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BEGGARS BOWL To Jannat Bey Nazir

Coupled with various other weaknesses of this Nation the instinct of

carrying Beggars Bowl has played the crucial role in developing a
highly degraded image of “Pakistan as a Nation” amongst the
international community. We are so fond of begging that we even beg
for things where we have right to our National dues.

Let’s take a few situations indicative of our National Character. We

have been begging from everywhere for the flood effected people. How
many are the flood effected people? We take the generally said figure
of 20 Million people but most of them need help for limited time and
would be soon in a position to stand on their own feet. This category
needs help for an interim period. Others need help for construction of
their houses etc and would take somewhat more time. Can’t the rest
of 130 Million people support the two categories of their country
fellows? This simply needs exemplary steps from political leadership.
Are not they resourceful far better than the 130 Million people.

Various countries have faced Flood/Tsunami situations but how many

of them has taken the Bowl? Unfortunately China, who used to be our
sincere and good friend and once moved their army on Indian Border
at a crucial time for us, relations with them, due to our own image,
have deteriorated and cooled down to such an extent that they have
unconditionally supported proposal for India to be taken as permanent
member of UN Security Council. They have not even suggested that
India should itself first respect the resolutions of same Security

An estimate has been commonly mentioned by the experts in

discussions over the TV channels that the loss to the Pakistani Nation
due to having been dragged unduly, in so called war on terrorism, is
25 Billion Dollars. Understandably this inter alia includes the loss to
the economy/society, cost of military mobilization to fight some
sections of its own population!! This all happened with General Pervaiz
Musharaf’s “generous” obedience to a single telephone call of US

In one of discussions on channel, participated by leaders of political

parties it was ridiculously insisted that RGST is not going to effect

common man. One even said Sales Tax was first implemented in
Nawaz Sharif regime but they forget that it is, as such, going to play
havoc in the lives of the masses of this country. They unfortunately
forget to realize that GOP can more appropriately raise the required
revenue through honest application of direct taxes on privileged
classes especially Jagirdars.

It is well understood and realized that Govt. should have enough

resources for education, infrastructure development, R & D etc apart
from own administration/defense needs and more importantly for
support to the resource less sections of the society. We as Muslims in
the light of teachings given to us should well contain such expenses
and Govt. should play role of facilitator for public and not as Masters
lavishly utilizing the wealth of Nation and should not be allowed/forced
into dealings in interest, in any way.

Pakistan’s current Internal and External Debt position is given here:

Debt - Internal and External - Due From GOP

Pak Rs in Millions

Foreign September 2010 (55.4 Billion USD) 5,023,432

Local August 09 (Recently available figures) 4,050,000

Total 9,073,432

Size and Impact

With our GOP gross recent annual revenue size of say Rs.1500/-
Billion, to serve the debt repayment (only principal) with total revenue
will take 6 years. This means even if entire GOP revenue is allocated to
requirement of debts it will take 6 years to end war with Allah
SHWTALA - Surah Al Baqara Ayat 287-288.

All the damn money whitening schemes should be taken out of state
bank. There has been lot of press uproar and finally the State Bank of
Pakistan has openly criticize the central government for pressurizing
SBP and getting out of it notes unduly printed, in bulk quantity, with
devastating effects on the economy(Business Recorder).

Nation has been suffering from load shedding, lets leave domestic
situation, even employment places for the poor people have been
suffering power shortage and as a result wide spread unemployment

and under employment. If Mohtram Wali Khan had said he will not
allow the Kalabah dam to be constructed, why the Nation including
Pukhtoon Khawa people, suffer from exorbitantly high cost of power
generated from fossil fuels. This is ridiculous situation; country having
vast potential of Hydel Power generation and coal reserves is living
with high cost of power. Water scarcity is another offshoot.

Recently our worthy Prime Minister strangely took up the beggars bowl
to a gathering of “Friends of Democratic Pakistan” and demanded that
the loans due to UN agencies be forgiven out rightly. “Is he ignorant
and there is no body around him to suggest that the financial relations
amongst the Nations are based on what sort of traditions.”

Let’s quote a live historical example:

In the World War II, the miserable situation of British Nation in front of
the German attacks is well known; a considerable part of Europe had
already been conquered by Hitler. USA (although remaining aloof
reaped lot many benefits out of this war) entered into a heavy loan
agreement with British Government on interest payable to USA, which
was called Bretton wood agreement. England wanted that its well off
friend, who was his ally in the war, should extend him loan without
interest. USA did not agree and due to their constraints Great Britain
was forced to agree on interest payment. War ended somehow.
Feeling of British Nation can be realized from speeches on different
forums and in press uproar.

The famous economist Lord Keynes who entered into this transaction
with USA, when returned, while speaking in the House of Lords said
whole life I would not be able to forget the pain which I felt that
Americans refused to give us loan without interest. Churchill the
leading admirer of USA said “What has happened to us, I see lot of
dangers in the depth. In fact the way we were treated has left big
strains in our relations.” The then Finance Minister Dr. Walton while
presenting matter in House of Lords for approval said, “this heavy
burden which we are carrying from war is a strange compensation of
our sacrifices and pains we took for the common interest. On this
novel price and its effect only writers of future generation can
comment ………………..We requested that we should be given an interest
free loan but we were replied that this is not practical politics”.

Let’s ask ourselves a question, what for this Nation is escape goat for
American interest to conquer our Afghan brothers and kill our Qabaili

Related to Tax

The dis-encouragement for general public to pay taxes is out of

attitude of rulers. In case rulers are fare on this plank, public in
general shall also willingly contribute to National ex-chequer. This is
what we have generally observed elsewhere in the ‘developed’ world.
It is often contended by National Finance Managers that our tax to
GDP ratio is lowest. Such managers and the other politicians in power
should set examples and then see whether the Nation follows them or
not. Unfortunately out of the NEWS we share I have developed a
strange feeling otherwise. In case my statement is felt to be wrong or
exaggerated we can make a test by selecting some of the senior
politicians in power as to see how far they are paying taxes farley,
where as I present myself personally with tax records of my life time.
Get my records checked and give me equivalent access to their

In the end I earnestly urge our rulers to stop asking for aid, rather
demand US to look for some other country to provide them facilities
for what they are bent upon to do with our Afghan and Qabaili
Brothers. Also demand payment of loss of USD 25 Billion to Pakistan
economy/society due to their motives. Iran is living independently
despite all threats of US; same is case with Cuba and some other
countries. Time, I am confident is not far off when American system
and their so called international image of being super power shall be
rolled back on them by the circumstances they have developed
themselves “insha Allah”.

Some religious scholars may contend that Islam does not ask for any
tax in shape, those currently in vogue everywhere. They might have in
the back of their mind that there used to be a Baitul Maal topped up
with Khumus and Zakat, the later permitted for limited use to the
extent of seven defined outlets. They fail to realize the ground realities
of today and some narrations from and clarifications of the Prophet

Jannat Bey Nazir

If we could enjoy an atmosphere of conscious belief like:

1- Allah SWHTALA is accepted as the only supreme authority and
what is ordained by him is accepted and practiced in letter and

2- Prophet (PBUH) is the Ashraful Ambiya-e wa Mukhlooqat.

Whatever he ordained is from Allah SHWTALA.

3- Companions of holy Prophet (PBUH) as a group have been the

righteous people on earth.

4- If we turn our lives towards Sunnah of Rasool Kareem and

Khulfa Rashideen al-Mehdiyeen or at least a good amount of
shadow of those times in our life.

5- Those on the helm of affairs hold themselves accountable, in all

respects, irrespective of what the worldly Constitution protects
them. Eager to present themselves to justice, willingly and at
their own initiative.

6- Live and move around without any pomp and show.

7- Run our economy and display living example of everything Halal

being done without interest and second big evil the hyper
inflation. We could remind our self that all high profile research
and development whether civilian or Military, medicine and those
leading to social justice shall insha Allah all materialize well in
the due process. If somebody has doubt, let me explain and
satisfy them.

Maaz Allah, for self projection! If I could not satisfy them

theoretically, given the chance, insha Allah, they will see it like Sun
on the sky.

We could expect, we shall be:

1- Amongst the beloved ones of Allah SWHWATALLA and his

prophet (PBUH).

2- We turn out to be Supreme Power on the earth subordinated to
the ultimate Supreme Power of the universe.

3- We shall be facilitated in all our political, economic, social and

other aspects of life, provided we live up to Al-Asr Surah

Reality the fact is what a Sayyed R.A said “It would be a great
SAADAT if we even happen to serve as a Peon for such a set up”.


We shall remain as we are dominated by corrupt people having no fear

of Allah SWTALAH. Remaining in war against Him and the smoke of
Riba shall continue falling on all of us even not directly involved in Riba
dealings. Our collective lives shall remain derailed, as are since
inception of Pakistan.

Muhammad Yameen, FCA

January 8, 2011

Cel No: 0300.8455409