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Nancy Matter Racing Announces Primary Sponsorship with BAITMASTER -

The Obvious Choice, 100% American Made Fishing Lure Company

Dallas, TX, March 05, 2021 --(PR.com)-- In continuation of the growing list of marketing partners for
Nancy Matter Racing, Matter is proud to announce today that she has signed a multi-year, exclusive,
primary sponsorship with 100% American Made Fishing Lure Company, BAITMASTER - The Obvious

BAITMASTER strives to give fishermen the best angling experience by utilizing the highest end, floating
plastisols available on today’s market. BAITMASTER lures are hand made, mixed and injected, then
each lure goes through triple verification during the quality control process and ultimately hand packaged
in our facility outside of Dallas.

BAITMASTER's product line includes: Bloodline Swimbaits, Crawmikazes, Curltail Worms, Kickertail
worms, Glow Baits, Salmon Eggs and Stick Worms. BAITMASTER is currently developing more
products including an upcoming multi colored, Crawmikaze, that represents the Colors of our United
States Marines that will be introduced on Veteran’s Day, 2021.

Matter was introduced to BAITMASTER Founder, Randy Shelly by a mutual friend, Jason Accomando,
during the Funny Car Chaos Event in San Antonio. Matter openly admits they were only there to test that
weekend to gain data for a “good air tune up.”

“When we were introduced to Randy, we had a transmission failure and there was so much going on,”
noted Matter. “We were servicing the car, thrashing to get the motor, body and chassis ready in less than
60 minutes for first round. In the middle of packing my chutes, I stopped and took a deep breath, looked
to my right and asked permission for a little girl to help me fold my chute. It was at that moment that
Randy decided that we were going to be the team to represent his Family and his Brand, BAITMASTER -
The Obvious Choice.”

“Nancy has become more than a friend over the last few months, her and her team have become family,”
stated Shelly. "In addition to our specialized lures and how we produce them, BAITMASTER happens to
also be a fifty percent Veteran Operated Company. Nancy’s passion for American Valor definitely stands
out. In anticipation of our new partnership, we’ve recently developed a new color and that is named the
'Nitro Matters Kickertail Worm.' These worms will be available at every event and online at
Baitmaster.com. A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to American Valor - The Chris Kyle
Legacy with the promotion code 'NFC471.'"

Matter notes that within the negotiation process, it has been agreed upon that BAITMASTER will share
real estate on the nitro fueled funny car, trailer and select merchandise in support of American Valor,
Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield and our US Military.

Matter’s Team has plans for attending 14 events this year that include NHRA Heritage Events, the United
Nitro Funny Car Association, Funny Car Chaos and some booked in shows.

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For more information on BAITMASTER - The Obvious Choice, please log on to www.Baitmaster.com

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