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� Regd. No. Indore MP/ICD 216/2021-2023 � �����������������

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������������������������������������� HC ASKS CENTRE why it shouldn't face

contempt, after it fails to adhere to SC SILAWAT'S AIDE

������������������ � � ����
deadline on supply of oxygen THREATENS HOSP
‘You can put your OWNER FOR BED
MOST OF THE 1,817 new cases,
head in sand like an
31, 000 on oxygen-support- ������
ed beds.
patients in There is, however, no de-
7 deaths in city An audio clip has gone vi-

ostrich, we will not’

cline in number of pa- ral on Tuesday in which a

home-isolation on tients who are on oxygen-

supported beds, and those
man claiming himself the
representative of Minister

recovery path
who are admitted to the in- ��������������������� Tulsi Silawat could be
tensive care units. �������������������������� ��������������� Solicitor General Chetan heard threatening a doctor
The pressure on hospi- �������������������������� ��������� Sharma, on the behalf of of a private hospital for
��������������� tals and medical staff will ���������������������������� Centre, pleaded that he had getting a bed for his aide.
������ continue unless such cases ������������������������� The Centre has failed to ho- taken the court’s order In the audio, the caller
lessen considerably. ���������������������� nour the Supreme Court's which will be uploaded on had introduced himself
The government may be Those who are recover- �������������������������� directive to resolve the oxy- Wednesday. as Pappu Sharma, a rep-
happy, because the number ing are home-isolated posi- �������������������������� gen crisis in the national To this, the Bench retort- resentative of Silawat,
of corona cases has re- tive cases, whose symp- ����������������������� capital by midnight of May ed: "No, we will upload it to- and could be heard build-
duced and that of being toms of infection are less ��������������������� 3. day itself." Earlier, during ing pressure on Dr
discharged has gone up. than those of others. ������������������������ It was the Delhi High the hearing, Sharma had Sandeep Sharma for not
Yet it has not taken the Considering that some ����������������������� Court’s turn on Tuesday to said that the Centre will file arranging a bed on his
pressure off the hospitals. patients have been positive ������������������������ direct the Centre to show its compliance affidavit on recommendation for
Much of the pressure on ������������������������������ for ten days, they are de- ���������������������������� cause as to why contempt oxygen supply in the three days.
the hospital is connected to ������������������������������������������������������ clared cured. This has re- ��������������������� proceedings should not be Supreme Court by Wednes- “I am calling you for the
moderate, serious and very ������������������������������������������������������� duced the number of pa- ������������������������� initiated against it for fail- day morning. The Bench last three days to arrange
serious patients and it is ���������������������������������������������������� tients, but that of the seri- ������������������������� ing to comply with the SC shot back: "What good is a an ICU bed for the family
going on. ���������������������������������������������������� ously ill, remained the �������������������� order on supply of 700 met- compliance affidavit when member of our district
The number of corona ����������������������������������������������������� same, as it was a few days ���������������������������� ric tonnes of Oxygen. as a matter of fact 700 MT president but you are tak-
patients has declined to ������������������������������������������������������ ago. ���������������������� The Bench of Justices Oxygen is not delivered to ing it lightly. I have sent
86,000, but still, there are ���������������������������������������������������������������� ������������ ����������������������� Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Delhi. Even the earlier allo- the Vijay Nagar police sta-
Patil rejected the Centre's cated 490 MT and revised tion in-charge too but you
plea that Delhi was not en- 590 MT was not delivered ignored him,” the caller

titled to 700 MT of oxygen even for a single day." said.He further said, “If
in view of the existing On Sharma's plea that the you don’t want to arrange
medical infrastructure. SC had not directed supply a bed then it's ok as I do
"You can put your head in of 700 MT, the Bench said politics in the same area

sand like an ostrich, we as a matter of fact, the and I will see how hospital
will not," the Bench said in- Apex Court had noted that vehicles’ get parked in
sisting that the Centre has the projected demand of front of the hospital. I will
to supply the stipulated Delhi in coming days will talk to you in 15-20 days.”
quantity to Delhi right be 976 MT, once the medical Meanwhile, Dr Shrivas-

AFTER BENGAL UNIT of BJP, now Left accuses TMC of unleashing terror away, "by whatever means."
The Bench also sum-
moned two top officers of
infrastructure is beefed up.
The bench said the top
court had noted the assur-
tava can be heard taking
objection to threats and
also saying that no bed is
������������������ ������������������������������������ NCW tells Bengal DGP to the Centre to explain why ance given by Solicitor vacant. However, Dr Shri-
������ big and small hospitals are General Tushar Mehta that vastava refused to com-
�������������������������� probe attacks on women rushing to it with SOS and the national capital would ment on the same while
With less than 48 hours af- ���������������� ����������������������� distress calls on the lack of not suffer and its demands Minister Silawat told the
ter the astounding victory �������������������� ������������������ Oxygen. of Oxygen will be met. media that the matter is
���������� of Trinamool Congress, ��������������������������
To save face, Additional ������������ in his cognisance.
West Bengal is "bleeding".
������������������������ ������������������
INDIA CROSSES Reports of widespread vio-

lence were reported across ������������������������� �������������������
2-CRORE MARK the media and social media ����������������������� ��������������������������
��������������������������� went agog with videos. �������������������������� �������������������������������� �������������������
������������������������ A concerned Prime Min- ��������������������������� ������������������������
���������������������������� ister, Narendra Modi, called ����������� ������������������
���������������������� up West Bengal Governor, ���������
��������������������� Jagdeep Dhankar, and en- ������������������������������� ������������� ����� ������������������
�������������������������� quired about the situation. ������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������� The inevitable has hap- ���������������������
������������������������ Meanwhile, about 300 to ������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������� pened: The Indian Premier ���������������������
���������������������������� 400 BJP karyakartas and ������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������� League's 2021 season has
�������������������������� their families have crossed ���������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������� been postponed. The deci- ������������������
������������������������������ over to Dhubri in Assam ���������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������� sion was taken by the BCCI ����������������
���������������������������� fearing persecution & vio- �������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������� after more Covid-19 posi- ������������������������
lence, said Himanta Sarma. tive cases sneaked into the
Leave alone the districts, ������������������������ �������������������������� ��� IPL bio-bubble on the heels ���������������������
UNEMPLOYMENT even the heart of the city in ������������������������������������� of those which had sur- �����������������������
OUTLOOK BLEAK Tollygunj on Tuesday, wide- ����������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������� faced on Monday. ���������������������
������������������������ spread violence, bike burn- ������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������ The unanimous decision
������������������������� ing incident and mob spilling �������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������� was taken in an emergency
�������������������� on to the roads were flashed ������������������������������������������������ ������������������������� ������ meeting and will come into ����������������������
������������������� across the TV channels. ��������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ immediate effect. The Board ��������������
���������������������� A petition was filed in �������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� confirmed that all players
���������������������� the Supreme Court on ��������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������� will return to their families; and Kolkata Knight Riders tion of positive cases on
������������������������� Tuesday alleging wide- ������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� earlier in the day, it emerged (KKR) bowlers Varun Tuesday made it impossi-
������������������������� spread violence in the af- ������������������������������� ��������� that SunRisers Hyderabad's Chakravarthy and ble for the league to contin-
����������������������� termath of assembly polls Wriddhiman Saha in Delhi Sandeep Warrier had test- ue.
���������������������� in West Bengal and sought Meanwhile, Mamata meeting, which was held at Home Secretary H K Dwide- and Delhi Capitals' Amit ed positive along with the The cricket board had
imposition of President's held a meeting with top ad- Mamata's Kalighat resi- vi, Director General of Po- Mishra in Ahmedabad had ground staff at the Arun seemingly turned a blind
rule, deployment of cen- ministrative and police of- dence. She took stock of the lice P Nirajnayan and tested positive. Jaitley Stadium. That eye to the hundreds of peo-
HC DEFERS HEARING: tral forces and a probe by a ficers of the state on the situation. Present in the Kolkata Police Commis- On Monday, Chennai Su- forced three teams - KKR, ple who were dying daily in
PIL ON CENTRAL VISTA retired apex court judge post-poll violence in the meeting were Chief Secre- sioner Soumen Mitra, the per Kings (CSK) bowling CSK and DC to go into iso- the national capital.
����������������������� into the "targeted pogrom". state, an official said. In the tary Alapan Bandopadhyay, official said. ������������ coach Laxmipathy Balaji lation. However, the detec- ������������

JOLT FOR BJP IN Bill & Melinda Gates

patient jumps to death
in $130bn split
T I in Chirayu Hospital
����������������������������� he BJP has got a jolt in t was foot-in-the-mouth year-old actor, unfazed, ac-
�������������������������� the local body elections syndrome again. Actor cused Twitter of race bias.
���������������������������� in Ayodhya; out of 40 seats, Kangana Ranaut's Twit- “Twitter has only proved
����������������������� the BJP got only six. At the
top of the pack was the
ter account has been taken
off air after a controversial
my point: they are Ameri-
cans and by birth, a white
Say they can’t grow together
������������ Samajwadi Party led by for- tweet related to the post- person feels entitled to en- as a couple. The divorce
mer Chief Minister
Akhilesh Yadav, which cor-
election violence in Ben-
slave a brown person, they
want to tell you what to
A 45-year-old corona pa-
tient jumped to death from may have repercussions for
DEEPIKA TESTS nered 24 seats. The account repeatedly think, speak or do, fortu- fifth floor of Chirayu Hos- their charity foundation that
COVID•POSITIVE Mayawati's Bahujan violated Twitter policy on She was reacting to a nately, I have many plat- pital on Tuesday.
has an endowment of about
Samaj Party got five. In "hateful conduct and abu- tweet by columnist and forms I can use to raise my He was identified as
����������������������� Gorakhpur, the bastion of
the Chief Minster, it was
sive behavior", the social
media site said. In the
BJP leader Swapan Das-
gupta on the violence in
voice, including my own
art in the form of cinema,
homeopathic doctor Deven-
dra Malwiya of Awadhpuri. USD 50 billion
neck and neck with the tweet that appears to have Bengal since election re- but my heart goes out to However, he had stopped �������� Phoebe 18.
Samajwadi Party. Of the 68 provoked the suspension, sults were announced on the people of this nation practising homeopathy a They also established the
seats, the BJP and the the actor seems to urge Sunday. who have been tortured, few years back, said the po- Billionaire philanthropists world's largest charitable
Samajwadi Party both won Prime Minister Narendra The account repeatedly enslaved and censored for lice. He was admitted in co- and one of the world’s rich- foundation, the Bill and
20 seats each, the Independ- Modi to "tame" Mamata violated Twitter policy on thousands of years and rona ward on the fourth est couples -- Bill and Melin- Melinda Gates Foundation,
ents won 23. AAP, Congress Banerjee using his "Virat "hateful conduct and abu- still there is no end to the floor of the hospital build- da Gates -- have announced which has contributed
and the Nishad Party won Roop" from "early 2000s" in sive behavior", the social suffering". ing four days back. they are divorcing after 27 more than $50billion to
one seat each. Bengal. media site said. The 34- ������������ Police said that Malwiya years of marriage, saying causes, including eradicat-
went up to fifth floor of the they no longer believe "we ing polio and malaria. The

MGM alumna Dr Seema Jain donates Rs 55.55L for CCC

building, where a patient can grow together as a cou- foundation has also been a
was doing yoga. Before the ple;" however, they will con- major investor in coron-
patient could react, Mal- tinue to work together at avirus treatments, reports
wiya jumped from the fifth their charity foundation the Daily Mail.

1987 BATCH better treatment of pa-

tients at Maa Ahilya Covid
Care Centre.
Dongre and Dr Madhav
Hasani informed her about
the treatment facility for
posal for the same,” dis-
trict contract tracing in-
charge Dr Anil Dongre
floor. The incident took
place around 7:30am, said
Khajuri police.
that has an endowment of
about USD 50 billion.
Melinda was quoted as
Since the couple have no
pre-nuptial agreement, it
appears a lot of the work of
student, she is now Renowned practitioner
in Adelaide, Australia Dr
Covid patients in Indore.
“Dr Seema Jain is the
He added that the admin-
The hospital management
informed police following
saying the marriage is 'ir-
retrievably broken' in di-
dividing up their estate -
which includes properties
settled in Australia Seema Jain transferred
the money in the account
alumnus of MGM Medical
College 1987 batch and she
istration has sent her de-
tails of the plan for
which a case was regis-
tered. The police later in-
vorce filings that also re-
veal the couple have no
in five states, a private jet,
an astonishing art collec-
������������������ of Red Cross Society after had shifted to Australia af- installing oxygen plants formed his family mem- prenup agreement. tion and a fleet of luxury
������ seeing the work and facili- ter her graduation. She at CCC and she donated bers. His wife, who is also Bill, 64, and Melinda, 56, cars - has already been
ties developed by the ad- was in contact and saw the Rs 55.55 lakhs for the corona positive, told the po- met in 1987 - the same year done, as their divorce pa-
Not only philanthropists of ministration along with work of Covid care facility same. lice that he spoke to one of he became the world's pers repeatedly refer to a
the city but an alumnus of the dedication of doctors on social media.” District administration his cousins on Monday youngest billionaire at the 'separation contract' which
Mahatma Gandhi Memori- of her batch in treating “She expressed her de- and city doctors have ex- evening and to her on Tues- age of 31 - married in both have signed. The con-
al Medical College extend- patients at Covid Care sire to extend help to the pressed gratitude towards day morning but did not Hawaii in 1994, and have tract itself has not been
ed help from Australia and Centre. patients after which we Dr Jain for her contribu- share his plan of suicide. three children together: made public, the Mail adds.
donated Rs 55.55 lakh for Her batchmates Dr Anil ������������� prepared the plan and pro- tion. ������������ Jennifer, 25, Rory, 21, and ������������
INDORE: Four persons were critically injured in a group clash over a land dispute in Khudel area on Monday night. The police have
registered a case and started an investigation into the case. The incident took place in Umariya Khurd village. Rakesh, Mahendra, Suraj
and Dhirendra of the same village were rushed to the hospital after they were attacked. They are stated to be in a critical condition.
Preliminary investigation revealed that the injured persons had land dispute with some villagers. On Monday noon, they had an
argument with the accused. Later, the accused reached the residence of the injured persons and they allegedly attacked them and fled.
Investigating officer AS SS Bamaniya said efforts are on to identify the accused. The statement of the injured persons is also being taken.

18+ jab job

from today
Only 100 to be “We will increase the number of
sessions in phases as over 30 ses-
inoculated at IMC HQ sions would be organized on May
8 and 10 and 3000 people would be
OUR STAFF REPORTER vaccinated. Similarly, the num-
Indore ber of sessions would be in-
creased on May 12, 13, and 15 to 44
Vaccination for people above 18 sites and 4400 people would be
years will start from Wednesday vaccinated for the same,” Dr Ja-
but only 100 jabs would be given dia said.
on the first day of the drive. The Over 110 sites will be prepared
jab job would be done only at one for vaccinating those above 45
centre i.e. Indore Municipal Cor- years in urban areas while 84
poration’s headquarters and sites will be prepared for people
those who have already booked in rural areas in the same age
the slot would be the lucky ones. group. The department has re-
This was corroborated by the ceived about 20,000 Covaxin dos-
district immunization officer Dr es for vaccinating people above 18
Pravin Jadia. years. On Wednesday, over 502
He said that the department people were vaccinated at two
will vaccinate over 20,000 people sessions including those front-
on Wednesday but those above 45 line workers and health care
years. workers.

POLICE STOP MARRIAGE PROCESSION, Four shops sealed for Panchayat-wise

breaking Covid-19 norms action plan to prevent
sealed for violation of co-
rona curfew guidelines. Corona in rural areas
OUR STAFF REPORTER cession. Later, the groom police had stopped a mar- tem owner for gathering Many people had gathered
Indore along with two or three per-
sons reached the bride's
riage function in Rau and
booked the organizers re-
people and playing the
sound system in a mini
Indore Mu-
nicipal Corporation on
at the shop and shopkeep-
ers was not ensuring so-
Stress on early tee were present.
Minister Silawat said
Police stopped a marriage place. The police have regis- cently. Also, two persons truck during the marriage Tuesday sealed four shops cial distancing. detection and under the panchayat-wise
procession in Khudel area
on Monday night. There
tered case against two per-
sons named Mohanlal and
were also booked by the po-
lice for organizing a mar-
function. According to the
police, two persons named
opened in violation of the
guidelines issued by dis-
Similarly, Kalyani Col-
lection at Kushwaha Na-
treatment action plan, people are be-
ing informed about the
were more than 50 people in Mukesh under section 188 riage function in the Aero- Ramsing of Gajinda vil- trict administration for gar Main Road was sealed various corona symptoms
the procession and they of the IPC and started an in- drome area. lage and Ranjeet of corona curfew. The action as it was being opened Villagers urged to get and told to inform the
were not following Covid vestigation.
Organizer, sound Udainagar area were was taken in Ramanand without having permis- tested the moment concerned RRT team or
safety protocols, including Sources claimed that the booked under section 188 of Nagar, Bhagirathpura, sion from the administra- physicians if they devel-
maintaining social dis- groom's family members system owner booked the IPC. On receiving infor- Kushwaha Nagar and tion. they get any symptoms op any corona symptoms
tance. The bride and reached Jamniya Khurd mation, the police team Chhawani area. Likewise, IMC and police so that in case they are
groom's dads were booked village in their vehicles. In another case, Simrole reached Gajinda village In zone-16, zonal officer on Tuesday sealed the Sri- 50% grant for setting positive their treatment
and investigation is on. Soon after reaching there, police station staff booked where a marriage function Nadeem Khan said that nath Sweets and Namkeen could be started early.
This was corroborated by the family members and a person for organizing a was being organized by Shri Krishna Milk Dairy in the Chhawni area. The up oxygen plant in Silawat said it is our re-
the Khudel police station
staff. After seeing the police
other relatives took out a
marriage procession to go
marriage function without
permission in the rural
The police also booked
at Ramanand Nagar was
found open beyond the clo-
shutter of the shop was
closed from outside, but
hospitals sponsibility to break the
chain of infection. He
officials, many fled the spot. to the bride's place but the area on Monday night. The Ranjeet and seized his mini sure time, so it was sealed. the shopkeeper was sell- OUR STAFF REPORTER said villagers have been
The police later warned the police reached there. police also registered a truck and sound system Santosh Kirana located ing items to customers Indore asked not to move unnec-
groom and stopped the pro- It is noteworthy that the case against the sound sys- and worth Rs 5 lakh. in Bhagirathpura was from the rear door. essarily and follow the
In a bid to stop the spread Janta curfew. Silawat in-

Isolation centre still not operational

of coronavirus in rural formed that continuous
Plan to install
Covidiots galore
areas of the district, a efforts are being made to
panchayat-wise action ensure the availability of
oxygen plant plan is being implement- oxygen in the district.

in Mhow
ed, and efforts are also be- Hospital owners have
FP NEWS SERVICE FP NEWS SERVICE ing made to ensure early been requested to set up
Mhow Mhow/ Depalpur detection and treatment their own oxygen plant in
of patients. their respective hospi-
The covid-19 cases are rap- Covid isolation centre at The people from rural tals. He said that a discus-
idly increasing in rural ar- Depalpur could not start areas have also been sion was held with Chief
eas and villages as well. even after five days. asked not to hide symp- Minister in this regard
Keeping this in view, the Despite widespread pub- toms and inform officials and the CM said that the
administration of Mhow licity for the covid isola- the moment they get any government has decided
has decided to install oxy- tion centre at Bhagirath corona symptoms. to give a 50% grant for
gen plants at Civil hospi- Silawat Government Col- This was informed at a setting up an oxygen
tal, Mhow. lege, Depalpur, the admin- review meeting taken by plant.
According to SDM Mhow, istration's reported slack- water resources Minister MP Lalwani said that
Abhilash Mishra, “The ness was evident. Mean- with mild symptoms could and also the team has iden- Tulsiram Silawat here on special attention was
oxygen generator plant es- while, the number of coro- get proper treatment. The tified more than 50 corona Tuesday. Member of Par- paid to ensure vaccina-
timated at Rs 40 lakh na cases in Depalpur is on administration had al- patients who will be admit- liament Shankar Lal- tion in rural areas. 86% of
would be installed at the the rise... however, it is ready conducted workshop ted here for isolation. If re- wani, collector Manish the targeted population
hospital within a week. Af- high time the administra- along with health depart- quired, we will also in- Singh, chief executive of- has been vaccinated. Vac-
tion takes drastic steps to ment team in which angan- crease the number of isola- ficer of district panchay- cination of those above 18
break the Covid chain. wadi and Asha workers tion beds.” at Himanshu Chandra, years of age is being
People of the area feel were present. He further added that, former MLA Rajesh started from Wednesday.
that the local administra- CMHO Chandrashekhar “The isolation center will Sonkar and Dr Nishant He appealed to the vil-
tion should immediately Nayak said, “We had al- be in operational as soon Khare of District Disas- lagers to get their vacci-
start the covid isolation ready prepared beds for as paramedical staff doc- ter Management Commit- nations done.
centre built so that patients 100 patients at the hospital tors arrive.”


Indore: Taking Cognisance of the Covid-
19 situation, the Institute of Company Sec-
retaries of India (ICSI), has decided to
postpone its upcoming examination.
FP NEWS SERVICE market opened, there As per the schedule examinations for OUR STAFF REPORTER India (ICAI), the representative by the administration.
Mhow was a sizable amount of Foundation Programme, Executive Pro- Indore body of CAs, has written a let- CA Joshi suggested that ag-
buyers. The Covid-19 gramme (old and New syllabus) and Pro- ter to Collector Manish Singh grieved patient shall submit
Even as corona virus is protocols were not being fessional Programme (old and New Syl- Amid the spate of complaints and expressed its wish to offer complaint to the DM’s office
spreading its dreaded followed by the citizens, labus) to be held from 1st June, 2021 to 10th about over-charging bills being their services without any cost. with regard to overcharging or
tentacles, there is no also there were many ter installation, the plant June, 2021. issued by private hospitals es- CA Kirti Joshi, Chairman of financial non-compliance to ad-
change in the lack- who were seen roaming can refill approximately The new schedule of the examination pecially in Covid-19 cases, Indore Branch of ICAI, has ex- ministration guidelines. The
adaisical attitude of the without wearing masks 120 oxygen cylinders will be released after reviewing the situa- Chartered Accountants of the pressed his desire to provide administration can refer the
common man. and not maintaining so- which will fulfill the oxy- tion and receiving the directive/guideline city have offered pro bono serv- audit services for verification case which needs verification of
The administration, cial distancing. There gen requirement at the from the relevant departments of the Gov- ice of audit of such bills. of compliances to Administra- the Indore CA Branch. CA
however is in no mood were many shopkeepers hospital.” ernment of India, issued from time to Following the complaints, the tion guidelines in respect of Branch shall depute a team and
to give up and is contin- also, who had downed He further added that, time. district administration had charges levied by hospitals and their staff to verify the same as
uously advising the peo- their shutters but were “Till now, the administra- Revised time-table for the said exami- fixed the guideline of charges covid care units in treatment of per the checklist. The verifica-
ple to remain indoors selling stuff from be- tion had to arrange for oxy- nations will be issued and hosted on the for private hospitals to be levied Covid-19 cases. The scope of tion report shall be submitted
but citizens of Mhow hind the shutters. gen from Pithampur. But website of the Institute www.icsi.edu in from patients. But despite that, verification will be to audit and to the District Magistrate. CA
and its nearby areas are The administration, now, the plant will be in- due course of time. A notice of at least 30 the complaints are flooding the examine as to whether the hos- Joshi has said that their free of
not paying heed to the however should immedi- stalled with the help of days will be given before the start of the administration office. pitals or Covid care units have charge service will help the ad-
advice. ately take action against public cooperation and Examinations. Indore Branch of the Institute charged any patient in excess of ministration as well the vic-
On Tuesday, as the such Covidiots. MLA fund." of Chartered Accountants of the norms and rates prescribed tim’s relatives too.

Hospital admin students get joining letters before course completion HYUNDAI SHOWROOM SEALED FOR
OUR STAFF REPORTER placement officer, at Institute of hands to deal with second wave
Arihant College students
Indore Management Studies of Devi of Covid-19. A case under Section 188 IPC
Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya. As per information, around 30 placed in 4 hospitals registered for violating
While on one hand management Some students have been students took up pre-joining of-

students from engineering back- placed in hospitals to do admin- fers and are serving at hospitals. part from IMS, Arihant College also Section of 144 of CrPC
ground offered jobs during cam- istrative works. Parents of some others did not runs hospital administration
pus placements are in fear of los- There are 70 students in the fi- let their children accept offers. course. As many as 35 students of OUR STAFF REPORTER
ing the offers made to them due nal year of MBA (HA) course of- Waikar said the students would this college have got jobs in four hospitals Indore
to intense Covid-19 wave, on the fered by IMS. The campus place- have to return to the institute to of the city before completion of their
other hand, students of hospital ments had completed in Febru- take their final semester exam course. The recruiters have assured the A joint team of district ad-
administration course have been ary-March. Students were sup- when the impact of Covid-19 students to be given a break for their final ministration and police led
given joining letters much before posed to join their respective re- ends and then report back to semester examinations. College CEO Kavi- by SDM Parag Jain sealed
their course is completed. cruiters in May and June after their organisations. ta Kasliwal said that MBA (HA) was start- Surjeet Hyundai showroom
“Several students of MBA their exams were completed in MBA (HA) is one of the most ed at the college three years ago. “90 per on Aerodrome Road for sell-
(Hospital Administration) the April. sought after courses of DAVV. cent of the students of the session 2019-21 ing cars on the sly through showroom, despite the Jan- formation was true and they
course have been offered pre- But the institute had to sus- Students from the medical sector batch have joined four major hospitals of the back door of the show- ta Curfew. sealed the showroom for vi-
joining letters/offers by differ- pend the exams following Covid- only can take admission in this the city. All these hospitals fall under the room. For the past few days, SDM Jain said that the olating Section 144 of CrPC
ent hospitals despite the fact that 19 crisis. As the cases surged, the course. Red Zone category where Covid-19 patients officials had been getting in- joint team reached the and registered a case under
their course is still not com- recruiters gave pre-joining to Many MBBS and BDS students are being treated these days,” she added. formation that cars were be- showroom on Tuesday after- Section 188 of IPC against
plete,” said Nishikant Waikar, students as they need more are also pursing this course. ing sold at Surjeet Hyundai noon and found that the in- the showroom owners.
INDORE: City police on Tuesday arrested land fraud accused Ranveer Singh Sudan, who is considered to be an associate of land mafia Bobby
Chhabra. Sudan along with other people was booked by the police during the administration's drive against the land mafia a few months ago.
According to information, Sudan was on the run after a case was registered against the land mafia including him. It is believed that Sudan's
arrest has given the police a big success in the campaign against land mafia. In February, action was taken against the land mafia and land
fraud accused in the city. During the action by the district administration, land worth Rs 3,250 crore was freed. The land mafia had occupied FREE PRESS
these lands for more than two decades. About 1,500 beneficiaries got justice through this action. WEDNESDAY | MAY 5, 2021 | INDORE

Ladies versus real life 'Ricky Bahi'

Fake doc, man Patwari offers 11K
held for selling reward for 'missing'
Remdesivir in health minister


front of hosp INDORE

Senior Congress leader and Rau MLA Jitu

FP NEWS SERVICE Patwari on Tuesday announced a reward of
Mhow/ Pithampur Rs 11,000 for searching the health minister
of the state, who he alleged was missing dur-
On Tuesday, two persons, including a ing the crisis.
fake doctor, were arrested by Pitham-
pur police for selling Remdesivir injec-
Used to sell One Suresh Kumar, resi-
dent of Dewas, was arrest-
lakh and went home with
hope. however, to her utter
cial media group named
‘Smart City’. After that ac-
Targeting the state government for failing
in controlling COVID crisis, Patwari said
tions outside a hospital. 'tocilizumab' for ed on Tuesday after the dismay, she found that the cused Suresh used to chat that instead of providing facilities to the pa-
Pithampur police received a tip off
that two persons were illegally selling Rs 2 lakh per piece, cops, acting on a tip off,
approached him as
box contained petroleum
with them over facebook
messenger. After that, he
tients, the government is busy playing with
Remdesivir. The police team laid a trap
and pinned down the person and got
but actually gave prospective buyers and
pounced on him red-hand-
POLICE ACTION used to call them to a des-
ignated place and charge
“The health minister has abandoned the
state and has gone missing at the time of cri-
two Remdesivir shots from him. The
team was led by Pithampur SP Tanen-
them petro jelly; ed. He used to pass on
"Tocilizumab" for Rs 2
This irked her to the ex-
tent that she reported the
Rs 2 lakh for each "injec-
sis. We will give a reward of Rs 11,000 to the
one who finds him. Moreover, the party will
dra Singh Baghel and Dhar SP Aditya had duped 5 persons lakh a piece. matter to the cops and Vi-
ACCUSED PREFERRED give Rs 11 lakh as reward if they (state gov-
Pratap Singh. And to look authentic, he jay Nagar police station in ernment) tell us about a single hospital with
Initial interrogation revealed that the OUR STAFF REPORTER used to ask for a prescrip- charge Tahjib Kaji took up FEMALE CUSTOMERS all facilities for the patients,” Patwari said
accused Chandresh Jain and Narendra Indore tion. However, exceeding the case. The police pieced addressing a press conference.
Jain. Chandresh is a resident of a hous- temptation had ruined together information According to TI Kaji, the He also said that the government is show-
ing colony in Pithampur while the oth- Temptation and greed can him finally. His trade was about the accused and sent accused has confessed to ing planes and helicopters for bringing oxy-
er accused is absconding. A case has be devastating. And so was going on fine but his exces- the team of SI Priyanka have duped five persons. gen and Remdesivir injections but it is not
been registered against both under Sec- the case a youth selling sive greed for money Sharma from Vijay Nagar Most of his victims are fe- reaching the patients.
tions 420, 34, 188 of IPC and 3/7 of Es- Tocilizumab at a premi- bowled him out. He was an police station as a cus- males. He used to call girls “They are distributing it to their party
sential Commodities' Act and also Sec- um. Selling life-saving in- electrician and he used to tomer. The team contacted at different places. After leaders and MLAs like ration and laymen
tion 53, 57 of Disaster Management Act jections at a premium dur- contct people with the help the person and reached the receiving money, he used are facing trouble in getting a single injec-
2005 and under Section 3 of Pandemic ing the Covid crisis is not of a group on social media. place mentioned by the ac- to give the fake injection tion to save their patient’s life. I appeal to the
Act 1897. new news. Remdesivir in- HOW HE GOT CAUGHT cused. He gave a fake in- wrapping in paper. He told government and administration to start
There are many fake doctors in Pi- jections are being sold at a jection when he was ar- the victims to open the in- COVID Care Centers in every village and
thampur, but still no action has been high price and people are In order to make a quick rested. jections at their places. also ensure security of doctors,” he said. Pat-
taken against them by the District being arrested on a daily buck, he inspected the pre- handed over the box con- The accused used to con- Kaji said that the accused wari also appealed for lodging case of murder
health department and Block medical basis. But here's a story scription provided by a taining "tocilizumab". The tact needy people after get- is being questioned fur- on those responsible for oxygen shortage due
officers. with a twist. prospective buyer and woman handed out Rs 2 ting their details from a so- ther. to which people died in hospitals.

Admission in IPM 22 boxes of Remdesivir injections reach city

IIM Indore relaxes certificate OUR STAFF REPORTER

condition for quota students The city received 22 boxes

of crucial Remdesivir in-
jections on Tuesday when
OUR STAFF REPORTER dertaking in place of the twice following Covid-19 a state government plane
Indore certificate and proceed to crisis. However, the pre- VT- MPQ landed at the
submit their online appli- mier institute held the ex- Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Air-
Owing to prevailing cation,” the IIM Indore ams in August even when port at 5.55 pm from Ja-
Covid-19 situation in the public notice said. coronavirus infection cas- balpur.
country, Indian Institute It added that all such es were high as admis- A total of 38 boxes of
of Management Indore candidates who are apply- sions to the five-year pro- Remdesivir injections ar-
has relaxed the certificate ing based on undertaking gramme were at stake. rived in the city. Out of
condition for IPM aspi- must produce the rele- The IPM aptitude test is this, the city got 22 boxes
rants belonging to re- vant certificate at the a national level exam held and sivir injections packed in Non-schedule flight ar-
served categories. time of personal assess- every year in more than Ujjain 16. After deliver- 75 large boxes, which were rived from Bhopal at 11.54
The relaxation was pro- ment (if selected for the 25 cities including Indore, ing the injections the air- kept at the airport am to Indore airport. After
vided following requests further selection Delhi, Mumbai etc. craft took off for Gwalior overnight, were sent to loading the consignment
by reserved category can- process), failing which Launched by IIM Indore at 6.30 pm Gwalior by a state helicop- the helicopter depart for
didates who had applied their candidature will be in 2011, the IPM is one of The sun sets behind krishna Pura Chatri bringing an end to Earlier in the day, Remde- ter. Gwalior at 12.45 pm.
or applying for aptitude cancelled by the institute. the most sought after another day of tough fight against the corona menace. Only
test for five-year Integrat- Currently, IIM Indore is courses in the country. hope floats and people expect a fresh day with better news
ed Programme in Man- accepting online applica- The programme has been and hope amid the ruins of the viral attack
agement. tions for aptitude test for accredited by the Associa-
“In the view of received admission in its IPM. tion of MBAs, AMBA
many requests where in
the candidates registered
or willing to register un-
The aptitude test is
scheduled to be held on
July 16.
London. It is a creative
programme meant for
young students with man-
Man duped of Rs 6.66 lakh
der the EWS/ NC-OBC/ Initially, the test was agerial and leadership as- OUR STAFF REPORTER da. Vyas in his complaint
SC/ST/PwD categories do scheduled to be held on pirations. Through the Indore stated that the accused
not have the required cer- June 14 but the institute IPM, IIM Indore seeks to used to work as a collec-
tificate available with had to extend the date as attract young students, Police booked a man for tion agent for a financial
them in support of the re- Covid-19 cases increased. and mould them as out- duping an elderly person organisation. Vyas has
served category… may Last year, the IPM apti- standing leaders through of Rs 6.66 lakh in the name been giving Rs 1,500 per
upload the duly filled un- tude test was postponed a world-class education. of depositing his money day to him to deposit Rs
in two accounts in Bhan- 500 in the bank account of

Woman falls off speeding bike, dies

warkuan area on Tuesday one daughter-in-law and
night. The accused was re- Rs 1000 to the account of
ceiving Rs 1,500 per day another daughter-in-law
OUR STAFF REPORTER The deceased was iden- the speed breaker. Kaal- from the complainant but since 2012. The com-
Indore tified as Kaalibai, 35 year, ibai lost her control and he didn’t deposit the plainant said that the ac-
a resident of Khargone. fell on the road. She re- amount in the bank ac- cused has duped him of Rs
A woman, who was criti- She along with husband ceived head injury. Her counts. 6.66 lakh.
cally injured after she fell Kalu Nath and 5-year-old husband managed to fer- Bhanwarkuan police sta- The accused didn’t de-
off a speeding bike on child were heading for a ry her to the hospital tion in-charge Santosh Ku- posit the amount in the ac-
Khandwa Road, died dur- poojan at a relative’s where she died during mar Dudhi said that a case counts of his daughters-
ing treatment on Tuesday. place in the city on Mon- treatment. was registered against in-law and gave them pass-
She was returning with day. Investigation is under- Dhoom Singh Meena, a books with fake entries in
her husband when the They reached near Um- way and information is resident of Palda area on it. The police have regis-
mishap occured when the rikheda village on also being collected from the complaint of tered a case against the ac-
bike jumped off at a speed Khandwa Road when the the spot to know the exact Kailashchandra Vyas a cused and started a search
breaker. speeding bike jumped off reason. resident of Ramnagar Pal- for him.

UG, PG final year exams

may be extended till July
OUR STAFF REPORTER examinations in offline
Indore mode from April 1.
Accordingly, DAVV had
Devi Ahilya Vish- planned UG final and sec-
wavidyalaya (DAVV), ond years exams from
which was directed by De- April 1. But as the cases
partment of Higher Edu- increased again, the DHE
cation to hold examina- directed universities to
tions of undergraduate cancel exams and gave
and postgraduate final new schedule of exams.
year/semester students As per the new schedule,
in May, may not be in a po- the university had to hold
sition to conduct exams final year students exams
before July if Covid-19 from May 1 in offline
cases did not come down mode and first and second
drastically by May end. year students exams were
An officer related to ex- to be held in online open
amination department book mode in June.
said, “Corona curfew is in But as the second wave
force for nearly one of Covid-19 lashed the
month but the cases have state, DHE instructed uni-
still not come down. In versities to hold UG and
fact the number has only PG final year exams also
increased. If the situation in online open book mode
did not by May end, we instead of offline mode.
will not be in a position to However, DHE did not
hold UP and PG final amend the exam sched-
year/semester exams be- ule.
fore July.” But the present Covid-19
Earlier, UG final and situation leaves no scope
second year exams were for conducting exams. Re-
scheduled from April 1 in sultantly, DAVV has de-
offline mode but due to cided to extend UG and
surge in Covid-19, DAVV PG final year/semester
cancelled exams citing di- exams by a month, as of
rectives of DHE. now. But it also signaled
In January when the that the exams could
Covid-19 cases had come stretch further to two
down in the state, the months.
DHE had directed all uni- It would also have to ex-
versities in the state, in- tend first and second year
cluding DAVV, to hold all exams from June to July.
MAXIMUM: 39.5°C, MINIMUM: 20.5° C
MORNING: 51 per cent, EVENING: 29 per cent
SUNRISE: 5.51 am , SUNSET: 6.56 pm

Second wave of corona: 15 cops, kin test positive

��������������� a 34-year old lady cop test-
tion is stable. “A large �������������������
ed corona-positive on Mon- number of family mem- ������������������������
������������ day. Policemen and their �������������� bers of the police person- ����������������� ����������
families living in the Po- nel were also found to be
������������� lice Lines also tested coro- � ������������������������������������������������
������������������������������������������ corona positive. Special
�������������� na positive.
Cops in the age group of
���������������������������������������������������� teams have been deputed
to take care of all of
21 to 61 years also tested them,” ASP added. ���������������������������
�������������������� positive for corona. Meanwhile, experts are ������������������
������ On being contacted ASP baffled as the new variant ����������������������
Amrendra Singh told Free of the virus is affecting ����������������
The Naagjhiri Police Lines Press that samples of several members of the
emerged as a new hotspot 2,000 policemen and their family at the same time
during the second wave of families were collected for both in terms of infec- ���������������
corona with 15 policemen testing on for testing on tions and deaths. ��������������������
and their family members Sunday. The results of On Monday, 3 members ����������������������������
testing corona-positive on testing identified 15 po- of a family in Azad Na- ��������������������������
Monday. licemen and their kin who gar, 4 members of a fami- ��������������������������
According to official in- were corona positive. ly in Rishi Nagar, four �������������������������
puts, a 25-year-old police- They have been either women of a family aged ��������������������������
man living in Bapu Nagar, home quarantined or iso- 20 years, 27 years, 54 Year ������������������������
a 23-year-old woman living lated at PTS. He said that and 72 years have tested ��������������������������
in the Mahidpur police sta- ����������������������������������������������������������������� about 70 cops have con- positive for corona. ���������������������������
tion premises, a 37 and 50- �������������������������������������������������������������� tracted corona so far and 2 ������������������������������������������������������� Three persons living in ����������������������������
year-old policemen from of them are still under ������������������������������ ��������� the PTS Maksi Road area ��������������������
police station Nagjhiri and treatment. Their condi- also tested positive. ���������������������������


������������������� District logs 355 new cases, 2 more deaths

���������������� Barnagar, 31 from Ghat-

tia, 23 from Mahidpur, 11
������������ from Tarana and 2 from
Nagda and Khachrod in-
�������������� cluding 127 women tested
positive on the day.
�������� All of them are sympto-
matic. The toll stood at
Cabinet minister, collector explore ����������� ����������������
150 on Monday.
Overall, 2,899 patients,
possibilities to provide relief to patients ������������� ������ 1,498 of them sympto-
���������������� The district’s tally
matic, are under treat-
ment and samples of

A helpdesk was
launched by the ad-
ministration, on Tues-
reached 14,289 as 233 from
city among 355 people
tested positive for corona
2,46,145 people have been
from taken across the dis-
trict and no report is
day to provide relief to on Tuesday. The toll is awaited.
those who are wander- 152. A total of 280 people dis-
ing to find beds in the On Monday, 325 people charged on the day after
city hospitals facing the tested positive taking the their recovery from coro-
tsunami of corona. Pa- corona tally to 13,934 in na. The number of corona
tients and/ or their kith the district. Out of 1,856 ����������������������������������������������������������� winner has now gone up
and kin can call in 0734- sample reports, 213 people ������������������������������������������������������������� to 10,885.
2520700 and 0734-2513100 from Ujjain City, 43 from ��������������������������������������������������������
to get information about
availability of beds at

Ration at premium adds to poor’s

Youth attempts
the hospitals. On receipt
of the requirement, the
district level Rapid Re-
sponse Team will con- woes amid corona curfew
to rob SBI Bank
�������������������������������������������������������������� tact the family members Sardarpur: The pandemic is at its peak. Twenty days of
of the infected and corona curfew has compounded woes of the poor. Gro-
��������������� currently un-operational. it again. The minister was arrange for hospitalisa- cery shops are closed and they are left with no means of
������ But its commencement can accompanied by collector tion after testing. income. The ration has become costlier and essential
provide relief to the pa- Asheesh Singh, CMHO Dr goods are being sold in black market. Traders are sell-
The possibilities of start- tients of the colonies built Mahavir Khandelwal and ing ration at a premium. Sardarpur is a tribal domi-
ing Indus Hospital located around Nagjhiri and De- hospital’s trustee Dilip Indus Hospital. If it suc- nated tehsil where majority of population works as
behind Rukmani Motors was Road. Dhanwani. ceeds, then the colonies labourers. Last year, the district administration had
on Dewas Road were ex- This hospital belongs to a The trust is ready to of Dewas Road can be ensured that ration shops remained open from 10 am
plored by higher education trust and has been closed share the hospital building treated by keeping the in- to 12 noon. “During complete lockdown, there were or-
minister and district for a long time. The hospi- with the administration. fected persons there. The ders for home delivery. The rate list and names of the
Covid-19 in-charge Mohan tal is well equipped and Minister said that there common man will also traders too were declared. This year, no such steps
Yadav on Tuesday. will require only arrange- has been a discussion on get relief from increas- have been taken,” a resident said.
The 70-bed hospital is ment of the staff to launch the use of resources of ing beds.

Doctors, social organisations seek admin’s International media group interviews

nod for plasma treatment of corona patients psycho-spiritual counsellor from city ���������������������������������������������������������������
�������� ���������

��������������� ��������������������������� ��������������� Media Podcast series. ��������������� the lock on it. As his bid
���� ������ He is one of the few ������ turned futile, he emptied
������������������������ ��������������������� coaches of India who has the drawers which had
The administration with the ������ ������������������������� The London Light Media been working using proven An attempt was made to some cash.
cooperation of private labs ������������������� Group invited City-based techniques of practical break open the locks of the Branch manager Madhu-
may set-up a centre to col- ��������� life coach and• a psycho- spirituality and psycholo- chest at the Madhav Col- mita Bhargava said that
lect plasma for treatment co- ������������������������� spiritual counsellor Sanjay gy tools for the wellbeing lege branch of State Bank the incident took place
rona infected patients. �������������������� Bhawsar for a specific in- of people. of India (SBI) on Tuesday around 3 am to 9.30 am.
Dr Anil Verma and some terview on connection of These techniques have at around 2.30 am. The area is densely popu-
social workers are expecting Quantum Physics with proven beneficial for peo- Police said that the ac- lated, so no security guard
the administration to give Spirituality and practical ple seeking success, over- cused is a young man. He stays at the bank at night.
consent to this initiative. ���� �������� ��� ��� approach of• Eastern and come bad habits, recovery attempted to open the lock According to the manag-
“A primary lab for plasma ��� Western philosophy that from trauma, relationship on the door of the curren- er, Dewasgate police sta-
therapy can be set-up in Dis- ������������������������������ ������������������������� leads to uplift people. �������������� building, and to get rid of cy chest, to no avail. How- tion was informed about
trict Headquarters. The ����������������������������������� ������������������� London Light Media itation, Neuro Linguistic negative energy among ever, he found some money the incident and CCTV
process requires due permis- �������������������������������� ���������������������� Group recently initiated a Programming (NLP), Hyp- others. His interview has and a rubber stamp of the footage were also shared
sions and infrastructure, so ���������������������������� ��������� series wherein it is invit- notherapy, Rebirth con- been released on You Tube bank in one of the draw- with them.
we are collecting the data of ��������������������������� ������������������������� ing those influential cept, Law of Attraction, to as a Podcast. ers, which he made off CSP Hemlata Agrawal
all the people who have re- �������������������������������� �������������������� thinkers, scientists and connection of Vedantic Bhawsar works with with after the futile rob- said that the theft incident
covered from coronavirus in- ������������������������������� ������������������������ philosophers from across philosophy with quantum Bank Note Press (BNP), bery bid. has been reported to the
fection at least 4 months ago. ���������������������������� ����������������������� the world who are working physics. Dewas as public relations Cops said that a youth seniors at the SBI.
After examining their blood �������������������������������� �������������� for the spread of positivity Bhawsar has been work- officer and manager. He is aged between 18 and 20 A case has been regis-
sample, the lab can collect in the world. ing on the mission of also a member secretary, of years, broke open both the tered under sections 457,
their plasma”—Dr Anil Ku- ���������������an Indore-based Civil En- In his interview span- changing the negative Rajbhasha Vibhag (TOLIC) locks on the bank’s outer 380 and 511 of the IPC.
mar Verma, a senior pathol- gineer donated plasma on April 10 to an ning five minutes, mind set of people through of ministry of home. He is door and entered the Attempts to apprehend
ogist and blood bank in-
charge, District Hospital,
������ condition.
aged man in a very critical
Sunil said that
Bhawsar discussed aspects
of practical spirituality
online mode free of cost.
He was interviewed by Vic-
an M Phil in English from
Vikram University and has
branch premises. He even
managed to access curren-
the accused on the basis of
CCTV footage are on, she
Dhar said. he is glad that the patient has recovered. ranging from Chakra Med- tor Mowly of London Light been a meritorious scholar. cy chest and tried to open added.

‘Under reporting deaths, a conspiracy to deny Locals donate over Rs 60L for oxygen plant
compensation to corona victims’ kin'
��������������� gion’ they have donated Rs da, Mandsaur and Piploda
����� 60 lakhs 44 thousand to the also reach for treatment.
Patients Welfare Commit-
Locals are donating gener- tee. PANCHANG 5.5.2021
ously for the setting up an Jaora and Alot MLA has (UTTARAYAN)
��������������� practice since the corona lege kin. oxygen plant and purchase sanctioned Rs 34 lakhs ��������� �����������
�������� outbreak to prevent the Daily more than 20 crema- of other essential equip- from his MLA fund.The ����� �����������������������������������������
spread of virus. tions are being done follow- ment for corona patients in plant will be commissioned ��������� ��������������������������������������
Reports of a widening gap Bansal has alleged that ing the corona protocols, Jaora. at the Jaora Civil Hospital ���� ������������������������������
between official figures of the kin of the deceased but department mention- Acting on the maxim, where patients from Alot, ����� ���������������������������

Covid deaths and the num- from Corona are not being ing only two deaths due to ‘service is the only reli- Khachrod, Mahidpur, Nag- ���� ������������������������������������������������������

ber of funerals being per- issued death certificate to corona. �������������� ��

formed under Covid proto- cover-up the number of ca- Government has declared � �
����� ��
col is causing panic among sualties. It is a big conspir- a compensation of Rs 4 ����
��� ���� ����
the people of state. acy to hide the figures of lakh to the families of the
Based on the reports, a the dead. corona victims under disas- � ��
social worker and coopera- When a corona patient ter management, but due to
tive bank director Sunil dies, their relatives are not the conspiracy of the �
Bansal has alleged the allowed to see what doctors health department, the � �

health department is hid- are writing in the various families of many deceased �
� ����
ing the actual casualties forms before they hand will not get this amount,
due to novel coronavirus in partment is reporting 2 or 3 in April and May, Bansal over the body of their de- there can be no denial of � � � � �� � � � � �� � � � � � � � � �
the town. deaths in its daily health claimed. ceased patient. any major scam. RUNNING CLASSIFIED
On an average, 20 to 25 bulletin. All Covid patients who die The doctors attribute suf- Public representatives
people who are dying of co- So far only 56 deaths have are given a funeral by the focation, heart attack or and administrative offi- 50/- SQ.CM. B/W.
15 DAY 1000/-
30 DAY 1500/-
rona are being cremated been reported, whereas municipal corporation as any other reason, but coro- cers should take this more 75/- SQ.CM.
daily at different cremato- dozens of people have re- per their religious affilia- na as the cause of patients immediate attention,
riums, but the health de- portedly died due to corona tion. This has been the who are dying of corona, al- Bansal added.
FREE PRESS CALL- 9425082195
�������������� � FREE PRESS
����������� ������������� ������

��������������������������� ����������������
CM transfers Rs 379 cr to
accounts of 16,844 people
BHOPAL: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has trans-
Govt nod for direct BHOPAL REPORTS 1579 FRESH CORONA CASES the injection. In such situ-
ation, definitely, the hospi-
company for Remdesivir
but we are not getting re-
ferred Rs 379 crore to the accounts of 16,844 beneficiaries un-
der Sambal scheme. Chouhan has said that the government
purchase from only five. A patient needs
tal ask family members to
get it from the market.
quired quantity of the in-
jection.” All these show
is always with the labourers in the time of corona pandem-
ic and as long as he is alive he will not let the poor suffer.
pharma co doesn’t six doses of injection. How Similarly, Dr Subodh that people are not getting Chouhan made the statement at a virtual event held on Tues-
can, private hospitals man- Varshney of Sidhdhanta Remdesivir injection easily day when he transferred the money to the accounts of those
bring relief age it, the asked. Hospital said, “We are not even if they pay heavy who are working in unorganised sectors. Labour minister
According to JK Hospital getting sufficient Remde- price. Sources in the hospi- Brajendra Pratap Singh also took part in the virtual event.
������������������ executive, they are not get- sivir. Demand is more than tals said that demands are Besides the financial, the government is distributing rations
������ ting required number of the availability. The gov- very high and production to the poor, he said. Chouhan said all efforts are being made
Remdesivir injection and ernment has authorised us of injection is not matching to arrest the coronavirus and appealed to people to cooper-
Remdesivir injection crisis they are facing shortage of to place order directly to with the demands. ate with the administration to deal with the pandemic.
continued in state capital.
Doctors prescribe Remde-
sivir and the family mem-
bers run from pillar to post ‘Situation will be normal soon’

the injection. They are ����������������������������������������������������
ready to pay up to Rs 30,000 �����������������������������������������������������
per injection. �������������������������������������������������������
Meanwhile, the state gov- ������������������������������������������������������
ernment has announced ������������������������������������������������������������
that private hospitals have
been authorised to pur-
chase Remdesivir directly But the private hospitals the injection. If they
from the manufacturers as said, they are not getting place order for 50 injec-
per their requirement. the required quantity of tions, they are supplied


LAST 24 HOURS while Satna reported
248 corona cases with
11,249 COVID 1615 active cases. Nars-
PATIENTS DISCHARGED ingpur reported 216 co-
rona cases with 1048
active case while Shiv-
������������������ puri reported 220 coro-
������ na cases with 1944 ac-
tive cases.
After long gap, corona posi- Mandsaur reported
tive rate in Madhya 278 corona cases with
Pradesh reduced below 20 Indore reported 1805 1201 active cases while
per cent. It is big relief for fresh corona cases taking Anuppur reported 223 coro-
the state at corona front. its tally to 1,18,085 and the na cases with 933 active cas-
State reported corona posi- toll reached to 1169. Bhopal es and Sidhi reported 252 co-
tive rate 19.1 per cent. Grad- tally went up to 96,476. In- rona cases with 1099 active
ually, positive rate is reduc- dore active cases reached cases.
ing. At one time, it was 25 to 11,702 and Bhopal went Singrauli reported 196 co-
per cent and now it is below up to 11,338. rona cases with 1585 active
20 per cent showing im- Gwalior reported 1096 cases while Panna report-
provement in situation. fresh corona infections ed 193 fresh cases with 743
However, active cases reg- with 8,758 active cases active cases.
istered slight increase. It while Jabalpur reported
was 86,639 while previous- 711 fresh cases with 4906 ac- 1145 SAMPLES
ly, it was around 85,000. tive ones. REJECTED
Meanwhile, 11,249 Covid Ratlam reported 355 new
patients have been dis- cases with 1883 active in- Around 1145 samples
charged. fections while Sagar re- were rejected at time of
The state reported 12,236 ported 233 fresh corona testing. These are suspects
corona cases pushing infec- cases with 1980 active ones who move in society till
tion tally to 6,12,666 and toll and Rewa reported 330 their second tests are
to 6003 with 98 corona new cases and 2375 active cleared. It takes at least a
deaths in the state. Around cases. week so till then, they re-
64,054 samples were sent Dhar reported 240 corona main free for moving
for testing. cases with 1511 active cases spreading corona cases.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: If your riches are
yours, why don't you take them with you to
the other world?

What’s love got to do with it
The importance of
talent for music and started writing Out on the street, the traffic starts jumping and sang “Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccii- agely, perhaps because her popular-
songs and performing at small gigs With folks like me on the iiiine” to the tune of her great song, ity left him behind, or just because
since she was a child. As soon as she job from 9 to 5 Jolene, while getting the jab. he thought he owned her and she

turned 18, she picked up her guitar, Parton kept her personal life could never survive without him.

putting up a fight
took a bus ride to Nashville, the hub Working 9 to 5, what a way to strictly under wraps. Her husband, Tina sneaked out when she got a
of country music, and was told she make a living Carl Thomas Dean, is seen in public chance, hid from Ike and in the en-
�Deepa Gahlot did not have the voice for it—the
singer who went on to dominate
Barely getting by, it's all taking
and no giving
so rarely that even her closest asso-
ciates have never set eyes on him.
suing divorce, let him have every-
thing they owned, but insisted on

f there is one thing that Mamata Banerjee’s em- country, pop and bluegrass for They just use your mind, She married him when she was 20 keeping the name, Tina Turner.

hen asked about feminism, decades, winning every award and and they never give you credit and stayed married over 55 years, When she left Ike with nothing but
phatic victory – 213/292 -- in West Bengal shows, Dolly Parton said to a TV honour possible. Just shows how It's enough to drive despite her rumoured affair with her name, for years she made a liv-
it is the importance of being combative. Ever show host, that she was the wrong the music establishment can you crazy if you let it.” her mentor Porter Wagoner (whom ing performing in Las Vegas night-
since the dramatic rise of Narendra Modi on the first woman to burn her bra, and it often be. she dumped with the glorious I Will clubs, but never let go her dream of
Hindutva plank, most opposition parties have given took the fire department three days With her big blonde hair, milky Fonda and Tomlin do give her Never Love You number), and becoming a rockstar. At the age of
up the fight, making the BJP seem like a juggernaut. to put out the blaze. skin and Barbie doll figure, she credit for being smarter than peo- Dean's alleged straying with the 40, she reinvented herself and
Modi revels in this image and a pliant media has She was, of course, cracking a joke must have had to put up with men’s ple think, because she self-confess- woman to whom Parton sang, “I'm zoomed to stardom, became the first
at her own expense—that famous advances, especially men who could edly looks like a tramp; that and all begging of you please don't take my black singer and the first female
magnified it into mythic proportions. No doubt that bosom, which was the target of singer to get a Rolling Stone cover.
the BJP is a formidable foe but Mamata has shown much admiration and an equal She is the woman who reportedly
that it can be defeated if someone is up for a scrap. amount of vulgar jokes. But with If Dolly personified the white American dream girl, with taught Mick Jagger how to dance,
The BJP had its tail up after winning 18/42 Lok Sab- her wild sense of humour, she often her sweet voice, dimpled smile and ultra-feminine she toured with the Stones but also
pre-empted the gags. She is reported
ha seats from West Bengal in 2019, a gain of 16 seats
to have said in a podcast, “when in
daintiness—Jane Fonda recalls how she always stepped sold out arenas on her own. If she
calls herself Queen of Rock, she is
and a vote share of 40 per cent, but Didi took the out of her room fully made up with wig in place—Tina
doubt, fall back on a tit joke”. not off the mark.
Modi-Shah duo head-on. Faced with the Jai Shri
Ram jibes of Modi and the blatantly communal
The Musicares Tribute to Dolly
Parton, dropped on Netflix recently,
Turner, in her Sheena: Queen of the Jungle-inspired But much to her annoyance, she
could not shake Ike out of her hair.
taunts by Amit Shah, she responded with the secular soon after a documentary on Tina look, sang in a raspy voice, danced vigorously on stage More than her chart-topping music,
war cry of ‘Khela hobey!’ Instead of contesting from Turner (HBO Max)—both musical and dripped sweat like she’d just been in a drop-down she was constantly asked about her
her safe seat of Bhabhanipur, she took the fight to divas, both unwitting feminist husband battering her and how she
icons, and both having a care-a- and drag-out fight in a back alley. escaped. In an attempt to put a stop
Nandigram, the bastion of the BJP’s star candidate
damn attitude that set them apart to it once and for all, she collaborat-
Suvendu Adhikari. The intent and energy was from celebs of their generation, support her career, but she never the attention stopping at her bust man..Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, ed with Kurt Loder on a book, I,
picked up by the foot-soldiers, who saw the general heck, any generation. The two talks about it (there’s also a 2019 doc- and impossibly tiny waist. She tot- Please don't take him just because Tina, which inspired the film
leading from the front. Mamata lost to Adhikari by a women, just a few years apart (Par- umentary on her, titled Here I Am). ters about on vertiginous heels and you can.” What’s Love Got To Do With It (Bri-
narrow margin but her party won 33 of the 56 seats ton is 75, Turner 81), whose style According to her, she met more good now has people holding her hand If Dolly personified the white an Gibson, 1993), named after her
in the vicinity of Nandigram, the Jangal Mahal-Me- and music could not be more differ- men than bad, and to deal with the when she walks, or she would American dream girl, with her hit number. She won every major
dinipur region where the BJP had a higher vote ent, have a lot in common—their latter, she carried a pistol in her probably topple over. She deliber- sweet voice, dimpled smile and ul- award, starred in a few movies, but
longevity, mainly, in a showbiz cul- purse, which could, in her words, ately plays into people’s stereotype tra-feminine daintiness—Jane Fon- the questions about domestic vio-
share and led in more assembly segments than the ture that rests on youth and sex ap- turn the harasser “from a rooster of the dumb blonde, and then da recalls how she always stepped lence never ended, even after she
Trinamool in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. peal. Both came from impoverished into a hen.” The line was used in the smashes it with her rapier wit and out of her room fully made up with married Erwin Bach.
backgrounds and both cut wide iconic feminist film 9 to 5, for which business acumen. Music lore has it wig in place—Tina Turner, in her In 1999, Dolly Parton was inducted
swathes in a male-dominated world Parton wrote and composed the title that she turned down Elvis Presley Sheena: Queen of the Jungle-in- into the Country Music Hall of
Faced with the Jai Shri Ram jibes with their talent and guts. Main- track—which could be a working who wanted to record one of her spired look, sang in a raspy voice, Fame. Tina Turner was inducted
of Modi and the blatantly stream music companies were woman’s anthem and also starred songs, I Will Always Love You. danced vigorously on stage and into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in
communal taunts by Amit Shah, mostly run by white men who could as the brainy secretary who puts That song, when sung years later dripped sweat like she’d just been in 1991 with Ike Turner, but this year,
Mamata responded with the
decide to make or break a female her creepy boss in his place, with by Whitney Houston in the 1992 a drop-down and drag-out fight in a she has been nominated again as a
secular war cry of ‘Khela hobey!’
musician. The exploitation and sex- the help of co-workers played by film The Bodyguard, made Parton back alley. solo artiste. Whether she wins the
Instead of contesting from her
ism that these two undoubtedly Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. much richer. Even though she tried to fight the honour or not, she is a legend al-
safe seat of Bhabhanipur, she
took the fight to Nandigram, the
faced did not halt their drive to A sample of Parton’s songwrit- The woman, who is ‘nobody’s fool’ victim image, she became a poster ready, just like Dolly Parton. Both
bastion of the BJP’s star reach the top and never tainted ing skills: built a career and a formidable en- girl for domestic violence survivors. age-defying, time-stopping super-
candidate Suvendu Adhikari. The their personalities with bitterness; “Well, I tumble outta bed and stumble to tertainment empire; she is vocal Plain Anna Mae Bullock, from a novas…but love probably had very
intent and energy was picked up though Turner had plenty to be an- the kitchen Pour myself a cup of ambition about her politics, gives to various family of cotton pickers, was given little to do with it.
by the foot-soldiers, who saw the gry about. Yawn and stretch and try to come to life causes and broke the internet re- a new name, a career step-up by mu-
general leading from the front Dolly Parton, one of 12 children Jump in the shower and the cently, when she donated a million sician Ike Turner. He went on to be- The writer is a Mumbai based
from a poor family, had an in-born blood starts pumping dollars for Covid vaccine research come her husband and beat her sav- columnist, critic and author.

A similar grit and determination was shown by NCP

leader Sharad Pawar when everyone had predicted a ONE FLEW OVER THE NEST #Pittance WEDNESDAY'S SWIPE LETTERS
second term for Devendra Fadnavis. The man himself
had gone around proclaiming that he would return. TO THE
The Maratha leader had lost citadel after citadel and
stalwart after stalwart was being lured away; the par-
100 rupees per day to MBBS final year students on #COVID19 duty.
Runjhun Sharma@Runjhunsharmas EDITOR
ty was left with just 41/288 MLAs. Despite the setbacks Kya kijiyega itni badi dhan rashi ka?

and his precarious health, Pawar kept up a punishing

Minnat Ali@Minnatali10 Didi could set
poll schedule; the sight of him speaking in pouring To be fair, we have missed that word “incentive” in that notification. The incentive given is over an above the regular salary.
Aman Panwar@amanpanwar
another trend
rain even during the dying moments of the campaign The Trinamool Congress won a
touched hearts. The NCP tally went up to 54 MLAs You should know that final year mbbs students don't get "salary " record number of seats in the
and its vote share from 14 per cent to 19 per cent. And TAJAMUL@Littmann_68 Bengal assembly elections because
when the BJP was unable to form a government, Isn't this illegal ? Not even paid minimum wage ! of its supremo, Mamata Banerjee.
Pawar played a masterful end game to checkmate Sunny J@SunnyJhala Though she can once again become
the chief minister constitutionally,
Amit Shah. Having survived to fight another day – Anything mentioned about flowers being given as benefits ? would it be morally right for a
‘Sar salamat to pagadi hazar’ -- he was among the first Jawad Ahamed@JawadAhameds person of her stature to do so as a
senior leaders to congratulate Mamata. defeated MLA and manage to get
For that matter, Uddhav Thackeray also never sur- elected within six months? She
rendered to his alliance partner BJP, which con- All this is even as India seeks to persuade China to restore status quo ante in Eastern Ladakh could set a new trend – one of not

Covid tsunami forces normality in ties

stantly sought to undermine the Shiv Sena. The man misusing and making a mockery of
our Constitution, if she remains
with eight stents in the heart took all the blows but outside the government for the
stood his ground, delivering the knock-out punch in time being and becomes the CM
the last round. after getting elected as an MLA.
However, let alone putting up a fight, opposition ised vaccines and other supplies to Wei he spoke of the importance of nomic recovery, though he framed O Prasada Rao
parties, especially the Congress, seem to have forgot-
ten their role. They are just waiting for the Modi gov- Looking countries like Bangladesh and
Nepal. On April 27, Chinese Foreign
countries in the neighbourhood re-
sisting “powers from outside the re-
the commitment to an Indo-Pacific
“governed by international law,
Too many heads
ernment to fall under the weight of its own contra-
dictions. In fact, the Congress could have wrested
East Minister Wang Yi hosted a video
conference with counterparts from
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal,
gion setting up military alliances in
South Asia.”
Before coming to South Asia, Gen-
and committed to upholding uni-
versal values, and free from coer-
cion.” The goal of the US policy is to
Ref.: ‘Sharad Pawar sees league of
regional parties against BJP’ and
Gujarat from the BJP after Modi left for Delhi but it �Manoj Joshi Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, where Bei- eral Wei visited Vietnam, where he manage China’s future behaviour, ‘Can Didi be the fulcrum for
was unable to get its act together. And even in states jing proposed a number of meas- met the Communist Party General rather than undo things that have opposition unity against Modi
that it won, it was unable to keep its flock together. ures to promote anti-pandemic co- Secretary Ngyuyen Phu Trong and already happened. ahead of 2024?’ (May 4, 2021)

Why should voters respect the opposition if it can- he intensification of the operation among them, as well as to President Nguyen Xuan Phuc. The The US economy is also doing highlight the same main problem
Covid-19 pandemic in India promote economic recovery to get unstated subtext of the tour seems well and Biden had put forward an faced by the 24 parties’
not keep the government in check, if it cannot ex- has caught New Delhi on the on with the Belt and Road coopera- to be the need to counter the activi- ambitious plan for national rejuve- Mahagathbandhan; viz. that of the
ploit the blunder after blunder that the PM has made backfoot in more ways than one. tion. India was invited but chose not ties of the Quad, which had moved nation. The problem is that the US leadership of this anti-BJP front.
on the economic front, if it cannot counter his divi- While it continues to deal with the to attend. aggressively to declare an all- remains a politically divided socie- Congress chief Sonia Gandhi will
sive policies, his trifling with institutions, his disre- fallout of the second wave of the The return of normality in China around strategic competition with ty and getting plans to work on the never agree to support any
gard for civil liberties and the federal structure of In- pandemic, its domestic travails in- is important, because that is some- China in the Indo-Pacific region. ground is not going to be easy. Writ- candidate other than her son (or
dia, his bungling of foreign relations, the farm bills evitably have an impact on the dy- thing that has so far eluded the US As for the US, it continues to ing in the Financial Times, daughter); her excellent equation
namics of its foreign policy. and India. This will have an impact maintain a tough stance on China, Demetri Sevastopulo pointed out with Mamata notwithstanding.
and the pandemic. In fact, parties other than the BJP On the one hand, instead of on geopolitical dynamics, especial- as was evident from the Alaska that there are two key events in Others contenders are Deve Gowda,
have become so indolent that they don’t know their emerging as a regional powerhouse ly the revised Indo-Pacific strategy talks. But it is focused on a longer- 2022 that are important for both Mulayam Singh, Lalu (if eligible),
own strengths and weaknesses, which is why they supplying vaccines to its neigh- of the Quad nations. China is the range competition. Speaking in the China and the US. Biden must win Mayawati and Ajit Singh; with
need political strategists such as Prashant Kishor. bours, it has stopped almost all vac- principal trade partner of Aus- recent Aspen Security Forum, US the midterm elections against the Arvind Kejriwal and Naveen
The man who calls himself a failed politician has cine exports and has had to rely on tralia and Japan, while it is number National Security Adviser Jake ongoing challenge from Donald Patnaik waiting in the wings.
shown that the role of money power, propaganda and overseas medical assistance. On the two for the US. Incidentally, accord- Sullivan declared that the goal of Trump. And Xi Jinping must keep Another vexatious problem will be
other hand, it has forced an element ing to Chinese data, bilateral trade the Biden policy was “not to con- the Communist Party of China that of seat-sharing for the 542 Lok
even communal polarisation in elections is exagger- of normality in its relations with in goods between India and China tain China.” Indeed, he went on to united as he seeks another five- Sabha constituencies amongst the
ated. Voters look at the track record of political par- China. This is evident from Presi- touched US $27.7 billion in the first add, “the Quad is not fundamental- year term at the National Party regional satraps.
ties, whether or not they can deliver and last but not dent Xi Jinping’s letter to Prime quarter this year, a whopping 42.8 ly about China. It is about this affir- Congress scheduled next year. Arun Malankar
the least, if they have the stomach for a fight. This is Minister Modi offering help to In- per cent year-on-year increase. mative agenda that these four capa- Both are likely to find that they
dia to cope with the pandemic. This With the Japanese ratification of ble democracies can set.” The need to play tough till then.
where the Trinamool and the DMK scored and the
UDF faile d. This kind of seriousness is missing in is the first known communication RCEP, things are on track for the Biden team is acting along the In- All of this provides little comfort Popular national
the Congress party. No one takes Rahul Gandhi as a
between the two leaders following
the onset of the pandemic in early
agreement to come into force in terim National Security Strategic to New Delhi, which is in the midst
of negotiating a pullback by China
face needed
viable challenger to Modi. Is it any surprise that the
Congress could not wrest power in Assam and Ker-
2020 and the Sino-Indian border cri-
sis of April–May last year.
Given the intensity of the current wave of the in the eastern Ladakh area. Prime
Minister Modi’s remarks in the re-
Ref.: ‘Can Didi be the fulcrum for
Oppn unity against Modi ahead of
ala where it was the main challenger? In West Ben- Simultaneously, there was a tele- pandemic, it will be a while before the cent Quad summit were suitably an- 2024?’ by Shekhar Iyer (May 4).
phone conversation between India’s odyne and low-key, though New Del- Having held its grip in just one
gal, it failed to open its account.
External Affairs Minister S Jais-
government can focus on external diplomacy hi could be a major beneficiary of state doesn't mean that the
Rahul Gandhi should take a lesson from Mamata,
hankar and Chinese Foreign Minis- the new American posture. Since TMC can lead the opposition in
who was fighting with her back to the wall in a pro- ter Wang Yi. The Indian minister January 2022 as the biggest trade Guidance which says, “the core then, India has been overwhelmed 2024 general elections. The
tracted campaign but came out on top, garnering 47.9 spoke to his counterpart on the im- bloc in history. Beijing is the trade strategic proposition” is that: To be by the Covid tsunami which re- opposition parties lack a popular
per cent of the votes polled despite all the might, mus- portance of China’s transport corri- bloc’s key anchor with north-east strong abroad, “requires the United duces the room for manoeuvre. Giv- national face, just as the BJP
cle and machinations of the BJP. Not only Amit Shah, dors and cargo flights remaining Asia, comprising fellow members States to build back better at home”. en the intensity of the current wave lacked a strong regional face in
the exit polls as well as the bookies were proved open to facilitate the movement of Japan and South Korea, making up This process has barely begun and of the pandemic, it will be a while West Bengal.
wrong. The only one who got it 100 per cent right was materials to deal with India’s COVID three of the largest four economies the US is not likely to be interested before the government can focus on Kartikey Upadhyay
upsurge. As part of the conversation, of Asia. in further destabilising ties with a external diplomacy.
Kishor, who had predicted that the BJP would strug- he did mention that the process of Elsewhere too, Beijing is on the key trading partner. A comprehen- All this is even as India grapples
gle to reach the three-figure mark. In the event, the disengagement along the LAC re- move. At the end of April, China’s sive review of US strategy on China with China in eastern Ladakh and BMC must prioritise
BJP won 77 seats, registering a 38.1 per cent vote mained “unfinished” and it should Defence Minister General Wei is still being worked out, so the seeks to persuade Beijing to restore Ref.: ‘BMC to provide food packets
share, which is not bad in itself but far short of the be “completed at the earliest”. Fenghe toured the South Asian re- Biden administration policy could status quo ante there. The message to homeless and beggars’ (May 4).
tsunami that Modi had predicted. Meanwhile, China seems to be gion, with visits to Bangladesh and well see a great deal of continuity, as from Beijing seems to be that India Shouldn’t it be concentrating on
Being combative also means having the will to fix headed for a sweet spot. Its relative- Sri Lanka. A major feature of the well as some cooperation, and even better be prepared to accept the fait providing healthcare for the Covid-
ly undamaged economy is doing visit was the assistance China has accommodation, with China. accompli. This could mean pressure affected? People are dying for want
your shortcomings. After the BJP’s stunning per- well and its national mood was given to Colombo to deal with its A new Indo-Pacific strategy was on New Delhi to escalate the situa- of ICU beds, oxygen beds, certain
formance in West Bengal in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, manifested by the April 28 launch of Covid-19 crisis which intensified in outlined at the Quad virtual sum- tion there as in the case of Pangong life-saving drugs, etc. What is the
the Trinamool responded through extensive pro- the core module of its planned in- recent weeks. Beijing has extended mit on March 12 by President Tso. That has its own risks. BMC doing about that? Providing
grammes of public outreach, through sustained cam- ternational space station, which is over US $2 billion in loans and a Biden, who indicated that what the food packets to the poor seems like
paigning and delivery, while constantly maintaining a major indicator that business has currency swap facility to Colombo US was looking for was achieving The writer is a Distinguished Fellow at a diversionary tactic. Other
voter contact. The regional satraps of the Congress, returned to normal there. Beijing to deal with the economic strain of stability in this important region, the ORF. He has been a journalist organisations individuals and
hopes to have its space station run- the pandemic. Sri Lanka has an out- roiled by Chinese actions in Hong specialising on national and NGOs are already doing a good
such as Amarinder Singh and Ashok Gehlot, have re- ning by the end of 2022. And inci- standing debt of over US $5 billion Kong and the threats to Taiwan. In international politics and is a job. The BMC should get its
alised this. To that extent, the ‘khela’ which started in dentally, China has moved to fill the owed to China. In the remarks in his remarks, he spoke of the impor- commentator and columnist the priorities right.
Bengal may only have reached half-time. gap created by India and has prom- the Dhaka leg of his visit, General tance of kick-starting the US eco- Observer Research Foundation Melville X D'Souza
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Lions in Hyderabad zoo test COVID-19 positive
HYDERABAD: In perhaps the first such reported incident, eight Asiatic lions in the zoo here
have tested positive for COVID-19 after their saliva samples were thoroughly examined by CSIR-
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology here, Rakesh Mishra, advisor of the premier research
institute said on Tuesday. "The saliva samples of the Asiatic lions were thoroughly tested and they
turned out to be positive. As they were living closely it must have been spread among them," FREE PRESS
Mishra told P T I. "Now we are developing a method to test the samples of their faeces. WEDNESDAY | MAY 5, 2021 | INDORE

India’s Covid tally crosses 2-crore mark

News from South

AGENCIES more than 70 per cent of the deaths

New Delhi 10 states account for occurred due to comorbidities.
over 71% of new "Our figures are being reconciled
India's total tally of COVID-19 cas- Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi with the Indian Council of Medical
es crossed the 2-crore mark with are among 10 states that account for Research," the ministry said on its
over 50 lakh infections being added 71.71% of the 3,57,229 new cases website, adding that state-wise dis-
in just 15 days. in the country, the Union Health tribution of figures is subject to
The total tally of coronavirus cas- Ministry said on Tuesday. India's daily further verification and reconcilia-
es in the country mounted to positivity rate now stands at 21.47 tion.
2,02,82,833 with 3,57,229 new infec-
tions being reported in a day, while
per cent.The ministry said that
Maharashtra has reported the
15.89 crore vaccines
the death toll increased to 2,22,408 highest daily new cases at 48,621. It administered
Medics attend COVID-19 patients to be admitted at with 3,449 new fatalities, according is followed by Karnataka with 44,438
to the Union Health Ministry data while Uttar Pradesh reported 29,052 The cumulative number of
COVID care centre of the Rajiv Gandhi Government
updated on Tuesday. new cases.Kerala, UP, Tamil Nadu, COVID-19 vaccine doses adminis-
General Hospital (RGGGH), in Chennai on Tuesday India's total COVID-19 infections tered in the country has crossed
West Bengal, Andhra, Rajasthan and
had surpassed the one-crore mark Chhattisgarh are among the other 15.89 crore with 17,08,390 doses be-
IAF to set up 100-bed Covid on December 19 after which it took
Young beneficiaries show victory sign as they rest in an observation room after states in the list of 10. ing given on May 3, the Union
care facility in Bengaluru 107 days to reach 1.25 crore on
April 5. However, it only took 15 receiving their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, in Jaipur on Tuesday
health ministry said on Tuesday. It
said 4,06,339 beneficiaries of the
BENGALURU: With the alarming rise in COVID- days for the cases to cross the 1.50 fatality rate was recorded at 1.10 milestone of 1.50 crore on April 19. 128 from Uttarakhand and 122 from age group 18-44 years received their
19 cases in Karnataka, the Indian Air Force on mark. Registering a steady in- per cent, the data stated. According to the ICMR, Tamil Nadu. first dose of COVID-19 vaccine
Tuesday announced that it will establish a 100-bed crease, the active cases have in- India's COVID-19 tally had 29,33,10,779 samples have been test- A total of 2,22,408 deaths have across 12 states and union territo-
COVID care treatment facility at its Air Force creased to 34,47,133 comprising 17 crossed the 20-lakh mark on August ed up to May 3 with 16,63,742 sam- been reported so far in the coun- ries.
Station here. In a series of tweets, the IAF said the per cent of the total infections, 7, 30 lakh on August 23, 40 lakh on ples being tested on Monday. try including 70,851 from Maha- These are Chhattisgarh (1,025),
20 beds would be ready by May 6. "Indian Air while the national COVID-19 recov- September 5 and 50 lakh on Sep- The 3,449 new fatalities include rashtra, 17,414 from Delhi, 16,250 Delhi (40,028), Gujarat (1,08,191),
Force decides to establish a 100 bedded COVID ery rate was recorded at 81.91 per tember 16.It went past 60 lakh on 567 from Maharashtra, 448 from from Karnataka, 14,468 from Haryana (55,565), Jammu and
care treatment facility at Air Force Station Jalahalli, cent, the data updated at 8 am September 28, 70 lakh on October Delhi, 285 from Uttar Pradesh, 266 Tamil Nadu, 13,447 from Uttar Kashmir (5,587), Karnataka (2,353),
Bengaluru for the general public. First 20 beds will showed. 11, crossed 80 lakh on October 29, 90 from Chhattisgarh, 239 from Kar- Pradesh, 11,637 from West Bengal, Maharashtra (73,714), Odisha
be operational on 06 May 21 with oxygen The number of people who have lakh on November 20 and sur- nataka, 155 from Punjab, 154 from 9,472 from Punjab and 9,275 from (6,802), Punjab (635), Rajasthan
concentrators. Remaining 80 beds are expected to recuperated from the disease passed the one-crore mark on De- Rajasthan, 140 each from Gujarat Chhattisgarh. (76,151), Tamil Nadu (2,744) and Ut-
be operational by May 20," the IAF said. surged to 1,66,13,292, while the case cember 19. India crossed the grim and Haryana, 129 from Jharkhand, The health ministry stressed that tar Pradesh (33,544).

LDF victory also a warning

against BJP's rule at Centre: CPM
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The CPI (M) in Bengal poll debacle: RaGa slams govt for
inaction, says full
Unconstitutional, SC
strikes down WB
Kerala on Tuesday said the historic victory of the

Infighting begins in BJP

Left Democratic Front (LDF) in the April 6
Assembly polls has a great significance at the
lockdown only option
national level and stressed the need for an
'alternative political stream' in the country to
oppose the BJP. The public acceptance of the ARITRA SINGHA Free Press Journal, Tathagata said that
New Delhi
Housing Regulation Act
Pinarayi Vijayan government's performance has Kolkata not just actresses, even the actors were giv- AGENCIES ered by a bench comprising
now become clear through the poll victory, A en tickets without any rhyme or reason. “It Former Congress President Rahul New Delhi Justices D.Y. Chandrachud
Vijayaraghavan, the acting state secretary of the After the poll debacle for the Bharatiya was the biggest fight and the noteworthy Gandhi on Tuesday once again at- and M.R. Shah on a plea by
Left party, told reporters here. Janata Party (BJP), BJP leader Tataghata politician should be fielded. Some leaders tacked the Narendra Modi govern- The Supreme Court on Tues- NGO Forum for People's Col-
Roy now questions the credibility of the thought of winning seats with celebrities ment for its inaction as "many in- day quashed the West Bengal lective Efforts, which con-
AP govt appoints journalist, celebrity candidates of the BJP. but all of them have lost in huge margins,” nocent people" continued to lose Housing Industry Regula- tended that the West Bengal
BJP infighting started in between the mentioned the senior BJP leader. the battle against Covid. tion Act, (HIRA), 2017. The HIRA should be struck down
lawyer as Info Commissioners saffron camp after the former Governor of Reacting to the Tweet, BJP West Bengal He said the only way to stop the top court held HIRA as un- since it conflicts with RERA.
AMARAVATI: The Andhra Pradesh government Meghalaya Tathagata Roy took to Twitter chief Dilip Ghosh said that he is a ground apocalyptic march of the pan- constitutional and repug- Advocate Devashish Bharu-
on Tuesday selected a journalist and a lawyer for and questioned the credibility of the sen- politician and also that he knows what is demic was an immediate com- nant to RERA. A bench head- ka, representing the peti-
appointment as State Information Commissioners ior West Bengal BJP leaders and ob- best suited for the party. plete lockdown with the protec- ed by Justice D.Y. Chandra- tioner, had contended that
in the AP Information Commission under the RTI servers for giving tickets to Tollywood “I will not run away leaving my charges. tion of NYAY scheme for the vul- chud said it wasn't open for West Bengal had enacted
Act, 2005. The selection committee, headed by celebrities to contest the recently con- I have always led the party from front and nerable sections. the West Bengal government WBHIRA creating a regime
Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, chose U cluded Assembly polls. on ground so I know my responsibilities "Government of India doesn't get to frame a parallel law when parallel to the Parliament -
Hari Prasad, a senior journalist, and Kakarla “Film and TV actors who never had any- and duties. Nobody ever thought that BJP it. The only way to stop the spread the field was already occu- enacted RERA, which has
Chenna Reddy, a lawyer, for the SIC posts, thing to do with politics,let alone BJP,were would win so many seats in the state from of Corona now is a full lockdown - pied by a parliamentary leg- been held to be constitution-
according to an official release. Leader of handed tickets by BJP’s election manage- their existing three in 2016. If not now the with the protection of NYAY for the islation, Real Estate (Regula- ally impermissible.
Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu did not attend ment team. Parno Mitra (Baranagar),Sra- BJP will bring Ashol Parivartan (real vulnerable sections. Government tion and Development) Act, "WBHIRA was substantial-
the selection committee meeting, while Home banti Chatterjee (Behala West),Payel change) in West Bengal,” said Ghosh. Ac- of India's inaction is killing many 2016 (RERA). ly identical to RERA and
Minister M Sucharita attended as the other Sarkar (Behala East). These women were tor-turned-politician Shrabanti Chatter- innocent people," he tweeted. Directing to strike down that too without the Presi-
member. so politically stupid that they had gone on jee rubbishing the claim that the celebri- Rahul Gandhi, who is a Lok Sab- the West Bengal law, the top dential assent. Our submis-
a steamer trip with TMC’s playboy-politi- ties had charged money challenged Tatha- ha MP from Kerala's Wayanad has court observed, "this will sion is that in the Indian fed-
Kerala logs 37,190 fresh cian Madan Mitra less than a month before gata Roy to prove his claims. Reacting to been critical of the central govern- prevent chaos." The top eral structure, once the Par-
elections and shot selfies with him. All the claim, TMC leader Madan Mitra said ment over the handling of Covid-19 court also added that it won't liament makes a law, a State
COVID-19 cases, 57 deaths were roundly defeated. What great quali- he is the ‘playboy’ in politics and also that pandemic in the country. invalidate registration, allot- cannot be permitted to
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala on Tuesday ties were these women possessed of ? he had won the polls in a huge margin On Tuesday, India recorded over ment & past transactions frame identical laws. It has
logged 37,190 fresh COVID-19 cases, while Kailash Vijayvargiya, Dilip Ghosh & Co which the former Governor of Meghalaya 3.57 lakh fresh cases of Covid with made under HIRA. been accepted by the apex
26,148 people were cured of the infection, taking must answer,” read the Tweet. Talking to can’t even think of. 3,449 fatalities. The judgment was deliv- court", added Bharuka.
the caseload to 17,01,979 and recoveries to 13.39
lakh, the state government said. The toll mounted

RLD makes BJP rues EPS did not Odisha supplies 5,125
to 5,507 with 57 more deaths. With cases rising
steeply, the government's earlier announcement of

comeback in
severe lockdown like restrictions from today till
May 9 have come into force.
MT of medical oxygen
DMK men remove boards with
'Amma' pic, Stalin acts against them
western UP seal deal with AMMK to 10 states
in Assembly polls
CHENNAI: A video clip of two DMK men
removing and throwing away two flex boards The Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) is Odisha has so far sent 281
embossed with the name and picture of 'Amma' making a spectacular comeback in tankers/containers carry-
from a state-run canteen here went viral on Uttar Pradesh politics with the AGENCIES vote share of AIADMK, ing 5,125.412 MT medical
Tuesday and they were expelled from the party. panchayat elections. Chennai which in turn helped the oxygen to 10 states for the
The party filed a police complaint against them The RLD which had drifted into DMK and its allies. A study treatment of critical
and the duo was arrested, DMK leader and oblivion after the Muzaffarnagar The BJP central leadership, found that while AMMK was COVID 19 patients, official
former Mayor of Chennai, Ma Subramanian told riots in 2013, is gaining ground which had much higher ex- not able to win even a single sources said on Tuesday.
reporters. The boards were placed again in the with its proactive role in the farm- pectations about the come- seat with its leader Dhi- The medical oxygen has
same spots in the canteen and the two men have ers' agitation. As per the results back of the AIADMK-led nakaran himself losing from been escorted from Rourkela,
been booked under various sections of the IPC, announced till now, the RLD has NDA, has already commu- Kovilpatti, the party had in- Jajpur, Dhenkanal and An-
he said. bagged eight seats in the zila pan- nicated with Tamil Nadu's deed cut the votes of the gul districts by Odisha Police
chayat in Meerut while the Sama- outgoing Chief Minister AIADMK in 24 seats, three and more are being sent, said
IAF brings oxygen cylinders, jwadi Party and the Bharatiya Edappady K. Palaniswami seats of the PMK and one ADGP (Law and Order), Y K
Janata Party have got six each. over his stance in not seal- seat of the BJP. Jethwa, who has been moni-
other equipment from UK In Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Bu- ing an alliance with the The AMMK has a predomi- toring smooth transporta-
CHENNAI: Nearly 35 tonnes of equipment, landshahr, Baghpat, Hapur, and Bi- AMMK that cost the front nant base among the Thevar tion of the oxygen carrying
including 450 empty oxygen cylinders donated by jnor, the RLD has put up a good dearly. community which is also the carriers to different states.
the UK and airlifted by the Indian Air Force (IAF) show. In Muzaffarnagar, the party The AMMK is the party vote bank of the AIADMK in The sources said 5,125.412
from Britain arrived here early on Tuesday. bagged four seats while the Azad floated by V.K. Sasikala's south Tamil Nadu and this MT of medical oxygen has
According to the Indian Red Cross Society, UK Samaj Party (Bhim Army) got six nephew T.T.V. Dhinakaran. has resulted in a poor show been sent to different states till
donated 5,000 cylinders to India through it to seats. The BJP won 13 seats and the Senior BJP leaders have said by the ruling front in South May 3. While 31 tankers were
meet the emergency requirement for empty BSP got three seats. In Shamli, the that in at least 28 seats, the Tamil Nadu with even dispatched from Angul with
oxygen cylinders during the second wave of RLD won 6 out of 19 seats and in Bu- AMMK had played spoil- Deputy Chief Minister O 517.94 MT, 64 from Dhenkanal
coronavirus in the country. Of these, 900 landshahr, won four seats. The RLD sport for the NDA alliance, Panneerselvam winning by with 981.08 MT, 74 from Jajpur
cylinders were meant for Tamil Nadu. The also won ten seats in Aligarh, eight sealing the fate of the a margin of 11,000 odd votes with 1508.62 MT and 112 from
equipment were brought from Brize Norton, by in Mathura and nine in Baghpat. AIADMK, BJP and PMK only. The votes polled by the Rourkela with 2117.772 MT, he
one of two IAF C-17 Globemaster aircraft that RLD General Secretary Anil candidates. While the AMMK has helped 19 DMK said. This apart, Jethwa said,
earlier left for the UK on May 2 from its Jamnagar Dubey said that the panchayat re- AMMK itself had lost its to- candidates, one CPM candi- 83 tankers with 1702.98 MT of
air base in Gujarat to bring the supplies, a sults have proved that 'event man- tal votes from 21 lakh to 10.57 date, one VCK candidate and oxygen, were being sent to
Defence release said. agement' can no longer help the lakh votes, it did not restrain one MDMK candidate regis- Andhra Pradesh, 76 tankers
BJP win elections. the party from cutting the ter their wins. with 1267.739 MT of oxygen
were sent to Telangana. Tamil

Couldn’t predict exact nature of Covid second wave: Panel

Nadu has received 7 tankers
filled with 136.42 MT of med-
ical oxygen, he said, adding
that similarly, Haryana re-
HYDERABAD: National “A meeting was called on "We have been working on a ceived 35 tankers filled with
Covid-19 Supermodel Commit- 2nd April to seek our inputs mathematical model to predict 654.482 MT of oxygen.
tee has said it could not predict by one of the very senior offi- the spread of the virus. It is
the exact nature of the second cers of the government coor- important to note that a math-
wave of the pandemic in India. dinating the national pan- ematical model can only pre-
The panel, however, is contin- demic response. We indicated dict future with some certain-
uing its efforts to better esti- the SUTRA model predicted ty so long as virus dynamics
mate its future trajectory. the second wave to peak by and its transmissibility don't
The committee comprising 3 the third week of April and to change substantially over
scientists working on the SU- stay most likely around 1 lakh time. Mathematical models
TRA model for charting the daily cases,” they said. can also provide a mechanism
trajectory of Covid-19, denied The panel admitted the mod- to predicting alternate scenar-
reports in media it cautioned el predictions in this instance ios corresponding to various
the government in March were incorrect as the nature of policy decisions such as non-
about the second wave but at- the virus has been changing pharmaceutical interven-
tention was not paid to it. A relative helps an elderly woman in a Ghaziabad gurdwara tent. —AFP very rapidly. tions," it said.
The panel comprising
IIT Kanpur, Madhuri Kan-
itkar, Deputy Chief, Integrated
Defense Staff and M H ealth Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu on Tuesday said the coronavirus has
started to spread to the rural areas because of which the positivity
rate and deaths are increasing in Punjab. Speaking to ANI, Sidhu said:
imposed restrictions for the people coming from other states. "Now, they
have to show negative COVID-19 report and vaccination certificate, then
they will be allowed to enter in Punjab and we hope that this restriction
Vidyasagar, Professor, IIT Hy-
derabad issued a clarification "The situation of Punjab is similar to the country. The positivity rate and will make difference". "Now, the infection has started to spread to the
about some facts related to pre- the number of deaths are increasing in the state. People from Delhi, rural areas and that will increase the problem for the state. That is why
dictions of their mathematical Haryana and other states are shifting to Punjab and this is the main we have urged people to stay at home, take all the precautions and
model. reason for a surge in cases in the state." He said the state government has follow all the guidelines and advisory of the government," he added.
Former J&K Guv Jagmohan passes away after brief illness
New Delhi: Former Governor of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir Jagmohan Malhotra popularly
known as Jagmohan passed away on Monday here after brief illness. He was 94. In a late night tweet,
his family members said, "With profound grief, we inform about the sad demise of Jagmohan. Former
Union Minister, Former Governor Jammu and Kashmir. In grief : Wife: Uma Jagmohan, children: Dipika
FREE PRESS and Rajiv Kapoor, Nutan and Justice Manmohan." He had served two terms as governor in the
WEDNESDAY | MAY 5, 2021 | INDORE erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir - from 1984 to 89, and then from January to May 1990.

Continued from page 1 MODI-BOJO VIRTUAL SUMMIT

India, UK unveil roadmap to elevate bilateral ties to ‘Strategic Comprehensive Partnership’
Samsung pledges Rs 37 cr to
31,000 patients...


This is reason why there is an acute shortage of oxygen-sup- JAISHANKAR, PRITI PATEL INK MIGRATION, India's fight against Covid-19
ported beds and of cots in the intensive care units. As the fig-
ure of such patients has not yet reduced that of deaths has not GURUGRAM: South Korean diversified
lessened. Out of 11, 249 patients, who recovered on May 3,
8,805 are in homes. Similarly, 13, 408 patients recovered on
May 3, but out of them, 11, 197 recuperated in home isolation.
TRIPTI NATH / New Delhi E xternal Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met British
Home Secretary Priti Patel in London on Tuesday
to sign a “landmark” new Migration and Mobility
conglomerate Samsung on Tuesday
pledged five million dollars (about Rs 37
crore) as its contribution to India's fight
The deficiency of oxygen, beds, injections and medicines Pune-based Serum Insti- Partnership against the current surge of Covid-19, pro-
shows no sign of ending. The government has begun to make tute of India’s plans to Agreement, which he viding donations to central and state gov-
a strategy that patients should be treated before they become manufacture vaccines in said would strengthen ernments, and boosting the healthcare
seriously ill to reduce the number of cases being admitted to the UK was conveyed to PM the "living bridge" sector with essential medical equipment
hospitals. Modi by none other than between the two for hospitals.
the his British counterpart countries. It said the decisions were taken after due
You can... Boris Johnson at the India- According to the UK consultations with various stakeholders
UK virtual summit on Home Office, the new and assessing immediate needs of local
It regretted that, on one hand, there is need to augment capac- Tuesday. million ($334 million) proj- manufacturing of vac- agreement will lead to a bespoke route for young administrations.
ities to meet the rising numbers, while, on the other hand, the Headed by chief execu- ect would include a sales of- cines,” said the Downing professionals aged 18-30 years from either country Samsung will donate three million dol-
existing infrastructure is crumbling and available beds can- tive officer Adar Poon- fice, “clinical trials, re- Street statement. to work and live in the other country for up to 24 lars to the Centre as well as to the states of
not be put to use because of the Oxygen shortage. awala, the SII is the world’s search and development “The Serum investment months under a professional and cultural exchange Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
largest vaccine maker by and possibly manufactur- will support clinical trials, programme. It also covers enhanced and In addition, to help the healthcare sys-
IPL RUNS... volume, and has led in pro- ing of vaccines”. research and development, accelerated processes to return Indian nationals tem that has been stretched over the last
ducing the lower-cost As- “The sales office is ex- and possibly manufactur- with no legal right to stay in the UK and vice versa, few weeks, Samsung will provide two mil-
On the four IPL match days in Delhi, on three days more peo- traZeneca coronavirus pected to generate business ing of vaccines. Serum has and ensure greater cooperation around organised lion dollars worth of medical supplies, in-
ple died of Covid-10 than the number of runs scored by the shot. The institute makes worth over £1 billion, £200 already started phase one immigration crime. "A fruitful meeting this morning cluding 100 oxygen concentrators, 3,000
competing teams. On April 28, a total of 344 runs were score 60-70 million doses a million of which will be in- trials in the UK of a one- with Home Secretary Priti Patel. Signed the oxygen cylinders and one million LDS sy-
in the IPL match in Delhi and 368 people died of Covid in the month, and is aiming for vested in the UK. Serum’s dose nasal vaccine for coro- Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement that ringes.
city. On April 29, 343 runs were scored, and 395 people died. 100 million doses by July. investment will support navirus, in partnership would facilitate legal travel and encourage talent These will be offered to the states of Ut-
And on May 2, 407 people died of the virus while 385 runs Johnson’s Downing clinical trials, research and with Codagenix INC,” the flows," Jaishankar tweeted alongside images of his tar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the company
were scored. On the four days on which IPL matches were Street office said the £240 development and possibly statement said. meeting with the British Indian Cabinet minister. said in a statement.
played in Delhi, 1,582 people died of Covid and 96,202 fresh
cases were reported. The BCCI, however, continued to prefer
commerce over the tragedy that was still unfolding before
everyone. The heartless BCCI took a very lame excuse that the CPI-M, BJP cut deal to trade Two militants killed in Stalin elected as legislature party
votes in 69 Kerala seats: Cong encounter with security leader, to take oath as CM on May 7
IPL provided a few hours of relief or entertainment to people
in Covid times. People countered this with: "When people in
immediate or extended families are dying, and thousands are
crying for oxygen to survive and hospital beds for treatment,
who will look for entertainment?" Some people saw it as AGENCIES "If one looks into the fig-
forces in J&K CHENNAI
mocking the humongous tragedy. Finally, when the Covid Thiruvananthapuram ures, it was the Congress SRINAGAR
virus penetrated the IPL bio-bubble and four of the teams' which prevented the BJP DMK president M K Stalin
players and support staff returned positive test results the Hours after Kerala Chief from surging forward and Two militants were killed in was on Tuesday unanimous-
BCCI was forced to postpone the league. "The BCCI will do Minister Pinarayi Vijayan because of that, they could an encounter with security ly elected as legislature par-
everything in its powers to arrange for the secure and safe alleged that there was large not win the lone seat that forces in Jammu and Kash- ty leader and he is to be
passage of all the participants in IPL 2021," the statement scale trading of votes be- they won for the first time mir's Baramulla district on sworn-in as Chief Minister
added. tween the Congress and the in the state at Nemom in Tuesday, police said. on May 7.
BJP, Leader of Opposition 2016. In seats like Man- The security forces had "Party president @mkstalin
Post-poll... Ramesh Chennithala on jeswaram and Palakkad, it launched a cordon-and- was elected leader of the DMK
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