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This is written in the case of showing and alternate to standard

DnD combat systems to which I find horribly lacking in actual

depth and enjoyment. This indepth description will allow players
and DMs to understand and enjoy a more real and dynamic combat.
This chapter will include desrciptions on the three combat maneuvers Block , Dod
ge , and Parry as well as the new feats that effect these manevures and the comb
at skills that help govern this new system.

Combat Manevures.
In combat there are generaly 3 things a person can do to defend themselves. They
can block , dodge , or parry. In order to equate this into games terms and to b
alance mechanics all characters have access to these simple manevures. As far as
preforming one of these abilties you can preform one combat manevure per attack
per tun the character possess. (For example a 6th level knight who has 2 attack
s per turn may make 2 combat manevures as well.) Combat manevures can be mixed a
s matched as the players decide as long as they have the availble slots provided
by attacks per turn. (For example that 6th level knight can choose to block the
Kobolds swing but dodge the Ogres charge all in one turn.) How ever combat mane
vures still function like attacks per turn, if you wish to use both attacks in a
turn it is a full round action. ( For example if you move and attack with the 6
th level knight you only get one attack as well as one combat manevure) Also onl
y 1 Comabt Manevure can be done per attack , if the manevure fails then the atta
ck suceedes.
Block - This is when a person interposes their weapon between themselves and the
incoming attack. ( duh) In order to equate this in game terms an opposed check
is made. The defender will make an opposed roll adding strength and nothing else
and compare to the attacks complete combat attack. If the defender rolls higher
damage is reduced by 50%. This defence can not be used with ranged attacks unle
ss using a sheild or the approprate feats are taken.
Dodge- This is simply the " Fuck this I'm out." Combat manevure. In order for th
is to equate in game terms you make an opposed roll of yer Dex modifier and a d2
0 if you roll higher you simply avoid the attack. How ever if you are near any o
ther opposing character they do get an attack of oppertunity against you. Dodge
cannot be used against ranged attacks unless the appropreate feats are taken.
Parry- This is the act of deflecting yer opponets attack and leaving them open f
or an attack of oppertunity. This equates in game terms where the defender makes
an opposed roll adding the appropreate combat skill to a d20 roll. If the defen
der's roll is 5 above the attackers the attack is considered failed and the atta
cker is considered flat footed for the ensuring attack of oppertunity. However i
f the Parry fails the attack happens normally with no other defenses being able
to happen.

New Feats
Improved Block- ( Fighters may take this as a bonus feat) Prereq (+5 base attack
) This allows a character who Blocks to ignore 75% of the damage delt.
Nasty Block- ( Fighters may take this as a bonus feat) Prereq ( +6 base attac
k) This allows a character to add their apropreate combat skill to their Block r
Ranged Block- ( Fighters may take this as a bonus feat) Prereq ( Base attack
+1) Allows a fighter to use his weapon to block incoming ranged attacks.
Overwhelming block - ( Fighters may take this as a bonus feat) Prereq ( Base
attack bonus +8) This allows for a chatacter who blocks and exceedes the roll b
y 8 to roll normal damage against his attacker, who only takes half damage.
Improved Dodge- Prereq ( Dex 17) This allows a character to ignore one attack of
Gracefull Exit- Preq ( Dex 17 base attack +2) This allows a character to add the
apropreate combat skill to their dodge roll.
Defensive Parry-Prereq ( Dex 16 base attack bonus +2) This reduces the amount in
which you must exceed the attackers roll by 1. ( meaning you only need to clear
by 4 to suceede.) This feat may be taken multiple times.

Combat skills
Combat skills are measurements on how skillful a character is in said combat or
defense. All combat skills are cross class for all races and classes. When a mel
ee skill is taken the player must choose which weapon that skill applies to. ( F
or example if the character uses a long sword they melee skill should be in long
swords.) Also Defensive combat skills are not taken advantage of untill the pro
per feats are taken. They are then used in conjunction with the appropriate comb
at manevure. Sometimes this may make a character vulnerable to a certian type of
attack, say a Fighter that has no sheild and no Ranged block feat. There is no
other action that character can take aside from finding cover.

Archery- ( Offensive combat skill) The ability to accureately shoot with a bow o
r crossbow.
Gun- ( offensive combat skill) The ability to acureately shoot a firearm. The pr
oper specialisations include Autofire, pistol and rifle.
Heavy weapons- (offensive combat skill) The ability to fire and maintain heavy w
eapons. This includes but is not limited to tanks , artillery and seige weapons.

Melee attack- (Offensive combat skill) The ability to attack effectivly with a h
and to hand melee weapon.
Melee Defense - ( Defensive Combat skill) This allows a character to defend them
selves in a melee situation.
Ranged Defense - (Defensive Combat skill) The ability to avoid ranged attacks, b
ut this does not enable a
character to actually dodge bullets. Rather, it is a combination of situational
awareness and tactical movement as well as knowing when to keep moving (to prese
nt a more difficult target) and when to drop for cover.
Thrown Weapons - ( Offensive Combat skill) -The ability to accurately throw weap
ons or objects at a target
Unarmed attack - (Offensive combat skill) -The ability to accurately throw weapo
ns or objects at a target
Unarmed Defense - (Defensive Combat skill)-The ability to block armed or unarmed
melee attacks without using a weapon.

Combat system revamped

Generaly these combat manevures and skills will make a standard dnd combat syste
m fall apart. The following rules are stated in place to prevent that from happe
ning. Unlike dnd there is no armor class , armor instead represents Damage reduc
tion. In place of a character having no armor class is why there are the combat
manevures and combat skills. Attacks are made sole off a characters base attack
and their combat skill added to a d20 roll. A characters defense is made of alot
of things ranging from combat skills to feats. Most often then not it is the co
mbat manevure and combat skill.