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MOBA Laser-matic


MOBA Laser-matic - Less rainfall, degrading soil health and declining water irrigation time and enhances productivity not only of
table and therefore growing dryness of the ground are water but also of other non-water farm inputs. Results
Benefits of the Land Levelling System:
the major concerns for keeping the growth in a in technologically advanced countries have indicated
» Easy land preparation sustainable agriculture. that saves water to the tune of 25-30% and time by
» Time efficiency in completion of task 30% and also improves the productivity by 10-15%.
Thus proper emphasis is being given on the
» Optimization of water use efficiency It has also been observed that with Laser Land
management of irrigation water usage for adequate
» Less water requirement for land Levelling 2-3% effective cropped area in case of flat
growth of agriculture. Generally, most of the farmers
preparation fields and even more in ridge sown fields become
working in paddy and corn believe that their field were
available for cultivation of crops, as the number of
» Less time and water required in well levelled and do not need further levelling. But
bunds and irrigation channels get reduced
irrigation when showing closer the finding will be that the fields
» Less weed problems are not adequately levelled. They need to be reworked.
Further Benefits of Land Levelling
» Reduced consumption of seeds, The enhancement of water use efficiency and farm
fertilizers, chemicals and fuel productivity at field level is one of the best options to Effective land levelling reduces the work in crop
» Increase in farming area redress the problem of declining water level in the establishment & crop management, and increases the
state. The planner and policy maker are properly yield and quality. Level land improves water coverage
» Assist top soil management
informed and motivated to develop strategies and that improves crop establishment, reduces weed
» Saves fuel/electricity used in irrigation
programs for efficient utilization of available water problems, improves uniformity of crop maturity,
» More uniform moisture environment resources. Laser Land levelling is one such important decreases the time to complete tasks and reduces the
for crops technology for using water efficiently as it reduces amount of water required for land preparation.
» Good germination and growth of crop
» Improved field traffic ability for the
subsequent field operations
» Uniformity in crop maturity
» Better crop establishment
» Less effort in crop management
Why precise Land Levelling fields leads to inefficient use of irrigation water and
is using Laser Based Levelling Systems also delays tillage and crop establishment options.
Fields that are not levelled have uneven crop stands,
Unevenness of the soil surface has a major impact on
increased weed burdens and uneven maturing of
the germination, stand and yield of crops through
nutrient water interaction and salt and soil moisture
distribution pattern. Land levelling is a precursor to All these factors tend to contribute to reduced yield
good agronomic, soil and crop management and grain quality which reduce the potential farm
practices. Resource conserving technologies perform gate income. Effective land levelling is meant to
Laser levelling is a user guided precision levelling better on well levelled and laid-out fields. optimize water-use efficiency, improve crop
technique used for achieving very fine levelling with establishment, reduce the irrigation time and effort
Farmers recognize this and therefore devote
desired grade on the agricultural field. Laser levelling required to manage crop.
considerable attention and resources in levelling their
uses a laser transmitter unit that constantly emits fields properly. However, traditional methods of
360º rotating beam parallel to the required field levelling land are not only more cumbersome and For further information please contact:
plane. This beam is received by a laser receiver fitted time consuming but more expensive as well. Very Bernhard Marx, Product Manager
on a mast on the scraper. The signal received is Phone: +49 6431 9577-114
often most rice farmers level their fields under
E-mail: bmarx@moba.de
converted into cut and fill level adjustments and the ponded water conditions. The others dry level their
corresponding changes in scrapper level are carried fields and check level by ponding water. Thus in the
out automatically by a two way hydraulic control process of having good levelling in fields, a
valve. considerable amount of water is wasted.
Laser levelling maintains the grade by automatically
performing the cutting and levelling operations. Both
level grade and slope grade (one way or two ways)
can be achieved with the help of this precise system.
The field is cultivated and planked before using the
Land Leveller. A grid survey is performed using grade
rod to identify highs and lows in the field and mean Crop performance in a levelled field
grade is found. A grid spacing of 10m x 10m is
maintained for accurate land survey; however this It is a common knowledge that most of the farmers
spacing can be varied depending upon the size of the apply irrigation water until all the parcels are fully
field. wetted and covered with a thin sheet of water.
For practical purposes and with experience, grid Studies have indicated that a significant (20-25%)
survey can be done by pacing off the distances rather amount of irrigation water is lost during its
than measuring. A map is then drawn to indicate application at the farm due to poor farm designing
which areas are high; require soil to be cut and the and unevenness of the fields. This problem is more
Crop performance in an unlevelled field
lows which require soil to be added. pronounced in the case of rice fields. Unevenness of

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