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Anil Uzun Will Start a New YouTube Series, “Cooking in New Zealand”

Anil Uzun will start a new series to discover New Zealand cuisine. The series will be broadcasted on
YouTube and the first episode will air on June 10 at 07.00 pm.

Vilnius, Lithuania, March 06, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Anil Uzun will take the food experience up to New
Zealand. The new YouTube series: Anil Uzun Cooking in New Zealand will feature the adventures of a
chef. The new series will embark on a new adventure in New Zealand. Anil Uzun will dive into the sea,
hike on mountains and cook. He will cook the most delicious meals that belong to New Zealand cuisine.

“The programme will be a delicious and adventurous inspiration for the audience. They will explore the
food culture of the continent with me. We will learn about the culture, dishes and flavors unique to New
Zealand together. We will develop new recipes with ingredients that we are not familiar with. That would
be a challenge but a delicious one,” Anil Uzun says.

The series will consist of 8 episodes featuring journeys to the remote corners of the continent. Anil Uzun
will cook with locals, learn to cook with ingredients that he has never seen before.

“Cooking in New Zealand” is produced by Anil Uzun himself. The brand new YouTube series will be
broadcasted on Anil Uzun’s channel every Friday and the first episode will air on June 10 at 07.00 pm.

Who is Anil Uzun?

Anil Uzun is a chef and a professional restaurant manager who aims to inform people about healthy
eating. He has been a consultant to restaurants for 8 years and he also has experience in journalism, he
creates TV Show contents and develops recipes and publishes cookbooks.

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