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STATE OF COLORADO Walk-T rough uthorized



Criminal Action Number_________________________________________________________


The People of the State of Colorado,
To: Any person authorized by law to execute arrest warrants.

You are hereby commanded to arrest the person of:

Adam Ari Raszvnski
DOB: February 13, 1978 HAIR Brown
HEIGHT: 5’09" EYES: Brown
WEIGHT: 185 RACE/SEX: White/Male
DL #: SSN:
OFFENSE DATE: February 23, 2011
And take the person above-named without unnecessary delay before the nearest judge of the Court of Record; to be advised that the
person is being held for the alleged commission of the following crime(s), to-wit: In violation of C.R.S., 1973 revised:

Charge # CRS # Charge Classification

18-3-103(3)(a) Murder in the second degree 2F

That this warrant for arrest is issued upon affidavit sworn to and affirmed before this court and relating facts sufficient to establish
probable cause that the above-named offense has been committed and probable cause that the person named in this warrant committed
that offense. pre - J&Vi ,fafl


DATE: 13/ii

Lafayette Police Case # 2011-584

Detective Gary Thatcher 303-665-5506 x4153


I hereby certify that I have duly executed this warrant on this day of 1 20______
by as I am herein commanded.


Service $
Mileage $ By:
Return $ Deputy
Total $



This office has reviewed the affidavit submitted by tTie law enforcement agency and
requests that the Court issue a Warrant or Order as requested below.

Arrest Warrant without complaint (Felony)

Arrest Warrant with summons and complaint (Misdemeanor)

Arrest Warrant (Juvenile)

Search Warrant

Order for Nontestimonial Identification

Order for Production of Records

Approved per D.A.: ! (&

Registration #:

Extradition: NCIC CCIC Other


Statutory References
Arrest Warrant: CRS 16-3-108; CRS 19-2-503
Search Warrant: CRS 16-3-301, 303; CRS 19-2-504, 505
Order for Records CRS 16-3-301.1
Nontestimonial identification: Crim. P. Rule 41.1

Boulder Office: Justice Center. 1777 6" Street Boulder, Colorado 80302 (303)441-3700.Fax: (303)441-4703
Longmont Office: 1035 Kimbark Street Longmont, Colorado 80501 (303)441-3700 Fax: (303)682-6711
TDD/V (303)441-4774 Internet: http:llwww.bouldercounty.org/dal E-mail: boulder.da@bouldercounty.org

The affiarit, Gary Thatcher, a duly commissioned Peace Officer for the City of Lafayette,
Boulder County, Colorado, acting in the capacity of Detective, does affirm and depose
the following:

That each Lafayette Police Department crime report is assigned an individual and
unique serial number, which applies to only one particular incident. The serial number
assigned to this particular incident is case report number 2011-584.

That your affiant has been assigned to the Detective Bureau since 2004. During your
affiant’s tenure in the Bureau, this affiant has investigated numerous homicides,
unattended deaths, domestic violence related cases, and general crimes against

That Detective Sergeant Scott Emerson, Sergeant Betty Friese, Sergeant Bill Palmer,
Sergeant Maschka, Corporal Detective Scott Robinson, Detective John Dombeck,
Detective Keith Chagnon, Detective Stacey Hendershott, Officer Dan Tipton, Officer
Bob Johnson, Officer Jason Thompson, and Officer Gina Bodine are duly
commissioned Peace Officers for the City of Lafayette, Boulder County, Colorado.

That the following affidavit details the probable cause for the arrest of Adam An
Raszynski, having a date of birth of February 13, 1978, for the crime of Second Degree
Murder, which occurred at 2317 Whitetail Circle, located in the City of Lafayette,
Boulder County, Colorado.

That on February 23, 2011, at approximately 1657 hours, Boulder Regional

Communications Center received a 911 call from a male later identified as Adam
Raszynski. Mr. Raszynski reported he was having an argument with his mother. Mr.
Raszynski reported his mother had been taking pills and was screaming about a
cushion from her car. Mr. Raszynski said the cushion was either in the back seat of her
car or her drug addicted mind. Mr. Raszynski then told the dispatcher that his mother
had something in her pocket. Mr. Raszynski told the dispatcher to hold on and to talk to
his mother.

Rita Redford, having a date of birth of January 18, 1951, then got on the phone and told
the dispatcher their address is 2817 Whitetail Circle. Ms. Redford reported that four
policemen came to her address about a week ago. Ms. Redford told the dispatcher her
son is bi-polar and schizophrenic.
In the background of the conversation between the dispatcher and Ms. Redford, Mr.
Raszynski could be heard yelling, "She’s lying officer! No, I’m not! She is lying! She is a
drug addicted (inaudible)." The dispatcher asked what was going on but Ms. Redford
was unable to hear what the dispatcher was saying due to Mr. Raszynski. The
dispatcher asked Ms. Redford if Mr. Raszynski had threatened her in any way. Ms.
Redford replied, "Yes."

Mr. Raszynski then stated in the background, "Let me talk to the officer." Mr. Raszynski
was then heard saying in the background, "I’m sorry, my... Mom, if I help you find the car
cushion could we stop this? The police have other things to do." The dispatcher asked
Mr. Raszynski to identify himself. After identifying himself the dispatcher asked to
speak to his mother again. Ms. Redford got back on the phone and identified herself.
The dispatcher asked Ms. Redford if Mr. Raszynski had any weapons in the house. Ms.
Redford said she did not know. Ms. Redford was asked again if she had been
threatened. Ms. Redford responded that Mr. Raszynski is on parole. When asked if Mr.
Raszynski had hit her, she replied that he hadn’t.

While the dispatcher is talking to Ms. Redford, Mr. Raszynski can be heard in the
background speaking randomly and Ms. Redford asked the dispatcher if he could hear
Mr. Raszynski. The dispatcher said "I can, do you feel like he’s going to hurt you?" Ms.
Redford stated, 1 don’t know. I’m going to my room and lie down."

The dispatcher asked them to separate. Mr. Raszynski stated, "I dont want you driving
around lady." The dispatcher told Mr. Raszynski to have his mother stay in her room
and told him to say in the living room. Mr. Raszynski then tells the dispatcher that he
would like a blood test done on his mother as soon as possible. Mr. Raszynski then told
the dispatcher, "I’m sick and tired of it. You should know, also that I am under FBI
surveillance..." Mr. Raszynski states he is going to put the phone on speaker. The
phone disconnects.

At 1701 hours, dispatch receives another 911 call from Mr. Raszynski. During that call
Mr. Raszynski was trying to tell the dispatcher about a verbal contract with his mother
and signing something. The dispatcher asked Mr. Raszynski again what was going on.
The dispatcher questioned Mr. Raszynski if he was trying to say that his mother wanted
him to leave. Mr. Raszynski stated, "yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, no. She’s just urn,
basically.... I want her to not be driving around.....I go tell her to lie down so I am gonna
make my dinner." Mr. Raszynski then wanted the dispatcher to know that he and his
mother had permits for medical cannabis. Mr. Raszynski was again told to stay
separated until the police arrived. The call was ended.

At 1707 hours, dispatch received another call from a male caller, later identified to be
Mr. Raszynski. Mr. Raszynski stated, "I’ve been shot." When asked who shot him, Mr.
Raszynski stated, "My mom, She’s dead.....She came downstairs and shot me." Mr.
Raszynski was informed that help was on the way. The dispatcher asked Mr.
Raszynski where the gun was. He stated it was on the floor. The dispatcher asked Mr.
Raszynski to tell her exactly what happened. Mr. Raszynski stated, I stomped her neck,
lady." The dispatcher continued to try to talk with Mr. Raszynski, however, the phone
reception became muffled and inaudible.

Your affiant listened to the recorded 911 calls and noted the demeanor of the parties.
Ms. Redford sounded calm, rational, and thoughtful in her answers to the dispatcher.
Mr. Raszynski at times sounded calm on the phone with the dispatcher, but could also
be heard ranting and escalated in the background. As described before, Mr. Raszynski
makes comments that are unassociated with the dispatcher’s questions, such as telling
the dispatcher, "You should know, also that I am under FBI surveillance."

During the calls to 911, Lafayette Police Officers were dispatched to the address and
were given updated information regarding the calls from Mr. Raszynski. Sergeant
Emerson, Sergeant Palmer and Sergeant Friese arrived at the residence. Sergeant
Palmer covered the residence from the southwest, while Sergeant Emerson and
Sergeant Friese approached the front door. The screen door was closed, the front door
was locked, and no one answered the door. Sergeant Emerson observed blood on a
rock outside the patio railing on the southwest side of the residence. He observed the
sliding glass door leading to the patio was open with the vertical blinds closed. Sergeant
Emerson announced himself and made verbal contact with Mr. Raszynski who was just
on the other side of the sliding glass door. Mr. Raszynski said his mother shot him and
that he was dying. Sergeant Emerson asked him where his mother was. Mr. Raszynski
said his mother was in front of the door and that he thought she was dead. Moments
later, Mr. Raszynski said he knew his mother was dead. Officers then made entry into
the residence and observed Mr. Raszynski lying on his back on the floor between the
kitchen table and counter. Sergeant Emerson observed he had blood all over him and
there was smeared blood and drops of blood throughout the main floor. Sergeant
Emerson observed a black firearm magazine in the living room and a small black semi
auto pistol on the floor by the front door. A deceased female, later identified as Ms.
Redford, was lying on her back with her feet toward the stairs near the front door. Ms.
Redford’s head was turned to the side against, and partially through, a closet door.

Sergeant Friese stayed with Mr. Raszynski while Sergeant Emerson and Sergeant
Palmer cleared the residence for safety purposes. Mr. Raszynski told Sergeant Friese
that his mother came down the stairs shooting at him. He said he thought he was shot
in the head and kidney. When Sergeant Friese asked Mr. Raszynski what happened to
his mother, he said he "stomped her head."

Other officers and medical personnel came inside the residence to assist Mr. Raszynski
and Ms. Redford. Mr. Raszynski was airlifted to St. Anthony’s Central Medical Center in
Denver for emergency medical treatment for multiple gunshot wounds. Ms. Redford
was officially pronounced dead at 1745 hours.

A canvass of the neighborhood was initiated while a search warrant for the residence
was obtained by Detective Robinson. Officer Bodine talked with neighbors from
The neighbors were identified as , having a date of birth
of having a date of birth of and
having a date of birth of

r said she realized within the last two or three days that "something was up"
at the residence. The said Mr. Raszynski’s bedroom, where he spends much
of his time, is on the second floor and you can see into his room through the window.
For the past two to three months, Mr. Raszynski hand an American Flag hanging in the
window as well as other room decor in the room. The said within the last two
to three days the flag had been missing or was taken down and the other objects in the
room were removed as if someone was getting ready to paint or move out of the room.

told Officer Bodine that on Christmas Eve he had received a strange

gift from Mr. Raszynski. It was delivered by Mr. Raszynski in a shopping bag with
handles and contained writings by Mr. Raszynski. said he read through
much of the writings and believed it was not appropriate for i to read.
believed the writings were consistent with the ramblings of a person who was
schizophrenic. placed the bag in the garage where it still remained on the
date of the interview with Officer Bodine. The bag was given to Officer Bodine and
taken as evidence.

said during the last big snow storm (sometime in January) when the snow
was very heavy, she had been leaving the residence and noticed movement by Mr.
Raszynski’s window. She observed Mr. Raszynski climbing out his window onto the
roof to smoke a cigarette. - advised -
to keep the phone close in case something happened and he needed to call
911. told Officer Bodine that he continued to observe Mr. Raszynski after
his mother left. Mr. Raszynski would go out on the roof for approximately five to ten
minutes then go back in. Mr. Raszynski would then go back out on the roof and
sometimes would sit on the ledge. Another time, Mr. Raszynski came out and placed a

tarp on the roof allowing it to gather snow. Mr. Raszynski would then take the tarp with
the captured snow back into his room. 3aid this occurred for over an hour.

reported this behavior to Ms. Redford. - was informed by Mrs.

Redford that her son is bi-polar and schizophrenic. Ms. Redford told that
Mr. Raszynski’s mediations had been changed in November and his behavior had been
changing. Ms. Redford told that Mr. Raszynski had been acting out more
and was more emotional and angry at times. Ms. Redford told - that his
medications were changed in January and that Mr. Raszynski had been doing better.
Ms. Redford told the that Mr. Raszynski was fine that she was not worried
about him hurting her. Ms. Redford told the that she was more worried about
Mr. Raszynski hurting himself.

told Officer Bodine he talked with Mr. Raszynski frequently over the last two
years when he was out for walks. - said since November his conversations
with Mr. Raszynski had been shorter. said Mr. Raszynski’s demeanor had
changed and described him to be more withdrawn.

Officer Bodine then interviewed

having a date of birth of , advised Officer Bodine that she has noticed
Mr. Raszynski’s behavior change within the last few months and was noticeably
different around the time when officers responded to his residence in January.
stated she knew he had been diagnosed as bi-polar and schizophrenic from the
neighbors. said shortly after the last snow storm, Mr. Raszynski came to her
home while she was on the phone. Mr. Raszynski told her, "I want you to have my
numbers in case you need to get a hold of me." said she never had Mr.
Raszynski’s numbers in the past and felt his request was not normal.

told Officer Bodine that approximately three days ago she went to walk her
dog and observed Mr. Raszynski had the barbeque on the patio on fire. Mr. Raszynski
said, "Hey what’s going on?’ said Mr. Raszynski had a fire extinguisher
nearby and then put the fire out. asked Mr. Raszynski where his mom was.
Mr. Raszynski told her, "Don’t worry, we got it under control."

told Officer Bodine that the last one to two months Mr. Raszynski began to
get creepier and would hang out a lot in his window upstairs just looking out. He had
shaved his head and had lost a lot of weight said that there was no
indication of violence at the residence. However, said she was not shocked
this could happen because there was a definite personality change with Mr. Raszynski.

At 2205 hours, your affiant executed a search warrant on the residence at 2817
Whitetail Circle, along with the Boulder County Coroner’s Office, and the Colorado
Bureau of Investigation. During the search of the residence, six .22 caliber casings
were discovered on the staircase leading to the upper floor of the residence. One round
went through the west window of the residence and into a fence post. Another round
went through a couch and into the west wall below the west window. The trajectories of
the rounds were examined, it was found that the rounds came from approximately
halfway up the staircase, where the railing met the drywall. The casings were located
near the bottom three steps and were consistent with the gun being fired from half way
up the staircase. In a subsequent search, a gun case and extra .22 caliber rounds were
discovered in Ms. Redford’s bedroom, put away under the bed.

Blood drops were observed on the carpet of the stair case from the bottom to near the
top. Blood spatter, drops, and smears were observed on the walls of the staircase.
There was blood drops over and around the body of Ms. Redford. Blood drops were
observed between the bottom of the staircase and front door area to the dining room
area. There were blood stains on the blinds covering the sliding glass door and blood
drops across the patio leading to the railing. There were no other blood stains found in
other parts of the residence.

A hole in the outside layer of drywall of Ms. Redford’s bathroom was discovered. It was
later learned that this hole was used by Mr. Raszynski to eavesdrop on Ms. Redford.

During the crime scene investigation, your affiant observed the body of Ms Redford
Your affiant observed what appeared to be shoe marks on her face There also
appeared to be a shoe scuff mark on the closet door just above Ms Redford’s head
The mark was consistent with the soles of Mr. Raszynski’s shoes The body of Ms
Redford was removed by the Boulder County Coroner’s office. Later, during the
autopsy of Ms. Redford, Detective Dombeck observed that Ms. Redford had extensive
trauma to her head and neck Dr. Michael Arnall, Forensic Pathologist stated to
Detective Dombeck that Ms. Redford suffered sufficient head trauma to cause death.

On February 24, 2011 your affiant talked to Mr. Raszynski for a short time at St
Anthony’s Hospital. Also present was Detective Chagnon. I had been informed by
Detective Chagnon that Mr. Raszynski made a statement to his nurse that he thought
his father was going to come to the hospital to shoot him. Mr. Raszynski woke up for
the first time that day since the incident.

Mr. Raszynski said to your affiant that his mother is crazy. He said "today" she "freaks
out" and climbs up the stairs. She was upset about a missing car seat that she needed
to buy drugs. They argued and he told her to go back up stairs. When she came back
down, she had a gun. He said he told her, "Fine, go ahead and fucking shoot me, oh
my gosh." Mr. Raszynski said she shot him twenty times. He was in front of the couch
and heard the trigger clicking then went up the stairs and threw her down. He saw that
she was still alive. He thought "this is the last time you shoot me."

Mr. Raszynski was advised that he was not in custody. Your affiant still advised Mr.
Raszynski of his Miranda rights. Mr. Raszynski talked about arguing over a seat
cushion. Your affiant asked Mr. Raszynski why they argued over the cushion. He
thought maybe drugs but he didn’t know. Mr. Raszynski then said he didn’t do anything.
Mr. Raszynski said he didn’t know she was going to "fucking murder me over it." Mr.
Raszynski said he does not use car seats. Mr. Raszynski said she stormed up to her
room to get her gun. I asked Mr. Raszynski if she told him she was going upstairs to
get the gun. He stated she didn’t and that he would have taken off if she did. Mr.
Raszynski said his mother poked her head out and had a gun pointed at him in the
kitchen. Mr. Raszynski was asked if he knew she owned a gun. Mr. Raszynski said she
hadtoId him she had one. Mr. Raszynski was asked if he knew where she kept it. Mr.
Raszynski said, "You can look upstairs in her room."

Mr. Raszynski then stated he was on parole and had been in trouble before. He stated
he didn’t do anything wrong and that he may want to talk with an attorney about his
statements. Your affiant then informed Mr. Raszynski that we would leave and would
contact his family and the victim advocates to come see him. Your affiant told Mr.
Raszynski that if he decided he wanted to consult with an attorney, that law
enforcement would like to speak to him sooner than later. Mr. Raszynski was informed
we would leave a business card with his nurse.

Mr. Raszynski wanted to know what questions we had. Your affiant informed him we
had specific questions we wanted to ask about where he was versus where his mother
was located in the house. Mr. Raszynski then asked for a piece of paper so he could
write it out and show us where he was. Your affiant again made it clear to Mr.
Raszynski that he has the right to have an attorney.

Without further questioning, Mr. Raszynski said his mother had just got home and came
in. She was upset about the couch cushion. He told her he did not know where it was.
Mr. Raszynski said he told her that he was going to call the cops and tell them that she
was crazy. Mr. Raszynski drew on the map that his mother pointed the gun at him from
the point on the railing where it met the drywall, half way up the stairs. It should be
noted that this was consistent with the trajectory of the rounds fired from the gun. Mr.
Raszynski said he told his mother to go upstairs. When she did, he thought she went to

call the police. Mr. Raszynski said he thinks the cops told her to "ace me." Mr.
Raszynski indicated he walked towards the couch at the bottom of the stairs when she
shot him. He said he went up the stairs, indicating towards the top of the stairs, and
then threw her down. Mr. Raszynski indicated he thought she was still alive so he went
down and "stomped" her before she could shoot him again. The interview with Mr.
Raszynski was concluded.

On February 23 rd and later on March 1, 2011, interviews were done with

having a date of birth of and having a date of
birth of, Jn February 23d, came to the crime scene
and talked with your affiant. They reported they had received a packet from Ms.
Redford on the previous day. The packet contained three documents. One of the
documents was labeled "extremely urgent." The document was a note that said, "If
something happens to me, please ask the family to remind
The second document contained miscellaneous names and numbers of
people to contact in case of an emergency. The third document was a list of allergies,
surgical history, medications, and doctor information.

reported that on February 23, at 1617 hours, Ms. Redford called them. Ms.
Redford was driving home alone after being out on some errands. Ms. Redford wanted
to confirm that they had received the documents. They hadn’t called her yet about the
packet because they usually wait until later. stated they never call before
noon, and usually don’t get an answer from Rita until after 1400 hours.
stated that Ms. Redford does not wake up until after 1400 hours and stays in bed eighty
five percent of the time. said that Ms. Redford lived in fear and was a
prisoner in her own bedroom.

23rd, Ms. Redford said that Mr. Raszynski’s

During the phone conversation, on February
father’s birthday was on the 23 rd and that triggered agitation for Mr. Raszynski. Ms.
Redford was on the phone with until approximately 1645 hours, a
short time before the first 911 call. Ms. Redford told that she was
arriving at home and had pulled in the garage before the call ended.
reported Ms. Redford’s demeanor was calm and "matter of fact." She didn’t seem upset
and was even laughing while on the phone with them. told Ms. Redford that
she wants her to live the good life and talked about her staying at their house to get
away from Mr. Raszynski. -- stated they were concerned about her safety.
Ms. Redford told them what they should do with her cat. took that statement
to mean that Ms. Redford thought she might die. said that was the most
concerning statement to her from the entire phone conversation. Ms. Redford told
them that she had lived a good life. She had lived in big homes and had opportunities to
do many things.

said that Ms. Redford loved her son so much that she would not listen to all
her friends who warned her and asked her to have Mr. Raszynski removed from the
home, believed she covered for her son when they were in contact with the
police, said whatever Mr. Raszynski wanted, he would get.
believed that Ms. Redford did that out of fear.

- stated that on Monday, February 21, 2011, Mr. Raszynski had borrowed his
mother’s car. He left at 0900 hours and was to return by 1200 hours so that Mrs.
Raszynski could make an appointment. Mr. Raszynski called Ms. Redford at 0000
hours, on February 22, and informed her he was in Ft. Collins and had run out of gas.
Ms. Redford paid for a taxi cab ride home for Mr. Raszynski.

Later on February 22, Ms. Redford got a taxi cab ride to Ft. Collins to pick up her car.
said that Ms. Redford was upset about having to pay $200 in cab fare to get
the car back. It was later on February 22 nd that Ms. Redford delivered the documents to
the home.

Your affiant asked when they had last seen Mr. Raszynski. They
said it was on February 3, 2011, when they went to see Ms. Redford. They said Mr.
Raszynski was friendly, sociable, and talked with them on the patio. said
she told Mr. Raszynski he was good looking. He was clean shaven and had lost weight.

Your affiant asked what Ms. Redford was like before Mr. Raszynski
moved in with her. They said she was always fun and loving. Everyone enjoyed her
and even her ex-boyfriends still liked her. When she began having medical problems
she spent more time at home and could not dance anymore. She began taking a lot of
medications to control the pain. Ms Redford occasionally dealt with depression. She
told one time that she had a stash of pills set aside in case she
needed to commit suicide. said she felt that Ms. Redford wanted to be able
to go out her own way. stated that Ms. Redford was living a life of fear.

On February 24, 2011, at approximately 2103 hours Sergeant Friese received a page
from Boulder County Communications to call , having a date of birth of
Upon contacting , she stated that she saw Ms
Redford an hour before the news was reporting she had died. When asked how she
knew Ms. Redford, she advised Sergeant Friese of the following.
Ms. Redford bought a new car (blue Subaru Forester, possibly a 2010) the first or
second week of February. Ms. Redford spent about five hours over two days with
at Flatirons Subaru & Acura at Cherryvale and Arapahoe Road in Boulder.
During that time, Ms. Redford told that her son was bi-polar and that the
car she was trading in was in pretty bad shape.

After she had purchased the car, Ms Redford returned and told that Mr.
Raszynski had bashed the whole side of the car in. Ms. Redford went into the service
department on February 23, 2011, to have the mirror on the Subaru repaired. Mr.
Raszynski had ripped off the mirror because he was upset that the new car has as
much horsepower as the old car. Ms. Redford told Mr. Raszynski that it has a four
cylinder engine and the old one had a 6 cylinder engine. Ms. Redford told the service
department that Mr. Raszynski took off the mirror because he was upset when she hid
the keys from him.

Your affiant has reviewed the previous police contact at the 2817 Whitetail Circle
address involving Mr. Raszynski and Ms. Redford. Report number 2011-94 detailed the
following events.

On January 11, 2011, at approximately 0900 hours, Boulder County Dispatch received
a call from who was calling from on behalf of Ms. Redford.
advised that her mother, Ms. Redford, had barricaded herself in her room out of
fear of Mr. Raszynski, who was also inside the residence. Boulder County Dispatch
aired to responding officers that the reporting party stated her mother does suffer from
mental illness.

When Lafayette Officers arrived, they knocked on the door numerous times with no
response. Officer Dan Tipton then obtained a phone number for the residence and
called. Ms. Redford eventually opened the door for Lafayette officers. Upon initial
contact, Ms. Redford appeared visibly distraught and frightened. Ms. Redford invited
Lafayette officers into her residence. As all four officers entered the residence, Officer
Tipton observed Mr. Raszynski walking down the stairs from the second level of the
residence. He was asking what was going on. Ms. Redford immediately requested to
speak with officers away from her son. Officer Bob Johnson and Sergeant Terry.
Maschka accompanied her into the garage of the residence to discuss the matter
further. Officer Jason Thompson and Officer Tipton requested that Mr. Raszynski walk
down the stairs to the first level and speak with them further about the matter. Mr.
Raszynski complied with officers. Officer Tipton asked Mr. Raszynski what was going
on that morning and Mr. Raszynski said he diii not know. Mr. Raszynski stated he had
just recently woken up and said he did not hear officers knocking on the front door.
Officer Tipton asked Mr. Raszynski if he and his mother had been arguing that morning.
Mr. Raszynski was primarily evasive and would not answer this question. Mr. Raszynski

advised Officer Tipton several times he did not want to speak without his attorney

As Officer Tipton was speaking with Mr. Raszynski, he shouted across the living room in
his mother’s direction several times, "If you want me to move out. I can pack up my stuff
and leave."

Officer Johnson spoke to Ms. Redford during this time. Ms. Redford advised that she
was concerned about her son and had contacted her daughter out of fear that he may
be dangerous and escalating. Ms. Redford was unable to provide any specific reasons
why she thought Mr. Raszynski was dangerous. Ms. Redford stated she spends most of
her time locked in her bedroom out of fear of what her son may do. Ms. Redford was
questioned several times about this statement. Ms. Redford was unable to provide any
information relating to why she was afraid of Mr. Raszynski, or why she felt he was
dangerous. Ms. Redford told Officer Johnson and Sergeant Maschka she had learned
from her ex-husband that her son had sent two e-mails to him around Christmas time.
Ms. Redford stated the first e-mail was upbeat, and her son told his father he was
excited to come visit him in Miami, since he had not seen him for an extended period of
time. The second e-mail her son sent to his father was "very dark," and told his father he
was thinking about proposing to a female party, whom he had been arrested several
years prior for Aggravated Stalking in Miami, Florida. Ms. Redford was unable to
provide much information relating to the incarceration for the Aggravated Stalking issue.
She said only that her son was obsessed with this female party. Ms. Redford stated she
did not know much information about the female. She advised that her son and this
female party were friends in the past. Officer Johnson was able to reach Mr.
Raszynski’s father by telephone and discussed the matter further with him. Mr.
Raszynski’s father was unable to provide any information relating to why the family feels
his son is dangerous.

Lafayette officers were unable to obtain any specific reasons why they felt Mr.
Raszynski was dangerous and they did not observe any signs that Mr. Raszynski or Ms.
Redford were in imminent danger to themselves, each other, or the public. With Mr.
Raszynski’s assistance, Officer Tipton was able to reach his Boulder County Probation
Officer, identified as Donna Deluca, by telephone.

Ms. Deluca reported that Mr. Raszynski was currently on probation, but has been doing
very well. She had been speaking with the probation department from Florida, in an
effort to have his probation terminated. Ms. Deluca stated she had not heard back from
Florida and was still waiting on a response from them. Ms. Deluca stated she would be
contacting Mr. Raszynski later that afternoon and would discuss the matter further with
him in an effort to set up some counseling resources for him.
Prior to officers leaving the residence, Ms. Redford stated she would be going back into
her room. She advised Officer Johnson that she does keep a gun in her bedroom for
safety purposes. Ms. Redford did not want to provide any further information relating to
the firearm and why she kept it in her room

On March 1, 2011, Detective Hendershott interviewed Mr. Raszynski’s probation officer,

Donna DeLuca, by phone. Ms. DeLuca advised that she had been in phone contact
with Ms. Redford the day before her death. During this phone conversation, Ms.
Redford said she was concerned about Mr. Raszynski’s mental health, which she said
had been getting worse since Thanksgiving. Ms. Redford said Mr. Raszynski talked to
himself all day long at home and could not keep a job because of his mental health
issues. Ms. Redford told Ms. DeLuca that Mr. Raszynski had been diagnosed as bi-
polar and schizophrenic in Florida. Ms. Redford asked if Ms. DeLuca could arrange for
a mental health evaluation of her son. Ms. Redford also told Ms. DeLuca that her own
physical health was deteriorating and she wanted to make sure she got help for Mr.
Raszynski before she was gone. Ms. Redford would not tell Ms. DeLuca what her
health issues were and Ms. DeLuca did not know if Ms. Redford meant she would be
moving away from Mr. Raszynski, or if she was referring to dying. During this
conversation, Ms. DeLuca said she could arrange for another mental health evaluation
of Mr. Raszynski. Ms. Redford responded by warning Ms. DeLuca that Mr. Raszynski
would not be happy to hear this, and told Ms. DeLuca not to meet with him alone when
she told him. Ms. Redford said she thought Mr. Raszynski may have a violent outburst
at the news. Ms. Redford said she did not think Mr. Raszynski would hit anyone as he
had never hit her, but that he may hit a wall or throw something in anger.

On February 24, 2011, Sergeant Emerson did an interview with Ms. Redford’s
having a date of birth of 3ergeant Emerson
also did an interview with Ms Redford’s i, having a date of birth
of They work at and had standing weekly
appointments with Ms. Redford.

reported that over the last few months, Ms. Redford had expressed that
she was afraid of her son. She said that since Thanksgiving, his behavior was getting
more aggressive and weird. She said that he had been writing on the walls in his room,
going through her purse, and doing mean things to her just for fun. She said because of
his illness, there wasn’t any emotion from him no remorse She said that she had put
extra locks on her bedroom door and said that if Mr. Raszynski really wanted to kill her,
the locks wouldn’t stop him Last week when she was in, asked how
things were going at home. Ms. Redford said it was pretty much the same old stuff. She
said she had busted him going through her purse again. She said that he was mad at
her because he thought she called the police a month ago asked her if
she told him it was actually her daughter, and she said, "No way. If Adam knew it was
he’d go after her" After she left had made a comment that she was
worried that she might be taking her pain meds again. Every time Ms. Redford was in,
she talked about Mr. Raszynski. asked her many times if
he could live somewhere else She always said that she wasn’t afraid to die, and that
there wasn’t anywhere else for him to go. He was her son, and what else do you do?
Ms. Redford had also mentioned that she was the only one in Mr. Raszynski’s life. Ms.
Redford stated that last fall that Mr. Raszynski had started talking about wanting to go
back to Florida and kill the girl who put him in jail, then kill her kids too. Regarding her
social life, Ms. Redford said that if she wasn’t at home, she was either at the salon or at
physical therapy thought she had become disconnected from her
social life before Mr. Raszynski came to live with her.

reported that when Mr. Raszynski first moved in with Ms. Redford, Ms.
Redford would brag about her son a lot, talking about how they would cook together.
Over that last several months, Ms. Redford began expressing concern and then fear of
Mr. Raszynski because he had been acting out and is bi-polar and schizophrenic.
said that since around Thanksgiving, Ms. Redford has been very scared of Mr.
Raszynski and stays in her bedroom. When have
mentioned wanting to speak with Mr. Raszynski themselves, Ms. Redford would send
Mr. Raszynski back to the car or ask them not to. got the feeling that Ms.
Redford was either very protective of Mr. Raszynski or did not want to upset him.

said that she had met Mr. Raszynski a few times and had noticed a change
in him. She said that the last time she saw him she noticed that he was wearing a
jacket, but no shirt underneath Ms Redford had been telling her that Mr. Raszynski
damaged her car and did not like the new car she bought said that the last
time she saw Ms Redford within the last week, Ms Redford seemed especially scared
of Mr. Raszynski, to the point that gave Ms Redford her own telephone
number and told her to call if she needed a place to stay. said Ms Redford
never called her.

On March 1, 2011, at approximately 0900, Detective Corporal Robinson spoke by

telephone with , having a date of birth of I
explained that she lived in and was a stalking victim of Adam Raszynski She
said she was concerned because she heard Mr. Raszynski had just killed his mother in
Colorado. She is terrified because she put him in prison for aggravated stalking a
couple of years ago She was afraid he may come back down to

said Mr. Raszynski became obsessed with her and was convinced that he
was going to marry her and adopt her children. She explained that she was separated
from her husband at the time Mr. Raszynski was stalking her, but she got back together

with her husband. - ;aid they were married by the time Mr. Raszynski was
sentenced in the stalking case that sent him to prison.

- stated the following regarding the stalking case involving Mr. Raszynski: A
friend of hers was a roommate of Mr. Raszynski’s about 10 years ago. The friend did
not know Mr. Raszynski prior to them being roommates. She said it was common for
people to have strangers as roommates in the area because of the nearby university,
UCF (University of Central Florida). only had some casual conversations
with Mr. Raszynski and they never dated.

Mr. Raszynski found on MySpace in 2007 and sent her love letters. He
originally sent her a message saying he was going to kill himself. She wrote him back
saying not to kill himself and that she was there if he needed someone to talk to. She
was just trying to be nice that one time, and he became obsessed with her. She told
him that she wasn’t interested and to leave her alone. He also called her repeatedly.
Adam kept coming around and stalked her for about a year. The police arrested him
three separate times and he was eventually sent to prison.

said that Mr. Raszynski never tried to hurt her, but he did threaten her by
saying he was going to come to Florida with some guns. He finally showed up in
Florida and she called the police. He didn’t have any guns with him at the time, but he
was arrested.

After he was released from prison, he went to live with his mother in Colorado. He
found on Facebook in December 2010, and left her a message that said,
"bye bye forever 1-11-11." was concerned about the message and
eventually wrote back to him just before New Years Day. She asked him if he was
going to kill her. He answered by apologizing, saying the message was not meant for
her. deleted the messages.

added that Mr. Raszynski is very smart, but also very weird. He was
convinced that he was going to marry her, even though she is already married with
three kids of her own.

On March 1, 2011, at 1327 hours, your affiant interviewed having a

date of birth of - was questioned about her relationship
with her mother, Ms. Redford, and her brother Mr. Raszynski. Her last conversation
with her mother was on February 20, 2011. - said she had a normal
conversation with her and they talked about her getting a new car. said the
week prior they talked about her mother catching Mr. Raszynski going through her

purse. Ms. Redford caught him and felt like she could not confront him or stop him.
She felt helpless. said that Mr. Raszynski is one and a half times her size.

reported her mother was always scared to call the police. Ms. Redford was
afraid Mr. Raszynski would be evicted and it would violate his probation. Ms. Redford
felt that if he left the residence, he would return to Florida. said her mother
could not deal with the situation and just thought it would go away. said
her mother would keep an alarm on her bedroom door to alert her if Mr. Raszynski was
coming in. Ms. Redford was optimistic that her son would find employment.
said her brother was a big "mooch" and that he is lazy. Mr. Raszynski often
blamed his inability to find employment on probation or the economy. Ms. Redford
realized after a year he would never find employment.

reported that her mother told her that Mr. Raszynski started talking to
himself recently and drawing on the walls. Her mother thought for a while that Mr.
Raszynski was listening to her through the walls. She then caught him listening through
a hole in the drywall he made. When he was caught, he tried to cover the hole.
said her mother reported to her that Mr. Raszynski was using acid a couple
times a day. She also reported that she thought Mr. Raszynski was stealing from her
purse. Mr. Raszynski started calling his mother names such as "bitch" and "whore."

but said he has not hit her mother. Mr. Raszynski had a fascination with
guns and knives and hid a gun from his parents in the closet when he was younger.

said she always thought he would change or grow out of it. She said she
gave up on that thought. said that her brother has a way of being scary,
raising his voice at you. He would get angry and was not rational.

also reported that her brother was financially exploiting her mother. He
had access to her Edward Jones account and ran a bill almost totaling $100,000.
said this occurred in 2007 when he was in Florida and stalking a female there.
Ms. Redford did not want to file for bankruptcy so she settled with the bank and used
her retirement proceeds from the divorce to pay off the debt discovered
that her mother was almost completely broke and she thought she had plenty of money
left in her accounts.

On March 1, 2011, DAs Investigator, Jane Harmer interviewed


told Investigator Harmer that his son had been diaanosed as schizophrenic after he was
arrested for aggravated stalking in Florida. . said he had known before
that diagnosis that Mr. Adam Raszynski was also bi-polar.

visited his son on Thursday or Friday, February 24 or 25, for the first visit,
and then the following day for a second visit. The following is a summation of the first

said this visit lasted for approximately fifteen minutes at the hospital. He
said Mr. Raszynski was very paranoid. Mr. Raszynski wanted the nurse to be present
while he met with his father, not wanting to be alone with him. When he came towards
Mr. Raszynski, Mr. Raszynski asked him to step back. was wearing a
jacket and had his hands in the pockets of the jacket and Mr. Raszynski asked him to
take his hands from the jacket. Over the next ten to fifteen minutes, Mr. Raszynski
relaxed a little and allowed the nurse to leave and allowed his father to sit next to him.
Investigator Harmer asked if his son knew who he was and -
said he knew he was his father.

said during this conversation, he found it difficult to hear Mr. Raszynski,

as he mumbled and talked in a non- sequential, disorganized manner. One of the things
Mr. Raszynski said was that he was not angry at his mother, and was expressing a sort
of shock that she had a gun. Mr. Raszynski told his father he did not know she had a

Mr. Raszynski said he and his mother had an argument. did not know
what this argument was over. Mr. Raszynski was in the kitchen and she came down
with a gun in her hand. Mr. Raszynski said something to the effect of, "So you’re going
to shoot me?" i said, "Apparently, she started shooting." - told
me when the gun ran out of bullets, Ms. Redford ran up the stairs. Investigator Harmer
later clarified this knowledge and . . told her Mr. Raszynski had told him the
reason why he ran up the stairs after Rita was that he was afraid she would get more
bullets. Mr. Raszynski then ran up the stairs after Mr. Redford. He "caught" her at the
top of the stairs. Mr. Raszynski then told his father that he, "Put his hands around her
and I said, I am sorry, I have to terminate you, and he threw her down the stairs."

Mr. Raszynski then told his father he ran out of the house to seek help. He told his
father there was a man outside in an orange suit, playing basketball. Mr. Raszynski told
his father this man had Ms. Redford under surveillance, and by some conspiracy, this
man had killed a lot of people, and it was unclear as to what Ms. Redford’s role was. Mr.
Raszynski said "they" kidnapped Rita a year and a half ago. Mr. Raszynski made the
conclusion that "because his mother could not have done this, that she had been
kidnapped, that this was some other person that had replaced her." Mr. Raszynski then

talked about drug dealers and his sister. Mr. Raszynski then asked his father to hold his
hand and pray for Ms. Redford. said his son was "getting uncomfortable"
and i left the hospital. told Investigator Harmer that in his
opinion as a pcian,
- Mr. Raszynski is a very highly functioning schizophrenic. He
said that if "an outside person where to talk to Adam, they would have no clue."

returned the following day. The following is a summation of those

statements made by Mr. Raszynski to his father on that day.

said Mr. Raszynski was "less paranoid, and that he did not ask the nurse
to stay." noticed his name had been erased from the white board that
denoted who was to be contacted. asked about this and Mr. Raszynski
said he did not want his father’s name on the board. did not ask why this
was, asked Mr. Raszynski if he wanted to talk about things. Mr.
Raszynski went through "the story again." This time Mr. Raszynski added that "after he
threw Ms. Redford down the staircase, that Ms. Redford actually tried to get up. Mr.
Raszynski said he ran down the stairs and, "I knee’ed her and then I punched her until
she was not moving."

On March 2, 2011, at approximately 1140 hours, Detective Corporal Robinson began an

interview with Adam Raszynski in room # 244 at St. Anthony’s Central Hospital.
Detective Corporal Robinson introduced himself to Mr. Raszynski and he shook his
hand. Mr. Raszynski was willing to speak with him and said he wanted to set the record
straight. Detective Corporal Robinson told him that he needed to piece things together
to understand what happened. Detective Corporal Robinson reminded him that he was
not under arrest. He said, "Yeah, I know." It should be noted that Mr. Raszynski was
very cooperative throughout the conversation, but he spoke very softly, often mumbled
and changed subjects frequently.

Mr. Raszynski stated the following during the interview: He said the incident started
over a seat cushion or gel booster seat. His mother was freaking out over the cushion.
Mr. Raszynski was trying to de-escalate the situation, but it was partly his fault because
"it takes two to tango." His mother stormed away upstairs.

Mr. Raszynski hoped the dispatcher had talked some sense into her. He stayed
downstairs, but saw his mother peak around the wall on the stairs. She had the most
angry face he had ever seen (Mr. Raszynski demonstrated an angry face with wide
open eyes). She looked like a psycho, not like his mother. She looked deranged. She
was also quiet. He asked her what she was doing and told her to go back upstairs and
that the police were on the way. He was terrified. His mother had her hand hidden
behind the back of her leg and he knew it wasn’t a bouquet of flowers. He thought she
was out of control.
Mr. Raszynski "didn’t help the situation." He asked her, "what do you have? A gun or
something?" He told her to go ahead if she was going to shoot him. He told her to do it
to his face, not shoot him in the back. She came down the steps about half way and he
told her to "go ahead mom!" Mr. Raszynski was on the 1st floor near the front door
waiting for the police to arrive. His mother then pulled the gun out from behind her back
and began firing it at him, "bam-barn-bam!" He was shot and felt pain like "you wouldn’t
believe." It was like slow motion and he could feel the bullets hit him. Mr. Raszynski
thought he was dead. He ran up the stairs at his mother and heard the gun go "click-
click." She turned as if to go get more bullets. She was about two to three steps from
the top and she was surprised to see that he was still alive.

She thought he would be dead. He grabbed her shoulder and her shirt below her arm
and threw her down the stairs, using his weight. He didn’t want to have to kill her, but it
was his last resort. Mr. Raszynski thought he was dying. They both fell down and
landed at the bottom of the stairs. He also landed on her neck. He tried to steer and
turn her with his hands as they were falling. He tried to throw her so that she would
land on her back, so the back of her head would strike the ground. That would make it
fast and "humane." He didn’t want her to suffer. The fall didn’t knock her out. Mr.
Raszynski jumped on her and she still had the gun in her hand. He hit her a few times
in the face. Mr. Raszynski also used a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) knee
strike to her face. He has watched Chuck Liddell (UFC fighter) before. He was trying to
knock her out. Her eyes rolled back in her head after the knee strike. He wanted to
stop her enough so that police could arrive. He thought he was dying and wanted to
stop her before he died there on scene. He saw colors fading and it was a very scary

Mr. Raszynski went on to explain to Detective Corporal Scott Robinson that he didn’t
want any police or kids in the area being shot by his mother. He didn’t know if she had
another gun in her pocket or if she was going to go get an automatic weapon. Mr.
Raszynski ran around and yelled that he had been shot before calling 911. He also
curled up into a ball, as if to protect himself.

Mr. Raszynski said he "was terrified with good reason." He said he was shot five times
and thought he was going to be dead. He said he wondered if God would ask him why
he let her go on a rampage if he died and didn’t stop her. Mr. Raszynski said he didn’t
want to kill his own mother, but he felt like he did the right thing. He said he wanted his
last dying thing to be stopping her.

Mr. Raszynski said his mother stood in a threatening stance with the gun behind her
back before shooting him. He said the police wouldn’t have liked it either. When
Detective Corporal Robinson asked why she came back down the stairs, Mr. Raszynski
said she came down to murder him Mr. Raszynski admitted he may have "called her
out." Mr. Raszynski said that after his mother ran out of bullets, he thought "you had
your chance - now I gotta stop you"

Mr. Raszynski said he is tore up about what happened. He said he will need to go to
counseling. He also said he hoped he saved a life by doing what he did.

Mr. Raszynski said that his father already spoke with him about what happened, but he
was not really sure what to say to him or if he should trust him. Mr. Raszynski also said

Mr. Raszynski said he was finished talking with me a couple of

times during the conversation, but kept speaking to me continuously. Near the end of
the interview, Mr. Raszynski said he didn’t want to talk about it anymore and apologized,
saying he didn’t want to be rude. At that time, Detective Corporal Robinson stopped the
interview and told him to contact the nurse if he wanted to speak with me any further.
Detective Corporal Robinson also told him he may have questions for him at a later
time. Mr. Raszynski said that was okay. Mr. Raszynski offered more than once to take
a polygraph and even suggested he could take one at the hospital if the police wanted
him to. At the end of the interview, Mr. Raszynski shook Detective Corporal Robinson’s
hand, thanked him and gave him a fist bump

In summary, Adam Ari Raszynski, having a date of birth of February 13, 1978, did
knowingly cause the death of Rita Redford on February 23, 2011, and your affiant
believes he had a sufficient interval for the voice of reason and humanity to be heard.
Therefore, your affiant believes he has presented sufficient probable cause to
respectfully request that an arrest warrant be issued for Mr. Raszynski for the charge of
Murder in the Second Degree per CRS 18-3-103 (3) (a), a class 2 felony.

Affiant, Detective Gary Thatcher

Sworn to and subscribed before me this ’-’ day of March, 2011, in Boulder
County Colorado.