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Luminit Government Services Awarded Phase 1 SBIR Grant from the Air Force

Testing Center

The grant will support LGS’ continued efforts to develop Diffuser-based Combiner Screens for
cryogenic environments.

Torrance, CA, March 06, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Luminit Government Services (LGS), a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Luminit LLC that serves aerospace and defense customers, has been awarded an SBIR
Phase 1 Grant from the Air Force Testing Center (AFTC). The three-month program will support LGS’
continued efforts to develop a Diffuser-based Combiner Screen (DiSC) for high-resolution foveated
imaging to test spaceborne sensors.

An adaptation of the commercial Light Shaping Diffuser®, the DiSC applies directly to the AFTC sensor
test site that operates under extreme conditions. Monolithic and fabricated from either Silicon or
Germanium with a gold coating, the DiSC is extremely rugged and designed to withstand the cryogenic
temperatures of space. The pattern etched into surface of each screen produces a smooth, aberration-free,
bright image to the collimator or sensor.

“Luminit has long had a leading position in optical diffusion technology,” notes Dr. Engin Arik, President
& CEO of Luminit, the parent company of LGS. “The current technology is a sandblasted Ge wafer,
which has uncontrolled and noisy image properties, especially in longer-wavelength imaging. The DiSC
produces excellent Mid-Wave IR images when used with a thermal scene projector.”

Since its inception, Luminit Government Services has helped military and defense partners develop the
next generation of cutting-edge optics. Chief Scientist, Dr. Russell Kurtz, inventor of the monolithic IR
diffuser and an expert in optics, worked alongside a team of engineers with over 150 years of combined
experience in optics technologies. A less strict, moderate environment version can be used for IR beam
combining in more normal environments. For more information, contact sales@luminitgs.com

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