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25 Find and fix roof leaks
Don't ignore the warning signs.
SlOp leaks before thl:!Y cau!;@
mfljor damage.

32 Busting up concrete
It's backbreaking work, but
R little know-how can reduce
the pain and strain,

44 Cost-cutting shed
Build a hig, beautiful storagp.
shed on a budget with our
penny-pinching tips.

56 Rental tools we love

Big outdoor jobs go faster and

casier when you use the sarna .~
equipment the pros use.

63 Cut your cooling costs

Ten real-world ways to saVB

money and still keep cool.

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Slash your coollnt c~ts:tttis surrmer
Budget shed 44
Stoproofleaks 25
Bust up concrete 32
Rent II. monster tool.
Cut eM Insurance t05t5 "

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91 Wordless Workshop'
Corral all those sport~j balls.
92 G",at Goofs'
Three for the record buok!

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$til ...... " 1);,""," _ u...or
Art D.-..... _ .. -.... _lIoopIto
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Power Painter HVlP Sprayer
F on LOWES.om lit's Buitd Something Togelher
by Ken Coltler

Belt sander basics-and beyond

b elt sanders are the big, powerful
gOrillas of the sanding world. Few
tools Clin save you as much time----or
"''Teck your projoct fll5tef. If you're ntlW A common use
to belt sonders or have been frustratod for a small belt
sander IS scribing.
by yours, read on to find out how to You can gradually
keep that big ape under control. sneak up en III
curved line for III
What it'll do for you perfect f it. On III
laminate counter-
Belt sanders are multiuse tools. They top, make sure the
are commonly uscd for trimming to Ii direction of belt
travel pUshes the
scribed line (photo fIlM), sanding very
laminate down.
rough surfaces, l!wellng surfaces (like Ii
replacement board in Ii hardwood
S .......' ........... ZOOll '~.f.ffll'WI>.MI."'.".C" ...
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advanced ~griculturat innovation that gives us even better ways to provide for one another. genuity
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floor) and freehand rounding and shap-
ing, Because they have a lot of power
and can handle COilrse grits, they excel
at the rapid removal of wood, Also,
\mlike orbital and vibrating sanders,
the sanding action is linear, so even
with coarse grits you can !';and with the
grain and get II. good-looking re~u1t.
Though a belt sandAr isn't an eAsAntial
tool in the homeowner's liI'Senal, you
won't find many experienced DlYers or
carpenters without one,

Buying a sander and belts

The best multipurpose belt sander
takes a 3-in,-wicle belt, You'll see
THE TOP TOOL FOR ROUGH FLATTENING machines designed for wider and nar-
Belt sanders excel at the rapid rQrT10val of wood, maKing them the best handheld
power tool for leveling and smoothing rough boards. Start at an angle to the grain rower belts, but they're for speci!:llized
for aggressive leveling. then finish with the grain. Eighty-grit Is good for starting. then tasks, Within the 3-in, cla!';s, there are
switch to 12D-grit. smaller tools that take 3 x 18-in, belts,
midsize machines that tut! 3 x 21-in,
belts and 8 couple of large sanders that
take 3 x 24-in, belt~, The smaller tools
are lighter and easier to use onOl-hand-

.•• .• ed for shaping and scrihing, They're

good for smaller work tmd casu!!.1 use,
." •,.
The larger tools
•• •• have more sur-

" • tace area and

weight for
smoothing wide
surfaces, They're
better for bigger
work and shop
use, The 3 x 21-
in. machines arc
a good compro-
Don't push down on the sander: let Its weight do the work. Go slowly. overlap passes mise. You 'll find 3 x 18-in. sanders for
and allow the tool to go past the end without dipping. Be careful not to tip the sander $50 to 5150 and 3 x 21-in. sanders for
or change speed or direction. Put the cord over your shoulder 50 It's out of the way. $100 to $250,
You'll also find smaller helt sanders
that take 2-1/2-in.-wide belts. They'cc
light and very handy for one-httnutld
use, Sanders with 4-in,-wido belts firc
heavy-duty machines best left to cabi-

Use your sander safely

Belt sanders are relatively safe tools,
but irs still smilr! fo lake precautions.
• Wear hearing protection-Ihese
babies are LOUD!
• Don't breathe dust. It's not just
unpleasant; it's bad for you. Wear a
dust mask while sandinK, unless
This painted panel shows a common problem: horseshoe-shaped gouges at the end you rig up a shop vacuum for dust
of a board. To prevent gouges, use clean. rlE'W belts, avoid grits finer than 120, "'00 keep collection (photo. p. 14).
the plate undE'f the belt (the platen) clean and free of dust buildup. • Unplug the tool before changing
10 ...... "'.....,.,2OO\l .".!.,"II,~."oI,,,,.".<om
· vals"
belts or emptying the dust bag. I
have 8 scar that attt)sts to the impor-
tance of this soomingly grandmoth-
erly precaution.
• If you use the belt sander to sand
metal, you'll create sparks, which
can stllrt a fire if they mix with the
sawdust in the machine and the
dust bag. Blow or vacuum the dust
out of the ~ander before you use it
all metAl, and remove the dust bag.
• Make sure the trigger is off before
plugging the sander in. Belt sanders
have a locking button that holds the
switch in the "on" position. Sounds
kinda "duh," but trust me, it hap- TRIM AFTER SANDING
pens. You don'! want the sander to It·s hard to keep a belt sander from gouging or rounding over the ends of a board. So If
fly across the room when you plug it you can, belt-sand the board before cutting It to final length. You can then safely move
in, do you? on to a palm sander and finer grits.
• Belt sanders exert a fair amount of
force on the work. So if your work
isn't securely held, it'll slidtl away
from or right into you. Clamps get in
the way, but a simple stop on the
approprifltl~ side of the workpiece
(middle photo. p. 10) will keep it from
slidillg. Choose a stop that's a little
thinner than the workpiece so the
sander will clear it at the edge,

Tuning up your sander

First, make sure the belt is oriAntcd
properly. Some belts have a preferred
diroction, indicated by an arrow on the
insidtl. Nondirectional belts can be
installed either way. The only adjust- WATCH OUT ON PLYWOOD
Belt sanders take off setlous amounts of WOOd, so they can wreck plywood pretty
ment you'll probably have to make is much Instantly. It you have to sand solid-wood edging flush with plywood. draw a pen-
Ntr8l:ling" to keep the belt centtlred. on cil Une on the plywood to ten you when the sander starts removing veneer. If you haye
the roller. Hold the sander up, turn it variable speed. dial It down.
on, and see if the belt either rubs
against the housing or starts working its
way off the rollers. With the trigger on,
adjust the tracking knob until thtl belt
is centered on the rollers. You may
have to make a slight adjustment when
the sander is on the wood. If your
sander has automatic tracking, you
don't need to mess with any of that
Some sanders have variable speed,
You can go at maximum speed most of


Dirty belts mllkefor lousy work. A belt-cleaning stick ($8) will remove the pitch buildup
that happens with all woods, especially pine or sappy woods. Push it against the moy-
Ing belt, or for larger sanders. clamp the stick In a vise and sand it.
12 Ur/_~0<19 '''.'.mll,''and,",an.<om

AMERICANSTYLE Explore historic colors-inside and out

The,. are no nord ond fast I\II. s when il comes tc llXIerior colors,
bl.l! consider seletting a ~coIor lheme~ . lop iiding might be ane
color, all railings onothtlr. wiooow and door trim yet another.
Hiik>fic navses of Ih. 19th and 20th ctlnlllfi., were chen pointed
usiog three basic colors; the design elem.nts uMld then, stiUapply:

• The main body wIor, used for the siding or other . xleriof wol!
aurfoee. establishes the overall look. and Feel of your home.
lignl colors will mok.e 0 house seem knger; dark coiors, smaller

• The trim color helps otCentuole the decorative elements of the

house It'$ often used 10 -f'om.- the main body colaf on olllo.. r
sides-corner boords, «IV. . ond bottom trim.
To g"t H. •• 1oo41ry ",.., \ialSPOl and NoI>OllOI TMt coIOfS:
• The Kith ood door color. e~iolly thaWl thol Qre 0 deep hue,
help draw the e:r- into the building and give rhe Illusion of
depth Shutters, too, ore often pointed !his color.

Rule number one is to surround yourself with the coIots you love; do
11'11' and your houw will feellik. a home. Keep these ~P$ in mind:

• v-.1-.en coord i noll~ POint color with turtcirls or furniture,

consider wletflng on. 01 1M backgfound tob-I from rile
fobric and using tnol as the wall toklr.

• Voew point swolthes In the loom YOU'le pointirtg, under normal

lighting toooitions To gel 0 better '"' lor,.,. tolor, poinl 0
small section 01 woll; Voispor's 8 Ol sample tons allow you to
poinl a generous 4 II 4 Ft. ~.

• slUls. calming and peaceful, 01. parleellor bedroom$. Yellows,

sunny and worm, ole gleat for k.ll!;h.,,, and breoklo» nooh.
Greens, cozy ond refreshing. ore on excellent dIoic:e To get this kd: Iry lhe~ Va/spor ond Notiona/ Trust colors
for fam ily rOOlTlS.

=_. .
the time, but you'll want to throttle it
back for delicate work.

Pick a belt,
but not any belt
Persomdly, I use 80- and 120-grit belts
regularly, and rarely, 50·grit. Grits
coarser than 50 leave deep scraluhes
that are difficult to remove. And if
you're doing finer sanding, you're bet-
ter off using a random·orbit sander.
Kememher one of the rules of sanding:
You can skip one grade of grit. but it
wastes time and you'll just wear out
belts !!kipping two. For example, you
can go from 80 to 120, skipping 100 GOOD FOR ROUGH SHARPENING
You can use a belt sander for rough sharpening of tools like a~es. shovels, kni\les and
grit, but don't go from 50 to 120. chisels. Remove the dust bag and relTlOV1:' all dust from the sander (sparks and dus1 are
Aluminum oxide is the traditional a bad combination), then use a zirconia belt fo r best resutts.
grit material. You'll find it in 1eM-
expensive khaki·color form, good if
you need a disposable belt, and longer·
lasting, dark brown premium belts.
However, for grits of 80 and coarser,
many ~ple now prefer zirconia belts
(sometimes called "planer" helts). They
have sharper, tougher cutting particles
that cut more aggressively, last longer
and don't clog as easily. These belt!! are
usually hright blue or purple. Zirr.onia
belts run aboul $2.50 each, and premi-
um aluminum oxide belts are about $2.

Soup Up your sander

Belt sanders are simple tools that don't
need many improvements. However, if
you use your belt sander in the shop, The bag on a belt sander prOVides decent dust collection, but with a little fiddli ng you
consider these two upgrades. ellM attach a 10013, soft hose arld a shop vacuum to your belt sander. The payoH: no bag
Dust collection. Belt sanders always emptying and almost no dust In the air.
come with a built·in dust bag that col-
lects most of the coarser dust: and needs so you may have to fiddle around to get you to bring the work to the tool
regular emptying. However, plenty of the hose to fit. There an'! r:ommflrc.ial instead of vice versa. The design of the
fintl du!!t still gets into the air. If you're adapters ($10 to $20: pick one up when stand is completely dependent on the
doing a lot of balt sanding. it's worth you buy your hose) or you can cobble shape of your sander. so we won't give
getting a hose that allows you to can· something together with-you guessed plans. However, it generally involves
neet your sander to a shop vacuum. it-duct taptl. It's worth the fuss, several layers of plywood, each with
You'll be able to sand all day with nary though: no dust in your workspace. cutouts to accommodate the parts of
a speck of dust (Iow.rphoto). Shop.made I'ltand. A handy accesso- the sander that protrude, plus a couple
You can sometimes uso the hose that ry if you do much woodworking is a of hose clamps or other clamping
came with your shop vacuum, but it's stand that holds yom sander on its devices to hold the sander securely.
usually too large or too stiff. The alter· side, upSide down or vertical, allowing Add another pi!;l{;1;1 of plywood to act as
native is a super-flexible, small-diame· a table, if needed.
ter hose designed for dust collection. Stands like this are particularly usc·
You CItU buy one at a woodworking spe-
cialty store or online (search '"vacuum
~ We want your feedbackl ful if you want to sand lots of slllall
parts-for example, if you're mak.ing
Help us improve The Family Handyman
hose"). I use one made by Porter·Cable I ~ sharing your opinion of this and lots of wooden toys. For inspiration,
that cost $25. Dust ports vary widely ~h er articles. See p. 4 for details. search online for "belt sander stand
(some are square, which is a {;h!llltmgel, photo." 0
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standby power. It the power ever goes Qut, your Generac standby gerteralor goes on automatically -
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. :'GOOD :··.
'-'., ".
,., ~.,
,/ ......... _~_$IIIoIJ 111",, _
NeverFrelPowerless com
by Elisa Bernick
edltors@thefamltyhan dyman.com

Easy to install
rustic hardwood floors
d istressed hardwood floors with staples. And unlike other click-togeth-
highly defined grliin patterns and er floor installations, Rustic Lock.&Fold
wide planks are all the rage and with panels don't eVOln have to be tapped
dom-length planks that allow you to
create dramatically different look5 to
suit any room. The fl ooring rHngfl.~ in
good reason: They're gorgeous. And for together. All you do is fit the tongue- price from $5 to $8 per sq. ft. depend-
DlYers who love this look., Bruce Hard- and-groove panels together, fold them ing on the style. For 8 dealer locator.
wood Floors' new Rustic Lock&Fold down and lock them into place. visit the Web site.
collection is worth checking out. The collection includes two lines: Brututm. (800) 233-3823
The collection combines the latest American Originals, available in hicko-
distressed flooring trends with a ry (pictured), oak and maple; and
patented locking tflchnology that American Vintage, available in dU:lffY ~ We want yourfeedbackl
reduces installation time and expenses and walnut. Both are 100 percent engi- Help us Improve The Family HandYmdn
by 30 percent, according to the COll- neered hardwood and come 3/8 in. by sharing your opinion of this and
pany. The Lock&Fold technology thick and 5 in. wide with square edges other articles. See p. 4 for details.
means there's no need for glue, nails or and ends. They're also available In ran-
16 ~""",,'ZOCl'J .~ • •• "'1t1h.nGy"' .n.c o",
Synthetic slate roofing shingles
Synthetic slate Tooting tiles from DaVinci Roofs(".apes have
the authentic louk emu durability of natural quarried slate,
but al half the installed cost and ~vitb faster and easier
installation. The lightweight polymer tiles eliminate the
need for and cost of the extra roof supports required by nat-
ural slate. The tiles have a Class A fif{! rating (the best), can
withstand high-velocity hurricana winds and are backed by
a 50-year warranty. Available in nine color blends with
color variances that mimic natuml slale, the tiles can only
be installed by certified roofing contractors. For prices and
dealer information. call or check the Web site.
dav\ndroofSUlptSlom.{600) 326-4(,24

Window screens for allergy sufferers

!fyau'va been keeping your windows shut to prevent aller-
gy attacks, PollenTec window screens might help you let
Ihtl summer breeze in without running for a tissue. The
screens look simllar to normal screens, but the company
.<;ays they're designed with a special filter that lets air in
while keeping airborne pollens out. The PollenTec screens
aren't cheap. The screening material alone costs $10 per
sq. ft., or yuu can order complete screen frames for about
$75 for a normal-size window. But if you're shelling out
$400 a month for AC bills, being able to open the windows
for a cooling breeze might be worth it. Visit the Weh site
for mOTe information.
PoIlenTe<;.c:om. (613) 780·2400

lantern on the go
This portable lantern can illuminate
your nighttime stroll or your dinner
table when you're eating out under the
star~. The Luau portable lamp (5199) is
a rechargeable LED lantern that lash;
from 6 to 10 hours on a charge. Dim it
or turn it off to conserve the charge
until you need it. You can also take it
along camping and use it to light up the
tent while you snuggle in a sleeping
bag. Who says roughing it has to
be ... rough?
YeSSe\.(om, (an) 605·1601 Q
18 M,'/"",,,,'10i)Q 'h.h""')h.~dr"'." ·<"'"
Join The Family Handyman Powerhouse
Pane~ an online corTYnunity of do-It-yourselfers.
and get access to specla! offers. discounts,
and rewards, alan. with the chance to tell
us what you think about new products, hot
topics, and much more.

Visit www.fhpowerhouse.com
to join and enter code JUL09.
No ~ or ....-,.
_ . . IS one! o...-r,Ii~ bIogN 0II3I17/fY1 oncI _
01'1 _lOry 10 ..... Open Jo U S

ontr.'3:)1)9 .... ,."...,. ... oncI_..-.

by Brett Martin
edl t or1l@t hel a m ilyhand ym llln.com

Portable, battery-powered grinder

h ilachi's 4-1/2-in. nngle grinder is the perfect go-to tool
for grinding metal or for cutting tile, metal or rebar when
you don't want 10 ha~~le with a cord. Once you own tho
grinder, you'll find yourself reaching for it instead of a hack-
saw, recip saw or corded grinder-and saving II lot of time.
Don't think the cordless grinder won't deliver-the high-
torque motor cranks out 9,100 rpm to handle tough jobs.
And it's lightweight (4.2 Ibs.) and quieter than corded
models. The downsides: It's more expensive than a corded
model and needs to be charged. If you «lready own IHl 18-
volt Hitachi tool, you can use that NiCad, NiMH or lithium-
ion battery and just get the grinder itself for $100. The
grinder with one lithium bllllery and a charger costs S200. If
you Heed help locating a retailAr, visit the Web site.
HltacN, (000) 706-n31. t"iUchl~tools.rom
20 l<OIyI.. _1OO9 .h . f.mll,h.nd'''' . .. . com
No shocking surprises
Do you identify circuits by flip-
ping breakers and listening for
your helper's yell when you've
found the right one? Zircon's CF
12 Pro Circuit Breaker Kit has a
better way. Plug the transmitter
into tho circuit, then wave the
receiver over the breaker box
twice. On the second pass, the
receiver idontifies the broaker
with 8. green LED light and an
alarm. It's handy for tying in to
an existing circuit, changing out-
lets or upgrading light fIxtures.
The $120 kit Includes an
adapter that screws into a light
Keeps Paint Out.
socket for working on fixtures,
two adapters with clips for baN!
wires, and blades that plug into
Keeps Lines Sharp.
120- and 240-volt outlets. The
CF 12 Circuit Finder ($43) han-
dles outlets only. Available from
amazon.com and other retailers.
Zk(OI\ {6001 24s-9265. zhwo.com
Paint has been leaking and bleeding under
your Old masking tape for 100 long. FrogTape's
exclusive PalntBIoc~Technology forms a
micrO-barrier that stops paint in Its IrlIcks.
Now touch-ups are a thing 01 the past.
FrogTape.com a77-FROGTAPE

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man by sharing your opinion of this
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Automatic-start weed trimmer
My wife will mow the yllI'd with a walk-behind
mower, bul she refuses to use the trimmer for the fin-
Ish work. That's because she has trouble starting it-
a lot of priming and five or more pulls before it fires
up. So I bought her Ryobl'. trimmer with ThuchStart.
Its rechargeable I2-voh battery lets you start the trim-
mer with the push of 8 bulton----f!8siast start ever. Am
I a great husband or what?
Tbe trimmer has a straight ahaft, which the compa-
ny says is better for gelling into bard-Ie-reach areas.
It also has 8 generous l8-ln,-wide culting swatch. The
trimmer is 8vailabltt at Homt! Depot Cor $180.
RyobI, (800) S32579.l')'ObltooIs..com

22 j;ty/AIJ...t'''~O~ ."'.f. "'I I J~ .nG '''' . n.c om

You may be feeling better,

but your risk of a
future heart attack or
stroke never goes away.

If you continuing will help your

take PLAVIX to do so increase protection.
Help stay protected
with PLAVIX.
P/<e.~ _ impOrt.m prOlWCI .nd
pnw/bIng Infl!rnvtion f)(l trJIlowIrt9 pit9"'-

--.0_" ~~
!¥IOti·_nth u.s. LlC
PLAVIX can help save lives for those who've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery.
Clots that block off arteries are the with your ot her hea rt med icines. Taking • •
main tau~ of heart attack. And now PLAVIX with your other heart medicines
,'. ,
that you·...e had a heart attack you goes beyond what other heart medicines .........."i-

afe at a greater risk of having another alone (an do to keep blood platelets ",;',_ I
that can be fata l. That's why your fro m st icking together and for ming
doctor may put you on PLAVIX, along dangerous cl ots.
IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: If you have iI stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding, you should not use

PLAVIX. When taking PLAVIX alone or wit h some ot her medicines including aspirin, the riu: of bleeding may increase so tel! your
doctor before planning surgery. And, al way s t alk t o your doctor before t aking aspirin or other medicines with PLAVIX, especially
if you've had a woke. If you develop fever, unexplained weakness or confusion, tell your doctor promptly as these may be signs
of a rare but potentially life·threatening condition called TIP, which has been reported rarely, somet i m~ in less than 2 week~
after ~tartin9 therapy. Other rare but serious side effects may CKcur.
Ask your doctor how PLAVIX can help increase your protection against future heart attack, stroke, and even death.
To learn more about heart attacks and PLAVIX, visit www,plavix.wm or call 1-800-283'8009.
You afe encou raged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. VISit WMN.fda.govfmedwatch, or call1-8OQ.FDA-l088.
See important product information on the following page.
ONCa·.... O"y

• ,.. _ .... p.,;.,Ior~-.

,......, .. ~Ior ...,...(oIl~
11·NI-l/J·_ ..... _
~ FllaVbc.
Iclopidogrel bisulfate) 75",,-.
___ . ~ s.;bbUS.Cl. O .C».05.o 121Uay 2OOU 264USOQABl4000 ... ~ u s UC Protection that helps save lives.
o lOOII Brirt<>I-M ~ ~~~fl¢f\ 1'II. , rN(Mi.;, II ,.tt.-.e,*,i~
G~flalfics: Wht:n taking aspirrn with PLAVIX the risk of ~rious
[Cropldogrel bisulfate) 75_ _
bleeding increases wilh age in patients 65 dnd over.
Stroke Patients: If you have had a recent TIll. (also known as a
mini-stroke) or stroke taking aspirin wllh PLAVIX has 001 tlft'n shown
WHO IS PlAVIX FOR1 10 ~ more effective than taking PliWIX alon~, bullaking aspirin with
PLAVIX is a prescription-only medicine that helps keep blood platelets PLAVIX ha~ been shown to increase the ri~ of bleeding compared to
from Slicking together and forming clots. taking PLAVtX alone.
Surgery: tnform doctors and denllSts well in advance 01 any surgery
PLAVIX is lor paluents Y<lho ha... e:
that you .ue taking P\.AVIX so Ihey can help ~'Ou de<ide whether or not
• had d rerenl heart at1ack.
to dl')LOn'lnue your PLAVIX treatment prior to ~lIfgery.
• had a recent stroke.
• poor circulalion in their legs (Penpheral Arlcry Disease). WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT TAKING OTHER MEDICINES WITH
PLAVIX in combination with aspIrin is for palienls h~pita!ized with'
You should only take aspirin With PLAYIX when directed to do so
• heart-related chest pain (unstable angina),
by your doctor. Certain other mediCines should nol be laken Wit h
• heart attack.
PLAVIX, Be sure to leU your doctor about all of your ( urrent
Doctor~ may refer to the~ conditions as ACS (Acute Coronary
medications. espe(lally il you are lakrng the following'
• asprrrn
Clots (an become dangerous when they form inSide your arteries. • nonsterOidal anll·inllammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
These clots form when blood platelets stick together, forming d • warfilrin
blocK<l.ge Within your arteries, restricting blood flow to your heart or • hcpa rr n
bram, caUSing a heart attack or stroke.
Be sure to tell your doctor if you are taking PLAYIX Defore staning any
'1'00 ~hould NOT take Pl/IVlx if you;
• are illIergK to cloPldogrel (the active ingredient In PtAVIX).
The most (ammon side effects of PLAVIX indude gastrointestinal
• ha~'e a Sloma(h uker
eveol$ (bleeding. abdominal pam. indigestion. diarrhea, and nau\ea)
• have another condition tha t causes bleeding.
and rash. ThiS is nol a complete hst 01 side effects associated with
• are pregnant or may bec:ome pregnant.
Pl..AVlX Ask your doctor Of pharmaCist for a complete list.
• are breast feeding.
Only take PLAVIX exactly as prescnbed by your doctor. Do not ( hange
Before laking PLAVIX, tell your doctor II you're pregnant or are breast
your dose or stop taking PLAVIX wilhout lalking to your doctor first
feeding Of have any 01the loll owing:
• gastrointe5linal uker PLAVIX should be taken around the same lime every dilY. and it can
• stomach uker(s) be taken with or without food. If you mlna day. do not double up on
• liver problems your medication. Just wnllnue your usual dose. If you have any
• kidncy prOblems qucstion~ about taking your medications, pleilSf consult your dodor,
• a history of bleeding conditions
WHAT IMPORTANT INFORMATION SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT As with any prescription medicine, il is po!>!.ible to overdose on
PLAVIX? PLAVIX. II yuu think you may have overdosed, immediiltely call your
TTP: A very ~riou~ blood condit ion called TTP (Thrombotic doctor ur Pubon Conlrol Cer11er, or go to the nearest emergency room.
Thrombocytopenic Purpura) has been rarely reported in people
tilking PLAVIX. TIP is a potentially life-threatening condition that
For mort- rnformatlon on PLAVIX. call '·800-633-1610 or visit
irwolvn low blood platelet and red blood cell Ie\lels, and requires
www.Pl.AVIX.com. Neither of these resources, nor the information
urgent referral to a ~ialist for prompt treatment once a diagnosis
containctl herc. ClIn take Ihe place 01 talking to your doctor. Only your
is susp«tcd Warning signs of TIP may include fever. une~plained
doctor know·s the specifics of your condi tion and how PLAVIX fits inlo
con fusion or weakness (due to a low blood count, what doctors call
your overall Iherapy. It IS therefore important to millntaln an Oflgoln~
anemia). To make an accurate diagnOSIs. your doctor Will need to
didlogue with your doctor (On(CrnlOg your (onditlon and your
order blood tests. TIP has been leported rarely, sometimes In less
than 2 wteks after startmg therapy.
Distributed by:
GastrOintestinal Bleeding There is a potential risk 01 gastrOintestinal
Brrstol.Mye!") Squibb/Sanofl PharmaceuhCllls Partner>hip
(stomach and mtestine) bleeding when taking PLAVIX PLAVIX should
8rldgewater. NJ 08807
be used With cau tion In patients who have lesions that may bleed
PlAVIX· is a registered trademark.
(sulh itS ulce!")). along with patlenb who take drugs thai cause such
lesions. PlA-OCT07-B-Aa

Bleeding, You may bleed more easily and It may take yOll longer than
usual to ~top bleeding when you take PLAVIX alone or in combination sanoll aventis
with aspirin. Report any unusual bleet.llllg lo your doctor
You can stop If you have water stains that extend across ceilings
or run down walls, the cause Is probably a roof leal:.. fucking down
leaks yourself- the leak is the hard pl:U1; the fixfli'i fire usually prt!tty easy. We'lllihow you some
simple tricks for finding and repairing most of the common types of roof leaks.
no experience But if you live in the Snow Belt ond in the winter you have leaks only on warm
or sunny days, you probably have ice darns. We won't go into those fh.es in this
necessary stocy. If you go to thcfamilybandyman.r:om and type in "ice dams," you'U find a
bit of help for thaI problom too.
'~.I."'llrft."~."'.n.co", lul,l_W09 25
Minor leaks can cause
major damage
Have ill roof leak? WeU, you'd better fix it,
even If it doesn't bother you much 0(
you're getting ill new roof next year. OVer
time. even small leaks can lead to big
problems, such as mold, rotted framing
and sheathing, destroyed Insulation and
damaged ceilings. The flashing leak that
caused this $950 repair bill was obvious
from the Ceiling stains for over two years. If
the homeowner had dealt with It right away,
the damage and subsequent repairs would
have been minimal.

Finding the leaks

When you're trying to track down a leak., start by looking at the roof uphill from
the stains. The first thing to look for is any roof penetrations. Items that pene-
trate the roof are by far the most common source of leaks. In fact. it's rere for
leaks to develop in open areas of uninterrupted shingles. even on older roofs.
Penetrations can include plumbing and roof vents, chimneys, dormers or any-
thing else that projects throu&h the roof. They can be several feet above tilt) leak
or to the right or left of it.
If you have auk access, the easiest way to track down a leak is to go up there
with a flashlight and look for the evidence. There will be water stains, black
marks or mold. But if access is a problem or you have a v!:Iulted ceiling, you'll
have to go up onto the roof and examine the suspect(s). The photos on the fol-
lowing pages will show you what to look for.
If the problem still isn't obvious, enlist a helper and go up on the roof with
II garden hose. Start low, soaking the area just above whero tho loak appears in
the house, Isolate atllas when you run the hose. For tlxample, suak the down-
hill side of a chimney first, then each side, then the lop on both sides. Have
your helper stay inside the house waiting for the drip to appear. Let the hose
run for several minutes in one area before moving it up the roof a little farther.
Tell your helper to yell when II drip becomes visible. You'll be in the nfligh-
horhood of the leak. This process can take well over an hour, so he patient and
don't move the hose too soon. Buy your helper dinner.

If running water doesn't reveal the exact location of the leak, don't be timid, Start
removing shingles in the suspect area. With them removed, there'll be evidence of the
leak and you'll be able to track.t down right to the source. You'll see discolored felt
paper or water-stained Q( even rotted wood directly below and around It.

26 ~....,.t2009 Ih.h", •• ,h.~d."'.ft.co",

Fixing the five most common leaks

1 Plumbing vent boots

Plumbing vent boots can be all plastic, plas-
tic and metal. or even two-piece
metal units. Check plastic bases
for cracks nnd metal bases for
broken seams. Then examine
the rubber baot surrounding
the pipe. That eM be rotted
away or torn, allowing water
to work its way into the
house along the pipe. With
any of these problems, you
should buy a new vent boot to
replace the old one. Dut if the nails
Problem: When gasket- at the base are missing or pulled
type plumbing vent free and the boot is in good shape.
flashing leaks, the
culprit Is usually a replace them with the rubber-
cracked gasket or washered screws used for metal
miSSing or loose nails. roofing systems. You'll find them
III any home center with the rest ofthe screws. You'll have
to work neighboring shingles free on both sides. If you
don't have extra shingles, be careful when you remove
shingles so they can be reused. Use a flat bar to separate
the sealant between the layers. Then you'll be able to
drive the flat bar under the nail heads to pop out the nails.

2 Roof V~~;f: ocachd hOll,in" on p1"ti,

roof vents and broken seams on
metal ones. You might be
tempted to throw caulk at the
problem. but that ~olution
won't last long. There's
really no fix other than
replacing the damaged
vents. Also look for pulled
or missing nails at the base's
bottom edge. Replace them
with rubbor·washcred screws.
In most CaJI6S, you can remove
Probt.m: Plastic nails under the shingles on both sides
roof vents can crack
Bnd leak. Duct tape ofthe vent to pull it free. There will be
Is nor the solution nails across the top of the vent too.
this time! Usually you can also work those loose
without removing shingles. Screw the bottom in place
with rubber-washered screws. Squeeze out a bead of caulk
beneath the shingles on both sides of the vent to hold the
Solution: Replace the old vent. If you're careful. you won't have
shingles dOVffi and to add a water barrier. That's much to remove any shingles to slip out the old one and slide the new
easier than rensiling the shingles. one Into place.

28 M\oJ......... ~ '~.hmll,h."d,m.".ca,"
Beautiful, versatile, sustainable

western red cedar

Western Red Cedar has Lrtique, natural perlormonce characteriStiCs and
exceptional beouty that briliQ WOfmth, cl'1arocter and lonQilVlty to homes
and outdoor Irving projecf'$ onxmo fhe workt II IS thi:s bundle' 01 prQP6rt '"
that has made 'C&dQr" the choice of disCt'lrr'1lng architects bUlkJers and

Western Roo Cedar I!l renowned for Its naturaly occooinQ re!iistan:"'"$ to
moisture, oecoy and insect damage. Its nolul'Ol durJb!My, dimensional
stabi~ty and exceptional b&auty make illdeai for a wide variety of extenor
OM Ifllenor u~ Westem Red Cedar o1'lars enormous venotillty In sf~ and
apPlications. EqwOlly important. it has a iow enYlroromer'llO! ~ct retalwe
to other buiKtng moleflols. Western Red Cador i. hor-...est9d legally and
sustaJoobia from independently certified forests In Bnttsh Columbia.

Enhance the beauty of your nexl outdoor prOj&ct buik:l with Western Red
Cedar. For more information and suppliers near you, please visit our website.

WWvI/ wrclo org

Leaky walls & dormers
Water do~n 't always come in at the
shingled surface. Oft en, wind-
driven rain comes in from
above the roof. especially
around windows, between
_ comer boards and siding,
and through cracks and
knotholes in siding. Dormer
walls provide lots of spots
where water can dribblt:l
down and enter the roof. Caulk
can be old, cracked or even
missing between the corner
Problem: Water that
sneaks behind w alls an d
boards and between window
dormers dribbles down edges and siding. Water pene-
into your house Just like a trates these cracks and works its
roof leaK.
way behind the flas hing and
into the house, Even caulk that looks intact may not be seal-
ing against the adjoining surfaces. Dig around with a putty
knifl1 to see if the areA is sealed. Dig out any suspect caulk
and replace It with a siliconized latex caulk. Also check the
siding above the step flashing. Replace any cracked, rotted
or missing siding, making sure the new piece overlaps the
step flashing by at least 2 in. If you still have a leak, pull the
corner boards free and check the overlapping flashing at the
corner. Often, there's old, hardened cau lk where the two
pieces overlap at the inside corner.

Step flashing
Step flashing is used along walls th at
intersect the roof. Each short sec-
tion of flash ing channels watcr
over the sh ingle downhill
from it.
But if the f1t1~hing rus ts
through, or a p iece comes
loose, wetllt will run right
behind it, and into the hous!;!
it goes. Rusted fleshing needs
to be replaced. That means
removing shingles, prying Siding
Problem: Unnalled loose, and then romoving and
step flashing can slip replac.ing the step flashing. It's
down and channel that simple. But occasionally a
water Into t he wa ll.
roofer forgets to nail one in place Solution: PUSh a loose piece of step ftashing right bacKIn place
and it eventually slips down to expose the wall. and the n secure It with caulk above and below.

Be root.
sa fe up on IlIa t Go to thela mIly-
J Don't count on caulk!
Ra rely will caulKOf root ceme nt cure a root leak- at least for very long. You should
a lways attempt 6 "mechanical" fix wnenE"ller possible. That means replac ln8 or repair-
Ing existing flashing Instead of uslng any type of sealant. Only use cauL k tor very small
holes and when fla shing Isn't an option.

30 Jo.,lyI...,...,.,2000 ,n . ' . m '! Y ~." d y",.".c om

5~~o~,l~ ~i~l~;': ~.u" Ih,y e,n
cause rot 8nci other damage for years before you
notice the obvious signs of a leak. You might find holes left
over from satel lite dish or antenna mounting brackets or
jUSl lloout anything. And exposed. misplaced roofing n ails
should be polled and the holes patched.
SmAil holes are Simple to fix, but the
fix isn" to inject caulk in the h ole.
You'll fix this one with flas hing.
hotes can
let In vast
amount s
of waler.

Brick chimneys
All kinds of bad th ings can !\appen
around brick chimneys. In fact. there
are far too many to COVEr In th is
stOfY. Flashing around chimneys can
rust through If it's salvanlzed steel.
especially at the 9Q-desrH bend at
the bottom. A q uick but fa lrty long·
term fix Is to simply slip new flash-
Ing under the old rusted stuff. That
way any water that seeps through
wlll be diverted. ThQ bti!st flX, though,
is to cut a saw kef f into the mortar
and Install new ftash lni. If ~ want
to see what's Involved, go to the - •••••
familytlandyman.com and type In
" ~hlmney flasl'llng.- 0 - a •••
. aaail
II • •• •
The Home ProjoctCa/c
gives you measurements In
Fee/-inch-Fractions and works as
s stsndsrd math calculator.

• Quickly calculate Linear, Area, and Volume dimensions

• Works in, and converts between , Yards, Feet, Inches, Fractions,
Decimals and Meters
• Dedica ted functions give fast material quantities and costs for
Paint. Wallpaper. TIle, Carpet, Concrete and more!

We want your feedbackl

Help us improve The Family Handy-
man by sharing your opInloo of t his
and other artlc.les. See p. 4 for details.
Tips for a fast breakup-even
if you're not a body builder

OU might think that demolishing
conue!e is backbreak-
ing, brainless work
But that's only half
true. There's mor" to it than
just swinging a sledgehammer.
And a bit of know-how can save
yuu 10111 of time and sweat and pos-
Sibly a visit to the chiropractor's office. This
article will show you the key tips. Plus, we'll
offar some tool recommendations ami a bit of
planning advice.
by Rick Muscopiat


.. ~

32 """/......,.' )00; .~.I.ml l '".''d'rn.'' .•• '''

Calculate the savings first
Tearing up concrete yourself can save hiring a contractor to pour new con-
you a ton of money. Hiring Ii contral:- l:cettl, doing the demo yourself could
tor just to demolish a 12 x 14-ft. patio actually cost you more. One conlrac-
could cost you $1,400 or more. If you tor we spoke with said he would sub-
do it yourself. it'll cost you only tract just 8200 from the cost of a new
about $400, including rental and dis- patio if the homeowner removed the
posaL That's Ii savings of about old one-that wouldn't even cover
$1,000. On the other hand. if you're the cost of concrete disposaL
Choose your
I Plan your disposal strategy weapon-sledge
or jackhammer
The surest way to decide whether
to use a sledgehammer or a jack-
hammer is to experiment a few
days before you begin full-scale
demolition. Tust take a few whacks
at Ihe slab with a sledgehammer.
Within 10 minutes. you'll know
whether it's!!. job for a sledge or a
jackhammer. Consider renting an
electric Jackhammer ($75 per day)
to make the job easier. It won·t save
you much time, but it's a lot easier
on your body.
If your slnb is large or extra
thick, rent II. pneumatic jackham-
mer ($1110 per day for a hammer, a
huse. bits and a trailer-mounted
r:ompressor). It has much more
power than an electric jackham-
mer. But it's also heavy [90 lbs.)
and uifficult to maneuver. Don't
automatically assume you should
rent this fHl your first choice-it's
oVtlrkill for most home concrete
hreakup projocts.

Rent a trash container with a gate so you can dump your wheelbalTow Inside.
Tossln8 chunks over the side Is hard work.
Concreto cnn't go in your trash can, means you'll be paying the charges
so check oul your disposal options at for tit lettst three loads and making at
least a week ahead. Some concrete least three trips. even if you have II
recyclers (look in the yellow pages 1-ton pickup truck.
under "recycling services") accept it Your other option is to rent 8 trash
free or charge II small fee per load. container (r:heek the yellow pages
Most add all extra charge if the con- under "waste disposal"J. Don't guess
crete contains steel mesh or rebar. on the proper size. Instead, give the
Unfortunately, you won't know if waste httuJers the dimensions and
yours has metal in it until you start thickness of your patio and let them
breaking it apart. So figure your total fiRure out the right size for your job.
price based on the higher rate. Also Our hauler charged $325 for II trash A rented jackhammer powered by a
big compressor Is the best option for
be aware that the typical 12 x 14-ft.
patio weighs about 5,000 lbs. That ......
r.ontainer with a walk-in gate (photo
large or thick slabs. But a plain old
sledgehammer Is fine for most jobs.
30ft """......... 2009 th.'.mll.h.h"~m.".co m
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di5cDvI.'r all the ways boating and fishing tan enrich your life,
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Round up a crew owe you favors. Friends who own heavy-duty wheelbar-
This is one project wht'lre it really pays to bave extra rows arc especially valuable. Ideally. your crew will
bodies arol1nd to do the heavy lifting. So plan ahead consist of two to break up the concret~ and a team of
and nail down finn commitments from frien ds who Iwo to four to baul thtl rubble away.

Don't just hammer-pry, too Jackhammer tips

After you'v8 (;overed the slab w ith plastic (p. ;17), it's Rental jackhammers r;()m~ with an assortment of
tempting to just start whaling away. Don't! The sand base bits, hut only \lse the chisel-point bit. The point
under the slab will absorb the Anergy from each blow. concentrates the jllckhllmmer's force {t1ld cracks
You'll end up exhausted with very little to show for the concrete fa ster than the w ider bits r".an.
it. Worse, you 'll pulverize tbe lOp layer of the Here's an important jar.ihammer warning: 1£
slab instead of Cntating doop crack'!. you try to crack. off large pieO:ls, the jack-
The key 10 a quick job is a two-per- hammer will literall y drill itqclf into the CO Il-
son team: une with a sledge or jack· crete and get stuck. You'll spend more time
hamm~r; the other with a 5- to 6-ft.-Iong getting it uns tuck than it takes to crack
pry btu, sometimes called a "San Angelo har" (availahle more but smaller pieces. So move the
at so me rentnl centers or at home centers for about 530). bit no more than 2 to 3 in. back from
Start 8t the corners and work inward. If the con crete the nearest crack before you h it the
doesn't cf~ck with the first b low, aim your next hit a trigger. As with a sledgehammer,
few inc hes away. Never stri ke the same spot twice. That breakup is fas ter an d cosier if
just chips the surface. crooting 0 cushion o f fine rubble you have a helper pry up with
over the slab, and makes iI harder to brt!sk. a 10nA bar as YOII work.

Break UP concrete faster by forming a two-per5on team. With Take small bites w ith a jackhammer to crack the concrete.
one person prying up while the other strikes. concrete breaks It you bf!gln to drllla hole w ithout creating a crack, STOP!
more easllv· OtherwIse, you'll get the bit 5tuck In the concrete.
36 Mvl-"'ol3....tlC09 ,h . , . ",ltyft.ndym.n .< ofrl
separate the chunks Dealing with mesh or rebar
Even after (;oncrete is broken, the chunks remain locked Many slabs contain reinforcing st~l mll~h to resist
together, making the wrrounding concrete harder to cracking. That can double or even triple the time it takes
break So clear away the rubble after you've broken up to tear out the slab. If you try to break off large pieces,
each 2- to 3-ft. section. Don't use your hands to pry uut the reinforcing mflsh will do its job Rnd resist crack-
the sections-a ffillttock is the best tool for this job. ing-making your job much Illudet. So it's especially
To separate the chunks. swing the pointed end of the important to crar.k smaller sections. Cut the mesh with
mallock into the crack and pry up. Push the pieces far a bult cutler as you work. Watch out for the sharp wire
enough apart so you can .switch to thll larger flat blade. spikes left sticking out of the concreto chunks. If the
If the chunk won't budge, move the mattock to thil concrete contains rebar, cut it with a redprotll.ting saw
opposite side of the chunk above the flat edge under the and metal blade or an angle grinder and metal cutoff
concrete. Then lift up to "un10(.;k" the stuck edge. wheel.

Loosen locked-together chunks of concrete. A mattock is the Snip through Wire mesh to separate ct1unks of concrete. Bolt
perfect tool for prying them apart or pulling them up. cutters are the best tool for this Job; don't even try using a
wire cutter.

Stop flying shrapnel

Flying shards of concrete can damage Siding, break glass
or even cut you. RMher than setting up plywoocl to pro-
tect windows and siding, roll 6-mil polyethylene ($26 at
horneo centers) over the patiu or sidewalk. Leave it in place
while you harnmflr 01' jackhammer. The .~hooting catches
all the shrapnel and traps most of the dust. lust be sure
to watch your step while walking on it-poly C<.1n be very

Stop flying chunks of concrete with a sheet of plastic. Concrete

shrapnel can damage siding and bleak windows. and It's a real
chore to clean up.

t~."""'y~.~"ym.~.<om Jw-,,,,-,.vst20i;19 37
For most jobs, a heavy-duty wheel-
barrow is the best hauler for nibble.
Don't use II light-duty model-it
WOll't survJve the day. And don't
haul hig loads or you won't survive
the day. Ten full loads will wear you
out faster than 20 half loads. If the
path to the trash container is uphill,
consider renting a power wheelbar-
row ($65 per day), 0

We want your feedback!

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man by ':>harlng your opinion of thIS
and other articles. See p. 4 for details.

Fhiplatt your eld siMI wlth II brl{k or stone
patiO, G@ttonsoftlp5atttlflilmityhal'ldy-

PoUl JltW Wf1Cme YOIJr:sell and So)W big bucks.

Seehow~t thtflmil~
pouKOf)[ffll. A rented power wheelbarrow makes rubble removal a breeze-especially If you eM find
someone else to do the loading.

Even duct tape can't repatr concrete, that's why there's OUIKR! rE Vi'!,)1 ConcrHe Patcher,
Is your concrete chipped. brolo.en Of cracked? W 'h just a ",e prep. OUIKRETE Vinyl
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Understand the risks. Feel the benefits:
What should I know about NSAIO pain reliever can be taken with
treating arthritis pain? low-dose aspirin.
For many with arthritis pain, not treating But aren't there cardiovascular risks
is not an option. All prescription NSAID associated with NSAID use?
pain relievers, like Celebrex, ibuprofen The FDA requires all prescription NSAIDs,
and naproxen, help treat arthritis pain including Celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and
and have some of the same warnings. But meloxicarn, to have the same cardiovascular
since individual results may vary, having warning. They all may increase the chance of
options is Important. heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death.
Why should I consider Celebre.? This chance increases if you have heart disease
Prescription Celebrex has been the option or risk factors for it such as high blood pressure
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Just one 200-mg Celebrex can provide Additionally, taking low-dose aspirin may not
dependable, 24-hour relief for many with reduce the cardiovascular risk associated with
arthritis pain, stiffness and inflammation. NSAID use.
Based on the available data, the FDA Any other precautions?
stated that for certain patients CeJebrex's All prescription NSAIDs, including Celebrex,
benefits outweigh the risks. But only you should be used at the lowest dose poSSible,
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What if I have a sensitive stomach? you're pregnant or if you're allergic to aspirin
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the elderly are at increased risk for stomach Please tum page to see fmponant
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And if I'm taking low-dose aspirin?
If you are taking low·dose aspirin for You are encouraged to repon negative side
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reliever, Celebrex can be used because Visit www.j"di1.gov/medWatch
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CELEB , /.
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c&p,ul e.j
Get emergency help right away if YOIl have any of the lolkM1ng s~ptoms;
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Medication Guide tlreathil1g • swelling of tI'Ie face or throat
for NOD-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs fNSAlOsl • chest ~in
!See the end of !!is Meditation Guide fu a Jist of m:OOtioo NSAlD me!licines.l • weakness in one part or side of
What is the most important information I should know about medicines Stop your HSAlD medicine and call your healthcare provider right away it
called Non-Steroidal Anti·lnflammatory Drugs (NSA10s)? you have any of tile following symptoms:
NSAID medicines may increase tt1e cha~ of a heart attack or stroke • nausea • thE!l'e is blood in your bowet
that can lead to death. • more ~re!l C( weaker than usual roovemenl C( ~ 15 black and sticky
This chance increases: • itching like tar
• with Iorroef lISe of NSAID medicioos • YIJ~r skin or eyes look yellow • skin rash 0( blisters wttI1 fe~er
• in people whO have heart oisease • stomach pain • unusual weight gain
NSAID medicines Shook! never be used right before or after a heart • flu-like symproms • swelling of the arms and legs,
stN'gety called a -coronary artery bypass graft (CABG).~ • ...:JmitlllOOO hands and feet
NSAID medicines can cause L1lcers and bleeding in the stomach and These are oot all the slde effects witll NSAJD medicines. Talk 10 your
intestines at any time during In!atment Ulcers and bleeding: heattnca"e pl"avider 01" pharmacisl for more iIIformalioo about
• can hawen without waml'lQ symptoms NSAlO medM:ines.
• may calJ5e death Other iI'lfannation about Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (MSAlOs)
The chance of aperson getting an ulcer or bleeding increases with: • Aspirin is an NSAlO medM:il1e Ilut it ooes not increase the chance of a
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• smOking • Some 01 these NSAJO medicines are sold in lower doses without a
• drinking alCohol prescriplioo (OYer-tile-counter). Talk to yOll'" heallhcare provider be/ere
• Older age using O'Ier-the-coonter NSAlDs for more than 10 days.
• having poor health
NSAID medicines should only be used: NSAID medici!lI:1i !hat n, eiI i! orescng
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• at the lowest dase possible for ycu treatmoot Generic Name Tradename
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Whal are Hon-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (HSAIOs)? I ~tallam, Voltaren, Artflrolec (combined with
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asthma _ _ bo1tXll
I.J.S.032HO C2009 Pfiz« nc. AI rigIts resom.
I didn't buy it-I built it! ometimes. building what you
Sneed is smarter th,m buying it:
You can save money. build a better
version or customize it to suit your
situation. If you've done just that-
built something you could have
bought-we want to see your photos.
If we choose it as the contest winner,
you'll get $500. Entering the contest
is easy. Just go to
thefamilyh andyman.comlmyproject.

Roll-out pickup bed

Danny Wittenberg considered buy-
ing a roll-out bed for his pickup-
until his wife saw the $700 price
tag. Undeterred, Danny decided to
make one. With steel rollers
mounted on a 2x6 frame, the ply-
wand platform glides oul of the
pickup box like a big drawer.
Dowel legs support the extended
platform. The total materials bill
for Danny's clever roll-out was
about $150, Hig savings, happy

wine rack
Molly and Howard have all
alcohol problem. Not drink.-
illg it. bUI storing it. They
make their own wine, which
means. they have hundreds of
bottles to ~tore, They found
lots of \Nine racks for sale
online, but nontl that would
fit on their wine shelves. So
they bought a few pine boards
and a big box of screws and
made their own simple, stur-
dy rl:l.cks. n
No P'oJ,eM'" ~, .... ry to ...,1..,. oo wn. """"""'" ..,11 "'" ;mproo,-e.,.,.... d>"""es 01 w nnit"ri. ,vln. "Sit \roefamilyl1and~m&n.(onvrTl'J prof""'t. _ m~tM '1&1\\ I<) use My ~mry '"
Con~<t 1< OfAPn tl"l Io>gIII r<'$idMt< "8" IS oo 0Ill~' 01 1M us. ~. t~"lt"""" &'ld tho> mega ...... ar.l p.)I"fW S IOO I,," t"" pIloto. >OlD WHERE PROHleHHl. ~ SPOn-
~ • . Ccrl<"" clOses at 11059 p.m. (ET) on OctOller 31.1009. To~"" arid ro. 0110" ..1 sored by 11» ReIder"S DiRest As.s.ocllllOO, IOC •. P<lbliSher of rn. fMWy N,'/d)f7W>.
and inexpensive

a reh-top windows and a custom door give this shed a

high-quality look thaI belias its low cost and simple
construction. The panelized construction technique
means yuu could build the parts in your garage on a rainy
weekend and then haul them to the site for assembly. Modest
materials make
this shed easy
to build and
easy to afford
finishes like OSB siding and composite trim and fiberg lass
shingles help keep the materials cost low. And you'll save
hundreds of dollars by providing your own labor to build the door and win-
dow~. The madl.lar construction and wood platform foundation melln you can
construct this shed almost anywhert!, even on f(:lIfiute or sloping sites.
In this article, we'll show you the b;'lsir:~ of how to huild the shed and install
the windows and doors. Then go to thefamilyhandymall.com/dollarsavvyshed
fur mure wall and roof framing details and info on building the brac.kets.

Save up to $3,000 on this shed

We designed this shed with money salling in as mUCh. Even the dimensions are designed
mind, spending Just $l,BOO on materials. to make the most efficient use of lumber.
Without the cost-cutting tricks we used, the Here are some of the ways you'll salle with
total cost could halle been more than twice our shed design.

Siding panels =00, ,C~~~~~~;II~·~ TRIM
'( saves you
from oriented strand money and time right away. It's
board cost far tess than less expensive than solid wood
solid wood or plywood (you·U save up to $1(0),lt
panels. and come preprimed, doesn·t have knots or other
saving you money and labor. Since "i~"'=::i-" detects to work around, and It
the panels are also structural. you comes preprimed and ready for
dor,.t need an additional layer of paint. And it'll save you time and
sheathing under the siding. You·U money In the long run since it
save abo!Jt $500 over the cost of holdS paint better and longer
cedar plywood s[dlng. than ellen the best-quality
exterior wood.
WOOD -:;:;;;;;;-_ _ _.........._ __
Hiring a concrete contrac- ~A"VARCH-TOP
tal to POUI a slab for this COST-CUTTING WINDOWS
shed could cost you CUSTOM DOOR If you·ve ever priced arch-tap windows.
$1,000, but the materials Materials for this door cost about $140. you know how expenSive they can be.
for this wood foundation A similar style prehung exterior door Even windows that don't operate are like-
will set you back only can easily cost more than $1.000. Of ly to cost $400 apiece. But you can simu-
about $250. Plus, a wood course. this door isn't as weather-tight late the look of an e~penslve window
foundatiM is easy to build as a prehul'lg door. and It wouldn't work without spending a ton of money. These
even on sites that slope or on your house, but it's perfect for a windows cost about $60 each and are
have difficult access. shed. You get the look of an expensive easy to bulld with materials you'll find at
custom wood door without the cost. any home center or lumberyard.

by Jef f Gorton
t h.'.m",~.""~"'.~ . com Mv/A"llUSI2"009 45
1 Build the end walls on the platform, usIng chalk lines as a
guide. Start by nailing together the perimeter and adding the
center stud, Then measure f rom t he center stud to mark for the
2 Nail siding to thewalls before you stand them up. Cover the
horizontal seam with met~1 Z-flashlng to keep out water.
remaining studs.

Money, time and tools

We found all the materials to build this shed at our local make sure the gravel beds in the two trenches are level with
home center. Not includinl'l the optional cupola, the shed each other.
materials l:ost U~ $1,800. Most of the construction is Cut the treated 6x6s to 12 ft. and set them on the gravel so
straightforward and requires only standard carpentry tools they're parallel and the outside edges are u ft. epart. On
and a circular saw, To build the windows and door, you'll sloped ground. you'll have to raise the 6x6 on the low side
also need a table saw, power miter saw and router. We used until it's Jevel with the adjacent 6x6. Do this by stacking
Ii Kreg pocket holo jig and pocket hole screw~ tu ~ssemble treated 2x6s, 4)\6s or 6x6s on top of the treated 6x6 to rp.ach
the duor and windows. With a helper or Iwo, you could have the right height. Use a 4-ft. or longer level to make sure the
the platform nnd shell built in two or three d<lYs. Then 6x6s are level and level with eat:h other. Finally, square the
expect to spend four or five morn days completing the sid- 6)(6s by adjusting the position of one 6x6, Slide the 6xo back
ing, trim , doors, windows and roofing. and forth, not Sideways. until the diagonal mea.~llremcnts
from opposite corners are equal. Build the platform with
Getting started treated 2x6s, 24 in. on center, and cover it with treated 3/4-
A few weeh before yOli start. check with your locl:II build- in. plywood (FijI/riB).
ing department to see whether a permit is required and to
find out how close to the lot lines you can build. Then call Build the walls
811 for instructions on how to locate buried utility lines. You can build the walls on any flat surface, but the shed
The first step is to set a platform is ideal. Snap chalk lines on the plywood deck,
pair of treated 6x6s on 3-1/2 in, from the edge~ of the platform, to indicate the
gravel beds as a foundation inside edge of the walls. Measure to make sure thp. lines Olfll
for the shed platform. parallel and 09 in. apart. Then chalk a line down the center
When you've decided on a [Photol}. You'll use this line to mako sure the angled top
shed location, dig lwu plates moot in the center.
trenches 16 in. wide, 12 in. Use dimensions from flgurliC [online) to snap lines for the
deep and 13 ft. long. Center peak. Then cut 2x4s to fit inside the lines and toe-screw
the trenches 05 in. apart. them to the plywood to hold them in place while you fill in
Fill the trenches with a the center studs (Photo n and nail on the siding (Photo2J. Toe-
3-in. layer uf gftl vel and screw from the uutside su the screws will be accessihle after
compact it w ith a ha nrl the Siding is installed.
tamper. Repeat this process When yO\I nail on the siding, make sure it overhangs the

I: until the trendl is fulL Use framing on each side by 3-1/2 in. and that you've trimmed
thefamllVhandYman,comJ a level and long board to off the lup corner to follow the slope of the angled top plate
BUild tm rn.ndsome cupola. For com-

U plet~ plal"t> and how-to Photos, SO to

level the top lllyer of grav- (Photo2). Attach the siding with 2-in. galvanizp.d or stainlnss
el. [fthe ground is flat, also steel ring-shank siding nails p lacflrl 8 in. apart along studs

'06 '""yl......... W D9 .".I .... ,ly"~"dymAn , <"m

112" PlYWOOD
Figure A . -- --~
Overlili dImensions;


SHOP-M .... OE

FigureB Salle $750 oller the cost
96"......... of a contractor-Installed
Floor framing plan concrete foundation.

"[ VISIt o\,w Web $lte for dRtaJ'h an
TAEATED buitdlna tilt shed, windows, door
12" Jl 16' .1SS" 2x6~STS and bfiKkttS. Go 10 tlwfarnl'(handy·
GRAVEL TREi'K:H 2'"OC m'n.tom/dol~.

'" 'hl l .mllth.nd~"""n"Dm ~""",,2009 47

3 Screw t he f ront wall to th e platform to hold It square while
you add the siding. Align t he bottom plate with a chalk tine
to make sure It's straight.
4 Add the soffit to the roof frame whll@ It's on the platform.
That will save you t he hassle of upside-down nailing In a
conflnl!d spot.

and 6 in. aplln along the ooges of the OSBSIDING
sheets. You'll have to nail blocking It kloks like wood Siding
between the studs to support the lOp but costs a lot less.
e~tl uf thlt siding and tbe Z-flashing. Save up to $500.
r..omplate the siding, then remove
the toe-screws and move the wall aside to make room for
constrllcting the opposite wall. Use the same chalk line tem-
plats and process to build the opposite end WillI.
AlvAi C {online} shows framing details for the front wall.
Mark the curves on the 2xl 0 header pieces using the tram-
mel setup shown in Photo 12 and f lllHe G(online). Cut them
with a jigsaw. When you're done building the front and back
walls, set them aside so you <:an use the platform to build
the roof sections.

Build the roof in two pieces

It's unconventional. but building the roof upside down on
Ihe platform has advantages. First, you avoid a lot of ladder
work. And second, you can nail the soffit material to the
overhangs easily without having to work overhead and in
crampftl'l !>par:es. You do have to take a little extra care 10 5 Stand the walls, starting w ith the back wall. Then add the
sides and finally the front. Nail each wall to the platform as
you go and lock t he corners toge ther by nalUng through the over·
make sure the framing is square and the perimeter 2x4s are hanaina sldina Into studs.
perfectly straight bofore nai ling on the soffit. though.
Start by cutting out the rafters using the pattern in Fisure 0
(online) as a guide. Omit the hlrrl'~-moH'h from four rafters with 6d galvanized box nails. We used 12-in.-wide fiber
and use these on the ends. Cut the 2x4s for the ridge and coment siding for soffit material. Mount an inexpensive car·
subrascia to length and mark the refter positions on them. bide blade on your circular saw to cut the fiber cement. Sel
Line up the rafters with the marks and nan through the ridge the roofpand Ilside and build thtl other halt' orthe roefusing
find subfasda wilh Hid nails 10 secure them. When the roof the same techniques.
frame is complete, line up the subfascia with the chalk line
on the platfonn and tack it in thJ'fle or four places with tM Stand the walls
screws to hold the frame straight whi le you install the soffit. Start by moving one of the end panels into place and resting
Also 'quare the frame by making sure diagonal mAaSure· the bottom plate of the wall em the p latfonn. Tip the wall
menls from opposite corn6tS are aqua!. Then tackOllB comer u p Bud socure it with a temporary angled 2x4 brace. Lina up
to hold it square. Finally. nail thA Mlffit to the roof frame the bottoIR plate with the t:halk line lind drive a few 3-in.

48 My/~~~"lI2009 t~. I ."'lly h .ndy"'. n .c"'"

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ma -800-708-1"llbllJ ~ I ma-800-708-1l1~6:B ~ 1
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It's better tha n real wood

6 Gather some stooges to help lift the roof sections Into place.
Don't forgel to toenail every ratter to t he wall before you
start the roof sheathing.
7 Mark rathe r than measure for the notches. It's faster and
more accurate. Start by cutting the gable end tr im a little long
and cutting the angle on the top. Then tack it up paralle l to th e
end rafter and mark for the bracket notch .

• We want yourfeedbackl
Help us Improve The Family Handyman screws or 16d nails clear pine at a home center and spent $120 for the boards.
by sharing your opinion of this and through the plate to Photos 8 -10 show how to build the door Ilnd mount it to a
other artkles. See p. 4 for details. hold the bottom of trim piece with hinges. The duor consists of two layers of
the wall in posi- 3/4-in.-thick boards thaI oVflTlap al the corners to add
tion. Don't worry about getting the wall plumh yet. It'll be strength. Rip lx6 boards to 4-1/2 in. on a table saw for the
automatic when you stand the back wall and connect the outside layer (FlgUtH, online). We Ilsscmblcd each layer with
corners. pocket screws before gluing the two layers together, but if
Stand the back wall. Then tllign the (;urner of the side <lnd you don't own 8 pocket hole setup, YOIl cOll ld ~imply screw
back walls and nail them together. With a helper on the out- through the overlapping boards instead. Complete the door
side oflha shed to push if necessary, line up the inside edge frame. Then cut the 4 x 8-ft. grooved plywood to fit the
of the bottom plate with the chalk line and nail it to the plat- lower rece~s, and cut a p iece of 1/4-in. acrylic sheet to fit the
form. Continue around the building, standing the opposite upper recess. Secure the plywood and acrylic sheet with
end wall and finally the front wall. Nail the corners togeth- l/2-in. x lIz-in . moldings nailed to the inside. Sand the
er, making tiurtl that the top piattls of adjoining walb fire edges of the door flush.
l1ush with each other. We've simplified tlw door-hanging process by mounting
the door to a 1-1/2-in.-lhkk trim piece and then screwing
Hoist the roof panels into position the trim to the wall. An easy way to mark and cut matching
The roof panels are heavy and a bit awkward, so round up hinge recesses in both the door and the trim is to clamp the
thrtle strong helperti for this part of the job. Move the panels trim alongside the door, making sure it extends 1/8 in.
into po;;ition ;md lean them againsl the fronl and back walls. beyond thtl" top of the door. Then mark the hinge cutout on
Then set up ladders inside the building for two helpers and hOlh the door and the trim at the same time. If you have a
push one of tho panels up to them. Slide the panel up the router, use a hinge-mortising bit (nT ~traighl hit) to Cllt the
roof until the bird's-mouths drop over the top plate of the hinge reces~e!! (Photo 10). Otherwise, use a sharp chisel.
wall. Make sure the 2x4 ridge is perfectly aligned with thtl Sr.r~w the hinges to the door and trim (Photo 10, In$8tJ. To
peak of the wall. Then secure the roof panel wilh R pair of hang the door, line up a temporary 2x4 wilh the bottom of
toenails through each bird's-mouth into the top plate of the the siding and screw it to the wall. Then rest th!:! door on thtl
wall. Repeat the prOCess on the opposite side (Phato ti ). Zx4 and drive 3-in. screws through the trim into the framing
Complete the roof framing by nailing the 2x4 ridge~ togeth- to hold the door in place (Photoll). Finish the door installa-
er and adding two 2x4 collar ties, 4 ft. apilrt (Figure A). tion by adding the top and side trim pieces.

Build the door Build the windows

Ordering a prehung wood door like this from the lumber- This is a good rain y day project since you'll huild these
yard could Cost as much as $1,000, but you can build one parts in your garage or shop. PhotD!l12 -14 show how 10 cut
suitable for a shed at a fraction at" the cost. We pUf(;hased the curved window top and how 10 assemble the winduw.
• •


Nerves ddmtlgfd LyriCS Is believed Unlike some common over-the-<:ounter pain relievers, Lyrica is FDA approved
by diabetes C<in to help calm the specifically to treat the shootin~ stabbing, burning sensations of diabetic
send too many damaged nerves·
nerve pain. Lyrica is believed to help calm the damaged nerves' and help ease
sfgrldls that reducing the signals
cause paIn: and the pain. this pain - and that's definitely a change worth experiencing.
Ask your doctor If Lyrlca can help you.
Is !Uustratlve of dIabetic nerve pain.
bact meochanism of action and relevance to humans are unknown as studies were conducted on animal models.
Prescription Lyrica is not for everyone. TeU your doctor right away about any serious allergic reaction that causes
swelling of the face, mouth, lips, gums, tongue or neck or affects your breathing or your skin. Also tell your doctor
about any changes in your eyesight, including blurry vision, muscle pain along With a fever or tired feeling, skin sores
due Lo diabetes or if you are plannlng to father a child. Some of the most common side effeclS of Lyrica are dizziness
and sleepiness. Other.; are weight gain, blurry vision, dry mouth, feeling ·high~ swelling of hands and feet and trouble
concentrating. You may have a higher chance of swelling, hives or gaining weight if you are a1so taking certain diabetes
or high blood pressure medicines. Do not drive or operate machinery until you know how Lyrica affects you. Do not
drink a1cohol while taking lyrica. Be especially careful about medicines that make you sleepy. If you have had a drug or
alcohol problem, you may be more likely to misuse Lyrica. Talk with your doctor before you stop taking Lyrica or any
other prescription medication.
Please see Important Facts Brie/Summary on adjacent page.
To learn more visit www.lyrica.com or call toU-free 1-888·9-LYRICA (I-888-959·7422).
You are encouraged to report negative side effects o/prescription drugs to the FDA.
VISit www.FDA.govl medwatch or call }-800-FDA-J088. C2000 ~r 11'1(. AU rlSh-1S reHl"'led. U'UOO8S2A


LYRICA may cause serious allergic reactiorls. lYAICA may cause seoous side effects, including:
Call your doctor right away if you think you hllye any of the • Serious allergic reactions. See '"Important Safety Infomlalion
following symptom~ of" serious allergic reaction: About LYRICA" for a complete description uftbe sym.ptum~ of a
• Swelling oflhe face, mouth, lips, gums, tongue or neek serious aUcrgk reaction.
• Have any trouble breathing • Dizziness and sleepiness
• Other allergic reactions include rash. hives and blisters • Eyesight problems including blurry vision
lYAICA may make you reel diZZY or oeepy. • Weight gain and swelling of hands and feet. Weight gain
• Do not drive a car, work with machines, or do other may affect control of diabetes. Weight gain and swelling can
dangeroWj things until yOu are sure you will be alert. Ask your be serious for people with heart problems.
doclOr when il is okay to do these things. • Unexplained mu:><:k pain, so]"eness, or weakness along with a
LYRiCA may cause problems with your eyesight, including blurry vision. fever or tired feeling
• Skin sores. LYRICA caused skin sores in animals. Although skin
• Call your doctor if you have any changes in your eyesight.
sores were not seen in ~ludi(.'S in jx:ople, if you have diabetes,
you should pay extra attention to your skin whik taking LYRICA
and tell your doctor of any sores or skin problems.
ABOUT LYRICA !fyon have any of these symptoms, lell your doctor right away.
LYRICA is a prescnption medicine used to treat: The most common side effe<:ts oIlYRICA are:
• Nerve pain from diabetes and nerve pain (lult continues ailer • Dizziness • Fecling "high"
the rash from shingles heals
This pain can be sharp or burning. It can feel like tingling, • Sleepiness • Swelling of hands and feet
shooting, or numbness. • Weight gain • Balance problems
• Fibromyalgia, a oondition which includes widespread muscle • Blurry vision • Trouble concentrating
pain and difficulty perfonning daily activities • Ory mouth • Increased appetite
Some people taking LYRICA had less pain by the end of the • Constipation
first week. LYRICA may not work for everyone. You may have a high.er chance of swclling, hives or gaining
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Wlgiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors with LYRICA.
WHO IS LYRICA FOR? Medicines that already make you sleepy or dizzy may make you
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Who can lake lYAICA:
• Adults 18 yean or older with Fibromyalgia, nervc pain from
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Who should NOT take lYAICA:
• Anyone who is allergic to anything in LYRICA HOWTO TAKE LYRICA
LYRICA has not been studied in children under 18 yean of age. Do:
• Take LYRICA exactly as your doctor tells you. Your
doctor may tell you TO take it 2 or 3 times a day.
• Take LYRICA with or without food.
Tell your doctor about all your mcdil.'lIl conditions.
Tell your doctor if you: • Do not dri ..... e a car or U'>e machines if you feel dizzy or sleepy
• Have or had kidney problems or dialysis while t<iking LYRICA.
• Have heart problems, induding healt f(1ilure • Do not drink alcohol or use other medicines that
• Have a bleeding problem or a low blood platelet count m.ake you sleepy while taking LYRICA.
• Have abUlie-d drugs or alcohol. LYRlCA may cause some • Do not change the dose or stop LYRlCA suddenly.
people to feel "high." You may h(1ve headaches, nausea, diarrhca, or trouble sleeping
• Are either a man or woman planning to have children or a if yon ~top taking LYRICA suddenly.
woman who is breast-feeding, pregnant, or may become • Do not start any new medicines without fint talking
pre~nt. It is not known ifLYRlCA may decrease male to your doctor.
fertIlity, pass into breast milk, or ifil ean hann your unborn
baby. You and your doctor should decide whether you should
take LYRICA or brcast-feed, but not both.
Tell your doctor about all your mc{\icines. Include over-the-
counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Tell your
• Ask your doctor or phamlacist. This is only a brief summary of
doctor if you take: ltnJX)r1(1nt inlbrrnation.
• Avandia- (rosiglitazone)" or Acto~ (pioglifa2oner'
for diabetes. You may have a higher chance of weight gain or • Go to www.lyrica.com or call:
swelling lffhese medicines are taken with LYRICA.
- For Nl.""'·c Pain: 1-888-9-LYRICA (1-888-959-7422),
- For Fibromyalgi(1: 1-888-5-LYRICA (1-888-559-7422).
• AngitJtensin converting cnlymc (ACE) inhibitors
• Narcotic pain medicines (such as oxycodone), tranquilizers or
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Uninsured? Need help paying for Ptizer
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• Any medicines thai make you sleepy www.PtizerHelpfulAnswers.com .
PARKE DAVI S, Division of Pfi7'cr Inc., New YNk, NY tOO l7 • A,·..,dio i•• regimrt<l trod.mort <>fGl..oSnrithK.l;"" Rx only
•• Ac\Qrj .. I le¥!I!ered trlideolllfi ~f r ok";" Cbernical . lodu.lric:., Ud ., ond
• Cl 2008 Plizer Inc. All rights I\.'SCrved. Printed in the USA. ;, ~>ed undor l~_ by Tued> PM""""e\~ic. l . "f A.... rio •• 1""., &r.:l
• PBlf Re>o·.I,ApriI200E £1; Lilly and Co.
8 Build two frames. Then glue and clamp them together to
make a 1-1/2-ln.-ll'1lclo:: door. Use pocket screws to assemble
each frame.
9 set the plywood and Plexiglas insert into the recessed area
on the back of the door. Nail wood stops around the perime-
ter to hold them in place.

Build this door and save
$800 over the cost of a

,0 Eliminate measuring mistakes by clamping the door and

trim together before routing for the hinges. Make sure the
Center the door OIl the opening and screw through the trim
to attach it. Support the door with a temporary 2x4 screwed
trim piece extends 118 In. above the top of the door before you to the platform. Attach the Op~osite side trim and finally the top.
clamp it.

Figure G (online] shows details for the marking jig. Photo 12 frame, rectlssed side down. over a pitlce of acrylic sheet and
shows how to use this setup to draw Iht:! curves for the win- trace the shape with a permanent marker. Cut the curve with
dow pieces. Next cut the side pieces (FlgureF, online). Set thfl a fine-tooth jigsaw blade and the straight sections with a
side pieces in plac:e over Ihfl top of tho header and mark the fine-tooth blade in a table saw or circular saw.
angler! cuts (Photon). Finish the curved trim piel:€ by first Prime and paint the window and let it dry. Then apply a
cutting the angJes un each end, and then sawing the curves thin bead of clear silicone in the recess and embed the
with a jig!!aw and sanding them smooth. Use th~ marking jig acrylic sheet in it. Secure the ac.rylic. sheet with glazing
tu lay uut the curved brace. too (Flgur"G, online). points. Let it set up overnight. We cut the grid pieces from
Cut the sill piece and a!!semble the window!! wit.h pocket 3/4-in. x liZ-in. parting stop and glued them to the auylic
~r:rews, Using a router with a 3/8-in. rabbet hit, rout a with clear silicune caulk.
3/S-in.-deep recess on the back of the winduw to receive the A temporary support makes it simple to install tht! win-
t/4-in. Plexiglas acrylic sheet (Photo 14). Set the window dow. LeVi'll a 2x4 and screw it to the wall 2 in. below the

t~.I.ml ly~.narm .n.eom ~"""L»'2O:)O;l 93

- - ---- :::.;;,jjjjjjiJ

12 Mark out the arched window trim using a simple t rammeL

Use the same setup for marking the curved 2xlO header
and the curved bracket support,
13 Mark and cut the side trim pieces. Th en set them in place
on the top piece to mark the angled cuts.

Save more t han $300
by blJ ilding your own

14 Assemble the window f r.ame with pocket screws. then rout

a recess In the back for t he acrylic sheet. 15
Rest the Window on the temporary 2.>;4 and SCrew it to the
waiL Center the wind ow on the opening before driving the

window opening. Then rest the window on the Zx4 and cen- shows how to notch the fascia boards to fit around the
ter it in t.he opening before driving screws to secure it (Photo brackets. Keep the lxZ shingle molding flush to the top of
15). Usc caulk to fill the gaps left by the grooved siding. the roof plywood.

Install the exterior trim Roof. stain and paint the shed
FlgullI A and Figure E (online) show the exterior trim details. Complete the sh ed by in ~ talling shingles and finishing the
Start by mounting the brackets. Line up the outside edges of exterior. For informlltion on how to install shingles, go to
the lower brackets with the face of thtl siding, push them thefamilyhandyman.com and search for "roofing."
tight to the soffit and screw them to the wall. Center the top Prime and paint the doors and windows before imtalling
bracket on the peak and push it light to the soffit. Starting them , thAn you on ly need to caulk and fill nail holes before
with the pieces that go under the brackets, wrap the corners rolling an additional coat of paint onto the flat surfaces. The
with the corner board. Overlap the front corner hoard onto LP SmartS ide panel siding, the compo5ite fascia and cor-
the side corner board (Fllufil E, online). Get ttlady for roofing ners, and the fil)f!r cemAnt soffit were all preprimed and
by adding the fascia boards find shingle molding. PhDtD 7 requirfld only two coats of paint to finish. n
The original, patented DR® TRIMMER/MOWER is
both a precision trimmer and a powerful mower!
TRIM within ~ whi5k~r of houses, trees, fences. Big wheels
m~ke it e~s~ for OtTyone to control precisely!
MOW WITHOUT FEAR o{ hitting rocks or hid d ~n
obstacles, beca use the re's no bl~ de to bend or dull.
thick, waist"high field gr~55 ~nd weed5 - th~nks to it5
p3tented No·Wrap Trimmer Head. Plus, t here's no
enclosed deck to dog, as with ordinary mowers.
wit h opt ional, patented , BEAVER BLADEe

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Ju st load a DR ~ RAPID-FEED~ CHIPPER , step

back, and watch it chip branches up to SY2 " thick!
SELF-FEEDING uv~s timt! :and .rw.rgy. Smart Mower ('i..:;~
Most branches can be dropped
hop~r lind will self·k~.
Insll'ad of you
for Small Lawn !
SMART~ ~ton MOWI!fs emplaj me Iat.st rKhargeable bilttery ~e<;hnology
having to force·feed them.
we"" all come to "~P«IIf"l powe< to()l,;,pf>one""nd .....-en u'r1. Ne-uton gives you
HARNESS YOUR TRACTOR'S POWER! the power of a gas mO~r with tr.cI'Hdom ~rld lKanomyof to.Utry pow ....
The l·Point Hitch DRe CHIPPER tr<l.rl'Iforms up 10
EASY> At half the W'l!'ight of most gas mow~n, I~ NelIt"" is e<t9j fQt ~
65 HP oflractor ~r into raw chipping power! 10 ~"It_ JUII plug it in U> 'lKh.irlle "I"Q.n,,·.only <1.1:>0,11 10( of ek.clrldt)o).
NO TRACTOR? NO PROBLEM! II" CLEAN Iii atJIET;. ~\o-d the Quoetelt.OI..-y ~ by the N~11oo.JI
Self·Powerl'd Models WIth I'ngines up to Noise Po.hnion C"'a1"i"9hl>u~. No mort 9I's. oi~o' """ious fumes!
18 HP available!

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REUABL£> Slam loollm lime, e_y Ilme ..kl11lnloftllhe safH)' key.
grup the handlebar and go.No mOrt fouled pI"",s,oil (hinges, or tune-t.rpsl i

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m~ 1-800-708-1468
Rental tools that save time and toil

d oing things yourself is sup-

posed to save money. So start-
ing a job by spending mOMy
on rental equ ipment might seem like a
step in the wrong dlrcction. But before
ga in. The right equipment also Lets you on actual experience. Overall. each
tackle jobs Iha! you would otherwise machine did i1.5 partieular job as adver-
have to pay a pro fur. And don't forgt:ll IIsed. H eM are our favori tes:
th e fun factor. Some of the tools we
tried are mom fun-a nd a Inl c:hAaper
you bypu!IS your local rental conter, -th!lll an all-e xpanse-paid trip to We want your feedbackl
consider how much time and strain Vegas or Disneyland. Help us ImPfO'l1! The Family Handymdn
you can save with the right tools. You We rented the most popular outdoor by sharing your opinion of this and
might find that spending $50 to ovoid power equipment and put it through its other artides. See p. 4 for dE'talls.
10 hours of hackbreaking labor iH a bar- paces so we could give you tips btlsed
S6 J ... w.......t2QQ9 th . h",llYh.~d."'.".'O'"
Be carlilul when u$lng a ~haln saw from theltft.
Po5Itlon the bucket toyou don'tl\old the $oIlW any hlghllr
tha" roec:essory or 11"0" outward from the bucket. Cut
slowly and make lUre thaI f"Ulna branches won't land
on 1M ma~hI". Of lIIde down the boom. 'Naor complete
protKtlvlllHf,lndud l!"IJ han:! het,lIOIIlles. chaps,lNther
81ov11$ a"d nMl- tOli boots. If you'~ un5U~ of how to trim
iI tree, calt In a 0f0. And IUly.way from power Unn!

Boom lift $200 per day
A boom lift. can tnke you to new heights into the oir and pivot 360 degrees. or asphalt by placing large scraps of
to trim trees. paint you r exterior or Pick..ing the right parkillg place is criti- wood under the outriggers. Hook. up
apply Siding and soffil material. Even H cal. You'U need fmIl , level ground, 20 your !'ia roly h .. rness, hop into the bud.-
you climb ladders like a monk.ey, this ft. of clear overhead space to mise the et. and take 8 few minutes to familiar-
lIlachint! will still save you tons of bucket and 5 ft. of clear space around ize yoursel f with the Opeidling con-
time. Plus, it'll much safer than work.ing the sides for the outriggers. Since you'll trols. Th6fe are fast and slow icons on
on a ladder. If you renl it for a w6E!k, be towing it into position with your the controJs. You'll want to use the
expect to pay about 5800. Make !lure truck (it's too heavy 10 move by bRnd), slow buttons until you get used to oper-
the rental fee inciuut!s Ii safety harness. plan your route to minimize lawn dam- ating tho hoom. The battery-powered
or rent a harness ~Aparately. age. Then unhitch il from your truck boom will run for about eight hours
A typical boom can JlOisl you 37ft. and drop the outriggers. Protoct gTaAS before needing a recharge.
Power trencher
$100 for 4 hours
Digging a trench for cable or gas lines means hours or days
of hard labor. But a power trencher can do all that digging
for you in a fraction of the time. This trencher can dig
duwn 24 in. (other models can dig to 36 in.) and is self-pro-
pelled, so yO\I don't have to pull
it. Steering it around curves is
still a workout, however. Also be
aware that rocky soil and tree
Reserve the maChine
roots can jam the trencher and you want a few days In
cause the tires to dig ruts in the advance. Popular equip'
grass. So don't try to power your ml'nt 15 In scarel' supply.
~pe<lally on weekend~
way through a jam. Shut down
the unit, clear the jam and then
restart. On hills, start at the top and work your way down.
However, before you start ripping up your yard, call 811 to
get all thtl utility lines marked (go to eall~l1.com for more
information). Be sure to call at least a few days ahead.

Posthole digger
$50 for 2 hours
Digging posthole,!; for 1:1 fence or footing holes for a deck is
usually the mORt time-consuming, backbreaking part of the
project. The solution is a power posthole digger-but not
just any model. "fuo-man" diggers that are supported by
hand art:! hard to hanule, They toss you and your partner
around, especially in hard soil. A one-person trailer-mount-
ed model (shown abovel is much easier to use. Just move it
into position, start it lip and tip the auger into the soil. The
weight of the machine keeps it drilling straight down with
minimal guidance from you. But you'll need extra muscle to
move it to the next hole, especially if you're on a hilL Use
your lawn tractor or truck if you're working solo. Or, remove
the auger to lighten the load and move it by hand. Always
block the wheels on hills before drilling. It takes longer to
move the unit than it takes to drill holes. If you're drilling
on H flnt surface, plan on eight holes per hour.

Backpack blower
$25 for 2 hours
A typical electric leaf blower throws out about 70 cu. ft. of
air per minute (cfIll). A commercial-grede backpack_ unit
throws out an enormuu~ 455 cfm. With all that extra
power, you can clear leaves faster, of course. But a back.-
pack blower will also do things a smaller bluwer can't: It
will peel wet le;Jvell off the ground, blast out debris that's
stuck in cracks and move a mountain ofleaves in one pass.
And with the gas engine .qtrapped to your back, you can do
it all more comfortably than with a handheld model.

Ithefamllyhandyman.com ]
IIIRevI~e a duU lawn wilha renti!'d af!ratOf. see stE!P"-by·st!!p ImtAAtions at
,~ ~ hffamll~I"XtyI"naJUt>mlreVi~egraM.
Stump grinder
$35 for 2 hours
There's no need 10 pay a pro $150 or more
to grind out a stump. With a rented stump
grinder, you can do it yourself in a few
minutes. For a stump that's no mom Ihan
18 in. in diameter, rent a light-duty grinder
thai's mounted on a trailer. For bigger
stumps, rent a heavy-duty self-propelled
monster like the one shown here ($80 for
two hours). Male sure you remove any
rocks around the stump to avoid breaking
the teeth on the grinding wheel (the rental
center will charge you big bucks for broken
tee th). Work the grinding wheel side-io-
side and advance slowly over the stump.
Then repeat the process, digging deeper
each timtl. In most situations. two hours is
plenty of time to pull the grinder home,
chew up the stump and return the grinder.

Walk-behind loader
$120 for 4 hours
A typical front-fmd loader makes quid work of moving
pile~ of gravel. sand and dirt But it won't fit through mosl
fencA 8&!&.! or other tight spots. Worse yet, the wheels dig
into your lawn every time you make It turn. Instead, n1D1 a
walk-behind, track-style machine with a loader attachment.
Unlike other loaders, this one is easy to master-you'll oper-
ate it like u veteran after only a few minutes ofpractico. This
versiOD (th., Toro Dingo) fils through It 35-in. opening and
runs on grass-friendly nlbber tracks. The bucket can move
tOilS of material in a four--hour rental period. Follow the safe-
ty directions for the maximum bucket lift hOight, or the unit
can tip over (uun't a~k how wo learned this). The bud.at is
great for moving gravel or soil but nol for digging. If YOIl
want to dig hole~, rent a backhoe attachment instead.

Brush cutter
$50 for 4 hours
If you've left "the back 40" unmowed fur too long and
Mother Nature is taking over, don't waste time--and pos-
sibly wreck your lawn mower--by mowing down the
brush. Instead, rent a machine designed specifically for
clearing lall weeds find sflplings (up to 1-H2-in. in diam-
eter). This self-propelled monsler knocks the brush over
and whacks it to bits with its machete-like blade. It moves
quickly, even 11.\ its lowe~t speed (1,8 mph), so YOIl can
clear a large area in a few hours.

U eh m ' I Wh.n,jf",.",tom .......1~l'OO9 59
Pro-grade chain saw
$65 per day
If you only huve one tree to fell and cut up, it's certainly nol
wurth investing in fI $350 rllsill saw. And you'll be sorely
disappointed if you attempt the lal;k with a small, under-
puwered chain saw. So rent a pro model for the entire day for
only $65. It'll have more power, cut faster and tire you less.
For chain saw safety tips, go to thefamilyhandyman.com and
search for "chain saw safety."

Weed trimmer
with a brush blade
$30 for 2 hours
If you 'want to cut s<'Iplings and brush without mowing
down everything else, rent a commercial-duty trimmer
with a bmsh blade. It will slice through sapling~ up to
1-112 in, in diameter. The shoulder harness carries the
weight of the gas motor.

iiir thefamilyhandyman.com
"L~ Make high-altitude jobs and easier wltll
iIiIfl</" t1!nted Kaffolding. Sl'@how
dlOOSe (Irld set up tile (Om!XJnent s at thl'famll)"handyman.comlscaffold.
Just tap the blade against the base of the sapling. Don't
swing it like an ax-that can destroy the drive shaft. To
avoid bogging down the machine, make repeated jabs
rather than iI. single cut. If you have fI iargfl arca to clear,
rent the trimmer for a whole day {about $soj.

Get what you pay for

You can rent most power equipment for two- or four-hour periods or by the day_
Here are some tips to help yo u make the mo»t of the rental period:
• Ask about the cost of a t railer. It·s usu- done. That can eat up 30 minutes or show you how to start and use the
ally nor included In the re ntal price. It more of your rental time. equipment. Then try it yourself before
you use your own trailer, make sure It·s • Ask about delivery services. Having t he you drive aw ay. That way. you avoid
rated to handle the weight of the rental center detil/er and pick up the learnlns and making m istakes during
machine and that your truck (and machine may cost $85 or more. But the renta l period.
hitch) can tow the load. since the rental period won't include • Be read y to use the machine the
• Remember that the rental period drive time. loading or unloading. you m inute you get home. You can waste
includes your drive time to and f rom have m ore time to actually use the a lot of money tettlng t he rental
your project. If the machine requires a equipment. Delivery seNiee may save equipment s it Idle w h ile you mark
traile r, also factor in t ime to unload t he you money in the long run. posthole locations or clear rocks away
machine and reload It when the Job is • Make sure the rental center sta ffers from t ree stumps. D
60 M,/Auiu"200'0i t~.t.""ly~. n d~rn.n.<o",
'11 t·
I I "' Orlflciodilalltr
warkma til er to yw br til bettar atk
your .Ot Dr and f d II I A VAIR IS "ht for YGU

Get your first full prescription FREE! Go to AdvairCOPD,com or call 1-800-511 -4790.

-- _

.. \~~J
II.,.... cIon\ " - ,....,._ .-_.001 UlI'"
.ttoni)'O\ll' mtdidne<. wfI/t PPW1-QI'\I. CIt til l
' _ _... ·MOW ('.~nltMJ
WI'Iat is tile most /mpOftafl / informHt/rxl I 5fIou1d WMt should J ten my h8atthcare prrwldtJr tMfrJrs c.n YOVf MaJthcat8 ptO'f/dBr ot 9fl fll8d1c8l CIVfI
lloow abOtit AlWAlli DISKUS? using ADVAIR DlSKUS? right away jf;
a In patients with asthma, long-acting beta:-agonlSl Telll'1lut hEalthcare prwider aoout all 01 your health ° your i)"eathrng proolems worsen with ADVAiA DISKUS
(LASA) medicines, such as salmeterol ~ooe of lIle coooitions, including il you: a you r.eed to use YOlK fast·acting inhaler more often
medicines In ADVAIA DISKUSj, may increase ltIe ° have heart problems a have high blood pre5SLn than LlSlJaI
chance 01 death from asthma problems. In a large
asthma study, n~re palien~s 1"lt0 useO salmeterul a have Seizures • have thyro id problems • your last-acbrlg inha:er coes not \l'Orloi as well lor you
00j from ast'lma problems oompared 'Nlth patients • have diabeles • have liver problems at relieving symploms
wOO did not use salmeterul. II 13 r"()t Iolowo 'Nhether ° have osteoporosis a you r'EIIld tJ use 4 IX mctilltlalatim'i 0/ '1M Iast·~
f1uticasone prct,lIonate. the other me(Jieine in ADVAIR inhaler for 2 or more dar> i~ a rtVi
DISKUS, charQ€s your chance of deatfl frum astmla • have an Immune srstem problem
• \'00 lise 1 whole canister of YOIJ( la,<;\·aclif)9 iMaIer in
~00Iems setO 0;,1111 !oaITIeI£Iti. Tall wtth yar lIe.1thcare ° are pregm.... or planning 1D become pregnant. ~ is rot a \'leeks' time
provider atlrut IIlls risl<. and ttle benefits of trealir1o,J kooMll MN;.JR CNa.S rM.I tam :.ur LJto'n too)' ° yOOf peak flow"meter resorts decrease. Yoor Mealthcare
'/Q)( asthma withMlVAlR DlSKUS.
• ate breastfeeding. II is not i<Jlo"lI'Il if AOVAIA OISKUS pI"OI'ider will t~1 you ItJe nlJTJl)ers that am right lor you.
a ADVAiRDISKUS dol!5 not ~ilWesudGensymptoms. pas..'\eS into YOJr milk and ~ rt can harm your bab;'
fWIays have a fast-acting inhaler ($hr)1-ac:tilg beta,- • you have asttlma arK! your symplools do n:ll improve
° are allergic to any 01 !he ingredients in ADVAiR after uSirlg ADVAIA DISKUS reglllartv lor 1 \"leek
agonist medicioe) with \'I"AJ kl trBat SUCkXln ~ DISKUS, any other medicines, or l00d products
" you do not h<Ne a fast-acting inhaler, contact your IMat I/I'e th6 pos!IbI8 skJB IIIItIcfs ItfII Al:wi' a!iKLS?
• are exposed to chickenpox or measles
heatthcare provider 10 have one presttibed lor roll.
TeH your healthcare prO"Yider about all tha meOCioes)'OO • See 'Wnat ;s tile mosllmportllfll iIlfOfnialion ! s/Joo/(1
• Do not slop using AOVAIR DlSKUS unless told 1D /({lOw aiJwl ADVAIR 0ISKfJS?"
take, ~UM;l pr6S(:fllWl aoo r"Il"1X~ meddn::s,
do so by yOlK healthcare provider becallSe your
','Ilamios, !lmj herbal SlJ!lPlemcnls. AOVAIR DISKUS and ° Patients with COPO hal'e a higller cMrlCe 01 oelt~
S11l1!ltoms might gel worse.
certain otf1er me<licines may inleract \'l ith eOCh other. plloom0ni3. ADVAIR DlSKUS ma,. i1crease the chance
a ADVAIR DISKUS should be u!red only il your This may cause seriOUS sioo effects. Especially, tell o! g&ttinog pneumonia. call ~our heallhcare provider
healthcare provider decides tIlat another astltma- your heal10care p!"ovic\er II yOli t."lM ritonavir. The it you notice any 01 the lolll;rwing symptoms:
(D'l!roIef nlld:::lne able ooes rd ccnnJ 'fOI asIIma. anti·HI\' me<licines Nor,-ir ' Irrtonavir capsules) Soli - increase In mllCIlS ls~um) ~00JCI.i0I1
Dr tIlat yoo nood 2 rima-controller medicine!. Gelatin. Norvir" (ritonavir oral seMlon), and Kaletts O - chanoe in mllCUS coitw"
° car J'OlI" hea'tht:are proviOer if br8atning problems ~~navlrirftonavir) Tal.llets contain litona~ir. - increased i)"eattring problems - fever
WOfSeJ1 OYer time while using ADVAiA D!SKUS. VOJ Know the rrl()(!icines you take Ke€Il a liSt and show il - increased cough - mills
may need liffcfent treatment to yoor nealthcare provkler ane! pharmaost eaell time ° serious allergic reactions. Call your heailr.care
• Get emergerq medical care It: you get a oe'o'/ meOicioe. pn;.... ;aer or \let emergBrlcy melMc.a1 care it \'OU get
- breatning prolllems WotSOO qUickly, and any 01 the loIlowIl1,j ~)'IIIJI\omS 01 a senoos a~ergt
- yOlJ use your fast-acting Inhaler, but it does nol How do I use ADVAIR DlSKUS? reactic)'l , incluOng:
rel ieve your breathing problems. [)) 001 lISe :fJlAA DmJS 1J1tB»W heOOIx:ae j)'{M(Ier - rasll - s\\'ellinQ of the lace, moolll, 3mttonglle
Ills ilU1lI )W aIKl yoo uOO&'S!and ~ng. k1.<. yru - hlws - brealtliflg problems
WhlIt is AlNAiR OlSl(US?' t-eal'il:are ~ or pIJarmil:ist i yoo hiMl arty queslms. ° increased blood jlfSSSur8 • chest pain
° ADVAIA DlSKUS contains 2 medicines: • ctikh:1l moulj tIit tCYPS1 ast::J...G With an OOJI's 1'6p. • a fast and irreg ular heartbeat ° headache
- flll1icasone ~e (the same medicine iwlcl irI as instfl(:led by the child's healthCara j)roviQer.
R.OVEHT"), M inI'.aied ~ rf1.e(IOO!.1rtI.1IaI ° lire AOVNA DlSKUS exactly as prescriOOd. Do not use
° tremor ° nl!rVOUSIless
~ tl\) t:l ~ J11:mnalbl il1l1l kJVi.
ADVAiR DISKlIS more often than prescribed. NJoI"fl ° weakened immllOe S1slem aM a lligher chance 01
~ kl ttla I:TQS C3'\ IeOO to asthma s)'IllJ'1ll1$. infections
OlSKUS ccmes in3 strengt~s. Your he.:lltncare Plo~;t1er
- saIItl9IeIU (tie sane mec::bIe foI.nI il SfJEoJENT"'),
will ~escriOe \he one that is !)est I(l( yOUr CtIll(liti(XJ. a lower bone minernl density. T~ls may be a proolem
a LP8A. LABA 'OOi:iJ.ls a1IlI':Rl il ~ y,ftl !dml lor poo~ vffio already have a higher char.ce o! IoYr
I)" cnlO/li(; (.I!)struCIMl plllmooary a;scase (COPO). a The usual 00sag€ 01 AOVAIA DISKUS is 1 inhalalioo
twice a (lay (mlJl'"rIirrg a1Cl evemng). Tire 2 dosas stmla to1e tle!lSlty iosleworOOis).
LABA rl'I&.1Cnes help the rrm:1es ifW"lJ 11-.; airvrdr> in
)OOf IlI"Ig: st1J' raawd to ~ ~, Sl.d1 as be aooul12 ~oors apart. Rinse your mou~ I'I'ith water a eye problems including glaucoma and cataracts.
~<rd~r:J~ fure~C31 after uSing ADVAIR DISKUS. YO\J sroLJld have regillar eye exams while usiflg
~ I'hn ~ ITlld.ls lfWlI b ~ 6j1&'I. nil • n){lu take lOOre .ADVAIA DG1JS than yoW doct(l( Ms ADVAIA OISKUS.
m3\es I IUd il~." rem c.re!, Y.tlee.li1I CM SIp presaibed, get meOCal heip ri ~t away ~you have any a slowed growth in cIlildren. A child'S growth sIloold
'!U txealt"irl;l a'l:I ca.&l cJ'IalJl ~ oot. trBalOO r1Q:tlI if,V/f1. l.I1USL!ai S)'fflIIOO"IS, such as worserun~ shortness 01 he che<:ked OftM.
&lIUnll breatll, ch8'.lt paifl. increase(1 Mmf rate. oc shakiness.
Other common Side effects IflClude:
N:N~ OISKUS is used too~ term. IV/Ice allay. 10 conlrQi a It j'OO miss a oose of ADVAIR DlSKUS, just skip that
dose. Take your neJ;! dose at)'OO" l.IS<JaI time. 00 fIOl
° hoo.rse·Jess am VOice cll3l1ge$ • tnmallrrltalioo
symptoms 01 astt\ma aod to prll'lent symptoots su:h as
lal<.e 2 ooses at ()(Ie tima. 0 tM.J:sh ill the mouth arJd throat
wheezing in aclll1s ane! children ages 4 and Oider.
a 00 not use a spacer device with MJVAlA DISKUS. • res~ratO'"Y tracl inlec\loos
Chronic ObstructiYe PulmoJ)lf)' Dise.aselC.D~J
° Do not breathe irt\O A/NAIR OlSKlJS Tea yoor hcalthcare pro'iider about arTy sK1e effect mat
COPO is a chfOOIC kJog c!iS82S8 lIlat indkYJas chrooic
IXlthers you I)"" that ooes rtot IP away.
Ilrondlltls, 8I1l~ma. (1 txltIl.NJVPS1. D&:J.JS 250150 is ° WIllie rou are usingADVAIA DISKUS twice a day, do
u.~ loogterm.lwice a day. to help imprlMlloJng fooction not uso other medicines that cootaln a LABA for an)' These are rot aI thB 003 eff9ClS loAth ffNl>l'I
oons. ~
lor bener orea111lng in awrts with COPO.MJVI4P. DlSKUS roason.Ask your healthcare prOYIder or pharmacist )001" Imithcare JXOI'W" or ~ fa" rn:re J1forma1b'"1.
250150 h3s boien soown 10 docrease 1M number of if III"IY 01 ytU ~er me<licines are l.ABA medii:ines. Call ){lUI doctoc lor medical a<Mce about sitle effects. Yoo
~ <n1 \~ d. CIl'O ~~. nny repcYt side effects to the F[)l, al1-IOO.f{lol,·"K:OO,
° 00 nCll c./)fII1ge or stq"J My CII your mcdicloos used to
MID sJroukI not IJStI AOVA.'R 0ISKfJS?' C( treat 'f.U ~ pnjJIemS. Ycu ~
cootroI Ask YOlK heallhcare proviOOl' or pharmaclSI tor a[tjilional
prooder \\'ill adjust ywr rnediCll1eS as needed. about AOVAIA 0lSKUS. Yoo can a\sc) CMl8CI
[)() not use ADVAIA DfSKlJS: me compafl'l that makes ADVAIR DISKUS (tol! free)
• MakiI Slife you aiways have a last-acting lohale( wltl1
• to treat SUOQeIl. oovere WmplOO1S 01 asthma (1 COPO yru. Use your last·acting ' ~~aler ~ ~ have llrealhillQ aI1-888·B25·5249 (1 at viVI'>'I.actvaif.C1lm.
o ~ y(:(I ha\Ie a SB'\'tlI"e allergy to milk ~eir!5. Ask yoor prOOlefflS between doses 01 ADVAIR DlSKUS. ADVAIR DlSKlJS, OISKLiS, flOVENT, and Sf.RfVE~ are
doctor Il)'Ou arB not sure. registeroo trooernarkS 0/ GlaxoSmtthKliroe. Norvlr m:j
!<alelra are regiStefe(l traaemar1o:.s oj /Ibbon l.M:«atories

GlaxoSmitt1KliM C?OO9 The Gl1xoSrMhKliM Group of Companies

Aesearch Trial'l!lle Par~, ~C 27700 All r1~ts rPSer'MI. Pootoo in lISA.
ADD.4PI August 2008 AD4721RO March 200\"1
by Elisa Bernick

10 sensible ways to save

money & still keep cool
Staying cool is expensive. In a hot climate lib Texas, the average family spends
about $600 a year on cooling. In the Mid\V~t>I, ifs about $300. But costs vary 8 101
within regions and even within a singlc neighborhood. Your home may (;ost $700
10 keep cool while a similar home n~x\ door (;0513 balf that. This article will hdp
you lIlake your home the low-cosl flnf!rgy 1f!f1rler on the block. Our focus is on cut-
ting cooling costs, bUI many ofthesfI tips will save you money on your heatin!,! too.
We include upfront costs and paybad; for cllch of our tips, but the actual figures
depend on your individual house, regIon, c.:limltte, living hahlts And electric rates.
1 Replace your old air conditioner
Replacing a 10-year-old window or central AC unit with an AC shopping tips
Energy Star model can eut your cooling costs by 30 to 5U
• Buy an Energy Star-rated central
percent and saVfl yOll fmollgh over the new unit's life-
AC unit with a SEER of 14 or higher
time to offset its purchase price. This is e.-;pecial- (especiaUy if you use your AC a lot).
Iy true if you live in a hot, humid climate. • Buy the right-size central AC unit by
Central AC units are rated for efficiency making sure your contractor per-
according to their Seasonal Energy- forms a thorough cooling load
Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Window analysiS on your home. Too many
units are rated according to their contractors simply choose a unit
Energy-Efficiency Ratio (EER). The that's the same size as the old one.
SEERJEER rating is listed on the Energy [n many cases. the old one is over-
sized, so it wastes electricity.
Guide label (below). The higher the
• Replace the entire unit. not just the
number, the mOTe efficient the unit. If
ootside condenser-It you don-t
you double your SEER (or EER), you can
replace the inside coil and/or
cut your AC operating costs in half. To blower filn, you won·t get the rated
find the rating on an older unit, chock the efficiency.
data label or plug the model number into the • Buy a unit with eco-friendly coolant
online CEE-ARl database at energystar,gov on (R41A "Puron") since R22 (Freon)
the Centml Air Conditioners page, New units will be phased out Of production In
are required by law to have a SEER of at least 2010, If you get stuck with an old
13 and an EER of 8, Central AC units manufac· Freon unit, recharging the system
tured from 1992 through Z005 have a SEER of will be very expensive (not to men-
tion environmentally harmful),
about a 10, and older models are at £ or 7,

COST: Window units range from $250 for 6,000

BTUs to $750 for 24,000 BTUs. Replacing lin old cen-
tral-air system typically costs about $3,000, but It can
run as high as $10,000.
.......-....... PAYBACK: The older your system and the
mo~ you use it. the larger your energy sav-

ings will be wIth a new unIt. Replacing a

SEER 7 unit with a SEER 14.5 unit that
costs $3,000 wlU save you about $700 a ENERGY 8T
_ _- - SAV1NGS
year and pay for itself in fIve years. CALCULATO
Calculate your paybac" with the AC sav-
Ings calculator at energystar.gov.

• Use the Energy Star savings calcu-

lator at energystar,gov to figure out
DIY success story whether It ma"es financial sense to
replace your AC, and get a list of
"My neighbor complained for yellrs
that my 22-year-o[d AC unit was too the most energy-efficient AC units.
noisy. To keep the pe .... ce, I decided to • Check fot local, state and federal
replace It. The old unit turned out to be rebates on higher efficiency units at
a SEER 6. The new unit Is Ii SEER 14 dslreusa.org.
and very quiet. My neighbor Is now • If yoo live In the Southeastern
Mppy and so .... m I-my summer elec- United States, consider a heat
pump, which moves air more £0111-
tric bills are half of what I was spend-
ing with the old unit," cient[y tl1al'\ a conventlona[ AC unit
In areas with high humidity. If you
Gene Hamolka
live in the SOuthwest, consider an
Tell us your success story evaporative "swamp" cooler, which
and we'll pay you $100 if we publish it. uses 75 percent less energy than
Paying higher upfror"lt costs for tile most
effiCient unit possible (SEER 14 or higher) Whether It's 1I repair, ....n Improvement conventional AC and costs about
makes sense In hot climates since the Ini- or lust a tip, send It to mystory@ half as much to Install. For more
tial investment will be paid back in energy Information, go to energyStar.gov.
savings over time. It makes less sense in thefami[yhandyman.com.
cooler climates,

610 MrIA\.oJ"'t2Q~ 'h.f.mlly~."dym.".com

2 Switch to CFLs
You already know that compact fluo-
rescent lightbulbs cut lighting
costs, bllt they cut cooling r:asts
too. That's because, Wllike incan-
descents, they give off very little
Ill:at. Ninety pen;enl of the slet;·
tricity used by an incandescent
bulb is converted to heat rather
than light. That extra heat means
Axtra cooling expenses.

COST; 53 per bulb.

PAYBACK: Less than a year.

Install a
This is another easy upgrade
that pays b<'lck quickly. Sotting
your cooling system fouf to six
degrees warmer when you're
away at work or on vacation
5 Fix leaks in
AC ducting
and automatically lowering it to
76 d~ees when you're home If your home was built in the past 10
can cut 5 to 20 percent off your years or so, it probably has well-sealed
energy bill. This simple DIY project ductwork. But if you live in an olel!"!r
takes less than an hour. For how-to home, 10 to 40 percent of your cooling
instructions, go to Ihefamilyhandy- dollars is lost through gaps in the duct
man.com and type "install programmable ther- joints. This cool air is wasted Wht;lrl the
mostat" in the search box. duds run through an attic, crawl space
or basement. This can be a tough DIY
COST: $50 to $150. project to do effectively since it takes a
PAYBACK: About a year if you use It for both professional to test for leaks before and
heatiflg and cooling. after the repairs. It you're game for seal-
ing the ducts yourself, examine YOlIT
ductwork. for cracks, splits or bad con-

4 Clean or
change AC
nections and feel for escaping air when
your syslem is on. After you seal the
leaks, keep the ducts cool by insulating
Ihem with R-5 or higher fiberglass duct
filters monthly wrap if they run through a hal attic. For
Dirty air filters ilre the No. 1 more ()n sealing ducts, see the Sep\. '08
cause of air conditioning break.- issue. p. 72.
downs and they cost about 7 per-
cent more in energy costs (or COST: S300 to $1,000 tor a professional
about $45 a year) in hot climate!!. to test and seal your heating and cooling
Change central AC furnace filterR ducts. DIY duct sealing costs S20 for a 50-
monthly during the summer. For how-to yd. roll of aluminum tape and $5 fer an 11-
information, go to thefamilyhandyman.com oz. tube of sealant.
and search for "repl<l.ce AC filters." Most window AC PAYBACK: Two to four years for profes-
units have fI. removable filter behind the air inlet grille that you can take out sional duct sealing and less than a year for
and rinse monthly. DIY sealing.
6 Block out sun
with window shades
Roughly 30 percent of unwanted heat
comes through your windowil. Putting
shades, insulating curtains or tinted
window film on south- and west-
facing windows can save you up to
7 percent, or $45, annually on
cooling costs. The combination of
shades and trees (see below) can
lower indoor temps by 20 degrees
on a hot day. Insulating curtains
will save even more on both heat-
ing and cooling costs.

COST: Shades, $10 per window: low-E films,

$5 per window; Insulating curt81ns, $30 to $150
per window.
PAYBACK: One to four years depending on Initial costs and where you live.
9 Use fans
and raise your
7 Keep cool with shade Cut AC costs through your own sweat equity
Ceiling fans can save you money by
keeping you comfortable at higher ther-
mostat settings. Each degree higher
by shading your house with trees, trellises than 78 degrccs will save you 5 to 10
and vines. Shading blocks direct sunlighl percent on air t.;ondilioning cO!;ts. The
through the roof and windows, which is moving air from a ceiling fan Inr.reases
responsible for about half of the heat gain in the amount of evaporation from your
your home. Carefully positioned trees and skin and helps cool you off. Go to the-
horizontal trellises on the east and west sidflfl familyhandyman.com and tYP6 "install
can save up to 30 percent of a household's ceiling fan" for ~tep-by-step instruc-
energy consumption for heating and cooling. tions.
For an average household, that's $100 to
5250 in energy costs annually. COST: Ranges from $50 10 $1,000. Energy
Star-rated fans ale about 10 percent more
COST: Three 6-ft. trees, $900; DIY trellis, $50 efficient than standard ceiling fans and are
(for a bare-bones versJon) up to $500 (for tne usually In the $150 and above range.
deluxe model); vines for trelliS, $50. PAYBACK: Depends On how high you set
PAYBACK: On average. a well-designed land- your thermostat and the cost of the fan.
scape provides enougn energy savings (heating Could be as fast as three years or as long as
and cooling) to return your initial Investment In Six 20 years.
to eight years.

8 Check your AC
system's efficiency
To determinfl whether YOUT air conditioner needs a tune-up, pflrform
this easy test when your AC unit has been running for at least 15 min-
utes and the outdoor temp is above 80 degrees F. With a clean air filter
ill plat.;e, set a thermometer on Ihe supply register that's closest to the
inside cooling equipment. Keep It there for five minutes and nole the
temperature. Do the same thing at the return vent. The air coming out
should be 14 to 20 degrees cooler than the air going in. An air conditioner
that's not cooling to those levels t.;ould be low on refrigerant ur have leak~. A
unit cooling more than 20 degrees could have a severe blockage.
-~ ,
1 0 Tune and clean
your AC regularly
A poorly mainta ined air conditioner USC8 10 to 30 percent
more energy and has a shorter life. Central he compres-
sors last on average about 10 to 12 years. !'TopeI mainte-
nance can extend that to 20 years. It's important to have a
professional tune, clean and ChACk controls and refriger-
lint lev!!l!! on your central AC system every two to throe
years. If your refrigerant needs recharging, thIs correction
can improve efficiency by 20 percent. It's alsO important
10 perform DIY maintenance each year. Several contrac-
tors told us thai 90 percent of air-concUtioner fai lures are
caused by a lack ofmarntenanca, For 8 step-by-step guide
to DIY maintenance, go to thefam1 lyhandyrrum.com and
type "clean your AC condenser" or "clean a window air
conditioner" into the search. box.

COST: Professionally cleaning and servicing a cen tral air cond i-

tioner costs S100 to $250.
PAYBACK: This depends on the age of the IJnlt and how dirty It
Is. If YOIJ h~'t hadyour AC IJnit serviced In several years, having
a professional do 1I t horough tune-up could pay for I~lf In less
than a year and ellt~nd the Ufe of YOIJr unit

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When pain gets in the way of doing the things you enjoy, try A /eve. Only A/eve*" has
the strength to stop body, joint, beck and arthritis painl all day with just two pifls.
It would take twice as many Advil or four times as many Tylenol to do that. For a/l day
pain-free movement, nothing helps you move your body better than Aleve.

NEVER srol' /lfptlfN'iT

ffi Hayer HealthCare -M'Iln;OICblltIiII.

ru.._ 10< _ _ _ ....
02lXl!l . . ~w:.

,...... """"
Figure A

r- '00

l• ....................._._-_ .. __ ..

Rustic garden toolbox

t his simple gardening toolbox gets its es, you'll need a 6-ft. 1x6, a 40ft. lx4 and
natural charm rrom the branches a short length of 1/4-in, wood dowel.
use<"! for the SIOM and handle. When exterior wood glut! and a handful of
You'll have to bend thl! handle to slip il
inlo the second hole.
Cut away any knobs on the branches
you're searching for branches. choose I-sIR-in. dock screws. We used clear for tbl! sides. Then atta(;h them. keep-
green, freshly cut ones for strength tlnd pine. but No.2 pine or cedar will work Ing the SCrflWS at least an inch from thl!
flexibility. The only tools r6q\]irnd are 110 fine too. ends to avoid splits (PlKlto 2). Flnfllly,
saw and a drill and maybe a knife to Cut the parIs using AIUI'I A /ill a guide. drill 1/4-in. holes through the handle
whittle the handle ends. Then screw the box together (Photo 1), tuuls and dri ve in thA dowels to hold
Along with three 2S·in.·lollij bmllch- Whittle the handle ends to fit the holes. the handlfl in plflr.e (Photo3). n

1 Screw the box tOBether with dec::k

screws. Predrill and countersink the
screws to avoid splitting.
2 Cut the branch ends to fit. Attach the
pieces to the sides of the toolbox with
screws or nails. ~edrlll to evold splitting.
3 DriU1I4-in. holes through the handle
ends and drivt! In the dowels to hold
the handle in place.

68 IIJIW""""'t200!) t~.'.ml!'~."d''".".~o'"
Phone or Write for FREE Information

from Savetime Corp,
2710 North Avenue/BridgeI'Qrt, CT 06604
1-800-942-3004JFax 1-800-606-2028

~~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ StaJe _ _ __
~_ __ Emai.l ~_ __ ~~~~_

by Rick Muscoplat

Pay promptly.
Save $15 to $50
Some companies offer attractive
incentives for paying the invoice
within 10 days, rather than taking
the full 30 days. We're not telling
you to pay your mortgage 1at6 so you
can pay the insurance company
early. But if your insurer offers a >
"prompt pay" discount (ask for one),
it may be worth your while to Tepri-
Put the brakes on high oritize your bill payment schedule. If
you're temporarily short on cash, it
may even make sense to pay with
auto insurance costs your credit card.
L-________________________ ~ 8

Everybody wants to save on car insurance. But most peoph, can" figure out
how to do it without either Tfldllr.ing r:overage or inr.rea.~ing thp. dedllc.tibh~s.
Complete a "senior "~ "
driver" training (and <
refresher) course. Save $200 ~
We got some better advice from a seasoned insurance expert who's worked
with dozens of major insurance companies.
Insurance laws vary by slata, so some of these cost-saving ffitlthuds may Most insuranC6 companies offer a dis- 'til
not apply in your area, But if you follow these tips, you should be able to count for each driver 55 and older who ~
save an average of $300 per year, or possibly more, on your car insurance.
We'll work with a model of a two-car household with two 57-year-old adults
takes an authorized driver safety aduca-
tion program (some slates mandate this S
and one college-age driver. This household's annual premium is $2,300 discount). The initial course is eight «
based on one accident and one speeding ticket. hours, and some companies (and ~tate~J ~
allow you to take 8. fout-hour online vcr- ~
sion ($~O per driver). Classroom rate~ ~
Pay in advance.
Save $60 var:~~:e~'!~~::v~:~: ;!;;ry::~ ~:~ j
You pay Jots extra if you're paying your more information, contact your ~
car insurance monthly. Find out the insurance agent, AARP, ""
least expensive pay-p~riud­ AAA or your local adult ~
education center, or
usually six months. It' you have
the cash, you could save even search the Internat
more money by paying the full
year'~ premium in advanr.:e
for "senior driver
(check with your agent). "
70 "-<1'/","_,2000 tha'amllyhand,
Revitalize your car 's per10rmance with Mobil 1 High Mileage. Help give yoorengine a fresh staM
with Mobil ! High Mileage, the oil that outperforms all conventional oils. It nol only reduces sludge and other
deposits from engines with more than 75,000 miles. it also helps recondition seals and prevent leaKs.
If you want 10 help maximize your engine's perform ance and extend ils life , get Mobil 1 High Mileage loday,
Learn more al mobil 1 ,com.

Mobii D
Kid at college? Change jobs
Save $400 or retire?
This one's 8 no-braiDer. If your kid Save $60
isaway al college. minus t11ft family If yo u drive 20 miles to
car, ynur insurance rates will be wock every day, you're
lower. Tell your agcnt thaI your kid paying a higher premi-
is at school and work oul arrange- um than peoplfl who
ments for those few days when he drive only 5 miles. So if
or she is homtt. If your student bas a you gel a new job doser
car at school. you should stili notify to home, tell your agent
your agent. Tbe rates may be lower immed iately. A lso, if
based on the school's location. you're lucky enough to
retire, tell yuur agent so
they f'.an reclassify you
as a "pleasure driver."
You'll see a drop in
yuur premiums in both

Track your tickets.

save $100
Insurance compan iBs check
your driving record regularly
and increase your premium on
the very next bill if they find a
traffic violation. But they're not
always 80 qUick 10 reduce your pre-
mium later when the violation falls off
your record. So keep track of the dates of
your tickets and ask for a reduction once your
record is "clean" (usulI.lly three years, but check with
your stnte'R Dflpartment of Motor Vehicles).

Avoid small claims. Shop early.

Save $200 Save $50
If you gel a small dent or other E\'eryon~ s}lOuld shop
minor damage on an older caT, around for new insurance
think twiCt! a.bout filing a claim and rates every three years.
getting it fixed. To avoid rate hikes. In sunnee <.:ompanies
it might be worth your whilo to just reward early shopping (30
live with il if there are no safely days before renewal is per-
issues. And if you have towing cov- fect) by giving better rateli:.
erage on your policy lind w;e it to Las t-mi nute shopping
get your jalopy towed every six (less than 10 days before
months, be ready for It 10 percent the policy expires) makes
mtH increase on your next renewal. insurance companies
Buy a roadside at;si!ltQnc~ plan think you're irresponsible,
(available from AAA, AARP and and that will be reflected
other vfmdorsJ insteltu. [t's cheaper. in a higher quola,

72 U#'.......... ~009 '~.I.mllyh.nG~ .... n.<om

Avoid these insurance mistakes
. . Don't let your car Insurance prob.!bly won't see a premium
lapse. If you're up against the Increase because you paid for
payment deadUne, CNernlght the the damage yourself. But If you
check or Contllct your agent's don't notify your agent lind the
Drop collision and office to see If you can drop off other pi!fSOn makes a delayed
comprehensive the check, Of put It on your credit
card. Renewal at a lapsed policy
claim for InjlJry, ycK.ir company
can deny coverage,
coverage when it can cost you an extra 20 percent
makes sense. for several years. That's IF the . . Check out aU the details of
company even <!!Isrees 10 rein- "first accident forgiveness" poli-
Save $300 state you (It doesn't have to). cies to be sure you're not paylns
Lat's face it-old cars (H)-plus
more up front. Also check out
years) alan'l worth much. So at a . . Don't reduce your liability whether a second aCCident or a
certain point it doesn't m~ kt: coverage to save money, It won't drMng violation on this type of
sen se to keep paying for colli - save you much and may actually policy results In far higher pre-
sion and comprehensive (C&C) cost you more In premiums. You mIUms than a traditional policy.
coverage. Find the "book" value risk your home, sailings and a
of your veh icle on the Internet garnishment of future earnings If .... Never cancel. an eXlstlng pol-
(nada.com, edmun ds .com or you Injure someone and you're Icy until you recell/e the new pol-
kbb.com) or at the library. Then underlnSIJred. Icy paperwork. InSlJrance com-
panies can ref use to " under-
add up the annual premiums for
..... You can settle feoder-ben- write" you even after they'lio
ac. Chances are, you're paying
der claims on your own, but you accepted your check and Issued
for the full value of the vehicle a "binder." If IMt happens, you
stili have to report the accident
every three years. U you're com- to your InSlJrance companyl You may not be able to reinstate It.
fortable accepting a low level of
risk, cancel your C&C coverage
and put that money away. You'll
probably come out ahead.

Install an alarm.
Save $100 to $200
The discount varies by location , the
make and model of the alarm , and
the th eft likelihood of your part icular
vehicle model. But insurance compa-
nies give the largest discou nts for
installing a "stolen vehicle recovery "
systellilike MobileGuardian, LoIael,
Hydro-Sil is a high perlormonce IndMcIuoI
....- ---
... '" -."....

VehideRECOVER or GM's OnStar. HIS(X)",

healing .ystem that can __ )'OV leo.mof
'..." ""
...... .. ..
S 12S0w I3CH80of ru
Thc.o;e .o;ystems can locate a stolen hwnd.... of dolan in horne heatint COllI by ""
4' IOOOw
vehicle within minutes and prevent a ~ng oW and ineffit'-nt Mating. • con
,..poc. 01 IUpfIleme.,1 your electric heal, P
100-130 of
75-IOOJ ""
-- ... --
total loss. The discount alone may 5O-7S of
01 011 Mnoc. cnt woocbtooo.. n...--CalJc.. &_'-.--lod
pay for one of these systems in just a
Hydro-Sil .....,., ~ in t.eoting:
few years. inlide the heater is a MOIed copper chamber til
You can learn more about these filled wfIh Q harmless ,ikone IUd dMigNMI s ~7S0-1SOO..,
systems by visiting lojat:k,com , vehi· 10( heal relermon qualities. The fluid il quickly 3' 7SO w- SiIiox:ne '" ""
c1erecover.com and mymobile- hllGled by (I varying amount of micro: UN
'" ""
''''' ""'""
guardi an.com. 0 lI!S!!l2SIed orooo!Ii2!lQI DOWer. This udUJive
technology gre<lrly increGHSenergy 5OVingJ.
ClMock • MoaMr<ard • v.... • DiK_
We want your feedbackl
Help us Improve The Family Handy- 1-800-627-9276 ,.
( if)'

v""'" ~Aooo<.ono~:
fTkln by sharing your opinion of this Ma-car.l,
and other articles. See p. 4 for details.
Hytlr.-5'i1" '.0.111 602,. For1 Mill, SC 29m bpidonOalo
by Rkk Muscoplat


Can I tile
The tile In my entrywayls In great shape-no
cracks or loose srout-but the style and
color are outdated and I want to repl.lllce It.
Removing It and starting aver will be II. huge
job because It was Installed w ith an epoxy
adhesive on /!Ii concrete floor. Can I just tlte
over the e)(lstlng tile?
Tim Krohn. Middleburg, FL

a s long as there are no cracks in the

exiRting tlle (lndicating underlying
problems in the concrete), yOll r:an tile

on lop of it. In fs<.1, prQ5 do it all the time.
Surface preparation is paramount.
Start by making !:lUre ali the tiles are
solidly boncleci to tha fl oor. Tap them
lightly with a wood mallet or a chunk
of 2x4. A hollow sound is aD indication
that a tile ill loose. Remove and reset
any loose ones with thin·~. Next, use
a 4-ft. level 1(') find allY high spots and
grind those down using n right-angle
grinder with 1:1 IJIlIscnry wheel. Thon
sand all the til p.~ with a belt or orbital
sander (60-grit) to scratch any surface
glazes. Remove allY moldy or loose
grout with a rotary tool or t;H!bide
scraper. Vacuum the tiles Bnrl deAn
with detergent and water to remove M.t.SONRV W H££l

dirt, sealer!:! and wax. Rjnse the surfacA !

with clear water and let it dry.
l l BY B level on the old tlte and mark tiny high spots. Grind them down with i\ grinder.
Roughen the tile with BO-grlt sandpaper.
Buy a latex·modlfied thin·set (one
brand is FlexBondl and mix it ill lImall
batches to kt!6p It from skinning over.

Complete adhesive coverage is critical
on large tiles (12 in. or huger) and even •~
more important w hen you're tiling over
tile. Some Installers prefer to " f1 athack"
each tile with the nat edge of the trowfll i
befol'C applying the tile to the combad
thin-set. Others prefer to URe a larger-
notched trowel (112 x 1/2 in.) to apply
the thin-set. Whichever method you ~
u.se, ahv8)'s comb the adhesive in one j
dir9ction (no swirls). Thiln ~t!t the tile
on the floor Hnd lllide It perpendicular •
to the combed tbin-set to knock. down
tllt:! rows and spread the adhaSive.
2 Spread a flat layer of thin-set 0f1 the
back of large tiles for better adheslon.
Or, use a larger-notch trowel.
3 Pr@ssthf!tileontothefloOl"thln-set
and slide It perpendicUlar to the
combed tines.
This is the
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Bookshelf, Door Slam Stopper,
Fishing Rod Catcher, No-Rattle
Ceiling Fan and many more.
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Wood trim removal
technique 1 Jama
pry bar
between the
I'm trylns to remove old base molding. two knives
and twjst
but every time I pry on It, I wreck the walls
or crack the trim. Is there a special tech-
nique for getting it off so I can reuse it?
Cris Cordoba, Pierre, 5D

Begin by cutting through any dried

paint along the top ildge of the trim
with a utility knife. Then search for
the filled nail holes at o~e end of the
trim. Prying near those will keep YOll
from breaking out the drywall. Slide a
flexible 3-io. putty knife behind the
trim and pry Qut slightly. with the
knife in place, wtldge in a pry bar and
pry the trim O\lt an inch. If it SHellS
like the trim is about to crack, insert a
second putty knife bAtween the pry
bill' and the trim. Move to the next
2 Grab the
near the wood
with a pair 01
stud and repeal the procedure.
nippers. Roll
Continue prying out the trim a little at the tool head
a time down its length. Then go back against the
wood topuli
to thl:! beginning and pull the trim off.
the nail out the
Pushing the nails hack through the back sIde of
front of the trim will splinter the the trim.
wood. Instead, pull them through the
back with a nippers. Use just enough
pressure to pull the nails to avoid
cutting thorn off. If ana breaks off,
cut it as dose liS pussible to the wuod
and leave it. That nuh will just hury
itself in the drywall when you rein-
stall it.

Fix for stinky laundry room What glue for gluing

My ttlundry room smells like a sewer. There·s no what to what?
sign of dead rodents, but I'm ready to tear out I'm never Quite sure what glue to use
the walls to continue the search. Is there any- when attaching different materials. 15
thing else It could be? there an "adhesive blble~ of some
Scott Heroff, Athens, OH sort?
Horn Minor, Kirksville, MO
Before you start demolishing the walls,
make sure there's water in the Hoar drain Stup guessing and head right to
trap. If the floor drain hasn't been used in a this Web site: thistothat.r.om.
long time, the water in the trap can evapo- Enter the two materials you want
rale and allow sewer gas into the hou.qe. to honri and the site will prflsent
Sniff near the drain. Does it stink'! It's prob- the recommended adhesive(s).
ably dry. Pour a quart of water into the Click on the adhesive. The site
drain, followed by a few teaspoons of veg- will then give you additional
fltahlfl oil. The oil will floal on top of the infurmation lih drying times,
water and slow down evaporation. pricing and availability.
Patch a toilet tank
I overtightened the bolts on m y tOilet tank and now It leaks. I'd
replace the toilet, excep t the previOUS owner tiled up to the
edge, so a new toilet won"t l it the tile flOOf. ls then! any way to CRACK

paleh the tank?
W. Pettersen, Davenport. LA

Your besl bel is to search a used p lumbing supply store

or construction recycling yard for 8. lank. that fits your
bowl. Or look for a nflW toilet with a b igger base that
will cover the tile, and use a nange extension ring. If
you Utn't find either one, you can try this p atch. Just be
l .to.pply a liberal bead of silicone caulk around the. opening.
aware that if it aver fails. yo u might r.ome home some-
day to considerable water damage . So proceed with
this repair at your own risk.
Empty the tank and thoroughly dean the area
around the crack. Let the hUlk dry completely. Buy a
small piece of clear ar.rylir. sheet (the thi ckest you can
find) at iii hardware store. Cut a small patch to fit over
the crack and extend nt lonst 1 In. beyond it Drill a
1/2-in. hole in tht! acrylic for the toilet bolt. Then
apply a Ihid bead of silicone tub-and·tile caulk
around the bolt hole. over the (;rack ond around the
edge of the acrylic patch. Apply the patch, squllshing
the caulk out the sides, Then tighten the tan k holt.<; and
let the caulk SAt up for 48 hours before filling the tank.
Leave a bowl under the repai r and chock it regularly
for water leakage for several week..~.
2 With t he caulk still_t. sUp on the acrylIC patch and tighten
t he tank bolt.

Removing old mirror tiles

1 App ly
shelf paper to
''''" I bought a house that has '70s m lrrOI tiles on the bathroom walls. The
the mirror. ~ last thing I want to see In the morning IS myself from every angle
Then cut before I'm awake. What's; thil fastest. safest way to remove them?
along the
seams so you Jill Zaske, via e·mail
CM work on
one tile at a You'll need sevantl rolls of adhesive shelf paper, a long thin
pry bar or metal ~patlda, tarp. heat gun (or hair dryer) and a
utility knife. Start by covering 68Cb tile with adhesive shelf
paper to prevent fl ying shards if the glass breaks (see Photo Il.
Cover the floor with the tarp and wear leather gloves, long
sleeves and goggles throughout Iha removal (and disposal)

Work on one tile at a lime and heat it with a heat gun at

medium setting as you work the pry ba, behind the glass. Keep
heating u nt il you feel tbe .. dhelii\,e "giva" a bit (see PlMtto2).
2 H. .,
and pry
until you can
Then gently pry up the edges un til they're ahout 118 in. ou t
from the wall. Grttb a raised edge and rowt", the tile until the
grip the t llli!.
Then twist It adhesive breaks aWAY from the mirror.
off. If the tile breaks whUe yo u're working on it, remove Ihe bro·
ken glass and cut the dr}'wall p<'per around the edge of the
mirror adhesive. Thtm stick the pry har under the paper and
pry off the adhesive and mirror together. Sand down any loose
paper and paint it with B-I-N or KILZ spray primer. Fill those
areas wilh two coats of joint compound. Then sand and prime
before painting,

I~.h""'t_".~dr"'.".com ),-"1,,,"...,.,:1>;:>9 77
Fix for remote controls
Ol'l@ofthebuttonson m y TV remote does-
n't work anymore. A fac tory replacemen t
costs 4 fortune. I! there any way to fll! tl"lis?
Adam Rolek. v;o e-muil

Most remotes have elflctrkally cond uc-

tive paint on the bottom of each rubber
button. The more you use each button,
the more the paint wears off, The good
news; You can buy II repair kit thnt
includes two-part conductive paint.
(We used the Chemltonics CW2605
rubher keypad repair kit. which costs LlOUlD ANO WATill
$17 at mcmeiect ronics.cnm .) The bad ~
news: You have to figure out how to .'
di sfl ~!;A mhlfi thfl remote, ond every one
is diffflrent. But here are some Hentlral
disassembly tips: 1 Remove the buttons from the circuit bO/!lrd and sc rub off a ny sticky st uff with water
and dishwashlng liquid.

Start by removing the 9creW5, They're side of the remoto. Onr.fl you pop open either individual rubber buttons. or a
usually hidden in the battery compart- the remute. those slide switches may .<lingle molded sheet containing all the
ment undflf labflb and Tubber feet. fly out. buttons. If you 'VI:! spilled anything
Next. take II digital photo of the remote To separate the halVI:!S, press a butler sticky on your TAmotfl, dunk the rubber
with thA &crews ncur their holl:!s. BI:! knife along the seam and look for buttons/sheet. plastic case and any
sure you get II. cl~ar shol of all the hut- "give." Press in at those points an d pry hard plastic buttons in a bowl of wann
tom; and any sllele $;witc:he.<l along the the haJvas apart. Inside you'll find water and d ishwliShing liquid. Brush

He was a hardworking farm boy.

She was an Italian super model.

He knew he would have just

one chance to impress her.

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Will cocoa bean mulch
really kill your dog?
A few readers disagreed with Ot.Ir advice
to use cocoa bean mulch for paths
(March '09, p. 40). They warned us that
COC-Oa bean mulch can be faUlI to clogs.
However, our research found that while
the mulch can cause sickness, rumors
of canine deaths from cOl1suming
cocoa mulch are "highly suspect"
(Journal of the American Veterinary
Medical Association, June 1, 2006). The
article cOflcludes: "The odds of dogs
dying from eating the fresh mulch are
low, but those suspected of ingesting it
2 Repaint each button WIth a new coat of conductive "aiM, Let it cure for 72 hours
before reassembling. should be examined by a veterinarian."

off the dehris, rin.~e al l the parts with cure completely. ThaI's why we had
warm water and let them dry. you take digital photos-so you wuld

rl We want your feedback!

Next, following the mixing and appli- remember how to reassemhle your
cation instructions, paint the buttons. remota three days later. Don't rush the Help us improve The Family Handyman
Paint all of them as long as you have the curing process or yon'll be repeating the by sharing your opinion of this and
ca~e open. The paint dries in about 24 repair in a year or so. Reassemble the other articles. See p. 4 for details..
hours, but it needs a full 72 hours to remole and you're (!;lady to surf. 0
'~ . I.",jIY~.~d.m.n . • em J~"'/~u&ust1OW 79


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by Bruce Wiebe
editors@1hefamily handyman.com



'" ,
Low-budget ventilation
In his finishing room, professional woodworker Dave n piece of furnace fi lter material. When he turns on the fan ,
Munkittrick uses a ventilation system that's tK:on om ir.:al, air is pulled thro ugh the fabric, fiit(:!red of dust an d exh aust-
simple and effective. He stuck a plywood insert w ith a hole ed through the fan . But even with the good ventilation. he
for a fan in one window, and in the other window he taped still wears a respirator for extra protection .

Readable ruler
If you have metal rule rs
and squares that are hard
to read becau~e rust and
grime have filled the
indentation~, hrush correc-
tion fluid across th e
engraved marks. Let it dry,
then clean off the dried
fluid w ith fine sandpaper.
The tiny marks will now
~how clearly, and yuu om
skip buying a more power-
ful pair of chea ters .
Thanks for this tip goes to
Carl Andflrson, a guy who
really rules.
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Spray foam
tube cleaning
We all do it, RO don't fool
bad . You forget to clean
Ihe plastic tube and noz-
zle after using half a can
of spray foam. Do you go
to the store 8 month later
when you need more
foam? Nope! Jusl plI.qh a
12-gauge wire into the
tube and shove out the
!tried foam in a single
piece. then d ean out the
clogged nozzle with a
toothpick or small fini::lh
nail. Now go ahead and
use the leftover foam.
Thanks to Michael Mala
Super-cool hardware trays for this ingenious tip.
For~t!t the old coffoo can filled with your lifetimt! collection
of sc.mws, washers Bnd other hardware. Take 10 minutes to
organize tho miscellany in ice r:ube trays. Nail together a We want your feedback!
case from scrap plywood a nd carry it right to the job at hand. Help us Improve The Family Handyman by sharing your opinion
Thank.s to reader Leo ~tr:Shorry for this extremely (;001 tip. of this and other articles. See p. 4 for details.
Send us your Shop Tip and if we print it, you'll
get $1001 See Contributor Guidelines on p. 2.

Easy-peel labels
lIere's a slick way to remove those pesky lahals from boards
Workshop file crate and plywood. Heat the label with Ii hair dryer and peel it off
Organize all your tool manuals, sandpap~r. receipts, project with a putty kniff! or sharp chIsel. Go slow and tug gently
plana lind more in a plastic file box (S5 at l:IJl office supply and it' ll come off in Olle piece and leave no scraps behind to
store) loaded with hanging fi les. If you neally lahel th e files, tease away. Even thmlgh the spot will look clean, there will
the next time you want 10 lake Bpart tbe chain saw. or need be a little adhesive left on the wood. and thtl lubel footprint
a piflCft of Z20-grit sandpaper, you won't waste II second will reapp88r the second you put 8 finish over it. So rub the
rummaging around for the manual or sandpaper. Thanks to spot with acetone and sand lightly to remove it completely.
reader Lauren Baugrud for this orderly tip. Thank~ 10 Kurt Blankholm [or this hot tip. 0

Be able to bathe safely, without worry

with a Premier Walk-In Bath.
Independence and security are only a phone
call away. If you struggle taking your bath, talk
to us at Premier about our e)(tensive range of
walk-in baths.
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fear of slipping or falUng.
• The walk-in door feature allows easy access
and exiting.
"frIffwf"q. Jets soothe ~wiJlj your
a ch~ and pains.
I!f V...I PI...... ~ .... ,
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~ru~rDe~ ... 111 111-' I_dl l

'-. -
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from our readers

3"'"' IIlNn

HOSE ' "

Leash saver
When yml have a puppy or a dog that
chews on its leash, protect the leash with
3/4-in. vinyl ho~e (ahout 75~ per foot at

Better home centers). Cut the hose into 3-in.

pieces and thread them onto the leash until
wallpaper scraper you reach tho ond. Cutting the vinyl into
Scraping off wallpaper is no pieces makes it slide more easily over the
picnic.. Wallpllper scrapers are leash and also keeps the leash pliable. It's
tiring because you can only use just too bad they don't make vinyl hose big
one hand. Putty knive~ have onough to cover a pair of slippers.
the same problem and can also Harlem Peterson
damage the drywall surface,
And neither gives you much of
a reach. Here's a way to mnko
the chore easier and faster.
After wetting the wallpaper
with a sponge, use a long-han-
dled windshield ice scraper to
remove it. The handle makes
reaching high spots a bree7.fJ,
and the scraper won't gouge
the Will! unless you get too
Jeff Kumfer

Magnetic stick trick

Shower door seal In a hard-to-reach area, it can be
I couldn't find a replacement rubber seal for the bottom of my show-
er door, so I came up with this inexpensive replacement. I bought a
self-stick piece of door weather stripping ($10) and cut it to length. I
frustrating to get a nut into place
when you neer! to thread on a bolt
from the other side. Here's a slick
cleaned the door thuroughly and applied the strip to the inside bot· trick. Glue a small rare-earth magnet
tom edge. It may not work for every Rhower door, bul it was a qUil;k to the end of a paint stir stick, attach
and easy fix for mine. the washer and nut to the magnet,
MT Dun'angelo and use the stick to hold them while
you thread on the bolt.
Gu~' Anderson
BIo. ....,.,/......"" 2QOO '~ . ,."'tly~."d'''' . '' .... m
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you may send requelb to:Th. Family Handyman, P.O. Box 413050, Naples.FL 34101·3050.

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derk coIorl, bled! ruins and slIal the surface.
110 you. PI'nt Job Iooh bena' aoo lasis longer.
pr01ect buemant w.l~ sOld other mll10nry decoralin9 ideas and ex~ wood finishing liP' Gel profu.,ons! ra!1U1tt; the next time you painL
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oor webcit8 www.insl·x.eom Circl.8. wnsenJlf.com.
Easy gluing for
small repairs
When you're gluing small
items likl'1 a hroken ear-
ring or teacup. it can be
tough to keep them
clamped and still while
the glue is setting up. To
hold everything together
during the repair, embed
the parts in fllusable adhe·
sive tack ($3 at hardware
stores and home centers).
The pieces will stay right
where you put them, so
you can apply tht! glu!!
and lei it dry undisturbed.
Donna Z8itZ8ff

lawn chairs
After a rainstorm. plastic lawn
chairs always seem to have a
pnrlrlle of water in the low
spot on the seat and
inevitably, someone sits down
on it. Eveo newer plastic lawll
c.hairs that come with a
predrilled bole ill the bottom
still collect w8te1'. To solvA the
soggy bottom problem, pour
some water onto the seat to
find the puddles and then
drill small drain holes ill the
low spot.. , Small-engine
David Wiersema oil dispenser
Want H handy, no-mess way to
Add oil to small engines? Use a
dis hwashing detergenl squeeze
bottle with a push-pull plastic
top. Rinse and dry the bottle
thoroughly and fill it with oil.
You can hold the bottle at any
angle and aim the spout into
those hard-ta-reach oil filler
holes. Just pull open the top
and give the bottle a squeeze to
add just what you need.
Dan N. Devan

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CU....... . . - -
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easier on your knees.
Rick WilSOl1 n - Hugogrowlh_IoI_"
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• Ball rack

Out th.nks.o to nck Kll\&ln,.r, Ch1clnnatl. OH. fOfthls Idea.

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'~.'.""I)h.~d ),,",.~.<O," Juiy'......... lOO9 91

from our readers

Why, that quiet

little drip!
The water dispenser in my refrigerator
door wasn't working, so I figured thH
solenoid valve W"'I'! Rhot. AftHr 8 ono-
hour trip 10 the parts store faT a new
S60 valve, I iustalled it. Guess what?
Still no waterl After 30 minutes of trou-
bleshooting and chccldng thtl electrical
- .
connections and the water hooKup, I was
as perplexed as eVf!T, That's wheu my
7-year-old daughter waltzed in and

.... .

' F,

, __

asked me what I was doing. Then she

laid me that she'd pressed the
water lock button on the fridge
door after learning about water con-
servation in school . I f(lll like a hig drip!
- Tony /ocksun
G • .;'

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My parentA were giving me a sofa and I had
found the perfect spot for it-the Jown-
stairs family room. My dad and I maneu,
10 ft. of trim in a 9-ft. car verecl the heavy I':Of8 through the front door
On my way to work one day, I stopped at my local home center to and down the stairs, then discovered that it
buy trim for my uHughltlr's bedroom. I fuld ed down the back stlat wouldn't fit through the door at the bottom
in my car and TlI.n the pioces of trim through the trunk, resting the of the stairs. So I removed the casing and
£ront ends on the dashboard. I slammed the trunk shut, then jambs. Then It wouldn't fit through the
recoiled in honor 8t the sound of breaking glass. The trim was too family room door, so I took uff those cas-
long for the CElr, and the slamming trunk acted like a battering ram, ings and jambs, too.
sboving the trim through the windshield. My little trim project Wben we moved the sofa for the last
suddenly got a lot more expensive-and my car was impossihle to time, we heard something rattling around
drive with a shattered windshield. Inside it. ) reached into the sofa lind pulled
-Tom Dobbs out some loose change and the instructions
on how to removo the sofa back. I thought
We want your fl!l!dback! about thoSt:t imtructions the what., time 1
was Miling on the casings and jambs.
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Cave of eM Winds decb at Niagarn Falls, USA.