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The Verb "To be"

Singular = 1 Plural = 1+
I am You are
You are We are
He/she/it is They are
Uses Am/Is/Are

Question ? Positive Statement + Negative Statement -

Contracted Contracted
Written Form or spoken for Written Form or spoken for
Singular Form Form
emphasis emphasis
(spoken) (spoken)

Am I? I am I'm I am not I'm not

You're not
Are you? You are You're You are not or
You aren't

He isn't
She isn't
Is he? He is He's He is not It isn't
Is she? She is She's She is not or
Is it? It is It's It is not He's not
She's not
It's not


We aren't
Are we? We are We're We are not or
We're not

You're not
Are you? You are You're You are not or
You aren't

They aren't
They are They're They are not or
they? They're not

Examples The verbs am / is / are are used with:-

Am/Are Is
Mr Bean is an English
a noun group Are you an English teacher?
an adjective I'm tired. She's English.
an expression of place or
They're at home. It's nine o'clock.
an expression of age I'm 44. He's two years old.
the form of the present
We're learning English. She's teaching English.
continuous tense
Am/Are Is
Question - ? "Am I disturbing you?" "Is this your coat?"
Positive Answer + Yes "Yes you are. We're very busy." "Yes, it is"
Negative Answer - No "No you're not. We aren't very busy." "No, it isn't"
Follow the dialogue. Mr Bean meets Mrs Breuer, one of his students, and her husband in the

Mr Bean: Good morning, Mrs Breuer.

Mrs Breuer: Good morning, Mr Bean. How are you?

Mr Bean: I'm fine thanks, and you?

Not too bad. Mr Bean, this is my husband Michael, Michael this is Mr

Mrs Breuer:
Bean my English teacher.

Mr Breuer: Pleased to meet you.

Mr Bean: Pleased to meet you too. Are you from Germany, Mr Breuer?

Mr Breuer: Yes, East Germany, from Dresden. And you, are you from London?

Mr Bean: No, I'm from Derby, but I live in London now.

Mrs Breuer: Well, goodbye Mr Bean, it was nice to see you.
Mr Bean: Yes, goodbye.

Question Response

o How are you?  Great thanks.o How are you?

 Fine thanks. or I'm OK thanks.oHow are you?  Not
too bad thanks.

Everyday Greetings

"Hello" or "Hi!"; "Good morning"; "Good afternoon"; "Good evening""Goodbye" ;

"Good night"; "Good night"


Short one - word answer
"What's your name?"
"Lynne Hand."
"Where do you come from?"
"What country do you come from?"
"Where are you from?"
"Where do you live?"
"What nationality are you?"
The English Alphabet
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh

Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp

Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx

Yy Zz

○ What's your full name please.

 My first name is Sonja and my last name Pascalli
○ Sorry , what was your last name again?
 Pascalli.
○ I'm sorry I don't understand. Could you repeat that more slowly please.
 Pasc-all-i.
○ How do you write that? Could you spell it please?
 P-a-s-c-a-double l-i
○ And your first name please?
 Sonja
○ Pardon?
 Sonja - S-o-n-j-a.
○ And what is your telephone number please?
 2-3-8-7-1-8
○ Thank you.
 You're welcome.

Ex. 1 Present Simple Choose the correct answers.

1 My name Josep.

2 You Ewa.

3I OK.

4 This Mr Granger.

5 How you?

6 What your name?

Ex. 2 Complete the questions and answers.

1 What's name?

2 name's Peter.

3 Hi, John. are you?

4 Very thanks.

5 What's this English?

6 a book.

Ex. 3 AM, IS, ARE

1 very I am well.

2 from are You England.

3 student. is She a

4 are you from? Where

5 is What your name?

6 It is Paris. in

Ex. 4 Questions and answers

Match the questions and answers. Type the letter in the box.

1 Where's he from? A She's from Italy.

2 Where's she from? B He's from Spain.

3 What's her name? C Mary.

4 What's this in English? D In the centre of town.

5 What's his name? E Mark.

6 Where's your school? F It's a camera.


1 How old is you both?

2 Are he married?

3 He's name is Marco.

4 She is no a doctor.

5 What's this from English?

6 Your from the United States.

Ex. 6 Questions and short answers Match the questions and answers. Type the letter in the box.
Are Steve and Anna American? A Yes, she is.
2 Are you from Spain? B Yes, I am.

3 How old are you? C No, he isn't.

4 Is he a teacher? D I'm 23.

5 Is she married? E Yes, they are.

6 What is your address? F 12 Park Avenue, York.

Ex. 7 TO BE is Where * my umbr

1. Where my car?
3. Where
is Where * my car? you?
are Where * you?

2. Where
my umbrella?
4. What
Mum and Dad doing?
are What * Mum and D 2. They
in the house.
are They * in the hous

5. Where
my skateboard?
is Where * my skate 3. John
is John * excited.

6. Where
my towel?
is Where * my tow e 4. The cat

under the bed.

7. Who is The cat * under th
this man?
is Who * this man?

5. I
8. Where am I * Australian.
my brother?
is Where * my broth

6. Where
the jeans ?
9. Where are Where * the jeans
her dog?
is Where * her dog?

7. Helen
10. Where is Helen * tw elve

my cats?
8. We
behind the bus.
are We * behind the b

9. you
Ex. 8 TO BE French ?
Are * you French ?

1. She angry.
is She * angry.
10. The pens

on the table.