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MBA Khurram Abbas

House # 15-C, Birdwood Road Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan; Mobile: +92 3244111905; 21010019@Iums.edu.pk;
Date of Birth: September 09, 1995

Lahore University of Management Sciences June 2019 - May 2021
Candidate for MBA - CGPA 3.30
National University of Sciences and Sep 2014 - July 2018
Technology Bachelors of Engineering
(Mechanical) – CGPA 3.73 (Rank: 7/91)
Maxim Agri (Pvt.) Limited
Digital Marketing Intern - Marketing - Agriculture July 2020 - August 2020
•Conceptualized and designed multiple Facebook media campaigns which led to an increase in page likes
from 122K to 131K and month on month sales by 10%
•Conducted a pilot campaign to illustrate the benefits of video marketing to senior management
which increased ROI per advertisement by 70% compared with pictorial posts
•Developed an optimization model on Excel to test variations in features of social media posts which
improved average engagement rate by 6% and leads generated per post from 6 to 9
Fatima Group
Graduate Trainee Engineer – Rotary Maintenance dept. July 2018 - February 2019
•Coordinated 4 cross functional teams of over 20 technicians while working on a key project with a budget of
over Rs. 1 billion and reduced costs by Rs. 3 million by achieving a critical milestone ahead of schedule
•Formulated a training program for teaching plant technicians inventory management using Oracle which
reduced their average idle time by 18%
•Orchestrated the overhauling of 3 critical machineries worth Rs. 25 million on average to substantially reduce
plant shutdown risk
•Diagnosed a critical machinery failure symptom and co-presented a potential solution for fixing it to the
senior management with proposed savings of Rs. 7 million
National University of Sciences and Technology
Student Accommodation Administrator, Student Council Sep 2017 - July 2018
•Led a team of 6 members to successfully negotiate a Rs. 4.8 million deal for outsourcing hostel
management services to replace 20 permanent employees which reduced salary costs by 12%
Director, Media team, EME OIympiad’18 September 2017 - July 2018
•Supervised a team of 8 media crew members for creating digital promotional content for an annual
university festival attended by over 3,500 participants which generated a revenue of Rs. 1.6 million
•Conducted a market research study for a $30 million VC fund to optimize spend of its $200,000
marketing budget reserved for a startup music app. "Patari" which helped boost downloads by 12,000
within a week
•Spearheaded the conception and execution of a mental health startup “Psyhelp” which has connected
over 100 patients with 6 therapists up till now
•Organized a market research study for "Haleeb" to gauge customer perception about packaged milk as
part of an ongoing Rs. 2 million project which helped them improve their channel strategy
•Authored a research paper to propose a 75% cheaper design variant of an imported human powered
vehicle for local production which was shortlisted for presentation in an international conference
•GRE score: 321 (Quantitative: 166 (90th percentile) and Verbal: 155)
•Reading non-fiction books about psychology, persuasion and world history
•Have written more than 50 short stories in the past several years