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L A companion volume for

a Second Collection
in their Natures both

By Diverse Hands

Pmduccd ttndcr Ilccnce from Games ahrkqhop Ilmited. All contents C2000 Games Workqhnp Limlted. .0l rights reserved.
Gamer Workshop and Warhammet are reglstcrcd trademarks and Warhammct Fantau? R~nlepla): Chart of Darknc5s. A p w n p h a \ r m .
Tht Enemy Wthin. Iloom+tonrs ancl Marienhurg arc tmdemarkr nf (;amer Workshop Ltd. z ~ l e dunrlcr licencc ant! with prrnlisrltm.
Edited by Written by Graeme Davis, Anthonv
Gmeme Davis Ragan, Mike Rrunton. Ken Rolston,
Maccin Segit, Iain Srnedley, P a d
Line Editor Murphy Phillip Wells and Lewis Page
Iain SrnedEey
Artwork, diagrams and Maps by
Cover Art Ralph Horslev, John Keane, Rik
John Rlanche Martin, Bunny Srnedley, AnneIise
Johnsen. Tiny Ackland, Ian Miller,
Layout John Blanche, John Bolton, Paul
Iain Smedley and James Wallis Bonner, Kev Walker, Russ Nicholson,
H and Dave GaIlagher. The maps for
ProoFreading Deep Trouble were created using
Martin Qliver and lMarc Torlev "Campaign Cartographer 2' sobrare

APO(,Hl'l'tlh Y0n':rntl rhc rchr (11 rllc

Uhrj~nrrln!~rl.ii~rlnq'Kr~lrpplrr)'linc arc. dcsignecl
ancl plthl~shc-din thc 1 nitcd Kingdom by:
Produced under licence from Games Uhrkshnp Limited.
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Rrjrkshop Limited and are 311 used with permission. Unitetl Kingdom
All a m o r k in a l l IVarhammes F a n l n . ~ Roleplay pmducts
and all images contained therean have k e n produced ei-
r her rn-hou+ror as w o r k for htrc. Thc rxclu~ivecopyright in
rl~c artwork and the images ~rdepicts 19 the prnperp'of.(;~rncs
First editicln: h u ~ u s tL000
Ui)rk~hop l . rights resemed. Nn pan
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of t h ~ hook
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sitticlut prior pcrmi.i~ion,from the publishers Atl chamc-
ten, plnces ant! r.vcnt.i art- fictitiouq. any rcsemhlance to anv
pcfinnk t~ringn r tlrad ts purclv coincidental

Thanks ta Ewan Ha[!, Luke T ~ ~ ~ i g g c r Rnderic Oswald for
rhrir lwistancc in prepartng t l i l \ hook.
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Section One: Cngmea n d Punishmenf ....................
...... ....... 4
Chapter 1: Lowlife ................................................................... 5
Chapter 2: You've Got to Pick a Pocket o r Two ...................... 9
Chapter 3: Cloaks of Darkness ............................................. 1 1
Chapter 4: Prisons in the Empire .......................................... 12

Section Two: Requiescant in Race .......................................... 21

Chapter 5 : Watchers at the Gates of Death ........................... 22
Chapter 6: Guarding the Gates ............................................ 26
Chapter 7: The Sanctity of the Grave ......................,......... 29
Chapter 8: Droevigger"~ Funeral Emporium ........................ 31
Chapter 9: With the Dead in Dead Places ............................ " 3 5

Section 3: People G Places ...................................................... 39

Chapter 10: Otto's Printwork .............................................. 40
Chapter 11: The Vermilion Pawn .......................................... 44
Chapter 12: Morbog's Marauders ......................................... 5 1
Chapter 13: The Pandemonium Carnival ............................. 59
Chapter 14: Gotrek and Felix .............................................. 6 7

Section 4: Of Divers M a t t e r s ............................ ............... 69

Chapter 15: What a Character ............................................... 70
Chapter 16: Pudcllefoot's Common Herbal .......................... 79
Chapter 17: Lifting the Veil ............................................. 82
Chapter 18: Archery and Enchantment ...................... . ..... 88

Section 5 : Adventures .............................................................. 93

Chapter 19: The Ritual ..................
....... ....................... 9 4
Chapter 20: The Affair ofthe Hidden Jewel ....................... 102
Chapter 2 1: Ironstone Bass ............................................ P10
Chapter 22: Deep TroubIe in Karak-ZuEvos ........................ 118

Appendix: Character Sheet ..................................................

Section One: Crime and Punishment Section Four: Of Divcrs Matters
Chapter I : I.r>wl~fc Chapter 15: What A (;haacter
tr'siitt-PIhr Umenre Ilnr+is:art ~ IRalpb
U Horslq, I'l'ritl~nby Parr! O)ckhrrnr:R r l h ~Fjny
' Acklnr~dFirst pti h-
lislwrl i n IT'FRP CI~rrrctcrPrrck (C;rrtr~ e . ~Rijrk.sfrr)p. I O Y 2 )
(1h:tptcr 1.Ybu've (;or ra Pick a Pocktt o r T\vo I:'ctir~dfc)rtl3l.r t-olrrmc bv G m r n ~ eIlnr'is.
\I+I I tvtl 1lnr.f.q; rrrt bl. Rn/pl~Il<~rs/elb
Ghapror 1h: Puddlcfoot's C:ommon Ilcrhal
IVritten blp Grnptnr I1mbisrend Clcitrs 'flrorrtt I:ks~rocar,nrt
hlr H t m t y Strledley.

Chaprcr 4 P r ~ s o n sin thc Empire Chapter 1': Lifrin~rhc VCII

K'siltrw Arzrboty Rrqyrr~r.ari b,y Re&& MorsIq, Blrnn,y U'ritten bs Graettr~Ilut,is: nrr hi,Krrfpb I-lorslr:l:
Chapter 18: Arche? and Ilnchantmcnt
It'ritten by C r n ~ m Dnrufs;
e nrt Tml 3, A c k l t ~ t ~a?ld
d I)ctrv
Scctioo Two: Rcquicscant in R c c
b p

C;o//ng!~er:First prr hlisEred as " E H I I 1 lClcd,vie ilrrcrs in IT'I:RP "

Chapter 4: \Y:itchtrs at the Cistcs o f Dcsrh in \fhr!~mnnterCompunion fi:/nme 1'18bticoti~~rrs, lr>c)(J)
I'lm;lttmnhjbC;rctem~1lnr'f.q:nrt JOIJ?IK ~ n t at n~d O/itarv-
Section Five: Adventures
(:haprt.r (l: (;uartlin~thu (;arcs Chaprcr 19: Thc Ritual
U'rilt~tlh), G r n e t ~Eliit-ls:
t~ art Pri?4/ Rt~?irttv WriIrct~b-y PhtIfip \ Y ~ ~ I Sart: h,]#Rt4-c~.Yirhr~/.w)tt.First p h -
l t s h ~ di n K'hSte Ilrt'rrrf 99,rr>prinltvfttl 7 b Ri~stlr~ss
~ Ilmrl
C l ~ a p t '~. r T'hc Sanctity of t h r G r a v r (&I?~c$ brkst~llp,l 'IH9).
, hjbJohn K m n e .
Il'rjtfm blrGrr~enlcI ) ~ t - l scirt
Chapter 20: I'hc Affair of thc- Hiddcn jcwcl
Clt:bptcr 8 1)rncviggcr's Funeral Emporium illrtrt~nby Lerruis P(IRc>:nrr bj, Ai-rlker f rstprtblish~clirr
KFiItet~hr Crrremc 1)or.i~:art h>,John K~nrie:rnnp h>#Rnlph iv'hii~ntt~atf101, rtprlnted I I ~The Ucstlrss I)rrid (Gcrn~t.s
Ilorsli.1~ ?>rkship, 1 (M)).

Chapter 9: U'irh the Ilcarl in Dcad Places Chapter 2 l . Isonstonv F i s ~

l ~ t - t snrt
IT'riti~rr C r r i ~ r t It ~ ; hy-/t)bn Korrnc ( I I I ~Rr~tzt?, IT'rilten <;menre ila tlis; nrt I?,)! T , ~ r trlcAalfrtlrl.
l~ ptr h-
Sttlrctlrjb lisbcri in WJ&te f>zlwrf ].<.?. Fditedfrw t h f s I ~ O I I I ~ PhvI P/ f i i r ~
Section Thrce: Pcoplc and Places Chapter 2 2 : Deep Truuhlc in Karak-Zulvclr
Chaprcr IO: U t t o ' s Printworks IrritY~n K m Rdsti~t7~
/>,)l r ~ f t b[ ~ d d iotlt~l
f i r>W~t(Ti<t/
l7.y jet in
W i t f e nbl.jit?~Rnrnhrc~:art ky fan ,Willer: Firstptrhlisr'l~cisin Srn~dlqv;art @vufohn Bolrnn: maps h J , .-lrrtzr~/isc+/oh~~.~ct
U%ftrIlrd~ag(fiI:iJiredjnr this rlol~in~e h,>#Cmrnte I>at+i.r.

Chnprcr 1 1 : The Vcrmilir>n Pawn

Ilf-lrlctt Kcrr Rol.~torr,art by Ker- Walker: nrcdp h ] ,H. First
ptr h//sficfCin Ir'I~ttef l t t ~ a r IUI
l I:ilfteri for t1~i.vt~oltrrne
Crrnprnt*Ilrtt-is nttd .lfftrtfnO / i t ~ r .
.4pnrt fmnl fbe ?rlrcterin/tI~scrih~cI (#S rcprit1l.c rrhor-t: nll
Chapter 12: .Morhog's.Marauders l(x.~Irmc/ ~ r t r r o r kin <,>hnrlof Ilnrkn~ssis pr~r-toiis11,1111-
lX'ritltw?r h;rliMtrrp/qb:cirf PmiI Bonnet: first p!lhllsIJ~~I pirhlisberl n r d r r n s creirf~rlfi)r this r,o/:tnl~
rrs ".Mowlrm L ,tlarrt itders " it1 Il;l~if
e llriwrf l 111.E d i r ~ dfor

Chapter 1.3 The ktndcmonium Gam~val

E R:rss .I'jci~>lsort.
IT'rif rm h],Mike Rrrrnton: art bj,Rik ,

(:h;~ptcr 14: (;()trek and Frlix

Il'sfttrri h>' U'ifPinnr King nnd Curl Sargmt: art by K$(~vrp
liyglnnd and Pn!rl f3fltrt1er 17 rsl ptr h l f s l ~ i~ndI T ' h i r ~I)rdvrtj
I20 N t ~ Ilr,r~th
d s Ilnrk .\hndnzrb (I:/nttlt*I f r hlicntior is. I 0 0 I )
Section One:
Crime and Punishment

In which may be found:

?%e SHIFTS and VAGARTES of BEGGARS in their variety MADE P W N ,

that the INNOCENT and ENDER-HEARTE. may beware of WAS7T.G
their ALMS upon the U N W O R m


from which the STOUEST DOORS are NO PROEC??ON;

The SLEIGHTS and 71eTCm of city PICK-POCKETS, and how they

thereby protect their VALURBLES;


known to be used by the more EDUCATED CRIMINATS in the
pursuit of their UNUWFUL BUSINESS;

And la~tly:

A SURVEY of d i u e r s J . U , PRISONS and REFOmTORTES

in the OU) WOND and Elsewhere, which are the H G H F U L
and PROPER destination of all CRIMNM OFFENDERS.
Section One: Crime and Punishment

u p kits and r u t l i m c n t n y rncd~calknr~wlcdge.rhcy whrtcn

Skills o r rcrldcn their hkins, add scars, p t l s t ~ ~ l c:rnds hlcrnishrs.
Acting and drl \vhatr.vcr cl\r. 1 % nctc?i~arc. t o rn:tkc thcrn*clvcs look
Iilathcr l i k t disrasc victim<. Most Spottics sptcj;iliw I n ;I? ; i n ~ l cdi*-
10% ch:~nccr,f (:lawn r a w . and c a n Ilccon~eas knowtcdgcnhlc ;thc~utit\ ymp-
Ill?, chancc n f (:ontortionist toms as thc a w r a g r Phgs~cjan.Thu choice of diwasc i\
c n ~ c i n l :it should alwavs he s o m c t h i n ~disfiguring hut nor
tc>o conta~rtlus,tnough t r ~g;iin 5yrnparht withnut arou+-
ing revulzlc~nor {car.
Carcca Exits Skills
A~I~ZIt or
C: harlatan
Iliapnosc niseaw (ocw - stc
Enzrrtaincr Actor
- Rmunc Tclli-r

25':, chancc. o f Irnmunin. to
Posts Trappings
Posts prrtcnd t o hc d r a f ; ~ n ddurnl> 'I h r o l ~ g hgrc:tt ccln- 133 filth?-hnndagcs
c c n t n t i o n t h t v arc ahlc to ignore. ?iudrlcn Ioutl norsrs. and Makt-LIP kit
to give the impression of not D6 hotclcs and jars of sub-
he;~ringa n v r h i n ~uhcfi In stances that causc rnshcs.
fact t h ~ l hearing
r IS pcrfcctlv
boils and orher symptoms

I n tlcmand ;IS F F ~ C Sant1 Ic)ok- Carcer Exits

nut<, and n f t c n cilmc i n t o C:l~:trli~~:~n
ntjswsqion cif salcsrhlc infor- Entcrtillncr - A c t o r

25% chance of Mimc
Trappings Fishers
As g ~ ~ n r . r :Iqcggnr
Thc Firhcr i s a t h i c f xvho spc.ciali\c> IR \ t t ; ~ l i ngoods
Career Exits
lnforrncr tncw - sec hclow) L - p - .
thrclugh brokcn or opcn ~t.intlo\v\and s~mil:irlinlall open-
ings,hv using a hookcti pole. This mcthnd attracts Ic+s ;H-
t c n t i t ~ nthan brcsking and c n t c r i n ~ and
, a 1:ishr.r Iras less
chancc of ~ c t t i n gcaught than a hurglnr who is dctcctcd
Stumpets inside an unfamiliar building - all fie h;w to do i s d r o p hi<
Stumpvrs frign crippling i n j t ~ r i c ~f u c has rhc loss tlf a l i m h p l c anrl mn. Fishing is cr llctl "curbing" i n 7hicrcs' ' l i m ~ l w .
%!any n ~
ll tt) hnvc 1wrn rr.oundc.d in rnllitar?. hen-lee. I7ut this term is nrlt k n o w n t o thc Iau+:~htding
cspcciallytvhcn t~cggingfrom a military-Iooking individual. Thc Fishcr is trr.;lrr.d as n ?pc of spc.cialist l'hir.Fcarccr.
The hcst Stumpen .Ire ama7ingI!- supplc. ancl c a n hcnd a As w i t h othcr kinds rtf spccialict S'hitt. n cliamctcr may hc-
lower k g . arm cr, hand hehinrl r h c m ~ c l v c si n such a way come a Fishvr aftcr cnmplcrinp. rhc gcncral Thicf c;ircr.r
that. whcn h o u n d up w i t h (\r'/:RP p.40).
handagus. i t looks ctmvinc-
ioglv ltkc an amputation. Skills
As general Thicf plus
Skills 50':, chanct of Evaluate
hct~ng I!lecl
25% chancr nf Cnntonionist Palm Ohlcct
Spelt Trap
Trappings IT'indolv Fishing ( scc h t l o w )
B filthy bandagcs Trappinas
25% chancc o f wooden Icg As gcncral Thicf plus:
or f;~kchoc>k hand (player's Hor~kctipole, u p to 6 fctt long /some arc collnpsihle and
choicc) may hc disguisecl as walking-sticks)

Grtcs Exits
Charlatan Informers
Entertainer - Actor T h i s is a new Rogue career. A n Informcr makes a l i r i n g by
selling tnformaticm, ofrcn the k i n d that people want t o k ~ c p
secrct. Nc~hodyrcallv likcs an I nformer, so this carecr chr~icc
m q be a clangerous one. T h t r c are. h o n * ~ ' \ ~ many
c r , r)n horh
Spotties nrr. hemars who prrtcnd tn haw discascs in order sides nf the [:LW who find I n k m n r r s ' sc.rrFiccsin~aluablr.In
t o g;lin the svrnp,tthv of potential clonofi. ['sing crudc- make- tracking dor\n anything fmm a stoIcn brooch to a long-lost
Apocrvpha Two: Chart of Darkness

relative. from a dcfxultingdcbtnr tr> a rival's plans. Succcss-

h11 Informers m:iy have contacts in thc C I \'ihtch ~ ar in thc NEW SKILLS
111ghcsr cchrlons ol'crime - s o m c t l n ~ t sboth.

Advancc Scheme Diagaosc Discasc

This skill is idcntic;ll to Crrw Disenst-. cxccpt that it rtnc.i
I A nrx I d Int C1 fX'P frl
not confer anv healing ability A character with this skill can
-i -2 .:(l A 19) + h , $ recognise thc symptoms of a common tliscnsc aurr)rn;~ri-
cally, and t h ~ l s c0 1 a rare discast. nn n succussfuI Int rcst.
Skills modlficd as the C;M sccs fit t o rcflcct thc rarity of thc ail-
tIciuu l Icaring mcnt. I t may also hc usecl t o rccopnist. tvhcthcr n discasc i s
(;clnccalmcnt I'rhnn gcnuinr. or fe~gncd.
50'% ch;~ncc.r ~ I'xccltcnr
f Vision Oncc a clisc.nsr. has k c n succcssfr~llyirlcnrilicrl. thc char-
25'Y) chancc nf Lip Kcading actcr tvith nhe skill r n q makt a second Int tcst ro dercr-
25% chancr c,f R c ~ dW'ritc mine rvhether they know af any trcatmcnts for thc rliscasc.
5ccrc.t I.anguagc - Thieves*' l i ~ n g l ~ c Ilowcvcr these will only he In g t n c n l tcrrns ("['VC hcarrl
SCCK-tSigns - 'I'hievcs' Signs that s w a l I o n i n ~ivy and 1ccchc.s can soothr thc sxvcll~n~")
SFiaclow~ng ~virhoutany dctails on how rlic tmarmcnt should hc cnr-
Silcnt Mr>vcC'rhnn rictl out.
Characters with the skill C Z I ~l P l i . ~ tnut~ma~fir:~IIy
~ . ~ h;lw
Trappings all the benefits of this skill.
313 1 4 ) S~lvcrShillings
Enttrcd From This skill intvlrcs thc finc rnanipi~latir~n r r f a hook. tuck-
f%:l\vcl prck, o r some arhcr kind of implement. nn thc ktr cnd o i a
l3cggar long potr. Dex tests made in thcsc circumstanccs t v ~ u l d
normallv be suhjcct t o n penalty of - 1 0 to -30. rlcpcndiny:
on the circumstanccs.
Characters with this skill havt ltnrncd horv t o control
an un\vicldy irnplcmcnr nf !hi\ *art. :incl ;Ire cxrrnpt frtrni
Carccr Exits any such pcnalties. W'hilc Fishers (scc ahowe) h a w pcrlr.ctrd
13nrr.d [his skill for thc purpose of 3 t c a l i n ~prlrts. it is onc Ior
H:~ckr-trrr which resr>urccful adventt~rrrscan . ~ l n i r ~ccrtninlv
s~ find
3pv many mow use?
Section One: Crime and Punishment

Chapter 2
Thc Tcst
The Der t e a k ~lVck r P o c k ~ t(U'f'RP p 'I) is nl;idC ;is ifi%u;~l.

VC :bQ I f it i\ >ucccssfuI. t h t pickpockcr ha%tnkcn sonlr-thing frrlrn
his victim: ~f not. ht hasn't. Nrxt, ncctl t o know if tht.
victim nnticed - rhls is w h t r c t h t n ~ l c t i ~ n g e \ AS
pocket makcs h ~ sDex tcst. thc victim rnnkcs an Itcst. I'n-
. the pick-

rtcr some circun~stancesynu mav prcfcr t u nlakc this ttst

to Rick a
stcrctly. so as n o t t o alert thc plarcr C h c r yrm have the
rrsults of both trsrs. I n r ~ :k~ t rhc chnn hclon-

Thc victim ih aIlo\vcrl scvcral rnndificrs nccorcIing t o tfic-
circz~m>tances. 0hvir)usIv 11 15 hartlcr 1a m11 a niactcr t h i d
i n h ~ own
s homc than :In rlnsuspccting f3rmr.r at n crowtlctl
fair. In adclitinn t o thc hasir- rnt~rlificr\,rhcrc arc. rzrirlu\
tricks rhnt pickpockets can use i n i l r t l c r tr) avoid rlctcction.

~ ~ s f c M d i f ? e mThc
r follo~vinp:m d i f i c m apply to ;lib IIc.%fs
rnarlc hr ;I plckpockcr's victim. Thcy are cumulative.. sub-
icct t o thr. Ii.M's discrt.rir~nand cornrntln scnsc. Far cxam-
plc. ;h slcr-ping victim cannot hc on thc ;~lcrtFor pickpockets'

finch l'hicf carcrr cnniplcrttl

OPTIONAL RULES FOR l'ictlm i> n n thc alcrr
THIEVES AND VICTIMS (virhcr i f thc ptaycr <ay\ s n , tir %cchclr~\r.)
\ ' i c t ~ mif t l n l n k or c l n ~ w c t l -1 0
V i c t m 1s distractccl - S t o -.40
( d c p r n d i n g o n thc natikrc of fhc. r l i s t r a c r ~ o ~ ~ )
\'icrem IS adccp - 10

DETECTING PICKPOCKETS Thc tcxr i s also niodificd hv nvicc rhc flncun~hrxncct r i thc
ltcm strllcn- rhc hcnvicr a pumr, thc more Likcly i t * owncr
f : the II'I'W n ~ l c h o o k .Clem the hnlfling thief
~ l t r t ~ r t i i ntr) \\-ill
nrlticc its brine " ~ ~ f t c dI n
. , the cnsc (,f cnntalncr,
has thc s;kmc chnncc of picking the pockcts ~frIn1nkr.n ogre ljkc pufics and hags,of tclumc. the I<ncumhrancuvalue (,f
harrnnn l:;~t Alcx ant1 t ~ (;uido f (:ipc!lt, master assassin nf
.1ilr.n. QLII~C~ ;~p;iRfrom thc CI~~*L'(~~IC'IICC'~ s h ( ~ u l tIl: I r m gel
any Contynts shnuld hr. includrtl

c a u ~ h r11 r c t m ~ ~ n / that a ~ r111%%rrrrcs*\ h o i ~ l tdcpcnd

l onlv fr rakes n n,l.pJ ch:rnclcr n-hn flnF firll<l\vctl qlnr=o r mcbrc
on hi+ dux roll, anti not cm thc \kbllr of victim This I, ;illo\vcr[
~ < , g , ,,-arty,+\
~ 3" [nt lest 10 rccr~grli%r h~til~l-
optional rule allows thr vicf im'c olvn alcnncw, ns rcprv- Iit p~ckct-pick~n atrcmpt.
g ;lnd hc ,llcrt~rl 11 ~f tllc
fcntrrl hv h15 I - m r r , t n p l ; i ~ a pan, and ran hc ~ s c whcthcr d 1"t tcqt i s ~ t l ~ ~ ~ !hC% fchnrac-tcr
f ~ ] l . auromnric~[lyc:iin\ t l l r
P(:s .ITV picking o r hc~ngptckcd + 10 I hnnuc k>rhcing r l c r t .

Victim 's MckpockerJaih=d Pfckpock~tmmnde

Inftintlrr~ t b p i r DP.Ytest h . ~ : their Re.r tpst fiv:
31+ 21-30 1-20 I-IQ 0-10 11-20 21-30 31+
Made hr. 51 + P) D D I ) ~ D D T
Made by L 1-30 D 11 n D I) K T T
I M ~ 1~.97C11-10 II 11 o I I ~ T T ~

.Made hy 0-1n n n n
Failcrl by l - lfl T T T
Failcd h? 11-20 T T T
d 2 1-30
F ~ i l c hy 7- -l- L'
' D: Defected!
T: Test
The victim rrnsrs rhr pickpalrct r r nw-k. If rhr pickpocket ttics roflm, rmar it a s / r ~ ~ j , rfrom
Thew is a chance that thc vicrim may ).ha\x=n m i c r d something: makc an ~rnmndificclI tcsc to find

our. Thp pickpocker mnv also make ;In unmodrficd 1 ~ u s tn t rcalirc th;rt thc a[rernpt w1.i clumsy. '
I U: Unaware 7'hc victim is hlissfullv u n a t m r r of what h ; ~ happcncd.
s w'hcthcr or n o t this atrtmpt was succcs.iful.
the p i t k p o c k r t rnw ccitficr try again clr saunter off Ir~nkinp,inntxrnt.
Apocrvpha Two: Chart of Darkness

Thc incident can end in sc.vcr;il w a s . If thc victim is

getting the worst of thc fight, thu ivonlan will cvcnt~~ally
detach hcrsclf and p ~ ~t l hl man
~ off Ry\tandcm will help
the wcrim to his ftct (and prwcnt him pr~rsuinghis at-
tacker), and may makr mor' pnckct-picking attempt r, which
the victim has a -10 penalv t o dctecr. I t thc victim turns the
tahlcs on his attacker. the woman will ger between t h r m
until hy~tandcrscan restrain thc victim and thc nvo can
make their cscapr.. Again. the hystandcrs may rnaku addl-
tional pocket-picking attcmptc, cvcn ~fthcy arc not ;~ctually
fin lcaguc with thc couplc.

Ubrklng tbe Crourd: In a busy c i v strcct, an)- numbcr of

things c;In draw a crowd of onlm~kers.Buskers cnrcnain.
agitators h a r n n g ~ ccharlatan4
. pitch dubious R C K H ~ Sa. n d the
tlnss of beggars known as I.nons (scc p.6) ~ l al\o n clran, a
crowd with a psrticularly spccr:~cularourburst of feigned
maclncss. Anrl wherc thcrc's a crowd. thcrc is an opportu-
n i p ro pick pockets. The nlorc comp'lling the prrlornt-
ance is. the less; likely an anlookcr wrll t,c ro notice a
pocket-picking attempt
Thc sourcc o f the distmctrc~nmust make a husk trst (in
these circumstances, the Agitator*.; nnrl Charlatan's I'Nhlic
.Spi.nkitlg skill qualify then1 tn makc :L husk rcst ~nsreadof a
hlrflJtcst). and thc result o f thc tcst indicarcs how r-vell rhc
p r r t o m s n c c cspturcs the iiudicnce's attcnrion. and rhtrc- much o f a distnction it pro\~idr% for thc. p~ckp)ckct
'l'hls r s u l t s in a rnodlficr to thc vrctim's I tcst t o tlctcct thc
pocket-picking attempt, as rolln~vs:
Dodgcs and Distractions
I'hc- tollo\r ing descriptions give a Fe\\*or the different tricks R ~ t s ktest result Modifler
u\cd !I\ pickpockcts to d r s t ~ i c tthew victims. All modify thc l.'ailr.d 0
vict~m'sI tc>t Nun~csrluhother eIodge~C X ~ S I ,ancl can I,c Made by 0-l 0% -4
i~sctito atld ctiluz~rto an cnct)untcr with pickpockcts. .Made by 11-20% -et)
Madc by 2 1-30"! -20
Rtrmpltrg: 'I'h~s thc s~mplcsrtrick The. piukpocktt ap- 4lsclu hy 3 lr',>or ntorc -j r ,
pro;~chc>thc victim, usually in a crowd. josrlcs him o r hcr.
.me! rn:tkc\ a pockct-picking artcmpr at the samc timc. The
distr~ction:~lluw\the pickpockcr ru cscapu Into thc crowd
o r pm\ the stolen gnarls t ( an ~ :icconlplicc bcforc thc ric- TARGETING
rim rc:klfisc\ tvhar h3\ I~appencrl.This ~ i r c thes ricrim :i -5 a h c n a pockrrr-picking attempt is rnadc, thr pitkpockcf
p c n a l p t o l test3 to rlctccr thc pocket-picking artcmpt \houlrl hc trr-~ngto takc something specific. Thrs might be
something that 1s clciirly rislhlt-. 3ucfi as a bclt-pouch c ~ ar
Dogging: Many alum rcsiticnts kecp Iargc, poncrful and pendant, w it might be something Icss c l r ~ r such , as the
ag#rc<clcc dog+, ant1 ;isrvcll as dcfcntling their rnastcrs and contents of a pclckct o r the sourcc o f a h u l ~ cin a jerkin
thl-rr tinmts thcy arc ~lscrlin thc pncticc o! 'cfopgin~'. a Thc pickpocket should specie the t a q e t hefnrc thc attempt
chsmctrr is w n l k i n ~clown a str'ct, s dog (trcatcr! as a war is rnadc. Obviously. ;i pickpocket cannot arrcrnpt r o stc;tl
dog) slips its Icash n few yards a\t7ay and flies straight at something of which hc is unaware.
him, harking furiously and ignoring thc shouts ofits owncr. Somc things arc harder ro gcr than othcss. For exam-
h s rhe dog Icaps o n him. rhe chnmcter must m:ikc a suc- ple. it's harder to pct a sing off snmcone's finger wltho~rt
ccssful I tcst to avoid hcing knockcd down. hcing noticcd than ~t is to cut a pursc frcc of a t~clt,and it's
Al!onr nnc round of cornbar>rrthe owner d n g s the easier rt) take a purse from a bclt than from insidc a dou-
~ : ~ n dhvstandcrs comc to rhr. chnracrur's sssistancc:
d n nff. hlct. Thcrc may hc a ltelltale bulge over thc hr-:~rtthat lcts
pick in^ hlm up, du5ting him down - a n d picking his pock- you know a pursc is thcrc, hut it may nut hc rcachahlc. li,
cth, o f coursc. This methcxl give, the \-icrim a -5 pcnaIw ro reflect thi\, the G U must modify rhc pickpockc.r*s Deu tcsr
nt~ticr.any pockt-[-picking ;Ittcmpr, incrcascd to - 1 0 if the accr)rding to whar hc's try in^ ro stc;tl. I'hcrc arc sn many
ch:iracrcr was knockctl down ancl - I 5 if hr. was wounded. possihilitics that tn \vould hc tutilc to list thcm all. but using
your <;.M's judgment. you hhould hc able to come u p with
Domestic Displrrrs: This i s ;l cnri:tt~r>n on the samc idea. A an appropriate rnodificr from thesc rxamplrs:
loud argument is hcartl from a building or alleyway and a
woman runs o ~ l t colliding
, xvith thc (~nvariablymale) vic- Urcumstanm Modifier Cimmcstan~ Modifier
tim. Shc is pursucd h? a large ;ind brutal-looking man, in- Rclt pcach, o F n + 10 Sling Bag I0
tent rJn beating her. Clinging to thc victim. she begs For Belt pouch, closcd - Nccb ch.~in -10
prot'ction. anti hcforc he c;tn responcl, thc m;ln arracks. tihcathcd dqgrl.r - Bcltorhclthucklr -15
T'hc victim can t~ to dcfcnd, but ar a -21) modifier onpingto Cloak-pm Hractlcr -20
thc screaming woman clinging to him. She makes n pockut- l [at-pin - Ilar-ring -25
pjcking artcmpt each round. and the victim has a -21) I pen- Shoe-buckle -5 Irrm inside doublet -30
21lw t o dctcct i t . hecaure hc's being attacked. l lair-pm -S Flngr-nn~ -10
Section One: Crime and Punishment

Chapter 3

Magic Points: 3 lscc below)

Range: I:a.itur
Duration: 2i)h rounds (scc hclo\v)
In~retlients:h Icns c a n c d from njck crystal
Thir s p r l l allotvs rhu c;hsrc.r t n set' through xcills, rocks ancl
othcr r,t,staclcs. trp t o twoyardc (SIX fret) in tltickncss. ;I*i f

Dankness thry werc matic o f ~ t a s s .

Ry making a aucccssful Int tcrt, thc c:tsttr may focti5
r h r i r magical sight so that, fur examplr., the i n n c r workings
of s lrlck arc risible whilc thc c;islny: i s tmnymrcnt. *Thrs
rvrjuld allow a +50 bonus t r l an?. lockptcking attempts. Thc
spcll's duration may bc cxtenclctl at rhc cost cif L V ; l g t c
Po~nrsp c r 1>6 a d d i r ~ c ~ nrounds.
MaHc Feints: 2 (scc helow)
Range: C;lsrer
Thc WFRP m lchnt~ .4fn~lc#!.4hm
k givcq tn'o spc lls (f3fni'l~ Dlrmtion: 4116 rounds (sec helo\v)
anti ffck .\Ett~rfcr~l
Lock) that arc only ax~rlahlc[ c ) Fchlmwcrs Ingredients: Car*s hnir
ol Ranald. Orhers exis!, hut a charnctcr must hc 3 known 'l'hc c:\stcr gains the skills Silctrt Motv l t ~ r h ~ rr?ai/
r r rfrrril)
anti trusted cult mcmhcr k i n w thcycan r c c c i w instructinn and (.t)trctwlrnent (rrrhnri ntrd rrrrr~ljf i ~ r+l>() rounds 'l'hc.
in casting them. If knowIcdgc o f t h c cxistencc. of thcsc 5pc11s spcll's rlur;lrir~n nt:w t ~ ccxtcndcd at thc crnt ot 1 >!:1gjc
should lcak out, i t w o u l ~ only
l he a matter of timc hcfclrc I'oint per DO additiclnal rounds.
rhcv wcrr. rcndcrcd incffcctivc hv magicat ct,untermca!+LtreF
rlcrclopcd by wizards on thc orhcr stdc of rhc Ran:
The following spclls arc available to Clerics r)f
Ranaltl, o t h c r spcll-using follc>:r.n of Hanald may he able LEVEL 2
to Icarn them, nt a prrcr. 'Thc price necrl nor hc n rnonctiin;
onc: i t coulrl ~nl-olrcn mis.iion clr a trial.
Magic Points: 1 pcr item
Range: Touch
LEVEL l Duration: Lintil item r e r u r m to caster
Ingrcdicnts: Pigeon's Ceathcr
T h ~ sh p d l mm7hc used t o enchant a singlc small itcm the
Night Vision sirc ot a cc~in.a ring. o r simil;~r.Thc ltcm will magically r r +
Magic Points: 2 (scv hclo\v) t u r n t o the 5pcll's caster onc h o u r aftcr it is scpar:tred burn
Range: Castcr him o r hcr. RcgardLcss c ~tfh t dixtance. o r whctkcr thc oh-
DuratEon: I)+turns (sec hclow) jcct was stnlcn. snlcl or given away. it w i l l aln-n?.* return trb
Ingredients: Cat's cyc the crautcr unless t h i s spcll i s dclibcrat'ly nc.g:~tc.d.
Thc c:l+rcr gains tcnrponn; usc. o f thc s k i l l .1:igI1$Vision - 1 5 \t'tirlc many Cotlowcss. (IT Rannlcl usc this spcll t o sull rhc
rards. Ho~vcvcr,therc i s somr dilficulty in artlusting t o nor- samc goods ovcr and over again ta a scries of u n w i t r i n ~
mal vislrln agajn oncc thc s w l l has worn off. For 21>6 turns. huvcn, t h r r have
~ k e n srrvcnl more imapinativc USCF. More
the taster suffcn a -15 penalty to WS. RS ancl I. and to all than o n r captured thief has hrokcn out ot prison, for ex-
othcr stats and tcsts which r r l y u p o n vi.clnn, r n v i n ~
t o aftcr- ample. whCn this spcll rcturncd a lock-pick t o h i m i n hi\
images and spots hciore the cycs. Thc spell's clur:rtir>n may ceIl, an h o u r ahcr it was cnnfiscatcrl.
he c+tcntIctl ;it the crwt of 2 Magic Points pcr D4 srlditional
Spidcr Walk
Magic Points: 3 (ser. h-low)
Rcvcal Secrets Range: Cnstur
Magic Points: ;l Duration: l)+ rounds (sec hclrnv)
Range: 5-yard radius Ingredients: Four spider's ICES
Duration: 2 rouncls 'l'h~ss p d l ~1lo1t.sthe c;lhter t o climb walls and ceilings likc ;I
Fngrcdients: Mulagnikingglass spider. rogardlcss of how smooth or shcer thc surk~ccmay
Thir spell rcvcals thc lrlcntion of 111 sccrct doors and hid- he. .Movr.mcnt at u p to normal n t c i s possihk. and ntl climh-
den compartments within the castcr's linc of sight. up to 5 i n g tcsts arc neccssav unless the caster i s suhjcct tc)
vards ZW:I~.Thcy art. nutlincd with a bright grccn light for 2 attack which might knock h i m rjr hcr off.
rounris ( a b u t 20 scctmris). The spcIl does nor rrvcab thc I'or the spcll to hc cffectire. thc. castcr's hare hands and
Incatir)n o f hidtlcn catches or other rncchan~smsr o open feet must hc in dirrct contact w t h thc surface: boors and
them. nclr thc prmcncr. of any associxtccl traps and alarms. gloves may n o t he worn. The spr-11's duration may bc ex-
.Magically ccmccnlcd spaces arc al*o Immune tcl t h ~ sspcl!. tcndcd at the cost of 1 M a g ~ cPoint per adclitional round.
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkness

Chapter 4


" T ~prisr~t~c*r
I~J t r , i / / rise'"

t IP~*K*s. dt>.\pt,rrff to ~ ( b f P I ] iss / / P ( -

f hi?< i p / / t ~ r ) cg - r r i ~ ~11)c~tr
cr'lt~~rrs r!fthc trictl Ht'lotr: rrrtortzr!l,.<.filr tbc r r r ~ t thc
(lrfitrc-c,rose t o thr~rrfit,!, sfritik:I>t~tti~tg I J I P ~hlrrck
~ m~bps
cttrd d j t i s fi t z ~tiwir C~J/J.T ( # I ; ( / ~t'igs.q 1ricfi1)~ (lsstd ~tzitz~y rtv-

Thcrt. comc.; :I rimc i n :rlrnost c.rcf\. atlvcnrr~rer'sc:irccr

tvhcn his luck sini~,ly runs nut: thc n';lrch finatly catctich
Iiim rd-handed hrcnking into s mcrchnnt's hornc. o r niavhc
h i s glorious cnrccr its n tiiphwayni;an conics t o nn undixni-
fivd t n r l xvith his lijrjt c : ~ t ~ ~i nt i;it t ~ o u n t y h ~ ~ n t ctrap. r's Ilr
pcrhsps thc krtllcr o f th:~trolrng nohlcmnn thc parry kilIcd
:I k t v sessions ; r ~ o1i:rs thcm ;~rrcstcrlf o r murrlcr - ;~licr
skilfillly hicling his * o n ' s pr:rctic-c o t ' d c m o n o l o ~[rlfcour+c. .
1 l : r v i r l ~c a p t ~ l r cthc
~ l l'(:>.thc clucsrit>nfor thy i s "No\v
n-l1:1t d o l < h l > ' .
Thc simplcsr :tnw\-cr i s r o Ict thcm rsc:rpr - o r gct off
with a fine, rhanks t o fricncls i n hieh placc?;- IMII that i~thc
fhr I?zq~disifnr-(;r~lt~rn!'s Orice, nti nt/difi(>nd c l ~ o q (![<>'<I
o PI- ..
lrl. \ t satisf?.bng. If their ctiar:~ctcrsyct on' too lighrly. pl:rycrs
sort it 1s wt (,'JJ[IO.C J~izsh t ~ dt/ ~ , y t v t/i r z f / prolnvtr.Cot1t tso/ may come t c j think that rtw (;M ~ v i l hail l them out r ~ any f
(I sr~rtrttccr$~/c>litl~ I~rwtz-
.for 1/11> c+'roti-trlvis rt*qrti#.ct(,ii situaticjn to ;aroic! rlc.r;riling thc stoq: Players in ;I ganic. tvlicsc
ir1.r: \vivbc1t.c ~ i r x ~dzri*
n consirltarrrtiorrf r ~11~ntrrqrr(Jst.." thi=1'Cs hnvc "hcroc-5' imnlunity" may k c l thcy can gct nwny
nmith anything. They \vill c ~ ~ t i t ~ ~ t ; kar l tl tyi r gnlrlc Icss stri-
o ~ l s l y: m r l thc can1p:tign w i l l s ~ l t ' ~ r
Section One: Crime and Punishment

'Trars nf Pity "for ~ h rcqcur c o f Kuln's Inst lambs". Thtrs was which h c ~ i n 1 s ~ 1 tpravcr
h ; ~ n t rhcn
l E~rcnkfmt.!tic\ r:lkr [c*-
born the (:ounrcss Hcatricc ran 1,ichwirz vcm N u l n son< i n rcadlng. nrtting, n~;~thcm:~tic\. :tnd yrogr;ipl~v.n h c n
rmv fnr thc Snlvatron o f Trouhtcd Youth, notv rnrtrr. crlm- not i n cl;tv.cs, t h t v ttnd t h r i r w ~ c t a h l r ssticcp. , : ~ n dc,~rtlc.
m o n l r k n o w n as "Krinklchcim", after rhr. n~ansinnhousc i n or Icam a crafr i n n~nn:~'itic silvncc unrlcr thc CIOFC. C'VC rti'
w h ~ c hi t is Irrcarctl 'I'tic Trouhlctl Youths i n quc\tinn ;lrc r h t sistrm ancl hrothcrs. T n ~ s t c r"\l-artls" l ;115o p i n the clioir
tvpically agrd f n ~ m5 t o 14. and s r r scnt t n K r i n k l ~ h ~ ih?
rn :and tnkc supcrvisctl cucursians i n t r ~thc niccr portions of
t hc. Nuln l : r \ \ ~ o u r t s . NuIn. '1k.o a l t c r n t ~ r ~ cach n s xvcck. the cllilrllrcn arc gathcrrd
t o play togcttirr. thc h t y r r x ~ g l i - h o u r i n g I n a gamr o f font-
hall and the girls wntching ant1 c h c e r i n ~on t h r ~tcnm r Oc-
Setting casionalEr a cr>uplc w i l l try t c ~sncak oft t o t h r r ~ r c h ; ~ rfor tl
Krinklchcirn i s a thrcc-\torcr m:lns~onsirrrrlundcd hy two- \nrnc. p r w ; t q hut t h r staff n r C \ v l w t o that r r i t k . so fr-\v crcs
and-a-half ;~crc.i o f \vallctl ~ r o i ~ n d ?Ri u . ilt i n limprtss grht a\\ :I; tvith ~ t .
Margarirha'r tinw i n a d r c ; ~ ~ stylc rcplctc \\-irti Rar-
ticn\-y A n u n r ~ s r ~frarurc.
nl of Krinklchcim is l t approach ~ t o crlu-
~ o y l c sand n l w t c l sccncq o f damnation. it hartll!. .;t.crn+ n c-:ttion R : ~ ~ h ct hr ; ~ rh~: ~ r call tltc .ichcsolin~prr>viclc-dh v rhc
pl:lcc likclv tn hc tIr.dic;~tccIt o rcfnrm : ~ n dhope. Thc main ~ t a f f .r l ~ l a l ~ f i tutrbrs
td arc srHncttmts prrwidcd h u t k r I,~rv-
l~r,u>ccrlnsists o f thrcc wrngs which fc~rnran 'II>hapc, ; ~ n d crmns. t\csdc.rnic\ ur>nvictetIc ~ m f i n o r d f r n c c \ . in\rc.:ld ctf
cont;lins 3 chnpd. twcj classrcloms, tlvo infirnisrics. two din- f a c ~ publicn~ s h ; i n ~ ~fincs
. o r i:~il. arc o i t t n o f f r r c d rhc :rltcr-
i n g hall^, thc kitchcns. :lnd thc offices anrl clunrtcrs for thc nativc nf teaching for no Icc at Krinklvticim. This hirlcs rhcir
Slistlyan staff. The sr.xc%arc strictly scgrc.~atr.d hr-re, t h r disgmcc unrlcr a fig-lc:~lo f "good works", ancl hclps t ht.m
hovs i n onc wing and the girls i n anttthcr. The on!!. time hcdrl o n to prclfitahlc positions :rs I ' n l v c n ~ t y:~cadc-riiic\or
they arc nllowccl 'tomcct 1s cluring dally scn'icr.5 nr rhc private tutom.
closely s u p c m i ~ c djoint rccrcarional pcriocls nvicc cach KrtnkIchcim i'i rmc o f the S~ICCCFS S ~ O T I ~ oS f t h Shallvnn ~
\vcck. Each wing can holrl lip to ?+rlurhs,four to a room. reform rno\7urncnt. for i t still ctlnttnucs t o do ~ o o d ~ v r ) r kto
Ihch wing h:rs nvo proctor< \vho :lre joinrlr rcq-mnsihtc for this rEay W'hilc many OF its ~varrlslcad unrrrnark:rhlc tiucs or
rhc hch;~vior:met rnclr:al tducatinn o f rhcir chnrsts even rclapcc lntr) c r i n l r i1Rr.r thcir rclcasc, mnrc than a Scn
Thc gnmnrls. rmcc n landscaprd park titr thc ptcasurc occr zhc !-car- hnvc gone on tn rcspcctahlr carcrr< as :ru:l-
of the mansion's nnhlc rcsitlcnru. wcrc ctmvertccl o n t h t r l c m i c ~crvil
, 'icn.:lnra, tr;idc<n~cn anrl mcrchnnts, and cvcn
o d r m o f Countess R C ~ ~ ~ ItoC vcgctahlr.
V garrlcn5. anirn:~! prccsts Onc. Brother Stcphen I'rlrls\c~n.iotnccl thc. Orrlcr
pcns. and ~ v o r k s h r ~ p "thnt
~ . Y~rtn'sctitltlrcn shoulcl lcarn ~ t s c land
f h c ; ~ m ch . u n t l n i ~ s r r r oKrlnklchcim
f in 25011. a rcrlc
rhc value o f hrlncst labour." 'l'hc wholc cornplcs i s sur- hr. fills t o tlli3 day.
rnundcd by a high whitctrashccl 1vxI1, rlic gatcs of xvh~ch
are rntmizomd h\. Shallyan \v:irc!crs to k t c p the chilclrcn
r\.ith~nanti ~ ~ n k c c ni n~fll ru r n c c ~without. Secrets
Krinklclicim'\ rntrth> frdlnnr ;t strictly rcgirnentcd rou- An o l d [cgcnd popul;lr i n rlrc south o f thc linlptrc. tell< ttic.
trnc th;tt h v p ~ n sthc. rnrmlcnt thcy nrricc. During thc dav. ralv o f an ~ d y l l i cp;lracti*c whcrc nll n c r c h;lppv :rnrl cnnrvnr
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkness

him rulership rwer the colony as a king in his own right. if cxposc Yarrik and his operations and earn him a stay in the
Rart would jusr swear allegiance to the A n h ' s god. Not thc mines, while striking a hltnv against slavc?
i the t h b i a n peoplc, but a dark, secretive d c i that
~ n cof ~
tlcrnandcd ahsnlute 10y;ilry in return for great powcr. Each
month for three months on the night o f no moons, rhe Trading PIaces
stranger would come to Bart's study and make the same h PC academic sentenced to reach at Krinklchcim uncov-
olfur. No o n t clsc would sec him romc, and none \r.cluld c s a startling fact: o n e of his pupils is not who hc 1s sup-
sec him Ieavc. Finally. Bart agseed. At the next IIcxensnacht. posed to be? In fact, the lad, Alhrrtus IioR, iis actually the
hc was led m an ancicnt bnc within thc junglr., whcm he son of o n e of the most p w e r f u l merchants of NuIn. It seems
fr?unrl himsclf surrounded by Skavcn and rhvir Seer that the lad bcfricndcd one of thc inmates of Krinklchcim
Iratfcr. His knees knockjnp. with frar. f l a n abased himsclf while the delinquent rvas o n an "cxcursirm" to the temple
and swore allegiance to thc cult of thr. 11ornr.d Rat. of Lrerena.By shcer luck, rhcy lookcd exactlv alike. A l h n u s
l-or the last threc years. B:~ttolumcusLanger has k e n ancl his new f r ~ c n dClaus,
, rnct sevcnI times aftcr that cfur-
the Skavcn's agent within thc Colonv of the N e w Coast. ing funhcr excursions. In tirnc. it hecamt clear that each
Soon hc had ct~rruptcdhis sons and henchmen. many of envied the other's Pifc: Alhertus wanted to hc a scholar and
whcm now rakc part in ohscunr ritcs to worship the god of rimd of thc constant duties and devotion to busincss his
,M<lunts Raghrr~saand Lhasa - scvcral of the prospectors father dcrnanded t ~ fhim, while Claus simply was tired of
who havc cltcapprarrd "upriver'*havc actually rnct thcir end hcing poor. So, thcyconcwted a schemr:: rhcy woutd switch
unrlcr a stcrlficlal knife In an isolated part of thc Langer places, each assuming thc other's life ancl tiving happilv
stvading. C;c~unsellr.d in patience by his masters. h c has ever after. Or. s o they thought.
smuggled Skaven miners into Leopoldheirn itself, and thcy Sadly, neither boy is happy in his new lift: xtlhenus
are slr~wlvdigginp: tunncts ro undermine the fortwss's walls. doesn't like p ~ e r t )nearlv
. as much as he thought. ancl Claus
whtlt anorhrr is being dug from thu Langer holdings into is horcd with business and dutv and his stuffy ncw family.
thc town. Soon, vcry soon. R a n plans to lcad a swifr assault Each would like to go hack home. Rut that's clirticult tn do:
with his henchmen and ratmen allics ancl declare his own Albcrrus' attempts to cscapc haw failed, ancl now he's
"King<:ctrlrnof rhc South." rhc souls of thc Governor and his ~ r t ~ u n d c-dn o more excursions. ancl cxtrn duties. Mean-
family bring the first of man)- offerings of thanks to rhc while. his attempts to contact Claus have fai1c.d. and so
iiorncd Rat. hlbertus begs the PC to hclp him go home. Rur how i s the
PC. a conv~crhimsclf. supposed tn do this, 51rnplv taking
Albertus out of Krinklchcim could hc construed cirhcr as
ADVENTURES IN fRlSONS kidnapping o r ~bcltrrngan cscapc. And even if the PI: tlor.5
pct thc h? to his home, h r ~ wdoe5 he convince thc l-loff
Ltrnily that this rtIhertus is rhc right onc?
Habeas Corpus
Rc~nhtlldStcin~tzwas wrnngfully conricred of fencing sto- Shem
Icn goods by a Middenhcim court. For the lasr )'car, his fame In :I tavern in the Empirc o r Maricnhuq. the PCs comc across
ily has worked tlrelesslv t o prorrc his innocence and secure an old man xvirh an 'l.' burned inti) his hand. a fnrrncr pris-
his wlcasc. At last there came the jovous day when thc court oner In Ixopr)ldhcim who has come back to spenrt his last
rcccrscd ~ t csa r l ~ c dccisinn
r and nrcicrcd Stcinitz freed. But few years mloying the famil~arsights of horny. C)wr a luw
his parents wantcd him hack immediately and weren't w l l - drinks. he tells how hc w:ls a prohpcctnr in thr. Southlands.
ins to wait for the next canvan. nrarly a month a a v - thc and of thc anlazing discovcv hc rnadr. - a temple crwnplex
idca o f l c a v i n ~thcir hov in that hell~shplace a day t n n ~ c r dcdicatetl tn an ancient god, madc of brighl whitc marhlc
thxn n c c e w l n w.1~unacceptahlc. So. t l ~ c vhircd the PC;%. s . ;im;uinp sti tl, hc. mcr
and gaudy with gold and ~ e ~ v c lMorc
who had hecn rccornmendcd to tBlcrn as reliablc agents. thc Hieh Priestess, an unclying Quecn who rulcd with ah-
anti paid rhcm r o rakc thc cc)urt'.s c~rrtertu rhr ,Middcnhc~m solutu power. Thc olrl man savs hc n x s cilptured and wclrkcd
Mining I:olony ant1 escort Rtlnhalrl homr- to a hero's nrcl+ t hcrc. as a slavc for a !.car. thvn escapetl w t h a hag 1~111 of
cnrnc. gold - that. alas. was lost in the rivcr \\.hen he was flce~ng
\Y'c.ll, that was rhc plan. When the PCs arrive at the peni- frum her soldiers: "Sorrims. thcy uuz calletl," he saw.
tcnrtam. they arc told that Reinhold dicd last month in a If the PCs are intrigued. the old rummy \vill r l n w thcm
mining accident. Prrssing thc mattcr \rulth I;ovt.rnclr Yarrik a map and wish them luck - he's surc thu sccmt of ~mrnnr-
tvill cliulr hju most prolounrl sympathies w ~ t hthe heroes' taliv is in there for thc taking. hut hc's not tvil3in~r o go
cllcnth. hut thcrc i\ n o way hc can produce the hodv - looking for ~ t "I'm
. too rlld and I nwz lucky to pit crut tlrc
Rcinhctld dled in ;I c;hvc-ln ;incl the shaft is simply too d;in- first time." hc J;I)IS.
Rurous to dig out. They :~rveven shown thc shah w h r r r it \Then thc PCs arrwe in Lcnpoldheim. thcv can ~nrolvc
happtncd. ",ill thc proper ritrs were salcl rwer rhc rubble. thcmsclvcs in thc local situation clr set out In scarch of thc
and ~ t ' sa hetrcr hursal than hc'd gct in Middrnhcim." 1% all Itss1 temple W'hen thcv gct t l ~ c r c they
, find the old man
Yhrrik wilE say If rke I'Cs persist, hc will order them out of only tolcl part of the stow - thc tcrnplc is intiercl ru1c.d hv
thc cnlony ancl rhrearcn to liavc them iailed for "interfcr- an u n d y n g Queen, a sorcuwss \\rho gainecl her power hv
n just~ccand trespassing o n
ing with the a c i m ~ n ~ z t n t i oof scll~nghur soul t o Slaancsh. Non, shc n ~ l c sover a CIF 41i'
thv (;fill's prnpcrp-". r n c g a d c Lizardmen, preparing them for thr dav nrhcn rhry
Somrtimc tlur~np;thcir visit, a prisoner will slip a notc can attack and ovcrtt~rtlwtht. Slann-nrEed city of %Istlan
to a PI: that warns r k t the truth. "Don't you hclficr,~it! kqk at T h t tcrnplc is as rich as the olcl man claimed. and rhcrc 1s a
thc Fox and I:rown about rhe hlack wagons?" If thc PI:s wcalth offorbidden knonlcdgt. hen- to tempt rvcn rhc most
fotlou. u p on this. 1nqulric.s will Grst lcad them to the slnv- restrained acartcmic. Hut timc IS short. Nor onlv rr~itlthey
c r s h w n t at thu inn. and then to rhe cclrrupt merchant in h c c oppoqition from thc sorcrrrss and hcr nunions. hut
Salzcnrnunrl, whcrc He~nholrlis hcinp held Tor shipment the rulers of Zlarlan have dccidcd to clirninatc this threat
t r l Ilrctonnla, liv~dcncrgathcrcd thcrc. wviIl bc e n r ~ u ~ t ch~ oncc ancl for all. 'Their fnrccs wgll nrriw soon ~ h c thcr PI:>
Section Two:
Requiescant in Pace


and their DMNELYAPPOINED PROECTORS, including:

TBe MOURNERS' GUfW, RAWN KNIGHTS and other devoted S E R V M

, of the DEAD from the N I L PRAC77CES of BODY

The D M N E MAGICS used by the said SERVANTS OF M&, through whicl?

the SANC7TTY of the GRAVEYARD is maintained, and UNFORTUNATE

713e LAWS, hot13 77:NPQMdand S P I m A L , by which the DEGn are given

DUE PROmCTIONI and those who would M S G R E S S AGAINST THEM



And lastly:

Divers TEUU..aNGand DlKERnNG tales, that may DULY CXmOIV tbe

U M M Y and FOOLJSH who penlure to DISTURB 7iYE DEAD and
PROFANE the SANC???Yof the TOMB.
Section Two: Rcquicscant in Pace

other crafts are represented in the Guild. including build- primarily in the cities, protecting thc dead ancl prevent-
ers of tombs and rnausoIea. weavers of shrouds and al- ing the misuse of their remains, the Raven Knights are n
tar-clnths, and various metal-workers, glass-makers and mtlitant a m of the cult of M6rr. and travel widely in the
potrers who produce ceremonial equipment for t h e use Old W'orld to do direct hattle with necrornanccm ancl their
nf rhc priesthood. foul creations.
Like the MournersmGuild, thc Raven Knights reqr~irr
a p&
u h o l r r e r : t h e Guild's uwrk requires amount of I character to have cornpletcd rhc career Initiate of
unskilled and semi-skilled labour. Grave-diggers are all M 6 r r before admission to the order. From that point on,
Guild memhers, and orher kinds of 1abourr.m are em- the character has a number of camtr paths to choose
ploved in rhc maintenance of tombs, temples and other from. The order's clerics, templars, witch h u n r e n and
Guild buildings. The constmction of such things is usu- rxorcists are famous in song and rto? hut they arc hv
ally left to stone-masons, whose powerful guild u,ould no means the only kinds of Raven Knight. A suh4rantiaI
not be pleased if anvone else w s allou.ed to perform academic and logistical organisation exists to support
that kind of m,ork. their cffons, and to dewlop new ways of drtccring and
c n u n t e r a c t i n ~the curt's enemies. funeral directors are all Trader, providing sew- In the larger cities, the Raven Kniphrr; nil! hc given
ices rlirectly to the customer. Because of the nature of some Space In the guilrfhouse nf the local Motlrncrs'
their hudncss and their close association with the priest- Guild o r Temple af Mbrr, and mill share msnurctrs such
hood of M6rr. they are regarded with more respect than as scribes and chapels. Elsewhere. thev may make their
the majori? of Traders in the Old Wbrld: it's not done to base in fortified temples owned hv the cult of Mrim CSn
haggle with a funeral director. If you are uqing the swial rare occasions t h q have been given fortrc-ss-rnonasrtr-
standing rules from Apoqphrr Notr*they are class R, o n ies wlth lands to support them in bequests from nrjhlc
a par with Artisans and Murchants. rather than class C members or q-mpnthetic landon,nem.
like other Traders. Social standing points are unchanged. A newly initiated hrorhcr o r sister of the Order has a
number of career options. The Order ntlrm:~llytakvc [hr.
Scrfhe: like any o t h e r large-scale o r p n i s a t i o n , the postulant's backgmund and existing skills into accounr
Mourners' Guild cmplnvs a considerable numher of hefore assigning them to a particular function within the
scribes. Theit primar). job is to handle tcplal and religious organisation. and is generally s?mpathetic to a new mem-
paperwork relating to the Guild's activities. as well as ber's ambitions, believing that a character with strong
rnaintainlnfi arch~vesand libraries and assisting the motivation is likely to br. able to ovcrcornr. their initial
Guild's schc~larswith research as necessae. Scribes also Iack of suitability for a parricular mle within the Order
administer the C;uiId's system of standing reuards, refer- Pmvided that t h e normal rulcs fnr career pro~recsionare
ring to GuilcG clerics o r Inwyers only in complcx or ques- followed, a chamctercnrr.ring the orcler mav receive min-
tionable casts. ing in the following roIcs:

Watchman: although they are not formally part of their Cferfc: while the Raven Pricsts tend to he more militant
town o r city Whtch, the sextons ernplnved hv the Guild to and skilled at arms and magic than their brethren of the
ensure the sccuritv of graveyards and other Guild pmp- Mourners' Guild. they undrrpro rhc same spiritua1 train-
e m follnuran identical career to their srcular countcr- Enx and are accorded the same degree of rcspect within
parts. In most towns and citie5. Ciuild and Watch work in thc cult. In fact, rt i~ not unknown for v c t c n n Raven
close co-operation. though the occasional dispute over Priests to "retire" into the Guild when :lac o r wnunds
jurisdiction can result in Iriction from time to rime. put an end to their militarycarcers, and :i Mourner Ptiect
who s h o w panicular ahilfio; in dealing xxirilh an outl>rcak
Cnuyec the l a w surrounding undead. necromancy and of undead may he invited to ttansfcr to the Osdcr.
g n v q w d s form part of the Tcmplc l a w rather than the
Criminal lam: ancl as a result the Guild's lawyers have Emrcfst: t h e Exorcist career will he detailed inthc forth-
~rsuallycompleted a level o r mroas clerics, in addition coming book R~almof .Yr~rceqr.X%iIe the cult o f MOrr,
to the ~niaiatetraining required of all Ciuild memhers. In and the Raven Knights in particurar. is the hrsr-known
Old U'orlrl cities of any stze. there are normally o n e or organisation of Exorcists in rhe Old \Torld. it is hv n o
more Guild lawyers attached to the Guildhouse, with re- mcans rhc onlv one. W'ithin the order, the lines between
sponsibility for the s v r m u n d i n ~towns as we!! as the city Clerics. Exorcists, Templam and Witch Huntem tend to
itself. Thr number of Iawyer~varies with the size and im- becnmr somewhat blurred. E r e v memhes serves the
potrancc of the town: for example, Marienhurg has three Order with m-harercr abilities he o r she can offer.
Guild l a w e r s , Altdorf five and Middenheim mJo.
Rotr nfy Huntet Mercenary, Soldlet; Sqrr /m, Tomh
Rohbw: the junior grades of knighthood within t h e or-
der r.rnhracc a number ofwarrior careem. depentling t)n
THE RAVEN KNIGHTS the hackground and inclinations of the individual and
Forrnaltv known as the High and Chivalric Order of DC- on the training that is available in a panicuEar place and
scmed Hest, thc Ravcn K n l ~ h t sget their more common time. These carccrs arc hrnadEy representatiw of the skills
name from the device thar they cnmmonlv wear on their and advances thar mav bc obtained by junior men~her;
shields ancl surcnats. W%ile the Mourners' Guild works of the Rawn Kniphrs' militan win^.
Section Two: Requiescant in Pace

r.n\urc t11:lt the spirit at risk finds its \\a?.

safcly r o M b t r ' s m c n r s n i v c d at thc Temple c > l Mrirr, 4igncd hv evcry I h a r f
walm. ancl also rctlders rhe rc.rn;~ins i n c n and usclcss in thc city and ~vitnessedb y t h i r t y of Middenheim's m m t
for nccromantic pttrpowh. p r o m i n e n t l a y e r s . 11 stated absolutely that ISwarh' fil-
n e n l practices posed no threat tc) the city,
o r nthcnvise. A covering n o r e signed hv Icad-
F ~ n c r a lCosts
ers of the Dwarf c o m m u n i c offered to a p p o i n t n Prirsr
Thc cult of MOrr i 3 r c s p o n s i l ~ l cfor maintaining b u r i a l
r>fC;axul t n visit the Temple of M6rr anrl disc11s3thr. mat-
pIots, cemeteries ancl p c ~ v e y a r d sw i t h i n the Empire. ii r r r in d r t a i l if the Humans wished Thr-c regretted, hmv-
~ c n l p l cor shrine t o M A r r %%ill hr. the p r i n c i p a l fcstun: of cvcr. that i t was o u t of the question for a non-l)\vat-f t o
mnst gravcvards, ancl the most prr-srigir~usb u r i a l pIots attend a Dwxrfish Funcnl. Sensing that they cnulcl prc-
arc thaw nciir t o thc tenlplc. T h e ternplc irsclf rlncs not cipitatr a m a j o r diplomatic s t o r m il they showod any sign
contain ;my t r ~ m h s Thc 'M('(iuilrl w i l l conduct o f rlo~rhringthe D\v,\.:~rf~' w o r d , the chtcf pricsts of312ltirr
funeral wmices a t ~ d o t h e r rituals at the temple. and also d i d n o t pursue the question further.
prav for Mtirr's rkngoinp. carr of the
A hurial p l o t costs 1O-"rO GC: c l e p c n d i n ~on rhe cem-
ctcm ~ n tthe l position o f t h r p l r ~-t m o r c rrxpcnsivc p l o t s Elves
nrc lcss likely to he re-used i n the nciw fururc. I n adtIi- VIbod Elvcn funcmls takc place deep in t h r forests. kir
lion t o this, t h c cost o f the r i t u a l starts at 5 GC there i s f r o m H u m a n eyes and, rc;issuringly, far entmgh f r o m
no u p p c r l i m i t t n the cost, h gnve-marker, such as a head- H u m a n settlement that o n l y t h c most fanatic;~l Ravt-n
stnnc o r small vault, can cnst benveen 15-3nC)G C . I-fugc Knights worry ahout whether o r n n t they prevent the in-
rnausnItums, l i k c thosc hclonging t o the city's polverful advrnenr creation of undead.
hrnilics. cxn cost almost au much as a mansion. In the O l d Wbrld. Sea Elf funerals take place in t l ~ c
:\ pauper'< f ~ ~ n r r allv, i t h :In unmarbe<l h u r i a l i n a cit?;of M a r i c n b u r g where thev arc held inside t h t Sea Elf
mass g n v c nrainraincd tly the c u l t ol.V6rr. i.s frue. SCJis :I cluancr o f Sirh Rinnnlrsc'nnntisbntbir. Although I h c HLI-
Namcluw, Funt.r.11. hut thosc ciiscnveririg ;Ihod? arc. en- man authoritics - i n c l u d i n g the cult o f M i l r r - have no
couraecd ro makc a d o n a t i o n towards r h c c s p c n s t . jurisrlicrion insidc the I'lccn quaner. r r p r a t e d assumncr-s
h a w b c c n given that Elvcn f u n c n l s can b r i n g no harm
ro thc ci?
NON-HUMAN FUNERALS .Many rumours are spread allout the doings nf t h c
E:l\rs inside theircitatlel, and some of the storius c > f Elvcn
3ltit-r is ;I I-lurnan rleity. ant! thc Old Whrld's o t h e r races f i ~ n c r a l sarc q u i r c fantastic. Burial.; at sea are a c o m m o n
hnvc tEicir own h i ~ r i actlstoms.
l hccorrling ta Imperial law.
~ M C ~ ~ Cand C . in tElc case nf a high-ranking n o b l e ar .;hip's
most of thcsc n i ~ ~ hc s t apprr>vcd b y a m e m h c r n f MOrr.
mastcr thc ship irsclf may he scuttled in deep \Gitcr t o
and w i t n c w e d hv onc of its rncmbcrs, othera~iscri t will its dead owner's t o m b .
be dcclarecl u n ta\rfuI. I n practice. though. a series n f cnm- There arc o r h c r tales. t o n - t o l d a m o n g Hlrrn;ln> i n
promises and scnsihle drallngs has avoided any serious
smoky taverns w h e n they art. sure no E l f is listening.
confrnntatinns on t hi5 p o i n t .
Thcse talcs tclt o f decadent rites, hlaod sacrifice and t h c
invocation o f nameless gods. The Elves are a strange mcc.
s o t h c gossips say. and n o t all o f the D a r k Elves rlied at
Malflings sn' o f t e n b u r i e d i n Ilumiin ccnlctcr1c.s. and hr.- I-tiss M ; ~ h d o n .
quently takc morc of their possessions t o t h c gr:ive rvith
them than is the case w i t h Ilumans. Thcsc i t c n ~ are s scl-
d n m valuahlrs, r h n u ~ h - m o r e often thu?. art. personal NEW SKILL
possrssions likc B facnuritc p a i r nlslipprrs, a small sup-
p!?. o f fr,arl (such as a f w o u r i t e type o f pie), and s o on. h
C:lr.rit o f Fsmeralda often conducts a I l a l f l i n g funeral
Undead Cots
alt~ngsidcn CEcric of Mrirr, m a r k i n g the dcceastd's de- This new skill, svailahle to clerics and o t h e r follo\vc-rs of
p a m r c . from h r a r t h , h o m e ant! k~rnily. M6rr. is a m o r c po~vi'erful\.ersi.nn of the skill Icit*rrlfSJ.
$:t~dend, a n d a character must have Irtent@~~ I~ncIcwcJ
before bring ahlc to l c a r n I~ndeaclLore.A ch;iracter w i t h
this skiEl can automatically identify a n undead crcaturv
Fhvarfish h~nc.r.tlh arc intcnscly private aff;~irs, a n d arc and know its srrrngths and ~veaknesseson sight, w i t h -
norm;ll!?- s t t c n d r t i o n l y hv close fantily l'hry n o m a l t y out any n r c d f o r a n Int test.
rake placr in d c r p catacoml~s\r.hichthr 1 k a r f 3 hhavc con- I n addition. the c h a n c t c r can scnsr. the presence and
structcd. 30 r h ~ thc t dccvased can hc laid t o rcst i n thc ror~ghdirection of a n undead c w a t u r e ~ v i t h i n1 0 yards,
rock that gave thcm birth. cven i f the cm-aturc i s hidden, invisible. o r i m p r i s o n e d
accord in^ m local tradition in Midclenhcim, the c u l t w i t h i n an ohiect such a.; a l a m p or hnttle. O n a success-
of M h r r oncc. askcd - very cliplornaticilly - r o bc p c r n ~ i t - f u l Int tcst. the character wi!l h e able tn tell i f thc crc.;~-
red t o wnd a\,c t o r ~ h s e n rB Dwarfish ~LI- turr. is crhurcal or rnateria1, a n d have a r o u g h i d e i OC ~ hotv
neral i n order to makc sure [hat i t prtwided the same p o w e r f u l i t is, ranging f r o m m i n o r ( c , g ghost, skeleton,
pmtccticms against t h r risk of undead ;is :I M 6 r r i s h fu- zomhic) t h m u g h m ~ i e n t (e.g. e mummy, spectre. \\.r;~ith.
neral. Thu following day, so the story goes. a s w o r n state- n i g h t ) to vcry p o m r r f u l ( c . ~lichc.
. vampire).
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkness --

Chapter 6
allows the caster to see a simple image of the l a ~ thing
that the deceased saw, similar to a still photograph. The
cult of M6rr is often consulted in murder cases t~ccause
of this spell, though it can only work i f the head of the
deceased is intact. and onlv shows the last thing the per-
son saw - it cannot, for example, help to identih a mur-
derer who attacked from bchincl, o r in darkness.

the Gates
Funeral Ritt (Ritual)
Magic Points: 2
Range: 'Ibuch
Duration: Permanent
Ingredients: Symbol of Mbrr (re-usable), name of the
This ritual is a central part of funeral sunices over most
SPELLS FOR of the Old \X:orld. The ritual may he cast o n a single
corpse, and renders rhe body completely inert Ior
CLERICS OF M ~ R R necromantic purposes. No p a n of the hody may be used
as a component for a spell of anv kind. anti the body
itself may not be raised as an Lndead creature like a Skel-
r t o n o r Ghoul.
In addition, if the hody has been dead for less than
o n e h a w , the ritual also lays the spirit to rest, prevent-
l by clerics of Morr given in
'l'he information o n ~ p e l use ing its rerurn as an ethereal Undead creature unless it
the K'FRP rulchook is necessarily generalised. This chap- has already manifested as such. In this case. some other
ter give3 r!erails (31 new spells. only available to follo\v- spell o r ritual, such as Annihilate I1ndc*ndor I-:forcise,
crq o f hilirrr, anti s o m e notes o n t h e cult's use of might he necdert to lay the spirit ro rest.
Nccromanric and Uartle magic.
Locate Corpse
Macgic Pohts: 1
Range: 15 yards
NEW SPELLS Iluration: 10 minutes
\\'lth i t 5 dutics to oversec hurials and care for the welfare Ingredients: S c n p of shroud-cloth
of rhe rlcatt, thc cult of Mlirr has developed a number of T h ~ spell
s allows the caster to hecc)rne aware of anv ticad
special spells and rituals, which arc not of particular usc bocly of Haltling sire o r larger within 15 vards of his o r
t o adventurers and sa have not been covered in previ- her position. It is not possihle to move while maintain-
ously published material. The most commonly used ing the spell. and i t is widely used in searching for miss-
\peIls and rituals are describer1 here. as they deseme to ing persons o r murder victims. The spell will not detect
he mentioned in any thorr3ugh consideration o f death living crealurcs, I:nilead creatures, o r corpses that have
:knd connecretl n1:Irtc.r.; in rhc \Yhrharnnler world. Thcsc rece~veda proper funeral. o r which have been rendered
5pcll.i ancl riru;rls arc onlv knorvn ro hc available to Cler- magically inert by other means, such as an E~orcisn;ritual
E t \ of Mtirr, althoirgh i t is logical t c ~suppose that those (sec helour). Although the cult of M6rr has made great
cults trl' nnnhurnan r:lccs ~vhichdeal with the welfare of efforts to control the kncnowledgu of this spell. Necraman-
the ctr:~ttanti their protection from intruding necroman- cers have been known to use it in their search for spell
cer%w11I have developed similar rnagics. ingrcdienrs.

Rituals LtvcI 2
Rituals work in exactly thc same tvay as spells, except Dedicate Staff (Ritual)
that they rake longer t o cornplcte - their casting time is M a g i c Points: H
1 0 rninutrs r ~ t h c rthan the I 0 secantts c.rr s o that is rr-Range: X3ucf.l
quircrl for thc casting of ;I Rattle Slagic spell. Thc rituals Duration: Permanunt
take cffccr only from the time rhcy arc cilrnpleted. Ingredients: Symhol of M6rr (re-usable)
T h ~ srgtual was developed in response to a serious di-
lemma which at o n e time faced all the spellcasting Clcr-
Lcvel I ics of Mrirr. Some of the most p o w c h l spells in the
Dcathsight (Ritual) magical a r r n o u q against l ' n d c a d - inclutiing the
M a g i c Points: 3 necromantic spell Annihiicztc I7ndend ant1 the RatrEc
Range: 'lijuch Magic spell Crrust. Irtstnbility - require rhc mutilation of
lluration: I'crmanent corpscs to obtain the necessan; ingrerlients. A grc;lr deal
Ingredients: Corpqc or ~ k u l l of magical research went into thc problem ofcnstinganti-
fn the strict sense, this ritual is cast upon the hody rather t'ndead spells without rr-quirin~forbidden, ingrcd~enrs.
t h a n milking use nf i t for spell ingredients The r i t ~ ~ a l and this ritual is the W F U ~ F .
Section Two: Requicscant in Pace

This ritu:)! c n c t i ; ~ n the

l ~ Er;[- may nor hc s;li\td a? an I'ndrat!
dltinnnl raven-roppcrl \ i ; ~ f fo f ;h crc:itun. 'I'hc Ycmrclrss l:rm~rol
Cluric r ~ MOrr f - o r nnv orhur c a n n o t p r c v c n t t h c trr,
three-tIirntr~\ional. port;~hle spirit o f rhc. rlcct:~\cclf r o m rc-
.;ymt>oI of ?dOrr ivhich is larger turning :in r r h c w a l I ' n d t ; i d
than a man.% hand - so that if crc':tturr.
c;ln hc usutl i n place o f :in!- ;Incl
;illingretiivnts i n the c;~sting<,C
anti-l n(lc:~dspclls and thc con-
Level 3
duct sfriruals t n 1di)rr. 'l'hc mm- Purification Rite (Ritual)
hol i t s c l f i s r c - u s ; t t ~ l c and Magic Points: 12
pcrrnanclntly cnchatlted. un- Rangc: Op to 4 0 y;~rrlsx *I3
Ic55 i t i 3 ritualty dcfilerl11y some y;br~l\
outla~vc.rlc u l t such ss that o f Th~ration:Scc I>elow
K h i i n c o r its w i c l d c r i n c u r s Ingredients: Symbol o f Mrirr
M 6 r r ' t anger in w m c \\'ay. [rc-us:thIc.). infu>ion of
T l l c \ y m h r ~ lw i l l hc c n - C; ern er not
c h a n t r d for o n c user o n l y h? This ritu;ll purifies ;In arca t o
mcans of this r i t u a l - t n any clecIic;~tc it to t h e t v c ~ r s h i po f
other person. it w i l l he a sim- M6rr. Any arc;t s r ~dctlic;~tetlhu-
ple, mundane rlhjcct. c o m e s i n n a t c l y h o s t i l e rt)
C n t l e a d ancl I n t h e m a g i c 3
Exorcism (Ritual) which crcarc and suqtain them.
.Magic Points: 4 The detlicatcti srca ( w h i c h is
Range: I p 10 10 yards s 10 yarcls usu:t[ly a chapct o r :I gravcyartl) is m:trkctI o ~ I ~I ~rhc. t
I)arntion: In5rantnncous cnstcr t c l l k i n g :dong t t ~ c l3ountlarics :incl s p r i n k l i n g r h c n ~
Ingredients: l i v m b o l [,l M l i r r ( r c - ~ ~ ' i a h l c )i ,n f r ~ r i c mr)f with a n inh~sionof (;rarcroot as h e prt>nounccs t h c
(;r;svrro(>t worcls o f the ritual. When t h c r i t u a l 15 c o n ~ p l c t c ,r h c
J ~ r sns
t 1:rrti~rnlKite rcndcrs m o r t a l rcmains conlplercly rnarkcrl arc3 conlcs u n r l c r .M.ltirr's protect ion. gaining t h t
i n r n f o r m;~gicalpurposes. ?ior h i \ spell nr.utra1isr.s the fc>llo\ving chamctcristic.s:
arc;^ w i t h i n \vhich it is cast. D u r i n g thc r i t u a l the pkacr. is + any I'ndracl crr.atun. r t n t r r i n p t h r an.3 c l r c o m i n g i n r o
s p r i n k l r t l \vith nn infusion o f G r w c r o o t . and this scvcrs h c i n g i v i r h i n i t must uhcck ft>r ftrslnhtlftj~ crcrr rr)irntI
the l i n k henvc-en thc area :incl :Iny c-thrrcal Undead crra- i t i.;\ r i t h i n the protected area. This inclutlrs cthercat
turt.5 haunting i t . Thcse beings hccorne subject t o hstn- Undead clr-atzrresw h i c h tvcrr- prcliously bo~rncl t o t hc.
hili!],,cwn though tht-y may hr within their lx)undcci ama. area. Furthermore. instcrbillt~+ tests insitlc. this ;trc.;~
Note that t h r ritltal t l n r s nrlt prcvcnr a n ethereal arc r n i ~ d ch!+ rolling a 1T.r m t h c r than thc ~ i s u ; ~ l
creature becoming honded t o the area 1atr.r: i t o n l y ;if- + any character casting a summnninp. spell o f :my k i n d
fecrs those b o n d e d at thc t i m e i t is cast. n-ithin thu area must make a successful WP test o r
the spell is miscast and has no effect, l'he char;lctc.r
Invisibilitv to Undcad still cxpends Magic Points as i f the spell h;~chccn cast
Magic ~ n i n t s 3: succcs~full~
Range: '1i)uch 'I'hc p r n t c c t i n n lasts u n t i l the arca is s o n ~ c h o wdcfilcrl.
Ihration: 6 turns E v c t~~ m cone o f thc follr)~vingthing3 happcns. t h c r c i?
Ingredients: Svmhol o f Mrirr CL--usable), i n f u s i o n of a c u n ~ u l a t i r c1T) chance that thc p r n t c c t c d :Irca w i l l h : ~ r r
Elcrn defilcd:
By invoking 51.ltirr's prnrcction and s p r i n k l i n g the recipi- + an L'ndoad crcamrc. sumivcs for o n c t u r n or more.
ent w i t h I;ravernof, this spell makes the caster. c l r o n e w i t h i n thc a r r a without hccnrning unstahfe:
o t h e r living creaturc o f the caster's choice, underectahte + a Nccsomantic s p c l l w h i c h crcatc.3, comm:lncIs o r
t o the senscs of Iindeatl creatures, An Lindei~rlcreature s r n r n g h c n s any f o r m of L'ndcad is successfully cast
niilst makc a successful Int test or t ~ cunable tn see o r w i t h i n the area:
hear rhc person or creazurc upon w h o m the spell is cast. + a hodv lying h u r i e t l w i t h i n the area is
Undead who a r r c.rdcrcrl to attack a crcarurr. they cannnt + a violent rie;~thtakes place bvithin the area.
scc must imrnccliatcly make a srrrflidit~ltest, even i f they The GM must consider the effects of a cielihente act o f
a r t nor nt>rmally ?iuhjcct t o stltpitJi!l,. defilement. such as a service ro KhAine, h c i n g c a r t i e d out
w i t h i n the area: a general n ~ l is e that the more powerFuI
NamcIcss Funeral (Ritual) the defilement. the more l i k c l y this protection \vill cnrl.
Magic Points: -k
Range: 'Iin~ch Wrath of Morr
Duration: l' Magic Points: h
I n p d i c n t s : S y m h I o f Mtirs (re-usahlc) Range: Caster
'l'hc .Vmttefr~ssI:rrnpmi is an e n l r - r g e n q ritual, used in J)umtion: 4 turns
cisc~~rnstances rvhcre rhe nanie of the deceased is un- Ingredients: S m h o l of M 6 r r (re-usable), silver mask
kn(1u.n and thc nornial firn~rrrlKite cannot thcreforc This spell aEloupsthe caster t o assume the appearance o f
takc placc. I t renders the b o d y magically inert so that no the god M 6 n - at [cast in the eyes of the ' Undeatl
p a n o f ir can I>c used as a s~c'II coniponent a n d the body creatures are not normally suhiect t o f w r o r Icrmr, hut
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkncss
for thc dur:ition of this sprll the ciisrcr's appearance caused h? rhc L'ndcacf: Inf~cterl rl,orrnrls. Tvrtrh Rnt ancl
csusc.\ any I:nrlrad crr:iturr. who sees i t to makc a suc- [he like. In these circurn~ranct.~. the spells restorc dou-
cc.;shl Cl tcst or flcc fmrn the cahter's presence :IS quickly ble the indicated number of W points. Orherwise, tkc
:IS possihlr. hy rhc most direct r t ~ t e . spcEls only restore half the indicatctl numhcr c ~ f Wpoints
(rounding fractions up).
Level 4
Opcn Morr's Catcs
Magic Paints: 12
sstatcd in rhc K'FW mlebtw~k,cleric\ of Miwr h a w ac-
Emge: l t )-y;trd rarlius cess t o necmmantic magic, fighting fire with fire when
1)uration: t rounds nrtessav. IItrnverct, thcy must hc. careful in their use of
Syrnhot of M6rr .(re-usable)
l III\ spcll open? a gateway to Mhrr's realm. through
necmrnnntic magic, because much of i t directly violates
the srricturcs of r heir faith. 'l'he ritual Dcdicnt~Stnlfbde-
\vhich 2 ndcatl crc:itilru3 arc. suckrrl out of t h e world of scrikcl ahovt.. relieves them of the need tn despoil the
tlic living. Thc c:istur'$ body seems tn become shadowy. rlead for spell components. hut that i s only o n c of the
growing t c j :I sc1u:lrc opening in the fabric of realin*. a b u t pm'hlems they h c e when using nccnlmanq.
tcn ferr wide :incl ten beer high h noiseless \vind t~lows
~ the fiwce oi a hurricane, and all
inttr this c ~ p e n i nwith
Irndrad orciIturc> within 10 yards must make a success- Anti-Undcad SpcIls
ful WP rest or he suckecl into Mlirr's realm and, so far as hs a rule, clctics of .U6rr may use any nrcrornnnric hpell
rhc living world i s concerned. pcrmancntly drstmyed. which destroys rrr wcakcns thc Ilnrlead, such as Ilcstriqp
For each ;wlditional .Magic Point the castcr invests in this I hrlPnd.Zone (7JLqr.%rme c ~ / l n s t a h i l l tant1
~ , .,\~?tfihiltite
hpell, the WP lcst o f all L nclcad crc:trurr?i within rangc 13 I krlenrl, rluitv freely. l'hc only hindnncu tcl their usv
rcduccd hy 5'%.
ivould hr. thp neccl For hodv parts as ingwtlienrs. such as
'I'hc supcsnatural \vinrl ha3 n o effrct on living urr;1-
tures, though it docs kick u p a Ior of dust ancl flying de- thc flaycd skin of a fresh corpse rccluittd to cast Arlnil~i-
hri.;, rnougi~ro makc a 10-yrd nrlius from rhe cnstrr'!. Inte r 'ndeurl.
position count ns rliflic~rifgmzrnd, with missile fire at a
-J(1'% RS penal? f r x thc ducttion of thc sprrll. Summoning Spells
According to the cloctrine of M6rr. thc trc:aion and wni-
rnoning c ~ ft'ndcarl is a n abomination, ancl h!* Lir thc
BATTLE MAGIC SPELLS greatest of the evils of nrrmmanr-y So clr-ric 06 M6rr may
I:lcrics of Murr may usc ccrrain E3;ttrlu Magic sprlls in c-\,ersummon clr cm-are L1ndr.:~rl,
althuugh there a r t some
acidition to Necromancy. 'I'hc follo\ving l3:lttEc .CZ:~yic ancient talcs of M6t-r s c n d i n ~cthcseal L'ndciul to the aid
>pc113ibrc available to Clcricu of both thc .\lournr.m' (;uilrl o f his followcn in rcsponsc ro fumt-nt prayem. Thc one-
ant! rhc k l v u n Knights: timc usc af a summoning spell might he grantutl as a
hlcssing to a favourcc1 follower in truly uxcuptionrl cir-
Lcvel 1 cum5tnnccs
Aura n f Rcsist:incc: (lure I.ighr I n i u n ( l [ ) : Enthuse ( R ) :
In~rnunit).from R~istrn
Controlling Spells
Lvtl 2 Spells for controlling Undcarl ;ire something of a grey
Aura ofl'rotecrion: Hold Flight:>utl (R): Hall!, area, n n c which ~ l ~ p e on n d what
~ the cnstrr d c ~ with
(K);Stcal Magical lJo\rrcr(K): %oneof Sanctna?: %oneof the L'ndead once r h q arc ci>ntrollt.d. According to the
Steactfnstnes3 strict tioctrinc of the cult. the only accepahle thing to d o
LcvcS 3 with controlled 'L'ndearl is t o order them to dispel. rc-
<;;tu\c Instahiliry; I:ausc Str~pirliy:Ilispel Magic [ R ) : turning thcm to thcir rightful rest and sending their snub
'rnnafrr Aur:~ tt, the m-tciving hands of Mcirr.
However, some rntjrr. rntxlerate kictions of the cult -
Lcvel 4 cspcciallywirhin the Raw-n Knight.; - argue that ir is pcr-
Azira of In\,ulnc.nhilin.. Curu Srwru Wound (1-1): Ilrain mi~sihlcto use existing LTndeacl ;IS troops on a tempo-
.Magic H ) . I<nch:inr \ti.apcm: Strcngth .Mind; % o t ~ eof n v ha.*ih, turning them against the necrnmanccr \vho
Magical I m m u n i r ~(R) created them. This proposition has aenenred a gwat dral
Notcs of theological and moral debate. and is far from bring
H: hC:lling spell - s r c hrlow resolved. '1-hr (;U should iudge each indiritfual case o n
R: this spc.11 i> nor in the 1T'I'KI' rulcl~nnk,hut is includcd its merits.
in I hr forthcoming volume ~cnfnrr!f.\'nrcer?b.
Other Spells
,411 other necmmanric spclls thc Hntrd spells. Stop Irr-
HEALING SPELLS . ~ t n h i l iL~y~e .in Death, Ctrrsp c$ i'ndtv~tband ZTJitwI nf
'I*ht.vcmions of hcaling spclls taught h!- the cult of M6tr Iltwtb - arc forhidden ro t h r frdlrwrn (c,fMOrr, and mav
h a w thcir Rrcatc.\t rftcct again51 1njurir.3 ;incl di.;casc4 nnr hc uscrl untlcr :in!- circumstances.
A ~ o c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkacss

is often addcd m chsrgrs o f theh and hdysnatching. The In Mbldenheim. Altdrjrfand a nunltwr o f other lnlpe-
penalty varies lvirh thc. seriousness o f the offence, but i t rial cities, thc bodies of those killed wtrile hring apprc-
can be ss much :t> ten yeam' hard labour. (Iynical anti- hended for bodysnatching r,r gmvc-loc~ring.o r erccuted
cltrical Agitators have suggesteti that this offence serves follorving a srrics of such offt-ncus. are ubui~llygiven to assist the culr QC M6rr in retaining a h w - the local university for dissection, following a judgment
lurr. tcmrroI of the process of d i s p o s i n ~of the dead. and fifty years ago I~yiY'ilhelrnvan Mcsscrlith, an Altdorfmag-
of rhe lucrative stream of funeral fees. istmtc renowned frrr his sense of rhc. appropriate in pin+
Sody-sn;itching is a separate offence. although ing senrcncr.
chargcs nf theft. trcspass and conduct likely to give rise
to L'ntlcatt art. freclur-nrlv adcletl to it. Thc next-nf-kin, if
any, C;IR choose whether rn treat the case as thefr undcr
Standing Rcwards
(:rirninal o r ;w hr>dysnatching undcr Ternplc Iaw. Through rhc Mournrrs' Guittl. thu cutr of M6rr offers a
'Ikmple Iaw provides more severe punishment, hut the scrics o f standing rcwards for infrmnntion resulting in
(;rirninal la\v aIlo\r?i for financial compensation of the the conviction of anyone who hreaks their laws rrgnril-
victims {either t h c next of kin o r ahr cult of M6rr as own- ing the dead. These are as follows:
ers of the burial-grnund a criminal casc must have a
victim to stand up in court). By-laws in somc parts of the 5 CiC for information I e n d i n ~tn the recoven
o l d \T%lrlclallow for the casc to be p u s u c d undcr hc~th of valu;~hlesstolen from a grave (plus
laws, in \vhich casr the clutcarne of o n e action is invari- 30%of the value o f thc p > o d s ) ,
ably cited: as cviticncc in the second. 10 GC for information Ieaditlg ro thc amst of
il funhcr catcgo? of offcnces corers rhe pillaging of a gr;lve-rohhcr;
graves for valuahlcs rather than corpses. This is princi- 15 GC for informarir~nrcgardinp. thr. use of
pally mwretl by Criminal Iaw. and can lead to c h a q r s body parts in other magics:
of theft and trespass. The Mourners' Guild can pursue 2 5 GC for inforn~atir~nregarclinp,the raising or
the culprit under Temple Iaw for conduct likelv to give surnnlonine o f Lbndr-ad:
rise to CTndead, but the!' will only do s o if the accused 5-10 GC for information regarding a t h c r
looks ahlc ro pay a substantial finc into Guild caffes o r breaches of the Temple Iaw (the size of
is also likel? to he guilty of other Temple Ian~offcnces. wwartt dr-pcnrls on the sprcific case)
Ilespite the potential severity of these punishments,
somc. thiett-s devote their careers to the apparently easy These wwards may hc clnirnt.d at thr: guilclhouse \vith
pickings of jewels and other g r a v e - g d s availahlc in many rcspnnsibility for rhe place in which t t ~ ct.vVntocct~rrcd.
graveyards, and carefully \v\.atch funeral rites in progrcs? I f a cnsr appears to involw more than cltle standing r t -
t o assc.;s the hcpsr prospcuts. ward. only the highest reward is payable.
Scction Two: Rcquiescant in Pace

Chapter 8
they come o n with this treacly Blsr. sympathy that m:lkcs
veu want to scrcam. But Master I3rr,tvimcr w:ts very nice
a h m t it all ve? sincere."
"Not a had business. if you don't mind spending yr mr
days surrounded hv stiffs. 1 mcan, thc tntlc's ncrur go-
ing to go away. is Et? People aren't g(gr,ingto stop dying.
And he's g o d . H e should he on the stsgc. - hc cc-Ernr.3 out
with all thc sad look and the rnealyrnnuthcd crmrlo-
1ence.s. and hc can really make ?nu helicvc h c means
them. You'tl rhink it was his own mother hc. was burying
to look at him sometimes, Pt.oplc. an- so h u w sharinp,
their grief with him. I suuearthey hardly notice him raking
their monev."

Jacobus Drocviggcr
Initiate of Morr.
WATERY GRAVES Jacr)hus1)rncvigger is a
Iran. luguhrinu3 man
in his forties. H i s facc
seems to he the wrong
In Marirnhurg's Kruiersmuut district. not far from the size for the rest of his
1)eedtsvcld cemetery, there stands a re? neat, respect- body, and his large
able-looking tar-storey cottage. next to a smaller huild- nose and ears combine
ing with thc sign of a coffin hang in^ outside. This is with the warty-lints left
1)mevigger's Funeral Emporium, and thc catrage next by decades of profes-
d w r is the nrmvimcrs' home. \K%ile there is no direct sional sympathy to give
interconnection k r w c c n the huiltlinps, thcv share the him a v e y strange ap-
vard which hack- onto the Poultice W'ater. pearance. His hair is
The 1)rrxviggcr home is a small. tidv two-storey cot- dark and lightly oiled,
tage with no notcwnnhy characteristics. The Dmevimers and his mournful eves
have a hedrnom on the upper storey, and Edvard their are dark hrown. His clothing 1 % iri~ari;~l>lr
ynunR apprentice slccps in the kitchen. Thc vard and Apprenticed to a coffin-makvr at an earl\ age, h e hii\
the hack of t h e shop is t h r domain of Roris, the huge and spent most of his life in the tmclc. and dcath is. in his
gloomy Kislevitc coffin-maker w h o complctcs the blood. He is respectful ancl formal at all timcs - hc and
Iltorviggcr househoId. his wife even rcfrajn from using each orhcr's first narnc.;
Thc fmnt is where the business is conducrcd. The in the presence of customers.
door of rhc shop opens onto a vestibule, -4th a door Iead- D r o e v i ~ c its a member of the Mourners' Cuilcl. :I\
ing to the s t o c k - m m where coffins and sample grave- all in his profession arc required to he. As a contact for
stones are neatly displayed. Also off the vestibule are nvvo the rWourners' Guild, he is known to most of his neigh-
cunainecl booths. where 'occupirtd' coffins can be Iaid h u m , welt as to the local W'atch. Any apprnach ro the
kfore a funeral. The hooths are decorated in s t ~ h egood
r Guild is made through him when therc is local husiness
taste and lit only by rallow candlrs. of which the Guild nucds to he inbrmed. and hc keeps
Coffns m either taken out into rhe square and 1oadr.d an eye o n the nciphhourhwd with regard to thc R r n p l c
onto a horse-rl~umhearse for the f u n r n l , o r taken out Law on death and t h e dead.
through the yard and moved by funern1 barge. In the lat-
ter case. Dmevigger is sure to have Roris clean the yard Quotes: "Good day to you, pIcssc. come in. Allow me to
up and keep out of the way the Kislevitr's appearance take your cloak. Please avail ynurselves of seats. You have
suffered a loss? My most sincere condolences. You may
and manner have a tendcncy to upset thr- bereaved!
rrly o n me to make all thc arrangements without adcling
to your disrresq."
"Wc'\re atways ppridcd oursclvcs on o u r servicr. Add
COMMON KNOWLEDGE no further to the c u s t o m c r "distress,
~ that's alu-nys hccn
"He*s a wv nice man. Very discrccr, r e v svmpathetic. my watchword. After the loss of a loved a n c , no onc re-
We' went to him when old aunt Mathildc died, and h e allv wants ro hamte like a grocer - it n.r,uldn't he fitting."
w a s very g&. You know how some of them can be - "The granite) In this case, I rlon't think so,sir. If l might
either it's all husincss and never mind y o u r feelings. o r suggest. thc hasalt has greater cfignie 'Shc cnlour, the
A ~ o c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkness
presence. More fitting altogcther. No-one who sees the
basalt can possibly doubt that it is laid over a man nf Boris Rodzin
consequence. And it does hold an inscription well. Peo- Artisan.
plc mill still he able to read your father-in-law's name ex-Artisan's Apprentice.
centuries from now." cx-Scaman
Appearance: Jh irries.
hugc, bearded, limp
(left leg hroken and
badly s e t ) . Thick
Agc: .+L Wslevire accent.
Alignment: Neutral (Mbrr) Personality: Q u i e t .
Skills: Cnwentry C l ~ a r m *; Dizlinntiotr - Card rend in^ dour, hardworking.
"', Ilreonr Interpretation: Dsi1.e Cart; Etiqrretfe; Etyalrl- Goals: Makc coffins.
nte: ~W~rrris~narics:Laul: RelrdAT'rite; Scmll LWP: Secret think gloomy Kislcvite
Lan~zcqqe Classical; Stonetr #orking"'; Tailor; lT?eo/n~? Irft alone.
Trappings: Nicllo silvcr raven pendant (nlorth 25 Gu): Quotes: "Too many
wrsting ktt: pack of cards (for divinations). h o s t h u i l d c r s in t h i s
town. So I huild cot-
Notes: fins. Evcr?.hodv need
I. Droevigger's Dit7lnntion skills are in line with the ex- cofXns. dah?"
pandutl Divination mlcs givcn in Chapter 1'. "You here for rneasurr.) For coffin, I measure you Inr
2. Although he has never worked swnc. Jacohus has coffin. ciah? Nyeh? Oh. lkcusr.. please, work i5 to he done."
picked u p enough knuwludgu to be able to use this skiIl Notes: b r i s knows same of thc patrons nf the local h m -
when it affects Int tests o n l y t e l r i e ~by sight. but generally keeps ro himself. H e huvs
imported K~slevitcvodk.a from Ishrnael at thc Pelican's
Perch in the Suiddocb.
Anna Drocviggcr
Anna Uroevigger is a Skills: IEocrr B ~ t l l t l i r t ~t.'rtr/ltarr!ty.
. I . ' o r i s r r t t l r ~:lkcrrbrnl.
lo?%lsuppcm to her hus- I)oiisc B/ou,; Ilrilge L-orr; i!twIric~te;RQZP;* k i = i / i t rSpeak ~:
band. She does nor par- Rdrlitional Lnngtlnge - .Yorse: Street Figfr~it~~; Strike
ticipate in the funeral .Mighty Blorrs: Stlpinl: Verj-R~silierrt*; Veq, St rotrg*
ritt~als,hut manages the Notes: ORing to noris's had leg, his F ?ccortii s halvcd \vhcn
business of the l-mpo- making rests relating to rnavcment and agility.
rium - coilccring fees
for funerals, dealing
Edvard Stocmm 1 -
with and paying suppli-
ers ant! so Forth - and
b.. Artisan's Apprcnticc.
. L'',,;
runs the household.
Her knowledge of Clnce an orphan at St.
the civ's orher traders.
Rutha's. EcIvarc! knows
most of the children
and her nenvork ofgos-
gip with nther arrisans and staff there. He also
knows the people with
and their wives means t h ; ~ tshe is well informecl ,tl)r>ut
whom Drcrevimer does
the goings-on in Kruiersniuur. Anna is in her mid-tliir-
ties;the 1)roeviggers have no chilctren. business. a n d has \\*on
t h e hearts of a nurnher
Before mart-vin~Jacohus, Anna was a sewant to one
nf Marienhurg's leading merchant families; a friendship
of llcreaveti ladies by
his beautifullv mourn-
with Anna might provde PCs with a helpful source o f

'below stairs' information. fir1 appearance at fu-
Quote: "Right away Master Drnevimer."
ncrals. .
Quote: "Yes, sir."
Skills: DO&P B f o r d y ',
E t i q r l e t ! ~Etlc~ffirnte
: .(A . .
Appearance: About cighr \ t . 1 1 . t ~ -, ,, 8 colrl(,r~' : . L I I 118.2~-
Skills: {,ooLm,/lo(lxytn/ < / o t r . I : f i q ~ ~ i ~1 It ~
l ~L~~: I I .IV~I I ?~I IV~ S: - sc~lrmnb l u e t ~ s .
a ~ n ! i c .Rerm'flV'ri'rilc;
~: Srrppr Ntrmlernie Personality: Quiet. respecrful, attentive, serious.
Appearance: Forties, slightly plump, soherlv dressed. Goals: Lcarn rhc husincss. plcasc the D r n e ~ ~ i ~ g c r s .
PcrsonalEty: I~ormal.~ e t l t e e I respectful.
Goals: Respcct and support husband, and to run her
household weIl.
Notes: Knows most of thc locnt tmdcrs.
A~ocrvohaTwo: Chart of Darkness

..c: -
., ,' . <{
.. m'

' .. 1

.. - .

Ground Floor Uppcr Floor

can intercept and rccoves the body before it is dissected ing to their oum beliefs - something which rhc Cult of
or subjected to a worse fate, they will save Master M d r r firmly regards as desecration of the dead?
Drocvimer from a serious professional embarrassment.
and rarn his gratitude.
No Rest for the Wicked
Jacohus Droerigger has recently h e n given charge of the
The Foreigner body of a notorious racketeer, who died at the hands of
A visiting A ~ l h v a nmerchant has died in the ciry, and his an arch-rival -perhaps even the dreadrd Adalben "Casa-
h a l v is in the charge ofJacohus DmwIgger white arrange- nova" Henschmann (see Marienbzrrg: Sold Dotlw rhe
ments are made. ~Iccordingto Temple IAW a body may Ritler, p.6"). A gang war is brewing, and the deceased's
only k released to the nem of kin, and since this indi- rival has publicly \*owed to prevent the deceased from
rridual's next of kin are far away in Amby a tense situa- receiving funeral rites. so that he may never find peace.
tion is brewing. nrmvimer finds his shop invaded hv ncketeers de-
The deceawd's fellow merchants are demanding that termined to ward the M y of their lamented boss, and
the hodv he turned over to them so that it may k buried with v e n definite ideas about when and how rhe Cult of
in their own tradit~on,hut the law states that the Cutt of M6rr is going to conduct lthe funeral. The Watch is w e
M i ~ r must
r conduct a Funeral if the next of kin cannot be unudlinp, to pet involved. preferring to let the two gangs
contacted. weakcn each other with their continued feuding. Mcan-
The Arahyans may try to take the body bv force. steal while. various agents of the victorious crimelor<lwill stop
it thtmsclves, or arrange for it to be stolen from t h e at nothing to obtain the body of the deceased, o r at least
Ilrorvigp-S'shop.Foreseeing this, Dmmigger may him prevent the funeral from taking place.
the PC3 as temporar). guards. or, if any of them have any PCs with undenvorld contacts map he able ro bring
experience with Amby and )-hian culture, as interrne- abour some kind of negotiated settlrrnent -although this
dinrirs and negotiators. will nor he easv - o r it may be posbi blc to trick the racket-
A s a n added complication, the deceased \.as a mem- eers and b u n t h e body secretlv. ensuring the safety of
hcr of an ancient Ambyan cult which embraces mummi- the depatted spirit (and preventing it From taking any
fication as a burial rite. and his companions demand to further hand in the situation?),while letting the nvoganffs
bc alIr~wedto cvisceriate. dry and wrap the body accard- get on with their feud.
.- .'- .
Scction Two: Rcquicscant in Pacc ,r

;,, A

. ) l1
;r,,,... ,-
-'. '

: . ..1l
,. .
" ,j
MouMs. Rcrl and Yetlow 3Tould both grow cm decaying P -, - - :{
organic matter. \vhich makes a burial a verv attractive ", .,., , 5;.L 4 h . ,

proposition for them - and blundering inro the vault a ,' *

!.,.,, ::- .'I . I
.., * ; >., ..''

vcn hacl Erlea. The burial o f a wizard or othcr spellcx~rer ..;. ,.' 1
; .. ,,.; , .r.

might attract Purple Mould - especially i f there are

8 , .

r .. : ,.
charged magical items buried with the deceased. Thew 1,
.:.+- r 4
: :.4
( ,

uill he completely dmined of Magic Points when found, .

, ';:: .
hut could he made to work again i f they are thoroughly i' : ,,)

cleaned of spores. e,,

* ,
;, ;, , -:,l
5 , i
9. . ' 1
- - 4
Bloodsedge: This plant lives on riecaying animal tissue, l ' , : d . , :l
and will grow quite happily in anv graverard, especiafly l ,
. ,
unattended o r ahanrioned ones. I t trrEll atso he rquaIly C',.

happv to catch any animal (or adventurer) foolish enough

to wander too close to it. The plant will probably hr -. - ..
found in a quiet part of the gravevad, since in morr fw-
quented areas it wilt have been identified anti r m t r d out ,,
as soon as it appears. The area around will he unnatu- !'- " - , ''
., - , - .

mlly quiet (Int tcst to recognise this: Rangcm + In. Elvcq ; .- , ,1 -,

+ 15). and if t h e ground around t h e plant is inspected (;'- .,-" A

GRAVEYARD ENCOUNTERS cioselv (hut not too closely", various hones of small : ,' "1
; .,, ,,
1. ' '
,;, -1

animals might hu found. Characters with IdentfipPInnr d. 2

;: - . ,?: .
, ,

skill may itlentify t h e Blr~odsedgcin the n o r m a l wit?f. ,, ..

;i , . ,.,,.':'

,: : ,
G r a t ~ e m tThis
: plant is v c q useful for dealing with
undcad. and as its name sumests it is cnmrnnnly found
t . ",, . ,.
, ,, , : ,
, ., '. .

in and around pnveyards. SchoIars theorise that it feeds I.. ' ._

in some m y o n the death around it, and t h e essence of
Mourners aren't the only things ahroad in a gra\rqvard. 5 :,. ..,.:..- ,-
Here arc a few ideas for events and cncountcrs, set in
death (a5opposed to Undeath) that builds u p in irs tis-
sues is somehow inimicat to t h e m a ~ i c and
s compulsions
<::; ;,
1: -
. ,
Marienhurgk Dcedesveld graveyxrd (sec h1arienhrrr-g: r,,,+-'.m 'I

j: j
Sold Dnum the A l i r l p r , p. 112), hut which can be used in
any adventure or campaipn with ver)- little adaprarion.
/ .
it . .
.,.:- ..d

j, ,; ,. '..!
l;, ,:,., ; ,,3

d ; -:. - .{ .I '.A

7 ;
. .,.q
. :A
; -,. --

OF THE DEAD *,, ,.:,,*Y

., -, . .,,',;?
'.,.':. , .,;.(
While in a p v c y a r d 3 the adventurers might be called S:,.': I .

- ' :, , .l
upon to d o a little grave-rohhing - o r at Icsst. to open ",..
,. ,
and investigate some of the larger and more interesting- S
; .-. , '

look in^ vaults. It could noellhe that there is nothing in $

r . , ';. 4
, '

thcrc out of the o r d i n a -

~ after all, you can't win a prize J '
i.., ,-.-
V.'. . . . .-
every time. I-Iowevcr, it could be that there is something : ," : ,:>
.,. '

interesting in a vault beside the corpqe - s o here are a

I' ' . a
{ ,. ,
. : ; .,, , r, ;#
few ideas: V J . , .
S -

,-,. ;
.- - --:. - . - ,A1
f r . , ,

Rats: Burial vaults are dty sheltered and very quiet - .-.. - - , 1
just the kind of place for a pack of nts to nest and raise (. -
their young. These will bc normal rats, having nlnnclled
their nrav in under t h e base of one of the vault's walls o r ;. :;,*,, .: ': ' ;<
rhmugh a section of crumbled hrick. Anyone entering . , ,,,l
"L ',,, 1
- .,I
the wult wilt panic rhern, ancl t h q will anack as a S w u m .
,-, :,; ;;
with 1 W point af rats f l c e i n ~through rhc open doorway ".
per round. :
;., - ,

Cwep~l-Cmu~lles: Insects. such s s ants and hrctlcs, can . .
swam1 in a mult in the same way as n t s . The difference
is that they \vir.ill not artcmpt tn lcavc their nest - thcy will
simply fight to the cnd in its dtfi-nce.
I , ' I . .
" .
,, .
A~ocrvohaTwo: Chart of Darkness

rh;rt kccp thc 1 ndcad nut o l their gravcs. nc. that as it r i m . Mc \\,as hurictl ~ v i t hg r a t crwrnony. along ~ v i t hwnle
may, there is evenr chance that characters with ICIPntil~j* of his men w h o had falltn in the h a t t k s against Chaos.
I'lnnr o r Herb Lore skills rvill hc able t o find a clump of The story of The R q y 1 T ' h Stole His father'.^ Kiw for CnD-
t a ~ r a v e v a r di f they spend enough time Icmk-
G r a ~ c r n o in tnin Atr~m?ans' Crnt~ecan still he found in some hooks
ing. 'llse the rules o n acquiring herb3 from 71~eEneny of children's tales in Marienhurg.
lIrifhin Vol. I : Shad~u'sf3twr Rijgenbnfen, p.36.when The doors of the tault a r t n ~ s t c t lshut (T 5 , D 15),
anvonc searches fnr <;raveroot. Mnre information about and the steps are filled t o a depth of about a font with
rhis h e r b may kc found o n p." of this r*oI~tme. d v lcaves and o t h e r debris. Cle:trIy the vaulr has lain
undisturbed for some time.
What n o o n e k n o w s is t h e real tragedy of Karl
A ~ c r m a n s :he did not die from his wc~und.The blow t o
THE FALLEN HERO his head caused a blood-clot, which temporarily shut off
This ornate vault takes the form of a pillared marble thc flaw of hlnod t o t h e brain and scnt him into a coma.
canopv over a carved e f i of ~ a n armclurcd knighr lying I-le was buried alive. The funem1 rituals, intendcd t n pre-
o n ;I h e r . The hier Forms tht roof c)f the scrni-suhterra- vent Undcad a r i s i n ~from a dead hody. had no effect on
nean vault, whore cfoors a r e reached via a s h o r t flight of him huuausc h c was alive at the time they \vuru rontluctcd.
steps at the south side. When hc aivoke he found himself t n p p e i i . His reason
A Classical inscription the edge of the canopy hnrl already hccn d a n l a ~ e t lhy the corn:i. and it finally
reads: "Hiejncet C:crrolrr.r. + l r ~ e r m n r tnri~~.~Jor!issirn~rs
s snapped \vhcn h e found l ~ i n l s e l f s h ~up
r t in his o n n tomh
I lixit a?lna+ r~lorlnnnn r pi/ " W a g Inrp. nrnrcccri S&.
x-r~~iij and zunahle to per out. Rced with a slon: painful death
crrnr cornitcs ssltis. Wt~spiigrntiiqrre mefecit. " II~ stan~ation,he hroke into the o t h e r coffins and arc the
A character with the relevant skiEl can translate this bodies. When death claimcd him at Iast, h e became a
as: "Here lies f i r 3 rivermans, a great warrior, with some Ghoul.
of his comrades. H c Iived 2 8 years and died in the 'th The G h o u l is still trnahle to cscapc its confinement,
year of thc rcign of Emperor Magnus. the 251 lth year of and is mac1 with hunpcr - it finished the last o f the other
Sigmar. The pious a n d grateful citizens paid For this hndies over fifh. y e a n ago. Anv noisc made in the vicini
monument t o h o n o u r his memory" of the vault m i l l alert rhc Ghoul, and i t \vill s c ~ ~ h hfnn-
A native of Masienburp, ( o r whatever ciry vou are in) ticallv a ~ a i n s tth e doors. r ~ i n rt,
g gct nut. The Iihoul has
may make a n Int rtst ( H i s t o y + 10. H e m l d q ~+ 10. a 20'%cchnce of hearing any Eouti noise made outside
Scholar i-1 0 ) t o know about Karl Avcrmans. He was a the vault, and its fmntic 3cmrching counts as a snft noise.
wanderer ivbo f n f rose to prominrnce during the Incur- with a ZOY, chance nf being heard (Acr~trtehear in^ + 10) i f
sion of Chaos nvo hundscd years ago. Then a Marine anyone is listen in^ at the d o t ~ rand , a 10% chance of he-
captain in clne o f the merchant militias, h e fought with j n heard
~ orhenvise.
great courage in the dtfr-nce of Marienhurg. and tsecarne I f the adventurers open the vaulr, thc Ghoul wiEl
ttrc hero of a n u m b e r of popular sonRs and ronlances. launch itself desperately towards them. Madricner! with
H c died shortly after the llattlc against Chaos w a s won, hunger. i t attacks the neareqt charactcr. and will only t r v
apparently from n head-wound. l'hc wound had been t o flct. if it is reduced t o half its original Wounds score.
trcated and for seveml days he appeared t o he in perfect llxamining the inside of the vault mic.i31 rcll the stoq:
health, and t h c n o n e dav he simpty dropped dead. i n There a r r five coffins inside. and all have been hrokcn
r c c o ~ n i t i n nofhis \.alour in their clc-frnce, the citizens of open. One. on an ornate marble bier, has hccn hrokcn
Marirnhurp, paid for his monument by public suhscrip- o p e n from the inside (I rest to realise this), ancl thc o h -
1: 1.
L -
.- .
l' :, , , -',
.:, I
Apocr~phaTwo: Chart of Darkness
l.: ,.
1 ,,.


.j cult of M 6 r r give their permission) the adventurem will The lid of the sarcophagus can he lifted bv rwo o r
: ..
find a plain, featureless coffin containing a wizened more characters with a coml~inedS of 7 o r more. Inside,
$ . -:
'. ,-,,..::
corpse and lined with sack-cloth. Vrekmans ctearly dr- Er is clean and empry A successful I test (SwrTrnp +10,
L,,,,. ,,-
spiscd luxury, Beneath the sack-cloth mav be found gold Sroneuarking + 10. Tcmh R o h k r + 10) will reveal a hid-
., coins of various nations. to the rxlue of 1'53 Gu. dcn catch in the mouldings of the eastern sidr.. A Further
!..; :
p:'..". I test (same modifies) will reveal that the base of the
r,, ,, ," ;,

sarcophagus is false the hidden catch opcratcg a mecha-
i:;. 1 ,,
THE PREMATURE BURIAL nism which causes it to retract, hut this can only happen
y:;,' . , when the lid of the s a r c o p h a ~ ~isi sclosed. The falsc f l w r
$, .,. . ,'/
, ,
5 the advenrurem arc walking through t h e gravu!.ard,
hasT7, D 12.
E,,.', i
thcy notice that the ravens that live in the place am be- The Paupers' Vault is designed to operate as follows.
r., , ' ;
" having strange[? They am. hopping in an agitated fash- After the funeral, the body is laid in the sarcophiipls and
I* . , #
. .
ion around a fresh gmw, and if there is a follower cif the lid is closed. After rhu mourners have departed, [he
l ,, ,' M6rr among the adventurers a raven may actually flv ro-
r:, .,-:;- ,'

$ wards him and attempt ro land o n his shoulder, canring

officiating priest pulls the hiddcn catch and rhe floor of
;.;-; ,I the sarcophagus rhen drops away dumping the hndy
, toudly and giving him rhc occasional gentle peck o n rhc
I:,. ,.
3 .

5 head until he goes to the grave.
down a broad shaft into a l o m ~ rchamber, where a n
.:; , Arnocba (WFRP, p.231) waits to devour it.
'I'he headstone of the grave b e a s the name of Jan I t is a two-yard btl from the floor of the sarcophagws
,: -,;
Mreland. and a date of death Irss rhan a week ago. The to the h o e h a ' s ch:~rnber,but falling damage is halved
, .,
burial clearIy took place only vcsrerdav or toclay. The because of thc soft landing. However. h l I i n ~ characters
; -
,: , , Ravens continue to hop around the gm%-ecxciredlv. occa- automatically cnunt as en,qtilfed when thev drop onto
l,.,: ):

sionally scratching o r pecking at the ground, the waiting Amoeba.. .
:, ,
Thc. rrason for their behaviour ih that Jan Meetand
L , ,; isn't actuatly rleati. He fell into a cataleptic fit n kw days
1. -.
[ , ' . -j aKo. and has bccn huried prematurely. ~kvakcningin his
:, 4 coffin ro rralisc the awful rmth, hc has called upon Morr
.;5 ;, "
U'hile in o r around a coastal or riversirle gravtyard at night.
C',.,' ' to save him. and his call has been answered - hence the
'r , ' , - ;,; ,f
, strange hchaviclur of the m e n s . the adventurers see hnhhing lights by a cliff edge. I f you
F. The advenmrrrs should take the hint that something like, t h e lights of an approaching ship mnv bc visible in
. - ' - , - ,,
:.:: is amiss with the grave, and exhume the hapless Meeland. the channel. and the adventurers might sec it change
He i q still rarhcr hysterical, having gaine~lanother 4 Io- course in response to the lights - righr towards some
[;; ,;L,,., ; sanii-y Points and the disorder Ilenlentia t h r n u ~ hthe deadlv mcks and sandban.
1l,, ,: .,.::'i-L -.
strain of his ordeal. But hc is alive, and if his bmilv can The adventurers might well conclude that a pang of
'. c,, wreckers is at work, and decide to deal with them. save
-.-;,; be t m e d (which they can, through local Mourners' C;uiEd
. - .,., *
I I .
records), they will be delightecr - i f surprised to have the ship ancl collect any reward that's going. Unfnnu-
F; '
V,'. '

1 ,<
' - P ,:
' ,'
him back. The adventurers might come by a small finan-
cial reward for their assistance, and M6rr might hless
nately, they don't know thc full stow,
Ahout ten years ago, a notorious gang of wreckers
did indeed operare from the graveyard, using the tombs
them heing good instruments of his will.
f, _ .. .
';' Meanwhile. the people who caused Mccland to he and some associated caves and tunnels to store their loot
' ,; huried before his timc arc none t o o happy Alive. Meeland ancl hide from the authorities. Nn other gang of wreckers
[.',. . ; is a threat to their illegal activities: they think hc knows dared o p e n t e sospenl?*withinthe cEry and their renown
c,. ", -*, too much, and can identi& them, He and the PCs ke- was considerable. Finally, they were caught and hanged.
. - .l
,.. ", come targets - hut because of his D m m t f a he can't re- and their remains were buried in an unmarked mass
,f ;.' ; member the details of what's happening, including the gmve in the same graveyard from which they operated in
F:; iclcnriries of t h e people who are trying to kill him. life. But their activities are not entirely at an end - for
1 ,
e v e v ?.ear, o n the anniversary of their execution, the

wreckers rise from their grave as Marshlights (WFRP,
,,,; p.252). and stccr a ship to its doom.

:<;'. , , a * ! There are five Mmhlights at thc cliff eclge, and if the
t', , .,,,, ;-~,,-, Most crtie5 and rn:inv larger rouns have some form of adventurers interfere the uvil spirits n7jlltry to dmw them
;, ,:-, .,.. ' ,l; paupers' grave, for handling the bodies of rhose whose over the cliff using their mesmeric ability.
, .
i. -.* > families are unknown o r roo poor to pay for a funeral. The encounter can he brought to a satishctow encE
P, . -.'A

1:. : :L'!
h l r h a u ~ htllevvary in some paniculars, they all share the by destroying the Mashlights, and then Iocatin~theirun-
1, , - ,,: same function: t o acctpt the hodies of the impoverished marked grave and having a Cleric of Mrirs perform the
i' ,:.
clead in a dignified and sespecrful manner, and then to
[ ,' ; . :,L.!
, ,
Funeral, ritual over i t to prevent their rising again. I f the
(.. . ' , ensure that those hodies arc disposed ofas quickly as adventurers play a part in discovering and solving the
1 . .,
pc>ssihlc.s o rhar there is room for the next poor unfortu- pmbtem, theyu~illhe eligible for two standing rewards -
I', . "*::3 nare. 'The following example is birlv typicaI. one of 50 Gu from the Temple of Manann for informa-
Prominently pl;~oecIin thc graveyarcf, often cEose to tion leading to the discovep and punishment of wreck-
2- rhc pares, is a c;~nredStone sarcophagus hearing an in- ers (although a bureaucratic lay-clerk at the Tern plc may
scription in ReikspEel: "Built hy the Council and the Tern- he a little unhappy about: paving out the reward ttricc
ple of M6rr for the Amenity and Relief of the Poor and for the same gang of wreckem? and o n e of 25 C;u from
thc Sanitnrinn and Safety cif All. Anno FR-i7." thr. Temple of Uhrr for information regarding undead.
" , . ..
",' ,
. .,',- . ,,. 1

,. .-:F
,, ,
-.- - . .,,.',
.. ,",:
: :,
m: r
, , ,,,., '
, ,> ,J .:
,, ,
: ,: !
; ,

h :,


- ,
. . ' , ,.
:, , . '

. .: .$
c -- ,',, ,

. .,."
- .8
;, , .:cL,-:l

. .-,c
/<L ,
I , , ,,;"A
{, .

;:,:,;. .. 2 .,.
" ,

People and Places

,:.:;;:, ;>
'-,. .- - ,, : . * , ', l - , .
$m . ;

(, ,", /-.+,
- :.
-:. -.. .

K.. ..5::-;7
C' -,.< , ,i
7 .
, ,. ,>
A PSSING ACCOUNT of divers NOTARE and INERES77JVG r,:.,;;. . , ,
, j.

l -;,,',,,-,,
PERSONAGES, the PIACES where they MAY BE FOUND, and the r 4 * .',
9 , ::+; :,,;+

CONDUCT OF THELRBUSINESS^ namely; 1' .,, - -,a

9 3

'. , >,4
, .. .,,- -; 'a

* - .' ., ,I

i',. , . , , , ;-:.;:l
M A S E R OTT0 DRUCKER, wl7ose trade is t?3e MODERN and N O W L . - .'.',,
, . ."L

U' .:';: :., '."

ART of PRINir7NG, by u~J3icl.~ such W T i and IJVERESnNG WORKS as
,,. - ./:, "., J!
,;-L;-, .,c,:,.?
tl?is present are daily placed before the DISCERNhYG PURSdC; .. . ..,;.,l
- r , . P,.

;,' ',' ,:,

" ,
/, ';

!. -,.. . - , .; ,:
, .


.i, ,l
!,-':,,, ;.:;


r . ,
, c,:.' . :A

r., ,. -. "
.- ,.- . I, -;,.:. ,l
- ,,'::<>',
and WIDESPREAD Oi!I?RAGE,S have made themselves a #'
I . '
, ,. L.->.. >

. ,
, m,-<?.:
- ,

1 '

, , -. , .

8 "
7, L"

;; .' . .<".
' ',-.
, "

P" p,<.,



j, :... ,--, .

c ;,,:',
I,,'.. ,
- I .

TO THE IMPERIAL CROWN and those of divers lesser nations I

f . > ,

displays CAP7NE BFAllMEN and other FOUL M J S - S W E N THINGS l

', - ,,,
. ,: ,!.;, ,-:
-' '

ivr Towns and Cities across rhe Old World,for the AMRZF5MEw c"

.: ,. .,:..,-;; ,
': ' '' : .
* -

DEJJGHT and E D I F I M O N of the PUBWC AT LARGE; ..,-.." -,,.-

:,:l , ; 1,"'.,
. . :.:

;; 7,.

f ;'.' ., , ,
. . ,
I , . '
; .* ' -, '
.. ,. '
. . ;.I' C';

h o r n 4 s GOTREK and F E m , made familiar to the EDUCRTED r

. .' . ':,

RFGWER hy the chronicles of WiZZiurn King Esq., late of AIbion and ; ;:; .,,
_ .' - *li _'

now of Praag - these ERUDITE and KEENLYPRTCED tomes made , :"

RFMILY AVAlIMLE tbroz~ghthe mdeavours of Marcus Gascoigne,

Gent., at the BLACK ISBRARY

i' ' , . ' ,

1 : .
- .I
A ~ o c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkncs
, ,
tc-, ;:
' i
- 1
[!', ,,
*I , .
, P ,
Chapter 10
, , ,, . . New Millcnnialists arc viewed as a threat by the city nuthori-
r : ;
., ,
. .
tics, and therefore wishes t o keep his actiritlos sccrrt. 1:vcn
,- - i f thc authorities d i d not closc him donrn. thcy cnuld, h !
!,, :. :
'- I ,
various surwptitious mrans, destroy his presscs and put
... , -
h ~ mout of business. 50 avoid this, no calEcrs to his office.
. . ... 1
r -- - n o matter h o w hard they t n : can canvlncc h i m t o print
,.- . .. .
I '
, I s e d i t i o u ~litumture. I n order r o do so they w i l l first need to
.,, (
, m ,

t. '. contact an NPC Agitator. who wiEl arrange an i n t r d u c t i o n

L., , . - g t o I>tto, (see Contacting she New Uillcnnialtsts, hcltmw)
..,, . ',
,V ' .,
,, Callcrs at the print rvrwks arc ~rt.t-tetlwirh a chcen; hut
' i slightlv croah. "llello, what I can do fnr you' Wotrld you
' .
like a scat2 1'11 just move this pile of paper and ~u can sit
!'. ;
; ctitwn hcrc." His olcl body nic,vcs stlrpncinglr swiftly. and a
;:,7. , 8
clcan rag 1s soon whippcd out to wrpu the two scats i n front
o f his dcsk.
' C ,

r* '

, . . . ,- - 3
: -9
A DEN OF ''Woulci you like a glass of uinc while we condurr husiness~
I always say that n l i n l c wine helps t o smooth the passage o f
" ,
. ',
INTRIGUE the day m d makes negotiatinns ao qcr much more smcwthlp"
\T'ticther visitors :iccept his offer or nor. ( k t o prh~tclv

' *
- asks what sort of print work thcy art. looking for Hc w i l l
8 ", - f, ><
prmr am-thingfrom one-sheet flyers to chapbc~oks(booklets
;: ' .- ,
r>f 16-52 pages m:dc h v fotdinp one large \hc.ct), longcs
, I .

. Of to'%1'rintwr;nrks can bc 1oc;ltcd i n any major c i y . accord- pamphlet\. ;lnd rvcn large' hooks.
, $
. I . .I
.- , InR r t l rhc GV's nccds. In Midclrnhcim, ir wnulci he i n onc
,. ,. o f thc many sirtc struct.; that make up thc IIknd district: in Printing Costs
:,,,I;, :.
... -
I ,
Mnrirnhurg, i t w o u l t i h u i n the tcrnplc nnd universih. rlis- Orto's rarcs are rrasonahle. Assuming a p r i n t - n ~ nof onc
, '
P<> trtct of thc Tempt-lwijk. hundred booklets of sirteen pagcs. Otto charges 8 s h i l l i n ~ ~
:. : 8 .P
f:rum t h r outsidc. the huildlng I n r ~ k slike an old, shahhv cach; a print-run of one hunclred copies thcrcfbre costs
r'F :',., .,.,!;L!'
warchol~sc,lit1lc d ~ f f e r e n from
t ~ t sn e i ~ h h o u r s .Ahovc the 40GCs. The cost i s reduced ftrr l a r ~ e nans
r h! one shtlltng
c - T . , , .', door 1 % a sign that reads, "Otto's Prinnvr~rks leaflets xnd
; ,,!!A.,, per copy for cach additional hundrcd c o p ~ e sordcrcrl, r o a
,. , ,/,,:
honks printud t o arder". Behind the d o o r is a smalI. d i m minimum of four shillings pcrcopv
,. ,. , .- -
.. ,, . ,I
.. "-,. office, wherein can bc found C)Id Otto, the proprietor. C)tto One-shcct flvcrs arc considerah!~cheaper, costing only
" . .
L., , .. - --.
,i s ~ t sIwhincl ;I large. ink-spattercrl dcsk. which i s strenm with 1 C;(: per hundrc-d shccts. I I c uffcrs discounts on 500 shccts
vr : ,,
, ,
, a ~ s o r t c c lpiccc5 o f papcr. Rchind the desk are shelvcs or rnnrc: 500 shccts for the snmr price as 400; I.llOlr sheets
rf -_.;:; htapcrE high w i t h hc~nksand pamphlets. guidcs to the civ for thc same price as 800 etc.
l , , . / .' ;
v . . . . :in<! flvcrr ;inntlrrnctng various ci\+Ecfuncrir~ns.From hehind
r ' f
:. ;
f. :,-".: ;I c l o w d d o o r can hc ticarc! thc murcd mttle o f prcsscs and
l ,
type blocks aa the apprvnticrs go about their dailv work.

- -., ,;: "

.. ' . I

i. . . .I,
i ,
,l ' . -, -. ,. , ,
F ' . . -
-: , : Human. Male. Demagogue 6 Artisan
V.'l ,, '
, ,, ,
, C)ttu looks ahour h8 yt.3r.i old ancl n 7 c a nan old ink-s~ained
,- ,34 ;ipron. 1115thick pchblc glasses invartably distort his b c c
C ' : '

:l.: . . . ..i ;in4 makc h i \ cycs look like they arc buried a foot i n t o h i s
G - ,. . . '1 head. A map c ~curly f grey hair crowns his skull and a =,hire
P,,,' L, gciatcc. bc;~sddanglcs from his chin.
, .
I . . . '

P ..'; (
r\lthrlugh hody is hcnr w i t h aRc and his face dccplv
i,;',; ./ etched w ~ t hwrinklca. Orto's m i n d 15 very much alive and
i'r :>
,;, -: ,
hic c ~ c sparkle
s from hchind h ~ splnssrs, Otto i s friendly ta
$ ,. ;:::!,:,' ,
.. - , all cnllcr3, rcgartlless c ~their f stxial standing. tic takes the
1, ,,,,,,
,' ;
2 t i m r rtr rnakc. his callers fecl at home, appearing to all in-
,,~,;$ tents ancl purposes a'i an honest artisan tvishing t o providc
r; ,, ,: his customcm with the hest service possible.
1.- .+;./,; Hut contrary t o h i s public imnge. Lltto ~so n e of the Icad-
<:,.- . .:,l;
):. ing n~umbcrsof thc h;cw Millcnnialists, a radicsE g r t l ~ derli- ~p
i,; . ,. ' * catcd trr bringing about a major change' In socrcry both
;; , ' L ;,: w t h t n thc c r v and i n rhc O l d n'erld aa a whole (src The
f-' ,, .;-;- ; Nr\v Millcnni;~lisfs, below).
5. , ;" ,; I l t t c ~is a rattonal anrl reasonable man, w h o w i l l calmly
arauc his casc w i t h anyone. Far from being E~natical,all his
r! . arcumcnts arc hnscd on reason E lc can see rhat a ntion-
; ~ I Y ordcrcrl societv w o u l d benefit Far more people than
P< ., soclctv doe* ar prcscnt. Hor\-cvcr, Otta is aware that thc
. . . .:
i': 1
Section Thrcc: Pcople and Places

Thc ahnvc prices are for standard quativ work. Otto hcing p r c ~ s e dd o ~ v no n t o t h t papcr. Thrcc tgw-stylcs a r r
charges u p no 2004,cxrra For spccfal layouts and for rhc available. and Otto will gcr Into Ercat detail rcgnrcltng their
inciusion nf ncn- woodcut illustntions. respective merits:
It takrs m0 clays to prepare a press t o print a sixrccn- Gothic: 'X very nice visual text. Icx)ks good to the cyr.
pagt chapbook. and a further mr)days to print one hundred and v c y traditional. Useful h r impressing pcnple, panicu-
copies. O t ~can
l potentiallv reduce rhr. rime taken to finish larlv thosc who cannot read."
thc prlnrlng. hv working nvenirnr - anrl will offer 'rush johs' 1.trfber: 'X Iittlc hit more rad~cal,this onc. This b c c is
at twice thc normal pricc. ver). g o d for clarir): a hit utilitarian. hut casy on thc cycs
Ottn is aEsr~ prcparerl to print fuEl hooks. at a cost of for protmctcd reading. Edcal for books and pamphlets."
around 2OGCs pcr hook incturlinga simplc leather hind~ng. Itnperinl: %n imprcssivc hcc. YCS indccd L:scd o n Im-
Thc time taken ro prorluce books i s much longer than for perial slocuments. you know. A good cross thr
parnphlcts o r chaphooks, mostly duc to rhc. ncud for bct- other nvo tvpes - useful fr~rthe shnrrcr proclamar~onshc-
tcrqualrv printing, stitching ant1 hinding. loved of our Illustrious rulers. YOU can't KO wrong with this
one. dazzle your friends with your Imperial connecrions."
Old O t t o Otto will not shocr- visitors thrr~uphthe drwr Evading
from the press room. If askcd, hc sa?s, "CSh, that's whcrc
we storc thc papcr. A simple. storeroom. Nothing to inter-
est you."
Rut, little known to the auaide world, Otto's prinr shop
is thc source of the majorih of leaflets handed o u t hy Agita-
irr<y. h ' ~ c ~?tf?/re;
t .5crdi h r e ; .5tarrtXt
+ itdcrr;.h-+
tors on thc S ~ K ' C ~oS f t h e city c w n those who are not con-
crrAt.St.~ns- Arfisarl: Vp'pr??Restlirnl (~nclutltdin profile). nected to the New Millennialists. Any cause that r.mhanrsses
Trappings: Ink-sracned clothes: swod kept wndcr dcsk: 40
the povcrnmcnr. o r calts for lrnpro\+cmentsto the lot of the
G(: 11) purse: 156 (;C in dcsk di-,~wer;kcv to dcsk drawcr.
common folk. is gixrcnaccess to Otto's print fac~litics.If the
pr~nt-shop1s locarcd in Marienhurg, then Haam Markvclt
THE PRINTWORKS (see Ilforienh~rrg:5016 Doliw r h R
certainly he among Ottrl's customers.
~ i t v r , p.99) nil[ almost

The cloor lronl Ottn's ofticc lcads to rhc print room where The locked room holds another printing press uscd
iwo printinp presses arc tcndctt hv thrcc assistants. Pro- solejv for prnducinp, material of a srditious nature. Thc
spcct~vcclients arc givcn a pc.rsr)nal tour of t h ~ sroom h7 prcss speciaIiscs in leaflets proclaiming the imminent ar-
Otto. whn points out the rc~wso f lead vpc. stacked in racks rival o f t h e New Millennrum, in which the cornman peoplc
an~unrtthc ror)rn. Bundtes of paper lit. on the floor and will control their own dcstinv without being subject to thc
stacks of pan~allypsintcrl k i o k s and pamphlrts line thc whlms of inbred nobles or fat and wealthy tcmplc Icadcrs
shclvcs, Orto will cnrcfi~llyg~ticlchrs visitors around thcsc. (see helow for two examples). I-lerc two Agiratom pmducc
apologisrng for thc disorgan~scdstate o f the r w m . "K'e have Icaflcrs calling for an end to taxation and thc overthrow of
so many lobs to do thcsc days that we find it easier to son the cxisting odcr. kaflcts. soncd into various piles. arc
them Into piles on rhr floor than to put them on the shelves. neatly stacked around the room. making a %ark contnst t r l
S n plrasc srup carefully - we don't want any of you hlling the disovanised mess o f Otto's 'puhllc' print room. 'The
into a prcss." cxistcnce o f this pressis a closely guarded secret, known
The pressrs arc. primitive hut cffcctive Thcv opcratc only to the members of Otto's prcsq and to certain Agita-
on a scrcw principle, uith the galle?.s of cornposctl type tors around thc ctty
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkness

At night, thc printworks is mannett hv two Agitators w h r ~ thcrn of bring Chaos cultists, rhc New Willcnniali5ts arc to.
w l r k t hc prcss :incl hand the tinirhcd leaner3 to othcr agcnrs tally opposctl to Chaos. k>r Chaos ~ v o u l dmean an end of
for distrihut~r~n. The\. will attempt to r:tpturc any inttud- aZI o d r r and reason. (:hamctcr\ suspcctcd of bcinr Chaos
crs, hut will hc unaware of any activie outsidc the print culrists will find thrir lives domc'd h!. Agitators sc&infi to
rr>t,m. unless this ;lctivitv is rcry loud ~ndeccl(-JO to all 1,;s- cxpost them in public placcs a n d nrga~~ising dcmonma-
ir2n tcqts). ticlns outside their dn,cllings
'She rcccnt Imperial proclamation dcclnring that mu-
rants no longcr cslst [sec Elentl? (In n e Reik) has funher
Agitator futlletl the NCW Millennial~sts'bcEicf that rhc limperor and
.. all nobles are rnhrcd incompctcnts, who arc nnw acti\,cly
\f V'\ HS T \I
-- V'P in1 C! rtbl seckine, to appease Chaos.
; 5 . 111 > , ,l I , . \Cl 7 , . , For all thew agitating. the Millennialists arc. not as influ.
cntial as they wnuld like. Although r h e ~ rAgitators are ac-
S kills: i'rrhltc- rpr.rrkrt~.h'i~rdIl kilo tire. most af the c i h ' s folk rrc usually dcai to thcir plc*.
Trappings: 1.c-atl~crJ:~ck (0 1 AP -hod?*ancl a r m s ) worn un- Occasionallv therowill catch the common k,lk In a valarilc
dcr :in ink-\rained nvrralI. sworrl, d a ~ q c rassorted
, leafluts. moocl, but as ths city's rulcrs arc well awart., the 'moh' is
cawly distnctcd hv a hurriedly prcparrd f t ~ t t r dor parade.
,\clacks on public figures rcnd to bc more effccrivc In dis-
comf tint: the Ercat :ind the good. it is difificult to ignore
THE NEW Agitators who haranplc you l'rr)m strcct corners. panicu.
SnrEy i l a t l e ~ a t i o n of
s Chaos an-inrnlved.

Agitatc>r\ throughout rhe city espousc the beliefs nf the Signs of the Ncw Millcnnialists
NCIV llillcnni:rli+rs Thc Nebv Millcnnialists helievc that socl-
cm is unjctst, hcnefitins tthc r ~ c hand pnwcrktl at the cx- \Y'h~lcthc ad\.enturers arc tmvcllin~around thc c i e , either
p c n w o f thc cnmmnn pcoplc. The?. w15h tcl sec a change in shopping for supplies o r on another aclvcnturr. draw t h u r
thc n ~ n n i n go f thc Old V;'orld in gcncs:hl. ancl thcir CIF tn atrentlon to a couple rlf flv-posters pasrrrl u p on thc tvall*
panicular. o f the city strcets.
l'hc nlcw Millennlnlistq arc undaunted hp the fact that
thc litcral coming of a new millcnnium - according to the r
Imperial calendar at lcrsr - is morc rhan four hundrcd vcars 1 RATS S VERMIN
;~rt-;lvFurthem~ore,most af the group - and indeed. most
of rhow to whom thcy preach - h a r t only the vagwest no-
ttun obwhnt a rnillennil~rnis. Of those who clo. most choose Sufftr no More!
to intcsprct thr n n r d fl~~~mtivel!: as referring to a new era
mthcr than a ccrt;~inri:~tc.At least o n e quh-group within
the Ncnp Millcnniatisr3 has tried to find a millcnnium closer
Forcc the Rich Nobles and Wtalthy Temple Ltadcrs to
Frec Us from thc Plaguc of Rars darly Eruptjag from our
t o hand, using ohscurc I?lvcn and Ihv;lrfen calendars with City's v ~ l eScwcrsl
yarning dcgrrcs of rucccsq.
Uclv M~llcnnialistsarc. on the wholc, honest hard-wnrk- Whdc the Rich and Fowerful rest salt In thccr Fancy
ing folk. whn cii~likcrhc Fruits of their laho~rrsgoing to fetd Houscs. WE, the Common Peoplc. must Suffer thcsc
, t h e rich nnrl p r ~ ~ v e r l u l . Foul Crcaturcs!
Members point to the pov-
cm anrl dtcav across thc Catch as many Rats as You cza and Throw Them ovcr
city as rvidcncc of the rul- the Mansion Walls?
cm' disregard for thc com-
mon pcople. Lt our 'Betters' Know what ~t 1s likc for t h c l t Children
Many m u m k m are wor- to live in Tcrror of t h e e Beans1
s h i p p e r s of Verena, t h ~ Ii
t;r>drlcss of Learning and Direct Action i s our only Hope!
Justice. and would lrke ro
sec an Empirc run hy rea- ACT NOW !
s o n r a t h e r than by thc
whims and personal inter- CATCH A RAT TOD,4Y
ests of the rich Thev view
the schism benvr-en the 101-
lowers of Lllric and Si~rnnr 'I'hcrc zs nn printer's by-l~nco n rhrs poster, hut it i s typic:11
as nothine, m o r e than a of a N e w Millenniillisr poster commissioned hu an outside
sham to rlircrt the com- group. I n t h ~ scase the publishers are the city's rat-catch-
mon pcoptc from the real crs. sccking to drum up more tmdc hv making rat-catching
issues o f the day - namely into a social issue.
thcir lack of m o n c s and Initial response to this poster will he good, and the city
t h e crlnstant threar of authorities lvi tl be I(~rcedto deal wirh thc problem. Flow-
Chaos. ever, [hew respond hy posting p u a r d ~on strccts leading to
Although adventurers the citv's wealthier arras. Anvonc sitspecrcd of carrying rats
coming into contacr with rvill be stoppctl and scarchcrl: thusc found in possession of
thc activities nf rhc New rats will be arrestcd and fined. 't'hc authoritie\ take no ac-
Milfcnnialr~t~ may suspect tion to deal dlrrctlv wrth thc rat prohlem.
Section Three: Peo~lsand Places

The other poster i~onc oizhc Ncw Villrnninlists' o\vn. r m at ntght, o r thcy can talk t o an Agitator whom thcy h t n r
ancl refers spr-cifirally ta crcnrs i n 7 7 1K~t i c r ~ ~Within
y cam- h a r a n p i n g rhc crarvd. Sympnrfi'tic chanttcrc. such as hgi-
paign at t h t time of I M t h on t h R ~ ~ i k Thts
. may n o t he tator player chanctcrs ar a c h r n c t c r who s u c c c s ~ h ~ makeslly
a p p m p r i r r r Ir)r campaigns sct i n orhcr rimes and places. a flftrfftcst. can rolc-play thcir wnv i n t o thc Agirntors' rtrn-
and the GM should fccl free t o szlhstirure anorher suitahlv fidcncc, an casv enough t a ~ kr s thc A ~ i t a t o r qarc alwavq
intlammaror?. poster i f desired. walling t o talk to pcoplc sympathetic t o t h t i r cause
Following a succrssfi~lRltrlf charnctcrs w i l l hc Intro-
ducetl to Otto, who will ~ v i l l i n ~teach
lr thcrn the n c c c s w n
skills tor their new trade as Ag:tarnrs nr spprcnticc prinr-
MUTANTS TAKE OVER THE EMPIRE! ers. Otto charges nothing for tnanlng. hut he w i l l cxpcct
them t o work as printers, and nncc t h r y have mastcrccl
The rcccnt Proclrmation from
public speaking. tr, work the strerts i n thcir ncw carccr.
our Bcloved Imbccil~cEmpror
Charactcm rvho apposc the ~\gitatorsmay drcidc r o 101-
(He of the Fat Brecchts and Deftclcut Brrln)
l o w thc hgitator back to thc prinnvorks and t h r n t i t h c r
has turned Thc Emptrc into
hrcak i n t o the b u i l d i n g to get eridcncc r o ~ i v cr o rhc au-
A Breedtug Ground for Mutants!
thoriricc. or r n t o hlirfl t h c ~ rway i n t o thc b u i l d i n g ant1 :tr-
n n g c a mccring with Orrn. I t i s u p to thc GM In dctcrn~inc

Mutants arc to bc Elcratcd to Positions of Powcr in an
how convincing the c hamcters appcar to Otto <:liamctt'rs
Eflorr to make our Ltvcs Wow!
whn are our t o hetray him to rhc- authorities should h a w
their work cut out for them. Don't makc it eas!: hut rcwarcI
Show vour Disgust!
I clever play.
Watching thc Printworks
END POLITICAL TYRANNY! Thc. characters may find thcrnstlccs apprnachcrt h? puhllc
figures whtr hnvc hccn attackctl h? the Nc\v %lillcnni;~lists.
FREEDOM FOR ALL! or by thc authorities tn uncover thc sourcc. of thc 1c;iflcts
(txrcpt Mutants) The chamctcrs can find !car!% by fol!r,wln~ Ag:t;trr,rs clr by
hanging out i n ccnatn inns - you ctecide w h ~ c honcs. You

should mnkc surc. horvcvcr. that IOU givr thcm ;iIcntl tt)
d n w tht-m to the prinnvurks
This pastcr is rcccnt. and copies arc still being pasted up
Charactem watching the prrnmorks at night will <cc h ~ i -
by Ag~tatorsacmss thc cin: l'lccause of its scdit~ousintent.
t a t o n arriving at the hack door to c t ~ l l c ct h r ~ Icnflct.s
r anti
rhc c . 1 ~Whtch are taking them dc~nmas fnsr as the New
~ o m e t i m c sto rliscus< futurc. ;tct iuns Cierting thc Watch ro
Millennialists can p u t thcm u p Chamctcrs reading this
act against Otto w i l l rcquire r.vidr.nct.: a sample ofscrlitiou>
poster w i l l hc quickly m o w d a n by a politc hut firm Whtch
leaflcts Crom the pnntcrs trill suft3ctr. i\llcpation< on thcir
o w n are insufficient.
Watchman: "Excusc us, citizens. Q b u l d you m i n d mov-
ing o n while we rudccantc this wall?"
PC: "Hut 1 haven't finisher! reading it." Othcr Agitators
ZY'atchrnan: "Perhaps you didn't undcrsrand. Push off - There arc msnv freelance Agitators i n the city. espousing
unlrss vou n J m rarrcstinp, tor sticking u p illicit hills'"
many different causes from t t ~ cstart of thc cPrains t o carry-
1\gitatas w i l l also hc hcard call in^ for an end to thc no-
i n g D L I ~ rcrhal attacks on puhlsc f i ~ u r c s Although
. mcetinp
hiIity and venting thcir splecn againv the Empcrnr and hi5
advistws. The \T':~tch responds h! d~spersinp,the crowd ancl
arc. usunllv hcld I n secret. a t'rw innq can hc ~clcnttficdas t l ~ c
places whcrc Agitators r e ~ u l a r l yI r a n out,
~ ant1 t h c w w o u l d
m o v i n ~thc Aplrtrtors on. Yiotcnce is unlikely t o flare, un-
hr. known tu ninst o f the city's dizsirlcnt :mtl criminal elc-
less instigatecl hy the PGs. These street-corner a ~ i t a t i o n s
ments. An?. NPC: Bawd ( o r a PI: Rawd w h o is n:kttvc to [he
can hc run for as long the GM wishes and could c v t n culmi-
city) u v i l l he ahlc tt) takc thc rdvcnturcrs t o such a placc.
nate i n a I a r ~ cdemonstration. Thc m a i n sole of thc
agitations, howtvcr, is t n draw attcntir~nto rhc cxisrcncc of
lthc New Millennialisrs.
I i a d c m o n ~ t m r i o ndoes occur. Chaos Cultists will at-
tempt to make t r r ~ u h l ehy starting fights and h e c k l i n ~
the sidelines. Emplrr. lavalists w i l l also heckle the cron,cl
and a small counrpr-demc)nstratmn might be organised.
I'nIcss you arc willing to disrupt thc wholc life of rhc cih: it
is best t o a31ow rhc dcrnonstntjon t o rakc placc without it.
erupting inro major \-~oicnc~-. Thc R'atch w i l l contain any
trouhlc rhar occurs. \Yhcrc plavcr chnncrers arc ~nvolved.
sirnpkv rolc-play out thc sccnc i n rcsponsc to their actions.
Make it colourful. b u t avoic! major confronrations.

Contacting thc Ncw Millcnnialists

There arc a number o f ways you can introduce the New
Millcnnlalists and Otro's Printworks i n t o your garnc. You
can draw the ;~clrenturcrs' noticc t o the various posters
sruck u p m u n d the c i p 1atr.r on, when the advcn.nlurcrs
arc out aftcr dark. thcy can spot an Agitator pasring up poqt-
A ~ o c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkness

Chapter 11 Reputation
Among common folk, who hatre Eirtlt. call to pawn or tdvn-
tify rnag~calrrcasl~ws,AM~stcr Li~kasancl h ~ c.stablishmc.nt
are lirtlc more than a vague runlour: "EhTou'vc a mmn~ical
whatsis you want pricer!' C3011! J.ct mc lonk! No, no idea

The who you'il go to. l'hc Guild p'mps, o r a hanker.. the Tcm-
plc ... Oh, rhere's the Red Prawn o r something: rhat's t t .
Down In the Frtihurg ...+
Expcricnccd advr.nturcm and arcane studcnts and prac-
titioners might know Lukas, from cither pcrsonal cxpcri-
cnce or dircct rcpon: "V'cll, thcrc's Lukas ar the Vcrmilu~n

Vermilion Pawn, and Eittle clse to choosc. You couId take it to thc
Magicians' Guild. if you're a wizard. And a mcrnbcr. And you
know what y~lu'rcabout. They'vc a library therc.. ancl mayhr
you can chin'). some old gcczcr into hclprng nut with thr
research. Rut thcy'rc nonr too helpful unless yov'rt. wtll
connected, and if you're not a mcmbcr - well. forget it.

Pawn "'Course. if vnu'rc a man of the hith. you can t;tkc it to a

temple - though thev don't know s lot about rorcery there.
and what thev d o understand, thcv'rc likely ta rcquisizion -
fur thc gn.:trc.r good, of coursc.
"Nope, L u k ~ sis your hest het Yc. gods. hts fccs are high.
IT'S A KIND OF hut if you need cash. hr's got it, and no qucstionx askcd.
I and anful goorI - ton good to hc truc, some
I [c's a w f i ~fast
MAGIC SHOP sax lie'- hccn around for ?.cars,stl he's got ro bc rcliahlr.."

Master Lu kas
Master Lukas is a pieasant-looking W a r f i n late rniddlr. age.
with a slightly prt~tmrlingbelly. an air of scholarly drshr.vcl-
mcnf, and cheerful, pcnrtmting hluc eyes. If asked, hc ~vill
say that he adopted a human nanw when hc upcncd the
hi~sinessjuqt over n c e n t u n ago, htcausc it d c s c r i k s his
'"Cor!Thcrr:f a COOI) ':m, hat i s Ehr..tibat is it?" husincss hctter than his 1)wnrfrr.n namc, n ~ h ~ cheh w a s sick
" R l c i z ~ dif I knorr! Rtir i t ' s strre etrorrgh ma,qicnl. of hearing manglrtl by his human customtrs. This i s partlv
Ifere..J ~ eilt . " (tbrusritrg the psi-siz~cl a h j ~ c rt4p rqur ~ 1 srl~e
t true, hut his main rrnson is thar he wantcd .to [cart. hrs
othrpr 'S c l ~ t v k ) iormcr life behind, cvcn though the skills and knonlerlgc i t
':VIHH<I-II"{Leaping hnckt~c~rd.~ in terror). 'YII'srtlJW<!" Rave him arc. still useful.
".Vo, yn rrinnju If'sjust n rock - l thf~lk ... " 1.ukss has completed thu equivalent of an npprcnticcship
" W l l ya
, b ~ t l e he
r srrre yore.lbagojnrnmin ' if irtln other in hlchemv an advanced carcer as Scholar, and a I.crcl Two
folks' facps. I.omk... " {Iennirtg rlrer and tf~/llspi=rirt~jcareer in daernonolom Flc has sincc mc~vcclawm from the
"...tnrtvhe~wllhcttr.r take it tn the Wrmilion Pcrtrvr. lhe stlbitte daemonic arts ro rcsunlc a carcc-r in W'iz;~rtlr?:antl dcspitc
c l ~ n ~ cemsnrm nnd n IPR: hrt~frcltrrrrl~utI hc*ctr bp..< go:oocl... hi* involvcmcnr in thc darker sdr of rnapc, n nlcur dat-
and discr~et. " mon sr~mmoncr)-nucould ncves hopc to mcrt.
a dacrnnnnlogi~t.I.ukas tws suffemd m o dis3hilitir.s:
neither particularly sinistcr. I.ukas is a l l c r ~ i cto pollcn, hut
THE PAWN he s t a g anray from the countysidc. and pchtcn nllcrg is
not uncommon amonK normal fork. l i e has also strffcrcd
The Vermilion Pawn, pmprictnr Master L u b s Pfand1cihc.r. 5tr~ngt.h LOSS - inconvcni~nt,hut hnrrl2y c r i p p l ~ n ~ .
pcrforms scwices ofvital importance in any W'FW campaign: 3 pan-nbrokcr. tuk;~*is n rcmarkahly ngrccahlt sort.
the tdcnrificatirm and evaluation of magic items. Mmtcr Ht. charges a Int for his scwiccs. hut, as hc \vilE pnlitelr
h k a s is a l w a sourcc of cash loans for dtsperate advcntur- cxplain, sn d o physicians and o r h t r highly rra~necl
cm. rhough they'll pav high rates of interest, and must leave prolFcss~onals.Ilc's an amiable hut flint-witlcd t,arg:~iner Ilc
magical trcasure behind as security. knrrws he has an effecrivc rnonopol?' in hi- tndt, rnrl doesn't
'The Vcrmflion Pawn mav hc located in any largc town hest~ateto rcminrl thc cltent of lr: '-If you don't lrkc my
or city in your campaign. alrhnugh it ought ta be in a scctk- prices, well, wherc c l w can r n u go?+'
ment large enough to have its own university and Magi- Lukas is a ~ s p c c t c dmemhcr of thc local inrellrctl~sl.
cians' Guitcl o r (:olIege of Magic. This i s btrcause in his community. Sincc hc is an expcn in magical collccr~hlcs.hc
research Lukas must occasionallv rely o n thc larger refcr- is especially favoured by rich nnhles, who arc aln-;h~5tming
encc lihrarics rsf such institutions. to whccdlc a bit of free advicc nut of Piam on wh;~rs o t t r ~ f
In M~ddcnheim,the shop could easily he located in the treasures arc particularlv valuahlc. I-lc is a l w a sought-ahcr
Freihurg, pcshaps toward the castern erlgc where it hor- gwcst at panics. ~ ~ h e ran r . offhand comment from I.uka\ -
ders ~thcNcumarkt-Osttor district. In Mararnburg, the Ver- "My Chanctllor. I sec y u h a w a sct of Janactk Glr>I,c.~"-
milirm Pawn would fit well in Kruiersmuur. In anothcr city, prompts t h e t n w ancl nclmirztion oF other aristocratic
it \vould probably be tocatetl un the fringes of a scholarly coElcctors.
district, o r tucked awav in a side-strc-ct fi~llo f pawnshops I . u k ~ sis quitr: proud of his Dwarf htritagc, antl mnkes a
and scllcrs of curaositics. cnnscious cffort to trcnt I)~':~rfs~ e n c r m ~ <in I vrrnrtc xnd
A ~ o c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkncss
2. Booth If the bargaining is s~~ccrssful. the shutters are sealed.
Lukas retrdcves the object. returns, opcns the shutter, and
This narrow nnm i s Firted with a waodcn hench for pa- concludes the deal. If I.ukas and the client cannot come to
trons. "Come in, nnri close the door bchind you, for p u s terms. Lukas p l i t e i v asks the client to leave, md closes the
onjn privacy and mine," Lukas invites, and will procced n o shurtcrs. Trouhlesomc clients arc assisted from the premises
furth'r until the outcr door 1s closed and lockcd. bv rhe guards or. o r if necessarlv, the \Thtch.
I,ukas watches patrons through peep-holes. I f h c sus-
pccts foul play, he rt.lca?;es Rlack 1,otus powder homhs
rhrrlugh a rncchanism in thc ccilina o f the hooth. Ile dumps Lukas's Business Practices
t hc lir.1 rlose. nncl, if the miscreants seem rncrelv fool tsh o r
stupid, he mav open the lockc~ldoor and allt~wthcm to Pawning Jtems
cscapf to warn ~ 3 t h e against
r~ funny business. If his victims 1.ukas offers 50% of appraised valuc as a cash loan secured
a .n n t a r to fie r c d crim~nals,hc lcavcs thc d o n r locked,
clumps a sccond rlosc, and sends a guard for the C i e Witch.
agatnst the itcm. His tcrms arc 1% Interest per day on thc
lrlan with a minimum credit ctiargc af 20 GC (to c o w r thc
I f all is in order. Lukas upens the iron shutters o n thc cnsr o f his appraisal).
2fr by t f t window hctwcen rhr Service C h a r n k r ant! tlte Thus, i f h c appraises your Ring of Rhnline, a1 500 G C ,
13otlth. All bus~ncssts conducted through this w ~ n d o u :and he'll l r ~ a nyou 25(1 GC on thc ring. Yc~utake the loan and
at the first srgn o r trouhlc L~rkaswill s1:rm the shutters nnd repay it in ten days. At 1% peer itay. L u h s requires the 250
pour nn thc trlnck I.O~IIR. GC: loan, plus 25 GC intercst for 10 clays. for a total ot2-5
GC. I f you paid it back in one day, you'd only owe L GC and
10 shi!lin~sIn interest, hut you'd still have to pay the loan
3. Service Chamber (250 G C ) plus the 2 0 GC minimum cscrlit chargc.
I.ukas kecps his business records and minor magical trin-
kets in here. al~jngwith a fcw basic reference texts :lnd analv- Identifying Items
sas tools. Thesc allow him to irlcnrifv most common potions A flat fee of 211 GC + 5 % of the appsa~sedvaIuc is charged
and dcviccs while the patron waits. for item analysis, with 10 GC pair! rn advance.
Notc that all items must bt. andvsed and appraised by His s t a n d ~ n goffer is. "Ilyou think my appmiscd value is
Lukas hefore he rvt11 cvcn discuss offering a loan against thc too high, I'll huy the object from you for chat amount. I f
item. o r canstdcr purchasing the itcm. you think the valuc is too low. hc thankful - ytlur 5% fee is
r c simple: Lukas explains his terms (see
Thc p r o c c r l ~ ~ is thcrchv reduced."
hclow) nncl if thc patron agrees he is charged an initial 1 IIGC I f Lukas can't fully identify the item with his basic anal?-
for cach item ro ht. identified. a p p n i s r d , pawned o r of- sis test, hc offers his 'advancccl rcscarch' scruiccs. "If I can't
fcrt.d for sale. I.ukas then withdraws and seals the shutters identify it by mundane methods. you can rither rake the
\vhilr hc performs basic tests on rhc items. Note that if Lukm ohject to someone rlsc, or pay my advanced research fre:
can't iduntie the obiecr with h15s ~ m p l tests,e the client must 200 GC and 5% of the appniscd value, plus expenses for
stilt pny thc 1 0 GC ;idvancr. as rhc Dwarf always warns his sdvanccd research."
customers. Advanced research takes from 4-6 w e e k , with no mar-
I f tht tests revral the nature and value of the itcm, he anree of success. kIowevcr, if Lukas can't identifv the Item,
opens the ~ h u t t e r s and
, collccts the balance for his analysis the client onlv pays the 10 GC hnsic [cc, and 1s always free
hcforc announcing his findings. i f thc item requires hlnhcr to rerricvc the item and take it clsewhere for identification.
sturlv and rt-earth, Lukas informs thc cEients and estimates
when the?' should return for rhc final report. Idcntifyiag Magical Items
Pntrons interesrerl in purchasing something from L u h s In additioii t o rcvealinp: whether or not an itcm is magical,
must cxplain what they seek ancl how much ~ h c yarc will- the skill Magfcnl S e n s ~also reveals the number of powers
ing tn pm hcforc Lukas wirl reveal a-hcthcr he has thc itcm (i.e. how ~ c I A ~ ~ T ~thc
L I Eitcm is). To discovcr just what these
i n quc.~tir)n, nr n-hat he will charge for it. Hargaining will powers arc-, a character with the skill 1dptrtif-v hlaglcal Rrte-
; thc. sale pricc in the usual manner. Jnct must study the item for an hour nr so, and for each
Section Thrcc: People and Places

succcsshl UT test (rlnlv onc 15 pc.rlnrttCcl Ircr hour) a sin- fnr n specific i t t m arc hrppv trl pnv. ancl folk iiho cornpl;tsn
gle power is r r ~ c a l t d Oncc . the character Ciils rhc tcst Ire ahrlut thc prlccs h a w trlo hur1nc5s s h n p p ~ nIn~ rhc t i n t
cannot gain any mow information. place." hc 53:s
I t i s r h i lntrer
~ skill tfi;~tLukas uscs, and the first power If rhe ch:~ractcrsharc c~ffrrcrla price at lcasr as high :I\ w ~ l R l I ~ hc ~ sFgeneral
's noticm of the ohicct's his- this. Lukas w i l l scll rhc ircm to thcrn straight :Iwn?. 0thr.r-
tory or function. A Cusc I . i ~ h tInjury ring. for exarnplt., wist, he wHl b n ~ p ltrying ~. r o find the hest pricc hc can gut.
w c ~ ~h ring. or a I S a ~ eof
l d identified 3s a h e a l ~ n g r Death Ohvious P X ~ T in ~ magic
F gain f IOn:, t o tht tcst c~uto f prolrs-
might hr recognised as the work of brario Fettucini. a 'Tilean sional rrspcct. 1.ukas may nlso hc inclancd t o drop thc prlcc
sorcercr f o m c r l y e r n p l r ~ v r db y thc Awassins of Sartnsa. if the clicnt is buying scver; t3orh 1,ukns and thc
With repeated WP tcsts, specific powers (with passwords characters shoutd rest - i f b o t h succec.rt. the pmccqs con-
i f rpplicahlc) can hc identified. Somc items rcquirc a spe- tinues; i f h o t h fail. ncgotirtions haw brokcn dawn anrl I.ukas
cific invncation r o actintc their magical prnpcrtics. and sincc delivers an ulrtrnatum of pa>+ng thc full pricc o r l e n r r n ~
this i s penemllv a sccurity pmcaution. rarely is [he invoking immediately. If Lukns succeeds and thc chancrcrq fail. hc
phrasc clearly marked o n rhc device. w i l l d r o p his pricc slightly (around 251 o f the rliffrsvncv
In a d t l i t ~ n nto tht-sc standard rncthods o f investigation. bcmrecn what he askctl and what the characters c3lli.rr.d)
I.ukas atso has rccclurse t n s m s t collection of hooks and and rtfusc to go any Inwcr. If the charnctcrs ~uccccdancl
tools that he can usc if h i s fdrntffiMngicnlArtefc~ctskill Is Lukas fails, hc xvill drop his pricc rlighrlr (as a h l - v ) :ind thc
nor sufticient. This rcrcrcncc matcrinl snd equipment k ~ m s haggling continues I.ukas m+ill simply laugh off nnv hi&
the h a ~ l sof his advanccd rcscarch, and allnws h1m to con- hclorv the appraised pricc of an itcrn: hc i s nt, Fool, nnd ~ v i l l
tinue gaining infr~rmartonwhcrc he IcR off. Lcarninp. cvcry. not scll ; ~ at Ioss unrlcr any circumstances.
t h i n g ; i h r ~ l ~ant item is cxtrcmcly difficult for a typical Thc f c > l l o w ~magical
n~ Itcmc arc availahlc h r salc. :in<[
advcnturcr. h u t men. chi Id's pIav for expcrienccd magical an. storotl o n shclvcs h c h ~ n d[hi. curtain. out of sight olthc
scholars like Lukas. With this rn~rhwl.Lukas must make an clients. 1,ukas's appraised valuc and h ~ sasking pricr a r t
fnt test tu ohtain information o n each power. listed ahcr each izcrn. Lub s honcsrlv rcpnns thc. r n l c capa.
Items ~ i t functionsh detiberatclv or accidcnrally oh- hilities of thc items to his dients - a policy hc steadf;~stty
scured. and itrms of inherentlr obscure function. pmride maintains. Morc cxpcnsivc o r unusual Itern\ a r r avarlahrt
m o w scrious challcngcs t o magical scholars. Various claho- t o the right s r ~ rof t pcoplt.. h u t I - i ~ l i aLccps
.~ thcsc st-cure In
ntc macarch prr~ccdrrresarc ;nxilahlc, most of which arc a special cabmet (sec hclow).
rither time-consumrng or dangerous, and none of which
guamnrec SIICCCSS. Items for Sale
For thesc r r c r difficult cnscs, I.ukas can alwa!-s ask his + Ring of <;//l of Ton~trcs(onc LIW pcr ctar). Inirc~kcwrth
Dacmon for an appraisal (sec k l o w ) . Lubs gr.nenltv saves the words "Spcak and f3c Known to Me" 120 GC: / 24(3 (X:.
this as a last resort. sincc thc Daemon chctrges i n quarts of + Rln-q of ,Magic Lock (one uqe per cfav) l n r o k c w i t h the
humanoid hlocwl. 1.ukas is a nicc fc!l.c)a: ancl dislikes such words .'Rat t o Uinc Encrny". 1 L0 GC 2 4 0 CC.
practices, hut he i s alqo a pncrical businessman, and w i l l + R f n ~ nCrrre f l,i& I n j t d ~(two uscs per rla?.). Invokt ni th
usr this resource when all othcr mcans h a w failed. the words "In Shallra's Uxrntr". 2-0 C;(: ' 541) GC:.
+ Ring of C ~Li<r$t P Injryv (onr usc per dnv). lnvokc w i t h
Purchsiag ltcms thc phrase "The hlcssing of Shallya o n this one. w h o comcr
Lukas attrmpts ro setls ircrns for dozr'ble their appraised in humble supplication". 1-0 GC; '3-10 GC.
\raluc. O n thc black market he scrls for n Inwr-r price, h u t ar + Rfi1.q o f P r o t ~ c t i o Agafn.~t
n Chnns 3.250 GC ' 6.500 G C .
a greater volume. + Rirzx of Pmtecfion ; [ a i n s t Chnr~s(one use pcr dnv).
Since i t i s almost imptxxih!c t o huy magical i t r m s clse- When ~nvukcdby the phrasc " l : h a o ~ avert' In \olkan'\
where, the doubled pricc is really ~ t h c h r r . "Folk looking name!", p r t ~ t c c t i o nl a ~ t s
i t ~ r1 turn. t -050 GC L. 100 (;C;.
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkness


1 (locked)
Section Three: F'eaele and Places
+ Rtr~*qof Prolectlon +\Knft~s/ c?~ar~s (thrrc uscr, per dav). evcr. SI; t-uplsinrd ahovc. ~f \cmconc tcn~cfic.*tfic c.~l?~ncr
\T hrn snroktd bv the phrase "Hv the tlarnrncr of Sigmar. n-lthout I.uka\'\ ccln5cnt. Sihinnc* ~ l c c f ~m;itcrt:rli\c.. ~ll~ on
Blast Yc. Chnrjs btcnd'", protccrlon lasts for I turn. 1,151) t c ~ prlf {or cvcn i n w l e , a< hc'5 nc)t rhar h t ~ fhc ) r.rhincr.
CIC 2.300 C r C form< ID6 sinuour stalk%cndvng i n mouth5 ,ind chcws o n
+ KtrinyhtnsIfclnr. 1 AP r o the hcnd. i n bittt.rcrl condi- t h r irnpnwirlcnt victim. PC:\ \r~ilEhc .~irrr)maric~llv srrr[)ri.ctv/
tlon -& 111 GC: 8213 GC. (unlc.i~they have seen thiq happcn hcforc, i n rvhrch c:isr-
+ Srr-orcl of Prr~rt~ctinn, + l AP to all hod\ arcs\ (onc uuc thc! arc allo\vctl an 1 t e s t ) This \\ill all(>\\ Sih~nncfto clc-
per dav) \t'hcn in\-okvd ht. thc p h r a w '\X',lrrl mint cn- I i \ c r 1 I M - ~ ~ c c t c c f uh!i t c ~at 51, tach \vith tic a d d ~ t ~ o n a l
r.rnlesr. pprtcction laqt5 for 2116 r o ~ i n d s .190 GC 380 GC. cffctt of at-ldcr root ( s c t IC'FRP, p.82) Unahlu to ront:itn h15
+ Srt.ord nJFrnr. \\ hen ~ n r o k c dbv t l ~ cp h n s e "'l'lclcl or amuscmcnt. C;jkinncs rhcn chartcm like a magpit. g l t , : ~ t i n ~
dic'", thc wicldcr r a ~ l s c ~ j m In rt h c v opponents for 2D6 r w t r h ~trttrmphanr
\ attack, r n r ~ k l n gthe prr~hahl\-clr~ n \gI<-
rounds. 500 (,(: ' E ,000 <;I: ttnl. :ind ~cncr:iIlvrnak~ng a n u ~ w n c co f him<clf
+ IJn,qer n/llcntb 2 darnagc 8'5 GC; 1.-50 GC. I.ifc a* Luka*'~scn-:lnt I < ntlr such a h a ~ t \ h i piorSikinnc\.
+ Mrrt-P nf Flcrp (one tlsc pcr dav) Enrnke with "S\veer .I
'Tn- ccruplc o f eons ns :I Ixwur k ~ c m t > \omctlmc. n :ind
drcxms and anv wcrlrn %truckin thc ncvt 21)6 rum\ makes \cc hen v i ~ ul ~ k cI[."hc r ) h s r n c \ . "1 hc ( ~ r r a t c rT);rcrnon\
a ,Wtgtc t c ~ withr n - 1 0 pcnalm or falls aqlccp tor 1 n h t u r n \ st;tnd arnunrl all d,n and krck n ~ o l t c nrrlck ant1 cctopl:r.mic
1 1 ( ( 1 0 0 (r<: 41meo n ?;nu. No fun, bclievc you rnc "
+ .$@or lk*rtrlrf I f tdeclrl E f ~ t ~(&m rp W hcn ~ l ~ r n r n o n cSikinncs
d. cauws
U S C ~pcr clav). In\.okc. a ~ t h "Serve frnr. hut ts unahIt tn Ic.;3vu the cahinrt
\ l c ~ r rand rlic, l:ndcad!", and thc bane \l hilst i n cnntnct w ~ t h ~ t hc
, 1% not wh-
cffect w i l l I w t 13nr1lftic nruf c r c n r ~ r c jccr t o instrifiilitjp I f thc cah~ncti< dc-
i- rrn~cL4-5 (,l: <>W( d . .;troverl, he 15 irce to srtnck n< a I.c\\L'F

4. The Lab Contents of the Cabinet

Lukas d ~ most s of his Arlranccrl RC- I n the cshinct arc four i t ~ n wfor <:IIc'.
qearch hcre. I i i z clrcnt \r.mlccs takc ,111 r ~ u i t cx,~lu,~hlc h i i t onlv rlC ~ntc-rc\t
up onlv a< small porricln o f hir tlmc. t o cc,Ilcctors %o s c n ~ i h l c,td\cnturt-r
Thc rcmalntlcr IF ppcnt on pcrsonal r v o i ~ l dconstdtr paving ruch pr1cc5
protects - rna~icalsruclic~or rcscarch- + BOOIS( ~ U I I C\XChcn ~ ~ n v o k c rrvtt
l h
~np.ltcrns hc has purchased for h15 the n orcls "Ciracc i*hevond 5 n !c". 5pr~-
own collcctron f'wn t h t Magicians' k c n In 'l'ilcan, thc xvcarur rt.cctv~.+:r
Guild dues not havc such a finc col- t40 bonu5 t o Fellnw~hipa\ Itlng a\
lcction o f magical rcfrrence hook9 thc hoots rcrn:r~non t h c ~ rhcct Pr1m.i-
pcrrrncnt t t l 1.ubras's t ~ r l cThc v,iluc rtlv r ~ ~l n t c r c \ t o u r ~ l l c c t r ~ tor
n . I;ucci
o f the rcfcrcncc works and tool* if i s a cnchantcs cif \vicic r c n t l t m X . 0 0 0
tncalcul~hle.It n o u t t l hc rrnpos<tblc GC / 1 0 , ~ O OC i C l
to cvcw tome ancl tool: imtcad. + fir Jrr~nnfofTnitl-II/Jf/ Thc wcretr
i f chamctem pet into thc 1:1hand <tan of rcchaming tfiir t.lvcn w o r r l - .I\ well
asking awk\v;ird q ~ i c r t i o n sabout as thc C~~ncttc~n o f thc d c v ~ c c- arc Iq~ut.
Lukns 5 cquipmcnt. the GM should hut the ~worclr r t a i n ~ 1f5 cnchantnicnt.
improvise 'Rr~n-lillni s rccordcd ac hnvrng J~ccnn
Mapcal ircrn\ o f grcat vnll~c.rbr ~ n - Scn f:lf m r r ~ h a n prlncc t 01 Lttc L3rcl
tere4t are r t o w d ~n.i!dewhat appcarx Cenruw collcutor'\ rum l . S ( l t r (I(
t o hc a metal cabinet. Thi5 1s c n - 3.000 C,(:.
chnntetl with a spell qimilar t o s U'nrd + TIJPfirnrtd oJlflr~rchtrlt~a \Y:intl o f
of I#rhiiidancr (cce Rrafrn of Jor- Jrt i n thc frtrnl rh an chnnt ttafl w ~ r at ~
CP?): anvnnc o t h t r than I.ukas who carrrtd fist at the tc~p.I.urrc'ntlt. 11 XI 111
attcmpts an opcn thc cabfinet musr n n l v f u n c t ~ o n\vhcn ~ n v o k c d1~
makr a WP tcrt or find thcrnsc.lvcs Ilarrlar~n,w h o has h r c n dc:irl for ' 5
unahlc r o dr) CO In addttion. anvonc vearc I t might he pos\ihlr. for the cnm-
who doer manapc rrl opcn the cahi- mand phracc. t o he altcrrtl hv a rnmtcr
n r t qcts off thc c~tht-rcffcct of the cnchnntcr. hut i t a-nuld dcrtrov tllc
< p c ] [ , i m m c r l ~ a t e l y rum man in^ f itcm s.Orlrr Cl(;
collcctihlc \;lluc r ~ rhc
Sikinncs. a Lcqscr Daemon w h o i s 1 n.on0 I,(:.
sworn to scmc [.Ukas for lfl01 war?. + Tile Rnrl o f t h l~ iftb Prwt ; ~ n;~ncicnt
TIrc Datrnnn IS ~ntcltigcnt,can speak clevicc o f o b r c u w o r i p n and function.
ancl IS ~ n c r t d i h l v~clous.
v I t can t o m hut has a widc folklc)rc
rhn~rsandur h trnv toothy mourh~, a5 a staff o f prcar pnwcr rf the othcr
each of w h ~ c h dvlivcrs a scrpcnt's por- parts wcre n-scrnhlrtl. At p r c r t n t . nn
~ r l n o u sh i t c . (IY'hcn S i k i n n c s ts m o r t than a f a h ~ ~ l o u scxpcnqirt
tr ti~+
around. I.ukas fccdq ir s II\,C rat dailv rimtry lo.non (,C 2tl.l)nn (;c:
- a d ~ % c o u n ~ i nexpcsienre
p, for the Tko o t h r r item9 s r r n n CIIF~IZI: hilt
rat, Y K ~ U can t?c rurc ) not for <ale, nclthcr i s pnrr~c~~!:!rlr~ \.:rlu-
able, hut horh arc rvmarkahlc
Sikinncs - the Daemon Cabinct + 7'in.vr l r r t r o r r r a hnrllv h:irrcn-d m m -
6ihinnr.s n o m a l l v keep* his mouths nturc s u ~ rrt
t n r m o i ~ rfor n humnnnid
shut, a< ordcrrrl hc hi< mnrrcr flow- m.c> i n c h c ~tall, cn~r:r\-cd\\ ~ r hrhrcc

A ~ a c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkness
runc.5, none r)fwhich h a w h r c n rdcntificd hy L u h s . Its ori- Two Wardogs
gin. function and value ;IW u n k n o w n
+ :l old-pinrecl Fimir skrdl I-itkas has identified ir from
:~ncicnrchroniclrs as a d r c o n t i o n from a Fimir hatrlc stand-
ard, b u t has hcun itnrhle to rlcterminc any details of thc
obrcct's functrr~n.Vallluc unknown. I3orh arc tr:~tnc.dr~nlr 1 1 ) ;tcccpt i t ~ o dIronl I.LI~:I\

5. Rear Vestibule
W'hcn Lukas i s not oresent. t w o war dogs .. are hcrc. un- ADVENTURE HOOKS
chained. Othemisc. they arc kcpt charncd outsidc the build- The Vc.nni!ion Pawn c:ln feafurc i n campaigns as a Iocation
~ n g ' sw a r entrance. ro bc visited at ncrd or d s e as a sourcc of adventures i n rts
Any attempt to opcn the false dmr causes a triplc dose own right. Perhaps the k s r appmach Is to let chxnctcrs
of I3latk I.ot~tsbomhs t o dmp from a concealed trap d r w r *j>it thc shop oncc o r mrcc, and then Rer d r a m in mare
in thc cciling. Tht. rclcase catch for the sccrct door i s he- decplv when one of the followinp: happcns:
twcen WO stones to t h r l t f t ofthc h l s c door at knee-htlght. 1. A raluablc m;~gicalircm i s stolcn from the player char-
A thin ohicrt rhrce inches long must be inscrtt-d hctrrccn acters o r from a parron o r cult of the PCs. I t is s u ~ ~ e ~ t e
~ h t atoncs
: and prrr.;ed d n w n In u r d c r to mlcase the catch. that they approach Lukas and cntisr h15 aid. antic~paring
t t ~ h i c hrlren ntmains c1pc.n for one m u n d -just time cnnugh that the thitvcs may try t o pawn thc purloined magic;ll item
to srcp t o rhc sc+crr.t CIHI~ ancl g o t h r t ~ u ~ fhf o
, w t r r r . pre5s- at his shop.
ing the catch docs nor reveal thc location nf the sccrct door. 7. A master sorcerer with a unique telepun booth en-
s o those clever enough t o f i n c l i t w i l l prr,hahly assumc i t lists rhe aid o f the PCs. ' 3 fcllow has a finc p a ~ of r rnaptcaI
upcns thc l'alsc door - hrh. heh* h o r s P want. I'lltelepon you inside his lab, right past 311 h i s
drfcnccs, and all vr)u havc to do is find the lraor% 1'11 ~ i r c
you one hour, rhcn telcport you right out. Sslc as houscr."
6. Guard Room 3. I.ukas get5 a wind ols plot ro hreak i n t o to his lah. fir
W'hcn I.ukas is nor present. twn guards sir herc :mtl takc hircr thc PCs as extra guarrls. though 15 he says. "I tioubr
t u r n s napping. IYhrn I.ukas is prcsrnt his personal hod? I'IIneed much help. Ican rake care of myself." t n particular.
guards takc over, permitting the regular gunrds to run cr. Lukas has n o t sccn fit t o rcvc.ral the secunty sccrrts ot his
rand< or take aimc off. Lukas is a gracious and generous lab t o hi5 temporary ernplovets. I'ride comerh before a fall
employcr. Borh I-ukas and the m a r i f s on dun' have kcvs t o Four Chaos mutants enter thc patrun's parlour. One with
tht. sturdy locks on the rcar cntmnce. Only Lukas has rhe incredible strength rips the i r o n shutrcrs aside hefort- the
key to rhc locks o n rht. door I r t ~ mthe w a r d room t n rhe Black I.c>rus takes cffcct. The PCs. sirtlng in thc guard room,
r r a r vcstihule. hear a shriek and a sounrl of r e n d ~ n grnctal shutrcr?, Now
what> I.ukas managcd t o open thc front door before he
w;ls bashed u n c o n s c ~ o uN~o n othe murants, still g r o w horn
Additional Sccurity Mcasurcs the Rlack I.otus, are I m s e insick the lab.
Plavcs c h a ~ c t e s sconrrmplating breaking and e n t v u p o n
'The VermiIion Pawn should hc- r~crmitteclan Int rcst t o an-
ticipatc sornc o f thc fo!lnn.ini deterrents, or may b e in-
rorrnt-d of them h v lncal criminals, at your discretion. CAMPAIGN TIP:
I.ukas has dcstpncd e l a h ~ m t cprccsutians to protect his
Inh ant1 h i s \r.nrr.<, b u t he knows that making his shop a MAGICAL ITEMS
k~rtrcssi\ n o t sttfftcitnt to discot~ragrthc deciicdtetj thief. Thc magical items Eictctl for ~;11cin 'thr Vcrrniljon Pawn
Thcrcfore, he pavs a suhstanti;~lp r t ~ t c c t i o nfee t o the pmrni- e r n h d y the two bawc principles o f thy Ideal Nhrhammer
ncnt r a c k c t c c s ~ hr~sscs
n~ o f !hr. c i y . No scnsiblc lncal thief Fantasv Magic Item:
n.clnld think o f encrr\achinp, on the tcrritor). of these prm- Ct~Eorr$trlD~fail The invoking phrases and curious his-
erhu! crime hosscrs. tories, for example, give the itrrn+a Ijtrlu personality \YPlrh-
F t ~ n h c r .I-ukas has ponrerful friends in the Magicians' o u t this approach. rn:~gicitems a n . generic shotgun> in their
Guild. w h o n~oulclhc happy t o help h i m track d o w n any- fantasy contexrs.
one who vinlatc.cI his privacv o r ransacked h i s treasures and LirniterlPorrler: Imponant fns two reasons: first. because
research f:~cilltles.Consequently Lukns n-illn u t r ~ s k h i s life it kccps the campa~gn'qMagic Qurlricnt under the (;M's
in r!cfc.ncc nf hjs shop, confident rhar h t can pursut. thieves contrrd: and second hecausr. i n v o k ~ n gan item w i t h Iirnired
I ~ t c ancl
r wreak a ~ c r r i h l cvengeance u p o n thcm. dailv 'charges' i s a significant tactical decision, d r r c i n p i n g
prudent applications o f a scarcc resource.
Sikinnts - Lesser Dacmoa

~ ~ I I I I I ~ ~ I I I I

In u n t x l ~ r r i tform.
l >nh~t~nc\ .kppc:lrs much Iikc- a tr;lrZir~onnl Mv one regret about 'The Vermilion Pawn' is thar Sikinncs
Ihcrnon, but w r h 3 vt.r\. tong trlnguc that flicks around is in a place whrrc nu PC is rver tlkelv za cncnuntcr him
w i t h I ~ g h t n i n gspryd. H i s h l t p attack is poisonous, ancl ns Pcrfcctly plausihlc- and a p-cat rcllcf to the PC, no dorrbr -
h Ilzcn~cln'sbound Form, has the effect of adder root.
n ~ t thr. hut i t seems a shamr t o wasrc s o charming s little nasy So
This u n i q ~ l cilaernnn also has the skill IcIenr~fi~,2fugfcaI maybe lots or sorcerurs. Chaos hrrldies, and rich, cvil l01 k
.4rreJrict ancE i s alli)\x.ed as many attrmpts at discovcrinp; have cabinets with Daemons likc Sikinncs to d r f r n t l them
po\ as h e has quarts of bt(>od. 1:aiEurc to makc the W lvin~around where PC burglars can find thcm.
rolI doc5 n o t prrcluclc further cffon, ancl only a liighlv pro. O r maybe you want to Iravc onc 1y1ng around i n thc
tectctl ~ t r r i ~l v i l hc
l irnmunr frum thc monster" prohin~s. steer somewhcrc. Yclu'rr. wclcomc.
Section Three: P e o ~ l cand Places

Chapter 12
clangcnws den nf ravening. bloorl-crazed man-flesh eaters.
Beslrlcs. vou'vc pot lots of neat nrc'n'gohho figures and
h r i n ~ i n gthcm our will make a c h a n ~ from
c fip;ur~ngout thc
d c t a ~ l of
s snme complex c m power-stniggtr with cults, in-
trlRuc and other stuff that your plavem wit1 promptlv ig-
now. So here's a hunch of ravening. blood-crazed man-llesh
caters who will happily go into town alter rht. PCs and r l ~ a
rhcm our.
Thc Marauders pose some inrrr~sting,unusual and se-
rious c h a t l c n ~ e sfor vnur plavcrs, not lea.;t of which i~ how
to stop an organised hunch of at least scrni-infelli~untmon-
sters from despoiling, p i l l a ~ l nand ~ catlng eventhing ?r)u
hold near and dcar when they u u t n u m h s vim hv at Ic-fist n
hctor of ten. h<lrnirtedlv. k,ur-sc.t1re C)rcs arc going to bc
dead rncat rf t h q tanglr with the Uiddcnheirn "Milrtiao r ;I
hrlpade of the Ernpen,r*s finest. hut. slncc rhcv spcct;klisc In
DA BOYZ TO attacking Small Toumes. guarded by Ye Avrragc Wi.r.c!?. Small
Tonne ,Militia. and h c i n ~ long gone hefore thc card? shows
ENTERTAIN YOU up. this isn*ta problcm.
The challenge facing the PCs [a) delaling the
Marauders until help amves,or (b)welding the hap1r-w farm-
ers into a potent fighting,force, in S P ~ ~Sc~nttrsnr
P~I style, and
Morbog's Maraurlcrs a r t a cheerfully vicious hand of eighty- bcat~npthe .Marauders on the field of battle.
odd Orr and Goblin raiders. to march m nrnssp Into Oh. right. Or ( c ) maintaining their self-rcsprct afrcr high-
your carnpalgn and cause troitblc. tailing i t to rhc hinterlands.
Q h y d o you need this? Well. some pla)rr characters are Morhog's Maraudem are the Old XVorld equit-alcnt of the
a little reluctant to go out into thc wilds and mix things up mr>tclrqclcgangs which, according to movie Iorc, tcrrorisr
with the rcallyncat-monster.har1-wvh lurking around the much of thc CTnited Statcs' Wrest(:c)ast. Ug1\: ft~ut-rcrnpcrrd
edge ol the world. It seems thesc PCs. would nther hang and cven fouler-smcllin~,they rrprcsent rhe pinnaclc of Or-
a h o ~ rown.
~t e n g a ~ i n pin dulE political intrigue and the oc- cish cirilisation. Bascd In a mountain rdngc locaterf con-
casmnal dry-~ulchinge r bushwhackingofan unarmed mcr- rcnicntly nrar 'to your campaign area. frnm time to time
chant, than ao our and seek their fnrtunu in a dark. hidcouslr. the Marauders sallv forth frtm rhrir hiddrn ~rrongholdtcl
terrorist: nearby Humnn villages. Though thcir cx:~ctnum-
bers \-an fmm excursion to excursion, thc Maraudrr~are
cornpnscd of around eighty Orc foot snldicrs, a duzcn (;oh-
tin \li>lf Ridcrs and b c m c e n m e n v and thirty Snotlinp a s
slaves (and emergency food supply).

The .Marauders am organised into firc units: four of20 Orcs
and o n e of 12 Goblin Wolf Riders, bdditinnallv, four or five
Orc teamsters manage thc gangs' three si~pplywagons nncl
lthc 2' Snotlings whc~pull them.
Top dog ip ~lorhop,Throa~slitta,an iron-fis~cd<)ccof Icar.
some reputation. Bcneath M o r b o ~i s Bulg, his 1icutcn:int.
and the unit leaders Gaglug Dogbreath, Sogrotld Stunt?
Flayer, Margrogg, Momma and Br~ggraddTusker.
Discipline 15 etficicntly enforccd. by Orc~shstandards:
e v e ~ h o r l rdoes what Morhog savs or hc kills thcm

Da Boss
Marhog Throatslitta is a m e r c e n a v turned bandit. t i c
achieved his present position hv the t imc-honoutrd tratli-
rtons of treachery and frrocity, and bv defeating thc previ-
ous leader. Roplohh Gutripper. in single combat That he
issued the c h a l l c n ~ emerc minutes afrcr a S r u n ~stuck
Roglohh in thc stomach with a battle-axc only enhanced his
reputation for shrt-wclness.
In his youth, Morhog regularly fought against t h e
Stuntics, and thc Dwarfs' supcrfor unit cohcsion and drill
played a significant part in succcssivr Orcish dcfcats. t lc
has tried tcl impose the Stuntics" diwipllnu o n his hand.
alheit with 0n1v lirniretl success, as thar kind of otganisccl
Apocrypha TWO:Chart of Darkness

activip is snmt.a.hat alirrn to Orcish p s y c h n l o e Rut h r must I t must he conccdcd that this is remarkably effective
he doing something right: the hand has hccn highly suc- when used againsr Human caval,? oken comprised of guys
ccssful- ancl, as hc hasn't yet hcen sliced open by a S t u n ~ pcrched on horses which tend t o panic wticn confronted
n o one h;hs seriouslv c h a l l c n ~ e dhis rulc. by StllI. somc clay ht's going t o pick a fight with
somchndy o n wtll-trainrrl homes ant1 get a nasty surprisr.
I n pitched hnttlcs. IMorhog uscs his cavalry o n thc flanks.
Da Vice-Boss They rick far around t h r hattlcfirld ancl attempt t o hir rhc
The scconcl-in-command is thc aptly namcd Bulg, a good- cncmy from rhc rcar, t l i s r u p t i n ~rommunications. pm-tick.
natured. (for an Orc, an!wav). t a s y g o i n ~kind of Orc. Inrel- 1ng the men, and. hopefully. killing n r sc~ttr-ringt n r r n v
Iigcnt and a ficrcc fighter. Rulg Sacks amhitinn and i s quitc cornmandcrs.
5atlsfird w i t h his position. This distinctly un-Orc~shnutlook Anothcr function of the cavalry is to mund up dcsen-
makes Rulg an exccllcnt number W O . crs. This doesn't particularly entlear the WY'c~lf Ridcrs t o
Morho~'stroopers, who arc more than a little disgruntled
at he in^ hercIcd likc sheep - and hv stinking Gnhh05 at that.
Ncedlcss t o ssr: rhe W ' r j l l Ridcrs slecp w i t h t h u r mounts.
l'hc rest of the gang are your average Orcs and Goblins: a ensuring that thc Ores don*t cxpress thc-ir annoyance i n thc
fun-loving hunch of blonrlthirsw killcrs o u t for a good time. traditional fashion. !
Thc \ rccn~ati n the samc way as the old Brit- Thr ~ Z I I I R d c r r b' r n n c r displays ;I srvl~scd\volf ripping
ish N a w (by press-ganging likely lads aftcr a few roo many thc throat o u t o l a horse. Each u n i t member wears n hrmc's 1
h e r s ) sc) desertion is m r n c t h i n ~ofa problem. hut. as t h r skull motif an a chain around his neck.
Manudcrs' cli%ciplinaytechnrrlues arc cvcn more invcn-
tive ancl bnrtal than thosc of the Rrltish Navy, most recruits Sogaodd Stunty-Flaycs's Gang
don't tn- t o run away more than once. Thcst arc thc Mamuders' shock troops. Rernarkablv fcar- m

Thc Marauders are divided i n t o five units (four i n f a n t ~ l e w i n battle, their motto is "\Ye n e w t met a Stunn-wt didn't b
one cavnly), each w i t h its own particular charm. like ... lY.1TIJ SAL'Clil" LlsurlEy itnchoring thc ccntrc o f thc
Einc, the Stunv-Flaycm deal, mnrc darnrgc (ancl takc more !
CagEug Dogbreath and Co. - da Wulfboyz casualtlcrs) than any other unit.
Thew :!re. obviously. the cavalry. I:onsist~ne, of E2 Cinhlins I n rcwsrd they rcccivc finrst chnicc of treasure (afttr
o n Giant IYblvcs, thcir primary joh is t o make sure that thc Morhog and Rulg) and thc hrst recruits. They also march at i
Mamurtcw aren't surprised bv an cnemy force: o n the march. the front of thc column. whcrc. as thcv proclaim. .'13vcy
thc c a \ ~ ~ l rroams
r. b r aheacl, t o thc sides. and behind the body elsc can cat our zoggin' dust!"
column looking for cnerny acriviry. This means that they The Stuny-l:taycrs' b;~ttlestandard is a jet-hlnck banncr
oftrn opcntc out of M o h g ' s I)a Roqs affords them w i t h a golclen lightning bolt stashing across it. LTnit mem-
a large clegrec o f autonomy h e r s sport similarlr shapccl <carso n tnch chcek (gained from
(~nglug,leke many cavalv cc~mrnandcm,i s a ~ l o r y s e c k c r . rhc pang's strikinplv disgusting initiation rerernonicr)"
;tlwav< o n thc look-out for a chance tcl do sorneth~ngin-
crrrlihty foolhardy and romantic. IY'hcn encountering en- Margtogg's Maggots
emy cavalry. even II huauity outnumhr.rrd. C ; a ~ l u is
~ Ilkclv The Mnxqots arc .In unkno\vn quantiv: virtually thc cntire
to sound rhe chargc :hnd attack wtthout hesitation. unit is composerl uf new recruits. Though Marp+ogg,t h r i r
leader. is a seasoned wtcrnn, he is nn untried untt leader.
anrl Morhog is keeping a c l o w cvc cm him. I n hattlc, the
Mamots arc stationt.d adjncrnt t o S o g r d d Stunyt'laycr's
gang. nrhcrc i t is hoped thcy w i l l henrfit hv exarnplc.
.Margrngg ha%not yt.8 dcturrnincd his unit's Ilattlc <!and-
ard. Espcr~mcntswith s t i c k ~ n glargc numlwhun of insect lar-
vae o n a hanncr have thus far prr1vr.n unsucccsslul. .Margmgg
k t r p s himself smeared w i t h clung. cnsurina that hc 1s al-
ways surrounded hv swarms of fl~cs.tic. sets this as l ~ v i n ~
up to the unit's inspiring name, h u t his unit has n o t yct
acquired [his charmtng habit.

Boggradd Tusker's 'Ogg Boyz

1)ccp~tethcir u n c o m p l ~ i n t i n t monikcr,
a~ the 'ORP;Royx are
good, steady, uninspirctl Fighters. They fcbllow trrrlers wn-ell.
ancl Morbog considers then1 trusm~orfhv(hy C)rc~shstanci-
:~rds).'Their rtliahilityqunlifies thcm for imponant, t x ~ not r
nccvssarily glamorous. jnhs such as guarding trcasurt., hold-
ing a flank without dirccr supenpisron, polng of! on thcir
a w n to gather food, etc.
R o y have no war bannrr. hut Plrmki, thcir
pig ma>cr>t.accompanies them into battle (unless, of mursc.
she's hccn eaten nnd they haven't had rimc t o fetch :I new
one). The unit rncrnhcrs wear head-drcsscs adorned wlth
the finger-banes of thosc they have defratcd In hatrle.

Mornma's Boyz
Momma's Bov,: arc without question the grecdirst and tmi-
r s t unit Bn the outfit. They am an undisclplincd rabhlc, even
ktr Orcs. O n the march. Mnrhog or Rulg has t o r - n ~ u r c
Section Thrce: People and Places

they kccp pace with thc rcst of thr. gang. They're terrihlc opposition deveItlps. 11 follorw that i f his victims how mrnt
dcfcn5ivc t i ~ h t e n who will break in thy facc of any dctcr- derilrmination than cxpcctcd. M o r h o ~ w i lhackl off anrl look
m ~ n c dassaulr. Howcvcr. tcll zhcm thurr's [not, honzc or for casicr prey.
food in town, and all thcv have t o do is tnkc care o f thc~sc Howcvcr, Ores have great contempt for Itatlcrs\vho run
'orrihte 'oom:ins i n the way and 2 hey'Il charge i n like sharks awav from danger, and this contempt 1 5 usually c x p r ~ s s c d
in a Iceding f r c n q . by thy rttpcarcd application nf pornreri objects to the sub-
%hootingat opponents (mm a safc distance places ject's totso. While M o s h ~ l igs immune t o that panicular furm
little straln crn cither rhe ncgligiblc courage o r thc htlund- o f contempt, h7 virtue c># his abtlity t n break anv Orc whn
Icss n p x i o . rlf the Hoyr!.Mr~rhoghas given them t hc gang's trim ~t into riny bits. h e does have t o sleep. 'l'hu~.hc finds i t
small strppry of h w s and arrows. n.unhu.hile to krcp the respect of h i s suhnrdinates.
Momm;~'sRn?.z' war banner shows a svlisetl sun i n the So, unless the ndvrmary is reallv tough, thc Uaraudcrs
middlc of which is a hcalx pierced by a sword. Each of t h e w i l l artack. If thcr w i n . fine. If they losc, well, getting
BC)?-/ti-storms himscli with as much cheap jtrwellery and whrpped takcs the r'dgc off the most ardcnt hloodlu\t, ant!
trinkets as hc c a n c a m ; rhc more ofrhrs tawdry sparkling the Orcs can retreat w t h a u t shamc or dishonour.
stuff an OK can clisplay thc higher h ~ status s with rhc Nay. In hattlc. the Marauders evince all rhc finessc and swlc
Theft of a unit mcmbcr's ornamentation is common, and of your average hunch of football t h u ~ s l'rontal
. assault is
more than oncc an attack has sl~>nctl d u w n or stalled hc- therr mcar anti drink; sivw manocuvrcs such as flanking nt-
cause thc R a t 7 have stopped to fight over fallen comrades' tacks are only to he used as a 1:ist resntr.
Incidcnta!lv, Momma is a male Orc. He tends ro react
mthcr v i o l e n t t ~t o anv commcnts about his name. Unit Cohcsio~
A single Orc, off by himself. is quite lfkelr tci C ~ C ~ Ethat
~ C
perhaps this business ofwandering around in fxr-off land5
pupulatcct br; hostile Stunties, Humans ant! Elves i s not such
STRATEGY AND TACTICS a hot idea. He misses his wifc and pups, he isn't petting
>forhog's nhjccrivrs an. stra~ghtk,ru.;~rcI movc i n unchnl- cnough t o eat, a n d his feet hurt. Such ;in Orc may just dr-
It-nged, dcspoil, plllagc and burn, rhcn get out before any cidc t o chuck it all in and head for home.
A ~ o c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkness
, 1
! : .; . , ' 1

L ',, . :::
, . . ..:.{
l ,,
( " ~. , Morhc>g is quite aware of this u n f o n u n a t c t c n d e n q R l c n a u n i t has k e n on its own for 2D6 hours,make a
;. , .,.',j
1" .. -:
; Among his troopers. Thus. as a rule. his nrcs upcmtc i n Leadership r o l l fur i t every hours (hascd on the unit
t ., - ' ;,l; unlr3. Occasionally, thcv may split dorc-n to units as small as Itadcr's Leadewhip raring). I f srrccessful, t h e unit contin-
p;.. :,, , ,. : l(]-C)rc tcnrns, hut only thc hest t r m p e t s (Wolf Riders and ~ follnn. Morbop's orclem, Ef i t fnrls hv less than JOY,,
u e to
" . ,..: Stunty-Flaycrs) w i l l he allowed to do rhiq. and only then ID6 Orcs an. ~ n ~ p i r utod c[[) scbrncth~n~ r ~ t h e rthan what
.- . :, , .
- - d .
under spcrrial circumstances. they were orclcsrrl to. If i t fails hv ?!l'?, or more, thcn 2116
, ,
;.,.'-,. , 5, '
In game terms, this helps rhc GM who finds himself run- Orcs slip off Sec rhc OrcEsh M a l i n g c r i n ~Tnhle hclow for
, ;
:., 2, ', '-j
I >
nings sk~rmishhetwren the PCs and large nvmhcm of Orcs. enttrtaining examplcs of Orctsh hchariour.
' :;l h u n i t memhcr i s forbidden t o go k v o n d I2 yards from thc
,,:.:.;:: , -<,
+. r.:',' ,, ,,, , rcst of the unit. Clrcs beyond this n n g c \ w i l l n o t gain any
1,. :. .' : Leadership mting: ~fpossi-
benefits from rhc u n i t I c r d e r " ~

L,\,-, '> :; :
,:,. , :j ble they mill attcnpr ~o gct hack within t h i drstrncr
~ as soon
' .,.-,,
'; as ptlssihlr.. This section provides you w ~ t h a hunch o f fairlv silly charrs
;.,,,I':; 7 s d Morhog, Rulg and the Vblf Ridtts may ignore the shnve. and rahles yc~ut a n use to d e t e m i n c how Morhog's Wamud-
,.; ,;,'.; . "- -;--2
crs react ro circumstances. \ l l i l e these are n o t exhnustive
" .,., - :,,. :
(or cvcn neccswrilv scnqihlc) they may give vow hints on
, . , . . . , ,,j
Army Cohcsion how the Bad Guvs d n things

r , ::- M o r h g likes ro ktcp c v e ~ h d ivn sight. Since he's usually

i: . - .- ; " operating dcep i n hostile territory. hht rccogniscs the dan-
, ' ;, ,,4
; .:<,.,-
2 Rcr i n s p l ~ t t i n ghi* furccs u p . I t simply rnakcs good tactical Initial Onslaught Tablc
,> . . '- -
' 5E
hcnst. t i kccp
~ evcryhody i n easy support distance nf each t'sc this table whcn :I u n i t of Ores ~ ~ n c x p e c r e dmrct
lv a
, .- ,
.' . . .- : arhcr. And it's not u n k n o w n for entire Orc units to leg it o r hunch of PCs. Mxkc a Lcadetshlp rnlt for rhc unlt and ap-
1 attack each other when left unsupcntised. ply the modifificrs r thc t.cadershlp rrh rhe
; ,. .. -. .. li
! ' .:,, Thus. a n Orc u n i t w i l l almost alwayr he w i t h i n 48 yards hlghcsc-rankccl lrn.dcr o n thc spot.
o f another unit. Orc units outsidc this distance without spe-
F,',.. ..,..;-,;
, ,
. ., *
ctal ordrrs w i l l always attempt t o pet back within range as M Roll I n i t i a l Response
-" ,, . -. w o n as pocsihlc. Succec-dchv Unit reacts,Iikc a ~wll-nil& mnchine.
; -, -,3
,- >,? ..+- Mc)rhag may ordcs units t o go outside this n n g c for 304;,+ imrnerliatrly doing whntcver is
;,:p;< 7 , , spccific purposes, e.g. "Stay ' r r e an' guard dis hridge o r 1'11 mrl\r apprt~pri:~tc..
. '

p;., ,;: .,f


'bite ycr hnins out." Discipline (i.e. fcar o f p u n i ~ h r n ~ nwt )i l l

;-2.i , , kcrp those Orcs o n the job for around 2I)h hours: after that Succcerls hv 'ITnit mills around for D6 munds.
l,' 9,' , ,',',
trrnc, however, t h u r t is a good chance thar thc u n i t w i l l he- up t o 5OY) thcn does whatrvcr ~ c c m st o he
p i n to clisinrcgratc rn an amusing bshion. most apprnprantt.

. . . Fails by up L'nit mills around for Dh rounds:

rr) 30% cach munil l$ Orcs leavc for Parts
. . llnknown.
;< .,,, :!,

r, ,:;I
3 l by 3 1D6 Orcs run aw!: Rcrnainin~Orcs
, ' Y ,: .L',.;
,-c' .<. .?
wiIdly ancl cntt'narn-
do s o m c t h i n ~
l,,<., ,'h,

, ,. ,
y,,:,:': T

,.: ngly inappropriate: charge rhe tn-

:. - + ' .3 cm): ~mpcacti(i.e. murtlcr) the
l:',. .,
;;,;,, ,- Icadrr, ctc.
1.. ..,-, -:
r- !,,,r-,.,,'. ',;
Note: Unless thc Marauders are defeared in the battle, '5%
d .

of the deserters wi!l he rccowretl afrcr the fight.
i.. ;; ,, ,,(.'t
,; ;, :,

I, ,, ,, :...
Orcish Malingering Tablc
: ..,,
" ',,,": Roll a DlOO o n thc fc~ltulvine,tahle whenewr an unsuper-
G:.;, ,,
, ,./,-!
- vised hunch of Orcs fail their Leadership rot].
;, .'.'.; :*-,;"
".l r,..
-.,;,: ;,,:, I * ,
i 01-14 Horseplay: Severat Orcs are engaged in a
r, , :
; y,;.,t 5.: ;', ficrce I~mwl,while others place hers on rhc
!; > :,+ ,>
, i :
..C, outcome. Thc fightcm tnkc D.3-1 Wounds dur-
7 ,, # . ; , . A ing the conflict.
I- ' .
r ',.. - 15-2R Rorrgh-housing: Cikc l-larsepla?; except that
l/,; :,,-' ,,:. .:
=.l , ,

, ,
the Orcs t ~ s cweapons. Fighters take DO
l.:,,., ,,':; "': , ,,,- + Wounds,hvstandcm takc D3.
i,,,;i t , .; ,:
29-43 Foraging:The Orcs go oSland look for some-
A ..I
I'..-",:>'.:, ,
. I

1 , .,S
~ cat. I f guardinp, the supply train, D6
t h m to
$' . ,; ! "
Snotlings disappear rn~sreriously.
5, ,
. ..
. ,

T, , .+- ( .;,, 44-58 Pep Rn/!v. Some o f the Orcs in the unit hold
a compcrition to see who can come up w t ~ h
the hcst dcrogatnlv terms for another unit. I f
the orhcr unit comcs within hearrng disrancc
while this is going on, sec rhc descraption for
R o u g h - h r l l ~ ~ ~above.
, ,
I - . I
Section Three: Pcople and Places

59--4 Fr~rlotdgI~. Thc Orcs arc off snmewhcrc, carch-

ing a kip. Thcywill rcappcarn-hcncvcr thc G U STAGING TIPS
sccs fit. W1r.n designing advcnttlrr-s arttunrl t h t M:~s;~urlcrs. i t ' q im.
'5-89 Rtrll Se.ssfnn. Thr frustmtcd Orcs plot t o k i l l ponant to rcmcmher that r h t v srgnificnntlv outnumhcranti
Morhog ;~ncltake over the Marauders Nore outgun rhc avrrage hunch of PC:< Thc \Yi)ff Ridcrs arr prcih-
that thcv never havt rhc guts t o c a r v it out. a b k as fasr or faster than thc PCs, and a l t h r ~ ~ gMr>mrna's
90-00 Sick Lentte: 'rhc Orcs dccitlc thcv h a w con- Btl??' RS is not particularlr h i ~ h i,f rhcv all f rc rlfl'n \-c)lltv
tmctcd some harrihle slckncs~from exposure o f arrows at rh' PCs, s<>rnr.hodyis proh;~hlr gnlnfi t r ) gel
t o nIl that unhealthy tr'rcsh str and sunshine. well perfomtrd. In hand-to-hand cornhat, a unir of Orcs wll.
The)* gn t o Mohc~gancl m a k t d a h r a t e pleas at t h t very least, challcnple thc PCs. Two o r m u r r nit^ WIII
t o hc a l l o n r d to go homc and die. IMnrhop prohahly wipe thcm ottt - i f rhey don't. y o u ' w hetn tot)
liqtcns svrnparlietically knocks a fcw hcatls to- generoz~sw i t h the experience paints and m a p c items.
grther, ancl sends rhcm hack to r h r i r unit. To stand a gootl cllance o r success. rhc P(:s must he ahfc
rt) attack smaller RFOUPT o f C ~ C :ind
S WC their mohilin- and
tactical r h r hest admntapt. %lostimportantl!:
just Following Ordcrs Tablc r hcy have to have the option to r u n away when t h i n ~ hc- s
Roll nn thc f o l l r ~ w ~ ntablc
g whenever Vorbog gives ordcrg gin r o gct ugly - i n orhcr worcls. cmplov g ~ r c r r i l l at:~ctics
to a unit llcc Mnrhng's Leadership score ancl applv thc The PCs ~ h o ~ ralsol d consider the hencfits r l f invnlving t h t
Leadership morllfiers listed hrlou: If the u n i t is any dis- locals i n an impromptu rniIitia group.
tancc from Morboa, Da Hnss must either g o and give thc
nnlcfi h~rnsclfor sund a mcsqc.nRr.r. hot11 ofwhich take time. Usc Maps
W Roll Result To heIp thcm 2 0 deal w i t h M o h g and his merry hand in n
Succecds h, ['nit irnmr.diartlv ctoeq just what sensihle way. vorl have tn provide rhe plavcrs w i t h fairly
?(ln: + Morhri~ n-ants it to. dctnilcd rlc.scriptions of r h t t c m r n area In nrhich the en-
counters take placc. I f your scunnrio r c v o l w s arnunrl t h t
Succrcds hv Unit takes Dh rounds to get somcd PCs trying to stop o r delay rhc Orcs from getting from Point
Up to 30% out, then does whar Morl~ogwants.
A rn Pr~inp11. vou sh(n1lc1dmw u p a falrlv d t t ; ~ i l c dm:lp o f
the area hetwren the nvo poinrs. so the !'(:F can pick spntq
Fails hv up tinit citherrloes nothing o r dithers a t which t o set up ambushes.
tn 30Yb for n6 rnunds. and thcn does the The remain must hc complicated c n n u ~ In h support thc
w r o n g thing. PCs' actinnr. Flat. open plains. for cx.uamplc. w i l l nor pro-

Fails hv 4nT1+ linir c-ithcrpnnfrs ( m 6 Orcs n i n

away and rhc remainder m i l l mund
chaor ~ c a l l y ) : j r ~ r r r / p{cvenhody
n~shcs13ft find srmcthina t o kill
- rvcn annthcr unit); cjr does what
thc G.M finds most entcrtainine;.

Whun onc o r morc Orcr h a w hcrn fn~tnclguiln. of same

inappropriate beh:~riour. pick onc (IT thr. fnllrming:
h x t s his e m , then send4 him hack
FThrnin~:M n r h r j ~
t n his unll.
Sfem Ukrning: Morhog clouts h i m o n the head (caus-
i n g I)! Wotlnds - \lnrhng may n o t iusr ~ s his e fist), thcn
scndr film Imck to his unlt The Orc's p r e s r i ~goest up a l o t
in his unlt.
Dentotinn: Orc is dcmotcd to h o n o t a Snotling.
~ Gets
to pull a can, anrl w i l l hc paten it the army runs rmt r $ f h o d
beforr. hc is prnrnotud hack up to C h .
Fines: Since mosr Orcs h a w n o rnonev. an Orc i s fined a
hmlv part. tccth. fingers and cars For Iight offrnccs: arms,
Icps o r sen5itirc h ~ t sli)r serious offcntcs.
Fxecrrtion:TypicrlZy i n somc incrcdihlv dismsring f a ~ h -
ion. Ilavt- n Itmk at the S p a n i ~ hInquisition, anrl the Roman
and Aztec I h p i r r s , f i x csamplcs

Leadership Modifitrs
Morbog i s accompnnving unir
R v l 15 ~ accompanying unit
r n i t surprises f'C+ (or hot h arc surprised) + 10
['nit has rlcfcatcrl PCs prtviously + 141
L n i t 15 attacked i n flank o r rear -F 0
I - n i t ha5 lost tr) PCc prtviouslv -10
tinit is scpasatcrl from rcsr of:~rrnv -10
, 8

L '
Apcrcrv~haTwo: Chart of Darkness
i. J
1. 4

'C , . : ,

, - .
, , m
rtdc ;1nv c!~anceof t a k i n ~ c u v t r o r gaining surprise. I f thc tactics; art:ick isolatcd unlrs at your discretion hut don't
P(:< arc- spottcrt. it \v112 Ilc nigh o n ~rnpossrhlcfor them r o engage t hc main frjrcc."
, . * ,, l o w !heir pursucrs I;ucrrill.i tactics a r t only cffi-ctivc in R? E . m m p l ~ :As the PC:s watch, anuthcr ~ r o u puf
!''-, -,.: mountains, f o r t ' ~ t so r other placcs w i t h plcnty o l ;innoying dotrallty fighters heroically attack (ancl arc earcn by) rhc.
- I
, ., .. choke point+ tvhrrc the PCs can n ~ a k cst:inrIs. rivcrr hchintl Urcs. Apart from hricfly satiating thc Orcs' appctitc, this
b, -
t ! , i ~ v t i i c hthcy can snipc at the cnemv without Icnr of rctalia- shoulcl pivc thc PCs loud kor thol~ght.If thcy nccrl furthvr
, - :.
v:, ... tion. strcp g r q c \vhcw ~ tlicv can d r o p bouldcrs u n t o Orcs' hclp. a hattered suniror of ttic. fight stumhlcs i n t o rhcir
,',. , ,;
c- hcacls, r t c m ~ t l s tgives
. them sage worrls of a d r ~ c cancl , r h r n (ofcoutir)

1.: "",:..I , ,
Oncc ? . O ~ I ' ~ Cshnlvn rhc p l a y c r ~your h3n~isomc'lv drawn drops dead at their tcut.
C : :-, . .'
. ,: :. ' I map, thcv hhr~ulrllusc it t o plrlt thcir ovcrall s t r a t c n fbr the T ~ Y POld C n m p n f ~ n e rTi,o: or thrcc Orc scouts (wcll
r . . '. ntt:rck. rlrfcncc. amhurh or wharcvcr. O f coursc. lthc map rn arlvancc o f thc rvst o f the band) harc captured a wagon-
6 ' , :, i.n'r rlct;iilcrl c n o l ~ g tfori thcm to lay out thcir posrtions tor Iwad of rcfu~ees.The PCs kill the Orcs anti r c w u c thc v11lag-
6, I

. .,

. ;
cach assautr. IIorwvcr. thcy could r l e c ~ d c1.0 In? an ambush crs. ORL. o f ~ v h o r n1% a c m c h e y roothEcs+., arthrlrlc (h(i man.
5. ...,,,-I .tz thc only lord on the t71griver. k,Pock thc only pass through t h t scarred vctcmn of a thr)usantl campaign%,who givr.5
1: , -.J thc rnount:~ins,n r hit thC Orcs whcn thcy rrarcl dorvn tlrc t h r m b i g hclpings of hi4 hard-tl-rln tvisclr~m.
L, ','
' ;
rinatc track that lcads through thc Iorrst. Thp L a s l R ~ s o r f :"You r r r l l y want tn charge i n t o 80-
!.: c '. ., Yoticc thc phrases 'only ford' and 'only pass'. Hcrc':, a o t l d Orcs? t l r i ~ n i I. lnw intcrcstin9. \Yi.ll, okay. hut f n t , cvc-
I . . - '
. .
K' .> , snc-akv trick to convince v c u r plavers of your GMing hrjl- nhod!. m r k c Cool rolls
L... . I~nncc.Ifynu d c < i ~ r-nilr n map sa that thu choke p o ~ n t sand
v > . . k ~ r l ct k n s ~ v ctcrrnin r)n it arc obvious. your playcm w i l l
nlrno\t cenarnly chr~rjxcr o fight Irnm thcm. Bcaring thiq in ADVENTURE HOOKS
mind, r.ou cnn make u p srnallcr-wale racrical map$ o f t h e w Shcrman's Match
:trcas :thcad o f the pamv. W'hcn the playcrs sas -'Okay, tvc'rc 'l'hc M;~mudr.rshave bccn spmcd heading towards 3 largely
, " .,
, wttin~ up at thc pass. What's it look likc?" you t;ln srnilc unprrltectcd towm. Thc PCs. hcing unfortunate e n r l u g l ~tn
1; ' ,:,;, smugly ancl w h i p r)ut your ~ m a l l r map. r hc i n thc arca, v r ~ l u n t c c r(or arc ru-clcrctl) to clclay thc col-
1:. , ,.;,;:
'. 1
u m n u n t i l the Frnpirc's troops can come t o thc vitlagc's
[,. - - , 'l
Morbog Has No ldca What H i s Up Against! clcfcncc. T'hc vilEngc i s cntirclv populatrd bv p u t l m t t l a l f l l n ~
<-- ., p:itifist bakers wtiu arc. n o t thc sl~ghtcstuse in ;I fight. sr,
',(',,,,,' ' ,- ,' !a 1% imponnns IO rernen~herthat, at firqt a n y r v . .llt~rhc,g is the !'.(:S arc on thcar own.
y;.,.'., r going r o bc. u n x r r c r i l rhc n:tturr. of his c~pposition.If rhc
i ,, The PCs now gcr thcir chance. t o dutifullv chop down

, ,

,. - ,,., ,,,
:;;:; m

I'(:s .1tt3ck firm rlnc of t i ~ sflanks. hc might reasonably [car t hc p~cmresqucscenery and block the mad. They can shoot
b. r l ~ ; i tthis i.i nothing morc than a divrrsion to cover a larger.
at the Cjrc l e ; ~ d e nfrom h e a v ct~ver,makt. slash in^ ;issaulrs
1 ;;,,,+::
. , , ,
rntlrr tlnnpcrous a s w i ~ l from t the othcr sidt. Until hr. is sure. zlgalnqt thc column's flank ancl rear, ancl gcnr.mI1y kccpvcn
: ' p L
, , .. -1
tic i c n o t going t o orrlcr his r n t i r r cavaErc. resorlrco tr, thaw
1: , ,,: 1 f i r . I f rhcy do wcll. thc main filrcc of gor~dguys show up i n
L. , . . sltcr the, n o r as hc gc~inp,to It-avc his w p p l r tram tlmc t o save the village: i l n o t . they shaw up alrcr thc villngc
r " ,.,'...' ? i ~ n s u p p o r t c d~ n c tsend hi< cntirc forcc into u n k n o w n tcr-
F* . ,. , . ' . , is sacked.
l , . .:. 8 raln nftcr ;In u n k n c ~ w nnumhcr of z o ~ i nhurnies. '
~'::;.,',. , ,I
0.1 r-ourre, il'thc PCs arc. parricularly succcsshl and dn Rcd Dawn
0 . - 1:
. .
too much darnnec. he may lazr h ~ srcmpcr and do just th:lr. 'E'hc %lz~rarrdcrs h a w marched in and tskcn over a small iso-
..: p-
giving clevcr P(,\ the opponunie t o hushwhack the supply lrtcd valIcy. Thcy'rr busy ptlIaging and making fun of thc
r n l n or Icatl t h r ~ purs~tcrs
r i n t o an even nastlcr amhush. t b poor. hrlplrss villagrrs and f:irrntrs. 'rhc PCs gc't t o t ~ hnn- c
1: - .,l--- (;M. vour challenge is t o provide situatlnns which allo\v thc dannas ruund thcir hc:bds, o i l u p t h c ~ rmusclcs. and do a
PC* 11) pursuc such opticlns. Ksnlho numher on thc encmy - i c pick 'cm nff rlnc hy
+ ,
.. -1,
one, m:ikt h~t-and-run ;~tt;~cF;s ;tgainst thcir supply tmin. etc
r !.spcct~ni: litrle opposition, thc Orcs ha\^ convcnicntlv
t ,,: ., ,l'
How To Each Old Dogs Ncw Tricks hplit i n t o units. cach r r c c u p y i n ~a village or hamlet s c r ~ r a l
4omc player;, u ~ c dr t ) rhc standard encountcrs that rakr hnurs' distance from thc othcrs Thc f'Cs mcs.i up onc o r
plaru I n moqt r r l l r n l a y ~ n g
advc.ntl~rcs.m i ~ t ihc t a IittEc slow mroof these I x f o r r tht encniy figurrs out wh;tt-5 going on.
t r r ffgure 11iit t l z c p i ~ c r r i l l am c t h a d s n c c c s w v to hcait Then the Orcs gct togcther and 1.111 hack i n t o rlcfens~v' po-
,. , . . ,
%lorbo~. sitions, sun din^ thc Vbll' Ridcrs out t o t n c k dorvn and rlc-
,,< :
. J
In \tandard rolcplaying adventures, the Bad Guys come stray thcir attackers.
h: ,,- ,' -; tn smalliqh group5 : ~ n darc conr,tnauntlv scpamred i r n m tm-
F,,';'. ( 'Thc PCF cngagc i n scvcral running battles with thc WihT
L.., , '
' ,., ,
- - ! rnccli:itt tactical support, cither by d~stancco r inclination Riders, evrntually kitling enough ( ; o h h \ t o m;~kerhcm VC?
(i c thc Wad Crws art. so nasm thar nobody c . l w~ ~ lcomc l unhappy M o r h o ~gers fed up, burns ;I hunch r)f rilEagrs.
t o rhclr aid). Plavers have cumc t o expect thia ancl arc used take\ h15 I;kclen rrcasurc. wagons ant1 sornc. v~llap,crs'.;lavcs
to fighting the rjppositton i n ~ l o r i o u shcn,ic, , hand-to-hand. lunch, an<! hcarls hack trl tllc hills. Thc P I 3 can cither at+
{cl-thc-de:~th(rhc. monsrers' dcath) combat. rcnlpt to hamss the rctrcrting column nnrl rc5cuc thc v~llag-
Sccrllr.;~ tr, say, such tactics arc n o t appmpriatc whcn rrs. r i r cmvcnly tlccidc thcy'vc donc cnoufih and go hornc.
cncounterrng the Marauders. P(:% who heroically plough
intc, cmnhat with Morbog's small army, instead of picking Morbog Marks thc Spot
thcm off i n manageahlc numbers, are not r ~ r likely y t o Ix The Marnudcrs h:lw made a scmi-pcrmanrnt camp in a val-
arrjund: for long. 5c)nrc players may n o t rralise [hi\. ()thcrs. Icy - rlghr on thc spot whcrc the PC5 h e l ~ e r usomerhing
K' ,. , 'I..
n h ~ l rccagnic~ng
c thc futilitv of frontal aswult, mav stmplv intcrcsting IS b u r i r d flow can they convince an cntirc
b.,, ' ,;-t nor have an?bhctrcrideas. Flcre's some rips t o stcer t h r n ~i n ~\.arhando f Orcs t o movc from sorncwhcrc rhey'rc. happy -
r l ~ cright d~rcczion. or altcrnattvetv, h o w can they sntak i n t o the mirtdlc r ~ af
Om&rs: I f thC PGs arc part of some m i l i t a n or parnrnali- husv Orc cncampmcnt t o d n srjrnc hcn\y cnnh-niocjn#"
t a n rlrgantsation. ?nu can take thc rolr. r l f thcir zupcrirw R o n t ~ scxpcricncc points if thcv can convvncc thc Orcs to
officer ;rntl give them h t ' l p h l cjrdcn like, "L \C' hit : m c l n l n do thc w(1rk For t h t m .
h- .

b . : .
1 . ' . , ,
Section Thrcc: People and Places

Morbog Throatslitta Gaglug Dogbrcath Sogrodd Stunw-Flaycr.

Morhoe, i. s h r w and p o w u r h l l y built. FEc sports an
tmprc.ssivc army of lhciat scars (from h15 mt-rcenav Margrogg, Mornrna and Bogsradd Tuskcr
days). xvcars a hlack hrcastplatr. and pot hclrnct and Thcv'st your standnrrl mtltlev lot. II:IR!URsmilts and
p. H c shou-s off\\-ith
canics a v e ~ c u i l - l r x ~ k i nhnrrlt-XYC. talks to himself all thc timc.. Sngnbdtl I\ more atldihlc
a string o f clriecl Stunm cars worn as a ntckl;~cc than noticeahlr, suffering from scrcrc hnwcl prnh-
]cm\. Nnhndr*r too surc what ~ W a q r o greallv
~ looks
like undcrnrath the lavem of filth t~urthcv know-~ v h c n
he's arounrl a l l nght. Hoggradd is a tnlc hc;~con:hc
has an rnormous nose ant! a voice that sound4
foghorn. ,Momrna is hypcractir-c. Thcy all drcss i n
Icarhcr jackets and hobnail hoots.

Skill*: \t-z~t<,!/ottrttzcq.l ) o l / ~ y ~ - /i ~<~hy~I ~ t~t ,t r,r t ~ q K r f l l , . ~ c ~ s ;

Or~cbtrtcrtrc)~r.iTirlil. <pci-il~EistIl i . n p c ~ t7~i i " o - / ~ f z t l f I ~ ~ d
ITkf~pon.~: .Vrfko dlffg/?fs!</or4 ,; 5 ' f t - i k ~ Irrjtdr~:\t,yp
Strortq. I * indlcatcs alreaclr inclurlcd in profile)
Trappings: Breastplare ( 2 AP, hrldy); helmrr ( 1 hp
hc;~rl!:nl.l#ic hatrlc-:txim( + 2 damagc: acqt~trcdit from
nn almost rlcad <;hausStunn). Skill+: I Kitlc. .j!r/kr. ~ f r b < 1.d ~I tj i o r t *
Trappings: I.r.~tl-tcs i:~chcr( r l I /\P -:~rms,hndy). hob-
nail l , o c l t \ : SWUKI: how R' arrofvs: s h l ~ l d( I AP: all):
F ~ V<;CS ~M I of shiny trinkets.

R u l $~5 nnmcd ;~ftr.rhi%appearancc and docsn't sccm
mind. Hc's easily idcntifiahlt by kin^ h i ant1 ~ fat.
nith a Icering CSrc i'ace ratrntxd across his h u ~ hdly.e
Sogrodd> Gang: 20 Big 'Uns
, nr>ticcrhr. Irk t a r as rni?;~-
rf!.ot~get ~ l o c c n a u ~ hyou lot~rsol<licrs.Thc!
I?spccially mean anti ugly-tc~rlk~ng
ing. Bulg keeps th~n&+simple and c:trrtcc ;I norchcd dnn't feel pain likc you nnrl nrc.
swcrrrl nntl shield (which sports the .;arnc design as

Skills: ~ ' O ) I S ~ I ?.~\/c-o/*o/

II~~ / h u i r ~ ~h t' i. d ~ .{tt-rL-t,
Rloti,. Sfrtkt, t o Imjrrrc~.
Trappings: Sword; shield ( 1 AF? all): dirty loincloth; Ski11%: 8fr1L-<U
!it,eht1, / < l o ~ t . ,
c ; 1 4 ~ ) l g r stmpp~c!
o~ 10 hack. Trappings: Sworcl. shicld l AP. all); armour 1 I AE
r , .' . : 1

'I. : . ;. ;,
L' .


Apocrv~haTwo: Chart of Darkncss

1 . '

Mornrna's Boyz: 20 Arrcr Bovz

., .
Shifw-InnkingCkcs frstnoncd u-ith che21pic-uctlc-rv and
rawin. tnnkrrs.
. .

1 .>:.-, ,!
rY . r',,. - ,;"
,, >;/,
U .- -
* ,:,-,,,:-,... . .*
l..-, ~ -'

$ .;'- . -'

F,,-.-,;.; ,+- !
o', ., :.
- , I Z

+ -- - 3

f: ,. - ' . .;
[,:,- , .'

1 :;; ;j

v,[ ;.'.',:;,;,, .- F
', , $ . I , .. :.. ,I. Skil I s : I It-c". I'r~.kl''lz.
/.,,<,.,,j Ski 11%: I Ir~r.': Rirlr. Trappings: S n o r t l \ . 1 1 0 1 ~R.~ x r r o w ~ ;l(;(: won11 0 1
Trappings: Spcnr; bow fl: arron5; hirs of fluff ancl old>n n ~tacky l ~crvcllcn
. ,.
*', 2 ,' . nlc:rr: s:~tlcllc-wrcs.

i . , .- r Crcat Wolvcs: Goblin Riding Animals

." , 4
Rig. uglv. me;hn-Ionkingcloggics. Almost ccnrinly dis.
Thc Maggots: 20 Orcs
L.' ,. -. .' " 48 Grunting, srll\.clling Orc fnnr wlrliers
p - . . -.,;, 4
, " I
C.:,. . .,.,l'

5> .:;:,...:. '.

, 7
: y,.:: ,L'

_ ." : Skills: . ~ - I I ~f o! l s ( ~ t - t ~ 21, l(,(-f
~. I.OOI(Y!
-. - 1

7 .;, .'?>,.7 Trappings: Harl tempcr. r;Ivcnrnls appctitc.

r.:.., '-;
, .,.- ,"
-. ,,
F'.:: , ,
1 ; .-,.-::
! -:<
, ...- .,. ,- .,
" Boggradd's Unit: 20 Mare Orcs
f,;, :.., ,:
.1: -.-, .: ,
(;rt//led vctcsans of 3 thousand campaigns
7:, - ,;;
k; - ?
C . . ' 1 n h . ~ rthc~rLeadership I \ lrkv - 1 t . 5 up t o r o i l ( a chtap
trick to help ynu l ~ a l a n c ethc sccnano).
Skills: I:lcr'
Trappings: Swnrd, <pear: rhicld ( I .M? ,111)::trmtwr I
AF! t > c ~ I v ) .
I -:
i-, - .'. .", '
C - : , 4 . , -,- -
;,:. S ;
') , .'; >' :
,r,, ,, ..-',- ."
6 , -+,,(,''.i
[ -. '

I - - .r . . r
L' . ,' A
,.,'>, , ,,:
1 , . ..
I' ',. ": c'.

p,;' ,*.;,, ,::;;

,,,; : ;
"" . , :;-.:
!?;, , ... , .'
.. -*4
, - :., -:. Skills! \ / t ~ po r ! 11)v tli~rt-/>
Trappings: Sword. 5pth3r.helmet II A t head), sh~cIrl Skill*: I j t ) l i < g[~< ~/ o p t . 1 /v(J'
( l \l! ,111 \ Tr:~ppings:'4r)nc. N o ~ v x v

c :
Section Three: Pcople and Places

Chapter 13
Not many hanri~tscan rmd. cvcn whcn t h t worrlr are
short ancl to the point. I.ongc-r worth dcfcnt c v t n Iltcmtc

bandits cntircly and Icavr. nhr few properlr cdr~carvdone\
sinpulasly unimprcsserl. Rut even thc mo5t stupid. moqt 1 ~ -
norant bandits know t o Icavc this parricnlnr ~ ( h l c c t l o nOS
trarellrrs w c l l alnns.

l'hc Pandcmrlnium Carnivak ancl Purlpatctic Mcnagcric of
Wi~nclcrsis exactlv what irs name s a w it i s B t r a v c l l i t ~zon
ol'stmnge animal;, some o f them t&ncd and all owncd hv
Ilr>ctr>r\Y'rhfran~14otlscher. Hc is a <elf-proclaimed 500th-

Carnival sayer. sage, hcrhalist, traveller. one-trmc actor and thcstri-

cal imprcsario, an expert several tirncs over u p o n animals
b t h r n ~ m d a n cand unnatural. f r i r n d to thc nohihwof *CV-
e n l prominent statcs, writer and collector offolklore, nl-
chrrnlst, fcnccr. drinker, c h c f o f distinction and horse rloctor
of no mean skill. And those arc merely rhr. accornplishmcnts
that hc chooses to tcll pcoplc a b u t .
THE CIRCUS W' you mnv h a w gxthcrcd, is not a man whrj
undersells h ~ r n ~ c hl fi ,s carnivnl o r mcnagcric. tfr. hi15g < > r ~ l
COMING TO TOWN c a u t~o hc prclurl of his mcnagrric, f o r thcrr: arc fcw such
collections of Beastmcn i n captiritv a n t v h c r c in rhc Old
\Yi>rlcl, let alonc- carried around :~hr,arrlcarts. Onlv thc pccl-
ing paint on his cart* give%an irnprcsslon that the hcttcr
davs arc. pone.
Ir'olfgang is assisted i n h i s work by a tcam of c i ~ h hu- t
mans anti a Ih-arf. t t l s chirf assistant tn most rn;utcc% is
This is a short road cncountcr that can h e dropped into the Renhorv. w h o \\,as oncc a sarlor from Athion and i< still a
middlc of a n on-going advcnturc. You could simply use i t very rough man. Rcnbow givcc ortlers to thc kcepcrr and
ar onc rnorc cdd cncrrunter t o nForryyour playcrs, o r vou hantl!crs. Big Anders. Litrlc :\ndcrs. Hcnoldo. [van, Magda
could set up some o f t h t characters here as potential allies and Mikhail. They do all the hard work. The final h t ~ m ; ~i qn
o r rncmics for your PCs. Afrcr alI. a wisc (;>l creates lonp- (;rann\ Haller, ancl R c n h u r knows h r t t c r than to t r l l hcr
tcrm storics as w c l l ss quick adventurcs. The Advcntur' anything. Shc cooks for the rcst and tells fonuncs rvhcn the
I-looks section ~ i v c orhcr
s ~dt-asas to how it could hc linked
in to other events i n your campaign

O n evcry Imperial highway thcrc arc travclkcrs o f many
kinds. Most arc tnvellinp. ~ 8 t ilh purposc: somc stay on thc
move brcausc they h a w n o homes: hut for a few the j a w -
ney itself has become the end rather lthan the means.
Fivc heavily annourr.6 bullock c a n s and thmc brightly
painted cardvans make an intcresting sight o n the roads of
rhe Empire ar any time. Five hheawlv armoured cams that
haven't k e n anacked and r n b h r d ;we d r ~ u h l yinrcmsting.
An)-thing that needs that much puarcling must hc ver).valu-
ahlc Inducd. O r VC? dangerouh. Pcrhaps the words picked
out in chccrfrtl colnurs o n the canvas sidc-awnings give some
clue as to why thcsc parricular c a n s can zrarwel3afely:


7T~cGrmtest Collectf on of ~ ~ l n n s r r o s i rand
i~s Rixrre
Crentz~rpsof !lark FoiiEn~ssI I P I ~in Caprii)iip.
3 appf?~rrnptrr
1 d o f f h e Old Ikrlrl
!o C ' r o r v ~ r ~H~nds
nnrl rf ??m?,,' I.rrnds Rql'onrl.
Amnzrnte>rrto :ill t r - l ~ rlirrin
At1 o the .lfenngerir
and Its J>c*ni z p n s
.4cc~ptno 5t1hst l t PS'~ BeJfmv
~ on(lr-rsirr O r r 'n I::vPs!
Section Thrcc: People and Places

wnvs marks its victim with r uisihl' mutation hcfnrr. any

moral rot scts in. which is often thc oppc)sitc o f the truth, THE COLLECTION
Thc notcs and marginalia which M : ~ ~ n uand q \Yblfgang Thc m c l v e R e a ~ t m e nI n IYolfgang H o l l c r h c r ' ~rncnagcric
hatre addud to thc hook arc prohably of much mrwc interest arc as fnllo\x-S:
to anv t n l c scholar n l Chaos r h ~ nthe original text itself. I t
coulrl hc sold for up to 25I)GCs i f the right customcr could
be found. Anv W t t h H r ~ n t c wo~11ci r bc willing to pay goal Cage 1: Urzo
m o n t y I o r this Iwrlk. hut it's m n r r tikcly rh:~tt h r y rvr,uld L l n r I, the largest Reastman i n thc ctlllcction, i\ ;ilro :lrnon#st
pmbahlr accusc the hook's holder of an unhealthy intercst thc m r m pa*<ix-c. Rather o l d for a Bcastman, hc actcr;~lly
In thc "witchcric o f (:haus" just so that rhcy coutd pct their looks :I little tarN and has k e n ill for somc timc W'nPfgang
hands o n i t for nt)thing. suspects that I'ma needs something c x r n i n his d i r t hut
The scconrl hook i\ iY'c,lfgang+scmcnsircJorrmal and has vet t o work nut that this " t u r n " 8s h u r n r n flesh?
.Votes IFon Rtwsrrttrrr rtr~cl/Ire l i ~ r t lHelmr,lnnrs nnd I'rl-
natttsnl IJRhits 77~cwnJwhich is m o r t In thr naturtr o f a
portfolio o f s ~ r i h h l ~notcsc l 2nd sketches than a propcr h o o k . Cagc 2: Rassarak
It's obvious from a cursory glance through thesc papers rhat R h i l c n o t a Rcastman, Rarcank thc Skavcn i s % t i l l :I f i ~ u r c
\Y'n!fgang has bccn very t h o r ~ u g hI n his work. Thcrc a r t t o inspire the chtl! of fear In most inhabitants ot"the O l d
anatornlcat tlmwings, lists of dicrary habits. and rnz~chelse nbrlcl. hlthough blind, Rns-amk's h t n n n g i s txcrptinnal and.
as wcll, which would bc of interest to almozt an?.scho!ar o r i n an alarming fashion, he can "watch" <pcctator< n ~ i t hu n -
lowmmter in the Old \Ybrlcl w h o was snrcl\.in~n o t ju5t Reast- canny accuracy almost giving thc IIC t o hrs hlindcd t y t s .
men hut the cfFecr\ clt" (:hno~ gcncnllv. This hook \\,ould
prc>hahlv k t c h ;rrnuncl ~ O O T , C sfrom thc r i ~ hcustomer.
The final volumc i% a printccl copy of ;I hook entitkcd Cagc 3: Bcastmcn of Khornc
T m ise I pan the .Tat lire rf IT+zrp.~rortennd I t s I'SP.F in tile T h c ~ crhnte Beastmen, normallv savngr crraturcs, havc k c n
Arls : ~ l c h ~ m i c n?rd
n l ,ll~dicn/. IY'olfgnn~i s identific-d as t h r conred hy Wolfgang and his as.;istants. They arc tcrri-
author. anti t h r hook was printer! in rhc cin. of Parn\vxi i n f i r d of firv, anti trill do a n ? r h i n to
~ stay awau from a flarnr.
Rrctonnia Again, it shoulcl tw clcar from the extcnsivc notcr u r c n snrncthing as sccminglv innocunus as candlelight*
that willfgang has made i n the hook's margins thar he has P h r i r ftcding time (when a lix-e goat is thrown intrl thc c n g t )
hccn hard at work u p ) n a second edition. This annntntctl 1% al~vavsa crnwd-pleasing event.
edition o f the work could hc n.onh 250GCs t o a know[-
rdgcahle customer.
II o w c \ ~ r r anv
, \Y'itch I i u n t e r within thc Empire would Cage 4: thc Twins and thc Impcrial Bcast
h a w good r c a w n tn v i t w t h r posqcssor or rhiq tome as a Tht Twins occupy about one third nf this cagr. with the
w r y dnngcrous <cn".Int o f (:hai~s h c c a u x the hook rcrlclireq Imperial Rcasz in thc remainins sectirm. -I'hc =ins are t i n y
thc LIFC uf ahrpqtone i n a]! o f it.; preparations. Thr hook fur: goat-hclrncd Rcasrrnfn IC<%than a Foclr t;itl, whilc thr.
includcs treatrntnts for crrcr?. common disease. and thtsc Irnperlal Reast i s only amund Lhvatfsizr.. I-lnwevcr. thc mtlst
haw a 90':, chance nf fuccuss. I'nfconunatrll: gircn thc USP notahlt fcaturc i s his fur. which is the colour o f p u r c ~gold'
o f W'nrpstonc i n thesc curcs, thcrc is n ICYl chancc that thc \Y'oltran~occa~ionallyjokcs that the Rcastman w i l l f i n i ~ l l y
patient w i l l dcvclop r (:h;~nsm u t a t i n n o f sonlc sort s when he's dead, h u t hc know+ that thc creature
pay h ~ way
\Yi)lf~ang'sn w n notcs point this out. h u t hc is n o nearrr to is a real marvel and too raIuahlc an attraction ta simply k i l l
a solutlnn tr] thcsc unfc-rtunate side-effects than when he for his pelt.
started work. An Alchemist with this hook i n his powcqsion
can suhstitutc \Y';lrpstonc fur any other singlc inprcdicnt I n
a n capcrsrncnt, h~rtivirh a .?*I) chsncc t h ~ hc t and anyonc Cagc 5: thc Farmyard Bcastrncn
who uses the prcpamtion w i l l srart to dc.vclop a Chaos mu- Thc "farmyard" colltctinn of s ~nat-hcadcd.s cow-headed
tntion as a result. I n all hi< work, \Y'rhf~nnp,Itas b t c n vrsv. and ~TVOchicken-headcd Beastmen arc thc "comedy itcrn"
Vel?' l u c k t o date' of the rncna~cric.Hrlwwer. all four of thcm arc morc dan-
Wblfgang owns numtsous liccnccs fur his menagerie gerous than they appear thank5 t o thcir vcnomous spittIu
pmnfcd hv \ ~ T ~ o unohtcc F and temple authrlrities fronl ald 'r'hc workem a r e always careful t c kccp
~ thc paving puhlic at
rjvcr the C31d ZTi~rld.Over rhc vcars. hc has atways h e n carc- a safc distanco away from thcir can, ancl hare huckct*; of
fuI t o s t ; within
~ rhe Pettrr o f t h c law and hr. has kept every clean n x t r r within reach t o wash anynnr. unlucky cnnuph
d o c l ~ m c n tthar : ~ l l r w shlm to show Itis Rcastmen. {Is a rc- to h spat upon.
w i t , h t n r c l y ha5 dificuln. in pumuadinp. any local author-
that hc shrjul<i hc aIloxvcd t n srt up his carnival.
1:inallr - and thcse a r r damning itcms i n the cvcs of any
opponent of I:tiao~ shoutd thcir cxisrencc cvrr become ADVENTURE HOOKS
public knonledgc - IYhlfgang has four glass t-ials oi a llquid Thc Menagcric can be used as the basis for a small adven-
tvhlcli i c a conlh~nntionof\Yhrpstonr. and n i l o f v i t r i o l (sul- ture, as a chance encounter on 1Iic road. as a sub-plot i n a
phuric acid). Anvonu ttnlitcky r n o u p h ro hc splashcd with larger advcnturc, or a running thcmc in a campaign. Thc
thc contcnts o l a vial of this \lhrp Acid is treated as hcing hit nutlincs given below arc poss~hIewavs rhat you can intro-
hrphurnrnpoil.lbrheysun.ivt. r o l l 113.1 and make that manv duce the Mcnagcrie i n t o your game.
T tests: the character \\-ill develop o n e m n d o m Chaos mu-
t;ltron per failctf test. Anvone foolish enough t n drink thc
irhrp Acid w i l l dwc'top D.3-1 random Chao5 murattuns and Letters to a Friend
arc treated as having takcn thrcc doses of thc worst k i n d of Thanks to his c-utensive tmvcls, \Y'olfganp. is somctimcs pre-
toxin for t h r i r nceQ\ri>lFg;m~has h t u n using this suhstancc pared t o convev messages for somc o h his sccrct cltcnts. H c
i n his occasionrl alchernlcnl experiments to manufacture won*t go out o f h i s wav t o takr. a letter somcwhcrc spccial.
gnld. so far tvlthotlr any success hut if ir happens ro he on his mute, hr. w i l l get a Ictrcr to its
Section Thrcc: Pcople and Placcs -.
;. . .4!
Appearance: Xbtfganp is ;I sni;~llman. IIir sprctaclc.; ~ i v r
hrm a studious appcaclncc that i s krc1ir.d by h ~ rcarly s srnilc
H t R I S O ~ E V C St h ~rnpression
~ o f ;I man wtio hns zecn hctrrr
davs. I ii.: clothes arc atrv;~ysclcan and o f good qu;~lie,h u t
they art cut i n R rncrcantil~'style tvhich 1s nwrc than ;I
Iltrlc n u t ofdarc anti arc patchcrl :at [tic clhow5 ;lntl knee*.
Rriionallty A motivation: \lblfprang comes across as a qu1c.1
man w h o cnjovs li'itrnine, ancl rvsrching morc than a a l k i n ~
except. that is, when hc i s earning moncy w t h h i * Mcnax-
crie. At this polnt, t h r natural showman in hlm comes 10
thc furr., and hc can" hhrlp himself from making grancl nn-
nounccments, n o matter how spurious, ta lurc niorc cuq-
tr)mers in.
'W>lfgangis tlrlvrn h?.thc necrl to r~ndcmtand.flu wnntr
to know c a u w s as much a* cffccts, u r t n ic this lead5 h i m
i n t o matters rhat ;IW nclnc. of h ~ conccm.
s This mnkts h ~ a m
n a n ~ chusybodv
~l whcrr. pcoplc arc conccrnctl. hut hc 31-
w;iys managcv to bc dtscrcet: knowing and tellmg arc n ~ o
very d~ffertrntthings for W'ulfgang. This singlc-mindctlntsc
has proven quite useful i n hi< l o n g - t e r n p n ~ k s s ~ 3s
o na zpv
Over rhc years a'ottganp. has provcn his worrh to n r ~ h l efami-
lies and cim RUIIE. rpec~allsrsi n what might hc termcd
'*commercral n,osk, and i s expert at fcrret~ngr~ut thc wealth
and'or dcbts of a n indlvidunl. a family? a guild, or cvcn a
whole townWucti infm-rnation often pr0vc.s \+nlttahleas ;I
tndc jwm.
Over the !cars hc has spicd for many wealthy men
makcs ir a p o l l r r to tn: tomplctcly closc-mouthcrl nhclut this
aspcct of his lifc. Ercn I3tnhow. who has nwrkccl frlr hlm
!or !.cars. knows only that his mastcr misses very litrle. I i i s
need for knr>wt.lcrlee15 also what has lccl him i n such a curl-
11) L t < ! ? !11)
l ~ l[ *a 1 l t l ~~?!.li>Il~ l l ~ l ~ ~ ~ ~i ii t ~~ ~.~ l~ l~ ~ 9 [ 1l ? ~ career path; srarting a l l ovcr again as an apprentice i n
h 1~ .~~: .lous
!l'itcl~ 1fu111cr \~+III~\ col~tr-(11 ot ~ ~ o ! f ~+ ~p~r or pi vq ~ .~b ~ vi < i In search of knt>wlc.dgen-a.: not rasv. hut he d ~ d it' hv wants zhc hltlc. o l ~ l i c . Irnpcsi.~lI3c.lrt ', xvhich
r l u ~ h tt o hc worth a furrunc. Of cnLlrhe, h c ~ n ga Witch
Hunter, the atlventurem* chief opponent has n t j reason to
stop with K c ~ l f g ; r nA ~n, y r ~ n who
t associates w i t h Wi~lfgnng
is rquallv suspcct. liahlc to t l c amesrcd, ancl wrll h e luck? t o
e s c n p [he \K itch l Iuntcr's fnm of lustice.

Rass;tr;ik rhc Sknvtn u r c d n o t hc iu'it t h r p o o r b l i n d crcn-
ture t h ~ tic
t appears. IIc coulrl hc ;I po\rcrlul S krvcn seer
and prophet. HIS havc spent many months care-
fully h u n t ~ n gfor h i m and now r h t v Izavc found him. As thc
arlvcnrurcrs arc offcred thc chancr- to camp w i t h t hr. carni-
vat. the Skavcn arc gathering i n the surrounding woods.
ready t o attack thr Mtlcna~cricancl free Rassamk.
G n n n v Ilallcr coulrt hc a true nitch ancl p n c r i t i o n c r ot
magic. t ' n f ~ ~ n l ~ n a t rhcr
l v . magic isnh of thc clcanust and
she has hacl an unfnrrunatc track recard In hrcn~nglove
potions that unitetl t h r ~ drinkersr - in the Rravc. Gnnny's
not hothertd, as long ns shc gets their gold hcfcwc thr-y drink
the stuff! There coulcl hc morc than onc B o u n v Hunter
after hcr for a r;trinpl o f citsual rnurdcm.

Wolfgang Hollschcr
Wizard 1, prtviousIv Alchemist 2 Alchemist's Apprcntict.
Spy. Charlatan and Phvs~cran's Studcnt
Apocrvpha Two: Chart of Darkncss

A l t h o u ~ hhc. can bc a m o n l i n h i s quest for information. lihmries and archivcs of

V h t f ~ a inw ~' t evil l i e always honours his w o r d once given. his Hnlti. w a d ~ n g
ancl the thought of nccdless s u f f c t i n ~upscts h i m trcmcn- f Gohlin Wars
cles r ~the
dt>~erlv. That said. his curiosin. does hnvc onc (possibly u n - and the Incursions of
fr~rtunnte)side r f f r c t : hc can somctirnes sccm rcrv cruel Chaos. To [he despair of
when h15work is inrrolvcd W b l l s a n ~is quire capahlr of \4%1* hi5 family, he finally left
scctlng something in the cause o f Knnwletlge, all thc whilc h r e w ~ nh~c h i n r l f o r
t c l l ~ hisn ~ victim that hls i s a high h o n o u r t o bu advanclng scholar+hip. a n d has
l s a r n i n in ~ this Inshion. It's the tncts that hc. wants- nor his made a paraicular study
strhicct's death of Chaos ant1 its crea-
Quotes: '-1 am a dnctor o t r h c Arts Alchcrnical. IMcd~cal, CUKCS.
Spiritual and Pmcrlcal. The Inst. Sir? Madam I<xperic.ncewas W'olfganp, is rme of
rnv tcschcr. thc Lessons r j f my omrn dtvising!" ~ h e f h e h~a s ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l
"I travel wirh w h o m Ilike. where 1 like. I.caming has ncl met who npprrciazcs his I .
bnundarivs. Thcrc are nrl ducal hortlcrs. no kinpdoms. no k n o w l v t l g t , a n d com-
p r i n c i p n l ~ r i t sw t h high. .;huttcscd walls i n thc I.ands n f h i n c d wirh the opportu-
Knnwlcdge that Iwanrlcr. 'Them i s only Discover?. ant1 \Mn- n i t y to study l i v i n g
dcr. Sir'" Beastmen at close quar-
"Thcrc arc nrlcs to cvcrything. SIT Even-thin~.Even thc ters, hr. f i n d s his currcnt
darkness o f Chaos ohcys mtcls of some klnd - nllcs that can occupation much r o his -- P
hc used against it. I'm surc - il onEv s c can PU~TIC them liking. The disapproval of h ~ t \. ~ r r l ~ l \11.1.~ It I r h l r ~I>ittcI . ~ ~ u
[)~t." dcfrnsivc ahout the wnnh r l i scht)l,irsh~pI r i gcnc.r.11. ~ n t hl ~ r
"Enough of me' %l1 rnc all about youmdf.Sir,your k m - own studies in particular. ancl hc I\ c~uickto 1,ccorne of-
ily, y o u r prt>rr.ssic~n,
y o u r horncland. I can never learn fended at any pcrceivcrl s t i ~ h cr m himsclf or his work. Eke is
rnough at~rlntthc peoplc Ichance to cncountcr u p r m thc. almost always lost i n his own thrlughrs, which can make a
roac!' ' conversat~onwith h i m somcwl~ntr l ~ f i i c u l t murc s o ~f hc -
"\Yhy, that's a f ; ~ s c i n : ~ r irracrion
n~ to thc stin~ulus.Thc. clccides that rht person talking to h i m is an idiot and starts
pain w i l l hc transitor\: i f l cur t h ~ linkage
\ to thc spinc. Now rlelibcnrcly ignoring r l ~ c r n ~
I u ~ o n d r what
s woulcl happen if...- Quotes: "I Irnph. You'rc enritled 10your opinion, l srlpposc.
Skill S: Act, flrcnrte l f l t r L ~ ~- *IW(~Ipl~k, ve RlntI?~):
Rrerilit~g.CnU \ ~ ' r o nhut ~ , entirlud"
L5p~l/.cP P ~ M ~ Iq,i c , Rr~ftie .IfaR@c I , C:hnmr. CYmristrr: Cq p "This onc Icnlks n u t of sons. Prnhnhly needs more h l d .
~r~.yr(ip#y, F r ~ l r d ~ rf tl ~r d
, 1 S ' l ) t t t i d ~Herb
. Low. Sc/m~ti&lPfnnls. Give it a fen exfm heatts, k i d n w s ant! Oivcrs along tvith ir\
,S~I(QC ,\ ;l-fRt~t+f<dcttdm IlntKs, Prrlrn Object. P r ~ p t Poi- r usual feed - Gclnnv wil! find t h t m l i ~ ryou "

s r ~ rA. i h l i c Spenki~r~q. Rrad4l hte Rtrr r e L o w . Scnjll Lore. Se "Don't c o m p l n ~ nt o mc. Nobody rippcd vour money
I ~ ~ r r * p t u-~<,7<i+wicci/,
ye .V~nt/t)tring,.qi.vtJ~.Yivt.ce. IVit. from vour hands anct forcvtl TLI i n here. I f vou can't stand
Spells: 11 ningic prrlnts ~ i g h nr o r ~ m c lof l them, you can cloqe y o u r crcs. hnlrl your
Rjrt?! Gift o f 'li)nguc.s, Magic Alarm. Magic Lock. Open. Pt-11- nose and push off."
ducc Srnatl Creature. Slcrp. Skills: Anintnf C,'nw, Arcrinc Inrr.qair{ge - Arcnnt. I I r l n r f rlr-
Rmrle I . Curt. Light Injum. lmmunio. From Poison. Stcal c~irlcIm?,ylrage .Ifn,Qck,Art, cbtnmor?tlr 8rirdvtn.g Chrrtwn-

Mintl. phj: <,-l~cr?ristq:Lbtrsrimrf~AIcoJ?oI, C ~ l p f o ~ r a f ~/ >I ~f iv~, r v o t ~

Trappings: Htrnks (all standard for Alchemist and Wizard I.ow. I j r i r , Cm-t. ~ f:f vdrtnIe+ffwh 1 . o ~Hr.ctoq:
. (fiP/{tnfs.
l ) ;mrl crldr. hox,oki n c a m a n : daggcr, medical insrruments.,eical;\ttnwn~ss,iMngical Smsc, z4t~r~it~e, .Yrt-
tc.stimoni;~ls. wizarrl's staff (nor u>uallv carracd). Y F I ~ . v ? J ~ ~ I ~ ~RPM/
L-s. i-iIe-, Xttrrt, {,ow, L~clmfnrs!~fp, .Send/ L o r ~ .
Notc t h a t V'nlfpang \v111 hc. a cool and collccrcd oppo- .Srrrt3r/~zn.yttfl,qr - [.Yfi.~.~fca!.. 5 t ~S ~( ~tw r-...l~rt!.wdr]. SplwL*A ticit-
nent should he c r r srvords~ (metaphorical[F spcnking) wrrh i o n d I ~ n g r - rO/d ~ ~\l i~~ d~ d~t-5rdpcr
,~ .Vttrr~wiit~.
the PI;%. and shottltl hc played as such. I-le wiEl usc. any and Tappings: Kohcs. warhammcr, writing kit, and sheavcs o f
all his skill%to thc full to gain an adv~ntagr.and i s capable notcs i n hrcane M a r t
o f asseqslng ri.iks and hcnctits accuntclv in ;11l circumst;rnccs.

Magnus Bugman Mulcskinncr,
Lortmastcr. previously Scholar. prcviously Scsman. Slavcr
Student. Artisan - Brcwcr and Mcsccoa7 Captain
and Artisan's Apprcnticc

Appearance: 't3cnhow k t ~ r C.Y:IC~~?.

~ k ~ 11kcU h:lt 21~'15 ,111 (>Id
Appearance: .Mapnus is wiry for a Ilwarf, and appears to he sc.1 dog. Even though it has hcen vcars s ~ n c chc went to
in late mrddlc agc. I lis cIothcs and Rrey hair and heard arc sea, hc h:rs ncvcr lo5t rhc I r ~ o kand the hahtts nf h i s carlicr
fast~diouslvgrot>med. A rnagnifylng lens dang1c.s from his I ~ f c I. l i 5 hands arc hard and cstlouscd: hi\ rycs warchful of
k t t at all tirncbs, sincc his eyes have ~ C C Kn cJ a ~k n~ i r h much t h r skr and wcathr-r: hjs facc has been tvcathercd t o rhr
reading. rcmurc o f o l d lcnthrr hv a hundrerl storms and years oi'salr-
Personaltty W motivation: Having been h o r n i n t o 3 clan y sun. Ilc n 1 n . a ~wears
~ p m anrl ~ a s i n ~ l cgokl anchor-shapcd
o f f:trnclu\ h w w c ~Magnus
. u 3 s ohligcd hy f;~milypressure?; carri ng.
no follrln, the trade. h u t always hankered for somcttiinp Bcnbow always stands carcfublv. cvcn o n d n land milcs
more. In whar span. time hr ctxtld tind. he frcqucnterl thc from thc ocean, h ~ legs
s hraccd againsr an unrxpcctcd s\vr.cII.
Scction Three: People and Places

are thc class mclst caqilv scparrtcd from their rnonuy s h t

cashed in o n her age and n a t u n l acting talents t o scll charms
and potinns - all bows - to the sick and lovelorn acrnss the
Empire. Wolfgang treats her well, givcs her a fair share of
the rake in rcturn for her cooklng and lets her ptrlcllc hcr
charms on thc sidc, which makes t h ~ sone of the moqt cnni-
the-llmpirr. and thc old & fr~rtahlejobs she's ever had. The pruscnce of his Rcastmcn
\Yi~rldin Wolfgang's com- lends w e n morc credibit-
it!: r c l h e r arise-woman
search o f aclvenrurc and image. making for hertcr
fcll i n with \Tk>lfgang at- rradc than ever hetore.
most hv acc~clcntwhen Thks i s B good life, by her
he found himsclf\vithout standards. and she n71nts
a b e r t h i n Mclnrienburg
" it t o last - at Icast, as long
Rcnhow's attempt t o hr. as she does.
a Captain o f Marlnes harl Quotes: "No, no. no You
been a di~ssrcr.ancl the clnn't huiId the fire like
chancc t o move u n pru- I --#yt&di"aT* ..-,,c
I > that."
dently hr.fort. his former " ~ r . +<- "\X%cn vou'w lived as
-- .* .-
' - % L
troops rmckcd h i m d o a n L long as 1 have. then you
was too goncl t n miss can rcll rnc how t n do a
Quotes: "'\Xi.IE. I've sceci snme things in m e time." joh."
"1 h-sin't afcarcd o'nnthln' (1' woman n o r animal horn. "Wlen I--as a girl, we
Rut kcin' careful aroun' thcsc. huasts h'ain't b t i n ' afeared. listened to o l d c r pcoplc.
S'hcin* carch~l.That's n ~ h yI stili pots 111 mc fingers an' all Yes,we dici."
mc arms an' all mc cycs an' all." Skills: Actfng, Rlatber.
" T ~ k carc.
e I-ittlc 'uns i s womc than thcrn o owe cl k a s t s . C'lrcirn~,Cook, Dfs,~uTse.
k a s t a rowed heast's likcly 'ad some scnsc knocked inro Dit~itrcrtiott - Pczlnlistry
'im. Thcm little buggers i s right n a s v "til someone learns (see p #2), I l f tpinafion - Tea-LcnfRcrrdirrg (SPP p.YS). I:'turdzt-
them better.'" RIP. Ilagqle, iv~~misn~utfcs, &/m Ohjecr.
"Battlc's not what's cmckcd up to he. Rartlcs at sea b'ain't Trappings: kqsorted powdcrs, potions ancl charms. all Fakr
even thnt." ( a t rhc (;M's discretion, some may have intr-=-sting un-
Skills: Animnl Carp* (:f>?zsrrme Alcobnl. Ijodge Rforr; Drit )P planned effccts). necklace of chicken bnncs, n m c d clothcs.
C,itrr. Gnmhie. R R i p Horsia, Rorr : Scl f tin-v, Scale. Sheer S:( r. cooking e q u i p m a t .
facp. .Ypeak ,\dditional LatzgrIagP - A ra b j ~ a n Specialist
IWrrpon - Ir'i~ip.Strcet Qbt ir~g,Sr&P .rfigh(~)Bloz~:Sit-ike
to Itljrrrc, Strike In St~lrtn.hzrtinr. Thc Mcnagcric Staff
Trappings: 'I'rarclling clothcs. leather jerkin, whlp, sword.
dagqc" Big Andtrs. Littic Andcrs.
Bertoldo. h a , Magda and Mikhail

previously Hcrdsrncn,
previously Entcrtaincr (Fortune Tcflcr).
and Tradct

Appeamnce: Rig ilnders

is of rncdiurn hr-lght, hut
Appearance: I;ranny 15 ;t\varc that a portion of hcr Irveli- VC? b u l k y Little :Uders
h o t ~dcpcnds
l upon yctkcls raking her for n ~ c n u i n ewitch is tall and wiry Henoldo
with real rnagrcal po\\?crs,and shc plavs the role to tlre hiEt. is o f medium hcighr and
Her clo~husarc a nggcrl arcumulation of many colours h u ~ l d ,and noriccahl?.
and fabrics, and hcr c i ~ r l yprey hair is teasccl i n t o a wild ktter-dressed and mnrc
mane, with hcads, bones and o t h r r small ohiects hraidcd i n prcgarlnus nhan the oth-
hcn: and them. 1 ler three r e m a ~ n i n gtcuth arc s deep grey- crs. [\an and Magda are
i s h - y c l l u , anti one hright bluc eye prcrs o u t from behind a a rniddlc-aged couple,
lock of hair that almost aInciys hangs d o w n over her hc-- b o t h sullcn b u t hard-
brown. w r ~ klcd n face. work in^. Their s o n
Personality & motivation: Granny's l o n g lifc has been a M i k h a i l is i n his carlv
hard tme. mnstlv sptnt moving from town t o t o w n and vit- teens, and mostly kecps
lagc t o villaer with tradcrs, and alwavs on the cdpc of pnv- to himself.
cm. and stanation. If shc ever had a family. shc n e w t spcsks Personality moth-
.ol them. tion: ~ i l t h o u g hthe me-
Growing older, she noticed that the young and ~ u l l i h l e nagerie has seen better
took more interest in her "herbal preparations" than In her dnvs. it's s t i l l a much
morp m t ~ n d a n egoads, and smncc thc young and gullible easier and m o r e lucra-
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkness

tit c lirlng th:~nhcrtlrn!: Spccial Rulcs

r h c r p .tnd t c n t l t n g t c k \Xt)lfgnnF: hn\ in\itllrtl nfcc~r of firt- into t h c v thrcc crcn.
f;~rni+. n - h ~ c h1 % rr ha1 turcr. i t I\ thr. onh- means Ilc has rrf ct,niroIlln~thcm Thcv
mt)\t 4 1 l thc ct,~ffxrc r r d r t - ,111 have horns t 1.1\\\ ancl rccrh .u~cEwill L~II~CL. ~ ~ lI\that. h
I~IR heforc thcv htlokcd C ' V C ~i c n i o ~ convrnrrnt
t .I[ t l ~ crjmc I l i r r .arc whicca 10
up u rrh \Yi,ltgan#. Zlrr\t Jrrttg, given nlmo\t an\' r t r c w
01 thrm \tart4 .I\ cu+
t o m t r \ , hut wcrc qurck
t o gm\p t l i r c t p p r ~ rnttl
r~~ Rassarak
o f K c t i l n f i .1rx.1\ trc~rn Rnwnrak is a p r r . rrhatc Ska\.cn, whn h:n hccn hlrnd cram
t h r i r n ~ r a Inc\.
l \t-~.ins hirth :\S mcniioncrl :~hc~vc. though, t i ~ cI i r . : ~ r r nancl
~ smrll
4orncthlng of tfiu nrlrl. h a w hccnrnr incrcrtihlv sharp to cornpcn\atc l r i r hrt loqc o l
:~ntt31:n inr: .In ,tdrcnrurc vlsion. and hr. i q ar littlc rl~'iarfvantagc.I-lr 1s cl~alin!: :I[ h ~ s
o r two \o[ 11) nlclltlon impricnnmcnr, I w ~is t patirnrlv n - n i ~ ~ nfor
p tPir riehr nppor-
gctting patd I n r:b<h in- tunttv TO L ' ~ C ; ~ P C
*tc;td nl m u t t r ~ n.and tilr-
nlps -1 hcv lrhc lccl~nl:
* l i p r r m r 1 0 t11wc \>-h<>
p;nrtn l ~ c ct h e ~41ou.and
.1rc quick t c ~a s w r t thcrr
Spccial Rulcs
hiit- h;~r.a 3 T n bch:tncc 01
K.~sqnr,~k'r C . I L I % I ~ ~r t z f i c t c d ~ ~ ~ o r r t z

The Twins
Tlic.;c t ~ v oBc.,~>frnc.n :irc licrcc o l r t o f ; ~ prrlpc)rtIon
ll t ( >ttivrr
\~sc.,nntl \v111t i i ~ rthcrnrc.lvc\
l at thc hnr- ( i f t h c i r c . ~ \n.~i-I-
THE BEASTMEN ing ;~nrlqnapplng ;lr ;rn?-tlling rh:ir movcs

1 rfo 15 ;I tn:t+\i\c c r r : i t u r slmo<t thc ~ 7 nf c nn Oprc 141s
~ ( ~ r - lfic-;ld ~ k cI\ .~rmc.dn tth ~ r n p r w c ict horns, and t o ~ c t h e r
.z( t t t i h ~ c h o o l t ~ ll c p y v c h ~ m:l dncn~nnlcappcarnnrc rh,~r
r t ~ . ~ h htm
c \ n #nonc\.-tpinncr for \ ~ o l i ~ : ~ nt 11% q . skin vs coy- The lmpcrial Bcast
vrcd In h r i r m platt-\ Irkc ;In arrnndrllr~,ant1 ht\ hnnds c t n ~ l r i 'fhiq i\ rhc trcnrurc lvith r h r gol(1c.n pda, n h ~ c hrrnllv rs
cru\!i ,i I i l ~ r i ~ . rknu l I I ~ k ,1r11 I)c*ptfc f h ~ h r r 2% I ~ ~ ~ c nlndc
I I c , of fine goltl' 'l'hc prlr it.rll confrr* imnirm~rvrrom
~ ~ \ c113t lt1t-tr1.qI n :I I.IKC ancl tcd rcgi~larl\\Y'hcn facer1 \\ it11 n thrc,it\ ruch :l\,tcttl, t l c c r r ~ r j n ::tnrE firc Ii'thc Impcr1.11H t n ~ t
c r r m d tic. ~ 1 1 1 1rnttlc thr t>;~rr r ~ t fi ~ \c . 1 ~ ~sn.lrl,
. prowl . ~ n t l 71xq klI!~-cl.r hc prl! \ v ~ > i ~lw I(~
l vrw~ :! h
n ~ i n l r n ~(11~ nl ,000t
i #Cc. h 0111 +#r 11 €11redr .m unwnn. vokcl limb l r n m I ~ r i i h31ur . n \ I K \ h , ~ i rcoulzl hc spun Into finc rhrcad nntl thcn nlarlr.
r h ~ I\ r .3n ,tct \\'tirlc hc. coulcl hc tl,in~c.rt~tt% ~fro~lsctl.Ir A o inro hi~pcr!atir-cclr*rh 02' golrl. l l o ~ v r r c r \11ch . :i .r:lrmcnt
h . ~ *hcrn ~11thRrhfg;~np. ion^ c n o ~ r g tlr~i hnrrrv n tint i~CS- \r.oultl h:n-c n 1 5 ' " , ch:~nccr ~ f ~ n f c c 1tt ir n\
~ \\~itl~ .I (:hao.;
IW.C~~CI 1 1 t hrm. ,mtl \\ hnr hch:3tiour mcanr h ~ p g c ratinnz r nrut:utlln. no m;lttcr how pitrc. thcl Ji,~dprv\ 1o11\lvtwcn
,\ltc.rn;~t~vclr: thc pclt c r ~ ~ snivltrtl
~lrl n tn nlnkc- coln-
acc. .~lthnugh11\* ill on!v\>ughgold t l ) ninkc "5l;(,c
\nr i l n r in\ t ~ h c dIn a h rnlclttng~ ~ .I 5 0 " cti:lncc r h ' (Ec-
x c l o p ~ n g a(.ha()\ rnut;ulon hnvcmc. I i a n t l l i n rnqors ~ or coin\
Spccial Rutcs madc rrr~rn thc p r l t v ~ t theer
h hnrr hand\ h.15 :
I 10':< chsncc
Irfo \ rc~uphskin ~ir-rs hrm 2 points of armour on all Irtca- o f r n ~ ~ t n t i n (;low.;
s. lvill prrltcct n IITCT. Thcrc i\ nil \inv o f
r i m \ l Ic c.ln ;rtt;~ch XI ith 3. rlrrtr-.a hire o r n,yiw-r,, accorriing rcrnoving rhc rnlnt o f c t1.1oc !ram thrs enld
no clrtum\t.lncc.<. Il c h:~. crimc to think of thc rncn;rgc-rrc
f rourcr5 nffncld. ;rntl h.l* a 2 5 % chance o f c n ~ n g~ n f o
r t , ~ l :t\
f r t ~ t ~ zI Fl .trc. :tnyorlc ;itt;~ch;knv ont. (11 t h ~ m

Thc "Farmyard Bcasts"

Khc. t h w c Khnm;~tcRc:~\tnicnnII k ~thcr mark nfrhc. 13lood Ycnonlr~usspitrlc rnakr3 thc.3~crcntilrru n l o r r rl:tnsrrtnrs
( r r ~ t lon tlkrir I>o<IIcs. I ) n t ;I rn:1*sn.c thc<f scar In t h t thzln thcir corn~c:~l
:tppc,lr.Incc wr*ulri \usgc-<t.
lor~n oft hc rkuII-nlnc. ant~tficr'sL ~ c e ha\ I ~ c c nnxrpc-cl tntu
~ l i\.lmc-
r q\ mhnl, ancl the thirrl h:ls rhc dcwgn 111!cllon fur
on clark r c d hach. All h:~rc-+ti;lrp fiornc. l o n g f ; ~ n p:Incl
c l : ~ n r df1:tnrl.i and fret C'nlike t rrc),thcsc thrcc ,ire lull
r i l hloodlurr. ;tnd thcir fcrr~citvi s nrr acr. Thcv wilI rlcxtrt})
g can reach -\vhich, luckrly iron!) :I
,~nl,onro r : ~ n \ - r l i ~ nthrv Spccial Rules
coz~plcof Icct hcrnntl tht ham o f thcir capc. I',tch o f nhc\c!n \pi? p o i r r ~ rup l tr, 4 t.:irrlr, LI\-
f n g t t i r i r RS ccc~rc-1:ach ~ I Er.liI+c.f ~ h cxrcrlm . to n1:lk.t. :I
r ~ ( : ~ t -111i i t h c rpiltlc- h11 .in cupcncrl .trth:tr ~skin.
/ l r ~ i s r ~tcqt f
-?I\ ~f ~t hit thc c'VC'FE or *\altivrr h r cifrctc o f rmc r!o\c. (11 thc
toxin mo%t3pproprt:ttc [ I ) Ill< o r h r r r:rcr
Scction Thrcc: Peoplc and Places

Chapter 14
hcctcr not t o cnquarc i n t o f lr, hr. I < ~ i n l p l et,(,
v rt~uch.
r t m l u c k anrl just too plain mean t c ? dlr., hc seek* our rhc

Gotrek and mtlrt dangcrnus foes ancl ~ i t u a r i n n cand invari;~hlvr l u r r -

comes t h t m .
I n nppcsrancr., Gotrck i- a tvpic;" Trnllsrn~

head. ancl his h d y i s c ~ \ ~ c r cin

c r na.t\. h n ~ t -
ish ant1 shnn A crcft af hair ri5r.i from Ili\ *h.~i-r.nt.~ttrrr~ctl
t l rnrrtlnF 1 1 1c.uprr.s\lon
pcrpct~rnllyh c l l i ~ c r c n t .
I;cnrck musr hc. ant of thc hanil-to-li:~ntlfight-
crs in thc Old 1Ti)rld \gain and n ~ n i nhi5 arc ha\ hrclueht
T C C ~ruin t o hir rncmic\. tE15 cornh:11compctrnrc, cornhriierl
with his lnsanc disregard for ptmonnl safcn: makc h i m :t
r n ~ l tr-rrihlc
v oppnncnt
l ! c is an tsrcnsiq cl\ tmrcilrd [hiart I!r h.i\ ranpcrl I:ir
; I R C ~xvi'i~icover thc mountnln ranges 01 rhc 01d urrrlrI anrl

THE SLAYER AND spcnt rlmc i n rhc Rrratcst clfirs <>I [hc IImp~rc..h\ :In Impt=-
r ~ aD l ~ a r hf c maintains 3 front of stnln;~rtctmtcrnpt ri+r
THE SCHOLAR mankind's nctv tcchnrllcr~icnlrivili\ation. alrtioi~gh\ccrctlr
hc i 5 rathrr imprc-sscd hv n l ~ n he'r t \ccn
C;ntrck malntaim a front of h r i n ~a .iavayc. trnrducatcd
brute. Thr. rraltty is sorncnhat diffc.rcnt Ijc w a s trainutl :I%
a n engineer in hiq ?.outh, and ha%dcmonstratrhd5nnlc know'l-
cdge of rhe inner mvstcrir'i nf thr. V:tson~c ('ult Ilt can
Thp D t ~ n r J s t ~ n d s f t l m t r c t t inp d Tbp dnor~rnrt,: bfss q t ~ n l cc-;id ;~ncIv-rltc, ancl vs surprts~nglt h n r ~ ~ v l r c l , ~ r .r r~r lt ~,ll r
fownxif/ing i f tt-ngfi~rrlsp.Torf!~light I!Irrminnteri the nurnhcr of \ u ~ ~ c c ~ s .
s t r m g r intloos Ihnt cotured his I ~ d p n n k e dttofl)~ nttd I.ikr all Ehvnrf\. Cintrck i.i prntatl. Irlr;h t o hr\ tcxnr.itlr\
f rrrn~d i s shndot4:r car-PS
h b t y ~ - s o c k ~Into from 1r7l~lcI1 a n d implacablv oppnsrd tc) his cncmicr \Y*hcn nr>t :~ctlvvlv
mad (CIPS gIirter~Cj. secking death. h r i\a s a d charnctcr, ~ i v c n t n fit< of dr.prc.*-
I4r.r~ arch.;ornt. rlctnils on how t o include the leplcndarv sion and rnclanchnlra intcrspcmccl with h o u r s of r,Igc.. l lr.
hcrrws Gotrck ;md i n ycrur campaian. The sratistics has loqt hi5 entire famiil: which For a I)x~-\.nrfcause.. ninrc.
RIVCn a r t for the chnmctcm some trmc after thc start ol'rhe~r s o m w t h a n a hitman r a n cotnprchr.ntl. S lc i s hrttt.r . ~ n d
ndtuenrurc+,but hcforr. the talcs rectluntcrl i n rhc nnvcls i r ~ n eand l ~ his onc rcal lricncl I:. rhc huninn p o r t :incl r c n -
Sfiarvttslq~r. Tmllslnjler anrl Elnrt~~ot~slfiyer. Of course. you egadc Frlix J;~r.ear.
may wish t o alter thcir drtails to fit in bcttcr w i t h your o w n Plnvcr characters could encounter G0trc.k i n :r t;lvcrn
campaign, ant1 ~ h t ) u M~ C C I frcr to do s o . I ~ r ~ w e v eWrC, do whtn hc is hetwcen advcntrlrcc. I f rhcv arc. pnli tc hc n.111hc
s u ~ g c s yout read lthu storieq hcfnrc using these charnc:tcrs. ci\+iE, i n a n i n t i m t d a t i n ~
wn-t olwa\: It thry arc c ~ ~ r t n u r n h ~ r c - r l
as tl1r.l. givc you n betzcs idea of thew motives and persrm- in a b r a i d h c ' l l ii~rnpin. I f 1hr.v can offer h i m :I sufficlcntlv
alat~csthan we r a n ~ ~ i nrthcc limiterl spacc J~rrt'. tlw>rn-ladenadvtnturc he'll accompany thcm d m m i n g f:cllu.
I:cli.x and Ciotsck makc idral 'rc~nfc~n-crnunts' for awcak ~ r n t f c protest.
r i n ton: Altcrnativclv tht P I 3 rniglrr cnrclrrn-
group o f adventures, c.*pcci:~[l\+ when rhc going gets r t ~ u g h .
I h u shnulil he c a r c h ~th;it l rhc plavtr chanctvm don't cirn-
ply rely on Gntrck t o do a l l tfic fight in^ ant1 takc all thc
risks - ancl makc surc thcy treat him with suitahlt' rtspect.
or tlscr C;otrc.k i s also unltkelc r o t a g along o n somconc
r l ~ c ' qllrst:
s hi%0R.n t m v ~ I and$ hcsolc drctls c o m r firsl.
If \.(HI want t o spin off a wholc atlventurc o r scrh-plot
r r - v c ~ l r i narouncl
~ Frlix anrl Gotrck. thcn wc sumcst giving
the advcnturt-rs a plot-r,hjcctivc that overlaps with whar-
cccr l ~ v l i sand (;otrek arc d r j l n ~whcrc . thc PI:< mtwt crthcr
t y to oun\*rt. nut-rnanrx-uiprr'or otrtnln t l ~ EIPIO c t u 5uccecd.
For cxamplc, thc ahandancd and l o s t I>rvsrf holds or thc
Dwnrstorrr*~scrtcx n - ~ > ~ ~ hc l c l a natuml place to encnuntcr WO, and C;orrck n ~ o u l tdcfinirclv l hc intcrrstr.d I n the
Inst Dwarf trcasurc of thc Ilor~mqroncs.hut hc may h e in-
tent o n r c t u r n i n ~ thcm to what hc conqiders their rfghthrl
orvners - 17n-ad ~ c h o h t iin thc \Yi,rld~ fklgc mountains -
and hi.; reactinn whcn hc discorcrs r h t u truc narurc and
f ~ could c makc for n vcrv i n t c r c v i n ~ advcnturr.

''F~ar.mnnlln~? A k l l s l q e r knori+sno fear. "
(;otrck <;urnlsson i s a l)n.;lri n l r h ;F pn,hlc.m hr is a
Trollslaycr - a nivarf with a rtlf-imposed dcnthqucst Hc
seeks t o atrlnc for a personal crime, the natusc of rvhich it 1s
Avocrv~haTwo: Chart of Darkness

tcr him in the rnidcllr.of howl in^ wildcmcss i~ngagcdin yet

another lunatic quest. If thry'rc reallr w n l u c h thcv'll find
t hrrnselves inmlccd.

A~tn)?rf>?t~,)*, Ck~?pW?y: &rfog~ap/tv:Conc~c#/~trent R~trfl!G

I'rhrzrr: E.i,nst~nrv12(cr1Iml:Di.wnlr: /lc&e Blozr*;Drlr74* Cart:
EttKlfirm, E r a l ~ t n f/+dlorcm
~; Trail.I+-m~iccIAtlcrck; C;ontp Htrtlt-
i ~ ~<;m)?
~ q ,L-tdftit~,q: H q ~ h ?If~.~t(>ty
; kiwttifit ~ l f n ~ @ c u ~ t i r t e ~ a c t ;
L<~htnlrr,~ ReJ~.vt>s*;I rrck: . t f t , f c r l h ~, U: i n i n ~ Vrtntlsnmtics:
Ot-~iwtntif~tr~ K f ~ t f i W r r- K/?n.mlic/.
t~ Old \Tijr/d#, Sc~aIcS I ? m
5'#ir$flc~;5'1~reII . a t l , q r ~ c-~But
, ~ ~I l:. L'fmsic~~l, S e m f S i , p : ,FiJmt
A*forme Rlirrrl. I 'rhntz, Si.vtl-llr Scnst'; Sntithlr~g..SW& ArifTinnnf
y ~ e : W'rnp~n- i h u h k * - / ~nfIt1ff
I d r ~ ~ ~ i.!$t-cjn/isl c ~ \t.'enIjoru.I-'jsl
U'r.ripot~s: . S f ~ ) f 7ktps. Stoneriuorkin~: .>'Irp~f /.'Ig!~tt*r; Strike
jZltgltt~' Rlott:. .Sttfk1,r i Itljrrw:
~ S t r i k ~to Jtrm: K~qrRcsilimt *;
l'r.rr .\fwn,y* [* included In prnlilc).
Trappings: Two-handed n?rc ( I -10. +2): chain shirt (1 AP.
hoclr. c m l y ) : worn. tr:tvc.l-stained clothing including wintrr
hacl-wtxthcrr gear: 20 GCs. 12 shillings, 3 pennics: heer mug:
stclnc huttic o f ale ( b r m e c n meals only).

"Honestl~: gentf~rnetl. I don't ~ w nan-y
t troultl~. "

I . c l ~ a ] a c ~ atsr a nlan with a prohlcm: Ciutrck Gurnisson.

I4e has sworn to atcompany rhc Trollslayer and record his
death in an cpic poem. To tell the truth he'd mrhcr be at
homc in Altdorfstudving Ctnssical Literature hut an oath is
;In (lath ...
Hon. did a prcsentahle, gnnd-looking. articulate,
wcll-vducaoxl student at thc Imperial C"nircrsirv in Altdorf
come to he lotlowinp, a crazed IEwarl herserkcr through aIl
t hc gcd-forsaken lanrls of r he Old \Wrlcl' This i s a qucstion
that has ohcn ~truuhlcdFcl~x.
1::1tc ha\ a way uf playing strange tricks o n a man. of
sidcrncking his lifc from rts obvious path. This is what hap-
pcnctl to Fclix. Ikspitc his prerensions ro being B poet he nnunced accent o f an Alrdorf ~ntcllcctual.and his hcsirant
wrmcd derrlncd t t ~follow In h15 fnthcr's footstep:. as a manner oftcn causes people to uncltrestin~atchim. L~fcas
wcnlthy wool merchant. That was untal the day thc bully~ng an ourlaw fias m;de h ~ r nhard. Although hc i~ not rhc *r)rt
\Y'rllfgang Knssncr challcngrrt him to a d~rr.E.From thcrc af person to seck ot~tattventurt. hr. h:t+ bccomr- cap:ihlc of
thing\ xwit'tlv wcnt do\vnhlll. taking it in hgs stride if hc ha4 to.
t.clix accrrlenrnlly killed Kmssner and was expellcd from Plavcr chancterri arc most likeltuto lind Felis jn rhe corn-
thc I'nrr7ca?iityduring thc ensuing scandal. Fcl~u'supright pan! of Ciorrek. Felix iri palitc and n~cll+spoken, and wrll
and rcspcctable rather rlisinhcritcd him. Embittered, Fdix respond with cuurtesy IO even the n ~ d c snft people. l le wrll
took to politacs. becoming a hrrcct-corner agitator against n he cspccialty intcresrecl In talking with any ;~carlt.mics.or
sottun- hr. ~ncrcasingIyperceived as corrupt. Hc upasone of anyone with news from Altdorf
the in-t igarors and lcadcrs of the now infamous anti-\l'indnu
ELKntarch, which first drgenera.lted into a riot. and thcn
ln tr ;I hloc)rlharh when the Impcrial Cavalc intewenetl.
Fclix wa.s pulled out from undcr the honveq nf the cnv-
aln, hy rlic drunken Trotlslnvcr. who then cut them a path - " \ f ~ ~ , y r c k(.irrt(>.qr(rp/~,~.~
S k i l l s : . \ r c - f i ~ ~i.(it~,tytcd,qr
t~ - ( o t ~ ~ . t ~
to frc-eclom. They made t h u r --ay to rhc Mazc: thc scedy, t ~ r ~ rRtrrr11.
it rlr/?arz.Ihsc/mt; l)(>dgei 3 h z 1 , " I ~ - ; ; , C'{trt.
P fti.
cr!rnlnat quarter of ,lUtdorf. W'hen Felix woku u p slrw an q t t ~le; I E.rcd/t*nI Visiotr; Ft~/!oft T r ~ ~ jG l :f t n ~t11tnting;
cpic pubcrawl hc muas horrificcl to c1iscovr.s that hu had Yfernldty; Histon,: Li.ql~tningR ~ / I c . r ~ s.lrrt?nirrnnrics; *, hrh-
sworn t o accnmpany Gotrek and record his dearh. Since hc fic Speaking; Rendill kite - Old IIbrldt-r: R i r l ~ ;Secret I.ntr-
uFaubeing hrlught hv rhc authorities he had n o optlon hwr -
~ ~ ~ n C/uss~crt/. g c S~lrtttMor~c- Krrrnl, rtlttwt. .Sp~cldisi
tcl Icarv town in the D w a r f ' s company Since then hc's h ; ~ d ir'c7rrpntr- I.~ncirr,qSrr nord, I:isr iT8upons: Spot Traps; S-trr~r
causc to regret sweariny: that oath. I.'i,y/~ter: Strike hfig!~tjlfJlori,:.Strike I i a f tqrdre; SIrikt, to . ~ t t t ~
Fclix Jarjiar is an amicable young man. about six feecn Srimim: W4r (" ~ n r l ~ l d cind profilc)
jn h c i ~ h witt h blond h a ~ and r a durlling scar o n hi. check Trappings: Ssonl. Icft-hnndcd d a m c r (D -1.P - 10): chain
I l t ha+ a pcrpctual, twitchv, worrierf cxpres~iono n his liantl- shirr ( 1 AF! borly only): trawl-staincc1 clor hcs, writjng mntc-
samc kacc.. a+ hefirs o n c who is hoth a wanted outlaw and r~als,minor hook (or nvo) from Jihran;; rnrlney h : 1 ~ con.
an asrclclatc o f Gotrck G u r n ~ s ~ r m tlc speaks with t h t pro- t a l n i n ~4' GCs. 2.3 shillings and 'pcnnica
, ., J,

- ::.:-- ?l .I ', l ,
A,;-.... ,.,, '
,, ,:- A

;- :
I .:.-
; 1

;-...?. :.:,,-<:i
:b ;,-;;,;
, ..-,
.:. 1
; , - ,,,-,l,
. ,j

Section Four: P -,

,, ' ,
<, : ; < ,;;i:,, :;, a

::. 3


; ,L{:., ,J,:.,:.: ,

": '
/, .>'.!
of f*

.: . '8

J . , '
> .
,c. , , ;
5 ., . . ",,' :,,
' ,..



,:,,,-,,,'. 'c
L :,.;;-,,:, ,::,,!
( > ;!,'';.A
, ,.,, 94
",;,,,, ,>,.:. ,.
t, ,;


:,y,,,, ,.,:; .? , ,
:;;::<: ,:;,
Being a COIdlEC7?ON OF WOKFS whose DR/ERSE N R T U - denies t l ~ m ,.
r, . -/-;

tlge convenience of W Y CLASSIFPWON, hut whose EC7DEJVT .:', ..,..

.. ,.c
. .

l.. -4.
:,. J .: 5 .+.L
I . R E S T and GENERAE USEFUIJVESSforbid that they should be here l
-'A, >;, .-?
omitted on such PEDARnC GROUNDS us MERE VARTEW ;:i,,:,: , ,,

c:,;:" . ]

,: "

I,,,, ,
m,;:, ,'-,

IN PMMIS: i - . . , ' !,
v,; . :
.,., , ..'"
tl:,:,t,g ,,-,:,c,

", ,,-/,,;:
:;: !-,'..,'-,
, , ,.
, , ;

the matter of the BACKGROUND of members ofthe ADWNTUHNG [ #,..

, *.',,'-,J.


I .-

! ',
. I

,,, " ',-,

, ?, ,
. '

c,- ' ' , ' ,.'I,

previously published to WIDESPREAD ACCWM, andpresented here in a :, , ,,,:, ,.,& .,

c,. ,L;:
, ,
, :
, ,

2 .
: '.
.: -r::.
, I

., ,;,;..L'- .<
. ,
t" : '

SECUND US: !;'!-,,,,-

$<;'!.', : , ; : , ' ; m
, :;
. .
A R E P R E S E N T m extract from the FAMOUS and 7RUS?ED work of d ,:,;,;:,S, ;:,,
,., :;,
,7 'I ,'

-. - ..
MISTRESS H O R E S L A PUlIDI3FOOT, lately of the Moot and WEIL- U

, ., .. . < ,
, .

? P ,,.l

, '
I 1

KNOWN throughout the Old Worldfor her UNRIVMJXD KNOWLEDGE OF

I ,: I

;, -:;,. ,- ;,:


7. , ,.... ,
b' ., ,., ,
;; ,* , ; .>

. ; '
,,,'., .I-
c,-.: ..
. ,.', , >,, ,.
, ,,,,:

An enqrtiry into the ARCANE and MYSTWOUS mutter of DMNAnON,
1. I' ,;'.
L:, ,' .,'',. ','*" '::.
including n THOROUGH AND PMNSTAKING D E S C . 7 7 0 N of the MANY >'..,
:' .'";.- -5.:
. ., ,
AR7S OF P1ZEDIrC770Nf with USEFUL AND I . m S U N G notes on the p<:
-. :;;,:
- ,, ,
- -
. ..
PROCESS and RESULTS of each. me S E V E M CLASSES of soothsayer are ;:,>,-
: -' "
, ,

COMPLEELY DESCRTBED, a d the matters both GOOD M D I U that 'Fr


- ,'S..'
.., ! I

. , . , , .,
may proceed from the exercise of their VARIOUS ME7HODS. , '.- .':,-, . .
; , , ,,
I . ,
,', L'
..I .-'K' S-.
. I
,.,', , , ,'
, .

An examination of the MOSTDETAILED PAR77CUIXRS of achnntments
as tbqy be applied to the ANCIENTAND NOBLE ART OF TOX0PHI.L):
wbich wiNprove to be of the GREA7ESTand MOSTABSORBING l m R E S T
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkness

Chapter 15
\\.hat cxtcnt. :I chac~crcr'sd l s t i n g u i 5 h l n ~charncrcristics af-
fcct his o r her profile.
Thc C;W can nisc this ch:rptcr torlccclop intcwsting NPCr
just as quuicklv. .l\cnnvcrsaric~norerhc.ard in a tavern h c c o m e ~
all the nlnw intcrrqtinp ~ f o n c of the apeakcrs i s a h u g r man
with r c d hn~r.s stra\vhr~rybirthmark anrl onc cyr, rvhilc
the orher is s scn\vnv-lookmg I h a r f w i t h many scars and a
stutter. ~ t h e than
r ilrhcr arc both generic and untlcscrihcd

Character cartlhoarcl cur-outs




I PCS AND NPCS Foreaamts

The l o l l o w i n ~lists ~ i v common
r Imprrial frlrrnarncs. M)u
can seEcct narncs f r t ~ m~ h llsr t as you ncetl them. o r rrhl
D1000 rfvnu pm-ftr (i.r. rot1 3I$10. count ttic fimt as 'hun-
clreds*. the second a< *rcns', and the third as 'unit%').The
tn thi* chaptct can bc- u
'l'hc i n l o r m n t r ( ~ n ~ asda quick and lrst 15 not c-rhnustivc, hilt includes moct of thc more popu-
ctmvcnlcnt np;lyrn pzrc :I char;rctcr nlrrrc clcpth 114 WCIIa5 I;lr fnrrnarncs i n usc i n thc t'mpirc..
n;trnv 1151sIor Itum:~ncitizcn5 o l t h c Iknplru. I J n r ~ r f s ,IIIvrf Sugqzcstions rrlr names ol'pcoplc from 5taricnhurg and
:rnd I I:~lfllng%. thrrc :KC t:thlcs for d c . t c r r n i n ~ na ~charncter's t hc \X';t>tcl:~ndcm he kjunrl i n :Wctricnhrtw .\nkl llorr-n thr
tiv~ghr; ~ n dk v c i ~ t, h h:ur :mrl cvc ccllour, dist~nguishingchar- Ritlrr, p 149.
acrcri*r~cs.plarc. of hinh and k ~ r n i l y hackgrnund. In thc tnhles, some narncs can harc mnru than onc form
Plavcrs can usc t h i s chaptcr t o hrcathc life i n t o a newly (including i n l o r m a l shortened fi)rmu) ;~nrlthrsc arc shown
crcatcd chnr:~crtrvcnr simply. At rhc (;\l's option. player< u n d c r the same Ilsting. Some names are fnllowcd hv n
c.rn pick frlim thc- various tat~lrs.or m-roll o r ljinorr. rcsults number: the meanings of thcse ; I ~ Cas f o l l r ) ~ ~ :
tli:~tdon't match wirh r h c ~rlcwtnping r cnnccption o f t h t i r 1. Thcsc narnc* can Ilu comh~ncdto product a compound
charactcr. hlscl. thc <;\l has thc final s:~yon whether. and rri namc. e.g. Karl-Franz. l l:tns-t'crer. Ann:t-List. Mnric-tistrid
Onl-(HI1 .Adam ?0'-2&?l Emmctich ,iR I Ii2drh R?'."- Ralr
(Ul4.lllli~ :l~lrlht-n' ?w#.2<>2 !:rich 50 llnlkrf )-mV* Rolv '
Ofl'-flll .\dillt \dolphus 2(14=42,+ 1-rn<1 5-1 FFupll '-'3% Hrinnld
(h2 $-ih:(, ,[!h-ri ? 5 - 3 5 ? I'nvin 555-55(7 llulrz -3(7--4(5 Rri7lvr
Ir_l-.rM I .\lhr~chr.Alhrich :\lhrccht 33,+-t3.+ I;.~uctmnnn si'-qqS I fz~~nfnrrl *.r--'S:k Itrinharrf(t)
(I 4 5.i I : i l f j 1 7 Iln
~ j<5.z?{, I:VIIX. ' 55%5(12 jxknh -55--(12 lk~n!it~lt!
<I<-.~-I-I :\lc~.\lcyt~'tlcxi$' 3i'-i.+tl I:t.rrlFnand 5Oj.500 J o ~ l ~ i m ' -[>?--t10 KCITIU dtf
41-454148 r i l l r t h d [liricd 3-11-4-2 i'rmt~' S(~-.:'rs ,loh:lnn lnhanne %'-'-!l Hfltllerr Hutpr
1~x04~~ . i0I l r ~ ~ t ~ , -?-W r 1:rrc.tlrich Fritz' S'lWtl 1(1 ,Io<cd -1.'-X Hurlt~liRudr
l . < K t ( ? :\nr!mnq F:rt*clt.rik OlIq4ll13 K:~rpxr -'l-'HO Ruvrct.l~r
Ol>-.tb- I :\ntlrrls 4054RH (,rIlb:lrrl(t\ S141I f 7 6;1<10r -RI.-SH 51rctrirtl
{l-i-4l%? :inwn' .IW+ l 2 (;rt>r~+ 0 l l-h l -I hriud' Knut' -29-"t22 \ ~ y ~ ~ n i\imi~~ncl
IlHI.OS-I ,\nhllr -1.20 Grrtk ,!X 6un -V4=HfHb S I C T B I ~<I ~
IS~ ~I i
t1xi4lW Ayr1 -l?-r Irnttt PI(! Lr~rcm' #Ill-HfI? Srr.lini;rr
IH'Ml'11 Ikinhrlrn -13 Iintrl 8-12 I+.crnh;~nl H[)!-H IH Stcph;~nStrbn I
tic! 4. t l w Hrtliy' 4 2 Gr?ttl *it> l . r ~ ~ ~ ~ l t l H 1'1-HI) 'I I~rtrtiorrur-Thco I
l t111.t l r ~ " ' '[I) .1rr-.13.t (;rrfinr (7.1 -(?I# I.z~itpold K2 I-H:? l'f~cr~ph~lu<'-'rhco m

11--142 1) 4 4 5 - d W [i~~nfixr (+tcU*il, I.u~lrnicu~'l.r~dn.ig S:+-S 4 0 171~3n1,1\ I

!35-1.1(! .t!cj-+~h (;t~nrlimChnthcr (,<-4d,O I.LI~:I% s41.842 I ' O ~ V ~ \ '-
t-4 l-!(l1 -~+'-thL t;uc~:rli;u+tav M~t-00-E 5tnqncls' lii3.H 10 I-cttr
t(15- LW) (..trrrl~~+-'
Carl' k ~ r ! ; (;UZIRIT. id,%(>-? 3!,1nrti X,t 1-8 I l l-hlcr
lc7--231 i,1.1(1,Klat15 4hi-iC& 1 hlr h-,Lh'h 1.f.1trhinr M.+5-352 l !rich
221-LLH ( utlr.r(l Krmntl .I(>'--I~~H i1;tnnr;' t l a m (1-418.1 \ \l~ximillian # i 3 - ~ 5 (~~ i k f ~ ~ r ' I
22'1-1 4 2 l)rvfll ++)%54VI f l.afflvig i&S4tS(1 > l ~ ~ r ~ r r 55'ShO Yt~n~cr
124-ltll D~rrcr 54)1-51h Tlt*jnrich hS'-lit~.~ X~klnu~~YEkolas Nikolaus Hl>l-s<~X B:~l(lc-mxr !
2 4 1-2-+-1 l ~ ~ c ~ r i c h 5 1"-514 t lrin ,JI3 (' Ni+LS-17 \l ,Ilrrr
?-+5-l-+H I:hrtrh:itrl{t) 515-5211 Ilrirr lrrr (lbt~r' n--.oc!o n vmpr
Itcl-1511 I--(kh.~nltr) 52--5 <.l l lc!m Orro Vll)-tv,~2 \!illitdm
'q l-L< h 534.5 +I> t lry Ih I':Iull hu7u.i (1+!-~)5(! VC)! t
247-2ti2 I-!~rb:tn!f~k Cq'-q 14 Itrrmsn(n) '1'-'2.1 Pvtcr ' Plrrcr (x7r).0nr II'r~lf~ang
?f,i.Lc,O i.hrr~:~l~n q.tS-5.1h tlvrpln ','5.'?0 lJtllnruc- OM.+-II~I~I \I~IIIII.I~
Section Four: Of Divcrs Matters

1x4 in mcrlincv.11
I:urnpc, thy forc-
W i.rms n:!rnc i.i m o s t (d

I H Ih-II1 5 cornninnly used * ?

IIlh.II1I1 to idcnziiy a per- 4 m
l)? I.l\<O
son. and r l i t w r - E
rl:lnlc. i~ 115cd 1
.. 1r1 a hcn rhc idcnri- .,
Il r l-ill?rl
tic.~tionnccdr t o
I l i r IA l < ~ i
hc mnrc prccisc
- n-hcn the u\c
o f thc forcn:anlr
1Ill-lrli ;tlonc. i* not rul-
111(1-1 1 1 f ~ c i c n r .Famil!
l l&l25 surnames aren't
12(l-I3ll :11w;iv.i h ; ~ n r l c d
111-115 d o w n from par- 1
1 5(7. l -0
cnt t o child. a 5
we do toilav In-
In~.1~~~1 stcad. nlrmt pc[>-
lol.lftrl plc aclopt rhctr stlrn;lmr. tvhcn thev Ic:icc I ~ r ~ mocr,hrcornc.
?ol-:rl5 arE~~lt, tn d r < t i n q ~ ~ i s
h Oftcn, t h r ~n-rll rur:lc) i l k -
21l6.2 l 5 ing 3 ' b n i l l y ' n;lnlc. hirz thcrr. arc manv cascr of childrrn
! h.2 3 1 grr-ing thtrn\clvtr nn cnfircly nclv surnsrnc
22 1.2 <(l $urnam's c a n I>c drawn from a v:~ricrvr)f unurcc-\
~<f.l$r~ 1. Placrr names: for cuaniplc. Jnhnnn 1)unkrlhcrg. ,Jr)h:inn
Li l - 2 i r l l
tmm Ih~nkc'itwrg'.\nv nfthr- unous placchnamcsmc-nrionctl
i n ttic IT'I-h'!' rulvl>oc~k or rn any part of 7'11~I ~ l r n r lI.l ' r f l l i t f
Z,qh.?Il5 campaign w-r~ulr!I>c ~ ~ \ a h as I c :I surnanlc '1'Flc n o h ~t rl r~iltcn
200.41111 arlrl r u n ' or 'von dcr' l>cforc thc pl,~ccn:in~c, p:rrt~cul:irl\ I n
41h1.<ll< c:~\cs\vhcre the +urnnnic is p:kn (11 a: r ~ t l c .
ifl(~-ili 2. Occr~patinn:tor ca:implc. Jnh:~nn5chmtclt. Ioh:!nn thc
it(,.< Ill Sniith'. I h 1 5 c;%nhccomc- Iclrr~l~rccl i n urc, and i t I\ cli~itc
3 + l.45rl cr,mmon for n charnctcr t o hr knot\ n I w tlic occup,itIoil of
I 5 l.F(dE
his C ~ Ther pnrcnts u r gr;lndpnrc.nt\. n l i c n hc o r \ t i c h :~ctu.~IIv
follows a q i u r t d ~ f f c r t n tp r o f t . i ~ ~ o nsn
: lrlh,3nn t h t Smlrh
might nctllallr. hc :I carpenter nr a hoatm:an Ot i f
l-*{l11 Jnhnnn wi-ichcs t o he h n c ~ n n a~ Johnnn Zinrmcman (loh:~nn
.rrll-\l4 thc (::~rpcnrcr) orlohnnn 13clclrrn:mn (loli:rnn thc I3ontm:ln).
.1l(++5 thew's nr3thing tn srvp him ch;#ngin): h!\ surn;tmc - liv slm-
12lrt i q plv rlocs i t 1
IZ(>-+<ll (In I.:ngllsh-(itrmnn dictionan. can hc ;~vc-n.rlscful qr)itrc+m
151-t(111 of nsmcs o f t h i t~y l ~ ch . f'cw surnarnts ;~.rvbci~tcd w i t h com-
-1(>1-+-0 mon pmkssions :Irrhlistctl hvlow:

.. .

n l v among nicrnhcr\ o f
T h ~ spractitc I \ n m \ t c a n ~ n ~ c ~IIFC'~
t h t nnhilitv.
2 . 7'hc*c n:lnlc* :trc :~rch:lic. hut :trc s t ~ I il n 11c. occ:ksion-
mrwr popul:tr :rmong t l ~ cn t h i l i n :mtl rhc olrlrr
3111. .I'~IC'I.,~~C'
3. Tlicsc n:imc< rho\\ Kislcvi tc ~ n f l ~ ~ c n'Thcv c c . arc nxwt
conlnlon i n thc north ;1n0 cn*t of t h r I'n~pirc.hut art. 11nt
~ ~ n k n n \el.ic\\
v i ~ hcrt.
J. 7'hc.*c namcr shon \r;';~stcla~ldr-r ~ . arc most
i n f l i ~ c n c thcv
tominon I n tlic. zinrth-xvtrt (>E thc Irn~p~rc., hult :lrc :d*n u\cd
In nthcr arch;ts
5. Thc5c n:arnr+ ~ h n w None- lnflucnuc, thcy .lrc mosr corn-
rnon I n thc cstrcnlt north o f thc I ' n ~ p ~ r chclt . arc n l w u r c d
i n u t h t r arras
6. 'I'l~c\cn:trnc.s , ~ r cmorc cr)nlmon i n thc \ourh nf thc Em-
pirc rhxn clscu hcrc.
'. Thcsc n:lnic%shoxv f3rctonni;in influcncc: thcr arc m o s t
tommon in rhc wrfr t)t rlic Ilnipirv. hut arc ;IIWF used in
r)thrr nrcas.
Two: Chart of Darkncss

3. Nickname: from their Human neighh~ussifthcy likc thr. sound of them:

for eramplc. hence the n u m k r of Kc~rre-soundingnames user1 by h a r f s
Johann Grosz. i n The Empire (and these arc even morc prcvalenr arntlng
'Jr~hannthe Fat'. the Norse Ih-atfs), and the occasional usc. o f I m p e r ~ aHu-
I f a chamcter has man names such as Joseph and Tom, as h? Joseph Bugman
a particularly and his lieutenant 'Owd' Torn Thyksson. Here arc a f c . ex- ~
noticrablc p h w i - amples of Dwarf male lorenamcs:
cal trait ~ v h ~ c h
per~prcLISC t o re- kl(e)pr~l I;rttntl
f r r to them, t h ~ s tlard~n Grum
might b e used as Rmkk Iinlndi
t h t ~ rFurname. Irrnndti) Gnrnni
LTs~nethe list 11f 1)irnrond liaakon
Dimcad llaqrn
phy3tcnl nmts in
Drum~n tlcrgare
t h ~ sa r t i c l e t o - Dunk Krtll
gcthcr with an
English-I;.crman Female b x r k am x l d o m cncountrrcd hv m u m k m o f other
dictionan. can give vou a wide n n p c of descriptive surnarncs. races, s o comparatively litrlc is known ahour t h t i r namcs.
I k r c arc a fru. txamples. Like their malt= counterpans. rhey do tend ro usc Human
narncs on occasion; names like the Nurse Sigrun. hsrrid.
1 , f l r ~ fnrrsr Uaw Asta and S i ~ r i and
d the Imperial Gcrtla, Bcna and I'lla. Manv
.\rrtr otrjncp Nark
One me E~naugcor Augcnlns
LSwarfish IrrnaEr names an: crcatrd by raking a malc fore-
Otlr ami Finarm or h l n r name ending I n -i and replacing thc -ir v ~ t han -a, hence
rlllmnr11r"rjnrr %hen Grunna, K t t t n . S i n t l n ancl sr) on.
I I I I , ~f ~r t, ~ m e Gmvz nr Stark
R I heIIi,
~ Gmv Surnames
Ikr W IGhl [)warfish surnamcs f o l l o w
IS(it<l. tlaar~g WO basic pancrns. Somc lot-
IEtr~ch e r i d Man or (,rrlr<han Sow rhe Human Norse pnc-
htr~~pin,y IJuclicr rice of being hmed o n their
l i.m In// Iang parcnts' names (e.g. Gottri
Z i r y sfnarl Kurf
(;urnisson. Grunna Ragnis-
I'PWskmns Dunn
l?i/~-skrnrted Rlnss nr Rlcich
dottir), while others (nearly
\tIIIt# 'iioft~r
all apptied to males) m nrck-
Load rnfcc taut names. p s n e n l l v to d o with
some aspecr ol'phvsical ap.
4 . Parent or Ancestor: For example. Johann f-lanson. pearancc, strength and mar- ,
'Johann, son o f tinns'. Naming vourscff after a famous par- rial prowess. Gruatharnmcr.
cnt or ancestor - real or imagined - is very common. Ironheard, Hook-nose and
S~grnarssr)nmay b e one of the most used surnamcs i n the Gohlrn-render are tvpical cx-
Emplrrr. This kmn .of surname is particularly prevalent in amplcs. I n addition to the
tho nrinh o f the Empire, pnssihlv as a result of Norse con- fnrename and surname, a
tacts and influence. The form 'con' IS somctirnes used t o clan or hold namc is also usccl on F r m n ; i l occasions or when
~rnplva ct~nncctionwith a famous person - von dcr Magnus. addressing a m c m h c r o f anothcr race or hold. hence
li)r cxnmplc. G o n ~ r u n t 1:orkknrd
l o f Karak-Kadrin.

\T'ith an I'nplish-German dictionan. and a hit of irnagina-

tinn. you can conlc u p w i t h many more surnames f c ~ rPCS
Elvcn Names
and NPCs, as yau'll see from the published adventures i n The Elves - being wpicallv complicated - usc a system of
T!)e r~'tl~ay Il'ithin campaign. Thc nobility w i l l usc 'von' narncs which is almost incornprehensiblt to outsidtss Thc
more oftcn th:rn rhe lower classes, and [hr. anisan classes - principle is to havc a name which sounds h e n u t i f i ~(appar-
r\.hcrc onc hrnilv has hccn i n t hc samc business for genera- ently the consonants '1' an$ 'r' makc particularlv h c a u t i h l
tions - w i l l oftcn takr. the narnr. o f their craft for t h t i r own. sounds). and which has a beautiful mt-an in^. IIonrr.l.r.r, the
I n ~ c n e m l ,surnames derived from placenames and nick- mcaning attached t o a name is often whatcvcr tht. namc-
names wilI hc most common among the pcasanry and the hearer wants it t o be. The Dwarfs delight i n telling the s r c ~
urban lower classes. 'Hans Rrandstndt', for example, w o n ' t clfan Elvcn Princc who insisrctl that I l l s name \\.;as tmnslat-
IT vt-F cffcctive as a nnmc i T Rrnndstadt has thousands o f able as 'Far-\Xrisdorn'. h u t rhc worrfs of which i t cons~stcd
~nhahiranrsand every fifth male is called Hans. w h ~ l c'Ludu-ig could also b e translatctl as 'Relch F.\~ehnlls'.
Jahannswn von Altdorf' is too grand-sounding t o k a good Etven names del? analysis. The use of onc. two or threc
namr for :h thir.l o r beggar a nickname lakr "FIink' ('thc namcs is equally common. and each namc i s normally made
up of two parts, each providing sr-lmething t o rhc vvcn31
nimhlt-'Ewc~ulrlsclund hctter.
meaning. Occasionslly, an Elfarllo has taken to living i n Hu-
man sociey w i l l adapt onc o r more namcs which arc from
Dwarfish Namcs the Old i1'orldc.r ronguc. Such narncs tcnd to cxprcss rural
themes, and continue [he Elvcn t r a d ~ t ~ oofn something
Forcnamcs w h i c h stmnds beautiful and exprcwcs 'nohlc' feeling*.
ISwarts' forenames tend ro be shon - no 1ongr.r than WO GoldEeaf, Dmgathcrur. Airwarmth and C;rcr.nli~ht arc corn-
syll;~hlcs- anrl grrtty-.;ounclinp. U\v~-arfs
often borrnw nnmes m a n such names.
Section Four: Of Divcrs Matters

The 'tahlc tn thc right 11-

lows you to create more
traditional Elvcn names:
roll r m c r for a ptefut. and R o l l l : Prcfiv Roll 2:
then again for a suffix. ril-r~q 4 ~ s 01-oi
and h l c n d thc r w o pans 11 1-05 .\lr l).*-l\;
togcthcr. adding o r dc- 0(>-1IH 41(R) Oh-f)H
ot>-1 0 4m 10
l r t i n g e x t r a l u t t c r s to
make a n easily pro- 11-12 A ~ R 11-11
11-14 <..l(ll Il-lj
nounccable namc. Both 13-15
1.1- l -7 I .lr
names c r m e f r o m [he
same stock of elements.
1 Dr,l l (1- l
1s-lc) I-dri
and there does not a p 20.2 1 I-lr!~(r) ?(I-?1
pear to hL' any distinction 22.2.1 I11 22-2.1
k m m n 'fomnamcs' and Lq-Lh l pnn 25-lh
'surnames' in Elvcn eyes. ?'.>I I rr :-.:c1

Some Elvrn names, par- W- < 1 I'.?n +l)-; l

42-45 Fat I?-1 1
tlcularly thosc ofthe Ilt-
S t.4h Ill 4 l-I I v
rle-secn Flven nohiliy +-.+H
{--+K (;;I!
rnav have three elcments 3')- 4 0
4(1- r l ) (,rl
(effwtivcly they have two *l.$* bI.ll 11-1'.
suffixes): t h i s i s r u - .I.,- 15 -8 4 - 1 5
rnourcd to he a High Elf l(>-.l- f (3% l(>- *-
tradition, hut i t is n o t 13-I[) Ilu 4 S-.) 0
surc that even the Elves $0-5 1 Irnfr.1) 51L5 1
5 2-5 4 In <2-?4
know this for certain
5 4-55 Ear i+ . i 4
There 1s rrcy little diffcrencc, to non-Elves at least, be- 56.5'
w c c n lilvcn mnlc and fcmalc names. Dwarfs and some 5(1-2" 1,:1tiw(1~
SH.Idl l ln 5s-h(l
Humans glcefilllv contcncl that this i s because therc is v c . ~ 1-0 1,or (11 -(> 1
little diffrrence between male and ir.rnaIe Elves i n all other 3 (,=t*I>f\
respects. Namcs pencrated using the table above arc suit- h-.(+H M:II cl--fin
able for Elves o f pither sex, although most names can he 09--0 lor
given a n emphatic fcmininc form by rcrnerinp, thc last con-
\l ;I r
%lr,r - .-21 mal
sonant andjor adding a v o w r l ro t h r cnd, huncc Sawllian -<--I Orr -L- t m:~ri\
-5.-- l'[*
l -5--- nllr
can hccornc Sawllia or Sarcllianc.
'H.'9 Hnt 'H-'9 mnr
HI )-H1 5hac HWH1 nnr
Halfling Namcs HI-H.t
H?-H r
0 1 11
H'-HH T<,r H'+SS r1c.l l
Forenames H9.00 7irr sv-00 rrmd
Being thc most Humanised o f t h e n o n - h u m a n races, - 2 ! Illn(1) 0 1-02 rlr~n
Halflines o h c n use namus which a n - largelv recognisahlc as qZ.94 1 rrl~frh) t) 4-C) 1 1l1nl
king In Old \Y'c~rldcr.l'hc k l a l f l i n ~ suf the LMootuse those tli-lllr \:I! '15.W, ux-11.1
Imperial names which t h q find pplcasin~.Although they love 17 -.<)"L! '. 1r k1-.w XVt'Il

Itlng and gmnrl-srtundin~n;tmes for thcir p;c.nea3ogics, they O%OfI I.Iv(x) ~10.110 nlnc
also likc. n name which can br. shortenrd comfortably for
everyday use. Namcs like lulaximill~an,shortening ze Max.
L u d n ~ g shortening
. t o Ludo. 'l'homas, Hugo. Adam. Albcrt.
Awes, E c i and Frlda, arc all common among H a l f l i n ~ sEs-
scntially. i f a f Iumnn namc has a 'cosy' sounrl (or hertcr yet.
The following tahlcs can he used to Rcncratc a character's
sounds r a p ~ e l vgrand and has a cosv-sounding ahhrevia-
wcight. R011 o n \r'cjght Tahle 1 to dctcrminc a chancter's
tion), it n-illappcal to the I I a l f l i n ~ s .
hulld. and apply anv modifirrs to the m11 o n Weight Tahlc
The use o f nicknames and pcr-names i s a140 common; a
Halfling will alwa!.s havc :I 'prnpcr' frjrenamc for use in fame
2. C o n ~ w l \YPcight
t TabEe 3 t o determine whether [here am
any Furthcr rncmlifien owing to the chanctcr's hcight. LTtight
ilv trees and sn on, but Hcimnymus C;reenhilk rnav bc knonn Tahle 4 IS optirmal; it can h e used if yctu wish t n makc (c-
as H i r a or cvcn Scrumper to h ~ friends,s and non-Halflings
malc c h a r a c t c ~gcnently lighter than males. Finally W t g h t
might know h i m bv that namc for w a r s without finding n u t
Tahlc 5 can hc used as an option, to reflct how rhc weight
his 'proper' nnmc.
of c ~ t r c m e l vfat or thin characters affccts thcir profiles.
Halflings prefer disrinctivc and cow-sounding surnames. Weight Tablc 1: Build
and ~f rwo 1 lalflings have the same surname. then they are
dcfinitclv r c l r t t d somehow. I t may take several dozen gen- 1 06 Human Dwarf Elf Halt7 lng
E pun\ ll~ht pun\ lrcftt
crarions (and a like number of f n t j t p ~ c and
s spiced ales) to l~cl~t
I :I* c-nec Ilcht a? r'rlgr
tncrr thr. conncctinn, hut it will definitely hc. there, and they +. flrcragr nrrrscr I~p.hl :~vt-r:agr'
wit1 find i t i n thr. end. Namcs like flalcherry Greenhill. nvrtaer hc317 :I\ c-rage hcaw
l -l
Furfoot. Hayfont, Greendalc. Whrmft.cit and Bnndysnap are 5 hrnn lic.~n a~cr.iqr- rn:t<-lrvc
common. and show ORthc Halflines' lovc ~ F f ~ mancl c l drink. (a ~:IC\IYC ~IA\>IVC I nl:~..c!l'c
and thcir pride i n their h n i n fcct.
Aoocrvoha Two: Chart of Darkness
Puny chnrnctcri n~ttstf ~ t h f r : ~ 2c 0t from thcir r o l i o n \Yi.iglit r r c ~ ~o h rr u n d r r -
'l:ll>lc 2 . t nil \uhtr;lct 21)lO I t ~fromr thctr iinal II.CIR~I ~ v ~ i g hlto,o k u p
Light chnrnctcrs must suhtract I l l l'rr~mt h c ~ r n l l or1 \X'ciqht the lin:tl wr-cight
'lithlc. 1. on thc. appropri-
,, ,
, ,,
Average chnclcrcrs h a w nr) mt,d~ficr. col~arnnrtf
. -,
. -
F l e a 9 ch:lr;~ctcrs atlrl 1 0 to their r o l l on W'crqht 'Lthlc 2 \I('c=ight Xlhlc L,
/,I,,, ,;
,,-: Massive ch:tractrr\ nrlil 24) to rhcir r t ~ lrtn l Rkipht l j h l r 2. n f h , t
I l 1 $ 1 0 Ihs t i t their final weight. thc- r l ~ c vrt)Il col- *%
u m n A chnrnctrr

Weight Table 2: Base Weight thr final wcrsht v :

F - 1 cr~rrespc>nds 11) s 9
,. ,, l)lCtll It~rman hvxrf rll llnlnine
dice rrllt o f 90 o r , p.: \

F,: 01 llrr H! l Ihh - 5 Ill, *

y, , , ,
. -
' flJ.fl
E Ill lllr
110 1115
OS !I>\ li!?>C -i llic morc. ;rntl unrlcr- , ' ,-V


I;.., -

. ".: Ot.1lS I l ?Ill- I I H I It?.. '11) l j i \ $0 l l i c ~vcighti f r h c final Y

F.':j- 2
! :.:
-. ., : 1111-11q
(l<). I 2
ll l
ti 117,
liii llrr
l 1 1 l lirr

t i l l 1 111,

i. ,

- .,'

I' j 4.1- l l Il i 'lir I i l r l llic

L ,
I ,
lX-! l
2 ;.2t1
l ii Ill\
1 10llir
1 41
125 l!ru
Illi lh,
Il0 l\?,
Lrll Ih,
Thus, a Human p -
., I character weighing 2 0 0 1h.r c,r morc 1% o r cnrc~cht,:ant1 .E
4f1.4- 1 r 4 Ill+ 11 l 1 l i l13c It>%
Fluman c h a n c t t r wclghinr: P 15 Ih%o r Icsc IS un<lt.nvrighr.
.q. 111 I 7 5 lhr l l 1011 ihr
G11.b a lii ! 10Ill\ 110 Ill+ l[)i]I[>\
Prtlfilc nrllustmcnt\ m;lr hc gcncrarrd [asins t h r follotv-
h+.- p 1 0 1 1 11%, l I ? It>\ 224 It?\ 111;Ils, rng tahlc
, ,
It%\ lillltn Iilrlh. ltll!l~r
I. " I 1-11 111, l 1iiItn 1151t>\
a - r ., 1-< I l l \ 11111It>- I +I!Ihr 120 It,%
13tl l l 7 \ Itli 1 1 ~ 1 111 1
11, 1 1 4 lib\
Ill% 1-11 ll7\ l i It>\ l 4f1 ll>\
*v,:,,. .-
7,, ' , ' ; . . *,,. t"r1

' 7 j(l1l Ill, l l IGll II>% l I i ll>\

I . I , ....I. '
r. . 2 11) 11>\ 1Hf) Il>r l i i llw l t l 1 !l>%
1' ,; .- ,
,' 2211 117, lhi Ill, l 0 0 llir l I + IIv,
r ; , ,,;lJ
l. .:
1. ,;.,c ..,
:.l - , :..,". : Weight Table 3: Height Modifier I'sc thc t;~hlchelow ro Kcnc.r:ltc c11anutc.m' h a ~ ct,l(~l~r
- . ,. Votes:

;, :; ;,' .:
r ,

. :; ,
IFlf tlalfline IIirman Ih~,arf 1 . l)x\-:~rli ancl l!lrcs rjftcn dvc t l ~ c t rh;ur: thi+ tahlr onlv
;:::,..: ,; .:,: .
,. ,,.,: . ,,.
qfi <>rl r s r .!'I~IIl!, p r 7 c . h thc hnsc c t ~ l o u r
b; ,' : ;;-; : A f r tin - r91n
if1 .!h llv 1 Nr,r nccc<sarrlv tllc origin;~ltrllour I'or nlclcr char:~crcr\
- -:c,-. '; ! b ~ -m = 111n
;!l nri ISlurn;tn\ o f 35+, Dwarf\ cif Irlvc\ o f 101)+. Ii:~lllings
iqn - , I ! l ;In
, "

. ~ -tin
~ t -I!T . f91n .!t)F(k 15% .
4 . 1 1 6 Itlb
A!llII Ibr
of ' . I ) + ) . pI:tycr* can m:lkc- two roll\ 'l'hr l i n t I* thr 'naru.
ml' hair c ~ l o t l r7 ' h ~ SCCII~C~. ~f t h r r c ~ ~ tt \l t~ v h i t c .qho\v\
Ii . . .
, ,i'T -rn - ~ ' ht! n 11:i
that thc h;rir h:ls turncd grev o r hitc ~ v i t h:IFV
1;;:- ,- :A .!r 'h" . - ll ! -?l)ll!lb. .
+!I I!*) = ?!I f.111 -1 1211 Ih .Il?flIh, . Tlii* tahlr i.i hawd o n rhc nc~rnlnlcolours. for
' 8"

i t t -p11 - +l11 -11 !l1 l!, .l11,111>., . from thc Frnpirc, thc \Y:t\rclnnd. Hrttcmni:a. :\ll-~rm:bnrl
r., '-, ,
K i 4 c l - I f thr. th:trnrtc-r\t-:t~horn annrhcrc tlsc, snmc m r ~ d i -
P' : <It Otn . 4!i 1 tin nd n~l
F:,.' .? ft!l l l r f ~. W 21n AI)llF Ihk *[)Ill !h< . ticrq ~ h o l ~ h l t t! a l l n ~ v t d Uorsc
. nn\.:trf'\anrl 3 lumnn<. Tt)r vu-
,: ,
!#!l{:l!. ( < " I 51n A ll2ll !I>% &I>:dl 1 1 ~ . ;ample, cc~ulrfrnlf 3t120. t v h ~ l cTilc:ln< o r &!cralt,tnc might
<:. . ..' 1-!t h n or r n ~ ~ r r s?l1lO Iin - r021 ~ i S l ~ ~ - t . ' and
O chac~c-tcrsfrom , \ ~ ~ lmight lv rtdl [)G+') t
, . k
p . . I

- -.: - a
Weight Tablc 4: Gcndcr Modifier [Optional)
., - , ,.
,, ); ,,,'. '
v- ,. ;.. ., ' m8
\ t r ~ g h T.~hle
t 1 ;rssunic\:~m;ulc. character: For fcn~alcch:tmc-
F , 1
. :, tcrs, ,apply t h c fr~llrt\vin!: :ttlrl~rionalmr~dificrs:

,. ':


: ,m: ' +

l- --.'-'.
, :..; I
1 ,,' , ;?
)(F m11
I l l
Iharf Flb
-1)Zrl l l r r
; ) . :
, ,- .l3211 lh,
- Il n ~ l .l>l~ ]!l\
, ,
:..I -1 l l l l ntl I!,,
> _ ...,,'.* , < - l l(* -1 1111 1 ,\ nh n~l
I' ,i ''I. (7 nil -I)(* lhh n~l ~ l l Ihrh
:; , :-,-.. : . ..

-1.7 \! Hrctr111 21 frnrrxn I ).tri 1Fnlrr.n 11 I+rr,nn

.. WciRht Table 5: Characteristic Modifiers (Optional) -~-Ho $1 I\ror\11 II Hnm n I>.~rk Rn)nn 11 Itrtrn n

R1-Si Ilarl, Ilrwsn Ilnrh llrtlrn '.v nn [ hrF. llrt~nn

o r lightcr than av'mgc. thc. G M
I f a chsractrr is a lot hcnx-~cr h(r-L141 1 ),v4 firon n I) rrl, I{ri~r%iiI{
I. t)arl. fimrrn
rnnv nptlnnally ~rnposcsomr morlrfirrs to the uh:kractcr's 11 l.~b; 1 : I~~UV.!~.I(A 141 IIL, \1rn11.(
I.. ,- profilc-. 7i) find LII whcrhcr a chnrnctcr is wriously orer- +~II-IIO 111 h IT^ l?!I < l, I~!.I(!, ,1r1ll!.~K
C:. -
Section Four: Of Divcrs Matters

L'se this follon- in^ rshlc to gcncrntc rrh;~rartcrs'ryc colour.
This tahlc is hasetl on thc normal color~rcfor chnnctcrs CHARACTERISTICS
firm the l i m p i r e , ancl holds g o o d f o r the Whstrland. Thc table hclcnv givcs ccnain pccriliaritics and p h y ~ i c atraits
Brctonnia. Alhion and Kislcv as ~ 3 1 I.f thc character was wh~chcan furm thc basis of a chanctcr clcscription. Srlmc
h o r n an?u-hcrr elsc, somu rnodiiicrs shoulrl hc allowrd. of them have ruggcstcd modifiers. GMs may usc t hcsr rnodi-
Narsr Iltvarfc anti l-llin~ans,fnr exnmplc. could roll 21320 ficrs for NPCs if cles~rcd.and rnav cvcn applv t!icni to plavcr
o r 31>2(1 to act rhc rcsutt, whilc Tilc:~ns,t!stalians ancl hrahh characters i f thcy arc surt. ptnl-ess w i l l :tcccpt krtl rnll\ :I\
might r o l l .31)11)+'0 e r t v c n 1)10+90 u-ellas gor,cl. Most characters w i l l have D6-2 Disr i n g u i s h i n ~
Playcrs nlifiht also wish 10 d i c n l l i w ccnain hair!r.yc cal- (:haractcristics (treat II o r lcss as 0).
o u r cornhin:~t~ons. i f n hi7arrc mis i s going ro jar thcir scnsi-
hilitics. Ir is p n h a h l v hczt to g c n c n t t h a ~ colour
r first, and
re-roll any c.yc colour r n l l that ~ don't surt. As :in upriun, you nlOR Fffctt
might allow a character s 1':; chance of hsuing cvcs of dif- tl1.02 rill
fcrcnt coloum; n-l~ilethis w i l l makc thc character intcrc'st- tII-Oi rill
110-(1- 1\11
i n g and tnst;~nrlv,it might hc takcn In snrnc
qu:~rtcssas the mark of I:h;tc~s..
IIH-!R - t 0 Frl
II-I2 1nr cr.c R5.rl?
I+.!< Onc :trm - I t ! lh'x
cvr. - Ifi l'cl
. \ [ r r , ~ c t iIICC
~c fc1
Pllc (nrvv
1 ' 1 1 ~ ~'ircv
2 1-23
2 i-li
I ~ U S Ltmmt.
!{1q l><-l!\-
1 0 " Wripht
lfl' ixriyll?
%V [nllll 21
t$!ur ~~rrl-!lIl~c :q.40 I{;lltl nrl
Illuc I1lu(. <l.;: vf.m Icmq f\,llr nrl
Il . r f r l 44.<+ ( ~irkvli:~!r 1111
I. l!rn~%n (.n.rn i(eq" IKucch\~~~t*I~'21:rin-
1. l (.run 1ZCiI1 l <m\:i\t%:lr<l nl!
l. I n I. I3rrln.n +I-+? \I.n rhrm lra~r n11
1. !F~i>aTl I Hrtmn '{L+? 5tcw3~"rl!: nll
Io p p r ( r)ppcVr ,c*+- l ~ ~ m l . ~ ! l c ~ t r ~AIl S
( i>pprr $1 Itrcinn 1H-5ll 2-cn-t n l l + 101.d
i t Ilnln n \ l I\rxrtni 51.42 1c.n-\hrm - 1 H (min L ) . -lll".U'eight
l 1 21 Ilroa n 54.5? I-rn-\l!rint - l ( ! .Xtichr
1 I n \1 I{rt%an TI*.i' I:11v.~kinnt,rl nil
l I n [)k Hnlwn 5H.hl) cr.~rrz'tl,kin - I t \ Frl
Ilrna n 1% Ilnlv 11 I> l -h? -5 Fcl
!)h I3r1mn <!l\~-r (7 \.i,? .< Frl +<
I > h l;rt>ttn Wl-!b- - l 0 rc.1
Iclurn-purplr\rl\rr-cn.c.n {>%--l) + iI'cl
rlljrptc rnl.lL h -I--: - 1 0 tcl
- Z.'i -IlY to tr.1- on rnninluntc.lrton
'h" - i10 l[thr!%on tornmillilc.l!rfln
-H-H0 .5 14 P IC%I\ nn commllnlC.zl!r~n
81-H2 +i 1.d -5 Fcl
K+-Hi lltl
H(%-H- Ilrc enn 1111
sK.'ro 'dln~stnclw nrl
Il~nlim trk 1111
0 1 ."5 \!ton Ity* - 1 \l (min
&)(,-<l- Ilr>uc!rh.!ntlx - I lr Dru
ocl.(w) l r > ~ n.r~l*
lc rill

'I'hc fullowing list ol places gives somc guidc as to thc likuly
birth-places of characters heginnin~thcir adventuring ca-
rccrs In the I3mpire - spcc~ficallyi n nltdtlrl, the staning-
point of The Ertcr~tyUrfrhitr campaign, a l t h r ~ u ~thc
h tahl~
can hc adlustcrt as r c q u l r r d for atlvcntuwm st;~ningi n any
othcs p a n c)f rhe t'rnp~rc.
I t rs assunlcd that frw characters will have rmvcHcd far
to pct to this point, and thurcforc that forcignerr w i l l t r
rarc. Playcr Characters ought to come from thc. Rmpirc. un-
less thc C;M has a strong stason for dcciding c ~ h c r u . 1 ~ I f~ .
an NPC corncs from a part of the Old \Yi)rlrl which has not
Apocrv~haTwo: Chart of Darkness

been suficicnc). drtailcd. z he GM can be vague about his or

her origins - it wouldn'lt hc an!whrrc the Player Characters
Origins Tablc 1: would have heard of a n y w v . The maps i n the W'I-;PP rule-
THI: EhlPlRE book anrl T ~ Enem-v
P K'rtbin campaign supplements show
the locations of the places listed on the tables.
A table or binhplaces for characters from Maricnburg
and thc Wastelanrt can be found in ilfwimhrrw SolrlDotln
the Rltrer. p.140. More complere place of birth tahlrs for
nonhurnans, and for characrers from othcr parrs uf the
\Yhrhammer world. will hc puhlished in fr~nhcc~rnina IV'FRP
supplemenr~by IHogshcad Publishing.

Lrsc Ongins Table E and, if ncccssary, Origins Tahtc L to de-
rerminc whert. l Iurnan characters come trom.

Bv and large, Dwarfs will be from rhc samc kinds of pEaces

as Humans; the kind of I k a r f who bccomcs an adventurer
i s going ro have k e n wasonablv 'hurnan~scd'any-xay. To
determ~ncthe origins of Dwarf characrcrs, roll on tht lol-
Ionping tahlc:
Grunhurg HI-'XI Orrrrvrlrl
(~rirrrlrriry fJI-l10 .tff~rL7/~rtrt~#t D100 Oridn Roll
.Irrss~n 0 I-"? Roll on Clrigins T ~ h l eI a h v c
.%t l ~ ~ ~ ~ r r t ~ r %-Rh
rrt E1hrrsrcik '6-00 Roll on W a r f Origins Tahle k E o w
A/~v~rdf>rf (11.51 I lwrsrffk.
IIor.)~lcrclr i1 - 5 - flrrrhrvlrrrf
51r'JwI l /rtvd~~-ry
hucrswaltl hi--i c, t~rrsI~<trh
:\I~PTC?<.I~~ 2 I !fl/)ll~ll?r
I ~rt~r~clri't,r A"L'I5 .Ilrr~lrr~t~n
Ctlirilr rrl? l \l iirfial
\prnthnf R'-RR Matirnburp
.5f r*r!wb R9-Qlj Y~tln
tEI - r d Vrrlrr
Delhet? rjI.N(r Wirsrnhrrr~
I>r/hprz .V !-,l0 I'/t~il(jorf
.5chw~1 rzv~f~rLvt 91 Avcrheim
7 r r . r 92 StrrEs*cn
95 Vi~rrhntl
n~~nkclhr~rq Trrlnht~rim
I)rir~bt-/hrrr.q 95 bficl<!t.nttcirn
ficrrf~lu,r r~r fll-ho Ilrtlrlt~n~~r~lm
t r v ~ > ~ f ~ v ~ v r / ) (<Ii rI=S'O
? !hbr,yd?~trb~
I IrrrL-F RI-ill) + ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ P I ~ ~ I I ~ ? I . ~

\~-hit?t~t1fft176-00 Fnrcignrr: Origins Tahle 2:
\fcr>;rft~rf Roll nn r)rry#r~c7irhtt. 2
I 66.'0 Frtalln l
I.i - t r . l - 1 nlea
L <,;h f3no)1trv rlf-2(> l rrccini 1
;--IS (OFIW)~I)~V l - Ilrrrrr?licrrrt~ '
'2-'.a Schoppendnrf
fll - 5 0 JI.IIIIJ)~C>II~~I~J
F !-h0 I:rm?!IOt
(I!-+() kcvcl~~tr!
'I-HII I'r/~~rf/~chpfm
aVf-cn Kfp(/rrrf
01-I10 ,'th<ItT
Section Four: Of Divers Matters

95% of Human characters rolled u p using Origins Table

1 arc going to havr Rcikspiel - Old W mrlder - as rhcir
Elves d o not nom~allycome from thc samc locations as the Innguspc, and another 4 . 9 R % arc going to hr. from places
other races. Since Plnver Chancters should only bc mood spcaking anorher dialcct of thc Old \T'orltlcr t o n e e I Iow-
Elvcs. the potential locations are wry Irmited. Also. Elvcs evcr, for those rart characrcrs from thc far-flung pans nF
do nor frVc.lytalk about their homelands, for fear that thrs the world, their tint language will hc complttclv drffcrent
informarion would be uscd by an enemy. Therefore, mosr from that spoken hv c\-cryone around thcrn, and C;Hs will
I<lvcs talk of their hamc as being 'The Forest": if pressed - either have to he flcvihlc and allow thc character to hc bi-
and it thev trust their qucsrloncr with thc intormatinn - lingual, o r cope with having a PC nrho nceds sub-'titlcs.
they might ntminarc rht. psrzicular forest, hut they will not
divulge the name of the actual scttlcmcnt.
If ; ~ nElvcn placenarnr. i s Important to vou. thcn usc the
table given carlicr in this twrddct f o r ~ c n e n t i n gElvcn names. FAMILY BACKGROUND
fo!lc?wing the pattern Prefix-PrtlfixSuffix.The resulting name I t might he important to know n charactus's family hack-
mar. hc liyphen;~tcdif you wish (:IS in 'Tt-rr-lidriracl. Far- ground; at least, ~t always h c l p ~characterise a !'L. Thc in-
Farcoral or Llllialor-lialiel). tormation and methods in this section arc all oprronal.
To pcncmtc thc Fnwst-hornelancl randomly. usc the fol- especially where PC5 are conct-mcd. As GM. vou should f'rl
Ion-ing tahle: frcc to ignore o r amend snv results you don't fecl comfon-
ahlc with.
DlOO Homeland
rothers and Sisters
Cl~amctcr Nn. nf AEC

Halflings Notes
Halflings ;krc v c n welt integrated into Human society. and 1. I f the die roll is 6. roll again and add 4.
may hc found almost an?whcrc wherc 1-lurnans settle. How- 2. I f cithcr die rolls 4, roll i t again and add 3. I f both dlcc
crvcr. thc importancc of thc Moot as the fjalfling homeland rot1 4, roll horh again and add 6.
must nor hc ovcrlookud. Roll on thc follawinp, tahle to dc-
terminc thc origins of a tlalfling chanctcr: Each sibling has an cqual chancc of hcinp. matc o r female.
and an equal chancc of being vounEcr clr older than thc

0 1-50
1-hr. \loot
character. w'hcrc the aRc d~ffcrcnccis 0. thcrc is s 20%
chance that the character is a win (or tripler. o r whattver).
Twins, triplets, and other multiple births havc a 10%chancc
I 60.4)1, !loll on Origins Table 1 of hcing identical.

Roll a DlOO and consult the f[>llowing tahle to see if the
LANGUAGES character's parcnts arc 51111 livlng:
Ohr~iou~ly. the languages th,at a character is able to speak
will l a t ~ t l yhc d c t c m ~ n e d D100 Parental status
by whcrc hc or shc comes 01-25 hnth parents tlving
from. The l ~ n ~ u Sum- a ~ c 26-44 father dead
mary pnnrcd /In paRc 291 46-60 mother dead
of t h e IV'l:RP r u l c h o o k (1 1-00 butt1 parents dead
s h o v . ~how rhc rrariot~slan-
wages and diakcts of the The older a character is. thc morc likcly it will bc that thc
<)IdWorld brc;~kdoam parents havc died. .Modit% thc mll as follow~s:
Tcl avoid making life dip
fcult. thc GM should allow Human: Add 10% for each full 10 y a r s over 20
new player chsnctcrs to k Elf: Add 20% for each full 20 years over 160
fairlv tlucnt In Rcikspiel. Dwarf: hdd 10% for each full 2 0 years over 120
even when they come from Hillfling: Add 10 X for cach full 10 years aver 5 0
some Llr-off Land. Of
course. many interesting Check thc following list and roll the rrlcvant dice tn deter-
diversions can hc intrtt- mine the age oi sumivinp, parents:
duced ] f a PC 1 % stumbling
ovcr a 'foreign' tongue. hut Human: 15 + D6 y e a n older rhan oldest child
don't Irt thcsc overpower Elf: 60 + D20 vcars alder than oldcst chlld
lthr gsrnc-play u n l e s s Dwarf: 40 + 2D l 0 years older rhan okdcst child"sa good p!ot mason. Halfing: 30 + D10 years older than oldest child
, .

Apocrvvha Two: Chart of Darkness
I' J
' ,
' ? Spouses and Children If \r,u fccl likc it. rnu c;tn Rcntmtc i n - l a w . aunts, un-
cles. cousins and hcaven know\ what clru for scvcnl dozcn
t n see i f ~ h rrh a n c t c r ha5 a fam-
Crtnsi~lrrhc following t ~ h l e
gencntions w i t h this rechn~qur.: Iialflings in particular art.
ilv o f Ills o r her nmm.
very fond of gcneatrqy hut a gontl rprr,td of rcl;rtiws can
I . . .: pruvide a rich dcprh ofhnckgrrlund (and who knows. occa-
I -
, .) sional mntcriat azsirtancc) for anv chanctcr.
' .1 'I'hc options above are only going r o bc uscd whcre you

,- ,

! want r o flesh n u t ;I PC's hackgrc~unrio r develop somr ideas
ahrlut an KPC. Ohriously !ou \\.ill h-1% L 1 0 4 0 r f IlUf aR1'

l'..: ,',
i;. , ,
anomalies Rut crtn anomalies can give you insight con-
G - ' sldt-r ;I 22-year-old male Human. hts mother dcatl, n o 51%-
tcrs. no wife - and with 4 kid<, t h r cldcst o f whom i q iusr
F -
I .
one yc;w old. None o f the c h ~ l d r r n t u r n out to bp nvrns. so
; mavhc they arc 311 i l l e ~ i t i m a t oor
. rhe man keeps a harem.
l, P ,

rind maybc this rclh you that hr. has a crrmplctc dtsrcpard
) *

k ) r women, tic- uws thcm for pleasure, hut has no scnous

:(l' , l ?", contact w i t h them. W h a t prtcc hi* mn littlc dnughtcrs?Ant1
l . . ' , +j .,, - , , > G O T ' , h < ) n ~ n n~ charactr-r
ll l i k r that rract t o a tcrnaic ['C'
p: .. -, !
, , :4\ , <i",

b" -
r 'C" 1,IV
Family Occupation
. f
C ' I You can also create carccrs for the character's hrnily ( ~ e p a -
rate ones for each, ~fyou prefer) IIY foIlon*lng rhc notes o n
crcatrne, NPCs on p. I I l l of the If'lXP rolchonk. This w i l l tcll
you thc Career Clas%,final carcrr anti c;rrcr.r path o f thc
r. , 1
1 - *.; -: chamctcr's parents and siblings.
r' L'sc this ~nforrnntiont c give extra colour to your chamc-
\ . , , $ ~
i";;- t r r s - pcrhaps mathcs was a iY'i7ard. u v r n though fnther
. .,.-, , - <,
b.,;' T h t nz~mhcrhcitlre thc slxsh i s the pcrctntagc chance that was nothing morc a simplc Entcnatner. Or it might lead to
!., ..- ,!
the c h n n c t r r has a s u r u i ~ i n gspotlsc: the numhcr after the a Roadwartlun who is thc. brother of a Pnnchcr' (.ornine up
("L,, , .C;'

;. ,;"! 5l:rsh is thc pcrccntapc chance [hat the chasacrer has surrF~v- with stories t o explain that can not o n l r crcatc morc intcr.
F '
., : -:
in^ chilrlren. cqtrnp,characters, hur can also give you deaq for advcnrurcs.
.:. C;cncratc thc n u m h r o f chitdrcn using the Rrothers and Ynu might cvcn likr to d c t c m i n r occuparion~for an\.
1 ,,
I -

Sisrcrs chart ahovc. The cEdcst child's agc can be h u n d by siblings o r other rclartl-cs ifyou wish - i f one pnrcnr was an
: ' " fr,llowing r he guirlclinc.~for g c n c n r i n g pi~rcnts'aper above. Artis:tn, at least onc child wiil probably follow i n t o thr. fnm-
- , ,7
.,,.,; taking tlrc char:rcrcr'$ aRc ns thc pnrcnt's sgc ancl w-orking ilv business. hut o t h e m i s r you h a w s frce choicc, follow-
!;',-- ,' ' ? hackartls. Ing the nntcs in thc 1I'FRP rulchoc~k.
v , .
l ,.,
.-,... ,
<',. 5
I: ,
Section Four: Of Divers Matters

fumes fnr thrcc n r fcnlr rnin~ttcs.Ahcr this rime, t h r p.tticnt

Chapter 16 %tir,uld >tart ttn shakc, makc hitij con~trtrtahlc;ind bccp :rn
cvc o n him for t h r u t o r four tioi!r<. 11 t h r trcmhling h;ta not
* I ~ ~ T F I C ! L ' ~h?-thts trmc. V ~ L nlav
I s3
: tclr. ;idmrni\rcr ;In i ~ l rsct1;a-
tivc. I ) i s p n ~ cof thc ~ n f w i o ncnrctullv, and n c w r Ict 11 hc
r l r t ~ n-l 11 c;ln c;~usc fatal c o n \ ~ ~ l x i a n i fst;tkcn rntcrn:trly.
Availability: Rarr. Autumn C;rasslnntlr.
Price: l (;l;anti . 5 C;(;
Method of Application: lnhalc
Preparation: 1 w c r k
I)os;~ge:I ~vcck
Skills: Xonc
Tests: Int
F f f r d s : Inlrfliittflr/rr firrrtrs frorrr otr itrf?rsio?~ o/;lqtrr&ctrtrsiB.c

Also known SI; I;r;lhw-nrr,

HERBS IN THE ISuad .Man'< F i n ~ c r .

( i h o s t h a n c anct 5 f o r r ' s

QLB WORLD Hoer. this plant ic attractctl

r n <hnclv. ~ h c l r c r t c llocn-
liclnr 1 ~ 1 t -liyhrlv
h rl:tnlp
SOEI. I t flour!\trc.* c.>pcc~sltr
i n sr:rveyardr, rvhicti. to.
gcthrr n i t h ltr .rvclI-known
magical propcrtrrs, h:is Pctl
'I'hc h c r l ~ sdcscrihccl i n Tlw I . ' ~ ~ P I I\TTitl~itl
!), Ljlnrpfii,qr!1 4 d I . sr~nicpcoplc. to thcoriuc
S l ~ n ~otvr k ~ f<o,qet~l)nfen
~ ~ s (p arc. n smal Isamplc. o f t h r ~ s r that i t s o n ~ ~ h o feet15 n. on
t h;u m:tv bc frnintl Errrlrlna r h r t w ~ g h o u thc
~ 1)Id l\ brlrl. 'kxr- rhc magical cncrgics rtt rllc
books on Iicrlm anrl thcir ~ ~ s 1i:ur. c * hccn rarc. .~ncdhcrh;~t- h(lrtics hurrcrh t~cncathtt.
ists h:tvc rt.ndr.d to r r l v cm 1or:ll k n o r ~ l v d p eand herb torc 'I'hc root. whrn dried
h;in<lctIdown from tt;~chcrto srutlvnt. pcrhaps hccairsc ol ancl grntrd. mar hc. usvd in
thc hcrh:~l~ctc' t n d ~ t i o n n links
l nith ~ h O c l d Faith. which a numhcr ot prcpnrattons
dirt rust., w r ~ t i no~r ,prrti;ips hccausr of rr-irlesprr.atl i l l i w m ~ and rn;rgic;il spclls cnn- Gravrro ot
In thc n ~ r a:lrrar l rrhcrc !icrt>:il rncdrcfnc i q rtrr, cc-mrngthc L'ndearl, anrl i t
F<cc;t~\c of t h ~ s , rhc p u h l i c n r ~ o nof I l c ~ r t c n s ~ nS C C ~ Sro affcct them as
P L Id~lc foot 'S C . ' i ~ m r n o r r ilt~rl~rfl n~rd(;e?lernlCorzcordonc~ p n i w n would nficca :I l i v ~ n gcrcatilrc. An infusion nf thc
ofRt:yirinnl H ~ r k.Vl#t?aesh:!. scncrated samt cxcitcmcnt - rr>ot sccrns to havc n o p;~rt~cular cftccr o n a Ijving pnticnt.
;lnrl r i ~ j r:t l ~ r t l cc o n t r t ~ v c n v- ;tnlon,q pliysictans, hcrhalicts tn calise v n r n i t i n ~at hiqhcr cr)nccntr;~tir)n*l.css xvcll
; ~ n t;~c;idcm~cs
l ')'h14rr=nri\vnctlhcrh;blist from thc Moot has known is rhc Etct that .r hnt pcii~ltlccn i : ~ d cfrom hoth the
s l ~ c i l tmuch o f rhc lasr c c n t u n c o l l c c r i n ~infornlatinn 0 1 1 Icavcs and root o f th15 plant ~rp~'c=(i.r thc hc3lin.q o f i n f i ~ c f t ~ i
115c.ft1l plants o f ,111 kincl<. thc nJrncs 31v whir h rhc.r:~rcknrwn ~ ~ T J I I J ~C C~ IL SI F C 'h?
~ L'nrlencl cwaturu.., and c a n ;~lsr> hc cfCcc-
I n difkrcnt pans ot thc Oltl Wi)rlcl, and rheir d ~ t i c r e nprvpx- t five i n thc trcstmcnt ol thc clisr;~.ic k n r w n ah IIIII RF o t , II
raticln., ~ n tttscs. l Availability: rare. Autumn V'intur Frlrtst clc:ir~ngs.
'I'hc foltnwing cxtr;lct cnccrs a .sclc.ct~nnof herbs that g~~wvxrt!?.
m:rt Iw o f usc- tn ntlvcnturcn, tc>llowing thc. forn~at.cstat,- Price: 5 (rC ancl 2 0 C;(:
ltsficd I n 7 7 f :~t r ~ t t t yN'rthifr Application: Ilrca: hladr vcr~ortio r pr n ~ l t i c c
Prrparation: 2 ~vcck.,
Ilosage: n a nqain>t t 'ndcad: 1 xvcck t o disc;rcr.i

AGURK S k i l l s : I k r h I.orr or Prt>f>m-~

A ~ i s t ~ ~:rl csc. o r r l i n ~IO t 11c cir-

I n lthc Mont \\c t.~lltltir tic-rt~Shi\cn\ct.d I t 1s .tIsn knntvn Tests: Int

2 % Z ~ t t c n v o ni n rhc 1.rnpirc. 'lrtmn I n T1lc.1ancl c;vrc.nhl;tt I $ ~ P C ~ S : r{wltzSt I ' ~ r ~ l t x i ~dt.. 7~/tw-rEhed 1 1 3 t h Irrf:RP ~ rrrlo-
i n Yr~rrc.~. .Fhc 1:lvcs cnll tt I'clrr~~cIcIt*il/rw I t pro\\-\ I n opcn hook (p.8 l j . Trerttirl,q i~fictc'rlr r w rrtids: Jlrrlrmes hr~rr//rl,q t itr1r.s
gr.1\41,1nc!.i \\ h r r c r l i r \ o r l 1s ncSI-~1~;1anrtl hitz nor too ~ a n d v ntrrl nclcls rr -+,I0 hor~rrst o thcpfrlic?!t'.~7 IcsI ~ i ~ a r r i/)cbr- sl
lo Ilrtparr ir, pick thc Ic.r\cs. scrip ;incl dirc;irr! the *talk%. t?rcitlerrr\I- (ass Tr1wfitt.q Tiirnh K o t . ~rid.s N +L0 h(ktrtrs f r )
a n d hang ttp to t l w hc*idc t h r fircplacu for at l e a ~ nt \vCck. nlJ rests tr~nckb ) ,!hvprrrictzt.
I'hi* hcrh Ir u > c f i ~for l Improving t h t anti a l w
!or hclpinp a pdtbcnt ~ c . : out ~ t .t hc.a\r cotcl Ncvcr 11*c rt
!or a fcrcr. \Incc ~t can c:tusr t h r patlent's tt-rnpcr:~turctry
r i w 'ro 1 1 t h~ t hcrh. ntlil the Ic.ncr t o d clwh 01 I ~ o t l ~ n g JUCK
w,ltcr. Ict trantl for ;t mlnutc o r m~ountiE thc water h c g ~ n ~
tcr takc o n :I l ~ r t l colour,
r and thcn I t t thc p , ~ t i c n inhnlc
t thc
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkncss

known to young bovs who livc in rural areas. who use it fur added to tcn o r mulled u-lne. B little honcv will soften any
all kinds of practical jokes. Growing in wrmdlands and flow- sharpness that it adds to their flavour.
ering k f o r c thc trees put o n enough leaf to hlock sunlight Availability: Raw. Spring. Cnsslands.
from the forest floor, the sap of t h ~ planr s can also he used Price: I 0 - and 10 GC,
ro help rcstorc feeling to the skin In cases of numbness Method of App2ication: Rrcw
causerl t>v cold or injut): On onc occasion, I ilsed it in a Preparation: 2 days
concentntcd form -boiled until it rcached the consisteno; Dosage: 3 days
of hclt cuqtarrf - as a treatment for Frostbite, and was able ro Skills: None
rcstorc feeling to a foot which othernrrsc.might havc had t o Tests: Int
he arnputatctl. Recausc of the itching it causes. you mav EfleCfs: 7 7 itlffrsfon
~ ~ fakes effect 1 0 + 2 I E I O rnintrr~s per
sometlmcs need to administer a mild scdatiw tr) the pa- rlrrr~kin,y.bri~t~elng on n n o m o l s l ~ e p : j ntrl ~firsffotir
p b~t~rs
tient. especially if YOU use Juck repeatedly. or over a large r$tbls sleep, the patient's c l ~ n n c ~ofheirrg s rrwkpn noise
area such as an enrire leg. a r e bnlr~rrl. J l t h ~ p a t f ~r~lrrkes
nr uaitbln fhrs finre he ttrfll be
Availability: Scarcc. Spring. Forcst. d rc~wsyrris v p o i s o n ~ dfor ) .<ill0f tirns tr~tlesshe makes a
Price: 1 (X: and 13 C;(: sticcessftil T test C I ~ ? t ~ ~ t iInn iI'oison
q~ + 101, tijt~pr4 bolirs
Method of hpplicatlon: Smear the I J P ~ ~ ~flect
's ri7earsofl nnd r b pntient ~ fs ttouus/eepiftg
Preparation: 2 wvccks norntnlh: .-Icl~osnctertt,ho ti,tsl~~.c to rr>.cfsrrbe e/fcrs rg
Ilosage: 1 clay Scl~lqfrnkratttmust make a U'P test Umrntrnf t l ~to Poison
Skills: Cherni.crqp + 10); jllhis tss strcccssfiiln T tpst 6frnrnr1njI.yl o Poisrln + 10)
Tcs~s.:Int i s still req~tiwdto a!n)icidmti?ci~tess. n ~ e s etest.c arcJr c p f l t ~ d
EJ~cts:[>h 4 minrttes ofter npplicat ion, the treated area ~ t ~ e30 y ?nljnrltes
~ f i r ~ h e f i t l horrrs
r rgtbc h ~ r h 'rs f f ~ ~ c t .
hrtyins to itch bnrrih!~' %he a f f i ~lnsts t for D20+.fO min-
urtjs, and in $ ? J R ~tintc the ujfrlcred character is -20on aEl
t ~ s i (bolrvrl
s o n n sttccessfirl \I'll resf)fmm [be disrractbn

I knuw that thcrt. arc thosc

\vhv regard this plant as
MACE-LEAF nothing mow than a poi-
I was unsure st first as to whcther to include this herb, sincr son, hut t havc found i t
it has n o known mcdicinat value. Howcvcr, its magical prop- useful in extrcme cases r?f
erties are suFFicicntl~*well-known that I thought it misht he nervous hysteria wherc the
~lscfutat least to rncntion the different names hv which this paraent must be kept stlll
plant is known. to avoid any m~stakenimpression that there to avoid self-inflicted inju-
arc scvcml c l i f f c ~ n plants
t with similar propcrtles. The Erwn ries. a n d a l s o in cases
name for Mage-Leaf is IIniunfl!sseirl:,vt. which I am told n ~ h e r cthe pain o f a wr>und
means "the good plant". In Norsca it is known as Troldhlat. o r ~nfectlonmakcs it dim-
In Rretonnia as Feuille Sorccicrc, in Tilua as Folimaggi - a cult for the paticnt to fat1
cornlptton of thc Classical I-'olln.Ua.qii - and in Alhron as into a healing sleep. Prn-
Dr;~r,dill. rncaning "the Leaf of thc L)rulds" vidcd the d a s a ~ eis strictly
Availability: Vcry Rarc. Spring. Hills Cannot b e ciilrivatecl. controlled a n d ahc pa-
Price: I O (;C: and 60 GC: tient's tempt-raturu and
Method of Application: Ingest breathing are watched, P
Prepamtion: Fjunc (see belr)w) heIicvc there is no signifi-
Ilosage: scc helc>n- cant risk.
Skills: Nonc The roor of this plant, which grows in marshy areas and
Tests: Int is often found together with water-Iiltcs, is first soaked i n
effccfs:.Mnge-f.eaf is catcn mtl: ancl remains eflertftT for salt water for thrcc days and nights to lcach nut any rrnpuri-
[!wee days ufter picking. A s fits name s t i ~ s t s it , is trsed ties, then tlriecG o n a pan in Frunt of rhc firc [fir two davs, or
cscltisit*elyI>T spefFcasi~rs. dose rrsrores one Mtag fc until it sounds wwody when tapped with a fork. Then. it is
Point, trp rn rbc cbnmcler's pnrrner/ ~ v c lRoll . a IX, em-l~ finelv grated - mixed with a little nutmtg ~favxilahle - tied
~ tnken: if the scarp is i
t i n r ~n ~ O . F Lis e.w thnn the nr~rnherof in a cloth bag and hung in the chirnnty to smoke for two
rloses n l r ~ n d ltaken
, (bat dq: the close has no effect wueks. The powder 1 s then bilcrl for two days in watcr
with a l i t t l e vincgar, strained and :~dclerlin small q ~ l a n t f t ~ c s
to a sweet tea o r mulled wine.
Availability: Karc. Autumn. Swamp.
Known in thc ;Mclot as Ilrcamleaf, in Tilca as Dormifolio. Method of AppIication: Rrcw
and FO the Elves as P~ratrdiel,this plant grows mostlv in Preparation: + weeks
npen gc~sslands,and i s especially prolific when the last Dosage: 2 wcrks
mows cif winter are melting. Fr also grows well in open Skills: Chen~isttyor Prepare Poisons
marshy areas and beside strezms a.ho.*c- banks arc not tntl Tests: Int
high. It i s a very g o d sedative and sleeping-dnupht, and kffecfs; Sloumind is a t w t y n ~ l l dnerrqrtn~+?r.The i~rfrrsion
may hc combined with other preparations. with n o fear of I~rtsn d f ~ ~ l n c h t ii ut t~~ trtstc,
r rind if it is arliicd to R drink
any ill effects resulting. The dried luarres are steeped in wa- t h e r ~is a nortt~nf c l ~ n t I~ncdetect
~ it (+ It1 if t l ? c/?arnct~r
ter which has hlilcd and heen left to stand for n n ~ l n u t ror lrns fnsted it befire) .4nv chtrrf~cfrr tldn ~ J r f t ~ knn
s inJrt-
srl - tf the water is boiling when the lcavcs arc put In then sfon nf Sloriwrirld rnzrst make U srtccessf~ilT Ir*st (ltrrmtt.
thcy will scaId and the resulting i n f u ~ i o nwill hc unpleas- n i p t r ~ f o i s o n+ l ( Q nrsr~fler-lIJ 1nIntn~ldWPJnr21310+4
antly h ~ t t e as
r well as less cffectlve. Thc lcares can also hc hoirr.~OPI(I~ one dt>senln), he acit~tirrfsrered ctt n tftncm.
I' ' 11
Section Four: Of Divers Matters 3

SPELLWORT 1 clnn't hclievc this rn?-clf. sincr it is also known hy this

namc in Nomca anrl Kislcv, whcrc 'I'lrsc is rmrshippcd in-

Spclln,ort i s the name by which this plant is known in the stead of Verena. l

Mrwt. Othcr narncs ~ncludcl'nzauhcr,\Y'izarcl's Rnne. Fcuillc I t grows on rhc south side nf chalk hills. \ \ l ~ u r cthcrc is
Contnirc and IT'itch-Huntcr's Friend. I t is similar in appcar- plcnty of sun and not too much wincl. 'Ihc leavc-s arc picktd.
ancc ro Magt-Leaf, and somconc without the proper herbal clcancd, soaked in salt warer for n-crks, nnd thcn hr~slccl
mining may casily rnistakc the two. Made into a tea, the and served like sp~nach.A little huttcr ancl hlack pcppcr
dncd Icavcs can help a patlcnt resist any ailment that comes helps thc flavour cnormoi~slv.1 personally c1on.t u.ic It fr)r
from a m a ~ i c a lcause. I t is a5 well to store dried Spellwnrt convalcsccnts, hccausc the headache that occurs when thc
am-? from i n ~ r e d i c n t ssuch as Gravcroot and Magc-Leaf. herb wcars off can often undo any good that thc paticnt
smce I have fount1 that their magical properties arc somc- rcceived from the herh's stimulant effect. flowcvcr. I rvilE
times diminished by sltring too cluse tu Spcllwort for a time. prcscribc it for those on watch. o r required ro scarch all
Availability: Very mrc. Summer. I:r, night Ior missing travellers, o r anvonc clsc who nr.c.ds to
Price: l 0 <;C and 20 C;(: stay awnkt whcn t l i q should he :~slc.cp,an([ wbr~d r 3 c s n " t
Method of Application: Rsew mind paying thc pricc I;~tcr.
Preparation: -ixwcks AvaiIabillty: Scarcc. Spr~np.IIills
I h r a g e : 3 dars Price: 2 C;(: and -I<;C:
Skills: Nnnc Mcthod of Application: Ingclit
Tests: Inr Prepataeion: 2 nrccks
Eu~cts: Spellrt rwt is reiotcd 10,Wage-l.enj; brrt has a sligbt!~, Dosage: 3 weeks
ilr f f r r ~ nctf f ~ c t I. n s t ~ n cnlf f ncrcnr r ng rnctgical e n e ~it, in- Skills: HPU/Wht~ntls
tc'rf~rrstc'ttE~ it r i ~prIIcu.~ter t 1 ' 1 ~ 0drinks an infiision of Tesrs: Int
Sprullrrmrlloses 114 Magic Points {rtilr lci~ntnjr hr r~gnittecl Eflects: Vnnern is n stlmrrlnnt t h t rLv?lorqcsthe rrepdfi)r
ns nnmml), and anjlr)tledrfnking tbr h r ~ mjn?s t ~ n +I 0 rost. It is nlnst conrtrmttly rrsr>dfr~r c o r t r ~ ~ t ~ ~ . c c(f~ r{fir tcp.
bon 14sto all BT ~ c s t sn=yairrsl.T/IP/I.Crmd tnnfiicrrl ~ J f ~ c t s f n rpcrtient cnnnot rest forsonlp rpnsnn. I:orDK hr~trrsr v t ~ thc r
fbr ne.U 114 horrrs. drwe is rakpn, the c l ~ a r ~ l c ist wtreated rfs r ~ s t i n ~frrrr p , ntav
rlr~rlerrakcor?, kind cfactirvtjb I / t l r ~ci~nmcrc*r rtasts, rlrc
h ~ t l t f i t (cif
s rest nre dorr bled. 1T%ctz the c l , j . c t p tl'cr2r.q t f i thc
frser srrfirs n spJitljr?i(h ~ n c l o cforl ~ ~I>-) horirs, rrriti~- 1 0 I O
hut11 Inr ntld Fe/.
hccr>rtling ra fialfling tm-
dirion, t h t Lnowltdgr of
this plant was glv'n t o us
hv Ilsmcralda hcmclf. soon
at'trr h c r f ~ r s alrushand Also known as I:idget,
Bthn~enlrvsbrought thc Jumpweed ancl Folfn 111-
knr~rvir.clgt.uf hren~~ny: and tne, this plant grows in
winernaklng tn thc Mnot sunny open arcas, cspu-
Xi.know it as Soher-rnrlr. cially thoqe that are bring
although thc Elr-rs call it left fxllowslrcr pminp: Past
C'orrr~llinnrirl.It is fot~nd vear. T h e root i s dried.
In thc dccpcst forcst. often grated, and left to steep in
growing htwccn thc mnts rlilutcd vinegar for rcn
o f thc lornalim rrcc, o r clays. The mixture is thcn
next ro ancicnt n a k s . '3'hc ho~led,stminccl. nnrl leh to
bulb is peelccl and rnastr.(l ~ t a n t in
l ;I cool, clark ronm
in a slow r-ovcn until i t 1% as for four more &vs. Sweet-
SOCI as n wcll-cotlkcd np- ened with h o n c y and
plc. and thcn catcn. addrd ta hot tca or mulled
ttvailabllity: \'cm rare. wine. t h i s p r e p a r a t i o n
Autumn. I:or~st. gives r e m p o r a p rrclicf to
Price: I C;(: nnc! 3 G(: patients cuffcring from
Method of Application: lngcsr headaches, drowsiness o r
Preparation: 1 wcck letharp. It should only hc
Dosage: 3 days i~sccltor short-ttrm results: whcn it wears crff. thc pnticnt
Skills: Nonc can d t c n he worse off than they wcrc to start w i t h
Tests: None Availability: Scarcc. Summcr. (;r;~wlands.
.E&+&: rrinkrr nrt is a hift~r-fnst fitg r)nb n - l i k e plunt ripbich Price: 1 C L and 5 GC
llrrs the .Ttrntrgeflrr>prr(ljr?/netrtrrrlisitrgthe ~ f f ~ crfnlco- ts Method of Application: R r e u f
hol A ci~nrnctcrtrbl~oerrfs otre hrrlh filillsrrffprh n i f r h nor- ~ Preparation: L wctks
r?rnl ci?nmctrristtr r~rlttclionsa s n restrII r$ crlcohol: tIhs llosaple: 1 day
~ffrclis c~irn?~frflir~e rc3ilh Co~rsttm P Al6~0fioiskill. Skiilz: None
Tests: Int
cffcdsr/his herb is R mildstjtnrrlant, nrld irsrrmscs a achnr-
rdc.t~r:FI scarp by I 0 for 13h+4 rrdrrfs (minrrfes).,,lffe tl)is
trwle. the cbaractrr mtrst ntclke U T test ( I n ~ m r r t ~to
i ~Poi-
Snmc hcrhalifts in thc Empire anrl Tilca believe char the +
son I 0 1 or h~cotvled ( t h snmp
~ rts !he poison cflpct)
nanlc of t h i ~ptanz comcs frt~rnthe human gnrldcss Vcrena for 2D6- T hotrrs.
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkncss

Chapter 17


'Fhc skill ofDir~i~?ntion and I l i -

( v a r i o u ~ l vcalIcd Dit~frrntfotr Augug~(Omen R ~ n d i R ) a : charaorcr w i t h this skill can
rbi~slrt~q i n thc IWRP rulehook) comes w i t h v t . f~ c ~~u i c l c - inrcrprct sccmingl\ mc:kn~nglcssevcnts. such as the pnttcrn
1lnc.s on its u ~ cRcdrpl:~yinggames gencnlty tend to avoid madc i n the s l o tw n flock nf hlrds, thc w ; ~ v\rnoke r w s
d ~ r i n ~ t i c l hccausc.
n. ir posw a nnmhvr ol proh1c.m~for thc from a firr, r)r the hchavlrxir o f chlckcnr pecking at ~ t t l n
(,\I.Yct divinarrnn plays 3 majclr rr)lr. in folklore and E ~ n t a h ~ X, the auplur, t h c ~ crmnll things form part of thc ercatcr
fictinn, and i f tt i~U F C ' ~c a r ~ f i t l kit can arirl a Rrcst dcal t o p:lttcm oi thc univerw, anrl can he intllcntirc nl rvcnth In
ttiv ;itrnc,sphcre of a ZI'f:E?P canlpaign. w i i h t ~ u rcrluiring
t rhc rhc past. thc fururc. vr far an-ay.
(;M to hr. ;lhlc to sec i n t o the fut~src.
Thew are m o main prohlenis tn usin# any foml of divi- C a r d Reffdfng:charrlstcr?,w i t h thrr skill can crlnduct a c;ml
natlnn i n a rr>leplavinggamr first, n n o n c - ntrt even thc rcndine for thcrnsrl\cs and orhc-m. c ~ r l l t~o rR C ~.I. gencral
{;M - known r . ~ % c t wh:rt
lv rh g ( ~ i tnn ~happen. l'hc plot o f a irnprr\sion o f t h ~ f.u t u r ~o r fo nnsrvcr a spcc~ficqucftion.
book o r film, o n rhc cahcr hand. 15 alreatly known - ar lea31 Char3crt.r~must h a w a pack o f cart15 to usc chls skill
- so that omens ;~ntEdn-in:itlons c;ln hc sc.1 u p
to thc a l ~ t l i o r
he r u r c t o comc true I n the r n ~ l . DICPRendfttg: charac~c-rhtvirh [hi\ skall c:ln lntcrprct thc
in admntc, and w o u l d
Second. if thc PGs come by too nlucti informatmn too cas- scnrc\ or dice n)lls. cithcr to pct a gcncml rmprrssion o f
11y. :I Ior nf thc challcngc ~ l ~ ~ ~ pfrom p c ;in
~ r: ~
siIv~'ntur~. thc fururr- or t o an%tvcr;I \pc.cilic clurstion,
I t I< not. ho~wevcr,as difficult 3s it first scems rr) fit orntns
nntt clivinarirm5 into a ZT'I;KP c;lmpai~n.If thrv ;ire usecl well. Drrnm Interpretntlott: ch:~cictcmwit h this skill c;rn un-
r h c can ~ . mcn
~ add ~ r e a t l vr o the campaign's a r r n o ~ p h cand n r c l the sccrcr mt:ining ol drcnrns. nrhtch c:ln scbmetlnirs
make PCs trc;kt the g r ~ l and s rhclr *cr\.-Jnts w ~ t ah littlc mow hc insights i n t o thc future or mcssagcs from rhc pod%
rcspuct 7.hi.s anrclc. prcscntx an cxpan*ion of thc Iliruinn-
rkltr .ikiH, n fctv nctv ch;ir~ctcr carver\. and romc sirKgcs- O r f i c l ~t: h * ~ k ~ t~I*l hcttcr suirrcl to WPCs t h ; ~ nto P(:\, nl-
t i o m for thc (;M o n h a n c l l i n ~orncns and clivinntinns t l ~ r l u g hwtth n i ~ t t l ccffort on t h r pan [)l rht. a PC oracic
nught he madt t o \\ark In a canipaian. (;h.~ractrr\ r n ~ r hbc t
g n n r c d o m c u l ~ pr o t w n rcmpomnlv .ks a hlr-ing. or ,l\ pan
c r l . 3 I:~rgcrdlvmc pl;~n.
DIVINATION SKILLS Thc oracle h c o r n c \ hricfl, po*src*crl hr thc dcln: and
'I'hc Ilir,frmtir~rl skill dr.scrihr.d in thc. 1T'I-'RP rulebook IS ac- rlelivcrs a vcrhal mcsvagc while I n ;Itmncc. 'I*ht oracle Ken-
tuall!. a >kills, covering~ariousd ~ f f c r c n means
t crnll\ w n i e m h c . ~littlc o r noth1r-i~ of the prnphc-c7 : ~ l t c rrc-
t,f frlrcrclling thc h ~ r u r c Just
. s m u ~ ~ c a l g a ~ n ~ nc o
likc. l n n ~ l ~ n g cant1 g n w l o u s n c \ s . anti cjr;ict~lar utrtrancc.+ arc
instrumrnt*, cach divination skiil mtr5t h t Ic:~rnetlsep:~ratclv ~nt~;~ri;lldv n h s c i ~ r c;rntl rlifticwlt t o I nterprct
.L\strolri,qlbanit f+//rtrisrrl,arc both types of diviuat on, anct
arc. rrc;ttcrl hr-rc a* 5cpnrate skills Fhlmistv: chanctcn \X-irhthis skill can inrcrprct thc I1nc5
- s a n ~m:ikc.
o n a c h a ~ ~ c r t - rhnntl l prcdrcrion.4 :rh<lut health.
Astmlo~~ ~:
charactcm \wth thtr skrll can tnterprct thc rnrnancc, dcstinr and tifr cspccr:lncT
p;tttrrns : ~ n dmovcrncnts r l f the \tars, nioclns xnrt othcr cc-
Ic\rial hoctics. and cast Ilorotcnpr< for ~ntl~virtu;~ls, to\vns S c n p ~ l o m n n q(Bone R~nditrg):[his *kill 1s \#cm s~mil:lr
or wholr. naricln5 to tlrcu rc:~dlng.exccpt that honcs (mtwt ct~nimonlyrhc
Section Four: Of Divcss Mattcrs

shoubdcr-bones of sheep)are used instcark o f dicc. The

the hr>nrs fall. ant! the position of mystical charactem i n - Augur
scribcrl u p o n them. are ~ n t e r p w t c dby the diviner. Augurs are priests who specialist i n reading o m t n s and in-
terpreting the will ofthe gods. Although clcrics of Mbrr are
S c r y i n ~ characters
: with this skill hrvu the a h i l i e to use 3 best k n o w n for their skill i n forcreltinp, the krturc. cvcrv
cpstal I ~ a torl some similar dcvicr (such as a m i r r o r o r a major cult in the O l d \T'crrld has its augurs, who nit1advisc
howl of water) to v i m cvcnts i n thc futurc. the past o r i n the faithful and make k n o n n the w i l l of their particular pa-
sornc distant location. trrm dcity.

Ten Leaf Reading: characters w i t h this skill can interpret Advance Scheme
the patfcrns madr by ten 1 r . n in~ ~an
~ empw cup. and tell
what this portcncls for rhe cltinker.

Vidonnry: a c h a n c t r r rrith this skill can ~ c a s i o n a l l y(and

unprcdictahtv) sec glimpses of the futurc, n r messages from Skills
thr. gods. as visions. V i ~ ~ n can
n s hr r c v difconcening, hoth Arcane language - Magick
to tfiosc cxperiencinp: them and to innocent bystanders; vi-
Divining - Aupun
sionaries arc oftcn rt-gardccl as k i n g unhingcd. oftcn with Divinin~ - Drcam Interpretation
qurtc good semen. Etiquette
Secret I n n w a g e - Classical
10% chance o f Divining - Card Reading (100% chancc for
followers of Ranald)
DIVINER CAREERS IO% chance of Divining - n i c e R c a d i n ~(100% chancc for
followers of Ranald )
According to the W T R P rulehook, only Seers. Entertainer - 10%chance of I)ivining - Scapulomanq
Fonunc 'Ikllen. and Initlarcs In thc Cult o f MBrr can tt- 5% chance of Oraclc
ceive thc Dir+fnntionskill. l-lcre am a frw more Advanced 5 % chance o f Visionar).
careers that are hased amund clivination, plus some cx-
pandcd rulcs for the existing ones: Trappings
Clerical Robes; equipment for divining skills
Astr elogcr Entered From
Astmlogcrs a r c widely consuIrcd i n thc O l d World, and arc Initiatc: Cleric
rcspectr-d profes~ionals.Thcrc is some professional rivalry
k m r c n Astrologcm and I>irincrs, though this seldom de- Career Exits
teriorates htyoncf name-calling. Seer: Cleric

Advance Schcrnc
Diviners are professional omen-readers and seers into the
funrre. They arc often well-lcnmcd and regard their field as
a science, on an equal footing with alchemv anti medicine.
Their clientele is invariably urban ancl well-to-do, and their
Skills fees are correspondingly high.
.4rcme Lanwagc - M a ~ ~ c k
Astronomy Advance Scheme
Ihvining - k s t r o l n ~ ) .
Rcad W'ritc
St-crcc language - Classical
Secret S i p s - Astrological
50% chance of Charm Skills
50% chance of Super Nurncmtr. hrcane Lanwage - Magick
10% chance o f (;artopr;lphy (star charts only) Charm
Divining Auw?
Trappings Divining - Dri-am Interprctarion
Rocllis ot star charts and tabtcs; Drawing equipment; 10D6 Etiguettc
Gold Crowns Read,4Xiite
Secret Language - Classical
Eatercd From Secret Language - Guilder
Alchcmisc's Apprentice; I:harlatan; Diviner: Entertainer - 10%chancc. 06 Divining -Card Reading
Fortune Tellcr: Hynotist: Initiatc (anv religion): S c s i k 10%chance of D i v i n i n -
~ Scapulomancy
Seer: Srr~dcnt:wizard's Apprentice
Career Exits Books of omens and interpretations; cqulpmcnt for divin.
Charlatan. Diviner: Setr; Scholar inp, skills; lOD6 G o l d Cmams.
Aoocrvpha Two: Chart of Darkness

Entcrcd From 10% chancc of Manufacture. Potiom

Alchemist's Apprcnrtce: tL<tmlogcr: Charlatan. Entcrtaincr - lllsi; chance of Silent Move Ruml
Runko Artist: frntenailrer - Fortune Tcllrr: Hypnotist: Initiate 10%chance of Sixth Scnsr
(:mv r l i g i o n ) : Scrihc: Sccr: Studcnt: W'ii?;lrd's Apprcnrir-c. 10% chancc of S r o T Tclling

Catccr Exits Trappings

Astrologer; Charlatan: Scur: Scholar TumZdcduwn cottage in a rum[ village
,ks~ortt.rlhcrbs and folk mcrticinc-
Erlu~pmentfor antr divining skills
Wisc Woman 21)6 stray cats
Many v i l l n ~ e sin the rural CHd \Ybrld have a wise woman r t s 50% chance of warts
xvull as rclllng forruncs and preparing lovct potions for thc
nlarc ~rnprc'wnn:~hlc village ~r!c~lc.sccnts.
she acts as :I hcrhal Entcrcd From
drlctor, n~idwsic,rnarriagc. cnunsellor and gcncral disprnscr Ilnlid. Herbalist; IIcrdsn~an:Iluntcr: Ster; Trapper,x h ~ l s -
of :~tir.icc.t o snvonc whn w i l l li4rc.n. \Y'~scmen arc not rln- man
known, hut for w m c reawn t h q arc rarcr W'itch-huntcrs
Caretr Exits
rcjinrtl thtm a< tmuhlc, ;lnrl w i l l hurn them given half a
Druid. Secr
ch;incr Only Human5 ;lnrl H a l f l i n p may cnter t h i s carcer.

Advancc Schcmc Entcrtaincr-Fortune Teller

I n order to enter this career, a chanctcr must havc ar least
onc ol thc following divining skills. or must immcrliatcly
acquire onc a t thc cost of 1 0 0 crpcriencr. points. in sddi-
tion to the points cost of changing careers
Skills Cnrd Rendit~,q
Curt Tliscasc Dice Rending
I)~vinrnp. - 'lka I.caf Reading Prllrnisrrlu
3 lapglc T r v d L v r d f Renrlitix
llr;ll \T'ollnclk
Ilcrh I.orc
Zlist(jn Secr
I d t n t i l y Plant In order to cnter this cnmcr, a chanctcr must spend 100
t l n n ~ t h c t u r cDrugs experienct. potnts to rnlt for a skill o n thc following tahlc,
1 O":, chancc o f A t u t t I-lcsrinp. i n nddltion tcl rht. p i n t \ cost c)f changing crrccrs:
Ill?, ch:bncc o f Charm Animal
10a':, chance o f fliv~ninp. - Card Rt:~dinp Roll SUll Acquired
IO'C chcrncc c?f Divining- Pnlmlstry nl-in KU l?r
S'':, :,hh;incc o f Divining - Scn'ing 31-35 0r;kckc
IOY, cchncc c o l .M;~gica[rlwnrcncss 36-60 Scming
IO'h chancc o f Masicat Sense h 1-90 Scanulum;lnc\'
91-98 V~s~onay
99-00 Roll mice

Initiates and Clerics

tlivination sk~Elsantlal-hc rn Init~atcsand Cleric< van+ ac-
cording to thclr cult affiiiat~on
M n n n n : Initiates gain a lirnitcil frtrm r~i,411,~rtq~, which
allows then1 t o prcciict changes i n weather. ,lt~,qrrrr(fir ll
stm ngth).Astrrsio~v..jcrAl*irtg;incl Scap~rkonrrrnq~ arc added
to thu Ilst fron~r\ hlch cti;~racrcrs mm chctrl~r.when they
risc. :I Icvel. Clerics of Manann have a 1 Y, chance o f gaining
O r c l e anrl a 3Y,chance of gaining Wsfonrrq cnch rimc thcv
advnncc a Icvel: these skills c05t 1111) cxpcricncc poinls e ~ c h
and cannot he u5cd u n t i l the point-cost is paid.
Morr: In~tiatesof Mirrr pain thc skill Ilrennr Itrtrrprptn-
t f c ~ r r .'[*he folluxvrnp, slulIs arc addcrl. tn thc list from which
Initiates and Clerics of M r i r r m ~ chrmrc y when thcy ndrancc
> ~ v , antl Scr~p
a Ic.\rcl :Atiguqr.r \ ~ t r ~ l ~.qcglfng t r k o r r r m r c ~ Cler-
ics of M6rr have a 51, chancc of painrng Orclclc. and a I O'k
chancc o f gaming Vjsionnv tact1 tlnic thcy r i w i n 1t.rt.E:
these skill5 cc~sr100 experiuncc points cach.
M.~wtiidln:rhc skill Arrg:rgb is addcd to thc list f ~ r o m
which I n ~ t i a t c santi Clurics of Myrmidin mav chonse nhcn-
cvcr they advance a Icvcl Clcr1c5 of Mvrmirl~nhrvc a I?-
chancc of gaining O r a c l ~and 3 LT<chxncc of g a ~ n i nI'i~ .
sirjnnw each timc they rise In Icvel: rhcsc skill> cost I l l 0
cxpericncc points cach.
Section Four: Of Divcrs Matters

Rnnald: Arrgtcv, Cord Uendi~t'yand Uice Readirt~are regard e w n ~ h i n pi.n thc world as conncctcd t o cve.crt-thing
addcd to thc list o f s k ~ l l sf m n ~
which tnlriates and Clcrlcs of else, and believe that the condition o f things i n the p,~ st:or
Ranald mav choose whrncvcr rhcy advanre a level. Clerics h r away can he seen tn seemingly small w c n t s ancl suhtle
of Ranald hare a 1 % chancc o f ~ a i n i nOmcle ~ and a 3% variations. For the same reason. .+\stmkq~, is a pr,p~~lar
chancc of gaining Vlsionnq, cacti time they rise i n Imcl: among Elves, although the calcuIarions and inrerprctation5
these skills cost 100 cxpcricnce points each. uscd differ somtrvhat from the Human tradiritln.
ShnlIjva: tnitiates of Shallva gain a limited form of Art- HnlJffngs: Tra I.enJ Reudin,~is m u c h f a r o u r c d h\'
g?#?,a l l o r v i n ~thcm divine ~nsighri n t o thc naturc o f a dls- Halflin~ f(~n~rne-tcllcrs, though they w i l l also u s e cards and
case or other affliction; o n a si~cccssfultlrrgtcry tcst. t h p dicc. Sr~mcClerics of Esrnemlctl are skillcrt i n nrertnr Itzter-
pain a + 1 0 h n u s to all tests thcy make i n treating a pa- prerrrtiorl. although thcv arc. very careful to t n q u i r e what
trcnt.Ariflq' (h111strcnph), hcfm/o,qv and S q i q an. addcd their quc.stic,ner had t o eat immediately bcforc thc dmam -
to the lirt o f skills from which Initiates and Clerics of Shallva toasted cheesc. i n p;irticular, is thought t o ~ ~ n d c r r n i nthr. c
may chuosc whcncver they advance a level; the skilled char- prophetic rclia'bilip o f a drtam.
actor gains a bonus of + In per 1 t r t . l tn tests rnarEc using
thew ckt31s t o diagnose o r treat discasrs and similar afflic-
rions Cltrics of Shallva havc a 1% chance ofgaining Oracle
and a 2% cchancc.ul'gaintng Visian~~q~ each time thcy rise i n READINGS AND OMENS
level; thcse skills cost 1 0 0 experience points cach. Ilivinatinn skills can umrk i n WO n:lvs - thcy can be ruad-
T m f : Initlate5 in in a limited form ofArrgttry, which al- ings, used hv skilled characters to t n t o gain some suprr-
Ion? thcrn t o predict chrnpss i n wcathcr. %c. fnllowinp, skills natural insight, or they can hc omtns, iiscd by clcitlcs 10
are addcd to thr list frum which lnitiares and Clerics of T ~ a l communicatc w i t h their followers.
mar chot~scwhencvcr the!. advancc ;I Imel: Asigr~ty (full Omens arc the casiesr n p e for thc GM to hanrllc, he-
srn-ngth), ,+\slrn/om, Scqlln~ ancl Scnpttlomanq~.I;Irrrics of cause they arc complerclyundr.r the G M ' Sctlntrol. If a d e i ~
Taal have a 1% chance of gaining Clmclr skill m d a 3%chance has something to communicatc t o one o r more o f thc PCs.
of gaining IYstflnnry vac11 rlnlc they rlse In levcl: thcsc skills then the GM knows exactly what thc message is. and prc.
ccmt 1131) cxprrlrnce pornrs each. f rw i l l n o t unbalance thc advenrurc bv g i \ i n g too
s ~ ~ m a h it
Ulric: The followmg skills arc added t o rht list from much away
which Initiates and (:lerlcs oi k'lric may choose w h c n m c r Huad~njisarc a dilWercnt mattcr a l t o ~ e t h t r A. PI: who is
they advancc a Icvel: rltrgrrry, Scqllng and Scap;i/onnnq~. skillcd In cltvin:~t~on can chor)sr tcl cxerclsc that ski16 a t snv
Clerics o f C:lric h a w a 1% chancc olg:ninang Orrrcle skill and rinlt.. and a GM whr, i s caught by surprise may accidcntallr
a 2% chancc o r gaining VIsfonagreach ttmc t h r rise ~ in lever: pivc too much away, losing suspensc and making the atl-
thcse skills cost 101)vxpcriencc points cach. vcnturc too casy for thc PLs.
1ferenn:Thc f o I l o w ~ n gs k i l k arc atltled to the list from
which Initratc\ ancl I;leric\ rlf Vcrcnn mav chonsc whenever
they advance a Icvel: rt~rgtrrlj,A s t r o l o ~ ~ ~.
Scr.)glttg and Procedures
.Cc~~pt~lomnttq~. The Dltbinntian skill i n the ItrI:RP rulchr>ok r d i c s upcm Int
The O M Faith: 1)ruict.; gain a limitcd f[>rm ~ t d ? r g r r q + , tests, h u t the followinp. optional rules add a Iartlc more rlu-
which alln\vs thcm to predict changes i n weather. In addi- taiE t o thc process.
r i m m the sbilEs thcygaln from thcir lnrniliars. Uruidic Priests First, the GM must make sure that the sktll being ern-
may choosc one s k ~ lfn,m l the following list w h e n w c r they ployed i s appropriate to the sinration. As nt~tr-dahovr., some
advancc a levcl: B t r g r ~(full ~ strength). d s f m l o ~ y I3renrn
. I>iwnation skills can address spec~ficcluestinns, nrhilr some
Irrl~rpretnf ion. Scqbing.Scnp~ilomrr~zqy and Tea ten[ Rend- just providc an irnprc55ic-m of the futurc. I n addition, somc
i ~ Ir)ruirl~c
~ t ~ a In:. chancr. o f gaining Ilrttcl~and
P r i e ~have skills can h e ~ ~ s e at dwill. whilc othcrs simplv make a char-
a 1"6 chancc n f gaining W s i n n n each ~ timc thr.7 rise in level: acter open t o ozhenvorldlv communication. hut give that
rhcse skr115 cost 1 0 0 experience pijrnts rach. char~ctrn r o control orer when i t happens o r what i% corn-
Tdds of Cl?mnsR ~ ~ R oOf Lntrl: ~ S the fo~lowers of nci- rnunicated. In thesc cases. i t is u p ro t h t (;M tn duc~dcwhen
thcr (:haoh nor I a w place much h i t h i n divinations. To fol- the PC receives ~nformntion,and how clcar or clhscurc it is.
lawcrs o f h w , the h t u r c is by dcftnition fixcd h u t unknown, This is covcrrd in a latcr scctton.
and any attempt to clivine futurc cvcnrs cunstitutts an at- A character w h o IS actit-cl! sccking information t h r o u ~ h
tack on t h r l a w o f the univcmc. To followers olChaos. hy the use of a divination skill - .&~rnJ(tor v Card R~arEttt~q.
contrast. thcrc is SO little chnncc ofgaintng any accurate or for example - must fint make an Int tcst. This detcrmlncr
useful infurmatton rhat rhc wholc prnccs~is pointless. whether the character IS ablc t o obtain anv ~ n f o r m a t ~ o n If .
successful. a seccmrl test is made. ;lgainst the avcragc' of Jnt
and WP,t o interpret the rcsults of the divination. '['his r o l l
Divination among other races -
governs the qualityof thc information h o w clear i t Is. how
~ N ~ R ~ - $Thc
$ : Dwarfs h:we little time for divination as a rule: complttc. and so on,
most. rhan one Dwarf has been h e a d to remark that "the l'here is plenty of r o o m for interpretation of thcsc rolls
hcst WAY t o fc~retcllthe future IS to shape it." Howewr. the - for cxamplc. if s character makes twn spccracularly sue-
clericsof mmt DwarIish deities uilP occasionallvcnnsuEt thcir cessful rolls h u t therc is no informatton that the C;M can
v d s h? using Rune-casting, a process that closelv rescm- pass on withour giving anrav the a-hole plot o f the advcn-
hlcs card rcading hut involvcs small stonrs inscribed wirh rurc, they might tint! out rhe n.inn~ng n ~ r r n h c ri n a town
various runcs. 13warfish dcitics scldom communicate with lottery taking place a l o n 9~ x3)' a~';1y!
thcrr follnwem by mcans oC(hclcs and visionaries. hccause
thc <town-to-earth Ehvarfish nature is n o t cornfortablc with Modifiers
such thin&$. There can bc%*~rious mtldificrs t o b o t h rolls Circumstances
Eltles: Foretelling the future is a popular diversion can make a big dtffcrcncc. Obviously, a charactcr tq-ing ro
among thc Elves, both f r ~ entertatnmcnt
r and fur mow seri- dram. up o r interpret an astrological chart i n the rniddlr. uf a
ous purposes. The Elves cxccl atAir<yug+.partly because t h r ~ hattlr rs going to incur some scrious ncgativc mr)dificrs for
A ~ o c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkness
the disrurhance and danger ( i n addition to counting as im- + M d i f i c r applies only if the character meditates for ID6
mobile), hut less m m m c circumstances w-ill also h a w an turns before scryinp: or interpreting a dream. No Magic Paints
effecr, Here art: a few examples; thc G M ir encounged to are gaincd by this meditarirm.
i m p o r e cimilar modifiers for other less-than-ideal condi-
Working i t d t h t l t etpfpmewt:-10 or more Results l
Most divtnatrnn skill5 rcrluirc some kind ofcquipment. It's Tmt ntnrlp h l . , i ( l t
~mpossihleto contltrct a card reading ifyou have n o cards,
for examplc, and some methods, tikc astmlop;y. require
, 't'llc (livitlcr recci\-r.; a vyn. cltar mr.;s:tqc..V o ~ thnt
X clcnr mcssncc I> not nccr.**arilv c w ~
r t l unrlcnr~ntl.
hooks. charts and o t h c r equipment. Use common sense whllt. 111t.r~1.; no tltmlsr :rhour thc c r r n r ~ n ro f fhc
here, t o rlccidc whethcr a divination is ct-en possible with- I rnrsc:lqc, it.; m c m i n ~ m:rv \tlTI IT i ~ r r c l c : ~ r
out equipment. and t o dccidc rhc amount o i a penalty. />l'-'0-20
1st- I \ f . ~ ~ r clcnr.
lv hnr IT mnv hc cligktlr in-
U'orkftrg udtb impror~lsedequipment: - 10 to -.W
In a pinch, a character can whrlttlc some dice From a picce
of hone o r WOCK!, usc a puddle as a s c ~ i n gbowl, o r t v c n
make thcir o w n set of divining cards. But ~hesew i l l nn-er
hc as good as the real thing. This penalty ~III KIT accord-
i n g to the amount and crlrnplcxity of equipment required ' 'I tic rncwacc. IF s r r i o u * ! ~incumpIctr, and onlv m m -
for the mcthrrd in question. ?inns onr or m-rr : t \ p r c t ~o f thr anfurr.r t o rl?rq u r \ -
t l o n I'c~reunmplc.i t r n i ~ l i nlcntton
t tht- clrlcl~~r grrt.n
Dlsturbanc~:-10 or more nncl thc nurnl3c.r Grc, hut not rnrntinn Orcf or cncc.4.
\ succes~fuldivination requires concenttation, and any cir- Trrt tttnrlr / > I -0-0
cumstanct-s that aft't-ct conccntmtion w i l l cffect the dir-ina- -1'11~ rnt-%\acr.onlv riicntion< tint. ncpcct o f thc ;in-
t m n . Vl'hcn cicciding the a m o u n t o f thc penalry, i t is .mFcr10 the rluc.*tron, anrt or i ~ t - ~~ n i 'l l r c cnt ~ <c!n p
important ro take mtrl account b o t h the arnclunt of distur- trc.
bancc and thc cornplrxiry of thc method k r n g used. Rrad-
i n g a palm or a teacup i n a noisy. ill-lit tavern might only \ n rncc~rmntioni< pninrd - nlthorbgl~this dor.5 not
i r n p o ~ ar - IO penalty. hut t r v i n ~
ro calculate a horoscope i n m
n c c c ~ ~ ; ~ rnr ~l vc : ~r l ir: ~~tt h r r c ts nn rr5prmsr ( s r c Cntl-
rhc same circumstances will hr. considenblv more dilficult: cnl l f i r ~ t kl ~ c l o t)t
-50 o r more. I f thc character makes a succrssfuE wP tcst, the
amowna of this modificr is haEvctE.

Cornfile-rf* of Question: Citin.cdtscr~tion Critical Effscts

A deraileti qucsttcm 1s a l w a y much harder t o answer than a a l c n c v e r a douhlc 1s rnlletl ( 1 l , 22. 33, crc.), a critical ef-
simple one, and the chances of success are modified t o re- fect takes place insread o f [he result listed a h v e . .4 critical
flcct this. 'lhc morr complcx o r detailet1 the question. thc
higher the penalty - fur example. "Where is the Graf'sdaugh-
succes5 is not necesqarilv a good thing. h u t a critical f-1'1 I ure .
is alwaw bad. The divinrng chatacrcr c a n sprnd a Fntc Point
tcr and who tunk her ~therr.'" i s a much more demanding to avoid a criticat effect, i n \r*hich care rhc normal cffcct
question than "1s she i n danger?" o r "Did she leave or her takes place.
own accorrl!" The more information a character wants from
n divination. the noughcr l t will he. Critical Succcsscs
A critical success means that the d i f i n c r has made closer
Smpportln~Skills: +
5 or n t o r ~ contact with the Bryond than any mortal ever expects. Thc
Somc non-clirlnation skills can help a character perform a prccisc cffccr should be tailored t o the situation and thc
divlnarion. For cxmmplc. Artrnlom requires a l o t of calculx- method of divination being uscrl. h u t hcrc arc some Idens.
tion and reference to charts and tables, s o a character with AMlo$y: Thc Astrologer inadvenently discovers s, new
thc Stiper .l.'~llnmate skill will find easier than one with- constcllat~nnin a vcrv significant position. and pains an In-
out. Flcre is a list sf dlvlnation skills modified hy support- sanity Pnint through being unahle to interpret tt.
ing skills: the C;U is free to add, remove and amend t h e w Augury: Thc rntrai1.i of thr sacrificial animal are dc-
m t ~ d t f i c nas required hy the campaign: formcrl (or mutated) i n t o a shape ol'significance to rhc qurs-
tion: a face, a henldic cmhlcm, e w n a map. The A u g ~pr i n s
-Irfrn/oql. Z U ~ C I Yumun~c ill. . ~ m n o m v+ 10 an Insanicy Point, and e\7er?vonc witnessmp, the augury must
1 9trq7tr7 'Tlltotc~p4. :2tuto I!canng + 5 . make a Cl tcst o r gain an l n s a n i o Potnr as well
Fucultcru I'iulon + S Card R ~ a d i n gThc: cartis h u n t i n t o flames as they are
1 R Il.rrnhtcA5 dealt, turning to ash almost ~nstantl?.and possibly burning
l)ir{, R ( w ( f i t ~ \ y (inrnhlc + l[) thelr images Lntn the tahle below. Everyone who wirnesser
1)rrr~mIrrrt~[~wt T l i c ~ l l n+~10, llrtlifaf~on*4 10 the evcnr (including thc c a d reader) must make a Cl test
Or(1~1i- -r'hcnlncy .L i 0 OF p i n a n Insanity Point: Bunko Artists. Illusionists anci
I'nlmrstry +
l' t'is~nn 10 Charlatans have a + 2 0 bonus tn the test, h c n u s c o l thcir
/ c I?ilnc Iore .* li l cynical nature.
krsirtc \Faiyml \narcnth<s+ 10. \lcrlintiona 110 , Dice Rending: The dice spin in place Car an unnatu-
I~rrI ~ t i h't*{~di)r~y
f no nc n l l y long t l m t afrcr t h r v arc thrrnvn, then n s r into the air
T h r n l n ~ .+ IO
i'tcinrwrry and slam d o w n o n the tahlc (or round. orwharcvcr), with
P i . ~ ai t to t.20.(:lcric<. P r i e ~ r xnnrI nn1id.s enough force to do some d a m ~ g c shatter : thc. tahle. bun.
ggln + f p r r I c w l ro 311 rlir~natlonr81llq. thern~clrcsan inch deep ~n the dirt. and so on. Fvcrvt>nc
I n l f l n t ~K:II~
~ a1 w h o n~itncsscsthc cvcnt ( i n c l u d ~ n gthe dice rcader) must
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkness

Chapter 18

0 1-05 l),+ Rltm<l!crtc-rs

Oh-l 0 3 0:1rmr\ncrtc.;
11-15 1 I'lagurhcarcr\
I (1-20 Pink Il o r r n n
L1 1 Itlr~oclrh~rrrcr
L- 1 Rcrpcr r ~ \ fr c r r t ~
23 1 I ; n ; ~ t l 'nclc:tn (: lnc
l ~t 1 l r ~ r dnf C,h;!niy
15.34 1 \tr I' (+i?r M+ o
4--3-t 3 f'nnh l'lcnicnt:~T[\lrt. DIy1.4)
-t5.5+ t Ii r c I'lcrrlcnral 151,c DO+ r l
55-6 t E n'.~trr l:lr~mc.nlta6(rlrc !)h++\
(15-" t Ilh \kc.lctnn.;
I 110
ARROWS r)#l-r)b
9K -0'1 1) Z\'l~tltu
00 I \pr.ctrc
-4- ..-- - - L P-
Archcm arc very much poor relations of hand-to-hand fight- The summoncd creature is nor controlled hy thc frer of
cm in terms o f t h e range of magical equipment available, r o the arrow. The s r m w is destrc~yerlwhcn thc s u m m t l n i n ~
thcm which 1s surpriwng when vou ctlnsidcr that archcm is takes place.
a favnuritc weapon of the Iilvcs. one af the most magically
proficient races i n the Whrhammer world.
'L)halance things up, h c r t are some new v p e s nf magi- Arrow of Far Flight
cal arrrm: and a special abiliry svstcm for bows which brings The arrow has twr\.icethc rangr. of s normal armw firer! fmm
thcm morc Into line w i t h tiantb-to-hand weapons. Thc spc- thc same bow 'l'he stantlarc! ranpc5 are ~ i v c o
n n page 11s
cial hillti tic.; can hr. appllcd t o other magical rnissilc-wcap- o f thc IT7?:RP rulchnt)k.
onS. w i t h s t m c discrct~cm and common wnqe from thc C;\!.

Arrow of Fcat
NEW MAGICAL ARROWS In addition to causing normal damage, this a r m w forces
any target that i t wountls t o makr an immerliatefenr o r t p r -
ror tcst, unless lr I F Immune t o p s y c h n l c ~ ~ ~reactions.
cal Roll
on the following table:
Arrow of Cussed Bone
Used almost cxctusively h! I'ndend, this arrow is cnchanteci
u i r h p ~ w c r hinfluences
~l of death. Any living creature w h ~ c h
1s wr)unrlrd (hut n o t khlEed) h? an Arrow of Cursed Rnnc
mrrst make an jmmetliatc Toughness test. Ifthc rest is b i l c d .
thc creatzlrc i q kltlctl. hccom~nga Zombie under the con-
trol of thc Undead sjclr.'s leaclcr.
Arrows n f Curwd Ronc h a w no effect on LTncleacland
I<thcreal e'nde:td. They causr damage to Elernentnls and
1)stmonc as i f thcv were magical arron? u i t h no special + A l l creatures fricncllvr t l the tavut and wrthin srpht of 11
ahtlttlc-S. A n Armw o f (:ut.;ecl tlone ir destroyed when ir hits m u r t also mrke thc same fi~aro r trrrrlr tcst i f thc targt-r fails
a target rhc. tcst T h t a m m is destrovcd whcn i r hits s targcr

Arrow of Dirsful Summonation Arrow of Firc

Arrr?ws nf this tvpc arc as much spell comptlnents as mis- The arrow h u m s i n t o flame? while in night, c a t t s i n ~I)? ad-
sile w e a p n s Thcir heads arc usu;lll~finelv carved crvstal, dltional damagc unless the target i s immunc r o frrc (in which
and r he\ acl i n much rhc same way as Spell Jcwrls. case ntl darnage is caused), or l f the t3qr.t I\ fl;~mmnhlr (2I)-t
W i c n thc. a i r c m 1% fircd and strikes a solicl ohjuct, a ran- additional darnape). An Arrow of Firc causes triplc normal
d o m s u m m o n i n g qpetl i s trigpcrcd. A r r o w o f Direful darnagc r o \l'atc.r I'lemenrals. Thc arrow is dc-trnvrd whcn
Surnmonarion vary in rcrms of tvhat thev w i l l summon hut i t hits r tarper.
the summoncd creature o r cratures s h q y ~ appear nqthln
1 vard of the point ofimpact. Arrows of this vpc arc almost
a l ~ a v qfcn~nd~8ngly. Artow of Icc
'lit rlurcminc. thr c p c olsurnmonarion, roll on thc fol- Thc arrow is m a ~ i c a l l yr n n c f o r m c d i n flight, hccorning a
Iriwln~ rnhlc deadly slivcr of ench;~ntc.tiicc. I t cnuxcs 135 add~tlonaldsm-
Section Four: Of Divers Matters

agc o n a successful flit u n l r s ~~. htarget

t is rcsist:~nz t o coltl. ful hit, and the magicl1 'ffcct 8s applicd iTthr. ; ~ r s o ntr ounclr
Thc target is a1way.i a l l o r w l a Toughness tcvt to avoid this (hut clc~csn o t kill) thc t a r ~ c tThc
. effect la.its 116 hrturs.
additionat d a m q c
Arrtlws of Ict c a l ~ s ct r i p l e n o r m a l darnagc t o Firc I 1

E:lcmc.nts!s, hut no damagc at all r o \T'atcr Elcrncntals. They D100 Characteristic Effect
h a w n o spccinl cfluct o n L'ndead. f t h c r c a l crcaturcs.
t:lrrncntal~or Dacmonr, hut will cause darnsec to thrsc cm-a- Intelliqrnce
turcs ns i f rhcr wcrc magical armws with no other spccial Cool
ahibitics V'FII Pnner
'rhc n r r t m is dcstm?,cd when it hits a target. Intcllig~ncc
Will Pnwctr
Arrow of Madness lntelili~~nce
This 3rrow is cnchnnted to h r i n g madnr.55 tn 3nv creatl~re c:ot>l
strikes. I.iving creatures w ~ t h:In Int score of 10 or more Will Power
which arc wountlctl (hut not killcd) by the arrow irnrnedi-
ntcly gain Z t S 6 Ins;lnitY Points. A l l o t h e r crearurca arc ?' X r ~ r must
t tnakc an immrclintr SfrrpirJIt). tc..;t
wountlcd as i f thcy wurc magical arrows w i t h n o special
a h i l i t i c ~The
. arrow is dcstrnycd whcn i t hits a targct.
Arrows o f M i n d Stealing havc n o special cffcct on l'ntlcad.
lithercal creatures. Illcrnt.nraIs or Ilstmnns: they cauw dam-
Arrow of Might age to these cretfarures as if thev new magical arrr~wswirh
Thc arrotv is cnch;inrcd so that i t hits wirh Strength 10. no special ;~hiIities.The arrow is d e s t r o ~ c tilf i t hits a t a q c t .
insrcad of the normal StrenHh of thc how from \vhich it IS
fircd Ir i s drclrnvtd n h r n ~t httq a tnrgct.
Arrow of Pestilence
The a r r r w carries a terrible disease and aurornarically causcs
Arrow of Mind Stcaling ffc.ctcd rr-ortntls in anv cstaruru tt damages {cxccpt 2:ndcad.
This nnmr c o v r . ~n ranEc of arrows with similar hut not Ethcreal creatures, Elcmentals and Ilncmons) Arrow< of
idcnticat cffccts. Roll o n thc following table cc) determine Pestilence are much h w u r c d hy Sknven and of
the effect. 'rhe a r m w causes normat ciamage o n a succcss- Nurglc. Thc arrow i*cfe~trnyedwhcn it hits a target.
, ,

Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkncss

C: ,,., , - ,

, l',,
: Arrow of Piercing
: . Thi\ arrnxv is rnagicallr sharpcncrl, so th;it non-magical ar-
F:,- ."
~tr Such
m o u r and %hicl<lcprovic!t no protection a ~ a l n ~
g : , ::I armour 1.; not fakcn ~ n t account
o when ~3lcl13:tt1ngdamagr..
'; "; >;,,
h u t m:tgicat armour htncrions normally.

-. .l:' 1,:
Arrow of Rightful Banishment

p,: , :, . ,
!' .; 'J
F.; ' - '
, This arrow 1s enchanted t o catrsc insmhilits, in crraturcs
l . . . .. ! r,

C . - ', ': that do not rightly k l o n g i n the ercryday marerial wr,rtcl.

5.' < , ;
i n aclclition trr c a u ~ ~ nnormal
g dnrn:igc. Roll o n thc table
r;-,c-,:.::.. ',,,,,; -'
givun bclon, to dvtcmline the prccisr 'xtcnt o f its cffccts.
;, -,
" ,
r, If thc ;irmw n-ounr!~hut dues n o t dcstrov the target.
&,, , ,. ,,
:I. :, ;>'. muqt t c ~for t irtsfnhilif~immcd~atctv.~ u h t r a c t i n p3 from the
F, ,
" - ! d i c t rull. I f the rnodificd dice r o l l IF zero or [vs\, thc target
. .,.,; - 1, is imrncdiatdy rlcstmycd.
f,. ,<;,;-:
.' :'

a.: .:-.'.. j

. . ,,


F:; -,
' . .. ' 9j

l'nrlc;rrl ;tnrl l'rhcrcnl crc;uFtlrc<
i' 1:It'nit'ntnlr
!&f . - ,:.',,,
r:,:, ',-,

t rirlc:~i!. 13htrcnl crc:rturt.< : ~ n r l
T ... .
.i I nrlc:~rl.I'thcrenl crcnturrs 2nd
I..':.' '. ,; filcmrnr:tls :awl I):~rrnnn'i
AI1 crc.aturc* ~ v h r c h.!rc .;i~t,lcct r t b

... , , , .I
, ,
i s dcstrnvtd when i t hits :I 1argr.t
Thc :~m~a:
, . . , I

(' ;;.:. .~(.,? +"

,'.. . , ,: :

I '. ;_
;,. ,: -,,;
Arrow of Slccp
p,;,",. ?J;,'
, ;
< I'hc armw ccsuscs n o rlamapc. Hnwcvtr, o n a succcssft~lhit
b;,;';-;'- .., ,
thr. target muqt mnkc s W P tcst o r fxll asleep. ar if struck by
- a +cpc]l. '1'hc.r~i s a + 5 bonus h+r('~"of S l u ~ c i s hDoom h a w n o spcctal chnracttri.i-

kr- ,-',-
the resr frFreach piecc
magical armour and a +PO b n u s for 3 magical sllirld. li~-reducing cffc'ct* rtrhcn t l ~ dng:iin<t L'ndcad. t?thcrcal
l. : Nr,n-nFaRtc;i[ and shjc[d< pr(l\.idc n o prr,tc.ctir3n from . Il3tTIlOn.i. f !O~\-c-\.cr,
CFCXLW"5. l . k n l ~ n l a l !Or r h c l ~ 1 1CJllSc
damage to thcsc &pc< of t r u a t l ~ r c sas if they n-crc. m a ~ ~ c n l
- . l
;xn Arrow of Sleep.
;.: , '( I\rrr,wh of 5lrCp hare no .ipecia[ cffcct o n rndcati, ~ ~ h ~ * with
"COW - no spcciat nhilltir-F. 'I'ht c f k c t I;bfts 1)6 ho~1r5.
r c ; ~crcaturcu.
l F:.lcmcnra15 or Dncmons. They c ~ u s c dam:~gt. Thc arrow i s ~lcstrorcrlw-hcn ~th r r ~a a:lyct.
, tr, these crc.;iturcs a%i f thcy wcrc magical srro~vswirh rlo
C ,-
' ;.,.
, ,, ;.,j

' spccinl ahititits.
Arrow of Venom
f;'. '1 ,.;
Thc arrow causespoisoned rrort?rds.CaIcliEazr ctarn:tyr nor-
ir: ' . Arrow of Sluggish DOO~~I mall!.: if ttle target ~univc.ithc norn~nld n n l n ~ rrt. muqt mnkc
I'.' ,
... 4

fL ;- ; This name ct,vcw .;artccrlon ofamrlwq with similar hut not wsucccrrful poisntl rcsr o r die ~ m n l e d ~ a t c l v
:,:;j; identical cffccts. Roll o n thc following rahlt ru dctcrmlnr. .4rrots of Vcnum have nc) cpccral etkvt (m t!ndtarl. Ethc-
. , ,. . :-: nfSluggish nnomcauses normal clam-

the cncct. The lbOw creacurfs. 1:lemcntals o r 1):hcmnns. 'I'hcr causc damagc
,;; ;;;.-; a~r (In a suctcssflll hit. ancl rhe maglcnl ,-f rca 1s a p p l i r ~ if
t [U these creaturcs as i f they n r r t rn;i~icalnrrnws ~ 1 t n ho
1, (;.l

, ,. ,,+j
'.., -,'

thr. arrow wounds hut dots not kill thc targct.

special 3 h l l i r 1 ~ ~ .

Arrow of the Warp

:, :; lI1nt-i Chanctetisric Effrpcr
p ;;,;;:; ,?
8: Thc Arrow of thc Warp has a smnky indistinct outline. and
can never hc secn rlrarly, afthough ir feels solid c n n u ~ ht o
,:'. :, Move
., . :
I ,1
Inltixtivc r hnck and
the touch This is hccau.;c it is c o r i s t ~ n t l shifz~ng
!.,;, .:, .;
<' ;

Initiative forth h e w c e n material ancl ~fhc'rc;iYs t a t ~ ' ~

, ' .' .',:, 1 I>exterity This cnnsrixnt pharr-shifting rnrans r h a ~whcn i t hits i t s
ISeutrrir?. tarpcr. all nc~n-magical:trmour 1s agnorcd: rlic arrow pa*sr.%
Initiativv thrrlugh l r erhcw:lIl\; ancl thcn m:1ttrialcscs insiclc 11. t ~ p -
n: tlo\.c IC'SFtarget! \l;xgicaf srrnnur provtdcs normal, prrltvctton
;rg;rinst th19 rypc of :krrclw
The arrow i\ cIc'\~~(IYc.(I
w h r n l t hits 11s targct.
: . - , .,
-- ,;

t ,'I
.. -1
Section Four: Of Divcrs Mattcss <
< ,
", ,


;, ,<- , 4
.,. ,!
Arrow of Wcakcniq Random Magical Arrows ;: :'L.
I , I .
, -,
. ,, .

The arrtm i s enchanted to weaken its tarRet. Rotl to hit and The following tahle a1ltlu.s you t t selcct magical armws ran- *&. ,-,, - '. .;
~ ,. .,
damape as normal. I f the arrow wounds hut does n o t kill domly from those listed here. In the KTRP n ~ l c h o c l k; ~ n t il n
..: , . ,,?
.," .l
rhc target. roll o n the following table: thc forthcoming volume R~ulrnof . S o r c ~ q . : ,:, .,.
,,".,;;/;?!'- ;'
;, ,:,< -1
, :;, ;{
1 1 /..A

, ;, ,, -' '
Chamcteristic Effect Number > L,

1 f11-L5
\Teapan Skill
\rrrnv of
Irrow of ltlrcd~ng
/ ,...-:;,
,,:,. ,-
P , . .

- ;:-,;;;.,,'!
1 :- .::,
< .
7, ,v,:
> m


I '


W c q ~ o nSkill
.%rrrnvof ( , ~ ~ r c cItnnc cl {- ,:,.
., . , ;-$
:2rro1v c r t ' I ) ~ r c h ~ l
,. ...,.- !, ?>,:
1 H.+-02
-2 no-12
,lrrow ( 1 1 Divt<ion
:\rrow o t I > I ) I ~ I
? , , . . ; S ; < . . :A
,;) :-,. :h
15 ,' . '-
d ., $ /.'- .
; 1
1-3-2 r\rrnw nf 1'.1r 1'11qht " . , ,7-,1
;". ,..:-i:
The cffcct Iasrs D6 hours. Thcsc arrow have n o special ef- 29-2' :krrmv of t.c-3~ ,. , ;v\,
fect on Undcad. Ethereal kings, Elernentals or Daemons, 2Sr+4l Arrow of Firr r :.,L,,!.:
, 2d
h u t cause damage to them as iithcy werc magic arrows w i t h
no spccial ~hilrtles.The srmw ISdc~trovrdwhen it hits.
111--1 1
!\rrr~\vof I imppling
\mu.clf Icc
!\rr~i~v r>f \f nrlnc\\
I , ,.
' >.,:'; ;,:,
-. I ; , ,
,; ,..'d.

i 4
; :;;;.'L;;
Arrow of Wounding
,!L-51 Irrr>~v nb tl~ght ;'.,-,.;:?,,,;J
51-5 z r\rrnx\ r>lWtnd Srcaljn -
, :, ;
,.'A ,

The arrow is enchantctl t o causc morc pritvous wounds. 5 4-55 , \ r r r ~ no f 17r.\rali-nrc. !7 ,,f. ..:;; ,,,:.3 .L

Roll nn the f i ~ l l n w i n gt n h t c 50-00 .\rrcnv of' t ' i c r c ~ n ~ ;.: ::<A

Ir 1-hi .\rmn (12' I't lrcnvr
;,,,:,',.;;.:f.;;) ,

hh ~ \ r r t nr ~l f H~qhrtul (p':;:,<!;< .;J

Rnni5hrncnt 1 p: ,. :;.,::
# .' ,.; ,<.. " J

Arm\\ nl Slrep TIC, P; ;::,, ',), ,'j

,\rrc?w of \ l ~ l q ~ i <Drmm
!l 1, L. / .' ,'p
.\rrcm c ~ lrurc f striking T)O ;ed:;.: .;.::,,
,lrrn\v oC T n ~ ct-l igl~r I>(>
. ,+
;,?,; - m
.2rrr>wof k n o m I, r,;< ,.>> ,

,\rrc~nc ~tft i t \\ .trp 1 ,# ,. , , - , < 4


,,;,,: ;,:;, 1
Irrnrv ol \ Y r ' n k t n i n ~ 133
,,/.'-, , , A
Note that these modifiers are to the wounds caused (after P/

/; ,,,.:',*"..$
armour and toughnc~seffects). rather than ro thc damaps L

.:m - ;, :-{:,
, v , . r .

caused hv the arrow. j; ;*:,,.;;;,',~

Rccovcring Magical Arrows ,,.,...:, :>

Many types c>fmagical arrow are destrnvcrl when they h i t a 1,
, ,

-. , .
target - their substancc i s consumed in prorlucing a magi- L.,; ,-
cal cffcct, wherhcr or not that effrct is succcs~ful.,brows of 8:
., ,,F ::,l --A

,< ,, ,
0' , <
this ?pc that mlvs their ~ n t c n d c dtargrr arc slsn dcstroycd. "- , , , .
,> >.;c. - '>8,j
as soon a%thev make contact with something solid ( t hc floor ,, - ..,,/% ,

o r a mdl, for instance). 1,;,

* d . ,
I F an arrow is n o t destmvcd o n impact. mll a D6 at the
end of the combat i n which i t was fired. A mll of 1 indicarus
;. , ,,

."- :;<:'4;l
that the a m w is intact and may hc rt.covcn.d ancl uwcl agaln. t,
. l , / ,.
, :,;,:<l
- ..
. ,.
r,,:::J-;, ,;.
y;'{:. .,
;.: i

Firing Magical Arrows from Magical Bows .,.c:

' '"<
L1nless specifically stated otherwise in rhe descrip~ionof L."
' ;z<,$
, i,;
eirhrr ircm, cffccts are cumulative. So, for exnmplc, when '?,
i/,:::;:l! <-
an A r r o w of \l'ounding +-P 1s fired fmm a how wrth Addi-
tir~nalDamagc +4, damagc is increased hy a truly dcvastat- .i;;;.,,/L,$;
. - . L . .

ing +81 ;;.
<, ,,<-,;.,;.;;:
!',, , ,
.> ?!
rLc with a magical hand-to-handweapon, it is fimt nccessar).
to determine the numher of rnaglcaP ahititicq (if nnv) w ~ t h . ,..
which the how is invested.
Oncc this has been rlrmc rc~tlon thc Ahilitlcr; rahle o n l,,',

thc ncu papc to dcterminc the nature of each ahitie:

.-, -,, . 6
..>.,C'; . "
,; .*
. .. '

.. . ,l
. ,.;,.,
., , "
'.- ,
, 4 V'>
:., - "<.', c:. j '

.- . ,., ..! .'.I
c,, , 1 Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkncss
,;:,-,. -:. .
, , . , ,'.' 1
' '"-
,; ,
;,.,; , ;-:;.'f

,:. ,; ;;.;
' . .
Number of Abilities
.,;,, ;- 2
86-W +!arksmanship: oncc pcr d:lv, thc how will
. , . , I
, , , , c ,
,,,,., t ~ r can arrcj\\ r l l anv tvpc Er) :~cccrr;lrrl~ nhxt
:, , >
~t rnnnot m i w a t;trStt ~ \ t r i c hi s w t l ~ i n It.;
--..,,- ,:-,',-.
- -..
Number c
. ,.c, , L
abilities rnnuimum rancc. grr r n a cltar I ~ n rcl f .rehr.
:;;;;7.;:-; 1

Zl 'flit lircr m:~vxpcclli n rnrgtr ar.1 no snlnll-

,.> .<i'-,. r r rfinn 3 ~ t l c l r~n ~ rti:lrncrcr.
~ : ~ n t lthc ar-
,:;< ,.'-+:.,~,~J Y I
rorx-nil1 h ~ ~t r n r t l i n ~ 1~.11t0
1,;' 'Y.;;"..I 1
,",<.:m .,
:,, :;,cj 3
4 1+'15 Protection: :I c h ; ~ n c r v r n h oi s tiol(lin$ thc
";,>:;<:+:, ,-,'.',.,
;:, 1,; 'I
- .
Imn r rncludiny c : l m Inq ~t 4unq ro~sntl ttic
.: ,- 7;
ncck o r \linulrlts) c.lnnot by nol~ntlc.tllw
;:;>; ",;:!,; ,$
' J +

n~is<ilvs l i r c d frclm a nc>n-m:~qic.~l W r:lpr)n

,;.,.,.y:,, :"; $1 l3ows with rnnpicat abilirics can still wound creatures which
, , . -.,I -;r,
nrr- irnrnirnc
2 0 non-m;~gicalweapons. cven when th? are nf' n vrn!lnr tvpc. I:or c~.trnl>Tr, :I rn:liyc:11
,:p .5;. a I I ~ Khotv wit11 tl115proptkrv tvi!l prrjlcLr
,, ,
*,,, - ' ? firtng non-niapical miss~lcs.
.,- -.- ,.'j itc onncr aqarn.;t ;rll a r r o w :I[ hit11
,, ->,?., . ,, p
* trom Iong I~o\r..i.
..,. ,,
,::, ;,::/;<>
-...,.-, '.I' _I

,F2 p'
")(>-C30 Self-ffrin~:thc how r a n hc orrlcrvd to fire

:,;l, :;,. I
:, ,..$
,l 1 I ar :I psrricul:ir t.trKr.t. ancl v-tll li:rnq I n rhc.
- ,, -.;:':.'F nlno ilhifity air. Itring c>nr ncm-ni:~g~cnl :rrro\\ p c r
;<,;: .: rnund nt rhc spccifictl t:lrSct nth tllc r:w-
_.., '{ .(E1 - 75
* .
1' ~ : hr)n sivc.; it4 urer a h n n u ~
r 2 t c 1 1 ~ t cthc cct dtt'i nr goth' nut of r:ltyc o r l ~ n of r
; Ttm;.!,
G(. :! t r * RS. R011 o n thc fotlrnv~nst:ib!c. wpht. o r thc horv 1s c~rclcrcrlIn qtc~ptw rtc
.:,{,!.,<qi::,, !
c)i!.nt-r 'I'hc hoxv n1:1~ic:i13rcrc';ltts
.I I
F ,$,, ,<!'.c ,, ,; D10 RS Ronus non-ningic:~lnrrnn.; for ~ t w - l f\vficn firin!:
/,' v +.A

- *
., ,:...?'..
, _ <
,, j1
.. - -,:.l
I- I +S t on-nct 1735
: ~ ~ i t ~ ~ m a t ~pc~: l~v!ili l :i n l :t h ~ its
- ,,>,,'
5.- + ~ n rlnc arrmv I n hrs powrkrlon U hcn r)rcErr-
c:/ ::-: : H-cl +l5 in9 tht. how t o Itrc 'I'lrc hnw n ill lirt- a \ iC
,';p* ::~:',',!
,;; .:;<
<',;; 6
10 + 211 11 llatl rlw H 5 o f r r \ I:r\t I1rc.r.

8 , .
,C,':;, 2

.,, ,>>>C
..- ;,; 26-5(1 Arlditfnnal Dnrnnqc: rhc h n ~ v firc-s it^ inis-
,. ,: ;,-,
.,,, * ~ l c rwit11 r n n ~ ~ c : rxpct-rl,
t cnusinc m n r c
;, - .h,.:::.;
,>f. -/

, rlnrnagc n n a turcc.s\l~rlh ~ Roll t on thc l'nl-
..<- -4
, . ,.*.,.,,,;xi17 I
Ilkrr-int: rahlv:
,< ,,, ; .:.*;
,:'i ,
I _ /
_ S

.~.- . ,.l/ .,.: ,
, . , , . I
, -, r-,y,',$

; ,,.
.: .L>,

. ,

:' .;:;-'. .,,

, , ,'f
. ., . .:, I
-. -, ,:.''
. ,, ,,
' I ,
51-55 Fiarne Attack: when the how is t!\rrl In
., , , -
, .,
. ., , ,'5! firc :I non-rnagic:~lnrrrrtv. it cnucw r11c nr-
. ,.
. ,
- 11
r r m tc) hurqr m r t , Ilnmc.%In m ~ t l - I l y h r~, 3 ~ 1 5 -
inq Di nc!t!~tinn:~l d~m;r,cc.unlcqc rhc tarect
,; : ,'
, ,':?
' 4
i s Irnmunc tra Ilrc. I f rhc. tweet i~ flamn~:~-

., ,
(l, ;,
I . ,.,:.J ,
..' *
, ; ~ r m r v c ; ~ u 2r I~j .st ~ \ ~ r ; ~ < I s n i : I~f g c .
t ~ l ttllc
,,,,.., rhc rnrgcr i r n \Y':~tvrFlcnient:!l, I 11c ;1rrnw
', .; cau\cs triyhr- nrlrmnF d:~rnnccI f n rnngtc ar-
, .. ,,,";' ,
y:.; ,?j
., ' ! I
r o w 15 firirc.~!frnm the t711w. I I h:ls no elfcct.
_ ;,r -- ,; 56-8n increased Range: thc l>owi~ cffcctive at
-::.,;;.<' ;
grc;lrt.r raner< th:rn nt,rni;ll for it.; n-pc. R o l l
, , ." :-
,, , ,,:
,,' , ' #
or1 thc k d l o w i n ~
, . ,<.,
-. . ?
. <

' :; ;:;. , . ;. ,
, > ",
. I

", .;. ::'l''; b.,
nl0 Range increase
, , r
"-,, ' 5,'.
,,! 1.5 1 l l,:
, .,,,
[' , "
-.. , -," - n h-H S:!
... ' ,+ . =I. L n
+c, .c.

RI-X5 Mighty Strike: oncc pvr c l a y rhc hnw ran

In! ~ . < t:rnv rmc :rrron- which ~t fircs w ~ t an
K5 o l 1 1 1 . ?'h15 I \ In :rtld~ru)nt o :Inv orhi-r

_ .I-

prnprrtlc* n.!i~chthc :n-rtnv ~t.clf mnv h:~\.c.
Being, u s is evident from the title ahove written,
a collection of the MOST TiW2TLWNG AA!. D M R 7 7 . G ADKENTURES
available, FROM SOURCES OLD AND N W comprising:


in the FAIR TOWN of DELBERZ, proceeding from a BRUTAL MURDER
to a matter F M MORE SINISTER;




that has befallat NUMEROUS MERCHANn in the
mountains is InrVESEGAED and m x D

And lastly:


is discovered and explored, I3aving sufffaed MANY ~ I T O U 3
in its bisroly and now being borne to a RAND OF O R C M RAIDERS

last two tales being CUNNINGLY SUPPLIED with D M R S I J N a

to the epic DOOMSTONES W P A l G N of ADWN7URES, which the
ESTEEMED GAME-II.t.ZSERmay use or not, according to the
Apocrypha Two: Chart of Darkness

His Iast mission involved clnsc. association with a necm-

" " Chapter 19 rnanccr. Skretrh hccame too hcavily involved. Constantly
. , . :
,'"l.! hallucinating from the effects of Black Lotus (WFRP. p.82).
,., , .r...
I . .
: the young S h v c n hccame fascinated hy crpesirnrrnts he
,, - -
could nor havc hoped to understand. For bmlics to be
re-animated. there w o u l d have t o hu warpstone present. I t
F , -,,.,
</, !'; : was rhc stuffthat sparked life anto even-thing. I f i t m75 there,
' I
; .1
' ' i t could be eamctrrd. And ~fhe bound a upayt n e x t n c t it, he
w o u l d he abtr to return to his clan and take ct~ntrol.So
.. went his m-rpctl reasoning.
? ,
. , I
L, , , ;.,.i The Delhcs;! sewer network has providcd him with an
_-. .. , *
'. .)
opportuniw t o collect spccjmens and pracrlse rituals for his
v,C. .. .,;:,: :.. '.

h A HIDEOUS PLOT flawed quest. Human cult~stsi n the town, members of the
IIomed Rat-wonhipping cult n a m r d "The Poison Claw"',
; 7'
,, ,>

,- .,: ,


IN WHICH MURDER have bccn made aware oEthe group's arrival and arc aiding
i i k r t t h i n his unolficial rnissicm,
,.., ;,' ': .,:,
v,, .
- , ; -
, -;. .,;
ES ONLY THE START This advmnrrc leads thc plnvers i n t o the sewers beneath
rhr. city They wilt discover that a hand of Skaven havc rc-
! .:,:.,'.,,:$ ccntly taken up tesidencc d o w n there, and, with the aid o f
k..,." their human scrvitors. arc carrying o u t bizarre rituals and
. :..j
sacrifices t o their d e i y r h r Horncd Rat. The plavers must
! ,- ',..:< ..- ,;
i, /',-,;> ,
This adventure is suitable for inexperienced o r begin- tv to eradicrtc (or at least drive n u t ) thc Skaven, w h ~ l s t
:',' ,
, ;"
n i n g playrr chnractcrs. It is set i n I ' J e l h e ~h, u t could be used attempting to save a wealthy riltizcn from thetr clutches i n
r,- ;
L .

'. " i n an! urhan w t r i n ~ I.t pits the PCs a ~ l i n g Skavtn

t and their
,, ,.. , ,*,
:, ,
the proce\s. AS the Skaven prescncc is significant. the play-
<,,' , ,
human friends. ers w i l l need t o have their a-its about them. Rcpcatedly
k .' . m '. ,' ; ,J
I n thrs arirenturc thc PCs witness a cultist. Petcr Tavelli, choosing to fight w i l l lcad to a swift and bloody rlcmisc...
f.-,- ',
," " ;:: ,,.. chas~ng and seemingly t w n g to kill a young man. who begs
.; ' j
f ,,j; .-.--,.; for ttiuir help. Pursutnp, Trrvrllt leads the PC:s 10 a dangcmus
c,'<,.,; y, a m p l r x where a hand of Skaven. Icd by
~ ~ n d r r p r o u nc d

iikrctth - an unusuatly dangerous specimen - have joined CLAW MARK

fnrccs ~ 6 t 1 h group of human cultiitz. Can the PC5 prevent The fc11Iowing cncounrcr should occur as the PCs arc walk-
the tcrrihle ritual ~ h r s groupse are ptanning. and 5avc them- ing back f r o m a late-night drink one cvcning at their local
selrcs i n t o the bargain> tavern. Note, hoa.ewr, r hat they should havc a good deal o f
'I'hc GM shoultl hc RWXK. that one o r more PCs may end their equipment with them, certainly a weapon at IcZt, as
, ,.-- I .... LIP wirh frtjcc~edriwtrnrfs from this adventure and rcquirc: thcy ill n o t have time to pick u p anything if they left it
?; , I,;. <,;?
thc atfcnflons of a skilled healer. This is an advcnrurc in
'I hchind at their place of lodging. I F thcy have Handout 1
which PCs are p u t u p npaincr significant cornhat opposi- from 7 % Enwnjb
~ Ilfitj~itrrwl.1 , they could be preparing ro
tion, and ar t k c VC# leas[ the PC%should includc at least leave the town for n l t d o r f and aclvcnturc. How arc thev to
;'. , two (ancl prelt.mhly thrce) capable Nhrrior'Rangcr n.ptbs. know that adventure mav bc .closer than thev reajise2
, .
,.,--,: , . .,
. , ,1
ks thcy arc strnllinp, rhrnugh a panicularly dark and quiet
!L.:,:;. -,: street, a d o o r suddcnly b u s t s opcn from one of the cxpen-
... . Thc Encrny Within Campaign sive houses lining the mad. A young man, dresscd only i n
. -
. ,,-

v,-: -2
:::,', . ., ,
this advcnturc rn Dclherz, as written, allows it to nightclc~thes,rushes o u t yelling. "Hclp me, somconc,
' . :
4 h the Reik rvhitr. thc PCs
hc playcd casily as p a r t of n ~ d nn plcasc!" h% he carches sight of the chatacrers, he turns and
F-',;. c,.;,,,!
a r r looktng for Ilcironvmous Uliwen. \~andaM'clcschrnes;?'s races towards thcm. h 1;irge hruise cov'i-s one side of his
. . , : rutor I ! c can hc out o f r o w n for 3 couple of days, leaving face. As ht races over. gasping for ;~ir,a dark shape appeam.
l: - .'?
li , , 4'
rhc PC5 timc t o get cmhroilcd i n this acivcncuru. silhoucttcd i n 'the doonvay of the house. The man gasps
. . ., . .
, :
I n Poriri3rRehind I/JP T l ~ m nr>clhcr;r.
~. can again b e used ...
one last sentence. " T h q ' v c got my Ltthcr Don't Ict them
I ,
.. ; as the svttlng IE the P(;s are given some definirv reason for ... v..."
take him H u hefurc a n audibkc twang comes from
going thcrc. Sincr thcv are heading for M i d d t n h e i m there z hc doorway. followed bv a much closer thud. The unfastu-
<:? -'-"+./
hoth musr he a good reason for the detour and n o time nate young man rollapscs into the arms of one of thc char-
',.:, ., ,
pwsrurc for them to pet t o .Middcnhcim ryuicklv. A good nctrrs, choking and coughing u p blood. h crossbow bolt i s
*,:;,;-; rcnrcln for t h r dctour coulct he sorncthinp: as simptt. ss a buried his back. Ii c is ddcad.
L,',," .;;
'. " '

r >,', '.>c',-, runlour that old Hlirzcn is dead, which nfilt make LY'anda
I .,I
I. ,

F'': !'Y',," nrnnt to fincl out it [his is t n l c (it isn*t. he lust had a spot of
! .
. ..-:
, Rurnrng I'urplc Purepox and is naw h l l v reco\+crrd). GM'S Note
rr .';,..I the artventurc would best
t l : ( .IJr~gerrl~afen,
I n . $ / ~ ~ d onzrr The crossbow quarrel landcd i n the hack of Etnest Dralst,
he sct i n \Yea~shn~ck as the PCs arc heading for Riigenhafcn. son of Klnuss Dnlst. a mt-althy townsman. Roth l i w d in the
rather plush house from which Ernest just crncrgcd. Emcst
u q s ~51,rlc.r.pi n his upstairs bedroom when hc was awakened
hv a round of someone r n o v i n ~about below. a c r waking
. - GM'S BACKGROUND his father, the m0 of thcm went t o inv~srigate,hut w c r r
' ,,
- .; Skwtth is insanc: a rencgadr Skavcnnith an impossible goal. Icapt upon h? three intruders in rhc kitchen. Klauss u2s
lie crmtrc)l~s small grclup of lnyal h u t rnismidcd Clan S k r c swiftly overpowcrcd. Ernest, however. younger and
nm-rirm. Kccrntly. he and his patrol h a w cxittd from the l i t t t r , managed t o break free and rush o u t i n t o the street.
tvcb of tunnels that riddIe thc 1;mptre inro the scwurs hc- Pctrr Tarelli, a k ~ l s o nClaw cultist. racctl after Erncst in
neath I)clherz. Thc map said nn such c ~ i rex~stcdSkrctth an rffnn IQ prevent h i m from alcnmg anyone, aFrcr having
u p o n ir as fate. first tnrdcred his companions to take Klauss hack t o Skretth
Apocrvoha Two: Chart of Darkness

shattcrcd glass lics c v c r y h e r r . What must have k c . n an 9. Servants' Quattcrs

c.xprnsiv' wclorlcn cabinet has been smashcc1 ~n along its This lame r o o m contains four hcrls, onlv two o f which havc
frrmt, t h t dmwcrs and thcir contents have h e m scatrcrcd h e n occupicd rccenrly [hy the servants now lying dcad i n
across the room. The purr)bodies arc those ctrlf the scn-ants the dining room). Thr room is not ar tvcll h ~ r n i s h c d a sthe
who tried to oppose Tavcllr whcn he was pursuing Iirnest rcsr of t h r housc. hut still rcprcscnts very good scmants-
The c n w i n fight
~ succectlctl i n cornplctcl?-dc.vast:~ringthe accommodat ion.
whole mnm. Ithaving nothing o f \~alucunbroken.
10. Corridor
3. Lounge This corridor scparatcs Klauss :incl Iisnc+t's hcrlroornu r ~ f f
This iu m Ircm Klauss uscd cntcnaln his gursth whilc they From tht rest of thc housc, providing thcm with more pn-
rt.I;lucd :iftcr n meal. T'hc room hasn't suffcrcd thc samr. rxcv rLs w i t h thc hall ant! balcony, thc flotjr i s co\*rred with
mr,m. bcvtxal luxurious armchairs. a largc
btc: as thc r l i n l n ~ blue carpet 'E'wn paintings also 11ang o n thc wall<. tvonh
decoratirr. fireplace and an c1ahr)ntt sidchoarrl p r t ~ v i t l c ~ p p r v x i r n a t e l v"OGC catii.
grand turnrshing. 1:our p a l n t i n ~ shang o n thc \valls, each
\\*L ~ r t h should he discouraged.
qOI;I:, but again, l o t ~ t i n g 11. Mastcr Bcdroorn
This IS [he1;hycqt hcdronm rn t h t house. and i 5 w h c r t Klausv
4. Kitchen usuall!. deep+. An ornate rosr=mnrdcabincc is sct ngalnst
Thi\ I:hrge rrmm has :iflight ofstunc stairs Icading d o w n rhc \r-;i11 clpprlsltc thc f~trlur-pusturhctl. toguthcr w ~ t ha n
inro thc ccllar I n c)ne crlrncr. 7ivu cluhs rest i n a putldle o f cqualty ornate set u f drawer5 and a spaciclu5 wardrrrhe. The
h l t ~ o r levident
, to ;lnyonc entering the mum, Any character drawcm arc all filled wirh perwna! hclong~ng*and clothcr.
making a succcqsful IJhsr~rr,~ test or scarch~ngthc n)om w i l l b u t t h r r\.arclrobr has a f:ilsc hortom, crmrc;~llng3 sccrct
;iIso fincl a ornamental cloak clasp ~ v i t hthc 1-lorned Rat.5 c o m p ~ n m t n% t v h ~ ccontains
h 2011 <:rrnvn\, rr' s h ~ l l i n ~ and
symhoI on it - t h w c crassetl honcs forming the shape nf an 500 I~rascpennbc'i.
~ n r c n triangle.
~d All rhc ltcrns w r r c dropped d u r ~ n gthc
\cuMc h c t w c t n Klauss. 13rncst and thc m m . and thc clasp 12. Erncsr's Bcdroom
rn:w tclE rhr. pln1rr5 just what t h r y a r t rcally up apainst. Any T h i s isn't cluitc as I u x ~ l r i o z ~
asst f i t r n a s t c . r k c l r ~ o mIt"i
. rt'!;k-
Cleric r)r Initiatc In thc pam\vi11 rrnrnediatclv i-rccrgnw thc ttvcty apancly furni.itird with a single- hctl, a ~~arclrobc. and
.;rmhot ns the flomed Rat** - II'thc pIavcr clocs n o t knoll: drawers.
you ~hnrrlclinform h i m r - ~ the f h c t togt-rhcr with the nssoci-
ated knotvl-lc.dgc411' it*; conncctlon n r t h thc Skavcn. 13. Thc Cellar
Ths stonc-tl;~ggcrlw o r n is fillcd w i t h barrels ant1 c a ~ k con- s
5. Corridor tainingn wiclc r-:iriemof fine winus and ales. A fltght of stairs
Thi* cc~rridorcnnnccts the hall t o the kitchcn. As i t i s pnrt leads up inro the kitchen i n one corner. whil+t In antlthcr
of thc. howsc that pucrt\ do not nclrrnallv c ~ c it ' , is rncrctv corncr, concealed hcneath one o f thr. flagsroncs, is rhc t n -
sronc-fla-wed, showing nonc of the splcntinur 5cc.n else- tr;rncc to an old, l o n g - f o r ~ o t r e ntunnrl. l'his tunncl 3entis
whcrc i n the ~ O L I S C . i n t o thc sewer svstcm. ant! is thc way Tavclli ancl company
~ a i n u dcntrancc to thc h a u w . Ncithcr Klnuss nor IIrncst
6. Storeroom knew of the r-xistcncc o f thc passage Thc flagstone has not
This ts n.hrrc all thc foori and orher dornestlc requirements yct hem ~ - p ! : ~ c cOd V C ~the MC. ;is Tavcllt h:#s not yct re-
c ~ thc
f houcchold arc kcpt. 1~ndr.rIock ancl key Hotvcvcr. j n ~ n c dhls cornpanirms. When [ o r 10h t manxgcs to do so.
1vr;Str.n Klauw nntl Erncst n c n t to Invcsttgatc the sounds, they hr. w i l l p u l l thc flngstanc hack inro placc brhitirt him, time
armccl thcrn~clvuswirh clubs kcpt hcrc. and Klnuss fnrgot pcrrnlttlng. making a trlutl grating sound
rn luck thc d o o r i n his burn Thus thc dwnr is slightly ajnr.
tht. keys <tilt in t h r I r ~ k .
Inside :~rr sevrrnl ~ a c k saf p i n , stacketl neatly against
onc u;tll along w i t h many othcr itcms o f fc)od - y o i ~m:n
atItl sprctfic itcms at vrnlr rliscrction Alsn kcpt in thi5 room
1s wh;lt a m o u n h t o ;I small srmt)un.-a \vor~!cnCMte rnarkcrl Rencath thc h o l r , a msn: iron-rungcd laddcr Itnds d o w n n
'IlrlYI;l:R7 I<?EF1.O.C;IVI-S'sits mnoccntly i n thc corncr [it narrow 5h:rft for 10 yards or so. f ~ n a l l rcrnrrging i n a
cont:rlns four homhs - 1WW. p 129). Thcrc nrr. usually nvo rough-hrwn stone corridor Thc. course of the ndrcnturc
cluhs I ~ u r r . ar m c n r i o n t d abwc. Klar~ssand Ernest cach froni this point depends v e y much on n7h:rt has h;rppcncrl
~ k ;mrl b o t h arc non- I?.sngI n the kitchcn whurc r h t y
t c ~ rlnc. no E ~ v c l l iI f he has s u c c c ~ ~ f u lrnanngecl
ly t o escape rlnn-n
n c r c dropped i n the ccuffle. I n addition, thcrc arc two lan- thc shaft hc 1viEl return r o Skrcrth ~mrncrliatclyant1 r e p o n
tcms tlcrc, t h r r c spare flasks o f nil. and :I ~ ~ n r l c r h a'I'hc x what has hnppcncd. l l o w r r c r , hc w i l l only mcntion nhc 1'Cs
hornhs w i l l he v c n u d i ~t ol thc plavers i n thc latter pnrt of iftht-v arc pursuing him. Thus. the Sknvcn will bc wady for
rhc atlvrnturc. ~ h o u l rthey l ~lcciclcr n takc them n o s thc chanctt-rh ancl sill srcp up tlicir puarcl :iround thc sac-
r ~ f i c i achamber.
l s o that when thc t i m t for thc ritual sacri.
7. Balcony fmcr contcs (at mictnighr), it sill he much harc!cr for thc
Thc stairs from ~ h hallway c spiral ~ ~ p w a r donto
s this kil- playcrs tn stop it from going ahead, r s if ~t iqn't going r o bc
con!. X\ hich overlooks thc hall hclo*\: Thc fltmr ticrc rs also clillicult enough as it is1
rror.c.rr.d w i t h rhc b l u r cnrpct, hut thcrc arc n o adornrncnrs I f Tavclli was killctl ht, the PCs ( r ~ rif hc killed himself).
o n the u.nll5 txccpt for a I;rrgr, rtccor;3t1vr winc barrel situ- thcn he xvill not hc missvd for some rimr. as thc Skaven
sncrl rn a +mall alcnz-r. nt the top n f thc stairs. hwc mnrc important things to worn; ahout with thc #m-
pen din^ sacrilicc. Skrctth's c s p c r i m c n t ~h a w not being
8. Guest Chamber grung well. l lc reallv has no Edca of !low to achicvc his go:tl
V~cetor+t o thc hnusc arc norrn;lllv nccornmodnttd hcrc. A :tnd is ~ncreasinglvwnrricd that h ~ followrrs s wiIl soon lose
I:trgc four-po+tcr hctl sct ngainst onc wail, a 5ct nl'reak cln\v- parlcncc. Apart (mm a n y t h ~ nelqe ~ hc ir cnnstantlv untler
crs :ind a l a r ~ c\\.;krctrr)hc provirlc the msln f t ~ r n ~ + h l n g s thc ~ n f l u c n c cof 13lack E.orus, ancl rational thought [if such
Thcrc r\ nothing o f rc;ll ~ ~ l t hcrt., r c htmcvcr can rvcr h e zruly ~ r ; l s p c r hv l Skavcn) YF f:~rhcvond ham.
Scction Five: Adventures
Apocrvpha Two: Chart of Darkness

Thc guard around thc sacr~ficialchamhcr w i l l not be 14 distinctly crw~l.<;MSshoulcl tv to crcatc an strnnsphtrc
srcppcd LIP, anit consctlucnrlv rhe players' ta5k w ~ l hc t made of b r c h r l ~ n down
g l~crc..
a Eittlc cartcr. Any attrrnpt t o impcrsonarc E~vc.flt(by wear- Shoulcl rhc paw dcctdc t o take any o f t h r aidc passapc-
ing Iiis clothe\) rvill prob;~hlyhe sticccssful (rnakc a h l r g ways. rhev w i l l soon get East, as each Ic;ld\ ~ r a d u a l lclc~r'n- r
cacfi time a char;~crcrmakes rhc attcmpr), hut rcrncrn- nartlc ~ n t au ternlying. twisting m n c which works irs way
her t h : ~ thcrc
~ : ~ r cscrcral arcas r ~thef conrplcs ~vherc-hu- k ~ milcsr i n c v c direction.
~ N o h ~ n h c dctails
r o f rhc sirtc-
man\ :arc no! pcrmittcd. ; ~ n t rrying l t o p i n acccss t o thcuc hmnchcs havc hcun ~ i v c n- should the plnvcrs rc:~lIywirh
aru:ls w i l l arouse. susp~cion.Thc cultist%knrnv tvhcrc. thcy ro investigate thcrn. you shoulcl crcatc the details ycl~rnclf
cnn :rnd cirn't go The furrhrr inro thc tunnels rhcv get. thr. m c m dangerous
I:rc)m this pu~ntonwards. thc. action i s totally dcpend- thcy hvcornc. all m:lnncr o f pitfalls and
cnt o n w h c r t nllc PCsgr~.Ilon'z forget they arc r a c ~ n againv
g crcaturcs could m a l t rhc unw+r.nn.... 'The couCcl wan-
thc clock so kccp ;I c ; i r c f ~ lrecord o f cIapsctl game zlnlr.. dcr cndlr.ssfv, slowlv dving of .;tan.:~tirin. lack o f wrrcr, and
' f h r rock corridor i n ~ v h f c hthe players arc now stand- t h t i r wound>.
i n g i* pitch il;~rk.Cheractcn must provide s t m c mcrns of 'Thc tracks cvr.ntw:~llvleacl to :I clcacl cnd: n wall r ) f moist.
illuni6natic>rlr o %cc; ~ n ? ~ h ia1 n gall. Vi-qhrtPi.cion(csctpt th;tt smooth stonew)rk. Anv character w ~ t hSccwf 5.1,prs- n ~ k r ,
pns\e~sctlhr. Elves rlr ISwnrfF) is u ~ c l r s s .Thc c t ) r r ~ d u ris w i i l noticc a rn:~rkctla t o n e o n a s ~ j c c c ~ ~ 0Fhusl r n . t ~rest
; r l w cli~itcl o w (;1k1ut h' high), su \()me mr.mhrs of thc p a m C)thutwise, a succcsr;ful .Fem-cl~test w i l l r c r t a l t t w mark.
m~ghafind thcrnselucs h;tvinp, tr, cluck down t c avoid ~ hit- Pwhing the markcd stonrcauscs rhc ngll to s-vlng c~wnt:~rcls.
tin^ r heir hrncls ap.lrnst rhc cciting. The floor i s covcretl with p r o w i ~ n pan, cntmnce t n the s ~ 9 ~ e rThc n . door mnv hc. cl(~sctl
n ~ 1 i : ~ l t r ~laycr
n. ot m u d (anv ch;~r;lcrer moving faster than hy pushing the stonc. 3.i i t prorrucle< from thc nthcr sfdc
crrtttiorrs r j t c must mnkc ;rn I rust c x r slip ancl fall ovcr). and (the srtme mcrcly rcpowt1on.i zhc c t ) u n t t n v e i ~ ~th;rt h t opcr-
f(xjtprint5 clearlv mark the path rakcn by thc cultists. The arcs the rlc>or mechanism).
PCs needn't possrs.; I : b l l o ~Trtiil<ktll
~~ tc) see which rrr;~yrhcy Thc marrlr encounrcr awns i n thc scwcrs and the bnnch-
h a w gonc. In all the branches leading off from the corri- jng passaRcwv=i arc kcycd o n the map, and t h t comspnnd-
<!or,the mud i s!. Hon-ever. :I chamcter who docs ing clescriptions g i w n below As the whole area h c l t ~ wrhc
haw thc skill w i l l bc. nbtc t o idcntlr). m o continuous. rr>ughlv cellar has hccn r a k t n clrpcrhv the Skawn and thcir sen-iton.
p:trallcl tracks SI; h e ~ n gmadc h v Klauss's hccls a5 hc \\,as thcrc i s n 10'lnchancc p c r turn n f the c h a ~ i c t c r sencounter-
tlraggrd t hruugh hcse. i n g someone or wmcthjng. E l an cncounter i s indicated,
'I he corridor and branching passa~esarc r3thc.r fright. mll a D4 and cc~nsuftthc L ( ~ l l o w tabte. ~ n ~ Note. howcvcr.
cnlng. n5 thc PCs w i l l hc nhlc t o hc;w strange. far-r)ff n u ~ r e q that if, during cornhat, a Critical 1l1t is scored. thc victim
and Xmnts echoing In thcm. The walls gl~srcnwith rnoi5- should makc an Initiative tust irnmediatelv. Iyailurc. nlcans
rurt. - a ~ r e c n ~ s h - s l ~being
m e evidcnt i n p13ccs- and the alr h r has b r c n knockrc! from thc w a l h a v and rvrll krll Into
rhe t f f l u c n t 3s d t s c r i h r d helilur.

Roll Encounter
1. O n c o f rhe cultjsts o n n routinc c r m n t l for t h r
Sksrcn. I-sc Bvr-lli's profile i f a fight dcrclops. hut
rrmcnlher tlrat rasing rhc alarm w i l l hc t h r cult-
irt's m;un prlrlrirv.

2. A patrol of D3.t. l cultists arrncd w i t h s\vr)rrt\ ITsc

the fc~llowingp r n f i l t for cach a l r h c r n

3. A singtc gning about i t s huancsf. It w i l l

use its knifc ( I W " , p.12b) I n combat. and has thy
following profile:

4. A smaH h a n d nf WC> ( o r mow, at ynur discsction)

5kaven returning froni a r o u t i n r rcconnaiwnncc
p:trrnl clsewhcrc In thc scwcrs. t:ach mav bc trcatud
as ~clenricalt n thc onc dctailcrl show,


1. Entrance To The Scwcrs
'Ihc Fccrcr d o o r i n thc xvall t c d s through i n t o thc .cc\vers
proper. The walls arc m:lcic of t l i r l l grcr. stone and ~ l i s t c n
Section Fivc: Adventurcs

with mnisrurc (although rheru i s n o slime). Rules for ad- ther secrct doors, of course) is t o lolIorv thr walkway munrf
wnrurin~ i n sewcm arc given in T l ~ e Frrmr~j,Fl'ithin Vol. I: r o rhc right. I' after much ponitcrinp, thcy still havrn't fig-
Sl~adotrsot~rrRog~nhafrti, h u t a h r i c f s u m m a n ofthcm is u r c d this our. you should drop a feu. subtlc hints.
necewar). here.
Thc sewcrs. like the ciwridor that [cads tc) them. arc i n 2. Ghoul
pitch darkness: cven chanctcrs w i t h hfi,qht Wsfon cannot At the point indicated on thc map, thc advcntrlrcrs can see
sec unlcss some source of light i s carriec!. The p~rtof the a humanoid body slurnpctl b c c down otrcr thc walkway,
scwcr network b r i n g explored hy rhe PCs is classcd as a one arm dangling o r c r thc c r l ~ c .When t h r v first s t u ttic
Mayor Scwcr, ancl is rr,u~hly 10 f c c t h j d c . including narrow figure, only the fnct that i t is dressed in rags and Iics un-
stonc ahoitt 2' r feet widc on each sidc of thc ef- nlovinga-ill bc tmclent. The f i ~is,ri n fact, a Ghoul (IT'FRP,
fluent channcl. which ir 5 fcrr dcrp. and filled r o a dcprh of p.248). w h o coulrl srnelZ the kgr-off stench r)f dead human
O I c t t with sluw-flowing muck. flesh (sec. below). 11 began t o explore h u t camc acm9r a
Thc \:,alkn.ays arc on!\, R'ICEC enough tn permit mrlve- Skaven patrol -4-10 attacked i t immcdiatcty.
ment Ln singlc fe li , ancl, as thcv are also wet and slippev, The Skavcn soon nvcrporvcrcd thc rni.;cmhlc crcnturc
anyone arrtmptinp, tcl m o w fasrer than cntlrfrms m t c must and havc left i t for dcad. I-lowcvcr, it has merely l ~ c r nrc-
makc an Initiative test cach r o u n d o r fall i n t o the effluent duced to a singlc Wound and is currently o n rhc t - c v c of
The efflucnr. not surprisinpty emits a terrihlc stench, ant1 regaining cnnsciousncss. I t w i l l not .come t o unlrss one o f
anvone k ~ l l i n gi n will lose half t h c Fellowship
~ u n t i l they thc thar:~cterstries to turn i t over o r lilt it. whcn i t w i l l lach
have the opportunitv t o clcan up. Additionally, anv b a r b s o u t in dazed panic (WS -In). I t will fight u n t i l eirher a chnr-
o r Halflings L ~ l l i n gmust mnkc succucsful risk tcst, or start acrer kills it o r moves o u t of range - ir 15 too badly \vc~undctl
to d m n m after n pchrir)cIo f time cqual r o their Toughness in to follow up any attack.
round.i. Aftcr this prriiul, d r r ~ w n i characters
n~ In-c I Wound
per munrl, untll r m c h 0 Wounds ( i n which case thcy dic) 3. Entrance to the Skavcn Den
o r they arc wscucd by thcir companions. I F the character is l l e r c a secset door opens i n t o a rock corridor hmnchine, off
mept +undergrnvnd' at anv of points o n the map where to the right. This corridor i s inclined up war cl^ at n srccp
the chnpcl tlr\apprnfi Into thc. r i d . they are assumcrl tn angle (evident to anyonc entering it). I c w I l i n g out \vhcn it
h a w dmmmccl. (.l~ar.tctcmwishing t o lcap the c m z ~ t nchan- t re;~chcsr o o m 4. Halh w a y along. iust hcforc tht bcnd in rhc
nel ail! only havc mom for the 2+yard n i n - u p i f thc chanc- passage, is a rnp wirc (normal chance o f k i n g triagcrcd -
res runs d~agonnllyarrow t h e channel - s lcap of 4 yards WII~?P p.'9 - b u t any character making a surccsslul ~ > / I S P ~ I ~ P
(IT'FRP. p.'5). Flthc tcst i s failrd, the chancrsr b l l s i n t o rhc test w l l l see the wirc ar once). I f 'thc w i r r is n o t sccn o r
clfiucnt. U$ding chamctcrs must makc a succes~lulInitia- avoidcd. and is t r i ~ g c r c dhv onc o l r h c PCs. two things hap-
tive rest c w r y t u r n t o arnidc slipping and falling clver. pen. Firstly, a hell rings i n worn 4. alerting the guards thcrc
An unpleasant and u n s c t r l i n ~arnlosphcrc pcnadcs the to rhc presence of intruders, and secondlv. a rcllrnvish gas
s c w r -stern, and all chnractess lose half their Fa01 ancl seeps through concealcc1 vcnrs i n thc rnnf 1 h r n rhcn. 11
W311 Power score< whilst rhey arc i n them tlowerFcr. norc nr~kdsa 2-yard radius, spread in^ doam the cnrridor at thc
th;~t Magic tcsts ;WC strll taken on thc character's normal rate of l yard per r o u n d for D4 rounds. Anvtlnc caught un
Will Power score. h 5 they arc a dirty and generally unsrni- nhc gas must make a Toughness test each rrluncl at a -LO1Z,
ta? environment. all \vounds suffered whilst i n the strtvcrs. pcnaIty. o r collnpse uncr~nscinusfor 21>6 turns
h a w a 10% chance of hccoming itfectct-l. Sound also car- 11Lftcr the gas has dispersed (this takes as many rc>untl\
tics m i c c as far nr nnrmal, ancl rhcrc is a + 10 modifier t o at1 as it took for i t to Fwl!r s p r t a d out. i c. 2-5 m o r r round<) thc
Listm z t s t s . w a r d s from r o o m 4 w111rakc any unconscious charnctcrs
T h t thancrers should rualisc that. although i t i s pus+ and t h r o w rhem in the culls i n r o o m (3 I f anv chanctcr\
hlc r o leap o r wade thr. ?-yard Rap across rhc channel. for hare rnanagcrl to shrug off rhr. eflccns c ~ l t h cga*, thc ~ u a r r l s
two mcn dragging an unconscluus person, this w o u l d he wilI try to heat them i n t o unconsciousness wtrh thcir clubs.
P M C ~ ~ C ~impr~ssihlr.
!!. Thus, it i* hrphly likcly that their using their Strlkr. f i > . S t ~ skill.
n 'Shcywill n o t xv:lnt t o k~lZrhc
qua- ha?; kcpt t o fhiq srrlc 11f 'thc scwcr. As fhc channcl characters because of Skrctth's intcntmon~(scr hrlo\\.) I f
goes deeper 'undcrpround' aftcr a short disfancc t o thc Ich. the PCs end up being suhducd bv the guards. rcfcr t o Cap-
thc only possihlc nF:l\.
onwnrtls (barring thc existencc o f fur- turcd?,hclon,.


,':: .,?j.
L;'.:,,,-, ,:,-.,,- - ,
j :;


;; 3


l!;'y ?L.$
1;. "..:
c,. ,- ..,! r racks set against the walls, and thc torches, o i l , and rindcr.
>:;;,,J;;.; =
, , E,
boxes arc stacked neatlr In anothcr corncr.
f,;;."' , :.;I 6. Corridor and Crlls
.-, ..
L.' ., ,c ,, ' < This dismal corridor is accessible from the guard room hy a
k-: ; -;.:'
.I 1 sturdv oak door. Thcre arc ninc cclls: each has a a~cmdcn
1 -!'-. '.,,;>,? d o o r with a small barred window in it (T 3, D 9, Imck
p :; ,:-,:,,:? ing 30%).The western-most ccll stows anv p o s w s ~ i o n qfmm
: ;..,
: f cnptuwd characters. and 1s alwavs locked.
Thc eastern-most cetl is rhe jailrrr s 'den', the current
F,:..,.:; ;.; < r incumbent k i n g T i ~ r a t Parvisch.
i E er. IS5'10" tall, and wears
r;P. 1,: :; (. .'E
,...-- - ~ a layer of s t l n k i n ~sweat and dirt. He is drcswd In a filthy
, . -..)
.- 2 white wsr, and erlualtvdisgu,usting black trouwrs. Hc aln+a>-s
.,.S carries the rinp. ol' kcvs to t hc eel Is arounct his be1t. making
<;,J,5* ,-,,, :; them difficult to ger hold nf. hut he is immensely stupid
!, J".'>,( :,'*
k,":;,!. "" 4 3 and easv tn trick. 1 ' 1 ~ n r i 'room
s i s crudely hrrnlshed with a
p";-,(L'! : makeshift tahle and chair, o n which stands a h n l c of cheap

r: -

-,' , ,-
Esralian wine. The cells are rat-infmted holes -6th damp
s t n w a n thr floor and not even a bed. The only light In

:- ;,:,

:. . 5 ; ..;',
:; .; *d
them comes fnjm a single lantern in the corridor.

F::,, , : ,.

<,).:;:,:,,,; Tigrati 'Mcad' Parvisch

:. ,.' '.$
. :
b., '

;1,>: , ,,.,
::':,,,,,:.,-'$ '>
. -. .. ?
. :. .?,.,"j

1 -
r * .*,- Skill4: I r r r m r t r z r t ~ t~o /3tsr.rrsr>,I t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rt or tI'oi.w)tr.
r r t ~ ~ i'tllt?~
r!. -,
;l!<: Olycct, .Si!i,rrl ,tfr)rlr Ilrhntf. \+g# R r a s i l i ~ ~*)~ r f
, . ,c;?

d.,:;. I:,..?.' r' Trappings: Cluh, ring o l heavy key.?;, Ileas


, C.: 4,
F.:,..-.;':'(,';, 7. Juncrion
,; , , ,.,
Tht nonh-running p a s q a g m v from thc guard rcwm splits
inro two at this poinr. Standing at the junction, in thr. pus$-
i.,;:: .,L<<,,. ':;,
!., ,,.. -- r;, 2: tions marked on rhc map. arc two hrown-Furrccl Skavcn scn-
/' ., ,
..';,:,,y,,.? trics. I lurnans arc only allou+edpast rhcm i f they hsvc k r n

",,,,' , ;


4. Cultists' common room C guard chambrr

stint for hv Skrctth. so again. the PC* w i l l either h a w to
Blrtfl r ~ rfight their way p ~ s t t. lowevcr. yet sgatn, fighting
;:;.: .;).'; ,,<
Th15 rou~lily+hrwrn cavcrn seme* as the comnlon room and w ~ l alert
l Skrerth If profiles for thc guard%arc. rcquircd. use
L -,':,.;(,:;5
, guartl ch:~rnherfor thc cultist semitors of thc Skaven. Thcrtl
1 ;:.:-:;-::,;, - ;Ire a couple of tables here, and four torches rnountcd on
thc same protile for the Skavcn patrol listctl e a r l ~ c r .

1.; !.: ;,'>.

t h r n q l l ~ If. Tar-elli escapccl, this is where hc wiIl he ( u n l c s ~ 8. Shtiac
>L. ::.F'. '-
I _

* the arc hot on his trail, In which case hc will S b c t t h turned this rough-hewn cave inro a shrine fur war.
f!. ;: .; ,:,'*
not h a w had time t o completc his mport rn SkFrtth and ship of rhc Horned Rar. I t consists n l an altar flankrd h!
1; ';;: ,:I .
will thrrrcforr hi. in room 9) At any timt. thcrc arc. 2D4 afl-
dun- guards; in the room. each with the following profile:
tn-n crudely sculptcd B ~ qtatur.5
T o f t hr klorncd Rat. HI*%)-m-
hrh - three honcs forming an Envcrtcd trranglc - ha< hecn
F; :,;...
fj '.f

. .'
, !.i

chiselled into the rock wI1 opposirc. rhc attar. The roof is
supported by four stone columns, and thew i s a small pit
,- .,
f; ;,; ,,;
in front o l the altar where offerings to the d e w are thrown
l:,;'I .- hy his nrorshippets. The pit IF a narunl n;lrron. shah a h u t

- J

C, 8 . 4 - I Skills: C,~~nsrrt~t~lllcolw~~. S r t l A . ~tn SIrtrl. Lhtrc~ribnmttI ' r h n f t in diamttrr which disappears tlownmzrds out ofsight
".'l .' Trappings: k a t h c r ) ; ~ c k(0'1AP hod!: arms), swortl, l-h <;G
,,~ ,,>
;;, ,:
9. Skrctth's Chamber
[;/,:: ., ,: , .';; I hc guards' actions arc cteptndrnr o n whcnhcr the p a q
.I I -I : 8,' / triggcfi thc trap wirc o r not in rrmm 3. I f they don't, the brown-hrrcd Skaren ~ 1 ; i r d s(sarnr profile as above
1"; .'J,;.:,.;,r gu:irtls w111 hc. sitting at the tables having a game of c a d s . except rheir knives are envcnt~mctlwith Rlack Lotus) ward
Fij. ,',:...,.,:.$, <r,
;~ntlthe PC;s arc either going to have to think up a convinc- the enrrance. L1nlesst h e PC< arrive during thc ritual (where
ing s t o and~ t~ to hlriflthuir way through (the mnrcl~arc the victim will he Klaus;~Dralst), Skrctth a i l ! EK' he^. The
nnturallv suspicious, so any test i s made at a -10':, p e n a l ~ ) contents of nhe mnm art. scatrcrcd all across the floor.
o r the\ will have to fight. These guards kncw Tavelli: if o n e Skrenh's mental statc has detcrinnted t h r o u ~ hhis atldic-
o f the P(:.; has donnctl the cultist's outfit, they will immerli- tlon no Rlack Lotus anrl the failure of his cxpvriments. IIc
atel! recognlsc the character as sn impostor. The noise of ~ p e n d smorc and more time ~solatedfrom thc rest of the
fighting WIFI nlcn the Skavcn sentricq at Incation rvho will '. grc>up in 'thankthink time". Thr onlv contcnts of the mum
at tcnlpt to ambush and capture any inrrutlers inro their area. are stlmc f ~ ~ u l s t u f fasjar
, of Black I.utus leaws and a shield.

5. Armoury 2nd Storcroom

Thi* small cavc ~crr.csas a makeshift aarmrluv and store- Skrctth
rnom tor the guards in r o t m 4 I t contain%5 s n n n i s , 6 dag- Skrctth leads the small hand of renegade Skaven In a search
gtrs. 3 hand axes. 2 Rnsks of nil. 2 tinderboxes anrl l I for power. Ilis l e a d e r s h i p is uncluesrioned h u t his
torchc4 l'hc wcnpons arc 311 arrnngcd in woodrn wcaprln clrug-taking habits h a w lcd to increasing paranoia cnnccm-
l '.
, ,

, ,

8 A ~ o c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkness
1. ~ , , .1
L . : 1
!(.',, , . < along the mad; they could find thcm a t an a d ~ c n r u ~ m
Chapter 20 noticc-board (such as the 13euv. I'lm at Nuln); or the? could
simply find them hEowing in the wind. Thr author's prefrr-
. i
1 , - .: encc is re have a man stamcr up t ~ them 3 and collapse, dead.
revealing the papers pinncd tn his hack hv a dagger.
. ,,,
':* T h e first norice read?; as follow
p,"..,; ,;l "Rerrjarrl' Thee htr ndrcd cmu ln.6 r o t~~l~oerner con hnin<ythe
c , . 1
? : ,..,:,,. , bend of the d~stnrcllyh r l p n r l knnu~nas he R l m k Armtc,
1: '.' .y , ,,

tm bfs Grrrce rbe Lhtmt r\nzarletis rwn D r n k e n s h ~ q .His

[, e,:' ., . ,.,. !
, Grace has mearis o f d ~ t ~ r t j nsrrhstitrrt~s.
,q "
< '. 7 h v PC passing an Int check will mmcmhcr that the Rlack
E.-. P ;:l
Arrows are a hand of nutlaws who havc hecn p l a g u i n ~the
l.'.,. ,
r. . countryside for some veam; so called duc to thcir habit of
- , .'?
ct , : ,..I using only black arnws.The Rlack Arrow is their Iratlcr. If
: ,:- .:;
- thc rest is passed hv 2 0 or morv ( 10 if the PC is nohlc) the
,# '-,,l-

f, -::,.', ..', PC nr~ltalsu recall thar Coun! van Drakensbeq's holdings

i ' .. '',
, I ;. *
are far from the M o w s ' area of dr.predarir>n.
5.. . ,
,; .- "2' 1
The second notice is likcuise intercstlng:
* .' "Heroes W n t e d m 80 on qrrestJor Hfdden Tri.eustrre,Some
. . dnngm:great rc.rc>ot-dCon tact l f b ~ g m t kKy ~ t l e m n n nar the
Sigtt cif l JJC Crossed I,nnce.c. "
I f the PCs arc able t r ~GDSSIJI, thcy will discover that the
Rlnck A r r o w ' raids havc hccn morc frtqurnt in that vcr).
(-, ,,,.,, 3 rcgion than anpvhtre else.

W, , '
: .-
! :
... :
, ,i
l,,. '!
f <

. 'c-,!
c:,: .:
*' .
t, .-,;:
i;'.- k;!
.. P o ~ t c r sadvertising l a q e renards for capturing brigands di- If the PCs wish to go to the Crosscd Ianccs inn (and thcy
1 ':.,- rtct the P(,s t o thc Crossed Lance4 inn. Thcre t h w meet ought to), thcv can get thyre easily enough hv road. Thcy
Iauungram, agcnt of Count van Drakensherg, and the Count shuuld h a w an eventful inurncv (vc~umar carc to thrmv in
hlrnrcli. 'They arc offered the lob of bringing hack, dead or thc odd h o d r of Rcastmcn rlr Gnblinoirls if things get too
, . . .- . alivc-, the infamous villain called the Rlack Arrow (Annalisa quiet, hut R W human rcavcs; thc P(;s may think 1h:it thcv
l<', ,+,:S
f; ; , ;
Kcssler). klowcrer, this means travcllin~to the I:astle of thc are i\rrows and ~ c side-tricked).
t 'l'hc?; will most prr>hahly
p,,:, -J ;' [<lackAmour, and thy brigands c o t ~ l dhe forewarned, since arrive in the rvtning. l'sc thc plan and nrbtes furrhcr on In
P ' , ;.';
l , .
- 1-aucngmm I \ thrir agcnt and ridcs to a l e n thcm af the PCs' thy adventure to d c ~ c r i b cthc place to the PCs.
f . ' - '<, ; ~rnnlinrntarrival. Bomhs, d o d p bririgcs. and dcspcmdocs The bar, at this hour. will hold the usuaI mix of custom-
1. .,:-.---.",
.' arc iust wmt. o f the periIs the 1'Cs wi1 I havc to b c c ? ers for a coaching inn - travellers. coachmcn anti teamstvrs.
I . : \ . . - .. a soadu~rdcna r two, perhaps a gambler or a nrontcur,
. - . ,, " and maybe a p i c k p r ~ k e ~i t you fcel mean.
P , .
, ,, ';
, ' A
Encrny Within Campaign Notcs In a d d i t i o n , rhert. a r c a h u n c h of hard-looking
'i'hiq :~rlvcntnrcis hest set during JIP~cIJ an rhe Reik, some- men-at-arms scated In ont. corner. Thexc arc. rurainurs of
r.,,',,,/ ! whrrr. ;ilong rhc River Stir, \vcll hcforo thu Narn flours into Counr von Ilnkcnskrg, wht> is staying hcre incognito hc
' . : ,-! it. 1-hcrt is cnough unmappecl t t r r i t o ~here re allow you w11E Kmnin in h ~ sroom. Thc gossip in thc har is that thcy
to plrrc the I:asflv of the RI:h~khsrowsto the north, and thc are rncrccnaries and the Counr ~ h r i captain. r
. ' Crr~sscrlIanccs and thu toll bridge a n a road parallcl tn rhc.
P'. ,
C,. ,; Stir ttscIf. '['he alttmativc 3s to place this entire setting some-
.,. '
, ,
. ~vhcrc.along thc Altdorf to Itiidclcnhcim rrlatl in Por~uerRe-
I' ,, .'
. .I
bind the Ti~ro~re: ttiir road is many scores o f rni1r.s Ir~ng. WOLFGANG:
and thcrc 1s plcnn: of roonl for thcsc locations.
, 9 '
L. ' ,< ,-,,:,i
I. If rhc 1"s ask the bar staff for Wt>lfgan~Kcflcrmann, thcy
..., will he told that he ts thc. owncr, ancl taken to his room, At
- . ,

* ., ','.,
- . - .,
. >" :
HEROES WANTED rhetr knock. rhc d o o r i*;opencd hv a Iran. scar-faccd man
7hc '![frrir of t i H~i d d ~ n J e t ~ ~
. '> c aenI hc played in a setting with a d n u m sworrl In hjs hand. Ife c-yes them suspiciously
,.;., , !:' " along :unv long srrt-rch uf road running through the foresrs and savs, "W'elll"
. I .
., (IT thc. I h p ~ r c .I t i s bcsr to run this adventure whcn thc If the PCs explain that thcy came ahout nhc lob. a voice
, :;,
,.-. . ", I

pla7t-r ch;tr;~ctcrsare tmvclEing~virhoutany elcmcnt of time n4lI call from behind him. 'all right, lautngram. Ect thcm in
,: ....
', "
,'.'<.. ',
- 7
prcssurc fnrc~ngthem onwards. sincc thcy may *!ell need -hut kcep an cyc o n them." 'The wxr-facctl man stcps aside.
, ' 'i , ,
: tn makc a significant cit.rour from their intcfndud roure. tevealrng a table placed in thc ccnrw ofrhr. rcmrn. Rehind
-., - , +,
-' ; \l'hcrc.ucr t hc PC5 are, t hcy should hc looking for a job this arc sitting two men, o n e fat and hcartletl and the other
" I
,,.' ..; I' ( u r probably iu*r casv mr)ne,: knowing most PLs) And have muscular ancl with a n air OS commanrl, ancl ;I wcmden p c ~
tvc got n jr,t> for thcm! Intrime, hid, fear... hut rvc mustn't where o n e f n o t should hc. The rnorn's shutters arc- clnwrl
gc-t ;~hcnrlr>loursc.lvcs. and boltccl.
'I h e CB.% should nrrangc for thc PCs to scc the nvo no- Iauengrarn shuts the door alrcr thc PCs and stands be-
ZICC'St~=ltmv Thcv c o u l ~ lcome across [hem nailed to trecs hind them. Thcn the one-footed man spcaks a ~ n i n "I . am

Sect-ion Five: Adventures

Wolfgan~Kc-llcrm;~n,"hc begins. "I hrvc a job for you. Rut

:IS you may h a w gucssrtl" - hurc hc cves the shutters anrl
I a u ~ n g r a m- "I wr~uldhe most unhappy s e r c the details of a h a t Kellermann doesn't know i s that Rruno tlid not dv-
it to hc made public. Thcrcforc I must insist upon rhe ut- fcct from his master. Hc waq scnt. Vnn Dnkensherg in F:ict
most s c c r c ~ . "tie pauses to Ict this sink in, hcftrrv leaning had all the information from Otto Kcsslcr's crstwhilr crony.
forward :icross thr tahlc and cont~nuing including rhc somcwhar bizarre method thar Ottn uscd to
*'The joh involve> fincl~ngancl hrtnpng to rnc a ccnain P;ISS o n [tic locatrrrn of {hc Hlur Flarnc. This was to t:~ttoc> it
gcm. s diamond namerl thc Blue Flame. This was stolcn on his dazrphtcr-s scalp when she was a hahy. without t d l -
morc than mnnr). )-cars ago ancl has not bccn sccn since, ing hcr ntx>rrtit larur. I Ic \vr-rluld lust tell hcr t o ilsc hcr hcnd
hut t h a w infomation th.~twould cnahlc you to find it. I whcn she askcd was.
n-nuld pay you 2 0 0 cmwns cach for its rccovcr): Do you Odd, yes> Uur fun!
want the ioh?" \Yc, of cc,ursc, hcing GMs and thus omnipotent, kno\\<
IF tht. P(:s say yes, and t h c ~ should, he gr)es on: "very that where old Kessler actually hid the jcwcl was in the ccl-
wcll. 1 will ruIl you how thc stony may hc f o ~ ~ nhut d , first a lar of the Crosscd L~nlncts.t3ut nobody clsc rlocs, at least
little hackground is necessary Ihc man who stolc thc Blue not yrt.
1'1amr wns a thieicallcd Otro Kcssler. now dcccasrd. H t hid The cx-crony also kncw thar Annalisa n-:H the R l ~ r khr-
the ic\vtl aftcr rhc theft. and supposedly ncvcr told anyone row, and cvcn that Kellcrmann was the man shc harl rc-
whcre. Rut Rrunc~hcrc." he intlicatcs the f ; ~ hcarded
t man. plnced after his i n j u ~Rut hc knew nothing r>f how she
"has cast some doubt a n that jclca." might he found.
'-L:ntil rccrntly. Rruno was chief t o n u r t r ro a ccrtain 50 the Count had a proh1t.m. H e didn't know whcrc thc
Count \,on Urakcnskrg. whose men reccntly cnprun-cl o n e Black Arrow was. o r how to catch her. IIc tricd posting n
n l Otto Kcsslcr's oldcst companions. Bruno interrogated bounty (thus the notice the P(:s saw - attachcd t o onc of
him - but hc did not pass thc informarmn on t c ~the goorl [hr. h a u n hunters).
~ So h r ~!tcidcrItn Ict Kcllcrmann hc-
Count. And it srcms from what thr. wretch said that Utto lievc that she had the location o f the gcrn - hc lvas sure to
Kcsslur Iind a daugtitcr called AnnalEsa, to whom hc passcd ccm-w u p wlth s o m c t h i n ~ .
the locnt~nnof thc t3tuc Flamr.. Nrwatlays shc is t~ctrcr Rruno rcports to thc Count srmn ;~ftcrrhc PCs Ic;hlrc tl~c
known RS the Black Arrm":' room. Thc wilv Count. perhaph a hit t o o Fr~ndof a cr~nning
%nrl thrs i.* why Rmno camc to me. Vntil this minor schcmc for his own gocld. tlcciclvs to lrf thr PCs go ahc:rcl
problem happenccl" - Kellerman pcsturcs toward his rnlss- W'hcn they find that hnnalisa ctoesn't havc thc fainrest idca
in^ Soot - "it was 1 who lud the l>and now known as the whcre the gcrn is, they'll rlecidc to make thc hcst or n harl
RI:rck Arrc>rvs.hncl so I know uxactlv where thcir hideout is, job and bring the head to him to gc't the Imunty 1 Iom-cvcr,
and how it can bc cntcrcd in sccrct." it might he a good tdca to rcmind t hcm ahou t that bount). ..
"'Thc placc i s an old castlc., deep in the forest: nobody
knows of its cxistcncc except me ancl the BlackArronns.But
what cvcn they cln not kntm is that there is a sccrct passagc Thc Count Stcps In
into the keep bmm the outsidc which you. mv friends, ntlD An hour o r so aftrr rhcir intcn~irwwith Kctlrirmann, thc
usc to p i n e n t v Oncc insidc ynu will find out from the PCs arc appmachcd by one of the "mercenaries"', who says
Kesslcr girl whcrc thc Blue Flame is - she prnhably keeps it that his master would like a word with them in his room.
sr~rncwhcrcin zhr castle. You will thcn rccovcr the jewel kcsuminp. thcy aprrcc, hc rakes them up.
and br~np.i t to mc here, when I will pay you." In thc C o t ~ n t ' sroom, anurhrr four men-at-arms arc po-
"Thc castlc rics thirryfivc miles n u n h of kcrc. Thcre is sitioncd round the walls. n~hilethe Count leans against thc
an old strctch of road l e a d ~ n gto it, which hegins a fewPmiIes front of his tahlc. I le lwh the PCs over coolly nnd thcn
bcforc. you prct thcrr.. The rntranccl to the sccrct passage is speaks. "Permit rnc to introduce m!5elf," hr. says. h r v i n g
in a hollon~oak n hundretl r . a r d ~frclm the gates, and i t with a flourish. "I am Count krnaclcus vnn 1)rakcnsbcrg.
cmcwcq in thc dungeons. Ynu can have ;I room herc to- I'm rravclling incngnitc,, hut I'm sure vou won't ah~rscm?.
night. 1 wish you cucry chance of aucccss." crmfdencr.." He smiles tvinninply.
I'nless the PC5 have nnghing to say now. Lqucngram "'Thc reason I askcd you all u p hcrr.." hc goes on. "rvm
she\\-< them ro thcir room. that you Iook like a capahlc crew. and I thought 1'cI acquaint
Section Five: Adventures

you with an opponunin. tc) makc home money. Thcrc's nn I f a!l rhr. PGs ntthin rhc $ I a ~ trarlius u\c I::~tcPoints, thc
0utl3w hand In this arra k n r ~ n nas thy Rlack Arrows. and homhdoesn'r Rn off:othcmise such PCs will stand u p amid
thcir Er-ader, mthcr u n o r i ~ i n a l I! ~thought, is known as thc the wrrckage after the caplosinn and dust themselves or
Black hrrow. unhanncd. o r find tP~crn\cIvcsdsapccl over t h c inn sign.
"I am offcrinp. a h o u n y of three hundred crowns for crlwally unscathed.
this person. hut it vou people undcrtakc the job. i t is raised The inn will he somr.whar dcntcd ~f thc homh ~ o c r)fT s
to the. I want his head o n a silver plattcr. In fact." hc snaps insidc. The plncc should not burn down. howrvcr. thc maln
his fingers and one of his rncn passvs him s small silvcr cffr-ct \\,ill hc thc wrecking of rhc. room thc PCs wcrc in
platrcr. "I'El cven provide the p1artr.r:' Hc tosses mt tr) one of
thc PCs '.,lusr rcrnemhcr." hrr volcc turns cold and hard.
and hc stands, "Bring mc thc head o l the Rlack Arrow!"
Dramatic, hull? i\n!wa): with rhat the interview is ovcr THE PURSUERS?
and the men-at-arms show the PCx out. (Thc plater is solid Clnc way o r anathcr, thc Pl,s will now he 11':1rtcd for thc
silver and ~vorth50 GCs, n-ith c.ncrtmhrnncr 15). Rlack Arrows' castlc. 71tey mavn-ell hr. pursiting L~ucngrarn.
partlculartv if thcv hare f:ollorr. Trlrfl skill nr nctc q u ~ c koff
the mark. If thcv arc close hr-hind h ~ mor , ~fthcy chccked
Thc Plot Bccorncs Unpleasantly Sticky who had left the inn. thcy may know who hc is. Iaucngmm
\ Y h t even wily von Urakcnsbcrg doesn't know is that the will not cxpcct pursuers unless the homh fniletl to go uEf; In
Hlack Arnlws also h a w an agent o n the scene, none other that case he will hr. alert. lle wit1 hurl m o w bomb5 frecly rn
than thc scar.f;lccd and suspicious Uaspar 1,aucngram. hindcr fotlowem.
Kcltermann's bodyguarrl'h~~unccr. The wr,ods thrrlugh which thc PC5 will hc tfi~v'lling
Aftcr Kcllcrmann losr his lout in a fight wirh tht. count as Diflictrlt Gmtrrd fur mountcd travellers hut not
Roadn-ardcns ancl Annalisa took over. he (Kcllcrmann) oh- for those o n foot (though thcre are Ohstrtck~.~ if st~chfolk
viously could not continue with the hand. So Ire bought the R ~ r n )They
. are impassahlu to wheeled tramc. They alsa givu
Crosscd Ianccs and scttlcd down. sclft cnvcr to misstlu-fire taTers a t nearly any nnae. and
Hut Annalisa and the Arrows kncw thar hc k n m whew snrnctimcs h a d ctjvcr ( a s when hicling hchind t r c t trunks).
their hiderlut was: although he'd sworn never t o reveal it. Thirty n ~ i l t sn n n h of rhe inn. a prcat ch:ism crrlsscs rhc
thcy ttidn't CceI happy staring ~ h e r cunlws thev could kecp PCs' rourc. cawrd bv thc rtvcr flon~ngalong its 'bottom. I t
an eve c m him. 'llic?+scnt Iaucngmm tn intilrrate himself is 50 yards clccp anti l 2 yard\ ~vidt..:snd h r i d ~ c dh! ;I vcr).
into Kellennann's household and act as their watchdog, s s old single-arched stonc hrlcl~cbuilt h!' who knows whom
l a spy to inform rhem of coach timings and so forth
u ~ l as An old. parredroad leads Frrlrn hrrc to thc Ca<tlc
L a u c n ~ n m having
, heard Kellcrmann's hricfing of the
PCs. has dccidcd to rr.p>nto the hrrows as soon as possi-
h l t hc will Ecavr. two hours hcforr sunrise. Iie has also
dccided to see if he can't clirninatr thc PCs first, o r at least
slow rhem down

I c n . cnrly next morning, Z a u c n g n m will bring his home
from thc stables anrl Icave it at thc front o l t h c Inn. FIc will
thcn cllrnh onto rhc roof anti scrnrnhlt u p to the ch~mney
c ~ rhc
f PCs' room to which h t will tic. a rnpc. I I c nil1 then
drop a 111 homh down the chimney, with 3 c r y of "Ha ha. my
friends, your time has camc?"
After t h ~ shc will abseiI down the rope o n t o his horsc
and gallop off. Notc thar rhe GU should alter this plan if for
stlrnr wason thc PCs haw a fire burning.
The shout is a I a u d noise and thus has a base 80%chance
to awaken each sleeping PC. If L~uengrarnmisses his RS
roll, use thc normal rulcs for misscd hnrnhs. hut if the die
roll indicates that the homh moves thmugh thc wall it m-
mains in the fireplace. The bomb i s h ~ s c dto go off 1 round
from when ir hirs thc fireplace.
Thc PCs are likcly t o hc in a state of confusion. hut even
if the room is complerely dark they will bc able to see the
bomh d u c to its sputtering fusc. I t will rtquirc an I test for
PC: to reach t hc bomb hcklrc ir Roes off (+ In if the PC n-as
not aslecp). Pinching the fuse out will mquirc a test against
Dex +20: throrvinp. is handlrd as though the PC had Hnttth
skull but with s -20 RS unlcss thc PC does have that skrlt.
lgnorc m~sfirts:itthar didn't occur whcn dauengmm rotlcd,
i t won't now.
If the bomb Roes off and blows u p rhe PCs, remember
that rhe use of a Fate Paint altows a PC to escape unharmed.
A~ocrvehaTwo: Chart of Darkness
c i l l take thc weight of u p to three peoplc on
The h r i r l ~ w
foot. but has a 50% chance to collap5e e x h tlme that heavicr So, Count. We Mcct Again
w c i ~ h t s(such as a horse and rides) an. placr-d u p o n it. I t Rack at the inn howr\,cr, t h i n ~ have
s hecn going on. Count
will t:~ke1 r o u n d t o rlo so. and so those w h o went acmss at van Drakcnsbcw decided that Kcllcrmann'r u ~ r f ~ ~ l ni s eatw
sprcd. or passccl Initiative tests when it began to crumble. a n cntt, ancl had him killcd hr. Rruno, who thtn dcpancd.
act o f f i t tn rime Nntc that thcrc is sufficient mum for a Thc i n n staff arc a5 yet unam-rr of the murder 1 ' 1 1 ~ Count
run-up t o attempt Icapinp, the chasm o n I~rlrreback. ip now ~ m i r i nFgor [hr. PCs to anivr. L'nlcs9 rhe\.rnmc litcalth-
I t is possihlc togo around thc chasm t o eithcr side, rnv- rly, he w i l l know r,f their arrival ;ind be watching tficm.
clling an cxtn h mlles. C ~ u e n ~ nwm i l l do this unless the El thcy c t m e to h15 room. with a head fnr him, he w i l l
:ire h o t on his tmil, i n w h ~ case h hc w ~ l gallop
l hts ask rhcm to wait o u t ~ i d cnrhilc h t checks i t . r\ hsicf shave.
horsc over r h r hridgc. droppvng a h o m h as hc gocs. This and if the head ha^ directions rattoncd o n i t , hc lets thcm
\v111 drstrnv rhc hridpc unless rhc bomb misfires. in, pays them ancl sends thcm c m thcir way
tlowtrver. if the PC5 go tc) K'llcrmnnn's room thm find
rhe rloor unlockvd and the occupicr l r i n g dead on thc floor:
Mnmcnrs Intcr, the Count, along with h15 mcn-;it-arms. \\'1Il
C the sccnc.
ZThethrr thc PC* catch Inurngram nr not, thy! m i l l erennr- The Cc~unrand his boys w i l l nlso appear dmmnticsllr. if
allr w i n d up at thc castle. ' f i c v w i l l prcsumahly t n , t o enter thc PCs go t o get thc Rcm h c r n witnhlv
~ circunl-
thc placr i n orrlcr tn speak to Annalisa Kcsslcr, but their spcct. stepping out of the s h a d o w w i t h apprnpriate corn-
'iucvr5.i w i l l dcpcnd ;IgooiI rteal o n what has already hap- mcnts just as thc PCs unearth thcir prrzc.
I f I.aurngram reached the castle before them, hc w i l l
have warnet1 thc rirrnws about the secret passage, and they
w i l l have disco\,rred thc cxit and set up an a ~ n h u s hi n the WRAPPING UP
dungecm5. I F thr PCs f o u n d o u t that t h c b o m b e r was A\\*arrl thc fzbllow~ngcxprricncc po!nt%to the PCs
laurn~ram,hc~wcver.they w i l l h o p f u l l ? *n o t he sallv enough 20 polnis inr any I'C str~ppingrhc hnrnhgoin~ofl.
t o u s r the pnssagr. \Y%at happcn'i \r.ill dcpcntl on what they ll)points ~ n c b f o r s t c l p p i n ~I a ~ r t n g n mr c a c l i i n ~t hc
do do I f they ~ c caught. t they w i l l prnhahlv hc scE7ed by Casrlt:
thr outlaw-s. I f not, r h t v n v i l t pmhably seize ~\nnalisa.In ei- $0points each for capturing bnnalisa alivc;
thcr case Annalisa should reveal t o them that she doesn't ZOpnints ench for disctwertng thc location of the RIue
knomvwhcrcthe Blur. Flnme 1s: all her father w o u l d say was Flame:
that if she rl-icd hcr head she could find i t . 2npnints each for getting the h a u n w from tht Count:
Thc PC5 w i l l c.venruallv be f l u n ~into the dungeons if 204O pnfrlts ench for ~t:r,c~I rhrllr-plnvinp.
caprumd. p t n d i n g a dccision by the outlaws about what t o l'rcnt these awards as mx~imums.lSthc PCs are captured
d c ~with rhrrn, if they seem t o hc. stuck here ( a l t f r o u ~ hmost hy the handits and have to bc rt~teased.EP awards thould
p;~rr~r.s w i l l he r c s o u r c r h l c n o ~ t g hto escape somchr )W)the h n~ducedby around 25%.
rlurtan,5* raptivc. tialfling cnok, Stecvcs. w i l l free thcnl :L< I f the PC5 manage to get thcir p a \ v ~o n thc Blue I:lsrnc.
hr. w i l l hnvc t o tclE t h r guards that rhc Arrow nishes t o sprsk you might deciclc t o makc a furthrr FP awarcl, hincc. this is
rr, thcrn whcn shc tlorrn't, thc alarm w i l l soon k rmsed. n o easy task. Its value is some 400 GoPd (:rouns per 5urviv-
Furthcrmr~rc,thc .(;M may carc tn wducc the PC*' lip an7ads i n g PC, hut thcy w i l l prohnhlr get no rnort than a third of
rC this hrcr,mrs nccvsuay th~s.skncc thc item is 'hot' and 1viI1 havt t o hc fencctl Even
find in^ a fcncc rC;rdy t o buy the item ct)ultl hc sn a~!!~cnturc
i n ~tsclf.In short, the PIA rcallv arc k t t c r off just telling the
The Butsucd? Cnunt wherc thr thing is 2nd collectine rhcir hounrr
Presumably rhc PCs w i l l eventually Icavr: thc castle and make
for t h c inn. T h u may h a w discovcrcd where the Btuc Flamc
lies. they m a y he b r j n g i n g r h e A r r o w ' s hcad to von A Note to the CM
I l n k c n s k r g , or t h q may >imply be running away. The Black Thc asn~tcreader o f t h ~ sadr.cnturc w i l l havr noted that all
~ \ r r o w spursue if necessary hur give up r h t chase a fcw miles the chamctem arc srercotvprs. Well, sn wh;~t' This i s a melo-
from thc mn. i f they arc still with the PCs by rhcn. drama vou know.I{am i t u p ?
Section Five: Adventures


> -
- rl
H T F RF F T M' 1 \ Prx Td Int WP Fcl
ANNALlSA KESSLER. The Black Arrow P---

I >_. . , I " m ,
1, -<

I f h'rdr~f!,
Ski ll q: (,o?x~.ivdt?ri>t 1Jo<tLyc/ ) / o t :~ .!c-fi?i,.>lw(>r
.5 ~ i r f i u
\ ., .-
L 0 1: t t - t.' Siktwr ,Wnr v? Krr m/, Jtrihr j\.fig!~!,,Illorc: .Smmkc
Trappings: 1,eathcr jack. hI:tck mask, hand wrapon. nor-
to .Irzm. H /rk,

Skilt*: ;\\ l < l a ~kc j i r r [ ~ u( ) [ i t l a ~ \5t lx*It>u,p l w 1 ( ~ / / r ) r r frtd~f. mal lww and quiver (3D6 hlack arrows).
illnlOsnmnsl~il~ The n7a?.these characters are p1avfvl.d dcpcmds upon thc
Trappings: tKarher jerkin. hlack hood, Sword. knift., nor- chamcter nf Annalisa. They may be M c r 4lcn.
~ a savage crcw
nix1 t ~ o wand quiver (20 Ittack Arrows) of cut-throats. o r ice-coo[ pmfessionals. In anv cmc. the?;
rlnnalisa can be playcrt a n u r n k r of ways. She might are not pushovers. If the PCs arc outnumbcrcd bv thcm,
simply hc another cnemv - an Outlaw Chief pure and sim- they will prohabIy t r y to stun rather than kill thc PCs.
plc. She might he a Robin Hood type, fond of a laugh and
an intriwing situation. She might fa11 in love with one of SLEEVES. thc Captured HaffIiag Sewant
the PC5 with or without effort on the PC's pan.
BRUNO. Thc Double Agent
Rruno clws not interact much with rhc PCs and so his stats
are not given; run yourself up a quick Tortrrfer i f you feel Skills: l > o ~ l q/;/on:
t~ (.oak. i'ttqrtt>tfi)
thc nccri. I-lc is best playcrl as a duur, taciturn type. Trappings: Ikpcnding upon circumstances.
s\ccvts may not appear at all. If he does, he may be an
COUNT VON DRAKENSBERG.the Rakish Villain impcccahlv polished hurler, a chefwho has spent m a n r vcars
abroad (with an entertaining accent). hut will hr. at his htrst
i f played for comic relief.
Ski1Is: /J/rlt!~i,r.<,1utrr11, K ( w d i t rf!tx.1.txtlridzf~,
f:f1qr(t~t!t,, Kcllemann shouId not intcracr tcm much with the PC5 so
Luck. Rid(,.Ilrsann, I l o d g ~hlotl: L'oncrnltrzent I fsbnn,Spe- his srats arc not given. Flc. is basicallv a sourcc of infc~rma-
cialist Il Paporr - Rapier tion, plot-wise, but as regards chanctcr he 1% pmhably best
Trappings: nest qu:~lityclothes, rapier, knife (hidden), 200 done as a hruoding, angry sort of chap.
The Count is a character eveFonc knows, smooth, sua\y.
with a sinister rakish elegance. E-le is as swift and deadlv as
the rapier at his side. Run him as a Basil Rathhone type
LAUENGRAM. the Single Agent

Skiils: "15 t 3 t ~ c L,\rron ( )LI[I:IN (>cc h r I o \ v ) p t i ~ \. $ / J N J ~ I / ~ S ~

kipon I ~ ~ I > I/ .// PJ P, ' , Read~lt'rite,hilent .Wotpt* frr/)atr
Trappings: 2114 bombs, tintlvr h~x. t 0 yds mpc, lawc black
c l o ~ k ,d:~ggrr(under cloak), black mask. tall and wide-
brimmed Illack hat
Lauen~rarnshould hc vicwcd as a kind of c m t d Guy
Fawkes. Iie is p v e n to prowling, suspicious stares, evil
chuckles. lurkina, and hest of all, sputtering hornhs. During
the night heforc he bombs thy PCs vclu may like to h a w
him inrlulgc the former tendrncies, perhap5 when theyvkit
the Count.
THE MEN AT ARMS. the Count's Spcar-Carriers

Skills: 1 ) o ~ HI I t~w .~~h ~ r ~ k'41gtit?

c Blo%x-
Trappings: Mall shirt, hclmct, shield, spear. swc)rd
1 hcs' hovs. too, arc we13 known. They arc the chaps
who rnaturialisc In droves when the Count snaps his fin-
gers at opporrunc momcnrs, ant1 arc cut domm by the he-
roic PCs. while their mnsttr hcaps scorn upon thrm.
Irnsurpri~ingEv(for thcr sccm to have divined their Iot
in life somehtlwE thev arc a surlv lot. Ir is suggcstcd that the
Count hare 12 of rhcse men with him (such fellow tradi-
tional!~have weight o f numbers).
3. Thc Kitchen Area
These three moms arc the pantry kkjtchcn and urell. The
pantry and t h e u ~ e lal m just what thcy seem (the pantry holds
I n !run Ratinns among its stores: thctxtXc'll is 50 yards deep)
In the kitchen them are numcrous kniver and scvcml hand
weapons (cleavers and such). as w r l l as liler.vcs. rhe out-
laws' captive Halfling, cook. 1 ie slcrps o n the floor.

4. Thc Dungeons
This mom 15 equippecl \vith six barred cells (bending the
bars requires a -30 Streneh test: locks arc Value 30) i n t o
which r l u r h e r o e s may hc- thrown. CH~wndhand and foot
and d l ~ a m e dI.n this case. mn acrrlaw gt1arc1~w i l l sit at thc
tahlc outside the cells: otherwise rhc. placc is unoccupied
except for a h u n g n (:arnirorous Snapper Thrs lives in an H'
pit set i n the floor, w i t h a hinged ~ n t i n ovcr
g i t [the grat-
ing's bolt i s acccssihle rn a character ~n thc pit. and tt i s
easily lifted). One of I he 2' x 2' flagstones of the pit's floor
can he lifted up to wvcal thc secrrt tunnel beneath.
Carnivorous Snapper

, ,I , . I- ill

5. Thc Staircases
These are e y u l a r stalrcnscs. mccpr for onc rhing: rhr-y have
red stair-carpets on them. S~s'ilshhuckI~r~ may w ~ s ht o p u l l
the carpets rn order to trip up 3nv rncrnies who are stand-
i n g on them. This can be clonc, h u t m q u i r r s a c h ~ against
2 X Strennh, minus 10 per person on the nlg.All thosc on
rhc rug must thcn check aRalnsz Io r hc f r l l c d anrl only ahlc
to parry for D-1 rnunds.

6. Dotmitorics
T h c s u Irrng harrack rooms each hold six hctl3, di?;trihured
among whach w i l l be found 1.2 s l c e p ~ n goutl;rn,s, weapons
THE CASTLE and rclutprncnt lvmg reactv t o hancl.

T l ~ I3l;ick
t hrrtlrvs" c:~stlestands i n a mughtv circular clcar- 7. The Grcat Ha11
ing approximately 1110 yard\ across. Thi< cntirc clcaring i s This vast c h a m k r , lit hy n roaring bl:vc. wall torches and
ri51hlcto thc outls\v \-look-tmtsduring the dav and o n moon- chanclcIiem, w i l l rypicalty conrain 12 clff-dun. out1an.s. rev-
lit nights. I\ ro;id runs s t ~ i i g h out
t from the Rates. Onc hun- c ! l ~ n grounci the long tahlc. Two o i t h o s u may he pclstrd to
rtrcrl vnrci* from nhc castle t~ thr: cast side o f thc road stands p ~ n r dthe PCs in thcir dunpc.c)n Thc rooni'r, pillars and gal-
a hnllow oak whew tnnnk ts a shaft lcading t o the stcret Icrv cwatc i t s e h l shado1vr.r
tunncl i n t o the casrlc (>cc r o o m 4, hclow).
Standard cloors harr T 5 . D 12 and (iFlockcd)Lock Rat- 8. Watch Turrets
ing special doorc have T R. D 2.2 anrl arc n l l m v s bolted. Manned hv archer5 i n the event o f an attack, nonnalfv most
U i ~ l l sarc solid stone. Thc chandclies~marked on the map nf these srnal0, a m w - s l i t t r d towers arc empt).. Tht. uppur
arc- n,;~pc~n-n-htrl type affairs. each w i t h 15 o r so candlvs, four, hornvet-er. aIuavs contain solitarc- nutlanulonkourq
which c a v light ss :I tnrclr tIws Thc vertical distance hc-
tlvccn each flrrnr is fivc yards. 9. Thc Arrows' Tower
This tr)wer Is ascendcrl by c l o c h i s e spiral stairs (-10 t o W5
S. Thc Catchouse Far any right-handed fighters arc hatcling sameonr
Thcrc arc mr) guardrooms Ranking the main gates, cach higher up the stairs than they, and for Eeh-handcrs fighting
containing two outlaw rnartls. Thc r o o m abet-e thc Rates down). Two guards are posted at the bottom o f these staim
contain4 thc winch contst~liinp,rhc portcullis (which is nor- Thc I c ~ k e droom at the top i s thc rcsidencr: of rlnnalisa
rn;illy niscd), as wcll as a murdcs hole (a tmpd0~1r)L I S C ~ U ~ Ktssler. I t tiolds a dr~uhlr.bet1 w i t h a frathcr mattress and a
for d r o p p i n g things i n t o the spacc between the first and tahlc. under which is a tocked chest holding coins and icw-
seconcl gatcc. O n t h r nearby table. 13R incendiaries are els worth 3OOGCs.
placed rc-acly. An interest~ngfeature of the m m is the cunaincd=ofl
shaft down which runs n rope supponing thc ccnrml chart-
2. Thc Stablcs delncr i n the Great Hall. Annalisa mnv sladc clc)nn the ropc
Each o l these rooms is furnizhed w i t h six horse-haxes. and if she needs to escape.
a 11,Ft ahovc hc>l(tinga aond supplv uf fodder. NormalEv cach
stnhlr. holds four rid in^ horses which arc cmasionallv used 10. Thc Battlcmcat Patrols
by the outlaw5 l a i ~ c n g m r n ' shorse rvill he hcrr as well if he The are* of zhc battlement indicated are each patrolled by
has anivctl. Also kcpt here arc snrlcllcs. hndlcs and anu o t h r r a single outlan* following the dotted line Thc guard< rake
ratlinp, cquipmrnt y o ~ rrn~ehtcxpccr. one turn and o n r rounrl rn cnmplctu a cjrcuit
,. .
. . 1

Section Five: Adventures I

- ,,,, ' :.$
I , .,.. ,.
,- '4,
: ; .-:.',;j.",
. m '

1 ,. .',-
r,., -:l
I - . , ..
. ,
8 ,,
..;,,, ,. 'I
, ,';'.A
; ..- ,, 4
L. ,.>+.
,:; .-:l1.
,- ,

,, .


,., '4
' I *
* - .' :$
( ,

, . ::'.. 3

, ' - 1
L ' , ,..;X':

t.'- ..;j
, -,,..
" ,
:,- . ,:.d

I c;RomD FLOOR "

' -J
5. ,, . :;, -4l ,

;;,,. _ . ;'-,
.' ,<,

, .'. .-

,v,, 7 ,
..,,; : ,d
,,; :;,y,;
, <:;5
-I/*// -, ,"///-,C,/ -4Q,, r..:.j,!;
.- ,;j
,, ,,, ,

:" ...:;,;
- , ., " .
,.C.' .. . :-4

J-. -
1 ,
,' ,;, -,,:l
, ,

>! r,,:;r;
,! , - .,G
,-', ]

l;,,; I . I I,
':. .;A

- , ,,,a
, ,?, 4
L .A ,..
F,:.,,.: :j
,I, ,. ',L
<; ;:
I ' I

* . 2
::,. . . .. -
.m' . '.,
:- 3,.,,*

I' ',. ' 1

, . ..
2 :,::l

: I'

g,,:. ,,.

. >'. ,

(!;; ,.:
.. - . - S
f;.',, ,j ;
,' - -
-- .:.

: -., .
F:'- -8,

i; , - ,;;\
" .

.. - ,
;,, . "0
,,- ,v,<
*, ,':, ';
> ;' ,



: ,:';:J
A ~ o c r v ~ hTwo:
a Chart of Darkness
Onc harsh winter found him wandering through rhc
Chapter 21 forest which Mnped the western boothills uf the Worlds Edge
mountains. It h:~dbeen almost a wcek since he had eaten.
and hunger and exhausrion caught u p with him. Hc col-
lapsed at thc base of a trce, rcsignrng hirnsclf to dear h.

Ironstone Hc regained his senses to fincl himself surrountlcd by a

pack of n~olves.Too weak to move, he closed hts eve4 and
waited For death. t-lc heard the soft footfalt of a wolf an-
proaching him, and felt its hrcath on his neck. Thc wolf
then heg;m licking his face. It was almost as if thc wolvcs

were aware of his true a7urc-natureand hat1 accepted him
as one of their own.
a'erner p t e f u l l v a c c c p t d rhc hospitalin. of the wolfpack
and Bivcd among them as a wolf for almost a year. 1Ie h-
came their leader, and non. he m m happy to be a wolf'uith
swift legs. a keen nose, a warm coat, and deadly sharp tccth
The next winter n%s evcn harsher than thc last, and the
A PAIN IN THE hunting was predictabtv poor. As the pack ranplcd wider and
wider in scnrch of prcy, thev came across a tndc mar1 lcad-
MOUNTAINS ing from thc Empire across the W'intcr's 'Tceth pass to thc
V~ultsand on to thc Bordcr Princes The IIuman part of
\Yksner's h n l n told him that this was the mnvcr. tle c s t a b
Itshed a lair in dense cover ncar thc road and postt'ci look-
outs to bring news of an approaching camvan.
\T'crner's first anack a succcss In a wcIl-laid amhush,
'Ironstonr. Pass' is an shon incident that can hc run as a the wolves took ta70wards and a wagon driver ancl disap-
s h o n adventure anv time your plavcr characters are tnvct- pcantd into the foresr hrforc thc sun-lcos ct)urd react. Thc
lang in mountainous rcgions. nr as an interlude at somc wulves fcd wclE that day and ovcr the fvtlowing months
polnr during thc I m m s r o t l ~ scampaign. All the Donrnstntres tales began to be told of the 'Daemon Wolves' of R'iwmland.
adventures involve quite a hit of hmardous travelling along Soldlcrs and rangers were sent out from Pfcildorf, to
mountain passes, so as the arfwnturem make their wav from scour rhe forests antl hunt thc tvolves dawn. They rrrrurnrd
o n e location to anat her, they will haw to cross thmugh with the carcasses of almost a hundrcc! wolves, hut rhe ar-
Ironstone Pass ancl survive an atrack capable of wiping out tacks continued. Thc stories grew wtldcr. giving thc Dac-
forcrs manv times their stwngrh. \Tfcmcr Silbermann and mon w'olves the nhilirl; to watk 'through solid mck, and
his allies a r r an excellent e?rrr:a hazard to nrakcn an ovcr- making weapons pass harm!cssly through ltheir bodies.
strong o r ovcr-confident par+ W?sscnland was gripped with near hysrer~n
A n idt-al time to use this adventure would he aFrer thc Onc fateful day the pack amhushed a caravan in a nar-
p a m has ohtaincd one o r more of the Doomstone Crvsrals row pass to the east t ~ \Y'~nrcr's
f Teeth. Wrrncr had chosen
;tnd harc staned to rely on thcir powers. This advcnrurc the site so that thc narrcm passage n,nuld hamper the cam-
will remind them that possession of such items is not in van guards, cnablinp the wolves t o strike and cscapc with-
itsclf a guarantee of succcss. On the contra?, the Crystals out mcuting serious resistance. The alttack went exactlv as
will attract thew own pmblrrns: this theme is developed In planned until an unexpected rearparcl appeared, t n p p i n ~
11r~pTrorrhlc fn Karnk-%frlr*or.W C wouEd sup,gePt, o n the rhc n,olvcs between o ~ fosccs. o Thc wolrcs fought w t h say-
oth'r hanrl. thar you don't use 'Ironstone Pass' in thelkmm- age dcspcration. but thcir doom sccmcd cenain.
stottes campaign the party has already lost somc of its Suddenlv, o n e o f the wagons e n ~ p t e dIn tlamc, anti thc
s or her perils - this could he the final stnxvl
n ~ e r n h r to main h d y of the catav;ln hnke as panicking n~crchants and
You can, r)Ccoune, run 'Ironstone Pass' as a stancl-alone guards ilerl along thc pass. 'I'he dead rosc up. shambling
encounter nrhcnevcr you necd sarneth~ngto spice up a paa rhc w o l r ~ sto attack their living cornr;~rles.Ol-c.r ~thc
mountain crossing. If your adventurers aren't crossing the screams and snarls of thc battle. laughter mng out: the clear.
\'~ulns,lust c h a n ~ uthe place names to something more suit- savage laughter of an Elkwomnn who had appcarert besidc
ahlc. Anrl remember that it doesn't have to he the height of the hurning wagon. Thc hattlc turnccI into :I rout. and soon
writer n h c n thcv make rhc csossinp, - bad weather comes rhc woman was the onIv sumivor o f t hc crrm-iln. Thc w o l r ~ s
carlicr. h116harder and stays lonpcr In mountains. were nary of her. hur she ptfitrd them as t h q fed on the
This encounter is designed tor chamcters in thcir sec- dead horses and guards. Still chuckling quierly, she ap-
ond o r th~rtlcareers: idcallv. a p a q should have 15-2n ca- pnlached the wolf which was IT'crncr. snct h r knew that she
m t t hcmcen
~ them, inclurling romc magical ahilit?,- ar least saw him for what he was.
a I.cvcE 1 W'izartl o r equimlcnt. That day. a stmnpe alliance was horn. The Elf-woman
was Syritlin. an outcaqt from the dark city of Fciw .MaMon
who had tra\~ellcdwidely in search nT knnwled~cand ad.
WERNER'S TALE wnturc. Thcwolr~cs~ v i t h c l mto their current lair -;In ahan-
done$ rnmc which hat! given Ironstone Pas* i t s n;lmc - ancl
\l'crnrr Silhcrmann war a young and birlv successful wiz- Syrillia and Wkmer sat talking and plotting br into the night.
srtl in Nuln whcn nn txpcrim'nt went drcadfullr wrong S p r i n ~and summer came antl wcnr, antl by rhc. rlrne
and tic became a wcrumolf. For the ncxt few years he drifter1 nintcr closcd the higher passcs, the two allies had turncrl
from place t o place, always moving on to avoid k i n g rcc- Imnstonc Pass Into a deathtrap. Thc few tnvttlcm who came
ogniscd for whar hc was and hunted down. As the years that rrxy were easily owfptmerrtd. prowdtnp, rlchcs as n ~ I 2
wcnt bv, hc came to t e m z with his condition and Iramcd as food. Thc nvo spellcasrcrs ~ r c wIn pun-cr. trading sprlls
tn partially ctjntrol it. and amassing magical cquipmcnt from rhr)sc thcv rnhhetl.
Scction Five: Adventures

SETTING THE SCENE making it drfficult to WC frnm the outsidr., The inncr charn-
hcr 1s uscrl hy cubs and nursing mothers. 'Then. arc Frlur
Thc map hclow shows thc laynut of Iron5tonc Pass. T'hc fcmales and sevcn cuhs hrrc, none olwhich wiil take part
advcnrurcrs approach thc pass from the right sidc uf thc in the attack.
map. This can hc a ~ o o daction to play our nit11 mrniaturcs. The lair's cntrnncc is two fret high and qix fcct wide.
as thc exact locations of the characters anti thcir atlvrrsnr- while that to thc nurse? chamber i s t\\.ofcct high and t w c j
ics will greatly influence. thcir actions. Whether o r nut vou fcct wide. The fcmalr. wolves will fight to the dcilth to pro-
LISPminiatures, you should unsure that the players descrihc tect thew cubs, and arc f r e w ' ~ c while
l doing sn.
thcir zravclling orcler: arc thcy ln singlc filc o r two ahrcast,
tvho is at rhc