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For Modellers by Modellers!

September 2014 · Volume 18 · Number 11

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Reviewing the Latest in Kits, Accessories and Books

Military & Civil Aviation – Military Weapons & Equipment – Naval Vessels

The Paint Guide for Painting Guide for D.A.K. Profile Guide Israeli Wild & Cruel Flakhelfer to Art of Modelling 04 Super Drawings in Super Drawings in
Figures of World War AFV of World War F Vallejo This lavishly Cats Volume 5 Grenadier Memoir July/Aug 2014 3D The Battleship 3D The Battleship
Two J Gasquez Two and Modern Era illustrated book of Namer Merkava- of a Boy Soldier, This issue includes Bismarck W Goralski USS Missouri
Step by step instruc- J Ruiz Step by step colour profiles includes Based Heavy APC 1943-1945 K Schlesier Tamiya M20 Old Lavishly illustrated, S Draminski Lavishly
tions on how to paint a instructions on how to variations of the most R Manasherob Covers This book is a memoir school white wash; this book covers the illustrated, covering
successful figure, from paint a WWII and mod- models depending on the tank-based combat based on the author’s Eduard Phantom F4-B; design and construction, the design, construc-
the choice of tools, the ern tanks including the year, division and vehicles and armoured diaries and memories Model Factory HIRO general characteristics tion, general character-
work area, painting materials used. Colour army it belonged to. personnel carriers in as a teenage boy serv- Porsche 917. Painting of the hull, armour and istics of the hull, armour
flesh, uniforms etc. illustrations throughout. With B&W photos. service with the IDF. ing as a Flekhelfer. and weathering. much more. and much more.
SB 80pp £17.50 SB 82pp £17.50 SB 108pp £23.99 SB 80pp £27.99 SB 158pp £19.95 SB 66pp £7.99 SB 100pp £14.99 SB 80pp £14.99

Operation Dragoon: Nuts & Bolts 32 The Heinkel He 111 An Prinz Eugen The Junkers Ju 88 Volume Listening In RAF Armor Color Gallery Propaganda
Autopsy of a Battle medium cross- Illustrated History Story of 7. SS- 2 The Bomber at War Electronic Intelligence 12 Camouflage & Kompanien PK War
The Allied Liberation country lorries 3 ton R Forsyth Compre- Frewilligen Gebirgs - Day and Night Gathering since 1945 Markings of Allied Reporters of the
of the French Riviera. (6x4) of the hensive study of the Division 1942-1945 Operational and D Forster Reveals a Armor in the Battle Third Reich
August-September Reichswehr and history, development R Szewczyk 7th SS Service History fascinating world of for Cassino January- Presents the Wehrma-
1944 J Gassend Wehrmacht H Duske and operations of this Volunteer Mountain W Metcalf The author technical and military May 1944 J Plowman cht Propaganda com-
Covers the First Airborne In-depth publication long serving Luftwaffe Division Prinz Eugen relates the story of the evolution that endeav- A guide to the armour panies with particular
Task Force, which in- covering historical and bomber aircraft. With was a German mountain Ju 88 bomber at war, oured to determine the deployed by the Allies focus on 6 PK of the
cluded the U.S. 509th, technical development hundreds of B&W pho- infantry division of the both at day and at true capabilities of over the course of the Luftwaffe and focuses
517th and 551st Para- and production. With tos, manufacturer’s Waffen-SS, the armed night. Includes opera- Soviet forces during fighting for this strate- on the people behind
chute Infantry Regiments, wartime shots and handbook data, scale wing of the German tional analysis, detailed the Cold War. Looks in gic objective. Includes the cameras and de-
that jumped into walkaround photos of drawings and colour Nazi Party. B&W photos, orders of battle and detail at the RAF’s Elint rare and previously tails campaigns includ-
enemy held territory existing vehicles. profiles. colour profiles & maps. strengths and losses. capabilities. unpublished photos. ing Poland and Russia.
spearheading Opera- SB 224pp £25.99 HB 336pp £60.00 HB 208pp £29.99 HB 672pp £60.00 HB 192pp £29.95 SB 54pp £23.99 HB 300pp £34.95
tion Dragoon, the Allied
invasion of southern
France. B&W photos.
HB 432pp £74.99

Panzerwrecks 16:
Bulge W Auerbach
Includes Fold-out gate-
Kagero Photosniper Officers and Soldiers Kagero Top Drawings Making Waves Tank Art Volume 3 A Histoire de Guerre fold jacket with super
Panther on the 11 Challenger 1 Main of French Artillery 19 The Battleship Admiral Comprehensive Blindes et Materiel wide images; New
Battlefield World Battle Tank Vol.II and the Gribeauval HMS Duke of York Mountbatten’s Radio Guide to building, 109 Juil-Sept 2014 photos of captured
War Two Photobook R Griffin Colour photo Systsem Volume 1 W Koszela Brief history SEAC 1945–49 painting and FRENCH TEXT ONLY. Sherman tanks, half-
Series Volume 6 album which includes 1786-1815 [23] of HMS Duke of York. E Hitchcock An alter- weathering Modern Une Arlesienne de tracks and armoured
P Barnaky With dual archive photos and L Letrun Presents in Continues with an native history focusing Armor M Rinaldi poids le B1ter; cars; Multiple views of
language captions close-up walkaround detail the uniforms of extensive collection of on the development of Lavishly illustrated Operations le 22 BCC many wrecks; See
(Hungarian/English) photos and outlines the foot artillery detailed line drawings forces radio during with colour photos dans la bataille de ‘Kohlenklau’ on a
photo album contains the service career of between 1786-1815 with pull-out sections WWII. A fascinating throughout, this is a Lille; FCM M1 le mon- Panzer IV/70; A fresh
rare large B&W format the Challenger 1 Main including their equip- and profiles in 1:230, account of the untold how-to-guide with step ster pas sorti des look at the wrecks in
photos. Battle Tank. ment. Colour artwork. 1:350, 1:450 scale. story of Radio SEAC. by step summaries. eaux; L’AMC 34 YR. the Ardennes and more.
HB 112pp £23.99 SB 80pp £13.99 SB 82pp £16.99 SB 32pp £15.99 SB 211pp £19.95 SB 228pp £19.99 SB 100pp £11.99 SB 96pp £16.99

Allied-Axis 31 The
Photo Journal of the
Second World War
Tank & Military How to Photograph Militaria Magazine RAIDS Hors-Serie 52 The Rebel In Me A Military Miniatures Steel Masters 125 Photo album covering
Vehicles No.18 Scale Models Hors-Serie 91 Le Mur Les Forces Armees ZANLA Guerrilla in Review 61 Juin/Juillet 2014 Panzer Abteilung 40 in
juil/aout 2014 A complete guide to de l’Atlantique face Russes Commander in the Dragons M48A3 FRENCH TEXT ONLY. Finland; 7.5cm le.IG
FRENCH TEXT ONLY. digital photography, a la marine Juin 1944 FRENCH TEXT ONLY. Rhodesian Bush War, Patton tank; Bofors FCM2C le char 18; 5cm PAK 38
1944-2014 Les 70 ans which covers photo Y Buffetaut FRENCH Russian Armed Forces. 1974–1980 from AFV Club; Tamiya forteresse; SB 80pp £15.99
du Jour-J; La pin-up basics, cameras, the TEXT ONLY magazine Forces Terrestres, A Mutambara Gama Goat; Building Stug IV 1:35;
du mois; Horch Kfz 17; photo set and lighting which covers every Parachutistes, Spet- The story of the Wave’s Ketzer; Meng’s Renault R35 1:72; HB - Hardback,
Jeep moteur Go Devil. and shooting models. campaign of WWII. snaz, Marine, Aviation. Rhodesian bush war. Leopard 1 A3/4 Ural 4320 1:48. SB - Softback
SB 84pp £6.99 SB 48pp £13.99 SB 82pp £10.99 SB 82pp £10.99 SB 256pp £16.99 SB 80pp £8.99 SB 82pp £6.99 RB - Ring Bound

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TAKOM TM05515 9P148 ATGM £27.99 AG35042 M2HB.50 cal M/G Conv £7.99
TAK2001 Object 279 £49.99 TM05522 T-64BV model 1985 £39.99 AF35049 AEC Dorchester Early £TBA
TAK2003 Cana Leopard C2 Mexas £48.00 TM05557 PLA Type 86A I.F.V £27.99 AF35273 AEC A/car Mk III £TBA
TAK2004 Leopard 1A5/C2 £TBA TM05565 T-80B £44.99 AF35060 M-60A1 Patton £TBA
TAK2005 German Civil Car w/Rocket £26.99 TM05572 JGSDF Type 73 Light Truck £24.99 AF35166 6 Pdr A/T Gun £TBA
TAK2006 Super Heavy KV-5 £49.99 TM05573 IS-4 Soviet Heavy Tank £54.99 AF35175 M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer £TBA
TAK2007 Japanese S.U.V £TBA TM05575 Soviet Project 704 SPH £54.99 AF35202 17 Pdr A/T Gun £TBA
TAK2008 WWI Mark IV Male £49.99 TM05581 T-80BVD £59.99 AF35209 M-24 Chaffee (korea) £39.99
TAK2009 WWI Mark IV Female £49.99 TM05582 Russian TOS-1 24 BMRL £57.99 AF35219 6 Pdr Gun Airborne Crew £TBA
TAK2011 Skoda 30.5cm M1916 Siege Howitzer £TBA TM05583 S-51 S/P Gun £39.99 AF35145 T-34/85 Mod 1944/45 Factory No 174 w/Int £42.99
TAK2012 St Chamond Late £TBA TM01014 BM-21 Grad late £37.99 AF35186 Bofors 40mm FlaK 28 A/A Gun £29.99
TM01533 BMP-3 North Korea £29.99 AF35S82 NM-116 (M24 Chaffee) £TBA
DRAGON KITS TM01592 German SPW-70 £31.99 AF35259 Churchill AVRE w/snake launcher £TBA
D3546 M-48A3 £49.99 TM BMPT Ramka £TBA AF35270 Bussing NAG L4500a £42.99
D6375 Pz IV Crew £13.25 TM Russian T-35 Heavy Tank £TBA AF35285 Churchill Funnie Carpetlayer £TBA
D6387 Pz III Ausf L Late £49.99 TM Russian T-28 Medium Tank £TBA
D6695 German Wehr Bivouac £16.99 TM Russian Ba-10 A/car £TBA HOBBYBOSS
D6732 SdKfz 10 Ausf A W/5cm Pak 38 £49.99 TM03706 USS Iowa BB-61 1/200th £279.99 HBB82602 1/16th T-34/85 £64.99
D75048 1/6 Sherman Ic Firefly Hybrid £499.99 TM05327 USS Indianapolis CA-35 1944 £49.99 HBB83802 US White 666 Cargo soft top £34.99
D3548 M103 A1 Heavy Tank £49.99 TM03619 PLAN Type 051c DDG £89.99 HBB83806 French R-35 tank £26.99
D3550 MBT 70 [KPZ 70] £49.99 TM04547 HMS Monmouth Type 23 £39.99 HBB83813 SdKfz 221 Early £28.00
D6789 M6 A1 Heavy Tank £49.99 HBB83818 T-37 Early £22.93
D6578 Stug III Ausf G 1943 £49.99 BRONCO MODELS HBB83822 Swedish CV9030 IFV £29.99
D6792 Panzer III Ausf F command £49.99 BM35124 8 Rad PzFunkWg SdKfz 263 £TBA HBB83824 Russian T-30S light tank £22.99
D6793 Sexton II Late Prod Cannuk £39.99 BM35125 CV3/33 Tankette series II early £TBA HBB83830 GMC CCKW 750 Tanker £34.99
D6796 ISU-152 £49.99 BM35142 4x4 MRAP Maxx £TBA HBB83835 GCT 155mm AU-F1 SPH £36.99
D3554 Saladin Armoured Car MkII £TBA BM35143 Panzer 1 Ausf F (VK1801) £31.99
BM35144 MkIII Valentine MkIX £34.99 MERIT MODELS
TAMIYA BM35145 Buffalo 6x6 w/slat armour/spaced £TBA 6MM60030 1/18th German Flak 88 type 36 £future
32407 LRDG w/Masterbox figs £25.99 BM35146 MkIII Valentine MkXI OP £32.99 MM60602 1/6th SMG43 £future
35336 GPA Jeep Updated w/figs £19.99 BM35163 1/4T Truck w/75mm Airborne How £TBA MM61601 1/16th German 105mm K18 Cannon £future
37015 Horch Kfz 15 w/figs (ex Ita) £29.99 BM35175 German Horch Early £TBA MM61604 1/16th M-ATV MRAP £future
30057 WWI Mark IV Tank w/figures £49.99 BM35188 Lloyd Carrier no 2 Mk II w/6 Pdr Gun £TBA MM61605 1/16th US Maxx Pro MRAP £future
25174 1/35 British Sherman VC Firefly & 6 figs £37.99 BM35195 A.S 51 Horsa MkI £TBA MM63502 M-19 soft top w/trailer £future
25175 1/35 Sherman Easy 8 & 4 figures £37.99 AB3563 T97E2 Track links (M48/60) £TBA
MM62001 1/200th USS Hornet CV-8 £259.99
30057 1/35 WWI British Mk IV Tank Male £49.99 AB3564 Soviet BT-7 Track £TBA
MM64801 1/48th U.S Elco 80’ PT Boat Late £69.99
31713 1/700 CV-3 Saratoga Aircraft Carrier £34.99 AB3565 T-80E1 Steel Track M26/46 £TBA
32408 1/35 Pak 36r North Africa Set £24.99 AB3566 T-84E1 Rubber Track M46/47 £TBA
32582 1/48 British M10 IIC Achilles £16.50 AB3567 WWII Weapons/Equipment £TBA
35339 1/35 WWI British Infantry Set x 5 figs £10.50 UR806 R/R 40/50 Silver Ghost £TBA
MINI ART UR807 Opel Blitz Omnibus W39 £TBA
ICM MODELS UMA35102 Soviet Inf Weapons £7.99
RIC35401 Type 2.5-3.2T Light truck £24.50 UMA35144 Red Army Drivers £TBA MASTERBOX
RIC35402 Type 2.5-32 Shelter £TBA UMA35151 U.S Horsemen Normandy 44 £TBA MX3208 French Hussar 54mm £9.99
RIC35403 Type 25-32 K&S8 £TBA UMA35159 AEC Mk III Arm Car £32.99 MX35083 German elite Inf £10.99
RIC35414 V3000S/SS Maultier £26.80 UMA35160 Gaz-03-30 Ambulance £TBA MX35095 Jungle Patrol Vietnam £10.99
RIC35416 Lastkraftwagen 3.5 AHN £TBA UMA35161 U.S Officers £TBA MX35157 South of France 1944 £TBA
RIC35477 Kapitan Saloon £TBA UMA35162 Panzer III Ausf B £TBA MX35158 Brit/German soldiers Somme 1916 £8.99
RIC35480 Kadett K38 Saloon £TBA UMA35166 Panzer III Ausf C £TBA MX35159 US Modern w/civilians £TBA
RIC35515 Zil-131 Truck £TBA UMA35168 U/S MP w/motorcycle £TBA MX35160 German Tankmen WWII £8.99
RIC35526 L1500s German Fire Engine £24.50 UMA35169 Panzer III Ausf D £TBA MX35163 Middle East figures £8.99
RIC35534 Type 770K Open Top £24.50 UMA35171 Fire Truck w/trailer and pump £TBA MX35165 German Military Cycles WWII £TBA
RIC35536 Packard Twelve series 1408 £24.50 UMA35177 Gaz-AAA W/Quad Maxim £TBA MX35166 Woman w/Bicycle £TBA
RIC35632 WWII German Firemen £7.99 UMA35180 US Drivers £TBA
RIC35671 WWI Austro/Hun Weapons £7.99 UMA38003 European Tram 641 £39.99 VULCAN
RIC35674 Russian Maxim M/Gun (1910) £7.99 UMA38004 French Civilians 30/40’s £8.99 VU56011 British VI North Africa £TBA
RIC35675 Russian Maxim M/Gun (1930) £7.99 UMA36057 Base with Tram Line £15.99 VU56004 German Fuel Drums £TBA
RIC24021 1/24th Admiral Cabrio £29.99 UMA36058 Zis-3 Gun Emplacement £TBA
RIC24022 1/24th Admiral Cabrio w/hood £31.50 RIICH MODELS
RIC24023 1/24th Admiral Saloon £TBA MENG MODELS RV35 ? M-992 FASV £TBA
SS-004 M2A3 Bradley w/Tusk III £49.99 RV35019 57mm A/T Gun M2 Carriage early £TBA
TRUMPETER SS-006 M3A3 w/Busk III £TBA RV35020 57mm A/T Gun M2 Carriage late £TBA
TM02324 ML-20 152mm Soviet How M-46 Carriage £30.99 TS-006 Russian T-90A MTB £44.99 RV35021 Livestock set No 3 (dogs) £TBA
TM02325 A-19 Model 31/37 122mm Art £29.99 TS-007 Leopard 1A3/4 £44.99 RV35030 Praga AV Staff car £TBA
TM02340 Chinese Type 56 Div Gun £18.99 TS-012 PzHaubitze 2000 s/p £39.99 RV35033 Air Defence S-125 Neva £TBA
TM02341 52-K model 1939 A/A gun early £29.99 VS-005 Pick Up w/ZPU-2 £22.99
TM02346 Soviet GAZ-67B £32.99 SPS-015 Modern U.S Personnel Equipment £7.99 PANZERWRECKS / CANFORA BOOKS
TM02347 Flak 43 3.7cm Zwilling £27.99 SPS-17 Interior for M3A3 w/busk III £TBA World of Diorama’s vol 1 £23.99
TM02348 Zu-23-2 Russian A/A Gun £24.99 KV Tanks on the Battlefield £23.99
TM01543 BTR-60PA £TBA AFV CLUB Panzerwrecks 17 Normandy 3 (due Sept) £17.00
TM01549 T-62 mod 1972 Iraqi Army £31.99 AF35S67 AAV7A1 Ram/RS w/EAAK £69.99 Duel in the Mist 3 £36.99
TM01572 KV-8S £29.99 AF35236 AEC Matador Early £49.99 Tiger on the Battlefield (due Aug) £23.99
TM915 1/16th Su-100 £169.99 AG35039 Nato 155mm How Ammo £14.99 Der Tiger 1 Vol 1 Abt 501 (due Aug) £24.99
Guideline Publications Features...

Chairman 20 1/35 Frankenstein’s Monster

Régis Auckland José Luis Lopez Ruiz returns with the first of this month’s ‘Beast Killers’.
30 1/35 Ford Motor Co. M4A3 Sherman
John Hale joins the MMI team with a kit-bashed Sherman.
David Grummitt
20 Warwick Road, Whitstable
CT5 1HX United Kingdom 36 1/35 Ghost Metall
Email: davidgrummitt942@hotmail.com Anthony Guarderas returns with a tank-killing combo.
Associate Editor
Tony Little 44 1/35 D9R Extreme
Email: Martin Kováč get down and dirty with Meng Models’ D9R.
Assistant Editor 53 - Showtime
Moustafa Assad
Email: masss11@hotmail.com
Moustafa Assad Two reports from Tankfest 2013 and APMS Great White North.
Sales & Marketing Director
58 1/35 Beast Killer Part 2
for Guideline Publications
Tom Foxon
Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek models a Soviet ‘beast killer’.
E-mail: tom@regallitho.co.uk
Mob: +44 (0) 7540 153368

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www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 5
’m writing this on the hottest day of
the year here in the UK, and I know
that in other parts of Europe
(particularly Spain) modellers are also
struggling with the heat. At this time of
year I’m also reminded though that the
show season is getting ready to kick off
in earnest. In the UK it’s always my annual trip to Folkestone
and Euro Militaire in September that gives me
the modelling inspiration I need after the
summer, while in Europe Scale Model Challenge
(in the Netherlands) and the KMK show (in
Belgium) are always big events. For the team here
at Guideline Productions, the IPMS Nationals at
Telford in November is a major event, but this year
we’re looking forward to the third London Plastic
Modellers’ Show on Sunday 7 December at the
Islington Business Design Centre. It’s a great venue and
we’ve attracted some great traders and clubs and we are
keen to grow the show into one of Europe’s premier
modelling events.

We’ve got a feast of modelling

excellence this month for you. First, we
welcome a couple of new names to MMI:
Martin Kováč weathers Meng Models’ D9R
to perfection, while John Hale joins the
team with a kitbash of the little-known
Ford Motor Company M4A3. The remaining
articles all have a theme in common: ‘beast
killers’, in other words some of the most
potent anti-tank weapons of World War II. Łukasz Orczyc-
Musiałek returns to tackle Bronco Models’ SU-152, while José
Luis Lopez Ruiz paints and weathers Tamiya’s new Nashorn
in his own distinctive style. Finally, Anthony Guarderas
graces our gatefold once again with Des Kit’s Sd.Kfz. 8 and
Greatwall Hobby’s 12.8 PaK – a ‘beast-killing’ combo if ever
there was one!

Until next month, happy modelling.

David Grummitt Editor

6 Military Modelcraft International

News at the Front
An in-depth look at some of the latest releases
Hobbyboss Ian Duthie

As I mentioned last month housings. It is interesting scheme with a single digit of companion to the T-37 and
when I looked at a couple of to note that listed your choice. again a fairly manageable
Hobbyboss’s recent releases of not for use there In summary, this is project: the running gear is
Soviet light tanks, amphibious are a good easier, the photoetch slightly
tank capability was important more challenging. I think
to the Soviets, with over 1500 Hobbyboss have struck a good
vehicles built in the 1930s. The balance between
T-40 series designed by N.A. complexity and
Astrov was an improvement buildability, and
over the T-37 in that it had a would
fully welded rather than recommend this
riveted hull, and it was also the to all who are
first Soviet tank to carry the interested in early
more modern independent war Russian armour. It’s
torsion bar suspension. The alternative available in the UK form
armament was also beefed up drive sprockets, Creative Models and all good
by the replacement of the return rollers and hatches, model shops
7.62mm MG with the 12.7mm presumably as more variants
DHsK heavy MG. However will appear in the future. The
production requirements led individual track links are
to the dropping of the fortunately a little larger than
amphibious components, with those on its predecessor, and
the propeller and steering again slide together passively
elements deleted, and these with no need for easing, there
versions were designated the are 86 for each side. There is
T-40S (land only). The final more photoetch provided for
versions had a simple back the upper hull than on the T-
plate only, with the propeller 37. As well as a large grille with
recess deleted. Slightly retainers round the border, we
confusingly, these received the have simple rear mudflaps,
factory designation T-30S, and plenty to adorn the vision
it is this model which is the ports and some intricate
subject of Hobbyboss’s Soviet supports for the hatch cover
T-30S Light Tank (ref. 83824). on the right side. There are two
As with the T-37, most can be different turret configurations. The individual track links are a little larger than some other of Hobbyboss’s Soviet
seen littering the roadsides in As mentioned previously the light tanks and quite easy to assemble.
the aftermath of the German standard armament was the
onslaught, but they still feature 12.7mm DHsK with its
prominently in photos of the distinctive ribbed barrel,
defence of Moscow after and this has been
which they all but handled very well.
disappeared. The boat-shaped However, some of
hull was hardly ideal for land the final vehicles
only operations, but was received the
retained to avoid disrupting SHVAK 20mm
production. automatic
On to the kit and we have a cannon and
hull tub with seven further this and its
sprues of dark green plastic, different
plus seven of lighter green for housing
the links. Tracks are single link arrangement
and there is also a metal barrel, are provided
brass wire, a generous fret of | in styrene, but I
photoetch, and finally a decal have used the turned
sheet with a full range of digits metal upgrade supplied
to choose from. The running with the kit. Marking
gear is actually easier to options given are
assemble than that of the T-37, simple plain
as the wheels are all green, or a more
independent, with no complex interesting three-colour

8 Military Modelcraft International

News at the Front
An in-depth look at some of the latest releases
Wilder Products Dai Williams

The world of pigments and modellers though they would grains present, though these pigments and washes at work,
washes seems like quite a probably find uses among in can be broken up on the and some of the effects they
crowded place at the moment railway or diorama model. The colours are very can produce, in Martin Kováč’s
with many manufacturers applications. Currently strong and they can be mixed D9R article this month. You can
producing competing advertised on the website are with enamel or acrylic thinners see the full range at
products. A new range has textured paints for producing if desired. The rust effect www.wilder.su. They are also
recently joined this throng in earth effects, numerous paints are enamel based and available in the UK from the
the form of a large number of coloured pigments for again the colours are very Airbrush Company
products from the Wilder reproducing dust effects etc, as strong so the modeller may (www.airbrushes.com) who
range. These products seem to well as washes and filters. wish to thin these with enamel kindly supplied the review
be aimed squarely at armour There is also a range of thinners. You can see the samples.
modelling tools such as
sanders and tweezers as well
as dry rub transfers and
accessories. I have
experimented briefly with the
pigments and rust effect
paints. The pigments look a
little course with some large

Martin Kováč’s article shows the effects that can be achieved with the ‘Gunpowder’
line of pigments and the ‘Nitroline’ range of washes.

AFV Club David Grummitt

surgery to fully display this), truck bed itself; this is

fully detailed transmission and exquisitely moulded with
suspension. The tyres are nice, wood grain detail on both
but do have a mould seam sides. The photoetch is
running down the centre of minimal, mostly mesh for the
the tread and would certainly front engine grill, but does
benefit from some resin include a superb Büssing
replacements. There is a full emblem. This is an excellent
cab interior (but no decals for kit, which is bound to be
the dashboard – come on welcomed by builders of
Archer Fine Transfers!). The German subjects. It’s available
best part from all good model shops
for me and AFV Club kits are
is the distributed in the UK
by Pocketbond, who
kindly supplied the
A welcome release for fans markings review
of World War II softskins, AFV for three sample.
Club’s German Military 4x4 Dunkelgrau
Truck Bussing Nag L4500A and one
(ref. AF35270), the second three-tone
release from these moulds (the camouflage
L4500S was tooled in 2012, ref. vehicle. The kit
AF35170). The box contains contains a full
eight finely moulded sand- engine
coloured sprues, two small (although the
sheets of photoetch, vinyl tyres bonnet will
and a decal sheet containing need some

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 9
News at the Front
An in-depth look at some of the latest releases

IBG Roman Volchenkov

preview. The is that when looking at the

kit comes in reference images from the US
a small Army field artillery museum
cardboard you notice a lack of small
box with four details which would raise the
dark grey overall quality of the kit. Of
styrene course one can expect that
sprues (and a there will be a photoetch detail
metal barrel. set similar to the ones
The produced by Part for IBG’s
assembly is softskin kits, but I would rather
explained in pay a little extra to have these
an eight- included in the basic kit.
page black Another thing that is worth
and white A4 noting (although not that
manual that critical as moulding defects) is
also has the thickness of the gun shield
sprue layout and wheel mudguards;
and paint definitely room for a
scheme. The photoetched replacement here
IBG models from Poland are Czechoslovakia, this weapon
drawings are easy to follow and as well. Noteworthy too is the
best known for their series of was used in both world wars.
I haven’t noticed any errors in it. absence of the mechanism
1/35-scale softskin vehicles Characterized by a
However, there is no responsible for raising and
including Einheitsdiesel, conventional design, it could
information of gun layout in lowering the trail spade, as well
Bussing-Nag 500 and 4500, fire a 14 kg shell up to 8.5km.
either the towing or firing as no sign of gun sight in the
Bedford trucks and Marmon- Equipped with wooden
position; the carriage is kit! These have to be replaced
Herrington armoured cars (not spooked wheels it was
assembled as in firing mode, from scratch or spare parts (I
to mention their wide 1/72 kit normally towed together with a
however the gun shield has wonder if any of the later
series). Their most recent limber by three pairs of horses,
lower portion raised as in produced mechanisms would
addition to the catalogue is the but post-war versions were
towing mode! The highlight of be a good option here?)
Škoda 100mm howitzer in equipped with rubber tires
the kit is, of course, the turned Otherwise this is the only game
various variants. Manufactured thus allowing motorized
metal barrel with rifling. in town and it is not that much
in the Austro-Hungarian towing. Apart from that the
Honestly, I don’t understand room to complain here! A very
Empire before the main difference between the
who is going to use the two- welcome release, just in time
outbreak of vz.14 and the vz.14/19 was an
piece plastic barrel with no for 100th anniversary of World
World War I increased length of the barrel
rifling instead! The fit of the War I to accompany all those
and later in (from L/19 to L/24, an almost
parts is excellent; however, the upcoming kits of tanks and
50cm increase) which increased
quality of the moulding leaves infantry sets on your shelf!
the weight and firing range up
a little to be desired. The wheel Our thanks to IBG for the
to 10km).
axles, wheel disks and gun review sample, you can
IBG have already released a
breach have small see a full build of this
kit of the Škoda 100mm vz. 14
defects and require kit in our
howitzer vz.14/19 (ref. 35025)
filling and December
and now we have the German
sanding. issue all
service 10cm LeFH 14/19(t)
Another being
with large wheels
thing well.
(ref 35027) and a
World War I short-
barreled version
(ref. 35026) which is a
subject of

10 Military Modelcraft International


Eastern Front
Armour in Theatre
Spring an d Summer 1943
Armour in Theatre Eastern Front

@,@:0B B?:9887B?6@
3?50:: ?5B4@55@3?9B?B
7!@459 4=98?.@93@ +0.?:78:.05>7 ?27>8B?105B?A7
Spring and Summer 1943

+ /.
/;,/ 05;0
/:" /-/%5 50/-! ;50-*5
/( ;0/5 5 " '):*
;0-; 5+";0 9/, 0;"%5 /(5'%5
5-, 5;0/5 -%5* -*5;0
/?72@4 4?983?BA 8?B7?BA@ /?>=2 *5"; :. "/ /5 ;0/56-
9B>785? @?( '& ?72 @49 74B9 8B?B 5-*5 .5-%' /5."%/ /(57 ;;./5'
;B?B77? 78?BA@ )' 5- , 5
+74?BA@ .@55?BA98?9?+7 ? 95B@48 ?%&>*A?$7== B>78?/95?5@@8 A@?@94.- "%5 .5' 5 :/ ,':%(5 5-;;/ :,*5;0
?478B 983?7+? ?95  ,' / 
?:78:@ 4B8> <? BA@?#4 ?6@  5;0/5 .5)'%;- %'"%, ;/(5;' /,/5+-*
/95?6 2B09.?A *AB
705@?7 ?9+B@4?BA@?4@.@ =-"?/ >8* <;:  0/ "%/, 5
:7==9 3?B7?:7..92 A>:A 987  .-6 *50- -(850" :,;0/,

Guideline Publications is pleased to announce the

+?:9435 /,"'#.BA
83@4?7+ 5@<?(8 ?0278? 95@?7+?(2@49 59. (5 54A?


 "%* *5-5)- *5 
59.>@8 ? /A /. >@8
B?24@5 ?BA?#4=-?/9 ?#24>.?)@8@ >:A?BA@?49B B>789.?(43@ ' 5;0?9?5
24>8;0/5 >83 @@3 (:); *;5;:,,/ 2
@8B@3? >78 4? 4@: '/( /5 .-;;/ "'%5
B@3 9?: 5?B7?7!
.B@4?7 9.@?+74?$>B93 7? A0
', 7! 5-?9?.
B?7+ ' /% *67
*"!/ 943,5+ ?+74
9>8 ."%/8 ;
7++@85> ?6@-783?3 7..@:B>78?7+?9@ @@?BA@?87 3@.?/ @. & * ?A>
5 ':78*?98
, 3?3 85 -*?985- ?@94.-? @3?BA@?87B>78
!@? 706 4>9. 4BA@ A7? -%24@ 5)'5?3@20 '"% @B9
;05>.@3 ;;-)0 7++@85>
/95?>8 0278?/A>: B?BA9B?B
A@?@ ?2A7B7*492A5 5590.B?78?
48?9 95
;0/5 $/5:> ,57 @8B -% B-?5 (5*;@= &-%?=@
;/024 559 /(*@? !@?BA> ?7+?@=2.7->8
?9: A?9 -6'!.3?6,5?+74 $/,5# 5;'78? 5?/95? *?BA@
>=9*@5 B09.>B-?3>**>8 ..?)@4=98? 3?#4=-?+94?+4 ?B7?&>B.@4? BA@ :70 @:9(* 5B?7 -,
5-.*+?)@4= 5* ?:7"!==@?A >*A 53 3; ?#
05&24>.?+47=? ?95>3@?/> 5@B

publication of the first volume of its new Armour

2.9 /A '
?4@!@9. *?>8?+74?9?5B49B 88>8*?BA05?+9 ?24@294>8* >:A
7, 50= -%=@ ', @?7.8.- '/( '5,/ )/98?>8B@ 6'.5" "*"'983 %25*@4<?;B?: -% 945A9. BA?A>5
>!@ @3? ?+74?98 (5 4?985/ - ?+7: 5";05?
*5 7+?)"!@4= /( 8B>7 %585<
6';0 /, $/ ,5#"!
78B ?)@
@52@:> ?275>B>785?5.9 =>.@5?7+?3 @*>:?3@+@85> 4?A93?6@@8 *:)0 589= )':.@.-!/ 0").3?34@/ /25@8B'+ %5* 598? 5+?94*!"0@3
?&@ % 9>8 "*@3?9?4@ 74*>
9..- @@2 !@<?#5 ?24@3>: (5)'?BA@ ?29/*5' .?9BB ; >78?B7?
:";/7++@5/.-85>!@?0"@++7 ;/ 5"% 5 B?BA"'%5 ',=9496.-
)@4=9 ?:78:@8B49 5A>8*?9:4755 ?B4@8:A?.>8 ?&> 9B@ 5-@>BA
*5 %)/" 8@ /%"'3?20598 &-%  BA@ 6',- 5-4B5? %(5 5&
8?955@ B@3?78 @5?983 B.@4?2@405@3? 3 %5- 955;0@4?8 -;5'@: 5*4?98 6'?+9:.25-*B?BA9B?B ;/5* >8?B
,5 ?59.>@8B
/>BA?$ =6 ?BA@?87 ?BA@?.9835: ?@,B@8 -*5+ ((";"90.B?785;0?>B<?
?7+?!- BA@ 6.5?'0 ,5* @4* $/4@8,5', 5("( A@> /.A@?
>B93@.?A .-?94@95?> 4BA@48?9 92@?7+? 5>!@ '% /5?A9 )-45?59;-.>@8 5"%B?98 93>@4?3 5', 4?24 /@= )"-.>@4@ 85 >8* ',*2 :,
73@. 93? B?/
5?A72@ 5033@8.-?6 95?:.@94?BA9B 83?570BA@48?8 ?59.>@8B?98 6/.'% .5-
BA@ /. #4=-5
*5;0 25; 0/5! #@?: 5("!40,,,?7+? 5 5 * >!>5
05& 05?5-9.4@ .* >78 5) 5*?+74
*5?/ *5+
?>8B "*"' 6' ;05* ;3?BA =9


878@BA A?=>83+0.?
3>5960 *@5?4@!@9. 4?/70.3?349/ :@@3>8*.-
@:7 =@ ?@,
?:98:@ ?BA@?2472@4
?BA@ ?=> .>B94-?:

?:78:. 5<?&93?>B?6@@8
>5@ ?A@?/9

3 +-* /(>8?983?
>8*?BA@< 5%'5 BA@?@.@
?B@8070 95@?+74?:78B>8 ':;085 -;
;0/5 /5)-, #B?
;/ *5=@
5'%. >!@
-;5' @4@
+-* /5-
;5;' 8B5
5,/ ,


5,/ A@?',/5)'>BB@,5;
'(3@5 :)
5;0?BA@?59 5 ?+>45B<

B40: '%
"0; 53?9
):.-B?>8B7?7 '5
/5 )-!95
5-.*8@? 05BA@


5@? 6'/9

%"+@8 ;0/5 55?
:@? %'
-%$/ '593-
.* 5?BA9B?>,5
$/,5# %
.' B?/
0-(5 '@4@
4*05+";0 5'
"!"* @35-
%8 5



2.9:@? (*
* 3?8 +%5B7?@5+
"*"' -%
6'.* B>785




?@3 ("*, "%5('+ .':,5 ', 5' 5

70.3?3 +-,
," /5/-) '56-;;.
"% ?98 ;'5 -,5)' ;5*0-

:;"' %5-% 5;0/5 5+ ;0/5*;-%
/5+ Camouflage and Markings series to add to its stable
@.@55? 7+?/A9B ?/A- 9B %/ -,5' 5;0 (56 =95/
5;0/5..?= )@@B /5 5"% BA@ ;5;'5 /9,
+0" 5?B7
?24> .5* >* 5+";0 %5;'5< 5/-);5* /(57 -*5:" (-
98?743 :A75@?
78?BA@ ?73@.5?@!>3
5?B7?6@ .5*0- :95/5@?2 0B?B /;"' >8*;0 /.-6 5;0/5?)@
?>8?/5BA@ %',;04=9 5("! .>5@?78 =94-?B
-.?4@9 "95
%-.2?7+? - ,5 ;/5( ,(5'!/
56'; '!"/

of specialist titles. Each title will cover a theatre of

@4?B7?3 ?0-. >:
'% *: 7?A

>=? %5 )05?B9
8- 5;0 "* "' @?7 9.. *; 0-
78?#24>.? @.9-?BA
+B@4 @8:@?:
-%(5 5+";0 5B49
/@ 3?#4=-,*
25";* /
6-? +
 A0 -*5;0 @=
?'4', -;/5.>8?78?5' 5;0 /58? -) +74= %-.5" !@4 4>3>8* ,:*0 ;') 05;0/5 ;5"%(:* (/850" ;0,': -,5-% ,-..5(-
50::@5 ?743@4?9? ++@85>!@?>8>B>9 ?A>5?=@@B>8*?/ 4.-?>=2.>@3 ;0/5 5;0/5 B@* 5)'. ?5A );:,3?+77! ?98/53?):";/
*;/ BA@? /5*- 0"%/9B>7%*85< "%"? 5/-* *5' 5 ,'( ;,5"% *5"*50 0':; (5-.;0 ,5
5>7 3@. ?& ':
)'3@: ;." @+@%( ':
>:?3 ,5- /5 4@*
+0/ 7?98?@ ' 5* @8@ *5
49.5?9 ;- ?#2."/4>.?
/%5 %;5+
B9.>8? - < '! ;+
"/;5* -,(5 %;5+ -" :) ;"' 5;0/5 -,(. 5;0/5 ':0 ,//%85
983?7! 8?7+?3@.9- 9-?7+?9?+04BA@ ..-?7+?B/7?39 >BA?BA@?)@8@4 >B.@4 -%>3@3?BA %/5% 8:@ 5"%?7+? ,/5;0 94.-
8&$8 5)'
?7++ ./ 5>.@ "%!5 0/,/ 9::@2B@3? :. "%5;0 /,/5 %5-%(5 '/% 5*:, )'% .") 5";5,/
@4?9*9> 5?BA -5? :A@?
9B?B ;/,%BA@?'0 876;@85>!@ 57, -?983?
8?>8?:7 9B?/70.3?5 4?+704?39-5?B7? B7?BA@?? 9.?B 7?>5 5"; /,
45 5;0 7*5 5 /5 -. *:  "%5 ,"*"% ;5";5" -"%/

BA@ ?+>45 5+ /, 3@: -. ?59
/5 5,/
?98 5 #8 BA@ ;- 6- ' *'
@@? 9-?
 50@ B?5B-* 9*@ -.5+', >5>78?B75(/* +.>@8 5 5- 3?>8 )'% 5B@93?9,':B78 /,/7!? /!
BA9B?BA/,;0" %5-% */*85 /%"%5 5.'*;5+ .5' 5 '%;0*5 5"!/ *5:";/ (5;0/
78@?BA 85@0@
8:@?7+? BA>5?>.. +9B@3?@ ?9-<?A05? 983 ?BA@8 BA@?695>5 5*/,?>8? 9?/>3@%5' ?@= "%8649/,/5B<?& *." 7/@!@ %(5( ";"'% @=694
50::@5 >8*?/95?:@4B9 ?BA9 !"% 5 :@? 0; 4?9 B?
5 ?7 :*; @ % : '% 0/%5 -"%; ' 5;0 %5;0/5 5(" ")

conflict from the Great War through to the present and

/A 8B@424 6@* '* 5"% 4?B/ ' 0/ 9?5 "*
5!@*> .- 85-% B9.> 8?9 5- 5+ -) ;0*5 ;0/5 56
9BB@4?/ >8<? !@4-?/
>:A >5@?20 %: 98?9;59/, /70.3?BA@8?@ B?A9!>8*?385@+@ 7 5*"B9* ;/ @?5 */5*/,B49B-, /(5' ?6@ /. A@5 "%"* 5%: -*5( ;:,/5/ ' 5 9/, /"%50 /5:**' -**" :.;

/@4@?5 "-:?3
.>*AB?@8 A9B?BA@ @@5?3 '% /,-.
@4 5"(
-%59.>@8 =694 9B@3?BA 25;0/B49B 5% @*-!/ <? (5
;"'%* @+@85>
5"% !@? % B?>B?/9 0/*8 6/,5' '%/5
, 5 ;'
-*;5'   -% /-!"
9/, !/
70*A?9 ?:A @.9 . /% 5;- B?50 ?78 ?:7 @?) @4=:6/ ;'5"% .98 8>8*?/5;0 /7 0.3?6@ "',"; 5 -" 5;/ 50-,%/ 5;0/5  *5"%5;0 .5(
;8?9?6>3 5?>B?/9 7>:@? ?BA@?93 -?4@30:@3? ;0/5 5
56/5;0 ;" "):78 %*5 2274B@3
?6-?3>! 08B@4 7++@85> 98? ,5' 85> (")-;/70./3?247: )'?60
7++@ B 5-% *5   )- "*,: -%
9-?B7 ?B7?4@57.!@?A 5<? !98B9* BA@ *-. /56 )@-;"'+>3@ */,!
%5%:8B?BA9B @@3 6-;5. (5+";0 "*"%5;0 ;0"*5;' **5,' ,-.*56/
;:, ,50/- ;/(8
72@49B> ?9BB@83@3? >5?3>.@==9
78? 6-?
A9!@?6 B7?3>5:055 9..?7+?BA@?.@9 B.@4?:9..@3?9?=
@5?78? ?:A6.98:
BA@?)@ -)5@5?7+
%: :;' *550=
8?5 /,
* 5-%(5 >3@-.*5-*@>BA@ MODECLLI
5' 85?@!@
"%5;0=@,5+ 0";/ ,*85 70*
%: 93?
5 ?@ @45>7894-?72 !@5?B7?BA@?87
6/ 8?BA"%5;0
/53?#6-;;.4=-?/95?87/ B>785?@.5@
A?BA /5/

!/0" ?@3?#4=-.";;./?78
4BA?983 )./ 5% " /;" 5-%5
?570BA +0";/ //(5;' /5' 5- "%(:*; '(:);"' 5,/ ./); %5':; 5-;
7++@.85> ?>8?9?275>B>78 @4@<?A07 ?7+?BA@ 5 ',5;0 5"%!/*; 5 5 ,"-. "." %5' 5;- /(5"%5;0 :;5;'5;00/,5-)
/5, 5+-* (:);
"' -%5;'
/(5! (.'%

will contain a generous number of photographs, colour

@@8?247 ?/A9B?/
*AB5?9 @@B>8*?>8?;00 6'.* ,/(5': 5("( /54?A@ ?87
0/*/ 9-5?50 /,::@25@3@ '!@? 72@49B> ?B7?5@@ !?/95 '+ /5+ 5;0/5 " ;-, %5% /5+ /5-%
/?=0:A +7083.-?088@ @?378@ 557 /5 ./
8>:A?+7 ;;/,*
0/ 698
;." 53
%/ 402B?) 3; 6/4?
,* B9.> 5+
85 8?//,@4@ -% /( ?37 ;0 /! "% ;/ ,/ 0; 5
*':, 56/5-* 0".'*' :6/ 0'./5- -%: -) (
>8B@8B>7 ?BA@?'4 4!@3?>+ <?#..?BA :>9B@3?/> 5,/ -(:4?
6BA?B 5) BA@ (565+
-% 98? '+
@4= /5- 53?B9 ' 5;0:B>:5;0 /5*; 785?7!@4?BA@? /8"%?BA@/5/( /,25;0/ ,8
85< @=.>8? ?BA@ 75@?50 /,/% -,;/,* -%5-.*?=>.>B9 0";/8>B>$/,5#=>. /! ?76..>!>7 "/ /* 9..-?60 -%(- 24@!>7 ;'56 57, ,/5"* )/*5 5." 0 ,*
"%5) ;;./5-* 5;0-; 5+-*5;0 ;:(/5;' ;:,/5'
9.4@93- -?A93?9: ==78@ A@ '5 4-?> "!"*>B94/, -?+75* 4B08 (505? 65*B7?B/5 A@?+/, B?+9 ,(>.@3
5;0?5B4 "*5-05?B/7 -; 5 5/!"
?8@/ 0>4@3?@ )/
!@8?98 3?/70.3 5;'5;0/5 /;-)0
5- @?/
5 ': *59B>! "'%5 ' @5?>8?B ;/%) +9: /5B?BA ,/ 9B@*>:9..- 5 ;./5+ 0-(5 (/ '.': 5:
,*5' *;5'%/ 5-))/ -6*' -"%;
/5 5
?7+?)@ /,5% 70. +0"955/5:%";*
3?2 A@? "%5'9B?!>:B7
:;."% /4-?9B?';0/5< 0';', /-,"%5 -%5 %)/5;'
ly %(5"% ".595B
piled by Mark Hea
4=98 ?>8.>8* 59.';>@8 /%;85 0*A
0 ?A ',
("07 -.85 ;5';0 !7:96. .* ?>44@ 5/  -* ?98
5;0 3?BA9B?>/ 045)' 6- -05 )- '% 5*:
;0 /,5;0 5+ ;/ (5 .:;/
?7+ 'B?6@
,- +74@ /* )-;"%!?A
0? 93?743', /,*5 .-?B7 ' ?BA@/50-! 8?: -"% ?/70. 3 :, .-;/,5" ': .- ;0*5;' /*;5;0 -%5 //25;0 ;0-;
Written and com
Illustrated by Claud

io Fernandez
7+?/94+9 4=-
3?#0*5/. /5?#2
4@<?-? +.@9
4@52@: BA@?B>=@?BA
*/ 5A?


:5?7+? @4=
6/ ?3@
0/,/ >B5?*;083 5
5"%5;0 '"706

@?)/5;/ B@3

;98? :;
%;/( 0").@=
5' ?@,/5 2@4
*;".. /(

5:*/ 5*'.?@
."*/( >8*
6/.' :@?BA@?3@+@8 @5?
/ 785@0;/(5 ;5
"( 3?#4=-<??6//%5-@8:"%@5'!/ "*(");"' %5;0"* /5',5- 5,/- -;5-;5
(/ %5 ,- %5
@8: 0- *"%-; //," ..5*-%( ' 55& ;5;0-; '!/,-. 5
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A>8?BA@ /( /% 5/.
//%5 59,': ;56:;5 .'+5+ $/,5', +*5-5 0-(/5' :6/ -;;./5 ',
profiles and historical and technical information. The debut
5-5% 56
,//% /,/5+
5- -*

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 /5 5;'50>5?=

title covers the Eastern front in the spring and summer of

<'! )-*/ 78? 73@ /5 '. ,/ 5+   -* ..'+ +
@?)@4= '; ?0.- (5-% ' ': + 0/ /, /- 85 /%
-, "/;*5+/ 5;0/
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(/-. / B7?=955 8B55(?A9-,53 +-*5: /+5;- 5:*/(8 ': .- 6-;;./5 *5- -!/56/ /(5"%
-5./ "%5+";0 >!@?B98%';5( 6,'+ */(8 %*5 5%5 /5 ;'' 5+/. /%
** >..>8*?  /;,-); %5)- 5;0/, "!/%5 ;0/5'; -"%;5*)0 5.-)/ .50-!/
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-*56 ./5"* ': 5 ,'5;0 ': .-/  *5* "*5)'. ,50-% //5";5 5;0/5-,
BA@?:4@ ?BA@?=988@ ,5/ /5 5 // ': (5 + /-
*: *;-% %)': 9/, -"%;85 5;'50 ,56/)-: ";5)':.(5 ':.(
BA@?*4@ 95?:A75@8 4?>8?/A>:A
7!@49.. B7?:9=70+ ?B7?@=2.7-

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5;- 5'
(-,( %;/,/( -%5
'+/! -!/5

5, 5(:,"%5 )/;"'%5 25;0/*/ )/"!/( /5' 
.5+', /56: ./*
1943 and focuses on the Battle of Kursk. This will be followed
' .
5/- 5.-, 5";
. 5(

 /5'! 5' 5<'! "(


before too long by Volumes 2 and 3 which will cover 'D-Day to



Falaise'. Over time, these titles will build into an invaluable

collection of books at a most reasonable price to grace the shelves
of modellers and enthusiasts alike.
Plus postage and packaging.
Add UK 20%. Europe 35%.
Rest of the World 45%.
We only accept UK cheques/postal orders, please make payable to Guideline Publications. Please allow 28 days for delivery.
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News at the Front
An in-depth look at some of the latest releases
SkunkModels Workshop
Eduard 1/35 1/48 DavidJay

new nametake topre-painted
these pages,complete
above. screen for the
but a Chineseto the next logical
manufacturer average armoured Track
T-136 Individual vehicle, but
wellwith these
known to camouflage when
modern aircraft dealing with
Set for M109A1/A2/A3/A4larger tanks
nets for AFVsSkunkModel
modellers, and aircraft, theI (ref.
imagine fouriswould
35001) be order
the same deal
first in a series
Workshop of patterns.
have released The
a thewill
and day. Extremely fit
first releases
couple include
of very nice asets
of theAFV
Kinetic’s and pattern is about
US patterns from betweenplasticasM109A2 or the Revell in
intricate as it can get
1940 and 1960,
individual trackaslinks.
well as
M109A3. Both and sets
the more
are highly
Individual Woodland
Track Link andSet for
adventurous among us will
recommended and available
M109A6 style, all at
(ref. £16.99.
35002) also be able to painstakingly
is a nice
from Lucky Model
upgrade on for
an the
A5 (132mm
various x add Hessian tape for enhanced
(www.luckymodel.com), who
M109A6sheet,Paladinthey areout there
kits realism. The following sheets
kindly supplied the review
(Tamiya, Italeri and well
for 1/35 as AFV as are now available from
1/48 models. For most 1/35- samples. LSA Models and
being the correct modern A slightly different release,
for this you will of
version need
other Eduard stockists:
least two sets to makeThea boxUKand one really meant
Camouflage NettingtoS Type
long-serving M109.
complement their aircraft
contains eight sprues of track
series, is a 1/48 kit of the R-11
links and end connectors, 78
US/NATO Fuel Truck (ref.
per side. Strictly speaking,
62001). This is really
these are not individual links,
comprehensive kit of this
more link-and-length, with a
long section to go along the vehicle, comprising no fewer
bottom of the road wheels. than 180 green plastic and 13
There are, however, 180 clear parts. The moulding is
individual links supplied, so if nice and crisp with the cab
wanted to go down that route provided as a single slide-
the box contains plenty. moulded piece. The kit also
Kinetic Models released the includes plastic tyres and the
same set a couple of years kind of decal sheet that will
ago and I suspect this is the have most military modellers
same kit, but in any case recoiling in fear (I mean there
they’re very nicely moulded are a lot of them!). This is a
and a welcome improvement really nice and Quarterscale
over the vinyl tracks offered in fans should consider adding it
the three kits mentioned to their collection.

Emhar David Grummitt

Emhar have a growing range ‘Tadpole’ WWI Tank with ‘Female’, A7V and Whippet). the rear. The quality of the
of 1/72-scale figures, artillery Rear Mortar (ref. 5005), is the The ‘Tadpole’ was a Mk. IV moulding is very good on this
pieces and armour and the fifth tank kit to join the ranks chassis extended by nine feet (as it was on their previous
latest addition, Mk. IV (after the Mk. IV ‘Male’ and in order to improve the tank’s kits) and the rivet detail in
trench crossing ability. The particular is impressive. The
project began in 1917, but the instructions state the rather
design proved unwieldy in stiff tracks can be glued with
practice and no tanks saw normal plastic glue
service before the end of the (interestingly the previous kits
war. This release is basically state you’ll need Superglue, so
Emhar’s Mk. IV tank with the I’m not sure if the material has
addition of two extra sprues changed). Overall, this looks a
for the extended ‘Tadpole hull’ very nice kit and will be a great
and an extra track sprue (this addition to any Small-Scale
kit uses two long sections of World War I collection. It’s
track as opposed to the one available from all good model
long, one short employed on shops and Emhar kits are
the standard-length hull). A distributed in the UK by
separate sprue also includes Pocketbond, who kindly
the trench mortar mounted on supplied the review sample.

12 Military Modelcraft International

News at the Front
An in-depth look at some of the latest releases
J’s Works DavidJay

Eduard take pre-

painted photoetch
interesting product
to the next
available logical
level with
Lucky Model these
Airbrush nets for
AFVs and
Mask aircraft,
for 1/35 ATF
the first2A2
Dingo in aCamo
of patterns.
Scheme The first
2 (ref.
releases include
PPA5118). a
J’s Work
couple ofaUS
produce number
of fromwhich
these sets
betweena 1940
include set ofand
1960, as well
laser-cut vinylas
masks for a range of
(mostly and
Desert style,
subjects. Fullall at
instructions are
included in the
pack, with a
photographic step-
by-step sequence.
For more details see
com or search for J’s
Work on the Lucky
Model website.

Spades Models 1/16 David Grummitt

Modern-subject figures
are much rarer than the
more historical ones and
especially in the larger
scales, so Spades Models’
1/16 Seal Team Six (ref.
SM12001) will be very
welcome. The figure
represents one of the US
Navy Seals’ ‘Naval Special
Warfare Development
Group’ (known by the
acronym DEVGRU). These
were the guys who
famously took out Osama
Bin Laden in 2011. This kit
definitely at the high end
of the figure market: it is
attractively packaged
with the 24 resin pieces
are securely placed
between foam padding.
There are six main body
parts, five for the helmet is second to none; no seam also include a expensive, but has moved
and helmet accessories, eleven lines, no air bubbles, just resin full colour sixteen-page large-scale figures of modern
for various equipment and, of perfection! Moreover, the instruction detail and a sheet subjects into a different
course, the Heckler and Koch research is top notch and of forty waterslide decals for category. For more details
HK416, the preferred weapon every aspect of this guy’s various patches, maps and GPS check out
of Seal Team Six. The sculpting uniform and equipment is screens. I cannot rate this
and casting of this figure really correct to the last detail. Extras figure highly enough; it’s www.spadesmodels.com.

14 Military Modelcraft International

The Quartermaster’s Store
A round up of the latest releases

French 25mm Anti-tank Gun S.A.L.
Mle.1937 AK Interactive AK Interactive AK Interactive
Scale: 1/72 M-44 Camouflage Uniform Leather and Buckles NATO Colors Set
Ref: 72522 Ref: AK 3020 Ref: AK 3030 Ref: AK 4001

See www.acemodel.com.ua See www.ak-interactive.com See www.ak-interactive.com See www.ak-interactive.com

AK Interactive Ammo MIG Ammo MIG Ammo MIG

DAK Colors & Weathering Set D.A.K. Colors Bundeswehr Afghanistan Scheme French Tank Colors
Ref: AKPROMO 072 Ref: A.MIG 7102 Ref: A.MIG 7104 Ref: A.MIG 7110

See www.ak-interactive.com See www.migjiminez.com See www.migjiminez.com See www.migjiminez.com

Ammo MIG Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures

Blunderbuss Privateer, 1720 Napoleon on Horseback Murat on Horseback
British & German Camouflage
Scale: 1/32 (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812)
Tanks Colors from 1914 to 1918
Ref: PC-12 Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32
Ref: A.MIG 7111
SRP: £TBA SRP: €25.75 (kit) Ref: BH-1001 Ref: BH-1002
€124.00 (assembled/painted) SRP: €69.40 (assembled/painted) SRP: €69.40 (assembled/painted)
See www.migjiminez.com
See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com

Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures

Chasseur à Cheval of the Guard Ney on Horseback Polish Lancer Cantinière
(Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812)
Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32
Ref: BH-1003 Ref: BH-1004 Ref: BH-1005 Ref: BH-1006
SRP: €69.40 (assembled/painted) SRP: €69.40 (assembled/painted) SRP: €69.40 (assembled/painted) SRP: €32.50 (assembled/painted)
See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 15
The Quartermaster’s Store
A round up of the latest releases

Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures

Dragoon with Woman and Child Sappeur with Child Walking Grenadier of the Guard Walking Hussar
(Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812))
Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32
Ref: BH-1007 Ref: BH-1008 Ref: BH-1009 Ref: BH-1010
SRP: €58.00 (assembled/painted) SRP: €39.00 (assembled/painted) SRP: €32.50 (assembled/painted) SRP: €32.50 (assembled/painted)
See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com

Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures

Eagle Bearer Grenadier Walking Cuirassier with Horse Walking Infantryman
(Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812)
Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32
Ref: BH-1011 Ref: BH-1012 Ref: BH-1013 Ref: BH-1014
SRP: €32.50 (assembled/painted) SRP: €35.00 (assembled/painted) SRP: €73.00 (assembled/painted) SRP: €32.50 (assembled/painted)
See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com

Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures

Dead Infantryman Surrounded by Wolves Cossack Charge Dragoon Sentinel
(Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812) (Napoleon’s Retreat, 1812)
Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32 Scale: 1/32
Ref: BH-1015 Ref: BH-1016 Ref: BH-1017 Ref: BH-1018
SRP: €32.50 (assembled/painted) SRP: €74.00 (assembled/painted) SRP: €94.00 (assembled/painted) SRP: €69.40 (assembled/painted)
See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com See www.andreaeurope.com

Andrea Miniatures Archer Fine Transfers

Drakkar Raider, AD 750 Archer Fine Transfers Jeep Instruments and Placards (for Archer Fine Transfers
Scale: 1/32 German WWII Ambulance Markings Bronco CB35306/7) North Korean Flag
Ref: SV-11 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35
SRP: €36.00 (kit) Ref: AR35381 Ref: AR35382 Ref: AR35375
€69.40 (assembled/painted) SRP: €12.50 SRP: €6.50 SRP: €11.95
See www.andreaeurope.com See www.archertransfers.com See www.archertransfers.com See www.archertransfers.com

16 Military Modelcraft International

The Quartermaster’s Store
A round up of the latest releases

Black Dog
Archer Fine Transfers Soldier in Crimea Black Dog Black Dog
Superhero Eyeballs Decals (GAZ Tiger Gunner) French Cuirassier, 1815 Russian Tankist, 1943
Scale: 1/4 & 1/6 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/10 (Bust) Scale: 1/10 (Bust)
Ref: AR99064 Ref: F35103 Ref: B10009 Ref: B10010
See www.archertransfers.com See www.blackdog.cz See www.blackdog.cz See www.blackdog.cz

Eduard Eduard Life Miniatures

T-90 (for Zvezda) Jadgpanther G2 (for Dragon) Eduard ‘On the Edge of No Man’s Land’
Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Tiger I Mid Production Fenders WWII Young Red Army
Ref: 36271 Ref: 36272 (for Dragon) Infantryman, Kursk
SRP: $32.95 SRP: $32.95 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/10 (bust)
Ref: 36276 Ref: LMB-011
SRP: $26.95 SRP: £TBA
See www.eduard.com See www.eduard.com
See www.eduard.com See www.lifeminiatures.kr

Mirror Models Mirror Models Mirror Models

US Diamond T968 Cargo Truck CMP F15 Ford Truck 4x4 CMP F15 Italian Service Ford Truck
w/Hard Top Cab Scale: 75mm w/20mm Breda
Quasar Miniatures
Soviet Scout
Scale: 75mm Ref: 35108 Scale: 75mm
Scale: 120mm
Ref: 35803 SRP: £TBA Ref: 35107
Ref: QUS-16001
SRP: £TBA See www.mirror-models.com. Avail- SRP: £TBA
SRP: £36.00
See www.mirror-models.com. Avail- able in the UK from Creative Models See www.mirror-models.com. Avail-
able in the UK from Creative Models (www.creativemodels.co.uk). able in the UK from Creative Models
See www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk
(www.creativemodels.co.uk). (www.creativemodels.co.uk).

Quasar Miniatures GTK Boxer GTFz A1 Scale 75
Soviet Tankman with Scale: 1/72 Hernán Cortés Star Decals
DT Machine Gun Ref: 03198 Scale: 75mm Russian Refugee Woman, 1941-45
Scale: 120mm SRP: £TBA Ref: SFD-002 Scale: 1/35
Ref: QUS-16002 SRP: €90.90 (kit) Ref: S-3074
SRP: £36.00 €350.00 (assembled/painted) SRP: £TBA
See www.revell.de
See www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk See www.scale75.com See www.star-decals.net

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 17
The Quartermaster’s Store
A round up of the latest releases

Star Decals
Australia Tanks and AFVs in WW2 Star Decals Star Decals Star Decals
(pt.1) (LVT-4 and M19 Diamond-T) PzKpfw.IV Ausf.J Afrika Tigers (pt.2) Finnish Tanks in WW2 (pt.1)
Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35
Ref: 35-953 Ref: 35-954 Ref: 35-955 Ref: 35-956
See www.star-decals.net See www.star-decals.net See www.star-decals.net See www.star-decals.net

Star Decals
Star Decals Star Decals Star Decals Universal Carriers Mk.I
SS Panthers Operation Nordwind (pt.2) Lebanese Tanks and AFVs (pt.1) (North Africa and Italy)
Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35
Ref: 35-957 Ref: 35-958 Ref: 35-959 Ref: 35-960
See www.star-decals.net See www.star-decals.net See www.star-decals.net See www.star-decals.net

Ford GPA Amphibian ¼-ton
Star Decals Star Decals Star Decals 4x4 Truck
M19 Diamond T (pt.3) M19 Diamond T (pt.2) M19 Diamond T (pt.1) Scale: 1/35
(British Units in UK and NW Europe) (British and Polish Units in Italy) (Middle East and Western Desert) Ref: 35336
Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 SRP: £TBA
Ref: 35-961 Ref: 35-962 Ref: 35-963
See www.tamiya.com
See www.star-decals.net See www.star-decals.net See www.star-decals.net

Trumpeter Trumpeter
Russian BTR-80A APC Russian BMP-2D IFV Wilder
Ref: 01595 Scale: 1/35 T-34/122 Turret
SRP: £TBA Ref: 05584 Scale: 1/35
See www.trumpeter-china.com. SRP: £TBA Ref: HDF-RS-3501
Trumpeter kits are imported into the See www.trumpeter-china.com. SRP: £TBA
UK by Pocketbond. Trumpeter kits are imported into the UK by Pocketbond. See www.wilder.su

18 Military Modelcraft International

and Airfield Accessories 1/48th, 1/72nd, 1/76th and 1/144th scale ranges of British
and German airfield vehicles and equipment, including ambulances,
refuellers, tractors, G.S. and specialist vehicles, starter trolleys, etc.

Sabre Conversion
See our updated website: www.matadormodels.co.uk
For full A5 catalogue please send SAE or 2 IRCs to:
MATADOR MODELS 6 Cliffe Road, Barton on Sea,
NEW MILTON, Hants. BH25 7PB, Fax: 01425 628219
Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn
1/35 (Sd.Kfz 164)

José Luis Lopez Ruiz

returns with the first
of this month’s ‘Beast

he Sd.Kfz. 164 Nashorn any Allied tank at long range, the massive 8.8cm gun. Though The Kit
entered production and its low cost and superior offering limited protection for The Nashorn is certainly one
during the early months mobility meant that the the crew, the Nashorn proved of my favourite AFV subjects,
of 1943. The original design was Nashorn remained in its worth by destroying but I have found many of the
developed in 1942 as an production until the end of the countless Soviet tanks from kits to be far too complex for
interim solution to provide a war. 2,000 to 4,000 metres. The gun’s my taste. Fortunately, Tamiya’s
turretless chassis with a Pak 43 I thought the nickname tremendous performance recent release (ref. 35335)
anti-tank gun. The result was a ‘Frankenstein’ would be an apt enabled it to successfully looked as though it might
lightly armoured open-topped description of this vehicle, engage enemy armour while provide the incentive to finally
vehicle with a relatively high mainly because it included a keeping the vehicle itself out of build my model. While perhaps
profile. However, it was able to mix of Pz.III and Pz.IV range. not as well detailed or accurate
penetrate the frontal armour of components capable of fielding as the Dragon or AFV Club

20 Military Modelcraft International

Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn
(Sd.Kfz 164) 1/35

versions, this kit is simple to tracks, suffice to say that these

assemble, and results in a fairly would have to be replaced by a
decent miniature of the vehicle. set from Friulmodel. Finally, I
Disappointingly, I found several decided to improve the
ejection-pin marks that would appearance with some
be visible on the completed photoetched details; notably Tamiya’s Nashorn is typical of the kits we have come
piece, so these would definitely the attachment clamps for the to expect from Japan’s premier model maker: ease of
have to be filled. Also, the one- towing-cable and tools, and assembly and super-sharp moulding with a few
piece gun barrel would require various parts around the
careful sanding to remove fighting compartment. shortcuts. José Luis added some Friul metal tracks
some of the surface and a few details around the gun travel lock, but
imperfections. As for the vinyl otherwise the kit was built out of the box.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 21
Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn
1/35 (Sd.Kfz 164)

Painting the Monster grey, I pre-shaded the model to

As most people will know, accentuate the areas that
Mary Shelley’s creation was would be in shadow (photo 2).
conjured up from the body Similarly, portions that would
parts of several people; my be highlighted were treated to
‘Frankie’ would also be made various mixes of grey and
up of components from various white. To identify where these
vehicles. To give this would naturally occur, I simply
impression, I decided to paint placed the model directly
the main part of the Pak 43 and under a light source to replicate
the gun carriage in a two- the effect of natural sunlight
colour camouflage, the chassis (photo 3).
in a three-colour scheme with a To avoid wasting time
partially worn whitewash, and applying an elaborate
the gun barrel in a grey primer camouflage scheme that would
to suggest that this was a be largely obscured by the
recent addition. whitewash, I decided to
With the basic assembly concentrate on areas that
complete, the first task was to would be exposed (either fully
apply several light coats of or partially). Of course, I could
Tamiya Primer to the entire have followed the current trend
model. Once this was fully dry, I using the ‘hairspray’ technique,
sanded the surfaces to achieve but I felt that my approach
a perfectly smooth finish would achieve the same result
(photo 1). Now using a dark

22 Military Modelcraft International

Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn
(Sd.Kfz 164) 1/35

… at least it was worth a try! balance between the two, it is a

(photos 4 – 7) So, using Tamiya good idea to paint the upper
colours thinned with lacquer, I and lower portions at the same
applied the dark yellow base- time. To recreate the heavy
coat followed by the green and build-up of mud, I mixed Reality
red-brown patches in in Scale’s Mud-in-a-Pot with fine
appropriate areas. I also painted sand and debris, and applied
the fighting compartment at this with an old brush
this stage. (photo 8).
Now I’m going to talk about Another change from the
the ‘Counterpoint of light’ norm, I decided to deal with the
effect; not another new term I major weathering effects (worn
hear you cry! Actually, this is paintwork, fading and heavy
one I have just invented to chipping) before adding the
describe the contrast between whitewash. Personally, I find it
upper and lower areas of a easier to harmonise the various
vehicle. Generally, the lower colours using filters and glazes,
hull, wheels and tracks rather than working over the
(particularly when covered with pristine white finish
mud and dirt) are significantly (photos 9 & 10). Satisfied with
darker in tone than the upper this pre-weathering stage, I
surfaces … even more so on a now applied an overall coat of
winterised vehicle such as this. heavily diluted white.
However, in order to achieve a

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 23
Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn
1/35 (Sd.Kfz 164)

Turning to Vallejo paints and previously). I also added the

a fine-pointed brush, I began to Balkenkreuz markings, which
add superficial scratches and were sourced from an Archers
paint chips to visible areas of Fine Transfers set (photo 14).
the three-colour camouflage Time now to apply an overall
(photos 11 – 13). There’s no wash made from a mix of black
real science to this: just try and and raw umber oil paints. As
be as random as possible, well as accentuating the raised
perhaps doing a small number details, this process darkened
of chips on one area, before the various colours around the
turning to another and then vehicle; a feature particularly
going back to areas you’ve appropriate for a winter
already covered. I was now camouflage scheme. At last the
ready to attend to the main model was beginning to look
gun assembly. Here I used like a real tank! (photo 15)
slightly different shades of the Again applied with a brush,
dark yellow and green, having successively lighter versions of
first pre-shaded the parts with the base colour were passed
my various grey tones (as used

24 Military Modelcraft International

Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn
(Sd.Kfz 164) 1/35

over the various parts of the fine scratches and general

fighting compartment. The aim abrasions to give a typically
here was to highlight raised well-worn appearance
portions of areas such as the (photo 17). Returning to my oil
gun breech, stowage boxes, colours, I applied a series of
panel edges and rivet heads washes around the gun breech
(photo 16). and optical devices (photo 18).
Focussing on the areas Using the currently popular ‘oil
around the driver’s and radio dot’ technique, I added some
operator’s hatches as well as tonal variety to various areas of
the fighting compartment the model, especially the large
interior, I now replicated further flat side armour. This involves
paint chipping. The perfect placing small spots of colour
medium for this is AK over certain areas, and then
Interactive’s AK 711 (Chipping blending them in using a large,
Color). Using a variety of flat brush moistened with white
brushes and a piece of torn spirit (photos 19 & 20).
sponge, I was able to combine

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 25
Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn
1/35 (Sd.Kfz 164)

Nearing completion of the treating each piece individually,

weathering stages, I used this resulted in a realistic
several acrylic colours ranging variation of rust tones
from buff to very dark brown, (photo 28).
and applied these to simulate And finally, those all-
dirt streaks down vertical and important accessories:
inclined surfaces. To avoid tarpaulins, fuel cans, personal
overstating the effect, it was weapons, crates, crew gear, and
important to dilute the colours in this case some fence posts
and apply them with a fine- hung over the side of the
pointed brush in a series of superstructure. The tarpaulins
almost-transparent layers. In were made from Tamiya Two-
the case of the fighting Part Quick Epoxy, and painted
compartment floor, I used buff in a generic field-grey colour.
and rust colours (again heavily Balsa wood strips were used for
diluted), this time allowing the the wooden posts, which were
paint to flood across the painted with oils and
surface. Once the water had weathered with pigments. As
evaporated, this left a residue in for the various items of
recesses and around raised equipment, these were mainly
details, which proved to be from Verlinden, Royal Model
quite realistic. I then and Plus Model.
accentuated the extreme
highlights by dry brushing with
pure white (photos 21 – 23).
Like many modellers, I find Final
pigments to be the ideal Thoughts
accompaniment to the initial So, Tamiya’s Nashorn is
weathering, particularly when not the most hi-tech kit on the
depicting mud on wheels and market, but it is certain to
tracks. Here I used several please many fans of
shades of brown from various German armour
brands, and fixed with them who found
with Tamiya Thinner (white the
cap). Once the first layer was
fully dry, I repeated the process
with varying shades to create
further interest. To give the
impression of wet mud around
the wheels and suspension, I
added various oil colours
(bitumen, raw umber and black)
mixed with a small amount of Dragon
gloss varnish (photos 24 – 27). and AFV
Since the Friul tracks are metal, Cub kits a little
the simplest way of weathering too involved. For
the spare links was to immerse those who are seeking to
them in Blacken-It, an oxidising seriously improve the kit, no
solution produced by the doubt we will soon see a range
American company, A-West of after-market products … the
(other manufacturers make essential item being a turned-
similar products – ed.). By metal barrel!

26 Military Modelcraft International

Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn
(Sd.Kfz 164) 1/35

Tamiya 1/35
Nashorn 8.8cm
Pak43/1 auf
n III/IV (Sd.Kfz
164) (ref. 35355)
is available from
all good model

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 27
1/35 M4A3 Sherman Kit Bash

John Hale joins the MMI

team with a kit-bashed

Here we have the Tamiya M4 hull ready for the M4A3 rear deck. The rear engine deck was carefully cut from Tamiya M4A3 kit.

30 Military Modelcraft International

M4A3 Sherman Kit Bash 1/35

ithout doubt, the hatch, dry- The Hull
Sherman tank is one storage The first task was to
of the most well configuration. remove the deck plates
known AFVs of all time, not such and rear upper-hull plate from
least among military modellers. a project. the A3, but leaving the rear
However, I guess there are In Miniature
Oddly, the frontal plate in this plate attached to ensure the
many enthusiasts who are not Given the popularity of the kit is incorrect for the M4; it is correct angle. This part was
aware that one particular Sherman, it is surprising to find based on the M4A4, which is carefully sanded until a perfect
version was actually built by that no manufacturer offers a very similar to the early M4A3. fit to the M4 hull was achieved.
the Ford Motor Company. 1/35-scale kit of the small-hatch The main difference relates to The filler cap and splash rail
Primarily concerned with the M4A3 variant. Clearly, building the shape of the radio antenna were now sanded from the A3’s
manufacture of cars, such a model will require pot located on the upper right- engine deck in preparation for
commercial vehicles and modifying a suitable base kit. I hand corner of the frontal plate. the Ford-built configuration.
tractors, the Detroit-based have come across a few after- This leaves us with only the rear Moving on to the lower hull, I
company was also contracted market conversions for the deck and upper-hull plate to attached the A3 rear plate. Ford
to develop a medium tank early M4A3, notably Tank contend with. With reference also used a rounded transition
around their 500hp V8 engine. Workshop’s resin rear-deck set. material at hand (in particular, piece from the rear plate to the
The result was the M4A3 Also, the American company, the recent ‘Son of Sherman’ bottom plate, so I replicated
Sherman. In fact, from June MP Models produced an book), I began my plan of this with a slice of styrene tube.
1942 to September 1943, a total injection-moulded hull, but this attack. Luckily, I already had an Having filled the open ends
of 1,690 were built. Over this has been discontinued and is old Tamiya M4A3 hull. with putty, I carefully sanded
period, several modifications quite difficult to find. Currently, According to measurements in them to a smooth shape.
were made to the design, the Tamiya M4 kit is by far the the book, it would be possible Scratchbuilt towing lugs were
concurrent with other M4- best option to build an early to combine various parts from added, complete with shackles
series tanks. Despite these M4A3. It shares a number of this with the M4 hull. from an old Dragon kit.
changes, all Ford-produced sprues with the late version, so
Shermans were of the small- has many parts essential for

A test fit with the radio antenna pot removed. And the M4A3 engine deck installed on the Tamiya M4 hull.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 31
1/35 M4A3 Sherman Kit Bash

The weld beads were sculpted from styrene strips and homemade tool. The turret cheek was re-contoured to represent the cast in cheek armour.

A feature of the Ford-built antenna pot and driver’s/co-

tanks was the one-piece cast driver’s hatches were from The
transmission housing, New TMD (formerly Tiger Model
apparently their own invention. Designs). The bow MG barrel (as
Again from the spares box, I well as the coaxial one in the
found the necessary early cast turret) and the towing cables
housing (from a Tasca kit). were from Eureka XXL. As for
Having test fitted this against the towing cable ends and rear
the upper and lower hull, I clamp, these were from
attached it and filled any gaps Formations.
with Milliput. The rear plate
details were now added, and
the two hull sections joined The Turret
together. Working from my While the Tamiya turret is a
references images, I boxed in good representation of the M4,
The turret pistol port was removed and filled in. the underside of the rear I chose to depict a vehicle that
overhang with plasticard and was accepted in March 1943 so
added the sponson floors. The that I could use the M34A1 gun
exhaust deflector was from a mount. This required adding
Dragon A3 kit, and the sand- the bulge to the right-hand
shield brackets next to this side of the turret in place of the
were made up from card stock. welded appliqué armour, and
The kit hull had some rather removing the pistol port. I
large recessed weld-bead formed the bulge by cutting a
detail. To remedy this I used basic shape from plastic sheet. I
lengths of .010 x .020 styrene then attached this to the side of
strip. Having glued these in the turret with the help of a
place, I allowed them to dry clamp to ensure that it
before applying Tamiya Extra conformed to the contours. It
Thin Cement to soften the was important to cut the shape
plastic before shaping them slightly undersize to allow me
with a filed-down piece of brass to blend the edges with the
tube held in a pin vice. Since turret surface. This was done
Here you can see the Dragon rear idler wheel spacer construction. . . with Milliput, applied in several
most of the surviving examples
of this vehicle feature the post- thin layers before being sanded
war pattern splash rail, I needed to the correct shape. Dealing
to scratchbuild the correct type with the pistol port was simply
based on scale drawings and a a case of attaching a piece of
single photograph. The filler plastic behind the opening,
caps (also specific to the Ford filling the recess and
vehicles) were taken from the sanding smooth. The turret
Tasca kit. was then given a coat of
Mr. Surfacer 500, and
With the major corrections to stippled with a
the hull completed, it was time stiff brush to
to attend to some of the replicate the
smaller details. Using a cast texture.
combination of Tasca and Once dry, this
Dragon parts, I added the was lightly
headlights (with photoetched buffed with fine-
guards), fenders, siren and grade sandpaper.
And the construction of the rest of the Dragon suspension units. sand-shield mounts. The rear The remaining parts of
lights, lifting eyes, pioneer tools, the turret were assembled

32 Military Modelcraft International

M4A3 Sherman Kit Bash 1/35

Here are the completed Dragon suspension units fixed in place. I used a Tasca final drive and fenders, along with TMD’s radio antennae.

according to the instructions, items, the easiest solution to

with the exception of the gun both problems was to use the
barrel which was replaced with suspension assembly from a
a turned-aluminium version spare Dragon kit. Having
from Jordi Rubio. removed the locating pins from
Returning to my reference the rear of the inner casting, the
images, I found details of bogie units were assembled as
foundry markings relating to a per instructions. Any seams
surviving example. Using were then filled and sanded.
appropriate items from Archer With the track skids left off and
Fine Transfers’ Casting Symbols the chunky locating mouldings
(ref. AR88007), I applied these removed, I drilled out the
to the turret roof and mantlet. return-roller bracket holes with
Before adding these, gloss the help of the Sherman Bogie
varnish was applied to the area Drill Jig (ref. SKU 405) from
covered with Mr. Surfacer, Click2detail.com. The bogie Here you can see the scratchbuilt early filler cap and splashguard arrangement.
though this was not required assembly was then finished off
on the bare plastic surface. with brass track skids,
Once in place, the markings compliments of Lion Marc
were sealed with Solvaset Model Designs.
solution. I decided to use the Dragon
idlers as these were suitably
detailed on the rear face. A
The Suspension spacer was required for the
The two main faults with the Tamiya axles to bring the
Tamiya suspension are that the wheels in line with the rest of
road wheels are hollow backed, the suspension. I ended up
and the return-roller brackets making several small discs out
are of the upswept variety of card stock using my punch
making them inaccurate for this and die set. These were glued
particular build. Rather than to the outside of the inner
spending out further on after- insert, and opened up to
market achieve a snug fit. I chose to
Here are the TMD hatches fitted to the Tamiya hull.
use the Tamiya sprockets, as
these were both better
detailed than the Dragon
items, and a perfect fit for
the axles.

The photoetched brush guards also came from the Dragon series of Sherman kits.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 33
1/35 M4A3 Sherman Kit Bash

The TMD pioneer tools in place; these are excellent and really lift the level the detail. This shows the modifications made to the rear plate.

Painting and Weathering The next step was to apply a

Since the main aim of this coat Future Floor polish, both
article was to focus on the to seal the paintwork, and to
construction stages, I avoided prepare the surfaces for the
going into great detail with the application of markings. These
painting and weathering were sourced from an Archer
sequences. Knowing exactly Fine Transfers sheet, AR35362
what effects I was seeking to (Sherman Basics). This set of dry
achieve, it was merely a case of transfers provides a wide
going back and forth until I was selection of markings, allowing
satisfied with the result. Before you to depict just about every
applying any paint, I gave all bumper code and registration
the sub-assemblies a thorough number. In fact, I chose a
wash in warm soapy water to vehicle from 5th Armored
remove any grease and dust Division on manoeuvres at Fort
Here is the rounded lower hull plate fitted with Dragon’s exhaust deflector. from the construction work. Knox, Kentucky. I was even able
Having allowed a couple of to use this sheet to make up a
days drying time, I applied an Ford registration number
overall primer coat of Mr. appropriate for March 1943.
Surfacer 1200. LifeColor’s LC- Once these were applied along
CS11 (Lusterless Olive Drab) with Allied stars, I masked the
was chosen as the base colour, turret and added the horizontal
a perfect match for FS 33070 band using LC-01 (Flat White).
used on vehicles up to 1943. LC- Having sealed the markings
UA221 (Khaki Olive Drab) was with a further coat of Future, I
then used to create highlights was ready to make a start on
to various areas around the the weathering.
model. The road wheel tyres Using MIG Productions’ P221
were picked out with LC-UA733 (Brown Wash), I applied a pin-
(Tyre Black), and the towing wash to accentuate raised
cable received a base coat of details.
LC-UA701 (Rust Dark Shadow).
The Archer casting marks are really excellent and are a must-have for a really accurate model.
The pioneer tools were painted
with Vallejo Model Color
70.862 (Black Grey) for the
metal portions, and
Panzer Aces 310
(Old Wood) for

An overall view of the assembled model now ready for paint.

34 Military Modelcraft International

M4A3 Sherman Kit Bash 1/35

The model was primed with Mr. Surfacer 1200. Given the range of media used priming was
I used various shades from LifeColor’s Olive Drab paint set to obtain the finish I was after.
essential to ensure the paint adhered correctly.

The benefit of having a gloss Fixer being ‘wicked’ into the dry
surface was that this would pigment using a round brush.
prevent the wash from leaving More of the dry pigments were
unsightly tidemarks; any errors then sprinkled over the wet
could be easily removed using surface to improve the texture.
a brush moistened with Finally, I dusted light-coloured
thinner. Once satisfied with the pigments across the area, being
appearance, I applied a coat of careful not to obscure the
Testors Dullcote Lacquer, and previous work. Returning to the
allowed the model to fully dry tools and towing cable, I
for several days. Contrary to the applied AK-045 (Brown Wash
popular opinion that Olive drab for Green Vehicles) to all metal
is a boring colour, I find it to be parts. Testors 1790 (Chrome
quite a challenge to work with. Silver) mixed with 502
To relieve the monotone finish, Abteilung’s Abt-015 (Shadow
After a coat of gloss varnish I applied the decals and continued the weathering process with a
I applied two filters, the first Brown) was now dry-brushed
series of pin washes.
being AK Interactive’s AK-076 over these parts to create a
(Filter for NATO Tanks). Once metallic sheen. Using my Dark
this had dried, I followed with Streaking Grime, I brushed this
AK-065 (Afrika Korps Filter). over the tools’ wooden handles.
Heavily diluted, these had the Allowing it to dry, I then used a
effect of creating depth to the fine-pointed brush moistened
Olive Drab colour. Streaking with thinner to create a wood-
down the sides of the vehicle grain effect.
was achieved using a The final items to deal with
combination of AK-024 (Dark were the tracks. Having applied
Streaking Grime) and AK-074 a base-coat of Tamiya XF-69
(Rain marks for NATO Tanks). So (NATO Black), the end
as not to overstate this effect, I connectors were picked out
manipulated the colour using a with LifeColor LC-UA701 (Rust
wide brush moistened with dark Shadow), followed by AK-
thinner. The fuel stains were 083 (Track Wash). A similar
created using AK-075 (Wash for metallic effect as used on the
NATO Camo Vehicles). As these The gloss coat was then flattened with a blast of Testor’s Dullcote Lacquer.
tools and towing cable created
needed to be more visible, they a worn appearance, and the
were allowed to dry with very tracks were finished off with a
little blending. dusting of pigments (not
The next stage was forgetting to wipe away areas
concerned with dried mud and from high spots). With the
dirt effects. Not being tracks installed, I decided to
particularly confident in the use photograph the model. I find
of pigments, I took some advice this a useful way of identifying
from a master, John Tolcher. The any imperfections that are not
approach was to apply a layer obvious to the naked eye. With
of Afrika Korps Filter to the corrections made, the final
lower hull and suspension, photographs were taken, and
followed by dry pigments the M4A3 added to my
being sprinkled onto the still- collection. And the next project:
wet surface from a wide brush. already in the planning stage is
Repeating the process added the earlier M4A3 ‘Direct Vision’
some bulk to the appearance, model. Final weathering consisted of a series of filters and the application of streaking effects.
and was followed by Pigment

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 35
Greatwall Hobby Rheinmetall
1/35 12.8cm K44 Anti-Tank Gun

Anthony Guarderas returns with a tank-killing combo.

t is the classic debate: self-propelled or towed. It doesn't matter
if it is artillery or tank destroyer, the argument of which is
better has raged in the same intensity as the shells flying
through the air. ‘Selfies’, if you will, have the benefit of being
able to shoot and scoot and thus avoid counter battery fire. But
if something happens to the mechanicals or the drivetrain is

damaged the
gun can no longer move. Unless it can
be fixed in a timely fashion it will be left behind. Towed guns
have the downfall of generally taking more time to emplace and
once in a firing position they run a higher risk of counter battery
fire, but at the same time is not hampered by the same
mechanical threats as a selfie. If the prime mover breaks down
another vehicle can simply come in and tow it. Some armies over
the years have converted from towed to self-propelled artillery
and more recently some have gone the other way from self-
propelled to towed, so it is safe to say the debate goes on.
Personally I love both, but I
have a real soft spot for
prime movers and if
this prime mover is
pulling something
that oozes power I
am all over it.

36 Military Modelcraft International

Greatwall Hobby Rheinmetall
12.8cm K44 Anti-Tank Gun 1/35

This isolated my working space

and eliminated any possibilities
of messing up the orientation
of the inner and outer layers.
Once all the rivets were in place
I removed the shields from the
fret and glued them together.
Once dry I added the plastic
equilibriator covers. The shields
would be added after paint. At
this point I primed all the sub
assemblies with red oxide and
set them aside to dry before
base color. Since the gun would
be painted the same base as
the DB10 I wanted to wait until
both were ready for that stage
of painting.

Primemover Benz
The Des Kit DB10 Sd.Kfz. 8 is a Painting began with a good coat of LifeColor’s Dunkelgelb. Coverage was excellent and the paint soon dried to a durable surface for the subsequent
weathering phases.
kit that has been around for a
while and funny thing is that
when some see this halftrack
they immediately call it a
‘Famo’; well it is not a Famo, it’s
a Benz. The DB10 was the
primary halftrack for German
medium to heavy artillery. Its
main towed load was the 17cm
Matterhorn and the 21cm
Mörser (two-part load; carriage,
and Rohr wagon). It was also
used as a recovery platform
with some even towing the
Sd.Ah.116 trailer. I buried my
head in the Nuts & Bolts for
what felt like months going
through all the stellar pictures
and even better the inner cover
build by Tony Greenland of the
Des kit. These pictures and the
related explanation of his build
really helped me figure out
how much I needed to work to A rear view showing the formidable length of the 12.8cm main gun.
get the DB finished. The chassis

sections that
is one piece and this helps with
and in this regard was to add every single rivet would
the trueness of the final adorn
somewhat of a pain to get to quickly lead to insanity, so I
product. The body on the other the side openings for the crew
line up all the sections without decided to go the route I took
hand is made up of with Track Wire. The hardest
having unsightly seams and with the armoured cab M1070 part of the Des build was
gaps. I planed all the pieces so I and use the Archer Fine putting on the resin link-and-
would have a good flat surface Transfers’ line of surface details. length tracks. I ran into
for the join. I also added some I bought the rivet set and with problems due to the fact that
plastic strip to the underside some proper planning cut the the idler is fixed and due to this
to give the join some added strips for each section of the the tracks were either too short
strength. The biggest body. With some future at the or too long. I ended up cutting
drawback of the kit is that it ready I went to town laying the axle and bringing it forward
is devoid of all the rivet down strip after strip according just a bit to get it all copacetic.
detail on the body panels. to the line drawings in the Nuts Overall I was very pleased with
From the firewall back to the & Bolts book on the the way the DB was looking
rear there is not a single appropriate DB. I also bent and and was ready to move to
rivet!! I studied Mr. added all the tiny loops that paint.
Greenland’s work and decided

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 41
Greatwall Hobby Rheinmetall
1/35 12.8cm K44 Anti-Tank Gun

Des Kit’s Sd.Kfz. 8 has been around a while, and still shows some good details despite some new
The engine and transmission are very well represented.
rivets having to be added to the cab and seating area.

Panzer Division that was still sporting the flying ghost divisional
sign. With a quick coat of Vallejo satin over the markings it was
time to spray the Dunklegelb on both the DB and the K44; again
LifeColor was my paint of choice. Once this was dry I went around
the DB and wore down to the grey and opened up windows to
show the markings. I then jumped to the gun and laid down a
random criss-cross pattern of LifeColor’s Olivegrün and Rotbraun.
This took some strength as this
pattern is so haphazard in
real life that to get the
feel in scale is really
a do-or-die
deal. This
meant I had
to be
The front end of the tractor, the detail is crisp and the shape and measurements
generally accurate.

Grau to Gelb to Geist

It was now time to prime the DB and all the rest
of the bits from the gun with the same auto
red oxide. The plan was to paint
over the red oxide with my
LifeColor mix of
Schwartzgrau and some
of their tyre black set
for the halftrack, chip
down a bit on the edges
and lay down the
markings. I was set
on depicting a
well-worn DB prepared
from the with the
7th Dunklegelb to
cover up the gaffes.
Once this was to my
liking it was time to get a
nice ghostly white wash. I know
the white wash thing is getting a
little played out, but the vibe I was
going for is a well beaten DB/44
combination that had made it through the
winter of 1944/45 and was doing its best to stay
in the grind and pound sand cast steel until that one
counter battery round comes in whistling death. Okay
enough, I am getting carried away here: I sprayed Tamiya
Flat White over both the gun and the DB in thin blotchy
patterns. Rather than use the hairspray tech. or any fancy bottled
hairspray I simply went at the white with a moistened brush and
Scotchbrite pad dipped in diluted Windex. Taking special care not
to go too far but still give it that look is a test of patience (I don't
have) and knowing when to stop. Weathering was done with
basically the same mix that I have used before in my Dragon

42 Military Modelcraft International

Greatwall Hobby Rheinmetall
12.8cm K44 Anti-Tank Gun 1/35

Painting began with a faded coat of Dunkelgrau, followed by the Dunkelgelb and then The combo begins to take shape with the Dunkelgelb applied and the criss-cross
the white wash. camouflage on the gunshield.

from my stash and Final Word

add the plates to I enjoy stepping out of
the DB. Upon modern and venturing to the
readying this dark side as this gives me some
article I space to do what I love and that
have is artillery, not just lobbing
been shells but pure and kick-ass
made tank killing, low and in the grass
aware of ready to slay some . . . well, you
the get the idea!
offering of the
unarmoured DB10 and this,
with the editor’s permission
in the same terrain. The only (granted – ed.) will eventually
difference is the time of year manifest into a proper, albeit
Wagon you are depicting and this
article (MMI modified, version of the two-
dictates the wetness or lack of part load of the 21cm Mörser.
August 2013 – ed.) I have found with the application of mud or
that certain vehicles in theatre Think: Russia but with some BEF
dust respectively. The last thing Buete thrown in. . .
will exhibit the same earth was to add some 12.8 rounds
tones because they are in fact from Attack (sadly now OOP)

Greatwall Hobby 1/35
German Rheinmetall
12.8cm K44 L/55 High
Velocity Anti-Tank Gun
(ref. L3523) is available in the
UK from the Airbrush
Des Kit 1/35 Sd.Kfz. 8 DB10
(armoured version) (ref.
35116) is available from Des
Kit (www.deskit.online.fr)
Trumpeter 1/35 Sd.Kfz. 8
DB10 Gepanzerte 12t (ref.
01584) and 1/35 Sd.Kfz. 8
Schwerer Zugkraftwagen
12t (ref. 01583) are available
from good model shops and
distributed in the UK by
One by air, one by land: an armoured DB10 and Flak37 and the Sd.Kfz.8 and K44. Pocketbond.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 43
Meng Model D9R ‘Doobi’
1/35 Armoured Bulldozer

Martin Kováč get down and dirty

with Meng Models’ D9R.

Having painted the interior with Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics, I decided against applying heavy
Whenever I am working with metal effects on a model, I begin with a base coat of matt dark grey.
weathering, as very little would be visible behind the armoured windows; a dark wash would be
Here I used Tamiya XF-69 (NATO Black).
sufficient to increase the contrast between the various details.

44 Military Modelcraft International

Meng Model D9R ‘Doobi’
Armoured Bulldozer 1/35

In preparation for the rust texture, I airbrushed a layer of AK Interactive’s Heavy Chipping Fluid.

After allowing this to dry, I applied a thin coat of XF-64 (Red Brown). Now using a stiff brush
moistened with water, I began to remove areas of the paint.

The next task was to add the original ‘Caterpillar’ yellow. Having first given the model a light
An airbrush was used both to provide a more subtle and natural appearance, and to hide some of misting of Heavy Chipping Fluid, I applied the colour. Following reference images, it was important
the paint chips that looked out of place. to limit the yellow to the original factory parts as the armoured sections would not be painted in
this colour.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 45
Meng Model D9R ‘Doobi’
1/35 Armoured Bulldozer

Once I had painted one of the engine hatches green, I applied an overall coat of matt varnish to With yet another coat of Heavy Chipping Fluid, I was ready to apply the sand colour. This was
protect the surfaces during subsequent paint chipping. made from a mix of XF-20 (Medium Grey), XF-57 (Buff) and X-2 (White).

Working slowly, it was simple to achieve some highly realistic chipping effects.

Based on a photograph of a real example, I added a custom-made decal for the vehicle’s

Now was the best time to add some tonal variation to the colours. I began by applying spots of
Various oranges and browns were used on the parts that were heavily corroded.
502 Abteilung oil paints (Light Mud, Buff and Snow White) to the sand-coloured areas.

46 Military Modelcraft International

Meng Model D9R ‘Doobi’
Armoured Bulldozer 1/35

The sideTo enhance the details, I applied a custom-mixed wash made from a selection of AK
Darker areas that would naturally show deep shadow were washed with AK 075 (Wash for NATO
Interactive’s products. The aim was to create a colour that would complement the sand base of
Camo Vehicles), which is almost black.
the vehicle.

Having treated the model to a further coat of Heavy Chipping Fluid, I gave it a pre-dusting with a
mix of Tamiya XF-52 (Flat Earth) and XF-57 (Buff). This needed to be slightly darker than the
base colour to provide a suitable contrast.

It was also important to concentrate on areas around raised details and in all recesses. I now
continued to add more paint chipping to achieve a more textured appearance.

Carefully considering where these would normally collect, I added small amounts of crushed gravel, Once in place, these were secured with drops of AK 118 (Sand & Gravel Fixer). Rather than
together with broken bricks (made from pieces of dried plaster). brushing the liquid into the surface, it was better to allow capillary action do its job.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 47
Meng Model D9R ‘Doobi’
1/35 Armoured Bulldozer

Moving on to the dozer blade, I began by applying a coat of XF-63 (German Grey) to the front Again checking reference images, I replicated the brighter coloured metal with a blue-grey from
face. Once dry, this received a layer of Heavy Chipping Fluid. the Tamiya range.

Once chipped, the paint created a suitable textured metal effect.

The process was repeated, this time using XF-64 (Red Brown).

The edges of the blade were carefully brush-painted with X-11 (Chrome Silver) to depict heavily
Having used a paintbrush to apply pigments, I pressed these into all recesses with my fingertip.
worn and exposed metal.

48 Military Modelcraft International

Meng Model D9R ‘Doobi’
Armoured Bulldozer 1/35

To give the impression of a build-up of dry earth on the blade, I applied large amounts of
pigment, and secured these with white spirit. I then chipped away areas using a toothpick,
The sides of the blade were dusted with dry pigments before being rubbed with a nylon scourer
helped by blasts of air from my airbrush. Tamiya’s Acrylic Thinner was used to permanently fix
to produce fine scratches in the surface.
the pigment. As this dried, it formed a realistic cracked surface.

The sides of the blade were dusted with dry pigments before being rubbed with a nylon scourer
to produce fine scratches in the surface.

Over an initial coat of XF-63 (German Grey), the tracks were treated to several rust tones from
the LifeColor range. These were applied both with a sponge and the ‘speckling’ technique.

I applied the new Adam Wilder pigments, GP08 (Dry European Mud) and GP09 (Dark European
All raised portions of the tracks were burnished with the tip of a graphite stick to impart a
Terrain), with a large brush, and secured them by speckling large quantities of Tamiya’s Acrylic
realistic metallic sheen.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 49
Meng Model D9R ‘Doobi’
1/35 Armoured Bulldozer

Again using X-11 (Chrome Silver), this was applied sparingly with a sponge to recreate a pitted
Similarly, the inner contact surfaces were given the silver-paint treatment.
surface in these areas.

Areas of the track that would be in constant contact with the wheels received a small amount of
MIG Productions’ P231 (Gun Metal) before being polished to create a subtle sheen.

Meng Model 1/35 D9R
‘Doobi’ Armoured
Bulldozer (ref. SS-002) is
available from
Whenever desert dust comes into contact with moisture, the result is often a distinctive orange Creative Models
colour. To replicate this, I pre-dusted appropriate areas with diluted rust and earth tone paints.

To add more life to the model, I followed Mike Rinaldi’s ‘oil paint rendering’ technique (explained
To recreate the heavy build-up of soil beneath the upper track section, I made a basic shape from
in MMI September 2011 – ed.). Here I concentrated on paint chips, panel lines and other details
Magic Sculp.
to give the impression of depth.

50 Military Modelcraft International

Meng Model D9R ‘Doobi’
Armoured Bulldozer 1/35

Once this was fully cured, I airbrushed earth-tone paint over it, and applied pigments to the
Further effects on the running gear were achieved with a selection of Wilder’s weathering
running gear. Here again, checking reference images is essential to ensure that the appearance is
products, both powders and washes.

By applying several layers of pigment over the pre-dusted areas, this helped to add to the
contrast and give the impression of a partially dry coat of dust.

Once painted, the ripper blade was attached to the vehicle before being suitably weathered with
Wilder’s ‘Diesel Exhaust Runs Effect’ solution.

The previously applied rubble now needed to be brush-painted. Photographs showed this to be
An important feature would be the accumulated grime around the hydraulic pistons. mainly grey in colour, so appropriate shades were mixed from Vallejo acrylics and I then used the
Wilder pigments to further vary the tones.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 51
Showtime APMS Great White North
Moustafa Assad reports on their inaugural show in Oshawa.

n the 30 and 31 May AMPS Great White North held their the place with some people taking a ten-hour drive to participate.
first show in Oshawa, Canada. The show was held at the A large group from Ottawa’s most active club, the AMPS Capital
Ontario Regiment Museum and the two days included live Region, were also displaying and competing. Below are some
history re-enactment and tank displays, in addition to the model images of the tanks and armoured vehicles participating in the
competition. AMPS members from the US and Canada crowded show, as well as a selection from the models on display.

52 Military Modelcraft International

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 53
Showtime Tankfest
Olaf Kievit reports from the Tank Museum’s annual extravaganza.

though the weather forecast for the Saturday was doubtful, museum’s three Leopard 1 tanks (an A5 and two C2 vehicles)
we decided to attend anyway, hoping for the best. In the opened the show, followed by a CRV(T) display. The British Army
end, the weather cooperated during the whole day. When showed off most of the vehicles they had on display, including the
getting onto the site, I was greeted by two very nice M113 ACAVs heavy armour, which is always impressive to see. Also included in
from the Vietnam era in the Living History section of the show, various demos were Matilda I, Valentine and Valentine DD (private),
along with the Tank Museum’s World War I Mk IV replica with M60A1, M103A2, Chieftain, Khalid, Saladin, Saracen and Stalwart,
appropriate crew. The British Army brought over a Scimitar 2, amongst others. The final area display was a re-enactment of one
Warrior, Trojan, Titan, Challenger 2 TES and Jackal, and I think I of the battles from Operation Market Garden. It was opened by a
very cool display by a P-51 Mustang, followed by a simulated
spotted a Panther in the back as well. There were also a range of
airdrop by a C-47 Dakota. The German defence was supported by a
running museum and private vehicles on show in the line-up and
Panzer III Ausf. L and the Tiger I, whereas the British paratroops
arena, including a very nice private Hornet with Malkara missiles.
were supported by airborne jeeps and later the Comet tank.
The area around the arena, as well as the museum itself also Altogether, another great day, and well worth the visit. For some
included a selection of militaria, scale model and book vendors, as footage of the Tiger I, please look up my name on Youtube, where
well as various artisan and craft stands for the whole family. you’ll also find videos from earlier shows. For more information
The arena displays were the centre of the show as always. The about The Tank Museum, please visit their web site.

A Churchill Mk. VI with re-enactors. The museum’s restored Mk. IV was very atmospheric.

54 Military Modelcraft International

This well restored M113 ACAV greeted visitors on arrival. A view inside the Museum of some of the captured Iraqi armour from the First Gulf War.

The Scimitar 2 with its bar armour is a very different looking beast to the original Cold War version
The Jackal is put through its paces in the arena.
of the vehicle.

Similarly, the Warrior decked out for operations in Afghanistan. A nice White M3 Scout Car on display.

One of the Tank Museum’s three Leopard Is: this time the C2 version. The Saladin armoured car.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 55
The Centurion MBT is an impressive vehicle up close. More Cold War armour: an M60A1.

The M103A2 heavy tank rumbling around the arena. A colourful BRDM-2.

The World War II Valentine infantry tank looked diminutive compared to its later cousins. A very nicely restored Hetzer tank destroyer in splinter camouflage.

The Museum’s Panzer III Ausf. L. Always the show stealer: the only running Tiger I in the world.

56 Military Modelcraft International

Bronco Models Russian
1/35 Self-Propelled Gun SU-152

Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek models a Soviet ‘beast killer’.

imagine most AFV modellers to be impractical, and rather than a true tank German tanks (of unknown
are familiar with the ISU-152, vulnerable to attack while on destroyer, the SU-152 was type) in a single day, for which
perhaps less so with its the move. The project for the issued with standard high- he was awarded the title, ‘Hero
predecessor, the SU-152. new vehicle was designated explosive rounds rather than of the Soviet Union’.
Nicknamed ‘Zveroboy’ ‘KV-14’, and assembly of the first armour-piercing projectiles. The Disadvantages of the vehicle
(translated as ‘one who fights prototype, ‘Object 236’ began 152mm HE round produced a included a low rate of fire due
beasts/animals’), this self- on 31st December 1942 … massive blast that did not rely to the weight of the
propelled heavy howitzer made amazingly, it was completed in on velocity for its effectiveness. ammunition, storage limited to
its battlefield debut in July just twenty-five days! The This made it particularly twenty rounds, and a severely
1943 at the Battle of Kursk. vehicles were assigned to effective against any German cramped crew compartment.
Mounting a 152 ML-20S gun- heavy artillery regiments. The tank, including the Tiger and Its armour protection was only
howitzer, the vehicle was based first regiment arrived at Kursk Elefant. The weapon had the adequate; the 65mm of 30-
on the chassis of the KV-1S with only twelve guns, but was ability to rip the turret degree sloped frontal armour
heavy tank. Following soon brought up to full completely off a Tiger tank (at was an improvement over that
Operation Uranus (the strength of twenty-one during any range) by sheer blast effect of the T-34, but still left it
Stalingrad counteroffensive), the fighting. alone, and several German vulnerable frontally to the
the Red Army recognised a Since it was intended as a tanks fell victim to its firepower. 88mm guns of the Tiger and
need for mobile heavy guns; self-propelled artillery piece In fact, one Major Sankovskiy Elefant at long range, and the
the towed weapons had proved and his crew destroyed ten

58 Military Modelcraft International

Dragon Models Limited Tiger I
Late Production w/Zimmerit 1/35

75mm high-velocity guns of From the second half of 1943

the Panzer IV and StuG III/IV at to the end of the war, the SU-
medium and short ranges. The 152 was used on all Eastern
SU-152’s gun, while having a fronts, from Finland to the
maximum range far superior to Crimea. However, due to a
the 88mm, was essentially a combination of combat losses
corps-level heavy howitzer. It and mass production ceasing in
had a shorter accurate range December 1943, the number
than either the 88mm or the decreased. Eventually, the SU-
75mm gun, and was still 152 was replaced by the more
vulnerable to return fire from reliable and better-armoured
the same distance. These ISU-152, which used the same
factors made the weapon most armament and ammunition in
effective for use in massed the same dual-purpose role. Of
ambushes, where the German the 700 produced, only three
heavy tanks' advantages could SU-152s remain; two in Poland,
be cancelled out, and the SU- the other in Russia.
152's one-shot kill potential
best utilised.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 59
Bronco Models Russian
1/35 Self-Propelled Gun SU-152

The suspension is fully articulated, allowing the model to be incorporated in a diorama with Having masked the weld seams, I applied a mix of Revell’s Liquid glue and Tamiya White Putty to
uneven terrain. create a more realistic cast-steel texture.

Initial Thoughts create further interest on my

So why did I decide to build a model. Something I also
model of the SU-152? Quite noticed was that Soviet tank
simple really: it was a present tracks invariably displayed
from a friend! The first task was some pronounced sag
to check Internet images to (probably due to them being
decide on a suitable paint fitted with unnecessarily long
scheme. Not surprisingly, tacks) … what better excuse to
references for this vehicle were replace the kit-supplied tracks
fairly limited, so I decided to with a metal set from
base my colours on those Friulmodel!
applied to the ISU-152. Two
options sprang to mind: green The Kit
with winter whitewash, or the
A jig made from a couple of pieces of wood held together with rubber bands made life much
Labelled ‘Russian Self-
four-colour camouflage
easier when assembling the Friulmodel tracks. Propelled Gun SU-152 (KV-14)’,
scheme seen on some vehicles.
the Bronco kit (ref. CB35113)
In fact, I decided to combine
depicts the early-production
the two, just to make life more
vehicle. It comprises no less
interesting. From the outset, I
than twenty-three sprues
planned to use the ‘hairspray’
holding the main components,
technique to create a heavily
with highly detailed fighting
worn whitewash, and limit the
compartment and lower hull
4-colour scheme to the front
tub; three bags of fully-
section of the vehicle. I was also
workable track links, complete
keen to replicate heavy battle
with assembly tool; a fret of
damage, imagining that the
photo-etched components; a
vehicle had taken shots to its
clear sprue for lights and
right-hand side causing two
periscope lenses; two lengths
road wheels to be lost, and a
of twisted copper wire for
noticeable tilt to the left.
towing cables; and a small
Returning to my ISU images, I sheet of decal markings.
Milliput was used to recreate the missing weld seams. An important task at this stage was to
found one that showed several The 24-page instruction
correct the front plate to accommodate the massive gun mantlet. empty shell cases scattered booklet includes a useful
across the engine deck. Here parts inventory, a
was the perfect addition to painting guide (with

The main body of the DShK machine gun was from a Dragon item, which was improved using an
RB Model barrel, along with various scratchbuilt details.

60 Military Modelcraft International

Bronco Models Russian
Self-Propelled Gun SU-152 1/35

The photoetched brass intake screens were included in the kit. However, I replaced some of the
With the basic assembly complete, it was time to add some colour.
other details, as the plastic items were rather unconvincing.

comparative colours from four Construction

manufacturers), a clearly Before beginning any work, I
arranged 32-stage assembly made a note of the various
sequence, and features that would give the
painting/marking options for model a distinctive battle-
four vehicles. scarred vehicle. These would
The quality of moulding is include damaging/removing
generally very good with crisp sections of the track guards,
detail throughout. This is replicating the effect of a direct
certainly a simple kit to build. hit from an AT gun, removing
However, certain key features certain road wheels and return
have been omitted (weld seams rollers, showing a heavily worn
and metal rails, etc.); these need camouflage scheme, adding a
to be added if you are looking field-fitted DShK machine gun,
for accuracy. I added grab rails imparting damage to the fuel With various parts left unattached, a coat of Vallejo Black Primer was applied.
made from 0.7mm soldering tanks, and equipping the
wire. Copper wire was used to vehicle with both Soviet and
re-fashion the antenna mount, captured German towing
and to add the missing cables.
electrical cables leading to the To create a more realistic
horn and headlight. In addition cast-steel texture to specific
to the Friul tracks (ref. ATL-10), I areas of the vehicle, I prepared
decided to improve the kit a mix of Revell’s Liquid Glue
using a variety of after-market and Tamiya White Putty. Having
items: RB Model’s turned-metal masked all weld seams, I
gun barrel (ref. 35B63), applied the mix with an old
ammunition (ref. 35P16), and brush, and gave it a light
DShK machine gun barrel (ref. sanding. Once dry, these areas
35B122); Eureka XXL’s metal were given a coat of black
towing cables (ref. ER3502 & primer to check the result, and
ER3542); Aber’s photo-etched cast numbers formed from
side fuel tanks (ref. 35A46); Milliput were added to the side
MiniArt’s ‘Soviet 152mm Using various mixes of Tamiya acrylics, I applied a dark green to the underside, and a lighter
of the mantlet. version to the mid and upper surfaces.
Ammunition’ (ref. 35076); and a
loudspeaker from PlusModel
(ref. 223).

Having planned my camouflage scheme on the instruction book’s diagram, I blocked in the
appropriate colours using Vallejo Model Color acrylics.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 61
Bronco Models Russian
1/35 Self-Propelled Gun SU-152

Impact marks from a recent shell hit were depicted using a burr mounted in a high-speed drill,
The vehicle number was hand-painted using a fine-pointed brush.
and the torn edges built up with Milliput.

Although likely to be largely covered by the whitewash, the paint chips and surface scratches
were added using a piece of sponge and a fine-pointed brush.

The next stage focused on a start on assembling the Friul

the remaining parts of the tracks. The task of connecting
superstructure. Grab rails were the individual links was made
made from lengths of 0.7mm much easier by using a home-
soldering wire, missing weld made wooden jig.
seams were added, copper wire
Rather than relying on a pure white for the whitewash, I added a small amount of 70.986 (Deck was used for the various tie-
Tan) to tone down the appearance. The proportions were adjusted as I continued, resulting in a
Painting & Weathering
downs, and the electrical cables
realistic patchy finish. (again using copper wire) were With various parts left
unattached, I applied a coat of
attached to the headlight and
Vallejo 74.602 (Black Primer).
horn. A notable addition was
Having left this to fully dry, I
the DShK 1938 machine gun;
gave the underside of the
Based around a Dragon Models
model a base coat of Tamiya
item, improvements were by
XF-61 (Dark Green) mixed with
way of the RB Model barrel and a small amount of XF-3 (Flat
some scratch-built details. Yellow). With XF-71 (Cockpit
Moving on to the rear deck Green – IJN) added to the mix,
section, I added the photo- this was applied to the mid and
etched intake screens, together upper areas, followed by more
with other details based on my of the yellow added to create
reference images. Again, certain highlights in appropriate
weld seams needed to be sections.
added, and fuel drum holders Time now to work on the
I then attacked the whitewash with a brush moistened in warm water. This activated the
were attached to the rear track camouflage scheme. Before
hairspray, flaking the whitewash in a realistic manner. guards. With the basic committing paint to model, I
construction completed, I made planned out my pattern on the

62 Military Modelcraft International

Bronco Models Russian
Self-Propelled Gun SU-152 1/35

The rear track guards received several layers of MIG Production’s’‘Grey Filter for Bright Green’. The engine deck, after extensive weathering with oil paints and pigments.

kit’s instruction book diagrams. paint chips. Of course, these

Satisfied with the appearance, I needed to relate to the
blocked in the appropriate underlying camouflage colour:
colours on the model using 70.903 (Intermediate Blue) for
Vallejo Model Color acrylics: the black, 70.818 (Red Leather)
70.950 (Black), 70.846 for the brown, 70.949 (Light
(Mahogany Brown), and a mix Yellow) for the yellow, and
of 70.927 (Dark Flesh) and 70.888 (Olive Grey) for the
70.949 (Light Yellow). As green. The inner portions of
mentioned earlier, the 3-tone some of the larger chips were
scheme was restricted to the now added using 70.822
front sections of the vehicle, the (German Cam. Black Brown).
remaining parts being a single The model was treated to a
green colour. Using a fine- generous layer of hairspray, and
pointed brush I added the left to completely dry. Having
vehicle number to each side. prepared a mix of 70.986 (Deck Oil paints were used to replicate stains and streaks on the various surfaces.
Thinking that all was going Tan) and 70.951 (Matt White), I
according to plan, I then now airbrushed this over all
realised that I had forgotten to surfaces, varying the tone by
show the damage caused by adjusting the proportion of
the shell impact! So, armed with white as I proceeded. Removing
a high-speed drill and burr, I portions of the whitewash was
gouged out portions of the simply achieved using a soft
panel, and replicated the torn brush moistened with warm
edges with Milliput. All that was water. I was particularly careful
required was to touch up the to include areas that would
paint around the area before have naturally been disturbed,
tackling the paint chipping including hatch openings and
effects. While most would be surfaces where
obscured by the later the crew would
whitewash covering, I felt it have stepped.
better to apply these overall so
as not to miss any The tracks were sprayed with acrylic paint before being weathered with pigments. Finally, a rub
key areas. The first over with a piece of sandpaper exposed bare metal on the contact surfaces.
step was to
represent the outer
of the

I recreated the polished metal appearance on the wheel rims by rubbing on a small amount of
Gun Metal pigment.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 63
Bronco Models Russian
1/35 Self-Propelled Gun SU-152

A typical feature of Soviet tanks during World War II, the tracks were installed with the
distinctive sag over the return rollers.

The weathering stages began Combining various dark-tone

by a mixing various AK pigments (from the MIG
Interactive products to achieve Productions range), I brushed
the desired colour, which was these onto the tracks, and
then applied as a localised secured them with Pigment
wash around raised details. Any Fixer. While this was still wet, I
excess was then removed with added some lighter tones (MIG
the help of AK’s White Spirit. and AK pigments) and left the
Many modellers supplement tracks to completely dry. To
this with an overall wash, but I replicate the worn metal
feel this has a tendency to surfaces on the tracks, I applied
significantly alter the tone of the tip of a silver pencil to the
the underlying colours. At this inner faces (concentrating on
point, I redefined some of the guide teeth and wheel-contact
white areas, before giving the areas); the outer faces (worn
Super Glue was used to attach the tracks to the base of each road wheel. rear track guards several layers down through contact with the
of Sin Industries’ ‘Grey Filter for ground) were simply sanded to
Bright Green’. Areas such as the expose the original metal. As
exhaust pipes were treated to a for the wheel rims, these
heavy rust treatment, and polished with Gun Metal
carbon deposits around the pigment. All that
ends of these were dusted with remained was to apply
black pigment. To recreate AK’s
stains and streaking to the Wet
surfaces, I
used a

Super Glue was used to attach the tracks to the base of each road wheel.

of oil paints.
These were applied in
small spots, and
manipulated with a brush
moistened in thinners.
Finally, I was ready to attend Effects
to the tracks. Having given Fluid to simulate
these a coat of black primer, I wet mud on the tracks,
applied a fine misting of XF-52 and finally attach these to
Rear view of the completed model, showing a typically cluttered engine deck! (Flat Earth) diluted with X-20A each road wheel with super
(Acrylic Paint Thinner). glue.

64 Military Modelcraft International

Bronco Models Russian
Self-Propelled Gun SU-152 1/35

Bronco Models 1/35
Russian Self-Propelled
Gun SU-152 (KV-14)
(ref. CB35113) is available
from all good model shops.)

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 65
Words & Pictures
A round up of the latest military titles
Title: Panther on the Battlefield
(World War Two Photobook
Series Volume 5)
Author: Péter Barnaky
Publisher: Peko Publishing
ISBN: 978-9-63896-235-5
Price: £23.99pb

he latest release from Peko is similar in
as there are a considerable
format to their previous titles: this is a that there are no small images and most number of wrecks shown. The image cap-
bilingual (Hungarian/English) book of the images are very sharp (apart from the tions not only serve as vehicle and unit ID
that contains images from the private collec- few that were enlarged from smaller origi- but also note specific features of the manu-
tion of the owner of the company (Kocsis nals). The combat service of the Panther tank facturing factory or particular vehicle, some-
Péter) and other contributors known for re- is captured in its entireity: the battle of Krusk, thing that is always good to know about
search on Axis subjects. Of course with the the Eastern front, Normandy, the Ardennes, when working on a particular model of the
amount of information circulating on the Hungary 1945 and even post war Bulgaria! particular vehicle. Finally, this book is not
Web you may have seen some of the 105 All three of the varaints of the Panthers are only for modellers but for those who collect
photographs before, but not in the quality represented in order: first images of Ausf. D, information on real tanks as well. It is a pho-
and high resolution that they are printed then A and finally G. Personally as modeller I tobook though, not a history, but they don’t
here After a brief introduction on the devel- think this is a great source for modelling come much better than this for Panther
opment of Panther tank and modifications projects as you can see all the effects that we tanks. It’s available in the UK from Lee Archer
produced (Ausf. D, A and G) the reader can try to depict on the models, paint chipping, at Panzerwrecks, who kindly supplied the re-
relax and enjoy beautifully printed large im- mud, white-washes and a lot of subjects to view copy.
ages, 95% of the landscape page with the choose from. Those who prefer destroyed or
caption underneath. What is very pleasing is Roman Volchenkov
burnt vehicles will also get inspiration here

Title: Panzerwrecks 16: Bulge

Author: Lee Archer and
William Auerbach
Publisher: Panzerwrecks
ISBN: 978-1-908036-208-9
Price: £16.99pb

he latest title in the Panzerwrecks se-
ries concentrates on the German offen-
sive in the Ardennes in December 1944
(the ’Battle of the Bulge’) and its aftermath. scures the vehicles in many
The format is familar: large format photos of of the photos taken during the winter cam-
of the new wide gatefold format for the front
knocked-out or abandoned German armour paign! The details that these photos reveal
and rear covers), Jagdpanzer IV and the full
with well research captions. A handful of the are excellent and make this a must-have vol-
range of halftracks and even a Sd.Kfz. 233 ar-
images are familiar (the Tiger Is of s.Pz.Abt. ume for all German armour modellers. The
moured car. As ever, it’s great value for fans
506 or the Jagdpanzer IVs disabled at Mar- range of vehicles includes the ubiquitous
of German armour and very highly recom-
nach), but what is really exciting about this StuG III, but also the Panther and Panzer IV,
mended. Thanks to Lee for the review sam-
book is that many of the photos show the King Tiger, and Tiger I, as well as a range of
ple (www.panzerwrecks.com).
abandoned German armour in the spring of self-propelled artillery (Hummel and Grille),
1945, i.e. without the snow covering that ob Jagdpanther (shown in its full glory by virtue David Grummitt

Title: Operation Market Garden portion of the British armored advance, combined with
1944 (1): The American airborne mission stronger than expected fighting at Arnhem
was to employ two led to the withdrawal of the remnants of the
Airborne Missions
divisions of the US British 1st Airborne Division in one of the
(Campaign 270)
XVIII Airborne Western Allies’ most costly defeats of World
Author: Steven J. Zaloga Corps to seize key War II. Contemporary photographs, maps
Publisher: Osprey Publishing terrain features and detailed color artwork complement
ISBN: 978-1-78200-816-3 that otherwise extensive archival research that reveals the
Price: £14.99pb might delay the successes of those American airborne
advance of British missions, largely overshadowed by the

he second title this month from the
tanks towards the failure of the operation as a whole. This book
pen of Steve Zaloga is the first in a new
bridge. The 82nd is Zaloga at his best: well written,
multi-volume addition to the Osprey’s
and 101st Airborne meticulously researched and adding new
established Campaign series. In the summer
Divisions succeeded in their tasks of insight to a well-known subject. Super stuff.
of 1944, plans began for a complex
capturing the vital bridges at Eindhoven at David Grummitt
operation to seize a Rhine river bridge at
Nijmegen in the face of fierce German
Arnhem in the Netherlands. The American
resistance. However, the delays caused to the

66 Military Modelcraft International

Words & Pictures
A round up of the latest military titles
Title: The British Army since 2000 Title: French Tanks of World War II Title: German Soldiers of
(Elite 202) (2): Cavalry Tanks and AFVs World War II
Author: James Tanner (New Vanguard 213) Author: Jean de la Garde
Publisher: Osprey Publishing Author: Steven J. Zaloga Publisher: Histoire & Collections
ISBN: 978-1-78200-593-3 Publisher: Osprey Publishing ISBN: 978-2-35250-347-7
Price: £11.99hb ISBN: 978-1-78200-392-2 Price: £25.95pb
Price: £9.99pb

he latest

istoire &

he sequel to Collections'
to the French Tanks all time best
Elite series of World War II selling book was this
from Osprey (1), this title volume showing
is bound to focuses primarily real-life recreations
prove one of on France’s cavalry of the uniforms
their more armored vehicles, worn by German
popular including the soldiers during
volumes: it light World War II. Long
does reconnaissance out of print it has
exactly tanks such as been sought by
what it the AMR and AMC families, the collectors and enthusiasts
says on famous Somua S.35 cavalry tanks and the commanding high prices in used book
the cover, extensive array of armored half-track and market and now available in paperback. This
that is, it armored cars used by the French cavalry. long-awaited reprint is actually far more
covers the British Specific attention is also paid to tanks than that. The new version includes
army during the twenty-first century. In the considered important from a numerical significant additional material. Every soldier
past decade and a half the unique standpoint such as the Hotchkiss H-35/H-39 is shown on a full page, front and back with
requirements of dual wars in Iraq and series. Featuring specially commissioned numerous detail shots of headgear,
Afghanistan have radically altered the profile artwork, photographs and equipment and uniform details. The
appearance and capabilities of the British illustrations, French Tanks of World War II (2) chronological order of the original edition is
Army’s infantry soldiers. Gone are the tactics, provides detailed insight into the retained, while the widest selection of types
uniforms and equipment of the Cold War, to background and design of these tank types of Third Reich armed forces members is
be replaced by an elite fighting force, skilled and presents a brief, yet thorough featured, from the most famous uniforms to
in counterinsurgency operations and assessment of their performance during the the more obscure. This is an excellent
warfare in both urban and rural Battle of France. The book is well written and reference and the genuine period uniforms
environments. Fully illustrated and written researched (as we have come to expect from used in this volume make it a valuable
by an insider, this engaging book traces the Zaloga) and my only gripe is a familiar one: resource. It’s available in the UK from
major transformations in British Army some of the photos are reproduced quite Casemate Publishing (www.casemate
doctrine, organisation, structures, units, small. Nevertheless at less than a tenner, it’s publishing.co.uk), who kindly supplied the
uniforms and equipment, from the end of great value and highly recommended. review copy.
the Cold War in the 1990s up to today, David Grummitt
David Grummitt
revealing how despite being a small force in
global terms, the British Army continues to
be able to punch above its weight. It begins Title: Panzerfaust and fered German and other infantrymen the
with an overview of the army and its Panzerschreck: German Anti- ability to destroy enemy tanks singlehand-
changing role during the 1990s and goes on Tank Weapons 1939-45 edly at close ranges. While the Panzerschreck
to look at how the army has evolved since (Weapon 36) owed its origins largely to the US bazooka,
the end of the Cold War and the impact of Author: Gordon L. Rottman the Panzerfaust was a revolutionary design
the reforms resulting from ‘Options for Publisher: Osprey Publishing that was unlike any previous weapon, and
Change’ and the operational requirements ISBN: 978-1-78200-788-3 went on to influence anti-tank technology
of Iraq and Afghanistan. The British army’s Price: £12.99pb and tactics for decades after World War II. Al-
various operations are covered and then it’s lied troops, notably Soviet forces, made

onto the meat of the book: the uniforms and he latest title in widespread use of captured Panzerfäuste,
equipment that have radically altered the the excellent and they were also supplied to German allies
appearance and capability of the British Weapon series such as Finland, Hungary and Bulgaria. Writ-
infantryman during the last decade or so. is one that is bound ten by an expert on anti-tank warfare, this
The book also covers mess and service dress, to prove popular, book reveals the fascinating development
so is a very complete overview of the covering one of the history of these two feared weapons and as-
subject. A really excellent read and highly most important sesses the tactics that were employed by the
recommended. It’s available from good weapons systems soldiers using them. The section of tactics, in
bookshops and direct from Osprey of World War II. the particular, I found very revealing and I would
Publishing (www.ospreypublishing.com). Panzerfaust and recommend this to all students of twentieth-
Panzerschreck of- century warfare. David Grummitt
David Grummitt

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 67
Words & Pictures
A round up of the latest military titles
Title: Jagdpanther (Photosniper 8) the largest vehicles of that type was
Author: Lukasz Gladysiak, Jagdpanther Sd.Kfz. 173, based on the chas-
Adam Rejmak and sis of the famous Panther tank. This 108-page
Krzystof Mucha volume in the well-established Photosniper
Publisher: Kagero Publishing series contains 17 archival images, 71 colour
ISBN: 978-8-36287-883-3 ‘walkaround’ photos of the surviving vehi-
Price: £12.99pb cles in Bovington, the Panzer Museum M ün-
ster and the US Army Ordnance Museum. It

elf-propelled tank destroyers consti- also contains eight attractive (and largely ac-
tuted an essential component of the curate) colour profiles and 39 1/35-scale
Third Reich’s armored arm. Vehicles, drawings. If you haven’t much in the way of
which were especially useful in defensive reference on the Jagdpanther you’ll struggle
warfare, in which the German army found it- to get better than this; beautifully produced
self after losing strategic initiative on the and at a very reasonable price. It’s available
Eastern Front in the summer 1943 and fol- in the UK from Casemate Publishing
lowing the Allied landing in Italy and France, (www.casematepublishing.co.uk), who
with time began to effectively compete in kindly supplied the review copy.
armored sub-units with classic tanks. One of
David Grummitt

Title: Challenger I Main Battle Tank Challenger 1’s development and service, in
Vol. 1 (Photosniper 9) this first volume of a two-part study for the
Author: Robert Griffin Kagero Photosniper series. The A4 volume
Publisher: Kagero Publishing contains 80 pages, and 280 photos (a nice
ISBN: 978-8-36287-895-6
mixture of action and publicity shots, as well
Price: £12.99hb
as a very comprehensive walkaround). This

he Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank was and the next volume (which covers the
Great Britain’s second purpose- combat history in Kuwait and the Balkans, as
designed Main Battle Tank and served well as the CRARRV armoured recovery
as the spear point of the Royal Armoured vehicle) promise to be a comprehensive
Corps for nearly 20 years. The Challenger 1 reference on the Challenger I. Again, an
proved to be an excellent combat vehicle in excellent volume, highly recommended. It’s
Operation Granby after a controversial early available in the UK from Casemate
career in the British Army, and it continues
Publishing (www.casemate publishing
to serve the Jordanian army to the present
.co.uk), who kindly supplied the review copy.
day. Robert Griffin tells the story of the
David Grummitt

Title: Death of the Leaping orders of battle). It is a hefty volume of

Horseman: the 24th Panzer some 550 pages and is illustrated
Division in Stalingrad throughout with some extraordinary
Author: Jason D. Mark images taken by the men of the division
Publisher: Stackpole Books as they crossed the Russian Steppe and
ISBN: 978-0-81171-404-4 entered the city of Stalingrad. My only
Price: $39.95hb
complaint is that the images, of which
there are very well over a hundred, are

nother new edition of a superb book
is our final item for this month: reproduced quite small, but there are
Stackpole Books have published a other books that do that sort of thing
new, revised edition of Jason Mark’s much better; this is first and foremost
superlative history of the 24th Panzer a history and a very god one at that. If
Division from the beginning of ’Operation you are a student of the Eastern Front
Blue’ in the summer of 1942 to the end of and didn’t pick this up when it was
October in Stalingrad. It takes you through initially published by the author,
the action of the divsion day-by-day. It is very then you should take advantage of
much a personal history with the men fo the this new edition. Highly
division taking centre stage (something recommended, our thanks to the
reinforced by the detailed appendices of publishers for the review copy.
officer biographies, Iron Cross winners and David Grummitt

68 Military Modelcraft International


27.-- 28.9.
27. 28.9.2014
SAT 9-18; SUN 9-15


uard GPS: 50°2‘50.9“N, 14°21‘17.7“E


A range of sanders, for seams and rough surfaces


ENTRANCE 6 One of the most frustrating elements of even

UNDER 16 FREE the best model kit can be the appearance of
an unsightly seam. Whether you’ve inflicted
the damage yourself, or it came that way in
the model, there is an easy fix!

Teardrop Sander Pack: Contains the “Zebra” & “Arctic

Fox” teardrop Mylar sander. Solvent Friendly and wet &
www.guidelinepublications.co.uk dry capable, these highly durable and long lasting
sanders are ideal for heavy duty work. More than capable
of dealing with rough white metal, resin, and all types of
filler. Zebra: 120/240 Grit, Arctic Fox: 100/180 Grit. £2.99*.
Block Sander Pack: Contains the White and Yellow block
sanders. Designed to follow on after the teardrop sanders,
these sponges are aggressive enough to smooth out the
rough area left behind from the Mylar sanders and are
also solvent friendly. £2.99*


Multi Sponge Sander Pack: Contains 4 sponge sanders
of varying Grits that that are durable and long lasting.
When used in order they prepare the surface for the
polishing stages prior to painting. When used wet, their


effectiveness dramatically increases. Purple: 80 Grit,
Orange: 100 Grit, Blue: 180 Grit and White: 600 Grit. £7.99*.
Micro Sponge Sander Pack: Exactly the same grit and
quality of the multi Sponge pack, just produced to be the
COMPETITION CLASSES ideal size for small scale modellers. The White Sponge is not
included as part of this pack as it is not produced in the
• Military Vehicles, not converted or scratch built, 1/48th or larger. Micro size. Purple: 80 Grit, Orange: 100 Grit and Blue: 180
Grit. £4.99*.
• Military Vehicles, scratch built or converted (to a type, version, or
mark other than that depicted by the original kit), 1/48th or larger. Sponge Polishing Pack: The “Jewel in the Crown”, this is the
pack that really sets models apart. The Crescent Grey sander
• Military Vehicle Diorama, 1/48th or larger. acts as a buffer for surfaces, while the Miracle polisher
• Military Vehicles of all types, smaller than 1/48th. (starting with the coloured side) works the surface up to
a brilliant glass like shine when time and care is taken.
• Military Vehicle Dioramas smaller than 1/48th.
• Naval ships and dioramas, all scales.
4 Sided Miracle Polisher: This amazing tool carries 2
• Military Aircraft Models and dioramas, all scales. different grits on its 4 sides and the pads can be removed
• Military Figure Models and Busts, of all types and scales, including from the sponge core to create flexible and highly
vignettes and figure dioramas. maneuverable sanding pads. This does the same job as the
standard Miracle Polisher, only offering increased flexibility
• Miscellaneous. All models not covered by the above classes. and an additional grit. 8000 and 12,000 Grit
• Junior: Models of all types and all scales. IMPORTANT! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES get the coloured
sides of the Miracle Polisher wet. It will destroy the grit and it

The Islington Business Design Centre will simply wipe off the padded backing. £2.99*.
2 Sided Micro Miracle Polisher: Exactly the same grit and
52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH quality of the 4 sided Miracle Polisher, just produced a a 2
sided sander for small scale modellers. 8000 and 12,000 Grit
5 - 10 minutes walk from the Angel, Kings Cross, Euston, Highbury & Islington stations with 4 bus stops nearby IMPORTANT! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES get the coloured
sides of the Micro Miracle Polisher wet. It will destroy the grit * plus postage
*Free off road parking in Liverpool Street to the rear of the Exhibition Venue. and it will simply wipe off the padded backing. £1.99*. and packing
Please avoid parking in residents bays and in the car parks.
This revolutionary system of finishing models is available
exclusively from the SAM stand at selected Model Shows or at:
Telephone: 01908 274433
Unit 3 Enigma Building, Bilton Road, Denbigh East, Bletchley, Bucks MK1 1HW. Tel: +44 (0) 1908 274433 email: guidelines@regallitho.co.uk
ilit d l ftinternational co uk 57
The Final Post
Dai Williams looks at AFV Club’s latest Churchill variant.

Kit of the Month: Churchill 3-Inch Gun Carrier

Two small
frets of
are included,
but many
In 1941 news began to reach turreted vehicles. The parts are will
British authorities of the very well moulded as may be
development of new German expected from AFV Club with probably
heavy tanks. This and the sharp detail and no flash. There turn to the Inside the Armour sets to detail this kit.
underperformance of some is a clear sprue for periscopes
British designs when and headlight lenses and two
confronted with superior small photoetched frets for
German armour in the desert some of the smaller more
campaigns led to investigations delicate parts. There are no
into carrying heavier, more plastic alternatives for the brass
potent weapons. One design parts. A metal barrel is supplied
arising from this work involved which will be very welcome.
a simple conversion of the The suspension is workable
Churchill gun tank. The turret which may not be to everyone’s
was removed and was replaced taste and there are 22 metal
with a large box-like armoured springs supplied. I am not really
casemate carrying a 3-inch anti- sure why this feature has been
aircraft gun in a ball mount incorporated as I think it would
with limited traverse and be difficult to get the road
elevation. Around 50 of these wheels to conform to an The kit is moulded in AFV Club’s typical dark green
vehicles were eventually uneven surface with the plastic, crisp and free from flash.
delivered. None saw active springs in place. The package is
service as they were soon rounded off with some string
relegated to home defence for the tow cable and a small
duties. transfer sheet with
The AFV Club kit, Churchill 3- identification numbers.
inch 20 CWT Gun (ref. Having built an AFV Club
AF35253), contains many Churchill in the past I can attest
sprues common to their earlier to the fact that the parts fit is
Churchill releases. In fact it’s the good and that the kits are easy
eleventh release from their to build, though the workable
Churchill series (with the Mk. III, suspension requires some care
the first one, released back in with the springs launching
2008). A new rear deck has themselves into space with
been provided along with new little provocation! This kit
sprues for the casemate. The should also prove easy to build,
plastic parts are in the same although I would advise
dark green plastic used for the caution with the casemate
earlier kits with 437 parts in all. which is made from a series of
Not all are for use, however, as flat plates. Note that Inside The A close of the casemate, showing the exquisite rivet
some contain parts for the Armour
and bolt detail.
70 Military Modelcraft International
The Final Post
Dai Williams looks at AFV Club’s latest Churchill variant.
(www.insidethearmour.com) produce Churchill correction/update sets with
an update/correction set, Churchill items such as a full engine kit,
Gun Carrier Correction and Detailing replacement idlers with lightening
Set (ref. 35095), specifically for this kit holes and intake louvers. For those with
with opening stowage boxes and tool an aversion to vinyl tracks, workable
clamps etc in brass, revised front replacements are available from AFV
fenders (the kit ones are incorrect in Club (single link plastic) and Friulmodel
shape) in resin and metal grills for the (white metal). I will be presenting a full
air intakes. They previously produced a build article on this kit before long. AFV
full resin conversion for earlier versions Club kits are available in all good
of the AFV Club kit, ref. 35021. Inside model shops and are distributed in the
the Armour also produce more general UK by Pocketbond.

The instructions are clearly drawn and The turned metal barrel is a nice addition to the kit.

Spot the difference

The winning entry will be announced in
the November 2014 issue.
Answers by email to:
or on a postcard,or back of an envelope to:
MMI Spot the Difference Competition,
20 Warwick Road,
CT5 1HX, United Kingdom.
20th September 2014

Just identify the SIX differences

between these two photographs
of Musaliek SU-152
One lucky winner will win
Churchill 3-inch Gun Carrier
reviewed above.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 71


20 Septe
ember 2014
r ating
ting the
70 Anniversary
Anniver sa ry
ry of

 Arena Disp
plays  Talks  Tours and Tra
*See website for details.

tankmuseum.org | t.01929
t.01929 405096
Bovington | Dorset | BH20 6JG Registered Charity no: 1102661
Ace ACE48105 Ace ACE72522 Ace ACE72526 Hobby Boss HB83830
1:48 GAZ-425 pickup 1:72 French 25mm Anti-tank gun S.A.L. 1:72 French 5t truck AHR 1:35 US GMC CCKW 750 Gallon Tanker
£9.99 Mle 1937 £4.60 £9.99 £34.99

Hobby Boss HB83835 Hobby Boss HB83802 IBG Models IBG35026 IBG Models IBG35027
1:35 GCT 155mm AU-F1 SPH Based 1:35 US White 666 Cargo Truck (Soft Top) 1:35 Skoda 100mm vz 14 Howitzer 1:35 10cm LeFH 14/19 (t)
on T-72 £36.99 £34.99 £17.99 £17.99

ICM ICM35414 ICM ICM35480 1:35 Kadett K38 Saloon ICM ICM35515 Kinetic Model Kits K61011
1:35 V3000S/SS M Maultier with Shelter. Staff Car with German Road Police +5 fig- 1:35 Soviet Zil-131 Soviet Army Truck 1:35 4x4 MRAP
£26.80 ures of German Road Police £15.50 £26.80 £40.99

Tamiya TA25174 MAC Distribution MACD72119 Mirage MIR355026 1:35 KUBUS- Armoured Mirage MIR72854 1:72 Pz.Kpfw.IVD,
1:24 British Sherman VC Firefly & 6 figs 1:72 LG 3000 Funkmastkraftwagen (Kfz.301) car - August/September 1944 Warsaw Up- BLITZKRIEG ON WESTERN FRONT
£37.99 £24.99 rising. £11.50 £17.99

Meng Model MMTS-010 Meng Model MMTS-011 Meng Model MMVS-005 Mirror Models MRR35107
1:35 Russian BMPT 'Terminator' Fire Sup- 1:35 French FT-17 Light Tank (Riveted Tur- 1:35 Toyota Hilux Pick Up Truck 1:35 CMP F15 Italian Service Ford Truck w/
port Combat Vehicle £39.99 ret) 30/06/2014 £21.99 £22.99 20mm Breda Gun £37.99

Mirror Models MRR35108 Mirror Models MRR35803 Panda PN35004 Roden ROD727
1:35 CMP F15 Ford Truck4x4 1:35 US Diamond T968 Cargo Truck w/ 1:35 BMD-1 11/07/2014 1:72 88mm Flak mounted on the Sd.Kfz.
£34.99 Hard Top Cab £47.99 £18.99 Vomag 11/07/2014 £19.99