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NozeSeal, LLC, Invention Helps Sleep Apnea Patients

NozeSeal, LLC announces the release of Trial Packs of the NozeSeal™ adhesive strip, an accessory
that secures and seals a positive airway pressure (PAP) nasal pillow to a patient's nose. This
inexpensive new product helps prevent air leaks, headgear discomfort, facial skin irritation, and
hair damage, to deliver a great night’s sleep for those suffering from sleep apnea. Benefits include
improved PAP comfort and efficacy and fits any commercially available nasal pillow.

College Station, TX, April 15, 2021 --(PR.com)-- NozeSeal’s internationally patented and
patent-pending invention allows sleep-deprived sleep apnea patients to get a great night’s sleep. NozeSeal
offers a unique solution to challenges faced by sleep apnea patients who use positive airway pressure
(PAP) with a nasal pillow. www.NozeSeal.com

The NozeSeal adhesive strip is an accessory that secures and seals a PAP nasal pillow to a patient's nose
preventing noisy leaks, which typically disrupt a patient’s sleep. It eliminates the need for overly tight and
uncomfortable mask straps that often cause unsightly blemishes to the face and hair of patients after a
night’s use. It offers improved PAP efficacy and comfort while remaining easy to use, inexpensive, and
compatible with any commercially available nasal pillow.

Sleep apnea is associated with cardiovascular disease, heart arrhythmias, hypertension, and diabetes.
Many physicians recognize the benefits of PAP and prescribe it for their patients. As an example, for
patients with severe sleep apnea, PAP reduces fatal and non-fatal cardiac events by nearly 3 times.
Unfortunately, studies show that 54% of PAP-prescribed patients are inconsistent users. A significant
portion of patients (19 to 37%) abandon PAP treatment completely. The most common complaint is
leaks; in a recent study, 75.4% of PAP patients reported leaks. NozeSeal adhesive strips prevent leaks and
the discomfort associated with straps, and thus may increase patient compliance and thereby improve

About: NozeSeal adhesive strips were invented by American veteran and Texas A&M engineering
professor Dr. Mark Holtzapple, a prolific inventor and serial entrepreneur. In 2019, he founded NozeSeal
with a team of fellow Texans to bring a Great Night’s Sleep to the world.

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