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Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. A computer virus that attaches itself to, 6. Which of the following is not an
and becomes part of, another advantage of buying your own
executable program is called a: software?
A. time bomb A. having instruction manuals and
B. stink bomb documentation
C. pipe bomb B. making copies and reselling them for a
D. worm profit
C. receiving technical support form the
software developer
2. A ________ is a person who gains D. having the personal satisfaction of
unauthorized access to a computer doing the right thing
network for the purpose of corrupting
or stealing data.
7. __________ is software that you can
A. Programmer
B. Hacker use on a limited trial basis before you
C. Sysop buy it.
D. Network administrator A. Trialware
B. Cheapware
C. Shareware
D. Freeware
3. You accidentally see your teacher’s
password for the grading program used
at your school. Ethically, you should
8. A ______ is a virus that is often
do which of the following:
disguised as a useful computer
A. Report your findings to the principal,
since this is a breech of security. program.
B. Explain to your teacher and suggest A. Trojan Horse
she change her password. B. hacker
C. Use the password to change grades for C. worm
friends at your school. D. pirate
D. Pretend you didn’t see the password
and do nothing.
9. _________ domain software can be
copied, modified and redistributed free
4. A computer virus is usually spread of charge and restriction.
A. Private
through ___________.
B. Share
C. Public
B. peripherals
D. Free
C. E-mail attachments
D. CD-Rom drives
10. A collection of rights relating to the
reproduction, sale and distribution of
5. What is “software piracy”?
software is known as __________.
A. illegally copying computer programs
A. domain
B. reformatting hard drives and reselling
B. copyright
them as new
C. piracy
C. infecting the hard drive with a virus
D. password
D. reselling used CPU’s for a profit

Circle the letter of the correct answer.

11. A good way to safeguard access to 16. When safely using the Internet it is
your computer is to _______ protect it. recommended that you do which of the
A deadbolt following?
B. copyright A. use your real name and address
C. safemode B. lie about your age
D. password C. never agree to meet someone you do
not know
D. create a profile with only accurate
12. Which of the following should be done information about yourself
if you discover a virus on your
A. E-mail all your friends to warn them of 17. Which of the following is a true
the virus statement concerning plagiarism and
B. remove and destroy all files with the the Internet?
.exe extention A. You may use up to one paragraph or
C. disinfect your computer using antivirus two sentences, whichever is less.
software B. Plagiarism does not apply to the
D. purchase another computer Internet because of all the inaccurate
information you find.
C. Always site Internet sources in a
13. A broad range of issues and standards bibliography.
of conduct related to the use of D. Electronic information is never
computer technology is: copyrighted.
A. security
B. copyright 18. The ________ divide can refer to the
C. piracy differences between individuals within
D. ethics a particular country, as well as between
one country and another.
A. ability
14. How can software developers keep B. digital
users from making illegal copies of C. technology
their software? D. on-line
A. copyright the software
B. buy a patent for the software
C. lock the software 19. A message that appears to come from a
D. decode the software person or company other than the real
sender is a ________.
A. spam
15. _________ software is made available B. popup
by the author to others at no cost, but C. ghost
cannot be resold or distributed for D. spoof
A. Executable
B. Computer 20. The electronic equilvalent of junk mail
C. Antivirus is known as:
D. Freeware A. adware
B. spam
C. cyberfraud
D. packets