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Sprague High School GB Class

officer Election Packet 2011-2012

Thank you for your interested in running for a Governing Board Class Position! The Class Positions are as
follows and require an application, interview, and election:

Senior Positions Junior Positions

Senior Class President Junior Class President
Senior Class Vice President Junior Class Vice President
Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer

Sophomore Class Positions

Sophomore Class President
Sophomore Class Vice President
Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer

Being on ASB/Governing Board is an important job that requires a lot of time, effort, dedication and
responsibility. It also is very rewarding, gives you great memories, opportunities to have fun, and gets you
involved in the school and the decisions that affect every student. Governing Board members implement
school activities for the entire year. Please read this packet carefully. Failure to comply with the rules and
regulations will result in disqualification. If you have and questions, please see ASB President Grant Lemons
or Mrs. Fisher in room 132 before or after school or during lunch. Be sure you know the deadlines and meet
them. Thank you for supporting your student body, your school, and for wanting to impact lives and change
futures here at Sprague High School!

Governing Board members must satisfy the following requirements to be a member of the Governing Board/
Leadership Team:

• Must be a full time student at Sprague High School.

• Must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA starting with the March 12th (1st- 6 week grading period of
2010-2011( school year through the completion of the 2010-2011 school year. This will be determined as the
grade in the In-Touch Computer System at the time the packet is due.
• Must enroll and maintain enrollment in the Leadership class throughout the 2011-2012 school year. (This
class will most likely be during 1st period, but with the the schedule change this may be different.)
• Must attend all portions of summer leadership training. If you cannot attend this you may not be able to join
the class in the fall. This date will be established in April.
• Must attend Link Crew/New Oly Day.
• Must receive library clearance and Bookkeeper clearance or clearance from the Sprague
School Activities Director.
• Must return the ASB code of conduct signed by both student and parent/guardian, acknowledging the reading
this contract, ASB executive board standards and election rules.
• Must purchase an ASB card ($30) for the 2011-2012 school year. Opportunities for sponsorship are available
if this is financially impossible. Please talk to Mrs. Fisher or the 2011-2012 ASB President prior to September
1, 2011.
• Must be ready to commit a lot of time and energy into keeping Sprague as the best school in the area.
• If previous enrolled in leadership, must have maintained a B or above in order to apply/run again.
• Must not have discipline issues and must be up-to-date with graduation credits.

Should you have further questions after reading through this packet, please feel free to contact one of us.

Mrs. Beth Fisher Grant Lemons

Activities Director ASB President
Sprague High School
Governing Board Class Officer Election Checklist

Name: ________________________________ Student ID: ______________________

In order to run for ASB Office, students must turn in the following items by 3:30pm on Monday, March
7th, 2011. Items should be turned in directly to Mrs. Fisher in room 132. Please do not leave these items
with the office or in the room without Mrs. Fisher seeing the items!

• Application complete
• Unofficial Transcripts
• Teacher letters of recommendation/surveys from all teachers (past and present) completed no
later than Friday, March 18th, 2011.
• Schedule on interview with Mrs. Fisher no later than Thursday, March 3rd, 2011.
• Interview is a formal interview, so please dress as through you were applying for a job.
Activities is a job!
• Petition signatures of 40 students with ID numbers
• Code of Conduct signed by Student and Parent/Guardian
• Must have the bottom of this page signed by the Bookkeeper, and the school librarian.
THAN FRIDAY, MARCH 18th at 3:00pm to Mrs. Fisher in room 132.

This Student is clear or fees and fines from the Sprague High School library system.

Mrs. Hardey

The student listed above is clear of all charges and is in good financial standing to run for
ASB office at Sprague High School for 2011‐12. THE ASB BOOKKEEPER WILL ONLY BE
this signed during class. Please Plan Accordingly

Mrs. Sealey
Sprague High School
ASB Code of Conduct
Please read through carefully

I, the undersigned, solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will abide by the following Code of Conduct set forth
by Sprague High School. The following standards of eligibility, conduct, and responsibilities shall apply
to all members during their term of office. The term of office shall run from June 17th to June 15th of the
given school year.

I. Academic Achievement
• I will maintain an academic 2.0 grade point average starting with the 1st grading period of second
semester 2010-2011 school year through my entire term. This will be determined using the SASI System
at the time the election packet is due.
• If I receive less than a 2.0 GPA during a semester, I understand that there will be consequences and
limitations to my involvement in ASB. Receiving less than 2.0 could be cause for dismissal from office
by the administration of Sprague High School.
II. Behavioral Standards
• As a member of ASB, I realize that my conduct must be beyond reproach at all times, on and off
campus. (It is critical that you understand the full implications of this statement. Violation will result in
dismissal from office. Ask Mrs. Fisher if you need further explanation).
• I will uphold the constitution and my oath of office.
• I will cooperate with and support the ASB President, Activities Director and Sprague High School
• I will abide by school dress regulations at all times.
• I will not carry nor use any illegal chemical substances or stimulants, drugs, alcohol, etc. at any time, on
and off campus.
• I will display good sportsmanship at all times and serve as an ambassador for Sprague High School at
other schools.
• I understand if I am suspended from Sprague High School, I may be suspended from ASB temporarily
or permanently, as determined by the Sprague High School Administration Team.
• Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in immediate removal from office as determined by
the Sprague High School Administration Team.
III. Leadership Class/Leadership Training
Leadership class is an essential part of ASB. Being a part of this class means you will constantly learn
how to improve your leadership skills. Leadership class will most likely meet during 1st period.
• I will enroll in this class
• I understand that the course syllabus for this class will be available at the start of the school year.
• I will attend all of leadership retreat during the summer.
IV. Responsibilities of Office
• I understand that attendance to class is mandatory.
• I understand that the same school rules apply in this classroom as any other.
• I understand that I am to show up to class on time. (Being late will result in a tardy.)
• I understand that class time will be used for instruction and projects.
• I understand that it is my responsibility to work on projects/assignments given to me during class
• I understand that, regardless of my position, I will be assigned various tasks that deal with all aspects of
• I understand that I will be assigned work tasks at all ASB functions and that it is my responsibility to
work at ASB events.
• I understand that being in ASB is a huge time commitment. I am prepared to work before school, lunch,
after school, and some evenings to fulfill my duties.
• I understand that I am expected to set up and clean up after all activities.
• I understand that I will be assigned, and expected to execute, tasks by the Activities Director and/or the
ASB President.
• I understand that it is my responsibility to take the initiative to seek out other tasks if I am finished with
my current task. Sitting around is not tolerated. I understand I will receive one warning and will be
dropped from the class if I do not use my time wisely/efficiently.
V. Other Items
• I understand that I am to purchase an ASB Card or to discuss this matter with the ASB Director prior to
September 1, 2011.
• I will be clear of all school and library fees and fines prior to running for office.
• I will follow election guidelines as stated in the 2011-2012 Sprague HS Election Packet.

Violation of any of the stated rules is cause for removal from office. Removal from office is determined
by the Sprague High School Administration Team, pursuant to the regulations set forth by the school

___________________________________ ___________________________________
Candidate Printed Name Date Parent/Guardian Printed Name Date

___________________________________ ___________________________________
Candidate Signature Parent/Guardian Signature
Sprague High School
2010-2011 Class Officer Application

Name: _____________________________________ ID#:_________________ Grad Year: __________

I am running/applying for: _________________________

Other activities that I am currently involved in include:




I am the President or heading up the following organization _________________ and have discussed my
involvement in student leadership at Sprague High School with my advisor. My advisor and I both
understand that involvement in leadership at Sprague High School requires many hours and commitment
outside of the normal school day and may conflict with other activities I may be a part of outside of
student leadership. Below is the signature of my advisor acknowledging this.

_________________________________ ___________
Advisory Name/Signature Date

Special note from Advisor if necessary:

Are you aware of the amount of work that is completed outside of the class period?_________________

Are you available for the Governing Board Leadership Retreat during the summer? What dates might

Are you available for the Orientation week, August 31st ‐ September 7, 2011 with times to be
determined? ______________________________

In order to apply for an ASB position you must include the following in your completed application:

1. Choose between one of the following two options:

Create a mission statement that represents your philosophy on leadership. Include a description of your
mission statement with a detailed explanation


Write an essay explaining how you plan to contribute to and embody the mission statement of Sprague
High School Leadership:

Governing Board/Student Leadership aims to serve the S.H.S. community by unifying and increasing the
happiness and well belling of the student body in order to prepare for a lifetime of civic engagement.
2. Job Specific Creation
In Governing Board you will be expected to plan and implement a number of activities depending on
your position. Below you will find the position you are running for and a specific activity/presentation
you must create for the interview panel. Please see Mrs. Fisher if you have any questions about this:

For All Class President/Vice President Positions

Task: Run a class specific event, providing a timeline and a measurable goal.
Instructions: One of the most challenging tasks you will face as the class president is rallying your class behind you.
It is your job to increase the class pride/school spirit within your specific class. Create a class specific event and
provide a timeline and measurable goal.

For All Treasurer/Secretary Applicants

Task: Create an agenda for a class meeting at both lunches.
Instructions: Your job is to support your class cabinet by working with the class president to create an agenda and
run meetings. It is also your job to keep track of the money your group has, raises, and spends. Create an agenda
for a whole class meeting at both lunches. Include an incentive idea to get the most people outside of leadership to

The class officers consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer:

The President (of each class)***/**

* prepares meeting agenda * facilitates meetings

* serves as a liaison to the administration * informs other class members

The Vice-President

* assumes all duties of the President in the President's absence

* keeps a running calendar of all class activities and meeting dates

The Secretary/Treasurer
* keeps a written record of all meetings and those in attendance through the use of minutes
* is responsible for typing and distributing minutes following each meeting to
respective class officers, Advisors, and Administration
* keeps track of all documents and paperwork and passes it along to the next
advisor at the end of the year
* keeps an updated record of all deposits and debits for the class account
* provides a monthly balance sheet for the Advisor and class
* acts as a liaison with the school's Financial Secretary

***Senior Class President

If you are interested in the Senior Class President position, please read through the following job descriptions

-Establish a data base of SHS alumni students
-Contact and communicate with alumni students via monthly newsletters and monthly emails
-Establish a network of guest speakers, volunteers for student activities (i.e., dances, senior project presentations,
field trips, etc.), financial contributors, etc.
-Encourage alumni students to be an active part of student activities, in particular, Homecoming Week.
responsible for planning some of the events surrounding graduation.
-After graduation, in charge of planning class reunions the years ahead.
**Junior Class President
If you are interested in running for Junior Class President, you must be organized and read to plan, host, and run the
Prom. This will require a strong leader who feels comfortable organizing committees, is a self-starter, and a
communicator. This position has monthly responsibilities relating to prom. As the new year approaches, the
responsibilities get heavier. Please see Mrs. Fisher if you have any questions.