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How to address abuses - etc

Monday, 7 March, 2011 3:13 PM

"Mr Gerrit H. Schorel-Hlavka" <inspector_rikati@yahoo.com.au>

Over the years have been bombarded with all kinds of request about people
contemplating their own kind of constitution, creation of a entity, etc. The truth is that
it makes in the end not one of iota difference because the moment you have any other
system in place there will be people pushing for another system. The reality should be
that we do have a constitution and the fact that government department, the courts and
the politicians are not abiding by it is no excuse then to ignore it. What we need is to
pursue that all are bound by the RULE OF LAW!
As I was on Sydney radio on 3 March 2011 about pursuing John Howard for what I
view committing mass murder, crimes against humanity, etc, by invading Iraq, is a far
better way to deal with politicians because the moment one score against a politician
or former politician the others will take notice and drastically change their conduct.
The same with General Peter Cosgrove if he is charged for unconstitutionally, so
unlawfully, invading Iraq despite my prior warning, then this will drive the message
home to others they better do not follow his example.
You can change a constitution every day and have all kinds of substitutions but it will
never work unless you effectively hold those legally accountable who ignored the
We find time and time again politicians and even the Governor-General abusing and
misusing (misappropriating) funds from the Consolidation Funds, and what we need
to do is to hold them legally accountable and have them repay it all, even if that
means to have them declared bankrupt and by that they be ineligible to be a Member
of Parliament.
Changing or replacing the constitution isn’t going to do it but to hold those who act in
clear violation of the RULE OF LAW legally accountable is where our solutions
may lie. By this we ourselves are operating within the confines of the RULE OF
LAW and so no (purported) government or its officials can attack us for acting
unlawful (to their standards).
In the last elections it became clear that when it comes to the electors they are more
like sheep voting for a political party no matter how much harm such a party in
government may have inflicted. They are entitled within their POLITICAL
LIBERTY to vote as they desire, regardless if we may not like it, what our aim
should be to have a better informed voter and this takes time and a lot of patience to
educate some who may so to say be brain-dead.
As I have made clear and indeed very often in the past that on 19 July 2006 I
comprehensively defeated, and so unchallenged, the Commonwealth as to FAILING
TO VOTE and on numerous constitutional issues and yet not a single newspaper or
other media outlet covered this as a story. Just imagine if this was widely publicised
and then a lot more people would no longer vote, it means the political party would
have likely millions of dollars less to spend on advertising in the media as their
income is mainly derived from every primary vote they can get and so the media no
longer is of an informative nature but is the lapdog for the major political parties.
Just consider this that an entire electorate in say a by election refused to vote on the
basis it is their constitutional right not to vote then it would make the headlines. As
such, we can achieve results by merely acting lawfully and by it exercising our
constitutional rights to choose to vote or not to vote.
Most people (that is those who follow my emails, etc.) will be aware by now that
when I do not vote they issue a fine for FAILING TO VOTE but they do not follow
up with court litigation well aware they can never again litigate against me since I
comprehensively defeated them. The lawyers who are to litigate are well aware that
they haven’t got a chance in the world to succeed against me and so no further
proceed with any litigation.
When customs demanded me to pay for a declaration and pay about 10% GST on
what they claimed was import i merely wrote a 40 page complaint and that was
sufficient for them to immediately release the lot without declaration and without any
kind of payments! Now, ask yourself how often Customs did so with others and why
is it that I succeed where others fail?
It is because I do my home work to research matters I do not profess any changes to
the constitution or to replace it because the current constitution does me fine. What I
do is to expose the power abuse and hit them back with it and this is what it is about.
Changing the whole or part of the constitution isn’t going to do it because those
abusers will simply have fertile grounds to start all over their rot and then it might be
even harder to stop it all. Indeed they may claim that past conduct, no matter how
abhorrent it might have been now is galvanised in the new constitution! The way it is
now they can be held accountable because they don’t know the true meaning and
application of the constitution and so cannot protect themselves against any legal
consequences but if you are going to interfere with the constitution then they be the
wiser for it.
What we really need to do is to act within the boundaries of our current constitution
and work together to hold those offending against it legally accountable and you will
find that will more then likely do the job.
For sure some fine tuning might be needed to bring the constitution into the 21st
century but lets not act too hasty as we do better to make informed decisions rather
then to act ill informed and then end up with constitutional provisions that may be
regretted in time, as was with the 1967 referendum to amend s.51(xxvi)!
A state within a state by ill means isn’t going to do it as we are better of to use the
RULE OF LAW against those who are offending!
Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka

Gerrit for Governor-General to reclaim our constitutional rights!


Mr. G. H. Schorel-Hlavka, GUARDIAN
107 Graham Road, Viewbank, 3084, Victoria, Australia
Ph (International) 61394577209
Email; mayjusticealwaysprevail@schorel-hlavka.com


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Subject: RE: from sam broad. Re Sunday 6-3-2011 meeting
To: lyn_bennetts7@bigpond.com
Received: Monday, 7 March, 2011, 12:28 PM


What have I been saying last year

and now this year?
And at the CLRG meetings.

You people do not want to know Sam

Broad or
the Peoples Mandate, maybe I am a
fucking ratbag.
And no one wants to know a ratbag.

Well look at the other back-bighting

who have not the courage to face a man
and say it to his face of the supposed
crimes committed.

As far as I am concerned I personally have

no interest in
Common Law when a person can be shit
on for no purpose
Like the police do in Queensland; they just

The one I know about Admiralty Law;

I know where I stand.

You are all like turtles that is,

you live in your own shells.
Sam Broad
The People's Mandate;
Web address Political;

Click on;
Contempt of Constitution
Commonwealth a Corporation
Voters revolt.
Web address Health; http://members.iinet.net.au/~sambrod

On Mon Mar 7 2:24 , 'Lyn Bennetts' sent:

Hi Gerrit and other interested parties,

How would we go by creating a country inside Australia, where we

do not abide by the false laws that are handed down by
government on any level?
I can hear you laughing, but I see that our efforts are almost
fruitless and there must be something else we can do!
If we just don't do what they say, if we just don't pay what they
want us to pay, if we elect our own Prime Minister, can we do that?
Just putting it out there, I am really interested to know.
Some of the Freedom Fighters I email in Western Australia have
actually started up The Great Southlands; because that is what
Australia was known by before it was actually discovered. Can we
do an extention of this???
I vote that Gerrit is our Governor General:)

Lyn Bennetts
From: G. H. Schorel-Hlavka [mailto:schorel-hlavka@schorel-hlavka.com]
Sent: Sunday, 6 March 2011 9:59 PM
To: Judith Walsh
Cc: Bob Oldfield; Craig Langdon; Adam Hebbard; Charmaine Greene
Subject: Re Sunday 6-3-2011 meeting

Okay folks, here it comes,

I understood there was a meeting for Sunday 6 March 2011 to which I had indicated
to attend. It seems my 78 year old wife Olga was so scared I actually would have been
elected that she decided to ensure to prevent me to attend so I could not accept any
councillors position. Well, at about 5 pm (That is on Sunday 6
arch 2011) my wife called out that she was bleeding. (Ok she is 78 so forget any other
issues!) When I came to the bedroom the light bleu carpet was covered with blood
and it turn out she was bleeding from her left lower leg. It was not some injury caused
by anything but just a spontaneous bleeding. And there she stood not even bothering
to try to stop it. So, first I grabbed a white singlet (already had some blood on it
anyhow) and there my wife was growling that I should use the singlet to stop the
bleeding as I would wreck the singlet. Anyhow when I pointed out there was already
blood on it she still nagged I shouldn't put more on it as it was hard to get out. Well,
here we have some one bleedings and worried about a singlet. Anyhow I insisted to
stop the bleeding and thereafter applied first aid.
I told her to stay put and relax and I would clean up the carpet. Ok, never cleaned
blood of a carpet and certainly about perhaps a half a litter of blood but anyhow most
of it seems to be no longer visible. Wonders what you can do when cutting out a part
of the carpet. Ok, well I didn’t do that I just used stain remover, nappy wash and
water and scrubbed the lot. For sure not everything got out but it nearly did. (As the
carpet is fitted to the floor no one will see the bloodstains on the timber floor unless
someone removed it.
Now, can you imagine someone lifting one day the carpet from the floor and find all
this blood stains and then calling the cops that perhaps someone was murdered?
Well, if anyone watches CSI (I have no time for that) then they will know that blood
spatters will often reveal the true version of events. As I do write books and make a
lot of photo’s I did accurately record the blood spatters before trying to clean the lot.
So, don’t worry the evidence is that it were ordinary drops of blood (well more like a
torrent of blood flowing down the rocks, I mean leg, but nevertheless no spattering
otherwise. Blood needs to be removed as quickly as possible as otherwise the stains
do not remove at all. Well it still might be seen a bit but not that bad as it originally
For the record my wife did attend to the Austin Hospital Emergency department also
and so there is actually a record by them also. As such this is not fantasised at all but a
real event.
I did explain to my wife that she had it all wrong. Firstly only if a candidates dies
during the election period a fresh election has to be called and once the closing of the
polls occur then it makes no difference if a candidate then falls of his perch and so
drop dead because it is too late for this. Secondly if the wife of a candidate dies, even
during the election period, that is no excuse to stop the election and so she was
wasting her blood onto the carpet, as certain it neither is after the closure of the poll if
a wife dies. More over, she didn’t have to fear I was elected because it is not the
candidate who scores the lowest vote who is elected, as usually the intelligent people
only vote for me, but rather it is the highest number of votes and so next time she
feels like spontaneously dropping off some blood she better goes to the blood-bank as
putting it into the darn carpet causes me enough work to clean it up.
It seems my wife was willing to spill her blood to prevent me as the candidate with
the lowest vote to be declared the successful candidate (I assume I had the lowest
number of votes as not to many intelligent people reside in Olympia Ward as if there
were many they wouldn’t live there in the first place) so I couldn’t attend to take the
honour of being an acceptance speech and I assured my wife they will for sure find
some silly person who will take the honour gladly.
When there are 10 candidates then generally 9 of them will be deemed to be losers. I
never intended to be a loser and neither wanting to be, so to say, the winner I decided
to make the election useful to promote the constitution. For those who still don’t
know it we have a federal constitution and within this there is a s106 by which the
States are created out of the former colonies. No provision exist for a further level of
government as local government as the Stat Governments are constitutionally local
government and the Federal Government is central government. As such,
municipal/shire councils are no more but ratepayers representatives and forget this
unconstitutional nonsense of a Local Government Act.! I am a
As my election campaigns were about as the Commonwealth did apply a legal
principle that pensions and other welfare recipients were having CPI figure
(Consumer Price Index) then the state government is bound by this and so also
municipal/shire councils.
As former High Court Chief Justice David Ashton-Lewis also made clear during a
Wednesday 2 March 2011 radio program (after which we also discussed
constitutional issues, and he requested me to do so next week also – besides that I am
on a Sydney Thursday weekly program about constitutional issues) that municipal
councils should not charge ratepayers more then the cost of essential services and so
not make a profit from essential service charges.
Craig Langdon as the then Member of the Victorian Parliament obviously disregarded
the legal principle not to have State Public Housing rents limited to CPI figure or for
that council rates. Now I ended up with a bloody mess alright in my bedroom because
my wife wanting to prevent me to accept any council position as she seems to hold
there will be some fool more suitable for it so then I can expose the rot. I am married
to this women who is willing to spill her blood for the sake of society and so I better
respect this and as I was attending to the hospital I had little opportunity to see you all
in tears of happiness that I didn’t take any honours as to be a councillor.
Imagine if I hadn’t been scrubbing the blood from the carpet it would have reminded
me for ever in the day that my wife was pretending to have some long forgotten war
injury to sacrifice her blood for the sake of society. So, I had to clean the bloody mess
on the carpet first and any other bloody mess that may exist within council matters
well I just have to attend to that another time.
I was a bit suspicious about my wife’s conduct, and not she had no blue blood, in case
you wonder, just bloody red blood, as when I had parked the car near the hospital she
suddenly claimed not being able to see and wanting to go to the park. Hallelujah she
finally at 78 realises young people go to the park to…to well you know what…I told
her she was a bit late for that and with the blood people might get the wrong
impression from where it comes from.
So we ended up at emergency department any how and to be told she better attend to
a specialist as it might happen again. So now I am expecting bloody elections from
now on unless I just quit to be a candidate and forgo bloody election periods because
it is certainly no fun having to clean the blood from a carpet!
I attach a photo with showing some blood stains, but there was more. And again
Austin Hospital has record of her attendance, so don’t think it was part of a murder
scene because she was well alive, and still is, after the bloody episode.
Obviously I considering to let next time my wife be a candidate so she can end up
making a bloody mess in the council, for so far it not already exist, only then I will
not be the one bothering to clean it up. Perhaps that is why she managed to
spontaneously bleed from her lower leg so I give up to be a councillor and she then
can take it from there. Well you lot better be warned as it can really turn out a very
bloody mess having my wife around because as the photo’s shows had to clean it up
this time but forget about it if she does it in council chambers! And rest assure it
wasn’t my blood spilled on the carpet as otherwise I wouldn’t be now writing about it,
got it?
Obviously I have to blame the Victorian Election Commission (VEC) for this utter
bloody mess because it should have conducted an education campaign for candidate
wives/husbands not to engage in practices that can result in any bloody mess after
closing of the polls because it is hopeless. The VEC seems to be bloody hopeless as
they do not even educate the electors that How-to-vote card isn’t littering, that is
handing it out or placing it in letter boxes. So, they need to educate themselves a bit
how to conduct elections so that we they could also have avoided my wife to panic
about me being declared the successful candidate with the lowest voted to be the one
the intelligent people voted for as the unintelligent people wouldn’t have a clue who
they vote for and would vote for a donkey if it comes to that. Oops didn’t they just
vote in a donkey?
Anyhow, you get the message alright I had a bloody engagement that resulted in a
utter bloody mess and so you folks had to do without me. Just dry up your tears
having missed out seeing me as there are enough How-to-vote Card with my picture
on it that you can frame and put above your bed so you can always pray at night
hoping that no other bloody mess eventuate and certainly not with my wife, because
she is ignorant to keep quite and sit still as she proved to argue about a bloody singlet
not to have more blood on it while in the meantime she could be bleeding to death. It
seems to me that she had her priorities wrong and just imagine if this bloody mess
were to eventuate in council chambers where they already have their priorities wrong
all thinking to build themselves each a Taj Mahal at ratepayers expenses and be the
emperor of their own little Empire. Darn wrong you are because rest assure I was able
to manage to clean up this bloody mess and so be careful because now I have gotten
grips as to how to clean up a bloody mess I might as well continue!
I am known to be very shy with women and so better leave all you girls to consider
what I wrote above, as real men do not behave like women and neither would real
women behave like men! Work that one out for yourself if you can!
AndR30;R30; well leave that for next time because my wife is yelling to get of the
computer and clean the bloody mess in the bedroom as otherwise there will be another
bloody mess. No guesses what she is referring to. So, I better leave it by this.
Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka

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