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Order of Business for SMU Student Senate

March 8, 2011

I. Call to Order 3:33PM

II. Moment of Silence
III. Roll Call
IV. Approval of Minutes APPROVED
V. Speaker’s Podium
• Adriana Martinez
o Model UN
 Needs a suspension of the rules for trip to Singapore for Model UN
 The trip is this Saturday
 Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations
 Will address today’s issues as Switzerland in competition
• Senator Fox – Are you aware that Finance Committee funded
o Yes
• Senator Ehmke - Just to clarify, we would have seen this as old
business had you not done us a favor?
o Yes
• Arlene Manthey
o Associate Director of Development for Student Affairs
o Endowment Committee By-laws
 There is history there, committee did exist at one point
 The time and attention and detail required for awarding of scholarships
is enough for the scholarship committee
 Hopefully with the creation of a new committee we can work to build the
endowment to be able to award more scholarships
 When the endowment was first created it was with a premise of students
helping students
 Have your students work through this committee to increase endowment
 Welcomes the opportunity to work with committee on fundraising
• Paul Wilson
o NY Times
 There are six stories looking at the front page from all over
 Kate from USA Today
• Produce 20 million copies for college students
• In 2010 44% read an international newspaper on college
• There are a lot of benefits to reading international newspapers
• Have international focus
• Write on what it means to be an average American
• Possible pilot in April
• 4 week trial period
• set up in various locations
• at the end of pilot show demand for each paper based on that
pilot program
• will only pay for what is picked up during the pilot program
• have relaunched college website
• now have a college blog
o Senator Genco – When do you think would be the time
you would implement this?
 Possibly the last week in April
o Senator Genco – How much is it per newspaper that is
picked up?
 During pilot period it is free, but after pilot
program in the fall, you will only pay for the
newspapers that are picked up
 It would be about 48 cents per copy
 Take care of marketing, displays, customized to
school colors and logo
o Chair Sabandal – What is the update for NY Times
charging fees to be able to read articles online?
 In the future the NY times will be charging for
online access.
 Campuses that have a readership program will
receive a discount for online access
 Would probably have 25% discount on online
• Chair Sabandal
o New Communications Chair
 Sent a few e-mails out, if you are looking to be involved please e-mail
 Senators, please put up flyers across campus
 Student Foundation
• Please like the Student Foundation page on Facebook
VI. Officer Reports
President Torres
o One of the things we are doing is writing letters from 10AM-2PM in the HT Commons
to write quick notes to Senators
• Elections
o Deadline is Friday at 5PM for Applications
o Want to make sure we have good leadership
o Please talk to Exec if you are interested in running for an Exec position
o Please use common sense
o Remember we’re all mustangs
o Keep it Civil
• Senate Softball Update:
o Was a lot of fun
o Lost 5-7
o Gaasbeck Home Run
o Parliamentarian Esau slid into home
o Senator Belden made sure we had enough players
o Please come to the next game
Vice President Prentice
• There is no Senate next week
• Submitted Budgets for committees and chairs
o If you’d like to know what I submitted, please contact me
• Readership Program
o Would be happy to give you Kate and Paul’s contact information
Secretary Perkins
• Senator of the Month
• Absences
• Office Hours
Speaker Gaasbeck
• Chair Committee Reports & Legislation:
email by Mondays at 5 PM
• Sometimes people ask questions that are disrespectful.
• Please use question and answer period to ask questions, not to make a point
Parliamentarian Esau
• Election Committee hears appeals done through membership committee
 Need to nominate 5 Senators and 3 Committee Chairs who will serve on
committee that are not running for re-election
 Will only be called if there is an appeal to the membership committee
Motion to open Nominations
 Nominations for Chair – Jake Torres
 Nominations – Chair Mackingtee, Chair Carr, Chair Leung
 Nominations for Senators – Senator Fox, Senator Rogers, Senator Abiye, Senator
Essig, Senator Pyun
Motion to close floor for Nominations
Motion to see nominations in block
Motion to approve nominations in block
Nominations have been APPROVED
• You are not allowed to be on the membership committee if you are running for a
position, so please contact Chair Ladner
• Meet and Greets
 Have not heard from many Senators
 Please contact other senators in your school and plan your meet and greets
 Please contact Parliamentarian Esau or Vice President Prentice
 Jennifer Jones - Are you aware that Dedman I senators have contacted
me about doing a meet and greet during Mustang Chill?
 No
Chief of Staff Mace
• Committee Chairs – Please meet after the all chairs give their reports
• If there are any people that are not running next semester, please contact Chief of Staff
Executive Director Jones
VII. Committee Reports
Organizations Chair Mackingtee
• New Business
• Old Business APPROVED
o Probationary:
 Robotics Club 9-0-0
o Temporary:
 VTA 9-0-0
 RFL 7-0-0
Student Concerns Chair Pool
• Townhall Meetings
o Will be working on publicity this coming week
• Comment Box
o Cannot find the key to the comment box
o If you have any ideas, please contact Chair Pool
o Vice President Prentice – Are you aware SMU has its own locksmith?
 No
o Comment box online is up and running
• Website
o The facebook link is up and running on the Website
• Snack with Senate/Mustang Chill
• Tabling
Membership Chair Essaw
• New Business
o Apply for Senate!
 Applications due Friday at 5PM
• Old Business
o Election Code Revisions
 Only prohibits you from sending mass e-mails
 Other people can send out e-mail to organizations, for example, CHAS
o Finance Chair: Rachel Fox 4-0-0
o Finance Vice-Char: Christian Genco 4-0-0
o Organizations Chair: Alexis Goldberg 4-0-0

Motion to approve the Election Code Revisions APPROVED

Senator Genco Abstained

Scholarship Chair Badarak

• Scholarships are due March 21st
• Due at 5PM in JJ’s office
Communications Chair Sabandal
• No Submission
Diversity Chair Carr
• Please talk to students about writing letters for the TEC Grant
• Working on Financial Aid for students
• Will have speaker to come and talk to Senate
• Special thank you to Martha Pool
• If you are interested in helping research for financial aid, please contact Chair Carr
Finance Chair Leung
• New Business
o IRC - $5,475.00/$5,475.00 Vote: 10-0-0
 Did not see them this past week
 Would like suspension of the rules
 Requesting for competition in Singapore
o Office of the Chaplain - $4,415.00/$4,415.00 Vote: 11-0-0
 For Civil Rights Pilgrimage
o BLSA - $870.00/$1,740.00 Vote: 5-4-0
 For Convention in Houston
o Club Volleyball - $0.00/$2,376.00 Vote: 8-1-0
 Wanted funding for national tournament
o Victory Campus Ministry - $7,920.00/$7,920.00 Vote: 7-2-0
 Going to North Carolina
o Questions:
o Senator Ishmael - Will that hurt them at national level for voting? Are we taking
away a vote?
 We generally fund two members for conferences
o President Torres - What did the committee vote not to fund for BLSA?
 It was just the quantity of hotel rooms
o Vice President Prentice - What is the transportation for Victory Campus Ministry?
 They are taking a bus, and charging students a fixed fee

Motion to see IRC as old business

Motion to see committee’s recommendation in block
Motion to approve Committee’s recommendation APPROVED

• Old Business
o Dedman School of Law – Women in Law - $1,000.00/$1,000.00 Vote: 8-3-0
o SMU Democrats - $660.00/$660.00 Vote: 10-0-1
o Philosophy Club - $1,080.00/$2,160.00 Vote 9-0-1
VIII. New Business
• S-11-03-18 – USA Today/NYT Readership Pilot
o Encouragement that Student Senate and student body try out pilot
program to see how it works
o Trial program, completely free
o Will judge for four weeks to see if it will work
o Senator Ishmael – Who pays for the paper?
 End of program wouldn’t be til end of semester so there would
be time to figure it out.
 Shouldn’t be an issue to get funding from different departments
on campus
o Senator Ishmael – Could ya’ll ask them not to do it in April, due to
 It’s easiest if you can start the program at the beginning of the
school year
 May start March 28th which start it in early april
o Senator Genco – Would like to see wording that this is a four week
trial that is completely free with no commitment to actually engage in
the program
 I will note those changes and will get it to you the Tuesday
after Spring Break

IX. Old Business

•S-11-03-16 – Use of Campus Grounds
o Parliamentarian Esau
 Wording was amended on line 36 and 37
 Outlines what is permissible and not permissible
 Please vote for this as a way to help organizations on campus
o Chair Mackingtee
 As organizations are in the process organizations want to hold
 According to SCOC can’t do that, unless they have sponsor
 Makes it the responsibility of committee chair to sign off on those
requests to help them with grounds requests
 Changed wording so that it would be up to the discretion of the
chair in case organizations
 Senator Genco – What are other authorization forms?
• Lydia Dale asked we put that in
• Preventative wording for the future so that organizations
will have access to those tools
Motion to move into Debate
Senator Fox – Thinks it’s a good idea. We should allow organizations to function as
Senator Genco – In favor of concept, but unclear about some things. Wants to make
sure it does not give precedent to new organizations over older organizations. Is there
a reason it is the Chair?
Chair Mackingtee – Should really be responsibility of Chair, want to keep
responsibility under one person. Chartered organizations get laundry list of privileges.
Parliamentarian Esau – Senate still has authority to regulate who enters process
Motion to call to question – PASSED
Senator Genco Abstained

• S-11-03-17 – Establishing Endowment Committee

o Chief of Staff Mace – No complaints, so there were no changes. It is on
blackboard. Arlene Manthey talked about value of legislation. Trying to
juggle endowment and scholarships is too much for one committee. Really
want to bring committee back to increase scholarships and keep track of
former Senators to give back to this chamber.
Motion to move into debate – APPROVED
Parliamentarian Esau - Student Senate should be focusing on putting our name out there
and do more for students. This provides more educational opportunities for students
Senator Fox – Agree. Think even if we find next year that the committee doesn’t have
much to do we can look at that next year.
Senator Ray – You should support this because as we lose scholarships we lose grants
and this is important.
Senator Rogers – Why was this abolished?
Chair Badarak – Don’t really know looking back. Where we are now, seems more
prudent to establish committee again

Motion to call to question – PASSED

X. Senatorial Forum
• President Torres – School Spirit
o I don’t think we are anywhere near where we want to be, especially compared
to other Universities
o Should we add new cheers and chants?
o Is it a bad idea to bring back yell leaders?
 Senator Miller – Thinks it’s important to distinguish relationships
between cheerleaders and Mustang ‘11
 Chief of Staff Mace – Thinks Mustang ’11 should take it up. Would
love to see cheerleaders do it, but they have a different role now I
think. I think it’s perfect that Mustang ’11 step up and do that.
 President Torres – Doesn’t want to change role of cheerleaders, but
adding students that just lead cheers. Is that totally crazy?
 Senator Ehmke – A lot of cheerleaders and Mustang ’11 members
don’t know what is going on during the game. Thinks that’s the
 President Torres – It is really easy if we picked people to do that.
Those students are selected in student body elections in other places so
I don’t know how we would select them.
 Senator Harris – Could you clarify what you mean by school spirit?
 President Torres – School spirit in general
 Senator Fox – I really agree with yell leaders. Had group in high
school that did this, and it was really successful. Really need
something like this. The other thing in terms of school spirit, we need
to get people to be proud of SMU. Boulevarding focuses on drinking,
need something that doesn’t focus on drinking
 Parliamentarian Esau – Do you think publicizing to wear red and blue
on Fridays would help, maybe an incentivizing point system? Maybe
this can go through athletics. For every game you attend you get points
and maybe have gear as a prize.
 Senator Dow – last semester took survey, do you know what happened
to that?
 President Torres – it goes to the athletic department
 Senator Dow – had good things on there like t-shirts and food
 Senator Martinez – think we can utilize red and blue Fridays, only give
things to students that wear red and blue. Need to incentivize things
 Senator Joiner – Coach Jones could send out e-mails like basketball
coach. If students get e-mail from students or Coach Jones would help.
 Senator Miller – make more of an event out of red and blue Fridays.
Make it personalized with football players and coach. Making team
more present and connected.
 President Torres – We’ve done pep-rallys but no one shows. How do
we get people there?
 Senator Harris – Give out t-shirts to transfer students. Give t-shirts out
to the first so many people.
 Senator Aguirre – I feel that these things have already been done.
Need to have meeting where senators that are really interested and
strategize. Bring out why we love SMU and why we have school
spirit. Implement some kind of campaign to have school spirit.
 JJ – thinks this body represents students. Has to start somewhere, you
would be a great body to start that. Used to have football peprally
where football players competed against fraternities. Senate should be
the example to get students engaged and involved. Have to be proud
and engaged, you’re leaders.
 Chief of Staff Mace – got mustang corral shirt, I don’t really wear it.
At Baylor you get a hat. You should get something more than a throw
away t-shirt. I think having an SMU sweatshirt, t-shirt, with nothing
else on the back. Obviously there’s a question of finances but people
would wear that all the time.
Motion to close senatorial forum – PASSED

• President Torres - Handgun Bill

XI. Announcements
President Torres - Was also going to start about handguns, but come talk to me afterward if you
have ideas
Senator Luna – If you have any issues with the concept of the LGBT legislation, please contact
Senator Luna
President Torres – Please help me man the table from 10-4
SMU playing Rice tomorrow tournament
Service House Applications are being accepted
Senate Softball on Sundays!
XII. Adjournment