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ASIS International

208 News JULY 2008

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Regulating the Private Security

Table of Contents
2 Chairman’s Notes
Industry in Afghanistan – Steve Brooking
rivate Security Companies gradually did they come to realize that
4 CPP in Bangladesh started operating in Afghanistan there were a lot of companies out
5 Convergence within days of the fall of the there, and some operating in distinctly
Taliban in November 2001, but only illegal ways.
6 Business Continuity now is the Government of Afghanistan
Management trying to put proper regulation in place The first attempts to register and
8 CPP and PSP Certification as part of the programme of regulate PSCs in Afghanistan were
‘Disbanding Illegal Armed Groups’. started by the Afghan Ministry of
10 New Members Interior, but different departments had
11 Oops and Sudoku With the influx of foreign peacekeeping different ideas: the Criminal
forces and international diplomats into Investigation Department started to
12 SRVP Report Afghanistan once the Taliban had fled issue licences, as did the Uniformed
13 Exchange Programme in 2001 came a new phenomenon Police Department, but both seemed
unknown to the Afghans in more ways to be using the system as an excuse
14 An IP Education than one: private security contractors to levy ‘fees’ which went to no known
15 Northern Breakfast and companies. The Americans were Government account. And a licence
Briefing the first to arrive with Blackwater from the Ministry did not stop local
providing specialist security to Chiefs of Police trying to stop and
16 Diary elements of the US Embassy, but the extort money from PSCs who were
US military still drew the bulk of its escorting convoys or personnel.a
local security manpower from local
militias controlled by commanders who Perhaps because of the activities of a
JOINT EDITOR – Helene Carlsson
(07802 864485). had opposed the Taliban. As the few non-reputable local companies, or
helene.carlsson@btinternet.com reform of such militias started to the actions of a few people within
JOINT EDITOR – Mike Hurst transform most of them into the PSCs, public opinion of PSCs showed
(0845 644 6893) Afghan National Army or demobilize a very negative image of them:
and re-integrate them so some intimidating people, blocking roads,
ADVERTISING – Graham Bassett
(07961 123763);
became ‘local private security dangerous driving, drug-smuggling etc
grahamb@momentumsecurity.co.uk companies’. As the aid money began ; but studies also showed that there
ADMIN. MANAGER – Jude Awdry, to flow into the country, but into areas remained confusion as to who was a
ASIS UK Chapter 208, PO Box 208, where security was not certain and PSC and who was international military
Princes Risborough, HP27 0YR.
Tel: 01494 488599;
international military did not have a as many PSC staff had US Department
Fax: 01494 488590; strong presence, so reconstruction of Defence or some form of NATO ID
e-mail: asis@awdry.demon.co.uk. companies looked for security: some card.
MEMBERSHIP ENQUIRIES – asked reputable international
Nigel Flower, CPP (01276 684709 -
companies, some did local deals with Eventually the Afghan Cabinet decided
email: nigelflower@msn.com)
former commanders, and some even to ban all PSCs completely; however
PUBLISHERS – The 208 Newsletter is
published by Chapter 208 of ASIS formed their own offshoot security the international community then
International. companies. The US Embassy even pointed out the effects that this would
FREQUENCY – The 208 Newsletter is decided that President Karzai should have: NATO and the international
published four times per year, Spring, be guarded by a PSC as the US military would have to almost cease
Summer, Autumn & Winter – please contact
the editorial team for deadlines.
Military needed its teams elsewhere. operations as they relied on PSCs to
IN GENERAL – The 208 Newsletter welcomes
escort fuel and food convoys; USAID
articles & photographs, but while every care But the Afghan Government was estimated that half their development
is taken, cannot be held responsible for any confused; it did not understand the projects would cease; Embassies relied
loss or damage incurred while in transit or in
our possession. Please send all material to
world of contracting and assumed that on PSCs for close protection.
the editors. The Newsletter may publish most of the people driving around in
articles in which the views expressed by the civilian clothes in armoured vehicles Finally the Afghan Government agreed
author(s) are not necessarily those of ASIS.
and with weapons were international to a set of regulations under which
ISSN N0 – 1350-4045
military, not private companies. Only PSCs would be regulated and licenced

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Halfway through another year!!

he first half of 2008 has been fast paced fantastic speaker. There are high indications preparation is
and eventful. There seems no immediate that financial issues around the globe will working. The exams
respite in the complex challenging world continue to challenge us all. Over recent are still tough,
of corporate risk management. ASIS weeks I have discussed many issues with however, evidence
International remains at the forefront of senior security professionals, security managers demonstrates that
assisting security professionals across the and suppliers and one topic that seems to the majority of those Barrie Millett
globe in providing training, leadership, come to the forefront regularly is effectively who have failed did
resources and networks of security managing security risks within the restraints of not prepare adequately…. Congratulations to
professionals in a truly international arena. cost reduction. There is strong evidence that all those who passed this latest round of
security, especially guarding, is still a certification exams. Over the coming months
In April I was fortunate to be able to attend commodity buy. As an end-user this is we will be communicating further information
the ASIS International European Conference in something I am battling to overcome and plan and developments with regards to this
Barcelona. For me, personally, it was a huge to work with some key security managers and internationally recognised certification
success, not only was it an opportunity to guarding companies to see how we can program.
catch up with old friends and colleagues it overcome this highly emotive issue to ensure
enabled me to make new acquaintances and that the key “critical to quality” factor in buying I am pleased to report that the successful
attend some very useful educational sessions. security is that it is “fit for purpose” and not breakfast briefings will be picking up steam
From my "GE" standpoint my attendance paid solely “cost” driven by purchasing teams. again and will not only be returning to old
for itself, with a couple of main highlights: venues, we will be bringing them to new
I communicated in the last newsletter that pastures….. watch out for further details over
The SRVP Reception - networking enabled me 2007 saw record numbers of successful the coming weeks.
to gather some sound information, I may have certification candidates in the UK. Early
otherwise missed, in an area I operate indications show that this success is May I wish you all a fantastic summer and
The first break out session, John Didden continuing in 2008 with a high success rate in hope that you, like I, will have the opportunity
"Terrorism-Update & Iran's 50 year plan to the latest examinations. This has to spend some valuable time with family and
export their revolution" - enlightening pitch and demonstrated that the new format exam friends during the summer holiday period.

Editorial Team

Graham Bassett – Advertising and
Seminar Exhibitors
Graham is Commercial Director for
Momentum Security Recruitment and
Helene Mike
has worked in the security recruitment
Helene Carlsson – Joint Editor Mike Hurst – Joint Editor sector for some 19 years.
After over 20 years as a security Mike is a director of recruitment He was also the founder Chairman
professional in the corporate world consultants HJA Fire and Security who of the BSIA Recruitment Code of
(Sweden, UK and Internationally) he joined in 1992. He recruits at all Ethics and also sits on the REC
Helene thought the time was right to levels across a range of security Association of Executive Recruitment
explore the consultancy business. disciplines. Committee (AER), responsible for
standards, members benefits and
In 2003 she started up her own
business and has been working with Mike is Joint Editor of the Newsletter,
Like Mike he is also a Member of
Greymans Ltd, a Business Risk Webmaster and set up and
the Recruitment and Employment
Specialist company. She is also administers the ASIS 208 Blog.
Confederation (MREC).
working as an independent Security He is well traveled and his working
Consultant specializing in most He is a Fellow of the Recruitment and career has taken him to various
aspects non-IT Security, Business Employment Confederation (FREC) and interesting spots around the globe to
Continuity and Crisis Management. a Member of The Security Institute include a three-year assignment in
Helene has been a member of (MSyI) where he is an Assistant Saudi Arabia.
ASIS since 1989 and on the ASIS Registrar to the Verification Board. Graham is an avid supporter of
208 Committee for many years (too taking ASIS forward within the
many perhaps). She has been He is joint Chairman of The SIA Small commercial world of security and is
working actively on the Media Business Network. pleased to see such an increase in
sub-committee for the same exhibitors and advertisers supporting
amount of time. the chapter.

helene.carlsson@btinternet.com mike@hja.co.uk grahamb@momentumsecurity.co.uk

2 SUMMER 2007 www.asis.org.uk

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Williams Management
with the help of the UN programme to disband illegal armed Communication specialise
groups (a key fear of the government being that some in producing training
private security companies were nothing more than cover for
films for major public
former commanders to keep an armed militia to run the
drugs trade and keep local power). Still the Afghan companies, central and local
Government had some strange ideas written into their government, NGOs and
regulations: all staff to have Interpol checks (which could
not be done for/by individuals) and police checks in country leading professional bodies.
of origin (possible with the UK but not most countries –
even the US can only easily do a check in the State of Our programmes focus
residence because of the federal system). on managing risk, security,
Problems remain in the licencing process: the Afghans seem
H&S, BCP and partnership
to think that all PSCs make huge profits and have therefore issues. We have extensive
set high fees, which the donor community warn will have to expertise in video production
come out of aid money; certain parts of the Afghan Security
authorities seem reluctant to see a clear, fair and and practical experience of
transparent licencing system which will reduce the the issues organisations face.
opportunities for corruption; no-one wants to tackle the
issue of importation of weapons, which is technically against
Programmes are viewed
the poorly-drafted Gun Law, and so PSCs are forced to via clients’ corporate intranet
operate in the black market for weapons; senior Government and on dvd.
officials are not supposed to be linked to PSCs but a
number are, through very transparent links; selection of staff
and equipment has been slowed by time-consuming UN and
Afghan Government selection processes; CID have just
realized that they can not check the 15000 guard
applications in the two weeks they officially have; some
international companies and military continue to employ
armed local militias rather than one of the 36 companies
who have gone through the proper process and are in
possession of temporary licences.
As this article is written the Afghan Government is
considering the licences for the 36 PSCs, including a
significant number of UK PSCs; it will be interesting to see
the final results!

Chapter 208 member Steve Brooking OBE COMMUNICATION
was previously with the UK Embassy in Afghanistan,
then Country Manager for Aegis Defence Services in
Afghanistan, and now works as a consultant for the
United Nations including on the PSC registration process. Kingfisher House, 21-23 Elmfield Road
The views expressed in the article are entirely his own Bromley, Kent BR1 1LT
and not that of any organization for whom he has
Telephone: +44 (0) 208 315 6700
worked or is working.
Fax: +44 (0) 208 315 6721
email: admin@williamscommunication.co.uk
www.asis.org.uk SUMMER 2007 3
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CPP Training in Bangladesh

– David Creswell
comfortably and efficiently in the the reference materials, practice test
corporate sector. No more clearly was papers, and syndicate discussions and
this demonstrated than in the fact that research. By the end of the week,
over half of the group have, since candidates were well on their way to
leaving the military, earned or were becoming capable of achieving pass

n May of this year I was invited to working towards, MBAs. In addition, grades – but their commitment to
Bangladesh to conduct a CPP many had already completed a total of continued study throughout the
Review Programme for members of three two-week ARC Training security forthcoming months will be crucial in
the local security management forum, management courses over a two year achieving this.
who are planning to sit the CPP period. It was deeply rewarding helping such
certification examination in November. an enthusiastic and capable group of
Having visited Bangladesh to conduct I think, nevertheless, when the security managers establish their own
training on a number of occasions candidates sat down to study the CPP Chapter and prepare for the CPP.
previously, I was aware of the voracious syllabus in detail, with me as their Bangladeshis are profoundly
appetite for continuing professional “guide”, they were a little taken aback honourable, appreciative and generous
development in that country, and at the amount of studying that lay people who extend the warmest of
indeed the idea of forming a CPP ahead of them, and attrition (or natural hospitality to visitors. What’s more,
chapter in Bangladesh was first selection) took its toll. Of the 15 their cuisine is probably among the
discussed during my initial visit in candidates who began the programme, best in the world, far superior even to
2006. This prompted two members of just the 11 most determined remained that which is served up in their UK
the forum to sit (and pass) their CPP in by the end of the week, and they were restaurants.
Singapore last year and to sow the warned by the forum leader Brig Gen
seed of forming a Bangladesh ASIS (Retd) Faruque Ashfaque that, as In a country where the average salary
chapter. retired officers, it was going to be a of a security manager ranges from
“matter of professional and family £4,000 - £10,000 a year, and where
Almost everybody in the forum is a honour” that they would all pass, and the cost of living rises almost in the
retired military officer, some of that anybody who felt he was not blink of an eye, it is interesting to learn
Brigadier General rank, and it is capable should not sit the examination. that many see investment in
instructive to see that even at this level Failure is clearly not an option! certifications such as CPP as a way to
of experience and skill there is a still a The classroom study programme rise out of the poverty that
recognition that “transition” education comprised three basic types of activity: characterises this most interesting of
is necessary in order to function tutor-led teaching sessions drawing on countries.

Trooping The Colour – Graham Bassett

n June 14th committee members Mick Egdell
and Graham Bassett (and partners) attended
this fantastic event as guests of David Hutler
(Sales Director of ISS-Pegasus).

Hosted by Malcolm Harris of the FCO we had a bird’s

eye view of events from Winston Churchill’s Office
within the Old Admiralty Building – with some 40
people in attendance.

It was a truly impressive and nostalgic event which

ended with the RAF flypast (goose pimples or what!).

Afterwards ISS kindly extended their hospitality to

lunch and the odd glass of wine!

Please note that the Spring 2009 seminar venue will

be hosted by the FCO at their impressive building just
Picture courtesy of Stuart Holman, SMBC
off Whitehall - this will be a first for the chapter and
we would like to thank ISS-Pegasus (sponsors of the
spring seminar) and the FCO for their support.

4 SUMMER 2007 www.asis.org.uk

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Convergence Update – James Willison

In February 2008 ASIS UK was invited Enterprise Security Risk management
to join the Information Security (AESRM) here in the UK. Please join
Awareness Forum. We are very me in congratulating Sarb on his
pleased to be working with a wide recent appointment as President of
range of professional security the ISACA London Chapter (The
organisations from both the IT and Chapter is very successful and has
Physical security arena. We have been 2,300 members). He has also just
involved in a variety of meetings aimed launched a new society video news
at raising the awareness of Information website (www.virtuallyinformed.com)
Security issues in the workplace and in and it is hoped that ASIS UK will have
the home. In April this year the "The its own page up and running in the
Directors' Guides to Managing near future. The aim of the website is
Information Risk" produced jointly by to bring together a wide diversity of James Willison
BT, IAAC and the ISAF. They can also approaches to security management
be accessed from and we are delighted to be linked with would be very pleased to hear of the
www.theisaf.org." This is aimed virtually informed. Sarb would like to work we are currently involved in with
primarily at the CEO level and encourage anyone from our ISACA UK and the ISAF.
company directors. It is hoped that membership to contribute video news
those with responsibility for security in articles. My video blog and Guide to Finally I would like to encourage those
an organisation will be able to give this Security Convergence will be available who have an interest in IP Security
guide to their CEO and CRO, thereby shortly. Please get in contact with and its place within the corporate
creating an opportunity for discussion Mike Hurst and I if you would like to security function to assist Markus
and review of the company’s security make a short 3-minute video on a (Lens University) by completing a short
policy. We have around 100 copies security matter of importance to you. survey on this link. As a committee
that will be made available to our we believe the results of this survey
membership at the Summer Seminar. In April this year I was fortunate to meet will help us understand the role of IP
These can also be downloaded on Ron Hale from ISACA International at security in the security function and
www. the InfoSec Europe event. Ron is a the significance of technological
leading member of the AESRM and has change for our industry.
Since January 2008 I have been been working closely with Jeff Spivey
meeting regularly with Sarb Sembhi and Ray O’Hara who are ASIS All in all, it has been a very
from ISACA London. We have been International board members and encouraging past few months and
discussing ways in which we can prominent campaigners for Security there are clear signs of much greater
further the work of the Alliance for Convergence. He explained that they opportunities to come

ASIS European Links ASIS Security Resources

The latest listing of the New Security Resources
ASIS International European web portal: (April and May 2008), which describes materials
www.asisonline.eu added to the O.P. Norton Information Resources
Center (ASIS Library) Security Catalog/Database,
has just been posted online at
European Chapter Websites:
www.asisbenelux.org (under construction) http://www.asisonline.org/library/
www.asiscz.org member-secure/apr_may2008.pdf
www.asisdenmark.dk This list is updated monthly or bi-monthly in the
www.asis-finland.org IRC Online section of the ASIS website. If any
members wish to receive notice of the latest
www.asisonline.fr security information, they may sign up individually at
www.asis.org.il (under construction)
www.asis-spain.org Recommendations about new publications,
electronic sources and websites that are not already
www.asis.se in the database, are appreciated. Please use the
www.asisonline.ch www.asistr.org following link to make a suggestion:
http://asisuk.blogspot.com suggestnewtitle.xml

www.asis.org.uk SUMMER 2007 5

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:44 Page 6

BS 25999

Why Every Company Needs To Know About BS 25999

– Business Continuity Management – Katie Hodson
At times, I find there is almost a BS25999 – Business services that the organisation wishes
Nostradamus-like quality to crisis Continuity Management to protect;
management, attending meetings Now BS25999 – Business Continuity Identify all the activities that enable
and making presentations that Management has arrived. This the organisation to deliver the
standard has been developed to products and services. (This can be
prophesize crisis and disaster,
provide a framework for business done at a reasonably high level);
floods, fire and disease. As a Risk,
Crisis and Disaster Management continuity management (BCM),
applicable to any organization, large Capture information about the
specialist, I am well versed with the activities so that everyone involved
or small, from any sector, which is
concept of assessing risks that knows what is being considered and
interested in minimizing the risk of
could disrupt critical business business disruption. BS25999 can ensure that nothing significant is
activities and of developing suitable clarifies the concept of Business overlooked;
prevention measures. However, Impact Analysis (BIA). To comply with
experience shows that managers the standard, an organisation is Assess how stopping each activity for
tend to fall into two very distinct required to have conducted a BIA. certain periods of time impacts the
camps: those who instantly see the This is the process for determining the organisation (Having clearly defined
impact of a disruption to the activities impact categories and appropriate
benefits of Crisis Management
that support the organisation’s key ways of measuring the impact is
Planning and those who feel they
products and services. To achieve essential);
are impervious to such misfortune.
this, an organisation is required to:
Trying to convince the latter that 5. Establish the maximum tolerable
they too are susceptible to power Identify the scope of the work to be period of disruption for each activity
outages, fire, flood, pandemic etc. undertaken. This is best defined in by:
is at times, an uphill struggle. terms of the key products and Identifying the maximum time period

Sometimes you need to

speak with a global company
when recruiting local or
international personnel.
For IT, Risk and Fraud,
Technical Systems, Security,
or Health & Safety . . .
contract or permanent
Talk to Yasmeen Stratton
020 8626 3100

www.ssr-personnel.com 5 Blackhorse Lane, London E17 6DN

6 SUMMER 2007 www.asis.org.uk

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:44 Page 7

after the start of a disruption within organisation. The results are collated
which the activity must be resumed in and the processes prioritised
order to avoid an unacceptable level according to criticality of impact. If
of impact on the organisation managers are asked to determine the
Identifying the minimum level at which criticality without justifying their
each activity needs to be performed conclusions based on the impact of
upon resumption Identifying the length stopping the activities, there is a
of time within which normal levels of strong danger of ending up with the
operation need to be resumed wrong results. Operational managers,
quite rightly, will see their own areas
Categorise the activities according to as critical so it is hard to come to any
their priority for recovery and identify other conclusion unless you assess
those which are critical (It is up to the the impacts against a number of
organisation to decide how to identify different but clearly defined impacts.
critical activities. Typically it will
be those with short resumption The second approach involves the Katie Hodson is Senior
targets; senior management team categorising Security Adviser for SGS and
the activities solely on the basis of holds an MSc in Risk, Crisis and
Identify all dependencies relating to their knowledge of the business. This Disaster Management. She has
critical activities including suppliers does not provide the maximum worked in the security industry
and outsource partners s well as tolerable period of disruption and for more than 12 years.
support activities and other activities recovery time objectives but is an
that may of themselves not be critical; excellent way of validating the She was winner of the 2008
conclusions of operational Women’s Fraud Network Stella
Estimate the resources that each management . It is a fact that in a Walsh Award for excellence in
critical activity will require for crisis or disaster situation there will the fight against fraud.
resumption at an acceptable level of many business processes which will
operation; and be 'nice to have' rather than 'must do'. two outside caterers to bring prepared
A focussed, transparent and food into the facility.
Set recovery time objectives for the pragmatic approach is necessary for
resumption of critical activities within all involved in evaluating the criticality Be it food poisoning, supply chain
their maximum tolerable period of of the functions. problems, natural phenomena, the
organisation was forced to deal with
the impact of running the business on
Conduct a risk assessment that Business Disruption 25% of the workforce.
examines the threats, vulnerabilities
and impacts surrounding the critical With Business Continuity
activities and anything that they rely
Management, the cause of the
on; business disruption is largely In short, conducting a BIA is a useful
immaterial. Whether attributable to a process to assist management in
Undertake or review the adequacy of form of natural disaster, health or protecting the most critical parts of
the BIA at planned intervals and when transport problems, it is the impact on the organisation. Returning to
significant changes occur to the the organisation that such an event Nostradamus, the predictions of fire,
organization or its activities; might have that is the focus. flood and disease can perhaps, now
For example, a manufacturer with a with the help of BCM, be replaced
Undertaking A Business facility some distance from the city with predictions of resilience and
Impact Analysis centre, transported staff to and from longevity. BIA can ensure resources
work in buses. With over 1000 are effectively allocated in the face of
There are two approaches that need employees an on-site canteen was business disruption which in turn
to be combined if an organisation is necessary, as there were no nearby increases the recovery capability of
to conduct an effective BIA. The first restaurant/food facilities. Then the organisation. BS25999 provides
requires input from operational disaster struck. Almost 75% of the the framework and processes enabling
management, where they are asked work-force was absent, due to an organisation to clearly demonstrate
to consider their business processes suspected food-poisoning. For a week to its stakeholders that the
(activities) and use an impact the business was forced to run on a organisation is committed to its
assessment to determine the skeleton staff. To mitigate the risk of customers and the delivery of the
criticality of each process to the recurrence the factory now employs product/services.

www.asis.org.uk SUMMER 2007 7

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:44 Page 8


CPP and PSP Certification – David Creswell

he introduction of an additional include all aspects of physical security,
CPP certification examination into information security, pre-employment
the annual calendar of Chapter screening and investigations, security
208 has been received enthusiastically management principles, business
by chapter members. On May 3, 25 management and leadership
candidates sat the four-hour principles, personnel security, guard
examination, and are now eagerly force management, law (UK criminal
awaiting results, due to be released in and employment law for UK
the coming weeks. If successful, the candidates) and crisis/emergency
candidates will join an elite of over management. Primarily rooted in US
6,000 senior security professionals security management best practice,
worldwide, who hold this most the content nevertheless has relevance
prestigious designation. to security management all over the
world, according to Chapter
UK CPP certificants have earned the Certification Representative David
admiration of Baroness Henig, Cresswell, who has recently returned
Chairman of the SIA, who at a dinner from Bangladesh, where he has been
earlier this year to celebrate last year’s working with local security managers
successful candidates, recognised working for multinational companies in
ASIS Chapter 208 as a driving force to that country to pass the examination
improve and professionalise the private (see separate report).
security industry in the UK. Singling
out the new certificants specifically, Internationally, the CPP has become
she described them as “beacons the benchmark by which the David Cressswell
shining out in the landscape of private competency of the senior security
security, lighting the way forward.” professional is judged. By virtue of the
shown that a candidate’s chances of
There are now over 100 CPP board need to recertify through continuing
passing the examination first time
certified security management professional development, it is
increases dramatically if he or she
professionals in the UK, and this recognised that the CPP designation is
follows a guided course of instruction.
number is set to rise significantly as proof of an individual’s ability and
demand for the certification begins to dedication to improving knowledge and The UK Review Programme, conducted
double year on year. professional skills. Experience is also jointly by ARC Training and MFD
demonstrated, since a security International, in addition to serving the
Much of the CPP syllabus is taken professional must have at least seven UK Chapter, also attracts delegates
from the Protection of Assets Manual, year’s experience before being eligible from other countries, due to the
a four volume mammoth reference to sit the examination. reputation that it has earned through
guide of about 3000 pages. The producing some of the best
guide is a collaborative effort of The next examination will be on 1 examination success rates anywhere in
security managers from all over the November, with enrolment for the the world.
world, and reflects some of the best Review Programme taking place in
and most contemporary practices in June. While it is certainly possible to Upon enrolment on the Review
corporate security management. sit the examination without taking the Programme, candidates purchase the
Domains covered in the syllabus Review Programme, experience has reading list and become acquainted

Students and Instructors at the most recent CPP and PSP Study Programme

8 SUMMER 2007 www.asis.org.uk

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:45 Page 9


with the content with the help of a series of monthly

distance learning tasks. In total the examination requires
about 200 hours of preparation for a typical experienced
Full details of both certifications can be
security professional, so candidates must be prepared to found in the Applicant Handbook, which
allocate at least five hours a week to private study during can be downloaded from the following link:
this preparatory period.
On 27 October, one week before the examination, Examination fees are $(US) 200 for ASIS members
candidates are brought together for a week’s intensive for either certification. Fees for non-members are
classroom study, where trainers Barry Walker CPP and CPP ($350) and PSP ($250).
Phillip Wood MBE CPP PSP go through the materials in
great detail, providing insights into which parts of which Review Programme fees are (CPP) £1225 (+VAT)
books to focus on, in preparation for the 225-question and (PSP) £1395 (+VAT). The fees include one-week’s
multiple choice answer paper. No trainer is allowed to see full board accommodation for the intensive classroom
any examination paper, past or present, but all are phase of the study programme.
experienced in knowing the type of questions to be
anticipated. For further details on either certification contact David
Cresswell at davidcresswell@arc-tc.com, or to register
The CPP is constantly reviewed to ensure that it is aligned directly for either the CPP or PSP Review Programme
with currently corporate security management best practice. contact janetward@arc-tc.com.
As Chapter Certification Representative I am one of a
number of international “associates” of the ASIS Further information can be found as follows:
International Professional Certification Board who is actively
involved in the latest review of the syllabus. http://www.arc-tc.com/pages/asis_cpp_psp.asp

PSP (Physical Security Professional) http://www.asisonline.org/certification/index.xml

In parallel with CPP, preparations are being made for this
year’s November 1st PSP (Physical Security Professional) http://www.asis.org.uk/certificateexaminations.html
certification examination, for which the distance learning
element of the PSP Review Programme also begins in June.
This examination focuses specifically on how to select and number, but they are more complicated in detail, as would
specify technical physical security systems, and is an be expected from a more technical examination.
excellent programme for those who might have to select
and oversee the installation of systems such as CCTV, Each year ten or more UK candidates sit this certification
access control and intrusion detection, and who are and last year, for the first time, all UK candidates passed.
responsible for the systems’ on-going maintenance. The programme is led by Peter Horsburgh CPP PSP, who,
The entry requirements for PSP are slightly less demanding following the launch of the certification in the USA in 2002,
than CPP, and the questions (between 120-140) are less in wrote the initial UK Chapter Review Programme in 2003.

Member Survey Sales Pitches

Not enough notice
Subjects not relevant
– Mike Hurst Too cliquey 2%

We had a really excellent response to the Member’s Survey we

issued earlier this year; and we would like to thank all the Suggestions included:
Members who took the time to reply. Here is a brief summary of
the findings. 3 full day seminars instead of 4 half
Individuals with a story to tell
Question Speakers from Business
What do you like best about the Seminars More variation in seminar format
Content 39% Sporting or entertainment activity after seminar
Wider variety of subjects
Networking 36% Longer Seminars
A lot of travelling for half a day
When should the Seminars take place Hold meetings outside London (most frequent suggestion)
Morning 42% 10:30 - 14:30 seminar
Afternoon 11% Optional workshop in the afternoon
All day 13% Shorter coffee queue
Evening 2% Chocolate Biscuits (my suggestion)

Why do you not attend more Seminars As a committee we are taking these findings and suggestions very
Location 22% seriously and will be making changes (where necessary) to the
Short of Time 22% Chapter activities.
New Member 9%
Overseas 8% If you have other suggestions, or would like to get involved with
Cost 6% Chapter activities, please contact me at mike@hja.co.uk

www.asis.org.uk SUMMER 2007 9

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:45 Page 10


Welcome to these New Members

This list contains a small number of members, who were not included in previous
Newsletters. We look forward to meeting you at a future ASIS event.
If you are going to be attending your first seminar, please contact Helene Carlsson at

Andrew ....Allen .................. Hugh ......Jones ..................

Abrar ......Ashraf ................Credit Suisse FSG Rob ........Jones ..................Capital One Bank Europe
L ............Barnes ................ Dan ........Kaszeta ..............
Trevor ......Barton ................Professional Witness Ltd Christopher ........................Knight
Stephen ..Beels ..................C2i International Ltd Chris ......Lehmann ............Safe Gard Security Ltd
Patrick ....Black .................. Clive ........Lewington ............
David ......Boyle ..................
Stephen ..Lipscombe ..........Logic Chain Bus. Services Intl
Richard ....Bradley ................STG Inc
Howie ......Lodder ................
Adrian......Brewster ..............
Jason ......Lord ....................GlaxoSmithKline
Matt ........Brittle ..................Atkins Ltd
Keith ......Low ....................Standard Chartered Bank
Steven ....Brown ................
Dominic ..Bruning ..............Axis Communications Robert ....Lynch ..................
Stephen ..Burchard..............IPC International Corp Allan........Malcolm ..............Argus Shield Ltd
Denys ......Burke ..................IQ Security Ltd Andy........Miller ..................
David ......Cameron CPP ......International SOS Paul ........Miller ..................National Monitoring
Lynne ......Carr ....................Zurich Financial Services Jonathan..Moore ................
Brendan ..Cashell ................ING Wholesale Banking Claudia ....Natanson ............Diageo
Darren ....Chalmers-Stevens IMB UK Anthony ..Nolan ..................
Nicholas ..Charnley .............. Peter ......Norman ..............Standard Chartered Bank
Gary ........Collins ................ Paul ........Nugent ................
Matthew ..Copley ................G4S Security Services UK Eldar ......Nurizada ..............BP Azerbaijan
John ........Cowling .............. Sean ......O'Brien ................
Paul ........Crozier ................BAE Systems Ayodeji ....Oludemi ..............
Simon......Dines ..................Burberry
Richard ....Parnell ................Total Security Protection
David ......Donald ................
Andrew ....Perrey ................European Union
Paul ........Dorey ..................
Jason ......Riffer ..................Global Strategies Europe
John ........Doughty ..............
Robert ....Robertson ............ANC Facilities Management
Chris ......Dowding ..............Nortel
Brendan ..Doyle ..................Black & Veatch Terry ........Sallas..................Reliance High-Tech Ltd
Wayne ....Eales .................. Jonathan..Smith ..................
Gwyn ......Edwards .............. Malcolm ..Smith ..................BFBS Consultants Ltd
Paul ........Edwards ..............SSR Personnel Peter ......Speight................Reliance Security Group
Nigel ......Espin ..................Japan Tobacco David ......St John-Claire ......Johnson Controls
International Dirk ........Steffen ................AEGIR Security Solutions
Hamish ....Finely .................. David ......Strachan-Morris ....Strachan-Morris Consultants
Mike ........Finneran ..............Cardinal Health Jonathan..Sutch ..................United Nations ICTY
Iain ........Garaway ..............Norwich Union William ....Sweeney..............Depository Trust & Clearing
Andrew ....Gardiner .............. Hans ......Swift ..................
Sukhi ......Ghuman ..............Octavian Group Paul ........Taverner ..............VSG
Graham ..Giblin ..................Caterpillar Inc John ........Thompson ............Able Consultancy & Training
Jon..........Goodege ..............Goodege Ltd
Rebecca ..Todd....................C2i International
George ....Hall ....................G A Hall
Jeff..........Upton CPP ..........GOSH for Children NHS Trust
Sean ......Hanna ................BT
David ......Vaughan ..............Trigon Ltd
Kenny ......Harries ................TubeLines Ltd
Spencer ..Wakelam ............Norwich Union
Steven ....Hill......................
Lukman ..Ibrahim................Clobak Consultancy Ltd Gavin ......Walker ................
Sandra ....Insley ..................Aigis Blast Protection Ltd John ........Walker ................
Steven ....Jee .................... Christian ..Watts ..................Reliance High Tech Ltd
Abigail ....Jeeves ................Norwich Union Thomas....Whipp..................Vocalink Ltd
Anthony ..Jolliffe ................Train2Protect International Gavin ......Wilson ................BHP Billiton Petroleum Ltd
Graham ..Jones ..................KBR Sandra ....Witton ................Office Depot

10 SUMMER 2007 www.asis.org.uk

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:45 Page 11


Cook prefers jail to wife Grzegorz Majewski, 57, was stopped by traffic police as
he zig-zagged across streets in Slawa after a drinking
An Italian crook begged to go back to jail after telling session with friends.
wardens life behind bars was better than living with his
wife again. A breath test showed he was six times over the limit for
driving and he spent a night in cells to sober up before
Prison bosses had freed Luigi Folliero, 45, to serve the being hit with a fine of £350.
second year of his two-year sentence for theft under
house arrest. A police spokesman said: "He said he just wanted a bit of
fresh air after drinking with friends at his farm - but he
But after just two days at home he fled back to Ponte was a serious danger to other road users."
San Leonardo jail, near Naples, and pleaded to go back
in his old cell because he could not stand being at home
with his wife. He told wardens: "She never stops moaning Driver hung up fake police uniform
and nagging."
A Chinese motorist has been arrested for hanging up a
fake police uniform in his car to deter thieves.
Thief picks wrong car Police pulled up the car in Taiyan city after spotting the
A Polish thief got more than he bargained for when he uniform hanging in a rear window, reports the Shanxi
tried to steal a pensioner's car - and the owner turned out Evening Post.
to be a karate black belt. "We were suspicious when we spotted a uniform hanging
Wojciech Chomicki, 71, spotted him trying to make off up in a civilian vehicle," said a police spokesman.
with his car, ripped open the car door, flipped the 41- The 25-year-old driver admitted the uniform was fake,
year-old thief out of the driver's seat and pinned him to and said he hung it up to scare off thieves after his car
the ground with a choke hold while a pal called police. was broken into previously.
"When officers got there he seemed quite relieved to be Police released the driver after cautioning him and
released from the man's grip. The thief picked the wrong confiscating the uniform.
car to steal."
Chomicki has been a qualified teacher in Shotokan karate
for more than 30 years and has been studying it for more
than 50.

Armed police raid rap video

An armed police SWAT squad who raced to a shoot-out
between armed drugs dealers found gangsta rappers
making a music video instead.
Worried residents in Dortmund, Germany, called police
when they thought they saw a cocaine dealers' gunfight
going on outside their homes.
But red-faced police found nine men aged between 22
and 36 with fake pistols. The 'cocaine' was sugar and
flour in transparent plastic bags.
A police spokesman said: "They really did look like they
were gangs tooled up for a deadly fight."

Drunken in charge of a …
A Polish farmer spent a night in jail after he was caught
drunk in charge of a horse.

www.asis.org.uk SUMMER 2007 11

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:46 Page 12


SRVP Report – Peter French

If you were in Barcelona I hope you corporations. For an additional
enjoyed the programmes, both membership fee, the CSO can
educational and social. Attendee access a dedicated communications
feedback has highly rated the platform . At future seminars, the
speaker experience. Now we are CSO Round Table programme will
planning the next events in Asia and prove to be a working asset for
Europe in 2009 from this enhanced sharing information, ideas or
feedback from members. We are professional networking within this
also attracting greater political dedicated group . Region 28 RVP, Peter French
interaction across Europe. Thomas Tidiks, is ensuring that the
European Advisory Committee is kept
Our standards and education sub- abreast on developments and allows date through our sector networking
committees in Europe remain very us to contribute to the success of groups, instituting forums and
active. Both committees have this initiative. membership of relevant groups.
supported our training day held in
Villinus held on the 9th & 10th June. The new RVP for Region 27B is Across Europe our membership gives
This is part of our outreach Andrew Williams of Marriott Hotels increasing activity to joint projects
programme to security professionals who, with a significant country such as private public partnership,
in Central Europe who, in many constituency, will be responsible for convergence and knowledge forums.
cases, are unable to take part in growing significantly ASIS ASIS members have a vast amount
training programmes in the west due representation. In Israel we have of experience that should be shared.
to cost restraints in travel and fast growing membership of the new During 2009 we would like to see if
accommodation. Chapter due to the high profile that we can contribute members to the
it enjoys. In Region 29 we are 30 Global sector Councils that are
With an increasing number of confident that we have now located established.
corporations off-shoring or relocating an excellent applicant for the RVP
to Central and Eastern Europe, we , vacancy and will be working with Access to their Chairmen is available
as security professionals need to them over the coming weeks. The through
engage with those interested in Czech Republic Chapter is planning www.asisonline.org If we can join
security , sharing our knowledge and on holding a September Conference these groups we can share our
most importantly our experiences. on ‘Security within Football Stadia’.
European experiences and equally
It should never be understated that If you have experiences to share
learn from membership around the
ASIS as a cross cultural group have please let me know and I will pass
world. Ideally we could form
much to learn on how that sharing your details to the seminar
European sub Councils that report
can take place. The recent ASIS organiser. Regularly we seek
to the global entities .If you are in
acquisition of the Webeminar format opinions from our membership on a
is another demonstration of the wide range of matters. We all Atlanta in September at the annual
importance the Association places appreciate that the security Exhibits why not stop off at one of
on education. This format should profession is a constant changing the committee booths to discuss
enable greater access for all role sector from which business demands how you might contribute and
levels and differing industry types more deliverables, sometimes with a participate. A date for your diary will
with a greater variety of knowledge decreasing resource. Hence we, as a be the 8th European Conference to
to assist self development . group of professionals, should be at be held in Montreux 26th – 29th
the forefront of sector changes. April 2009. Perhaps as a speaker
The ASIS Chief Security Officers you could share your Experiences.
Round Table is attracting great Part of this process is a continuing Speaker’s extracts can be registered
attention with increasing investment in ourselves through online now. Hope to meet up with
membership from European attending seminars, keeping up to you soon.

12 SUMMER 2007 www.asis.org.uk

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:46 Page 13


SAAE – born out of ASIS Public Relations in the City of London.

ASIS SRVP Peter French Managing Director of SSR is
For the first time ever in the history of the Private
also involved as a foundation member of the SAAE
Security Profession, Security personnel from the United
States and the United Kingdom are to share their
respective knowledge and experience as part of a Through the initiative, which is designed to encourage
unique exchange programme. the exchange of best practice, officers will be chosen
from each country to experience security work on the
The SectorGuard Anglo American Exchange (SAAE) was
born out of a strong ASIS platform. The core UK opposite side of the Atlantic.
sponsors are American Airlines and the Guoman Hotel Una said. “This initiative is an exceptional vehicle
Group who are providing flights and accommodation. which will enable the profession to heighten the profile
David Marks the CEO of SectorGuard said. “This and the role that security officers play within our
vehicle will provide a unification of the security different communities and countries.
personnel sector…created by the profession – for the The ‘informal’ side of the experience will be shared
profession”. with everyone on a Face Book account via a link from
Managing the US side of the concept will be Bonnie SectorGuard’s website (www.sectorguard.co.uk) and
Michelman, Director of Police, Security and Outside the various agencies and associations from ASIS to the
Services with the Massachusetts General Hospital and BSIA (British Security Industry Association) website in
former President of ASIS International. Bonnie is also a the UK so that everyone can keep up to date with the
Life Honorary member of the Worshipful Company of officer’s progress detailed in his/her own personal blog
Security Professionals within the City of London. diary”.

Una Riley (Group Head of Communication for The ‘formal’ information gathered from the experience
SectorGuard plc and ASIS Member) will manage the will be subsequently shared with ASIS and the
UK side of the SAAE. Una was the first woman to profession via the relevant associations both in the UK
become Master of the Worshipful Company of Security and in the US. The collected data will be the first of its
Professionals and is Senior Warden of the Guild of kind within the history of the profession.

The ultimate electronic perimeter protection

deterrent and detection system

PulseSecureTM is the most effective physical and psychological
deterrent and detection barrier. A short, sharp, regulated safe but
PAINFUL electric shock repels would-be intruders. Any attempt
to cut, load, short-circuit or tamper with PulseSecureTM are
detected and perimeter zone alarms generated.
■ Secured by Design –
Police preferred specification
■ Supplied and installed to
BS1722 Part 17
■ Discrete fixing to existing fences,
walls and structures
■ Fence and gate zoned for interfacing
SPECIFICATION with CCTV and local/remote
monitoring systems
■ Simple to operate, flexible and robust

For further information and a free survey contact sales@harperchalice.co.uk

, Portway Close, Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 9UY
Tel: +44(0)24 7642 1300 Fax: +44(0)24 7642 1309 www.harperchalice.co.uk

www.asis.org.uk SUMMER 2007 13

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:46 Page 14


An IP Education – Peter Goodenough

In this article Peter comments on the it would make perfect sense to take
opportunities for Video over IP advantage of an existing network and
thereby avoid the cost of camera
The debate continues. Is Video over IP cabling. The school may, though, be
inevitable? Will CCTV installers fully concerned about the amount of data
embrace the technology and deliver the cameras could transmit over the
benefits to the end-user? network with the effect of clogging up
The uptake of technology will appear the available bandwidth.
to some to be have been quite slow –
it was first hyped by manufacturers as “Edge” recording devices can,
something that would revolutionize the however, reduce the impact on the
security industry about seven years school’s LAN enabling live video to be
ago. There are now, however, clear remotely viewed from any PC
signs that Video over IP is being workstation on the network in low
utilized and particularly so in the resolution mode and then high quality
education sector. recorded images can be retrieved if
and when there is an incident which
Why Education? needs to be investigated.
Schools, colleges and universities are
sadly having to look at upgrading their The latest technology also has a part Peter Goodenough is Sales
security, out of necessity. The to play where a school may be looking and Marketing Director of
problems associated with dealing with to upgrade their existing security. A Frontline Security Solutions.
violence, theft, vandalism, as well as possible scenario may be where a
alcohol and drug related crime, all school has already invested in first He has worked within the
create additional burden on generation digital video recording but electronic security industry for
educational establishment’s is looking to upgrade the CCTV system over 15 years and is a keen and
management. It is not surprising that and have it interact with an access active member of ASIS.
they turn to the very latest electronic control system to control out of hours
security equipment to help them deter access into key areas.
recording, to digital, became the
and detect criminal activity and keep
out unwanted visitors. A large number of manufacturers now
offer security management software
Outside the education sector there
Access Control, perimeter detection which provides an integrated scalable
have been no shortages of excuses as
systems, intruder alarms and CCTV all solution that can cost-effectively take
to why Video over IP has failed to
have a part to play. An integrated advantage of a school’s Local Area
catch the imagination of installers.
security approach is obviously the Network (LAN) to meet future
Training has been seen as a key
most sensible way forward allowing expansion, as well as existing
issue. A salesman working for an
the school, college or university to requirements.
installer who has been trained on how
capitalise on their investment in a
to survey for a CCTV, access control,
security solution by ensuring the Video servers can convert the
or intruder alarm system and does not
component parts operate in harmony. composite video signals from existing
understand the technology and
As most education establishments are standard analogue static or functional
terminology of the IT world, is going to
now networked, using IP transmission dome cameras into an IP stream to
be very reluctant to persuade his
for the monitoring and control of CCTV enable images to be stored onto
customer to look at an alternative to
systems as well as other security network video recorders (NVRs).
conventional cabling. He/she is also
systems is an entirely logical step. Additional IP cameras can be added
very unlikely to be able to combat the
Why incur the cost of installing at any time as a management tool,
arguments put forward by the network
conventional analogue co-axial cable for example, to identify congestion
manager who will jealously guard his
when the existing network areas during class changes and
bandwidth. Installers will also be
infrastructure can be fully exploited. perhaps for targeting specific areas
reluctant to take their engineers off
There are also of course the added such as playgrounds to spot incidents
the road for training when there is
benefits that the CCTV images can be of bullying.
apparently little demand for video over
viewed anywhere on the network from
a standard PC and not just in a Is Video over IP Inevitable?
central control room. Our industry has never before been
Perhaps the main reason for the slow
slow to promote the very latest
uptake in the new technology is
A typical example of how a school can technology. Digital video recording is a
simply because in the UK we are
capitalise on the advantages of Video prime example. As soon as the
steeped in analogue technology. We
over IP is where there is a price/performance ratio of DVRs
are a victim of our own success in the
requirement for a new CCTV system to became acceptable, there was a
sense that the UK is known to have
monitor the entrances onto the site as surge of interest and the upgrading
the highest number of existing CCTV
well as multiple school buildings. Here from conventional analogue video
systems per capita in the world. It will

14 SUMMER 2007 www.asis.org.uk

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:47 Page 15


therefore take a little longer for new Peters based Frontline Security It is perfectly understandable why
technology such as video over IP to Solutions, for example, has been to installers would use conventional
permeate through our industry recruit senior engineers who have
analogue technology to comply with
compared to other countries such as learnt their IT/network skills working
China and India where Video over IP is for companies such as Microsoft and a CCTV specification and not look to
automatically being specified for new CISCO. Working within Frontline’s recommend the latest technology. I
infrastructure projects. Professional Engineering Services believe, however, this is a lost
division, these specialist engineers
opportunity for both the installer and
The Opportunity is Now have been able to impart their
There are a number of forward looking knowledge and expertise to Frontline’s for the client in terms of future
system integrators operating from installation and service teams. The proofing and building flexibility into
within the security industry who have added bonus is that the sales team the system. Video over IP will not be
already seized the opportunity, has been able to acquire the
suitable for all projects but on new
refusing to leave the market open to knowledge and confidence to promote
invaders from the IT sector. The the benefits of IP to their potential as sites and buildings it should certainly
strategy adopted by Chalfont St. well as existing clients. be seriously considered.

Northern UK Breakfast Briefing – Tim Hodges

24 April 2008 – Security by Design with a
Twist – Relevance to Corporate Activity

The Highlights
Mark Antrobus – Cheshire Police – Force architectural
liaison officer provided illustrations of buildings suffering
criminal activity. Many of the problems could have been
avoided by considering design aspects at an early design
John Dwyer, a former Assistant Chief Constable of
Cheshire Police, compared many businesses to a sieve
where criminal activity reduced profit due to leakage from
inside and also from leakage outside and emphasised the
importance of designing crime out as part of the process.
Construction Design and Management Regulations
2007 – Strategies for Effective Compliance
David Maddock explained the responsibilities of duty followed and the recent quotation below from Baroness
holders and how to effectively assess risks as well as the Henig, Chairman Security Industry Association summed up:
implications for safety and security. He recommended “Without a benchmark for excellence, it becomes more
getting safety and security right first time by looking at difficult for the industry to professionalise itself. It’s in
established and proven practices – not by making it up. setting these benchmarks that ASIS is such an important
body – and we at the SIA greatly value the fact that ASIS
Handling IT Security Breaches in the exists to define achievement at these higher levels of
Workplace Richard Bailey, Managing Director of Advance Security
Anna Cutts reviewed the motivation of people who tried to UK Ltd, who kindly sponsored the meeting, explained their
compromise IT systems and emphasised the need to have forward thinking policy of corporate social responsibility.
a security policy in place that was appropriate to the Core parts of the policy included environmental issues,
organisation. Multiple policies covering management, and links with the community, and involvement of the
general employees involved training, internal and external workforce, communicating with the customer base and
audits, physical security and regular policy reviews. interacting with the security industry.

Welcome to the Future of Security Conclusion

Qualifications The meeting started at 08.30 after the usual substantial
Janet Ward asked: bacon and sausage sandwiches and finished at 10.45.
Are you a Security Expert? Feedback from the 25 attendees indicated that the
What have you got to show for it? venue and time were agreeable and a further Northern
Andrew Ralston of Norwich Union reinforced the briefing is therefore to be considered for October 2008.
importance ASIS certification by explaining that he had
been promoted on achieving the PSP certification and If you would like to organise a Breakfast Briefing in your
further promotion occurred when he recently became a CPP. area, please contact Mike Hurst (mike@hja.co.uk)
An explanation of the CPP and PSP certifications

www.asis.org.uk SUMMER 2007 15

ASISJul08.qxd 30/6/08 18:47 Page 16

ASIS Diary
2008 07 - 08 October 19 November
4th Annual Loss Prevention Winter Seminar and AGM,
07 - 09 July Reuters, London
Conference, London
Security & Resilience Asia 2008
Singapore. 07 - 09 October 02 - 03 December
Information Security Solutions ISNR London, National Hall,
11 - 12 August
Europe Conference, Madrid Olympia, London
Integrated Identity Management.
KL, Malaysia 08 - 09 October
15 - 18 September Health and Safety 08, The 2009
54th ASIS Annual Exhibition and Reebok Stadium in Bolton
26th – 29th April
Seminar, Atlanta USA 1 November 8th European Conference,
22 - 23 September CPP Examination, Streatley, Montreux , Switzerland
Info-Protect, Barcelona Berks
23 September 05 - 08 November
Seminar venues are booked for
Pre-Seminar Dinner Homeland Security 08 Istanbul,
2009 – dates will be confirmed
24 September shortly. Also, there are a number of
Autumn Seminar, Linklater, 19 November Regional Meetings being organised
London Pre-Seminar Dinner currently: again, details out shortly.

Not an ASIS
Member yet?
Ten reasons you benefit from becoming
an ASIS International Member:

Unrivalled networking opportunities with more than Board-certified, professional designations.

33,000 of your industry peers.
Members-only access to new career opportunities in
Up-to-date information, including industry best security management.
practices, new technologies, and emerging trends.
Access to more than 300 peer-reviewed, security-
Complimentary subscription to Security Management related publications.
magazine, the leading security industry publication.
Discounts on program and Seminar registration,
Opportunities to build a professional reputation and merchandise, and certification programs (CPP and
credentials. PSP).

Tailored professional development programs to fit your www.asisonline.org

specific career goals.
Advocacy of the security industry to the government
and business communities. http://asisuk.blogspot.com

If you would like to host, sponsor, or speak at a future ASIS UK event, or advertise in the Newsletter please
contact Graham Bassett at grahamb@momentumsecurity.co.uk

If you would like to contribute to the Newsletter or Blog, please contact Mike Hurst at mike@hja.co.uk

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