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For Modellers by Modellers!

October 2014 · Volume 18 · Number 12
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Reviewing the Latest in Kits, Accessories and Books

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Military & Civil Aviation – Military Weapons & Equipment – Naval Vessels

West Country Allied-Axis 31 The The D7 Tractor WWP CMP C8A HUP
Warships Royal Navy Photo Journal of the D Doyle A visual his- in detail (R76)
L Marriott Photo guide Second World War tory of the D7 Tractor F Koran High quality
to RN Warships which Photo album covering Czechoslovak Tanks WM403 WM400 7TP Tours of Duty in US Army Service super detailed photo
covers the Hot and Cold Panzer Abteilung 40 in 1930-1945 part 2 Bergepanzerwagen J Magnowski Vietnam War Stories from 1941-1953, with manual aimed at the
Wars, 1980s the Falk- Finland; 7.5cm le.IG V Francev Captioned J Ledwoch This mono- Monograph covering M Lanning The stories a brief introduction and modeller with 108
lands Decade, 1990s a 18; 5cm PAK 38. Black photo album covering graph covers German the history of the 7 ton of young men tangled extensively captioned pages of highly
Peace Dividend and and white photos prototypes, tankettes, tracked recovery Polish Tank. With up in the chaos of large format black and detailed colour photos
the new millennium. throughout. tanks and export vehicles of WWII. With lengthy English sum- landing zones and white photos. with english captions.
SB 143pp £9.95 SB 96pp £15.99 tanks, Lt vz.38 English summary and mary and English nameless jungle hills, SB 120pp £18.99 SB 64pp £25.99
(Panzerkampfwagen photo captions plus photo captions plus from the boredom in
Pz.Kpfw. 38(t). colour profiles. colour profiles. base camps to combat.
SB 96pp £19.99 SB 50pp £15.99 SB 78pp £15.99 SB 288pp £11.99

Liberty Roads TY2 Wojenna The Forgotten Ace WWP Up-Armoured The Battle of the Barbarossa
American Logistics Lokomotywa Na Fighter Pilot Gerhard Landies in detail Bridges The 504th Unleashed The
in France and Pokojowe Czasy Barkhorn B Barbas (G38) A Kausky Parachute Infantry German Blitzkrieg
Germany 1944-45 R Stankiewicz Gerhard Barkhorn Death of the Leaping Masters Collection High quality super Regiment in Through Central
N Aubin An in-depth The history of the TY2 scored 301 victories Horseman: The 24th Series Vol. 1 A World detailed photo manual Operation Market Russia to the Gates
highly Illustrated look steam locomotive used whilst flying with Panzer Division in of Dioramas P Lund aimed at the modeller Garden F Lunteren of Moscow -- June-
at the American logis- extensively during JG 52 making him Stalingrad J Mark The book features a with 84 pages of This book draws on a December 1941
tical effort during the WWII. More than 1000 the second most This is a revised edition gallery of Per Olav captioned colour plethora of previously C Luther This book
Second World War, this worked on the Polish successful fighter pilot of an account of a Ger- Lund’s award winning walkaround photos unpublished sources to examines in unprece-
book describes the state railways.This of WWII however, man armoured division collection of dioramas. covering Snatches in shed new light on the dented detail the ad-
logistical means book details the history today, he is almost in combat at the Battle His staggering layouts British private collec- exploits of the “Devils vance of Germany’s
implemented by the of these ‘war locos’ forgotten. This book of Stalingrad. It is a and effortless realistic tions. Sections cover in Baggy Pants” by Army Group Centre
US Army liberty ships and is profusely illus- describes Barkhorn’s day-by-day story of style have gained Petrol V8 Snatches and this Dutch author and through central Russia,
to the railway through trated with photos and wartime experiences the 24th Panzer Divi- him an army of fans Diesel TDI Snatches. historian, a native of toward Moscow, in the
the floating ports hundreds of illustra- with 52, JG 6 and fi- sion’s fighting in the across the world. With Colour photos with Arnhem, the site of summer of 1941. B&W
and GMC trucks. tions. POLISH TEXT. nally JV 44. streets of Stalingrad. 250 colour photos. English text captions. “The Bridge too Far”. photos and maps.
HB 224pp £39.95 HB 318pp £38.00 HB 208pp £54.99 HB 548pp £20.50 SB 128pp £23.99 SB 64pp £21.99 HB 336pp £19.99 HB 712pp £49.99

Understanding the WM402 Panther Lest We Forget In Images of War Officers and Soldiers WM401 Jagdtiger Scale Model Voices from the
Somme 1916 An PzKpfw V Sd Kfz 171 Memory of the Belsen and its of French Dragoons 12,8cm Pak 44 auf Handbook Figure Arctic Convoys
Illuminating Ausf D/A/G Panther Fallen in the Great Liberation I Baxter Volume 1 1669-1749 Panzerjager, Tiger Modelling 11 P Brown A collection
Battlefield Guide Panerbefehlswagen, War. North West Accompanied by rare V Letrun Presents in Sd.Kfz 186 Jagdtiger S Demiras Looks at of memories from 29
S Heys A guidebook Panther, Sd Kfz Leicestershire and unpublished photos detail the uniforms of J Ledwoch Mono- painting pieces using of the brave seamen
that look at different 267/268 J Ledwoch This book is produced with in-depth captions French Dragoons, graph covering the acrylics, oils or enam- sailing the Arctic route
areas of the battlefield Monograph covering to commemorate the the book presents a founded during the history of this German els, sculpting, conver- - the most arduous of
and various aspects of the history of the Pan- many villagers of North unique visual account reign of Henri II, fol- tank destroyer. With sions, work on ground all convoy routes. In-
strategy, to explain ther tank. With English West Leicestershire who of one of the Nazi’s lowing the creation of English photo captions. presentation and cludes a list of Arctic
what happened in the photo captions and died in the Great War. most infamous the mounted Argue- B&W photos and scenery and historical Convoys. Black and
Battle of the Somme. walkaround photos. B&W/colour photos. concentration camps. busiers in 1554. colour profiles. texts. Colour photos. white photos.
SB 240pp £16.95 SB 66pp £15.99 SB 208pp £14.99 SB 160pp £14.99 SB 82pp £16.99 SB 46pp £15.99 SB 50pp £14.99 SB 217pp £16.99

The Big Macks

D Doyle A visual
history of the Mack
Military Miniatures Osprey New Steel Masters 126 The Weathering Thetis Submarine Le Thematique Steel Panzer Aces No.46 Wheeled Prime Movers
in Review 61 Vanguard 212 Axis Aout/Sept 2014 Magazine 8 Vietnam Disaster D Paul Masters No.26 This issue includes: in US Army Service
Dragons M48A3 Patton Midget Submarines FRENCH TEXT. Con- Covers in depth, tech- The story of the loss of Operation Overlord 6 Special Modern AFVs; 1940-1958. With large
tank; Bofors from AFV 1939-45 J Prenatt cours 2014 Saumur; niques on how to create His Majesty’s Subma- Juin 1944; 1:48 T-72B; T-55 C1; format black and white
Club; Tamiya Gama Details the design, Ehrhardt M1917 1:35; a jungle diorama and rine Thetis this book Sherman Crab; 1:35 Abrams Tusk II; photos throughout.
Goat; Building Wave’s weaponry and combat Medaille d’or S-65 to obtain the charac- examines the issues Churchill AVRE; 1:48 M-49 A2C Fuel Tanker SB 112pp £16.99
Ketzer and Meng’s history of these small Stalinetz 1:35; AEC Mk teristic earth and dust which led to the disas- Pz II Luchs; 1:35 and M2 A3 Bradley
Leopard 1 A3/4. stealth craft. 1 1:35; T-80 U 1:35. colours of Vietnam. ter. B&W photos. DUKW. FRENCH TEXT. W/Busk III. HB - Hardback,
SB 80pp £8.99 SB 48pp £9.99 SB 82pp £6.99 SB 74pp £8.99 SB 224pp £16.99 SB 82pp £13.99 SB 64pp £9.50 SB - Softback

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MIRROR MODELS 35339 1/35 WWI British Infantry UMA35162 Panzer III Ausf B £TBA AF35S82 NM-116 (M24 Chaffee) £TBA
MM35802 T969A Wrecker hard top £TBA Set x 5 figs £10.50 UMA35166 Panzer III Ausf C £TBA AF35259 Churchill AVRE w/snake launcher £TBA
MM35850 D7 Tractor £TBA UMA35168 U/S MP w/motorcycle £TBA AF35270 Bussing NAG L4500a £42.99
MM35122 CMP CGT Field Art £TBA TRUMPETER UMA35169 Panzer III Ausf D £TBA AF35285 Churchill Funnie Carpetlayer £TBA
TM02324 ML-20 152mm Soviet How UMA35171 Fire Truck w/trailer and pump £TBA
ITALERI M-46 Carriage £30.99 UMA35177 Gaz-AAA W/Quad Maxim £TBA MERIT MODELS
IT288 M4A3 Sherman Calliope £24.99 TM02325 A-19 Model 31/37 122mm Art £29.99 UMA35180 US Drivers £TBA MM60030 1/18th German Flak 88 type 36 £future
IT228 WC56 Dodge Staff Car £20.99 TM02340 Chinese Type 56 Div Gun £18.99 UMA36058 Zis-3 Gun Emplacement £TBA MM60602 1/6th SMG43 £future
IT6518 M-108 Howitzer £29.99 TM02341 52-K model 1939 A/A gun early £29.99 MM61601 1/16th German 105mm
TM02346 Soviet GAZ-67B £32.99 MENG MODELS K18 Cannon £future
IBG MODELS TM02348 Zu-23-2 Russian A/A Gun £24.99 SS-004 M2A3 Bradley w/Tusk III £49.99 MM61604 1/16th M-ATV MRAP £future
IB35017 Bedford QLR £29.99 TM01543 BTR-60PA £TBA SS-006 M3A3 w/Busk III £TBA MM61605 1/16th US Maxx Pro MRAP £future
IB35018 Bedford QLB £29.99 TM915 1/16th Su-100 £169.99 SS-007 Russian 9K72 Scud B £TBA MM63502 M-19 soft top w/trailer £future
IB35025 Skoda 100mm Howitzer £17.99 TM05515 9P148 ATGM £27.99 TS-006 Russian T-90A MTB £44.99 MM64801 1/48th U.S Elco 80’ PT Boat Late £69.99

IB35028 Obice da100/17 Italian Howitzer £17.99 TM05522 T-64BV model 1985 £39.99 TS-007 Leopard 1A3/4 £44.99
TM05557 PLA Type 86A I.F.V £27.99 TS-012 PzHaubitze 2000 s/p £39.99 GALLERY MODELS
TAKOM TM05565 T-80B £44.99 TS-013 AMX-30 B2 £TBA GM64008 1/350th USS Intrepid CV-11 £159.99
TAK2001 Object 279 £49.99 TM05572 JGSDF Type 73 Light Truck £24.99 SPS-015 Modern U.S Personnel Equipment £7.99
TAK2003 Cana Leopard C2 Mexas £48.00 TM05573 IS-4 Soviet Heavy Tank £54.99 SPS-17 Interior for M3A3 w/busk III £TBA RODEN
TAK2004 Leopard 1A5/C2 £TBA TM05581 T-80BVD £59.99 UR806 R/R 40/50 Silver Ghost £TBA
TAK2005 German Civil Car w/Rocket £26.99 TM05582 Russian TOS-1 24 BMRL £57.99 AFV CLUB
TAK2006 Super Heavy KV-5 £49.99 UR807 Opel Blitz Omnibus W39 £TBA
TM01014 BM-21 Grad late £37.99 AF35S67 AAV7A1 Ram/RS w/EAAK £69.99

TAK2007 Japanese S.U.V £TBA TM01533 BMP-3 North Korea £29.99 AF35236 AEC Matador Early £49.99 RODEN
TAK2008 WWI Mark IV Male £49.99 TM01592 German SPW-70 £31.99 AG35039 Nato 155mm How Ammo £14.99 UR806 R/R 40/50 Silver Ghost £TBA
TAK2009 WWI Mark IV Female £49.99 TM BMPT Ramka £TBA AG35042 M2HB.50 cal M/G Conv £7.99
TAK2011 Skoda 30.5cm TM Russian T-35 Heavy Tank £TBA AF35049 AEC Dorchester Early £TBA MASTERBOX
M1916 Siege Howitzer £TBA TM Russian T-28 Medium Tank £TBA AF35273 AEC A/car Mk III £TBA
TAK2012 St Chamond Late £TBA MX3208 French Hussar 54mm £9.99
TM Russian Ba-10 A/car £TBA AF35060 M-60A1 Patton £TBA
151 Sackville Road TM05327 USS Indianapolis CA-35 1944 £49.99 AF35166 6 Pdr A/T Gun £TBA
MX35083 German elite Inf
MX35095 Jungle Patrol Vietnam
DRAGON KITS TM03619 PLAN Type 051c DDG £89.99 AF35175 M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer £TBA
Hove, East Sussex D3546 M-48A3 £49.99 AF35202 17 Pdr A/T Gun £TBA
MX35157 South of France 1944
MX35159 US Modern w/civilians
D6375 Pz IV Crew £13.25 BRONCO MODELS AF35219 6 Pdr Gun Airborne Crew £TBA
BN3 3HD D6387 Pz III Ausf L Late £49.99 BM35065 Pz 35T £31.99 AF35145 T-34/85 Mod 1944/45
MX35160 German Tankmen WWII
MX35163 Middle East figures
D6695 German Wehr Bivouac £16.99 BM35124 8 Rad PzFunkWg SdKfz 263 £TBA Factory No 174 w/In £42.99
Tel: 01273 705420 D3548 M103 A1 Heavy Tank £49.99 BM35125 CV3/33 Tankette series II early £26.99 AF35186 Bofors 40mm FlaK 28 A/A Gun £29.99 MX35165 German Military Cycles WWII
MX35166 Woman w/Bicycle
D3550 MBT 70 [KPZ 70] £49.99 BM35142 4x4 MRAP Maxx £TBA AF35S82 NM-116 (M24 Chaffee) £TBA
orders@lsamodels.co.uk D6789 M6 A1 Heavy Tank £49.99 BM35143 Panzer 1 Ausf F (VK1801) £31.99 AF35259 Churchill AVRE w/snake launcher £TBA
D6578 Stug III Ausf G 1943 £49.99 BM35145 Buffalo 6x6 w/slat armour/spaced £TBA AF35270 Bussing NAG L4500a £42.99
D6792 Panzer III Ausf F command £49.99 BM35163 1/4T Truck w/75mm Airborne How £TBA AF35285 Churchill Funnie Carpetlayer £TBA VU56004 German Fuel Drums £TBA
Monday to Saturday 9:30 - 5:30 D6793 Sexton II Late Prod Cannuk £39.99 BM35175 German Horch Early £TBA
D6796 ISU-152 £49.99 BM35188 Lloyd Carrier no 2 Mk II w/6 Pdr Gun £TBA HOBBYBOSS RIICH MODELS
Wednesday & Sunday Closed D3554 Saladin Armoured Car MkII £49.99 BM35195 A.S 51 Horsa MkI £TBA AF35S67 AAV7A1 Ram/RS w/EAAK £69.99 RV35 ? M-992 FASV £TBA
AB3563 T97E2 Track links (M48/60) £TBA AF35236 AEC Matador Early £49.99 RV35019 57mm A/T Gun M2 Carriage early £TBA
Bank Holidays Closed TAMIYA AB3564 Soviet BT-7 Track £11.50 AG35039 Nato 155mm How Ammo £14.99 RV35020 57mm A/T Gun M2 Carriage late £TBA
32407 LRDG w/Masterbox figs £25.99 AB3565 T-80E1 Steel Track M26/46 £11.50 AG35042 M2HB.50 cal M/G Conv £7.99 RV35021 Livestock set No 3 (dogs) £TBA
35336 GPA Jeep Updated w/figs £19.99 AB3566 T-84E1 Rubber Track M46/47 £TBA AF35049 AEC Dorchester Early £TBA RV35030 Praga AV Staff car £TBA
Postage charges (within UK) 37015 Horch Kfz 15 w/figs (ex Ita) £29.99 AB3567 WWII Weapons/Equipment £22.50 AF35273 AEC A/car Mk III £TBA RV35033 Air Defence S-125 Neva £TBA
Lge Letter £1.50 30057 WWI Mark IV Tank w/figures £49.99 AF35060 M-60A1 Patton £TBA
25174 1/35 British Sherman VC MINI ART AF35166 6 Pdr A/T Gun £TBA PANZERWRECKS / CANFORA BOOKS
Small Parcel 1kg £3.50 World of Diorama’s vol 1 £23.99
Firefly & 6 figs £37.99 UMA35102 Soviet Inf Weapons £7.99 AF35175 M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer £TBA
Small Parcel 2kg £7.00 25175 1/35 Sherman Easy 8 & 4 figures £37.99 UMA35144 Red Army Drivers £TBA AF35202 17 Pdr A/T Gun £TBA KV Tanks on the Battlefield £23.99
Med Parcel 1kg £6.50 30057 1/35 WWI British Mk IV Tank Male £49.99 UMA35151 U.S Horsemen Normandy 44 £TBA AF35219 6 Pdr Gun Airborne Crew £TBA Panzerwrecks 17 Normandy 3 (due Sept) £17.00
31713 1/700 CV-3 Saratoga Aircraft Carrier£34.99 UMA35159 AEC Mk III Arm Car £33.99 AF35145 T-34/85 Mod 1944/45 Duel in the Mist 3 £36.99
Courier up to 25Kg £8.00 32408 1/35 Pak 36r North Africa Set £ 24.99 UMA35160 Gaz-03-30 Ambulance £TBA Factory No 174 w/Int £42.99 Tiger on the Battlefield (due Aug) £23.99
32582 1/48 British M10 IIC Achilles £16.50 UMA35161 U.S Officers £TBA AF35186 Bofors 40mm FlaK 28 A/A Gun £29.99 Der Tiger 1 Vol 1 Abt 501 (due Aug) £24.99
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Guideline Publications Features...

Chairman 20 1/35 M3A3 with Flakvierling

Régis Auckland Roman Volchenkov models an unusual World War II conversion.
28 1/35 Buffalo in a Cage
Pascal Bausset gives the Bronco kit the full treatment.
David Grummitt
20 Warwick Road, Whitstable
CT5 1HX United Kingdom 36 - Buffalo A1 MPCV
Email: davidgrummitt942@hotmail.com Pascal Bausset and P.Y. Nicolas walk around the real thing.
Associate Editor
Tony Little 42 1/35 Ferdinand: Winner or Loser?
Email: Özgur Güner builds the Dragon kit.
Assistant Editor 50 1/35 Make Mine a Merc
Moustafa Assad
Email: masss11@hotmail.com
Dai William builds the ICM Mercedes LG3000.
Sales & Marketing Director
58 - World Model Expo 2014
for Guideline Publications
Tom Foxon
Michelangelo Sicilia reports from probably the largest model show in Europe.
E-mail: tom@regallitho.co.uk
Mob: +44 (0) 7540 153368

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MMI October Forum_Forum 08/09/2014 16:19 Page 6

ne of the complaints I
sometimes here is that MMI
doesn’t feature enough of the
‘smaller manufacturers’, that our pages
are dominated by the likes of Tamiya,
Dragon and Meng. I always take
exception to this on a couple of fronts.
First, we are, and always have been,
the magazine ‘for modellers by
modellers’, so our content reflects
what our contributors (almost all
hobbyists and not professional
modellers) send me. “Ah yes, that
old cop-out” I hear you cry. Our
contributors though are a varied
bunch and we have featured builds
and review articles from many
different manufacturers over the past few months. This
month, for instance, we feature builds from ICM, Bronco
Models, and AFV Club’s subsidiary, Ding-Hao Hobby, as well
as Dragon, not to mention a review feature on some new
kits from Mirror Models. We also cover all the samples that
are sent to us for review in NATF, while we try and list as
many new releases as we can in QM Stores. I think
we do quite well but I’d like to do better, so have
two requests: first, if you have built a kit by a
‘smaller manufacturer’, then let us know, send us a
picture, a review or a full article! Second, if you are
a ‘small manufacturer’ and you have a product
you’d like to see featured in MMI then please send
us a sample and rest assured we’ll do the rest.
This month sees an in-depth feature by Pascal
Bausset on Bronco Models’ Buffalo MPCV with a
modelling article and a walkaround. Dai Williams
returns with a build of ICM’s superb LG3000 truck,
while another regular, Roman Volchenkov, presents one of
the more unusual field conversions of World War II, an M3A3
mounting a 2cm Flakvierling in Yugoslav service, courtesy of
Ding-Hao Hobby. Özgur Güner is also back again and this
time asks whether the Ferdinand tank destroyer was one of
the War’s winners or losers. Finally, we have an extended
show report on one of Europe’s premier modelling events,
the Model Expo show in Stresa, Italy. Until next month,
happy modelling!

David Grummitt Editor

6 Military Modelcraft International

MMI SEPT (Page 13)_Layout 1 27/07/2014 23:40 Page 2
MMI October NATF_NATF 07/09/2014 19:52 Page 8

News at the Front

An in-depth look at some of the latest releases
Masterclub Roman Volchenkov

Masterclub are increasing their range of difference being that initial tanks had set (ref. MTL 35025) made these split
white metal tracks with realistic resin track both left and right sides, while early tracks links as a single piece they look good
pins and the subject of this review are sets were similar on both sides as a result of enough unless you would like to show a
for the Soviet KV and IS tank series, as well production simplification, just having knocked out tank with damaged tracks.
as Tiger I tracks. All these sets have a high different orientation (ref. MTL 35006). Finally, lightweight 650mm tracks were a
casting quality and feature very sharp Late track type (ref. MTL 35005) had further development and were put on
detail. They can be assembled without cleats on the outer surface while having Soviet heavy tanks starting from the KV-1s
glue and easily blackened with same dimensions as the previous two. All until the end of the War (the KV-85, IS-2, IS-
commercial products. The blackeners that three sets fit the Tamiya and Dragon drive 3 tanks, as well as tank destroyers ISU-122,
I tested (from Wilder, AK Interactive and sprockets and they are very easy to build ISU-152 and Object 704). Similar to the
AMMO Mig Jimenez) did not affect the thanks to the large track links and large 700mm lightweight tracks here every
resin pins, but it’s still advisable to treat pins. For Soviet armour modellers second track link was split into halves and
the metal tracks separately and then paint Masterclub have covered the evolution of had no guide horn (ref. MTL 35028).
the resin pins with a brush. Some might the KV series tank tracks by providing sets Trumpeter is the main manufacturer of
say that this is a bit extra work over the of KV-1/2 tracks, KV-1 split tracks and KV- KV-based tanks and these sets serve as a
regular approach when steel wire is 1s/IS-2/IS-3 tracks. The first set very good replacement for the vinyl and
inserted into metal tracks, but the realistic (ref. MTL 35027) represents the 700mm- styrene kit tracks, especially given that the
appearance of the pins with washer and stamped metal tracks with guide horn on KV-1s series tracks included in Trumpeter
nut detail is worth it. each link which were basically fitted on all kits are out of scale, being almost 2mm
The evolution of Tiger I tracks is KV-2 and KV-1 during Operation wider than the original track! The build is
represented by sets of initial, early and late Barbarossa. Later on, Soviet military easy, similar to Tiger track series. Our
tracks. Tiger I Initial tracks (ref. MTL commanders demanded a reduction in thanks to Masterclub for providing the
35007) were put on the very first 20 Tiger the total weight of the KV tanks and the review samples, please check their
I tanks produced; these are the famous tracks were one way to achieve that. This webpage for distributors:
Leningrad Tigers and a couple of tanks lead to appearance of lightweight 700mm www.masterclub.ru/wheretobye.
from the Africa corps. The early tracks are tracks which had every second link made
basically similar to initial, with the main of two halves. Although the Masterclub

The Tiger Initial tracks (ref. 35007) fitted to the Dragon

The Tiger late tracks (ref. 35005) fitted to the Dragon (left) and Tamiya (right) drive sprockets.
drive sprockets.

The 700mm stamped metal tracks (ref. 35027) fitted to the Trumpeter KV-1. And the later 700mm lightweight tracks fitted to Trumpeter’s Object 704.

8 Military Modelcraft International

MMI October NATF_NATF 07/09/2014 19:52 Page 9

News at the Front

An in-depth look at some of the latest releases
Trumpeter Murat Özgül

bject 704 was a project military vehicles and since gun; a nicely done mantlet and and is moulded in one piece,
designed for their earliest releases, fully movable metal gun while the fit to the upper hull
production in 1945 and Trumpeter have served the fan barrel; photoetched rifling is flawless. Object 704 did not
was based on a mixture of JS-2 of Soviet AFVs well. In recent insert for the inside of the gun go beyond prototype and
and JS-3 components. It was a years, they have been filling barrel is provided; a full never entered in to
behemoth which housed a the market with a rapidly complement of pioneering production; so there are not
ML-20SM model 44 152.4 mm expanding range of vehicle tools and external fuel drums. many options on the decal
gun, together with 40 rounds kits, both armoured and The kit is perfectly detailed, sheet. The sheet contains only
in a rather low silhouette body softskin, and Soviet Object but special emphasis should generic numbers and some
which was designed in the 704 SPH (ref. 05575) is one of be given to the first-rate tracks signs for the parade shows. Yet
mould of other Soviet heavy the latest. It is typically which consist of 12 sprues for as Object 704 is a paper
self-propelled guns. The Trumpeter, consisting of 460 both sides. Even though there project, it has a huge potential
vehicle was well armoured, up grey plastic parts, a small sheet are 82 parts per side, building for alternative history
to 320mm in places, which of photoetch and a metal gun the tracks is not time modeling and for this, your
would have made it one of the tube. This is an ideal ‘out of the consuming as there is little imagination is the limit. Our
most impregnable vehicles of box’ project. Some notable clean up process and the finish thanks to Pocketbond for the
its type, the project was details include: detailed is satisfying and easy. However review sample, Trumpeter kits
cancelled. Only one was suspension parts and road care should be given to level are available from all good
completed and this prototype wheels; individual track links the tracks with the finely model shops.
is now preserved in Kubinka which are perfect for the detailed suspension. The gun
Tank Museum. I have always characteristic track sag; a mantlet is movable, to the
been a huge fan of Russian detailed DShK anti-aircraft sides and also up and down

Characteristic of all Trumpeter KV-based kits, the assembly of the suspension is

The upper and lower hulls are both cast as single pieces with crisp details.
simplicity itself.

One of the highlights of the kits is the individual tracks links. These require little
preparation and easily assemble with liquid cement.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 9
MMI October NATF_NATF 07/09/2014 19:52 Page 10

News at the Front

An in-depth look at some of the latest releases

W↑D Models Paul Bennett

eaders may recall our allows for much sharper detail. in addition to their usual to any of W↑D Models’ military
coverage of a selection However, as this is a relatively stations aboard ship, Royal vehicle range. Descended
of World War One fragile material, particular care Marines were part of the Royal from the medieval office of the
vehicles recently added to the is required when removing the Naval Division that landed in Provost Marshal, the Military
W↑D Models range. This various items from their gates. Belgium in 1914 to help Foot Police was formed in
month we have several figure Similarly, preparing the defend Antwerp. They later 1885. During World War One
sets that are certain to appeal components calls for some took part in the amphibious the Military Police grew in
to the small-scale modeller, delicate handling to avoid landing at Gallipoli in 1915, strength from 508 to over
particularly those with an damaging (or worse, breaking) and also served on the 25,000, and by 1915 served the
interest in diorama work. As smaller parts. A notable feature Western Front in the trenches. Army as a whole. Again, as
you will see, the subjects are of these figures is the inclusion The set comprises five figures shown in these figures, the
quite varied, though the of separate heads (in many (four ratings/NCOs and an uniform was essentially the
quality remains constant: cases offering optional officer). While the uniforms are standard Army pattern. For
credible poses, attention to headgear), and where similar in cut to those worn by immediate identification, the
detail and superb casting . . . appropriate, separate arms. army personnel, there are peaked cap was fitted with a
hallmarks of Barry Williams’ Moving on to the figures distinctive differences. Apart crimson-red cloth cover (hence
products. Produced to 1/76 themselves, the first is a set of from the familiar peaked cap the nicknames ‘Red-Cap’ or
scale, the figures are resin. ‘Royal Marines Light worn by the officer, the ‘Cherry Knob’); a black brassard
While the company’s earlier Infantry’ (ref. WD41). During headgear is the 1903-pattern was worn on the right arm,
examples were cast in white World War One, ‘Broderick’ cap. Also, instead and marked with the letters
metal, this shift to resin of puttees, the figures are ‘MP’. From mid-1916, personnel
certainly correctly shown wearing also wore the newly
webbing gaiters. Assuming introduced ‘Brodie’ helmet,
that these figures depict with the letters painted on the
front. I have to admit to being



Marines from the early-war

period, the uniforms would somewhat puzzled when I first
have been dark blue, with received this set; the figure
a broad red stripe down with the outstretched arm
the outside the trousers appears to be holding a radio
and a large red patch to his mouth (hardly correct
behind the cap badge. for the period). Barry assures
Next we have ‘Military me that this is actually a
Police’ (ref WD42). This whistle, just to clarify the point,
three-figure set has been should anyone have similar
posed to depict MPs in doubts.
their traffic-control role, a The third set, ‘British
perfect accompaniment Sappers – Late War’ (ref.
WD43) comprises five figures,

10 Military Modelcraft International

MMI October NATF_NATF 07/09/2014 19:52 Page 11

News at the Front

An in-depth look at some of the latest releases

rifles slung over their makes them an ideal set-piece Appropriately, the two crew doubt, they are some of the
shoulders, and equipped with for a vignette. Close figures are provided with best I have seen in this scale.
shovels andtake pre-painted
picks. The term complete
examination screen for the
reveals that, (Desert)
heads 36144)
wearing either With that in mind, I plan to
‘sap’ dates back tonext
to the logical
the Middle average
typically, the figurevehicle,
armoured holdingbut the UK Camouflage
peaked caps, steel Netting
helmetsS Type
or follow my review by
Ages,with these camouflage
and referred to the when
machine dealing
gun iswith largeratanks
wearing (Woodland)
pith helmets.(ref. 36145)
Having made the incorporating each in a
trench fordug
AFVs toand aircraft, the
undermine a Ileather
imagine fourover
jerkin wouldhisbe order
jacket. Camouflage netting
choice, it is simply a case of suitable vignette (in certain
a series of patterns.
Eventually, the The of thethe
Since day.Lewis
Gun is "Barracuda"
painting theWoodland
uniforms to fit the cases, with appropriate
Corps of include
Sappers a couple
and malleable,
provided asthe pattern isitem,
a separate aboutan (ref. 36151)
setting. However, an important vehicles) . . . something to look
of US patterns
Miners from between
was absorbed within as intricate as
adjustment toitthe
get arm
in Camouflage nettingis that this
point to remember forward to in a future issue.
1940 and Engineers.
the Royal 1960, as well Withas the photoetch
will allow the and the more
weapon to be "Barracuda"Desert
particular vehicle was(ref.only
36154) For further details on these
Barracuda Woodland
vast network of trenches and and adventurous among
carried over the shoulder. us will used by the British Army from and other items in the W↑D
Desert style, all at £16.99.
other constructional work also
W↑D to painstakingly
Models’ recent 1917 onwards. Prior to that, it Models range, please visit
requiredon an A5World
during (132mm Warx add Hessian
vehicles is thetape for enhanced
Crossley 20/25 was exclusively in Russian www.wdmodels.com or e-mail:
229mm) sheet, they are
One, the role of the sapper was realism. The following
Staff Car. Not surprisingly, sheets
here service; the outbreak of the wdmodels@googlemail.com.
essential. As forthe
1/35 as suggests,
title well as are now available
we have from set
a three-figure Revolution resulted in Alternatively, Barry Williams
figures For most
depict 1/35-
late-war Hannants,
‘Driver & 2LSA Models and
Passengers’ (Ref. cancellation of the Austin can be contacted at Pen-y-
scale dioramas
soldiers, you will need
the combination of at other
WD46), Eduard stockists:
specifically designed contract, and remaining Bryn, 2 Penrhos Drive, Bangor,
steel two
helmet setsand
to make
small abox UK Camouflagethe
to accompany Netting
vehicle.S Type
As vehicles being used by Britain. Gwynedd LL57 2AZ. Please
respirator (gas mask) noted in our coverage of the To say that I was impressed note that minimum orders are
indicating April 1916 onwards. Crossley, this was used mainly by this latest series of figure now £15.00
‘British Lewis Gun Team’ by the Royal Flying Corps. sets would be an plus p&p.
(ref. WD45) is again made up Appropriately, the figures understatement; without
of five figures. The first point to depict the driver and two
note is that only three are officers. Once again,
carrying rifles; perfectly sculpting and attention to
accurate, as Nos.1 and 2 of the detail are excellent. The
team (the gunner and spare- provision of separate heads
parts carrier) were required to offers the possibility of a
replace their Lee Enfields with conversation between the
less-cumbersome Webley two passengers
revolvers. Each of the other



as they make
their way to the RFC
members was responsible for headquarters at Saint-Omer
carrying up to 200 rounds of (just one of the scenarios
ammunition in spare that springs to mind).
magazines (essential, given the And finally, ‘Crew for
Lewis Gun’s rate of fire of 500- Austin Armoured Car’ (ref.
600 rounds per minute!) As WD47). W↑D Models
can be seen, the figures are released two versions of this WD47
particularly well animated and vehicle: the British-pattern
interact as a group, which and the Indian-pattern.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 11
MMI OCT (Page 12)_Layout 1 04/09/2014 15:44 Page 2
MMI OCT (Page 13)_Layout 1 04/09/2014 15:49 Page 2
MMI October NATF_NATF 07/09/2014 19:52 Page 14

News at the Front

An in-depth look at some of the latest releases
Bronco Models 1/48 Roman Volchenkov

t’s beentake overpre-painted
a year since complete
photoetched screen
withtherear (Desert)
intake (ref.on
grills 36144)
the motor such as the grab handles and
Bronco modelsto the next logical
released average
grill meshvehicle,
and abut UK Camouflage
room are moulded Netting S Type
in plastic, maintenance tools. Actually,
theirwith these
series of camouflage
Staghound when dealing
piece of twinewith larger tanks
for towing (Woodland)
while (ref. 36145)
the external fuel drums this kit was so attractive that I
nets for AFVs
kits which and
were aircraft,
a real freshthe Icables.
imagineThefour would
parts numberbe order
is Camouflage
are netting
made of three pieces each started building it immediately
breath in afor
series of dominated
a field patterns. The of the day.large
relatively Extremely
for 1/48 scale "Barracuda"
with the most Woodland
complicated after receiving from post office
by the releases
somewhatinclude a couple
simplistic malleable, the pattern is about
kit, but it’s unreasonable or (ref. 36151)
element, the straps and and three evenings later it was
of US patterns
Tamiya from between
Quarterscale kits. as intricate as it can
over-engineered. Theget in Camouflage
locking bolts,netting
carefully ready for paint. Here I
1940 and 1960,
Surprisingly, as well
these as
detailed photoetch and theismore
moulding quality a real "Barracuda"Desert
replicated. All hatches(ref.can
be discovered that fitting the
Barracuda Woodland
and very realistic and
to scale adventurous
masterpiece: for among us will
example, the positioned opened if desired, upper run of the tracks can be
modelsstyle,wereall notatvery
well also
bolt be ableand
detail to painstakingly
the weld seams but although they have some tricky and I had to bend them
receivedon an A5
with (132mm x
people add
aroundHessian tape for
the wheel hubsenhanced
and detail on the inner side, there a bit more to fit to the model,
complaining sheet, theytheir
about are realism. The following
other suspension sheetsare
housings are no inner periscope making the characteristic sag
complexity. forFor
well as are now available
carefully replicated.from
The gun portions on two of the hatches present on the period images
they hadmodels. For most
the right blend1/35-
of Hannants,
barrel has aLSA Models and
perforated muzzle where they should have been! as well. The kit’s instruction
detaildioramas you willNow
and buildability. needweat other
brake Eduard
and thestockists:
mould seam is Unlike the 1/35-scale kit the provides four paint options,
have two setsnew
a brand to make
kit ofa the UK Camouflage
minimal, meaning Netting S Type
that there is tracks are not individual including decals for two
SU-152 KV-14) (ref. no need for an Aftermarket workable links, but a far more variants, but I will do
ZB48004), the famous Soviet replacement, just polish it with manageable link-and-length something different in the full
tank destroyer based on the a fine polishing stick or option. One minor issue that is build and paint article in a
KV heavy tank chassis! The kit sanding paper. As with easy to fix is the exaggerated future issue of MMI.
includes four green-grey Staghound kits the parts cast armour texture on the Altogether, I think this is a very
plastic sprues, one piece lower breakdown is similar to the superstructure, something that welcome release and I hope
hull, clear parts for 1/35-scale Bronco SU-152 kit, travelled from the larger kit. that many modellers will
head and tail but the build is This is easily fixed by adding appreciate Bronco’s efforts in
lights, a simplicity itself. putty to surface, just be sure 1/48 scale! Our thanks to Rubin
small For instance, not to obstruct the location at Bronco Models for the
the air points for smaller elements, review sample.

No need for an Aftermarket

addition here, the 152mm
gun barrel is beautifully
Here you can see the
beautiful bolt detail and
weld seams.

The assembled model:

note the white plastic
putty added to the
casemate to reduce
the overdone cast
armour texture.

14 Military Modelcraft International

MMI QM Stores Oct 2014_MMI Showtime 07/09/2014 19:57 Page 15

The Quartermaster’s Store

A round up of the latest releases

AFV Club AFV Club

ACE Churchill TLC Type A w/Carpet Churchill AVRE with Snake
British Staff Car Forlite Saloon 8HP ACE Model Laying Devices Launcher
mod.1939 French 5t Truck AHR Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35
Scale: 1/72 Scale: 1/72 Ref: AF35285 Ref: AF35259
Ref: 72513 Ref: 72526 SRP: £TBA SRP: £TBA
SRP: £TBA SRP: £9.99
See www.afvclub.com.tw See www.afvclub.com.tw
See www.acemodel.com.ua See www.acemodel.com.ua Distributed in the UK by Pocketbond Distributed in the UK by Pocketbond

AK Interactive AK Interactive
Clear Colors (vol 1) Vietnam Color Set Ammo MIG Jimenez
Ref: AK 264 Ref: AK 4010 Modern Syria Camouflage Colors Ammo MIG Jimenez
‘Smart Set’ Vietnam Colors ‘Smart Set’
Ref: A.MIG 7103 Ref: A.MIG 7135
SRP: €6.90 SRP: €6.90
See www.ak-interactive.com See www.ak-interactive.com See www.migjiminez.com
See www.migjiminez.com

Archer Fine Transfers Black Dog

Ammo MIG Jimenez German Road Signs and Civilian Archer Fine Transfers Cathedral Ruin Base
Russian WWII Camouflage Colors Signage Generic Piano Hinge Scale: 1/72
‘Smart Set’ Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/72-1/32 Ref: D72016
Ref: A.MIG 7136 Ref: AR35383 Ref: AR88095 SRP: £TBA
SRP: €6.90 SRP: $11.95 SRP: $8.95
See www.migjiminez.com See www.archertransfers.com See www.archertransfers.com www.blackdog.cz

Black Dog
Black Dog Ruined House with Railway Black Dog Black Dog
Middle East Market Base Crossing Base Destroyed Panther Base Marmon-Herrington Mk.II
Scale: 1/72 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/72 Accessories Set
Ref: D72017 Ref: D72018 Ref: D72019 Scale: 1/35
SRP: £TBA SRP: £TBA SRP: £TBA Ref: T35113
www.blackdog.cz www.blackdog.cz www.blackdog.cz www.blackdog.cz

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 15
MMI QM Stores Oct 2014_MMI Showtime 07/09/2014 19:57 Page 16

The Quartermaster’s Store

A round up of the latest releases

Black Dog Black Dog Brach Model Brach Model

Carro Armato L6 Accessories Set Pz.Kpfw. 35(t) Accessories Set Lorraine 37L Lorraine 37L(f) with Pz. I Turret
Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35
Ref: T35114 Ref: T35115 Ref: BM112 Ref: BM113
SRP: £TBA SRP: £TBA SRP: €89.00 SRP: €95.00
www.blackdog.cz www.blackdog.cz www.brachmodel.it www.brachmodel.it

Brach Model Bronco Models Corsar Rex

Selbstfahrlafette fur 28cm ‘Stuka zu T80E1 Workable Track Link Set Russian Soldier – Infantryman, Corsar Rex
Fuss’ auf Lorraine 37L(f) (Steel) For M26/M46 World War I Soviet Soldier – Red Army
Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/48
Ref: BM114 Ref: AB3565 Ref: CR-35040 Ref: CR-48007
SRP: €110.00 SRP: £11.50 SRP: £TBA SRP: £TBA
www.brachmodel.it See www.bronco-model.com See www.corsarrex.com See www.corsarrex.com

Corsar Rex Corsar Rex Corsar Rex Corsar Rex

Politruk USSR – Political Commissar Medical Sister – Red Army Soviet Soldier – Red Army Soviet Soldier – Red Army
Scale: 1/48 Scale: 1/48 Scale: 1/48 Scale: 1/48
Ref: CR-48008 Ref: CR-48009 Ref: CR-48010 Ref: CR-48011
See www.corsarrex.com See www.corsarrex.com See www.corsarrex.com See www.corsarrex.com

Corsar Rex
Corsar Rex Russian Bogatyr – 10th Century AD D-Day Miniature Studio D-Day Miniature Studio
Soviet Soldiers – Red Army (901-1000) WWI British Tank Corps Sergeant WWI British Tank Corps Staff Officer
Scale: 1/48 Scale: 54mm Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35
Ref: CR-48012 Ref: CR-54010 Ref: 35022 Ref: 35023
SRP: £TBA SRP: £TBA SRP: €12.00 SRP: €12.00
See www.corsarrex.com See www.corsarrex.com See www.ddayminiaturestudio.com See www.ddayminiaturestudio.com

16 Military Modelcraft International

MMI QM Stores Oct 2014_MMI Showtime 07/09/2014 19:57 Page 17

The Quartermaster’s Store

A round up of the latest releases

Meng Model
Eduard AMX-30B2
D-Day Miniature Studio T-90 Photo-etched Set Scale: 1/35 Model Miniature
WWI British Tank Corps (for Zvezda kit) Ref: TS-013 Halftrack (with EYAL Crane)
Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 SRP: £39.99 Scale: 1/72
Ref: 35024 Ref: 36271 www.meng-model.com Ref: MM-R140
SRP: €23.00 SRP: £18.40 Available in the UK from Creative SRP: €19.90
See www.ddayminiaturestudio.com www.eduard.com Models (www.creativemodels.co.uk) www.model-miniature.com

Model Miniature Model Miniature Model Miniature Model Miniature

Middle East Building Sailing Boat Cubic Concrete Black (x5) Figures MM Set 5 (French Soldiers)
Scale: 1/72 Scale: 1/72 Scale: 1/72 Scale: 1/72
Ref: MM-R141 Ref: MM-R142 Ref: MM-R143 Ref: MM-R144
SRP: €14.90 SRP: €8.90 SRP: €4.50 SRP: €8.90
www.model-miniature.com www.model-miniature.com www.model-miniature.com www.model-miniature.com

Nuts Planet Nuts Planet Nuts Planet Nuts Planet

Night’s Watch The Lord of Lion Hector – Prince of Troy The Crusades – Knight of Heaven
Scale: 1/10 (Bust) Scale: 1/10 (Bust) Scale: 1/10 (Bust) Scale: 1/10 (Bust)
Ref: NP-B001 Ref: NP-B002 Ref: NP-B003 Ref: NP-B004
www.nutsplanet.com www.nutsplanet.com www.nutsplanet.com www.nutsplanet.com

Nuts Planet Nuts Planet Nuts Planet Perry Miniatures

The Aquila – Roman Legionary Teutonic Knight WWII – US 101 Airborne StuH 42
Scale: 1/10 (Bust) Scale: 1/10 (Bust) Scale: 1/10 (Bust) Scale: 28mm
Ref: NP-B005 Ref: NP-B006 Ref: NP-B007 Ref: BM 29
www.nutsplanet.com www.nutsplanet.com www.nutsplanet.com www.perry-miniatures.com

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 17
MMI QM Stores Oct 2014_MMI Showtime 07/09/2014 19:57 Page 18

The Quartermaster’s Store

A round up of the latest releases

Perry Miniatures Perry Miniatures Perry Miniatures Perry Miniatures

StuG III Ausf G SdKfz 251 Ausf C Semovente da 90/53 German Light Machine Gun Teams
Scale: 28mm Scale: 28mm Scale: 28mm Scale: 28mm
Ref: BM 30 Ref: BM 31 Ref: BM 32 Ref: GWW 18
SRP: £18.50 SRP: £18.50 SRP: £20.50 SRP: £7.00
www.perry-miniatures.com www.perry-miniatures.com www.perry-miniatures.com www.perry-miniatures.com

Perry Miniatures
Scottish Piper & Tam o’Shanters Stalingrad Stalingrad Stalingrad
(Black Watch) Panzer Crew, Kursk 1943 Panzer Crewman, Kursk 1943 Panzer Crewman, Kursk 1943
Scale: 28mm Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35
Ref: WW 20 Ref: S-3080 Ref: S-3081 Ref: S-3082
www.perry-miniatures.com See www.stalingrad.diorama.ru See www.stalingrad.diorama.ru See www.stalingrad.diorama.ru

Soviet SS-1D SCUD-C
Stalingrad Stalingrad Stalingrad Scale: 1/35
Panzer Crewman, Kursk 1943 Panzer Crewman, Kursk 1943 Panzer Crewman, Kursk 1943 Ref: 01019
Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 SRP: £TBA
Ref: S-3083 Ref: S-3084 Ref: S-3085 www.trumpeter-china.com
SRP: £TBA SRP: £TBA SRP: £TBA Trumpeter kits are distributed in the
See www.stalingrad.diorama.ru See www.stalingrad.diorama.ru See www.stalingrad.diorama.ru UK by Pocketbond

Valkyrie Miniatures Valkyrie Miniatures

Valkyrie Miniatures Modern US Army Tank Crew West German Army Tank Crew Young Miniatures
Modern IDF Tank Crew (2000 Era) (in Iraq 2008) (Deutsches Heer, 1970-80 Era) Highland Clansman
Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/35 Scale: 1/10 (Bust)
Ref: VM35004 Ref: VM35005 Ref: VM35006 Ref: YH1838
See www.valkyrie.co.kr See www.valkyrie.co.kr See www.valkyrie.co.kr www.young-miniatures.com

18 Military Modelcraft International

Volchenkov - M3A3_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:42 Page 20

Ding-Hao Hobby M3A3

1/35 with Flak38

Roman Volchenkov models an unusual World War II conversion.

nown as the
April War (translated from
the Serbo-Croat ‘Aprilski
of Croatia).
Rat’) or Operation 25, the the war, none exist today.
While the Yugoslavian Army
German-led invasion of Consequently, building an
had been unable to match the older M3A3 tanks and AEC
Yugoslavia began on 6th April accurate model is complicated
strength of the invading Forces, armoured cars). When the city
1941. Facing further assaults by a lack of reference
communist and anti-fascist of Šibenik was liberated in
from Italy and Hungary, the information – in particular, how
movements began to wage a 1944, large quantities of
Yugoslavians could offer limited the conversions were actually
partisan war. However, until armament were a left behind
resistance, and an carried out. I managed to find
they received sufficient support by the retreating Germans.
unconditional surrender was two useful books on the
from the Allies in 1943, their Taking advantage of this, the
signed eleven days later. subject: Binco Predovic’s
success was again very limited. Yugoslavian Army decided to
Following the country’s Armoured Units and Vehicles in
As a result of the conference in increase the firepower of its
occupation, certain areas were Croatia during World War II
Tehran between Soviet, M3A3s by installing Pak 40 anti-
annexed by neighbouring Axis (part 1), and German Panzers
American and British leaders, tank guns and 2cm Flakvierling
nations, some remained under and Allied Armour in Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia received help from anti-aircraft guns.
German control, and others in World War II by Bojan
Britain in the form of military
became Axis puppet states Although some of these Dimitrijevic and Dragan Savic.
training, weapons and vehicles
(such as the Independent State vehicles were operational after Unfortunately, these show only
(though these were limited to

20 Military Modelcraft International

Volchenkov - M3A3_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:42 Page 21

Ding-Hao Hobby M3A3

with Flak38 1/35

external images of the vehicles. perfect choice was the ‘M3A3

Some years ago, one of the with Flak 38’ (ref. DH96002)
online forums featured the from another of their subsidiary
M3A3 conversion, but I always companies, Ding-Hao Hobby.
lacked the confidence to tackle This is not a new kit, but a
the subject with so little combination of various sprues
reference material available. So, from AFV Club’s ‘US M3A3 Light
when AFV Club announced that Tank’ (ref. AF35053) and ‘2cm
a series of rare prototype Flakvierling 38’ (ref. AF35149),
vehicles were to be released, accompanied by extra resin
this encouraged me to give and photoetched parts. AFV Club’s M3A3 chassis is well represented and simple to assemble.
more thought to the idea. The

The single-piece upper hull is marked by some impressive detail. However, certain weld seams
have been omitted, notably around the glacis plate. Also, as the two hatches are intended to be
The Flakvierling is mounted on a resin platform that is fairly basic in detail.
front opening, the rear hinges need to be removed.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 21
Volchenkov - M3A3_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:42 Page 22

Ding-Hao Hobby M3A3

1/35 with Flak38

I am not sure how the kit designers arrived at this shape, but with the hull closed up, the gun
The gun barrels were replaced with a more accurate set from LionMarc, the gunner’s sight being an
assembly sits at the correct height. All I needed to do was to modify the lower part to
exquisite photo-etched item from Alliance Model Works.
accommodate the shield supports and seat.

Building the Kit Also, the sprockets are attached Disappointingly, the tracks are individual-link tracks (ref.
Construction began with the via poly-caps allowing them to the one-piece vinyl type; well AF35019). These are made of
lower hull and running gear. I be removed detailed, but (according to black styrene, which is
was particularly impressed by during the comments from other somewhat softer than regular
the accurate representation painting modellers) difficult to achieve styrene. Because of this,
of the wheels and stage. good paint adherence. To avoid cleaning-up is best carried out
suspension units. any problems here, I decided to with a sharp knife; any sanding
With care during replace them with a set of AFV will result in large piles of dust
assembly, these can Club’s on the workbench. Each link
remain fully articulated, and includes separate pads,
the idler together with end-connectors
supports that can be simply clicked in
moved to place to allow the tracks to be
adjust the workable.
track tension. With the lower hull assembly
complete, it was time to make a
start on the upper hull. At this
point I noticed an error in the
assembly instructions
regarding the placement
of the new hatch
hinges. Resin parts
R10 and R11 should
be attached to the
front armour plate
and forward edge of
the hatch, so that the
hatch itself opens
forwards. Having
removed the remains of the
original M3A3 hinges, I then
fixed the resin parts with CA
glue. Also, the instructions give
no information on the bolted
turret-ring. I decided to fit this,

Extra welds seams were added to the joins between the glacis and hull sides. Not also the
replication of earlier welding marks around where the original hatch hinges would have The photoetched gun shields are very simple to assemble and install.
been located.

22 Military Modelcraft International

Volchenkov - M3A3_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:43 Page 23

Ding-Hao Hobby M3A3

with Flak38 1/35

Welds were also added to the shields and their supports With basic assembly complete, the model was treated to several light coats of grey primer.

as removing it from the original supplied with various photo- ammunition, and Having Alliance Model Works’
tank made no sense to me. etched components. adding support detailing set (ref. LW35058) at
While studying reference Unfortunately, the gun barrels bars for the seats hand, I made good use of this
images, I noticed that the bow are shown with raised and shields. to replace some of the styrene
machine-gun was omitted from handgrips whereas Exactly components; specifically the
the converted M3A3, the originals were gunner’s shield and the
presumably to provide more flush with the flakvierling sight. All that
interior space for storing the barrel. Replacing remained was to add
new ammunition. them with a set appropriate weld-seams …
While generally treating this from LionMarc time now to add some
as an out-of-the-box build, I felt (ref. LM10042) colour to the model.
that some of the missing weld- proved to be
seams needed to be added; quite expensive,
notably those along the join but well
between the bow plate and worth the
hull sides, and around the hatch
hinges. The best medium for
this is Games Workshop’s two-
part Green Putty, as it is both
easy to apply, and rock-hard
when fully cured. A few photo-
etched parts were added to the
hull, but I avoided the
temptation to carry out
extensive detailing. Before
finally connecting the two hull investment,
sections, I dry-fitted the gun as these are
mount platform and fixed it in probably the best versions
place with CA glue. This part is available in this scale.
well cast without any defects. As well as using the parts how
The 2cm quad FlaK gun from the Flakvierling kit, I these were
(Flakvierling) is an outstanding needed to modify the floor constructed was
model in its own right; largely panel by removing sections to really a case of
accurate, finely detailed, and accommodate the spare guesswork, as I could find no
clear photographs of this area.

Having applied the olive green camouflage pattern, I masked this with blu-tack before adding the
A pin-wash was applied to accentuate the raised details around the model, and Vallejo’s Liquid
base coat of dark yellow. Note the slight variations in tone, intended to provide a more three-
Silver used as a base colour for areas of polished steel and the metal parts of the tools.
dimensional appearance.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 23
Volchenkov - M3A3_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:43 Page 24

Ding-Hao Hobby M3A3

1/35 with Flak38

Base painted with acrylics, the tracks were weathered with a combination of Liquid Silver and To depict the heavy build-up of mud on the lower hull, I applied a layer of matt varnish followed by
various earth-tone pigments. various pigments sprinkled over the still-wet surface.

Painting and provided with the kit, I

Weathering practiced brush-painting the
colours on a small part of the
Given the various
model. Not satisfied with the
media used in the
result, I changed my approach:
construction, the
airbrush the green pattern,
model received several
mask with blu-tack, and finally
light coats of Grey
airbrush the base colour. Again
Primer (ref. A.MIG-
using acrylics from the AMMO
2002) from the AMMO
range, I found these to be
of Mig Jimenez range.
excellent. That said, I had to
While this was a
experiment with both air
pressure and paint dilution,
possibly due to temperature
dealing with the
and humidity. Having applied
actual paint
the basic scheme, I used
scheme was
lightened versions of the
something of
colours to highlight upper
a challenge.
areas, which helped to give a
The problem
more three-dimensional
was that my
appearance to model.
main reference
source was the Satisfied with the overall
series of images effect, I used a brush to pick out
that I used the various details. A very dark
during the grey was used for the
assembly. roadwheel tyres, and a sand
Although these colour for the tool handles. The
showed irregular metal portions of the tools,
patches over the base together with worn metal areas
colour, the precise of the running gear were
location was unclear, and painted with Vallejo 790 (Liquid
only one side of the vehicle Silver). This recent addition to
was included. So, relying on the the range is a joy to work with;
dark yellow/olive green scheme having a fine pigment, it flows

Replicating scratches and areas of chipped paintwork was achieved using a combination of Weathering began with the application of enamels to replicate dust, and to accentuate
sponge and a fine-tipped brush. areas of shadow.

24 Military Modelcraft International

Volchenkov - M3A3_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:43 Page 25

Ding-Hao Hobby M3A3

with Flak38 1/35

Heavily diluted paint brushed in vertical strokes suggested rain marks on areas such as the gun
Dark brown was also used to recreate the wood grain effect on the tool handles.
shields. The headlight lenses were from the Belarus company, Elf.

easily, and dries to a very thin weather the track pads, I used
layer. Further tones would be heavily diluted A.MIG-1208
added later to give the tools a (Rainmarks Effects), although
more realistic appearance. With any similar-coloured oil or
the help of Gunze Sangyo’s Mr. enamel paint would be equally
Mark Setter, I now applied the suitable. Replicating the build-
Yugoslavian flag markings up of dry mud on the lower hull
provided with the kit. Once was a simple operation. Having
these were completely dry, I applied a layer of matt varnish, I
gave the model an enamel pin- sprinkled various pigments,
wash to accentuate the raised allowing these to form a
details. Moving on to the Flak textured surface. It was
assembly, a similar painting important to avoid disturbing
approach was used. The guns the pigment while still wet, as
and magazines received a coat this would take away the
of gunmetal paint, and a repeat grainy appearance. From the
of the pin-wash finished off this Vallejo range, the pigments
section. were 73111 (Green Earth),
Leaving the sub-assemblies 73104 (Light Sienna) and 73101
to dry, I attended to painting (Dark Yellow Ochre). Once the
and weathering the tracks. mud effect layer was
Once primed, these were given completely dry, I installed the
a coat of dark grey, and the tracks, and added more dirt to
metal portions picked out with the suspension units to suggest
a dark rust tone. With the that this had fallen from the
rubber track-pads masked off, I upper track runs. Here, small
applied my liquid silver to amounts of matt varnish and
depict the polished metal pigment were applied in
a fine-
areas, paying particular vertical streaks, and allowed to
attention to the individual accumulate in corners and
brush and of damage, and over panel
guide-horns. Various Vallejo recesses. The next stage
a piece of sponge. Combining edges and hatches; the brush is
pigments were now applied to involved replicating surface
the two can be particularly more suited to fine scratches,
the metal parts before being scratches and chipped
effective: the sponge is best and in areas where the sponge
secured with Pigment Fixer. To paintwork, which I carried out
employed to depict large areas cannot reach.

Adam Wilder offers a wide variety of pigments which are ideally suited for weathering and
Various pigments were used to replicate accumulated dust around the turret ring.
extensive rust effects as shown on these lengths of track.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 25
Volchenkov - M3A3_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:43 Page 26

Ding-Hao Hobby M3A3

1/35 with Flak38

Returning to AMMO’s again painted with acrylics,

Rainmarks Effects, I brushed and weathered with a rust-
this over the hull sides and top tone wash. And finally …
before blending with enamel providing an essential touch
thinners to give the impression of colour, the oil can was a
of an overall layer of dust. In resin piece from
certain areas the surface was PlusModel’s ‘Oil Tins’
speckled with an old brush and set (ref. 106).
fingertip. Other products were
used to accentuate shadows in
appropriate areas, and dark
streaks were added to some of
the deeper scratches and
paint chips. To recreate the
wood grain appearance on
the tool handles, I applied
dark brown enamel and
gently wiped this along the
length to give a streaked
appearance. Around the
fuel-filler caps, stains were
represented with various
AMMO colours applied in
several layers. Pigments were
then added to suggest
accumulated road dust mixed
with the greasy residue.
To add further visual interest
to the model, I decided to
include some stowed items:
sections of track from a
Pz.Kpfw.IV tank (serving as
additional armour), a length of
rusty chain, and an oilcan on
the rear deck. The tracks were
Modelkasten spares, which had
holes drilled into the end links
where the track pins would
have been missing. Once base-
coated with acrylics, they were
heavily Ding-Hao Hobby 1/35
weathered with ‘M3A3 with Flak 38’ (ref.
pigments from DH96002) is available from
the Adam specialist model shops.
Wilder range,
followed by a
layer of
Pigment Fixer. The
chain was
from RB

26 Military Modelcraft International

MMI OCT (Page 27)_Layout 1 04/09/2014 16:29 Page 3
Bausset - Buffalo_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:09 Page 28

Bronco Models Buffalo

1/35 6x6 MPCV

Buffalo Specs vehicles incorporate a V-shaped armoured glass, and the wheels Opening the Box

ased on the South African chassis designed to direct any are fitted with run-flat tyres. The The base kit for this project
Casspir, development of mine blast away from the vehicle combines ballistic and was Bronco Models’ ‘Buffalo 6x6
the Buffalo MPCV (Mine occupants. The Buffalo is also blast protection with infrared MPCV w/Slat Armour Version’
Protected Clearance Vehicle) fitted with a ‘Fassi’ 30ft robotic technology to detect the (ref. 35101). This comprises a
began in 2000, when the US arm and iron fork (with camera presence of dangerous total of sixteen injection-
Army decided to upgrade the and sensory equipment) for ordnance, the robotic arm moulded plastic sprues with
capability of its Ground ordnance disposal and route being deployed from inside the separate hull, cab and tyres; a
Standoff Minefield Detection clearance. The current version is vehicle. fret of photoetched
systems (Meerkat MDV and equipped with BAE Systems' L- components; five clear
Husky T/MDV). Built by Force ROD Cage Armour for sprues for
Protection Inc., the A1 test additional protection against windows,
vehicle was ordered in 2001, RPG-7 anti-tank rounds. All lenses
and within two years an initial windows carry six- and
batch of ten vehicles was inch thick
delivered. By 2008, a total of
200 had been produced,
with work
on the A2
in 2009.
the Casspir
is a four-
vehicle, the
Buffalo has
six wheels.

28 Military Modelcraft International

Bausset - Buffalo_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:09 Page 29

Bronco Models Buffalo

6x6 MPCV 1/35

Pascal Bausset gives the

Bronco kit the full treatment.
plastic water bottles; vinyl this highly detailed suspension supports. Although accurate. To supplement the
tubes of varying diameters for item features the the kit’s title refers to ‘slat Bronco kit, I used various parts
hydraulic lines; and a sheet of operator’s control screen and armour’, the L-ROD version is from Blast Model’s ‘Buffalo
decal markings for one joystick. slightly different, being formed MPCV Update Set’ (ref.
unspecified vehicle. One thing I from 15mm square-profile BL35179K), together with a set
As shown in the noticed was that aluminium bars. These are well of resin wheels from DEF Model
box art, the kit Bronco have represented, with attachment (ref. DW35035).
also includes an modified certain points being particularly
optional parts from their
CROWS II XM earlier kit: revised
153 weapons cargo-bed
station. Made battery box, late-
up of no less pattern engine
than fifty hood (covering
parts, the
wipers), and

Hull modification, with 0.5mm strip added between the lower hull and inner parts A2 and A1.

Cab roof in position. The front of the cab was cut to reduce its width, while there is a noticeable
gap between the cab and lower hull in reality

The results of my surgery to the cab. You can see the areas filled with Tamiya Putty in grey,

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 29
Bausset - Buffalo_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:09 Page 30

Bronco Models Buffalo

1/35 6x6 MPCV

Cab interior painted. Note the subtle difference between the colours of the seats, floor and The cab roof’s anti-slip surfaces were emphasised with Tamiya texture paint. This was also applied
equipment. to the horizontal surfaces of certain items in the rear cargo area.

Assembly suspension (stage 10) with

correct-diameter metal cables
Stages 1 – 11
from Karaya. As the front brake
Thanks to clearly presented chambers are not present in
diagrams, assembly of the the kit, I used those provided in
lower body proved to be very the Blast Model set. The next
simple indeed. However, I step was to install the front and
decided to modify the brake rear brake hoses, which were
chamber guards, feeling that made from 0.3mm soldering
the photoetched parts were wire wrapped with lengths of
too thin. These were replaced metal strip.
by 0.25mm plastic sheet. I also
strengthened the attachment
points for the chambers by Stages 12 & 13
adding sections of plasticard to The decision to use the DEF
A close-up of the scratch-built reinforcements to the front suspension. each side of part E45. Stages 8 Model wheels was simply
and 9 deal with the side because I had a set at hand. In
protection bars. Since they are fact, the ones provided with the
only used on Buffaloes in kit are perfectly suitable; all
service with the French Army, I they require is a small amount
omitted these, and removed of putty to fill the gap
the attachment between the
points on the sidewall and
gearbox guard tread of the
(part A9). I also tyres.
replaced the
soft plastic
cabling on the

A close-up of the scratch-built reinforcements to the front suspension.

Here you can see the attachment of the rear brake-chamber hoses.

30 Military Modelcraft International

Bausset - Buffalo_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:10 Page 31

Bronco Models Buffalo

6x6 MPCV 1/35

Close-up of the front suspension, showing the new brake chamber and air hose. An overhead view of the rear cargo area. Note the anti-slip surfaces.

Stages 14 – 16, 19, 22 edges to slightly reduce the

& 25 – 27 width (part A11), and filled all
the joins with Tamiya Putty.
These stages deal with the
installation of the crew Stage 24 includes the fitting
compartment interior. With of a small photoetched item
very little of this area being (part P47), which is only
visible on the completed model appropriate when the vehicle is
(even with the rear door open), being driven by a trainee driver.
I merely assembled and I assembled the front bumper,
painted as per instructions but before attaching this, I
without adding further details. needed to modify the hydraulic
Of course, if the CROWS system valves (part B19) linked to the
is installed, it is important to extending arm. This involved
include the operator’s position. removing all upper details, and
This can be fitted as instructed, drilling 0.4mm holes to accept
The rear suspension completed and painted.
or relocated according to the hydraulic lines. These were
reference images. made from soldering wire, and
would end up under the digger
As shown in my walk-around
support. At this stage, I also
photographs, there should be a
replaced the photo-etched
noticeable gap between the
engine-hood grille with one
lower hull and cab. Poorly
from the Blast Model set. Before
defined in the kit, this was
installing the windscreen and
remedied by first attaching a
side windows, I sprayed them
0.5mm strip between the
with Alclad II’s Armoured Glass
lower hull and inner parts A2
(ref. ALC408). Time now to paint
and A1 (on top of the hull
the interior. A pale grey was
inner edge). I then cut
used for the walls; and the floor,
the cab
seats and other details were
treated to different
shades from LifeColor’s
‘Black – Rubber Shades
& Co’ set (ref. LC-CS27).
A close-up of the robotic arm during construction (parts referred to in main text).

Filling digger part 2 with Evergreen square-profile strip. Note the addition of hydraulic valves on
the cylinder sides.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 31
Bausset - Buffalo_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:10 Page 32

Bronco Models Buffalo

1/35 6x6 MPCV

The robotic arm construction: three versions are shown here, each with varying thicknesses of
soldering wire for the hydraulic lines.

Stages 17 & 18 devices are provided as

As mentioned earlier, a highly transparencies, the most
detailed CROWS II weapons effective way to paint these was
station is included. Generally, to apply colour to the rear
this can be assembled as per faces; silver for the smaller ones
the instructions. However, to (G1 and G2), gloss black for the
ensure a correct fit against the large one (part G3). I put the
sloping roof, part T40 needs to completed assembly to one
be filed down slightly. side, and continued with work
A close-up of the rigid pipes on top of the arm. on the vehicle exterior.
Unfortunately, the M240
weapon (part T53) requires
certain modifications to allow it Stages 28 – 38
to sit properly; having no
Care was required when
suitable reference images to
installing the sidebars; they
hand, I opted to use the M2
needed to fit correctly against
instead. Once assembled, the
the mudguards, and later with
main body of the CROWS unit
the armour cage. I decided to
was painted to match the
omit the right-hand access
eventual vehicle colour – AK
ladder as this is rarely fitted to
Interactive’s AK-122 (OIF & OEF
the real vehicle. The exhaust
– US Vehicles Base Color). The
and spare-wheel mount were
.50 cal and ammunition belt
attached at this point, but the
were base-coated with black,
front and rear lights (including
before being dry-brushed with
their supports) would be added
a lighter tone oil colour. The
later. Although stage 35
ammunition box was painted
includes the fitting of part U6, I
A close-up of the right-hand side of the arm, clearly showing the two channels.
with a Reseda green colour. As
decided to delay this until
the lenses for the optical

Here are the two versions of the robotic arm; the top one in the extended position,
Here you can see the attachment of the rear brake-chamber hoses.
the bottom one retracted.

32 Military Modelcraft International

Bausset - Buffalo_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:11 Page 33

Bronco Models Buffalo

6x6 MPCV 1/35

A close-up of the vehicle front: note the modified external command-box for the robotic arm.
The headlights would be added at a later stage.

assembly of the cage. As for the a length of Evergreen square-

antennas, these were painted profile strip to fill the inside of
and left unattached until the the first arm (parts D1 and D20)
finishing stages of the model. before closing off the ends. On
the top of digger part 2 there
should be four rigid pipes. I
Stages 40 – 43 made these from lengths of
While the representation of 0.4mm brass rod, with end
the robotic arm has been connectors formed from plastic
The roof painted and weathered. The CROWS platform would be re-painted with Olive Drab colour
somewhat simplified, I can tube. Once in place, the pipes at a later stage.
confirm (from having taken were secured with scratch-built
measurements of the real item) supports equally spaced along
that the dimensions are the length of the arm.
accurate. Given the complexity Moving on to digger part 3, I
of the hydraulics, detailing the added the support channels for
kit version certainly requires the lines that operate the fork.
clear reference photographs. Here I used metal channel
Having two of these arms at my lengths (compliments of Aber)
disposal, I decided to depict and attached these to parts
one in the retracted position, D21 and D15. All the hydraulic
the other extended. When pipes were made from 0.4mm
assembling the cylinders, it was soldering wire. To recreate the
important to avoid fixing or highly polished appearance of
removing the rod ends so that the two large piston rods, I
they could be inserted once the covered these with Bare Metal
cylinder halves were glued Foil 004 (Ultra Bright Chrome),
together. The exterior parts and painted the smaller one
(D26 and D27) were also glued A view of the vehicle fully painted and weathered, ready to receive the cage armour.
with chrome silver paint.
without the rods in place. I used

Soldering wire was used to depict the various hydraulic lines. On a project like this it’s important to plan carefully the painting and weathering stages.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 33
Bausset - Buffalo_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:11 Page 34

Bronco Models Buffalo

1/35 6x6 MPCV

A close-up of the chassis: note the few areas of rust on what would be a relatively
A close-up of the rear area weathered before adding some dust effects.
well-maintained vehicle.

Stages 44 - 59 different sets of off-road lights,

Assembling the cage armour though only two sets of lenses.
certainly requires careful So, at this point you need to
attention to the instructions. choose which ones are going to
Each panel is different, so to be used. I attached the photo-
avoid the risk of mixing up the etched part from each
various pieces, I labelled each floodlight to the panel. Holes
one before removing from the were then drilled to accept the
sprues. Also, the connectors are power cables. The light
tiny, and there are no spares! I housings were painted with a
began by building the two faded black colour, and the
large side panels and the two interiors with chrome silver. The
front panels (stage 52). With individual lenses were then
these and the remaining panels attached using Microscale’s
painted, I carefully constructed Kristal Klear. Finally, the cables
The cage armour panels were carefully labelled to avoid confusion during assembly. were fitted, with pieces of lead
the entire cage, ready for later
fitting to the vehicle. The fixings foil used to secure them at
seem at first to be quite flimsy. intervals along the length of
However, once the cage bars.
finished, the
cage is
Marking, Painting &
The kit
provides three Having primed the
vehicle with Vallejo

The two large side panels ready for painting.

A close-up of a side panel.

34 Military Modelcraft International

MMI Oct single 6 pager_MMI FEATURE 1 01/10/2014 13:06 Page 35

Bronco Models Buffalo

6x6 MPCV 1/35

When finally attaching the cage armour to the vehicle, certain supports need to be replaced
Rear view showing the side-mounted lights in place.
as the kit items are too short.

(Desert Tan Base), I applied an manufacturer, Busch. This was

overall coat of AK Interactive’s mounted onto a piece of thick
AK-122 (OIF & OEF – US cardboard, with the roadside
Vehicles Base Color). Rust area built up using various
streaks were limited to the grades of gravel (secured with
underside; modern US vehicles AK Interactive’s Gravel & Sand
appear to be well maintained, Fixer, and painted with earth
and rarely show signs of and sand tones). To give a
corrosion. Based on my more realistic appearance to
reference photographs, the the road surface, I used
vehicle carried no unit LifeColor’s ‘War on the Road’
markings. Before attaching the set (ref. LC-MS09).
cage armour, I proceeded with
the weathering. This was
simply a case of applying The right-hand side cage armour in place: note the way that the supports are attached via holes
various washes and pigments in the strips above the windows.
from the Vallejo and AK
Interactive ranges.
Final additions included
antennas, a roof-mounted
spare wheel, and a ‘Dixie’
backboard stowed in the rear Availability
cargo area. To provide a base Bronco Models 1/35
for the completed model, I Buffalo 6x6 MPCV w/Slat
used a section of Asphalt-Platz Armour Version (ref.
(ref.7085) from the German 35101) is available from
model railway good model shops.

A close-up of the front right-hand corner. The robotic arm’s mount was further detailed by the
addition of hydraulic lines.

A selection of Vallejo washes ready to be applied.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 35
MMI Oct single 6 pager_MMI FEATURE 1 01/10/2014 13:07 Page 36

Real Thing Foto File

Pascal Bausset and P.Y. Nicolas walk around the real thing.

hese photographs are of one of the five Buffalo A1s used were deployed to Afghanistan, the remaining two being used
by the French Army’s 13ème Regiment du for training in France. (The colour variation in some of these
Genie (13th Engineers Regiment). These photographs is due to three different cameras being used).
vehicles were bought from the USMC. Three

The Buffalo MPCV in

service in Afghanistan.

36 Military Modelcraft International

MMI Oct single 6 pager_MMI FEATURE 1 01/10/2014 13:08 Page 37

1 Front view of the vehicle.

2 Useful detail of the tyre tread pattern.
3 Close-up of the twin wheel arrangement at the rear of
the vehicle.
4 Close-up of the right-hand headlight.
5 Close-up of the robotic arm’s mount. Note the
arrangement of the hydraulic lines, and the
manufacturer’s name ‘Fassi’ cast onto the mount. Also
shown here is the attachment point for the front
section of the cage armour.
6 Rear view of the vehicle’s underside. The brake
chambers with their protective covers are clearly
shown here, as are the rear light clusters.
7 Close-up of the rear brake chambers and air hoses.
8 Close-up of the front brake chamber. Note that this is
different from the type depicted in the Bronco kit.
9 Close-up of the hydraulic distribution box. The joystick
controls can be used to operate the robotic arm from
outside the vehicle, though this method has never
been used in a conflict zone.
10, 11 Two views of the robotic arm: note the cabling
and the bright chrome finish.
12 Left-hand panel of the cage armour. This particular
vehicle is equipped with two large boxes (one on each
side) for transporting a UAV and a remotely operated
mine clearance robot.
13 Left-hand side of the engine hood, with a clear view of
the cage armour attachment points.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 37
MMI Oct single 6 pager_MMI FEATURE 1 01/10/2014 13:09 Page 38

38 Military Modelcraft International

MMI Oct single 6 pager_MMI FEATURE 1 01/10/2014 13:10 Page 39

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 39
MMI Oct single 6 pager_MMI FEATURE 1 01/10/2014 13:11 Page 40

40 Military Modelcraft International

MMi Oct Gatefold Page 41_Showtime 07/09/2014 20:44 Page 41

14 Exhaust pipe behind the cage armour. Note the hinges

that allow access to the front panel for maintenance.
15 General view on the right-hand rear corner of the cage
16 The driver’s view. Note the engine-hood grille, and the
cage armour attachment points.
17 Left-hand rear corner of the cage armour. Note the anti-
slip coating to the top of the fuel tank.
18 The robotic arm behind the cage armour, with a clear
view of the hydraulic lines.
19 Close-up of the rear corner of the cage armour. Note
how the bars are attached to the vertical supports, a
feature well-represented in the Bronco kit.
20 Close-up of the hinges on the right-hand side cage
armour. Visible behind is the exhaust pipe.
21 Overhead view of the engine hood. Note the recesses
for the windscreen wipers, and the attachment points
for the front cage armour panel.
22 Overhead view of the left-hand side of the cab (just over
the driver’s position).
23 Overhead view of the rear cargo area. The access ladder
is attached to the top of the fuel tank. To the left is the
battery container, and to the right a stowage box.
24 Close-up of one of the six roof hatches, this one being
over the driver’s position.
25 General view of the roof (looking towards the rear). The
two octagonal plates are mounts for optional beacons
and cameras.
26 General view of the roof (looking forward). The two
parallel rails are specific to French vehicles, and can be
used to mount the EJAB (anti-IED system) antennas.
27 Close-up of the armoured engine-hood (on a vehicle
without cage armour).
28 Close-up of the single off-side mirror attached to the
cage armour.
29 Close-up of the front bumper. Note the cage armour
attachment and the anti-slip coating on the upper
30 Overhead view of the right-hand rear stowage basket
behind the cage armour.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 41
Guner - Ferdinand_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:52 Page 42

Dragon Sd.Kfz.
1/35 184 Ferdinand

Özgur Güner builds the Dragon kit.

fficially designated pre-production chassis for The weapons were assigned There was also a lack of
‘Panzerjäger Tiger (P) another project, and in late to Schwere Panzerjäger- adequate infantry support, and
Sd.Kfz.184’, the 1942 these were converted to Abteilung 653 and 654 (each more importantly, no self-
Ferdinand was named after its heavy assault tanks armed unit to be equipped with 45 defence weapon. Ultimately,
designer, Dr. Ferdinand with the 88mm PaK 43/2 L/71 Ferdinands), in preparation for many Ferdinands were
Porsche. The original design gun. In the following March, the Kursk Offensive destroyed; either by their
was based on Porsche’s Tiger – the first completed Ferdinand (Unternehmen Zitadelle) in crews after being immobilized
VK 4501(P) prototype, which was presented to Adolf Hitler, July 1943. During the first days (due to combat damage or
was prone to mechanical who ordered that full of action, Ferdinands were mechanical failures), or by
failures and was rejected in production be ready for the plagued with mechanical Soviet infantry and artillery. In
favour of Henschel’s version. It planned summer offensive problems, several being lost September 1943, all surviving
was decided to utilise 90 of the against the Soviet Union. due to fire in their fuel lines. Ferdinands were recalled for

42 Military Modelcraft International

Guner - Ferdinand_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:53 Page 43

Dragon Sd.Kfz.
184 Ferdinand 1/35

modifications, in light of their was undoubtedly due to its

battle experience at Kursk. In formidable firepower and
the following months, armour protection, factors that
improvements were made to gave the weapon a clear
most of these, the resulting advantage when used in head-
vehicle being named Elefant. on combat or in a static
The Ferdinand was the most defensive role. However, a
successful tank destroyer combination of poor mobility
employed during the war in and mechanical unreliability
terms of kills vs losses, reports greatly diminished its
suggesting a ratio of 10:1. This operational capability.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 43
Guner - Ferdinand_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:54 Page 44

Dragon Sd.Kfz.
1/35 184 Ferdinand

The Kit and Assembly components, an optional

I would imagine that most turned-aluminium gun barrel, a
modellers have a favourite transparent sprue, metal tow
subject; for me, this has to be cables, a length of copper
the Ferdinand. True, it could chain, and a sheet of Cartograf
hardly boast an illustrious decals. Also provided is a full set
career, but it does have a of Magic Track links (left and
certain presence that I find right-handed), so the kit could
appealing. Finally deciding to easily be built without any
build the model, I purchased aftermarket products at all.
Dragon’s Premium Edition kit Assembly of the model was
together with a set of relatively straightforward, the
Friulmodel’s metal tracks (ref. upper and lower hull parts
ATL-62). Accompanying the fitting perfectly with the front
main injection-moulded parts, and rear sections. I decided
the Dragon kit includes two against attaching the mantlet
frets of photo-etched ring at this stage (photo 1). In
the following step, I assembled

44 Military Modelcraft International

Guner - Ferdinand_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:54 Page 45

Dragon Sd.Kfz.
184 Ferdinand 1/35

the main gun components. I plastic versions. Having

needed to prime certain parts attached the fenders with
to check for any errors, as these super glue, I made some
would be difficult to access supports out of leftover
once fitted (photo 2). At the photoetch frets, and positioned
rear of the superstructure there these underneath and out of
are four pistol ports (two on the view (photos 6 & 7). Another
back plate, and one either side). advantage of using the photo-
Unfortunately, the photo- etched fenders was that it
etched chain holding the allowed me to recreate battle
covers for these is rather 2- damage to certain areas
dimensional, so I replaced this (photo 8).
with some fine chain from my The next items to be
spares box (photo 3). I now attached were the various
added the crew hatches along pioneer tools and their
with some basic photo-etched photoetched clamps and
parts. Mr.Surfacer 500 was used brackets. The kit provides metal
to recreate the cast-metal tow cables, but I decided to
texture to appropriate surfaces replace these with lengths of
(photo 4). Eureka XXL’s 1.1mm metal
A notable feature of this kit is cable. I also added electrical
the option of photoetched lines for the headlights using
fenders. While these need to be thin copper wire. The gun barrel
carefully bent to the correct was not permanently fixed, so
shape using a ‘Hold & Fold’ that with the travel lock
photoetch tool (photo 5), they (modified to be movable), the
certainly offer a more in-scale position could be changed as
appearance compared with the desired (photos 9 & 10).

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 45
Guner - Ferdinand_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:55 Page 46

Dragon Sd.Kfz.
1/35 184 Ferdinand

The final assembly

stage dealt with the tracks. Not
surprisingly, the Friul set is
excellent, though particular
care is required when 653rd
assembling these. The main
point to note is that there are Battalion
two types of link: those with deployed at
guide horns, and those without the beginning of
. . . of course, these should be the Kursk Offensive.
added alternately (photo 11). Evidently, units of this battalion
had their own distinctive paint
schemes, as well as specific
Painting & Weathering symbols. The white tactical
Given the different materials symbol on the rear of the
used in the construction, it was vehicle is actually provided
important to apply a good with the kit, though I decided
primer coat, the ideal choice to paint this rather than using
being Revell 47 (Mouse Grey) the decal. At this point, I applied
(photo 12). As for the some pre-shading to certain
camouflage scheme, I found a areas
useful colour profile relating to (photo 13).
Karl Wedler’s vehicle from Before moving on to the base

46 Military Modelcraft International

Guner - Ferdinand_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:56 Page 47

Dragon Sd.Kfz.
184 Ferdinand 1/35

sharp pencil, and

prepared a heavily diluted
mix of XF-58 (Olive Green) and
XF-60 (Dark Yellow). The
colour, dilution was approximately 1:8
I masked (paint:thinner). With my
the white area airbrush set at 1 bar pressure, I
using the decal as a applied the colour at close
template. However, it range, and adjusted the
appears that this is proportions of green/yellow to
undersize when compared with vary the tone around the model
photographs of the real vehicle, (photo 16 & 17). Once satisfied
so I made my mask slightly with the appearance, I used a
larger than the decal brush and a selection of Vallejo
(photo 14). I now applied an colours to pick out the various
overall coat of Tamiya XF-60 details (photo 18).
(Dark Yellow), diluted with
I now gave the model a coat
Mr.Thinner. With a small
of satin varnish, both to protect
amount of XF-55 (Deck Tan)
the paintwork and to provide a
added, I began to highlight
suitable surface for the
various panels, and repeated
subsequent weathering
the operation with XF-2 (White)
(photos 19 & 20). Using MIG
added to create the lightest
Productions’ P220, P221 and
tones. In each application, the
P222 (Dark Wash, Brown Wash
paint was progressively more
and Neutral Wash) and a fine-
diluted (photo 15). Moving on
tipped brush, I applied these as
to the camouflage colour, I
localised washes to give more
marked out the pattern with a
definition to the raised details.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 47
Guner - Ferdinand_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:56 Page 48

Dragon Sd.Kfz.
1/35 184 Ferdinand

Any excess was simply than brushing this into the

removed with a clean brush surface, I simply dropped small
moistened in MIG Thinner amounts from the end of a
(photos 21 & 22). With careful drinking straw, and allowed the
thought as to where chipped liquid to spread naturally
paintwork would logically (photo 26). Once completely
occur, I tackled this in two dry, the wheels were installed,
stages: Using a lighter version ready to receive the tracks.
of the base colours, I applied Before attaching these, I gave
small dots, scratches and stains them an initial coat of brown
(photo 23). The inner portions mixed with black, followed by
of these were then picked out more of the previously used
with darker colours to give the pigments. A dry-brushing of
impression of primer and metal black and a repeat of the
exposed by varying degrees of graphite treatment were all
surface damage. I find Vallejo that was required to give
acrylics to be ideal for this kind the tracks a
of work (photo 24). typically
Following two coats of matt well-worn
varnish, I began to add a
selection of pigments,
beginning with the lower hull
and road wheels. Earth and
mud-tone pigments were
diluted with thinner, and
stippled onto the surfaces with
a wide brush. While these were
still wet, I sprinkled lighter
pigments (in their dry state)
to create random
(photo 25). Graphite
from the tip of a
pencil was
applied to the
wheel rims,
which were
with a cloth
to create a
Further dry
onto the
wheels, before
being secured
with Pigment
Fixer. Rather

48 Military Modelcraft International

Guner - Ferdinand_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 20:57 Page 49

Dragon Sd.Kfz.
184 Ferdinand 1/35

appearance (photo 27). Conclusion

Areas of the vehicle that The Ferdinand was neither a
would accumulate the most complete success nor an utter
dirt were given a heavily failure as a weapon; more a
diluted layer of earth and buff case of an idea with great
colours, in preparation for the potential, which was used in
final weathering stage the wrong way. Despite this, the
(photos 28 & 29). This involved Ferdinand and its successor
replicating the various streaks, (the Elefant) remain highly
stains and leaks around the popular subjects among World
vehicle. Here I used a selection War II modellers. I can certainly
of Vallejo’s latest washes and recommend the Dragon kit, not
pigments (photo 30). In the least because of its
case of oil stains, I added a straightforward assembly. Built
small amount of gloss varnish from the box, the result is quite
to the colour to depict the impressive, though the use of
characteristic greasy the Friulmodel’s fully workable
look. tracks really add the finishing

Dragon Models Limited
1/35 Sd.Kfz. 184
Ferdinand ‘Premium
Edition’ (ref. 6317) is
available from all
good model

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 49
Williams - LG3000_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 23:32 Page 50

ICM Mercedes Benz

1/35 Typ LG3000

Dai William builds the ICM

Mercedes LG3000.

Getting Started

he first task was
to wash all the parts
on their sprues in
warm soapy water as there was
some mould release oil present bed separate to make things
which may have caused easy during the painting
problems with paint adhesion stages.

later on A few ejector pin marks
were present, but these were all Construction started with the
slightly raised and so were easy engine and transmission. These
to scrape / sand away. On first parts are well detailed but,
inspection the instructions look sadly, little can be seen of the
a little daunting as there are no finished engine without some
less than 55 construction surgery to open up the bonnet.
stages! However the fit of the I decided against this as while
parts is generally good. The there was ventilation louver
construction sequence looks detail on the outside of the
sensible, though I deviated bonnet, the inside faces were
from this in places to keep the solid. The chassis was
constructed next and this had The chassis under construction.
cab, the chassis and the truck

50 Military Modelcraft International

Williams - LG3000_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 23:32 Page 51

ICM Mercedes Benz

Typ LG3000 1/35

be to done carefully so that problems further on in the flat surface to ensure that it set tanks at the rear of the chassis
everything lined up correctly as build. I chose to allow the glue with everything correctly were stippled with diluted Mr.
any twisting / misalignment to set overnight with the aligned. The exhaust silencer Surfacer to give them some
could have lead to serious completed chassis taped to a and the two (compressed air?) texture.

1a 2

The cab under construction – contrary to the assembly sequence shown in the instructions this has
The build is complex, but the instructions are clear and the fit very good.
been kept separate from the chassis for ease of painting.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 51
Williams - LG3000_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 23:32 Page 52

ICM Mercedes Benz

1/35 Typ LG3000

3 4
The cab trial fitted to the chassis. Clear inserts are provided for the side windows and canvas upper door sections.

The cab was the next major B20). I filled these areas with heavily. impossible to fit the seat
assembly to be tackled. The thick superglue mixed with The only problem I found without breaking off one or
instructions would have this talcum powder set with an with the kit was that the seat other of the door handles so
built onto the completed accelerator to allow immediate (B21) was a little too wide for put these on last! I added a few
chassis, but I found that careful sanding. I felt that the canvas the cab and forced the cab’s details that I could make out on
positioning of the foot pedals parts looked a little smooth as sides outwards. This was easily wartime photos, such as tool
(A63 and A11) allowed me to moulded so added texture by rectified by sanding down the clamps from an old etched set,
keep it separate with the stippling on some liquid sides of the seat. I had built up locking strips and nuts for the
completed assembly being cement with an old stiff and painted the cab before spare wheels and some rivets
dropped into place at the end paintbrush. Unfortunately, this putting the seat in and for the jack block. The width
of the project. The cab was the effect was completely lost at discovered that with my indicators on the front bumper
only area where I needed a the painting stage and I think I amended construction looked a little heavy to me so
little filler, specifically around should have done this a sequence it was they were replaced with thin
the joints in the canvas cover lot more brass rod with the balls on the
(B19 and ends made from dabs of thick
white glue, built up over a
couple of days. I managed to
break off the

5 6
The completed truck bed. The cab and chassis primed ready for painting.

52 Military Modelcraft International

Williams - LG3000_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 23:33 Page 53

ICM Mercedes Benz

Typ LG3000 1/35

7 8
The truck bed primed ready for painting. The inside of the cab was painted to represent red primer.

wing mirror and side light equipment that could be used. which seem to have had their surface from scrap plastic with
several times as the However, I decided to see what own specific carrying cases). drawer knobs taken from my
indicator/mirror assemblies are I could actually do for myself They were just meant to be wife’s crafting supplies. I took
very delicate. After the third or and set about making some general storage boxes. The some jerry cans from an old
fourth reattachment I was likely looking objects to add planks were represented by Italeri set (though I think that
beginning to wish I had cut off some interest to this area. I scoring the plastic with an Olfa better examples complete with
the attachments, drilled a few made some wooden boxes P Cutter taking care not to cut the metal insert between the
holes and replaced the based on some that I saw in a all the way through and the two halves are available from
offending parts with brass rod wartime photo using 20 thou wood grain was added with the other manufacturers), and
super-glued in place. plastic card and Evergreen strip. back of a scalpel blade. I raided the spares box for some
The large empty expanse of These were not meant to be for constructed a desk pressed into tools and a few odds and ends.
the truck bed really needed anything in particular (such as service as a makeshift work
something to fill it. There are 75mm rounds
a large number of
accessory sets
out there
boxes and

9 10
A patchy coat of brown and sand acrylic has artist’s masking fluid dabbed on to
The camouflage colours have been applied and the masking fluid has been rubbed away.
represent chipped paint.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 53
Williams - LG3000_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 23:33 Page 54

ICM Mercedes Benz

1/35 Typ LG3000

Painting allow them to cure properly

The model was kept in three before applying the next. After
main sub-assemblies for curing for 24 hours the canvas
painting. These were the areas were masked and I
chassis, the truck bed and the started with the overall
cab. The painting started as camouflage. Camouflage is
usual with a coat of Hycote rather a grand term for an
plastic primer applied straight unexciting grey colour! It’s not
from the rattle can. Looking at easy to make a single overall
wartime photos of the LG3000 I colour interesting so tried to
noted one where the inside of add as much contrast and

the door looked a different colour to the model as possible.
shade from the rest of the I began by applying several
vehicle. This may have been random brown and sand
because the outside of the coloured patches to the top
Home-made oil drums were built from telescoping brass tube. and base of the truck bed.
vehicle was covered in dust and
the inside of the door wasn’t. These were masked with artist’s
However, I chose to apply red masking fluid applied with a
primer to the interior in the piece of torn sponge to
form of Tamiya Hull Red (XF-9) replicate areas where the paint
with patches of Red Brown (XF- would have worn away. I
64) in the centres of panels. This suppose that hairspray could
may have been a little poetic be used to achieve the same
license on my part, but I think effect, but this technique does
it’s feasible and this allowed me not work well for me. The
to put another colour onto the overall grey scheme started
model. with a solid coat of Nato Black
(XF-69), followed by
With the interior masked I increasingly lighter applications
chose to spray the canvas
of Dark Grey (XF-24), Neutral
covers next and chose Khaki Grey (X-F53) and eventually Sky
(XF-49) overlaid with Dark Grey (XF-19). The lighter colours
Yellow (XF 60) and streaks of were kept to the centres of
An undercoat of Halford’s Filler Primer has been added to give a rough texture. Deck Tan (XF-55). I allowed 24 panels to give an overall patchy,
hours between each colour to

The oil drums painted and ready for chipping and weathering.


In a partially successful attempt to get at least some of the paint to stick to the vinyl tyres I sanded
them to give a roughened surface

54 Military Modelcraft International

Williams - LG3000_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 23:33 Page 55

ICM Mercedes Benz

Typ LG3000 1/35

faded finish. shaded the recesses with Burnt

The model looked rather odd
at this point, but I wanted the
Umber pastel with random
patches of Burnt Sienna 15
high contrast at this stage so representing general dirt and
that some of the colour grime.
differentiation would remain Markings were limited to
after the following painting and number plates and a tactical
weathering stages. Leaving the sign applied using Letraset in
paint for 24 hours between order to break up the rear of
each coat of paint may seem a the truck bed a little. I have had
little tedious, but I think that problems with ICM transfers on
this gives more definite areas of their aircraft kits in the past and
colour without one coat of the transfer film looked a little
paint ‘bleeding’ into the thick on the sheet so I didn’t
underlying coat. As there were use the tactical markings Scratch built items and parts from my spares box made up the stowage and general junk in the
so many items to paint for the supplied. I was not too back of the truck.
back of the truck I had plenty to concerned about this as some
do while the paint cured. wartime photos show these

Chipping was applied next trucks with no markings at all
using Vallejo German (at least none that I could see).
Camouflage Black / Brown The pastels were sealed with a
lightly dabbed on with a light coat of highly diluted
sponge. This was applied to Vallejo matt varnish so that the
areas where the paint would model could be lightly dry-
have worn away such as the brushed to tie the underlying
edges of the mudguards and colours together and to bring
the corners of the doors. Masks out the detail a little. Dry-
were applied to keep the brushing was done with
chipping to the appropriate medium grey Humbrol
areas. I had decided not to pre- enamels. It is important to seal
shade this model before the pastels and to allow the
painting it and so shading of varnish to cure before dry-
the recesses was done using brushing as the process can More of the general clutter that will fill the cargo bed.
pastel chalks from the Pan mix the pastels with the paint
Pastels range. I felt that black leading to an amorphous mess
would be too stark and that rather than distinct colours. The

using dark grey would result in lighter brown pastel, if mixed
a rather monotone with the light grey used for dry-
model so I brushing, can also result in a
revolting pink colour that is
impossible to remove!

The seats have been given two highly contrasting colours . . .


. . . before being scrubbed with raw umber oil paint to represent the canvas covering.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 55
Williams - LG3000_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 23:33 Page 56

ICM Mercedes Benz

1/35 Typ LG3000


An undercoat of Alclad Aluminium was covered in artist’s masking fluid. This has been rubbed away
Painting has started on my homemade desk/work surface.
after the topcoats were applied to represent scuffed paint.

water to form a slurry which to handle them. The paint possible to the model. They
was then rubbed lightly began to flake away as soon as I were airbrushed in several
over the tyres. pushed the tyres onto the hubs progressively lighter shades of
When and this had to be disguised grey before being heavily
with further applications of chipped and washed with rust
pastels. The three main sub- coloured oils. The jerry cans
assemblies were now were given several different
joined and as they base colours for added interest
were already along with a couple being
painted I fixed them given white crosses to identify
together with them as carrying water rather
Formula 560 Canopy than fuel. At this point I had a
Next Glue which is number of painted up home-
I moved strong, dries to made accessory pieces to fill up
on to the a the truck bed including my
wheels and I transparent now battered filthy looking
have to say that I matt desk/work surface. I began to
am not a fan of vinyl place these in their intended
tyres! I find it hard to positions, layering items on
clean up the seams neatly, find dry top of each other to create a
it difficult to get paint to stick this chaotic, cluttered interior.
to them and once it has stuck it was I keep promising myself that I
doesn’t seem to stay there for carefully will add figures to my armour
very long. This time around I brushed away to models. I feel that they add
sanded the tyres lightly to get leave the chalk embedded in interest and a sense of scale
rid of the seams and to the tyre treads representing though I am acutely aware that
roughen up the surface in an ground in dirt. finish I am not much of a figure
attempt to get the paint to and any painter. In this case I made
stick. My usually reliable Hycote excess could good on that promise using a
primer doesn’t seem to adhere Finishing Off be removed with a figure from the Sovereign
well to vinyl so the tyres were The wheels with their tooth pick. range. Hopefully the image of
sprayed with Tamiya Rubber tenuously attached coat of The primed oil drums were an inept mechanic considering
Black (XF-85). Light brown paint were glued in place as given some coloured bands the possibility of using a large
pastel was then mixed with late as possible to avoid having again to add as much colour as hammer, an oversized spanner


Jerrycans from an old Italeri set have been painted in several different colours A rather rough looking gas cylinder was taken from the spares box and embellished with some
for added interest. Slater’s characters.

56 Military Modelcraft International

Williams - LG3000_MMI FEATURE 1 07/09/2014 23:33 Page 57

ICM Mercedes Benz

Typ LG3000 1/35


The model before shading and weathering. Note that in this shot the wing mirror and light have
The model before shading and weathering.
been knocked off for the third or maybe fourth time!

and some bolt cutters to mend as a tank! Having a large like this has a great deal of as sharp and well defined as
a malfunctioning heavy expanse to fill at the back end diorama potential those on a Tamiya or DML kit,
machine gun will tell its own gave me lots of scope to fill and the kit went together with no
story and convey the idea that the area with problems at all and I was very
some serious technical and different pleased with the end
disciplinary ‘issues’ will be result. Sooner or
arising in the near future. later I will learn
how to deal

vinyl tyres
help and look
forward to ICM’s future releases
with interest.

for those adept at

figure painting, a
crew from a company
such as MiniArt or
Master Box would add
a lot to it. I have built
some ICM aircraft kits in
the past and have to say that
they can be quite complex and
I enjoyed building shapes perhaps a little over- Availability
this kit. Having had little and colours engineered in places. This was
to do with trucks and soft ICM 1/35 Mercedes Benz
to make what could have been my first ICM armour kit and Typ LG3000 (ref. 35045) is
skinned vehicles in the past I a rather dull grey model more there were no such issues here.
was surprised to find that the available from all good
interesting. I think that a model While the kit parts may not be
model was about the same size model shops.


Four shades of grey were used as the main colours of the model. Three khaki/sand shades were used on the canvas cover.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 57
MMI October 58-64_Showtime 07/09/2014 23:49 Page 58

Showtime World Model Expo 2014

Michelangelo Sicilia reports from probably the largest model show in Europe.

n the elegant location of Stresa (Italy), a little town on the shores Ukraine, Poland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria and, of
of Lake Maggiore, the prestigious World Expo show was held course, Italy, entering the competition. There were also modellers
over the weekend of 11-13 July. There is no doubt that this is who had made the trip from North America. In all the competition
one of the most important modelling events in the world. The saw over 4,000 models displayed, while some 12,000 visitors came
competition, open to all comers, is principally a figure modelling throught the door. There were some 66 trade stands from 12
event, but there are also categories open to modellers of military
diferent countries and during the event were held many
vehicles, aircraft, dioramas, civilian vehicles, ships and fantasy.This
workshops dedicated to painting and sculptures of figures and the
show is a truly international affair with over 1,000 modellers from
across Europe, including Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, weathering of military vehicles.
Croatia, Hungary, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Czech Republix, Below is a selection of the models that most caught my attention.

Francesco Franchi’s ‘Battle in the Ruins’ represented a T-70M in Russia in 1943.

58 Military Modelcraft International

MMI October 58-64_Showtime 07/09/2014 23:49 Page 59

Another great model from Francesco Franchi: this time a Sd.Kfz. 251/1 in US service. Giuliano Chigorno’s T-34 with FlaK37 won gold.

Another winner for Giuliano Chigorno: a beautifully finished ISU-152. A Sherman M4A1 76mm by Luigi Graffi.

This Sd.Kfz. 9/1 Famo won gold for Massimo Cazzato. An unusual subject, ‘Hot Rod Chevy’ by Mirko Marcato was based on a period photo.

A classic subject in Small-Scale: King Tiger ‘222’ by Riccardo Soldateschi. LVT A2 ‘Iwo Jima’ won bronze for Roberto Faraci.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 59
MMI October 58-64_Showtime 07/09/2014 23:49 Page 60

‘Tank Kaput’, a Mk IV Female diorama by Sandro Bottazzo based on an iconic image from
Peter Schaller’s immaculate Churchill Mk III AVRE picked up a well deserved gold.
World War I.

Stefano Prezzolini’s BT-7 Model 1935 was awarded bronze. Another bronze for Stefano, this beautifully finished E-10.

Another eye-catching piece from the talented German modeller, ‘Fermé’ was based around the
Volker Bembennek’s M109A6 Paladin excelled in every aspect of model making.
Kettenkrad, showcasing the versatility of Volker’s skills.

Finally, the Bishop SPG – ‘The Desert Hulk’ – was another prize-winning model on show from
Zoltan Gezcy’s KrAZ 255b was another superb modern softskin and won bronze.
Volker Bembennek.

60 Military Modelcraft International

MMI October 58-64_Showtime 07/09/2014 23:50 Page 61

‘Never Leave Anyone Behind’ was a gold-medal winning diorama from Simon Antelmi and
A pair of early Italian tanks by Alberto Leoni.
Alessandro Cozzani.

Cardenio Togni’s unusual FT-17 conversion won bronze. Another FT-17, this time in a more dramatic setting.

This M51 and Jagdpanzer IV from the Golan Heights in 1967 won gold for Fabrizio Repetto. Guiseppe Steri won bronze for his Soviet BMP-2S in Afghanistan 1987.

‘Memoria Africae’ featured a nicely finished Rolls Royce 1940 Pattern Armoured Car. A superb collection of World War II motorcycles and riders.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 61
MMI October 58-64_Showtime 07/09/2014 23:50 Page 62

A selection of some of the other models that caught my eye.

A panoramic view of the bustling competition area.

62 Military Modelcraft International

MMI October 58-64_Showtime 07/09/2014 23:50 Page 63

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 63
MMI October 58-64_Showtime 07/09/2014 23:51 Page 64

Some of the
superb work from
figure painters on

64 Military Modelcraft International

97 Warpaint Vigilante + B-24 ad_Canberra SAM ad 19/06/2014 11:17 Page 1

A vo e
W u Ag
Fa labl
ar rit a
Warpaint series No.97


pa e in
North American
The North American Vigilante was an aircraft of extraordinary performance, and introduced aerodynamic,

technological and electronic features that were much ahead of their time, and which were to become standard in North Am
erican RA-5C VI
combat aircraft that followed it. It started out as a shipboard nuclear attack bomber, but when the Navy’s
nuclear attack task was given to Polaris submarines, the Vigilante risked extinction. Reluctant to lose
such an advanced aircraft, the US Navy came up with the idea that it needed a shipboard Mach 2 long
range reconnaissance bomber, and North American, with little effort, converted the Vigilante to carry
assigne BuNo 156608
d to USS
from 21-2 /NE-610
of RVA
the Vigi -79 to 22-9 CV 61
and CVWH-7
lante’s -79.
last fligh This was prob -2

out this mission. In this new role, the Vigilante provided the US Navy with an unparalleled wide-ranging
t (USN) ably

reconnaissance capability that was to remain unavailable to the Service after the Vigilante’s retirement
until the TARPS-equipped F-14 Tomcat came around in the 1980s. The recce Vigilante entered the scene
just in time for the Vietnam War, during which its crews often risked their lives in order to bring back much
needed information on the enemy. The aircraft’s two big engines and its aerodynamic shape gave the
Vigilante an easy Mach 2.2 performance, enough to outrun its escorting F-4 Phantom, and making it the
fastest aircraft ever to operate from an aircraft carrier until the arrival, again, of the F-14 Tomcat. Yet, the
Vigilante remained one of those unsung heroes, and its demise from US Navy service went largely
unnoticed. This book tries to somewhat redress this injustice with the latest Warpaint title, which contains
no less than 125 photos, many of which are in colour, seven pages of colour artwork, and 60 pages of text
that describes the development and operational career of both the bomber and reconnaissance versions
of this remarkable aircraft. This book is written by Charles Stafrace and is superbly illustrated by Richard

Warpaint series No.96

ES No.9
Consolidated Liberator
Based on an initiative by Major Ruben H.Fleet, the President of the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation of San Diego,

California, and his Chief Designer, Isaac M. ‘Mac’ Laddon, to adapt the high lift Davis wing of their Model 31 flying-boat
-24 Libera
to the design of a four-engined heavy bomber, the resulting B-24 Liberator was set to become one of the most prolific
bombers of World War Two. Built in larger numbers than any other single type of American aircraft, the B-24 was
Cons olidate manufactured at aircraft plants across the United States by Consolidated, the Douglas Aircraft Company, the Ford
the 834Air
ini, of (US
90, Gem Suffolk
41-294 Sudbury,

Motor Company and North American Aviation, for a total of 18,400 airframes. In addition to its service with the United
15-CF, at 347).
B-24H- based SMS
6th BG y Library

States Army Air Corps and later the Army Air Forces and the United States Navy (USN), the Liberator was employed
White by the RAF and the Commonwealth Air Forces of Canada, Australia and India, during the Second World War and
By Ian
post-war with the US Coast Guard, the French and Dutch Naval Air Services and the Chinese Nationalist Air Force.
Aside from its military roles the Liberator also saw employment as a civil transport and freighter with such airlines
as America’s TWA, Britain’s BOAC and Australia’s QANTAS and a number of lesser companies around the globe.
During its time with the air forces the Liberator was employed in the roles of long range heavy bomber, long range
maritime patrol and anti-submarine aircraft, electronic warfare platform, military and civil transport, radio-controlled
target drone, civil water-bomber and in-flight refuelling receiver, for which it was produced in twelve basic variants,
a number of sub-variants and other specialist types. With its four reliable Pratt & Whitney R-1830 radial
engines mounted on the unique Davis Wing, the B-24 was able to carry a 9,000-lb load over distances in
excess of 3,000 miles and had sufficient altitude performance to regularly fly the hazardous Hump Route over
the Himalayas between Eastern India and Western China carrying heavy loads of supplies, personnel and
petrol in poor weather conditions with minimal navigation aids. By any standards the Liberator was an
exceptional aircraft that saw service with greater numbers of American and Allied flying units than did its Boeing rival, the
B-17 Flying Fortress, and remained thus until the USN withdrew its remaining QP-4B target drones in 1964. This 124 page book is
written by Ian White and is superbly illustrated by Richard J.Caruana, with seven pages of colour profiles and an A2 sheet of 1:72nd scale plans.


No 10 Vickers Wellington £10.00 No 63 Vickers Valiant £10.50 No 83 Fairey Battle £15.00
No 21 Armstrong Whitworth Whitley £12.00 No 64 Convair F-102 Delta Dagger £13.00 No 84 Grumman F6F Hellcat £15.50
No 26 Bristol Blenheim £9.50 No 66 Bristol Bulldog £10.00 No 85 Supermarine Scimitar £13.00
No 27 DH Vampire £16.50 No 67 Folland/HS Gnat and Ajeet £10.00 No 86 Vickers Wellesley £13.00
No 29 Hawker Sea Hawk £9.50 No 68 Bristol Brigand £10.00 No 87 Grumman TBF Avenger £16.00
No 32 Douglas A-20 Boston/Havoc £9.50 No 69 Martin B-26 Marauder £11.50 No 88 Lockheed T33A Shooting Star £13.00
No 34 Avro Lincoln £9.50 No 70 Vought F4U Corsair £15.00 No 89 Avro Lancaster £15.50
No 35 Fairey Barracuda £9.50 No 71 AW 650/660 Argosy £10.50 No 90 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress £16.00
No 37 Gloster Gladiator £14.50 No 72 Vickers Sm Seafire (Merlin) £12.00 No 91 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 £25.00
No 41 Fairey Fulmar £12.50 No 73 NA B-25 Mitchell £12.50 No 92 Grumman HU-16 Albatross £14.50
No 46 Handley Page Halifax £15.00 No 74 HS Harrier P 1127 £12.50 No 93 Messerschmitt Me 262 £13.00
No 49 Fiat G.91 £11.50 No 75 BAe Sea Harrier £12.50 No 94 Supermarine Attacker £13.00
No 52 Fairey Albacore £11.50 No 76 Grumman Tracker/Trader/Tracer £14.50 No 95 Westland Sea King £16.00
No 55 Hawker Tempest £12.00 No 77 Curtiss P-40 £12.50
No 56 Blackburn Firebrand £12.00 No 78 AM C.202-205 Folgore-Veltro £12.50
No 58 Supermarine Swift £12.00 No 79 PBY Catalina £15.00
No 60 English Electric Canberra £15.50 No 80 Saab Draken £14.50 Warpaint Specials
No 61 SM S.79 Sparviero £12.00 No 81 Junkers Ju 52 £12.00 No 1 Republic P-47 Thunderbolt £18.50
No 62 Handley Page Hastings £9.95 No 82 BAC Jet Provost & Strikemaster £14.50 No 2 Messerschmitt Bf 109 £18.50

All major credit cards accepted.

Warpaint on the web Orders can be placed by mail, telephone, fax or through the website.
For prices, details of availability and secure ordering
(www.warpaint-books.com) Postage on UK orders is free. Overseas
readers pay postage at air mail printed paper rate.
MMI October 2014_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:00 Page 66

Words & Pictures

A round up of the latest military titles
Title: Kursk 1943: The Northern sides, extensive photographs,
Front (Campaign 272) both contemporary and mod-
Author: Robert Forczyk ern, maps and bird’s-eye-views
Publisher: Osprey Publishing this title will shed new light on
ISBN: 978-1-78200-819-4 this often ignored part of the
Price: £14.99pb battle. The book follows the
well-established campaign

n the summer of 1943, recoiling from de- series format: looking at the
feat at Stalingrad, Hitler conducted a lim- origins of the campaign, the
ited objective offensive to eliminate the commanders, the opposing
Soviet Kursk salient, the doubts of some of plans and armies, the cam-
his frontline commanders notwithstanding. paign itself and its after-
Operating a classic pincer attack of the kind math, and, finally, surveying
that had succeeded during the 1942 the battlefield today. The
Kharkov campaign, he hoped that the result- Kursk campaign is one of
ing heavy losses inflicted on the Red Army the most written-about
would give the Wehrmacht time to recover episodes of World War II
its strength. However, the Soviets were fore- with both scholarly and
warned of the attack (thanks, in part, to the popular accounts coming
work of the code breakers at Bletchley Park) recently from the both
and the resulting battle led to extensive the German and Soviet
losses on both sides as Soviet anti-tank sides. Forczyk’s volume
mines and fierce fighting pushed the Ger- (and I presume there
mans back, liberating the German-held town will be a second, look-
of Orel in the process. Focusing on the north- ing at the southern
ern front of the battle with Generaloberst front) is a good synthe-
Walter Model’s forces pitted against General sis of this work and its
Rokossovsky’s Central Front between 5 July attractive format (particularly the maps
and 18 August, this volume will explore both and evocative artwork) will be bound to earn
the German offensive and the Soviet coun- it a place on many enthusiasts’ bookshelves.
teroffensive. Using documents from both
David Grummitt

Title: US Marine vs Japanese the US Marine Corps; the

Infantryman: Guadalcanal Henderson Field Attack in
1942-43 (Combat 8) September when the US
Author: Gordon L. Rottman captured the Japanese
Publisher: Osprey Publishing airstrip; and the subse-
ISBN: 978-1-47280-134-0 quent Japanese counter-
Price: £11.99pb attacks the following
month on the

he brutal fighting between US Marines
Matanikau river. I like
and Japanese infantry on the island of
these books. The Com-
Guadalcanal in many ways came to
bat series, by concen-
typify the so-called island-hopping war in
trating on the men
the Pacific. This book not only explores the
involved and on a
differing tactics and equipment used by the
handful of specific in-
two combatants, but also shows how the
cidents, adds colour
challenges of fighting in inhospitable tropi-
and provides a differ-
cal jungles impacted upon the soldiers on
ent angle on well-
the ground. The combatants had to deal not
known campaigns.
only with their determined opponents but
The presentation is
also with the twin issues of disease and
to Osprey’s usual
stretched supply lines. Written by a former
high standards and
Special Forces veteran with extensive knowl-
the new artwork
edge of jungle warfare, this fully illustrated
by Johnny Shu-
book lifts the veil on one of the most pivotal
mate is interesting
and ferocious close combat duels of World
and unusual.
War II. The book takes three pivotal incidents
Highly recom-
during the Guadalcanal campaign: the battle
of Tenaru in August 1942, the first Japanese
offensive which was successfully repulsed by David Grummitt

66 Military Modelcraft International

MMI October 2014_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:00 Page 67

Words & Pictures

A round up of the latest military titles

Title: Propaganda Kompanien: PK

War Reporters of the Third
Author: Nicolas Ferard
Publisher: Histoire & Collections
ISBN: 978-2-35250-336-1
Title: Liberty Roads: American Price: £34.95hb Title: AMX-30: Char de Bataille
Logistics in France and 1966- 2006 Vols. 1 and 2

Germany 1944-45 he Propagandakompanien, the (Photosniper 10, 12)
Author: Nicolas Aubin German propaganda companies, were Author: M.P. Robinson
Publisher: Histoire & Collections the primary method of Publisher: Kagero
ISBN: 978-2-35250-320-0 communication of the Third Reich. The ISBN: 978-8-36287-899-4
Price: £39.95hb Ministry of Propaganda sent our 978-8-36459-604-9
photographers and cameramen to Price: £13.99pb (Vol. 1)

he Red Ball Express was the nickname document every aspect of the German war £16.99pb (Vol. 2)
given by the Americans to the supply effort, from the heady days of Blitzkrieg

route established between the landing through to the bitter end of the War. While istoire & Collections' all time best
beaches and the frontline, first into the their photographs and their films are well selling book was this volume
Cotentin in Normandy and then throughout known and in some cases iconic, little has showing real-life recreations of the
France. While awaiting final repairs to the rail been written about the people behind the uniforms worn by German soldiers during
network, the road was the only way to cameras, all the technicians associated with World War II. Long out of print it has been
supply the 28 Allied divisions each in need the propaganda machine. This book, the first sought by collectors and enthusiasts
of 750 tons of supplies each day, for a total volume in a comprehensive new history of commanding high prices in used book
of 12,500 tons daily. This history of the Red the PK from Histoire & Collections, presents market and now available in paperback. This
Ball Express describes accurately all the the implementation of the PK as a long-awaited reprint is actually far more
logistical means implemented by the U.S. psychological weapon, from an than that. The new version includes
Army ‘Liberty ships’ to the railway through organizational point of view, technical and significant additional material. Every soldier
the floating ports and the GMC trucks. This human. With extensive documentation, the is shown on a full page, front and back with
book is the first substantial book devoted to Wehrmacht propaganda companies are numerous detail shots of headgear,
American logistical effort during World War discussed, with a particular focus on 6 Pk. equipment and uniform details. The
II, offering detailed descriptions of logistical that accompanied the Luftwaffe. Finally, chronological order of the original edition is
methods, tactics, techniques and more. In thanks to the testimony of reporters the retained, while the widest selection of types
typical Histoire & Collections fashion, the author details the campaigns in Poland, of Third Reich armed forces members is
book is lavishly illustrated with plenty of Norway, France and the beginning of the featured, from the most famous uniforms to
inspiration for modellers. First and foremost Russian campaign through the lens of the the more obscure. This is an excellent
though, it is a serious and fine piece of PK. This is an excellent volume, with over 300 reference and the genuine period uniforms
history that is recommended to all students pages and is lavishly illustrated with many used in this volume make it a valuable
of the Allied war effort in World War II. Our previously unseen images. Highly resource. It’s available in the UK from
thanks to Casemate Publishing who kindly recommended. Our thanks to Casemate Casemate Publishing (www.casemate
supplied the review copy Publishing who kindly supplied the review publishing.co.uk), who kindly supplied the
(www.casematepublishing.co.uk). copy (www.casematepublishing.co.uk). review copy.
David Grummitt David Grummitt David Grummitt

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 67
MMI October 2014_MMI FEATURE 1 08/09/2014 00:01 Page 68

Words & Pictures

A round up of the latest military titles
Title: Tomb of the Panzerwaffe: their combat skill and rich combat machines struggling against shortages of
the Defeat of Sixth SS experience, with a not a little help from the equipment and training and the harsh
Panzer Army in Hungary 1945 spring rains that turned the Hungarian plain climatic conditions. Recommended to
Author: Aleksei Isaev & Maksim into a quagmire and made the German serious students of the final campaigns of
armoured offensive ineffective, the Soviet World War II. Our thanks to Casemate
Kolomiets trans. Stuart Britton
troops halted the German advance. The Publishing who kindly supplied the review
Publisher: Helion and Company
defeat of the Sixth SS Panzer Army became copy (www.casematepublishing.co.uk).
ISBN: 978-1-90998-216-1 a genuine catastrophe for Germany, and the
Price: £35.00pb David Grummitt
area around Lake Balaton became the ‘tomb

n March 1945 the German Wehrmacht of the Panzerwaffe’.
undertook its final attempt to change the In this book, penned by two leading Russian
course of the war by launching a military historians, this major defeat suffered
counteroffensive in the area of Lake Balaton, by the Wehrmacht has been described and
Hungary. Here, the best panzer forces of the analyzed for the first time using data from
Third Reich and the elite of the Panzerwaffe both Soviet and German archives. It focuses
were assembled, including the panzer not only on Operation Spring Awakening,
divisions SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, Das but also describes the preceding Konrad
Reich, Hohenstaufen and Hitlerjugend offensives conducted by the Germans in the
(indeed, the units that had recently led the effort to come to the aid of the encircled and
German offensive in the Ardennes) and desperate German and their Hungarian
several other army divisions. They were well- allies, who were defending of Budapest. This
equipped and well motivated, including up edition is lavishly illustrated with over a
to 900 tanks and self-propelled guns. At the hundred rare photographs of destroyed or
time, this was considered a secondary disabled German armour taken shortly after
theatre of operations for the Red Army, who the battle by a Soviet inspection team,
had been engaged in a long campaign in besides other photographs and specially
and around Budapest in the previous commissioned colour maps. The book is
months, and thus the troops of the 3rd certainly a detailed and interesting read,
Ukrainian Front had to stop the German but the Soviet view of things (a heroic
counteroffensive with their own forces and defence against a powerful foe) might be
could not count upon reinforcements from taken with a pinch of salt. Other sources,
the Stavka Reserve, which were needed for such as the German war diaries of 6th SS
the decisive storming of Berlin. Relying upon Panzer Army, tell a story of men and

Title: Bush War Rhodesia 1966-1980 tantly, the ongoing ramifications of the past of its leading historians. As such it’s highly
Author: Peter Baxter upon the present, and the social and political recommended. Our thanks to Casemate
Publisher: Helion and Company scars that a war of such emotional underpin- Publishing who kindly supplied the review
ISBN: 978-1-90998-237-6 nings as the Rhodesian conflict has had on copy (www.casematepublishing.co.uk).
Price: £16.95pb the modern psyche of Zimbabwe. David Grummitt
The Rhodesian War was fought with finely

t has been over three decades since the tuned intelligence-gathering and -analysis
Union Jack was lowered on the colony of techniques combined with a fluid and mo-
Rhodesia, but the bitter and divisive civil bile armed response. The practitioners of
war that preceded it has continued to en- both have justifiably been celebrated in
dure as a textbook counter-insurgency cam- countless histories, memoirs and campaign
paign fought between a mobile, motivated analyses, but what has never been at-
and highly trained Rhodesian security estab- tempted has been a concise, balanced and
lishment and two constituted liberations explanatory overview of the war, the mil-
movements motivated, resourced and in- itary mechanisms and the social and po-
spired by the ideals of Communist revolu- litical foundations that defined the crisis.
tion in the Third World. A complicated The Rhodesian War is explained in di-
historical process of occupation and colo- gestible detail and in a manner that will
nization set the tone as early as the late allow enthusiasts of the elements of
1890s for what would at some point be an that struggle - the iconic exploits of the
inevitable struggle for domination of this Rhodesian Light Infantry, the SAS, the
small, landlocked nation set in the southern Selous Scouts, the Rhodesian African
tropics of Africa. The story of the Rhodesian Rifles, the Rhodesia Regiment, among
War, or the Zimbabwean Liberation Struggle, other well-known fighting units - to
is not only an epic of superb military embrace the wider picture in order to
achievement, and revolutionary zeal and fer- place the various episodes in context.
vour, but is the tale of the incompatibility of This is a well-written and accessible
the races in southern Africa, a clash of poli- introduction to this complicated and
tics and ideals and, perhaps more impor- controversial conflict, written by one

68 Military Modelcraft International

MMI OCT (Page 69)_Layout 1 04/09/2014 22:49 Page 3

and Airfield Accessories 1/48th, 1/72nd, 1/76th and 1/144th scale ranges of British
and German airfield vehicles and equipment, including ambulances,
rrefuellers, tractors, G.S. and specialist vehicles, starter trolleys, etc.

Sabre Conversion
See our updated website: www.matadormodels.co.uk
For full A5 catalogue please send SAE or 2 IRCs to:
MATADOR MODELS 6 Cliffe Road, Barton on Sea,
NEW MILTON, Hants. BH25 7PB, Fax: 01425 628219






Come and see Larry Weindorf • Military Vehicles, not converted or scratch built, 1/48th or larger.
• Military Vehicles, scratch built or converted (to a type, version, or
Guidelines Subscription Agent for the USA & Canada mark other than that depicted by the original kit), 1/48th or larger.
• Military Vehicle Diorama, 1/48th or larger.
Larry will be attending the following shows, and • Military Vehicles of all types, smaller than 1/48th.
will give a discount on Osprey and Casemate products at these shows, • Military Vehicle Dioramas smaller than 1/48th.
if you purchase or renew a subscription to SAM or MMI • Naval ships and dioramas, all scales.
• Military Aircraft Models and dioramas, all scales.
17, 18, 19, 20 July Historicon Fredericksburg, VA • Military Figure Models and Busts, of all types and scales, including
6, 7, 8, 9 Aug IPMS Nationals Viriginia Beach, VA vignettes and figure dioramas.
• Miscellaneous. All models not covered by the above classes.
8, 9, 10 Aug W Britain Collector's Symposium Gettysburg, PA • Junior: Models of all types and all scales.
15, 16, 17 Aug Guns of August Williamsburg, VA
August 30 AMPS Fayetteville NCFayetteville, NC The Islington Business Design Centre
September 6 New Jersey Historical Miniature Associates Show Wayne, NJ 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH
5 - 10 minutes walk from the Angel, Kings Cross, Euston, Highbury & Islington stations with 4 bus stops nearby
September13 National Capital Model Soldier Society Show Annandale, VA *Free off road parking in Liverpool Street to the rear of the Exhibition Venue.
September 20 World War II Weekend Gettysburg, PA Please avoid parking in residents bays and in the car parks.
September 20 Penncon - Central PA IMPS Carlisle, PA
September28 Chicago Toy Soldier Show Schaumburg, IL
Unit 3 Enigma Building, Bilton Road, Denbigh East, Bletchley, Bucks MK1 1HW. Tel: +44 (0) 1908 274433 email: guidelines@regallitho.co.uk

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 57
MMI October Final Post_MMI Showtime 08/09/2014 00:05 Page 70

The Final Post

Dai Williams takes his first look at the releases from this Irish company.

Mirror Models’ Canadian

Military Pattern Truck.
he Canadian Military to have been produced in this
Pattern (CMP) trucks were way intentionally and the
used in large numbers by instructions state that the
the allies during the Second heavy sprue gates have
World War They were very removed the need for ejector
versatile vehicles and were pins so that the usual annoying
developed into a number of raised or sunken round pin
forms such as artillery tractors, marks on the smaller parts
ambulances and armoured cars could be kept to a minimum.
as well as many forms of the The kit provides vinyl tyres
basic cargo carriers. They were and these have very heavy
designed specifically for use by mould seams which will need
Commonwealth forces seeing to be dealt with if a realistic
action in practically every appearance is to be achieved. I
theatre of the war. They were believe that LZ Models will be
also supplied to the Soviet producing a set of resin wheels
The vinyl tyres have some heavy mould seams.
forces as part of lend-lease complete with tyres with the
agreements. CMP trucks and appropriate Dunlop logo as
vehicles based on them replacements. I found that
continued to serve in post-war sanding with 360 grade wet
conflicts such as in French and dry paper followed by
Indochina. cleanup with finer grades
The Irish company Mirror removed the seams fairly easily.
Models has covered a number There is an photoetched sheet
of CMP variants with several supplied with about 75 parts
types of the basic truck (refs. for items such as foot pedals
35101, 35102, 35104, 35105, the radiator grille, sand troughs
35108), an armoured and engine parts. Two lengths
ambulance (ref. 35106), the of wire are also supplied.
Otter reconnaissance car (ref. A small transfer sheet is
35103), an artillery tractor (ref.
35100) and a captured Italian
provided with markings for one The partially assembled Breda gun, some parts have
vehicle and dashboard
version mounting a Breda instruments. The instructions
been replaced with brass rod and tube for
cannon being currently are reasonably clear, but there convenience.
available. On first inspection the are no colour callouts or indeed
kits appear to be complex and views of final camouflage
are perhaps aimed at the more schemes. However, the
experienced armour modeller. modeller is referred to a
As an example I took a look at website showing two or three
the kit depicting the vehicle view colour illustrations of
pressed into Italian service as a some of the vehicles. I think
carrier for the Breda 20mm that some extra research into
Cannon (CMP F15 Italian camouflage schemes and the
Service Gun Truck with 20mm colours used will be necessary
Breda Gun Mod. 39 mounted here.
(ref. 35107). The kit has over
Trial assembly of some of the
280 parts for the vehicle itself
parts of the Italian Gun Truck
and another 33 for the gun. The
showed that removing some of
plastic parts are finely moulded,
the smaller parts from the
but it must be said that there
sprues was indeed quite tricky.
are some heavy sprue gates on
The sprue gates were
some very delicate parts.
sometimes bigger than the
Separating some of these parts
parts themselves! I found that
from the sprues may be
the best way to deal with these
something of a challenge.
was to initially use a sprue
Having said this, the kits seem The kit is cleanly moulded with no flash.
70 Military Modelcraft International
MMI October Final Post_MMI Showtime 08/09/2014 00:05 Page 71

The Final Post

Dai Williams takes his first look at the releases from this Irish company.
cutter to remove the parts with the destroying it completely. I think that
cuts being made a long way from the using Evergreen strip along with brass
part to be removed. Once separated rod and tube to replace some of the
from the main sprue a new Number smaller parts may be easier than
10 Swann Morton scalpel blade (the trying to separate and clean up the
curved one) can be used to separate items supplied in the kit. These kits
the sprue gates from the parts. Then will require some care and patience to
Number 10 or 11 blades can then be build, but can be recommended to
used for final cleanup. The plastic used those with an interest in transport
in the kit is quite soft which makes vehicles from this period. They will
this a relatively easy (if time doubtless provide welcome
consuming) process. I had to admit alternatives to the elderly and often
defeat with some of the very delicate re-boxed Peerless/Max kits of the CMP
parts (such as A7) which I could not vehicles which I believe have been
remove from the sprue without around since 1976!

Mirror Models 1/35 CMP F15A Van Lorry 4x4

Truck Cab 11 ’ (ref. 35108) and CMP F15 Italian
Service Gun Truck with 20mm Breda Gun Mod.
39 mounted (ref. 35107) are available from
Creative Models in the UK
The heavy sprue gates will require plenty of care and patience (www.creativemodels.co.uk). Our thanks to Mirror
Models for the review samples.
to avoid breaking some of the more delicate parts.

Spot the difference

The winning entry will be
announced in the
November 2014 issue.
Answers by email to:
or on a postcard,or back of an
envelope to:
MMI Spot the Difference
20 Warwick Road,
CT5 1HX, United Kingdom.
25th October 2014
Answers in November Issue
Just identify the SIX
differences between these two
One lucky winner will win
Trumpeter Object 704 SPH
reviewed above.

www.militarymodelcraftinternational.co.uk 71
MMI OCT_Layout 1 03/09/2014 14:50 Page 2

Bronco Models CB35065 Bronco Models ZB48004 Dragon DN6383 Dragon DN6611
1:35 Pz.kpfw.35(t) in co-operation with 1:48 Russian Self-Propelled Gun SU-152 1:35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger 1 Ausf.E Late pro- 1:35 PZ.KFPW IV AUSF.H Mid Prod with
SKP Model £31.99 (KV-14) 1943 Production £24.99 duction with Zimmerit £49.99 Zimmerit £TBA

Dragon DN6697 Dragon DN6792 Dragon DN6793 Dragon DN7404

1:35 "Chow Time" German Anti-Tank Gun 1:35 Panzerbeobachtungswagen III Ausf.F 1:35 Sexton II with CDP tracks (Canadian 1:72 IJA Type 4 'KE-NU' Light Tank
Crew with 3.7cm Pak-35/36 £23.50 (SAd.Kfz.143) £49.99 Dry Pin) £39.99 £15.50

Master Box MB35165 Riich Models RV35018 Riich Models RV35027 Tamiya TA25175
1:35 German Military Bicycle 1:35 Universal Carrier Mk.II with 1:35 Universal Carrier Mk.II with 1:24 Sherman Easy 8 & 4 figures
£8.99 full interior £18.99 full interior £29.99 £37.99

Tamiya TA32408 Tamiya TA32582 Takom TAK02001 Takom TAK02006

1:35 Pak-36r North Africa Set 1:48 British M10 IIC Achille 1:35 Object 279 Soviet Heavy Tank (3 in 1) 1:35 Russian KV-5 Soviet Super Heavy
£24.99 £16.50 £49.99 Tank £49.99

Takom TAKO2008 Takom TAKO2009 Trumpeter TU01549 Trumpeter TU01572

1:35 WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mk.IV Male 1:35 WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mk.IV 1:35 T-62 ERA Model 1972 Iraq 1:35 Russian KV-8S Soviet Heavy Tank
£49.99 £49.99 Modification £32.99 £32.99

Trumpeter TU02347 Trumpeter TU05515 Trumpeter TU05557 Trumpeter TU05582

1:35 German 37mm Flak 43 Zwilling 1:35 9P148 ATGM (Soviet BRDM-2) 1:35 PLA Type 86A IFV 1:35 Russian TOS-1 24 Barrel Multiple
£27.99 £27.99 £27.99 Rocket Launcher £57.99
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