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“This new Belfast has become a beacon for positive change and is now alive with fresh opportunities for citizens, visitors and investors.”

Belfast Brand Guidelines

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The Belfast Brand
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Why create a belfast brand? Objectives for the brand project The making of our brand’s identity brand benefits belfast brand brand experience brand attributes

The graphic identity The logo logo and tagline Arrangement Exclusion zones and minimum size positioning Taglines Typography colour Using the identity on colour Using the identity on photographs co-branding options Our tone of voice The call to action Our imagery style Use in other media Using the identity in three dimensions

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Belfast Brand Guidelines

A city’s brand is an extension of its reputation for every aspect of city life. The brand’s value will be enhanced by the positive experiences of citizens, investors, visitors and all those observing Belfast from a distance.
Belfast is changing. Investors and millions of visitors are already discovering the new reality and now is the time to boldly communicate our success to the world.
After a period when Belfast often made news for all the wrong reasons, the city has now reversed its fortunes having enjoyed a decade of dramatic change. This new Belfast has become a beacon for positive change and is now alive with fresh opportunities for citizens, visitors and investors. Our brand identity is central to our communications plan and through it we seek to convey an accurate sense of what makes Belfast unique. These guidelines have been produced to help you understand the brand values and to apply our brand identity consistently.

Belfast Brand Guidelines

05 Belfast Brand Guidelines . – to contribute to the local business sector and assist in attracting investment in the city. – to provide an effective citywide identity for all marketing activity.ObJECTIVES FOR THE bRAND PROJECT – to develop a brand which would encapsulate and communicate Belfast’s unique qualities. – to enhance Belfast’s reputation as a vibrant and dynamic city. – to highlight Belfast’s attractions and promote it as a great place to live. visit or study.

arts and culture. Creating The final stage saw the development of the creative options which were in turn presented and tested with a wide audience across all sectors including the business community in London and Dublin. This allowed us to understand our strengths. workshops and in-depth interviews with people drawn from across all sectors of our city region including the business community. Europe and USA to understand how Belfast was perceived. potential visitors and potential investors from ROI. Refining Following our initial research we developed three core brand proposition themes that were tested in focus groups with key stakeholders from sectors including government. We talked to visitors.THE MAKING OF OUR bRAND’S IDENTITY Following the appointment of a leading brand consultancy in 2007 we embarked on an extensive research and consultation programme. weaknesses. business. exploring perceptions and core values of the Belfast brand with a total of nearly 3000 key stakeholders. 06 Belfast Brand Guidelines . media. Understanding We discussed the current perceptions of Belfast in focus groups. development. visitors and investors to contribute to the process. The preferred identity was further refined and officially launched as the Belfast brand in June 2008. We needed to understand what people from both Belfast and further afield thought of our city. An online survey gave further opportunity to our target market of media. community. GB. tourism and hospitality. investors. education. tourism. culture and arts and youth groups. transport. characteristics and attributes.

a confident and contemporary European city .contribute to the long-term brand building exercise. credible.unite the public.ensure the brand identity is highly visible across the city . .bRAND bENEFITS Our new brand is distinctive.a place that attracts and retains talent .a quality leisure and business tourism destination . . and voluntary sectors in Belfast. 07 Belfast Brand Guidelines .create a greater level of civic pride and encourage wider participation in city activities.enhance the status and recognition of organisations based in the city who adopt the new identity and associate with Belfast’s unique qualities. private. .a great place to live . providing new opportunities for co-operation and joint cost effective marketing initiatives. sustainable and reinforces Belfast’s position as: .a competitive place for companies to locate and grow their business .a magnet for world-leading research and innovation The process of introducing and communicating the brand to key stakeholders will: . change perceptions and add value.provide a single and united message for all city marketing .

belfast brand Brand Essence Brand Proposition This is Belfast’s moment. the turning of a new page and the new shared enthusiasm which is palpable to all those who experience the city. A unique history and a future full of promise have come together to create a city bursting with energy and optimism. 08 Belfast Brand Guidelines . This reflects Belfast’s coming of age.

an exciting environment for business and a great place to live. we embrace the future to build an even better Belfast. Belfast provides a vivid and memorable experience with new things to discover every time you visit. lively.witty. For Investors Belfast is a vibrant city full of opportunity. The people of Belfast provide a welcome which is not just warm. The people of Belfast . A spirit of optimism and a real sense of purpose fills the air. Proud of its heritage. By bringing together our strong sense of identity. we are seizing this opportunity with both hands. For Visitors Here. energetic and exciting. resilience.are proud of the city’s past. but genuine and generous. creativity and change. welcoming and determined .bRAND EXPERIENCE For Citizens The time is right for us to build a thriving. providing a warm welcome to visitors. inspiring enterprise. Now is the time and Belfast is the place where anything is possible. is a dynamic city with a big personality. Belfast is alive with possibilities and open to change . in its outstanding natural surroundings. inviting anyone and everyone to join in. renowned warmth and wit.vibrant. enterprise. Proud of our heritage. and ready and able to seize the opportunities on offer. positive about its future. 09 Belfast Brand Guidelines . vibrant city.

Vibrant The city has a buzz. Inspiring. Enterprising.there is a determination to keep what is good and change the things that could be better. Witty. New things are happening . Determined. boldly making its way in today’s world. translates into a modern society with new skills and energy. Dynamic. Optimistic. Genuine These reflect the warmth of the Belfast welcome and the openness of its social fabric. Sociable.bRAND attributes Welcoming. 10 Belfast Brand Guidelines . Bold A city built on enterprise with a history rich in cultural and commercial inspiration. A vibrant mix of old and new is visual proof of a dynamic city reinventing itself. Energetic. that allows those from the outside to quickly enter into the spirit of things and experience genuine friendship and a little bit of Belfast’s unique wit.

bRAND ELEMENTS 11 Belfast Brand Guidelines .

These guidelines demonstrate how the graphic identity can be used and sets out rules to ensure that it is applied consistently. When used in conjunction with a tagline it becomes a call to action. as in. It projects Belfast’s energy and optimism and acts as the heart of the city. Be “part of it” and very much embodies the brand essence – This is Belfast’s moment. putting Belfast firmly on the map. 12 Belfast Brand Guidelines . reflecting its warm and welcoming nature.The Graphic identity The graphic identity is the visual interpretation of our brand. The capital “B” is a bold statement.

Do not stretch or distort the logo in any way. Do not rotate the ‘B’.belfastcity. 13 Belfast Brand Guidelines .asp Do not change the orientation of the word ‘Belfast’. When using the ‘B’ without a tagline there is only one format in which it should be used: The logo is available for download at: logo Our identity comprises the ‘B’ logo and a tagline. Do not use the single ‘B’ in the vertical

Version 2 shows how the logo works with a large tagline.belfastcity. Version 1 shows the logo with a small tagline.asp 1 2 14 Belfast Brand Guidelines . The logos and taglines are available for download at: http://www. and there should be space for a horizontal ‘B’ to fit between logo and tagline. The width of a horizontal ‘B’ should fit between logo and tagline.logo and tagline arrangement There are three logo arrangements with the tagline. The tagline should be the same type size as logosTagline. The X height of the tagline should equate to 4 horizontal ‘B’s stacked on top of each Version 3 shows how the logo works rotated with a large tagline reading vertically. When the logo rotates to read vertically the direction of the word ‘Belfast’ inside the ‘B’ is rotated 180°.

15mm 15mm Image Area A4 (210 x 297mm) Minimum Size 15mm 22. This is the recommended minimum area. Please seek permission to use the logo below the minimum size in exceptional circumstances. minimum size The minimum size for identity usage is based on the ‘B’ measuring no less than 15mm wide. This then governs the minimum type size to use as the tagline size is stipulated by the size of the word ‘Belfast’. The zone equates to a space that uses the width or height of ‘B’ – as shown below.5mm 30mm 45mm 60mm 84mm 435mm A3 (297 x 420mm) A2 (420 x 594mm) A1 (594 x 840mm) A0 (840 x 1188mm) 6 Sheet (1180 x 1730mm) 48 Sheet (6096 x 3048mm) 15 Belfast Brand Guidelines . Below is a table of minimum logo sizes in relation to the image area. wherever possible allow more space.exclusion zones An exclusion zone is in place to make sure that other graphic material or type does not interfere or detract from the identity. This exclusion zone should also be the minimum when positioning the identity close to the edge of a page or trim area.

positioning Below are some standard formats displaying the minimum size when the brand is being treated as the lead message. ensuring the viewer reads the Belfast B first. The Belfast B should be scaled to the various column widths and can move up or down within those column guides (paying attention to the exclusion zones. DL leaflet A5 brochure 6 Sheet A4 poster 48 Sheet 16 Belfast Brand Guidelines .) However preference is that the B should always appear on the left of any communication when it is being used as the lead message.

which can be adapted to suit particular campaign applications. Care should be taken when deciding on the statement to ensure that the message couldn’t be interpreted as a negative one.taglines Adding a strong positive statement to the Belfast B (“Be”) call to action transforms the logo into an invitation. Please note: our brand identity and taglines will always appear in English. No words should ever precede the B. The Belfast B should never be used as the first letter of a word. Incorrect Formats Negative Message Metro Monster Mash Belfast’s biggest fireworks display Belfast City Council and Metro present Metro Monster Mash Belfast’s biggest fireworks display Belfast City Council and Metro present 17 Belfast Brand Guidelines . The tagline should be no longer than three words and always follows the Belfast B.

‘B part of it’ is our default tagline. 18 Belfast Brand Guidelines .taglines Below is a selection of suggested taglines. these are not exhaustive but offer a good indication as to the tone they should take.

belfastcity. For setting text online please use Arial. For setting text. There are three weights available to give flexibility and impact. ‘Moment’ must only be used for taglines and short headings.asp Arial ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 19 Belfast Brand Guidelines use the primary typeface Helvetica Neue. When using ‘Moment’ please pay particular attention to the kerning ensuring spacing is consistent. Primary Typeface Helvetica Neue bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Helvetica Neue regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Helvetica Neue light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Online Typeface Moment Typeface abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz The Moment typeface is available for download at: http://www.Typography A bespoke typeface ‘Moment’ has been created to accompany the new identity. not for setting text.

Aqua Pantone 3272 C99 M0 Y48 K0 R0 G135 B124 #009999 Blue Pantone 541 C100 M58 Y9 K50 R0 G63 B114 #003366 Lime Pantone 383 C35 M0 Y100 K20 R162 G173 B0 #CCCC00 Bright Red Pantone 186 C2 M100 Y82 K6 R198 G12 B48 #FF0000 Terracotta Pantone 159 C1 M74 Y100 K7 R199 G91 B18 #CC6600 Pink Pantone 205 C0 M83 Y16 K0 R218 G72 B126 #FF66CC Azure Pantone 640 C100 M11 Y3 K16 R0 G130 B187 #3399FF Spearmint Pantone 7472 C54 M0 Y25 K0 R91 G187 B183 #66CCCC Fuchsia Pantone 513 C58 M99 Y0 K0 R142 G37 B141 #9933CC Grey Pantone 5425 C45 M16 Y9 K26 R125 G154 B170 #999999 Maroon Pantone 222 C20 M100 Y20 K63 R106 G26 B65 #660033 Purple Pantone 2607 C83 M100 Y0 K2 R79 G11 B123 #663399 Racing Green Pantone 329 C100 M0 Y46 K46 R0 G108 B103 #006666 Tree Green Pantone 7496 C50 M6 Y99 K16 R106 G127 B141 #669900 Slate Pantone 444 C45 M14 Y25 K48 R116 G127 B129 #666666 Sand Pantone 451 C23 M15 Y51 K33 R154 G153 B110 #999966 20 Belfast Brand Guidelines . The logo can be reproduced in any of these colours. The logo may also be reproduced in gold (Pantone 871) or silver (Pantone 877) for special items. When a tagline appears with the logo both should remain the same colour.colour A palette of 16 colours exists for the identity.

USING THE IDENTITY ON COLOUR When using the new identity on a coloured background. Good Examples On very light coloured backgrounds when white is not appropriate the colour for the identity should complement the background colour. the preferred colour for the identity would be white for maximum contrast. Bad Examples 21 Belfast Brand Guidelines .

com 22 Belfast Brand Guidelines .come on up and see how far your euro can go! shop and stay visit gotobelfast. Good Examples On very light photographic €89 from shop and stay The euro’s stronger than ever. Bad Example €89 from The euro’s stronger than ever. with short breaks starting from an amazing €89 . so go on…treat yourself… Belfast’s all about having a great time. when white is not appropriate.USING THE IDENTITY ON PHOTOGRAPHS When using the reversed new identity on dark photographic backgrounds the word ‘Belfast’ should either be transparent or a strong contrasting solid colour from our palette to aid legibility. so go on…treat yourself…Belfast’s all about having a great time. with short breaks starting from an amazing €89 . all the time! We have some of the worlds favourite shops and Ireland’s best hotels.come on up and see how far your euro can go! visit gotobelfast. all the time! We have some of the worlds favourite shops and Ireland’s best hotels. the colour for the identity should preferably be black to stand out from the background.

CO-bRANDING options Events and publications may be sponsored by a wide range of bodies. The Belfast identity should always appear in the top left area of the grid. If this position is taken by a lead sponsor then the Belfast identity should take the outside right position. To deal with this issue an area should be allocated for co–branding and divided into a grid of equal areas according to the number of brands that need to appear. PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO Preferred Solution Alternative Solution PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO PARTNER LOGO Preferred Solution . This should comply with all minimum size and exclusion zone requirements. each of which will require its brand identity to appear on all types of marketing collateral.Multiline Option 23 Belfast Brand Guidelines .

OUR TONE OF VOICE Choosing words and presenting them in a consistent way is core to the projection of our brand. In general these have tested negatively in our brand research. 24 Belfast Brand Guidelines . Please avoid the use of local terms and slang words. Our tone of voice can be adopted into different styles of communication spoken or in print to suit any particular audience. Our tone of voice can subtly direct how the brand is perceived and reinforce the understanding of our brand attributes.

Enterprising and genuine Our tone reflects a serious approach to business and investment. witty. conveying expertise and professionalism in enterprise and above all suggesting trust and commitment.energetic and enterprising . welcoming .forward looking and confident . An upbeat tone full of energy and enthusiasm reflecting the brand’s call to action – B part of it. our words should suggest inspired by the people and the surroundings Energetic and vibrant Our words should match the vibrancy in the city. A tone which creates a space for everyone to join in. 25 Belfast Brand Guidelines . We talk about achievements and vision for the future. causing others to stop and look.determined . Determined and optimistic Our tone reflects self confidence.building a vibrant and dynamic city .rich in heritage and culture . our plans deliverable. Typical phrases we could use in describing Belfast . warm.OUR TONE OF VOICE Open and outward facing Above all we are a welcoming things to discover all the time . be personal and direct yet accessible with a tone of informality.a character all of its own .right here right now .the city where anything can happen . Our words should appear realistic.genuine.

• B witty. Example: • B green. B part of it.THE CALL TO ACTION The tagline or call to action is designed to be a strong positive and invitational statement. B vibrant. at the Christmas season. In other situations the tagline can be used to convey positive messages which are in line with a theme or event. This should reflect the brand attributes. as part of a recycling campaign. For example . Examples to be avoided include. At no time should the tagline be adapted to include another brand or words which directly promote a commercial entity or product. • B thrifty • B at home • B a good neighbour At no time should the identity or the tagline be used or associated with themes of an adult or potentially offensive nature.B welcome. The tagline however should not be used to convert everyday events or sentiments into a message which will not reflect our brand attributes. 26 Belfast Brand Guidelines . A fully detailed explanation of these issues is contained in our terms and conditions which users of the Belfast brand identity must accept and comply with. to highlight a comedy festival • B festive.

OUR IMAGERY STYLE Creative photography of Belfast and its people is a powerful media to capture and communicate the brand’s key attributes. Measure the image quality itself against the brand attributes . These guidelines apply to images of Belfast at work. nothing about the images should be commonplace.vibrant. inspiring. Like the city itself. dynamic. people and events can form a storyboard full of unique references that differentiate our city. challenging viewers to reconsider previously held opinions of the city. 27 Belfast Brand Guidelines . A mix of images comprising place. Photography is a key element of the Belfast brand identity. rest or play. Images should go beyond the “tourist lens view” to provide new perspectives to engage and inspire the target audience.

Photograph buildings from low or unusual angles forming a link with the skyline creating a sense of openness and free space. so ensuring a visual link to the city moving forward in all aspects of life with new found energy. Use photography to portray Belfast’s open spaces and its location within a natural environment. Use detailed images to convey our inventive past and provide contrasts with modern structures in glass and steel. 28 Belfast Brand Guidelines . texture and elaborate details of our Victorian Built Environment Belfast’s rich heritage can be captured in the colour. Natural Environment Use images which reflect the wide and changing palette of colour in the surrounding hills and water.

energetic. determined and enterprising. Choose imaginative settings and lighting to portray a fully modern workforce – optimistic. Create a sense of movement in images to show people at work.people People and their values are a key part of our identity. Photography must capture not just the scene but also the warmth of the Belfast welcome. inspiring and determined. 29 Belfast Brand Guidelines . wit and ease to enter the social fabric.

30 Belfast Brand Guidelines . inclusive and new all sentiments which photography of Belfast’s many and varied events can Colourful. Use context and location to differentiate these events from stock library imagery. exciting. This presents the opportunity to use a single image to visually spell out the essence of the position - This is Belfast’s moment.

positive. invitational statement. If it is only to be used as a partner logo it should be no smaller than a quarter of the full height of the space available.USE IN OTHER MEDIA TV When used in television advertising as the lead creative. the identity must always be used as the sign-off device at the end of any piece of television or cinema advertising. The identity should be pronounced: “Belfast … Be here now”. The tagline will change to reflect the subject matter and be a strong. 31 Belfast Brand Guidelines . With regard to scale. always keep the identity centred vertically and if there is no tagline centered horizontally also. the height of the B should be one third the full height of the space available. In terms of size and placement on screen.

32 Belfast Brand Guidelines . It is vital that the brand’s tone of voice is reflected through any radio advertising drawing on the Please avoid the use of local terms and slang words which in general have tested negatively in our brand audio/XmasRetailRadioAd.You can download examples of radio recordings illustrating correct usage of the Belfast brand at: http://www. The tagline will change to reflect the subject matter as a positive and invitational statement. wit and vibrancy of the city. The identity should be pronounced: “Belfast… Be (insert tagline)”.wav Radio When employed in radio advertising as the lead creative the identity must always be used as the sign-off device at the end of any script.

which in this instance the Belfast B should be no smaller than 50 pixels in height. This in turn dictate the tagline size. If you want to animate the identity in any way please ensure that you adhere to this web safe colour palette. Aqua #009999 Blue #003366 Lime #CCCC00 Bright Red #FF0000 Fuchsia #9933CC Grey #999999 Maroon #660033 Purple #663399 Terracotta #CC6600 Pink #FF66CC Azure #3399FF Spearmint #66CCCC Racing Green #006666 Tree Green #669900 Slate #666666 Sand #999966 33 Belfast Brand Guidelines . the minimum size restrictions and never rotate the logo in any way other than the specified options media The only difference from the rest of these guidelines with regards to use online is the minimum size.

34 Belfast Brand Guidelines . However like all other representations these must also comply with strict dimensional guidelines. The lettering must be correct in every way. although the shape can be considered to be two sided. The minimum size at which a 3d logo should be manufactured is 20mm high. The materials used must be capable of producing shapes that are dimensionally stable enough for the identity to retain its exact form. The identity must only appear in 3 dimensions with flat planes and not free curved forms. The side with the lettering should be faced outwards in every case.3D The identity is extremely tactile when used in 3 dimensions.

applications 35 Belfast Brand Guidelines .

These images reflect the flexibility of the identity and how it can appeal to different audiences. 36 Belfast Brand Guidelines .example applications Here are some examples of the new identity in action.

part of it inspired optimistic vibrant welcome refreshed energetic informed here now thrilling witty moved sociable confident noticed there members evening 37 Belfast Brand Guidelines .

so go on…treat yourself… visit and stay The euro’s stronger than €89 from Belfast in Belfast Christmas 2008 BVCB Xmas BT Ad.indd 1 13/11/08 15:53:15 38 Belfast Brand Guidelines .

publication. logos and templates (including scripts. quality or originality of any material or anything depicted in any material. fonts and colours). obscene or otherwise objectionable. software. icons or imagery associated with the Belfast brand.terms and conditions Downloading the Belfast brand and its use implies your acceptance of the terms of this user agreement. logos. service names. All Material must be used in the original and unchanged form in which it is downloaded. costs and expenses which we may incur howsoever arising or resulting from any reproduction. text. You shall not adopt marks. modify. 39 Belfast Brand Guidelines . graphic designs. correctness. reputation or goodwill or that of any of its citizens. photographs and graphics is and will remain the property of Belfast City Council. slogans or designs that are confusingly similar to our Belfast brand. manipulate. We give no warranty as to the accuracy. reliability. unsavoury or defamatory or which could harm or compromise the city name. nontransferable. You shall not copy or imitate the Belfast brand. You shall not use the Belfast brand to promote any illegal. typography. You shall not. liabilities. published or distributed by anyone else. It is at the brand owner’s discretion to withdraw a “users” permission based on its sole opinion on material viewed as misleading. libellous. adapt. vulgar. permit the material downloaded by you to be used. You shall not use the “Belfast brand’s tagline” to directly identify. reproduced. If you are a business user. immoral or “adult only” activity or in any way which is obscene. damages. trademarks. non-exclusive. unfair. We grant you a limited. without our prior written consent. add to or delete part of the Belfast brand. The rights granted to you under these Terms of Use shall terminate immediately upon your breach of any of these Terms of Use. copy and reproduce the electronic images. logos or company names. including the look and feel of the brand. but not limited to. All elements of the Belfast brand including. distinctive colour combinations. indecent. A breach of these terms may result in us asking you to withdraw the offending items with immediate effect at your own expense. You shall not alter. royaltyfree right to use. enhance. claims. defamatory. We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use from time to time without prior notice by changing them on this site. infringing. you shall indemnify us against all losses. Use of any brand material shall be entirely at your own risk. You shall not incorporate Belfast brand features into your own product name. subject to the following conditions. disparaging. sponsor or endorse any commercial or retail services or products. promote. distribution or other use (whether authorised or unauthorised) of any brand material provided to you.

belfast Visitor and Convention bureau 40 Belfast Brand Guidelines .ADDITIONAL bRAND GUIDELINES .belfast City Council .

This will see Belfast continue on its journey to becoming a world-class place in which to live. for the first time creating a brand identity which will provide clear direction for all city marketing. Communications need to be in line with our brand values and attributes. visit and invest. These additional pages in the brand guidelines seek to clarify internal issues and provide guidance in cases of apparent brand conflicts. As brand owners it is essential that both Belfast City Council (BCC) and Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau (BVCB) lead the way in terms of creative and consistent use of the new identity. Our shared aim is to add value to the brand. 41 Belfast Brand Guidelines . Our hope is that the new identity and our brand’s attributes will be adopted by many organisations in both public and private sectors. work.ADDITIONAL bRAND GUIDELINES Introduction Belfast City Council has taken a significant lead for the city in its move to redefine the Belfast brand.

The chosen tagline may then be adopted as an “umbrella” covering all messages on that theme. In other words while B active may appear as a headline in one part of a campaign. it may appear as a sign off in another communication. Examples of lead messages – Leading a campaign for leisure centres Leading a campaign for recycling Once a tagline message has been adopted then the use of the identity can move freely up and down the hierarchy dependant on the importance of each element in the communication. High The identity can be used legitimately as the lead message in any campaign or communication where a tagline can be adopted as a call to action in line with the campaign’s theme. Communications to the business sector 42 Belfast Brand Guidelines . The following examples seek to explain this further.HIERARCHY OF MESSAGES The Belfast brand identity and its call to action tagline is potentially a very strong way to deliver key city messages on a wide range of issues. It is possible to imagine a sliding scale of importance or hierarchy for the use of the Belfast brand. This tagline should then be used consistently so there is not a continuous search for new taglines.

HIERARCHY OF MESSAGES Low In situations where the identity is at the bottom of the hierarchy of messages (for example when there are too many other messages). rather than exclude the identity completely the priority. Default Use We should not feel pressurised to find a themed tagline for every use. social responsibility issues etc. This is best achieved by using the solus version of the identity without a tagline. In these situations we have the possibility to use a “default” format. There maybe situations where it is appropriate to adopt the “default position use”. This default is “B part of it” This is a positive call to action to whatever event or activity is being promoted and could equally apply to recruitment messages. where possible. 43 Belfast Brand Guidelines . should still be to maximise its size within the space available whilst still complying with exclusion zone rules. Please note that there is a choice of formats to choose from dependant on available space – the compact version with underhung tagline or the linear form tagline. or feel that the identity is weaker when it appears without a themed tagline.

providing that it meets these guidelines. entertained Please refer however to our main guidelines about taglines – the call to action . Three tests should be applied when reviewing any communication or piece of marketing collateral in relation to our brand.which states that taglines “should not be used to convert everyday events or sentiments into a message which does not reflect our brand attributes”. .does it have a clear and understandable message? .INTERNAL and EXTERNAL USE Internal Use The Belfast brand is for everyone so please feel free to use it in internal communications as well as external. External Use We want to use the identity whenever and wherever possible.does it comply with all the rules in the brand guidelines document? 44 Belfast Brand Guidelines .does it reflect the Belfast brand values and attributes? . When used internally it is best to adhere to the versions already adopted or else the logo or default versions.

The key message can be expressed well in a call to action and the service provider (city centre retailers) is not BCC. As in the case of hierarchy of messages. In this case the opportunity to use and strengthen the brand takes priority over the need for users to know that BCC sponsored the campaign. it is a balancing act between identities. Logic The target market is wide and goes beyond ratepayers. . join us in Belfast Acceptable Solution Lead with the Belfast brand. Target market Shoppers and visitors to Belfast Message Call to action. shop late. B part of it. This is a process of deciding what action will add value to the Belfast brand.CONFLICTING IDENTITIES – belfast City Council There will be situations when there is a choice to be made between which identities will appear on a particular item. a similar sliding scale or balance applies when choosing which identity to lead with . While in the past it would have been compulsory that the BCC logo appeared on all materials it is now a case of which identity is most appropriate to lead or even be exclusive.Content of message .Target market . Three factors must be considered: Example One Activity Advertising banners for city centre late night opening. The objective is not to exclude the BCC logo and it may be possible to highlight BCC’s sponsorship for the event in other supporting material.Belfast City Council or Belfast brand.Sponsorship 45 Belfast Brand Guidelines .

inspired 46 Belfast Brand Guidelines . It is essential that the user can directly relate the service to the provider and easily access contact information. Logic This is a case where the activity.duel IDENTITIES – belfast City Council Example Two Activity Literature detailing household bin collection Target market Ratepayers Message Factual. Additional use of the Belfast identity does not compromise either the message or the Belfast brand. the service provider and the message is very much exclusive to BCC. details of service Acceptable Solution The Belfast City Council logo should be the lead identity. informative. informative. An option to use the Belfast identity with a B green tagline may also be appropriate somewhere in the literature. details of service Acceptable Solution Use the Belfast City Council logo as the sole identity Logic This is a purely factual activity where BCC as service provider must be prominent and the application is not likely to add brand value to the Belfast brand. Example Three Activity Information leaflet on cemeteries and crematorium services Target Market Anyone seeking these services Message Factual.

Use of taglines 5. Co-branding 7.checklist 1. Moment typeface 4. Exclusion zone 3. Tone of voice 8. Imagery 47 Belfast Brand Guidelines . Colour 6. Minimum size 2. for updates on the brand 48 Belfast Brand Guidelines .Click