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CV-700 Catalytic Enzyme & Phosphate

Remover Pool Water Cleaner is an
environmentally friendly, stabilized liquid
enzyme system that effectively catalyzes
Catalytic Enzyme &
for the organic contaminants and removes
ortho-phosphates commonly found in
Phosphate Remover
environment... pools, spas and other recreational water systems. Routine weekly application of
CV-700 will positively maintain water clarity, prevent algae growth occurring, and

stop interference with chlorine sanitizing in both conventional and salt water
chlorination systems.
With normal use, CV-700 is nonallergenic, non-irritating to sensitive skin tissue and

for your pool! non-toxic even if ingested. CV-700 is nonflammable and usable in any environment.
Applied as directed, CV-700 is non-harmful to materials of construction, circulating
water equipment, either painted or masonry surfaces, and is compatible with all
filtration systems and other water treatment chemicals applied in accordance with
manufacturer’s recommendations.
CV-700 is added directly to the water or circulating system at
a typical maintenance rate of one (1) ounce per two thousand
(2,000) gallons of water on a weekly treatment schedule to
maintain water clarity and remove up to 500 ppb ortho-
phosphate. In heavily contaminated systems, CV-700 may be
initially dosed at a rate two (2) to four (4) times the normal
maintenance level for two (2) weeks or more to bring the
water quality to satisfactory levels. Thereafter, the normal
maintenance rate should be employed. Under initial conditions
of heavy contamination, some minimal water foaming may
occur, and will dissipate as system cleanup progresses.
CV-700 is formulated to be inherently stable with an indefinite
shelf life under normal storage conditions. Avoid exposure to
freezing temperatures or prolonged storage at temperatures
above 120º F. Either condition may degrade product packaging,
and product quality or performance. Review the product’s
Material Safety Data Sheet before handling.

Orenda Technologies, Inc. warrants that this material is reasonably fit for the purposes stated in our literature when used in
accordance with our written and verbal directions. Under no circumstances shall Orenda Technologies, Inc. be liable for
incidental, consequential or other damages from alleged negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability or any other theory
arising out of the use or handling of this product. Orenda products are non-toxic, and safe for use as directed; we urge the
use of good judgement when storing and handling these, and all pool care products near children. Neither this warranty
nor any other warranty of merchantability or fitness of purpose, either express or implied, extends to the use of this
material contrary to our directions, or under conditions not reasonably foreseeable by Orenda Technologies, Inc.
Copyright © 2009 Orenda Technologies, Inc..

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