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March, 2011

Our next meeting will take place:

To Do:

•Register for the TARGET

Saturday, April 2 Symposium by clicking here
•Email Erica Sprules to let her know if
9 am - 12 pm you will be attending the meeting on
April 2
Crescent School
2365 Bayview Avenue
•Fill in the member profile form and
email it to Erica Sprules (before you
Action Research
leave for the March Break)
Group for
We will be spending the meeting preparing
for the TARGET Symposium on April 11,
2011. Please bring all necessary materials
(research, notes, data etc.) so that your
time can be spent productively finishing
TARGET in Teaching
the last touches of your poster board or
preparing for a round-table discussion. In
addition, please feel free to join us, even if
Erica Sprules
you will not be partaking in the
Symposium, or if you would simply like to Chair - Steering Committee
learn more about the action research Leading and supporting
process. esprules@sterlinghall.com practitioners and
educators through the
For more information, contact: 416-785-3410 ext. 315 action research process
Erica Sprules (esprules@sterlinghall.com)
Keynote Summary
We were delighted to welcome Maria Yau
(Research Department, TDSB) to our
meeting on February 24. Below is a Symposium Details
summary of her presentation.
• Action research is completed to inform The Toronto Action Research Group for
our practices to improve student Excellence in Teaching
learning. cordially invites you to a celebration of
action research and professional
• The benefits include identifying the development.
needs of our students, understanding
how students respond or receive Monday, April 11, 2011
interventions, and assessing the There are two types of research methods 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
effectiveness of new practices.
Steps involved in action research:
used for action research:
• Quantitative:
Keynote: Dr. Shelley Stagg-Peterson
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
• Defining the scope of inquiry • Various funders and other
administrative connections need to Toronto
"Teachers learning together through action
• Formulating research questions see the ʻnumbersʼ to determine
• Literature review levels of support for programs Action
Poster Research
presentations and round table
• Well-defined issues, very discussion with educator-researchers to
• Data collection methods and design:
• Focus group, individual interview,
structured, some background
research already exists Group for
survey questionnaire, checklist, test Please RSVP online.
• Numerical data
results, reflective journals
• Qualitative: posters:
• Take into consideration:
• Ethical/confidentiality issues
• Questions are very open-ended
• A templateTeaching
will be sent out to all
TARGET members
• Very little background research
• Parental consent issues exists
• You will be given time (and direction)
• Data collection • Includes dialogues, observations, to work on your posters at the April 2
writing, documents etc. meeting
• Data inputting
• Mixed Methods: Leading and supporting
• Interview transcription • Posters arepractitioners
due by theandend of the
• It is best to combine components of meeting oneducators
April 2through the
• Coding open-ended responses both types of research
action research process
• Reporting, presenting, publications