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Official Rules for Calling Shotgun

1. Rules and Regulations for Calling Shotgun:

a) The Shotgunner1 must be in clear sight of the car, meaning a large portion of the car must be visible;
for example, only being able to see the car mirror is not enough. Shotgun can be called regardless of
whether the driver and/or other passengers is/are in sight of the car.
b) When simultaneous shotgun is called, a foot race to the passenger side door from everyone who called
it commences; the first person to be seated in shotgun with their seatbelt buckled receives it.
c) You cannot declare shot gun if someone has previously declared shotgun for that journey.
d) Shotgun cannot be called while inside a building, unless you are in an under/aboveground car parkade.
In addition, shotgun cannot be called in advance, only while on the way to the vehicle for the journey.
e) If a person calls shotgun and someone else really desires it, said person may challenge it by dropping
their pants around the ankles and stating "I challenge you". If the other person does not accept the
challenge, they forfeit their shotgun to the challenger; however, if they accept the challenge they also
drop their pants to their ankles. Both parties then race to the vehicle with their pants around their
ankles; the first one to touch any part of the vehicle receives shotgun.
f) All persons are created equal; men have the same right as women to the front seat of the car
g) Anyone calling shotgun must have their shoes on2.
h) Shotgun overrules “Dibs” and ALL other calls, and can be used for calling practically anything.
i) Once shotgun has been called for the front seat, then back left and back right can be called, thus
leaving the fifth person with the middle (or "bitch" seat).
j) If any person asks "what’s shotgun?" or poses any other question similar in nature after shotgun has
been called, then he/she automatically forfeits all vehicle privileges and is forced to walk.
2. Shotgun Responsibilities:
a) Once the journey is underway, the person riding shotgun automatically becomes the controller of all
audio systems, with the driver of the vehicle possessing veto power over song choice. Repeatedly
choosing undesirable songs or allowing for silence when the iPod finishes a song will result in
demotion to “bitch seat”.
b) The shotgunner assumes the responsibility for: all gate opening, all driver telecommunications,
navigation, compiling drive-thru orders and question asking. He/she is, in essence, the co-pilot and
therefore the enforcer of behaviour in the vehicle and exacter of any slaps, punches, water spraying or
any other form of justice to the passengers in the back.
c) The person in shotgun must provide sufficient leg room to the person behind him/her, but only to the
point where the shotgunner is still comfortable. Failure to comply, results in automatic demotion to
“bitch seat”.
d) When the vehicle is in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant, the shotgunner must hold all of the food
items, and/or drinks, no matter how hot or cold, until the vehicle is safely out of the drive-thru path.
The shotgunner must then distribute the items to their respectable owners.
e) If someone has successfully called shotgun, this gives them no right whatsoever to correct the driver
on his/her navigation skills or driving ability. If the person does this, then they forfeit their position as
shotgun holder.
3. Automatic Shotguns:
a) If travelling with a couple, one of the pair must shotgun the front.....no one wants to chauffer two of
their friends while they are seated in the back, ‘all over each other’.
b) The Couple's Rights Act of 1997 states that “if the driver is the boyfriend/girlfriend of a passenger in
the car, then said person is given the right to the seat of their choice”. They may overrule any previous
seat arrangements and/or “shotguns”.
c) The Pirate Rule states that, if one of the potential occupants of the vehicle is dressed convincingly as a
pirate, then he/she is given automatic shotgun. In the occurrence of more than one pirate, then a sudden
death sword fight shall determine the successful shotgunner.
d) If you are the first to be picked up on a journey, you are automatically given shotgun, unless you
violate the shotgun laws3 and thus, forfeit your position.
e) In the instance that the normal driver of a vehicle is intoxicated or otherwise unable to perform their
duties as driver, then he/she is automatically given shotgun, with the eldest and/or most
responsible/able bodied person becoming the new driver.

I, the co-signed, acknowledge that I have read the above terms, conditions, rules and regulations for calling
shotgun. By, signing below, I hereby do agree to all the above terms, conditions, rules and regulations for
the act of, and possession of shotgun. Upon signing I hereby do also solemnly swear to enforce all the
above rules and responsibilities of shotgun, and the act of calling it to the best of my ability, and to lengths
above my line of duty, if the situation so requires it; I agree to accept sole and full responsibility for the
consequences of my actions, and pledge to only use the minimum amount of force necessary to protect this

_____________________ ___________________ ____________________ ____________________

“Shotgunner” refers to the person whom actively participates in the act of calling shotgun.
. Requiring all persons to be wearing shoes before calling shotgun stops people from running outside and calling shotgun, then having to go back inside to put their shoes on, thus slowing the
See “Shotgun Responsibilities” or any red highlighted lines.
Official Rules for Calling Shotgun

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