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The benefits of good habits

Цель урока:

К концу урока учащиеся смогут свободно высказываться по теме здоровый образ жизни.

Задачи :
- создать условия для совершенствования лексико-грамматических навыков, навыков восприятия и понимания иноязычной
речи на слух, навыков монологического высказывания;
- содействовать развитию умений изучающего, поискового чтения;
- создать условия для воспитания у учащихся культуры общения, уважения друг к другу, умения работать в группе, здоровых

Методы: коммуникативный, интерактивный, эвристический.

Оборудование: доска, , наглядный материал, раздаточный материал, компьютер.


№ Основной этап занятия Ход урока Деятельность учащихся Примечания

1 Организационный Good morning, girls and boys. I`m glad to see you. How are you today? You 2 min
момент. know, it`s been scientifically proved that smiling keeps you healthier. Can you
-введение в атмосферу turn to each other and smile. So you are a bit healthier now!
иноязычного общения
-введение темы Well. I`d like to start our lesson with some English proverbs. Your task is to Работают в парах.
-речевая зарядка match 2 halves of the proverbs and read them. Work in pairs. Соединяют пословицы.
Отвечают на вопросы, 2 min.
Do you agree with the proverbs? угадывают тему урока.
Which one do you like best?
Can you guess the theme of our lesson?
Карточки №1
The benefits of good habits
Right you are! Today we are going to speak about the benefits of healthy
habits. What should we do to become healthier?
2 Целепологание Look at the board now. You can see such called problematic tree.
The trunk of the tree is a problem we are going to solve today: Belarusian 1 min
teenagers are not very healthy nowadays. The roots of the tree are the
reasons of this problem. Why are our teenagers unhealthy? The top of the tree
is the solution to this problem. These leaves will be your recommendations,
your arguments you have prepared for today`s lesson how to solve the
problem. What should you, teenagers, do to become healthier?

3 Актуализация лексики And now, let`s find out the reasons of this problem. Can you divide into 2 5 min
по теме. Подготовка к groups?
говорению I`ll give you the stickers and your task is to discuss the problem, write down
the reasons of the problem and then choose the representative ,
a person, who will go to the board, stick them and give some comments.
You have 3 min. to do the task. Учащиеся приклеивают
Let`s start. Who`ll go to the board? стикеры и называют
We have found out the reasons why our teenagers are unhealthy nowadays. I причины проблемы.
agree that smoking, drinking, lack of sleeping, depression; problems at school
can lead to some health problems. And now our task is to solve the problem.
Развитие навыков I `d like to start with a video presentation “Healthy habits you need in your
аналитического чтения life”
Read and try to remember them.

Ensure= to make certain that something is done

nourish /ˈnʌrɪʃ/to provide living things with food in order to stay  them healthy доска
excessive /ɪkˈsesɪv/more than is necessary or wanted

Do you agree with these tips?

Fill in the gaps with suitable words.
Sum up.
4 Физкультминутка- Let`s play our “Birds and Worms” game. Make a circle. Your right hand 2 min
активизатор is a bird and your left hand is a worm. You know the rules. Your task is to
catch the worm. I`ll count till three. Now, change your hands.
Дискуссия These are my solutions to the problem. What should you do to become Дети показывают свои 15 min.
Развитие навыков healthier? What are your recommendations? You have prepared your projects проекты, задают друг другу
монологической речи to prove the benefit of a healthy life style, of healthy habits. вопросы.
Let`s start our discussion. Listen to each other and ask questions. ! провести физ.мин
1. Poster
2. Presentation
3. You are what you eat
4. Physical exercises+ физ. мин.can you show us how we should do
Do you agree with…? What is your opinion?
6 Двигательная Our health depends on many things: the food we eat, our good and bad habits, Подведение итогов 5 min
активность our physical activity. So, to improve your health you should have a lot of good Карточки вешают на стену
habits and avoid bad habits. It has been said a lot about the benefits of healthy
habits. We found out the reasons of the problem at the beginning of our lesson. Карточки-
And now I propose to make our own Health Code to show our guests that листья к
we have soved the problem. дереву.
Come here. I` ve got some cards, take them and put them on the board
according to your recommendations what should or shouldn`t you do to
become healthier.
Восприятие и I have got one more video. Just some quick and simple tips to help you fell
понимание иноязычной just a little bit better by building new healthy habits.
речи на слух Laps back-
1. Do you agree that getting started something new is the hardest
2. Popular theory says that after 21 days of repetition you can make доска
something a habit.
3. It will become ф part of your regular routine if you keep it for 6
I recommend you to challenge yourself and start doing something new to
improve your health, prolong your life. For ex. Limiting your time
spending at the Computer!...
9 Подведение итогов Open your day books and write down your home task. Опрос 2 min

Thank you very much. Your projects were great. You`ve worked hard.

Карточки раздать
I`d like to give you a small present. 10 healthy habits if you count in a proper
1 Рефлексия To reflect our activity have prepared an interesting test for you. I`ll read you Карточки A B C 3 min
0 the question and I`ll give you the answers. You have to choose the answer and
stand according to it.

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