr:eOOo_k. Pirntes and Privateers has ashort but useful List of fringe commumdes and shadowports On pages 116-119.

p:lanet in the galaxy. Uyou'

This lsn 't a CO~llp'Teh.ens:lve list of every

PIlaff's Smugglers Gunde

Sullot, now under the thr,aU of the Impertally allied SOl\oSuub Corporatton ,is the 'volcanic homeworld r.if the Sullustans,

laJlaa.u, a f'reewoof~d located on two maj Or space lanes in Tapaal sector, bas M1 extensive Ol!TTilly
,tile: Expause Campaign, Setting, Sector page 36. Guide,

plte us-es as a major naval installation, Lords of

of orbital yards and space docks that the. Em-

the street learn 1:0 Jend ror themselves and deve']op, a hardatettude toward ]lfe. Use the Iollowlngmenu to pick one Dr several condlttons which might have appUed to your family me. In some cases ~t might explain why you became a scoundrel who UaUJ!ts the blW and laughs at authority, Yourchcice could also explain your demeanor hOI bits and beHe.fs.

Tatoome. a remote desert world, is home to moisture Jarmers, Jawas, Sand People, and unsavory crjm~nals and, ro,~ues who congregate in Moslili!ley spaceport. Ga,{axyGurde 7:~ M05 Etsiey. Vergesso AsteroId, is a massive shadowport 'facUlty:run by Ororo Tr anspartatlon as a front tUf tbecriminal Tenloss Syndicate. Shad(Jw.~(J,f the Empire Planets Guide, page 32..

Your Family Wa,s.....

CmnpetlUv:e. Everything you did was compared to somethlng else: how much better yom parencs Dr siblings (if you have any) 'cou]d do it, what the neigh bars did, what local leaders, expected of yOLI. You were told to study and exercise harder so you could beat everybody pecially when you occasionally fru~ed to meet ,everybody's expectettons, You had llttle time to yourself. Your actions were always under scrutiny, and you grew tired of this need~ess

else. Thls wore down


sell-confidence, es-

Famiify Uf,elsn't ,Always Great

Sesjdes ccming from some hemeworld, you also c<lftle rnrorna JamUy (unless you're a mem .. her of a speeles that Just .5 pawns and doesn 't raise Its )'0009). The attitudes of the relatives around you. ElIl.fec:i: who you become. Llke bomewoT]ds., some families inspire their offsptwng to be Ukethem, whUe others cause their children to rebel, The lack of fan'l.Uy 'COOl also change y,our me: those growing up In orphanage ins'UtuUonsl.l:~uaUy fight that kind of authority and indoctrinatlen, whUeltids Hving oq

CuID'rontaUonal. Every Jam:iI.)' matter was solved by om .argument You could 11 't even decide where to spend your hul id~y without ycl]i ng and screaming, with each side staunchly def,ending its position to the end, When you were at home, you were always arguing. The only peace you found was when you weren't around your family. ,EnslLaved 'Or .lmprisoned. Someone In your famUy, or perhaps all your relanons, were enslaved or lmprlsoued. U they WeTl!'!enslaved, you m~gh't heve been a slave, too. Animprisoned reJati.V€ might have been ridiculed or

Choprer One: Character Development

derided by the rest: of the hunily . Your f,nnil y m.ight have been reviled by others if thetm pnsoned relatfve harmed or em barrasserl them. You grew up in disgrace.

post. yon probably moved around a lot. U a parent or .sibJing was In active s ervlce, you prob:ab~y didn't see him much. Your lmagination might have liUed in when he was gone., making him out to be much greater than he really was. The parent Dr sibUngs left with you at home had .0. more s ignili.c<llI1tinfluence on you. AJ.l!ernaltfuvely.the (<lim~ty member might have served ~rjth the Rebel .AJJiance, Too Busy For V:ou. A met lber of your Iamlly was invo[ved to some degree in local polities or business, Perhaps. he (or she) held publk office h'l the ~O(~al government, or was an Jrnportant exec to a large corporattora He mi ght have just heel) actrve in local. events, campaigning for chaage or hacking certain pollticaltactlons. Your parents werejoo busyto really pay much attentian [0 you. As long as y.uu didn't get into too much trouble, they let you do what you wanted. When they did show in terest in Y(J1u. it was to enenurage you to follow t.he~r course: supporting their cause, purslJ~ng their business's Interests and devoting your JUe to
something else.

In the Military . .AfamUy member s erved in one of the branches of. the Empire'sarmed forces. U one ·of your patients. was in 01. bun~a;ucratlc

Y'DU mlght have grown up in a 11 orphanage ]nstitu t ion with other aban cloned kids, a stark childhood .rigld]y controlled by the local planetary or lmperlal government sponsoring the orphanage.


On the Run. Someone was chasing you and your tam]]y: pirates, bounty hunters, the Empire, crane lords. You moved around a lot, sometlmes splitting up and heading off with one parenfother times gaing un on your own until you were reunited agaln, Alang the way, you might have lost a parent or sibling to yowpursuers, YO'U met plenty of. underworld contacts who heJpe:d you hide .. .seme uf them might not have been as honest as you WOlD ld have hoped. You quickJy learned to fend. for YOIJrsleU and take care af your IamHy under diverse condltlons,

Pmmment. Your family was very important in area .. Perhaps your parents were prQmlexecs. Maybe

nent eutrep.D:1eneUfS or corporate

they were ~ mportant lmpe:rial personnel They might even have been famous entertainers. You WE're .a;~waY's expected to live up to thelr ideals and behave as people of their stature. Their peers expected the best from ynu, too. You wefH d ragged to om ei .. J funcUons, dres sl?'.d ~
In fancy, uncumlurtable outfits, O;Iud subjected

to superior, narrow-minded attitudes. Your actions were under constant inspection. Split·Up. Your family was, fragmented by dlsagreement, war, or career, Sometlmes you stayed wi t h one parent, then the other. Uyou had stbllngs, they might have taken eere of 'you, or you might h ave been resp on sible for r a~sing

loner'. Your parents ran ·away, or Were ktlled by pi rates, bounty hunters, Rebe]s. or ]mperi~ ais, You were all alone. Maybe yo II were ado pted by another family (pick another category), or made it On your own in e~ther an honorable or

Plott's Smugglers


malting ends meet, gelLi n g 11sed t n i[vl:n;R with dUfe:rent people. You Md little stability',
mO:~I!LgOUTIlUUl to new

them. We was difflcutt,


mig;at haveled ycm to' sffluggUng. FIQ.r instance. :~f ou ran l'1Iw~y y Irom home at an early age, you might OFdy have been a student. If you srarted smuggling later In me. you might have been a

,s.np~rtJve. You grew up in an erwtronment

QJit, or pick you up Myou fai]e(i. YoUii' S tbltn gs Of .you had any) werealso supportive, Growing up wasn't ,01\ matter of m1lJnipul.a:tiv~ parentsand jHa:h:n1ssibUn~y()lu were all 0]] one team ,and wneJ!l you sueeeeded, everyone worn.

whk'hsuppo.rted yon in every area. Your parents were eoncemed aboutYfiur schooling an rl other ad[\1ties, not :l'Qrtnejr benefit, but for yours. No matter bo,w d~Hete[]'1: your mterests rulid goaJ:s were, tbl2Y were always thereto help

iill~Uy ~!5,pl;lOC:If (un~ (If the professions most lik,eFyto (h"ilIIW you into the underworld. trade of hauling contraband).
.fanll'Ht,I.f~l;hnid.~n Hm]

Re:ad. over the careers

below a:nt! pick nne or

several, depending (J1l how old you were when you Urst beg<m smuggHng.

Yo,u W,ere A ...

Before Beooming A. Smu9g~err

P'os'r Occuporlons
N~neof us stfll;rted ]He as smugglers. Those {JIr us who began y01!mg might. only have been students, but ~l:1l0~t of us have- had ether professions. Somem.ight hi:'l!vele,dliS to become 8iCOUJildrela, Smugglers sometimes have several. jobs be~o!re they decide to stdke out on their own. look G'ver the genera] categ:o.r.~es Usted bel()w Y (11'1,1 In ight Wi'U1tto hoJd Qn chu [JI8,ing one 'Or several u]]tiJlyou've read the next chapter, ~S.m.u~sler rigins:' and declded howyolu got O i.]!,iothe bustness Jn the firSI place, Then it's easter to backtreck and pi.ck.apmfessian which

You might have OOflO a miner, store clerk, factory worker, street cleaner, r estaur an t server, landspeeder sales assoetaee, or a corponne drone. This wasa he-hum chore which paid your bills and kept you out of trouble. [t wasn't particularly i[1lspiring---:~u had ]o,ts O'f time en your hands to dayd ream and wish you were someplace else.

Co:mmon labOI';(lI'. You hadana;vewage job, just 1i~e ~:m.'tnyother people where you 'refrom,

Driftel'. No career was exactly whart yOu w.anted,. As soon as y.ou fa Cideno.ugll, credits, you drifted

You bounced from one.] ob 'to<lnoth~r, trying

your hand at many and .no~ liking th~1T! ;miueh,

a[ungto thenext job YQ111 thought would change everything, Few of them w-e:revery respect-

Chapter One: Character Developmem

a,bJe: you weren't around ]OWlg e"o1Jgh~Q rise up any company hi~r1!lrdly,.. ecause you were B
.a transieat,

dirl!n't make many friends ~OlI[Id

situat.ions, Most of the people you met were sold lers, too, and you made snme good connectloes among yourcom:rades .
Perhaps ynu wOir~edfor yourself as a l.egIUmate tree-trader. or s~g\!led.on with a [<Irger shipping corperstlon. You mi,sbt heve served with the [mpe,ri.ad orAJ]iance 11lli.l.itary s a feigibUrr a or 'trsnspust p'i~ot D'llting your Joumeys, you vtsited many ports and int:eract@d a]l k]nd~ of sta.:rpor1 support and secudty personnel. You even U tel a few Sm.lliggiers whQ might have inspired you to @n~eT that trade (1'11your OWi:':Il.

f~w people trusted you mueh, Youprob:ab]y interacted willi the' ]ow]ier e.1~1IH!rLtsQI nclety; s
Far:m;er. Mainta.ininga farm consumed your me. Even if you were j,ust a hired hand, you wo:rk'Bd morning to o1gfit, sometimes Jung~r,

Spa.CM.. You pll oted a stars.hi.p for a ]iving,.

pLa~Uog and harvesting

crops, repairing

c:ultur<'l!~ mach~nery and droids,

pr:operty, and taking care efllvestcck, Such a Uf'e atdu't oifer you many chances to get uut and see the rest '01the galaxy, so yom views wen~ sO.ffiffiVhat limH.ecl.. It's; not aneasy job, and many leave lor greater careers elsewhere,
lor something you dld (or someone claimed y~u d.id). like the dr~fter, you travel a lot, but YOiLI move on when Y01.!rpursuers discover your new location. You Fugil1V\e. You're on therun

])auoU ing tn'e



ment rCOMPNOR. or a trade .organiza;t]on. A!t an


non or a mueh more prestlglens 1I]]]]V'Bfsli:y,. kJ a child, you might have a:Uen.ded a.cornmunity or planetery school run by the system gervemolder .age, you might have studied at a trade

Sruden!l~ You were enrolled ~n a Jocal tnstttu-

could have been chased. by boun~yh linters. the Em.pil"C"!, sector ]aw enforeement agencies, cr~me lords, or a powerful rival Since yon mcved eround often, YO'!!!.elied on fringe se eir Ny to tr • .welin: secret free-traders, .:).muggle,rs, petry criminals, If your crime was sU'ppoJ't~ng

school, Uke the Brentaal Commerce Academy. If you pursued co]lieliilatecourses, yQU could flave<lDUe.m:l@d the R!h1fmal Medk!'li~ Academy. Byb]os Univers.ity, or ~oifledthe ranks of the Empg,r-e at the Ratthal Academ.y. ,]:earcher. Pilll of your Lile WilJS spentsharing what you learned wltb others. Li.kethe student you ccdd haveserved at schools at ~I:'liy Level: local, professl onal or lmperial. ]f you worked at

discoverem by the Empire ..... PriMllner. You spent part 01 yuur life in prison 'for sOlUeth ing you dld (OT' someone claimed you did). U you were want.ed by the Empire, you might have beefl[m;,a:r<;!erated on a prison pia met llke Kessel or SevaJrcos. .A cTM.ielord could have locked you up ~n amtby d1i.u"Ig·eoneneath b his. stronglhold.LOCiil!T authorities ntigb~ Rl1IVe k.ept you tn the planer's prison, or on a savag~ penal col.ony ~'ar lrom civ1i]izatio[]t. You. l'flUSI: temm@! served, or you escaped somehow. was Etther way, YQ1!l ffdght have made contacts with other prssoners with ties to the criminal underworld aad spacer eemmunity. $oounu,et. Mak~r1g honestliv.ing didn't apan
dedcle whether you were freed once you r 8efl~

the AJUaJnce, you .might ~:ve Iound s;;mduilliry on a Rebel .safe wor1d-but even these are

am .ai,cademy or unlverslty, you mig]H have bad to undertake research pro~eels to secure your

nlty to ]eave tbeclassmern ~md travel a little to pursue yemr own interests.

posttlen, This gave you anoccastonel oppr;ntlJ"

iog things: factory .assemlbly lines, staeships home 8!:PP!ances, drcids repulsorl ilt veh leles, l Of computers. YOUf empl oye:f'could have been <myomelmm a ]arg€ corp oration Or the iEmp1re to a. small repair ba:y owner cracrlrne boss, YOllmight have made aeme conned ions wlth. clientsaed fellow technicians,
I t

Tec.oolda:n. You spent much of your tlme Ux-

who plilligues.odHy . Maybe you were a Con artist, swnop g<lillg biker, thi@I,. racketeer, gambler or black: marketeer, You migfut have worked lor a petty criWli€ boss, or mayloe a large/f'(:riW!~;" fi~~ organiz:aUolll. You. c:ame in,to contact wruth ether scoundrelsin other ~imesof work. Peryour ~Hvolve:llle[[t in th~s,proieSiS]On led to beeomea fqg:lnve or a prisoner" A career In ~he mi]itary" ~ight have
s:ecU!ritygJUa:rd, to)1lI!~t~:::e~]ru'Y',,[m.periall:moperor naval oHic@}",
,:,!T1~mia!1)ml' .n~at:Uiyjob$; stan)(f(t

pea] 'to you,so


JoIned the ranks of low..a~fe

IOn to Smug,gl'ing .....

HopeJuUy the choi!ce~ Y01!l'vemade herewm hdp def ne wh at krnd of a sITIuggl'er you' Il beSpend a few minutes m.1.ing tn a copy of the S:mugg]er DlZve[opmeF1t Worbb€:€I.lot down iii!
sentence or two descriM~';Igegl.chpha."'e oj y~ur bac;kgroW1,d, Keep t he other categones open-« you LI £m them .<'lJU ]l':Ia;oon enough, Once YOi!ive begun the Snmgg1er Devalopment Wbrbheet, you're. ready to' move on to "Chapter Twol:

sYIldicate en:lorcer,.CorSec agent:, even a ldler. You were tralned to use [[iany 11"1 variet.yof combatead a patrol

Srnu,ggle:r OriSlWlS" a!rJIddiscover the circumstances ender whkh you deci.d~d (or were fOJ:'loed) to make yOO.f UVing ha,uU~g eentraband. .

Platt's Smugg lers Gu.ide

Smuggler Devel.opmen~Workshee~
(;;bar"cler Name: --~~~~------------~~--



.PBld OCC1J!P&fifiU: .


Row Y@u Got 'Your Shlp::


Emp1ofer:: ------------------------------~~~~~---

CQn~b:. __--------~~~~~~~------------------------




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Chapter One: o"OfiQ:cter Development


Chapter Two

Smuggler Origins
saveup her credits to buymto aJrejghterofher

Platt bid a Iond tareweU to the Rat--elcv's crew, Working aboard the transport had given hera, taste of the Ires-trader' s Hf,e.She. had servedeboard Cap~ajn Kas,sler's freighter f·or

lnstead, P]att was gotngLo join the Klatool nan

Trade Gulld"

two yean, MIdas a c1.lJbjn stewardebcerd the Sullustan starliner for two years before that On~e a:gatn It was time to move up iR the :ga:h~xy.
Th.ey had landed in Boztrok starport, out at the far end 01 the Hyd~an Way just belore the Co:tj>CJrate Sector. Kassler was reluctant to her sp:ate:r she'd be nne on her own. She claimed she'd ifumd work in tl:::t€! starport 50 she could

off here, but Plaet assured the grizzled old

decent ]tving a:rrIDlgem~mls.One.0] tiu~loading roustabouts there 1.':100 recommended she lain the Gu]]d as a transport pilot, P]att was hesltaut at first; but tha lo"@:rler the Gu:Udprosaid vided f:r-ei.ghters in return fur .Ij J·ewYlfl1af!!of service, Platt wanl:ed a ship of her O"WII more than anlytblng,.

erations on VOQrlach. Everyone seemed ln. good sptnts, with plenty of credits to spend, <'lind

She had been impressed by the Guild's op-

Plo.tr'sSmugglers Guide

The one time she mentioned

the idea. of

joiningthe Guild, Captain Kassler warned her &gal nst it. He claimed t he union all but enslaved theiiremployees, chaining them with de btl obiig'aItiont'londblackmall, Th,e K]atCJ;oi.n~ Trade OuUd was aI. quick ticket to misery, he said. But the lure of her own 'fr·eigh'ter was too great; After extha.B~ng farewells with her former Cl'ewmates,Plait set out to sleek her fortune .. Shemeandered through the~unlile~s.and bridges connectiagthe starport, (onowing d~rectjons a Guildsecurity soldler had ghven her, The mas'Sivetower of Pok Nar-Ten, the Gu lld representative on Boztrok, seemed to have dock~ng platformsspmutin.s from the sturdy walls Uke suroe stran ge tree. She noticed a few nght lretghIers berthed there=one of those is mine"
The arched entrance was wide open, so Platt just strolled rig,ht In. Freighter pilots, cargo handlers, guards and mechanics [ostled their w.ay through a central han. A p!Ms~ng spacer directed Platt tothe doorway which. led off tb Nair-T'e:ois audience chamber. As :Plattapproached the di:mly ln Sal1lclllJary. an Advoz&ew~tha ·doth WJ ap covedng much of Ilis horn m.overl to lntercept her. Nar-Ten's major d'OHlO ~nq'l!lred about her business, took some notes on his datapad, then led her by the hand ~n.tothe chamber. Pok --ar-Ten sat In splendor beneath a lofty dome. The N~l'Hbane~was decked out in the f'lnestrobes this sideoftheOuter Rim. Hi's desk was,little more than a diminutive table next to his omate gleel wood thrcne •.Eve·ryone-cutrr1lers, dasa-crune I:i!Il:'it.sand d I sCflEletly armed !;uards-1ool:;:ed up from their w,ork eostare <iJ Platt The Advozse majoor domo led her iota the center of the ebamber, where he bowed. low before NaT-Teo and eztended his arm, inviting Platt to speak. She put her hands on her hips. and forced a confident smirJe. "'M-y name's Oakie," Platt led. Captain Kassler taught her thevalae of llIsing a false namenow and then, "I. hear you're hiring freighter pilots ....

of appreciation in a keen entrepreneur, Dr P€J·· haps the darker ambitions of 31. m.an~pu.laUng master, she wasn't sure. When PLatthad finlshed, Pok Nar- Teo']) hucke lei! to himself. ~Wo:uld that Captain KassLer knew you were here, the mi;sed'y fool 'Would storm ~hetower and try to rob you of pr(dltabl·e ,enwp]oyment" He -nodded to the majordomo. "The Khltooinan Trade Guild would be privUeged to have suchan esteemed pilot as you transport~ng:its cargo," he declared. "I'll have my asststant Gjeell asser n ble the proper datawork.' Pok nodded toward the Advozse w'ho had ushered hert n, "Once the contract has been lmprinted, you'H be an ometal GuUd member, and the ,captaLn of a tine Ught frelghte¥. I hav,@ the perieet One in mind. ~ P~aUcouldn 't \V.ait

Platt thought

.. "

gr.in.bloomed on Pol<:Nar~Ten's snou~. When the c:mnm.oUon ci.l.l.meddown he spake. "The Gui1dis always seeking experienced ptlots winingto serve its purposes, ~he said. "What experience do youpessess?" Platt told olmnning awayfrorn Brentaal, her seretee on the starliner and her latest tour of the Anadd Cluster on theR(1velev, addingaJew embellishments along the: way. P~at:twatched the N,lmhane:)as she spoke, nottctng an air of ,opportunity and. cunning abeut hrn~-a. spark

The entire ball burst oUftlaugffilifig--ac twis~ed

Everyone has a story telnng how they entered their tine of work. ln fhe regular world, this. often involves searching lora job, pass:lng several trade exams, sruavl lil away ,ail: some R bOI'~ng eccupanon, and waltin .. for )"011 r s.upe.-· 8 rlor to mave 0011 before 'you get promoted into his posnion. Luckily" those of us In the .frio,ge have much. more eelerfut tales of bow we became smugg~ers. Usual Iy there 's one JUeevent whh::b sends us along anew path toward who we become. ffyou can summartse Utat defining f~oment in a short anecdote', It's easier to 'explain to other people (and more wnterestlng, too). That's a quick way to help express who you are aod what you.·re abcur, Sometimes thts ts motivated by CUT own choices. Our goals can take us down som,e pretty mugh roads. Obstacles can :sidetr.ack US,. and ambitious enemies can send us along a different course. Perhaps your decision to become a smugsIDerwasn't reaJItyyour choice, but was forced upon you by others, Crhne lords" slavers, 1000 sharks" corrupt lmpertals and bounty hunters are always setting our nves on new, ex!dUng and often dangerous paths.In our bustness, w,e are often bound to these~ow~~Ue antagon:lsts by sheer .Jile~d-they have the- credits, power and cennections w~ 5;0 desperate~'y need ~o survive. To help you.determmevour own back;ground story, you need to answer two maj'or Qjl!l~ t~ons; "How diid you

business?" and "Who do you work fur?" Let's start by answe:riing the first qoestton.

get illito the smuggLing

Choprer Two: Smuggler OrIgins


Gamemasters should read everything, if not to keep up-to-date on new information, then to glean inspiration tor her games. The main reason to read tb~s section is to beshe can be ready to integrate 'them, into her campalgn. A sitory becomes much more
rnterearlng when elements from a come familiar

wlth a II the hard work you 've put in developing your character's past,





Then why should YOu; a player, bereading allthis? It gives you more background to help shape your ebaeaeter=use it to suggest posstble employers. sltuatiO!lS and misadventures yout gaenemester can int,egraJte into credit-consdous than someone smuggling on the side For a larg,e, wen-funded corporation. U you choose one of the employers given as examples (orusescmeone Hkethem), you have someplace to go to when you need some extra credits, a blgfavnr, or he']p pull·, jog you out 0'1 some Imperia! entljJnglemenl. You have a specific name to bring 1IJp the in Kame: "Look, if we don't mel:ive,T this shipment, Desslva and the Klatoo1nafl Trade Guild is going to tell every bounty hunter in the
Outer Rim aoo1lJt

past show up-UI-:e that K1atooinall Trade Gund enforcerteem whiclil just happens to show lip tlO collect at the worst possfble moment. Building an interestln g character is not just the player's job- Your gamemaster plays a large role in character development, too _ What's the use o:f sayblg you work tor the Klateornan Trade Guild il it never figures
Into the game? Your ernp]oyer might be the basis for ,1;1,0 entire adventure, or mi,ght only Ilgure into the background. It's the gamernaster',s responsibility to be fami]~ar


your campaign ..Uyour-character works tor a Ioan shark. you're going tu be a lot more

How Did You G'8t lnro

Below I've sum m ari ~ed some of the more

Smugg]e:rs don't get their start the way other peopleacqul re jobs. A few enter the proiession by choice, but most are d ragged into it try unfortunate circumstances. I've known qu~te a few smugglers jn my day, and it seems no two
have the same stoJY tn l:eU.

memorable smuggler~migin stories" So you can draw on them for lnsplratlon. Of course, l've omitted the 80t:Ua] names and put you in their place. Choose a f.ew which go best with the background elements you determined in the previous chapter, then jot down. the short headings on your "Smuggl.er Character Development Worksheet. ~

Employer Encouragem.ent! You started as a freighter captain for a ~egitimat'e shipping ,com'panl'. One day y.Ol,! round some cargo that wasn't on the manikst. When you de~iven~d ]~" the buyer gave you a rather large "tlp." You asked ymrr employer about this, and he in tum asked If youwouldn 't mind slipping some eontraoand through customs with the rest of the cargo. _.Ior a SIU bstantlal bonus, of course. The
extra money wouldn't

the next Imperial Customs inspection. maybe you]' buyer won't show up\\,'ith. all those boynl:y hunters to take your cargo without paying. ]f 10'\1don't score big on this next run, th~t crime lord 'You borrowed all those ct'ledits it'om is gO'ingto demand a larger payment •.. your haadl ~Ilel!.alIs More Profitable: You began !liS a lawabiding transport pilot. The pay was okay. Then you discovered you could slip a crate full of contraband through customs wUh tbe Test 01 tbe ~egitimate cargo. U you found the rlght buy'e.r. youm~de I:IlJb$~ail tially more money. YOl! decided to alba[!ldon your real job In favor oHatRUiOrepfofltab~e smuggling ..Sure, it's, more dangerous" hut you've- man ~ged to maken work. Unfortunately, you don't get thesaBlie beneflts as il you were w~th the transport corporatlon ... Inden:mred to Power: At some point in your past, a powerful indtvidual saved you (or yom larnUy) from certa~p doom, JUelong imp.risonmem, an I~mbarrassiog situation. or financial ruin. ~n return for rescuing you,. this person demands a Hfetime 01 favors. Most of them: ~nrvolv~ SITllll6rg'lil![;I cm~trabaHd., sensmve jn:ficl'r· matlQn, or wanted ii:!l:dividiuals a.,eros,," the gaJ~ axy. U y'Ol.! didn't haw a Ship before, your master has provlded you wlth one. A small sUpend of 1,:000credit a month helps you along, but sinks you further in debt. Althougtr you. have a certain degree o,ffreedom ~nyour OWIl shlpp,ing activities, you must always do Y'Ol! master's bidding When he ealls, Should you go rogue, your master would hunt Y.QU down so y,ou can pay your debts ~nfulL .. On the Run: You're wanted by the Em.pire, ,~ pow'er.ful cdme lord, a sector Illov,enwmen~,~ gaJ~ax""y-spal'Jin~ngoorporation, Hurts, or any the number-of Y.indicti:ve,groups ..Pld:: G'ne (OIr severa~). May'beyou really oHendedthem, or pewhaps you were framed. Smu.ggUngaJtowed you to make a few credits Without seU]lng down. You're(jj~waY's on tbe move--you're not tied to anyone locaUon. Wll en your eeemles ,arrive, it's not too mueh bother to bJa:st off and :flee. You've used the measly h~w credits YOU've managed to save te up,grade your sh~p with .additional armor and weapons '1:.0 fend o~~ your pursuers. Dorr't stay In one place for ]O[lj~ someone:' s alw-ays 0[1 your trall, Out for Revenge; Someene in your past in.-

legal cargo, but It'.'l uauaHy a cover for the utegal:goods you're 'Carrying. As long as you don't get caught snd don't ra.t out your employer, you've got a lucrative job. Escaped Slave: You spent part of your ]j:li~ils a slave, butmanaged to' escape-either on yom own, or wjth. the help of f@Uow slaves Or a sympathetic slaver. Perhaps you ned in the ship,you 'CIJrrenUy fly,. or you took so:rnethmg valuable al.ong,that he]ped you purcaase your fre~ighte:r. You~turned to a life o:f smuggling tIQ survive. You might still be pursued by bounty hunters hl~ent on capturing an esci:lpedl slave. Now you move arnund the galaxy, makinjil eTl:olllgh cr&lits'l:o sutvi.ve, and always watching ycal'r back. II you're reaUyambitiou, you m~g~t be seek~llg revenge' against your former master', or waging a eampesgn to free 3_U enslaved helngs, Exiled: You Iled your homeworld, desplsed by your fami'ly. dan. people or government. Perhaps you jlnst didn't fit ~nwith what w,a;sexpect-ad ot you. MaybB youwere unj,ustly accused ola crime, or had. violated some old traditlon wh~ch had I:(mgago lost its meaning or usefulness, You cann ot return home until you clear your nasne ..Unwi.Llingto settle down anywhere else, you. wander the hyperlanes, malting deals, saving: some credits, and eareful]y plott]ng your return. family matter, Your parents bequeathed the business to yuu=U you have ·any sLbUngs, they
m:Ight be

smuggling,runs n;lgula:rly. Sometimes you haul

burt ... Now you make

family Buslinep: Taking up smugg]jng was a smugglers,


(or more

You ~nherit,ed yourship"a~ong with the famUy's debt, bad re:puta'lion and unsavory huslness eontaets, Although ~u're tryIng to make a good name for yourself M a snluggl'er, your family's ~a:nuresalways, seem to drag you down. fleeing a, Dead-End. Job: .Adventure! Exd~e=ment! Your hum-drum job offered noneot these things. Grabbing your Lifesavings, you bought an old freighter and set out 1.10 make a name foOl' yourself-as a smuggler. 'The holos made it Jook so easy. Now you have ·a. little too nluch adventare and excitem@nt ]~you mrma:ge 1.0sUM¥e
OOiJIili.n;:UtofS ••• ).

likely you.r

fllcted a great i!'!.ju.sti.cf! you or your family, on one which changed your We ~(lrever. Now you seek revenge. You don 't wan~ te descend into

the dark prcdesslon o:f bounty hunting-you cao't kiin o~hers for money, Sn1IuggUl'lIg offers the mobUity,con~act:s ~nd exU'a. rnoney you need t10 carry Oll!t your vengeful plans. You

Chapter Two: Smugg:ler Origins


be Iftee:ingthe autherltles, OrlUl<'l<b1e to return ho!'tl.e b~ca.use you're anexile. mighitatso

P'Jil"81i:e l.oQ~:WhenY0l:lr successful pirate group

d~sbanded (or was destroyed ..•). you. tlOok your share cd theloot, bought ynnr own ship, and started your own [re~gihtbusiness, Using yom numerous shadowport and pjr<J!e coetacis, you SOon fmlIld y01JJIlSidf .smuggl in g :megal. :merchaedise ~or your eld trtends, UnfortiJ]},ate~y, ~111$b]]s~rJfess has .rmmy large eJol!pem:lses" nd a

I'Vedebt.eternal starslnp payments, and service to unsavory indiv.iduals-but U has. earned )'"01(1 anger. ~eaJpitfalls of theindustry=-mass ous:y and sp~te from your peers, erlme lords

lots of ~oney has helped you avoid the usual

and lmpertal oUidals. Perheps yom unsavory

new professiol!1 has also caused your fami~y." noble house orgovern mentto brand yow an

your pirate eentacts owed 111'01:1 f.:rvors, now yQ1!J owe ~hem favors, c~ed]ts, ood perlH};ps your Ufie. Rebel Cover:: The Rebel ALliance needs help to del'ea,Uheevil Empire. You're no s(),lJdi.er,~ust a smuggler w~ttJ .<.1i '~rei:ghte:r., join :tbe Rebellion To ou~risht would min your reputatinn and m.ake y~u. an ]mp,eti,al fugitive. Still, the. RebElls need help transp[}rth "pplie.s" opelfa:Uw's: and secret data paste Empire's w<l[,tchh.d eyes. There's no better way than to smu,gg~etbem, ll!.et~Wl'!e"FI.. your regu]at jobs, your slipin a carg-o tor the Rebels. They don't pay very well, . .get the satlsfac,t:ion of h.elping ill bring'
the Emp[r,e ..

your p~~eof I.uut tall! Ollt ~ong ago ..Perhaps you bandtldtcg'l'rtherVfith other s[Uuggleil"8, ()tjo~ne~1 a c;rh~le lord to stay in bustness. W'bere once:

outlaw. Vi/hat once was a hobby has [lOW become a rather perUou5 way oime_ Sfow:away. You managed to stow awayaboru-d a. smugg]er's ship to pUf.SUB your dream of an aci¥enturou:s me among the Sitars. After you were discovered, the captain put you to work on her ship. She taught you everyth~!:1gyou know about sneaking contraband aronnd the ga~.f:Ii"Y_.You were tflBviLably involved in some aetlvitles which earned you a reput~t1on as a. smug'ster: blastl n.s out of a star]Jort, providklS ,cover fire ~~<Ilinstmperlal stormtroopers, acl ,companying your calptain to anal.lJd~enee with

earned enough money or bravado to set out 0]] ymlf own. Wanderlut: AU your nteyou'V\el wanted to expJore the galaxy-not JUS'! dtseover new planets, bu~ Se\i: new cultuees, poopies and starporn

her pO'W'erJulcrlme lord boss, You m.ight sUIl be wmiking Mtn thatcaptaln Or ~ight have


As A Booby: You're already rich, . . .your pampered lite, You 'w abot'l,t JegeWldary .smugglers., and '00< gllive the pmiu5iolll it try. Having

y~u to roem the space lanes at wm. You [nteract with a colorful var,ietYOIf urrderwurld contacts, blast your way out of tense s~it1ilatjo]]s,

far frQITl ym..lJr homewor1d.



and land in starports 01 every description. Yuu're al.ways one step ahead of massive debt,
lmperia] stormtroopers and bouiFlty hunters, but you've never had a dull day.

iof.'!ividua]s· commonly called drop poi ntagents.

Who D,o You Work For?

Everybody has to work for somebedy else, Even iff you are master 0.1 yom own junky f.re1ghter.,you st in need to haul another person's cargo 1:0 make a Hving,. Smugglers are at the mercy of the transport market. We go where the work ls. Don't gi.ve me that ~I t_e orders (rom on]y ene person-me" nonsense, H you need the cash, you'U take a calculated risk for >aim.ost anyone. W,eU, moaybe not the Hutts •
Exactly wbes e cargo you transport is your

decision. unless it was determmed by someone else in your shady past. Some smugglers are tied to an orgaroizaUon out ofco[]ve[]i~ce oroblIg,",U(u[!. Mo\S.t ship]Jing cempanles dabble in cQ]1veying contraband thrlough tnei r ~egitiltL41.feT.amp .freighters. t
Corpo!r(l!,te benefits

~tfueJ sources rve, Us-ted. Eatbta.tegory also p.rovides a spedCkexample of somebody yo.l!] 'C<iJn Qrk for ,~th W any mEe!'1elllees to o~hen; whQ often employ smuggllers. Although these tndiViduals are tied to speclflc tQCaUORS, OUIers liike.them runs irnllar operations thrOlughlQut th:egalaxy. .

tor ,[Ill r m.perial Maff in exchange for a tavor, 'fh1s,ls, reo3iUythe Ufe ofafre.e~t.rader; '!hou!;lh ]'11 admit it t~~ a ]ot of work to payoff the debts and:remain relanvelv independent rVe wmpiJeda .lis!: of several com mon kinds of empJoyers, with a little g'eneuJinlormatjon i1boll!t each. Uyou need more than the brid overview here, youcan look up some of the

th'8promise of st.e~dy work are strengincenmre~s. J1YOu'velVlderiLtured yuurseU to the Hutts, U:ie~M.t{lo.i]]aJi11"rade uild, local en me bosses G 'l]l.lo;msharks, chances aweyou' re in with them. tor li£e. II you rnl.iiI1ag:e to get out. 01 your con· tracl.eveI1ll.egi~ilnate.ly,. they'll pmbabJy hound yQU the rest o!fyour protessienal career. 'Those smugglers -with more free dom bop hum one .employer to Ihe next, &l:Ceptiflg work from whoever's pa.ying the most. They' II take a s.fuIpmeutfrmn .<!J drop point agent one week, l1al.l~. custom. replldsorltft parts ror a well-ill nded sweop g\<I!J],g next, then top it on with a run the


These middlemen have ill speclfte cargo they need you til) del lver to a particu~a:r cO[J;t~t elsewhere, Th is week it raigi.1Jt e f·enti beans 10 b a farmer on Gelgelar, next week aiewcratms.of g.tudy ertwork to a dealer on Sorf na, and the next week a few boxes of blutenLo some mysterious MOll Calamari on Ra'llHir. [t's not steady work, nor is ~t very safe, but i.t beats chaining yourseU to aeon tract with the Hults. Smuggtters who depend on this kind. oj work: typically know a few drop ]) oint ,agents along their usualroutes, Theagenl.s ]Jay tees based OIl tonnage, estimated datys in tracs it and! load]og, endthe fating 0]1 your hyperdrlve,. Standan] pay is [0 ered i'~Sper ton. per day, based on a x2 hyperdrive, Fees typically go up to 20 credits if you're hlCky enoush to have a xl hyperdrtve, You can get bonuses for quid delivery or navigating certain hazards, but don't count on it for 'every 'cargo run ..Agents pay half up front, then issue a voucher for the other half, eit her pa~d. by the receiver; or signed by the receiver andredeerned w.ith the original ag~nt. Drop point agents often work For someone higher lJJp!the economic kmd chaln, They're charged with routtng small c,ugoes to specific ellents, Many shipments are .Ie:gitimate. tho'ugh these otten hide sma 11 ts of contreband; Some bi freight. ~s m~a:l~age[[ts often ollermoreeredits ror JTj,aulingit, but the ri:'lk ~~.uri ell U L1>'0' j,ct! &s high. as the extra fee, Pnwedl!~ drop point agents manage tnetr 0\0\1:11 warehouse where dients dlscreetiy drop 'otfcm-g):)es<lj[ld the agent handles transp ort abouts on hand. teload cargo andl make sure the transient smuggl!ers don't geit out of hand, Those with in Uuent lalhaekers ~dilWl bounty hir~ hunters 1.0 track you.down if <myth ing happeH!:I to their precious cargo. . Checlol out Gntaxy Guide 6: Tmmpi:J'eigln:ers, pages H)-II, .lor details Oill nndl.ng drop point delivery [obs and tbeF\f?:es associated with this work]! you're looking Cor a speclttcdrop ptlint a,gent., try ]ooking up Brackand Vi sen , whn' run a vobis mold W<I!1'ehouse andthe Shvash Gas CoopemtiV1e (Plait's Swwport Guide, pages 65 and '67}
deals wilh fW!;;1t:'-~radeini. They keep at'ew roust-

V(JwllHiS~ 'Whipbid Drop .Polnt .Agent

Dmp Pt)l~nt gent A

MOSt free·tr·ad!ers make their litving from droppoint dieliver:le~transport[ng goods, from one w,late [0. another ina. specihed emountol t~me fur a pre-dJetermhlled fee. These cargo runs ofj:gi:n:a:~e end in. starport docking bays and end dark 'Wardlolllses. They're arranged by seedy

The mt..:WorMe:r's Quarter of Ropagi n ~s packed with landing. bays and warehouses, Om: 01 those storehouses is op'erated by
VGow]uss.,a burly Wbiph.i.d drop poin!: agent. His

d i:snWm.tioiIl enter lsa cavernous bu~Mjng c packed "villa.d~sQrg;:Ul'iz{jd meuuds of crates and barrels, Despite the chaos. Vo'wtU!;S always seems to know exactly wh.ere eertam

Chapter Two: Sm 1I'g9 ler Orig lns


droids and l'ood Ititers he!p meve things arou nd, and at lest two cargo skiffs are ~eriot around to transport. cargo to and from docking bays. large s~.id~ng bay doors stand at each end of the warehouse ... hey're the only way in or out. T Vowluss h~res a variety Qif lllTISaVOfY..J:ooking roustabouts to transport cargo amund the starport and provide protection, They're from sever ali alien species known for their brute strength-e-Berabel, Sludlr and Wouldees are the most common. Tbeya]w,ays seem to be baving a bad day. and are more than will ing to infhct it upon you, too. The roustabouts: all Vowluss keepsthem arouad mosdy because the dreids won't get mad <It arrogant smuggler.s. - Vow~uss has an. .office ~n One comer of the storehouse. 1f's, little more than a prefab 'co]ony shelter with a few broken windows so the wtI'lph~d can hear wtlat\'S go~ng on nntside.Hts desk consists ofernpty cargo crates with a piece of pWasl::~bQard across them. He sus on a chair pfled wlthIurs, and an rmal hides ~il!le most o~the waUs bel; ind h lm (no doubt decor basedon that o.f h~ssavage homeworl d. Toola), A few fur-rugs on the Hoor--conv,eni€:ntJy placed where his smuggler captains stand durl fig nego'Ua:t]om~-._ndght ceneeal ,01trap door or tWD.. Doo·'t let the oni.ce's c1utteroo appearance foel you=-there's deflniteJy some kind of secret escape route out of there, and the walt bang-jngs· p:ro baDly conceal a few weapons.

cargoes are pUed. A sm all squadron of worker

carry sidearms, thougb they're always ready toO break some heads: with their crate hooks.

SUd around Vow~uss·s'opeeation and you'll :figure out the Whiphid reports to someone higher, Every month or 50 a few shady Bo,thans show Up', disappear inside the office, inspect a few piles of cargo, 'then leave ..Uhe's not in his omce making dea]:sin personor over the comm, Vowluss is strlding around the warehouse, ,maktfllg sure crates are routed properly, loaded with care, and protected with plenty ofmnscle. He's fair but firm with his workers, though this, busmess lP'hllosopby mre]y carries over to Jus. cleaUn~rs wlrth free,,-;trooers. V'ow']UStS is always conscious 01 how much. thjngs cost, how quickly you can ship a cargo, and how mu,ch you expect in bonuses, Vowlnss's war,ebouse is pretty busy. ]f the skUf crew isn't loading up crates headed for some outbound tramp fre~shter, they're un~oadjng boxes ~ust m Irom some dacking bay' across town Cargoes don't s it around his de-pot lor long. He easily works deals with at least 10 .freighter captains a week. A1tili'l.ough he doesn 't keep them 00 the st'eady paYTOH;Vowluss has been known to hire bounty hunters to track down errant smugglers, He doesn't allow this to happen often. The Whiphid ~s very choosy about the ib]" hauling' his eargoes.aed ma:int.a:insa stable of rei table spacers. he Can call on to make special shlpments, Wruen Vow]uss hires the bunters to recover a cargo, ,shlppln;g lee or wayward spacer, you know his hairy hide is on 'the nne with the boss. Vowluss., AU stats are 20 except: Dexterity 2D+ I, blaster 4D-+-.l, dodg~ 3D. Knvwledge 3D, business 5D, in.rimrdahofi 4D, streelwise 4D+2.
value 5D+2; Perception 4D. bargain 6D, COil 5D,

Strength llJ+2, I'>rawling 5D+l. Move: 10. Splildal abtlltles: C~aws inflict STR+IDdamage. Cbaractel Points: 4. Blaster caeblne (50), eemlmk, dataoad,

The Empire

Impedal bu::keys come ;in an shapes and sizes. Not all of them wear stormtrooper armor

Emptre requires someone with specialized skllls: bounty hunters. outlaw teehsand even smugglers, ]mper:lals can be employers, too. Look what the Empin~'s done for the bounty hunttng hnslness ..WhUe they won't always admlt it. the Emperor's servants often hire outslders better sui tied to enforcing ~heiT'wm. iQ:b H hnperial offlciili~S.use smugglers, to sneak eargoes, personnel. and data througb hostile arleas, past rtval political factions and into the hands of ]es~tIt<ul~savClry allies. SomE!;thnt!s thts transport work is for offi.ciM lmperl at buslness, but it's more fr,equentJy for their own hidden agendas.

in wdkflrs. Oc.ca.!ih::Ulrulythe

Plott's Smugglers GUide


Imperials just don't go out and hire spacers. Inseedystarport bars. They're anton g 'the most discreet employers because' t'h.ey have such mass·ive reputations to maintain, They send Ihe'J.rownserv:ants, or carefuUy disguised sptes. Ol'lljrQH rare occasions are lmpertal smugg[ers invited to the censul-general'a estatefor a perS'0I:1Ia1. audience. WhiJe the ioma] Mromgements are discreet, cargo delivery to the ,smugg~@:fs i usuallycarefully guarded bystormtroopers or bidden [mperiaJ agents (d,epending on its value). WorkiIng for Imperials doesn't always pay well. They"reJond ofb~ackmajnng their smugglers and keeping them on a Ug;h.t leash with limitedcredits, :;;pke or illegal stars hip modiflc-ath)[Is. Given the chance, they'd much rathe·r have you owe favors to them. Many find spacers they'd like to, htre and send the local ]mp erialorlk1als after them. Then the employer (usually someone htgher up, llke a Mon, prefoct or consul-general) steps. ][1 to save the smugglers' skins, ]n return fOil" his assistance, ilielmperial asks the spacers for aJitUeFavorto run some sensitive cargo" Andwhatever you do, don't get them omgry. The &npire is notorious for altering deals or
renegiNg on them altogc:lther. Qn]y the Hutt crime :;yndic.1I!te'sgrasp comes close to the


powe.r and scope of HIe Empire. The good news ~s that cargo runs for the Emph·'E! ;we easier, The Ir,eight is usually small in volurne-a class,jjjed datac anl, an important TSSagent, at strange b~t of teehnology-s-allew~l1gyou to haul some extra crates to rm."I'k.e a .Iittle moneyon the side. Most of the time you're mysteriioUlsly exempt Hom [mperLal harassr ment, Your employer often doles out urfidal Im~erlal. Customs holoseals like candy, and proVides you wi.th all the authennc data permils you need to make the delivery, U ymi're lucky,your employer contacts other lmperlals at your destlnaUon 1:0provide Msistam::e--at. least until the ,cargo Is delrvered.

The governor of the Core Wor~ds system Brentaal is in di re straits. Since be was' posted to the trade world, he has mad@asmall fortune 011 stock tips fmm Brentael Houses coui1ing will nn the .inhabUa:n:ts,the ·Governor has b11merse.d'hi.msleLi in local tradidnn and business.

Governor JmTOd 'Maclairn, Imperi.al Employer'

Lately the Governor has hired several. groups of independent spacers to bauleargo for him. Each transport run has some secret purpose related to his trade activi.Ues on Brentaal or his attempts tn wayLay the adversaries gunning for his pos~Uon. Sometimes smugglers foUow tips in markets Far from. Brentaal. Why wait For a small shlpraent IOf valuables from the Outer Rim to h~the market when the Governor can t hire some free-traders to acquire and Import his own stash? Afew cargo runs send precious goods to Madain's ames to keep them happy. Sometimes spacers are used as diversions to keep the Imperia] Customs forces busy while anothersmugg]er team runs 'the n'!ai cargo (thQugh he only pulls that trick on spacers he wants to ellmlnate). The Governor rarely bJackrnatls his free-traders. though he's known to keep a record 01 my important inlormatlon just ln case. He pays In hard cred its. and rewerdsloyal smugglers With expenaive cargoes or stock 'tips they can make money on themselves, Governor Maclain has several high-leveJ 01flclals on Brentaal wo:rklng on his Side. He shares some of his wealth with the starport adrntnlstrator, ensurtng several secure docking bays are maintained. The' localground transport gu~1dis in h~s]locke-t. The Governoris also on very good tenus with any lrnperial Na.vy units which are stationed at or wander through the' system-htvi~h parties and expensive gUt5 carl. W]U the hearts ot many N~vy \~aptlll!nj; who've been in space too lung. The Governor's reach is not total. The local Imperial C'us.tomsofUch'l.ls despise hhn. Since lit is known that many loel'l] ifrt>R.-I.radcrstake on jobs, for M aclaln, the inspectors glrve aU 8[JI:U:ers (local or not) an especially hard Utne·.A few low-level controllers in 'the starport work fer the Governor's enemies. "fhey report on the tu::tivitle-s of any spacers suspected to be on MadOilo"s payroll, ltv.... oulda't surprise anyone Uthe Governor's enemies had agents working 00 al most every level of 'the lmperial govemment there. (For more inforrfiation on the Governorand Brenta<l!~,see "Into the Core Wor~dsn
in The Of/icia/Star


rus fa:vor. Instead

of infHcUng the Emperor's

AtOllS' 'the way t his success has made him the

target of otber Impertals-carea customs offlrials, governors of other Core Worlds systems, even his own Jesser admirdst:r ators,-iilU of whom want a high post on Brentaal so {hey can make ~ortunes, too.

Gov'e,rllor Jerrnd MaclaiD. AU stats ME!. 2D except: Dexterity 3D, blaster 4D, dodge 30'+2, Knowledge 3D, burnaucmcy: imper,ial,5D+2, busi· ness: Bre1l.laal Trade Houses 6D+l, cultures: Brenta.a' 5.D~law enforcement: Imperial 5D·d,
sfreetwise: Bretuaa! 4D'+2,oolue. 4D, Perception

3D, ba~ain 4D'.2, ,command.5D, con 4D, per-suasion 4D+ J, Strength 3D+2, Tech'nicaI2D·d, CDJ'1'lcpllle.r program:m.ing/repatr 4[1. Move~ 10, 00111link, decorative gold pin (w'Orth 4,,000 credits), fancy w,alking stick, hold:-oul blaster (31)+2).

Chapter Two: Smuggler Origins



For some otherexamples of ]mp'eriais who could use some smuggler help, look up Prefect Eugene Talmont on Tatooine (CJ'(Jiaxy Guide 7.JUGs E;'s/ey, page 24), General Harrld Sendo OIl Coruscant (ShadoW?> ,of the Empire SOOff,eOO()k:, pages 29-30) and Consul-General Dandamont Pring and Lt. Comreander'Temmokon Bothawui (Shadows of tbe Emprcre Planet Guide. pages 54-

the Guild's watchfu] eye. Th@s€ areas are also closely guarded by the Gutld'sever-preeent enforcers. Escorts are available to guard your sta:rship' and cargo. The Guild also makes arrangements to avQJd hnper:ial and local inter.
v,el1tton in Us operations ..

Klotooinan Trade 'G,uUd

While you']] rarely work directly Jor the
Hutts. the.Klatoo~nan Trade Guild is the closest

you'll ever want to get. The Guild! is a front for many HuH enterprt ses, i,nduding smugglin,g, ]oan~sharktng and slaving .. he KJia.toO'inans T run it more outol service to thelr HUHmasters than out of any bustnesa sense of their own. These days other aliens and humans run it, often using Klatoolnans and other Hutt slave species as heavy labor and enforcers.
The GuUd has enclaves within HuH Space

Joining the Guild has a few benefits and many disadYaflta,ges. On the plus side, the Guild has :plenl:y of Cr'ledlts to loan you, pro\1des safe starport facilities in many systems, and always has cargo for you torun (though tt's mG$t]ycont["abafld).~f you stl ck it out hmg enough and maim the right connectlons, you may even move up in the Guild hierarchy,

Unfortunately, your chances of d{JI.lng are this slim, and you have a lot going against you b.lthe

beginning. The down side of Guild assoclatlen Is that it controls where you go and what jobs you transport, always looks over your shoulto eollect this week's exorbnant Loonpayment. These people OWl] you for Hfe-don't cross them or you're likely to lose it. For an example of a KJa'~oojna:n Trade Guild outfit, check out my "Smllggler's Log" in Star
der. and has no qualms sendl ng a few enforcers

and throughout many sectors in UU~Outer R~m Temtcries. These operatlons can take many terms. Same are actual 'CQmp]~es of warehouses, lending pads, repair hay~ and starport services. Others are slrupny doOcking bays secr.eUy purchased by the Guild, or those whoOse owners arepart otthe GlIlUd's protection racket Vilhenceneenjent, the nu~~d bullies local crime bosses into su bmlsslon, appropr~anng their resources to support 'their own smugglers. If mtlmid Ol!t1ngKlatoolnans won't convln ce a small-trrner to j oln, the vast w,e:aJth 01the Hutts often d oes ~he ;0b. Those who don"1:give in ~o One or both 0,1those Ineentrves often find their operarlons $,ubject to myste:dous aceldents, Hnam::i,a~ruin, Of acute lmperjal s erutlny, Spaeers working for the GuiJdru-e.first evaluated by a representatlve, then stgn thei r lives and ])cssesslons away in the infamous "FreeTraders Responslb'mUes and [jab! Iltles Agreement." The contract promises smugglers certain beneflts: downpayment loan on a starshJp of their choosing (to be paid baek w1ith inlierest), use OoJ Gli IId facilities and services, employment opportunities through Guild. shipping agents, and access to a network of contaers,



Desslva Rasch, KlatoolDan Trade

'GuUd Agent
The moon Gal1 and the surround i.ng Zhar system are the Empire's maln tormatlon and deploymen! point for fleet operatlons in the Outer Rim's Cadavlnesecter. Despite the stroDg lmpertal presence, the K1atoo,inan Trade Guild maintai:115a small (mUlt hl nearby eivilian starport. The ]oc.al GuUd t,epreslmt<lllUVe~ attractive and deadly woman caned Dessiva Rasch-provides, protection lu ali duster of docking hays whtch offer safe baveus and cheap services for OuUd smugglers, 'GuUdpresence here isn't as obvious as other places. The- area is always patrolled by several. pairs of burly Klatoolnan mercenaries armed t:o the hilt They're ercundto oversee theGuild" s interests and make sure the local docking bay ownerS ]l,ay their protection fees on time.

Des-siva herself appears one ur two times a

week to check_in with particular smugglers and make sure everything's running smoothly. Otherwtse she leaves shipping tnstruetlons on band OU[. The doJing it out showing: up,to Loan payment
datapadswhic:h the ~,()cal'cLocldng bay owners Kl.aitJoojnans.hand]e all the money,

borrowed must. h El patd bad: at om OUUi;l,interest rate=end the -GuUd's enforcers >'~IIfIii;t::~f1Ln_.Lo slouches when U comes to collecting, are expected to use Guj]d starport Ia,C:UU:I,es·wfl@navaila.lbJe. Here you can get serat a dtscount. These comp:l~es ,a]so ill" .SP\:I!CE:Doln bars, hotels and casinos, where .~-.-:...-_"~ conduct business and pleasure under , .

~nreturn, spacers owe the 'Gund a generous pereentageot thelr prottts as "dues." Any,cred-

when spacers dellvercargo, or collect it when a frelghtet pilot's is due.


rial enclave, the {luUd operation on n'lllis always busy. Contraband for bored ]mperlal troops floWS iu, and "mlsdtrected" ]mlle:riaL resources flow out. Guild members rarely ex-

AJthoug-h it's located

the heart of an lmpe-

P,lart's Smuggle'r5 Guide

perle-nee problems Hying in or out or the Zhar system, Somehow Dessiva has an angernents on this end eevered, Unfortunately she can't always guarantee clear skies on the other end of a ca.'I1gorun, Oessiva .rar<eIygoes anywhere without at least [our 01 her Klatooiinan bodyguards, She dresses in a eonservatrve business tun le and. earrlesaround a. large datapad to keep track of transactfens. Don't let her proiessional extenor fool you ..t\']any spacera suspecther cold and buslness-llke demeanor comes from ]mperial Security Bureau training, though nobody can eentlrm it, Some beUeve s he has contacts Illsklethe Imperial enelaee, o.r works for the Empireberself, How else could such an operation continue right under the Imperial Navy's

uniforms, corporate backing, and respectable bus lness name-give them the perfect cover to faU back on I'r authorltles sus peel t.hey are nloving contraband. An ent~re corporation isn't usuaUy the Ol:'.l_e behind these illegal operattons, Sometimes a. dispatch boss for Iight freighters gets greedy and uses some of his contacts to arrange smugg1]ng runs. Company .d!l,vis.ion heads can use the complex 'corp or ate bureaucracy to transport contraband which furthers their own twisted agendas, Cargo-loaders can be bribed to include an extra crate Or two on t.he rnanlthe wiser,

fest. packed onto a frelghter without anyone

DeMlVfl, Rasd!!. AU stats are .2D except: Dexrerity 4D, blaster: hold·out blaster 7D+2, dodge ,5D 2, pick pocket 5D~ Knowledge 3D, ,bur:e·a!1..

JJatooinaR Trude Guild: 6D, law enforcement

5D, CQ1l 6.D+2, con: disguise


'liD,bureaucracy; .imperial 5D, business:

3D+ 2, bargain

5D, stree.hi:l'ise SD+.2. Perception

lrrU€stigatiofl S.D, search 4D, sneak 6D, Strength 2Df2., TeclinitaI21}",2. f.YJmputer pr&grammrng! l'ef)'(Iir.1.D",2, dernolit.ions 40" first a~d 4D. security SD. Move: 10, Character' Points: 9. Comlink, datapad, .2 hold-out blasters (3D+2). tagge.r' {from Fantastic Technology, page 62), Dessi/va's.KIBIoomlllilJ Enforcers. All stars are ,2D except: Dexterity 4D+ J. blasl(!'r 60, brow'" ingpUIT}' SD+1, melee oJmlxU 5D+2, melee puny 5D: ilitimidation 4D., slr-eetwise 3D, ,Mechan.ical 3Di 2. ,repulsorlfft 'o.peralion 4V, Perception J.D. searcli 4D, sn,e,ah 3D+2, S'l."reng#1 4D bmw,ung 51)+2,dimbing/jum:p.rng 4tJ+2. liffing.so. Move:

1.D+2, ,rQ:I'gery .sD+2,


10 Force ~pjke (51"&+21)), heavy blaster ptstcl .

Some tree-traders get thetr stan as corporate pilots, They l'Ikiethe' steady salaries, w~th bonuses lor timely and efflclent d ellveries, When they '1 rst discover they're being used to transport midi goods, the-I f,eel betrayed and. manipulated. They soon acquire a taste for this business, These spacers become dependent on the "tneentlve" bonuses and extra pay. Same even set up smuggHng deals of thets own on the side. The danger and excstement soon become addlcUve. They also inte!rad with vj!lrluu!l membel'S 01the fringe, aLIpu'leuUal contacts should they deci de to tum to smuggl.i:i1;SfllLl-t~me. A few legitimate shipping corporanons !'.ITe aictua]~y elaborate lronts for crl me syndlcstes. Companles UkeOroro Transportation and X1Zior Transport Sy.stems (XTS) are two of the largest front companies, hut there are I"I1liny hers, onl These opendi'lms seem ~egal-.in fact, most of their business is legal-but the~r true natures are rar'e~y revealed. These outUts start their sl[g.tlIH-vellosei.s pllots on regular cargo runs, and. gradu,";lUy Sl'ip them into ilieir smuggling operations=eemetlmes without event the captain's knowJedg'e,l
(J ust between, you, me and the bulkhead, XTS]5 a front for some secretive criminal organization called mad: Sun. Trust me', I have

If you're ]ookjngfot' more information on the Imperial enclave on Gall, see the Shadows ofthe Empire SDurcebook, pages 91~93"

LaT9ie Shipping Corpor,ations

M.any ]a1l"ge, ~egitimab~ transport companies dabble in smuggUng. Although they have huge fleets of conta]~er sh~ps" 'they often use hulk andlig:M ke]ghters to move smeller cargoes to nlchemarke:ts, individual clients, or backwater systems where it's too. expensive to send an entire eorrtalner vessel, Oecas tonally the corporation provides captains incentive to sltp sma!] amounts of contraband through with the regulae cargo. "VhUe a percentage
eaeds returns to the boss, paet 01 the extra income(and the "incentive" bonus) goes to-the 'rrelghter crew. The transport 'company the

ot the pro-

some inside tnformetton.Pew know who really runs this outfit, though its teader has been rumored to be an attractive and dead~y woman. As torOroro Transpcrtation.who knows who's behind that operation?) It wouldn't sueprlse me jf any other sh~pptng companies were really elaborate fronts, for erlme operations .• Need more data on leglttmate transport companies running smuBs]]ng deals on 'the Side? Read the Black Sun. chapter of the Shadows of the .Empire Sourcebook; pages 49-52 .of Galaxy ,Guide J}: Criminal OrganizatiQns. the Verg,esso Asteroid Flald chapter of the Shadows of ,rhe Empire Pluners Guide, and Secrets of the SisaT Run.

Chapter Two: 5'muggler Origins

Systems Dispatcher

Nuutu P~unb,. Xiz.o.!r :mospod T

Sullustan d~spakhM works
011t of

of docking hays aru11wareholl ses ln acorporate starport sector on Lianna. She's in charge of rnutln gsmaUc1'!!rgo(;\s from the XiS a. complex

depot there to various desHnatio[lls'arcmnd the Allied Tion S8CtOf. The storehouses, ~.",,[][ding pads, repah· bays and othessupport structures are neatly o1wfang.edi:lJrouuda central tower which contains the operation's business 01flees. Nuntu's chamberis t[l the trauspartsteelenclosed d.oro€ OJt 'the top., eommendlng a perfeet view IOf t hecompJex.
Nlu~tu mal ntalns a very p.ro1fesslonal aemo-

NUllw P'bmb. AUstats are 2D except. DexJ€r· ity 3D b'aster 6D, dodge 6D, pick pocket 4D, Knowledge 2D+2,. bu~aucmcy5D+2,. busi'u:~s·$ 6.D, law ~aforceJn€m 4D, stre.elwtse 4D+ 1, MechtTnica13D, communications 4D, o';ensors 4l.k:!, Perception 3D+ J. txrrgain5D, command 4D, con ,()D, fOrgff'ry so-z; per-s.uasion 4D, Strength 2D+ 1, Technical.ID+.2, computer p . ing/reJ)(Jir SD+2,. droid program.ming . .recuril}'4D+2,. Move: 10. Special AhmHes: Enhanced senses gi.ve +.:m to Perception or search ~n law Hght; lacat!on sense g~ve.s ...10 to astrogalion if familiar with area" cannot: get lestil f,ammarw:ith area Blaster pistol. (4D), eemlink, datapad., Xl'S corporateeoverall 1J.I:IlHo\rm.

spt~ete around hertaciHty. AUemployees we1.1Jr Myst,erious (ilie·rlts, the ti.dy XIS mv~r2lH uniforms .. A]Hu:mgn. the absence Gil torugh-Iookin\g guards: is noneeable, Ooodsm ug~let.s g~in rd]abl.e reputatlons all the emple rye~s COliny blaster pistols in stantor being timely, eJ:l":id.en:t,<lind discreet, They dard-issne holsters, The place is always busoiten a:ttract the attention of eltents who'd tl ing with techn tetans, spacers, and cargo-leadrather not be identlfled, You don't sm these ers, The XTS logo is emblezoned mot only 0[11 people out, they contact you. These paerons the unifof.D1S, ut on droids, cargo slciifs, cr ate s ,. b make raspy comm cans, leave cryptlc notes on blast doers, and large repatrequ ipment, da.t.apads nearvoar ship, and never show their The efficiency seen around the landing comfaces. Tbe cargo theywant you to haul is stored plex is a reflection of Nuutu's metlculous busiin an abandoned warehouse, .stacked In some ness practice" She makes SUre spacers' perm~ts back aUey, Or is delivered to your docking bay are ~ order, from their arms load-out permit n by a third party which. knows nothing o~ Its right down to the cargomanH,est. Pa:.ymen,tis employer. always made ]:[1 fun and on time. ]nformation this kind of work: is lraugfut with d,'!i[lg~r. ou Y about deliveries is mostly correct, except when rarely know ahead of til~e what you're shipit suits her 0\\1]1 purposes. p1ng,.Jnstrucnons oftencons.lst cil the cargo The Su]1ust<lO atways meets personally with sfze.whereto pickitup, where to deliver it, and her transport pilots when they pick up their how much you'n be paid. The goods you're assignm.ents or stop !by .for their pay. Nuutu shipping are almost g'Yaran teed to be highly reserves a few momeTlts for idle cha.uer albGlut iIIega~ contraband-we're talking a few I:if~the latest cargo ru n. She's a careful [udge oJ times ]ntheKessc] spice mines Hyou'mcaught,. chareeter. Those upstaJil.dingspac>ers who never Usua]ly you're dra;ggilllg tbis stu1l right under break. the Jaw rarely get. speetal sm:yggUng~olbs, the noses of lmpenal Customs !p~ua anyone N uueu carefu By screens those who eventually else who wants the cargo for themselves, become involved in XfS's mici:t operatiom;, Not know~ng your patren's ldentlt}" ~5also"," She can spot <li weakness and exploit ~t, and liabmty. You could be working for someone koows j u.... how to motinte pi lots who have t youWDl!l]dn'1!. normally deal with: Rebels. spice Jew scruples hauling m~ga]goods. dealers lmperial sptes, the Huns. WbetheryoOu 'YIhen she asks spaeers to 'transport it few know it or not, acoepting work kom a s~cretive extra crates on thf"ir ne)rt run, :5 he sweetens the client means you [r1-heri~their problems, ri.va~~ deal w~th a spare 50U credits, plus a 250-credH ries, and~[l their €;ru:lm.!!es. .Anonymous cusvoucher to the TIS company store, a welltomers can't always coneeel their ident~Ues stocked starship ol:illUiUersk~p.aitedrigh:t In the from others whcare interested in acquiring docking bay complex, NmJ.tu is mote than willthe rare cargo at any cost Your c]]ent ts OI:!~Y ing to in Huence spacers with tTee repairs.,alrisking the cargo--you're· ri sking yo,ur life. .documentation orcomplameatary mod 1..AJ!though working for these mystertous cuscations to their ship. The greater the risk, the ~omers Can be very dangerous, they pay ex~ the tavor., .and as she's fond of sao/iug, tremely well .. sometimes· 10 ·Urnesas mucl1 as favor is too great for XTS.~ you'd get haullng the same car~o through 3J is: agenerous representative 0f Xi lor drop point agent, Payment is transmitted to ·.... '~~~I~I ... l"' Syst:em.fJl tQ her loyal empleyees, To your account, packed With the cargo •or deposwho cross. her or the company, Numu ite-d act SOl1Be drop point. UniOftlmat,cly, the ;y<'L"'~!fi· ... ·'_'nl adangerousadversary, I.", Vl]li]eXTS'·s work isn't too steady, These peopJe are sharp ~iav()r;$\sielem' limitle~ ..., if's anger 18Just as bound-

Pia rr's Smugg lers GU[i de

least fora wili1e. Sinc~ you don't know who you're worlting for, nevercross these people, U they payyou to do a.l'Qb,do it. Don't skip, out with the payment, don't nu!~e off with the cargo. They wilt find you . .If tiU'lY can aff,o,rd the exorbitant prtce nf anon')roity,the-y can hire a few top-notch bounty hunters to pursue you to the edge of the unlverse,
twlce-at friends of mine had encounters w'ith an outftt ca]]ed, Eledronic freigbtways,. The company is a good example of a, mysterious cUe~It" The corporation has no ofiites, He address, 110 contact Infotma1t]on, Research snmetlrn es reveals iii, group by the same name wh[cb went out of business long before the Clone Wars, butnever uneevers any recent iriformatiOfl. H yo u ever gel: a j 00]:1 from Electroni e Freigptways, YO'U'I] soon understand thename. Th~ ,company contacts prospecttve free-traders e,,,"dusive,ly through electronic means. Oata:pads. you left tying around the dQcki ng bay snddenly have notes on them instructing you SeVeral smuggler

esough not to use the same fr~ig;hter captain

Whaes, so Important th.at thiscompanywon't deal with yellin person? You 'try h realting jO~Cl one of their crates" Most are rei ntorced, armed! with stun llelds, sealed with ,lIU sorts, of locks,

who used fusion cutten on these boxes were

dlsappointed~and they lost all their debvery

and booby-trapp ed. The few apaeers ] knew

Eledronic Freigbtways

whe.re'they'd. like you to ~rMlsport some crates find]how much you'U be paid. Scrambl ed GOIDm calls come In ][IstrucUng you where to pi'ck up the cargo. Droids deliver payment in secret cal')liQ compartments, then. disappear into the' bw;tlIing starport crowds .. Even U' you follow them. their real owners haw never heard of Electronic frelghtways, and the drokl denies ever see-ing you" They even have a w,ay O'f eneryptlng a message in a newsnet posting. ~rhen the ,coding detocts that a cert.dt) model of compoter nr datapadIs used to read ~t" the wo.rd.s,in a newsnet ,arUde unscramble into the Th~y're very elfeetlve at w-iping away their IraU. Datapads inexplicably loose theh' data or' rry their e-boards, Datacards dlslntegrate. New-met encryptton coding goes berserk and jumbles the message, [)rol dis ,;'!jil'E! riggoowith memory wipe modules which activate within a few minutes oW ,ru:Cfimp]Lsh~ng, their task-s-then tfi,@y sjt around same junk. heap until they're scrapped orresold, Most tretght jobs for this company originate [1'1 lar-g,espaceports-c-fmpertal crstellar class. They almost lI!~waystake you. toosome rough. backwater planet run by pirates, con-upt ofHFJectronic Freigh'tways message. Don't bother trying to, trace these contacts.

EJedrOfi]C Freightways has an uncanny knack for knowtng f)Jlmos~ everything abtJ'l.It you, right down to your nav computer's serlal number and the personality matrix on your worker droid, Somehow they know just where you're headed next ... so lt won't be much of a bother to transport this cargo ther,e. ,espeda]~ since you've got to' slip past ,J:1tJ perial Customs with [bat load of stolen blasters anyway ..Be-sides, the price they offer is always right. Nobody has any clue who these folks are, They're too weU·lunded to, be your average R!eb~]s•.thoU;gh some oJ the cargoes have eventually been tracked to, Alliance bases. Conspiracy buffs think the entire .aff.ai.r is (ontronEld by SOUlLe aI1t]fidalintel.Jjgence computer deep to Coruscant's lower levels; thatwould explain the extensive use of drolds, daJtapads
and up]~lliks" The operation migili'lt be afront for some ]mperial scheme to uncover Rebel cens~ remember, the folks Tecehdng these cergoes don't always Irnowexactlywfl;o' s sendtogthem. My gtressi$ that the company is a front for a fifth cnlunm of wealthy Rebel sympathizers in the 'Core Wotl.ds. Most of thecargo runs origi~

fees, The crates were packed with plastic shaeings, 'mundane trade goods, or were 'oomp:l.et.e1y empty ..This company is good. It knows who it cantrust and who it can't.

nate in the Core Worlds or fnlnnies, and head

For remote worlds, in
UU!! Outer

Rim Terrltories.

Other Members of the Fringe

In this business, We expect to do some work

cials, crime lords, or sm.ltgg~er syndlcates. Don't bother t.radng 'the cargo. EJectron~c .Freigh.tw<lIYs smart enough to shuttle .~sh~p~ is rnern tbrough several d.lfferent spacers before

for 'crime tords, Hutts, Loan sharks, and other gangsten-l ta[k:about them elsewhere. There are always <other members 01 the fr1f1gewho need a sDluggl~er to move some goods foc them. megal entrepreneurs need. thel r contr abend slipped past customs and the toea] trade guUd tariff collectors. Bounty hunters who haven't purchased their nwn shlps require pass,age to foUow their prey. PugUlv,es w'nI pay whatever they can to get 'Out of a system be-lore their pursuers track them down. Swoop gangs ilIre wnUng to pay to have more weapons and the latest speeder technology snUlggJed pastlecal authorities. Black~mMketeer8 buyand seU al]
sorts of HUett merchandise which needs dis-

n reaches

its final destination.

creet transport.. These fringe conta.cts often seek you out. UntUtheydevelop iii business relationship with

Chapter Two; .smuggler OrI9ins




one or .<:i. group 01 smuggJe'[,s, they freqllJent starporr bars looking Ior prospective freight haulers. They tend '1:0 appear out oJ nowhere, usually when you' fie settling down in you)" favorite can tma booth for a refres hlng drink. Depending on who they are, they can disappear just as qulekly, This doesn't make (or steadv business with these folks. but starving smugglers take work when they 'can get it. This kind of work has rn<lIlYvanables. Some fringe clients have chests full of credits, others can .only barter items or offer services you might need. They're not always carefu~ to be discreet when dealtng with you" They don't adhere well to timetables, They attract lIJ]]~ lmpertalJorces. They're sloppy. These people aren't in the smuggling business-you're the professiona] s. There is oneI'Jenent to these contracts: they liU a gap when you'd otherwise be fMng an empty cargo bay back to another job. It these people are sending you ln the direction ~ou ":1 ~N:'!:"'\'<!l!k i to go anyway, Ws worth your while to pick the extra work . you need more ideas _on Mnge: groups might need your he~p? There are alr,eady of sources Or! them, Frogments from the GalOXJ' Guide .10.-BQumy Hunters "Swoop
I _Jt ...

StarpQrt Guide abo has plenty of characters

h'eJp from smllfu:~·ers. Blood. Razors Swoop Gang

living on the edge who wouldn't mind a llttle

I:mvrenis a minor industrial world



Ex,p'an~inn Region controlled by the Empire. The spaceport, business and residential quar-

wanted attention from local security as well as

'. frOJ1t! Sun' Wars Adr..'enture .tournal #'6, n. __ ,:,.' ,Defiant" in Joumal-#H are just alew 'It ~""n'roiE'" youm ight want to look up, Plau's

ters <liresurrou nded by kilometers of automated factories, chemical plants and refineries, all of which are gradually c:onhllll.llfiarUng the planet's water supply.. Despite f('\~quent I mpe-rtal patrols, all enn re society of ngrants, petty criminals aed refugees has flourished among thagreasy alleys which honeycomb Inivren's, Industrial sector .. \Vhi]e Im pertel and Incal corporate authorities onida] govern this area, any real order and. justice comes (tom a local swoop gang. The Blood Razors may have a tough name, butt their chlef purpose is 1:0. provide for the industrial sector's outcast inhabttants, They tr ajf·lc black market goods and re-dlstrlbute materials stolen from hnperlal.lor·ces. Those Mthili'llthe Jactory area are under their protection. Most mtruders are subject to their harassment. The gang lreq li'enUy forays from ~ts,territory to raid lmperlal supply depots, attack corporate convoys and annoy starport oftki.als, Like any swoop gang. 'the members spend Jots of tim~ h.<mgingDut,antagonizlrns the authorttles, and zooming around the starport's industrial areas. Plcrr's Smugglers Guide,

The Blood Razors are led by a burly swooper named Shirro. He's the gang's "tough exterior _~ Shinn always keeps a long meta] pipe handy forband-to-hand engagements-she even has a special sheath for it strapp ed [0 lns swoop [}lke_ For long-range work, he uses a. blaster carbine he keeps holsteredat his hip. Shirro looks and speaks tough, but inside he's a good man.J;\Jnol:lgthe refugees in the industrial s,eetor he'sknown as akind man who protects and feeds them. Sh[rro's main ccncem=-besides the vteUare of others=ts keeping the B:lood Razors In weapons and spare swoop parts. WhUe Stlirro' provides lead ersh'1:p, his lieumost ofthe deals with outsiders. He's charged with keeping the gang well-supplied. Vahcer collects "donations" from sympathetic citizens. but it's ~ot always enough, Lately tie's been
tesant, a s]icI::punk named Vahcer Jronts ~!kln,g out smugglers to bring in eontrabend, F.Jchsortie against the Ernpl re costs blaster POVi."£-T packs, sweops.aud medical supplies.

sian 6D. search .5D.,sneat« SD+2, Strength 2D+i,. cumputer programming/repair LID, amid p.rogramming.m 1.firstaid3D, semrity3D+2_ Move: pistnl (4D), comlmk, datapad, swoop bike.

10. Force Points: 2. Character Points; 6,.Blaster

A:v,emge 'Blood 'Razor Gang M@mber. AU stats are -2.0 except: Dexterity 3D, btaster 4D.
brawling parry 3D'T2; melee combat 4D. melee parry 3D+ 2" MedfUlII·wl 3D, swoop openuion 4D+2; S!rength 3/), brawling 4D. MoVf:'.~ ] O. Bll'llst vest C + ~D physical, + 1 energy, torso DIlly), heavy blaster ptstol (5D), swoop bi.ke.

Typical Blood Ruor

maneuverability strength lD.

40.; move 2lOj 600 kmh, body

Swoop .Bike. Speeder;

If you plan on visit! n g Bnvren after the Battle of End or. see the adventure idea on page 239 of Star W'ars Adue.n:ture Journal #2. .

Pehy Crim.e Bo,sses

Every system in the galaxy has its petty crime Iord, some \'!'en-funded bully who runs loeal Hwkets, controls the black market,and thinks he owns CYCl Y :.iolmg:gh ..r whu sets fooT on "his" planer, They have their greasy ]j,'L'lh~ Ungers in every illlci t operau on in the systemand if th,~ don't, l h ey waot a piece of It, or else. These insignificant crooks think they're bigtime players, but lh~y Ih.m'lamounu to anything compared to the heavy hitters Uke, the Hutts, Fmmthc smugg~cr's pf:li'n~ view, ~h€'y'l\e of ,a necessary evtl, SmaU crime bosses need COIl'trahand I.nlllspml ed off-world, have pLenty o~f credits. to fund free-traders. and ate steady clients (as long asyou don't dlsappointthem. ..). Besides, they're a lnt It'..'IS trouble than someone as important as Jabba M(lgt gangsters run their operations out of their main strOIl,ghllJd, estate or compound. This is usually located in the system's main starport, though some control their affairs from a com rycountry vmBl. SOUle deal exclus ive]y in one are of criminal interest: loon aharkmg, ducking bay protection schemes, routing contraband ..Most have their tentacles in several 01' eratl ons which overlap. They h ave reasona hie iI'l fluence with local euthorltles, who often look the other way "",hell questi unable activities surface.

Hehangs nut in the starport's numerous seedy bars. carefully approaching spacers. Vahl~er has bee.I:lIIl';iDlg different bee-traders for 'every deal. lie doesn 't do this to CO'Vt': r h i~ tracks, but Itlstead is seeking a very reliable smuggler to
act as 'l~~eg.:mg's "offworld familiar with many shortcuts, back-alley exits and hidden passageways, The Blood Ra::f,U'.8 don't have a huge treasure chest to plll.y :for goods srnuggl,~d ~uthem, lnsteadthey offer services: protection while in

Vatu:er grew up in Btlvren starport,

sh~ppl!'lg a,geut."

sa be's

port, information UII the Ernpire's industrial operations on B~ivren., or barter goods plundered Irom lmperlal or corporate lnstalletlons, n the Empire deci ded t.n C rack down on them, l:fIe mood Razors would need. much more tha 0 the nleagt:r support they currently get from oifvrgrid. Sb:irTo.AIl stats are 2TJexoept: Dexterity 3D, braulling parry 5D, dodge 4D'.2, mel€e (,()mbat 6D, melee parry fin, vehicle Mast"
bl(1st~r 6D+2, Cr.i 4D, intimidation 5D, srreelwise 4D, Me:r:hani{;uI3D+l, repul,mrlifiopemtion 4V, swoop operation 7D, Perception 2D+2, command 5D+2. pen;lll'l.~ion

4D, Strengtli 4D, orawUng (ill, chmbinf!/jurnping 5D;. Technknl' 3D, ~'WODP repair 3D+2. Move: 10. Force Points: 1. r.hi:lraCl~r Potnts: 7. Blaster carbine ('5D), blast vest and helmet (+lD physical, +1 el1ergy, head and torso only), metal prpe (STIf+ W), swoop bike.

'lancer'. AU stats are 2D except : De.x!erily

blt'lSter 5D,. dodg(J! 6D. pick pockeum+.2,

SD. Know.ledge 3Di businee«

4D, law


4D, running

m.enI4D+2, sCreetwise 6D+2. value5D. Mechanic-oJZlJ+2; swoop opeTation 4D; Perception 4D, bargain ,(iD, con SD, wn: d!'sguise 5D+ 2, pe rsue-

of necessity than amy deep Joyruty to these s leazy ~CU8es for entrepreneurs, lJ~ludly ill free-trader asks a cr~me ho.s!;for aloen or fa¥Clt , then gel:s drawn into paying it off th rnugh smugglil\g funs. These crooksweave atangjed web of real, imagined and set-up obllgattons t hrough whic h they manl pulate d ependent spacers.

Few :sn~uggJerschoose to work for these petty crime bosses. The work is taken more emf

Chapter Two: Smuggler Origins


Luckily a petty crime boss's InUuenoe is ~imlted '1:0 ojs bome plane!: and perhaps1lt. few

adlacenr systems. They might have every Jocar officJal ~¥l ~h r pocket and own hall ei the securlty force, but It won't do them any good ff you nee to another sector. ..Depending on nOW mad you m ake thesecrooks, they might just forget about you (until you return to their system), or they ceuld hire a .fewbounty hunten 1:0 bring you in if your offense was partlcustarport lady jnsuJUng.

import or export various centraband reli31,ted to her legitimat.e busjnesseo[l.cems or her black market activities on Kothlis, She alters her operations to provide wha:t'eV'er her ~cUents" need; armed guards, stolen goods, discreet transport off the planet, mega! merchandise, and Iorged docurnentadonaee among some gf the Iuxurles she o.ff'ers. Max,eena. has
p~elclty offarnUy money to fln..andaUy billck any lucrative underworld deal going- down 0'0 Kothlis--for a father generous share of the proUts. tity,

axy Guide 6,,·Tramp Freighters (pages 21-29 and 82), and the ~'!ar Wars .Planets Co,tlecNaR, pages 112-1l3.

U you're loo.king for good examples oJpeny crlme bosses, check out GatrayGu~de} 1"'Crim rnai Otganizafiol!'s,BJQck Sands of SOC()ffl), Gal-

To protect her own concealed criminal idenMaxeena Leaves, much of the hands-en ex:ecl1Utm of megal. aUairs to a distant. relative,
'Old Bothan caLled Uncle Draves, He

.a grumpy

pendent investor based 00 the Bothan colony of Kothlis, [0 pubhc she's a member of the planet's hjgh-societYr a posttien she attamed th.rough her f<limUy's shrewd. legitimate business docision$ and dfverse investmems. Since her parents returned to the. Bothanhntneworld of Bothaw ul, Maxeen~ has taken charge o.f the various. family enterprises. In truth, she's Tefl operation of these ventures to trusted subordlnates=-she spends most of her Ume runn ing the small crime syndl cafe she estahllshed LI ndel' 111:lr arents' nosea. p Few o( KothUs's citizens know M.axemul! as a crime lady .. The young Bothan woman maintains ill channing profHe in JmbUc, She is f;I gr aelous guest at vlilrlous reeepnons lor the loca I government, the Imperial consnl-geaerat and area busmesses, Muee:na;]s most noted as one of the most pnlite and deligJ'ttful m embers of the local 'higb soctety, TfiQugb. she has. constderable influence in M~eena maintains a low pmfile, She makes. sure her criimloal activttles are discreet. While
she rarely participates in an npera:UQfI personaUy. Maxeena has been known 1'0 entertain many of KothUs's PQU~~cal ndeconomtc a areas,

Mueeo£l So,v'Iya" PeHy ,Crime l.ady The well-to-do Maxeena. Sov'lya is ao jude-

wanders the Tal'eara StarpQ.rt concourse, f£X~ fng deals,deUvering messages, and paying
varlous oUi.cia!!:] to

residents o:f Kothlls believes he's Just a. smallwnvolvcd In pettyschemes. To those people wotlting for Ma."<!eena's small syndka:te, Uncle Draves is the face of the operation, Those who deal with him know better than to offend or Uneaten the elder~y Bothan, Mtl!XeelUII is very p,rotecUwof her uncle-s-thosa whO' don 'I.show enough. respect toward Draves
Un1e deaJ-maker often find_ themse lves tossed lnto

look: the other way. Most



have a 'certain de:rou1iilntk or monetary, over the local mercenary seeurn y force's second-tn-command, Alfhough the lmperial consul-gltneral. hlred Beldonna's Legion to relufnrce the planet's defense, the untt has become soft over time and vf)ry susceptible tu

smelling furnace .. Maxeena is rumored

gree of lnfluf!Jwl:'!, pO'5,sibJy

M<lIXeerla. has very ll U Ie trouble w,ith U]6 mercenarles or lhe'ir Imperia] masters, Maxeena steers. dear of any open eompetltton with. the Ugnij,ughit smuggler U.kert and his. srnaJJ operation on Kothlis, Ukert seems to do most of the oifwodd (:argQ f'UJlS himself, and. r,arely hires outslde apacers to do his wnrk,
Ol:cas~onalJy Ma.xeena pay.s Ukert exeeptiionalJy well to destroy physical evjden ee her

bribes. Havin!:{ lnstde a.s,s,i$hun:e trom Beldonna's Leglun would he~p t"-xp]afn why


guests at herv:i]la. These \i'~sitor,s

often arrive under cover of night, when even the bright lights of the city do not violate th,@


privacy' oi 'the upper-class estates. F.e:w d]!r cover that these callers are really transient (ree-tr.~ders, splee dealers. spaceport workers
smugglers, ""-IULU,"_'U"'" someot her investments

\ama_tlon Services, Inc, She r,ealilz6SKethllss Is

too sffiaU

crunl naJ.~ ctivity in h is smelting a


furnace ,at Rec-


cnmioa1s. to fight over ..Maxeena would rather

cooperate than raise trouble.


for two competing

are legUi,· oms sever at mega) operations cen,liI~:el''E~d around TaI'cara, Kothlis's main city. The ~"'''''.",'"'' crime II'l lstress has been known to run protectton.raekets at the starport and. for local lJus~le:s·: Max:eena also keeps several $n~ugses•. retainer (through loans air f,avo[s) to
'!i'~.Hlla'l:.e she

Maxeena Sov'J.ya •. AU stars are 2D except; D'exterity 3D+ I, blaster: holtl1Jut bJa;".ter 5lJ+ J,. dodge 4D;. Ktwwledge 3D; Imrenuc.racy 5D+2, business 7D~ cultures 4D, languages 4.D+2, srreelwfse: Kolh.lisfiD. value 5D, Perception 4D" oorgain 6D+ I, (;On 5D, forgery SD+2, persuasion 6D, Strength 2D+2, l}rowUI1(!: manial arts 5D+.2,

Plarr'.sSmugglers, Guide

Teffillical3D, computerprogramming/repair6D. W.ClbaracterPoirrts: T. Cornlink, datapad, ilolcl.-'Out laster (3D), voice scrambler (from b

ralltG'$.I'ic Tc'CnRoiogy, page 63), U),OllO credits

en hand,

cover-Kyler is t',eaJily roving' Rcbe] rransport a chief who makes sure' gOQds she's acquired make their way back to Alliance posts .. Kyler's cover is ideal, She haags around vartous Outer Rim So tarports ,.checking: out and hiring smugglers ito ram cargo From her a'cquisi-

UndeUravos. AU staes .are 2D except blaster lID, melee combat 4D, Knowtlltdge .3.V+2,bureau· avcy 4fJ, hu,oJines.s0, intimidation 50+2, Ian5 gaages 4D+2; sfre.e.twise: Kothlis fiD+ I, r.epuJSOtlift operation 3D, i"e.n;,ep.tt0I14JJ; b!l~ain SIl, con

tron depots to Rebel drop p~.ints and bases" Her spaceport tech disguise gives her access to' docking b!ty,s and rep.alr pads ,.llere she sizes
up pnh~1I1 ial ,!'ipiil(~t'lr.'C,iml]lt'"('IJoC


4D*2.gambling SD+2.persuasion 5D, Technical 3D, security' 50. Mo,Yi':: HI. Character Points: s. Blaster ]:)1sI0] C4JD). dataparl, ~'iiflO credits on

and makes tnltiaJ contact. Kyler always ha", di few cr ates to ship to some backwater lo cation,
A1thouglll 5.1ie Il;;au' l ];.I'CQvh]1;' malJ,Y l:n:dHs up


i IIrunmdiuJ1<libout Kothlls, BddQnua's Legion and Ukert, see the Shadows

fior more

of the Emp.l'rePlal1ets Collection.

The Rebel AllUonc,e

peu:pJe and. they have very noble goals ..Even r help them out now and then. But jf you're j ust starting out In the smuggHng industry, avoid

I'HIlle honesn llik~ the Rebels, they're good


worklngfor them, The cargn runs, are extremely dang-.emu:s-you' re almost always, hawing conI:l'a.hilod (~"'tol,enweapons, unregistered medirai supplies, replacement X.. ing parts J-and w you're bound to slam right into the Empire e\ffi't)' trip. Besides, the work: doesn't. pay mLl.l:h-you'U be ]ucky to w,alk away with a lJandtulaf cred~ts to cover expenses and maybe limne{no.;: starshlp repairs. Cargo,runs, for the Al.liance send snmgglers to'every corner 01 the' g,al~ and every kind of fa.c:ility you can imagi ne, You could pick up (>a!l'go an abandoned warehouse in Abregad 0In r,fietmd haul it: to serne remote Reb el base, or you might ,ac·q;u~rea few boxes of blasters just outside 'the Imperial compound on Romar and transport U ito a Special Ops team on Nat Snru::ldaa, You never quite know what to exThe on1iy good part about wurking for the Alliance is the frequent work. These Rebels alwaysneed something transported. Some eontact y01l1 usjng elaborate code phrases, Inform.ation drop points, an d secret meetings, Others just walk ri.gb~.up to'1!I'OU in a crowded f.mtina and askyou to haul som€! cargo, They're v-eryillfolmiill and inconsistent. Sure, you don't know what to expect, but nett her do those lmperial agents. 'tailing you or your Rebel contact,

frout, KyLer makes sure there's some descent trade on the other side, n~:w lm IVj,:;!·uuux, IUs.hh) repatrs, another cergo. She's quick to catch dashtngspacer's eyes and ~ure them into her transport schemes. Despite the loss ot her left arm in an accident years ago, Kyler retains the youthfu1 beauty and exuool',anr:p. ofan ir'lp.ails-tic fr'eedom-Ughter .. Kyler rarely mentions she's with the Alliance (unless thespacer ts a known Rebel contact). lnstead she talks about her uold merchant friends." who have cargo to be shipped, Kyler actually worked as a free-trader herself, unttl s he crashed her ship in stormy weather ooW roona She lust her arm in the wreck; and has avoided get:ti:n,ga prosthetic replacement. The numerous pockets and straps on her wurksun help her manage, though she's grown accustomed to one ann thruugh years of pracnee, Despite her past It.uds.hips, Kyler sttll maintains her cheery dtsposttion, trytng to, raise WJlOHI]C among t.mI.~uglH~rljdRI::'. d II she h works wnh,

3D, bJa,sfer 4D, dodge 4lJ+.2, bu.r-eaucmcy.· starpoN 5D+2, lungua:ges 4D+l, planetary systems 5D,slmetwi<;e 4D+2; will,JOU)fi.r SD+2, Mechanical1D, ,astrogarioll 5iJ, communication~ ,m'+2, !:ll:!.!lf:;.urs '1[1, spuce tnm!;porn 5D, starship gun nel}' 4D+2, ,!uarsl.li':J ~~/li~Mi 4~ 1,Perf:eption SD, f!ommUlI'(/ SD+2., con 4D, con: drs,,'Uise ·fD I 2, persuasion 5D~ Strength 3D, trfClwling 40, st'umifm· 5D.,f-:J,Technical 3D. ,mmpl1{~T IJt'r.~rummingl repatr 5D, droid programming' 4ll" druM repair tiD,. ,"'PC1C.e. fmu::'·F¥.;ms repair MQve: 10. Foree ~i([Iint:s: I.Ch'OO'a.ctcr Points: 4L Blaster f1iKtui

So.lliil.Kyler ..AU s tats are 2D except: Dexterity


(40), headset

2.,500 credits.

eomltnk, hydJ'ospanner,


Solla Kyler, Rebe~Transport Chief


Most folks who meet Sella Kyler assume <I. techntetan 'In whatever starport they're in. Her frle.ndlyamtude, work coveralls and elO'er-JprEs'ent hydrnspanner help support the

Me you looking lor more Rebels to work for? Open Crackefi 'sRebel Operatives and piekone-« most of them could use SOflle smu,gg~er assislance now and then. You'U idso want to check out Redde M:ac.rebe,iill upply purchaser works lngthe Trax Tube trade route (Irom The Offidal Star Wars A,d,[:emure JOunwl#7. pages 93~94).

Chapter Two: .smuggler



Your Starship
back now an d Ihen The Advozsc majordomo Nar-Ten called OJ led PI att E rom hi~ office, througll the mal II eel hal]' <lIud out to one of the ]aJJding pads which clung precariously to the tower wa]L He spoke q uiet]y ~ntQ a cflmMnkOlLS,he walked, turning The docking pLa!JtformcOlTImooded an excellent panorama ol!'he St.'!fp0rt;Wwe:rsri~ing
from the seashcrc, brTdgc!l ]in~:i!llgtowers with

tied baekm a bnlJid. and her tace and clothes were smeared wtthpatchea OF dirt, She gl,allct=!:d
over at Platt with
·!;il}lli.:t'.:. .<li.

A young woman pulled herself out of a mamtenance erawlway and met Gjee:l, Her hajJ' waS

skeptlc<lJJ. look whne








The Ad vozsc Ii.nilliy turned. 1,0 P1ii1.ttand. lntee hni clan," he said, "She' II show you aruund the ship while I take ,r;t'.Lwe ecrraln i.ls~ncli'1bl of .. r


mechantc, ~Nai::ri.tai::i our t':nlef

ciUlslde cave'sle,adtl1g into the rest of the ctty.,

inti:';!· ested 1[1the view-=her eyes were fixed. on the beat-up old Ghtroc 720 sltuF.lg on the platform., Sh~'d h~d llE::.r lu:,~rl set UII nne ufthese sleek1ooki[lg Corellian ships, but this one would have 1:0 do [OT' now.

the wjde-openblue sky. 'But PbaHwasn't

admmtstr a.Uve dunes. ru need some persona]

data from you-for the varJ01lJS p€!rUIU!! ~ud licenses, n( ,c:o!LIts't:-and a name fO.f I.h~: hip." s

datapad. N<ol.zritap!(';l!lr~d (IV(!r her shoulder. then laughed to herself when she saw the nam.e Platt selected for her shtp .."Brentaal Pnncess?"

l-'Jatt typed a few answers I.nto Gjlee.I'.s

Plott's Smugg lers GUide

she asked, "That's preUy pretenuous." Piatt glared back at the technician. G~eeI turned and walked back into the tower, a slight sl1lile emerging on his faoe. "Forget ~It," Nazrita said. "Corne with me." Shestrode up, the Ghtm~'s entry ramp and led PiaU to the cockpit. "You've got all the standard equipment here," she said. mQUoni.ng For PiaUto get. st!ltled In the pilot's ehalr, "We've made a lew modlflcaskms: boosted power to thedoublelesercannon up top, new ion drives,
better flux con I. rollers on the shields, ~nd some'

extra hun armor. But this is my real pride and

joy. ~Nazrj~~pointed to an extra weapon pane] next to the flre enntrols for the las ers, ~Proton torpedo tube, mounted right beneath the cock= ptt, Looks just uke an oul.~Jssing port~no il'.lspedor win know the difference_ The system

can hoM Jive torpedoes, though we only hOilve threeloaded now.The rack is hidden beneath the main 'cockpit maintenance deck plate:' "You'd have to take apart the ship to find it,~ Prall noted, "That's the point," Nazrna said. "Come on, nr sh,owyou the hold. ~' The cargo bay was, strewn with r~-stfa]nt webbing and a few crates, A treadwell drold fiddled with an open service hatch along one b1!ilkhead. "Meet Bee-Zerobee," N'azdta said. "He'llbe your maintenance droid, Knows this bucket almost as weU as I do. Say beno, BeeZerobee." me drold continued fiddUng inside the service hatch. Nazrita, gently kicked the drold In

its treads. The treadwetl's visual sensors rotated, scanned Platt up and down, beeped and whistled its approval, then returned to. tts, werk. "He"s making some last-minute adj'ustments,~ Nazrita sa~d. "Ftne-tuoing the new Jon drrves." "What's in Ihe crates?" Platt asktld. "Your first shipment," NanHa's eyes narrowed. "Wlu\fs ]n5lde·~" wGleel didn't tell you, did he? Crafty llttle Advozse.lfs best not to ask. Puk want.:; you to run ilt nul: te some friends lin Zbar." "The Imperia] enclave?" Platt moved to one crate and opened the Ho: electronic components. She rummaged around a l.ittJe and carne up with a capacitor th,e size of her hand. She shook it, heard .soll!l:'.tbJng like sand rustling inside. uSp]ce?~ "RyH ," Nazrlta said, a wry smile crossing her Iaee, "Hi.gh grade. Don't get caught wiith iol:." "But how am] supposed to g.et all this past the Empire? 1F I'm busted, they ,cou~d send me to Kessel. . ,." "That's your problem." Nazrfta turned and gave Platt a hardened look. ~WeJcome to the
Klatooinan Trade Guild."



A star:ship is a. smuggler's me. A free-trader without ll! vessel is noth ing but another v!)jg:r nt a drining endlessly through the Outer Rim 1.i.1re so much street trash.

Chapter Three: Your Starship

com.fortable medauwlIl, S:ince spacers praetically Jive in their ships, they add their own personal touches as time and money perUlit. The 'easiest modifjcat~ons are superficial: personalizing the bunk spaces, adding some mementos to the crew lounge, and nangiil'lg ill. lucky charm over the cockpit viewport. Deeper changes: can be made=beefed up hull and shields, more powerful weapons" boosted drives-but often at great Let's take ,at kwk al the 'two most popular freighters fOT free-traders. They're both small, nimb.le and relatively easy to maintain. They also ~eave a tot 'of room ~or your persona] modl ncations. The two listed 'below are "stock" ships. They'reshown just as if you piloted them right out ot the factory storage bay.

SmuggJers have varying phtlosophfes when it comes to starsh]p,s. Some like nimble freighten with powerful. engines, and limlted cargo space, Others prefer 'bulKY transports 'With plenty of shicld:ing and we2lpons. M1'IIIY fi.l:lIda


there's room for a 'crew lounge and a small. service area. The tr a:nsport basa Jew drawbacks, Though the hull is pretty souod, the stock version has no. shields" It's slow as a deUrlous bantba, and has just ,!'1S much manell.l" verabllity, The si n,g]elaser cannon Is ad,equate, though miDstsmugglers upgrad e the weapons system nrst. Spacers Uk,!!! heCorelllantransport t because it. offers greater freedom. TIu:,:fr,eighter only require a crew ,of one, though addltlonal persoonelean helpwith r~pa]r, gunnery or cargo duties. lt's not always a comfortable environment. but it's one many smugglers can home. Captains eventually get to know all the shJp's quirks, Jrern slow turnovers tiD jerky weapon controls, The ships are small enough that a good techutclan can overhaul most 01the S:YSa terns. Parts are readily available or easily jury· rigged. how easfly it can be mod1f1ed-it's a starshiip mechamc's dream .. Interior bulkheads can be moved aroundthe ship's major systems, Weapons CMI be added, shields boosred.and nearly every system replaced with some hi.ghcr-grade electronics salvaged (or stolen) from other sources. Smuggh~r!'ii alwaysneed more speed, hulJ plaUng, shields, eafgo spaceand weapons, The YT I 3(10lets them add what they ]life when they hHV~ Iln'll:I'~lit8 ~nd a gllucl technician.

Part of the YT·1300's charm comes (mom

Corelllon YT-1300

Mmost conunonplaee aar,raong free-tr.aders, the CorelUan YT·13(tO used to be the standard for interstellae tr ade throughout the Old Republic. 'Ov,cr the ·years it: was phaser] nut ill favor 0'1 bu1k h·'elghters ami massive container S.hWP5, the VT-1300 stiU maintained its charm but and versatility for those Independeru spar-ers hauling: goods fn the g,alaJ!Y's frlnge. The Core lltan t ransports are small-the cargo space ~&n'tas large as .aJ. bulk. ir-ei.ghter, but the overhead costs aren't as much, elther. They' re idB<!J[ fOoT h<lu~ing lilian ~ cargoes for ai specialty markets or ou,t-of-thc-way settlelril:l[]ts.

Stock YT-1300

YT-lliOO Trane'

'l:ndt. CoreII18lR.EnglneeI"lfl!gCorporafi.oll P6rt

T~ Stock light rl:'etgbter Sfallt=: Sti!tJjght~r l.ellyth: 26. '1 meters SkIlliI: 5pacc~r-ali:SJl'Or~::;; YT·l31JO Crew.: I (J can coo:rd:lmr.te), gtJlllIffi'S:


rarely notes it port, starboard or central. The direction simply des-ignates where the standard cockpit Is mounted! enner ottthe forward port or s~arbnard arc, or between the two bow In endfbles, The: varjous c,Onfigu rations don't make much di:Uel'emee in hand llng, though some pilots Hire,the eentr aUy mounted cockpit for controm. Most prefer either port or starboard nl'll~O(:~',Di1ts [or great@rvisibilityononeside. He.!.id~BS the coekptt, the standard YT-1300 -;,~&~,_ a 100-ton cargo bay, a side entry hatch. '_~Vl~lnra.1 and dorsa] umbtllcal hatches. two ea'c~ pods, one laser turret topstde (though ,anoij1!f~r one nts neat]y llill the ship's belly), , ng console, and a few crew bunk cabU~pe:mll[n!o1on the interior conftguretton,

conttgurattone, though

The YT·1300s come


the model number

three basic cockpit

Cmgo Q;r,padty-: 1ml matrlr: tnll~ CnnlWlmAhll"Jll 2 ·mntfUhs Clost: hJO.OOO (III;:W), 2:5,000 (~)
Hnn~rdriveJriJu1HpJler: xl

ttyp@rdrf\o'l! Iladt:T~ x12 Nav (;D~p1J'er. Yes

!ipaC@o: 4

Atmosphere:: 480; 0(4) kml:l

HuiJl: 4]) SI1:_1ffi~ Passi!J€.· 1O/OD

:5(;(m; 251m Seard't' linD/ZOo fbOll!i:2j3D


i.a8er Cannon Fin? An:: Tom.:!. . O'ew': 1 Skl'JJ: Starsl-iq) gLJlIDery Fire COlltrol: 2D

Aunosphel'e .Rm.tgft_' 1Oo.;roOJ l.2/2 ..5, km [1t:mt.age: 4D

SpaeR:R(~rl#: ]-3/12125

Plait's .5mugg;lers Guide



2 4.

BoCil'ding Ram;p E$cQpepcd Gun w.n ,Entry CQwgo

, 8

Boy' (wi CorgcJi:f1t)

Stor:tlgelReptlil' Day Top Hatch one Airlock


9' Crew lLoUflge 10 lr1ple Du.nk

11 HeodJ'Rmremer

12 'Galley
13 Ma'f'l'ImnQi1ce

(rowlway Access

Chaprer Three~ Your Sl"orship


Srorshlp Qu~rks
Ught frejgbters are particularly suscepe.~pet:j l~y if the a vessel is old Or has been extensl rely modi" lied. These quirks aren't terribly life-threatening, just annoying. They help give a shrp
tlble to quirky behavior,

.. Atmos phere control sys tern stuck on "cool" or "hot." • Myster.h.')us squeaklng comes from beneath deckplates in bunk cabin.

oddities I've notlced aboard various transports:

• Landmg gear

character ..Enterprls in,g smugglerscaa even use them to~heir advantage. Here are some

• Comm system is plagued w iH. oceasionel

static. _, Cockpit dalY paddJng is lumpy and unhatch t~mpor<ll!'ily

comfortable. activates the h IlJ ll breach a~arm .


retract ...Powering up weapons drains energy from shields.


.' OpeJlling an interior

• One exterior main tenence portbelches smoke in. atrnuspheee, .. lnterl or Hghts go out when shje~d;s powered up.

starshipis in operadcn,

forward strobe lamps are always Utwhen

• Maintenance labels andinterior markings arein a stran gP.' alien l.a:ngu.a,ge.

'" [nsigl1lH[ci.l.nt red Ught on com mana con-

"' Allinterior oper ali oiJial




when gu n S {ire

sole keeps bltnktn g.. "' Loose deck plate trips. anyone running thJough. (,unid.ot . r!HS, wher-'~ ~he nuw dl!:lso]ved gt1ll!nhipcompany was based. GI]tmc lndustrles des~.glled the 720 upgrade the systems: on its 580 light frelghter, and tu compete with Go:relHan
Engineering's I rans pnrl-i I ermu:, 'i dn!'l'H in ..

Only one entry natJch w\U 'Open at a time.

]f you're looking (or modified versions of the CcrreUijjm tfjlrl8]JUrt, there Oll>:r!e plenty of places to find them.I've never known a Y1J'~L'lOO owner who drdn't :make some kind {ilf p ersoaal modfJicau nUll 't 0 1mil I~ vp.s.o,.;dtu bel' own pu rIPo

poses ..Here's (l. list oHmnsports to glvcyou an idea what you earn do to the "stock" '!ii'~rslon.
Most aren't tor sale, and] wouh;lln't advisi!!g_ stealmg them, btu ~hey"1 provide some ex~ ~ ilfllplt:s uf modlfied ships you have some-

thin~ to save your credits for:


• 0 ne of the mor€'; infamous Corellian tr ansperts-s-the MiUfUmi!uu f:uh:vlI"~-n'~1e fnmuJ b on pages 130-13:J o~ the Star Wars Trilogy Sourceoook, Spec iall£dit~oo" 13005, the Oo-Ta Go-o-Ta and the Solar Flare: check out p<JJgf'~;;; 84-SR ..The Rebels have bee'l"'l sing a transport u
t he

someareas, whUe beln~ sU;!Il!bt]y d'efldent ~n Ult~lP.ti>. 1l1~ 720 W~8 widdy used to haul essenUal .i'loQd:sfrom the: Outer R:~n1J'.s; cnmmeree centers to outb.1ngco]onl,es. Free-traders tound. the ships to be a.ffordable and well-suited for sm all-scaleeerge rums to backwater semen meats. Though the manufacturer has slnee gnne out of business, several 1.1 IoU$i.wd G] Itrues

are stj]]ill serv.lce th:rous;:hout the galaxy ..Pru:ts for the ship are still pientHui, and ~ust as eas.lly iury-riggr:'d. "slhns~~ fo ~ l lit'! cu~~maJ Lr.1U I IIfport The stock Ghtmc is generalty a. more seund vessel thanthe IT 1~Ofl.11 1.laFl :;:.Ilidd ~-thuugh

• G()llaxy Guide 6: Tmmp Freighters h."'.l~ tWQ YT-


fied wtth extra COitgosp_@cefarsllpplynms:see

Rebel Sourr;ebook, pages 135-136.

• You caneven seewhat I've dune with myown ship, t h~ Let~f C'hf.1llce. 0]] page '7 cJ PlaWs Starn G.uide,

system Is better, and there's more mom in the hold .Larger sizeisn'talways a. benefit: the slow ton drives strain to push the transport anywhere, The double laser cannon is on 011 fixed mount terward-etheGhtroc's size make lt dUticult to Jme up your' lield of Fire,.eVBU wi:th the


not too



htroc 720 Freighter

1:he GhtH)C lndustries 720 ]S[i1ot as paplllia r as, nl~YT -1300, though tfs sun Just as good. It ;v.as ext:erus,ive.ly used in the Outer Rlm Territo-

greater manelliV1erabU1ty. Most owners take adv.:nlta,ge uf the superstructurecunfiguration amidships to add a dorsal endventral turret. gun. They're best at cargoruns, and aren't as efFective in combat as ttl€: YT-]300. Unlike the Co.rem,an transports, GllLroc~ hO:live
no verlatlon

cenLraJly mounted. Crew

in Cli:){:kpit (';onfiguration-they're

eargo bays

Piait' 5 Smugglers Guide

andeseape pods are oriented around a central power core, Since the ion drives are up front and tile hyperd rives are aft, ell,gi neermg spaces
ru-e:spread out. It's nice hiillving the subspace eJ1lg~I'IIt"..s,dose thecockpj,t In caseyou need to to


.Atmosphere Range: 11l().3t1Ujl,~(25 k:m


Controi- 1D~2



eflecthasty repairs in a fight, but you'll make it up when you have to split your attention between lore and aft when the h yperd rives go. too, I'd much rather have all the technical access for both drives in one place, even i:f it is
tnthe back.

Other Smuggler Transport'S

The gOiilaxy' s filled with vessels which can be classitted as tramp freighters. They're small, affordable and easily repaired. They have all the comforts of home: shields, weapons, and a. good -sized cargo hold. You just have to look hard enough to Iind something that :fits your need and your budget Here are some places to

Stock Ghtroc Frelghtew

Seide: Starllgh'l)er Craft; Ghtroc Industries class 721) h~igltter Type: Stock IIgM .fre1g1ner
L!D,Q,th: 3:.iI nneh:r!;i SJdlk. 5~e traJilSpons: Ghtroc frelgh~e'r C11ew: 1. flltmrners: 1
hsilenllers: HI


Cargo Capaclty: 135 metric tons

ClMUumallle$; 2 mtillthii

,()~: 9S,5!I)O (IleV>'), 2::U!oo

Hl'-pe:nI.ri've Mml'lpl!ler: x2 Hyperd!Jil.',e Backup: xIS Nav Complll~ Yes MJIlemrel'8blll1:y: 1 D Spa~,e: 3, IDIII: 30,+2' SbI~ilGls: in


You can Und some other ship types C OoH= verted to Irelghter service and ot her uses nn pages 81-87 of Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters. Star Wars Adventure Journal #5 contains detailed information on several new treight,er models in "A Buyer's Guide to Alternative Starahtps, ~

Almolpbif.J'e'. 26{1; 750 ~h

• 'Tizzi's Slightly Used Stars.hips" :in Star Wars Ad[!efJ~urt' Journal #9 has [J,1l/ta n several new o and modifled transports. .. You'JJ find two customized freighters-complete wtth detmlcd deck plans-in Wt:etc:ht~d l-fiv(!:r;of Si:um and Villainy_
• Pinues & Pri,I;1t11fNU;S eomains an exhaustive list of merchant sntps, ,approprlate1y LIsted In

f'a.s~ive.·15/00 Scall; 30,llD

!k11ri:Il: SO/3D


form; 2/4,[)

• DoubLIeLaser Canllan
Fire An:. F~(jlll
{."riF!w; ~

"Chapter Five: Ships"


Sk{l{: Star,shlp gunn~ry

Chapter Three. Your Sro rshi p




-4 5

C-ockpit Engine Ac:005:S TripIe Bunks Heord/Refi'e,she-r

Romp to F'QI'W'Clra Corgo !loY' (Be-Io,w Crew Secfions)an;d Boarding Romp

6 7

(re;w Lounge


Techl"li'ool Station StorogE"fond Reapcdr Bay



10 Cargo Boy (PiS)

11 FO:JWQlI'dCargo Dey Access

12 Galley

PIatt's Smuggl,ers GUide

A Note About Smuggling

I'm a Iirm believer In h~d~ngcontraband In plain yj'ew. You know, arranging you r legltlmate cargo to make access to the smuggled crates dUfku]t, covering iIlega] Importswtth a layer of legal goods, l]sing nearby energy sources to loul Imperia] Customs scanners, ami dl strac tm g in spec tors with ann oying drolds, false cabi 11 markings, handfuls o.f credits and a.11 r~ng u smiles, lt' 5 really (1, com bi nation of technology, skill. and craftiness. U you're looking for an exam pte oft hls art, [' Llhave to tell you my.story about smuggLingryl1 onto Wroonat lbat one l]me ... ( see the opening to "Chapter Four. Tools of the Trade"): Some smugglers don't hell ev,e in hiding contraband in plain vij,ew. They flll their slupw lth elaborate secret compartmen ts andeoncea led batches, Th is might be fine on a personnel transport or ,iii. patrol vessel-but on a freighter, inspectors are' looking for anything out or I:he ordinary. They expect you, as a. free-trader, to be engaged in illegal actrvtttes, VVhy cater to 'their twisted need to rip your ship apart by creating even one smuggUng compartment? t'ma friendly smuggier, so. l'll give you a f€iw tips on ereatl ng your OYVll hiding spaces. Keep in :m'lnri that 1don't have, much experience in I his area-most 01 what l've learned on tn is sahject i.sg.leaoed from other p~op'le"$ experiences. ,.usuaUy had ones. Creating.!!: concealed corrrpertment usually lJlvolvesgutting some part of your ship. Sometimes you can rearrange components or move them to another part of the shIp. Most 0.1 the time these systems are J ust t hrewn away, or sold lor scrap, U POSf:; ble, do the modUicatlons l on your srnuggUng space yourself. This is a bit more time consuming-and expensive (and ir you're not good at it. it looks really obvious). But If someoneelsehas to help you out, there's (mother person 'who knows about your little liidey hole. The more fll'Jks who know abour a secret; the more diUicult it'll be tn keep. \Vh ere are the best places foot smuggling compartments? Use existing spaces that you 'can af]md~o block up with eontraband. Gutting seme or the systems beneath portions of deck plating is not a bad idea. There's plenty of space down there if you move things. around. Most inspectors don't think to. look .r1ght beneath their Jeetwhen s,earochiJlJ~ ilJegro goods. Jut h's perhaps the mOM easily accessible smuggling compartment you can create. Maint>enanc'e crawlways and spiKes also

ReclllliY Modi'fying Your

I'm not going to go into all the detai1s on heavy starshlp rnodllleetlons: neli\oT ion drfves.arlded we.'pons, upgraded shiofilds. My expertise are in sluuggUng, nut spaceship engineering. U you're Inokuug lor guidelmes on customizing your freighter's systems, check out Galaxy Guide 6.. Tromp Freighters. [t ' has an entire chapter devoted to modify. ing stars hips. You can hire a Lrain eel protesslonal or do. the work yourself . I'd raeomrnend the trained professlonal. ...

make good hiding places. Thearea's already cleared Gutto allow technlclans access to starship systems; S I) you don;t have to move any sensltwecomponents around. There's 'enough power running through the conduits to distort most sensor readings. These spaces are a little more d iUicu]t Luload cargo into, th ough r and it CQjO be frustrating to have to pun out all your contraband just to make hasty repairs in comStoring mega] goods. near largerelectronie componentsand power sourceswill fuuI up CLlst0l11S scanners. Your power core, shield generator and jon drives work well for th is purpose. MOISt inspectors doni t m L9 ek am'll mi in your I!ugjneering spaces unless they have good reason. ]I you try I:hils trick, you might want to move the contraband somewhere else onceyeu've lifted oll--shou1d tbcsebtgh-powered components overload (I r explode, you'll lose your precious tllegal cargo. Stashing,l..:ontraband in the escape pod storage' compartments i:o! {I !;;luud idea, You'll have to find somew here else to put the m edpacs, breat h mas ks and emergency provision.5~ maybe you can afford to survive on a savage planet without them-but i:I you have to abendon ship, at least you'll halve your .IIDJ)OIrta:nt cargo, Customs and. safety Inspectors are mnst]y concerned that you have an escape pod, and aren't too 'Worried that you"ve properly stocked H:. Whether you hide your contraband in plain si ght or stash it in sorue secret space below the' deck plates, there's always a chance you'll be caught ett h.erway-tha.t' s One of our nccnpanonal hazards. And no matter bow hard you try, even the best of us are busted sometime,


Chapter Three. Your Storship


How'c You Get Your


il"reighte:r should have' <It story attached to it, too. How you acq ul red your ship, tells others <IS

Just like other Hie events, geW ng you r


much about yourself as why you got tnro smuggUng and who. you work tor, Both those background elements will help you determine the general clrcuntstances regarding how you procured most important pleeeoteqinpment for a smuggler. Msted several common ways you mjght bavegotten your ship, Make sure youc hoose one wh~ch works, well with your existtng background.


Em.pJoyee Benen,1:: Most organlzattons hiring starshlp captains give them command of a sbtp, WhUethe vessel is still owned by the organization, the ptlot mjght have an option to purchase it Part of her salary might g,o to graduaUy pOlyOU the purchase ..Sometimes part of a salary includes a share of the vessel. Most 1egl'filllate Iransport eorperations HS'ethis systern, Some groups-]ike crime syndicates~ease ships to the~.r smugglers, exacting payment from thel r cargo runs _ Ot hers J) PS;o!heship over to the captain and charge outrageous Interest rates. Pilots 11 ave little' choice but to paythem off ... and most crlmlual 1)I'l~l:linizatil_)lul make sure smugglers have steady U [lot risky work. A. few just ban out oOf the entire deal,
~Llrrf!l1dering ~heir ... ip Or sl.ealingiL F.i1her h way, the captain is ofteninde bted Or hunted for life, U you're working lor a large trans port company, the Hurts or the Klatooinan Trade

ol your own. The vessel might have been part of a kind]y relative's will, kept in the :familyfor several years, or perhaps a few g:eneraUons ..or course, 'this person must have bad the credlts, ship or success to be.able to pass on his legacy, If everyone in your extended Iamlly is poor, you're not likely to lnhertt much of anything. Loan Shark: like many pilots who want to go independent, you turned to a loan shark to come up with the credits for your freighter. Now you're saddled with tmmensa debts and massive interest rates. You're always behind on payments, and Jive in constant lear of the loan shark's burly enforcess. U you delault on your 100;)10 and run off ~th the shlp". you 'U probably be' re]entle$s~y pursued by bounty hunters, At least you have your' own ship .... Repair Project: You ctralil~ed your shIp out or the SCT ap heap or bought the bucket of junk for asong. Over the past few years you've saved up your credits, purchased or scavenged spare parts, end refurbished t.he freighter as a Jaber of love, Uyou've been working on this all your li],e in addition to a real day-to-day job, you're prohablya 1ittl e (lId er (and wJ $,et) 'til an ftn e rest 01 the 'current smuggler set. (Uyou cho ose tbls option, you should also have a good deal of skill at space trunsports re.pair.) SIrlpjacking~ You found a ship you liked and stole it. You might have been part 001a pirate freighter, Ur you could have worked for 11 crime syndicate which .stole and resold ships=-ycu got this one as your final payment This option works wen if you're on the run. No doubt the original owner is looking for it, and your name andlikeness have come to the attention of local
gruup who cauturedanrl commandeered

Tl1 Repu
andt' corm eflc~ are u



'n ablel
tarim creal trafU ta.ry

reg:u, Mini:


spac tlon, ohta thril thf'_~ _parti






Ltild indl:



O'IIJUd,you'll. probably ment

have a stm ilar arrange-



GilD: Someone you know really likes you-they give you a Iretghter oj your own (or enough credits to buy one) with no obhgations at~ tachsd, This person could be a family member who wants to help you r,ea}ize your dream of becnmlng a free-trader, 1t .[night be a (ornwr eolleague, old friend Or contact who values your friendship and business. ln rare cases the gm~give:r ~s.your employer, rewarding you [or excellent service and loyal d}ed~ca:tion.ln most cases, you have to have some previous relatlonshlp with thl s person to receive the gUt
to, acquire your own starship. Perhaps a ~:Wi'klmJlyrelative lett you enough credits to' buy yO!!;lif O"WIl freighter when he passed on. Maybe


Rules and ,Regulat1j;,ons

Being a smuggler isn't justabout havinga ship, Your freigMer comes wtth lots of ofHci.al responstb IIIt~es... permits, procedures, and penaltlee, SpHJ ..:dadug ['egulaHons have been around since the eaellest days ol the"! ld R~ O public. They're meaat to protect most le,glUpl)1inJ~the ''byperh:mes aJld porltl of the ~ajaxy'" These r,egulaUons are supposed, to make sure pilots are qualified to fly, 0erUty that thelr starshtpsars spacewormyand ensure that stershlps weapons llire for delensive purposes onlly. Like most smugglers, we tend to ignore them.
,!w':Il'e spacers

mac,; T

Iron and



\UJ~berltmif:e: Someone died and left you the


oib the

>yom lnherkanea was something you d ldu 't , wadt~ neff ranch, shares in the famHy datapad
,mianl~f~lct'llrllng bustness, or real estate on ·~~alIIWr--a.l1id"you sold or traded it lor a starship

We :;tUl need to ~et around the galaxy, which. means that at least sometime we have to work w]thin the maze-like bureaucracy oversee! ng space tr avel, LeL's take a.qu tck look 3i't the t hree groups which ,er·eate, record and enforce regaIatlons on space IT avel,

UP( 1 mit

at I ori:


Imperial Space Ministry

The Empire lnhertted most of the Old RepubLic's laws. including starslup regulations and the general infraction corles=-what's now commonly known as the lmperial Penal References (]mPeRein smuggler slang), These rules

ill'eupdated and tracked Dry the imperial Space MinJistry,the Impertal Navy' sregul,aitory agency
irnon:itoring space travel

The space mmistryrevsews the innurner~Ie datapagesaI the Imperial Spa'celaring Regu· lotiollS annually, updating older statutes and (:n~ating new 0 nes ito encom pass new space trafficsltuatlcns, astrographlca; features , mlhtary controls an d other situatlcns requiring a regulated set of protncnls. The lmperial Space Ministry publishes the updates and changes
!fvery year In the Spacers' Info";R(1fioR rWGnuul.', or SfM, avaUable for a 25- I.:Jedit charge when

'th.rough certain hazardous routes, secure landing facilities and restricted hyperlanes or systems are alsoissued ats pace ministry om ces, The space ministry's powers are limited to adrnlnlstrattve data-crunching and perrnttstamping. Wben ~tcomes to tracking the inrmmerable staeshlps and certified spacers out there, the Empire turns to a seperate agencythe secretive and clan-adminlstered Bu reau 0:1' Ships and Services (BoSS).

Bur'ii,aU of Ships ond Servioes

The Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS) is the ,Empi_r1:l's record-keeper for starsh~1P and spacer information. It maintains extensive intormatton on starshi p reglsteations and transpender codes, capt.ains' flight certifie1iUon, and upgraded weapons toad-outs on al!ll,ega]1y regi stered vessels, Svacers are supposed to' register [heir ships" heavy weapons, and thel r m ght ,abmUe:s wlth BoSS oInces around the galaxy" BoSS also match I:l~ 8lli,p registrattons with starsh ip II rauspendercodesami l~unatet; all thtsinformation to enforce spacefaring rcgl.llHI !U!lS, BoSS keeps track of these docu ments as wen, nato ng the transfer 'Of spacecraft between owners end ,my \fi,o~at1ons. gatns t certain eapteins or starshlps a ifwlH various ports and patrols. The bUrH1:liU"S databa-nks are' contlnuously updated and transmitted IOl'llarports, systems" ilIfl( i enforcement agencles cveryw I ~ere-at least everywhere that counts. [IQ'w.qUiiCkly BoSS in lormacion Js delivered to. ,il; partlcular client depends on subscriptlon fees paid 'to BoSS Fur access to updated starshlp and spacer inforIllation. Most backwater placets, remote settlemcntsaml crtmlnalhavens can't afford or ;WOII't pay tor the data. Th~~might 'e'xpJaln why smug~ glers frequent these ptaces.

spacers update or renew their fHght certification. Of COUlS!e, tunuggLers and others who obtain thel r captain's accredited license through iI1eg1il~means have no easy access to the$pacers 'Information MWlUal. ,. not that they p'l:lrticwarTy need It or pay much aueutlon to it anyway. The Imperial Space Min.istry also approves new landing faelllties and occastonally inspects s h~avi]y Iised starports 'b) be sure til ny meet tar exceed Imperial.l:lafety and security standards. The space m inis~ry sp enrls most of its time r~golalillg starports with busy or high levels of s!ars.llip traffic, 11 10:;;e starportsalong ma] Dr trllde ccrrldors, or stasports in systems with lndustrlal, tactleat or polttical lmportance to theEmplr€, Starports das~jfied as Landln,gflel,ds Olr1tmited services do notwarrantthe ministry's often overlooked if they're not designated as intt",graffi components of the Imperial military
G'ti:entiun--.even 5'ttHndard

class starports



The space ministry also coordinates reports frumImperia] traders and scouts. The data Is sold for 150 credlts as download astrogatlonal
andilnformation<l1[opdatf'~" for stsrsbrps' g,en., I)raland navigiiliitiona) computers-castrogetion

The Impedel Navy and Imperkd

WhiJe BoSS keeps track of spacelarlng ves·

eharts and routes, new areas mapped, as well as Ilew and updated planet proftles fDr access llirougha sbtp's computer Danks" The astroga110111 update is avaHabJe from Impertal Space MlliistryoUices throughout Ithego:daxy-most oftenat sector capitals. Spacers must show their ceptam's sccredlted license and their sti1p's operahng Ucense when purchasing the

The lmperlal Space. Min tstry also issues permils(or transport of restricted go-ods, usually ,~lthe capital of 'the sector where the cOlIrgo lIrlginat,es. Other petty permUs for travel

enforce imperial ordinances regarding trade and Ulega1 use of space vessels, The lmperial Navy worries mostly about violations of' starfarlng laws=especlally megal moo ifjcatious. to starahips=-whtle Imperial Customs monitors trade an d smuggling. The duties of the t-wo agencies often overlap, These days it's almost standard procedure when encounterl Il~ an lmpertal ship to transmit your reg]s:traUon and eertlficatton data documents. for v€ir.i.ricat~on,ag<:linst you r h'anspender code and BoSS records. If an},lhiIlg is

the. Imperial Navy and 1mperial Customs

nopter Ihree. Your Sra.rship


out of order, spacers are usually boarded, mspected and questioned. Should Imperia] personuel board your vessel, yuu are required to produce your permit datapad so tile mspectin,g officer can verify your documentation.

O;li ble from the Bureau of Shlps and Services only, and have various requirements that must be hilflllerl belore they're issued. We']] talk about g~n tngiJTOundall that bureaucracy litter;

Spacer Documentctlon
As a spacer, you're required to carrycertam data ducumentsahoard your ship at all times, These are most often kept on a secure datapad lssued by .BoSSat the tim:e of ship reg! stry and captain's accreditation. Aeustorn format input plug avaiLab]e ou'ly at BoSS and lmpertal Space Ministry officesi s the on ly way of downloadlng new certiflcatkms and permits or altering information aJready p.xisUng on the a(:ltapad. (Check out the entry on the permit datapad in , Chapter 4: Tools ol tbe Trade.) Starport secunty, ]mperial Na.vy and local customs offidah; can read the Inforrnat ion and verify It through their own computers. A separate pi Y ~ also a]]ows the datapad to download information to a starship's computer Jor trans»lission to port and naval authorities monitortr~j'k from other ships er fnstallat ions. busy starports require this Iorm of Idensiul:€ starport personnel cannot posboard every stars hip passing through to a~ly inspect data documents. a list 'of some ol the required docu,~@mt1[atiiotl ou'll want to carry aboard your y .~,...•.... all times. An three documents are avail.. , ,~._.
...... iI'#!i.." ...

Ship's Ope:r:ating License: Your starshi p must have an operating license detailing the ship's specifications. port of origin , manufacturer and regl stranon cud e w iUl the Bureau c·fSchlps and Serv ilr:f'~g;{BoSS). The nee!'! se also identlhes yOIl as the current owner and liIivftK I'l sample of the transponder codes. Transponder codes are the fingerprints of starsntp, s~-]f a transponder code doesn't match up wUh. datafUe informaUon lor a st;:l:fsh]]), egistry number" if'::; d sure r sign 01 illegal operation (and in most cases. aI had license furgery or data implentanon), You ~ilInget a legitimate operating license for 1,000 credlts, but Y01!l 'll be subjected to a background cheek, a brief tnspectlon or the sh ip, and a transponder code v,®r"ifkanon readl ng, Captain's A.ccredited License: As a starsblp captain, you must have a hcen se to pilot the particular starshlp class you're flying. Some licenses COlver several kinds of starships, dependlng on vour training and. ,experience, Obtainlng a captah I'shcense requires sever .111 and, written and night tests, as wen as 10 years uf documented time in space an exten stve background check, and a 30!) credit fee. However, BoSS often overlooks the night time and most of the testing for a 2m) credit "expediter fee~bringing the total for your license to 500 cred]ts ..

Plan's Smuggllers Guide

Arms lfIlad.ou.tPcrmit

reqjuire .<m arms load-out

permit acknowledgIn_g the' addmQnai weapons and, shields are that <:tI11~htH:ized the Bureau of Ships and Serby vices,Th.ese per-milo; are issued quite often and
e Colonies, as p~.

\\lit11weap()!lS or unusually

Non-m lhtary s tarships high 511 leld rat in gs

the BoSS data network and implant yourinlormarronso it seems real. As]ice:fs services (:aIJJ run you about 3,000 to 5,000 credits for this kh'ul oloper atlon. Some :51 leers earn their living

eas,Uy in the' regions pastth


d oHler attacks are



with weapons emplacements or boosted s;h[e]ds Wi thout one 'Of these perm~ts can be impounded on the grounds that it ls a vessel in the service 01 a pirate group or the Rebe~ Alliance. Because boosted anus and mon, Ships

~~le1ds repart of a starshlp's spec prume. a BoSSassumes authorityJn keeping track of augmented ordnance an d tags the perml.t onto the ship's operating license. Each weapon or boosted shield system aboard a snip requires a separate permit. An ii ntis load-ot It pE'nl1it requires a ]bir:ie:li]1spection., Yer]fica.ti.on ot starship and nptaiu's licenses, O'l background chock, and a m~n]mum 250 credit fee (the fee depends on the speciflc shielding-anG weapons t!l be carried). Existing weapons that are upgraded in jIlOWCr require new, upgraded per~

from.nothing but [messing with BoSSdatabanks, These sheers charge from the lower end of the s,ca~e"Once again, old acq uainteaces might come in handy tf they Owe you faivors. Sometimes you'll find .:ai. forglerlslk;er~e<'lm work!ng together to produce false documents for spacers, l've seen some who oUe:r a paclcage-a]! proper documentation, from starshlp certificatiQn, captain's, license and beavyweapons load-out permlt, all "~egit~malely"updated
In BCiSgd~tabMJnks~fQr 6,OOOtoW,OOO credits. dOCI[I:"

Of CQUJ'S,{" those orvou obtfdntng your sbtps

from crnne lords often have the proper

mentation thrown into the starship purchase df':<'It Wby would yOHr r:Fimi:n.. lernployer want his prized workersgemng caugl1t doingh.i:s dirty work bee ause of bad fOTg:~ries:? Thi~ also works both ways. Mess with your crlme lord boss <mdit's real easy for him to yank the deck out from beneath your teet and change your
records with

Geffing Around BoSS

.lrnow (or quickly learn) how to get around all the bureaucracy which can later come backto snare us. That's the trlck; !;~Hing by wiithnut going through. the ofHcia] minlstrles which w:ouldq,llli.ckJiy arrest us if they knew what Woe were really do.iug.

working for a crime lord, get your O'INIIsta:rship documentaeion,

BnSS.,My adv:icc!:--{'Ncn

H you'.riC;

Th.n... of us w lilo rnake a Iiv~ng e

S In uggHng

Srorport Procedures
Sm.u!:,'glp.rsdon't ,a~wAy::l inUo\'\! the ruh"~'i-'

but sometimes

t h.ey

have to obev some 01


them, or risk dr awing

11 nwanted

tionto themselves. 'spacers are usually under

anyway" We have to do wbateVlel" we

F1:rstyou need to n nd a good data d OClIH! ~nt forger. ,~t'sbeen 8~id that they'll charge you

can W blend into an otherwise seedy group of

pilots, It's a]ways good to be ·<'Iw,areof proper pro cadures when e.n~eringor exiling a system; land in g an rl Lakfii.,L,H protoen 1,m ghllcnndi t iOO$ in-system, proper tramcpatterns and S~,)orth. f

~u:~roddoctim.cntsonit-and sometimes that's not too much olf an 'exa:.~getarlen, Add to jt the trsnspondee verlfleatkm codes and yom bill could run pretty high. AU tn all, Ute enHre

half your ship '5 value just to obtai n the oflid<t1 Bo.SSsecure d<;l:il:apad, then they'll cnarse you lhe(lililer half of your ship tu imprint the reo'

r don't want to bore you with aUthe "Qnlc~aJ') dictates 0]1 starport nig]lt protocol, so here's some general information 01] for you-jm.t e:nOllgh ::;0 you w01i1'tsfick cutIn an approach
t raffle pattern.

process can eostyeu between b,OOOand 10,000, depending on how gn od (0 r had) you I; forger ~ toI. and how well you can barg<llin the price down. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have an old forgjng "f:napte'l 5: Contacts). Once y,Q,U have the ectual datawork done, youstill need to make it onida] by.geUinginto BDSS'sdatabanks and ~np1.llU!llg the tntormatiull as Hit Were h~githrn1.tte. Just because you have at B{)tiS secure datapad with somefancylooking do curaentattrmen it does n't mean

MlETOSP (pronounced "Mc-tosp~)stands for ~Message to Spacers, ~ a eommehannel most starports reserve for genera] notices regardlag traffic patterns ,condjtjollSiilJJt the starport or other Iactors spacers should beaLware of when flying aroun d a port, METOSP5 are (me-way broadcasts .of prerecorded messages updated dai.ly (or as condlttous change). Youcanl't trans.w,llt iUW intormasystern (like so many automated

(check out the deta forgers s,ed]on of

Y(lil]'.reokay-U lt doesn'teorrelate with BoSS records, you CM! be in b]g trou OLe. The 50J11tion?fi nd a slicer who has con tacts, can access

tton Orquestions back, beeeuse the autemated

It lor

doesn't care. Uyou hsvea quesNon, save starport control when fhey hail you.

Chaprer Three: Your Srorship


S "Ii


sterportclesses, These are vesygenerel[zed catego:r1:es--there are ffiany shades of Jg,il{!fwlltil'inand between these designations. LIuiIdh!!s.l: ReId.; A Hat, level area. c leared o.il lhegmund. These fiel ds are genera]ly little mere than cheap' duraerete ships-or tightly packed dirt. There is no night contrel tuwe:r~u d~rect incoming and outgoing ships to and (rom the port, and there is rarely a, starp{x~ beacon guiding shtps to .pert. There ]S no guarantee that there are any refuel ing or repair services avallable-> <my services which exist are of low qual ily. 1:yp~.eal landing He]ds can be Found on (lamon, Pon Haven, Tecla and 'Chad. Um:ited Senriices;: A sma]lcomm.md tower w~tha 51 gnal beacon togutde tncoming:ships. There are often maintenance sheds fJorrent, where starslup crews. cain died I~~immv:erepai.r.s ..This type 0'1 port has limited storage and docking capacity-ships land near by and crews walk to the port if all dock:]ng areas are fined. Mo&t rHajo:!" S1lJPplies must be purchased. elsewhere, R:y.loth, Oarli:lrIIon tation and Killbindi have starports S 'Offering H~i1Hedservlees, Standor-.d Class~ A JuHy stOlUC(l]. aud
equipped flight eommendeentee w~th ref9::r those ot you who need a refresher course, here's a summary of Hoe five major

KothUs, Gelg:elar, Bespln and Tatnoine, Stellar C1ass: Fa.cmth~'s for tanding and
There are sometimes

docking nearly any classlf catton of'vessel.

shipyards surrounding the port-these lac]]~ties are capable of perlornl~ng nearly <my sort of ship repairand eustomizatlcn the owners are will.lng to paylor. Repairs and mudific.aHuu!ii are Url~l ulaUivanced
quality and arc rnoder ate]y aUorda b le,

a number of d1fJer,ertt

There is nearly always. an lmperlal Customs omc~ 00 site and a slzahle Imperial NaiVY presen ee ~nsystem" Wroona, Chandrtla and Rhlnnal have stellar class starporte,
port [t has an Impresstve array 01 doclting facmUes and ship s~orage and rna:intenance areas, Many of the aystem's merchants matmtain ottlees at the port, and it may not

Imperial Clau; The best class of star-

be' necessary for the starship capta~ns to even leave the port to conduct the:~r busi· ness. The starship maintenance fOJd]~Ues are capa.hle of rapid and h~gh.-qua]il:yrepairs and .mcdlflcations, though the services may baexpensive. Thecustoms offi.ce [or this quality port: is staf.fed by h~ghlyo competen t onken. The Empi.re usually mai ntalns a formidable military presence
un 'I ill peiti>1,~dfl~s, sl;a;ifpo r t iii, and III inor' infractions are deelt with to Ulcefu]~ extent of the ]aw; truublernakess are unwelcome, St;jJ~ port control and HH;l ]mp'Elrial Navy eorrducts MlOrou,gh sh i p and capbljnideot~ncaLien checks to weed out ,sm'lJ$ilgters,and etberunwelcome spacers. Imperial spac~ ports lndud,1:". those un Rrf'Jlhlfl~, Kual, TaUl.Illll, Tr avnin, and Bybl.os.

stocking services and a small sh]!D'yan::l eapahle of mtncr repasrs. .s~ar:ship work can cnst up to dou ble normal p rices and take mOte th~ twice as 10Jilg to a.c!compUsh, though tbequamy of the work often varies :rbJ:n med iocre II) ",'erry good _Standard class L starport taeilitjes can. be Iound on .Rodja, MOiSt ~mper~ai,.stelter and standard class starports broadcast ME.'f'OSr!s 0[1 a staodard ~om.fl:lchannel, Pew ]imited service starports have M ETOSPs,s"" you need to I:"'elyon sensors mdv:isual scanning to assess w nether there are any tr<l'lfic problems-esornethlng we like to
~H [lying ~eyes out, hands 011_ ~ A1w~ tiL.l1l]:ejntoyourMETOSP channelwhen you enter a system, You never know when a ME1'OSP hasinJormaUon regarding ]mperial

wen asimperteet Jandck.lgintormaaou and the comm channel where starport control can be

Arrival Procedures
After checking for any METOSPs, switicll over to the starport control comm channel-> you can nnd It hl tbe system's MEl'IOSP 'Olf

Na:va]activity, starport traffic t le-ups.eustoms boerdmg checkpoint, a continuous piracy thfleilI. or ,;;m astrcgrapbtcal pro blem like meteor showers. MIITOSPs aitlu 1Jruv~de general i[lf:oJm~ti()in the starpert, includingan ab011 breviated starport and planetary prof le, as

planetaryor starport proflle, Standafd praetlee when you contact starport control is to verbally jdentUy your Sf! ip end 'captaip' s na,m.equestions about ynur last port of call, contents of cargo bay or number o~pessengers andcrew ano<lJrd. During this short interro,gation, starpO.rt(llUida]s, ottendou ble check the ver1bal

Controllers sometlmes ask a slew of annoyJJng

Choprer Three: Yo ur St(:nshlp


tlon, ~ or TransVe:re. Once they've verified your identUkatlon, they'll give you dearatlte to enter the trafflc pattern, drop in aodland; and sendyou to a
docrung area. Centro ner 5" often prov.ide specific approach and tmUic vector course information they ,e.xp~ct you to ,Iol~ow"Devi~t~ng from a course within a starport's traUic pattern ~sn't ,),good Idea. It: draws attentten to your

code-s-a process knewn among starport c>OIIJ.troUeHlM~tJ'l1sponde:r verineaa

klentlHcaUoflinJormaUon you gave them against their BoSS da;tabOilnk records and your

law enforcement

sometimes ov~r]ook class lour and tlvelnfractions ,.sometimes ~nprolet lee and somettmesta

lmperl al .N[jivy. Local en$orcem ent offi.clals

groups (illc.!udirag planetary mUmas). Imperia] Customs oUk'ers<'Ind the.


ship. You might hit another vessel, Swpurl control, .lll'!light~evy fines against you, Control]ersare the ]eas( your worries-try not to upset them too much.


Depcu'tur,e Pro,cedures
Most smnggJers ignore departure procedures, (letting somewhere usu'<iI.Uysn't the i prob[em-ifs ge'l:Ungaway qul.;:klry ~ha:tcounts, For those of you who want to £onow the proper departure rules, the first thing you do before even warming up your iO]1 drl.vGl:isg[ve starport control a call to re,q uest departure elearance .. As with arrivals, robtOlilning clearance to ta~e off' involves .@J."fFansVer,El. I1suaUy mres ~pacers to log in, some kind af

the ]mre~einfractLous .fur YOubelow, ~nur~tlr~ 2,limg the general O]f;~mH~s. well-as prebable as

exchange for a "personal benefit f@~~ (blown to our trade as a "bribe"]. Most Mocal]aw enforcement groupsarefa~:!"ly lax, wh tle Imperial Cl!JS~ toms officers tend to have themr own personal extremes. TI")IeImperial Navy i.sthe most strlngent group, hi ind~y en forcIng all regl.dat~QO!;iin th€: Imperial Penal. References ]lJ] the name of the Empeoo'.r and .h i5 New Of course, if you're sean cOfl1lnllUngone of these tnfractions llnd set ;'liw.ay, law enforcemenc offlclais. nag your starsh ip operaOog' H~ cense and piJot's U:ceuse-ia.te:r on, ;'l.r:Jiy6ne eonducttng a Tr,am:sVere on you or yom ship picks up the flag, Ioeks up your oUensesa_nd tries to bl1ingyou ]f1 on the charges, Just se you know what you're doi])g wr;ong~ and how much trouble you'll be in.-I've listed.




Once you 've been cleared


net off, control

Uight plan, usually the n ~me of tl1lene:l{t sysU'lm. they're jum.ping to. T~is is more ftnr stdety veri:f.ic.aUo:nthan ~nyth]ng else. IF a ship IS plan, then begjn looking' along realspace travel cor.ridofsa1ong tbeprubable hyperspiOlcc veereported m.i.ss~ng. reseueand -ret~i!Elvaleams t check with the last port. i()if eall to ftnd ~he night

constdera class one lnfm.ct~on, 01 course, seme crimes (such as murder) wiU be a dO!l!l.!!un~ Ijf C]i.lSS. hom Inrra'Cit.lnn just about evcrywl::lcm. y Q1!J also have to wa,teh out for those otnc~a1s laws, or usi:n;g them. to persecul!il; transients Hke tree-tr aden; ..Actual penaltles may also V'iUY a
hi~,_hi~ ...!.hf'; :-IU~1":!!I'~I~ p~u~lIy fur

NOff':tha,t the ffillow~ng desf'~riptl,m,q Are, ]J:':Imperial ~OliI,wS, AJl~ .ki.ods.·ofloc,al orrdinal1ces can CaTlJa wlU) makeYQl!rIel':iste .. neemisereale, Since local oHidals are a]]owed to elass ify pa:rticular crimes. YD.'" wOlllld!~' l. bel leve whlIltscmlG: W"Ml~s

getting c'HJ!ght.

who are overzealous in proteettngthetr


sus.pk:ion. Aft.er take-aU, starport controners, dro1ds of tractor beauts may help your starshlp into the outbound tralflc p<l:Hern. Beacons or ver~ bel h1:structions bom contrullers. ,Slii."©lepacs ers through the complex departure vectors ~:W1ly from. the starport before spscers begin is,etting up for thetr hyperspace jmnpK

tor tMen. This is rusoa good wayfor the Em.pire to keep track of ecverybudy they have u nde r


three canbe up tu two years in jail, i~'s not unknown torsome local constable' to decide to put y'ou l'IWl>IY fur ~ dt'eadtt! ]U~,I ~n kt!l~!)yUHI~1I1
of hOUD,I€l.

Imperia I Penoll

Class One Infrac,uo1l1s are th.e mast heinous ~nthe' Emp.ife,--.or so COMPNORdaims. Spacers ICOinlnitting etass OfU·~nfractlons who m~ni age to escape a'ftl often branded outlaws, pirates or Rebels, They become bounty hun~er pre~. lmperial forces are sent out to captur-e them, Class Ot'Ji€ h'llfraetill.):rlsinclude the tollowjng crimes: ., Ccmspii.ing

Reference,s (ImPeRe)
ThE!Empire can b~ pretty hsrsh on ]aweven us smugg~er$.. The in nex~ble eriat sense o·forder even ,~Hects the wi'M}' it c]~i:sS]n~l.S· crime, The lmperial Penal References divtdecrlmlnal offenses into ftvedU~ classes ofi:nfr,acUons-cl!3iss ones being dass fives being the ~east severe, ,penal references are enforced by local

tceverthrew the Empir~.

• Pessesslen of a cloaking device. • Attacking another vessel. • Aggr€\'S<siona;g<l!lust ]mper.ial.pe:rsonnel

vessel. lnvelved , fiv'eto 30 years imprisonment,

Puntshment lor a class ollie inf'recnon ~n:eludes arrest, immediate jmpounding ot any

Plott's Smugg~ewsGuide

loss of bU.'ii ness or (ught certifleation.aod sible execution.


ClIalis:Twolnf:Rtctionsare stilli!!Jirly serious, altho~ you probably won't be branded ,~n E.!Jemy - of the Emp~re for cOfilw:ittin;g them. Most of these WElt'1e tntttally rnmplem.ented to curti plrateand orsan~Z!ed ,crl ml nal acnvtttes, but now serve to hinder the Rehern AJlia'FlQe's efforts to thrQ<w oif the heavy Imperial yoke. Cla5<5wo infractions hlic.h.tde~ t Shipment of high energy weapons between systeln8, without ~ permit.

course, the Impenal Navy prosecutes. violators

uf these Dnfn:ll:Lium;; like a mud l~tlll gUtlS raw meat Class lour infractions include: " Purchase or transpoetatlcn wttbout a permit.
• Purchase or

Class Four lDftaclioDS arc fairly mlnor or tenses considering a lot o:r theether ertmes going on throughout the g.ll.hliXY. The first. one's p~etty broad-ther'le are thousands of substances which could be consldered a nareotic, For tnstance, on Areona, salt is considered a narcotic, though em Brentaal ~f$ a perfectly ]egal substance. Proseeution of these mtracUons ranges from lax to somewhat strong. d~pending on the temperament of the local system aod local law enforcement officials. Of

Mounting of hwgh energy weapons on a vessel \'iithout a permit.


of any narcotic
of any goods

I'Pos;s;BSsion, purchase or transportation of restrlcteo or U1eg.a~00ds (rated 'with. an X). 9

Purchase or ~raw!sPQrta:tlon of stolen goods. Punisbment for a class. two jn'fract~on Ineludes,arrest immediate impounding of any vessel invo['ved, a fine 0:( up to 10,000 cred~ts. liv@ 300 years Imprlsonment, and posslble to lossor business or night certifl cation.

req uirlnge permit or fee without requiredpermit. or proof of fee payment (rated. with an F). " Purchase or use of any vessel while lacking a ship's operatlng 'Iic,ens,e and captain's accredIted license. • Possesston, pu rchase or transportation of unrestricted items ~n 'It uantlty Without pro per taxation.
dudes a f~ne typtcally between, 1,000 and up to a month tmprlsonment.


'J'hree 1nfnl~U:QU are fairly minor in tilegener,al scheme of the galaxy. but ,are still lakl'lyrig:omusJy enlcreed in most m~:o:rpods. few Impe:rlal (d1ic~als;In limned services and 0_ amufld to begtn w~th. Loeal Jaw entorcement groups tend to' overleok infractions O'f tbis level and [ower fOl a "personal. benefit fee,"


~or a class fourinfr,atCtion iii}--

l.mding Held porta prosecute c lass three inf~acll:onsi""""'i.f there are any Imperial offici,als

credits (fines maybe as low as, 175 credits) and



Class three infractions tnclude th.e following

CJa,u, Five In&actl.QDS are fairJy m~nor violati on s often inc urring noth.in.g more than ,afi n esometh~ng which can etten b-e avolded with "personal benefit fees~ directed to ~he prosI<!Juons. Class five i:u(r,~,ctions["elide:
'. Viohtltrnon of lecal import

withrul, R) wliliou~a pemdt Punlshment f'ur ~ d~M three infrl.llict inlon

dudes arres't,imlned~alc impounding' of the tredb, UP' to two years imprtsonment, and possible loss of business or night certification.

Att!empt,ed bribery of an mmperiaL(llfUdal I Transportation of resteteted go-ods (rate_(!.

ecutlng ,officer. They mostly cover locallmport and export ]aws.as wen as starshtp saf,ety f'eg)l.l~
and export laws.

• Lack of proper l'!mer~ency equipment for any

Pumsbment for a class ftve mlraenon typ,i·, cally Inclades a fine between .500 and 1,000 credits, but. the fine may be as .]ow as 100. credits or as high as 5,000.

vessel bwo[ved. a fine' between 250 an d 50,000

ChapT,erThree: Your Siarshi p


Tools of the Trade

Plan had grabbed her pemnt datapad and started .for the main hatch even before she heard the clang of the Victory Star Destroyer's docking gantry against her ship' shull, She knew the Imperials were protecttveof their orbl til] sta rdoeka hove Wroona, br t she didn;t tnl nk they bothered the local freighter trafIk .. Platt hoped her preparations would divert any ~nspectlon from that cold crate shoved back tn tile eargd bay-beneath the layer 0'[ trozen frella nsh it was packed with ,ryU. If she blew thit; shipment, it would be the thjrd starshlp payment she'd miss. Pok.Nar,·THIl did 11111Io'l~rate failure" espechlJUy when it came to his credits. The boardtng ha,tc.h slid open with a painf;ul grinding sound, A young hnper:ial lieutenant and his stormtrnoper esc ort marched through, Platt just leaned casuaUy against the bulkhead i.IIH~fl:xI:!i'"miHlllll~r htmd withthe d~hll~,.~!d. "Good day, Captain, ~the ofUce'fl,.ald. 'though Platt d idn'~ agree. He snatehed up the datspad and began inspecting the permns. The stormtmopers 1urk~ (UllilnCHUdy belnnd hi m.

(hapter Four

th h.

The Ueutena:nt loolli:ed up end sctuUllizcd Platt's


Shesnnled and ran a hand tt1r,oug~



Plorr's Smuggllers Guide

herhair. nile orficer Was not amused .. "Youhaveentered a restrteted train ingzo~e, Captain Palata," the lieutenant declared, handtBl~ back the permit datapad, "The lmperial Navy is us.ing the W:roona system to practice msneuvers." "Ididn't hear llJnyth~ng,about It," Platt said. "I thought Kelada starport customs usually handled th ese inspections" "Didn't you check the M.ETOSP eomm channel?" "Ooops ..Must've forgot. ~ ~f.leet command has ch urged the Sf'.1ilifU:t/ WIl Iinlercepting and que.sUonlngvessels which t enter the system during maneuvers. The ErnpJre is a]w.ays enacernad with mamtalning security in the face of the Rebel terrorist threat. We're g,oing to inspect your ship." He marched past PiaU wi thout even noticing

sneered at the droid. "Get that macbine out of here. ~ Bee-Zerobee whined and beeped, then ground its treads and started rolling, for the cargo. bay hale 11.0 n h is way out he bumped into onestormtrooper, turned. then rolled into mother. The drotd manaued to annoy everyone before it left the hold, "What'~ this?" the lieutenant asked, polnting to one of the tox detectors stuck Ito the bufkheed, The chemical splotch in the center had turned f:rom deep blue to fluorescent orange. "Oh, don't worry," Platt said, reachtngovcr,
ripptng iL oH

her lm:locent, wins-om e look ..The starmtreop ers lollewed. She didn't t rail too dose behind-the Fmilleri.rusalmost trippe-d over Bee-Zerobee, her banged-up old treadwell droid who had. loyally waited just lnssde the cargo bay hatch. l3ee..,ZerQbee rolled aside and let the inspect ion The lieuten ant peered. arnund the bay d tsappr.['.lvingly. Crates were piled here and there. A

comer. "One of my cold crates ran down on power and the frella fish inside went bad. The crate's right here i.f you want rue to open lt.... ~ The officer stepped back abruptly. "No, 'that won't be necess ary." The 'Other stormtroopers returned from thi!]r search. "Nothing to report, sir, the sergeant said. "Everytl inj.{' 50 clear." ~Fine, See to It thOl.tevery:\'hlng passesthrough inspection at the sta rport .".The oifker tnrned

the wall and





team lnside,

tuleave, "And besureyou chock your METOSPs next t ilUI~.The Imperial Navy does not tolerate dls,r,egard for' its mUrtary exercises. ~

few maintenance panels were open, CXll)l}Sing the freighter's twisted wilre entrails. Cergo webbing lurked in a rlb.hP.Velp.d pile in one enrner. "See anyl.hingyuu lik@?" Platt asked looking over the lleutenant's shoulder. "These crates don't have oUici·M Imperial Customs seals on then:!." "I: ulSuaUy get those when 1 pH::I~ through eus 10 ~np!:], on Wmona, ~P]att sal,d. "But, as you can see.I hrlven'tgnUeil thereyet, b ecause you sharply dressed lmpcrial Ni.lVHl offil:ers ,arE! spend ing your preclous time pulling customs prutrol duly. ~ The lleutenant ,gave her a 'Wry Irown and turned to the storrntmoper sergeant, "Send some of your squad to search the rest of the sEdp.,and keep two here to do a Spnl cheek on these crates." ' Half the squad followed the sergeant, and half started politi ng around the crates, Several
were opened, thQugh ~he stcrmtroopers bad

~Will do, sir," PiaU said with a quick salute ami ;m engaging smile.

We till 1:.>'11 ow there' s a lot more tosm.u,~gUns t han just having a good shijp, sharp business savvy and a dependable crew. Quite olten il'~ 'the li.u,l~Illi!lgS which help us out-the crate hook that doubles as a ~~IIIIVtll'dentmelee weapon, the therm.a1 'credit neltwhich keep~

your valuable. capita] s!;1Ife, or the ~eill' Ibng which functions i.I.~"l:U1lvfmt~bleclJ.JshiQnwheii there's nowhere else to sleep, Here's a slew of equipment you might need in your line I)f work. You won't nnd marly weepons=-guc do smugglers avoid fights. wh ell, Liley Ctliu. 1f you want to tote Jots ()if ,h,eavy firepower around, join H urerceuary company. Smugglers try to be more discreet, That's part of the tun, Why lug around a T~peat~ng blaster
rifle when

troehle smashing their armored fists through the top layers o'f lrczen frella fish. Tille lleutenant 'exQlflmlined the outst de of several ccntainers ....induding the one with the ryU. Be~Zerobee rolled up to the UeutenruU ilnd scanned h tm with its vtdeosensors.lta manipula,tor arras 1r.\\'itchedw'hlie ~tbeeped and booted. The olftc'er looked away from the crateand

nebody's going to suspect you"re capable fl" using a mecrofuser or a. crate hook as deadly

your blaster ptstol wtll ,do? Besides ,.

Most of these are readily avalilahle at ,any starport, 0]" can be permanently "borrowed" from docking bays and warehouses, where workers careless Iy leave them ~yi])gabout.

Chcprer Four~Tools of rhe Trade


G,eneral Equipmen~
Spacers Ches,t
People Jikle us are always maving around. Sure, we might get C.Onlly On our freighter for a while, but you never know when you'n have w ditch it In the DUne Sea, throw your worldly possesstcns on a ronto, and bead out in search of a new ship. So experienced spacers keep their bekmglngsin aspacer's chest They come in a variety of shapes and ,si7.e8--<some are cyIDirudrkal,others rectangu.lar, and some even look like your average small cargo container. Mos,t'are decorated to reflect the peraonaltty of the owner. They ate marked with hol()-'stkk~ ers, scratehed-ln messages from old friends, and busted Impersal Customs seals,

Wha,t do you put In your spacer's cbe!;;t? Besides th e horde of personal item s, ] often recommend you keep a spare blaster (or a hold-out blaster hidden in one of those padded compartments), knife, co~nUnk,. medpae, food bers, portable emergency beacon, and a f·ew lOiH:redn chits beneath a hidden flap'.

'Mod'el: SoroSmib"s Wa:m:lEl"er Sp<loe Chest Type: Spacc:r':; chest (lo~: 200
Avdal:lJnllly; 'I Game Not~ The chest can 'b~ ptotected wit.h an eleetWIIlc combo-lock (Mooorale to pick), ~!.Ja~ 'Bl!alnst

vaeuum, and has rhc e(l uivalent or liD S'lrengJir,

Gear Dagl
For spacers who move (rom shl.l>-to-shlp fairly often, a spacer's chest can belli bit too b,..lky-espedOlJUy if you spend too much tlme wandering around it starport searching for work. n you're one ()f these 'transient types, chances are you'll be toti ng around a. ge~lfbag. Although it doesn't hold as, much <IS a

spacer's ,chest,and


durable or secure, it's. a YOI]' r,edraggi figyour k'w possessions around iii spaceport It's easily s]ung uver a shoulder or onto your back using any oJ Ihe several5trap:s dipped to. different fasteners Mound the bag,

ilInyv,lhe.l"e near as lot more pllllt~l!1~ if

Ital CUi



The Iahrfc I~ tear- and heat-restsrant, 50 I,t easily ''N:lthstands.the usual r] gUI'$ of a spacer's lire; however, .it can be cut with a blade 01'

burned if exposed to direct flame. It's not parli.cularly good at protecting breakables. MoOst

inSide, wrapping tiH 1'"1~ ur f'utgi le jtelJUi;ln one of the meagerly pad.dled intcrlor pnncl II:;,!!!. U rnost of t:hecn[l~ellts are soh (dotb~ng and stIch).,the gear bag can tnne'liuli as <.I; piUowol" mattress when betteureepiingar:rI'.lI1Igt'lll1~n~!'Iaren't avaJ}

spacers stow their clothing and soft good);

Spacer's chests are very- durable, They make great seats jf there are none around. and are aillways.good tables fQr quick games 01 sabacc (If yo \I keep aspare deck and portabtetnterlerence field unit ~n$icleJ.SUU,~wouldn't reeommend using them lor cover. ReInember, all your stuff js hi there .. Most spacer's 'chests come with padded c.ompar~men.ts tor ml"agil@ Items. Anyt:Iling inside is pretty well-prntecterl against anything shorted ,a.fewblaster shots, The cbeste nicely ,against vacuum or other pressure 11111~r'~~nrt!taJi$.. they won 't s.urviiv,e· re..eotry but ~;.r:JlililY''fI If you eject them hoping th~'U make it
,.'. . to a planet's surface. They come with

able O'rthe ship's bunk: pacts get Gear Bag

Mode<l: SomSuUD TYPli:l Gear~' Cost: ,!iO credits Awlla:bflil'y; ! Pak-It (lear B.aJ:l


Perlmft Datapod
Spa'L,ers store their onicia) doc umentatfoa on secure datapads Issued by the Bureau oi Ships, and Services (BoSS) at the time of Shllp .re,gistry and eaptatn 's aeeredkatlon, A customized lonnat input plug available only at BoSS arid lmperial Space Mwnistry offices is the only ]ega[ way of downloading new eertlllcatinns
and permits, the datapad. you.r ship's devices} to

's:im~le yetdurabl:e locks, though most spacee's ~ kiiow h~ve replaced these with electronlc

A separate interia,ee p]ug allows computet (or other data stora.ge download Inforrnatlon from the Plett's Smugglers GUide

or alter:ing

tntoematton ,ilIJh'leady on

as: an

rdatapac. ]fs


U:UYilgh-forthe right price. Some Und ways to revers,!;!he: "read on]y~ port to ,a "write on]y" t POrt. althougill: th~s mllli:S a high risk of .fryjng the

aiter tllile [nformatiOiIl on the pad. M<l)st data. forgers ean get areund

"read {)Jlly" poet, so you can't this


datapad ]lisomeol'le makes a mls~ake. Oth.ershave somehow acq ui redot eraftedthelr awn 8~&Si]"!put ph.lQs, Wh1ch theyuse to change your licenses as ]( you were at the ~mperi:al Spilce Ministry offices. Sluce these alterattous are m.ore au'theoUc, they nOiliuraLlycost more,

(actor wheels and slot charts. U yutl're really desperate, the plotter will aJ]Qw Y01!1 to figure eut "utroga.UofJ coord1nates if you know your curren~ POIS]l]O]]and UU~system ycm'rceheaded for. Unforh.!na:tely., on most modern starshlps, this starcbartInfosmation comes from..Y(H;I.r ship 'sco~put:er. Sure, if your U2IVcQrrrtpute:r' S sfble to use your freighter's da.tasyst,em~tl1llt
blown (and the baclm.p's; gone),

.~t'8stm pas!"

chances are your vessel's. taken so much dam"

Rea]ly shoddy data forgers actuamye:rack open. medatapad to mess wi:Lh yom credemsals.

St.arp CiIllSWmJsoU'!c,en freqUient!y check to. see ihh.e permit datapad bas been "busted." They look for hairline 'cracks, excess drips ofadh~ siv~"tiny fractures in the casing, or certain malfuncth:m.s iii! data r'etrievai iik:eyolJr arms IQ,ul"O:utperm.iti~ disph'loyed uptSid e-down, or the sbip·5 opeta!ting license is jumbled ins,evera Ivertical graphics strips. Freighter cockpits often have s.pedaJ pocket s10ts for permit datapads, so' proper doeumentafton is bandy for reFerenc@ byth~ crew Or
eustomsin~i\lection teams. Sn,mggl.er.swho are boarded. often jiust download this informat:ioill into their computer for re]ierente, and k~ep the

age thateven that's inoperable, Smart spacers keep a: badup of tbelr main computer on a peesonal data console detached frum any ship ~ystems. Just :loUow ili€ lnstructtens on the plotter, [actorln:g In thle hl.~6fIll.aUml on hn:c,. tion ;'linddestination. Someday you:n actually getsomewna.t-acc:urate astrogation coordinates yOlU' ll.yperdiri.ve can understand, DOW1rdoaiCI.img thi.si.mormatloninh) your hy· p e:rdri.vemo~]vail:oris another problem, Yom nav eomputer a:utoma;Ucal]y does this in a mi-

crosecond when you ptiU those hYIPerdrive levers on your command console, Without the nav computer, yQ~ need to j uryrig some Idrud

of ermneerlnn the data,

dir'l'.lcr1y inta

a pC.rsorial comp uter or as op.hi'lstreated datapad, Once the mottvator has chewed 'On The archaic .astroJ!tlIltion plotter ]s pm booJy better as 1:1, museum. p'jece d~s!p]ayed on your cr~w ~oung@'5 nul kh€(iI~d,hU:Wev~F, ilf yem'rH ih a.
t~.ghtspot <Ir.idh,ave a few hours to dillUHfunch coordinates on the ".llotter, it ,can 'be a me$av~r.

the motlvatnrusfng

dalapad ina Ule holder eonven iently located near the main entry batch ...

yuu can j!.U;[lP

uuo hyperspa.oe.

Pewmit DWQpadl
M(IJi!Jd: BoSS DocunH~.ntatlon :I'ype: f"ermlt dat:a:pad
C~ 150


A'I1id1a_b:in~ 2. f Gum~ .N'6tf:$,AJletlri8: d<)\~ l;IS:lJ.1S ~fe;W! o;lInly" pmt frh.e

II. "WJilte

ArchO!ic A.smTogOlrion PlotMf~

.M:odeh Republ~e Siernolir Systems 11.-121Plmtlfl!jf"

o.n[y~ PC!I't l'e!:jtlira',!I H:ero~(; fmgezy mH, 'I'.tw~.e 1J,,,~ngll 'OlIst'llim~aJrll! tnll:mt pljul1n@~rn to mali::e.amrt.lrult f>OU, ut the kJrger liIlust first plilreFla:~e ma~e ~fis {lW~ h or

Typ..:: M"nl,3~!<l~l~~..tlu!l p.h:,n,.e{ L"oBt 1.~00-7 ,SOO

A:Ya!il3ib!llry: ,4
i~lfruiUOlitlQll un lh~'pl;:lj~il. ~r wi!lin ;And the d~'$tio.;mQ.o. 1Ji;ln;g IIIl. .!tS.t!'ol;la{!oll plotlie:r to liI:e~ coO'rdlnateB, qIlUn.· wp'Ies the 1(lilile·" rlav 'complli~er would o.:l'(llnarU~ b~J;

pl~!!.C.a.cldfllg tile dol:~adllQch.i.mge~C!!lme~rr3Jtkm. requires !I Very D.Uflcult tbrg.ety' ron .. l!)o.n.·tl:O:l1!~tttl factot in rnd(Jfif!;E":l'5basedloflJ the fb.rgl'!!)'.~~Ul d~r:r1p,Tlol1l on page 00 or (hie: Sltl.tWa~ lro1eplayfng Gtrme, SrumuJ £ditIDn, Re!)i3ed,cm~lbpanriwi. F,iiLliw:e .. t 111~~t~fUleS<~
r(:jU.~oJl!'!!! lOWf!r~ tb,e fOl'g~ry's ql!l:!lnty •. RoJll~g II. I on m.e'M.1:d (lie means the forger has acci(l)entaUy hied the ~~U'li' a:adi d.e~tI'oyM tbe datapad,

Oam~ NOlie.s:H a pilot has alioecessary


n also

in~rea~e$ tbe a~.t.~o~ requlres





l)o'wndoa!:l~1BI1!l this il1fmlIlalL'U~l i~:itt} tile .ship·~ hYI-'t:rr1'!'l{lt!vaWrs


F;ome .kllli:l o1llJlry-rlg~

interface With


per$Oi'!il~ (';(n'npu,t~ fir MiPI11J;tleM~ Ve<ry nUf!!cuit wl;i'lpntt:'~ pmgfrJnqmi!llg/l;e--

Arendc Astrogation


intrepid explorers and risk4aklmg merchants pUed booty marked hyper lanes. US~.[lg>o!]ly the star,s beatOlilsand compla plotters. 'These days weha:vestaJ1t~[4h~tnav,com~uters to doU]Je workf.or us, then download the lntoemetio]] ~,OO:u:r hyperdrive moUva!tofS. Of conrse, mac:bimeryis prone tolaHurf::, ~'Peda]~y w:h~[I[ under fi.r~ from an lmperlal Star Destroyer. ,.

Way ba..ck]~~he pioneer di:liYs f hyperspece, o

H,eodset ComUnk
have the spare hands to mantpl!date th e standardperscnal comlink, We're more eencernerl
With U)iing the ship or firing a blaster in each Manj'peop~e In om industry den't alwOliys

astrogaHon pLotten. They're Utde more than aEI assemMy of plastic and metal, sHde rules,

Same of us ohil sa]it:s st:i]] have tboseanetent

ruunlcatiea device w~th hands-free operatJon ,. The speaker microphone ~s: meunted on an adjustable boom wh]ch curve'S down to the mouUiandis activat<ed by voice~Alii:earphone covers one ear to ,1lUOW the wearer "0 hear out of the other eat . Dials on the ,~arplece allow Y01l1

band, The headset comltnkts a persona] oom·


to swttch com m channels and adj ust the. volume, Some ceme witb p,lug cords sothey can

time or suHer damage OU8tlike the rest of yom ship). These signs are meant to be rep,laced

be jacked into a ship's insercom system, though this prevents normal cnmltnk transmisslons
with outsld e sources.

when destroyed. The spares are also useful for

Headset Comlink
r.'od'el: VUie C01p. Hands-Free Comllnk
Typi!:: Hfrads@I'


Skiill: CommlllJ]icatlons



Av,aUahlllly: 1 GPmc Notes: S~iI!:etile m1c:rophone transmttter Is voiceactivated. !I headset comllllli::len on WillbroackaM any sound tloove backgrQund: nOise.

The:rmoJ Credit Belt

Smert smugglers don't like to Jlash the]f hard credits to everyone in sight. The clever ones use a, thermal credit belt to conceal their hig,h-denomi1!lation currency while keeping it dose at hand, The money belt wraps flush around your belly, The four £,abri·c credit pouches absorb body beat on the inside an d radiate it on the outside. so It's more d iffl,cult to pick up onscans, St!r.li:e the fabrlc is soft and warm, the usual par-d uwn does," 't always .re"I1eai it. Need a few ],OOQ-credit piflC~"? Just reach in under yQur c~~thesand slip the cash fmn:! 01'1 e ot the pockets,

mislab ellng things you'd rather people not touch, Sometimes. you want to jnaQcurat~y mark areas yuu don't want nosy 'customs .in· spectors s.earchin,g-- .. Ukethe back of the engi: neering compartment where you've stowed that heavy repeatlng blaster behind the power condons. Marker placards are Ill,eta]Uc Of pJastic si.gns you can stlck almost anywhere us.ing the mag. netic or adhesive backing. They come in a variety of sizes; shapes, and messages: triangular yellow ones that say "Do Not Step Here," sil.ve'l' square ones with "Danger: Cherged Capaeltors" on them. red circles that say ~S:t!E!~m Vent Zone: Keep .Away,'" and brtght red penta-

gons, thatdedare

out Panel Zone;' and "Caution: Super-Healed Elements ,; are two 'Of my favorites. They don't always work, especlally wHh customs Inspectors who are 'WilUng 1:0 send their subordinates into danger. sun. tt's worth a try.

"Beware: Hot [on Coils, "'-'Blow-

ill C1


MGrkier Plocc rei

M!loIt!el: 50rool1i11b Marker Si!!liIs Type: St"rslllp' :11i1li.1i1'l; COBt: 10 Availla1JiUlyr 2

Thacredltbelt has a few drawbacks. It's best tn wear loose-ntn ng dothes-although the belt is gr~flJt ~t hnlding in that m~d-,lUesmuggL~rpotbeJJy, it can be rather ebvicus U ~fm' rf': hit o'l dose-cu( ouUlit The belt also makes wearing blast vests and other Irlid-body armor extremely uRcomfo.rtabJe, espedaUy when packed with eredlts, Vou can try ennceal iII g nilt pac ktl"ts,of spice [II 'the belt, too, but 1wouldn"t recommend It to ~nyone who '~Yantsto lir\i''ie very long. Body beat accentuates the spice's smell, and the fa:birlC tsn't made to cover up odor. Cll1Sl,fJfII8 sHiffers can still expose you. 'Theil'mal Qredt Belt
MQIley belt Cost'1IIO Game N.ates: If worn with a b!81It vest or other torso, armor. time user sutlers -~ to ~.'ltf~riiy -al~d related skin

r bl

Tox Detector
Although mos t vessels ha ve :.I~lIIm r I':ysterne to display data on life support, few have scanners LO nOI ice hezardoua substances ln the ,alrWhen you need. to make sure nnlhillg luxic ill handlul or hIli. d erectors and place them around yourfrelghte:r. Thlc detectors .n'p, naJ. mle-cl~drueter square metalUc patches with.


,C'Ontamjn.ati:ng your ship's atmospbere,




raised deep .. lueclrcle b adhesive or magnetic the detector wherevee ments might leak ou~
c['·ew ..

in the mlddle, Using b~c1<j]]g.you nlQ stick you fear dangerous eleand harm your ship or





N(Jv,O!,pk,,,)! ~1Jrlty BeJt S

ti 11

AvallaItJilliy: 2


the Inside of her ship . the bad of her hand. Still, ~:here are times l~tt_~e;o Ilke to mark certain coetmls, aceesa pan1:;~".f.j:IJILU hazards. Most. major systems al'e dearly nnu_~;"u."u with signs and symbols, w,e can unThese marker placards com!"!with _"'.t",,,,,"',j,,~ but they can wear away wttb

. A good spacerknows

the bulshead _ If the center dothas turned from deep blue to any degree of fluorescent orange, you know sometbtng noxIous is Jurkingin the air, Most detectors are manufactured. to react with any ·gas harmtul to 1linyone inhali ng typicaUy human atmospheres. SaIne are tailored to the biology of' .9pedUc aliens who don't breath the ,samemixtui-,e as humans. The tax detect-ors are cheap ,enough that you can put One in everyviilaJ area of your ship. Since somegaseous toxms rise and others stuck

They visually alert anyone that poisonous fumes are contamlnat ing a compartment, When you enter an area just cheek the t~ detector


Platfs .smugglers 6uide

dl:ng to the Iloor .most spacers slap detectors

midway between the deckplates and the over-

head panels. Once one set oU, it must be ~pJa.ced-the ehemleal reactant colnring canilot be changed back from br.ight orange to deep blue. Crafry spacers keep used detectors asspares incase they need to mark off certain areas of their ship as contaminated (such as those hiding ,contr,ab.md). Sometimes it's rheeper to pay a hazrnat maintenance Iine than get caugh.t with illegal substances. 1'0>::De~,e-ctor
Mooel: .surl,T,ei:'.h DLsl)(Isable T oximeter Patch
Type: To:xinl detector


Gam.e NOles.: ;\1 tho~i8h crat.e hooks m!'l~ good ~:ntillee wealJQllS, they're too.small and <lw~ard to be. used to parry an'lcks. .

loader's Glloves
These gloves cover the hand s and forearms" They are made of heavy Iabrte covered in a protective exoskeleton of metal struts and armor plates. Loader's gtov,es provide extra -I~ verege and protection for roustabouts moVing crates. The meta] framework protects hands from being cut and 'crushed. It may be locked in plaee to give the [jng,eroS extra gripping endurance: when hauUng boxes. Metal platesalso protect the fingers and [elnts from excessive stress . Rub ber n nger and palm pads help maintain a n rm grip on smooth contajlile:rs. The gloves <iIIUOW for moredeltcate handling of cargo anything other than moVIng cargo (or bashing heads, if the s~tuat1on warrants it). Forget t.ry]lilgat[]!ythlngrequiring fine manipulation: miring bl asters, pressing Unger controls using <l!. tltll8Vad. They t~tke Uv,e minutes to put on 01 take oU, and yuu need a st!cu.ud" non-R1oved. person to help you ~ntn the seeond glove.

'Cost: 20
Ai.villa'blUry: 2

C:argo Accessories
Crate Hooks,
CMgO loaders always put their hands wn danger. Crates can faU~r!!dcrush f~ngers.,heavy containers might ~wi.st".msts, ,ElInd hands can sl:ipon rounded bux edges. If you don't have tou:gh skin, your bands win he tagged, chaffed lind useless, Miall'lY roustabouts keep <I l'l..air of crate hooks nearby. These sturdy tools ,are not l:~lY hooks, but handles with curved, blunted blades used to grasp cargo crates and box band les, They mak,e loadrng and unloading easter on the hands. A skm~d crate buster can maneuver any Idod of cargo container with a pair of cr a~e h ooks, You CMl pull boxes torward from recesses in your hold, g,rllS p handles. and swing the cargo onto a waiting repulsor cert (I r skiff. This dOf'a"II't mean the' cargo ~s handled de~ici!litel'y. though. Crates s]i~'l'. boxes crack, and ha ndles are wrenched off. 'The hooks are used mom to protect <it loader's hands than keep the goods intact. Crate books have .Z11 host of secondary uses. They're olten m~nle of metal or reInforced p]~ tics, SO tb~ make cllectlve melee weapons. The curved blades can sometimes be used to crack cargo seals or pry open stuck lids, They can even serv'e as rough cUmbing claws when trying to scale surfaces constructed of softer materials. Vlanth Shipping Suppl ters=wtuch offers an extensive line of spacer equipment=makes cratehooks wUha variety of handles toaccomrnodate m.mly spectes' ,grasping' appendiag,es" CraTe Hooks
Model: Vlanth Cargo Grippers T)1Ie; Crare' hooks Skln:, UfI:~lIIg'o.r melee comaet Co!Jt: 50 per pili
A.'VlIDa.bl!llity: [

while sUU pr,otecUng the user's hands. Unfortunately, the g]oVoes are 1IJ:I'Iwie]dyfor

Vhmth manufactures

several styles to

tocder's Gh;nres
MlHiel: Vlar.Itlll.G7fl 1.n;u"p.~"5Gloves 'fypf!: Rl'!.Il'Ifnrced load er's glOV'II;~ Still: tifting or melee C!.lllltlitt Clost: lQO' pi:.r pair

ut most

AvailfablWy: I
Oamap: STR + 2

Repulsodift Cort
problem for free-traders,

Moving crates Moond starports ~s always ~ Rou~,ttlbout8 can shoulder cargo for short distances. and 101,111
hAUl them farther, but they're not


alw,ays reUable. Ropulsorl irl (~Alts aregood tor dragging crates lenger distances. These ,!i,r-tl nothing more thana reputsor COn mounted be:lleillJ~h platform. They're j ust ~ the sleds a ike pack trackers use to hanl luggage through most major passenger starports, The repulsorUft coil keeps the 'cart hoverlng above the ground, burt can 't powet the cart around, A ratsed bM. sometimes one on each end.altows handlers to push, pull and maneuver the cart around. A v!l!]"iety o~ restralnlng dev'ice.s--straps. cargo webbing. removable railings-keep the pay~o~d from [a1Ungoff the cart . Once you get it gomg, the cart (I1DVeS in the desired direction untU turned or hauled to a etop, Sol-Ire, you can get th e cart gUding dOW11 a corridor and hop on, but they're notoriously d]ffkultto control wlUlout your feet on the ground. A f\epu~sorJjft cart

Choprer Four: 100ls of

me Trade


is no s ubstitute for a. good cargo ,skiff. Some models come Mth controller units that man1ligesmalJ maneuver thrusters. like the falke.nham Repu1sors Mark V14 Baggage Handrer (see Fantastic Techn%gy, page 64). The' Ubrikkia:n model. below is, a standard "no-Irllls" item spacers can a:Hord in tdgber quanttttes, RepulsorHh Cort
Uhr.Rkkl;an Model g Cargo Pla1tJOO'Y:I:l Type: R!t!)l.Ilsorint carl Cost: WO Model; AvaU8bUlty= 2 Game Notes: The cart is,2' rn;~!>e!s, ocmg and 1,5 rnele.rs wide. lUi~oo I'ailings at each end also have Eli!'!; for ,~tra.ps and neb torestrain cargo., The (llttt has:a f1l!'~d a1Ul!.lde of 0.35 meters,

have enough cj'1ed]~sto spare _forone of these fancy gadgets. The mter is a powered exoskel-

t've ltsted the servo·Ufter here in case you

eton you harness youfseU into. Hydraulic Umbs lin h~m:vycargo and haul ~t short distances. This item is strictly a luxury f.or s pacers who never seem to have enough credits just to ,get by..You're better off hiring on some cargo rcustabouts or buying a
and. gras pers al!~ow you to worker d:roid.

in codmgand lettering. [l:epending on the d1l!ltapad's inventory programming. the tag can dis play detOil~~such as. cargo type, s number, sender, receiver, authorlzed transport agent, ]n~t]al sh1p date, any hazards or cautions, andapproprtate system rout ins data. Altbough peopleeaa read theletterlng, many machines can read the coding. The tag scanner datapad (below) has a removable reamer unit. and most car,ga-lifting drolds have Input devices to read crate tags, Scanner u nits star· port customs checkpoints can interpret the eodtng and check the data altainst sensor infor· mettnn to confirm the contents. The buyers smuggler deal wUb cftendon'tcaeeaccut crate tags: they're smart enough to actually look inside. The crate tag imprinter takes about at minute to produce 'One tag. A "copy" funcrlon .in the prograrnm~ngiilinows you to duplicate data (i[l case you have 2,500 cr ales of druid motor assembly bolts). Olitthough that same progremfiling assjgns sequentlal tracldng numbe:rs to crates 'With tbe same i nforrn atlon, Other th<m that, the imprinter only marks what YOu. enter tnto the didapad. There's :n6 progHunming to keep you from .labe:Uuga erace of blas ter pistol.s as ned steaks-that's why they bave Irnpelial everythlng


,Servo- Lifter
Modeil: V,e'lekil Servo-Lltter V-2z: 1'ypoe::' Servo-enhanced e;xoskelelOI1i
Scule: Chal'tI.ctlfrlf Lenll)lfi: :I meters tall SIdU: Powernu!'t operation; Crew: t servo-liflter'

C1JJS[omsofflcers ...

Crate Tog, Imprinter

MI)deJ: MeJ!'eIlDOIit~ C8l'go ~.b(!1 Generator Twe: Crate tag imp,rli:lter Cost: 1,l500 Availa:b'IU~y. 2. I" 2-CLCl


lOiOOCl n@,w). 7,000 (u~ed) (

AVaU8bULty: 3

StreDgth: 20 -Game Not~i Can IifllJP bJ 1.5 metric tQIlS

ManeUJvembmty; 1D (Dove: lil; 96 kmh

Tag S'conner IOcltlopod

Althoug;h it's easy enough to read the lettering Or! cargo labels, you can ,input the eodlng with a tag scanner datapad, lt has a standard datapad interf'aoe---oUen imprinted with tnventory I.r.~cl!dQ,g progr ..m~';I"Ih':!~he ~,ameklnld (t used in crate tag Jabelen)~but also, sports a remov'SIJolesceenerunrt. Just run the cQmUnk· sized. sensor- over the coding surface, and it records the data. Plugging it intolts sucket/ ho~det on the datapad automaticaUy do:wnloads the scanned lnformatinn, The software routines tnterpr,et the scans and process daita into the pad's Inventory pfo,gr,ii'tlmmil1,~. Many cargQ-ilui.ndUng, droids have fag scanners bum into the]f 'Dptica1 sensors, They read the tag coding, then ~et their lnternal process. lng modules determine where pieces of cargo ,should be rno~ed. Shnp]e d.rolds ]~keASPs and binary load Iifters are programmed to identUy three Idnds 01 tags; those fur cargo to be loaded onto, a ship; ot hers to be un~oaded. and these that stay in the warehouse or $hip"s, hold.


Crote, Tag Imprinter

Keep:ing 'track oJ cargo in different crates :lsn;t easy, es;pedal~y if you'r,e halilling a large and vail'iedl!oad. Spacers use marker tags to , identi'fy a contalner's contents. Tile tag~ are ,SUp,sof plast lc with graphk scanner coding and letterlng (often in Aurabe:sh BasiC) desj'g~ nattng the cargo insli.ae. They am attached by an adhesive ibacking or plastic stri.n,gs which traU off two of the corners. Some,t~m€i5suppliers mark their crates, but J1111b',ee.tr,a ...often create thelr own tags to track wnthel r hold. Most spacers carry a crate ......" ...nter .. Thh). hand-held unit ]oob Likea with a bulky attachm@nt beneath the ~OJ~.ID()rtl'On.TIl e datapad is ill! ded leafed fr'el~ht ,:'iFl:VR<nh'\t"U' recorder which can print an indl;;~ir'i,+,~"1 sean-conetag .. ust enter pertl nent cargo J'I \iJ,'11101tri1_jUi.,c)O and the unit hnprhJ!ts, ,81 tag with

Tag ,kannel Dotopod

Model: MerenData.Da,ta Scanner 1)~ TaE! sr-_,;mper and darapad ~I50

rupts. the enttre hotogr am.


~dong the edges at first, and eventuaUy corhllpmper~y applied seals can be carefuUy
eru:uu.,ghto. open the crate and tatier

Ava:lhbmty: 2

dph~r p-rogram, II Very Dlfiirult compute. pmg"rmtmilirB!repair roll, and i! MI)(j~fMe .S!?tlSOfS roll.

~ N·lI!:@$:'T.hedata-pad can be mmfined to interpret otller sean c'Cn:bnl!:. hil.; requ i res access to the ,coding T

Ilmperict Customs Hol'oseol

Holoseals are plastic stickers used to seal. and maek cargo which has passed Imperial 'Customs tnspectfon, One side sports a sh~ny. Ito,t~graphlc impedaJ symbo], whll e the other is coated wUh adhesive. The sea] Is usually aWI~ed ,along the erack between a container's main body and the Lid.Special seals are availante to cover valves for liquid tanks and gas c.misters. For larger eentalaers, seals are used to cover the seam between an access hatch alPdthe bulkhead. Seals On collars are used to approve live ,ani,!'l1ai. plant or si,av€ cargoes. Each holoseal has a re,g1 ster code whtch can 'be read us~ns s peclal Impenel Custcms tag s.can[JJerdatapads ...... regular onea umelilierl or with the proper programming. The code deslgnales where: the seal Was issued. ~nspoct,ors, across the g,a]axy can, check the Imperial Customs database should they need to veri,fy a seal's flrigina] location" Thorough lmpenal Customs, Inspectors are sUPP9s@d to enter 'rugo iniunnB'tiol! into this database, too, but rarely get around to k. Holoseals are apphed from lock,ell l1ispen!;er8 th at ~leel oU the protective backing as-each sealis withdrawn. The heloseels are djffi.cuU to remove without destreyl nIIIhe seal. H H..8RaJ j,s t ba~kiIigstjcks to the cratesurtace: the hologramreacts with the atmosphere anddl 1S iI! t egrate5,. tutillh~g the fa('.e ~lI'ltna nat. blackened imagEl. seal slit along the crate seam corrodes A
peeled oU the

apply the slea]. ]f the adaesive backing ts not ~Ii rmly pressed against a surface, ~t won't peel away when removed, and won 'I; disl ntegrate the hologram, Mo-st ~rnperjal Customs officials are careful tog~ve each sea] a good slap, though, so flnding an improperly applied seal is rare'. Other customs agencies use similar seals, but they aren't as well-coded 'Ortamper-proof as the Imperlal ones. Most operece un the same prindpal-sUcjng or p ee~ingaway the s,eai des~:r'Oy:she face markings and makes It clearly t invaUcl. Tampering with an Impertal Customs holnseal is considered a class f'Our ~r.lf'r action, Any offenders caught are subject to. a nne between 1.;0(10 and 5,000 eredlts. hTl1n1sonment for as long as a month, and eonflscadrm of cargo. Cocky sll1.ugg1ers who. mouth off to customs offlcials can get this bumped up to a class three infraction under ~hepretense that they're transporttng restrkted goods. Thu~H who reaUy ~mlluy U leir ~nspector ,c;m he ,accuseid '0:1 transpotW:lIg stoten -g,oods under the' co.rrupt sea.l; a class two infraction, Imperloll (us,toms Holcseol
Model~ MeJenD3ta Imperial Ho!osp.<i']



ICosI:: Not available Jur sale A'i'idlatdIUy: 2, R Game NOles;Suc('e~sfullyi"P.fI"IIW9D\Cll!nImT"l@rilall'mlMI!.III 15 " V'!:l"), DUlh;ull ~~"f:'urity task. Other seals U5M by


!!IId lIiyglern cWi'lums



can be

n .. M.l'M Wltb Modl'lrlltl! to I)lUlcnlt m

&e.Cl.l"t/y rollll.

eencainer, the adhestve

(.onta~nment Units
terl ais.Wash~ng them down in a reiresher un it
bination of broad-spectrum
&onlCS and other-means too

Strange wnrlds often breed rd_'rul)lerOUiS, ma-

w:~itl:l' (al$Ul~tliUe(lirrA.cUator boxes) usc a com-

doesn't always, k1JJeverylthing. Contaim neut

nastles whkhmiRht find their way onto tools or other 'Qb,jects. Just put the equipment in the unit" shut the ha:Ld~and turn it on. A:ft.era. mb1Ute, ev,erythins's safe. Most f:re1ghiter crews kee~ a small. con~ain~ ment 1box as ;part.of their supplies. It's no larger than a spacer's chest, and caneaslly be stowed in englneertng spaces. cargo holds or personal quarters ..Irradiator boxes heve their own red'l~U'geabtepower sources ..Larger transports have conta~nment booths Ior sterilizing space suits and bulkier ltems, BQothsrequ~r'e hookup into a ship's power system to. operate, Containment uni~s COlIn be used to conceal centraband, 'though they'm not the best hidi ng
and mleroseeplc

km baeterte,

radlatten, ultraVI rul'lp.s

Chapter !Four:Tools of the Trade

places, The residual power often Iouls up scanwhat you're smuggling, Containmem
CIlM:~OO AvdabUlty:

ners, but

anyone looking Inslde win find out Box

H your contraband can withstand freezing conditions, hide iii: at the bottom of a cold crate with preserved cargo OR top" The extreme

Model: SyntiJt:ech Medtedl Corporation Irradiator Box Type: Containment box


sensors, Few customs inspectors a:re wiUingto

chip through

and the~rJ!su1ated case block most

you're hiding anything on the bottom, Cold a,ate'

T~'Pe:Cold Crate
M!IIl!Ie~ SoroSuub, ct:D-50 Cryt.~~e

a ~ary,erof frozen tilla-fl sh to see if

,Containment 'Booth
Mod)em: SY!lthlE!~h Moot'ecla CorpoIalion[rradiator Booth!
~~ CLm:ta.llllmE!nt hootli

Cost: 250 (50 per ,additional cryu .cilr~iS~!i!r) Availa1dUty: 2

COM: 2.500


2. F

When you Dew to keep a cargo warm, store
fur preseri

Cold Cr10te
vation: gourmet vegel:ables and fruits dormant
Jurlod 'f,ang-tUers, cartons of frozen sharbah, Some

cargoes need to stayfruzen

Cold creres help maintaln III constant Jew temperature using an insulated casing and a small cryo,genic un]~ moun ted at one end" Controls on the crYO-lInU dow you tn set the temperature ,anywhere from cool to way below Ireez~n~,The unit has enough poweT and Uqu:ld ~as to keep the erateat Or below freez:ing 1m: SO standard hours. Low temperatures can be maintained indefinitely by r-echarglng the fue] cells from your ship's generator and replacing the cryn canister ''' ... a spare. . ifh Cold crates are Rot designed to preserve Uv1n g bel ngs in suspended animation like carbonite. [fit won't he preserve-din ~ow ternperacures, it won't keep long in the cold crate.
The contatnera r::nme ill a Widely of sizes de-

the side allow you to adjust the temperature from warm to near-boiling. Pressure' valves vent any excess steam-iI advise hooking tile v'ent up to a hose and gas it out someplace where you won't smell it. The power cells can keep the inside hot for up to 50hours: it's easIly recharged from your ship's generator. You can use a hot box to heat thJDRsup" but if's UQ'L,guod at cuykiJIEI iuud thoroughly, BE-' slues, no body wants to eat anyl:h.ing prepared
tn a cargo crate, Most spacers check their hot

~t 1.11 a. hot box. The crate Js tnsulated, and. contains a heater unit in the base, Controls on

pending on the cargo you're shipping. Most are un e meter-wide, two meters long and one meter

boxes every 10 hours or so. The heater units have a.tendency to overheat and the pressure valves sometimes jam. ]f you're carrying more than f1ve bot bnxes in your hold ~make sure you set the bay temperature kllWer ami .~PJl'1 'Int! hatches to the rest of the sh~p. Vented steam can tum your ctlrgo !Jay into iii humid night;mare. White this Is unbearable in hyperspace,

customs i11$ pectore. MaI\.-esure you vent any excess stea m be.rore

might helpshorten the endurance 01 pesky open the Ud. [f you're not carefuJ, poppJnS

Hot boxes are somewhat Immune to sao" r!~.rs. VinlJJe the Insulaoted body a:n,d the excessive h eA'~ Iii sj,rh~fnH sensors, vented steam can i

Ihe lup

scald you something fierce.

foul up readings on crates nearby. Unlike cold n&NeS, these specialized containers aren't very good lor smuggling goods. few ttemacan stand e~Ges.sW,eheat and h urnl clity lor long journeys, HotBox
Mooel; Sor0i9u!JD HT-.50Heated

Type:Hi)th~ C~:250
AvdBbULty. 2

S~eight Box
These crates come ~na 'variety 0'1sizes, but most can be handled by lunnatl-s]zed beings and droids, Each [M~8 likean ordinary c;:irgo container, but has a Jow-powered repll!lsorntt

ru!1matrix and power supply cleverly ':;0]1~eaJedin the bottom castng, A.small compensatLol'II c~bo<nd hel ps the repulsOTfjeld
tb,e weight of rurlything reel Hke it's empty.

Emergency Supplies
P,ort,oble E'mergenc¥, Beacon
Crashing; your srtl p ts never fun. Ca]iing tor he]p isn't always the best altentattve+It's emharrassmg, and it could attractpeopleyou'd rather not he rescued by. But every now and then you reaUy want to be picked up.. .by anybody. The personal emergency beacon lets you call for heap in case your sbip's comm system is scrapped, your ancient escape pod's b-eacon is maUunctiDning, or you're just stuck in the wUd with the clothes your back and



mak:lng the box

Asleight box can f901 most customs of Ucla Is as ~ongas, they don't look. inside, lt's a good ideanot to have any holoseals Q1rag markers. t designating that there's cargo within. Energy S'CIll1S sometimes nottee the power source, so. most Ioiks store their ,sleight boxes 'in areas of lrre4T cargo bay dose to other energized components Uke shield gener atnr capacitors, power CQllverters, ~Uesupport systems and reserve JlDwer eells, These 'COl1ltail'1ersaren 't easy to, find. and they're. root available from just any Iretght outfitter, MOist are euatern-made ! .smugg ler n shadowports, though certain crime Lords who SlleciaHze ~IJmo.vlng contraband seem to find a ready supply just when they' need some,

your spacer's chest.


This ltttle unit is worth the 1,0000 credits, ~t',s about the stze of two med pacs, and eontalns one burst beacon w hlch broadcasts your posj,.
tson IOn an emergency frequency. Anyone within four light years will pick it up,.On settled worlds

SIe:ight Box
Madel: E.!;:ls Industries R-CoLi Crate Type: Sleight bo~ Cod: iiOO-2,00Il "'VIiIl:d,Wty: 3, X Game r'foleil Scans detect asleighl box's emeJ::E!Ysource 0[1 a OIrrJellil £en.sol'S' roJ,U~ crease the d,lllIculty one m lew] If b.he c(mt<li~~"r til stowed i'ieilr another pt;lWL\!r'

Corgo Netting
Many spacers use cargo netting to tie down crates ~nthe carg'o b!.l!Y. The web hi ng keeps boxes from shifting around. bashing into each otller and the crew, Cargo nets can also parti-

tiM bUJ'ld~es crates In your hold. MO'SIi:. capof mms fly.ing ~~ghtbeighters use webbing in 10-

m.eter--square, sections, although ~arger pieces

ean be purchased. The net st rapa are comvos.ed o.f itightly woven syn thetie fiber, fastened at the crosslngs by sturdy metalgrommets, Adjustab1e straps trail from the web oog~ varJety of durable hooks, buckles aod damps allow you to secure the netUf!g to fixtures ifnyour cargo hold, Cargo netting is not very good at ,capturing ,aoythiog un less thewe:b ts used in a. plt f~U,or U1eedge .straplS are weighted. Although the materiairesi5.ts normal W~M and tear, ltcan be 'cut wit'll a blade in emergencies <lind~s easily melted by blaster fil!"e,

Corgi!) Netting
Car;go ....ebblng ' CDillt HID pes 100by 10 meter ~tit)ilI AVIllabIDrty,: :2 Gmne: Nota:; Cai':go Ilett~ilg str.i_!lII~ have 3D Strength Io.r PI!IIpC'Il!S or resLstinEl damage.


Mi)del: SoroSullb

1010 Cargo ReslraJ:!I,t

this oiten summons a. rescue party. On lesscivilized worlds, this h"equenU}' draws the cautious attent ion of lm pet~a1 patrols, ptrates, mercenaries ,.or other smugglers in the area, It strobe also marks your posit ion for search parties wandering witbln a lew ki.lometers. The em.ergeucy beaconalse contains a, few items to help you survive wherever you may crssh, A detac ba ble glow co d lantern gives y,ou steady Ug]lt if you wan del (rom the strobe, The beacon is powered by a,m~[Ilrlusiol1generator. A power jack allows you to recharge theglow rod,b[aster power packs, and lO\\f~power accessorles, though. each charge drains about an hour out of the generator's 250-hOUf ca.pacity. The unit' s heat vent has Ill.swaU fan to warm the immedtate area or a small enelosed space. The beacon is activated bya ~tipswitch"-, a metal ,curd you pun that can't be inserted back . .once the emergency !:IlglI~il jj:i .activD:ted, ii can't be s,hut ofr unt i1 1h e gcn.er.ator wean down. Desperate smuggleH; have beenknown 1:0 fiddle wUh the beacon wiring 80 they can turn it: on and off at wiU (a Modera't'e Technical task), but that risks bloWjng out all the pow~ ered components, Uyou really need to shut It OfF, you can always b]ast the beacon, or drop the entire IIn it off a high cllfl, The beacon bas several uncosrvennonal uses, You can plant it inside a cargo craie destlned for your competiters. n you rig it right, opening tile lid I}PS th e cord and activates the beacon. 1fU broadcast tight through the crate. This, Is bandy if you need to track a packi.'lJge and your quarry isn't too br~sbt. or you want to give away <It compeUtor's position. It's ,a Simple trick, though, and f·ew are fooled twice by It.

Clop.ter Four: Tools of the Trade


Po.rtoiOle IEm~rg,e.ncy D&oGo(ll

Mooe::h Choo<t_k EmE:!rgm~cy F\lCk Type: r,El'sonal emergency beacon Cost: 1,000 . A"a!il!th'UlI!.yt 2 Clmte Note9I: Thl.e lIIlIunj..generatm has 'enClu~h power for 25'0 hours. less one hour rm' eaeh !t6mUlrecll:a1ges.

plenty of lanyards, hooks, rlngs andpQckets lor that. Just refflem ber: the more you Cf8M i:l1 ther:e,th e more YOIll have to ]ug around on some hostile, humid jlln:s:le world. Survtvdl Pock
Mod.e1: Cheolaik S'uMva~ Kit Type: St<lllltiiU'd Mll"viv.!I knap$;);ck
CIl61i: 7S,{l

Personoll Strobe locator

The eomlink-sreed personal strobe is ideal lor those :Sleeking more compact emergency pocket, and has a ring em the end so you can hook Jt to anythi ug, A retractable sp]ke <I]SIO lets you jam It tnto a, nearby tree or prop U' upright mthe groluiJ.d. The strobe flashes once every Itve seconds for up to 20 hours" and ~s. ~sib[e torthree kttomesers ..lt can be recharged from most energy sources. U]}]j~e other emergency locators, the personal strobe can be turned on and off as needed. These strobes are sma)] enough to he used 21:5 b]irnding d~str<lctjtms, espedaUyjn already gweoades. lls~ng ·31 lttt le s~eig~t of hand and some misdlreetlcn, .get YOlM' target to lock toward the hand that's ho~d~ng the strobe, then. lllek :i~o.m one burst. The bright Lightusually fur
~1!lrpnse.s your brget. and Le-mPQrari]y dark cQnd~t~ons" They're Uke locQi~[on devices, The unit Uts easily Into a


Aqua 5uMVQ~ 5heher

When you crash in water, yo'll:!want to be

re-u:sarble flash

btm, Just be suee you're looking away or .sh.ielding yom eyes. P<erSOrll(:d SwobeLooOFor
M~l: Saladar Systel1llS :Solo S~b.e 'f~ JPel'5001al strobe locator (\fit: ]00 A:v:ailal1Jmty: 2

bH nds

ready i£ yon. have to abandon ship'. The aqua survival shelter 11M everythin,g YQuoood to survive on an ocean's surface. The shelter comes in a pack about the size of a. large spacer's chest. AUyO" h.ave to do is grasp the rip han.d~e and.to.ss~he ]Jl(tckout the hatch. As the raft: inn2JiItes,ris~[]Jg supportstruts form. a tW'Q-Person, dkh:roroe shelter. The UatattlOJl matertal is eeared [0 wlth,'l~anda reascnable degree of acidity or saltmess, though mJodeT~ ate]y corrostve Uquid wt][ e.a;tr~g;htUtfQ'u;gh ~t The rt"lnective.sheru~elrma:terlal keeps the inside from. geWng too bot, but an entrY fJlapaUows yOl!l 1:0 vent fQC fresb aJr. The ra.ft is equipped wlthseveral p.ieces of important surVivaft equipment, .A homing beacon IS built r.igh~in, i1IiEld starts tr Illlsm.ittin;Rthe instant the raft is deployed, It broadcasts a ~ocatortone on mostdvi]]an and m:mtary emerunit is powered by .i'l< small fusion generator than also has a.heat v,emtifHlings get co~d.Tllile
gen.erator geWicychannels as far as !aur Ugh:t years. The

5urv~v'Q~ Pack
these bag'S as "crash pac:ks.~ nu~:y're knapsacks crammed with survival supplies anyone WQu1d need In an unlCiv~]ized elilv.irolilmentjust the lefumd e like to ditch in and hide when' w the Empire' s h"o~on our tails. The packs 1thelll~ selves ha¥fl straps for easy carl;1ling. wtth a m<l!1:1J c.omparhnent anrl several. pocket:s containing nece5s:ary ge<'3iil'. crasfu packs emne Most wjth ~wo week's rations (oftern stale), three· medpacsva gJowroo, tWoO t:l1enllal nares, a sklg;le-p€'fS!on dl.ch.mme she1~er, a breath m~sk, six meters of syntherope, aknlte, and a pert",ble ~US]~)]lpower generator " . Sm.~lI"t sluugglers toss some 'Of thecheap rancjam in th:eirow]] ge<1l~. ]usuaill~yre,place power generator' with a portab1e emer-

A detachable bundle contains two week's raHorns,a g~ow rod, six meters o~syntherope, two So~ne packs, .h<llvea sWlaJ]ert:ont~]ne;fled by a water puri.Uer (see /fanla.<;tic Tecfm(llogy,. pa.ge loT). The pack call be removed fro~~be rafti:lJlild! c1iIrri!edamund (if you find dry land) using sever al tote. straps, The pack also eontatnsa collapsible fualling bucket ~f the root take.s Oil water, {ijpd {I. qulek-pateh repair kit and miniinflator jf t:lli1e is punctured. hull . A1thougihthe ran has no propulsion, you een dismantle the shelter's eomoonenrs and Create a makeshHt saw~usi.n.g ~hesupport struts
and di~hrome .fabric. medp<l!.cs,alI1d a very large fresh water tank.

has enough energy to lasU50 hours.

Spacers. in our line 0 .1 wor.li:OIftefJI refer to


Aqua SUMvo,1 Shelter

T)'pe: Oeean sHmvalr.ah ~:2,SOO , btdlablUty:2


flot:atWn Shelter

?:k "

, (!il'Icybeacon (J:~e the ChedakEmergency Pack '. ~~.~ d:i~cl!lSSsom~h!ere In here ...), chuck both ' ,P.:" flar:;~ for a ho~d-ogt bLaster, aJnd m",ke sure l've <.go.'Ll£;Pe.fSorlal fillamer u[]Jit lor startlng fires.
, i,

Game NMll~: Th!'! ~npplif'_~ in tih1".raft CAn Supf.l0r~two people (or two wee~. RlBduce that thne br mo.fe 'than

peOlPie are CraolP1:00 ilLSide.

':f4u com ajways add more gear-ttrere


Pli li s Sm ugg~ers Gui de a

Keep,jng your ship locked upts 'Oftena problem, You neverk[!l(lw who's g<Oing 'to stow 'il/board, take your cargo, saibotage your systems" Qr by sh~pjacki.ng your freighter if you leave the h arch wide open. There are two baste ways to secure your ship so nobody takes off with it: entry hatch locks. and control console Low.

Other 5ecurHyMeasures
] can't list every security devi.ceiO protect your ship ..Every good s:muggo~er is well-informed, Do you research and and 'the' best security package for your ship. Check out the sources rye Listed below if you need other ways to protect your freighter: • Ga.tludrnium'S Fantastic Technoiogy has a whole chapter on s urvelllance devices you can use to safeguard your vessel and its cargo: see datapages 59-£3. Don't forget t I) Peruse the T€!!St of the dMalog for other items yO'u can use ~ nunusual ways. .. Cracken's Rebel Field G,uide (if you can find it) contains some bits on security measures, tneludlng the Imperial heat sensor trip., motion detectors, and pressure plates. You 'U also find some interestin:g jl!.!ry=rigging tips to make l:ife easier, • Pirates & Prioateers has lots of good equipment and ship moditicatlons. Most of its sect ion. on security concentrates em getting around it ...

Entry Hatch Lo,cks

The most efficient way to protect your ship in port is to ]ock down the main entry hatch (and pmbably (j]!]y others that can be opened f<fomoutsi de). Most locks of this natu re em:ployHmUed access ch'cu~try to the hatch controls as wen as a few deadbolt seals for extra protecUon should the ship lose power or the drcu~u-y becomes ionized. The access device replaces the normal hatch (!Qntro1pane] on the sh1p"s 'Outer huU. Most spacers use one of three locks: electronic comblnatton, key card. or remote control. Each has a dlfterent method for locking and openif.lg a hatch, but they work on sev,er·<lJ] genera] prindples. ALIcan becontroUed trow the cockpit. The key devices and codes ,are used both to s,eal an d open the hatch. The devices are wired 5"0 they burn out with the deadbolts ~n place should they be overly abused ... you 'know, hit with a large wrench, shot at by iii blaster. smashed with a fist. Dis-

some securl ty eq ulpmen t {the stun steps ..re .myfavorite), with an interest~ng demonstration by some triends o.f mine how to break into a Jretghter,

cial Star Wars Ad:L\enfUrn Journal # 13 has

• "Special Ops; Shlpjackers"

hl The Offi-

O1apter Four: Tools of the Trade


who blast their ~ock control deV1ic~ stormtroopers out-of course, HH~s'e smugglers IJSU;I1]~Y have another way ]nside the ship the ~m1P erials don 't immooi.a,tely notice,
~nteflticmany to keep


a"tusk)" c utter always he[ps. ~'ve kaown some

mamlingthe bolts


be a difJi.culttask, tbough

lock. Uyour intruders don't want to rneaswith the lock, they ca-n d lsassemble Hie metal pla.te and slide .glJ!ides" but that takeaa while, minute or so hl put on or off (more time and e:Uml: tf you'.reakme), and you need to SlOW the heavy meta] panel somewhere secure du.rkl(g flight so It doesn't bang arc und during fancy maneuvers .Sure it'sa ch~<lIp security measure, but it's oft,en mora <I hmdrance than anythi.ng

1don't like


leek p{lJoels.. hey take T

tronic cembination seal. Sure, it's a HUI.e easier for sameone else to blow the code 'without destmyi:l\g the Lock. but you don't have to worry aboutl05ing the key device. There's Iiloth'ing more frustrating than rryin,g to get into yom own ship when Y(,lU 'velost the key card or reroute control for the hatch Jock ...


these three locks, [ recommen cl~M elec-


Conso.le Lock IPQne~.

M:odiel:: Varge Corp"CS2fi.l3oard P18ute

Eh5·ctron~c(:olmb]nali,on Hatch lock

Mode]: \large COIl'p_'Clphw ,wlIr.iW ~~a,1 T~ ComDinallio.n Hatch Sea] C6sr~ 750 i\;vadllElhiU1y: .2, F
G&mil .N'otes: Instamll:J'l: ~his !ock~flour_~!!oni~I;~uir~~ i'l !)!ffigll]t ssmrily roll. faihire means ~ocksomenmes

Tli'p~; C(Yntro.~ lmk panel .CQ.:I¢. :~m~C~~(!Clfll)!,! comiJ)irnatlOIl), ie 500 (key C<lrd) A:valiWlmty: 2 Gwue Notoe5: Tn5i<dlil'l!! UJ~ panel a5sem.b~li' YO'l.llr.l€1I
requires II mmcllJt ~ecurUyroH. Fllllm~ mt\li!n~ thtl p~'n{l!1

sometimes stkb., a.m'l somenmes doesn't

srrtc:ibs. iLl!l(l sometimes doesn't I,!fL~~ ;),lllhc WOl)', ByJi!';Jj!j:o.Jnl! hi~ ~Qcl;: 19q1lli{e~ lI. mUIcJu&t secL[ri~,roli. t


~Ih,eway. Byp.asosing llh.e l'l)cik mecham$ln~(I;uir'~ '" Mouer<fi~e s~rnri'iymil. 'Ii'ott el'lll~<I!fe remove the panel o.r takes s:1!x. Wlll1:[iS,.



Console D'ead Lo,ck

The console dead Lock is a far better alitema.

Key Ca~d .5hip"slock

Model: Aratee11i. Cardisel Sy:stem Typel. Corle Key lock Cost: 1,000' AvilllUlilhWty.: 2:, :F GIm1~N(Jte8l instaUing this lock Y'Ourselln::q!1liresa
DllUcl!iTIt security rolL Fanll.Jl"e means ~h~~n{'kSOn~!f.,1il!jes S:lh:::~•.anlOl~~).tl!~tim~dul1sl'l't '~sag,e .<lUthe way, Most lu:~ycBTIllocks come w.ith.trwo :lm:prlnted. cl!ll1rl! •. B¥D.rlS&J.ng Uris lock m~uifes ·01 ery Difficult se(;uri1}' roll, V

tiv€ than the lock panel. Theunlt hooks cll· ~ect]y into ~:hepower cOllpli fig to your cockpit controls. When the lock is crngd!lgoo,it cuts the

energy food to your control boards unnlthe

proper eleetronle eomblnstlon
rum thmugfu. the 10 ckrnterlace,

or ~ey cam 1$

R.etmO'teContro:~ liatdh C~ U5{1 AvaIltmUliry: 2, .F

Very mWcul:l


M"-e1:VaTg~ cmp. R~fi!!::ed Lock Type:: R:emo~@: CGlITlrol ;Seal

req~al'es a

G@.illeNIJ<1ei!l Ins-laDing this ~Qdryourselif


Arakyd one described he~ow, are lnstalled be-

M:ak:e sure a p.mf'~'$sh;mal tnstalls this lock, Mess lug arouad with Y'uureockpit pnwerenup]ing Yoll.rsel.f ls an easy W<l!y to fry all the control panels, D2mlag:e d one to' the lock by inexperienced thieves often blows I~hecerntn~l.d consoles. or at least me]ts· tha w]ringin Some of them. Most dead locks. inch.1!dtng the

~tLc:ks,and sometolmesd.o~~n·'~ !'Jf:lga;g~~T~ w.>w. t'!'!e 1l'b1?. 'ro.l'I:I.ot~ COUlt¥o] llIJ1Jit has a range ·of .:3{I meters. By.pa:ss!l'Ig' th!~s .UlM;k. ~e~uljlf$ <t V~ry DHlfiolllt .socurUy

Fwh.:rr~tlll1;UiS;he .lock ;somet

l1I.ealhthe control panels, where tb.eY'mnot

COrlso~;e .Dead Lock
Mode]l i\takyd F'owerLock 2'500

ea:si~y nuticeable'.



COrlslole ILock
Sometlmes a hatch ~ockjs~ 't eR'ou~b. V~e Corp. Hl<;l!ke$ a wry rel ill ble console lock. pan-el ~Q sea:] you r main eock~jt cOlfI'i:m]s. from unwaillited visltoss, Thepanelconsists of a. la.rge metal plate, oH'en, fonn~llloided to your console's. eontours, wh]eh you can slide into .._ ..."__._ and Jock «mom.ov~r your controls ,_ The ;]jsse:mb1'y's a little bulky and (l,wkward, makessure nobody but you can access jnlS~ruments, flight yo~e or sfup'scomcan choose to secure the metal panel e]eetrlOflicCQ~llbJinatjon or k~y card



Cof$ol.e j:IOWrlft !ock. 1,tI!OCil (f!'l~t~{]I] tc l;Qm_billat~on), 1500 (iI:eyca!l'd)

CQC\tpit 1nh;ll'i!..!~I!~!!t<ltgOU and ,oonuo.tis. Byp<1ss,lng lock lequires 11 V·ery IJirUc1JlhMt'l1M~ rolL

Game, N,nu~tI: ]n~1;.ijJ1l(lgth5~ lQcky(Jur5eUreq,ui~e;s a Very .EHflicldt security roiL. Failure d;a:m<l~~S ~om'<!uf the


Foong It: Tools,

Every starstnp has some junky old btn craanned w~tb too,ls. Some engineers earry well-organized. toolboxes. No mattes bow good yom technical, skills are, you ~an't n~ the hy-

perdrive without the rlght tools. Here:are seme

of the stan dard ]m~uumer:Jits IJsema board spacefarin:g vessels, including a standardized stars hip tool !tit to start YOH all..

Plott's Smugg lers Guide

Tool Kits in the Game

comp:lete tool kit prevides a + ] D bOnl.i'sto. the <lliPPUcahl,e repair skin roll, Gamem~ters may decide to' oUer a bonus of + 1 OT +2 if a character ,only has one or two tools which seem appropriate ror the repair job, As an optional bemus, the gamemaster may allow a player with a toolkit to reroll one die (usually the lowest one) after he makes a repair fOn. This die. acts as the wild die if the re!l>ui't ~s a fl-..add .six and reron (II.!:'. die .... gairn,GlIillIemOlSfiers sbould use this :rule if they feel U: wouJd not .serious.!.yalter their game's balance.

Usually having

AvaHabtllty: 1 Damage: STR~ ID i(;ame Nil1:es:: When used to Pf~' ~tliln(ls IIlP. open or ·a.part,. this too.l adds + 1D to to the user's Smmglll-


A. sen'oddverconsists of a shaft beadle with a sonic drive head mounted at one end. You can use (he tool to t1gh.ten, or loosen sc rews, bolts, and other fasteners which twtst into place, The torque surface is perpendicular lo the tool's shaft, 5.0 you have to hold th,e servodrlver uprlghHn relation to auythLn,g your driving in or out. A power cell that {its, ln the shaft handle! asts for years. A switch above the handle area a]]ows you to turn the torque on clnckw Jse, counterclockwise, or shut th@tool off. Compensatnrs keep you trom sph-:m111g around the tool when used in zero gravity

S,torship Tool

K.jt This s.turdy box is organized into neat compartments for OTIe of nearly every ki ad of tool you'd need fur stanh~p repairs. Altbough it doesn't have the fuU range: of hydro.spanners <lind servcdrlvers, 'it has enough for you to ternpor.arily fix aJ!lytbjngabo.a;rd. }'lour freighter, Most '(lIf them come with one each .01the toots listed below, plusa Jew extra power couplings, a spool CI.f all-purpose wiring, (l,udnne strip ol hull-patch metal, Stall'sJl1ip' Tool

Each servodrivcr can m.Jlillpulate a certain size bolt, tho,ugh the exact dimensions are sUghtly variable, Gum1 ba{--:hnicians have a set of servo drivers with varied ranges. Servod l'ive,r
ModeL: Corellian EIIl'Ii3i~~rj) u~SD-47


T1'!Pe:S~dril'f·~ Co.8l: !'ill Avalr8ibIH~y::I ~m." Nat"JI:1Jmmse;sfo'l' Il~DlI! FlIH!rv'ut!ri\l1;1 [or repa.lr ..... ork 1U1:iY r J;ngel~nm + ]!I(l 1D as, dedded by lILt:' iHlIlelUiI:s'h.:r.


LUre the served rive r, a hydros panner uses a. 5Un i("~ d rive head mounted on top of a h.w] bandle, On the bydmsp<lTIner. lluwflvl'l,f, the torque snrfaee i~ pArHiUd wi Lht~'e too]' s shaft, f;lnc(wi nB)you to tighten or loosen bolts. nut!ii

M!.odel;. SoroSuub J()uruel{lnan T,ool Box Type: S"lal'shlp tool klit • Cost: :WO Av,~b:Wb': f
'Game N~ TI!i~ lvulkn. ·a,tlds. ,1 [I to <ll'Iy uj;d(!d repair rofls
~till'~ hiUl-

Power PrybOIJ
Th is metal prybar consists of several nat prybars !olned together in fulcrums and hydraulic pistons- A small pressure computer gauges the Iorce you 'Put on it to pry things open, ,t hen uses the bydrau lk.'l to provide extra !,everag,e and power. TheInternel energy eel] lasts a ~ongtime, and can flasny be replaced. The prybar is good for ge:r:tI ng a start on tblngs-« Hf~lng a heavy ,cm:te up, enou gil to get <It better grip. or forcing a stuck hetch open enough to get your hand through, Th e too] isn't too long, S{I it can't pry any gap wlder than 10 centimeters. [t's very useful cracking stubborn crate lids, though some reustabouts prefer it as a tool for era'cking open heads.

and screws from the side, Thls altows you 'to get at maehinery ill harr:t-I.o-aeccss places. The hydrospanuer has the same energy (;a.p-acity, power controls and varied size r~nge asa
servodrivcr. Hydro,spanner
Model.: Corell:lan t:.n!!,ilie~rLu!l V-ll1 Hydmspal'llU';t Type: H}"dn>-SI);'Il'Il'lIer Colrt: 50

Avail:aWUt::!',: 1 GMI!l.e Norew: BmnJises ru~

repalr wor1k rna:,' ra[l~e


fWIIl ~

a hy.aIo<spann:er '~UT 1 to tlIDtl.S dcreldec:l. bY'[he


Power Scanner
The power scanner Is a dlagnostlc toot used

IPower Pryba~
Mode[: SoroSRub .f'l'}I'bar 2'8(lO ,~; p,g~. pryoor 'COd: 3'0

to monitor the amount oJ energy flowing through Circuits, conduits and power eeupllngs. Technicians use n to test connections, make SUf1~ fuses are ~n place and 2ILvoidpooweJ over-


Choprer Four: Toclsof ~he Trade


The scanner consists of a hand-held box with a digital. power readout on the face and variable settings to test man.y erJergJ ranges, Two extendib]e' wires can be pulled from internal spools <lindconnected to pow,eJIJ" ources s using damp leads, The SCi.'iionermeasures the energy ,capcacRy of the conduit by running a test on the conductive meta] <IUdany eonnectlon points, II you ever need to, set up a diversion, hook the scanner up to an lnacnve power' line you can tum on froruelsewhere. Tum on the power and the seanner blows tna relatively harm less shower of spare. Sometimes that's just enough to distracta pesky eustoms inspector, espe,dally :11he's poking ~oo close te that specitiJl 'cargo .. " Desperate meehan lies somettmes cannlballze thetr scanners, for much-needed parts; wtres, d~gital readout." energy flux capacttors, .and mlcro-power regulators. Keep in mind that this litUe box is just ,a tool, not .OJ!. replacement
hyperdrlV1e motivator.

Power Scoli"lner
M'(!ditil: V~ge T.W(!~Pc)wer COst.lSU A,!,'WiLabllity: 'Game NOla: Corp_ Ene.f'g)! 'I\;~1u scanner ] :Surmses lor using power :scc:anoer :fOi[

U:'::; gr,ei'lll



rep<lir work m~' rang@ J~O'fr'i -:1 to +l !).a,s decided ,g:aml!ma!l,~T_

The variable-beam. fusion cutter can shear th:rou,gh most metets, plastiee and 'l'er.r!ilmics up to 25 ,cenUmeters thick in :a matter of seconds.
{(If slidlll;l

Laser Welder
This tool uses two indepen(h'!nl:~y dil!"@ctffi laser emitters to weld seams in metal. [ usually keep a few spare strips of metal hull p:JatJng ne'oll"by case ~geed to plug a hu~i'b r~~u~h, hss in T 1:0011'8 also not bad for sncing ttrrou;Sh most hig;h-grade., reil1r{)r,et:d plastics, The internal power cell pmvides energy Inr abuut 50 hours. It can be recharged wlth a standaed adapterhookup, or fun rigbt off most power systems.

dead boLt seals when. you've aeeidoL':lllIdly frll'!d the lock control mechanism. You can also use it as a weapon ln a pi nch. The beam 'SHot Vl!!ry long, so you' Uneed to close in to hand-to-herul
a~on'ilb.at range to use' it eUedlve]y. Fusion CUfm'r
Mlldet: ('(I~= E!o:rllmll lmf!t<'llwtlfil'l!'lEl & M9I~e:t'ials FeW-87t)

through those entry hatch


Typel Fh s ion Cutter Aw!I~blnty: ] ('.am N{lte&: IJ1tllcuily level wtl1!l'l ilSitt!!tWs device is dependent Gil UI!;) .pl'Ojed Involved, Accldl!nli!1 expnS1Jr'~ beam ceuses 3().6D damaR!!, BIIDIl$e:l for 1l5ing to II I1ydrospmn@rl'o]l' I"ilijlah work TD<lJY range from,,] to +10M; rll'!t'ldp.d by the gamemaste.r,


The emitters can be finely tuned to aUowweJds

from 0.2-20 cennmeters tn diameter,

loser Wielder
Mudd: Bor!lllls mt!!1a!workiJig & Milteri.al.s L'5;W-983 LasnWI'!!der

TYlle: Laser weld~f ~r:50 A:vlIUaibDIU:y: I Gwne Notes:; Bonuses for !1~lng aJ hydrospann.e!l" foOr re:pair wmkmay range f:rom T] te .,IDas declded I:iy the

Getting Out: Vacuum


d: g*
'U b

Tech Vecuuen

'even mere d:iffi-

StMship repairs are hard enough w~thout

the proper fadliUes. They're


ctdtif you're out ill space, Although you can fix many systems. from iFlsid~thrQ;ygh ma:inten ance ducts, repair wens and engl neering panel-vsometimes you have to 1I'e:t outside your



Plorr' 5 .5mug9 liers Gu ide

s'hipto patch up damage. ReguJar space suwts allow you to survive j,nvacuum. Tech vacuum suits are taUoredfor the ri;gms of :rep.at~r ork w outside yom freighter. These suits provide the bare ess-enUals for ,survival in space 1m a few hours ..They're covered wi~h tool harnesses, sealable pouches, a synthempe tether, and pad ded guards for ,ar'ailS which might g,et knocked Mound a lot (typically the knees, elbows and shoulders, but other parts may be protected in dmerenl: suJt models). Tech vacuum suits are no-Irills, Unllikebulkier space suits. this on e trades '~emperature regulaton, waste recyders and le'.X!tra atmosphere for more mo biJ:ity. The suit gloves are Ught..£itting to allow .for more lllih·ica.temaotl,pulation 0$ those malfuaetlonl fig starshlp eomponeets. The teehvaruum suit wi.U keep all you r tO'ols handy. and win keep you alive in space I,ong enough to use them. Just rrDia:k:eure s YOUt ether is Secure before you start banging t a,way ,3It that eomm dish swtvel assembly." ..you're not g'Oing tv Iastlong jf you drU't oU"

F.~itt,er Vacuum Suit"

r-ype:Techm~~ SIWl1: RO(;1.;;et pad!:
COM;: 1.500 AvaUa!liitljty: 2 Model: .Reg.alli5 Engille€f.illg

Flitter Suit



Gmne Notes:. The suit's reIDrW"c~d fabrIc and f1!JI<ilile coastnretlen prolO'ldes <I ~2 bonus wl'l~rn rer.lstirn:!i.Hlhys!-

c<lla!ttacks. Untess


charac.ter in space e:>recutes a

·!:Leilte~burn," she mustmakea ~'~OOrt!'re slamlP'!t:l Qr SrmlWlb cll.c.ekevery hour or 5uliel !I wOl.llld caused by th,i.?;f1'€ezi[lg cold,

Te.ch Vacuum Suit

MII(h~.Il= LireLtne TediMOJISter 'Type: Tech vacuum. sl!Ilt

irVa\:!ilum Suit

.CoAt: 1.000

A:vaIlabiUty: I. lGame No.tes: Sillce tllis-l!I.I~.t I~C!nly illsl!Ila.teu, not. heated,

a character in space ml16l mlJj~ oil M(II;):c.riltescami'n·a or SIrE~ ch:eck c:~ry hour or ~i:!Hera w(mrnl eaused by

the freezlngoold.

FUitt,elr Vo'cuum Suit

The €J]th~rsult bas a few more lrins than the standard techvacuum !;"it, but not many. [l's similar to the tech sun, but the fabric is m ore durable to resist tears and punctures Irom space debr.lS Or repai r oper2lUoDs. The flitter suit also contains a small maneuverl n g backpack unit, with rocket nozzles potrued to h.eW" move around. Burns are controlled from .a panel. mounted on the w:ri.s.t. The pack has enough fue1 f'Oronly a few bursts-eff!uugh to seoot back to a s.hip should yOUi d r.ift c,n a ~itUe. The flitte.r suit has the same tnsUiation, pain= ding ead toOo] arnesaas as the tech suit. mt still h gets cold after a while. Those who've spent lots of time in 'the smt have :figured out bow to Ure the rocket paek twice--the first time Ignite.s haIUhe·engi!ne.~and a second time to neutralize ~hemomermnn with opposing thrust. Spaeers can this UtUc .maneuve.r a "heater bu rn." AJthough it moves you around a ~~We;the heat. from the pack warms the suit enough 'to make things, a bn more beareble, ('fhe maneuver eration ron or the s])a'cer starts drifting off.)
requires a Moderate dilfiicuHy mck,et puck. op-

Droids are supposed to heip out us nrgan~ ics, They're especiaUy useful. If you're smuggUflIg, ll by yourself. It's exhausting for One a person to fly Ule ship keep it running, and handleall thecargodutles. Weolten buydrolds to asstst in the-se duties (especially repairs). They're programRloo tn do speciflejobs bett-er than we catl-this often means they're really excellent at a few tasks, and pretty inept at most others _Those of you who get very autached to your droids can always upgrade them from the standard mudels, CYTlabar~sFuntastic Technology: Droid~ details how you. cam eustoratae YOUT drords, I don't nk:e to depend on drolds too ~nuch. Like most machinery, they need to be mamtalned (If they break down ... usually when you need the.m the most. Some of them, Uke the}i.5P droids,.uen't too smartwhen inter ad ing with people. They're also very susceptible toblaster


Below I've Us~edthe drotds I'd recommend you keep on your ship. You don 'rnesd all 0:1 them, just a few that nu in the gaps your existing crew can't handle.

ASP-7 Droid
~flIdustrial. Automaton's ASP drotds are priced so anyolilecanaf:l'ord them, bUI: they're no-frills models, They're capable of only the most menlal tasks, though you can upgrade their ))1"0gramn~ing and modify thel r physical conf.lgur auon, They don't seem too bright when ]ubmu:ting wtth people. Asps have astrnple personality matrix. A restricted vocabulary allows them only to reply "affirmative" or "'.o.egatlve" 1:0 anything you s.a.y or req uest, Por the price you pay. ASPs are very stmple menial 1aborers,..... something we all need now and then. rn once owned an ASP drotd named 'seeVee. He wasn't too bright. and managed to get on my nerves most aU 0:1 ~heUme. He also managed 1i0 annoya.s.tewO'f customs Jnspeetors, which was sometimes good (for the impatient ones). and sometimes bad. Still. it was nke to bav,e an extra set of graspers around when W needed.

Choprer Four~Too Is of hhe Irode


them. 1"010 bad he had his head kicked offbya bounty hunter ....

Sou.:n::es~ (Ynab~.r·s Fantastic page 87. ShadoUJs of Sourcebook, pages W2~103. AS!P~'7. exte.rity 1D, KnDU!,ledge D cal In, Percemion 1D, search 2D, lifting 2D, Tecfm:ical J D. Move (],

the Empire

Bmary Load lUter. Dexfelity }D, K.nowl'€dge 1.D, MedmlCl real 1D, .Perception W, Strength 6D, tiffing 8£), Technic'll iD. Move: 7. ~

LE i\epo,r Droid
These dretdsare perbaps the best ehelee if you're ]ooking for a comp@t~!]it [1~pmr dmid <!JId an-adequate shiphoard companion, Cybot Galacnca de-signed them to carry out malnbenance du:Ues and interact decently with people, Sjnc:e theytm a.comh'imrUon astromeeh A:t:lr~ :p'fotocoi dwid, the pIke ,can be prettysteep, butit's worth it, Theylearn qukklYGI!. both tbe te:c:hnfcal endsoclel ends. mve yoruf lE drcid enough time: and it'll de.ve~op a loyal p erstl[!.a]..,

In, Mi!Jch.cmiStrength 1D.

1131 Worker


These drotds are almost as common as bjThey' Swarm around most sterports, [lOading and unloading cargo. Accu'Fron] cs reinforced thIs model wlth exeept!ona] strength and a third stabi]iz:er leg lor diHicult lifting jobs. The chassis is ve:ry dlJ~ rahle, and makes for good • jlIort:aIbIe cover in a
11L<lryload lifters. f~.rengh.t Urlifortun ate]y, the droidis extremely stupid. lt stomps around your cargo hold like


Drotds, page



Fa.~t(1;'1k Tednwiogy: W, Klj'owieqge

soma angry gi,anl:, and doesn't alwO'liys wah .. :h where tt's dumping heavycrates, The ~i[]fy visuel spectrum scanners mounted on:its head are delicate al1!I.il,Basi~.y shnl ofL The Bl can't learn new tasks, and takes orders from anyone. Personally I'd rather have a Hve cargo roustabout wiI~ha ntUe loyalty, some starshl p weapon skills and a good aim, SoUllCt':: .Rebel Alhonce Sourcebook, page I:W, B I Wo:d!:.elC Drotd .. lJ'exterlty 1iJ, Knowledge

2tJ;. Meciu:l11rcClI 2D, astrogalion 2D+ 1, communi·

LE. Repairr Droid. Dexlt;.ri.ry

posts repair 3D. Movftl: 7.

eations 3lJ,S'Eln:S\DI'S3D, Perception JD, Streng/I! :!D\. Te.chnical 2JJ, tapifat :sta.rs/dp rf:/J(lrr i/D, oomputer progromming/repair 5D, spat-e trails-



lifting HJD,.stamina 4D, Technical 1.D..Suc:HO'n/ magnfltic"tipped. d.igits, retractable 'third leg (add + 1D to' lifling when dep]oy@dI). Move: 6,

J D" M€Ch(m.~(;(l1 J D. Pef:ception JDt SJrengtn 8.0.

B.il1'Clf)' Locd Uher

These drotds are often too big to serve aboard light fre1glmm]J., but you']! flndthem around most major starports. They're flot as
slImng as the B ~ worker drotds, but can ~ Ht cargoes higher, farther and fa~ter (thanks to Cyibot Ga]acUcZl':; compet it ive namre), Lead aervtng On many bulk freighters and stomping

These drolds were designed to compete with CY;]]Qt Gabl.cticca's WED I:'readwe]~ unks, They' rea bit more expcnstve, hu I f1h"f.I mnn~ reltahle, The m.~n~~rylator arms are stro.l],ger, and thetr personallty matti.ces don't have short aUention. spans ]ike the MUs, The tread base isa bit more narrow, aUowiog it. aeeesste some areas the..WED droldseen 't enter. The- visua] receptors are mounted on a much lOrls:er <lJnQ more adj ustable arm, whkhgive it greater
ahi1ity to pokeaeound in tight: spots to find

problems with your ship.

Source: Cynabar's Fantastic 'J:ecf!lJ:Qlogy: Druids, page 67. Gallettiinium's f'atltas/tc Techno.l!a.ID",page 25.
NR,sMaiIntenlm.oOO .Dmid. Dexterity m, dmige 1D'+2: l[nowl'ed.g~ J D., Mechanical .Percep. tiorr rD, StFe11g1'hiD.,Te.chnicai IIJ,. computer programming/repair4D, security 2.D,space lrnn~' pmts repair 3D.. Wide-.:band cemm reeepter, wetractabh'.l heavyg:rasper arm (+ 10 t01 lilting), teir actablef Del ru,aAipuJatOlI <U"mL. ove: 3. M

Y"', .. ~

" , ..' .... ~.:io

most simple verbal'cotnmands. Some starp.ods use protocol drnids to trana~atemore complex orders between master and druid. Binary load lifters seem 1:0 be. obJMous to others around them" Their 11 preservstlon fe og:ramming doesn 'laUow them: to harm ]iv~ ..beings, but they have a tendency to march IlFomfortaUydose to people., M~ybe some , ,tits just Und tbei r sbeer size i[']!<t[m.i.dat]ng. .;tWhe:nfu Uy st~nding, the lifters are about three ~ me,.CT$.all-a nice height from wbkh to drop t " .. " ",,,,.,.'g ~. dh . .' .. rt .. era,: mClUo ]"v'enever seeu a h'apperl. ~, SdilIJ"Oe: "flU! ,official ~1ar Wars Adventure
~Ji. '.

lifters aren't too swift either ,<l:rud respond to


R2 Asfromech Droidl
gJ'amm~rJgis tailored to !:Ot.adiSh~e:r repalr, but you can .always modify ~hBmwith some f~e:igh~er repair SkmWare, T1u;!ycan help co-pilot your ship, repair damage ~nf1~gfut. can hold up to and
These are perhaps the most versatile maintenance drotds ava;iJabh,:. Most of their pnF

#3,. p1lige 84

P~otf.sSm1u g,giers Guide

10hyperspace jump coordinates in memory .. The R2-seri·es' personalities can get: somewhat emery and snippy, but 'they'll make better c.ompaolons: than some near-mlndless Asp
d.wid. .Most sh ips that incorporate ast romec h d rotds jnto their hypernautic systems are m.i I itan' designs, Because the Reb el Alliance relies

coordinates in their limlted memory banks. Thel r personehty matrices are pretty simple.
Remember, your R5 is s upposed to be fixing the shlp, not entertaining hjgh-ranki.ng guests.
BecaUS'E the Reblll on doesn't blilYa lot of R5 untts, Imperial Intelligence doesn't rnon ito!' large purehases-s-as far as I know. Of COUTS e, this means shrppmg them isn't as lucuratlveas shipping R2 units, but ~t is safer. S01.1il'",ee: Cyuabar's Fantastic Technology: Dro.tds, page n. The Official Star Wal'SAdvenruf!fl Journal *7, pages 139.-140.

heavily on starflghter designs requlrtng astromechs, ~mperial Iatelllgence tracks large R2snJpments. Fortunately, they are less attentive of small shipments, wbsch spells opportunity for independent spacers "~i1l'ing to deal in druids. Keep hl mind. however, that. customs inspectors may be a. htUe more atten UVie and susptcous if your ca:rgohold is full of R2 units
than, say, shava grain. Droids, page 10. The Official Star Wars Advenmre Journal #7, pages 135-137·0 The Sfa·r Wars

R5 Astl'Omech Dmil.d~ Dexterity

J D, KnQI))[·

Source: Cyrwhar's Fantastic Technology:

floleplayir;,g Game, Se·cona Edmon, Revis'ed and Expanded, page 238. R2 Astromecb Drotd .. Dl?xteri,ry 1D, Knowledge ID, .Mechanical 2D, astrogation 5D, ~tarfighterpUoting 3D, space tmnb.por:i8 3D, Per(~e.fjJi()1l.1D,SinmglJll.D,

edge !D. Mechnnicul J D. Perceptto« In, Strength I [i, Te,clmicai 2D, mmfmterpmgrom m.ing/niipair 4D, space ttamporfs rep",ir 4D. Retractabl@ heavy grasper arm (+10 to lifl'ing, maximum 2D). retractable fine worker ann, small circular saw (4D) , holographic projector/recorder, fire extinguisher. Move: 5.

V5-T Iroasport IDroid

pects O'f b·inary load liners snd CMgU !I.kiUs whenIt eanre up with Ihl:l V5-T,s. These drotds walled payload area. Although the models wit h

Veril Ltne Systems combined the b-est as-

Tec:hnir:aI2D, LYUUputer

jJT08'l'llmm lng/repair 4D, slarfighr'fJ:r repair 5D'. Retractable heavy grasper arm (lifting skin at 2D),retractable nne work gr<l!~,per' .exten darm iblevideosensor, srnallelectric arc welder (1 IJ50). sm.aU circular saw (4D). video display sereen, holograph,ic projector/recorder, fire

can haul up to two. metric tons in their kM-

extingujsher. Mov,e: 5.

R5,Astrom.ech IDr,o:id
and! n onen shows. They break down more

The R5s are cheaper attemetrves to the R2s, and can onlly hold one set of estrogation

treads are a bit slower, they're nnore stable than those with repulsorlljt engines. The droids double all snwU, uncovered and rather unCOIDfortable personnel tnlll!'ipults if you don't Iecl like willkingaround (or it you crasn In some remote region). Like other cal"go-m9V\ing drotds such as the B t worker and the bimu-y Ioad nfte't" the Vs..T tsn't too, smart. It~n take command!!i hoUl ~!most ~Hlynneun 1~s ynu ~nSLaU some ldnd of security recngnmon muUne Wnlle the dl'\oJd ts

Droid Purchose Info~mQtion

The data you 'Il need to locate and buy most of the droids are Listed here. The information mcludes the avaUabUlty and cost (new. unless otherwise noted). Drold 'Cost AvallilblUr,." ASP-7 81 Worker Drold Binary Load uner
LE Repair lliojd NR-5 M~rntenance Drutd

1.1.100new), 300 (used) ( 9.,800 ([lew), '0,4[10 (used) 2~500 ]2,800 (new), ,f),,500 (used)


2 2 1 2

R2 Astromech Droid
R5 Astromech O.ro~d

.2,200 4.525

V5-T Transport WED

is Treadwell

Drold Drnid

2,500 (tread), 4,500 (repulsorllff)

650 (used)

2 2

O1aprew Four: 100ls of rhe Trade


good for transporting cargoes overlong distances, it's not as efficient as Sis or binary Iifters when it comes. to IOiillding or unloading

Other Droids
Don't take my word on what droids to purehese, Any good s muggier does her research. Check ou~other droids you call use on your ship or ~n port. Everyone.
ffnds their own

Source: OuUa(linium

2J..24 ,

'5 FanJaslic.


'\f5.:T Tl'anspon: Droid. Dexterity ID. .Knowledge 1Dr M.echa,7I'i,cal ID, Perception J D. Strength 4D, Technical JD. Retractable ~ifUngann (lifting

4D), can carry upto two metric tons, Move: 35(tread version), 5(1(repulsorhlt version).

droids, ~spedaUy If you spend a few credits custormztng the pr,ogrammi.ng ami attachments. I II, the essential gutde to modHying drclds withnew Sk illWare 3l;IDd eqUipment. [t a~sQ has some ti ps on build Ing yo ur own mecharucal corrtpanlons from seratch, A


uses {oJ'

WED 150 'Treadwe,111 DrO'idl

Cybnt Galaettca's 1'rea.dwe]] druid is a g(l-IJd buy fur any Vt!lSS~ ,. They're among the :better starshjp malntenanee dmids you can Ii nd, They usually come wlth lOur to five m;a,n:ipulator a-rms. perfect for tinkering with those delicate starship systems. Thetr programming is ideal for shipbeardrepatr duties. The treads make these weU stablllzed droids, hut sometimes .. Umit theiraccess Ito tight SPO!S.. The drolds have several other quirks, They wear down quickly andareeasily damaged. The manipulator arms have a nasty hil.b.it of catch~nS' 10 machinery and getting torn oft Treadwells tend t,CI have IHgh ty persunaUUes ancl ;1I'1e rone-to wandoetinlOt, soil's a1wa:ys gom1 p to check in on them to make sure thf'.y're paying tun atteution to their work. Sour,ce: GalaxyG!J:illl1. 7: MosErs.{ey, pages 5:960, WED 15 TreadlweU Dro:iid. Dexter/ly 2D, .lD, .ianguage ... ,droM Irmgmlge!l' 4D, s,~

• Cynuoor:S Fantastic 'Eech.nofogy: DroJds

handy dau.dog describes druids you can buy.

a slew ,of other

• Galladinium 's Pantastic Te,c;hrrology bas an entire chapter on droids, with some extra interface and modification equipment as well,

• "The History Drolds" in The ture JOl1maii'l ever wanted to

• Tfl~

of R...serie~ Astromech Offl'cial Star Wan;:A,doontells you evmyth~ng you :know about 'the .R·-!:H~r.ie.s



Edition,. Rcvise,(j antl Expflfl.ded, I.h~ Slur Wars Trilogy S()un;;ebook, Sp~doJ lMiliun

Sta.rWa,1)S' R,o~eplaylng Grune, Sec.llriO

t d

the Rebel AlUanc,e Sourccl)oa~ each. have sections dealing with droids,
• Cwc/len's Rebel Operallves has some good examples .of eustomlzed droids

tl s

Know/edge s'"tre:rJ:gth

3D, SeU'f'Cil ,:1D"", I, Teduriwl 2D. CfJmp~teT ,Progr(,I'mming/repatr 4D~.2,ffl'!1chir1ery mp(Jif ,repul· ,wdifl r;epair 4D, $paCf tmnsports repair 4U+-l, starfighter rl?lmir .. 5D+ J. Fine mOltn~pu]ato.rarms (+ 10 to repair skills), extendible v]deo mierebtnoculars (+2D to search lor mieroseale work), various ~ools. Move: 8.

M.f!:durrdml I D, Perception



ng for Ute Alii anec "


PIott's .5mugg lers Gu ide

PI~ hurried throug]l the streets of Wroona s.wport. Sbe had spent the day seeing people, mfl:n·euveringde.als and making plans. Onernore stop and she'd have everything set for her trip
!:lac!!;to Boztrok.

At~er snowing the lmperial Iieutenant who. ssarched her ship, Platt had slipped the ryll through CUS.t(HUS at the Wroona starpnrt diirtslde. She'd dean. with the inspection bureaucrat before. II Plan Ulrted €lnougl'l with Officer MI.ia~and bought 19 P a few ddn Its 1'1:1 later at the Spacer's Rest-he'd let her sHp ~h:rough the customs lnspectlon with hlllH the spice on Kessel, Then jJ: was off to Tulagn's

Stars hip Outfitters to arrange an appomtment in h'~s back room later tonight. She'd spent the rest of the afternoon around the docking bay, handing over the go ods she had smuggled Jn and bickering over the price with the drop point agent, The 1..111 y owner had done her a favor and restocked the Brenteal Prinnt¥s for half the usual servtce j,ee. PhlU promised h'im
some black-market tr.inket from Boztrok the next time she made Wroona. Now she navigated the darken erl baekstreets of\Vroona. starp ort 's I~(I uucrclal d~s:trlct. Platt u avotded th~ main avenues-ethe I.abyrilll binc P~.'I~ll;gessafcguarded the bat:k (lorn to Tu]~ 's

Chapter Five: Contacts


ing to find the back door. ]t was a lonely porta] at 'the dead end of an alley. Platt knocked three times. The door sUd open and a smfltng Rodlan appeared. ~Lo hong, nechak," he satd, gesturing for her to enter. Plat r stepped into the ~ba.ck room," a storage area packed with unmarked cargo crates. Tu]agndos,ed the door and directed her to a parcel sitting on one contat ner with markiog$ from 'Chandrila. "Zhovat sur,a nee h]ing<t, he said. "Zhar daa., ..'~ Piau looked disdalnfuHy at the box, then glared. at Tulagn. "You said you'd have a case of

shop. She' d only been here a (,ew HmBS belore, so it took her alew wrong turns and backtrack-

any importer's. warehouse on the planet." The no-dian s]ip ped hls rubberyflngers Into the pockets ot a dirt-smp .ared apron he wore with the "Starship Outfitters" logo lading on it. ~'A:beesufa nechek...." "1don't care who you had to payoff," she s~id . "That's why IpilIY you such ridiculous prices." The two stared at each other to.r II moment. then. T1L1]agn.gave in. He strode oft into the storage room, muttering to. himse1t When he returned, he carried a !iimUaT box with Oi customs stamp from Gruvia on it ~Mu,(!hbet.ter;" Platt sald, S~I~ t~{IIml!()d out five hundred-cred iL chits. Tu~agn rubbed two of his fingers t.ogether andextended a hand. "No," Platt said. "You said ,liOn ererlits lor a small case. I don't Caof'~ what you prom]~ed your importer. TuJagn',s eyes narrowed, aJDdPlain knew he was ddJating whether-or gut to let. the case go for 51)0 credits or hold It for someone else, bSak'e:f vOQda seffa lasha."

the best Gruvi:an TOVMh yo'u could find r" Pillf:lU said, "] don't want this swill. [ Can find this in

galaxy. We'f~ emrepreneurs-cwe have to maJre slick dea]s, manage our meager flnaneesand maintain am fr,elgnters. Nobody can be-wholly independent. A good spiI!cer has a carefully selected network of contacts, fr~end.swho are willing to help us out when we need something. What do you mean, "l don't need help with anything?" Who's. going to falsify your permh datapad when you get those megal quad laser power upgrades? Vt/ho's go.iIlg to ifista'll the concusslon missile laun cher on your freighter? Who's Koin~ to wve you., sate pJace to land when the Emplre's hot on your trail? We all neerl contacts. They can be almost anyonewiHing to lend a hand: infochants, merchants, dataJorgers, doc king bay owners, technicians. Without these people we'd be lo'st, overchargea and quickly put nut of business. Successful smuggfers maintain $CI Hd connections. Spacers who keep their contacts happy can rely on them. Remember, from the conUtct"s point of view; we're contacts, too. I:f your conneetlons can do you favors, you can also do th em a good tum,

M,oking Contact
'Good contacts don't just walk up to you, s hake your hand and ask .i'ryon need any favors today, You cultivate g'Ood connections over
time and thrQugh ~x:pp.ril!!lll"t'. Rl<l.lIIl-tllltJCr, (:'\1~ry Life I;w~nlL !l'I !II story, How you estabUshed 3 ~~onned:ions.t.101ldd mMe an int~T~sti n S :m~['dote" tOQ. \¥hen you C''hUl'l'I'(: tJ contact, you

don't have to write down the whole story, but just a quick s.ummary. Something like ~Nasrabl and 1worked aboard a Sullustan erulsaliner for ,('I wh ib~, IN here we became tast J:r,lends and spent lots of time pJaytng sabacc."
HowYQumet your CIJIl I ~t~ll-I helps deternnne thei r loyalty, frierld!~ness and wimnsness 'to aid you ..U'you treat them weU In your dMHu~,

A small h:l"o'or,eh?" Platt said, considerlng

the oUer. ~AUright, but it's going to be a smail favor. How about [.lexttime I'min port?~ The Rod Ian nodded, a smile sJowly gr'Q,w~ng on hlS snout. . Platt hefted t he hOI( to her shoulder. ~Nice doing business with you, Tulagn. ~She strnde out the door into the al]eys,tuw.gn watching as she diSappe~red [nto the night. Once she dropped ~he aruv~a]] Tovash or.f a.t the ship. ·she'd, bead back to the Spacer's Rest. for a few ks with AUi<li. ,.,to pump b]m 1:01:" irn:orma.. ..

they'll continue to be reliable connections Should you cheat or betmy them, the-y'H be liketyto do tl'le same. There' s nothing rnure dangerous thai I a g:'IJnl~ f·nnLI'I.~twhom YflU tum I(Ito a vinmctive adversary. I've listed a few ways you might know your cunenli: contacts. n you want, list how you madea connection when you choose your contad-it might help define how ]oyal they are when YOll encounter them next.
CoIDJiI!J,OR Experience: Crisis binds people who experience it together. Folks. often must work together to overcome diHicul,t sjtua:UOI:Is-ifl doing so they forge bonds which last a lifetime. Some. common experlences inchide e!Sca.pin~ from an lrnperral prlsen, juiJ1i[!g forces, for a eha.llenging job, c::mretin~each other's back ln

We. can't do e\'eryth~ng on our 0\-vD.. Smug,gJei:~.havethejr starshlps and crew, butthere's '. ~to our business than Hying an:mnd the

Platr's Smuggl'ers Guide

often owes the however, the turns to both save the other

'Often, but are loyal to the end. To break this killd !If ~lI)lId Is the sign of a

other Jor their rescue; relationship quickly parties trying to outin a biendMy, compet 1tlvesplrtt, Y01J(l !>,aveyou:rccmtad, then he rescues you. twl ce, then claims "That's one youowe me." Those sharing me debts might not see each other dcspieabJe villain.

Old.4~qludntlmt~·Iil;TI U~!l·~ ('011 h:u~'1~ JoIIH

pt~npl,~ I kn~w CfJSUi'.ll:ly • You ~'Elight ym have been old Alc.1idemy puddles, mem-

a.fireHght.. running a scam together, and workIngfor the same tyranntcal employer, Fa.m.11y riend: Your cormectlun is with an old F hU[li1y Friel! d- T~"Ii~ pe!'-s;un III ighl have been itSSOC iated with your paren is Of S] blings

the same group which gathered to play sabacc every week You were never really dose, but you never grew apart. TIlls relationship can sorueti n res be superficial, since it's. based on leisure aetrvtty rather than work or danger. Un)ess you've strengthened the connection, such contacts are prone to become fair weather lrtends, Referen·c·e: Om P. of vour other connections or
someone else

bers ortne same social em: le or part


llu'ougb any meens=tbey could have worked together, owed each other favors, or shared iii common ~nterest The state of this relations hip !lot only depends on flQtwynu treat the contact, but how yuudamily treated Idnl. These friends arc willing to forgive a f.ew of your sUp-ups on a-ccount of their standing with your family, If you disappohl't. this. person Loa many times, it could ,get bad to y.our fa lU Hy .. , FiJ¥Ot8:You am!1 'Ihe con! ae.! niip.ll:lY :;;.wapping favors-the old. "you f]x my shi.p and t'Il run YOW" cargo" deal. Neither p.;rrty is.~nterested in ()o:ntroUin:g the other: you just w~ml' tn help each other out. These relationships are prone to fullapart without warning. If one party perceivest he otherisn 't doing 11is share of Iavors, tbin~s cou]d get touchy. iflrmer eoUea_gue= At nne po tnt ~n your past you worked with your contact, During this pe:riodyou spent much time together, both on the .~'oband in on hours, Now you'r,e both in
dons to help each other. Whi1ethese bonds. mignl be strong, they're prone to. time, Unless you've kept in touch, you have only your contact's word 00 what she's been doing since
you last parted. Maybe they'veremalaed a fast rliffeJient lines of work, though

contact This gives ym.1access toothe person, but not his. loyalty. These relatl unships are jn itiated by Jnfoehants and starport workers who daim they k!1QiW someone who can help you out. Since most of these connections are based on now many credlts pass hands, they'f\e (mly as reliable as your money. Romantic Inlerest You and your contactwere once fOn1antlcaUy involved. Though your Jove ha~ el w iud It;':dnVf'_r litH yea rs, your pa~'iI~ a.nm,~~
intensity of WUOf a H!;Il"I inn. 11 cen also

you··v·e met reserred


to tbts

tlon stUtin:sp,i,res you to l1_,elp each other. 'I'ms bond can be very strong dep endmg on the

erum ble if you coded the relatlonship booty and hurt some feelings. Of course, there 's nothing to stop you from trying to mend. old errors

Who Are Your Contacts?

Mere are some exarnples

most typkal

you're in POSl.-

frlend... or perhaps they're secretly working fur your enemies. lJfe Debt: y.QU met yow contact when one ~ved the' ether's me. ~nthese s~tuatiotls one

ences to others if you need them. Although some of the specific contacts are tied to particular locations, feel free 'to place them near whatever sectors of space you frequent _

.specine contacts

ki.llds .of contacts smu gglers tnteraet w~th, Use thageneral description flo create your own eonnectton oithat kind. I've also tncluded some



make. plus. refer-

Chaprer five: Contacts


'se~ecting Contacts
Wben you create a character, you sbould start ",,'ith ,<It num her ot con Lads which reflects your expertenee In the smuggUng business. There's an easy way to do this. For every dte of streeuoise, you should choose or create one contact. For instance.l

authorities, data fOr'gers have to move far away very qUickly- Should they la:.i] o please impcrt tant clients, they might fin d themselves at the busmess end of .abounry hunrer's blaster.

Alee Arovw, :Nimbanese Datta Forger

at transient

have 'five contacts. You can pick contacts from the suggested ones in this chapter,

r you r srrt!.elWtS€ was SD+ 2, you 'd

or erfHII~ ynnlr flown with your gamemaster's permission, Check with you r gamemester r though, She might h ave a different system to fi.~ ure how many contacts you have. Some gamemasters might base this on bow well

Den tsens ol the Outer Rim are fammar With NimbaneJ named Alee Aroval, He wanders from system to system, his persoasl computer and other effects slung over bls s:I:IOU.h· der in a large buslnas s satchel. Mee" s lCiO~:p(lorate tun ic is fadedt.lDd tattered-his nerves are a]so frayed. He's constantly ]ooking over his shoulder. {IS if pursued by some unseen foe, Alee moves lr:oUl Out: Ou.l,tlr RilU system tu tbl!!\ next, rarely stayingin one port fonnote than amonth.

your character's beekground Is written. The more detailed past your character has, the more there' s an oppo rtunjty to sUp in a contact who fits. Others may allow you to make connections during an adventure-these characters might come' back ill the (UI me I u h~lp yUUI out ln all cases, the gamemaster has the final.say in contact creatloe,

The Ni[nbane~ is an excellent data forger who works tor anyone ,v:iUingto hire him. \>Vhen he's earned enough credits, he buys passage off his current planet and heads to another

out of his business satchel, which he never lets out of his sight. Alee somehow acquired a stolen BoSS interlace plug, allowing him to

He- runs his enuire forg,er)!' op€!raUan

Data Forgers,
W:Il.emwould S[~~uggl,ers wHhout nimblebe fingered sneers to forge our "official" starshlp docuruentefam? These data forgers have the equipment, knowledge and sldU to, alter permit datapads, set up authentlc-Jooklng manifests and make yuur travelclearances seem ltke the Emperor himself issued them, The really good ones don't Just for,geyour permits. U1CY (:nSLD re Ihe cornputer data on the other end matches

mit datiiJp1'l.d.'l. Hp.lu~ep'8 8'I!'IV@ra~ regular dat~,]J.adsaround on which to create authennc travel passes, controlled substance transfer permits and the lik,e. U the right facUi.tles are available, AJ@El can fahricate false ldentUieation cards, Some say 1U~ u!il;~d lu work lor the Ihrtts I or was a.h~gh-!ev,elaccountant with the Klawoi nan Trade Guild. Rumor has ~t he swll1d~ed an tmportent HuU dan chief out of a fUm ion credits before he' ned. Alee doesn't tallieabout it He's .~]W~y8 t~h.er:kingbebtnd his back, peering mto dark: corners [or Ihi;! bu unty hu ntera he bewhether the Nimbanelts reaUy a fu,gLtlve or JU:it a (:nlizy (but. good) forger. Loyal. smuggler friends have pulled him out of a few fights but these W€lJ'e llttle more than b:rawiLs lnstigated by dismi ssed <I... m tsunderstandsnga arooIlg some of local starports' more una 11NOry dentzens,

make near-pertectalteratxms

to spacers' per-

lteves are alter him, Nobody's quite sure

those mega] starshlp modlfilcaUons look. authorized. Neel.'l.,authoriIzationto haul weapons onto RaUUir? A good data forger can sll p you a. datapad w1i1ihthe proper license for the .r.ighu pric-e. False :idoenUUcat ion? No pro blem, as long as you have enough credits. Most forgers work outo! secure offices where have access to their da.tawmk tools and
iQrneueer network, Some are fu.U~Ume'com-

These data-crunchers can provide all sorts of useful tools [or frille-traders, They'.ll update your permit. datapad and BoSS records to make

operators who do this work 00 the stde. successful ones have plen ty of business a. few guards to. protect their ass ets, Thts 't mean they don't Deed any favors from 'snl,Ui~l~2:rs. The: rich ones 10000 develop expenlor offworld goo d s. If discovered by

ily 2D-+r2, dodge 3lJT,,2, ,p'ieR, pocke.,' 3D., mnnin:g 3D, Knowle-cige 3D, bureuua-acy 6D, busin,ess 4D+2: streeftwise 5D, Perception 4D+J. ba~aif1 5D. COR 4D+2,. forgery lD, persuasiQn SD, sneak 4D'+2. Strength 2D+I. Technical4D, computer progmmm inglreptl'ir oD. Move,:] O. Character Poinl:s: 3, Several. da.t.apaiJs, persona] com-

Alee Movat

AUstats are 2B except: Dexter-

puter, stolen BoSS input plug, univeesal compuler interface, 2,500 credits. J'fymi't'ie)ook!ngror ano'lh~ goud data forger, vislt the Twt'lek Con'varra on Oruze's [hued·

lble Trouei,!'ng: Starpon, tiOM.


pages 8.9'....:90 of

Plaft's Sturport Guidet or Ballin Dres hlg from Jl.3Jge 19 tn Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organiza-

local sandstone, A lew niches inside the bay contain spare cargo crates, sparestarshfpsupplles, some piles 01 corroding spare parts, and
fusien generators to recharge sl::I11[)'8 ower p cells, The' landlng pit's largeenough for most

on aLIsides by a ]2~meter-high wall buUt of ~he

Doclkif1lg Boy Owners

Smugg]ersOihvays need safe places to Land. We're respoaslhle tor finding good hi.dJng spots with~nthe terrain of undeveloped planets: but when we're In a starpert, It's hard to find a secure ~atndingbay where the' Emptrewon't be waiting for us. Ali long as we don't outstay our welcome, fr:h;:nd]y docking ba,:,! owners and operators can provl:de shelter ~or U~ .\'Inr:! our

tanding hal}!'owners--they'.re

These people aren 'tyour average greedy fines

'OJ!' hnprlsonment

the fav,or.

smugglers who can dofavQrs for them later. 11 theysave your bl detod ay, you'll be back to pay another day. Th~if dlockin~ baysare secure and provide an the norma] serviees you need: food and water, refueling anda few spare parts. Most frjend Iy bay owners are wining to the cost of f'est(}(:k]ng your starship U you're In a hurry., as Jo:ng as }'IOU come back 500n to return

good trtends who to offer a haven for


Smart bay owners have several security measures to keep you safe, Good bays have blast doors MHI secure Jocks-and automated surveillance, The bay manager's office might have comm equipment to t,.·aUfor assistance, concealed places wh,er,e yon can. hide" plus a (ew secret escape routes, U all eise faUs, bay oWfl.'e.rs hwde you behind their enormous starport bur,eaucracy or datapad forms and prncedures,

classes ol ]iltht freighter, but won't accommodate anything bigger. The on~yreal shelter from the outside heat Is; Voos's ofUce, which is built into a. thick section of the bay wall A few narrow wi ndows allow Hght 111 from the street side, but keep nusy-budi,e!llrom peeking inside. Three taller I:rmspal1stee1 winnows ~fjok 1111 on t!u',: h:ty. A counter separates the onj(:!~'S public area lrnm Vons's work st(:lt~on. The open ilIfea allnws traffic through from both hatches. A tree-Ukl;, reck hanging from the ceillng blooms w tth duncolored spacer jumpsuits and work coveralls, A few dusty cha'ts are available for anyone wAIIiIl,g, Ihnillgh tliey've mostly gone unused over the years, An arched doorway leads from the otHce"s public area into the adjacent spacers' quarters, Vocs set up a lew bunks, a relresher booth, old autochet and a few lockers so. vismng free-t:radera can stay here if they don't want 110 risk the sterport's quesuonable aceomrnodastons, Voos '50 work station consists 01 a small desk behind the counter an d a rickety old rollerchair. The counter ~spJled.high. with datapads and perruila, SWIJf:'!wbeirC:! beneath that mess ts a smau comm unit which blares tran.smissions

hum the local starport eontrot and vanous

vessels on a.p~mad] and depalfture. A small control. panel behind the countet controls the blast door, but the batches hUo the efflee
caDDot b e s,e!ai~edemote]y. r ]f

The more soHd yo~ r re hrliolls1aiIl with a docldng bay owner, the more he'll do ~o keep' you safe. Just remember: the more trouble t11ey go throug~l, thegreater the favor they'D expect from you later.

V,oosis the easy~goingowner of -dockin.g 71 in Mos Eis]ey. The SuUustan isn't the most l!iliic.ientin the galaxy.--:the bay's often a mess, his office Is even 'worse:.,and he's not always a:rou[]d~but he's loyal to h~s; riends.]! he's in, f Voos spepd:s D'lOIS't 0'1tds time lounging ~r1 his enloe. He deesn ',I mind if you blast thmuglh while he's, eut, just so longas you don't destroy the place. . The dock~Rg bay has two entrances. The wide cargogauteway catQ be sealed with thick, !dow-dosing blast doors. A smell hatch leads fmm the street Lnto the of'ice, and another h,atch allcws access from the office to the bay. The landing area Is 'Open to the'sky Q.lk'e most dodd"g bays in Mas Ei.sley);but Is surrounded

V~s, Sullustan Dockin,Bay Owner


he's usually leaning hack in his ch(l.ir, his feet up on. the desk Behind tbewcrk station you'll nod a large maintenance panel. It's .1l0 trouble to undo the two latches and swing it aside=Inside you'U find t'I small support cubby, with ,@j ladder leading up to the offlce roof. On top of the hay wall you'll find 111 few landlng lights and a cornm array receiver, Smart s mugg)ers Land their ship dose to nne of the bay walls, ]f you're hoted up In the office, just take the Hlalnte:n.artce lad del'
te the' roof; get a rl!'l'nll:ng startaad jumI:w-ver to

VQG8 is around.

your ship. Head down your dorsal hatch and

blast out of there before the stermtrocpers break into the office and f~sure out where you've

gune, Voos makes most of his credits from the innumerable fees charged for his dockling bay services. Keep'ing your ship here costs 20credUs a day, restocking oonsumables costs 10

credUs (per one person's worth of supplies), and. fuel eells are recharged ait 10 credits pet


cell Voos doesn'tchargeanythlngJortl1e bunks or lockers, but a few minutes in the refresher booth costs you another 1(J credits, and a bad autochel meal costs 5 credits, U you're one O'f Voos,\s friends, thecharges are often waived jf! lieu of unearned "Iavol's," to he de!lvered tn the near future. The Sullustan does," 't run many Illegal scams hlmselt, but often hears "hot Ups" onlucratlve newmarkets, He's not ab(1V!3' suggestlngto his smuggler friends that theyinvestlgate these economic 'Opportunities ... fora cut of the proftts, of course. \fong,. AU stats arc 2D except: Dexterity 3D, blasrer4D., dodge 4D+2; ptckpockm 51), streelwH\~Ei 3D+2, Mechanical4D, astrogatiorl' 4D+1, :repu/~ .'}orllft opemtion 4D-+.2,.~pace transpo,rls 4D+J., Perceptiou 3D~ con 4D, hide 4D+2, sneak Bd, Slre"",oth3[J, .Technical 3D, space trans-poris repair 4D'. Move: 10. S,pedaJ Abilities: Enhanced senses give +2D to. Perception or search in low light; location sense gives + 1D to as~go.ti~I! U lamUia.r with area, cannot get los L II fam Illar with area. Blaster p,isto1 (4D). data:pad, dusty coveralls. U you need another docking bay to hide jn, check out any of the ones the Duros ])eMaa1s own in Mos Eisl'ey (bays 27', 43" 67.,7],86, and '94). See pages ,21-30 in Go/cay Guide .6: !\los Eisl'ey for more information. r;alaxy Gmde 1: A. New Hope Ieatures a 111I uhcr Mos Elsley docltlng bay on pages 4~5.

More res-ourceful :(;encesuse professional infiltrators and well .. rmed thug,s. The' most powera luI maintain a. system of contacts on every level: peuy street thIeves, professional. bur~ glQ.fs,sta.r:port ,adminis tratofs, cargo han dlers. and anyone else in 3. posuton to divert valuable goods to fence's back room. SmuggJers use fem~es ~n two ways. 'Wh~FI. t hey have a Ioad oj hot cargo, they'II try and sell it to a fence just to get It oft thetr hands. ~f treetraders need to find and deliver particular it'~ms, they ottenscek uut the fence, buy the cargo and ship it tnemselve .....A fence ran find stolen I!!Mn~h.mdise iIynu need to,s,hi,pi't,but is more than .happy to take it off your hoods. The problem wUh a fence=-as opposed to your friendly drop pomt 3g@nt-ishedeals in stol~i'l goods. Merchandise you pick up from him IS certain to be hot, and anybody could be &.fJJlrl, ning for your hide if they trace the goods to you-if you~reJuC:ky, its just the legttlmate owner or local cops. Il you aren't, 'Yon ~lllight have bounty hunters or lhe lrnperlals om your tail. Gemng Intouch Wlthyour f cnce menda isn't il!;y,'a:ystlli:-ly. They hide iiehlnd the.tr legitimiJite businesses, keeping their stash locked up in some secret and we11J..gua:rde-d locatlun. You

s a
V (




for you greenles out there" Ienees are dealers insto]en goods. Smnetimt"sl'hey'reknowll as black merketeers, thollg;h thiii.t term ill 11:;]11ally reserved for those who deal in {_'u,jI traband. for smugglers,.these shadry entrepreneurs are often an integra:~part oI doing buslness. Sometimes we take on some independent cargo 0] our own, Of EoUowour own market t~ps-most of the time this Involves iIleg<l!!imerebandtse, ,quite often aequ]redi:nJe8s-than-~e~itimate ways. When srnugg1ers need to dump hot cargo, they visit a fence. These people run ~eginmate fronts, but pack their back rooms with m~ga] merchandise, Some fences have warehouse operations behind which 'they hide thetr ill-gotten goods. Others operate small shops with stock rooms ,', ed with stolen ,cargo. On the ouaslde they .like law-abldmg entrepseneurs: b-eh~nd fa~adelu* cunning minds man~pu1atifl.g Fences acquire stolen goods, then sen them ~terested parties and pocket the profit.

often need to know passwords and contact t1mes hel'o.u: a privata .meeting [s an-anRed, Fences valne tbdr cover. TlIH)/'1l do an~hillg to protect .it~even if Ii means bl:!.\ rf~fin~ a smuggler frlend. A Ience would ghuJ]y :u.l.crIU(:e one of h~s OW!:I contactsto save his tride.

Tulagu., Rodin Feaee


A griz:z,ied o[dRodian runsll1Jasn's

Tulagn is a. shrewd entrepreneur whose prI"mary gOillls to U)like lots of rnnoey. His legW·
mate busLul:'.tIl'lis

Starship [abyrl[Jthi"'lc WrOOnagblrpori:.

.~ ...... U1~

~1Il:'ll}!elll't es and smugglers,

~~ocjd$!strictly from pickpoekets and rob hers.

. '. DO,';!. vast network of their own underw(J~C~cc'nt;ac~:s. SomesmaU-timets acqutre thel r

dise and contraband. The Starshtp OuWtten is packed with $he~ves o~ supplies for spacers. A few tough· looking guardS watch the rnaln door whlle TuJagn works deals at the backcouater. Goods are heaped up Of) warehouse.shelves, and there seems to be no backstock room from which Tulagn WQuld run any UlegiUmOitedeals. The Rodian keeps his legal business clearly separated from his criminal enterpris€5 ..Alth0u.P the OutiiUers storefront is- on one of the spaceport's main boulevards, the entrance. to his "back room" can only be reached through it maae-llke series of dark alleys, No body seems to know how T'lJla.gngetsfrom the main shop area to his back room. Some -SU:SiH~d there's a secret passageway somewhere, but nonody's ever allowed behind the count er long enough
to Hnd it.

he supports

.n by dealingin

moderate ))"l'Iuccessful. tln )Ij~h

stolen men:!hall-



Ut en

Int'er,ested partles seeking to buy or sell stolen goods make contact wtth Tul,a.l!!t1 through a s:imple procedure, Just enter the OutilU.ers and browse im a 'while until you find some' useless trinket, Tuiagn stocks several pieces of jWlk lor this purpose: Wruoniall sand glasses, Ci;amorre.a[lJamulets, rocks which supposedly eorne froIfiAldef~an. Yrlh@ny.ou go to purchase the souvenir, Tulagn sadly states that it's the last one he has. U you'd like more, you're welcome to return at some '!:]me in the futureusually that night Nobody In their tigM mind would want another one of those worthless men enaos, but if you say ves, you,' d come back w.hen more are if! stock, he tens you the time, Don't return to the store then; go to the back door. Then you ,ean c.arry OUIt your shadly dealings with the Rodian in his back stock room, from landing bay workers who nnsdirect a erate or two In his drrectlon, He doesn't deal in petty street ~hleves or burg]ar:s-b.e knows his business is ]n cheating Cl'ff'worlders, not the

the Empire-so

why not band together and heip each other out of those tnevnable tight spOots? If they see a. lellnw smuggler in need, they're not just go.i:n:gto look the other way and carry on with their own business. These kdks are gnlng to do what they can to offer assistance, even if it means a few extra. bounttes 011 their heads and TJE fighters on their tails. Friendly Jree-traders won't sofve all your problems, but tbey'U try to help, They might show U [l to divert a particula.rl,y nosy Imperia] Customs mspeeiin n II~m nr fin ~y surn~th'.l)t's ,give you a\ hand II,
setUng up deals, Inovin,S
l~HfgnHl'Il 1I.II i!:llo\tilig v


Tulagn gets most of his stolen merchandise

loc<ds who support and protect him. These contaC't:s also, help him fence stolen goods: to interested! smugglers who can qutekly get the cargoes off the planet. Tulagn Is most ]OY3] to hLslocal contacts ..'smuggiers come and guo The Rooi,an knows Wroonian connections keep him. [0 business and protect his operation. 'fulap. All stets are 2D except: [)ex1erily 3D+ 1'" bluster: nord-oul' .bl.a..sterSD+ I, dodge 41), prck pocket (illJ' Know,'ed'gf? 8D,b1,feOUOi:u .. y: WroOJ1~ starpQrl5D. ,tu.'Istness ID+2, slfee.lwise..: Wmona 6D, value ,5D'+ J. PerceptiDn .1D+2, barsearch' 4D,Srrength 30+2, Tecn'nicaI2D+), cornpJjJer prqgmmmrng/repair JD+ 2, sccuriry4D:, Move~ 10.. Bark Side Points: 1. Character Po]nts: 6"ComUnk, datapad, hoJd..out blaster (3D)!2,500 cred~ts. ]£ you're looking: for other fences or black marketeers, check, out the Galaxy Shop on Darknon Station (Platt's Starport Gukfe, pages 128-~2.9).

strange starports, Or making new contacts. If you're rldlng iI1I.to danger, they might be wiJ1ing to back y.ou U you are p.arti,cul1l!l"~Y good fri.ends, There's onlyoec maJor problem willl1lhmLH smuggler colleagues-they're not alw~ys around when you need them, Free-traders are translent by definltion. The chances your friend's !iloiug to' be nearby when you're in troub.le Men't always hi,gh, Jt's a little easier .if you trequent the saree ports, or work the same trade mul:~;.Friemny spacers are l,Ooyaltio the end, as long as you can Iiltd them"

Bryee-KeUey and Rypka

The human and Twi 'Iek frelgbtercrew

gain. 5D, con "lD, forgery 4D+2" persuasion

4D+ 1,

Friendly Spocers
in om nne contacts, others are employers, and a rare few are friends. There M,esome fr,ee-traders ou~ there who believe in he:lp!lngtheirfeUows whenev:erpQssible. These friendly spacers are' qukk ~o do a good turn, !mowing tbat the smuggler ~heysave todaycan he]p tihem eut another day. These merchants feela kind of family bond between thosewho make their .iving p]yingthe hyperlanes, We aJI~ have the same prublems-« itlollIDty hunters, gre'edy crane lords, pirates,


new people

of buslness,




respectlvely as Bryce-Kelley' and Rypka wander the Outer rum Territcrles. They always seem to show up just when you need themit's SOme kind of luck)' Inuu -k, r ~np'pu8e. The two hang out in spaceport 'bars, waador ,dock:~ ing he y 'I..li st ricts snd cruise the orbital tra:tllc patterns in search of new business enterprises and new allies; most: spacers believe they're on a ki [Id of patrol, too, warchrn gout (61' then fellow tree-tradess. Bryc,e-Kell.ey believes ther good bus mess for someone else transl eees to better opportuntttes for him. The more favors he can spread around, the more he can collect later. He's a cheery Iellow, and always has a dear s mile :Uasni:ngtbrough h~stil lck beard and mustache. Hlis funny aecent.indleates that he's probably h'Ofll some elite. s~l:ern in the Gore Worlds. Bryce-KeUey wears a. IAn Sp(ill.:,ef"S [umpsult covered with pockets whichalways seem to eenretn j ust what he or his smuggler fri·ends need. DespUe his trustlng, friemlJ[y aUUudles, he stUi.carries a heavy blaster pistol at his side for those inevitable Imperial encounters, bounty hunter am bushes, Or double-crosses, If Bryce-Kelley is the cheery one, R.ypka is
his opposlte. The deue T",j'~ek wo~').aXl.-~dwtl1fS·



's h

has a broodi:ng and untrusting look about her, One hand ,isalways on her blaster. She's quiet, sneaky. and always suspicious oOf thosewho meet Bryce-Kelley, Rypka. never speaks aloud


Chapter Five; Conrccrs


Usin9' Contacts wIfh your Gcmema,st,er

When you create your smll,ss]er charaeter, talk to the gamemaster about your past. and. what kinds O'f contacts yOIb! might have ,establish.ed then. AI.though a contact ~s a gamemaster character, you should be free to use his expertise when app.ropriate during' a game. for instance, U' you're on your ecntact's planet you could Ionk him up and ask ,a, favor. ]1'8, up 1:0 th e g.(lIRilemastJef to determine ~f 'l:h!'! contact is accessfble, and how big a role the contac~ phIYS. The eontect encounter could just be a smallpart alan adlv,enture-iike stopping by your old lli1fochant friend for SOme data to po1nt you in the righ t Girectioofl---O'r entirC'llli.ght·s gaman
ing--suc.h as finding out the ouUaw tech you need to repalr your ship has just b~1;I captured by bounty hunters .. "..

6D, TechnicQ,r 2D+2, M.ove: 10. Special abili1lies~ head-taUs aUow secret cOH1lmunkation with other Twi ']eks and thoseflllmJlIi,ar witb their language. Force Points: 2. D~rk S~de Points.: l, Character Points: 7. BI:astetpistol. (4D), datapad,
Royal MisfTf!$s., Stariight@f, maneuverebai,ty 2U, space lS,atmosphere 330~950 kmh, h1l111 '60, shields 2D. Weapons: 1 quad laser cannon

(fire control 20, dama.ge 60j ..

Uyou'reseeki.ng for other spacers whod'on'l m,undhelping theh' ooUei'!igll1e5 out, look U!}f]lY good frIend Tru'eb Cbola~kk (Cra.cken.~5 Rebe.l Operatives, pages 61-62), Shena and Ke]ric are ~dsQg·QQdbets (see Shadoms ul fiJI! EmpiP'C Plan.ets Coll;ection, pages 3-5)..me you're ever in
the M~nos CIuster, Axtor Brjdgem.an migh~ help

you out if the venture makes him some money to pay on his loan shark (see ,G41axy oGr:1.!'de 6.: Tramp Fm.~ghle'rS, pages 8:J...84). Or cheek out
the Su Ilus,tan trader T'nu n Bdu and hts drctd Sidekick. CBX-'9 (J€di A,c-ademy Sourcebook, pages. 83-8-4).

h n


fugitive Medics
Smugg~ers are a]W,llIY8gettinG tn fights wlth everyone: Imperials" pi raL~!I,uuuuty hunters, cmne ~ord goons. There' 5 neve.r a decent medlc around when y.ou need one. Some of your crew
meMbers: might have


but eemmunicates entirely In the silent Twi'lek ~anguag@composed of band, head)..alland body t gestures. She is an aJluIing YOURS woman, but 'equally dru:J:g-elT(lUS. Some say Rypl<a is a fugitive from her homeworld of Ryloth; others believe she's an escaped slave !;l~JL \\tJatever the case, she's still stlent as a, shadow and deadlywith a blaster. Their ship, the RuyalMistress. ~sa ,cumtn~r. . some4ookin,g medium .fre~g,hteL Despite its appearanee, B:ryce-:KelJey's pride and Joy ]s fast and maneuverable, The cargo baycen hold .500 metrle tons, and the vessel is w'e]ku"med w~th ,OJ concealed quad laser casmon, The sh~p' only requires a crew of two, S{:I the humanTwi']ekduo rareJytakes On hirelings , TheR,oyal ,Mistress has become a welcomeslght to Outer rum smuggl,ers whom Bryce-Kelley and Rypka help,
Hawker Bryce-KeUy. An stats are 2D except: Dexterity 31)+ 1, blaster 6D+ 1, Knowledge 2'0+ 1, planetary systems 4D+l, Mecbunicai 3D+2; astrogufioTl' 5D+2, space transports 6~2; starship shielrls5D+2, Perception 3D;. bargain 5lJ, Clon 4D,

h a..

basie Urst aid aMi-

1i~l!mlnl'ht.rrll:ii'i!:rJtn1"·J 'P,na·f.rSJJ'+2. MOVie: 10. For,c€',p()iints~ 3. 'I'Cb:a:radE~' Points: 8. ComLifik, beavy blaster (5:0), mediu m ~reighter ~R'oyal Mistress.
: 'E;';;:.b;lQ.t~er6/J, do~ SD, .1r_.,~·,DC~~·t SD. Knowledge

Slreng,th 3D, brnwling SD, T;e.chnicaI2D+2, space

ties. but that's not gOing to help :v,ouwh.en your wounds arc a.~.i h~Inore Si!!dOU5 .In those Ca:sC9, u you need a doctor. With Imperial Offl:ce of CrlmlnalLnvesti.gaLion (I'OCliJ ni me records tbolt, read Ilke overblown newsnet repurts, smugglers can't Just check themselves into the local hospitaL We rely on 'those in the medical pro. lession who, ]Ike us. are on the runand in hiding. These fugitive, medics are funning from the law for many reasons. Maybe they accidentally kiUedan im:pmunt patie-nt .. Some might have served with plr,alte gr'GJups: or crime syndkates. Others detected from Imperial mHi~ary posts. But just because they're outlaws doesn't mean they still don't pr,actlce medkine. 'These banlshed medlcs slUt need to eat, so they heaID people as best they can for Whateve.r credlts they can charge, They're' wiIJing to patch you up and keep qujet abotlltit ,aslong as you can take care of them in your own way. Some fugitive doctor'S m:mn~a:lnsecret bospital fadUUes where theh' cltents know to Und





An stats are 2D except: Dexterity 3D, melee mrnoot 60, pick 2D+2; Medtan.ical2Drl, ~::selugrs 4D, s,pacetronspor{$ 4D ...I, :sfarship gun· Pemep.non 4D+ I,search 5D, sneak

them. Others wander around with Uttle more than a medkit and some surgical too~s, looking for work here and there. A few settle down w1th €alIIiUes or bus lnesses, though their old ,patlents always keep tuentngup, seeking a medlcal f'avo!l. Besides bringing an their medtcaW equip-

b p !I. n t e


P~a1tt'sSmuggle:r:s GUide

ment, fu:gitive physh::ians ..abo cany around a good deal of their personal "haggage"~:motlonal problems and personality qulrke, death mariks, trouhie with author:iUes, and tlleir own agendas. Use thes e to your advantage. A banlshed medtc fleeing the lmpertals on one planet can a1WO;l!Yssea lift from a friendly spacer to u another system .... bv:ic was a med student at. the Rhlnnal hi the Core Wodds .. She struggred through l he ,rjgHroUs. program (l'f classes, exams and tnternships, barely [Hissing most of h~r [IruglWls checks, Lav,ie turned ~n ryU sp~ce to relieve Ihtl.pressure of ochool; she so-on turned to, gamblliing and rulnor theft to support her destructtve habit. Durlngherl nteru ship at a premtnent Rhlnnal hospital, Lavte's habit cost her a promising medical career. The son of the Imperial ,Governor's chief aide was invnlved hl a terrible speeneeacciderrt; Lavlc was part ().f a team 'tryiingto save h is HIe. She was unable to COIIcentrflite, her nerves fT'ayeri from her destructive abuses., Through her miscalcu IaUon and hurried medical procedures, Lavlc killed ~he aide's SJ(l[I. Rather than lace the professiona! consequences. she fled the Core Worlds. Lavtc spent iilI year hidlng out among several backwater systems ill the Outer Rim Territories, When she resurfaced, she trtedestahlishirlg her OMl praetlee an a small colony .Lavic'a habits and tbe unsavory individuals who ca· tered to them aeon call,gtlt up with her. She ned ,thesdUementaiter a bad deal wltb some spice smugg']ers_ these days Lavte w~ders between systems, mre~y staying anywhere for long. To pay for her room, Iood, gambling debtsand her recurring habit, she takes on whatever panents seek her out-s-usuallythosetn desperate need of dis.ereet care. Wallowing ill her gu~ll has gjven her a grim oulioo,k on life, She 5tll1 gives her (la_tie.nts the best poss.ib~e care she can (for someone in her condition). tbough she always W~I]8! that the outcome pmbatbly won tt be good. Lavic spends most of her time tn eanHnas, looking fUf passage to some oth,er planet. She js susceptible to depr,ess~ol1:-\!;fben it gets too much for her to bear. lavic spends dial'S. in a hallnctnatlng stu-' POl' in some alley or abandoned warehouse. Makesure she's cleaned up before you let her near a patient,
DeXlen'ty3D, dodge liD, pick pocket SD+2 Knowledge 3D, slreefwise' 41), Perception 3[')+,2, bargain 4D, fOlgery4D+2, gambling 4D+l, Strength 211+ 1, Technical 4JJ, amid p'I'Og,ramrning .5D+2,

Doctor Annea ..Lavic; fugl.ti.ve Medic

Med.i.ca] Academy

2. Charaater Polnts: 4, Move: 10. Blas'tvest (+10 physical, + 1energy, torso only), glowrod, Pled dia:gnosUc scanner, medkit backpack, 2 medpacs, sporting blaster (3D+l)" ~18 credits, Nood a second oplnlon? Try these other doctors. The Mon Calamari medic AhI!eelah (Heroes &: Rog,ues, pages 126-127) works wlth the Alliance. Another sawbones whQ works with the Anlamc~ is. Mekhi the Herglic, He works the Bacta Bypass near Tapan~ sector see tbeLords of the Expanse Campaign Serting~ r;a.m.emaster Guide, pages 77-1~).I wouldn't trust Dr, !EVi'lIZrlin (Star W(m Tn'/ogy Sonrrcbook, :SJ~("ial Barrlem, pages G.:'{-fi4), lml. lifO nni,ght do hcuerl'!lurg.iL'lilI work at: bJastler-poim.

We're always looking for Jnformation: Jew Smugglers can always search tor these details th emselves, but that takes time, ered its and plenty of extra connections. That's why we rely on infochants-i.nformat.lon brnkliffs who 'can dig up all sorts of useful data. They can find out where those bounty hunters are stayjm~, digup dirt on y.Qur competitors. pun up the plans :f,ol" 'the local lmperlal lock-up, or slice the override codes to. you r quarantlaed docking bay h]ast door. AU of this 'can beyours .. Jor the right pnce. lnJio.chan.t.s iJrt'_fI [n~]nstay of the underwortd, They settle Into SrJi.liJU shops Or u'fHt"~s, often us:ing some uther ,activlty as a :fro.flt Ior UU;li r Inteiligence-gatbering aetrvltles, Much of their operation Is housed in a back room Hlled wtth computers or datapads, thoug,ha lew ro,vmg ~I'!II(od l!'llnts, use ]}artabl.ecomputer:slo rei notely ~tTes.s hidden databases. The goed ones maJintatn vast networks of spies, informer .... nd 8Ik:~ a en. These agt7.1118 know where to loo.lc, who to ask and bow mud'! to pay for the vital data you need. How much will it cost you? ~f you're good kiendswith an inlochant, probably notfung, Mosil: require some small fee for their eflnrt, depend in;g on how important the data Is and bow di:ffi.cu~1: WI'i$ toprocure, Some lntochaDl:s it are willlng to di SCOU[l~ their raltes iO'TDew jnfor~ matlon, Others require favors in return, often Involving you in somescheme to acquire more data or ereate a link to a well-guarded inj:orma.tlon source" Those who deal with more powerill] und~rworad elements somettmes need hwger favors: passage off a planet Or protection from: ef.l~orc'ers. On-I), the weaUhies't lnlochaets can IiIUord 'fortified nffloes and well-armed bodyguards,
on new cargo runs, dataabout old Irtends, and tips on g}etUng past the local ]mper.ial blockade.


DodoI' Mnea lavJ:e. ,Allstats are 2'Dexcept:

rmtaid 7D+I, (A)medtcine 2D, DarkSide Points:

Olaprer F:I~; Conrocrs


The lthorl an caned Phontos ls one of the major inform1olJtio]l brokers in Lan Bared's Shulell City (see Star Wars Adventure Journal#1, p'ages ] 50- Th He bas a sUfpr~sing~y well-appomted 168). apartment in the Gr]]1,that city's bustltng black: market distrid and a haven for refugees an d other oUworld elements. - Nestled among his precious ferns, palms, and potted crawler vines, Phontos nHl:lnta:jns ,a serene atmosphere in which to coordinate his hlfo{ffiation gathering business. The lthorian rarely leaves his tropical oftlce-h~s contacts and eustomers rnlll~ II) hlrn. This. results in a steady stream of visttcrs each day, snme coming to sen inform.ation others comjng to buy it. Phontos makes everything <IS relrudng aJS possible .. Although he ~urk.-qbeh ind h Is desk, the lthorian invites his {"ell ds to make themselves comfortable on one of several dtvans near a cool, bubbUng indoor fountain. Phontos hasa good rapp ort with lnany spacerg who frequent the starport. They stop' in to get out 01 the heat and swap rnlormatton about happenings out ill tne greater gaIaxy, Not everybody is allnweail i !.'I]d~.PhoJ It08 serut lmzes those knocking at his door before ad miII kIll: them.l Je does nat deal w~thanyone too sc.mffy~ looking tobe mistakenloe common street trash. In case of emergenetes, he keeps a hold-out blaster handy, and pr(>bably bas some secret escape route hidden among all those creeper vines covering the walls ..
r R

Phontos, lthorlan Infoc.hant

~1()'Ile:10. Force- Potnts: 1. Character Points; 6. Cryptos-raphic coder, hold-out blaster (~r~). portable computer. ;short~range comm Unit, 4.000 credits. U you're looking for more ~nf'Qc ants r look h up the Bothan Dakkar in the Jaded Jawa (III Kothlls (ShadoW:.~of the Empire Planets Collec· tion, page' 80); the shmy Twnek Lob'khat the Finder On Kelada (Star l~tJ'rs A!i'venrure Joumal #6, pages 218-225); ConJQ-h_iJr! the' remote shadowbase Tunqllilla Reach (Dar-k.IStryder Campaign, Advf:!fI;[ure BDok: .• pag~ 69~;. frutOf., a Sullustan inlochaut based On Omze sim::redlbfe Traveling Starporl (Platt's Starport Guide, ~es 91-92); and "Eyes. ~ a multiple locular allen CCrodhm ',) R,ebel Opew!ive.s. page 85).

ID+2; imlestigation 6D+ I. persuasion 5D, 7«h· nica! 3D, computer programming/repair 5D.

Not everyone you know has 'to have underworld connections, and criminal expertise. Many times the average citlzencan be a helpful 00111' tact, especially 11 you spend a lot of ti me in the area he wur~~ ur U"'tl!! ll!ll. Rusi!ll!l!il8 owuen; do iavors I,ofthe~f 10yai customers. SeJ v.net",w nf~ ers don ~t mind: ,oner]n~ extra assistance h':lrbl tl ppers, A kind word and .aJew credits can turn street beg:gtl-( ill L-u<:Ii faithful lac k,ey :[or a day. The eelenlsts you just delirvel'\ed carge ,to Illighl: uffljr youshelt~ when you're l~ trouble. 'rne minor bUlCilucr at Yl,lUnat h>.n.d IIII!:Iil'luvt!r-


Few know why Pbontos fs b!dJl1g out here on a system throe days p<Ui1 the Outer Rim terrminvolved in snme Imperial trouble, though, be's boon known to hire £rh>,][ul.'!! ~Ilstract, m lslead II) or df':,f,e.at. some ertme lerd's elllkm:!Jer:s who

nus of th e Bnarc Run. Some suspect

he was

nee;.slonaUy come looking for. him. Pnontos doesu't talk ahout his past-if you want to uncover thatIrrtcrmatlon, you'll have to pay somebody else ...

Phonto5. AU stats, are 2D e'Xocept:blaster: b/(Ister 4D+2, Know.ledge 5D:; agriculrum SlJ+2, bureaucracy 6D, business 5D+2, eeology 5D+ btreetwis€ 7.D,Perception 4D, bargain

you're nul tUJ arrugliull uer£..!J!]Md,most fo]ks are wliUng to help you out lora smile and a handful of credits, These kU;tlJls are thepeople you meet every time you set down in a Slf.lrpnrt TIIlt'!y"rt'! the lHeb100d of a cUy, They inlOW the nc]shborhood, and have a. sense about who belongs [here and w 11u Ilnesn 't, TIm information and services they 'can offer aren't 'too extensive, but they' re reliable. Locals don't move around much, so they're eas-y to find. [f you're as transient as mOISt spacers, they wnn'trecognize you Immediately, but some iri endlyconvenation w.iIJ warm their memories quickly


official misdemeancr ..As I,Oifii{ M

Who Are These Locals, Anyway'?

Locals can have aUkinds of occupations. though they tend to be ones which aUow them to stay LO one general area. Here are some OCCUP<l-UonS helpful locals might have: I .. Restaurant .owner Grandmother Transport Drrver
Mhl0,r Bureaucrat Store C~efk Lonely Beggar

Mechamc Cut]01JSKid Fanner

Speeder Salesman
Maintenam:e Druid


Plott's Smugg Ilers Gu i de

Be. careful what yon ask for. locals have' a vested Interest ill their territory. U they think yOUI' actions w[U be detrimental to tnem, their businesses oOrth:eir homes, [hey'U politely refuse 00' assist you, Thelas s tr!;aJstw(I,.r'lhy O!:I!t;$ mig'lilt even deceive yoOu jus~ to keep you bam

Where Con



WWh~~ if my group's ,game is set In the Core Worlds and m want to use Phorstos-ew,ay off in the Outer Rim--as one 01 my
contacts?" ter provided

callS~ng trouble,

Strege ~syour a¥era,ge trash gny, the person who empties public garbage 'bins, tidies sidewalk: p~anter5endaweeps up bits o~ debris. The old. man toddles along a set route through Chandrlla's capJtal u~ Hauua CUy every day, pushing.it repulsorcart dumpster and spearing wandering' garbage wlth hi s trash p1u.nch-:-but ht::cuuld e!lsHy be wurking on ;my of hundreds IQf dvilized worlds with public. san n,aUon programs. Every day ItUrrge travels

Ringe" Local SWlilatioD W,ork@r

Just becausea specific contact charachere (or anywhere elst!) is, on a certaln planet doesn't. mean he' can't

the same bouleyards, and side streets. emptying the same publlc trash cans, stopping to speak wuh local business owners" and waviil!lg to the Chandrilan bureaucrats, who. pass on their way to. work His
path u]timili~~]Y tallies, him to the same pJace

Mos EJsLey. Do you ]]ire p1ayiing in the Corporat,e Sector? Then move Phornos [here! How about Coruscant? Why not? As long as that's okay with your gamemaster, go ahead and do it These

be someplace more convenlent to your S'fllnf! C'.a mpaign, U' you Iikp. t h Po idp.8 flOf .11111 .~tb(lrjan infocbant ,ni~rned Phcntos With OJ. trap'teal JUO,l'Ile ~n hIs ofUce, you don't need to keep him on Lan Bare~t ]f your campaign is set on Tatoouie. move him to

here for you to use', not

eaeh eliJe.nillg: the city services b{ilJ)', hpTe he w tosses his dali~'y eolleetion ~nlto therlilsi ntegra-


The old man always has a srmle on his 'face. Binge ,often stops to gtve lost spacers direcUons to some area dive or polra of interest. He doesn't mind the interruptions, Binge Uke.s meeting new people as long as they're jL~.q, 8J11 easy-going and frIendly as he ts, WbUe:he's nat an overflow.og fountain useful information, I:Ilrrge bas mooy acquaintances ,along his gar-

just to ~ook at. Remember: ._. If a contact's loCH_JOu,doesn't fttlnto your gome, move hbn. 'th~s m]e goos f'Or'W'lyone in this book or .~nyother sourcebook employers, contacts, rtvals aad adversaries, Nohody w,lIInts to travel way out of his game locale to use interesting characters wbo, can make your ,c::alnpai,gn n~IH't:l t'.xdthl~.


bage patrol, seme who might be able to help

you ou L :l~ ~ H::<e..

(and soon their provisions and ordnance) can start runn~ng dang;er,ousJy low. Some don't have
much (;hoh~e hu1' tu servtces .in',exchange

.8Ii_n:ge. AU statsare:m e_loclep.t: Dexteriry 3D, male,e oom.bat: troshpunch 5D, Know,tedge ~D, s~re~lWis,e 5D, Per-ceplion 4D,' pe.rsumion 5D; ~emich 5D... , Technical 3D, ,dmM pmgramming 2 ID, droid repair 4D, security 4D. Move: 9. Hat, repuLsorU rr dUPl!pster. sanitation coveralls, trash punch CST.R+ 10).

5hr;JrH~rm. mUlh!lry' for tr,al]!spor~ to prospec-

Mericenary Captains
MercerJlarl.es are soldlers---llieyire not skilled at mtwcb more [h..mmmbat SMug,glers are
Imtrep,reneul"s who avoid combat ,as·muc& as

supplies. Mer,eenary captains know a good a]~lance when they 'see Lt.They're wining to trade their unit's combat expertise for a .smuggler's f,avor. These blasters-los-hire don't mind work;ill;R: a lew weeks, as a starshlp security force: If thl!! au angement keep their uolt together until the next Job. Smart merceaaries use the sOlimesmugglers f[iequentl.y-a~ least those' they trust. There's

tive 'employers'r a p~ace to sta:y and some spare


no bett,er

POSsi le, Some mig;ht say this would be the b

perfect match.

than to swoop into the hot zone a~ the last

"",ay to endear y;ouf,sel1to ,amere u]}i~

'The officers ~n charge of mere units are no dummies. They need to keep their soldters outfitted with @veryth][lg from weapon:; and
ammo to Iood and lUedtcaID$upplies, TbesmaUer units really have to cal] in favors to get by. H they don't have ~ steady sponsor, their funds

minute, p~ck them up and blast out of there" A good deed deserves a return favor" Run some

:guns, lor one unit, and they'llhelp vaporize t'tl<~t bounty hunter team on 'Your tail. SOft of an "['U shine your boots, if you sbwoe mine" mentality. Mercenaries never forget Just remember that If you ever decide to cross them.

(napier Five: Conmcts


Charger's ]negulars ""Sp.edanZie in brusbfire wars and hot spots where 01. small Imteffective infantry force can do S(!1Il1Ie dam.age. The unit wanders the Outer Riim looklng for work! and scraping by when the pic.kings are bam. Title group CQns:ists of about 15 soldiers-for-bire, some w~th specialized skJiUs,and all w~thcom. bat experience. The mersaed women tight: Jor anyone willing to pay 'expems1es, salary Mid The lrregu]ars 'eaptaln ]5 a grjzzh~dvete:ral1 named Ma~or Charger. 0]1 tbebattletleld he's a libt1-~!~y WOlilifli, I.!ulp.r !!1~nul~ ~.~ (~nm.~ ml emnfI-

Chw-ger, Mercenary Captain

.repr:ur, first



Beldonna's Legion on retainer to maintain 0rder on Kothlis (Shadows of the Empt.r:e Pla.rJ.el$ Col~ectiQn, Pages 7.~ 76). Churhee '5 Riflemen m.ight still be: fighUng ~nSari n. and Parmel sec·
h )~~,llJru;l H Ie I.'u~t un 1_" (l!s;~IITt1!1 i Itt r$i3J1 u] Ai h IIi R Nova GU,"LrdmlgM Ini"llilreeood c.cmtacts (Galaxy Guide 9,:JlhlgmiClilis .fW.m the. Rim" page:;:::l~ 5:8),

g[er eontaets, too, Consul-Genera! Hals'ek keeps

2 grenades (5D), helmet ccmllnk, knife (STR-r 10), med})ac, mercenary armor (ylD physi:ca]'+ 10 'energy). Other merC!enarycaptailJls make good smlJlg.

ala, secunty. Character PO]RtS: 2. Move: 10. Blaster ptstol (4D), blaster riUe (5D),

,?~mmy,. Jmpuler ?


man. He knows there aren't too many opportunines for small mere limits these days, so h,e and b~Ures have worn hlrninto a qjuiet, contemplative veteran out Oif the war zone, and an unfeeU Ilg fl ghtlng mach~ne If:i ,coMbat. tactsaad doingfavors. The ]rr~IDiI,arsgetllY as much hy acet>:pHfIIg ~.'lillll'lli-oU~ ;I.nrl gnnd wUli as ~ by their fieil!mwo~k, mtsll!od Ilrepower iruconl"
bat, Althol!]gh HlJe outi1t Js clOiU!PQsed e;l'."duCbarger realiz:es the benefiItt of haViJng COIT" I.sn't too choosy aboYit t'ds.em:p]oyers er their agend!a8:. Charger isn't cynk:al, but t he years

When ~¥Iak:i'riiS business arransenlcnu" Charger becomes a SOn-8po~ef!l, polite genUemander.


For a sli.gh],uy more b,ubat.ic band, try (ifrtok and his (;.amon-,ean .ird:arntry unit (L(m;1s of the Expanse Cumpliign Setting. &lmemaste'( Guide, pages 1~ 77).

Ourlow Techs
you only know@nough. about your ship to keep it rrunning. Hardy. ][ you WillI1t !lny f~1Icy medlUcatl.ans ,o:r ma.~or overhauls, you'U need hlk<~ H: i:08ir1 e·xpert. Mo~~ ,~J us hav!: 5w;:h sterltn g r.rlmtnA I repU't!'lJt~lii,jl thA.t wd d h~_:1I'rO rested by B10Si: authorities if W~ ever showed ourfaoes ill many ~awfu~starportreprur bays. We havE'. tn hltf', tochlilkiafl8 as inf.~mous as wfi are,

Unless you're.a. stanhlp engineerlng gemus,

sively of humans, Charger has no qualms about helping alfens-c-he just find soi't easter tecemmend his own, Ins unit do esn't m1nd pulling
clocki ng b!!J)" patrol du l y h~F m~rVUUI!.!:l pl;l!n~rs. They gladly lend a ll:w_llLd ilIrIlyone M@ling to to help them. The Irregulars don't mJnd putting down thtl'~rM,aslers and. shedlding~heir HirmO:r to move crates, They'reeven more eathusiastic if :the ~a:VQTthey Gwe considerate sIDu!u;!lel'S j,l.walvt'.:lI h~asUfll,genp.niie:\! fmd rhlah!. .Major eDuger. AU stats are 2D except De» terity 4D; blaste» 'i'D, dodgE 6£), gre~Clde is£), melee CGM1MI 6D, ffle/ft,!? parry fin. l(,~nw/~flg~ 3D,. intimiootion· 4D, suroij;v;d 5D, tactics 5D, PerceptiOll JD+2, bargar.n 4D, cCJ1Tlm,arul 6D+2, I search 4D;sRea~' 5D,. Strength 3D+ 1, dim , jump'i1¥1 4lJ,swimming 4D, omU1r .rcpa.rr , bl'nster -repair 3D. Foree Points: 1. Dark Side

Out~awb~l.,:hs,.-ljl<e everygrne else ~" our s'egi( I iII g r 1"'1 nrt ~[lI'If~l;:b{ldy. They maJoe most o~ theh· credits on' :lUeg'al starshlp mndifkatiaus for smugglers1 slavers, pirafe.'i,. Hnd c.r!IWle bnsses. 'rhes.e engineers stockpile parts and tools, r:I.pphllS' apartone old tre<ighter to mod Ify ·~PlJther. They're f:olfl.dof trying OUI n'l'~W n!o<dHi(~~~i(llf!S" Or att~mpting to merge ship sys~em$from one vesseiolUo allother they werene'\.'ler meant to W'OIf,k: abeard,
m:e:lU.(J~ SOc:h~ly-fireh Most are a. ~irtUe crazy, but all are discreet, pTOf~ssiona1 and the h est at what th.ey do ... and it'll cost you .• These ted:mjd •ens a:realw!'liYswilling to knock down the cost of your work if you can SCTOlJ!mge up good stars hip pa:rt:;: for them, Sal. junked. ships helps .tee, Go~ngso far a flfsHate eompoeentswtll getyolU a 51!] ls~ooU<!i~ b

Points: L Character Pclnts: 3. MoV€::: HlBlaster pjstol (40), blaster r~f1e(SD), .2grenades OlD), helmet ,com~ink, knUe (S'fR+ lD),. medpac, mercenary annal (+ W physicel, + l[) energy).

Grabbing something

as megal as a

so, grenade .'J.D+ I. melee combat melee parry 5lJ, .~~I1ViV<ll JD+2; willpower Medl~n tOll 3D;. .repulsor1ift operouo« 4D~ Strcenglh 3th2, bmwri'ng SeD, dfm/),Kl~(':rJi:f..{#JJnpil.ng 41:J+l, 5w(,r;n,mi,ng -ID, - Techni(:Cli repair 3D. bh1!ster ~patr 4D. Unit may have one of the f~Howi.fig skins

Typical Charger's JnegnW •.AH stats are 2D Dexterity 4D, biu.ste.r oD, brawling p~ny

miUtary-,grooe weepoa, sensor Or ~on drive l11i:gb~ ust suffice for coM. hiillrdcr{lcUts. j

Sometravel :;eeki.og work. ill utmost hav'e tbeir O\rn base of operations: an old warehouse, aboodoned docking liJay, hidden repu]sotH£t garage, or a real repair bay. '['be good teens ~jm::l.a bidden .fad1ity, beef It urrwiuh some secUirily measures, andsett le tn lucwllat they expect to be several yean ofpmmab]~ em-

Plott's Smuggllers GUlide

ployment. Lif@! ~orthem ,can be pretty comfortable, espedal1y U they have a hrtsk business andr,egu~ar clients. Nothing thls good lasts fo,r~W"elr, 'though. Outlaw teem wlll call m[!l ,1!JU sorl::s o~ favors wihen Mlei:r cover is, b]ow~. Whether OOlN[ij~y hun'te:rs b~ast ~nto'the repair bay or mmrpenal troops usaul~ the place, these technicians need tnmsportation and nrepower tbey can rely OR most eQurt'esy 01 theLr loyal customers .... r,aI"
Tucked nei'!lt~ on 1the edge of Romar starport is a nondescript wflIJI'e'll1nu8eilllhobited by acneerful ~1.t.tleIChadra.,F:an amed T' ill'1"a' avon. n The shon creature has, intested the wa:r,ehouse with ,il W,lIIt'teU IJ~ u8€'id18t8l1"5l1rup'parts, spent hJ.el (:el~s,wayward droids, system assem bltes and a spare ~oilldm~er. Enough snaee has been cleared near the sUdJ.ngdouble doors to aUow a Ught freIghter to land Inside, Despite the mess. T' ae manages ~o repair and modlfy stl1lrshi.ps here. No,body's, Sure whether T'ar is, an engineerInggeni'U5 orj1lJst an insane tinter'er. He spends. hts days trying' tQ' patch together 1:Itundlip s.ystems fr'om .Ills,vastscaveftlged coUecJtiioiil.Whe'H

erofion 4D, S:p6De tro:nsports4D,

ba'i{7;fJ"! 50.

2D.l, climbing/jumping 3D+2"1fftili8 3D, fe~h· rdcai 4lJ~,QDm..,p'Uter progrn,mming/repair4lJ+.2, reputsoriift repo,rr 5D, secl.lriZY 40+ I.,space tmncspom repair 7D, staTfighter' repair (iD .. 1, sr(fl'$hip' weapon repair6D. Special ,a;bHlUes: hadra-Fan C can see In the ~nfra-redand ultraV:io~et:ranges" ,eJ)towlll,gthem to. see in all conditions short '01 absolute darkness:; tbeir sensitrve oUactory


Ren:eptfQQ 3D, tiD'. I, searrh4D~ Slrength

T,81'av:oD"Outlaw TeclJ

give them a +2D bonus to all search rolJs tnvolvtng smelt Character PQjnts:9. Move: 7..

wUh yo,m pr,ccj(lu:s rtlci_'lcr. "fry Icu"Illdns; up

some of thiese other teens. Bolabo HI:l~aM.I nd a her ernates Hilaiotain a slecrets~arsbtp garage other SuUuS'tan, Noire Eels, runs a repwr bay on Ge!gelar, while tberndusive Durns Q]ev Madak Is still hanging out 00 Darkn.on St:ation (Platt's SrQrport Guide, pages 68-69 and l21128).,.u you'f"e outin Kathol sector, check out Spang and Flat wnQ work ~n the shadowport TanqfJfllu Beueh (Dtt,rkS.tryder Caffl:pa~ Setting,. Adv.e.nturn Bnok" pa,ges 61-69'). Oil" if you're 'out In the Corporate Sector, you lDight be ahle to find Doc and Jessa {Han S'O~o 'a1:ia the COl1'Drote Sector Sourcebook. pages BJ-84).
In th,e ,depths 01 Byblos 5t'~PQrt Tower :214 (Cmckell's R,ebel OperaUpe8" pililges 89-'94) ..An~

Coveralls" datapad starsblp too~ kit. Ma.y:oo T'a r's ~lui, I] It;! b~1 ~I) meI:l8 around

somebedy dmps iofor t'\epalrs, the dtmlnudve Chadra·fan Is uncofiil:roUablyexcUed. He shumes out of his technical trash wan"en to
iDsped the sh~p, assesstng dama,ges,

needed and costs, T'ar charges mess than most other outlaW' teens ~nthe OUtierRim, and he's jus,t asSla.d to deal in 5all'va,ge., spare parts and yet-to-be-nemed favors, as he ~s in credits. .AI,though heworks alone, rat' is always busy. He flwuets am1,lrnd s:talJ"sh~PIS. adjus~~ng booHshere, ch~cJ!dng gauges, there, aud replaein,g coupling'S som.ewhere else, .He's small ,enough m scurry through those light _mntedh1y


5tcEport 'Otficio~s
Signs, t~Jrol.ghm]t the Emp1re cheerfully dectare '''SUlrport Officials Arp. YIHI r
Friends ... Please Cooperate," Despite the onlJlineus overtoees ~f t:bh; message~ in some cases it can be true. Spacepof~ oH'irillls'. Cli'lI,tUI1'I8 1ns:pec~ors.md safle~y managers deal vtJth ,free-


nanee dlJc~s 'O\I:iU1 ease, and doesn't. mind. get~


ever repairs lOr rnodtncatlons you. need. Unfortunaitety. he can be somewhat over~enUlUsjastic to m.akie a fewUfiillu~hori:l)ed adjustmen.ts he think.s, would begreat tor yo,ur shlp. To T'ar, rem.oviog the ion drive ,safeUes"increasiing the shield g;emierat.or power 01lX and r@iaJJ.gn~ng the wea;poo1 to Us DiJilgh~ bef;:mltasti~-but you might 'findthem a bit anrellable ,and outr:ight dang:er{IUS when you. USe ~hruni:n mUIiMl:r;.death sUus-

Tar Is fDor,@ than

from aU the accumulated fUth in hatppy to efi.ect what-

Hous ones start b'rokerlnlf their own contr,~ band deals, 'or aSsist smugglers Ior iilI, [!ult of ~he

traders all the Um:~ Sometimes they see lucra.· Uve opportunltles through these contacts. Bribes are the most common meaas of ,suppWe,. menting their i:ncome,a1thou.gh the more iilMbipro.f:its •.

Uons,. 'When you bring yoW' ship in to T'ae's

warehouse. you might want to remind him that It's your ShEPhe's working on, not h.s personl~

plaything. . T'81" Ta'HviillL All slats are 2D except: D'exter~ tty 3D. dodge 4'1)'+2,pkk packet .tiD, Knowledge 2D+2, business: swrships51J, $b"eelwrse4D; oor-u'e:
st!J:f&hfps5JJ'+2~ Mechan.ical 3D~ repu(sori,fft fJ.fJ'"

Local spaceport. off:idall5' are moreUk.ety to, work with YOIilthan [[npefial Customs personnel, tho~slil the latter bav~ their wea!Dle.sses, too. RemeR'illber,in th~s economy everything hinges on ,supp~y and demand~iJ ,au can SUp" ply what your friendly starpcrt bureaucrat demands, he C,iliO help you out, Discover their weaknesses. Most ase vulnereble to' money. Somear'e tempted by the intrigue and PQwer of ffillifJ_pulaUng spac,ers ~o do their wlll, Others see <II. mutual reJ(ltionshlp between starport orficiids and free"traders, as good for local business ... :Iegltlmate end illegal. I've even met a feW'who areeasUypersuaded by 'consumable

ChOPfief Five: Contacts


treats like Socorran raalVa or glaze cakes, Once you 've established a solid working retationshlpwlth a spaceport ofnoer, use him; be'li be UlsiIi,Syou, too. Pat each other's backs. "faWk about what you bo~h wa:!'It-indlrecUy, of contads in tbe starpo:r:t: omcia]s often know of bus~nesses which rreed your goods, freight iilSents who want some cargo heuled, and fugitives who need '''fa'Vors.,''Starport bureaucrats r,eaJly can be your friends ...and the gateway into aJl entirely new neW ol eontacts.

coarse, Use th~s connection to make other

Mechanical3D, repu.lsorfift operation 3D",2, .~ellSOl'S 4D, Perception 4D, oorgain 5D, command 4D+2, con SD. search 5D, Swenglh. 2D",2, 7:echim'caJ 2D+ 1', s,eclIiu'ily 3D, force' Points: 1.fharact'er

lawentbrce.ment 40.

ureeuoise 4D+I, value 4D,

Points: 6. Move: 10. Blaster p~sb)1 (4D), COIl]~ioktcf\ed~t pouch, datapad. Kaa] starport DJ:mform.

Kaa1 is a tropical world W[l]J MidcRim with the starperts, ]mmry resorts. ca.s~nosand hotels
buUt up

Ueolen.aut Murabl" Starpart Offl.cial

islarflld ehaias ,in ihesha.Uow oceans.

teeming w1th Impertal personnel on leave. Although Imperial Customs officially admini s~ ten spaceport facilities, the local constabulary adpal1y does most of tbewOlrk--and takes in most of lbe proflt, legitimateand otherwise, Lieo.tenant Murahl is one of' Kilia]·.s c.,ustomg officers. She maintains a balance between1the Imperial Ous~ums, bureaucracy W'Jdthe freetraders wbo make a livilir.rg lmportlng ~u::rury goods, 'contraband an:dspec:ialty items (or lh(J:i!:e vacilIUoning here. She':s fuUy ,awar'e of her s~itu<dion. Murahl :i~n A hove bending ~h@ 't rules to m,ake sure everyone is h~py! smugglers; henpeJ1fd elfenta, casmo and hot~lQwner\S. and h,er cf,edilt poucb.Mos,t olher hUilille8S climes from people pa~g her' ofr to l:gnoreceJtrun lndis-

The Emp]rt'l' mai:ntains a token m:m~ary presence here, though. the tropical ~sLanddUes are

Every starport has some bureaucrat who's wiJ1ingto help out. Capra]" of the Port Renea Luies helps sUp many smugg~ers past the lrnperial presence in the Minos Cluster's, Shesharlle system (Slar Won;; .AdVrPutUffi Journal #9. vage 145). Morrina Reugus and Lieutenant Sarchen Sny[e;rre frier.ldlyto most Rebel-allred spacers (Cm,ckents ,Rebel Operative!;', pages 74-76),

Employe'rs as, Contacts

The pecple you WOI'k for can also be vailJ.· able contacts if your relationship with them is friendly. Most of them can supply certamthmgs smugglers Reed : equipment, starship repairs and modUications, spare credits, information. .data permits. As, lnng AJlI )'flU fH i111rII lly 1tIf:!11i't! them, and don't dJ5.lppolnt them, tl1cy'I~, b(', w:ilHng to ald you, They ml ght h;)jVE';people ln rhelr 'I?'.mploy wi UJ nUl pruvi.dl!' what you require---rnaybe you work with these tolks all the time, or perhaps you just see them milUl1g ahnul your t:llrnWI:luY~T'8 property and chat now and men,
Some, like the Klatooman Trade GuUd and many larel'; ship!.ill:~ c:ur[IOrntklolJS, rnake their'

eretlons on the part of spacersandtheir customers. As long as it doesn't come to ~tJeattention o.t ~he rnmpe:rialauttl.ootles, MurabJ docs n' t. mind • .sll~"~ 'carefUl~ enou;gh to catch those
whose acUvities-no maUer who was brfbed-«

smugglers lnterdependsnton required

to I.ISP.

the contacts they


their org!;!ml~:ulitlon. pacers 'are S

(a nd, p.;ty) (',uUd repair bays

wou1d arouse suspkicm.

Murahl bas been approached before as a partner in Jar,ger schemes, but the wise 'customs o:f1ice:rhas declined. Sbe doesn't have the meaos berseU to broker iUegai cargoea or set up her own smuggl.ing syndlcaae. The mess evidence attached to her the better" A few extra credits tn her account won't Up off any'One. Business or pleasure, smuggler or ~mpe:rial, Mutahrnmakes sure herpJeasant attitude, warm smUe' and quick it.t\ipecUons make any viS1~or to Kaai feel we,lc,om:e.

~U:1exter;·ty.. blaster 4D+2, dodge 4D, Knowi· 3D..


AU slats are 2D exciept:

3D. bureaucracy.: KnaJ 51). business 4D'+2,

cmd~ls. Others, like the Rt>J}el.Alliil!ICIt. and smalltime crime bosses, can point you in the rigM dtrectton to make a connection you need. They don't have aU these resources available to you, but knowwhere you can nnd them. Of course, it'~ up to. you to seek them out and forge ill Jasting relatlonsblp to get what you need. A.s.sistcmce hom your em ployers helps enSUire that :!/to/u']] be successful on the next Job. They're more than happy to hehl you out-just remember that 'Youowe tiuun something later. Depending on the eUilp]oy.er, it <could be anything from a small favor to nfethllie servitude. ReQlember. real connecUons are Ulor'e friends than buainess associates ..

com.pany' stores, These 'oontads aren't ,a,~w~,yil reliable, since they're based on obnA'aUon ahd

Plott's Smugglers GUide

Rivals and Adversaries

Platt was weaving her way through the Wroona statport back .ailey.s. The small case of Gruvian Tovash was carefuUy balanced on her shoulder, n would make a nice gi.ft: or Pok Narf Ten, she hoped. Enough, maybe, to help him forget how ;I,atbeh~nd.she was' on her sta:rsh1p :payments. Platt tumed a cernee and stopped, A figure: bloeked her way ahead. A.n a rmored i1gu:re, A beuntybunter. ~IGoiAgsomewhere, smuggl!er?" the eold, female voice asked, P~aUknew her as Zn'i1'll1r:Jlflath, a human bounty hunter wi.tha penchant lor Ubese armor.She was a rnercenarv, This week It looked like she was work'ing as coUecnon agent for Pok Nar-Ten.
~Look, J was just g:otnl!l to see you!: j ob, be ab le LoO cateh up with my p.nym.ern.ts. Bf!side. s." sh,e s..a:id, nodding to the Gru.vlan


Platt sMd. "With tht'i C[I~dlf8 l'Il n]~ik~ urf Ihls,

boss, ~


Tovash on her shoulder, "l got Pok a little peace

off,ering, "

"Puk's tired 01 your lame excuses,"

Chapter 5lx: I'\ivals arid Aoversones


Zo'T.iIDnalb sneered. "He wants you and your sh~p. He can gtve the fr@ig;htE!rto a.more deserving' pUoil:,.andsell you to some slaver buddy of hls, The' eld NJm.baiDld p'mbabJyget enough eredits from that alone h), Pail' me and cover the jn~erest you owe on 'the ship." "Let's 'Worksmnethill,g out," Platt said. "How much do you W1lin~ to sayyOlJ couldn't f.lnd me on Wroona.?" "! don't double dMl on my emp~oyer,s!," the bm.nu.y hunter said readyln,g hier force pike. ~EspeciaUy wben working for the KJatooLnalil T,rade 'Guild. You should know that. Now just pu~ down the: case and pu~ your hands alla:inst that wall. 'slow~Y" .. Platt ,s:lghed.She kne~t dow[J and seethe case genUy on Ihe ,gmund. As she rose, though, one hand drifted to the beavy blaster hols~ered! at her side. She sprang up and yankBdl out the weapon. Before Platt could 'even get off a shot, Zo,'T'annath's, for,c@'pi:kecu:thFll)ugh thea~f,and t Im.odted th~ blaster out of her hand. Dflspite Hl.e patches of armor and the hehnet, thebQunty bunter moved With a deadltyfemin~ne grace. She gwung the force pIke's other end around and into Platt's gut. The 5mugg~er doubled over as Zo'TanlilaUI. knocked her ou~with a w@ll-pla,eed blow to the head. As ~latt sprawled on the grQund,. her eye~ sight dhnliH~ng, she felt Zo'Tannath sb~!p, reslndning lbands on her wrtsts, then. saW her pick; up thecase of GnrviJan Tovash. "['J] see ~hat Pot Nar-Ten gets tbi:s,"~be boun~y bunter ,said. '''But alii 8 :sift frOfQ me ."


Theyjust want you. _.dead, captured, or ,out of the ptcture. They don't care how they do, it, OJ how morbidly permanent ltls, Your enemies <liF'~ equailll, pleased to see you so~d toto sJavery! trampled by enraged rontos, encased ln cerbonne, questioned by an everzealoue lmperia] interrogator drold. Of thrownin the spice mines of' Kessel,


are ev'eryth.ing rwaLs ,ilit"e not.

How Do You Meet The.s9 Nasty Peop~e?

Sooner or mater you're ,going' to [Rake' rivals and enemies, Riv:aJ1is.~us,t happen. T.hlilily're the naturaloppo'Smon In 8. very coerpetltlve Hne of work. You meet thera while unload~ng cargo fn a_docking bay, when boasting of your lasuinug.. Snng run in ~he local bar" or flying around the starport traffic pattern. with total d~s;reeard,for sa:f.ety.ruv.aLsw:irnru come m]~ of the' background soon enough. Making adversartes requires .at Little more work--Ibut not muen, You liiiilakeenemlea in the normal course' of bustness. These AUYS don 't wal.i:it. you lin succeed for whatever reason: ~bey"fe Irnpertals, you owe them money" you embarras sed them, you sh.ot their best friend. These are even ways you can turn a trusted
\ntClll bi.ttCIad'rJrf':r IlHiI1)f, nn ran ..:n?ite V enemies ~na fdg:hteninglyvarled assottmCf)lt or contact

YOru.:!·,re haviln,1ilar mUe ~rotd:de t\mlS 'ur others: to hate you.

misadventu res. Here are !:lome jdeas In case



emp~O'y,ers,a.r'e on 011f 5jde (usuaJly) , and we rely on faVQ'TS from way too n1any contacts we
th:i:n:kare our

.As' smugglers,

few IJelJp!e Uke us. SUf'e, our

Bre.aking the Law: To those charged with uphoJding the law, anyone. breaking cstablij:ihllid :rliles, til LO b-t: ca'p~lIJrE!!darn1d bn:u.tght to ~ustlce. Most. ~oca[offi,ciiltillsdon't worry t-oo much i:libout minor reguiaUons:. Vall won't lJJ)llie:t them too command tower Or sheeting them. fmperiaJ. officlals, however, are mn):!chless tol'era.n~. aillout ~hMevjo1ating any ~aw:sand the.N~ Order they hnpose upon the gal~. Some [mperla] Custcms agents have made it thetr life's goal to torment orcapture partIcularly l'\eguJar offendel's Uke:sliHuggJBrs,. U' yeu break the [iilW, chances are you 'VB a:l).noyed somebodywho doesliL't have a sense of hw.ti:or: 'In this c.ase,the [cross offiCial in ch.arge of enfOf'cIDog the ~aw. JUreblowing uptnestarport
enemies, ¥olu're exp€:'Gted tQpay fc,j"services and goods ,mber pli!opJe .!rt~ ~u~iJ you don't, tt's called stealing and fraud. When these foIb don t g,~t. h(l credns you owe them, they get t Mligry. They hire boun~y hunters to cbase you

fri,ends" BlIIt.matly people 'w,emeet oippose ~s. Most ofthese fall ~nto two i~~egortes: rivals ami ad'Y'er,sarles. Rivals are lQ~ksin the same industry as W',e are: smugglers worklns for o~he:rcrime bosses, tr,ansport pilots tlyin,g to force us, out of business, 'ilili.idshwfty free-traders ny,ing to out"bJd us. fo.r every drop point delivery job. They"re Urecom~etitLoll. RIvals aren'talwa_y,s eutto get you-sometimes, they can be your mend, as l,ong as ~bey something out of the deal. Even get . [they're always trying tOI one-up you, a ]im~ltto their ruthtes,sil.ess.llh:ey rarely ,rl:,hiiTl 'tbillfs~oing to get you Jnto major Sure, theyU send some IUiSty ~ittle '. Inspector on your traU, er (,ep]aae cootl'abmd wit,h empty,erates ..But they'.re ";:rnol'l.t·~nifld'I'n seWWyou out to .2ilI. mercUess, boun~y
.5I'ri .•

much as long as yo:ur offenses


Df.mtt Pay OffDebtl: 'This is a sure way to make


Or shoot you ili.itbe back.

down and make you pay ..•one way or the other.

Plait's Smugglers Guide

Not paying your b~nsis a universal way to make everyone here you ,even your trusted eonlads ,.Uyou owe money to your employer, then you're in really deep, trouble. Desb'OyedPooperty: Other people r,eaUydon't like it when :Y'(}U blast the stuff they own, us ually because it cost a lot of credits. ln most cases it also causes a scene (see "Embarrasswent" below).1'f yOUl destroy eomethingreally valll1able----,anitem that can't be replaced-> then scmeones lmforglvably mad at you. They'l.! go to certain lengths to make you pay for your violent ways. Some levy a fine or make' y~liJ wo.rkofltbeiler.n's worth. Others makeyou replace the pm'Pcrl:y~especially jf it was dlfficult to Qbta~nIn the first plece. The least tolerant put a bounty on your head-at least they' U get some pleasure watching you squirm ...., Emban'assment: Making others ~ookbad=-especlally in bont of their subcrdmates or their superiors~sn'tth'eway to make fden.ds. Often trds, lnvolees other reasonsadversaries don't like you: fojling p[<I!I:IS, destroying property, breaking the lalW, phy;sl~itl harm OJ' romantic
troubles, ]n these s~tuaf;jom, y,ouslip out of a

FoillngPlans: Everyone has their own ambstions and dreams, Peopleare motivated by them, work their entl ra Uves to reach them,
When you prevent anomer

g01iJls, e's not too pleased, fal]][Ig to mach b these objectives migbt have caused theperson



em barrass ment, the loss of a job, or .imprlsonIf you're like most smugglers ] know, you have

ment, He becomes eager to do the same


your own aspirations your enemies wiH plot. to destroy, Harming A CI.ose f'ri€md: Most 01 usare loyal to 'Our friends, crewrnaees and contacts. 'When someone hurts them ]l[J some way, we set angry, tn our busi ness, i~'spnssiblc tn phystee lly harm others, too. We acddent;}]])' blast the Imperial lieuteu;mt's trusted aid, push the cr.ime. lord's favorUe enforcer oU the :Ianding platsky .. They're friends -don't take teo kindly to this, and seek us out to inlUct the same kind of
pumshment. form, or blow some pirate's buddy 0111 of the

sticky sltuattcn, and managed to chagrl nsomeone else ]11'1 the process, Assuming your opp~ nent lives, he becomes a.dangerous adversary bent on taking revenge on you-often to a gre.l'I'er degree thaI! the embarrassment you caused.

PbYskal HI:U1D.:]f urt~ng someone's dose friend h or a881U('ialle Ill, bad ,the:ll hurting them i!l worse, People remember pilln vel'Y we]!, espcclally Illh.c person who C,alused.t, OependJng 00 lexactly I what kind of prun you cause, your .adversary could have lasting effects tu remind hin] how much he hates you: scars, a limp, onlly one eye, 'cybernetic replacement parts. Thi~ kind of enemy has one tl.ling on h is mind: dr:fding the AAln(. kind of pain--or worse-on you,

Chapfier Six: R.ivals and Adversaries


slick, hot-shot sfIIlIuggl,ers, oucthere, Don ''t mess

Remmtic Trouble: This lS a warning: to aU you

'CaptainSepriR:,!, Corpomte
Captain Seprlne is perhaps the only corporate transport pilot who looks good in the company uniform. Some men wou]d even say she's shmnlllgJi}' attractive in it. Th.e Capta[1'l pUotsa buJk freighter for Nebula Consamables, running mundane and luxury food items to exelustve markets in the Expansion Region and Mid Rim.. Some of the more expensive cargoes she hauls are exad~y the kinds many smugglers Uke to fun for a few qukk cred i'tK Like most corporate pnots. Seprtne holds free-traders alldsmugglers, in low regard. She's. haughty" confldent and condescending in all matters 0" business. Seprlne isn't above r<lU~!l[g out com peUUve smugg~ers. to local authorlties to keep them out of her affairs. She doesn't tolerate lawlessness. Seprjne enj oys manipulating' others. If she sometlmes seems friendly toward yOy. she's probably uslngyou ~nsome twisted way: pumping you for ;information, misdar'ectlng you, or sending you on on some ma.rket tipwhkh takes yon far from her terrltory .. Her infamous roman lie relstlnnshsps are just as, mim~lPulat:lv,e. She's hadrelat ions hi ps with every male member (III her crew-9tlaybe that's why they're all afraid of her and obey her orders without question. Seprine's beenknown to charm ill spacer Just to twist hIm to, her own schemes. On ee 11]8purpose is hn~s.hed. she tosses him aside ]ike the others gl!otl'M left in her wake. lCaplam Seprlne. AU stars are 2D except; lJexlerity.3D, blaster SD, dOdge 4D+ 1,pickfJQckel 4D+2;. Kno.wledge 3D+J, .bureaUCrQCY SD, bust-

else's, romantic Interest, It's a sureway to make an enemy. Remember, everyone has his 0'W1l goals, bo~h p:mJ'essioflaJly and personi!il~y. Vrltt,e,n you thwart someone's r0mantic ,<m1btttQfl;S-and woese yet., when you attam them yourself you create a bitter adversary driven by otren uncontrollable emotions.

with someone

Your rivals are ,competitors for your buslness, They're the other smugglers, free-traders and spacers who ,Me tryi.~g to make the same living you are, with the same customera, contactsend ,emp]oyers. This one" means there's less work for vou, So you cut corners" lower your pdces a little, and try and show that you're the best pilot for the Job. Of course, this doesn't make YQu look better to the oompet~· Wm-the-y're just as mad at you fot stealing their work.

Corporate Tran,sport Pi~ots

we're unla:whd parasltes whu are bad for bustness. We"re lust Uny sand mites trying to' find a j uicy hnsr to nve oft Mosttl"ansport pnot~ have a condescendtng attltude when rJ~J,l1 with i!I,g:
the Lower

Captains workill'.!g I,or major sh:i.pp]ng c,orporaUons don'e tM[lk much of smugglers. To them

think th,ey're j ust jealous of our free-dom and autonomy from massive CQrporat,e bureancractes, Whateverth e case, il:h@}ffindsmugglers Uttle If!JIHe than minor anneyanees, WA Ctu 1St! trouble


ltl,eIQnns on. the f.ree-tramng food


mmperial Customs 'cr,acks do,wfI on leveryene. We undermine their markets by dodgjng

and then cbey'U .try to show us up, usually in some crowded spaceport bar. ur in Jrm:it of customs :insp-ectQfS who have more respect and trust fOT anthorleed shipping c.apta:.iDS. In return, most. smuggle:r-s, carry ena verba]

costly luxury taxes and loeal tariffs,. We don't' have to dress In ~'h ose siUy company unrforms. Most eoepcrate pi Lots ignore us, though now

11~:b';S' 4D~2, intimidation 4ll~ law enftJ,cemenl 3D",.:!, pi{l~t~lu,ry'systems 5D,styee:tw,rs-e 4D 12, .Mechanical 3D+.2, llslmgll{ ion 4D. (;"fj.p,~"tufJ5htp piloting 5D, comuumicuti.oi1s 4D-+2. ;,;p.n.~o~ 4D. Perception 4D, oorgain 4D-t2. command 5n~ Con

4D-+'2:persr.tasion_'cham~ >BD,capitaT :ship repair 4H Dark S~de Points: 1. Character Polo ts: 7. Move: 10. Blaster pistol (4.D)" bul k freighter: Spireful. datapad, Nebu1a Consamablee corporate unlform.

repartee tlmeswe them out 1I.:Jil!I~~',~:"b their ... "LI"


with these cerpcrate wimps, Someeng-age in practical job!s Just to keep of OUrhair; pi!l'.yin;gthe """aiterto mess drink. order, twpping off customs that hauU:ng contraband', or overloading permit datapads by pl~ggh'lg them into sources. rnt',~·afrLendJy r:iv.atry"one ~t1at \;,a.U.1jc.5 a :h~::whurt ieeUngs, but rareJy erupts in

Honest Free~TrQders
The galaxy has a few no 'Ole Indtv,id.uaJs detenn]nm to make aD honest living as fndependent freighter CApbnns. Thooe tree-traders invest their Ufa savings in the~r ship, Jaber ]ong hours and work their bodies to the bone to make afa~r eredtt, They're ]aw-abi ding entreprerreurs-and th~f5 wby they're not making money, These fretg}l'ter captalns blame their misfortune on slllugglers,. pirates, crime synd:i· calles, and,ulyune else wbo doesn't see the :~al~from. theaexclnstvely righteo'lJs point Oof


Platt's Smugglers GUide

01 iUegalacti.v'ity. These spacers m~glltlo()k..Emd smell like s:m.uggLe~8,but they don \t souad or ac~ nke us. They go out of their way to cooper~

:Most takeo:l'fense at anyc:nesuspecMng them

ate wRhauMloritles, foUow local regulations and Jlay ~he prope:r trade tariffs, even If It

lot. They 'won't start a boll'ng'ht with

As awhole, honest fme"tr,aders

aren't a bad


these spacers Urmly believe that they should reporiltiJIillllY shadowy activity, even the SIJSPI~ ,dow of it, to th,e proper authonttes.
Gnl:mrne \finn is a Duros spacer who Utes his di]apId.ated old Ghtroe 720a!ong the backwater hyperlarJie's of Ule Oute,l' He Inherlted the COiP:'SG- Vrlin from his parents. The ship has been In Grummtl's family for years-----se.vera] gene:rattons of smugglers., actually. He isn't too proud of hwsherliuJle. The Duros ram away from bis parents wllen h@was old enough to Learn that they made a d~sho]}e.t. ]wing. Now [hat fie s OWnS the Cowsa- Vim:!, grumpy old Grumffie intends to redeem. the f.am]i~name by running a successfuill., ~egal.c:argQ transport bUSIDOes:s. .

tffiley won't sabotage yuur ship. Just don't let them notice anyil:t:ling ]Uegal you'.re up to---

crooked drop point a.genIs once tried to con b~m l[ID[O hauling carge for the~~ong 'With some hIdden oontraband. Grumme' was ~o6 noble to deal with such people, HiSmoral code has become more of a burden ~hese days, but he's detenn~f.!oo to sUck wrtbiL I'm. surprised he's lasted thl s long. He doesn't carry a blaster, though he regards everyone with 'a.good measure oJ suSp1c1oin. One 0'1 these days he'sgOlng to need a.fa.vof to save his htde, and lt's probablygo[mg to come Iwmllievm-y smugglers he

despises ..

Gnitmm,e Vlolll. All stats are 2D except: lkx~

terity 3D+2., braw.ling puny 4lJ,.oofige 4D+2,

Gnnome Vinn" Hom.eM Free-Trader

bu:s:iness 3.D,.planetary


3D+l,asoogation $ta.rshtp shields 5D, P.tm;eP.riiIJifl 2D.f..!, ba.rgain 30+ ,1, pe~uasion 3.D..Strength 3D, lrfting 4D. Technical 3flf'2, spo:oe transports repair 4D+2: Mov@: 10. DOlfltapOlJ.d, Ghtroc nOf~~~g]It~r: Cors'll"

systems 4D, Mechani.Cal 5lJ+ IJ.spare transports 6D,

ViRn, spac.er'scowra~h;,

27'0 cred~ts.

Other Smu99h?:rs
We'.!"e not. the only ones ~niliis business,

f,efluw. Yeaes of upholding his mozal codeand, fail.ing

optimistic miserably

isn't a very


iul as we are. Some free-traders band together,

CfieOllUng protect~v,e ,~Ui1li[1lces~o nurture

comer, and he thinks. he ,carlbe ,iilJst s successa

There's a newsmuggler around every


endeavors. O~her s mu~glers are :fi,er,ce]y Jndepende.nt. ~eejng others In their prole'SsilORas ruthl!ess compemo:rs ..A few posfinandaJ
sessthe same philosophy

it-have taken their t.iOJ1His Jaee ~s,



with wrinkle;s,~d

he]])' others when you ean, because we"reail~ in th~stogetber .. But HOit ill]] smuggffien think like that. They mOlJlmtmn rwaki!es ~ong tbeir peers. Sometl mesthts ju:s~'emerges tn bar braw]~, a few harmless pr.anksand few fio]!M) ,~iob opporn»
nlties, In the wor.i;t COliises, i1 ff'.,qnlbl

as the friendly spa.c€:r.

~n sl'Img.
~a'w e[}-



Dusos eyes an: STay ing over. These

days he's takl e gt t km at e

work he can

yom adversary),

toreement al,ruthQrities,starship dogf:lghts tn tr,aJrflc patterns.end dockJing bay b~astef J'igh~5 (usually by that point the rival 11M become D€!SpUe how friendIDy ether smusg~ers, may be, always a.pproach anyone from the fnnge' dements of society with caudeu, 'You marynot like to accept i~youlS,eU, but we C1liEil be just. as disih.enest, th:ievin,g and ruthless as bounty




ing whatever

supplies to ~e~~~ernents,talking oil pass.engerrs

and .ruJ[JJ[!linS some sped~ty cargo for picky

flnd: ha.uHng

clients. He'5 trying to n1!akea livrung maregton whet'le few uphold the law, and most pirofi1: by s:uaealcililg,<'lIlroum[lit. The o~d DUifOS doesn't hOlJV~.much tn do with :smuggler'S.He ~gnore;sthem when ~nport, ])l"efe.ilTIDf1Ig sit. affine in a corner wear~f:lg a sour to ~ace(okourse', ~obnmans altDu:ros ~oO:kso:ut). (iru.ftllrne' doesn't have many friends. A f,~

hunters, .swoop 8~ngsand crime lords. have to if we're going to survive ~nthis tough


Yo:u d.on't have to look :f<liil" to find smlmgg]1M" competitors. Quit~ a few humanamd tba Minos C~~st~ ~Galaxy(;uide6: Tmm'pFreigftte~. pages 79-84). I knowof a few who fly ~he Ou,ter RhWl. C',smuggle:r$ of the Ou~e:r RjmJ,.~ trorn Sltlr Wa~ AdvenlureJvufflu/#5, p~ges lOl-W18). Th.e more famoUls· ones migb~. e out OF b your league., but [t

Choprer Six: IRiivol:s and Adversaries

Wars TrilogySourcebook, Spec{aIEdition, pages 32-3.3). though I've heard he's working with the All.i.ance these days. nash Re'lldar has taken his place <lS Ki.og of. Br ash (Shadows of the Empire Sour;c:e.{JQok, pages 5r1-54).

never hurts 'to rub shoulders with 'the best. Everyone knnws oJ Han S910"s biravado (Star Your enemies tendto taU into t hree ca.t~~ des; bounty hunters, (rime lords, and minions o:r the Emptre, They all want you in prison or

dead for different reasnns, They each ha\olE:l their own Wily of getting at you.

freigbter. the Sea-Bre·aker. runntng his own cargo deals throughout the Outer and Mid Rim. Although he raselyinteracte with his peers, Basz has a silent competition to beat out others in. h~s t!errit!ory., He works. very ll.ard to

The Mon Calamari smuggler known as Basz Mal.lyu is a ~o!l1er. He flies an old Mon Cal Hg:hl

Basz M,ailiy:o"Smuggler'

Bounty Hunters
These are the agents of others who are al'ter you: crime lords. loan sharks, the Emp,1re t massive corporations. They're protesslonal hunters. They'll read. your me carefuUy, plant ttack~ ing devlces on your 5hip, stalk you through every starport. you visit, Good bunters Wi.'li~t Jor the light mom ent to strike. Bad ones just strike. Having a bounty hunter on your tratl can be distracting. Om job ls hard enough wtthout havlog to ]ook over our shouldersevery rna. ment to see if there's a hunter back there,
Smuggler,s become overJy cautlou~ if they have a bounty on their head ,.The smart ones disappear {or a while. The brave ones carryon business as usualand hopethey don't run Into a bounty hunter. They're jus t one moreworry to cloud our jtl.ldgm.ent--just 'Whllli a bunter wants for the right moment to attack. Bounty hunters are also bad for business. If

undercut oth er pilots bidding for ,cllYgn jobs, delivers on time; and never seems eo have trouble wltheither local customs authorities or the Empire, Many suspect Besz was once a. slave, though he never speaks a.bout his past. ~erhaps this might explain hls need to prove his abilltles,
both. to others and hinlseU ..U fie were an hnperial. slave, it cou~d aceount for his relattve ease

in deanng with the Empire and bls various contacts th ruughQut the more cereward regions, Basz is IG)OWU to go to great lengths to ensure his SUCCl~SS.. I've heardtalk that he makes witb the Empire and various erlrnlnal elements to make sure his business ventures


He doesn't hang out around other SflHJHgler,5 lenol'ig~ to rl uub]~ross or bet rtl y them, but he takes jobs from them whenever he bas the chilFice. BaSI fr equeuts the

less llkely to hlre you, Why ship your cargo wilth a hunted smuggler when your shi [1ment might end up In someone else's hand,s_Jr

cltents hearyou'rewanted bysoffileon~.they' re


0:0 the crater

moon o~Syvtis, more

because hts shipping contacts CM! find hlm there than for the company of his peers. Bwlz MaI:lryu. AJi stats are 2D except; .Vexter~ ity 3D, blastet 4D+2, dodge SD,p.tck pvckelSD+2,
Knowtedge2D+2. hureau,cro,cy.: Impel'ialSD, plan,. emry 5}'stem~ 4D, srreetw.ise 4D. Mechanical m .. l, astrog01ioR 4D, t"eprllsoOrlift operation .1D+2, space tron.s..pods 5lJ~.<;tarshipt]ll:Jrnery 4D+ 2, slar:ihip sJ·tields5_D>ba~in 3D*-1. can 4D+ 2, Strength 3D, Technical 4D, computer pmgramrning/repair5D~ (irst fJid 4D+ 2, secttrify 5D, :space trollS. ports repair 4D+2. Speciala:biUties: in moist

blasted into oblMon? Your contacts 8V'o,id you ... they don 'I: wfUlt toacddentaUy fil'll] Ihemselves i.n a hounty hunte-r's field cd fire, U you survive th e hunt, you ']I be lucky 'Ifyou slUt have

your 'career.


DOUBly Hunllel' Zo'Tannath ls a Jem.a]e bounty bunter who

works tor the highest. bidder. She fret]ul1!nts, B~ttok starpO:I1~where she pleks tip, most of her jobs~but tra.ve1 S anywhere her ql!.l<ln"Y

might nee. She wears, places of armor scav-

envlronments Mon Calamari receive a ,,",1 boD nus :for all Dexterity, Perception an d Strength tasks~in dry environments, they receive a-1D to these ~asks; since 'they are amphibithey can breath both ail!' <lind water. Dai"k
2. Character
Points,: 5.. Move: 10,

enged lrom an Ubese w<:iTiI"ior. Few have ever seen Zo'Tomnath'8 face, Her helmet ke~p'g her features eoncealed ,. but her finesse and grace gjve her wcmanlyforrn away. AlthouRh she carries iii! blaster carbine and g~·enades:her speci.El!ny :is; the force pike. She's skiJ1fuJ enough with it to be ab le to su bdue an

lI-:,;}~~II'~'l<:II.e Points.;

plstol (4D). datapad, Hght freighter: ",-., .. ...~,. spacer's worksult, starshlp tool . . "".- .

opponent, or senously harm him. Zo'Tannath is,t.ou.gh and merciless, IQuruiUes which ensure plenty Oif asslgnments from the more ruthless lndivlduals in frln,ge society. She accepts assignments to capture Inri! viduals, though silt-. seems to take pleasure in dispatching dearl-orali:ve bounttes.


has used several different

prey, usually provided


to follow her

Plott's Smugglers Guide

f'Of the ass~gnrnent by her employers.

She hires

several KJiatooinan rnercenarles to help her during more chal.1~nging hunts. often us:ing them to ch.. umel the quarry into a clever trapher Ioyalttes are: to
z.o:'T<linlilathdoes not bargaln

which could make you rich. He has buyers up and down the Corelhan Rulf Trade Route, and
has a s'eem~ng'ly endless SIi:!PPly ,of sp,ice. AUhou.gb he'll set you up with 'ip~ng
CUSl6Pl,e:r a~ the other end tlf Hi.e catgol run,


with her vlcUrns: who pays her,

6D+2, intimidation 4D, s.treelwise5D; o.strogalion 3D •.spece rronsporls SD; s~arshoipshields 3D; Perception 4D, oon ,6D, search t;.o, sneak 6D; Strengt1l3D~ browl,ing SD, Technr,e:aI.3D, ,demoli· tion SD,lirsfaitl SD. sec.u:rity6D. Farce Points: 1. [lark Side if'oint::;: 2. Character Points: 8..Move: Ul mllls,rer carbine (501. bounty hlUl:te't armor (+ 10 physical and lenergy), force pj'ke (STR+2D). 3 grenades (5D~.medpac, Should you need ideas for bounty hunter adversarles, you'll find plenty in Ga'iaxy Guide J(J:. Bounty Hunters: You'll probably not need anymore than that ....

ZO''fano.ath. A.U stats are 2D except: Dexterit}' 4D~ blaster 7fJ~ do€fge 6D+2, grrenade 5D, melee' combat 5D, meiee combai: force pike

Few slDuggLers can aUoTt'!that kind (Jf mo~ey,

D'Iak ~[lIs,lstsyou pay ha]f the price up front,

to work out kick.-back deals wUh local leadees: perhaps he's notin the- business to make a fortune oU splce, but to JJnanciaUy destroy as many smugglers as he can. When you reallyneed O']ak: (to explain why you can't pa:y, or ]OSit the shl pmeat, or got ca,ugh'O, he's neve'!" around, He. shows up t.o collect the other half of ttl e 'eredtts you owe him, usuallty wfutha few :burJy Weequ'ay enforcers, and .afew heavies representlng yOm loon shark buddy. It's hard notte erossD'lak, especiaLlyconSiderlng the highly II nature of his goods you're hauWing,. he TWi ek does not T loJerate,f.ai1ure, even once, and earrles a grudge
too far. Mess up once and you're on D'Ja,k's hit

vement loan shark. [J'Jak has even been known

so they invariab~ fan prey to the nearest con-

opportuntttes to ra1~e:heir ire. The leenshark t
.As smuggters, we're cons.tant1y ~ntera,cUng wIDth the c:nmJinaJi lUu!lerworld..l'his leaves rmmy

list .•.,at least until y,ou pay nun back .

is oogTy~hat we'vemlssed the fifth payment in a row. The crime lord wants yon to pay for the s hi pment of splce you dumped. The slaver's upset that you llbereted his. i:avoil"lte "merchaedise," Pirates are mad that you outwiued thwu, then revealed their base location to the E~ p:lre. Your employee's eriminal rivaiJ wants to
crush the competition" .. and you along with it! Some' criminals tHe care of their own vendettas, They !JJ;!e Utetr eonaecttens an:de}l:!p~

D·1ak.AJ~stats are.2o. except: Dexteri,ty 20+2, blaster. hold-o.rir blaster 5D, dodge 4D, pickpocket 3D-+>2.t/i'mum weapo.ns 41), KTi'O'wledge 4D, business: spice ,6D+2. imi,nidution 5IJ, streetwis'e 5D'f2, Perception 4D+l. bargctir:l: 5D+2; con 5D, forgery 4D+2, Pft.l'Sllw!.km _~'Ilfi.'I1k fifJ,+2: Special abilfties;

aetee Points: 10. Mo'fe; 10" HoM-out blaster (3[h 1). 2 knives (STR + 10)" robes, 3 viJa~s~U!
2,500 credits.

cation wIth other Twneb and those :familiar with their l(l:lI,guage. Dar'k Side Points: 3. 'Char~

hC!'HMru~s ,l'lIl.lowsecret lcornmun~-


use to make your n~emlaerablee cancenng your BooSS starship credentials" sabotaging your' freighter, selling your secrets to other enemies

and Imperial Customs, fowes.. Others charge lthe'lf minions with harass~ng you. Enforcers and bounty hunters, carry out their bidding, jnni.c~ins dUUcu'lty on our strl.l.ggUng careers. Wha~ev,er you do, don't make the Huns engry. Thelr crimsnal inHue:nce saturates the ,e[iilitire 'galaxy. Thoug,.h you m'ight not see them. sh<lJIlbLi.ngaround the Local st;)fpo:rt; rest as-' sured lh~!ttih,ei.r lnsidleus minloas are watchingyo'lll'f eftty

your Ufe? Check. out Pirates & Privateers, Gaiaxy aurae' 9,; Fwgmems From' The Rim, and Galaxy ,Gurde 11; Crimrll'ai Organizations.

lookling for some more: ertmtnals to mess up

Minions of the 1EmiPire

The Emptre isn'l just 'cracking down on the R,ebe1A1Uance, tt's cracklng down on anYOIl'e who threatens the New Order. Smuggllers do anyth[ng but ~olloworder, rules and law.s. We make Jour UvLng by breaJtirQigthem. Th@ Empire

they'll create carefully planned schemes to ruin your nfe,. then they'll blast you.

move, They

won't just blas.tyou "

wbo doesn't want It, NaluraUy we havea prob-

makes ~t's IDMng hlfUctlns: order on everyone


The ftwnerant spice merchant D'lak is a miryll supplter in the Outer Rim. The shifty Twi'Jek seems to appear lus~ wilen you need him, oUering ,eDtidrJIg deals 00 q LDi;.liI'm:~e$ ryll of

D~lak, Spice: Merrcbant

times steps to and entorees CllstOHlS regulalions in the more lawless :regions where Customs can't opem~e without heavier firepowef_
This ag,eucy patruls the more promi n ent starport')-;the ones we need to .sUp contra-

Our major adversary is the [mpe~iat ustoms. Bureau, though Ute ~mpedal Navy some-

band thr,oup. Customs often pa~roas the sys-

Chcprer S!ix: Rjvols, and Adversor~es


whatever inspectlons are ne c e s s a r y :

tern and handles



have nominal control over lo,e;aI port anthontles, who disre.!;lard or obey

searchlng vessets, plus tnspecUon checkpolnts in some starperts, They

to the Empire is so strict thai: he anow:s that (and his brie.f, biting manner) to sidetrack his inspections. Want to waste some time? Imply that you're not happy with whatever i~w or pelicy he's enfu.rc~ng, You 'Il get a long lecrure on the merits oI the



ever you 're ('~hanengi.ng., nd an admon ltton to a Iellew the rules and become a better Imp erial citizen. Rowen's a hard case, butw:lth enough. experlence, you can play him ri;ght Dexlerily 3D, blaster 4D, dodge JD+2;. Krm,wledge 3D. lJure,IJ.!1c.rac.y; Imperial Customs 5D, intimidation 4D, i,QWel1fo~emJent;' ImperiaI5D+2, p[(metary .systems: Wroon,a SD, M'echanical3D,
astrog(U'j()~ 4D, CQmmunic:atioll's 4D+l" sensors 4D+2, PeroeprioI13D+2, command 4D, investigat.J'on4D+l,sean:h 5/J, Strength 3D'+I, cOfflIJrJte,r prograrilminglrepair:1D+.2, security 4D. Move:


New Order, justincaUon

tor what·


UeutelUlmit 'Rowen. AU stats are 2D exoept:

Customs agents as they please. Lucfld:1y local ofUdahs realize

that smugglers

role in reviving the planet's ecoonmny.

can play a viJJtaJ

10. Blaster p~s:to[(4D) •eomllnk, datapad.

on with a total disregard for lmpertel Navy activJtjes~ bl,ast their TIE fighters, shoot their personnel and run thelr blockades. U you ,an· n~ lmperlal Customs agents, you migh~ galn infamy throughour a, sector. Mess, w~th the [[nperlal Navy, and your profile 1s upJoaded to ev,ef]' ma110rlmpeda~ port ~n the ga~axy. Try ri.ill;'ilnl~gcontrehand with that kind o~ p,roies= stonal bazard. J\\]though 1 work with the AlUanc,t: sometimes, trust me wben I say the EfIlp'ire ts everybody's enemy, Don't worry that the lmperials are had forth€: Rebellton and freedom and all 'tha~-they're bad for business. for smug;giers, that's the' bottom. nne.

Feel you're up to a gr'ea:ter challenge? Carry

Your Em ployer os Adversa,ry

you cross them ,. s [Doted bef(l!J"'e, people don't A Ulr:eto lose money. U you're diaappoln'tl:n,flor

they can ,ats!) be' your worst enemies should


can be resou rc.efu~ conrOl.cts-

you're c(lIsting him tots of credits. U you make off witb his sh.p, Or one you haven't. paid for, he wants U:. bad:'. U you owe hlm credits, he'd ]ike them returned, .. with mtereea, 11you sold hJm


:your employer, chances are

out, betrayed him or ruined his business" just

run and btde,

off1cer serving

Lieutenant Rowen is,a ~owly ]mperJal Navy

,,1i!l::noard the Vktory Star De-

Imperial Office'r

stroyer Se'l'tfinel. A.t some point in his short ishment,Rowen was assigned to board and inspec.l: commercial vessels approachln,g and ,ally reserved
departing Wmona. Although. th~sduty for ,oflWdai~mper:lal Customs

career he embarrassed his ,captaln-as pun-



sonnel, the navy conducts spot cheeks tQrnalrn:

sure the sBcuril;y 01 ~[s, orbital 8~ardGik. at. Wroona Is not compromised.


Rowen is bitter and curt with frejghtJer pI;He expects all laws ~o be obeyed, all ~t2fW,()r:k to. be in order. His entourage when lretghters includes a squad of ~tQl:HJ~rO()IH:::r.s. part~y to help inspect the' veswith his requests, ....,"'''... ver you do, don't offer Rowen ,<I. bribe! : e as loyal as a stonntrooper. Rowen 's

mostlv to Lntimidale
'!f JHIO!



Unnke other adversartes, yonr ern pI o:yar knows everythlng aJbQu:t ou: where you hang y lout. what starports you frequent. who, your contactsere, what fdends you have, He',1iI rBaUy good at findjnga~l !be l'lght. buttons and push,.. ing them ... usually very hartt He has other eontaets and business associates ot bls (WiOyour nest pot'entiam bosses-and has no problem blackbaUing you w~l:hyour traitorous escapades, truth 0:1' lies. Not only wUi these colleagues deny you work, they~n sn:itch about your .1.Qcatiofl to your old employer. ]~ you work for a crlm~na] orgmd~aJtionj or eneassociated with the underwoeld (lwkethe KLatooJna:n Trade ·GuHd). you're in deep trouble. Crime lords resort temere serious, deaJdUer measures to exact revenge, Bounty hunters are usually the first sign of trouble, When your cr~n1!e oss has smeared your name with other b syndi,ca~e$ and i[!ferrOO you"r,e working against thern.foo, then you've got more worrtes ,ulan ] care to imagine. -

Platt's, Smug.glers Guide,

Character Templates
gIli.ng rew. Pick one or two captain types. then c nn ,It out with sup port personnel: gunners,
comm operators, carge

The charactertereplates provtded In thls chapt,er are ideal fOr cneating your ownsmtl,gleaders, and

Preewortds Trader, MrLsstt Rov:ing Entertainer , MrIssti Swindler, Proh~ss]onal Thi@l. .

Bacta Pirate" Sa-eta Smuggaer. Disguise Artis~.

'en you feel are necess 1!Irj' fo'r runnjng centreband. Keep in m~nd how many people you 'J] need

any otn-

Sta.rships, iln, Equipment

You'll notice ~h'es)etempLa!tes for smu,lllg1en don't have any :fr,eigffillers under their ~'EiqutPment' ]!s:tings,. We're.leaving thatup toynu and your gamemeseer to figure out. Whetnera, particular character begins the game with a starship depends on w~t the: gamem:asur bas to stofle for you, how many otber p]ayeB .0 the
group have cihaJractel"S wUh .ships. ,9!1d wh(l!t kinds o{ characters af\e in a grOl.!1p. [f we listed a YT-1300 f,reighter as equipment far levery character, and :you had a ,group ()1J ,six smug-

freilis:ntershave a pilot, co-pilot, ami one gunner for each weapon. The J~mup,should have a
teehnlclan and a last-talker ,aLong, Ul,ough oth-

to crew your snlp. Most groups running Ught

ers among the ,crew' mlght have ,skills which cover these protessiorL!!. Add some h~avy hith~rs to move cal"go" hash heads and blast stnrmtreopers in port and you"re all set. I you're all'eady rumdng in Ii band of smugli!~er5" read over some of these templates for abou!t borrowing interesting background e1~ ments, motivatlons, perscnalltles, or the cheesy

ideas to enhance' youJ' character. Don't be shy

The templates hstered here are all origili.iaJ to tbis book; however, other sources contain eharactees who would easHy be.welcomed into any smugghll group': ,.7Jle .Star Wars Ro.'e,playln:g


(l!nd ExpaQded: Brash Pilot, Gambler. Outlaw. Smuggler, Wooklee. '. $• rWall'S Gom:emasterScr:ee'n .0 l&!'oiseti.: Mere, Sulfustan Trader, Tongue-Tied Engineer,

'G,(lme,. Re'IJtse.4

Talk Uds, OIVe'r with your gamemaster and the otherplayers, V'ltric:hcharacter wmllld be moot Iike]y to start. your campaign with a frellshter? Kieep to mind everyone's ba.ck~ grounds. WouWda character who bas just gotten out of Imperial prison 00 less LiJ~e[1y have ,to a starshlp than one who jus~ signed on w~th the Klatooinan Trade Guild? Did your character crash her sh~'p,'In some escapade Just. be:f,ore the current adventure? W~ your ft\e~shter ~m.pounded by the Emrpir€? U a character's background makes it less likely thillt she be.g~nsw:lth :iI. ship., tbat spacer iil'dght. jo]n an.ot'hersmuggJer

glers, everyone would start wlth

,31. sntp,

Wookiee First Mate. II Hemes & Rgpes: .Annoying Squib, Arms

she can earn enough credits lor her OWl! fre~gh:ter.Maybe th&t breeds scmeresentment
among yow crew. Perhaps these eenflietscan

Trader, Out~aw Tech, Quarn~n Sw~ndler, SHcer, Squib Trader, Whiphid Collector. • Pirates & Privateeys: Veteran Spacer.
'. Pla:ye"'s Gui€k ,'0 To-paRi: Ba,da Merchant,

Mercha.nt. Con Mi$t Devaronlan G.rUter, Jawa

_ Remember, characters don't .ust coree to Ule game with extensrve b1l.ckgro1!lnd:s--you
heJp de.termine

help build more depth to your characters.

their aclions, develop

pen;ona1U;y and fill in their past dudoS each adventure.


Cheprer Seve.if1:Character Ternplores



.tmx 4D





l"ec 2D 2D 2D+l

Cautious fint Mate:

OIiSSy SmJiIIggJtlil."


3D 2D+2


3p ... 2

3D' 30 ..l


Comm S1i~'


3D 4D+l




3D 4D

,2'D 2D

KJalOO.lniiW Rou.wtbottt
Memelililiry TnuI@['










3,1) 31)

3D 5D 3D

SJiu.d1l' Crat:e-Busrer








P~a:rr' Smog,glers GUide s

iOhCl'l:'Gcfer' Nome; Jype: Cautious first Mate Gl!'tlderJSpeciet; /Human

Ag~i ~



g Physical DNcrlption:

_ _

" 0;;

• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• .. ___ 4])

Dexterity Blaster _ Brawling parry _ Dodge _ Grenade _ M@I.@e combat. ~ __ Melee parry _
Mi:;si1e weapons

Bargain ~

_ _

., .,



• •

Pick pcu:k'et . .Running __ ~ _ Thrownweapom:s_ Alien species Cultures Language~


Hide Persuasion SeaT'ch Sneak

_ _ _ _

Equ'lpment: B!ast vest ( + 1Dphysical, +] energy, ,only), blan<ef pis.to] (1[1), medpac, GOOc:redlt$ turbulent



_ . . _





DQ~kglfound:you'f'c: II {ujif,iUvc ummllQ: away JW.lU a pas.t 1 0 ~e:r,awa.yIrom those O~l Y-0btr [raU, yuu

(re.ightct cr,l1w. At lbe llme



them to be smugglers,

Perhaps that's !best-their

P]ometal'Y systems __

LUt~ng Swhnm~ng


rn pi.ng

_ _

world connee lions COiO help. you escape should fum pursuers ever piidt up your scent You never stay ill one place very long, ~fid cons:tl:iintlymove!lrQUOd to,[ollow ., the lucraUve cargoes, you're learning ql.ltck:~y,You help out .... ·M~ you can.


You don't !'lave- much exrre11ence 01$a spaeer, but

WiUpower ,

Astmg".t~on Beast tidjng CrJn~11Ii icetions un


_ _

Powersult operation _
operatton _ Sensors ~ __ Space nsnsperts , _ _ Star.ship gurtn ery __ Sta.rship shields _ SW'oop operation __

'2D Tedln'h:al ___ Computer programm.i.ns/]'epair~~ __ Demolitions ~~-Drotd prcgrammtng _ Drold repair _ First a:id _ Security _

as:5~stlng the captain and he~plng with mundane shipboard duties. Wl:1I!!~n Y'0U're .Inport, YOtD watch evayone'$ bact, ei5p~C'I".IJy your QWDl, Nobody"s .;11& jgI0Qd .;II~ ttlelr wonl-e:ve-ryoT1!e l'1,asmt;1tIVf'~th~ than t h eonet! th~·rP.; o rev~a1tllg. You never know when your P1.ll"5l]eTS 'will. show up, You're quick wl.till a blaster, and d~$creet

e:J'lotigh to !mow when. It's needed,


close to paranoia. You don't trust anyone who isn't part of your crew, J la~ the ttme your hand ts on your blaster. f

PenonQUty.: living in fear has brQught yoyr caution

who want you the better,

You have to keep moving to al,."Oidthose


The more remote 'the system,

A Qu.ote:

"1 don't trust tmjlll, Capta.io. There's soraething going on here Ulat smells like aset-up."

~pecicll Abmt~:es

Move 10




COIiI'nedlOIliI With Ofher ~horQders:y.ou could have joined any freighter crew, but would assoeiate more with those d"l~racters who eldlibit ceutlous behavior llke your OWIl_

CillC'.I'rCieNor He! me-::

"fyp.: Wroon Ian Captain

GNiderlS,pecles= {Wtoo.nian Ag,e: H~i9ht: Weight:

Ph,si!Cal De5.i:ription: _

Dexte\rlrty B~a.st,er. Brawling p.arry Dodge

Grenade ~']e1ee combat

........••.•••...••...•........0:11):_ 3 Dr Percept.o,n
Bargai n , Command Con
Gambling Hide
• Persuasion Search

.. : _
: •

Melee parry
MissiJ,e weapon~ __ Pick pocket . R

• •

• •


Threwn w'eapolls __
Kr.u::IJwledi!'li,.·_ ..e
ALien species


Br,iliw,l:ing lift:ing



Equipment: .F1illi1Ly Flight jacket, getlf btl,S, bl aster ,pi:stui (.L'), 11J!t.:,,-,. cnarm, .2",1', d its ~.Sffi 1..., ',1'" ere.



CUfnbh'iW~1.Ullpin.~ __


Intimidation languages Planetary s.ys~ems__ Streetwise



Vatue Wi]]power

Com.p1!Jter ~." ~J!,,(I>gramtc gJ m]H .' rep<l!Jir Demolitions Filst aid RepoUlsot~UtrepaiT__ Security



Ar,~haic starshlp pUoUng AstrogaUDn Commumeeuons __


beyond de. a gmu,ggle:r. You _ didn't ghre it much thought (you don't glve anything • much lhought). you jm;,t deuided one day that .IImllS- gUng was more iLll(:lC'!Hi.I,11iI 'Lhau WlLa:L,l.:vr.::.f Willi )Iou II : wen: doing a.t the moment. That's P'.f'l.:uy mm::h huw yUIJ • live your life. 11it's more exciting, Of pmmil>~ mure _ wealth and g;10!'Y. you do it. And II someonc's so ilulla: do-us as to chal]enge you to do something, then you just have to accompllsh it to prove the scoundrel wrong. • Thts fnevitably brings you face-to-Jdice with big • trQubl'e. Te "QU" -tun'" '" out of trouble is ba]( the fUIrI, ~. !!.... • Where there's more danger, there's mere excitem~m!.]f • IHe weren't so HuiHlol!I. you wou~dn"l have such a good • time.
why you became

Dochgraunch fame, fortune, excit~~nt

• •
: •



Space transports
St.arfighter repair

_ Interested. :

You never back dO'''11 from a ehellenge, If somethtngmvolve« g.l'I.ningwealth or fame, you're

Sensors Spaee tr-ansports ~ Staritgflh:lr piloting Stars hip gunnery __


repair __

Objeodives: To grab as many cred iti> as you can and have the most fun doing it,
A Quote; "I like thai ship. It looks Inurn raster Ul!an. ours. It probably has <I, much more expcm:!i~v,e c~go on
H_The weapons

Stanhip weapon


Starshl.p shleldrs.___

I' • '. '.'•••••• '' ••• _ • e, • ••



pow@J:"JUI, Let's t<&e tt." WOo

Swoop ou, '... ••• ;.,....


'. 'II••••

Special AbU tries


• 100 •

• Conne~:uon'. II'! ";',Iiner· , arcl:",.el'l: you '_'- -,,'I WI.h """'" Ch- .... .' lU 10111

Foree Sensitive? _ faroe Polo.b DMk Side Pnmtl

No • • 1

• • •

up with anyone who looked like they ,gm into <I. lot or trouble. The gunrunner, hot-shotpUot or [aded splee runner are gOod options, becausetheir buslness ctl!ITiel> a particularly high potential for action.

'Cliliarlilde;r IN:amfli=

Type: Weary Ship's Tech. Gender/SpKJ'es: .Ag,e:. Height: PhYilcal1 DescriptloR:

/Human W,eight: _ _

IDexfe,fU'y ___ , Blaster __ ~ BrawUng par.ry __ Dodge

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 5D • Pe~,ceptmon .2D

_ ~

Bargain ~ Con


Fjrearms Melee l~nmbat M~lee' parry


~ _
_ __

G<J!mblin,g.~~ Hid€'.

--_--Persuasion __ ~ __

• • • •

Sneak __
Strengflil Braw]ln,g Stamina

___ ~_ ~ __


Thn)WD weapons


• Equ;~pment~, I. Bias:te..rpi!>Lo~.(4D), lucky hydmsparm.er.

chest, tool kit. 25'0credits

Alien species .. _ B,uream::.mcy~ __ ~ Bustness ~ __



'Climbh'l,gnllJmping __ Ufting _

CuJtllJres,_~ _ PLanetary systems __ Streetwtse ~ ~

Survival _

Value , M.echolllllca'i


Archai.c starshlp pilotJng _~ _ k;h'ogatiun~ _ Communlcatlens __

r'owBrsuit operauon

Technh::al Blaster repair _~ __ Capita] ship repair _ Capita] ship weapon repair ~ __ Computer programmingrrepatr _ Drold repair ~ _

your me-you've bf:.CI'1 ... 1i 0 tg IJlrrlUigh CI',EIl maintenance' ducts, reualr hlilld.nu'! !IIl'HI : ,eD1gjnge~rlngspaces ..N ow you'lIe~ettlngtoo old fior this • stuff. All Uris ruJlning Mound the galaxy, fleeing 1mperlal • ceuisers, vlndletlve bounty hunters and twistedcrime : Iurds is taking Us toll Din your old bones. '.' lt's ti me you found some nice port to reti rein, rna.yb~ '.' open up a repair bay with tbemeasly few eredirs YOIl'\oTe • managed to save over the years, Of course" retirement : would be DUld uuore (~(lmifll"'i'lIli"11ji1; If yot1 $tay,ed wiEh this • CJ<::'W'" blt ]U.[lijl!f, mad Iil; II ~I1\W m o~ h!,gh $'takes sm ~

., Dackgllound:MI

• •

• gnn.g

First a~d_~
lie pulsor ]]h repair __ Space transports repair _~ _ Starfighter repair _~
5tlU's.h]p weapon

pTaining about the Sil~P'Sbad !llI:.ab~ ~epa;Ir", or yelling at of _ someone f.ol" messing up your repairs, You'd rather be • )~h a1UUp. in thfl mlllnt~nance weI! than hanJil ul:.Il 'VI'iLh


runs and collected



your share of a



You're grumpy and stem, always Cum-


t:.f\ew rnem bers,

,: ObJectiveI: (Jet 'U'nls bueket ofrot


Repwsodift operation __

'. tu make the next port. You want to

~ __ __


'.' enough credits to renee somewbeTe' the rncer the. '.' better,

Hying long en(lu~h try and save up

repair _~



Space transports Starship shields,

• :
• •

A Quote;

• .'
Force SensUive? ~,

~Aw. quit fldrlli.figwill:J the! power [:Iux st,a:bilizer.] 11!lSt.re-tuned It last week And if you keep rnaxlng out the drives wetregol]f.ig to have II bum-out,"

Sp.Ci,QI Abllirties

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •

W'L,h Other CharaCfe:lS: You might sHU beworlkil:lg for any sIIluggJer who's also been in the
busirress too long: the cynical free-trader 01' the jaded spice runner, Teemlngupwlth uyQrJf: thww.iogaa::mmd luts of eredjts (IHrnthe c~assy smuggler) is tW;O a,goud idea.

~orce P'mots I .Dark SIde ruililm __ ~_

• • :

Gho_:rclf:.r iN:Qme~
lype; Twi'lek Co-Pi~o'l:

Get:ld:eriSpectel: jTwi 'Jet Agre: Heiglht: ~_~_ Physl:ccd De,KripriliQll~~~~~



3D ~ Per~ep:tICiln

~roo[ts Dackground~

Bargahl .



Bows; ..
Braw]]ng pa,srry ~~~ Dodge

Hide ~ ~_

_ ~ __


Melee pa~ry
Pick pocket



Persuasion __

Bl<tsrerp~stol (4D). com]lnk', data:pad. 50
YOil] were taken hom yQUf hemeworld


weapof!ls __


linowledge A1~en.spedes
Bareaucraey _


BnlwJiil'lg _ (:ltmbll,gJ~um]}ing .__




Law enforcement
Pl0ine,~arysystems __

atarships: pirates, smugglers, ~Ia""ers, enforc~r8. You faithh.llly obeyed eve'ty command andendured abl,;!;Se for yuur mistake.';!. YOI.!I le<'3imed all yom eould about

passed bom one owner to another, Oherll.m;sIcmpu1olls I:r~m]ni.lll! who wandered the gal~;.;y i~ a vMI~ty of

of Ryloth and sold ]nto slavery .'3t a. very young ~ge" At first youjusl served youfl'ltastJers as a cabln attendenr, but you Sfl()n took on ~ater II"@sponsLMlltles. You



Computer program~ mingjrepair~~~~
Druid pfOgramm~ng [}rOlid repa~r


:sta:r,~hip:s and specers' ways-it was a]1preparetten for your escllJpE:l_ You managad to nee with the aid oJ asymp!ltheUc smuggler who provided ,IJJ dlverstan and snms addi-

Med1onlcol Astmgation_~~~~
CommuII.ications Repu~s(ll:r]jn0]).

tiumi'l help. Slm:'f'iyou d!dn 't hl!:~l'!,"~I}i'Whl'irli! to

'first aid __


Sensors _ S]:l<l!cetrans ports _.__ S1tMsllliipgunrle'ry __ , Siars,b~p.shietds _

ReplJ.~SCrUff n"epair __

Security _~~~~~ Space transports


1s(lv~M.mor~ useful. You are ever watcliIh:ll .for bounty fuiunters O~ other agots out to re .._~l"tu.r<lYou, 11:1ort p you're always WMch~]lg everyone's b<lck--espelcally
_ • •
'... :

!lpll.cer iW!lH.etl yuu to jll] I] hl ~ crew ..YOUI' startlhip come ]0 handy, but yow- m.entality as an escaped

gt,; 'tile

skU ~s sl~ve

Swoop operation __
• ,. ..... "• " • '•• ' .....

Starship ww.pon repair ~~_

' • '. '•• ' .' ••• '•• '.' .' ....

• •
• [0 • :

y01!llir c.ai(ltain'.s" You owe him a gt,e@.t debt, on@that you feel ~tly,a!I serv:uc>e can help repay.

Penonali1ly. You're quite and keep to your.s~U, YO!llJ a~e·very attached to your 'captaijn. tonowing hlm everywhere (even against his orders) <lind watchil:\g his back
:i'!"'QIl!l. -

MOve. use their head--ta:fls to eommmuiC:3!t;e~n sec:retwithe<l(fu Teiiliacles: Twi.'lelrs can

: Objecflves:






S1d.ePo:lnb Chamd:er·.


slavers and get to he]p 'I1!sC:1~d.si<lVeSOlnd aid J:ri.em:Uyrn:tlgglers. s

to take shel.teT from the irmnrnent heat storm," -

You need to keep IlloVil'lg and aJvo.id bounty hueters. You tak-e allY chsuce yuILl.

• A QuOf·ef~:"'Those

who walt'cl1t cilndl.ll~yw[ll know wheJ"J.

Connecfflon With IOthell' Ohara:dioll:


You might. beeareseued k9m s]avery by. <my smuggler 'type. might have been ens!:a\'ed with the Siudir crate.

or the Kh3U@oin~f1Ous;iabom., f

Crt-all'Ga,er Nome:
'Type: Sui]ustao Engineer Gend!er~p~cliel:. jSullustan Age: Hel.ght:: _ Weight:, Phy:s~e:oll Descliptlonl: .. ~

_ _


Brawling parry _~~ Dodge _~ __ ~_ Melee combat MeJee parry __ ~_ Plck pocket _ Runnmg~ _

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• __ 2D+2 PercQption • Bargain _ Blaster __ ~~ __ •

Con ~ _
Forgery ~


Hide .~


• •



Ii ill


Gear bag. headset comli:i1k, sporting blaster (3D+l). toel klt, 500 credits

Alien species


Brawlin!:l ~_



Bureaucracy ~ Cultures

_ ~_

• •

DQckgroun.d~l.if,~ ~UUU5t waJsgetting p:rcn,jo'IJ.uflll~. on Yuu LUSOO to bav.e ,a.l:olbtn the SO'l'oSuub COtpu.I"aHnn ,!ill
a teLimiCIl] advl'sor-you~ job consisted of puttering around! the company ollices, tixiIlg computers, re pairlog cnmm ltnes, <l.ndmaliltaming' 'vllal oUh::eequipment,

Climbing/jumping ~_ lifti[]lg_~ _
Slamloa ~


Planet<liiIY systems __ Stree:twi,se __ ~ __ Value _ Willpower _ ,M.echa nlcal Arstro,gati.on Beast rid~ng

'. :

YOW" needed more exrltement. L1h:

When SorClSuub BllUI0I1ncedi its intelltiolil to s:ide wilh the Emplre, YOI1f1e.d the planet. You thought about ~ oi.ning the Rebel Alliance, hut yOY w<eil'l!n't about to die for anycause, You wanted a life oi tl1rUls wl1ich patda put your lte;chmc<l!1kills to s
lime dividend,.so

_ .




Communleatlcns __ Powersult o~:a~~on ~_

operaUOl'iI . ~_

Capita~ship repair Capttal shtp weapo", repair _ Computer prograuil!ming/repa:ir _

Drotd rep,a~r ~


• captain ran into. some

you j:oi.f1ed Il,P with a lree-trader aad work maintafnlng!the cflUmmy bueket of scrap he caned a. t!'ei~hu. Nowalla theil, the

Sensors ~

Repulsormt repair .__ Security _ Space transports repair _~ __ ~_

StarUght,er :repair _

moorefrustrated trying to fi}l: everytllin,s be:fOfEi t all blew I 5t][l, you have your Jile of adventure, plus a few eXtra '.' credits from the captain 'slu(;ra:live smuggling runs, ,ill,

: meant the ship beeame ~ol"e damaged, and;yo.u got

.smugglers., rc:r:im,e lords and bounty hunters.

w:lth 'the"Em.pire,riV<l!1

This orten

'. up.
Ii, ill

• •

., eace,

'enolillallifou~ llSlJ:lllJy you're earsYi!'o1ng, but wltH~n ·":7 things heat up ira the engineerJl1g bay, you get flustered and anxious. You feel you have to fix everythting all at

Starshlp weapon repair_~

ill ..... ' ill ill • ill • '.' •• ill ••••

• O~Jedlves;To.keep the freighter:ln Up40p • exettement, too.

ill 'ill '•• ' •••

conditim'l wUh as l.iUle~' work as posstbte, 'ifolil aeed 1:0 r]nd some

• II

SpecLo,1 #U:tiUties,
Enllanced Se.!l-ses:+2]) to S~(ln;h andA:!rreop.tio'1 in lowIi.ght conditions,.



Location Sense: + I 0 to u¥trogation wheJ:iljurn.ping to a

]oc-a'tian the SuLiustan has, visited befur,e'. A SulJustan

tan always!I':emember how to get back to someplace he

fOO'(:eS@n81tlve?_ ForeePoint. Dark Side Pom:ts. __ Ch.ameter P.",hI.lf ..

No l


A. Quo't"':. "HOCWl:1ill keep dama~i[l~' nr~

~ ki!l!epthis

ship flying when you


Conneai:oB WHh Other ChGlrGders; hi'I:y stars hip c<.lpM~nbight have hl red you to work the engi.ogeering spaces. You'd probably Join up wit:h any spacer type wh om you tlUnk has an .aptitude for get.ting into adventures.

has vlsted,


Z, D
C!taraeter HDirne-~

1)'pee: S~ud~rCrate-Buster

'ID n
Weight:: _

'" ~
1: c

{Sludir Ags: Heilgbit.._~ __ Phys'IC'Ql,DeSiCrjpfjoR:


•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Pe:r,cept.l:on aD 4D
Bargain _
_ Command

BrawUHg parry ~~_ Dodge Melee cOnlb>at Melee parry _~ __



Persuaston .

Thrown weapofls __

• •
IBr,awLing _ :: .. .' :

., .,

Alien spec:i,es,


Eq!ldpm,iI!'nt; 2 Crate hooks (STR'I2), S]!Jdi~war club (S'J"R~ ]Il), 50c:redits

Cultures Languages Surviv.al


~ _

CHmbing/jumping __ , LUting _ Stamina ~

Swimming _


DQ~,g'rou'nd: Your people !U"~ ph.y:Sic,dly pO'w'erfu~, but your upiningiug stressed that rtsponsibility and honor are needed 'to lelllpl!r this qua]ity into a true
strength, You 'wen: about to bccmUl': Il.lJmud W,!I!I"f,iUlI' I'll yourdty.state when speceratockyou Iwm yUUJ primitlve bome-world and put you to work [ut" them, MlIsl, nf the labor reqUired your massive slJ'I.1li.q,!"L]J, ~VI1!I,1 Ii the work Itself was repetltlveand boring. ][ lacked hOHUf. 'r' our short: temper QnEIl erupted, but there was no way your physlcal prowess could free you from slavery" l:;v'e:Ilt.1ll!a1ly a :smuggler captain purchased yOllJlf (r~

Planetary sys~ems __




Armor ,repair First aid

_ _

JOini.r:l,ghis crew. You are M longer slave, but a free-wln,ed c.rewmember with a salary and future of your QW.Q. YOI.! don't nave manystill".'ihip skills,
(jl om ~I'I e.K!CtiJ,af.lgeor J

Space transports __
Srarshlp gunnery ~. Starsblp shields __


'Ground vehicle repair Space transports,


• : •

• • ': •• ' •• ' '.' ' " '. '. '. .. ..

• •

starshlps (called "busting crates"), aithough sometimes yo!.!rea1ly bust crates over other peop]e's, heads: customs officers, gowny hunters, stormtrcopers and the lfke, You are I.oyal your new-found friends, and do what you can to protect then) (rom UH:~dangers ]ur'king in every StafJIOl:1:_

so you work: ~s a crate-buster. You load crates on and off


5peda'l, ,Abll'tles
Namra/'Armor: AS]udil"S tOll!lghSkiil.add~ i' 1[1 against


Move Force Sensithre?' _ ForeePoinb Dark: Side Pob:utI __ Cbm:':acli:er

No 1

'. '.
'. '.

Personal j;ty= ~1!lIot,to-the-point, and short-tempered. You're easIly dl<liJcnged to w:ghts (although you avoid using: ranged weapons), and bave no qu:drn.s ,about b1J Il.ymg others w,lib your sU'en,gth. Younever turn your bad: on a fight. and never abandon you:r {riemil,s.
You warn to work your way np In the smuggltog world, making a name io'r yourself as a .rough. no-nonsense S]udlr.

• 'Objectives:
:: A.

Quote: "With great strength 'comes respon!OibUry: '.' together these bring honor."

Witlh Other ChCIIl'Q;ctel'l; Ally smugmight inllv'e freed you lrum slavers, You .might have , lies to maYMe formerly lrJiVolved ~.D1e:rirm:inal Of;!!l\l_]'J,iza~ tlonS


'ChBtCu;te-f ,NaMe; '(we: Ship's Gunn~r


Gend~rlSpecijes: Agr. HeJjg'hh PhyslcCl1 DescFip11oilil:

!Hrunan Weight: _ _



c ;'3


·3D Dexterity ___ Blaster _ B~aster Artmery __

.. ,.:c , Bm:wliing parry "' .... d w.ge

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 3D .Pellee.ptton __
&r:gi'lln Command



~ Grenade ~ ~ _.. Melee combat Melee parry


Hrnde ._~ Persuaslon

Search Sneak _~~ __ ~

_ ~

'" MJssHe weapons s I"-nowledge-

~ Running ~_ Vehh;:l.e b~asteni __

• -E'qiui:pm.enf:

Planetary Survival


(;limbing/j'umping __ St<m1~na


Law enforcement
sYlltems __ ~~_

Blasterprstol ('1m. torce p~1ce(SliR·.ZD) : wtth stadlghte:r kDUsnetehed into sh.ah headset COITJi• link, medpac, SOOcred its ., .. IQckground,~Ynu've had some m'llltary ,experiellce1

Tactics Willpowe'.r .

_ _



i., mostlywith b]asle.r artillery and vp.hlicle-mount,ed weap: on~but thcerdered, re~t:rkterl m~rtl<iln~ewa.~[lot klr • you. Authority was ,wways tn bp.. c:hJtlJ.l!Illged and rule~ .. wete meant to be brolu~u. So yOIJ len,

'T--"- I' I t=Uln ,«IIi


"", " ','D

4D 8eas't rld'ing _ Cilp]ta~ship gunnery _

Commnntcattons __


Blaster re'l'lair Capiital ship weapon repair

Demolitions _



_ ~


Groundvehide op. _. PoW'ersuit op. _ R.epuls,or]jft 0])'. __ Sensors _

Ant aid __~ repair

· I.

You soon dlscevered ll.~!olrl:1~'rlld"'r's: world: ~mi\jl f •• slee.k ships. biastillg throtlR.l1Irnpe:r:iia:1picl~~t~ and '(end• Ing off bQUf.lty hunters, pinliLeli ilmi r.rlmFl lords, Most .. vessels even had guune.IY e~l.Iplal.:ellltmt); whe.re you • eo1itld prove )',our wo.rlll;L.",'hh yourm'U ~tBJry f!!xperloill'lCe, , • you quickly became aJII ace shot wUh .!I quad laser 'nle
• .. more kills you racsed Up, the mumlmpnrtant
you f~lt. You began keeping tra.ck of.lilIl YOm' 81:~l"flglhtF'1" hits to' prove to others ~ •• at a great shot you were, w

Starship gunne~ __
Swoop operation ~ Walker opera.tiolil_~
•• !


repair .__

These days YO]!] follow whlc never ,smuggler captsln ,.. ~J'ii willing 'to hire. you. Even if th!l'!Ydo:n;t pay well, you're :' happy as,1on.gas there are p1!el1ty 'of hosnles ol.ilthere to
shoet--eand maybe a Jew in port you can rough up, too.


Smrsbip weapon repalr Walker repab

.... '••••••••••••

• :

Persona. ity: You're talkative and easy-golng, qll lckto telfa good story, andshort-fempered when <my kind Q1 1tuthorUy steps lI.1, You sneer 13.<1:. anyone snll enslaved by
semce ..
IObjec:t~VH: To rack up as many kills as YOI,lICaIII, keep track of them, and brag to anyone who wUllisten.


I•••••••• None.

' •••••



Spe.c1:a1 AbIU'fles



Forc--e Sensitive? ._ Foree Pomts·

Dark Side Poomb __

10 No 1


A Quote: ~Now my:f1ftoollth Z~95kil I Ci,meafl:~r we had! • [ust blasted past this sys'tem petrol crutser near
: Sullust .. ,",

Connection Wllth Other 'ChOlllacters: You might have been hh"oo by any f:rejg1Hcr capMn., Or yuu could have been recruited by any member of a starship'g



ryp~: Redian (il!]]:mer

G'E!nd~rlSperde-.s~ {Rodia.n .Age<: . Helgh,; _ Phy:5h:ol DiNcrlpfICl~; Weight. _ _


rucltaicgu[JJs master Brawljngpm-ry Dodge

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• .,,. 4D+2 Perception 3Jih·2·


Bm-g;ain __ ~~ Con Hide ~. Persuasion ~~

__ _ _

• • .•,
" :Equiprnent: B!ast helmet and vest (+]0 physical, ~1
: •



_ _


Melee combat
Mel.ee parry Running

Thrown weapQlls __

• •

energy, head .. d tnrso only), hl:l~ttl;r (411), :Br'aJrhas, m be.,!ldg,~;tl:um li.nk,. 2Sfl~~ffidits

Vehide blasters

Alien species e1!1lture~ ]ntim~dation ~~~_


S;tre,ngtlh __


Y our c.la~ OrIJ Rodll,a. was di>$g:r,a,ced I~ a pnUUca] scandal, To escape the blol)od leud which a~ : m05~ wiped out youf flmlHy, youtnok p<l!ssage aboard .. the Una starshlp head~.ng the planet, All you brought oU •


C~imb]ng!jumpillg _~

• :

_ _


yuugrabtlt~d before youI'" hom~ WaF:. sacked <ll'ldburned, : Th~ frei.ghter c.aplain ""llowen you to work aU YOl1f ,. pa:s~age.yoiJn... reattraeted fuythe..,hip'!; [lOWerhlll(and e
proltlOibl.yiI~~gill) weup.m l)i, A (:rewm!lrl tllLl!l.h t )'m~ to 1JJ5t'! them. <lnd soon you were blasting away ~t TIE hgh'lers "ana ptrate corvenes, You~'!lE.mUi5edYQ1,J1.Thu.mtt~ngpfOw" ess topr(w~de e:t1!:tasecurity whHe the sMp was In pert; Bu£ yotl soon had to move on, Rodians from l'lrlv:.<l1 dan dtsceversd you and triedto include Y9U in the hlood feUJd bod-1I cnunt. luckily you glip,ped away,. Now you s.ugn on as a gunner Of! vO!l:rioUiSfr@j~hters.rn.OV'lIlI!: on when you J~ar~uu.liIyR.odl!lJI. ~Iunh~r-~ 1Il:"e. l"JNng tri-O g

was a geill.r bag m~ed wlth t he few personal



PL1lJmetary systems __


Survival .. ~~~~



Armor repair m<ls:~er .mpmr Dernolltlons __
f':irst aid Security

• •

Beast r.idiimg Repul.so.rH£t

op~raUo]) Sensor's
S~Mshi p gun:neIf'Y __

~---2lD _


• •

_ _


• •

: •

Persolllallity: You're g,r.im and quiet. You keep to

yoW'.sclfaad nev~r ta]Il: about your past. In portyou keep a sharp eye riper!! Jor elliemyclan members hunting you

Repu.lsodin repair Starship weapon

Stmship shi!~[ds~ __ .' Swoop operetlon __

• •

ObJedivel~To ~vil.cleRod tan hunters fO]~JfJwi[lg:yo~

which means movlngaround a lot.


Speciall Abll.l!tles

• ..

A QU'ote:

"lola! ..lie nOEb;ih liravosabs, wey 20. saitta blasUca vo ssk neli:isho. ~



Force Pomts


10 • wheth'e;rit is dane with a bl<tstJeror a quad laser can-

(Trans~ ati 011; "Huntrnsjs

an honorab~.e· p.rofes,s,iolJJ,

Dark. Side P~mb _. _~

• •
• •

nOH"~) halo'!t ~~ligHedOll'l'o-1th any ~rnugg!er ~haracwr, or been n~cml.ted by anyone amo.ng a sl.arrship's crew. You might ]~ teamed up VI' llh anuther gum~.e[ iQr ::Iel:urUy ave


WI,lh OtherC:hQn:ll(if815i~ '( OIJ nl1g1u

: •

.ChaJGcte.J. IN:ameo: IYiPe~Pad!: Tracker G:endedSpecles: IHuman ,Ag&:, Height:

~ ~ 10
E <



P~IC:Q' lD:escriptlon:

~, .::

~ ~.

DeMerIiy master ,

• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 4D aD Perceptlo,i:)

BlJ"awnlJlrg parry Dodge

Bargain Con

_ _ _



Pick pocket Running

_ _

Forgery Gamb]ilng_~ Hide

Thrown weapons __

Persuasion Search Sneak


~ _ _


AUen species Cultures

Languages, Streetwise Survival

_ ~_ _

:Strengtih2ID'+1 BE'8iwHng _ <CIlmblng!~uDl'plng __

Lifting _

Eq,ulpment: Datapad. porter's sorHU baggage sled, :2 7 credtrs


nmlc and bat, repul-



.computer pit'ogram-

hum)~ed!! nf. porters who mill about starports. ofIeilng 11.1 el.p tr!IIll!port pa!lKell.gf\fS' h!\ggage jor a fee. You h '. u.ff~r 'Y"ir'SOIlH.1 ami efflc:lP.int IIflrvlcp,:,. mm"l'l hl'ttl'r than ,..'. s]ow IJruids or Iri.ll.lfulJd inn ins 1ugg!tgl'l sorting syst,eml!,• • ' CUMmuers j 1J..!>l. pile Ule'j;r b.ags on your reDlIlsOlrtlflt sled : and YOu.il're pushlng and puUUns it to wherever they're • ht:<J.dln!ol"

ynUI1S pack


of the




Starshlp gunnery~~ Starship shields __ .swoop operation __

Droid programming ,_ Drotd repair ~ First aid _ Repulserltnrepen _

• ' you load personal b!ll._gg_aSR olnd off li<ffiSPO'l1:S. Von fin 'I j;!Ie.t tu meet all. sorts nf spacers from ,around the gal~. .' Then eue day, while you W,Elre unloadIng 8!o:mesU5pl~


'. SpaCe travel. has alway.s. JilPPf'.alfirito Y01.11; Thillt's one '.' DJ (he reasous you track peeks ,at st!ll'jmrts. Sometimes

ctous ba,gl!!age.ioh) alreighte.r's cargo hold. thecre-w ran into. some trouble and took oU ,early. YOI.! wer~ $olin 011 ,. board. The crew to ok a Ji.kIngto you, and paid you a few nedits to help load and unload cargoes at their varitlil!]s destinetlons, Now you want to become a spacer yourself. See the galaxy. get i!'ito trouble, have some hm. :

Personal ~Iy= Yeu're ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Speclo~ ,AbUides

opUrnJsUc and determined. You don't d~scour"iile ~l1Si[y, and are wUI:lnS to do yOUii:' best to proVE: that yOLm llIot just a young k.ld pac.k: tracker . 're

ObJe-diVes:. T,o s-crape 'together enough credits from.

wages and Ups to buy your own light freighter and become a I~genda:ry smuggler.

Move Force Seo:silive? Force.PoiHts,

~ HI No 1

A Quote:

"It J can pack a sled-load of bot haggage: under a customs inspector's Dose, I can smuggle: aoythlng past the Empire. ~

stuw'ed away on .1lJ sh~p belonging to any smugsle.t . or pnObC~:1hl:l.:ro'ilc::.teT. y nu m~giht have beMoodoo any rnIlem r

0;[ a..

Wi." OIb8"


You might

weren't f,e<liIty inVited.


O1!nda.~ged a]ong t


th ougfu

'Chan;u:_r NQ:.ITrIi&::


lype: Mon Cabilmari Spacer Gend.~K.hH~ /MOrt Calamari Ag&: Height: Weight:

~. "

,Physical DesCJllption:

IDle-x1'erity master Brawling parry

Melee ,cuHi1bat

_ _


Perce-piLon Bargain
eon_~ Hide


_ _

Melee parry Runnmg


Persuasion Search Sneak _~

_ _

''.,' . •

Thrown weapons,~
Strength Brawling


Allen species Bureaucracy Business Cultures

Languages ~~

2D+2 ~ _ _ _

Law enforcement, __
Planetary systems __ St:reetwise _

;~n) • _ • • CUml:'dng/~llmpi IlS .__ • Swimming =~ _ : • • .,

• • •

.. 500 credJi1~


Blaster ptstul (4D),. comltnk, datapacl,


YOIil were ilus~ .au.onlhullr), l:l1.btrepl"l!lm~1Hr' homaworld when the Empire shewed ll,P ltl!l;d





_ _ _

enslaved your :poop!e, You didn't want to .stick around, and S<OOln arranged to nee .MOD Calam1U.i W!tlI a freetrader of diUbious reputation, Since you d:idn't have manycredlts, you indentured youu.eU to the SIIlII.I,Jjl(h.:r ~o payoff your passage, Now you put yo,ur buslness acumen to work as a smuggler. Yoall're c"reful~y to a,s.s-e~$ eacl1 cal.'iiC' lot v~llI@afld risk, and charge 3 Shlpplt'lg fee which. Is f<Ji11' lor both yourchent and your p.roflt marglil.lfyour business d:ealings happen to cneer or inJun:: the Empire, you're even more pJt".ased v.i1:th yoor work_ lt' $ only· taU' tbilt snml:'!lmt:'ly h.,-n:eMts ~W'ID the oppresston the Empirebriefly lnflided on your home-\i'i"Orld.

AstwgatioD Communications operation Sensors __ Space transporta


_ __ _


Starship g!llnnery __ Starshrnp sJIDie]ds_

,Computer prow 0011minglrepair Droid programming Drold repair First <I1d_= Security __ ~ Space transports repair Starship weapon repatr .. ~_ Move

PQOlloncdlity= ,.,tmstlng,


You're a ~air dealerwac'd rather 3tlLLlu!l wU h words than. blasters. You're a bit too a.nd accept what others say $ b"uth, at

'Obj&ct,ive.s: To make as many credits as you can

the Empire's Expense.

_ _


'.' '.'

A Ql!Iof,.~ "I can bargain with criitillilWs, acoundtels '.' and even Hutts, but there are '110 fair dealings wherethe
Em:plre'.s concerned."

Connection With ,Othf!\1 ChQ'mo,en: You mla;ht

SpedQI Abilities
MOist Encirorlffl(;mt$:· In rnui~l enviIomnenls, ~m to {l!11')t?~n"ly, f'l!n::eptiD\!liIIlJdS!rengtl! lillnbule.imd &Jclll clIe-cts. Dry Eill;Jii'M!fl!Mis.- In dry en",l~{l"n!l1~~. Muii CiliI:amari su;ffer a. IILI l'III?~IIlI}' ttl aiD Dexte.rily, p~ .r1{)r:I 11id 'sfnmgtf1 attribut.e 3md ";ka~ ~ r.heekl;, .Aqu':'I"li"~·: Marl r.:B1.~marU C~ID

snll btl Inde:n:uued to another smuggler, or you might have ~oll'leda ,crew w~(!l alle!,fI,ances agaJnst the Empire .


fORe Points Dark. Side POmb __

• • • •

br·~a)t.Je 'booth Iller8_1I,j ater·, Se>e Exw pimlled P8 216_



T~: Me'fcenaxyTrader G"d@I'ISp",(;,es~ /Human A-te; ,H.e-lghf: . _ Pbys!J«l1 Description:


[)liIxteri1ly EUa:ster Blaster A.rtiUery BrawHn,g parry


•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 40 Pereep,tio:n 3D"

Bargain _---_Command .__
CIOn Gamb]ing

_ _

Grenade j MeI.ee eerubat ~ MelJBe pa:!I"fY _ Missile wClI1Jons s Running ~ ~ 'fhr'CI'W'[lweapons __ ~ Ve!h~c1eb]aste:rs ~




Equ.ipm,ent: Bla8il fu~~met·aIJ vest ( + 1D phys1cal,~ 1 d

~lH~FJ$:V, h~IH:lIil:ud tm.llo oldy) If lll!ll!~t.':rrine (.C:;I)) I t~um!i k, u knife (STR+.ID), son c~ed~t}j



Business ~~ Cultures h~tlrrridation

_ _ _




Climibing/jumping __ l..uUnS _
Stamina _

.. : tnan rerumto the Icomb1l:t-l.filense life of III mere, you

~ deeJd'ed to move
toll~cI make t 0 a dUferent


be a msrceuary with an W~lell your .~a!>teontr act exptred, most YOUr' unit was Ir.lHedor captured; You m<la:J.1:Ig.ed escape, usinl!! y.c11H D4IoUflgs;ki~lsto eemto mendeer a transport and By it out of the hot zonli:. Ra:ther

Backgroundl: Y 011 used to apUlude for p1loUfI!'l vshtclss.


bnsuag~ ~~~~~

some eredltsas .1th'1e~tr~.der,With all your ~lOnJtad6, n wasn Tt a tmge leap to SO from ~hl pp~ng
I@gltlm.ate cargces.to IIIlegai ones whIch. ~ralcJ.more,


Soee y,cm H

erd'ur<::emen~ PlanetarY' sy.stem.s __


Swimming ~~~~~

8treeLwlsB .~

Sllni'.ivru __


Te-chtliical --_ Armor repair

2D _

These 08111'.& ply the. hY!P1'!rlmes! shfp$llng the you most lucrative c.!IJrgM$. You're not the greatest pH'll. but YOI! ma~e.l!p tor it In k]uliwlng how to .1!;rIirI your ~I:Ilp and set up encounters wUh. ~:lOteJilUa,[ly ]1ot-s o-tr!;endJy c,1ients. rusk m~{lmeiITt is the key ~CI yoursucoess.



Perrsonaillty: .

First aid



Gmund vehicle op. _ Powersu~t (lpRepUl~sorlMt DiP•. _.__ Sensors Spa.oe transports __
, ••

Repu]s.orlift repal:r __ Security ~~~ . repair Starship weapon

' .' '

Yow- a,Uit~de.s ssa men::.enary ca.rJ'y ever to your new professkUl., )' on a!waY$~h.8Jrge wha.n fill r for In{$ caJlgo and theamotm:t of dsk :Irrvolv~d. Jf !lJ dhwt can't P~iY,he's not [lying,

Objediv·G!s: To make some !!load money

gOE'5 wh ile:mjnl.m~:;:i;ngri5ks_


hot car-

Space transports

'•• ' 41

A Quote:

~S1!lre,~ C,m squeeze thelmper1al blockade., "oultiL'1l

your p:a.s'sengers p.<lst cost you 5ofl)e~~:d[lg

St<lil"shipgun~ery __ Sti1t'l's.bipshields
'••••• <II, •• ;:-.• "'",

=...,..,--:;'. • ,ill,

COlilneclonWlth 10 No ~---[

Other Cfu:n·Q.:cte:rs,~ Som~('if

~pedol AbUlt~es, None.

J'Cli~e Sensitilve?

., .'

your Ctl!:fip<lliions .night bere.fllgea from your mercenary unit You might have been bired by <I.. smMgglet crew to prov~de pwtet:ti.o.ilJ and tactieal advlee.


ChiQil'Q,efeir NClI'IlIIQ<:: fypiil: KJia,tooimm Roustabout

Geo.ndlerlSpedes: ,Ag!!':. He.lght:

IPhy5~tal Destr.ipt:ioli1l:.



Dexte:r,i1y ,__
Blaster ,__
]1rawling Dodge Gren.ade

4D+t P,erception



_ _

Bargain ~~~




FIrearms _~~~~.
Melee comba:t

Search ~ Sneak


(0 m phy$l:cal..


"fnrownweaporns __

pl~e (.STR1·2D),bealllY ~Ioit,$tefpimll (51).5

'1 ene'rgy" he,i:la an:d terso only], ·fortl,;


b\lJJndoi:ier, bl<l$t helmet

and vest

Background:: You nell Sfrength

Mien. species _~~~ __
_ lntim.id01ll,tiOfll _ Planetary systems __

.Brawling Climbing/jum.ping


_ __

• •
• ,.
: •

_ _

Streetwise ~~~ Survival



th~llg5aru::l blast ~h!em. ally [lOtlced~h.us. U1er!LOli s you to the Hults as a mercenary: The Huns We:Jiecoo']""", they let you beat t~ings up, hun~ thi~s dcwnand blas:t them. TMs. was good. The HuU:s wen: also not so ICQOi1L-they ~crt angry an the time.yeJl<ed ;)Jt you, ~ent YQ!i.I Imo d!<lngero1ll:~bMUes.,and blew up your fel10w mef1ce'naries when they m~s5ed up. ThIs made you ~wrled: you
m~;g'ht be blown Up r!),e;li.1t. So you dec!dedl to tun far" far away. You ]OlUlid apJ]ot wh01i'oOR.yeu to mai1!Y planets ~Ilexchaflge (Of mov.ing bts boses and bla!>ti[l;g peoplewho dtdn'Ulkehlm, ¥oum:;.ed seeln,gdliUerentpiac.es:, so you derided to stay with t.h~ pUo!jt nd 1:<15 trlend~. Now a

You like to Slle:",iI: up


Beast riding ~~~_ P'owers ult 0iPetatlon_
R.I!(l1IlldsorliU operation. _

--- 2D ,. .Pe:rsolll,ollfy:

: ,.

., • and then tn.ey nm hu:o~roub.!e.

• •

sl'l!ealdJogup on their enemiesa~.d blasting nke that.

help them by

" ,. :

YI~JU':r,enot too SITl<l.rt, but your friends Ute you j ust the, satmL You'ne IOYdl to 'the.m. They 'heip Y01!lJmd you he1!p them .. You .lIke it even more when helping d;emrneans blas:Ung things.

Space transports .__

Starship gunnery .__ Swoopoperati.on __


Obje.dilves: lwoldf~e Hurts, Help Y01JlT friends. Blast


• • ,.
• Mocft hU
,. •

.A. QUQtre: ~Hey g'J\'€ thatcrate bsck ot I.b~tj'ou!~


5pe.cil:al AbUifri&:s

• Connection WllThOther 'ChQl!Qcfeu: AnyEiI'l2ighiter

force Senlritive? 'Force PolQt:9

Dafk Side Pojillil:8

No I

.' .' •

captafi.!'lwould be ~ nra.'lefl]! to have such a powerfuar,~end es yQ~ .. Especially any :mu.!ggleir with lots of cr<ll.l.esalld

Oha!'QcMr' Rame:
'lype: Hot-ShOot rHot



a 'I


Weight:: _ _

. .•.....••..•...•.......•.•....•••.

s s

Age-I: He-lgM: ,Physical DRm;ptl.on:

1 j

I Dodge parry --Brawling .;

.MeLeecombat Melee parry ~~ weapfin~ ~ Thrown



PerceptiQn __


_ __

Command Con
Hide ~~~

j Running

Persuaslon ._~~_



! Knowlecl'ge

AJlen speetes Cultures


2D _


S'[JO c.redlts



pistol (4D), night sui'tgea!r


Hrawnng .
Swimmin;g _



C1'imbinWJump·.in;Q: ._ Stimdna _

Dackground; You've always had an affinity hn flying :: fast nttl,chi nes ..\Vh:en you were young. you quick1y masII. tered the {amUy landspeeder, pushing U to the limit,
• later you trled speeder bikes. swoops and alrspeeders, :: Each time you pulled wtld stunts, overrode the s.peed '. Isafety parametlel's. and barely avollided darlp['QuS ob'I'

Planetary systems _ Survival ~ _ _;

stactes, You had good luck WIth machines.


Mechanical Ar,chaic starshlp



Astmgation~~~~ C:ommuni.c·ations.

--Comput;'er program:m'lnx(r'epalrtronble Droid pmg;i''lI:rnmiWig



First aid _ _ Repulsorllft repalr __ StarUghter repal.r__ repale

• When you left home, you ~ourne}'edtQ the larg~5t' .: spaceport IOnyour planet The!"e ynu JoIned the pl:oln" • eta~ militia's flight unit. flyll'l g ."Lrsp~eder.s and ,andent • suub tt-ghten; 'lio protett shl.pplil'D,B III your sygbim. You were an ace, but your brash amt.ude soon got you in with o!Iuvhorlty. When you!" l1ot-.l'i ... tJe~CQ8t· tint n ·t~·~ nt 011! h!Unw pilot. },O'1!l left },01l)r~om""workl. Nnw Ulf<!: you travelthe goilouzy.trying to prove YOUJIr fUsht II.bilities to anyone who will let you [lear a corkplt, '.I'IC"\Olfity-: S'peed 15 everythIng, If ~ou CMot beat them, you can't brag to them. Ycu'realways out to prove yourseU,andrarely back down Jrom challenges,

operat ion
Sensors _~

Space transpott~ __
Starftghter piloting

Stars.bip weapon

O_je-cti¥vl: 'fou havean egotistical need. t10 outshine


Starship ~ru:I1J11~ry __

Starshlp sh~eJds__
Swoop, operation _


PJVp.ryonu~ 'Blsl!, Th I'! hiRstw,l'Iyto rl n that I.!Itl'l rty l'II'!tf~T ~nri Lha11!!!.Ilyone else.

A Quote<:= ~l'vueen rocks :!Iy bett~r than that Give me

the eenerels. Get ready to see some reili ;pHoting." Ch,QI'Qcte:§,: You m~ght prove your mght abl]j· • ties. Others mlght rallow you II' your pUotlng skntsare •. half as great as you say they are.
~T·e.W 'to


' •••



'. '



• Conneetiolll,Witb ha.ve j 01 ned a {ndgbt<er


SpeclaJ AbUH.es


Force Pnlnts
Dark SIde

~----Foree· Se'D81Uft? No



'. .' ',.. .'