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Kelsey L.

Von Tish
450 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
908-268-4543 kvontish@mit.edu

Objective: A research position that utilizes my programming background, problem solving skills, and team
communication experience

Education: B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science - June 2011 (exp)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA
Cumulative GPA: 5.0 GPA Computer Science & Electrical Engineering: 5.0

Selected Courses: Circuits and Electronics, Computation Structures, Elements of Software

Construction, Introduction to Algorithms, Computer System Engineering, Artificial Intelligence,
Mathematics for Computer Science, Robotics: Science and Systems I, Computer Graphics,
Microelectronic Circuits and Devices, Signals and Systems

6/10 - Present Software Engineering Internship, Cvision Technologies
• Implemented an automated text document classifier with machine learning techniques
• Tested existing machine learning classification methods for speed and accuracy
• Proposed and tested improvements to existing methods to increase classification accuracy

6/09 - 8/09 Undergraduate Research, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
• Aided in user interface development for a Javascript editor
• Proposed and executed alterations to a user interface to improve usability
• Debugged Javascript code

6/08 - 8/08 Undergraduate Research, MIT Brain and Cognitive Science Department
• Annotated videos for use in a machine vision project
• Gained exposure to the principles of artificial intelligence

Technical • Windows XP, Vista, 7 ; Ubuntu Linux ; Mac OSX

Skills: • Java ; Java Swing
• Python
• C and C++ ; OpenGL
• Javascript
• Familiarity with assembly

Team/ Team Leader for Robotics: Science and Systems Labs and Design Project
Leadership • Organized team meetings and set deadlines
Experience: • Aided teammates with comprehension of course material
• Ensured team objectives were met on time

Team Leader for Elements of Software Construction Software Design Projects

• Initiated and encouraged team communication
• Helped with organization and division of work
• Verified that the entire team was contributing and staying on track

Activities: Battlecode Programming Competition (January 2009)

• Created an autonomous program that plays a real time strategy game
• Competed against the software implementations of other participants
• Gained practice with algorithms, artificial intelligence, and object oriented programming

Web design for individuals and small businesses