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3 В Город In the City

6 Через Город Across the City

7 Пойдёмте в Pестора Let’s Go To a Restaurant

9 Друзей в Канада Friends In Canada


В Город
In the City
Ын зи сыти

Here are some words for cities

Город Cловарный запас:
Русский Английском Произноше́ние
Russian English Pronunciation

Больница Hospital Ос-пи-тал

Банк Bank Баенк
Школа School Скул
Парк Park Парк
Суперма´ркет Grocery Store Гро-ше-ри стор
иммиграционный офис Immigration Office и-мы-гра-шон офис
Торговый Mall мол
Библиотека Library Лы-бра-ри
Автосалон Car Dealership Кар ди-лер-шып
зубной врач Dentist Дэн-тыст
Кабинет врача Doctor’s Office Док-торс офис
Церковь Church чэрч
Парикма́хер Salon/Barber Са-лон / бар-бер
обще́ственный центр Community Centre Ка-му-ны-ти Сентер
полицейский участок Police Station По-лис ста-шон
Страхова́ние Insurance Ин-шу-ранс
Дом Home/House Хом / хоус
квартира Apartment А-парт-мент

Each Canadian city offers many services. Here is some advice (совет) on how to use them.

Больница - Hospital
It is free when there is an emergency, but it is very important to have insurance. Bring any ID
you have.

Банк - Bank
Bank accounts are necessary in Canada.
Here are some options:
- TD Bank

- Scotiabank

Школа - School
Go to the School District, Bring proof of residence (mail, driver’s liscence)

Библиотека - Library
Library (how to get a library card, take out books and know when they have to be back by)

Парк - Park
There are many public parks all over a city, people will be happy to tell you where they are.

Суперма´ркет – Grocery Store

In Canada, you buy most of your food at a grocery store. For furniture (мебель) and other items,
you go to a department store. There are also markets for fruits and vegetables, as well as snacks.

Some options for grocery stores:

- Save-on Foods
- Safeway
- FreshCo

If you cannot afford food from the supermarket, The Foodbank can help. Visit their website or
go to their location to learn more.

иммиграционный офис - Immigration office

In your first few years in Canada, this place is very important for legal immigration.

Торговый - Mall
There are many in Vancouver. Here, you can also buy a phone (телефон).

Some popular phone companies are:

- Telus
- Rogers
- Koodo
- Public Mobile

Автосалон - Car Dealership

Used cars can be found of craiglist.com as well. They are less expensive.

зубной врач - Dentist

There is a free service for low income families if needed.

Кабинет врача - Doctor’s Office

A good way to find a doctor is to go to ratemds.com

Парикма́хер - Salon/Barber

Salons in Canada can be expensive. Searching online or asking friends can be helpful. Salons are
typically for women and barbers for men.

обще́ственный центр - Community Centres

There are a lot of activities for children here. You can also learn about community activities like
festivals (фестива́ль), markets, and sports (спорт)

Дом - Home
It is expensive to live in Vancouver.

Some options for spending less money:

- Search on craigslist.com
- BC Housing Co-op
- Renting apartments
- Town Homes
- Roommates

Через Город
Across the City
А-крос зи сыти

Asking for directions is welcomed in Canada. Strangers will typically stop to help (помогать)
Русский Английском Произноше́ние
Russian English Pronunciation

Левый Left Лэфт

Правый Right Рыт
Дорога Street / Road Стрит / род
Здание Building Бел-дын
Тротуа́р Sidewalk Сыд-валк
Знак стоп Stop sign Стоп сен
Светофо́р Traffic Lights Тра-фек летс
Прямой Straight Страет
Где Where is…? Вэр из
Что What ват
Как много How many… Хау ман-ни
Кто Who..? ху
Когда When..? вен
Почему Why..? вай
Здесь Here Хир
Извините Excuse me Эк-скю-с ми
Ванная Bathroom Баз-рум
Фонтан Water fountain Ват-эр фон-тан
you if you ask.

Navigating the city

Ориенти́роваться в Город:

Ванная- Bathrooms
Parks and malls typically have public bathrooms. Some stores (магазин) offer public bathrooms
as well.

Фонтан- Water Fountains.

These can be found in parks and malls. Bring a water bottle (бутылка с водой) with you and you
can fill it up!

Пойдёмте в Pестора
Let’s Go To a Restaurant
Лэтс го ту а рест-о-рант

In Canada we rate things with stars (звезда). 1 star is not good, 5 is amazing, but is usually more
expensive. Look online for ratings.

Here is some vocabulary for Food


Русский Английском Произноше́ние

Russian English Pronunciation

Я бы хотел(а)… I would like… Ае вуд лык

Я готов(а) I am ready Ае ам ре-ди
можно мне Can I have… Кан ы ав
Спасибо Thank you Занк ю
Пожалуйста Please плис
Обед Dinner Ды-нер
Завтрак Breakfast Брек-фаст
Ресторан Restaurant Рест-о-рант
Брони́ровать Reservation Рес-ер-ва-жон
Бар Bar бар
Кафе Café Ка-фе
Яйцо Eggs егс
Соси́ска Sausage Со-сиг
Хлеб Bread бред
Торт Cake кэк
Сладкое Dessert Де-серт
Сандвич Sandwich Санд-выч
Ветчина́ Ham хам
Говядина Beef биф
Вода Water Ва-тер
Вино Wine Вын
Пиво Beer Вир
Суп Soup Суп

Обед - Dinner
Some places to go for dinner:
- A&W (3 stars)
- White Spot (3 or 4 stars)
- Old Spaghetti Factory (3 or 4 stars)
- Cactus Club (4 or 5 stars)

Завтрак - Breakfast
Some places to go for breakfast:
- Denny’s (3 stars)
- Cora (3 or 4 stars)

Брони́ровать - Reservation
To place a reservation, tell them what time and how many people are coming.

Бар - Bar
To drink alcohol in Canada, you must be 19 or older. This is a good place to make friends for
adults. People younger than 19 can still go into bars and eat, but cannot drink. Children will be
asked to leave later in the night (9-11 pm, typically). Do not drink and drive.

Some good Taxi (такси) Companies:

- Yellow Cab: (604) 871-1111
- Maclure’s Cabs: (604) 683-6666
You can also take an Uber (an app for your phone), which can be cheaper.

Друзей в Канада

Friends In Canada
Фрэндс ен Канада

Canadians are quite friendly (дружелюбный) and are easy to become friends with. They are
very open.

Here are some words for small talk

Легкий Разговор:
Русский Английском Произноше́ние
Russian English Pronunciation
Привет Hello Хэ-ло
Как дела? How are you? Хау ар ю
Хорошо Good гюд
Ничего Okay О-кае
Откуда вы? Where are you from? Вер ар ю фром
я из… I am from… Ы ам фром
Можете сказать ещё раз? Can you say that again? Кан ю сай зат а-гэн
Что означает это слово? What does this word mean? Ват дос зыс вэрд мин
я не знаю I don’t know ае донт но
мне жаль/простите I’m sorry аем со-ри
Пака Goodbye Гуд-бы

To make Russian friends, joining Facebook groups can be helpful. Search online for people
from your country living in your city. There are multiple Russian markets in the Vancouver area,
where you will encounter more Russians and foods (еда) similar to home.

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