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Automate and control software delivery processes

for improved effectiveness

IBM Rational ClearQuest

Control the software lifecycle and By making process enforcement trans-

deliver high-quality software, faster parent, Rational ClearQuest software
The more versions, team members enables project teams to stay focused
■ Improve project visibility and sites involved in software delivery, on their ultimate goal — delivering
and control with real-time, the greater the risk of software quality high-quality software on time.
consolidated reporting and issues and project delays. Lack of
process enforcement communication, coordination and Improve visibility and control

prioritization across workgroups can When the different groups and func-
■ Speed software delivery with tions involved in a project all use
affect overall effectiveness. Steps may
integrated, automated end-to- different tools and processes, it’s
be missed or completed incorrectly.
end processes
Disconnected functional teams can difficult to clearly understand what’s

generate redundant or inconsistent occurring at any point in time across

■ Improve software quality
through enterprise quality information. And compliance with inter- the software delivery lifecycle. Dispa-
management nal and external mandates becomes rate systems and processes can also

even more difficult to manage. create serious coordination problems,

■ Enhance team communication making it tough for teams to collabo-
and coordination with IBM Rational ClearQuest change
® ®
rate on what should be inherently
automated workflows management software enables you to connected processes. Rational
manage the software lifecycle more ClearQuest software allows you to
■ Simplify compliance with access
effectively. You have access to the customize and enforce consistent
control, electronic signatures,
repeatable processes, audit information you need to make better development processes and achieve
trails and lifecycle traceability decisions. You can more effectively an integrated, consolidated view
manage tasks and schedules and across the project.
■ Scale from small workgroups respond rapidly to customer needs.
to geographically distributed Automated workflows control and Process automation
enterprises enforce development processes — Rational ClearQuest software can help

from requirements definition through you create repeatable, enforceable,

production — and help improve team predictable processes. Workflows are

communication and coordination. provided out of the box to jump-start

your implementation. Workflows can
also be easily customized with the
ClearQuest Designer tool to meet your
unique, specialized needs. States and
actions can be defined, fields can
be added and lists can be modified.
Mandatory fields help to ensure the Rational ProjectConsole™ software Requirements tracking
right data is collected. E-mail notifi- provides a real-time graphical dash- Requirements records can be rep-
cations help improve response time board to view and analyze overall licated directly from IBM Rational
and keep team members informed project trends. Additionally, Rational RequisitePro® software into Rational
of changes or updates. By providing ClearQuest software can integrate ClearQuest software. They can then
control over your processes, Rational with the Microsoft Project application
be associated with other development
ClearQuest software helps make sure to help you better manage schedules assets such as defect submissions,
nothing falls through the cracks, reduc- and resources. build records and test cases. Rational
ing overall project risk. ClearQuest associations are replicated
Defect and change tracking back into the Rational RequisitePro
Real-time reporting and metrics Rational ClearQuest defect and change application, providing analysts with
Rational ClearQuest software gives tracking capabilities help you manage connections to Rational ClearQuest
you insight into your processes with issues throughout the project lifecycle. information such as activities, change
comprehensive support for querying, By documenting and managing issues requests and test data.
charting and reporting. Distribution, to resolution, Rational ClearQuest
trend and aging charts help you visual- software provides closed-loop change Activity-based change management
ize complex data. Charts can be easily management that delivers better Rational ClearQuest and IBM Rational
created and refined to allow you to drill project control and helps improve ClearCase® software work together to
into the area of data that you need. software quality. help you define and manage changes
to software assets as activities. Through
Individual team members can gain Lifecycle traceability the Unified Change Management
quick access to their prioritized devel- Rational ClearQuest software integrates capability, file versions in the Rational
opment activities by generating to-do tightly with requirements, development, ClearCase application are grouped
lists. Queries and reports enable you to build, test and deployment tools. By into logical activities and associated
view the associations of requirements linking requirements, code, build rec- with change requests in the Rational
and the status of your test planning, test ords, test cases, deployment records ClearQuest application. This activity-
authoring and test execution activities. and other development assets, you’re based approach enables developers
Reports can be run out of the box using able to extend traceability across the to manage their work at the task level,
Business Objects Crystal Reports run- entire software delivery lifecycle. instead of managing individual files.
time libraries (included). It helps build engineers ascertain that
Compress the software delivery
the right files are incorporated into the
Rational ClearQuest software integrates lifecycle
build. Testers can readily confirm that
with IBM Rational Portfolio Manager Integrating and automating the soft-
the right functionality and builds are
software to align project information ware lifecycle doesn’t just improve
tested. Quality assurance engineers
with information across the portfolio project visibility and control. It also
can quickly see and validate what has
to help you make more informed busi- helps you accelerate delivery.
changed between builds. And project
ness decisions. Integration with IBM
managers are better able to track
project status.

Build tracking and automation Deployment tracking and automation prevent skipped steps or incomplete
Rational ClearQuest software allows Rational ClearQuest software inte- activities. Streamlined processes can
you to track and automate the process grates and automates development lead to faster and more frequent test
for building applications. Build records and deployment processes. Deploy- cycles, allowing you to detect errors
track when a build starts and when ment records track deployments earlier in the software delivery cycle.
it ends; they also track build logs through test environments and into You can avoid late patches and shoe-
and other build information. Rational production. For added control, you horned fixes that increase costs and
ClearQuest software integrates with can establish approval gates before delay project completion.
IBM Rational Build Forge software

deploying any of these environments.
to automate build and release man- Deployment records can be associ- Enhance team collaboration

agement. During an automated build ated with one another and with other Rational ClearQuest software helps

cycle, Rational Build Forge software Rational ClearQuest records, such you improve team communication

can directly create and update Rational as build records, test cases and test and coordination by integrating such

ClearQuest build records. An auto- results, to help you track which builds typically siloed processes as analysis,

mated build that is usable by the entire were tested and deployed. development, testing and deployment.

team reduces the time spent chasing Automated workflows and e-mail noti-

down compilation and convergence For deployment automation, Rational fication help ensure that appropriate

issues. It also reduces errors that ClearQuest software integrates with team members are immediately alerted

delay downstream testing and deploy- Rational ClearCase and IBM Tivoli ®
when action is required. They also

ment activities. Provisioning Manager software. You’re receive complete information about
able to deploy approved build files any change or update that can impact
Integrated test management directly from source code control. In their activities. With everyone on the
Rational ClearQuest software man- addition, you can launch the Tivoli team working from the same informa-
ages the full range of testing activities Provisioning Manager software directly tion, issues surface quickly and those
from test planning, to test execution, to from Rational ClearQuest software to affected by the issues are able to col-
the capture and analysis of test results. facilitate deploying the approved build. laborate on corrective action in real
With Rational ClearQuest software, you time. Misunderstandings and missed
can define test plans, create test cases Improve software quality steps can be prevented.
and associate test cases with specific By automating interactions among dis-

test plans. Integration with a variety parate project functions and groups, Simplify compliance

of test execution tools enables you to Rational ClearQuest software helps In addition to process automation and

map test execution scripts authored you eliminate software errors that lifecycle traceability, security features

in these test tools with test cases, occur because of manual processes such as user authentication, user

and to initiate test execution. Rational and handoffs, miscommunication authorization, electronic signatures

ClearQuest software automatically and inconsistent information. Built-in and audit trails are critical to help

captures the test results for reporting defect and change tracking capabili- ensure compliance with internal and

and analysis. ties, together with enterprise quality external requirements.

management functionality, unify devel-
opment and testing activities and

User authentication can be performed Unparalleled scalability
through the Rational ClearQuest Rational ClearQuest deployments
directory of users or through industry can support thousands of users
standard directory servers using working across dozens of sites. A
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol wide range of access capabilities © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007
(LDAP). Support for Secure Sockets helps ensure that all team members, IBM Corporation
Layer (SSL) encryption allows com- local and remote, have access to the Software Group
Route 100
munication between the Rational most up-to-date information virtually Somers, NY 10589
ClearQuest software and LDAP anytime, anywhere. Whether your Produced in the United States of America
directory to be secure. team is a small workgroup at a single 04-07
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location or a highly distributed team
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You can also extend access control for flexibility and scalability to support the United States, other countries or both.
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ClearQuest software can help you
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