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Jessica Wexler (D): ‘Why Democrats Must Support FairTax’ p.

June 13, 2009 Speech, Colombia, MO –YouTube ( ) Transcript

Jessica Wexler: Hi, can everybody hear me? Wexler: I am here to speak about (1) why I, a
Democrat, support the FairTax, (2) why other
Audience: Yes! Democrats must support the FairTax, and (3)
why it's crucial that the FairTax [be understood
Wexler: Hi, I'm Jessica Wexler, and I'm a strong as a] non-partisan issue, both on a local
supporter of the FairTax. I have volunteered with [Missouri state FairTax initiative] and national
FairTax KC for the past year, and have organized scale.
a manual to be used by FairTax-supporters across
the country.
Reason No. 1 to support the FairTax: Jobs!
I am also a Democrat. Taxing business income has only increased
consumer prices and driven jobs offshore.
Audience: (Cheers)

FairTax supporters may not agree on how My top three reasons for supporting the
Congress spends money, but they do agree on FairTax:
how that money should be collected.
(1) It will increase jobs
(2) Widen our tax base, and
Wexler: I have worked 20-hour days, seven days (3) Give me control over the money I earn.
a week, for months at a time. I have slept on
office floors with blankets pulled from the trunks Audience: (Whistles, applause)
of volunteers' cars. During Sen. McCaskill's
campaign I learned the benefit of a union hall with Wexler: The FairTax increases jobs by
showers - even if they were located behind a door eliminating some of the major reasons, such as
marked "Men." On November 4th, while polls capital gains and corporate income taxes, that
were closing, and parties were starting, I was still caused - and continue to cause - U.S. companies
at President Obama's "Reichtown" [sp] office to leave the U.S. The FairTax...
working to ensure every vote was counted. I've
organized teachers in New Orleans, and registered Audience: (Whistles, applause)
voters through "Rock the Vote."
Reason No. 2 to support the FairTax: A
I have been in favor of FairTax for several years. broader, less-volatile tax base. (Consumption
Ever since my uncle... for those of you who don't decreases less, during recessionary times,
him he is a FairTax KC leader... gave me a small, than does Income.)
paperback book to read.

My uncle and I disagree on all the major "hot- Wexler: The FairTax widens our tax base.
button" issues: From abortion to gun rights, Under the FairTax:
Social Security to the death penalty. To sum it
up... • People making money from criminal
activities, such as drugs, [will] pay taxes.
...we disagree on how the government should • Illegal immigrants [will] pay taxes.
spend our money; we are in complete agreement • People being paid "under the table" [will] pay
on how the government should collect those taxes taxes.
- the FairTax!

Audience: (Whistles, applause)

Jessica Wexler (D): ‘Why Democrats Must Support FairTax’ p. 2
June 13, 2009 Speech, Colombia, MO –YouTube ( ) Transcript

• People who once used accountants, attorneys, Magazine, 99 percent of us will pay a tax
and financial advisors to find the loopholes in our professional to file an incorrect [income] tax
current [income tax] system [will] pay taxes. return.
• Everyone in the U.S. who buys anything new
[at retail, will] pay taxes. Democrats want a simplified tax system; the
FairTax is the simplified tax system:
Audience: (Whistles, applause)
• Pay a tax once, on new [retail] items
purchased – that’s it!
Reason No. 3 to support the FairTax:
• By anything used - clothing, books, car, house
Restores our control of our paychecks;
- there is no federal tax.
benefits government only as we prosper, as
evidenced by our ability to spend actual
Audience: (Applause)
wealth. (We’re taxed only on spending above
poverty level).
FairTax collection will be less expensive,
much less burdensome and intrusive on
average Americans, and more efficient.
Wexler: With the FairTax, I will finally have
control over my money. Managing a non-profit, in
Kansas City, earning $30,000 a year, I was Wexler: The FairTax will boost our economy in
bringing home $418 a week. With the FairTax in a number of ways. The most important way, due
place, I will be bringing home my entire paycheck to our current unemployment, is it will create
of $576 a week. jobs.

Audience: (Whistles, applause) There is over $13 trillion in off-shore accounts.

The FairTax will bring back an estimated $2 to
Wexler: That's an increase of $632 per month, $3 trillion, in the first year alone, to be invested
totaling $8,216 for the year. A college graduate here at home.
with $21,000 in student loans would be able to
pay off those loans within three years using only Audience: (Applause)
the increase in salary. I will no longer have to
wait a year to receive a refund on the money I Wexler: The third reason why Democrats must
earned, that the government borrowed interest- support the FairTax is that it is far more
free. My money will be there every payday. progressive. Under the FairTax, low-income
households experience 5 times the benefit
Audience: (Shout-outs, whistles, applause) increase, as do high-income households. This
gives them a greater opportunity to move up the
Wexler: Fellow Democrats must support the economic "ladder" and achieve the "American
FairTax. It: dream."

• simplifies our tax system, Audience: (Applause)

• boosts our economy, and
• is far more progressive than our current Wexler: It is crucial that the FairTax have non-
[income tax] system. partisan support. On the national level, the
FairTax can not pass without bi-partisan
We all agree that our current [income tax] system support. Our current Senate [111th Congress
is complex and hard-to-understand - with over 2008-10] is made up of 57 Democrats, 2
70,000 pages of tax code. According to Money Independents, and 40 Republicans. The House
Jessica Wexler (D): ‘Why Democrats Must Support FairTax’ p. 3
June 13, 2009 Speech, Colombia, MO –YouTube ( ) Transcript

of Representatives is made up of 256 Democrats, couple of the topics that made me

and 178 Republicans. We must persuade those on uncomfortable. I was thinking to myself,
both sides of the aisle to gain passage of the
FairTax. I cannot stress enough, the importance of "What, on earth, am I doing attending an
non-partisan support at the local level. Imagine if event with right-wing Republicans?! I need
my uncle never gave me the book to read, or if I to re-evaluate the FairTax if this is an
was closed-minded and unwilling to learn about example of the other supporters."
the FairTax - because of all of the things that we
disagree on. There are entire families of strong I'm happy to say I now have great relationships
Democrats that don't have an uncle to persuade with everyone in FairTax KC. I speak with Earl
them to take the time, and make the effort, to and Joan at least once a week and never would
learn about the FairTax. If we supporters of the have guessed how well we get along, and how
FairTax dismiss the Democrats, we lose fifty many things we ARE in agreement on.
percent of our potential supporters! Everyone here
must decide if the FairTax is your No. 1 issue, Audience: (Applause)
above all other issues: That is the only way the
FairTax can succeed. Wexler: We have to take the time and make the
effort to be inclusive, not exclusive. I am
It’s CRUCIAL for ALL Americans to come standing here, today, as evidence that a stauch
together, and agitate for enactment of the Liberal Democrat does support the FairTax
FairTax. This issue ought to be everyone’s without compromising my liberal views on
NO. 1 ISSUE – it cuts to the heart of our social issues.Thank you.
Liberty and our pursuit of Happiness.
Other FairTax benefits: No more 5th, 4th, and
1st Amendment violations by the gov’t (no
Most Democrats don't realize they have a vested income tax returns; working families no longer
interest in the FairTax simply because they are placed at risk of audit, interest, penalties,
unaware of the facts and have been convinced levies, liens; end of IRS “political speech”
that the FairTax is a Republican issue. We must intimidation); pro-environment (encourages
show them that the FairTax is an American issue. recycling – no tax on “used” goods)

Audience: (Shout-outs, whistles, applause)

Wexler: We have to be welcoming, and inclusive,

of ALL people willing to listen. I discovered at
my first FairTax KC meeting that if my uncle was
not there, I - as a Libertal Democrat - would have
run away, and never come back. To look at the
crowd before me today, it is safe to assume, that
the majority of you are NOT Democrats . . .

Audience: (Shout-outs, whistles, applause)

Wexler: . . . Democrats are not here for the same

reason I was ready to run away: At the meeting,
volunteers were discussing inviting Sarah Palin to Jessica Wexler is a Democratic organizer for Obama,
an event, and "pro-McCarthyism," to name a McCaskill. This speech was given before the Midwest
FairTax Rally in Columbia, MO in June 2009.