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How satisfied are you with your job and your organization?

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. You are the person who can give us fair guidance without any
bias. Based on your personal experience in this organisation, please fill this form to help us building our organization
much better & professional. Share your views by putting a  mark in the boxes against each question. To maintain
confidentiality, please don’t mention your name / Employee Code anywhere in this form.

A – Strongly Agree B – Agree C – Disagree D – Strongly Disagree

Sl. Particulars A B C D
1. There is a feeling of mutual trust in our organization.

2. Management takes sincere efforts to identify and utilize employee’s full

3. I receive prompt feedback to my queries from my Manager**.
4. I am encouraged to experiment and try out new / creative ideas.
5. I feel, I am paid fairly considering my qualification, experience, and
6. There is good cooperation among all team members in my department.
7. I am happy to be part of this organization.

8. I feel free to express my opinions/problems to my Manager**.

9. I am paid fairly considering my dedications and performance on the job
given to me.
10. My Manager** take special care to appreciate any good work done or
contribution made by me.
11. My Performance Appraisal is normally against the responsibilities
assigned by my Manager**.
12. I have the freedom and authority to perform my responsibilities.
13. I feel, I can handle additional …..% responsibility if my remuneration is
increased by 10% / 20%/25% (Please mark  as applicable).
14. In the organization difference of opinions with Managers is taken
15. Personnel and administration policies here facilitate employee
16. Relevant information is freely accessible and readily shared by
management with all employees.
17. I feel, the amount of pay I receive for my job is at par with others doing
similar work in our industry.
18. We have good Training and Development infrastructure and facilities.
19. I am fully aware of what is expected from me and I am informed well in
20. Besides salary, I expect the following additional benefits:

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Sl. Particulars A B C D
21. My work gives me a feeling of personal accomplishment.

22. There is no favoritism/biases during performance appraisals.

23. My Manager** communicate my weaknesses and help me in overcoming
24. I feel, the salary and benefits are adequate to meet my needs and those of
my family.
25. My Manager** guides me and prepare me for future responsibilities.
26. Management* shows genuine interest in the well being of all employees
and even support them during personal emergencies.
27. I would like to continue working in this orgnisation as the environment
is conducive and work is challenging.
28. Where I work, day-to-day decisions demonstrate that Quality is a top
29. I think I am capable of satisfying my internal / external customers during
my interaction with them?
30. External world (our customers/ other Company’s) have good perception
about our brand products?

Overall Satisfaction Level:

Considering all above questions, my overall satisfaction level Highly Satisfied Dissatisfied
with ………… is? Satisfied

* Management here means Top Management.

** Manager here means your Immediate Boss .

Your department _________________________________________________

Years of experience in this Company (Mark  as appropriate)

0-5 Years 5-10 Years 10-15 Years Above 15 Years

Anything else you would like to share :-

Thanks for your valuable inputs.

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