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Nov can the publeation scept responsi for the Bona ides of cerns ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS r2issues Uk inland rate £49.50pa Europe £64.00pa R.O.W £85.00pa Guideline Publications Ltd, Unit 3, Enigma Building, Bilton Road, Denbigh East, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire ‘Mict 1HW, UK’ Fax: 01908 270614 ‘Quidelineseregalitho.co.uk ISSN 1364-419x “Competition Rules {Employes Guideline Publications td and the Providers) of the Pres) and ‘ek immediate fies a0 not sige to enter One enty per household. The Secon nal and no coespondence Wi be entered ie." No respons an be taken for entios that ae Samages, dloyed miald or wronghy Scot no respons for any damage (or ijury caused by competition prizes ‘ry enquires shouts be rected the ‘manufacture or retalet, (seer jell, another year done and another time to review the last twelve months, both for MMI and the hobby in general. MMI has continued to grow from strength to strength, We now have a great team, so thanks to Reg, Alan, Tom and everyone at Guidelines, and to my editorial team of Paul, Tony and ‘Moustafa, and especially to Mark, our designer forall their hard workin making MMI the UK’s number one armour ‘modelling magazine. Our Facebook page, with over 5,500, fans, also gives MMI the biggest digital impact of any similar magazine. A big thanks to all our contributors too, particularly those who have joined us this year. In the hobby generally, I think Meng Models have probably made the biggest impact in terms of plastic kits, and the Doobi D9R ‘must certainly be a strong contender for kit of the year. We have seen the rate of new releases continue apace from the likes of Dragon, Bronco, Hobbyboss, MiniArt, and Trumpeter, but it good to see new names like Takom, Riich and Mirror Models enter the fray. 1/35 scale continues to dominate the hobby (and indeed the pages of this magazine), but Small- ‘Scale models are fast approaching their larger cousins in terms of detail. In terms of trends in the hobby, I don't really see any radically different painting and weathering styles emerging. Indeed, despite the complexity and accuracy of out of the box builds | think we may be seeing anew emphasis on the build. The skills and techniques used in building and detailing models is certainly something | hope to be able to give a little more emphasis to in the pages of MMIduring 2014. So what do we have this month for you amidst the celebrations of the Holiday Season? Roman Volchenkov returns with an unusual diorama featuring the Steyr AZDG armoured car. German armour is again the topic for Tom Cockle in his build of Dragon's recent Ostwind kit, while Dai Williams tackles Bronco's impressive Versuchsflakwagen. The D9R kit mentioned above is the subject of Mark Chisholm’ article, while Domingo Hemandez also brings usa piece of contemporary hardware in the form of Airfix’, 1/48:scale Jackal. Two Cold War warriors round things off: Alex Clark builds a Small-Scale Syrian T-34/122, while Federico Collada sets about Amusing Hobby's imposing Object 279 tank. Enjoy the issue and our very best wishes fora festive Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year. & Sed David Grummitt Editor ‘The winner of November's Spot the Difference ‘competition was Fraser Grahame of Paisley. 6 Military Modelcaft International Reality in Scale area well- known andestablished name among diorama modellers. ‘They have avery impressive range of small details and also. larger architectural subjects. Unlike a lot of manufacturers the kits are produced in resin, rather than plaster, think thisisa much more suitable material in many cases. The Farm Gate (ref 35095) presents facade with a very large arched opening gate. Themain structure is one large resin casting, the entire (ht and above) 35095, detail of the tiles, ironwork and brickworkis captured on this single piece. The sculptor hasindividually detailed sections of brickworkand the resin captures every nook and cranny. The individual wooden gates are separate partsand the wood grain detailing is superb. In addition, included within the kitare brass details for door handles and aselection of printed posters on thin paper. Other ‘manufacturers often leave these out, but Realityin Scale (tight) 3517 have provided everything you seeon the picture. The posters and enamel signs allow the modellerto create separate a variety of wartime and civilian subjects. There are quiteafew manufacturers offering similar products, but Sidewalk ‘Super Set (ref 35177) offers ‘afew advantages. In the set youhave very highly detailed resin cast pieces, which are ‘ast absolutely without blemishes or air bubbles. The set comprises of three straights ‘and three corner pieces but they can beassembled in many ‘combinations. In addition, thethree straight pieces are not identical and are actually individually detailed with gullies, manhole covers and such ike. The flexibility offered tothe diorama modeller ‘makes tisa superb product. The Reality in Scale range provides some of the best detailed and cast resin diorama accessories that have come across. Thoroughly recommended. Di