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The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) is leading a collaborative venture for the
advancement of the Public Service Renewal project to implement and develop the Fast Track
Staffing self service web-enabled information portal. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency
(CFIA) and Environment Canada (EC), in collaboration with DFO, implemented the Fast Track
Staffing (FTS) application on March 31 2008. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
implemented Fast Track Staffing (known as Express Lane Staffing (ELS) within AAFC) in 2007.
Each organization is responsible for maintaining and managing the Fast Track Staffing (FTS)
self service web-enabled information portal. There is no interconnectivity between departments
as no HR information is shared across departments.

The implementation of Fast Track Staffing has met one of the top priorities of the Clerk of the
Privy Council, namely the link to the PS Renewal Action Plan Commitment: µIn 2007/08, the
CPSA will enable the adoption of the µFast Track¶ staffing model developed by Agriculture and
Agri-food Canada in at least two other departments as a first step towards system-wide

Fast Track Staffing is a self service web-enabled information portal for managers that both
simplifies and expedites select staffing actions requiring limited Human Resources (HR)
consultation. Managers are able to fast track low risk staffing actions through the timely
provision of appropriate documentation to a dedicated unit within the department/agency. The
benefits of this application include rapid turnaround time, user-friendly, and easy access to
information. From an HR perspective, this application provides consistency in processing,
centralization of information, and the removal of high volume transactions from HR Advisors¶
workload, allowing time for more strategic discussions with managers.

Personal information used for the staffing actions and entered into the Fast Track Staffing
application by the authorized users is gathered from individuals submitting applications and
resumes through use of normal government recruiting mechanisms. Fast Track Staffing is
collecting the same information as previous but is processing it differently. The following
information remains collected:

Ä Personal data such as Name and Personal Record Identifier (PRI), Date of Birth (DOB),
Ä roup and position numbers; and
Ä HR information for staffing purposes.

The most significant finding and associated recommendations to help mitigate potential privacy
risk(s) for the Fast Track Staffing application is presented below within the ten privacy principles
as stated in the TBS guidelines. The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) findings and
recommendations are applicable for each Department (EC, DFO, CFIA and AAFC) unless a
specific privacy risk was identified for a particular Department.


No personal information will be used, disposed or disclosed outside the Departments (EC, CFIA,
AAFC and DFO). There are no retention periods defined for the Fast Track Staffing Application
as no information is directly stored. However personal information in transit on the e-mail
server will be deleted manually once transferred to the Human Resources Management System
(HRMS)/ Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) database. Information
collected by the Fast Track Staffing application and manually stored in HRMS/HRMIS will have
defined disposal procedures in place. If e-mails are archived personal information will be
destroyed or sanitized when no longer required as per EC, CFIA, AAFC and DFO retention and
disposal standards. A procedure will be developed to address this specific requirement to ensure
that the hardware is sanitized in accordance with the Department¶s standards.

In its current deployment, the privacy risk (disclosure and disposition of personal information)
for the Fast Track Staffing application is minor. This PIA will be reviewed and amended if any
new risks are identified as a result of new operational requirements and/or significant
configuration changes, impacting the utilization of the Fast Track Staffing application.