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Study the adjectives denoting visible behavior and use them to complete the
sentences that follow.

adjective meaning
Impetuous acts on a sudden idea without thinking first; generally
пылкий бурный negative
импульсивный действует в соответствии с внезапной идеей, не
задумываясь; в целом отрицательный
Impulsive similar to impetuous, but can be used in a more positive way
Effusive gives exaggerated expression of pleasure, praise or gratitude
эксцентричный дает преувеличенное выражение удовольствия, похвалы
Несдержанный или благодарности
Excitable easily excited by things
Pushy always selfishly promoting one’s own position or interests
Напористый (informal) всегда эгоистично продвигать свою позицию
Нахальный или интересы (неформально)
garrulous talks too much, especially about unimportant things
Taciturn reserved or says very little (generally negative)

1. He’s a very _____ Excitable _______ child; he needs to calm down.

2. I thought he was rather ______ taciturn _____ when I first met him. He hardly
3. He’s so ____ Impetuous ________; I wish he would consider things first.
4. She always gives you such an _____ effusive_______ welcome.
5. Freddie’s so ____ garrulous ________; it’s impossible to get any work done.
6. His _ impulsive ___________ generosity led him to give away most of his
7. She’s so ______ Pushy______, it’s typical of her to demand an interview for
the new job.

15. Use the words in the box dealing with sociability to fill in the gaps in the sentences below.
Make use of the clues in square brackets.
approachable доступный общительный , неприступный
(необщительный) -unapproachable , reserved сдержанный,
aloof отчужденный, self-important самоувереннй(превозносит себя),
conceited тщеславный(думает что красивый)
haughty высокомерный недружелюбный (думает что лучше других)
disdainful высокомерный
diffident неуверенный,
modest скромный,
introvert застенчивый человек (робкий)
extravert -общительный человек

1. Jean’s such an ___introvert_________ [inward-looking and quiet], and her

brother Mark is such an extrovert [outward-looking and sociable]. Strange,
isn’t it?
2. Mr Rogers is such a ______ diffident ______ man. [lacks confidence; has a
low opinion of himself]
3. English people are traditionally thought of as rather ___ reserved_________.
[not immediately sociable]
4. Barbara tends to be rather _______aloof_____. I don’t know if she’s just shy.
[unfriendly and not sociable]
5. My aunt Annie can be very ____ haughty _______ [unfriendly and thinks
herself better than others] and _____disdainful_______ [does not believe
others deserve respect and shows contempt for others] at times, but she’s
lovely really.
6. I’ve always found Professor Mactoft very ____unapproachable________ [not
easy to be sociable with or start a conversation with], but his colleague Dr
O’Daly is very ______approachable______ [easy to be sociable with or start a
conversation with].
7. Nancy is so _____conceited_______ [thinks herself wonderful] and ____self
important ________ [has an exaggerated sense of her importance], but Flora is
such a ___modest_________ person [prefers not to exaggerate her own
8. My boss is such a _____flirt_______ [makes constant romantic approaches],
though I would never call her that to her face. Nobody in the office is safe.

16. Complete the sentences using the words in the box.

conscientious unscrupulous gullible obstinate naïve pig-headed
сознательный(добросовестный) беспринципный легковерный упрямый
наивный тупоголовый

1. Joss is a somewhat __ naïve _________ person; he thinks love can solve all
the world’s problems.
2. Telephone salespeople often take advantage of _____ gullible _______
3. My father was a very ______ conscientious ______ man; he never took time
off work unless he was really sick.
4. You are so ____ obstinate ________ and _____ pig-headed _______! Why
don’t you listen when people give you good advice?
5. He’s quite a/an _______ unscrupulous _____ character; I should be very
careful if I were you.
17. Answer the questions.
1. What is the opposite of approachable? Unapproachable or
2. What word is a stronger way of saying obstinate? Pig-headed
3. If someone is diffident, do they have lots of or little self-confidence? They
have little self confidence
4. How could you describe a greeting that showed exaggerated pleasure? An
effusive greeting
5. Is scrupulous the opposite of unscrupulous? Yes . scrupulous means
extremely honest and not wanting to do wrong
6. Which tends to be more negative, impetuous or impulsive? Impetuous is
more negative
7. What adjective has the synonym humble?
8. Which tends to be more positive, talkative or garrulous, taciturn or silent?

18. Complete the following table by writing the noun forms of the adjectives.
adjective noun adjective noun
excitable gullible
disdainful reserved
impetuous garrulous
obstinate conceited
modest pig-headed
humble diffident

19. Fill in the gaps with suitable adjectives. The first letter of each word is given.
I remember my grandmother so well. Her i__________ (1) generosity meant
she was always giving money to beggars and other poor people. She was very
a______________ (2), never a___________ (3), and would always chat to
strangers; in fact she was quite an e___________ (4) and would sing and dance at
parties. But when it came to work she was very c____________ (5) and never
missed a day in forty years. She was a very determined person, indeed she could be
quite o_________ (6) and p__________ (7), and could not be persuaded to do
something she didn’t want to. She was proud but never c________ (8) or
s________ (9), talkative but never g_________ (10), self-confident but never
p__________ (11), always wishing success for everyone else before herself. She
was always d__________ (12) of u____________ (13) people, since she was a
person of great moral principles.

20. Rewrite the sentences using a different form of italicized words.

1. She’s a flirtatious sort of person, and doesn’t care who knows it.
2. He’s always had a tendency to be introverted.
3. Larry shows a lot of reserve, while his sister is known more for her
4. I’m a person who buys on impulse rather than thinking about what I really need.
5. He was a man of great garrulousness, and taciturnity is a word I would never
associate with him.

21. Give the English equivalents to the following Ukrainian ones.

Балакучий, лепетливий Відкритий до
Мовчазний, небалакучий спілкування,товариський
Експансивний, нестриманий Нетовариський,стриманий,замкнутий
Імпульсивний, палкий Відлюдний
Скромний Нахабний
Соромливий, невпевнений у собі Марнославний
Покірний, смиренний Зарозумілий, пихатий
Презирливий, зневажливий

22. a) Decide which of these adjectives form their opposites with in- or un-:

secure acceptable accessible advisable appropriat aware

distinguishabl bearable clearly competent e consistent
e conspicuou conventiona convincin considerat decisive
reliable s l g e efficient
conceivable desirable dignified discreet decided foreseen
vulnerable eventful expected explicable distinct imaginativ
compatible forgettable frequent grateful faithful e
decent manageable predictable rewarding gratitude sensible
thrifty sociable sophisticate stability sincere sufficient
prejudiced tolerant d visible stable welcome
trustworthy wanted

b) Decide which of these words form their opposites with dis- or im-, il- or ir-:

advantage legal agreeable approve arm

connect contented entangle legible legitimate
logical loyal mature organised patient
personal possible rational regular relevant
respectful responsible satisfied similar practicable
religious resistible polite courteous

23. The adjectives on the left are used pejoratively to describe someone’s
disposition or behaviour. Choose suitable opposites from among the words on the
right. In some cases more than one word can be chosen and some words can be
opposites of more than one adjective.

pejorative complimentary
a) bad-tempered cheerful
b) conceited easy-going
c) deceitful frank
d) fussy generous
e) lazy good-natured
f) malicious gregarious
g) mean hard-working
h) narrow-minded kindhearted
i) neurotic laid back
j) pretentious liberal
k) secretive modest
l) solitary nonchalant
m) sullen open
n) touchy sociable