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Directions: These various events from The Odyssey are out of order. From 1-27,
with 1 being the first event, place these events in the correct order with other
people at your table. Good luck!

___ The men are imprisoned in Polyphemos’ cave.

___ Telemachos calls the Council together to get rid of Penelope’s suitors.

___ Odysseus constructs a ship and leaves Calypso’s island.

___ Telemachos sails to Lacedaimon and meets King Menelaus.

___ Odysseus and his men travel to Aeaea where the men are turned to pigs,
Odysseus has a year-long relationship with the goddess Circe, and a shipmate
Elpenor falls off a roof and dies the day the men are leaving.

___ Odysseus travels to the underworld to seek out Tiresias who will tell Odysseus
how to return to Ithaca.

___ Hermes is sent by Zeus to tell Calypso to release Odysseus.

___ Odysseus reaches the house of Alcinoos.

___ The men travel to a land with Cicones where the Cicones attack.

___ Alcinoos offers a ship to Odysseus after participating in a number of athletic


___ Odysseus and his shipmates travel to the land of the Cyclopes.
___ Angered by the ignorance of Odysseus’ crew, Zeus brews up a massive storm
that kills all of Odysseus’ crew members.

___ Odysseus gouges Polyphemos’ eye out, thus becoming cursed by Poseidon.

___ Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag of winds to take him back to Ithaca.

___ Odysseus’ shipmates open the bag of winds, sending them back to Aeolia.

___ Landing on an island home to cannibals, some of Odysseus’ men are turned into
dinner as the rest of the fleet scurry away.

___ Odysseus navigates through the whirlpool Charybdis and the monster Scylla,
where six of the men are lost.

___ Tiresias tells Odysseus that he will return home, but also warns him not to touch
the flocks of the Sun.

___ Odysseus reaches Calypso’s island for a second time.

___ Odysseus returns to Aeaea to bury Elpenor.

___ The Gods are convinced by Athena to allow Odysseus to return home.

___ Odysseus and his men almost succumb to the song of the Sirens.

___ Telemachos calls the Council together to get rid of Penelope’s suitors.

___ While in the underworld, Odysseus see some familiar faces such as: Elpenor,
who tells Odysseus to properly bury his body in Aeaea, Odysseus’ mother,
Agamemnon, and Achillies.

___ Telemachos and his crew set sail to Pylos.

___ At Thrinacia, Eurylochus persuades the crew members (minus Odysseus) to

slaughter the cattle of the sun.

___ Athena, in the form of Mentes, visits Telemachos, Odysseus’ son, and tells him to
see if his father is still alive.