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Bibhuti Acharya
Concerned faculty : S& D
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Submitted to:
Bibhuti Acharya
Concerned faculty : S& D
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Shashikant Singh
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Peter F.Drucker


In the world of sales, the planning objective is to determine ã ã  



Vith a carefully designed plan and team effort, one can be able to meet their
sales goals. But on the other hand, without the sales plan one can·t know their,
your goals are, how to reach them, or when they have been met? 

The sales plan essentially provides a framework for the business and how it
will function. It will also guide that what strategies will work to leverage the
most return and the direction the company needs to move towards. The sales
plan is necessary in order to keep the business on the right track. Vithout a
set plan, it can be easy to lose focus on what you are trying to accomplish.
Losing focus can cause major problems, such as financial constraints and
miscalculated production. Even if you need to do some adjusting to your plan,
the goals you are trying to accomplish will still be in front of you to guide you
through those adjustments.

A sale is the name of the game in many businesses and organizations. To have
a successful business one must have profitable sales. There is a formula to
increasing sales. _         .
The tools and techniques applied by the sales force to sell their product or
service is related to the below mentioned line.

r   ã  

These are the tools and techniques that provided by the top management to
excels in providing for and training sales force after assessing individual
deficiencies along with strengths. A sale planning guides the organization in
achieving its objective in a systematic manner, but the sales force is a person
who makes this planning into a reality.
KIf sales are plan, implement, and manage than they will get the revenue
started quicklyµ


· ã   ã      


The above statement provides a concise requirement for a strategy: Situation

assessment knowing the current situation and the required situation for
victory, Objective for the plan and the strategy (plan) to achieve the objective.
This objective cannot be developed without knowing the current market
situation. In sales, situation is always dynamic which forces the salesman to
have in-depth assessment of the situation. Some of the things to be considered
for situation assessment are:

O Financial Situation of the customer

O The buying criteria, evaluation process and decision process
O jriticality/Importance of this purchase
O Xarket trends
O justomer Issues
O Ôoals & objectives of the customer
O Leadership style of the customer
O Xarket position of the customer
O jompetition in the current market Trend


The sales planning process is a three-stage process. Stage one is about
analyzing the situation and setting objectives. Stage two is about coming up
with strategies and exerting controls to make sure everything happens the way
you want it to happen. Finally implementation & control. Stage one is
something which company typically do in their own. Stage two is something
which typically does, in contact, with other people such as prospect.
Stage two is where sales force have identified an individual customer company
or individual person on whom you're going to call. In this stage, you do an
analysis of that individual prospect, or account, or type of account, and you
come up with a way of approaching that particular individual, or type of
individual, according to the needs and so forth. And that begins the cycle.
Then, you prepare to be ready to do your job well. You connect to establish
truthful communication. You understand, study, and explore this individual's
needs. You show them how you can solve their problem. You confirm their
commitment to make the sale. And then you make sure that they're satisfied.
Those are the strategies and application. And then the final phase of stage two
is controls. That's where you do the record keeping and the kind of self-
analysis that allows you to study yourself, what you're doing, how it's working,
and how to keep yourself constantly improving.
Some may think, K  
    .µ The
problem with this methodology is that without a plan, the incorrect action
could be taken. This could be detrimental to the business. Think about your
monthly expenses. You probably do not spend all of your money before you
receive it, but instead you budget it over time so that there is enough money to
cover all of your expenses. If you do spend everything before you budget, then
the money pool is likely to dry up. The same thing can happen in business -- if
you aren't careful and don't plan ahead; the business pool may dry up.

In conclusion, a Successful Strategic and Sales Plan starts with your Products
and Services Development, then moves into your Xarketing Analysis and Plan
Development; this in turn, is a direct influence on your jompany·s Strategic
Plan. Flow jharts showing these important development steps and their
   !   "   => Xarket Analysis & Segmentation =>
Xarket Trends => Xarket Ôrowth => jompetitive Analysis, Positioning & Edge
=> Xarketing Strategy: Positioning, Pricing, Promotion & Distribution
Strategies => Xarketing Strategy Profit & Loss Projection => Xarketing
Programs = An Effective Xarketing Plan
#   ÷ => Strategic Potential Problems & Risk Analysis => jompany
Strategies, Strategic Tactics & Strategic Programs => Sales Strategy => Sales
Programs & Alliances => jompany Operating Budget => Sales Forecast =>
Xilestones & jontrol Xechanisms = Successful jompany Strategic and Sales
!     ! ÷ => jompany Profit & Loss Statement Projections =
Believable Financial Forecasts.