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Research by RobotMowerCenter.

com Shows How Changing from Gas-Powered

Lawn Mowers to Robotic Mowers and Electric Lawn Equipment Saves Lives
Due to Reductions in Pollution

RobotMowerCenter.com releases assessment highlighting the link between traditional lawn mowers
causing deaths from poor air quality in the USA.

San Francisco, CA, March 05, 2021 --(PR.com)-- RobotMowerCenter.com has created a report showing
that the adoption of robot lawn mowers saves lives. With information from the EPA and other sources, it
summarises the impact of traditional gas-powered lawn mowers on the health of Americans, and the
number of deaths caused each year.

The assessment draws information from several reputable sources to estimate the number of people that
die from poor air quality specifically due to gas-powered lawnmowers. It goes on to talk about the use of
traditional lawn mowers in residential suburbs and their proximity to homes, and the impact this has on
the air quality in suburban residential areas.

It then goes on to talk about the alternatives to this and the benefits of using electric alternatives to
gas-powered lawn equipment, and how this will improve the move towards zero emissions for the United
States and the world if adopted.

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