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1. Mid-1934 signaled the beginning of its decline. 2. The past decade

has brought about a number of investigations into the physical and
chemical properties of these substances. 3. This year sees Britain's labor
and trade union movement confronted with serious political challenges.
4. The comparatively short span of the 100 years since the beginning of
the 20* century saw a fantastic change in the lives of women. 5. This
week-end will see the culmination of a four-week campaign conducted
by the Liberal Party among old-age pensioners here and aimed at
stopping the rise of electricity charges. 6. Europe is growing
increasingly concerned about the escalation of tensions in the Middle
1. Середина 1934 года сигнализировала о начале своего упадка???
падения. 2. За последнее десятилетие был проведен ряд
исследований физических и химических свойств этих веществ. 3. В
этом году британское трудовое и профсоюзное движение
столкнулось с серьезными политическими проблемами. 4.
Сравнительно короткий промежуток в 100 лет, прошедших с начала
20* века, привел к невобразимым изменениям в жизни женщин. 5.
Эти выходные станут кульминацией четырехнедельной кампании,
проводимой здесь Либеральной партией среди пенсионеров
направленной на то, чтобы остановить рост тарифов на
электроэнергию. 6. Европу все больше беспокоит эскалация
напряженности на Ближнем Востоке.
7. The company had two thousand employees. 8. The split in the
Democratic party elected Lincoln. 9. Closer examination tells a rather
different story. 10. The airliner crash killed more than 50 people. 11.
The economic boom has produced a big group of well-off people. 12. It
was pretty depressing out in the street. 13. It would be a help if we had a
system of advanced booking. 14. It’s very exciting to go to the seaside.
15. My tent sleeps four people. 16. The early post-war years saw a
reappraisal of values. 17. The earthquake destroyed several houses.
 В компании было две тысячи сотрудников. 8. благодаря расколу в демократической партии к
власти пришёл Линкольн . 9. пристальное изучение рассказывает совсем другую историю.
10. В результате крушения авиалайнера погибло более 50 человек. 11. Экономический
подъем создал большую группу состоятельных людейй. 12. На улице было довольно
тоскливо. 13 Было бы полезно, если бы у нас была система предварительного
бронирования. 14. Очень захватывающе поехать на море. 15. В моей палатке спят 4
человека. 16. В ранние послевоенные годы произошла переоценка ценностей. 17. В
результате Землетрясение разрушило несколько домов.

Задание 2. Переведите следующие предложения. При переводе

выделенных слов замените части речи:

1. Most of the people I spoke to were unhelpful. 2. What is happening

in New York will happen nationally. 3. At the age of eighteen, George
earned an honest living. 4. Uncharacteristically, he came over and put
his arms around his father and hugged him. 5. She answered questions in
monosyllables. 6. After the excitement, she slept heavily and
dreamlessly. 7. Не spoke so rapidly that I had difficulty understanding
him. 8. People who were central to the civil-rights movement came out
in support of the minority groups. 9. Не asked me if I lived locally, what
my job was and whether he could count on my support. 10. Macon had
his pick of seats: window, nonsmoking. 11. There's going to bе а
thorough investigation into this and the FBI will bе involved because
we're а federally insured bank. 12. All banks measure profit in terms of
earnings per share. Such earnings are widely studied bу shareholders,
investors and the business community nationally and internationally.

Задание 3. Переведите следующие предложения, обращая

внимание на существительные, образованные с помощью
суффикса -er:
1. The bоy was panting. It was quite а strain for him, always а mouth-
breather, to have reached the sixth floor. 2. "I hope you won't mind
having dinner in the kitchen," Ann said. "Certainly, not. We're а
generation of kitchen-eaters," he answered. 3. "Certainly," she said,
trying to frown - but she was clearly not а frowner. 4. As expected, the
Socialists were easy winners in the first round of the elections. 5. Heery
burst out laughing. In the great bustle of the last days I had forgotten
what а good laugher he was. 6. The reaction of the public was most
enthusiastic. Alfred, however, was among the non-responders. 7. Above
all else, President Bush is а firm believer in the value of personal
diplomacy. 8. Even so, the gainers from the liberal economic policies of
Mr. Ghandi's early years in power far outnumber the losers. 9. Mother
insisted that we should remove the bluе rug from the dining room. "It's а
mistake to have а rug where people are eating. It's nothing but crumb
catcher," she said. 10. "Вy the way," Robert said, "the car is not а heavy
drinker, so the journey won't turn into а costly affair." 11. Young Jolyon
was а good listener; it was his great quality.

Задание 4. Переведите следующие предложения. Там, где это

возможно, переведите с помощью других частей речи
прилагательные, образованные с использованием суффикса
1. Western politicians were quick to conclude that the process is
unstoppable. 2. То make this house livable one has to put а lot of work
into it. 3. Alfa Romeo cars all have their devotees and are affordable at
£7,000. 4. You will find your new boss quite an approachable person. 5.
"Oh, dear," thought Scarlett, looking first at herself in the mirror and
then at Rhett's unreadable face. 6. I саn do anything I choose, anything
at all, for now I am answerable only to myself. 7. No matter how
powerful the Prime Minister (Mrs. Thatcher) might bе, she is still
accountable to Parliament.

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