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UNIT 1 :
1. Various theories of Punishment ?
2. Define Punishment ? Discuss origin of concept of
Punishment during medieval & modern period ?
3. What is Crime Prevention ? Discuss the procedure
for crime prevention ?/ Discuss the conventional and
modern techniques of crime prevention ?
4.Kinds of programmes which are adopted in crime
prevention ?
5.Explain the importance of penology in the administration
of criminal justice
1. Explain Capital Punishment ? Can Capital
punishment alone controls all crimes ? Is capital
punishment is final solution for controlling all crimes ?
Explain whether Capital punishment should be
abolished or retained ?
2. What is Punishment ? Different kinds of
Punishment ?
3. What are the various offences for which capital
punishment can be passed ?
4. Discuss different kinds of programmes which are
adopted in crime prevention programme & problems
involved in crime prevention ?
5. What is Sentencing process ? Discuss the factors to
be considered in sentencing process ?/ Sentencing
6. Explain the arguments in favour of retaining and
abolishing capital punishment ?

UNIT 3 :
1. Role of prisons in modern penology ? Discuss the
rights of prisoners are protected under Indian
2. What is open prison ? Discuss the adv and Disadv of
open prison ?
3. How do you consider jail as a reformative institute ?
4. Explain the development and reforms in prison system of
India ?
5. Explain Open Jail system in India ? How the
prisoners rights are protected under Indian
Constitution ? Discuss ?
6. Discuss the History and Philosophy of Victimology ?
7. Explain the development of victimology with special
reference to India.
8. problems faced by women prisoners ?

Unit 4 :
1. Explain the remedies available to victims in North
America / analyse the vicimology with reference to
North America
2 Discuss the provisions relating to victims compensation
under crpc 1973.
3. Discuss different categories of victims in need of
special & greater attention ?
4 remedies and compensation schemes available to
victims against criminal injuries in UK / criminal
injuries compensation schemes of UK
Unit 5 :
1. Discuss the role of Indian judiciary in giving
compensation to victims / Role of courts in awarding
victim compensation
2. Role of NHRC in Victimology / Functions of NHRC
3. Discuss Development of victimology with special
reference to india
6 marks :
1. Crime Control
2. theories of punishment
3. Kinds of Punishment
4. Victimology
5. Diff b/w Probation & Parole
6. Police structure and Organization in India
7.Functions and Duties of Probation officer
8. Consumer Victims
9. Rape victims
10. Pre-Sentencing Enquiry
11.Modern Methods of Crime Control
12.Open Prison
13.Victim witness Assistance Program
16.Problems faced by women prisoners
17. Basis of Compensation
18.Plea- Bargaining in India
19.Victims Rights to compensation
20.Role of NHRC
21.Histonomy of Victimology
22.Child Victim
23.Pardoning power of the president
24.Justice Dr.V.S.Malimath Commission report on
Victims Compensation
25. Supreme court guidance in Sunil Batra case in
prison life
26.vishaka vs state of rajasthan