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Technology in Motion

For users, specifiers and designers in engineering

Autumn 2005

Field work
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A Special Supplement to in association with

Technology in Motion

4 BFPA news
6 Rigged for success
A polypropylene mix that will solve corrosion on tube clamping for North
Sea oil and gas rigs

8 Maximum performance
New valve choices will help manufacturers meet requirements without
compromising productivity

10 Dust busting
Actuators able to withstand demanding duties in arduous environments

12 On holiday with hydraulics

Fast ferry connections made possible with hydraulics technology

14 Air spray
Air motors are helping an aerosol company fill cans rapidly and safely

16 Drive direct
Putting forward the case for direct hydraulic drives

Technology in Motion
For users, specifiers and designers in engineering
19 Upward spiral
Solutions for the potential problems associated with working with spiral wire

20 Self service
Editor Steve Welch

Assistant Editor Alistair Welch

Design Jon Pilling The challenges presented by electronic transmission control

25 Energy saving worth millions

Sales Team
Yurek Mazgajczyk (Midlands)
01905 797121

Phil Sloan (South)

Optimising efficiency of pumps and bearings with thermoplastic composites
01322 411050

Ron Lawrence (London/South)

01708 438225
27 Feel the vibe
ron@engineeringnet.co.uk Vibration damping for power transmission engineering

28 Inspect a gadget
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British Fluid Power Association
30 Valves known by another name
Cheriton House, Cromwell Park The individual performance and characteristics of sequence valves
Chipping Norton, Oxon

32 Industry news
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Technology in Motion 3
Technology in Motion

The BFPA fervently represents
the Fluid Power Industry in the
UK and membership comprises
both hydraulic and pneumatic
manufacturers and distributors
The Association represents
an ideal forum for exchange
of ideas and networking at
all levels. For example, at a
Publicity Committee meeting
recently, aside from the agenda,
a discussion concerning
marketing methods and
costs resulted in both parties
returning to their companies to
make possible savings. Similar
situations arise all the time via
Technical, Statistics, Distributor
and various other meetings.
Sometimes it is good to know
that others are wrestling with
the same problems – the grey
areas of the ATEX Directive,
shortage of materials and so

Record New AGM - BFPA welcomes

The team in Chipping
Members! new President Norton is here to help:-
We are delighted to welcome the following The BFPA/BFPDA Annual General Meetings at The Ian Morris
recent new members, who join the swelling National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull attracted an Director
numbers for 2005: impressive turnout of both BFPA and BFPDA members. Veronica Willard
BFPA (Manufacturers): The role of President alternates between hydraulic Senior Secretary
Alfa Laval Ltd of Camberley, Surrey. and pneumatic representation and having completed his
Sarah Gardner
Website: www.alfalaval.com two year term, George Muscat of Hydac Technologies
Ltd welcomed incoming President, Steve Bangs of Statistics & Marketing
Tel: 01276 63383 Manager
SMC Pneumatics (UK) Ltd, with Ray Roberts of Webtec
B P Hydraulics (Farnborough) Ltd Products Ltd as Vice President. Yvonne Pearman
Tel: 01483 423321 John Bray of AC Hydraulics Ltd continues as Chairman Technical Section
BFPDA (Distributors): of the BFPDA Council, with Jack Penty (Pressure Design Administrator
BYPY Hydraulics & Transmissions Ltd of Ludlow. Hydraulics Ltd) as Vice Chairman. Lorraine Davidson
Website: www.bypy.co.uk A lively presentation was given by John Seigel of Technical Secretary
Lloyds Employment Law Consultancy on the vagaries
Tel: 01584 873012 John Stanley
of employment law. Also, David George of SEMTA
Hydrapower Dynamics Ltd of Birmingham. (Science, Engineering, Manufacturing Technologies Membership Liaison Manager
Website: www.hydrapower-dynamics Alliance) delivered a paper on training initiatives. Sarah Edginton
Tel: 0121 456 5656. The meeting concluded with lunch and many attendees Membership Secretary
Mechanical Services of Weymouth. Tel: took advantage of the opportunity to tour the excellent
Lis Griffin
01305 779379 museum facility, reminiscing over biking days past!
Please contact Membership Liaison
Manager, John Stanley to discuss BFPA or NFPC website! Tel: 01608 647900
BFPDA services and how membership can www.nfpc.co.uk
help YOU! Tel: 01608 647900. Fax: 01608 647919

4 Technology in Motion
Technology in Motion

More government
International Technical Meeting at BFPA
This is about two new Directives which, In addition to the Technical Committee work carried out in the UK, BFPA is also represented
if ignored, will make your life more internationally.
complicated, costly and generally more A meeting was recently held at BFPA of ISO Working Group “Classification and
miserable. They are the ROHS and WEEE Specifications for Hydraulic Fluids” with participants from Belgium, France, Germany, Holland,
Directives. the USA and UK.
The first call we made was to
“Envirowise”, who have a helpline (0800
585794), and asked, “What are the
acronyms ROHS and WEEE?” Surprise,
Did you know?
surprise, the agent had to look it up so here
they are: That BFPA has 9 Technical Committees engaged in diverse product areas ranging from
Fluids to Fittings.
WEEE – Waste, Electrical & Electronic
Equipment (comes info effect August 2005) That 150 Fluid Power Experts from member companies volunteer to serve on those
committees, meeting three or four times a year.
ROHS – Restriction of Hazardous
Substances (comes into effect July 2006) That those engineers are working on around 500 standards to show that UK fluid power
manufacturers still have a leading role to play working on BS, EN and ISO Standards.
Armed with this information, the
BFPA advises that you go to the website That participation on the Technical Committees creates an ideal opportunity to monitor
www.envirowise.gov.uk where, after a standard activities affecting specific product areas.
few frustrating minutes untangling the That Technical Committee activities therefore represent another valued service for BFPA/
navigation, valuable knowledge will unfold. BFPDA members.
It will not win you any extra business, it
For an overview of technical activities, visit the BFPA website at www.bfpa.co.uk
will not help you fight off the far Eastern
competition, but it may keep you out of
In fairness to the Government, they are Technical publications
running seminars all over the country and
our advice is to sign up for one. Naturally, Over the years, the BFPA Technical Committees have written and revised numerous guidelines
we are aware that you do not have the on a wide range of topics, including European Directives.
time but please take this one seriously. It
One such new guideline has recently been issued, Guidelines on Seals for Fluid Power
will damage your wealth if ignored.
Applications (BFPA/P104). The publication is priced at £15.00 to non-members and £7.50
to BFPA/BFPDA members.
A full list of Technical Guidelines is available under the ‘Publications’ section of the BFPA
website, www.bfpa.co.uk
Please note that payment in advance should accompany orders of less than £50.00.
BFPA website www.bfpa.co.uk Contact Sarah Edginton on 01608 647915 with any publication requirements. E-mail:

Looking for Personnel? Don’t forget the Job Centre pages on the BFPA website www.bfpa.co.uk/H1.asp

Mobile hydraulics training goes from strength to strength at NFPC

John Savage, Director of the National Fluid Power Centre, Worksop reports: New Mobile plant especially modified for training has now been
installed at the NFPC. Consisting of a small excavator (JCB 8015) and a forklift truck (Jungheinrich), courtesy of Poclain Hydraulics; plus a
scissor lift unit. Shortly Caterpillar will be installing a modified compact loader at the centre.
Once fully commissioned and operational, this machinery will provide a unique and valuable opportunity for hands on training in all aspects
of mobile hydraulic systems, covering the electronic interface, engine management systems etc.
System validity, cleanliness and performance monitoring is being installed, courtesy of Webtec Products and Hydac Technologies, and this
area of technology will play a vital role in the range of services offered by the NFPC.
This combined effort between BFPA member companies and OEMs has provided an outstanding world class facility for short course training,
supporting BFPA competence based qualifications in mobile hydraulics.
Thank you to all concerned for moving the NFPC further forward as the leading training provider in mobile system hydraulics and control.
For course information, contact the National Fluid Power Centre on Tel: 01909 504700. Website: www.nfpc.co.uk

Technology in Motion 5
Technology in Motion

Rigged for success

Micro environmental corrosion on tube clamping has been a problem that has dogged
North Sea oil and gas rigs for decades. Now Stauff hope that they have developed a
polypropylene mix that will solve the quandry for good

he late 1970’s and early 1980’s was is oxygen differential cell corrosion. This occurs intended to exclude any moisture ingress
a boom time in the building of oil and because moisture has a lower oxygen content between the two components. This failed to
gas exploration and production rigs for when it lies in a crevice than when it lies on a fully solve the problem as it was impossible to
use in the new North Sea sectors and it surface. The lower oxygen content in the crevice prevent moisture gathering at the entry and exit
presented many new opportunities for UK based forms an anode at the metal surface. The metal points of the pipe within the clamp and it still
companies. Stauff was just such a company, still surface in contact with the portion of the mois- allowed a degree of cell corrosion to develop.
small, only having been in the UK since 1977, ture film exposed to air forms a cathode. For the last two years the project effort has been
but with a product that was proving extremely directed into developing a polypropylene mix
useful to this massive industry. Pipe clamps that incorporates a corrosion inhibitor whilst
were being used in the thousands by most of the Solutions maintaining the established material values of
major oil companies and operators. The likes of Companies devised different solutions to the the pipe clamp. In conjunction with an American
Shell, BP, Phillips and Texaco were all happy to problem: BP used protective wax containing partner of vast experience in the corrosion
embrace this simple product that provided such vapour corrosion inhibitor; British Gas used lead reduction industry, a mix was finally established
a cost effective and practical solution for secur- foil; Shell selected 6% molybdenum super-auste- that would meet all the necessary criteria. Initial
ing various small bore pipe work. The basic nitic stainless steel for all hydrocarbon duties on clamp product was moulded and then subjected
applications were simple; 316 stainless steel ETAP; and there have been many other varied to a test programme.
tubes secured by plastic. approaches to dealing with the problem. In addi-
tion to the lack of a universal solution to the
problem, the costs involved in additional inspec- Impressive
Corrosion tion, maintenance and replacement have been The results have proven impressive, successfully
However, following routine inspection and significant. tested in salt spray cabinet trials according to
maintenance over a period of years it Stauff UK, having been so closely involved in DIN 50021, to ASTM B117 and additional SO2
became appar- this market, has been spearheading a project tests. The PPAC benefits are that it delivers
ent that even through their parent company in Germany, with an effective standard product based solution,
these two non the aim of finding a solution either in the form at a fraction of the current costs of protection,
reactive materials of physical design or in the development of a with the simplicity of installation needed when
were starting to suffer material that would reduce the cell corro- operating offshore. The proven operational reli-
the extremes of North Sea sion effect. During the early 90’s the effort ability will allow the new PPAC clamp to be
conditions in the form of crevice was concentrated built into routine inspection and maintenance
corrosion, which was also becoming on providing a programmes.
widespread on the many double ferrule physical design The material, designated PPAC
compression couplings in use on similar 316 that was and to be specifically marketed as
tubing. Crevice corrosion is a localized form of the Stauff Anti Corrosion Clamp
corrosion usually associated with a stagnant has already been welcomed
solution on the micro-environmental level. Such by the Oil Companies led
stagnant micro-environments tend to occur in by BP and is available in
crevices (shielded areas) such as those formed both single stand-
under gaskets, washers, fastener heads, insulat- ard series and twin
ing material, surface deposits, threads, lap joints clamp series DIN
and clamps. 3015 Pt 1 & 2 in
Crevice corrosion is initiated by changes in metric and impe-
local chemistry within the crevice: depletion of rial sizes up to
inhibitor in the crevice, depletion of oxygen in 25.4mm.
the crevice, a shift to acid conditions in the crev- 550
ice or a build-up of aggressive ion species (e.g.
chloride) in the crevice. The most common form

6 Technology in
Technology in Motion
At the heart of tomorrow’s
mobile machinery

H1– the new generation



H1 is a range of servo-controlled hydrostatic single and The H1 pumps are designed for quality and reliability.
tandem pumps, developed with a clear vision of This key benefit has been achieved through a significantly
tomorrow´s world. Built around an advanced electrical reduced part count and a robust, yet streamlined design.
control, every member of the H1 generation offers Other benefits include installation and packaging benefits,
supreme functionality and performance – and is fully expanded functionality and greater total efficiency.
Sauer-Danfoss PLUS1™ compliant. H1 – at the heart of tomorrow's mobile machinery – will
improve overall system performance.

For more details please visit



7244_H1_A4 annoncer_GB.indd 3 08/07/05 11:22:59

Technology in Motion

Maximum performance
New valve choices will help manufacturers meet industry requirements without
compromising productivity

auer-Danfoss has introduced two new control system. The PSV valve is a four-way, three-position
hydraulic valves for the off-highway For the owner, the valves help regulate pre- valve that controls output flow proportional to
equipment industry that give design cise load pressure, providing optimal machine the valve electrical input. This allows the opera-
engineers new choices in configuring performance and improved operator comfort and tor fine control of the direction and speed of a
control schemes for their machines’ specific safety with smoother driving, lifting and loading cylinder or motor. Typical applica-
applications. The new models, the PRV electro- work functions. In addition, the PRV and PSV tions include cylinder
proportional relief valve and the PSV electro- valves utilize existing coils, reducing the number control on boom lifts,
proportional four-way directional control valve, of service parts to order and maintain. scissor lifts, or small
offer smooth proportional functionality for The PRV valve controls pressure cranes and low power
hydraulic circuits. proportional to the valve input signal. propel systems on scis-
The valves were developed by design engi- This normally closed valve allows the sor lifts or greens mow-
neers from Reggio Emilia, Italy and Oregon, operator control over the pressure ers. The PSV valve fits
USA, to meet the needs of international manu- in a hydraulic system or control of the industry standard
facturers of aerial lift and material handling pressure to a specific actua- 10-4 cavity and is rated
vehicles and will be available from facilities in tor, such as a hydraulic for flows from 0 to 22 lpm (5.7
both the USA and Europe. Both valves are also motor operating a fan gpm) and pressures up to 250 bar
well suited for mobile equipment applications in to cool the engine. (3600 psi).
turf care, road building, agriculture, construc- The PRV also “As manufacturers move toward more
tion, and other industries. has a maxi- integrated machine designs, we are building
mum upon our existing technology and international
relief pres- expertise to create a comprehensive range of
Installation sure when no valve choices that will help OEMs meet new
The latest addition to a broad line of cartridge signal is supplied to requirements without sacrificing productivity,”
and proportional valves, the PRV and PSV the valve, which allows pres- said Dave Wohlsdorf, product manager. “We look
valves can be employed in custom manifolds to sure protection even when there ahead globally at all the possible details involved
create hydraulic integrated circuits that offer is a loss of electrical input. The PRV is rated for in speed, power, cost, safety, comfort and serv-
less plumbing, easier installation, fewer leak pressures up to 250 bar (3600 psi). Two sizes ice, and develop the most advanced components
points and easier service than traditional valve are available – the smaller size fits the industry and systems that design engineers could use to
systems. The new valves are PLUS 1 compliant standard 10-2 cavity, and the larger size fits the create the ideal schemes that maximize the per-
to easily integrate into a customized electronic industry standard 12-2 cavity formance of their machines.” 551

Guided by voices
Parker Hannifin, a leading global To date, manufacturers and end users produces extremely fast response times,
manufacturer and supplier of motion and of hydraulics systems have generally used of less than 3.5ms for the CETOP 3 valve,
control technology, has launched a new either electro-hydraulically operated, torque exceptional resolution, low hysteresis of
generation of hydraulic proportional motor servo valves, or electro-mechanically under 0.05% and high flow rates, which
control valves. Called the DFplus series, operated solenoid valves, to control the enable smaller valves than normal to be used
the new valves feature Parker’s flow and applied pressure of the in most applications.
patented Voice Coil Drive hydraulic media. Although these VCD technology is similar to that used
(VCD) technology and devices can be effective in for loudspeakers to produce extremely high
have been developed to many applications they are frequencies, with a current-carrying coil
offer exceptionally fast rarely an ideal solution, being moved over a permanent magnetic
response times, with as servo-valves tend to be cylinder. The coil is wound onto a bearer,
precise flow, speed expensive, while electro- which is directly connected to the spool in
and pressure control, mechanical valves offer such a way that transverse forces that would
yet at an extremely only limited performance, normally affect the spool coil or bearing
competitive cost. especially in terms of force points are eliminated; the exact position
Typical applications displacement characteristics. of the spool is monitored by an integrated
include machine By comparison, the new displacement measuring system, combined
tools, injection and blow DFplus valve uses Parker’s unique with the electronics package.
moulding equipment, and VCD technology, with sophisticated Unlike conventional valve technology, this
process, power generation and marine electronics, to actuate and control the construction produces true linearity between
systems. movement of the valve spool. This system the current applied and the force output.

8 Technology in Motion
Technology in Motion

Dust busting
Able to withstand demanding duties in arduous environments a builder of packaging
machines has adopted Hoerbiger-Origa actuators for all linear motion axes

he abrasiveness of cardboard dust has of cylinders, the OSP is designed to be fully like Addington Engineers who are saved from
lead a builder of packaging machines to interchangeable with the company’s electrically redesigning large parts of their machine for
adopt Hoerbiger-Origa actuators for all driven actuators. The outer housing, mountings each new job. Instead they can have a standard
linear motion axes, having found that and other external details are identical, whether design to accommodate the physical dimensions
they are able to withstand of an OSP, with the decision
demanding duties in on the appropriate drive
arduous environments. mechanism being made to
Cardboard trays are suit each individual case.
used for packaging in a In fact Addington
wide variety of industries, Engineers make use of
many being high through- this very feature, as Vine
put, virtually continuous explains:
“In food processing
for example, we have Transfer
machines producing “If the tray is ‘self-locking’,
10,000 or 20,000 trays i.e. no glue is required, or
over a 16 or 20 hour if the tray is glued when
day, seven days a week,” stationary in the machine
says Craig Vine, manag- i.e. when we use PVA, the
ing director of Addington pneumatic rodless cylinder
Engineers in Richmond is used to transfer the
North Yorkshire. blank. If the tray is glued
“Machine breakdowns with a hot melt system the
just cannot be tolerated glue bead is applied during
in such intensive production environments, the drive mechanism within is pneumatic or the transfer of the flat blank. In order to obtain
so we design in bombproof reliability from the electric. The electric cylinders can be based a consistent glue bead it is imperative that the
outset. Amongst other things this means never on either a belt or a ballscrew to precisely blank travels at the same uniform speed every
compromising on the best components and match user needs; the former being best for single time. We ensure this by fitting the belt-
subsystems.” high speeds, the latter for precision positioning driven OSP with servo-motor to power it, rather
Addington Engineers uses Hoerbiger-Origa accuracy. than a pneumatic rodless which can suffer
cylinders for both the infeed of flat tray blanks speed fluctuations if the user’s site suffers from
and the outfeed of erected trays. In between inconsistent pressure in the compressed air
these two stages the actual erection process Portfolio supply. There is no great bespoke design effort
involves vacuum and several synchronised “With OSP, we offer a full portfolio of linear on our part, nor any knock-on consequences to
pneumatic axes. actuators,” says Hoerbiger’s the maintenance schedules for our service engi-
technical neers.” 552
Precision Ian Jones,
The Powerslide version of Hoerbiger-Origa’s “covering the
OSP rodless cylinder form the infeed and out- complete
feed axis. This incorporates a precision hard- spectrum of
ened steel slide that gives a smooth, predictable load, speed
and reliable transfer through the machine. and precision
“The long lasting Powerslide cuts through the requirements.
dust whereas other slides have failed due to Critically all versions
excessive wear caused by the cardboard dust,” are interchangeable so we
says Vine. can easily swap say a belt for
Hoerbiger-Origa was the inventor of the a ballscrew or pneumatic for electric
rodless pneumatic cylinder and over the inter- should the need arise.”
vening 30 years has developed the product to This is particularly
an optimised design. The current generation useful for OEMs

10 Technology in Motion
As well as providing total fluid power solutions
Primary Fluid Power supply a range of

Power unit range

0.55kw – 55kw

● Branded with your company name

● Competitively priced
● Short Deliveries

For more information contact Emma Cappiello on : 0151 – 632 - 9509 or

email: emma.cappiello@primaryfp.co.uk
Technology in Motion

On Holiday with
The Isle of Wight attracts holidaymakers with its natural charms. And fast ferry
connections. Made possible with Rexroth technology

his paradise for sailors, hikers and lov- open both at stern and bow ends. This enables refurbishing and refitting of the linkspan system
ers of the typically British way of life vehicles to enter and leave the ferry in the same – Rexroth also increased its capacity: four cylin-
is a mere two hours from London’s direction. There are linkspans at the ports to ders now support the two-tier linkspan. Rexroth
Piccadilly Circus: The Isle of Wight. facilitate this. Modern ro-ro linkspans are lifted supplied two 280-mm bore, 5.1-metre stroke
Just off Britain’s south coast, this island is well and lowered hydraulically so that decks of dif- hydraulic cylinders, installed a new hydraulic
protected, gently caressed by the currents of the ferent heights can be reached. power pack and connected all four cylinders to
Gulf Stream. This climate bestows an incredible The additional deck on the Red Funnel Group the tandem power units in a revised configura-
and richly varied landscape on the island – keen ferries made another ro-ro linkspan necessary tion. To ensure optimum view of both decks,
observers enthuse that the Isle of Wight con- at the Southampton and East Cowes terminals. the operator’s kiosk has been relocated. A new
tains a condensed version control system has
of the diversity found across also been installed,
the whole of Great Britain. including main
The quaint pubs, fine panel, cylinder load
estates and grandiose gar- transducers and an
dens no doubt contribute auto levelling func-
to this. With these advan- tion.
tages the Isle of Wight has
developed from being a
best-kept secret to a true Design
magnet for visitors. Not At the Southampton
least because it’s so easy terminal Rexroth
and quick to reach: Visitors collaborated with
can board a ferry at the Dean & Dyball on
distinguished mainland port the design and
of Southampton – they run construction of a
almost every hour – and new hydraulically-
soon after find themselves operated 30m-high
stepping off at East Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Working in close collaboration with the main linkspan. This is made up of a fixed ramp, a
With the new catamarans it’s even faster. contractor Dean & Dyball Construction, Rexroth bankseat and linkspan hinge, and a forward
developed a complete hydraulics system for this gantry for supporting the cylinders. Two 160-
purpose, supplying hydraulic lifting cylinders mm bore and 5.5-metre stroke cylinders sup-
Demands and hydraulic power units as well as the rel- port the linkspan. This linkspan is designed to
The Red Funnel Group is one of the most evant control systems. Rexroth also undertook ‘float’ with the ferry deck - it levels the vessel’s
renowned ferry operators and their ferries with the installation and commissioning. The new changing buoyancy according to the tide. The
the red funnels have been sailing the seas since hydraulics system has successfully mastered bridge enters this ‘floating’ mode as soon as it
1935. Red Funnel carries more than 2.6 million these considerable additional loads. It needed is lowered into the position at which the vehi-
passengers and 600,000 vehicles a year – the to accommodate the substantial vertical move- cles drive across it. If physical contact with the
majority of these from the British mainland to ments of the linkspan ramps, dictated by the ferry is lost or sudden movement detected, the
the Isle of Wight. As the flow of visitors contin- high Solent tides. control system locks and holds the linkspan in
ues to grow, this company is modernising two In East Cowes the new construction was a failsafe position. Work was completed over a
of its huge 2900-ton ferries. Each boat is being mounted over the original ro-ro bridge. This con- scheduled three-month period, with both ports
stretched and an additional car deck for another struction strengthened the load on the already remaining open virtually throughout. This ena-
80 vehicles added. existing hydraulic cyl- inders. In other bled the Red Funnel Group to continue its oper-
Roll-on-roll-off technology (ro-ro) was words – as well ations without disruption, ferrying its customers
developed to meet the demands placed by the as the to the Isle of Wight. Punctually and in comfort
increasing number of passengers. Ro-ro ferries – as always. 553

12 Technology in Motion
KPM TIM Halfpag ad 181x135 24/8/05 11:37 am Page 1

K a w a s a k i H y d r a u l i c s NEW SERIES OF AXIAL PISTON PUMPS

into more than you think!
� Increased Control Options � Further Noise Reductions
New pressure control for parallel Noise optimised spherical valve plate
operation of multiple pumps Significant reduction in noise emissions
Inverse proportional control for fan drives Highly responsive stable control
Fully Integrated load sensing, pressure High self priming capability
limiting and combination power controls
Integrated proportional and unload options � New 200cc pump
Now an even wider displacement range
� 320 Bar Continuous Pressure Rating


� Marine � Press
Machinery � Construction Vehicles
� Cranesand Lifting Equipment � Plastics Injection Moulding
� Automation and Production

...and much, much more

Recycling Machinery, Automation and Conveyors, Mining and Tunnelling,
Forestry Equipment, Excavators

the new B series

Kawasaki Precision Machinery (UK) Ltd,

Ernesettle, Plymouth, Devon PL5 2SA, UK.
Tel: +44 1752 364 394 Fax: +44 1752 364 816
E-mail: sales@kpm-uk.co.uk www.kpm-eu.com
medium high pressure axial piston pump
Technology in Motion

Air Spray
A new range of air motors are helping an aerosol company to complete the can filling
process rapidly and safely

perating in one of the most demand- tion. At this point the air motors are employed are ideal for use in food-grade applications and
ing industrial manufacturing sectors to adjust the fill level. Following this, the valve corrosive environments. The range comprises
imaginable, aerosol filling equipment is inserted, crimped tight and the semi-finished seven sizes with powers from 0.09 to 1.2kW
specialist, Aerofill, specified Parker can is inspected with a checkweigher.” and speeds ranging from 5 to 24,000 rpm. In
Hannifin P1V-S series stainless steel air motors “The high pressure filling process is then the Aerofill application 0.2kW, 700rpm models
during the design and development of a new initiated with the Parker air motors once again were specified.
aerosol filling adjustment system. controlling the fill size. Two inspection processes
Aerofill opted for Parker air motors for a follow the high pressure filling: a second check-
number of reasons, primarily due to the fact that weigher and pressure test. Button placement, Sealed
they exhibited many key features as standard, cap placement and case packing complete the The air motor and planetary reduction gearbox
such as a stainless steel construction and ATEX manufacturing process.” are built into the polished stainless steel hous-
approval. The benefits that the new motors Typically operating as part of a larger, high- ing, which is sealed by a fluoroelastomer O-ring.
brought to the overall system include a more speed packaging line, the filling machines will be In addition, the output shaft is also polished
compact construction; lower production and required to switch between batches on a regular stainless steel and sealed by a fluoroelastomer
materials costs; increased filling accuracy; basis, several times a day. Therefore, a fast, sim- seal, and, as a result, the motors’ cylindrical
reduced compressed air consumption; a simpli- ple and reliable fill size adjustment method is vital shape offers a clean, hygienic design that is free
fied filling adjustment procedure; and a consid- for the smooth, cost effective line management. from dirt traps.
erable increase in reliability. Designed for push-button control or PC inter- The P1V-S series is designed for intermit-
face, Aerofill’s fill size adjustment mechanism tent operation with a non-lubricated air supply,
operates as follows: during push button control, which prevents lubricant particles escaping with
Manufacture pneumatically operated valves determine the the exhaust air and also reduces service costs.
Aerofill specialises in the design and manufac- air motors’ forward and reverse direction. This The planetary gearbox is lubricated with an
ture of industrial machines used to fill and cap adjusts an internal stop to limit the movement of USDA-H1 standard grease.
aerosol cans. The motors are employed at two the displacement piston. A digital counter gives In the hazardous surroundings of an aerosol
critical stages in the production process: low- the fill size setting in ml. filling room safety is clearly of utmost importance.
and high-pressure filling. ATEX certification that covers the use of equip-
Aerofill’s design manager, Richard Boyle, ment in potentially explosive environments was a
explains the filling process and how the air Controls priority for Aerofill. Parker’s range of air motors
motors are integrated into the system, “At the The company’s PLC control is known as the satisfy the ATEX criteria and are an obvious
low pressure stage the system introduces the automatic fill adjusting system (AFAS). The choice to operate in such demanding conditions.
product, ranging from hair spray and paint to programme selects a fill size and controls the Richard Boyle concludes: “Level control
polish and shaving foam, into the open-ended air motor direction through pneumatic sole- actuators lie at the heart of Aerofill’s aerosol
can. Then the high pressure filling stage applies noid valves, while an electronic pulse counter filling systems and directly influence key sys-
the propellant, butane or dimethyl ether, through records the air motor revolutions, which corre- tem specifications ranging from the critical fill
the valve at pressures up to 60bar. spond to the position of the internal piston stop accuracy and ease of adjustment to operating
“Operating at speeds up to 500 cans per and thus the fill size. and maintenance costs. Parker Hannifin’s P1V-S
minute, the system first loads the empty can The series features a stainless steel construc- series stainless steel air motors met our design
and then initiates the low pressure filling func- tion for all external components, and as a result requirements and offered more again.” 554

14 Technology in Motion
and now
100% SR*
100% optional

CompAir DHSR
water injected
speed regulated

CompAir’s entire oil-free compressor range now

comes with the option of advanced SR variable speed
technology, bringing energy-saving advantages to
models from 15 to 275kW.

The unique combination of the most efficient speed

regulating system available and an innovative water injected
compression element results in the lowest energy costs for
your business. In addition, the bearings are greased and
sealed for life, so there’s no danger of contamination and no
environmental cost associated with oil disposal.

To discover why SR is a better option for your business,

call FREE on 0800 626 171 or visit www.compair.com

incredible team : incredible back-up

CompAir UK Ltd
Claybrook Drive, Washford Industrial Estate,
Redditch, Worcs B98 0DS, UK

T. +44 (0) 1527 525522

F. +44 (0) 1527 521140
Technology in Motion

Drive direct
Hagglunds hydraulics put forward the case for direct hydraulic drives
all kinds of plant and electrical signals. Thus complete control of the
machines for a long drive is available bringing high functionality and
time. The excellent con- versatility to the drive.
trollability, flexibility and The hydraulic drive has very low inertia and
user friendly nature in so can react instantly giving excellent response
use with an unbeat- and control. For example roll mills can stop
able power to weight instantly compared to high inertia gearbox
ratio were and still drives which take longer to slow down. This
are strong attractive presents a significant improvement in the safety
reasons for using fluid of operators working for example in the rubber
power. and plastics industry.
But hydraulic
motors have devel-
oped and there are Damage
now a very wide On drives with high speed motor and gearboxes,
range of direct a very high moment of inertia is evident
hydraulic and if the machine is liable
drives to shocks, for example on a
available crusher when an uncrushable
up to a object enters, the transient
mas- forces experienced can often
sive 250 damage the machine and the
lt/rev drive, causing costly repair
and over and time in lost production.
1MW in The direct hydraulic drive in
power the same circumstances stops
from a instantly, the forces limited by
single fast acting pressure controls,
unit com- are kept within design limits
pletely and so no damage and less
eliminat- wear is caused giving high
ing the reliability and low mainte-
need of nance.

hen faced with a decision about gearboxes. The great advantages of hydraulics Hydraulic drives are charged with oil, cush-
a low speed drive for industrial with inherent simplicity and flexibility can now ioned so to speak and can therefore be applied
plant and equipment, there is a be applied to heavy duty industrial applications on tough applications with vibrations and shock
tendency to follow the traditional operating 24/7 where efficiency, reliability and without problems.
line of thinking of some kind of high speed long life are prerequisites. With electro-mechanical drives, the torque
motor or turbine and a gearbox selected for the at low speed is often time restricted or can
speed and torque required. This solution will be reduced significantly. With a Hagglunds
often require other elements in the drive train Efficient motor for example, the mechanical efficiency of
to complete the installation such as couplings, Hydraulics offers full control of power, torque the motor is very high and high torque can be
clutches, pulleys, belts etc and foundations. and speed by using axial piston pumps supplying maintained indefinitely even when at stalling
Sometimes these arrangements are complex variable flow to the drive motors thereby provid- pressure and speed. You do not have to com-
with quite high design cost. ing variable speed which is essential for efficient promise the machine function - whatever speed
However, there is an attractive and simple processes. And by controlling pressure, directly you require, you always know you have full driv-
alternative of using direct hydraulic drive. control the torque. Both can be precisely con- ing force available. On many types of machine
Hydraulic motors have been used to drive trolled and integrated into power control by this can mean the difference between starting

16 Technology in Motion
Technology in Motion

up without problems or not being able to start drive has to maintain a constant tension on a The electric motors used with hydraulic
resulting in hours of lost production. It can also wire rope using a winch. drives are standard squirrel cage induction
mean that in some cases the electro-mechanical Hydraulic drives by their very nature have motors running efficiently at constant speed.
drive is oversized with more cost, less efficiency perfect load sharing characteristics. If two The pumps are controlled by a simple electrical
and higher running costs. motors are driving a drum for example, the signal to a control card. Therefore no problems
Drive direction is also no problem for hydrau- pressure from the common pump unit would are introduced as regards EMC or distortions on
lics; the drive can be reversed instantaneously naturally provide equal pressure to the drive the power supplies which has been a major and
and smoothly with a simple electric signal to the motors effectively sharing the load. Electro- costly concern with AC variable speed electro-
piston pump. This is very useful on applications mechanical drives would either have to be mechanical drives.
like shredders where jamming can occur and mechanically linked or provide some form of The hydraulic design is heavy duty as stand-
where reversing, particularly with full torque electronic synchronisation which can lead to ard therefore it may not be competitive on price
at zero speed can unjam machines and keep problems and vibrations. if applied on low power, light duty, fixed speed
production flowing. These characteristics are applications unless there are other considera-
also important on tions such as multiple drives or the environment
constant ten- Transformed to consider.
sion systems Conventional gear train drives can take up a lot To summarise, the direct hydraulic drive
where the of space around the machine. Direct hydraulic provides a variable low speed drive with
drives mount directly on the drive shaft of the some unique features and when properly
machine. There are no foundation requirements applied gives a very reliable system with real
and no alignment problems. The power unit is competitive advantages. They can easily be
positioned out of the way with just the hydraulic up rated and adjusted to changing require-
pipework connection to take care of. The whole ments. On critical applications for example
machine look and concept can be transformed on cement kilns or chemical reactors the sys-
improving machine performance, reducing tem can provide redundancy in the event of
weight, improving operator access and reducing a failure of a pump so eliminating the chance
maintenance and noise levels are lower, well of stopping the machine. Several drives and
inside normal regulations. auxiliaries can be supplied from a single
If the environmental conditions are hot or power unit adding flexibility to the options
cold, oil can be used to either cool or warm available. The layout, type and permutations
the motor to protect from those extremes and of power unit are endless but companies like
the power unit can obviously be provided with Hagglunds Drives tend to use a modular sys-
heaters and coolers as required. The rugged tem with standard components and controls
design can be exposed to dusty, humid and which are well matched specifically for drives
even underwater conditions. For explosion and can take full responsibility for the com-
proof areas, the standard hydraulic motor is plete drive which adds a security advantage
normally acceptable. for the end user. 555

Technology in Motion 17
Intelligent Actuation

������������������������������������������ ���������������������
��������������������������������������� ������������������
������������ �����������������
• Bespoke Packages ���������������������
• Actuators fitted with transducers to ������������������
measure force, position or pressure
• Fitted with Proportional or Servo valves
• Safety Slices
• Open or Closed loop control units
• Filtration (in line or remote) rated to
the valve
Technology in Motion

Upward spiral
Marijke Luyssen of Gates discusses the potential problems and solution associated with
working with spiral wire

ydraulic, spiral wire hose is not the Most manufacturers use neoprene (also called and EN accommodate for these variations and
easiest material from which to make chloroprene) as the standard rubber compound allow for tolerances to which manufacturers can
coupled hose assemblies. This is not for the tube of spiral wire hoses. Although the produce their hoses. There may also be differ-
only because it requires heavy-duty compatibility with oils is not optimal, neoprene ences in hardness and therefore resistance to
crimpers and cutting machines, but mainly is often the only option to ensure coupling seal- compression by the tube and cover material.
because it is usually very rigid, heavy to handle ing at the high pressures and temperatures The combined effect of all these variables can
and often requires specialist dual skiving. But encountered in these applications. result in considerable variations of the crimp
due to pressure requirements, spiral wire hose diameter resulting in under- or overcrimped
constructions are often the only option in large couplings which eventually will lead to prema-
bore pressure delivery lines near the hydraulic Permeate ture failure of the assembly. As it is the hose
pump or in high impulse applications such as Because compatibility of neoprene with oil is manufacturer that controls these essential
hydrostatic transmissions. However, design not optimal, some of the more aggressive oils, coupling retention parameters, it is very dif-
engineers can overcome many of the issues especially the biodegradable oils, can permeate ficult for coupling manufacturers to ensure full
related to spiral hose assemblies by choosing through the tube and through the various fric- compatibility of their products with hoses they
the correct prod- uct combination: tion layers between the reinforcement layers. do not produce.
Gates offers a high qual- This effect increases with low viscosity oils,
ity range of flex- high temperatures or when using viscosity
ible spiral wire improving addi- Developed
hoses that are tives. Being an integrated supplier, Gates controls the
released with a important technology of the hose/coupling inter-
complete line face and has developed an integrated line
of no-skive of spiral wire hoses and couplings
GlobalSpiral that withstand 1,000,000
couplings. impulse cycles at
Spiral wire reinforced hoses 120°C
are very difficult to manipulate due to their
rigid construction. They typically consist of Eventually,
4 or 6 layers of spiralled wire to contain the the oil collects
high pressures. Bending the hose opens small under the cover causing
gaps between the wires in the various layers blisters or permeates through the
of reinforcement, thus decreasing the pressure cover causing visible oil traces (sweating).
capability of the hose. Gates therefore has developed a special
nitrile based tube, capable of 120°C constant oil
temperature that ensures excellent compatibility, temperature.
Techniques even with the most aggressive biodegradable Although industry speci-
By studying the effects of bending on the wire oils.. The Gates hoses with this nitrile tube, fications would allow it, Gates
layers and through the use of advanced spiral- perform well in combination with GlobalSpiral require there to be no indication of hose
ling techniques, Gates has developed spiral wire couplings in high pressure applications. deterioration at the coupling after this endur-
hoses with bend radii far tighter than the SAE Skiving of the hose creates extra contamina- ance test.
and EN requirements. This allows OE manu- tion inside the hose assembly. These contami- Although production people try to avoid the
facturers to reduce the amount of hose in an nants have to be removed prior to attaching the use of spiral wire assemblies as they are dif-
assembly up to 47%. couplings to the end of the hose as they can be ficult to manufacture and manipulate, design
Even though the reduction of the bend radii trapped between the coupling and the hose inner engineers can overcome many of these issues
allows manufacturers to minimize the amount tube. Later, when exposed to pressure, vibration, by choosing the correct product combination.
of hose that is needed, it is of equal importance flexing and the dynamics of hydraulic hose appli- Gates offers a high quality range of flexible spi-
that this reduction is not to the detriment of the cations, they can be released into the hydraulic ral wire hoses that are released with a complete
flexibility of the hose. With its design of global fluid or cause premature failure at the coupling. line of no-skive GlobalSpiral couplings. Both
spiral wire hoses, Gates has paid special atten- Even in tightly controlled production, there hoses and couplings exceed the requirement of
tion to flexibility and tests have shown a reduc- can be significant variations on the internal, the industry standards in terms of bend radii,
tion of bending force up to 20% compared to over the wire and cover diameters of hydraulic working pressures and impulse test perform-
competitor spiral wire hoses. hoses. The industry standards such as SAE ance. 556

Technology in Motion 19
Technology in Motion

Self service
The challenges presented by electronic transmission have resulted in
a new do-it-yourself controls package

hen Poclain Hydraulics analyzed sion suppliers, Poclain Hydraulics had developed to their own unique requirements. A simple
the customer barriers to entry into powerful multi-purpose electronic transmission four-step process guides the customer from soft-
the area of electronic transmission controllers and corresponding software. New ware programming through installation on and
control, the obvious challenges that functions and software modules have been start-up of the vehicle:
emerged were the need to overcome the fear of developed over time and at customer request. 1.Configure your own personalized transmis-
electronics, to make it affordable for hydrostatic With over a decade of electronics development sion functionality by clicking through the menu-
transmissions, and to facilitate autonomous dedicated to hydrostatic transmissions, today’s driven program.
use by local Poclain Hydraulics distributors and generation of SmartDrive products have proven 2.Download the custom-compiled software
their small to mid-sized OEM customers. The themselves reliable in various serial production directly from the Poclain Hydraulics website.
company accepted these challenges, and the applications, and a vast library of software mod- 3.Follow the wiring instructions provided
result is the new SmartDrive Easy Do-It-Yourself ules for vehicle functions has been developed. automatically upon completion of configuration
electronic transmission control. To reduce development costs for a new entry- of the transmission program.
level transmission control, Poclain Hydraulics 4.Adjust vehicle and component parameters.
adapted the existing software modules for use
Fear with computer hardware already developed
The off-highway equipment market lags behind and in use on off-highway equipment. Further, Tested
the automobile industry in integration of elec- the new PHASES (Poclain Hydraulics Assistant Each function in the library available to
tronics. For small to mid-sized OEMs and those Software for Embedded Systems) Easy Design SmartDrive Easy customers has been tested
supplying the rental equipment market, there software was designed to allow distributors both in the lab and on vehicles operating in real
remains a skepticism regarding the reliability or OEMs to design the vehicle functional pro- conditions. No single function or combination
of electronics. End users are concerned with gramming themselves. The result was a very of functions can be selected from the PHASES
introduction of technologies for which they are competitive one-price offer for hardware and program menu unless those functions have been
not equipped to provide service. OEMs fear software, without software development or tested together in actual operation on a Poclain
a reliance on external suppliers for software licensing fees. Hydraulics mule vehicle.
development, especially considering that much Among the company-owned test vehicles
of the performance differentiation of their vehi- which operate on the company vehicle prov-
cles depends on this software programming. Autonomy ing grounds site are a post-emerge row crop
From a cost aspect, the historically inferior The Do-It-Yourself nature of the programming sprayer, skid-steer loader, wheeled excavator,
production volumes for off-highway vehicles software provides distributors and OEMs with industrial forklift truck, and both single drum
have kept electronic hardware costs much the autonomy long desired for outsourced elec- and tandem compactors. Testing is also con-
higher than those used in automotive applica- tronic controls. Contrary to the current industry ducted on customer vehicles on the proving
tions. Lacking a one-size fits all software, the trend, the Easy Design software requires no grounds site or in the field.
cost of programming development and software programming skills whatsoever. A simple menu- Using hardware previously developed for off-
licensing fees has also presented a significant driven program allows users to choose their highway vehicles, the Easy computer offers 9
barrier to more widespread use of electronics. own combination of transmission functions to inputs (including filtered analog and digital, fre-
As with a great many off-highway transmis- personalize the vehicle performance according quency and differential frequency) and 6 outputs

20 Technology in Motion
Technology in Motion

(digital and analog) in a configuration adapted to Is typically used in work mode as a cruise con- Once purchased, the PHASES Easy design
the specific needs of hydrostatic transmissions. trol to insure constant vehicle speed for harvest- can be used as often as necessary to reconfig-
The controller is CAN Bus capable, works on 10 ing, chemical application, or other work operation. ure the transmission programming for the same
to 30 volt power supply, is IP 65 water resist- Often vehicle available horsepower far or different vehicles, allowing the customer
ant, and is EMC certified. exceeds the capacity of the transmission. In the flexibility and autonomy to update vehicle
The hardware configuration is capable of work mode the power is available as needed behavior or introduce a new model without the
responding to 80% of Poclain Hydraulics trans- to supply both the work tools and transmission need to consult Poclain Hydraulics. Additional
mission applications with a single computer. simultaneously. When traveling between jobs, functions are planned and will be continuously
Accessories available for the Easy computer however, excess power not being used for the added to the online library.
include a multi-pin connector, a diagnostic tools can overpower and damage the transmis-
plug-in kit to facilitate RS-232 connection to a sion. With a horsepower limitation function the
laptop or handheld computer, or an adaptor for Easy computer limits the power to the transmis- Standards
simultaneous machine operation and RS-232 sion to protect against this possibility. When the Lauprêtre company (http://www.
diagnostic connection. The Easy computer coordinates actuation of laupretre-constructeur.com/) began develop-
both mechanical and hydrostatic braking pro- ment for their new LKH vineyard tractor, they
portional to operator input to provide the most had exacting standards on how the transmission
Facilitate efficient and effective brak- for this “new concept” in multi-purpose tractors
The Do-It-Yourself software was designed to ing performance, would perform.
facilitate transmission programming within insuring The transmission had to be automatic and
minutes without the need for any spe- that easy to use, enabling the operator to concen-
cific programming knowledge or trate on management of various tools or har-
experience, and to have any vesting equipment in order to increase
vehicle fully operational productivity and reduce operator
within 24 hours after fatigue. It needed to adapt to precise
computer installa- operations and joystick control with a
tion. constant speed function in the field, yet
The vehicle reduce noise and fuel consumption
responsiveness can and operate in automotive style
be tailored to the when traveling on the road. The
application for which transmission speed shift needed to
it is intended. be invisible and undetectable to the
Minimum and operator.
maximum Lauprêtre needed something reliable,
speeds can be incorporating various safety features such as
pre-programmed transmission horsepower limitation, and be
along with customized adaptable for use over an entire range of utility
acceleration and decelera- the tractor models. And it needed to be operational
tion ramps. hydro- immediately!
Through simultaneous control of static transmission “Poclain Hydraulics offered a ready-made
both pump and motor displacement, the works with and not electronic transmission control,” stated
Easy computer can be programmed to provide against mechanical brak- Sébastien Lauprêtre. “We launched the first
an automatic transmission function and seam- ing systems. prototype very quickly. The ‘time-to-market’
less shifting for smooth, infinitely variable speed Typically used for travel mode, pump dis- met our needs; we wanted something rapid and
proportional to operator input from a joystick or placement is adjusted proportionately to engine we were well served!”
foot pedal. Smooth controlled transmission per- RPM for a “drive like your car” performance that In fact, the field-tested software simplified the
formance over a wide speed range using 2, 3, or also reduces both fuel consumption and noise set-up process and Lauprêtre had the prototype
4 speed radial piston motors. by limiting pump outputand engine RPM to the machine up and running the same morning the
Allows customers to program distinctly differ- minimum needed to do the job requested by the Easy computer was installed.
ent styles of operation for the same vehicle for operator. The Easy control was programmed to allow
varying aspects of use. Typically used to estab- The Easy computer can monitor engine RPM varying transmission performance based on
lish a work or field mode and a travel or road to insure against vehicle stall. Particularly whether the tractor is operating in the field or
mode, this function can be used to create differ- appropriate in work mode, when horsepower on the road.
ent acceleration and deceleration ramps, differ- demand causes a dramatic drop in engine In the field, the Poclain Hydraulics motors are
ing styles of transmission control, use of differing speed, the transmission pump flow is reduced in full displacement and operating in Twin Lock
actuators, and the activation or deactivation of until power is once again available to resume mode, which is a patented feature allowing the
specific transmission functions for each mode. normal operation. motors to be connected in series and parallel

Technology in Motion 21
Technology in Motion

Survey 2005

with the pump simultaneously. This configuration provides hydraulic

an Apple iPod nano®
traction control with automatic transfer of torque from a slipping wheel
to the wheel with greater ground adhesion, all with greater effective dis-
placement and efficiency than standard series motor circuits. The engine
is controlled manually according to the requirements of the work tools,
with the pump displacement controlled directly via joystick. A foot pedal
acts as an inching control by modifying the resolution of the joystick sig-
nal to the pump when precise positioning of the tractor is required.

A switch converts tractor transmission operation to road mode, which
allows for automotive style driving using simply the joystick to control
both engine RPM and pump displacement simultaneously in proportion
to joystick angle. The motors are operated in small displacement mode
to reduce pump flow required to reach maximum vehicle speed, with
a feature to automatically switch the motors into full displacement for
higher torque output when the tractor operates in reverse direction or is
needed for hydrostatic braking. The foot pedal used for inching control
in work mode now acts as a brake pedal to control hydrostatic braking.
The automotive style control in road mode has provided substantial
benefit for Lauprêtre customers. “This is a new function for our cus-
tomers. It reduces fuel consumption and noise level when operating
at lower speeds, important when traversing through populated areas.”
Lauprêtre indicated a 20% reduction in fuel consumption when operat-
ing in automotive mode.
Lauprêtre also found the SmartDrive Easy to be an extremely eco- Dear Colleague,
nomical solution. “We looked at other electronic systems, but they This is your opportunity to take part in
included too many parameters that were unnecessary for our applica- Technology in Motion Magazine's Purchasing Survey and
tion,” said Lauprêtre. “Poclain Hydraulics has focused on the transmis- the chance to win an iPod nano®.
sion, which corresponds perfectly to our needs.” The results and information produced will assist us in
creating an in-depth report into current specifying levels.
The innovative features of the LKH, including the SmartDrive Easy
Simply complete and fax back the questionnaire to 01926
control, have provided a substantial market differentiation for Lauprêtre
408206 by October 31st 2005. All survey respondants
tractors, which has contributed to a 50% increase in sales for the will be entered into a prize draw for an iPod nano®.
company. In fact, says Lauprêtre, “You can see on our website that we The winner will be announced in the November issue of
refer to the SmartDrive Easy as ‘SDE’. Among our customers this has Technology in Motion.
become as standard a reference as the term ‘ABS’! Our tractors have
evolved according to the demands of the market but also as a function of
the innovation that Poclain Hydraulics provides.”
Based on the success of the SmartDrive Easy on the LKH, Lauprêtre
has also introduced it on their 3-wheel drive model Teractive T1. 557
*Prize is for a 2gb model Apple iPod nano.
22 Technology in Motion
Technology in Motion

Which of the following products or services do you intend to purchase or specify with in the next 3, 6 or 12 months?

HYDRAULICS 3 6 12 3 6 12
Servos ❏ ❏ ❏ Pressure Switches ❏ ❏ ❏
3 6 12 Shock Absorbers ❏ ❏ ❏ Pipework & Fittings ❏ ❏ ❏
Accumulators ❏ ❏ ❏ Software For Circuits ❏ ❏ ❏ Pressure Control Valves ❏ ❏ ❏
Actuators ❏ ❏ ❏ Solenoids ❏ ❏ ❏ Pressure Regulators ❏ ❏ ❏
Ball Valves ❏ ❏ ❏ Surge Dampers ❏ ❏ ❏ Pressure Intensifiers ❏ ❏ ❏
Bellows ❏ ❏ ❏ Switches ❏ ❏ ❏ Pumps ❏ ❏ ❏
Bell Housings ❏ ❏ ❏ System Design & Installation Purifers ❏ ❏ ❏
Brakes ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ Receivers ❏ ❏ ❏
Breather Caps ❏ ❏ ❏ Test Equipment ❏ ❏ ❏ Reservoirs ❏ ❏ ❏
Clamps ❏ ❏ ❏ Test Facilities ❏ ❏ ❏ Rotary Indexing Tables ❏ ❏ ❏
Coolers ❏ ❏ ❏ Transducers ❏ ❏ ❏ Seals ❏ ❏ ❏
Cylinders ❏ ❏ ❏ Transmissions ❏ ❏ ❏ Sensors-reed Switch ❏ ❏ ❏
Education & Training ❏ ❏ ❏ Tube Connectors & Adapters Sensors-proximity ❏ ❏ ❏
Electrical/hyd.control Systems ❏ ❏ ❏ Separators ❏ ❏ ❏
❏ ❏ ❏ Tube-steel ❏ ❏ ❏ Sequence Programmers-
Electronic Interfaces ❏ ❏ ❏ pneumatic
Electronic Measuring Systems Valves ❏ ❏ ❏
❏ ❏ ❏
❏ ❏ ❏ Silencers ❏ ❏ ❏
Filtration Equipment ❏ ❏ ❏ PNEUMATICS Strip Feeds-pneumatic ❏ ❏ ❏
Filter Elements ❏ ❏ ❏ Switches ❏ ❏ ❏
Flanges ❏ ❏ ❏ Actuators ❏ ❏ ❏ System Design &
Flow Dividers ❏ ❏ ❏ Actuator Valves ❏ ❏ ❏ Installation
Fluid Analysis Kits ❏ ❏ ❏ Air Treatment & ❏ ❏ ❏
Fluid Particle Counters/monitors Transmission Equipmen ❏ ❏ ❏ Timers ❏ ❏ ❏
❏ ❏ ❏ Air Movers ❏ ❏ ❏ Tubing ❏ ❏ ❏
Gauges ❏ ❏ ❏ Air Motors & Pumps ❏ ❏ ❏ Vacuum Lifting Devices ❏ ❏ ❏
Gaskets ❏ ❏ ❏ Bellows ❏ ❏ ❏ Vacuum Regulators ❏ ❏ ❏
Heat Exchangers/oil Coolers❏ ❏ ❏ Blow Guns & Nozzles ❏ ❏ ❏ Vacuum Pump Silencers ❏ ❏ ❏
Hose,Couplings & Systems ❏ ❏ ❏ Check Unit - Hydraulic Valves ❏ ❏ ❏
Hydrostatic Transmissions ❏ ❏ ❏ Conditioning Units ❏ ❏ ❏ Valves-safety ❏ ❏ ❏
Intensifiers ❏ ❏ ❏ Coolers ❏ ❏ ❏
Jacks ❏ ❏ ❏ Cooler Controls ❏ ❏ ❏ Valves-stop ❏ ❏ ❏
Level Indicators ❏ ❏ ❏ Counter-pneumatic ❏ ❏ ❏
Manifolds ❏ ❏ ❏ Couplings ❏ ❏ ❏ COMPRESSED AIR
Microhydraulics ❏ ❏ ❏ Couplings-sleeve Type ❏ ❏ ❏
Motors ❏ ❏ ❏ Safety Vent ❏ ❏ ❏ Air Compressors -
O Rings ❏ ❏ ❏ Drains ❏ ❏ ❏ Reciprocating
Oils/additives ❏ ❏ ❏ Fittings ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏
Oil Sample Kits ❏ ❏ ❏ Gauges/meters ❏ ❏ ❏ Air Compressors - Rotary ❏ ❏ ❏
Powerpacks & Units ❏ ❏ ❏ Heaters ❏ ❏ ❏ Compressor Regulation
Pumps ❏ ❏ ❏ Hoses ❏ ❏ ❏ Equipment
Rams ❏ ❏ ❏ Indicators ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏
Refurbishing ❏ ❏ ❏ Joints ❏ ❏ ❏ Compressor Valves ❏ ❏ ❏
Remote Control Equipment ❏ ❏ ❏ Lubricators ❏ ❏ ❏ Compressor-air Cooled ❏ ❏ ❏
Repair ❏ ❏ ❏ Pressure Systems ❏ ❏ ❏ Compressors For Gases ❏ ❏ ❏
Research & Development ❏ ❏ ❏ Motors ❏ ❏ ❏ Dryers ❏ ❏ ❏
Reservoirs ❏ ❏ ❏ Nozzles ❏ ❏ ❏ Filters,separators,purifiers ❏ ❏ ❏
Seals ❏ ❏ ❏ Peristaltic ❏ ❏ ❏ Vacuum Filters ❏ ❏ ❏
Sensors ❏ ❏ ❏ Presses-pneumatic ❏ ❏ ❏

Name Job Title

Company Name

Company Address


Tel Fax

E-mail Number of employees

Main area of activity of organisation

Replies from this survey may be used to mail information from appropriate suppliers. Should you not wish to be included, please write to –
The Database Manager, Gillard Welch Limited, 6A New Street, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 4RX, Tel: 01926 408242 Fax: 01926 408206

Fax back on 01926 408 206 by 31st October and you could be a winner!
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Technology in Motion

Energy savings worth

Thermoplastic composites wear rings optimise efficiency and MTBF of
pumps and pump bearings

pproximately 50% of energy consumed and thermal stability allowing reduced the following figures:
in chemical plants and oil refineries clearances, ensuring vibration is 125 PS Motor = 100 kW
is used by pumping systems (U.S. significantly reduced within the 100 kW x 2.5% x 8760h running
Department of Energy). This means, pump.” time/year £ 0,05 p (normal com-
approximately 90% of the costs attributable In practice, a Greene Tweed mercial electricity tariff) =
to a pump during service lifetime is a result of study involved a single-stage £ 1095 per annum x 100
energy consumption (North American Hydraulic overhung process pump API 8th pumps.
Institute). Energy conservation is, therefore, edition, with 8” suction and 6” Electricity savings and thus
not only important to companies because of its discharge. The pump impeller a gain of £ 109.500 per annum
environmental implications but also because it diameter was 13.469” and was as a result of the composite
can translate into cost savings for a company. driven by a 125 HP motor running upgrade. “For plants with few,
Savings of just one percent become significant at 1770 rpm, with water as the but very large pumps, sav-
to plant operators. These savings highlight the pumping medium. Gillies explains, ings can amount to millions of
importance of new materials and technologies “It was a conscious decision to pounds,” Gillies explained.
for the pump industry. One such new material, use a centrifugal pump for test, Pump bearings represent
Greene Tweed’s WR® composite range, has as these units are frequently used an expansion for thermoplastic
helped pump users realize significant gains. A in plants and installations running composite materials. Complex
2003 case study carried out by a pump OEM on 365 days a year.” oiling systems are not needed,
WR® wear rings showed an impressive result of The test unit was fitted with as the material is self-lubricat-
2.5% increase in pump efficiency. WR® composites on both the wear ing and will dry run. If, for exam-
“Advanced composite materials are now ring locations, impeller hub and eye, as ple, WR® or ARTM materials replace
truly considered as metallic replacements, they well as the throat bush location. The test conventional graphite bearings, the
offer many advantages and are not damaged took place in accordance with API 8th impact strength increases significantly
during intimate contact with rotating parts,” edition. “The API standard stipulates a and the unlubricated operation charac-
explains David Gillies, FH Sales Engineer for clearance of 0.020” for a metallic wear teristics also improve. Gillies concluded,
Greene Tweed UK. “This means that recircula- ring on the impeller hub,” commented “This is particularly important for the
tion within the pump is significantly reduced, Gillies. “Using WR® composite materi- start-up and stopping phases, in which
resulting in efficiency gains. Put another way, als, it was possible to reduce the clear- the pumps are running partly with mixed
less electric current is required in order for the ance of the wear ring from 0.020” to friction.”
pump to do its work.” Additionally, thermo- 0.008”, resulting in an increase in pump The benefits gained from WR®
plastic composite materials offer even greater efficiency by 2.5 percent.” increase pump reliability (MTBF) signifi-
benefits, “Exhibiting excellent impact and wear For plants with a large number of cantly increasing user profit by reducing
resistance, having a high degree of chemical small pumps this can be expressed in the “total cost of ownership”. 558

Celebrity valve island

The Series Y Valve Island is an award construction, valve function changes and
winning innovation from Camozzi maintenance can be carried out without the
Pneumatics. necessity to unassemble the base as with
The valves are available in three versions: other sandwich type valve island assemblies.
individual valves on a base, multipole valves With an IP65 rating the valve islands can
using a common connector or the two-wire be assembled together or positioned close
field-bus option. to the operational area. The spool and seal
The modular design has a flow rate of carriage system is simple, cost effective and
800Nl/min giving maximum performance in easy to install leading to low maintenance
a minimum amount of space [12.5mm width order to create different pressure zones if costs.
per valve]. The island can be constructed required offering great flexibility. Other standard features include LED
from blocks of two, four or eight valves in Due to Series Y Series solid base Indication and a manual override system.

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Driven to
provide value
AR TM Series

WR® Series


Greene, Tweed is an integral member of every customer’s team. Whether you’re interested in
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Chemraz®, our high-performance elastomer, or WR® and AR™, our wear-resistant thermoplastics,
we provide the material, design, service and manufacturing expertise to solve any application
challenge. With offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia, Greene, Tweed strives to implement
innovative ideas that work on a global scale. For more information on what the Inside Advantage
can offer you, visit our website at www.gtweed.com.
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Greene, Tweed · Fluid Handling · Tel: +44 (0) 115.9315.777 · F ax: +44 (0) 115.9315.888 · www.gtweed.com

Tough demands
have met
their match.

Here it is. With a high-performance drive from

Hägglunds, your process applications are in capable
hands. Compact direct hydraulic drives transform
plant performance, create space and greatly improve
access to maintain agitator shaft sealings. With superb
drive control and ATEX approved designs Hägglunds
provide reliable, complete drive systems with minimal
maintenance costs.
So if you ask a lot, ask for Hägglunds. To learn
what we can offer, visit us at www.hagglunds.com.

Hägglunds Drives Ltd., Foxbridge Way, Normanton,

Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF6 1 TN.
Phone: 01924 220 100. E-mail: sales@uk.hagglunds.com

Our drive is your performance.

Technology in Motion

Feel the vibe

Vibration Damping for Power Transmission Engineering

ibrations not only cause noise, they their disposal a whole series of optimized com-
also put a strain on components in ponents for the test phase. Based on the results
the drive train, which can significantly recorded in this phase, individual components
reduce their service lives. Engines, are designed to suit the application at hand.
motors, gears, drive shafts, output shafts, and Such components include:
couplings connected to downstream machines • torsional vibration dampers,
all affect each other mutually. Starting torque, • vibration absorbers,
imbalances, the influence of external forces, • hydro mounts, or frequently used
and torque peaks also have an effect on the • rubber-to-metal mounts such as ultra
machine, as do interconnected components in bushes or spherical mounts.
the transmission path and the machine struc- Simrit ultra bushes comprise inner and
ture. This is why the most economical way to outer precision metal sleeves, which are joined
achieve an effective mounting and damping sys- together by a vulcanized elastomer layer. This
tem is to view the system as a whole and not as means that ultra bushes can damp or isolate
a collection of individual components. radial and axial acting vibrations, and absorb
torsional loads and Cardanic deflection. Ultra
bushes are used as torsional-elastic couplings
Stages and as maintenance-free joints. They are also
In this regard, analysis, simulation, and opti- used for machine suspension.
mization are part of a design process that Simrit spherical mounts comprise an inner
includes the following stages: examination of the ball and an outer ball socket, which are joined
problem, basic measurements, construction of a together by an elastomer layer that is vulcan-
model, simulation, system analysis and system ized on both sides. They are ideally suited to
optimization for component design, implemen- damping tasks in applications characterized by
tation in the drive train, and suggestions for axial, radial, torsional, and cardanic loads. They
optimizing the construction. The optimization are used in a very wide variety of applications:
process is rounded off by taking verification for example, as joints in torque brackets, for
measurements. Viewing the system as a whole connecting shock absorbers and steering rods,
in this way cuts development times and leads and as joint couplings in railway vehicles or ship
to rapid technical and economically optimized propulsion systems.
By working in this way, power transmis-
sion engineering companies and machine
manufacturers have at

Technology in Motion

Inspect ainvestigation
Undercover gadget
A new machine enables the inspection process to be switched quickly from one
component to another

pecialist parts handling company RNA performance attributes. Control software uses a ted by robotic assembly systems. Until now,
Automation has developed a machine learn mode to minimise programming and allows it has relied mainly on visual inspection and
based on the Festo Checkbox vision part changeovers to be accomplished very conventional measurement equipment for these
inspection system to verify the quality quickly and easily. We intend using Checkbox parts, time-consuming and not 100% accurate.
of small component parts. A key benefit of the as the core technology for our latest-generation The company needed to inspect inserts in batch
new machine is that it enables the inspection intelligent parts inspection machines.” sizes of 10,000, perhaps switching parts up to
process to be switched very quickly from one The first user of the new machine is Tappex three times a day, its existing system did not
type of component to another, with minimal dis- Thread Inserts. This company designs and man- provide the flexibility needed for this application.
ruption to production. ufactures brass and steel threaded inserts and The new component inspection machine
fasteners for use in plastics, structural foam, includes a vibratory bowl feeder, a Festo
composite materials, wood and metal. These Checkbox vision system, comprising an inte-
Specialises small components are manufactured to very grated camera/conveyor and control unit and
RNA Automation is a leading supplier of parts tight dimensional tolerances, and the company a number of air jets and solenoid valves, all
handling machinery for manufacturing applica- has built up an enviable reputation for the qual- mounted on a worktop height plinth.
tions. It specialises in the development of turn- ity and consistency of its products by applying
key systems for orienting, feeding and conveying rigorous process control and post-production
small components, to help parts manufacturers inspection procedures. Queued
streamline their production processes. The quality control department at Tappex’s The inserts to be inspected are loaded into the
According to Andy Perks, sales manager for main UK manufacturing facility in Stratford- vibratory bowl feeder and progressively ‘climb’
RNA Automation, “We wanted a camera system upon-Avon uses a combination of visual and to the top along a spiral track; a baffle plate
that combined fast throughput capabilities with automated inspection systems to verify that encourages longitudinal settlement. At the top
a high degree of product changeover flexibility. manufactured parts comply with specification. of the bowl, an air jet blows any inserts that
The Festo Checkbox system has exactly The company wanted a new inspection system are still standing vertically onto their sides, and
the right primarily for inspecting particularly a gating gauge on the rim then ensures that
sensitive inserts that will be fit- all inserts are queued up end-to-end,. At this
stage, as it exits the bowl feeder, the front-most

28 Technology in Motion
Technology in Motion

insert is pushed onto the Checkbox conveyor conformance

belt by the other inserts in the queue. The belt and other
is driven at a constant speed and uses a brush- critical fac-
less DC servomotor and an encoder to provide tors such as
positional feedback data to the control unit. thread pitch
As each insert lands on the belt, it accelerates and chamfer
away from the one immediately behind it, ensur- angles. After
ing there is always a gap between components inspection,
presented for inspection. For this application, each insert is
the throughput is normally about 120/180 categorised as 100%
inserts per minute, although the conveyor belt’s good or of unknown quality.
speed potential of up to 800mm per second pro- The system was installed at
vides considerable scope for higher productivity Tappex’s manufacturing facility last
applications. year, and has performed flawlessly ever
since. It says much for the quality of
Tappex’s production processes that 99% of
Verify inserts that ‘fail’ inspection are not defective,
The imaging system can check up to 12 separate they were either incorrectly oriented or too
parameters: length, height, circumference and close to the camera for thorough inspection,
cross-sectional area are measured to within or the inspection result was ambiguous which
0.1mm, and by counting the number of pixels is typically caused by two small inserts being
to the right, left, top and bottom of the insert’s presented end-to-end without a gap between
centre point, the system can also verify shape them. 561

Technology in Motion 29
Technology in Motion

Valves Known
by another Name
Sequence valves, each have their own performance envelope and special characteristics.

t’s entirely natural to succumb to labels and the spring force. This causes the spool to move reached. The valve functions to open in a simi-
judge a book by it’s cover - even in the field back against the spring, opening the inlet to the lar way to the pilot operated valve except that
of hydraulics. But some components refuse sequence port 2. Provided the inlet pressure is when the setting is reached, the spool moves
to be bound by the accepted norms. higher than that in the sequenced port, flow will back and opens a separate hole, beyond the
In the modern era, correct identification is take place between both ports. control orifice, in the spool to the outlet port.
paramount. Many people carry ID cards describ- There is no connection between the sequence This means that the pressure behind the main
ing them by name and photograph. For some port and the spring chamber, so as the pressure spool will fall to the downstream pressure. The
of us this may be acceptable but when people rises in the sequenced port 2 the effective set- inlet pressure will then fall to the same pres-
try to ‘pigeon hole’ us we begin to react. We ting of the valve remains the same. Downstream sure plus the pressure required to push the flow
may like to think that we are multi-cultured and pressure has no effect on the pressure required across the valve. This can be more efficient than
multi skilled, yet it is natural for us to assess to keep the valve open. the standard valve.
things by the cover or the title. When we do With a direct acting sequence the greater the 4) Sequence Valve with Reverse Flow
this, we miss the diverse nature of people and flow through the valve, the further the spool has Check (1PSC100) (1PSC30)
things around us. to move back against the spring. This requires It is usual in a double-acting system for the
This extends to our understanding and sub- an increase in inlet pressure that corresponds to flow to have to pass past the sequence valve
sequent application of hydraulic valves. The the extra compression of the spring. in reverse direction. It is possible to mount a
science of hydraulics is fairly simple - once the 2) Pilot Operated Sequence valve. (1PS60) free-flow check valve around the cartridge but
concepts of flow and pressure are understood As with pilot operated relief valves, the pilot it is also possible to include this extra valve in
together with their effect on mechanical com- operated sequence valve does not require much the design. This cartridge includes the free-flow
ponents, the function of a valve or an actuator increase in pressure differential to pass more check, giving a more compact solution. For
becomes clear. Unfortunately, we do not always flow. This makes the valve more suitable for smaller flows, it is possible to have direct acting
stop to understand what the hydraulic function varying flows and systems where the setting has sequence valves with free-flow checks as stand-
is outside of the description of a component and to be close to the maximum working pressure. ard in one cartridge. This valve is based on the
therefore the limitations placed on it by docu- In this case the inlet pressure acts on the overcentre valve components.
mentation. Few would advocate product being pilot seat area and eventually causes the ball Applications
used outside of the parameters laid down in to move back against the spring. This creates Looking at the make up of this device reveals
catalogue data sheets, but the innovative use of a flow to tank via the drain port. The initial that it is no more than a logic element with an
such product is to be applauded. flow passes across the small orifice in the main adjustable spring force keeping it closed.
Take Sequence valves as an example: they spool, causing a pressure imbalance that moves Controlling the pressure in, or the flow from
are used to sequence operations by preventing the main spool back against a light spring. It the drain line opens up a number of possibili-
flow until a pre-determined pressure is reached. does not take much pressure increase to move ties. When using a pilot operated version of the
The only difference between this and a relief the spool fully back, so the valve will therefore valve, closing the drain line will close the valve.
valve is that the former has a spring chamber go from fully closed to fully open over a very In this way, high flows can be turned on and off
drain to a separate port. This prevents down small pressure increase. One disadvantage with by using a small solenoid valve situated on the
stream pressure increasing the setting of the this over the direct acting valve is the constant drain line. This can be a normally open or closed
valve. Provided the inlet pressure is higher than flow to tank through the pilot section of the valve with the added option of a controllable
the setting, plus any back pressure on the drain valve. pressure drop across the valve.
line, the valve will remain open, allowing flow 3) Unloading Sequence Valves (1UPS100) By controlling the pressure in the drain line,
from inlet to outlet. Most sequence valves need to maintain a higher you can use the valve in regenerative circuits,
There are several types of sequence valve, inlet pressure than the set pressure to keep the as below. (fig1)
each with its own performance envelope and valve open. This, in some cases, can be ineffi- When extending the cylinders, oil from the
special characteristics. cient especially if the second operation is work- ‘rod’ side is prevented from passing back to tank
1) Direct acting spool type. (1DS60) ing at a lower pressure than the setting. by a check valve and is directed towards the
The pressure rises at the inlet (port 1) until the The unloading sequence valve allows the ‘bore side’ of the cylinder. The flow will then
resultant force over the spool area overcomes valve to open fully as soon as the setting is pass through the sequence valve from the outlet

Direct acting spool type. (1DS60) Pilot Operated Sequence valve. (1PS60)

30 Technology in Motion
Technology in Motion

Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3

to inlet. The pressure in the outlet will be higher nected to tank. The pressure drop across the a pressure equivalent to the working pressure,
than the inlet, which is higher than the set pres- orifice is sensed by the spool in the sequence plus the setting of the valve. This pressure can
sure of the sequence valve. The drain line is valve. The pressure on the upstream side acts be limited by using a pilot relief valve on the
connected upstream of the check valve so that on the spool’s nose and pressure on the down- drain line. The flow into the spring chamber has
when retracting the cylinder, the working pres- stream side acts on the other end of the spool to be restricted for this to work, but a millimetre
sure increases the setting of the sequence valve in the spring chamber. If flow across the orifice orifice normally works for me!
and keeps it closed. increases due to a reduction in the downstream There are many other potential uses for this
The advantage of using the sequence valve working pressure, then the pressure drop would valve by using the drain port as a remote con-
over a pilot to close check, is that when centring increase and the sequence valve open further trol port. Why limit the utilisation of problem
the directional valve, the pressure can be set to by-pass excess flow to tank. The valve will solving tools at your disposal by sticking to a
higher than any residual pressure, thereby pre- therefore seek to maintain a constant flow irre- name? Hydraulic valves can be versatile. Think
venting any un-solicited extension of the cylinder. spective of changes in working pressure. hydraulics before you think description and look
This kind of valve can also be used as a com- A final example of an innovative use of a to performance, not to catalogue claims. Use
pensator in a pressure compensated flow regu- sequence valve is as a load sense compensator. science and understanding first and the product
lator circuit, (fig2) whereby the drain line of the (Fig3) second but always consult the valve manufac-
sequence valve is connected downstream of an By feeding a load sense signal into the spring turer before going too far, as all valves will have
adjustable orifice and the inlet of the sequence chamber, the setting of the valve can be raised. their limitations - some of which are far from
valve upstream, with the “sequenced” port con- This ensures that the pump will only ever see obvious. 562

Technology in Motion 31
Technology in Motion

Industry News
Hidden danger
Coarse particles (larger than 15 micron)
will cause sudden and catastrophic
breakdown of system components.
Fine contamination (between 5 and15
micron) will cause wear and tear of
components which leads to internal valve and
pump leakages, control valve inaccuracies
and blockages and eventually failure of these
expensive components.
Water content in oil, systems with over
500 parts per million of water which is
equivelant to 100% saturation will cause
corrosion of components and acceleration in
oil ageing.
Therefore, measuring and monitoring dirt
levels in hydraulic systems, ensures a greater
reliability, improved lifetime of components,
reduced warranty claims and above all, end
customer satisfaction.
The company’s innovative LPA particle
Fluid contamination in hydraulic and The experience of designers, manufacturers counter aims to tackle these issues. The
lubricating systems can be a costly problem, and users of hydraulic and lubrication portable machine works online to 400 bar
and being invisible to the naked eye it is a systems, is that 75% of machinery failure are working pressure and accuracy is guaranteed
troublesome defect to detect. However, MP as a direct result of contamination. Knowing with the system’s twin laser design. The unit
Filtri has developed a system that measures the cleanliness level of the fluid is the basis for can process test results within a minute to
and controls contamination. contamination control. rapidly validate a contamination count.

Online orders Power pumps

more traditional channels. Rotary Power, the Newcastle-upon-Tyne based
The new system incorporates an online manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and motors,
shop, online catalogue, and easy access to is now supplying the A range open circuit
CAD models, direct from the Festo website. It and C range chemical metering axial piston
is designed to deliver the broadest possible pumps, fully certified to comply with the ATEX
range of options to the automation sector Directive 94/9/EC. The pumps are suitable
where - as in the majority of industries for Group II, Zone 1 hazardous environment
- demand for on-line ordering is growing applications.
sharply, but phone, fax, and retail channels The A range axial piston open circuit
still account for the majority of orders. pumps and motors which are available in
The one-screen order tracking facility displacements from 11.5 cc to 125 cc/rev
offers significant advantages for purchasing are designed for heavy duty applications.
departments: users can review, retrieve, The unique construction allows operation
repeat or modify previous on-line orders, and on a wide range of fluids including mineral
all users can review ‘open’ orders placed by oils, water emulsions, water glycols and
mail, phone or fax, find details of despatch phosphate esters. This ability has found
schedules, and track deliveries right through applications for the range in very diverse
to the courier’s signature. and arduous applications such as subsea
Pneumatics company Festo has launched a “This new online facility really saves us and offshore.
new online procurement facility, designed time - we now have one access point to all The C range pumps are suitable for all
to optimise supply chain efficiency for the information we need, instead of switching types of polyol blends and isocyanates used
automation solution providers. It provides between the CD Catalogue, the web site, and in the polyurethane foam market. With a
access to all the information companies need the on-line shop, and we simply cut and paste proven record in this specialised market,
to make good buying decisions and track information into our orders”, says Darren the C pump provides high accuracy fluid
their purchases, regardless of whether the Jones, the director of Cymru Automation, and, metering with precision flow control and
actual purchase is made on-line or through the clearly, another satisfied customer. high-pressure capability.

32 Technology in Motion

Also available through selected


Te l : 0 1 2 4 4 5 3 5 5 1 5 Fa x : 0 1 2 4 4 5 3 3 0 0 2
E m a i l : S a l e s @ f c h . c o . u k W e b : w w w. f c h . c o . u k
Technology in Motion

Industry News
Pneumatic partnership Springboard
of hydraulic products including hydraulic Specialist UK Compression Spring
couplings, high pressure ball valves and Manufacturer Ashfield Springs have achieved
hydraulic filtration equipment. A-Class supplier status with Parker Hydraulics
Bonomi is part of the AVS Group of following their supplier development re-
Companies based at the Fluid Power Centre structuring, and the launch of PH Connect.
in Nuneaton. The acquisition of Prolasa Peter Brown, supplier development manager
Fluid Connections means that the AVS Group at Parker Grantham explains: “The relationship
can now offer pneumatics, industrial valves, between Parker Hannifin and Ashfield Springs
industrial solenoid valves and vacuum has been built on solid foundations over
solutions together with high pressure ball many years. Quality and service has been
valves, hydraulic couplings and hydraulic impeccable for many years. Technical support
filtration equipment. has always been available whenever there
Jeremy Clear, chairman of the AVS Group, was a requirement. As Parker progressed
comments, “We are delighted to welcome forward into the strategic procurement phase
Prolasa into the AVS Group and will continue of supplier development, Ashfield Springs
to build on their existing reputation of offering clearly matched the criterion we required to
quality products with an unrivalled service,” further develop the relationship.”
Bonomi UK has acquired Prolasa Fluid Clear adds, “The acquisition of Prolasa Terry Smith, director of Ashfield Springs,
Connections based in Hingham near gives us the opportunity to offer our existing adds: “We are partners in a major supply
Norwich. The acquisition extends Bonomi’s customers a more comprehensive range of chain, success requires all suppliers to be
product portfolio with a comprehensive range fluid power solutions.” committed to quality and performance to enable
the value chain to grow and prosper together.”
Pumped up Ashfield Springs have successfully managed
the Kan-ban system for Parker Hydraulics for
Compressed air and fluid process systems “EXP” diaphragm pump. This model is part
over 10 years and are dedicated to meeting
specialists Thorite were recently called in to of a completely new range which features
the quality and delivery requirements.
provide a bespoke solution to a pumping unique non-metallic process pumps, capable
problem identified by Bradford-based Harmer of duty cycles of up to 24 hours. As Members of the BFPA, the company is
Personal Care. dedicated to supplying motion control industries
The pump, which combines high flow rates
with precision springs.
Harmer is a major supplier of toiletries with slow cycling operations, is well suited to
to some of the cosmetics industry’s leading its application and will ultimately result in a “Our acceptance into the British Fluid
brand names. Their existing diaphragm considerably extended service life. Power Association is another significant step
pump had poor flow rate characteristics and towards our goal of becoming the fist choice
The company has also installed a
required manual adjustment to cope with for all who seek precision springs for flow
pneumatic pilot-operated regulator system
differing output requirements. control valve springs. It is our intention to
that allows the pump to be remotely adjusted.
gain a better understanding of the technical,
Harmer contacted Thorite with a request This type of control also enables the smallest
commercial and environmental requirements
for an improved pump, coupled to a system possible volume of compressed air to be used
of manufacturers in the hydraulic and
which would enable flow rates to be varied to achieve the desired flow rate.
pneumatic industries so that we can further
by remote control. This results in a system that combines develop our capabilities and service.” Says
Thorite specified an ARO 2” polypropylene performance levels with energy efficiency. Smith.

Bomb proof
From July 1993, the ATEX happens when there are explosions of mine clearing machines in Cambodia. A
Directive 94/9/EC became actually occurring all around? report made in 2005 by a mine clearing
mandatory for the selection What is the chance of machine operator attests the machine’s ability
of industrial equipment, survival for hydraulic to withstand explosions.
both mechanical and motors? “One of your motors was blown up by an
electrical, for use in SAI have been anti-tank mine. The motor has survived well.
potentially explosive employed by various The duplex sprocket was ripped of the shaft
atmospheres. Obviously companies to power the but, surprisingly, the motor seems to be OK. I
SAI Hydraulic Motors flails of mine clearance think this was due to the short shaft.”
are obliged to comply machines in many SAI are hoping for more orders from this
with these regulations. countries. The company customer in the very near future, ironically,
However, the directive has worked, in particular, somewhat fewer than the company may have
only covers potentially with a charity agency involved received had the motor been less suited to
explosive areas, but what in the construction and operation the task.
34 Technology in Motion
Technology in Motion

Rapid reader
response service
For further information on any of the editorial features,
news articles or advertisements in this TECHNOLOGY IN
MOTION supplement tick and fax back or enter the relevant
information numbers online at: www.engineering.co.uk

Editorial features
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554 ❏ Parker 561 ❏ Festo

555 ❏ Hagglunds 562 ❏ Integrated Hydraulics

Industry News articles

❏ MP Filtri ❏ Theorite
❏ Festo ❏ SAI
❏ Rotary Power ❏ Ashfield
❏ Banomi UK

❏ Sauer-Danfoss ❏ KV Automation
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