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Saginaw Valley State University Offensive Playbook r SVSU_ OFFENSIVE 1. 10 SERIES (Triple Option Series) (2-11 Veer 2. 20 SERIES (Dive Series) 24-33 Base 22-21 Dive 3._ 30 SERIES 36-35 Keep 38-37 Stretch 4. 40 SERIES (Power Series) 44-43 Follow 42-41 [SO S. $0 SERIES (Counter Series) 32-51 Trap 58-57 Option *O* 6. 60 SERIES (5 Step Drop and Draw Series) 62-61 Draw 60 Y Option 60 Fake Angle 60 Jet Screen 60 Angle 7. _10 SERIES (Keep Pass Series To The Quick Side) 8. 80 SERIES (Keep Pass Series To The Strong Side) 80 Hitch 82 Wheel 88 Post 89 Hitch & Go 9. 90 SERIES (3 Step Drop Series) 90 2 9 10. 100 SERIES (Dive Action Pass Series) 112¥ Drag 112 Trey 112 Z Post 112 X Post 11, BOOTS & NAKED SERIES 24-23 Boot or Boot Naked 38-37 Boot or Boot Naked 12, SPECIAL PLAY ACTION SERIES 12,Dump, 38 Post 36 Z Reverse 13. ADDITIONAL OFFENSE SERIES (Short Yardage or to Kill the Clock) 10 Wedge Victory cr AUDDLE: HUDDLE We will use a two line huddle with both lines back's parallel to the L.O.S. facing the QB. x sc O O YT st oO oO 7008 20 O82 20 Be 2 & PROCEDURE: The center will set the huddle 7 yards from the L_O:S. directly behind the ball as quickly fPLay “ALLING: STARTING em COUNT: I. ( as possible. When the QB approaches the huddle, all talking stops. The offensive line- men on the back row will stand erect with hands to behind their backs, and the front row of backs and receivers will bend at the hips placing their hands on their knees. Itis important that each player have eye contact with the QB as he calls the play. Feet squared up. The QB will step into the huddle and call the play ONCE. The order of calling the play is 1, Formation - Right 2. Motion Zap 3. Play - 24 Base 4. Snap Count- On Two After this the QB will say, “Got it? Ready, Break" - at the command of break, everyone claps his hi We will then break wands and breaks the huddle. the huddle with confidence and hustle to the L.O.S.. The TE, Z, and X must hustle behind the huddle when going toa left formation. We must get in and out of the huddl je as quickly as possible, as we only have 25 seconds. While hustling to the L.O.S., the FB will use a "Buzz" term to remind everyone of the snap ‘count when it is on: 1 Set = Quick Call 2. Onthe Numbers- Digits 3. One - Single Call 4. Two - Double Call ‘The greatest advantage that the offense has over the defense is that we know when the ball will be snapped. explode off the line TOGETHER. Our starting count consists of the following: aay 3. False audible 4. Cadence pre-snap signal : 2. Audible or double digit number - Set 42 Hot Number 99 Dumby Number Hike - Hike Thus, itis imperative that we concentrate on the snap count and